Newspaper of Evening Star, April 30, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 30, 1857 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASIinr.TOK CITY: Till KSDAY April 30, 1M7. SPIRIT OF THE MORNING PRESS. The Union contradict* the rumor that the array officers design presenting their gallant f>rmer confrere, Gen Quitman, with a silver ivrvic? for his exertions last winter in the mat ter of compassing the enactment of the bill to increase their pay. On this subject the Union m ikes the quotation and remarks that will be found below : "'Army Tf?timo?mal to General Quit man.?The officer* of the United State* army in tend to present Gen. Quitman a service of silver plate for his effort* in secuilng the passage through Congress of the bill making an addition to their salaries. Gen. Quitman, it will l?e remembered, w.i* the chairman of the House Military Commit tee Gen. Scott has written him a very'hanttsome letter, announcing that, as the senior officer. he Las consented to act as the organ of his brother ? Hirer* of the army in procuring the proposed testimonial ?Baltimore Sun. " We have unquestionable authority for saying that the above statements are incorrect. Wehave heard that a few officers?following out the first impulse of gratitude to their old and valued asso riate-in-arms for hi* handsome and zealous advo cacy of their claims upon legislative considera tion?initiated a proposition to present a hand some testimonial to Gen. Quitman. But It ap pears that, upon reflection, the General's friends? under wtilch description may be comprised every name on the army list?apprehensive that such "a tribute might wear some appearance of indelica cy. or give some ground for cavil, did not feel at liberty to act upon the friendly impulse which gave rise to the proposition. ? General Scott * letter, which we have seen, was couched In warm and handsome terms of acknowledgment to'ieu.Quitman for hia friendly interest in the army, but had no reference to any oilier or more tangible testimonial than the heart felt expression of gratitude and affection on the part of his former comrades in the field." The same paper is publishing a series of pon derous epistles from the pen *t Gen Duff Green on '? Distribution,' wherein much political and public lands lore is disentombed and again brought to the memory of man. The Intelligencer joins issue with The South. of Richmond. \ a., as to the propriety of relying on the resolutions of '98 and ?9, as the butress for defencc against a dissolution of the Confed eracy Our respected Washington cotempora ry s reply to the strong article in the Kichraond journal, showing that the great danger to the Union is from a tendency to consolidation, is written in its very best vein Though its satire upon the Virginia constitutional doctrines is really worthy the pen of a Sterne, or a page in the Sjtertator as a literary effort, as an argu ment. with all due deference to it. it is a sheer begging of the question Nevertheless, we are glad indeed to find The South and the Intelli gencer engaged in controversy over grave ques tions of constitutional law and national import, for they ure foemon worthy of each other. At each tbru-t their polished weapons will evolfe Scintillation* of pungent and bright thought that can hardly fail to throw light upon the im portant subject matters in i-sue between them WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. The Tehcastepec QrESTiox ?An intelli gent and well-informed Washington correspond ent of the New York Times. ' X Y Z.," writes the only reliable full exposition of the controversy and State question in issue here, with reference to the Tehuantepec transit route, that wo have ever seen in print. As it is a matter of national moment indeed, we transfer his letter to the Star's columns, premi.-ing. at the same rtime that he is in error as to the ?mount of indemnity claimed by those repre senting the Hargous interest in both the Garay and Sloo grants, which is not five million" of dollars, a* he allege; According to the gene ral outside understanding here, in the correct ness of which we have every reason to place en tire confidence, they ark only that the Govern ment shall re-embur-e their outlay, with inter est at six per centum j>er annum on each dis bursement made by them from the time it was made The sum total under t-ach an arrange ment would not approach anything near five million; of dollars aj thi? correspondent aavs : Corrt'pond'mrt of tht Xetc York Daily Titr.ts. Washington, April 2S. 1-iT. The v?ew* wb-ch you have taken of the inter esting and romplicared Tehuaiitepec (juration are correct This Government must acquire from Meiico a clear, explicit, and untiamnieied right of way across the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. and. of course, the right of the navigation of i he Coat Xocoalcoe*. Tlii* tight must be conceded directly ;?i.d unequivocally to the United States Govern ment. and ant indirectly through any private com pany or contested grant, either to American citi zens or foreign subjects. But It is objected that, by this course, the Gov ernment will trample upon private rights. The plain answer is. that t he Government may acquire the rq^ht which is thus sought, subject to any equitable claims which private citizens may have in regaid to it Mexico, in any treaty which may be made with the United States, may herself stipulate for the payment of their claims to a cer tain and lilwral amount. .Mexico, on the other hand, may insist, as she has heretofore done, that if these o irties are or should ?*? aggrieved bv her action, they nnrst seek their reined)- through her judicial tribunal, and that these awards shall be the measure of the sum to be paid to the claim ant*. The*e may be the views of some of the mem bers of the present and late Administrations on the subject But two other mode* of proceeding have lieeit pressed The ?Janv Company show their origin?! grant, which .Mr \\ ?-UtiT mentioned a-, valid still against Mexico, and also produce a Mexican decree transferring to Mr. Palconnet the entire .nterestof tt.c graut made to the Sloo or mixed company, and the assignment of the - ^iiie to Mr. "argon* The L nit?-d Sut< s Government;? urged by the Hjrgo.r- .moanyto say to Mexico ? you imrst periii.t llargous And hi* co-grantee., under " M l" L w,,h execution ot the Teh. Kailr.xiJ. A. ? , under the terms of that grant ' If this 1? 1441 d >ne. the I'm ted Mate* govern ment may. by ne^ot.ation with Mexko, obtain a direct grant, or may purchase the fianchtse of the Hargous grant, with the absent of Mexico In e tt-er case, the Hargous ComjKiuv claim an in aeaunlty to the present amount of five millions 1 he proposition of the hiuo or mixed Com pany to the Government, i* to give them a libera. contract for conveyance of the United -.tat** mad rys, the Tehuantepec Isthmus, and IMto -en.ler optative th. Utth article of the Gad% "??* United State* the Ind of nprV"H*! 'L** ,,,lw,rt* of American citizens And of the Government upon the transit. late*that Slo? if?"1 expressly stipu Er-r? ? f !i' -- Snlt to obU.'n tiVWa" ,0 Pu"-?.a*e the Sloo either ^arty"M?? ?f the most liberal, and the ummi travel JT. 2m " the Oaray grant, and perhaps require itatVj,, Z-l7"r '* ACS; a-,d the right to 'colonize the sum,- ,, colonization clause which rendered this grant odious to the Mexican Government. though ,? might render the grant the more valuable to the I. nited ftate# T^e Administration ha?. as yet, come to but one conclusion on the subject?to wit. that they must arquire tue right of way across Tehuante pec for the United States. Whether to do it through the instrumentality of these two compa nies. or l?v direct concession from Mexico, is the question The late Administration leaned in favor of the JIargou* plan 1 he Sloo Company deny the validity of the mortgage and assignment' of the same to Har ? hToJS?? ,l,at fb*"KP parties iiHiSt look to a-k f IV ,r,l>unals of ilexico for relief. They mail co?u"PPo" ?f <iuv?*rninent through a But the personal difficulties existing t>etweeii ,,un,w wificeS" {bough the MeiW-uc K with their wo.k, they"?hou'd do ?o r&'0"iat t uinstance*, w.nild invent u,'the ?tock*''!!!!!''!^/* railroad be not l^lin u-fore n^r ^, ' ?ua ,f'Le torfrlt the grant entirely The Hcmbio Exploi>i^6 -tli Thayer , fool publications in his ' organ?the New York H*r?/,l?concerning his scheme for locating a vast colony of Abolitionists in some ?lavehold ing State are becoming so manifestly bald efforts to rob weak people at the North, as that journals of the Republican party even, now come forward to expose tlicm. .as id done withr telling effect by the New York Times, iu the articlc we quote, as follows " In there anything better than this in the en tire catalogue of puff* of Parker Vein which we recently copied fiom the Mies of its " historian ?" Is it possible to concoct a inof magnificent pro. gramme of promises, whereby to entice eager and sanguine avarice into * surrender of its cash? What farmer, struggling to obtain a hare living for a large family rrom the sterile soil of New England, who will not jump at thechance of join ing this ?? annual army of 100,QUO neighbors'' and making in solid cash one hundred million of dol lar* every year! We do not know what have been Mr. Eli Thayer's antecedents.?but he has certainly studied, if not practised, to good pur pose, in the school of fancy-stock job^inz and moonshine speculation. "T^at V!.ir*inia' KenV*ky,and Missouri otter marked inducements to labor when accompanied b> capital, we have no doubt. But any attempt to force upon either of those States, or unon anv any other, a supply of labor beyond its iLim5|? f rn,,llt on<l in ruiu' which will fall the heaviest upon the laborers who yield to its ^lurenjents. There are lands in these Spates which have b*en exhausted by bad culture and reclaimed ^ But100*111 rhe:?Pf>' and Possibly be reclaimed. But money to be expanded in ma of evervl^ii* ! .H1"' ^ varlous improvements ? yt > sort, is the main thing needed?and that fn rhTr ft ^ ,0 flve tilne* M K??d advantage " i* f?Tt'le and unexhausted West Thereinay ?ie.* ?f money by buying 11 ^ irginia; but who over proposes to try the experiment would do well not to rely with any great degree of confidence upon the ab?urd assurances and palpable exaggerations of Mr. Eli VTr A movement of this kind, to command confidence and success, should be managed with discretion and prudence. The business men w hose names have been mentioned in this con nection with it. must know that nothing is mo.e ^ ,,a'n to bring it into disttrust and contempt, and them as it, backers info discredit, than the absurd overstatements and the delusive p.omises which form the staple of Mr Thayer's appeals 1 liey sound much more like the rigmarole of the mock auctioneer, or the Herald s bald puffs of ?los.1 ant* ^ar^er ^ than the sober realities and simple tacts upon which a business operation should rest for its basis." ^ It will be perceived that the Tims* takes precisely the same view of Thayer'B thieving scheme as that ot the Star, explained weeks ago. That is, so far as its claims to be an in dustrial enterprise are concerned. There is another aspect of the subject not without interest to the reflecting. It is simply the fact that such an individual as this Mr. Thayer should have been elected to the Con gress of the United States by a Massachusetts constituency, who, up to ten or twelve years ago. invariably sent to represent them in Wash ington men of mind and character, whose com petency for the proper discharge of all the duties of a member of the Congress of the United States commanded the respect of the whole country. The woeful change, as illustrated in the sele-tion of Thayer to fill the place of such a man as John Davis, (notwithstanding the virulence of the latter s federalism,) is a speak ing comment, indeed, upon the result of their boasted system of popular education in Massa chusetts. Education is not merely to tcach men to read and write; but to increase mans capacity to avail himself of all the blessings and sources of improvement, moral, intellec tual. industrial, social, Ac., Ac., which Provi dence has placed within his reach. Massachu sett ? boasted system, it seems, has so moulded the mind of her people, as that they l ave be c .me the tools of demagogues and chevalier* U Industrie such as this Mr Thayer, than whom a more ignorant and impudent charlatan never foisted himself upon the most debased constituency elsewhere We have no fancy for the educational system of Massachusetts, because it teaches only that little learning that maketh a man mad Ere its initiation, the people of that State were, perhaps, the most law-abiding and conscientious in the world We question whether, at this time, the civilized world contains any other people, notwithstanding their professions of propriety, godliness. Jfcc., so utterly reckless of the restraints of true Christianity, of moral principle, of the principle of right between man and man, and of that of sound patriotism, as the people of Massachusetts ; who, if their newspapers, preachers, law proceedings. A,? , 4c., are to be credited a- laying hare the work ings of their minds and hearts, have almost with one accord abandoned themselves to the influence of the idea that in all things religious, industrial, social and political, the eud justifies the means We do not wor.der that Mr. Eli Thayer has been elected to Congre.-s from the Worcester district of Massachusetts. Indiana ?Our private advices from Indiana lea* us to believe that the course of the Kepub l.can party in their late Legislature, in termi nating the session without passing the usual appropriation bills, has generated wide-spread distress among the blind, insane, and other former recipients of the State s charities and bounty, all of whom have, r.r ucntuta/r, been turned out of the places wherein they had been cared for at the expense of the State, and are left to depend upon the slender rcid of individ ual charity We have contended.consistent] v that the Republican party are wholly unfit to got crn. They have held power no where with out demonstrating the truth of this, our convic tion in some way or other Wherever they h ue been able to do so, they have nullified such laws as were obnoxious to their prejudice simply because they are thus obnoxious. De falcations have been the general rule?not the exception in tho conduct of financial oflicers in.'tailed by them. So, too. have they almost invariably delivered up the public interest bound hand and foot to bands or gangs of spec ulutors. in the way ot granting all sorts of spC. <-ial privileges, fur which, the world has good reason to believe, men among them hare cor ruptly received unlawful and improper .emu lation, personally. lluW far (heir cU| be the party of real philanthropy is an honest and truthtul one. is aptly illustrated indeed, in t act ,n the Legislature of Indiana to which we refer above. The Naval Cornrs or I.xvurv.?In Court * 1 the ca*e of Commander Oscar Bullus (re tired on leave pay by the lute Naval Retiring Loard) was taken up; Commander B conduct ing his own cas* Commodore Lavalette Pur ser Jno. H Hamilton. Capt II A Adams. Capt H. 1. Vumance. and Capt. John H. Aulick have iar keen examined, having been called fo# Cooimauder Ii. in Court No. 2. they were deliberating all ths morning on so.o point involved in a docu tuftut that had been introduced as testimony in t ie case of Lieut Chandler. wb(?sc case is still under consideration. - No 3' tbe ease of Lieut Baldwin ^ still un.ler consideration They have been thTfl?, r ?! morninS in presentation on evidence ? ? .<ioverninent of ^umentary "f Lieut ^>nrcn>"*tbe Physical ability (health) dentally H ,i ' ' mentioned inl and so clever^ ** ^'u,ar a? counsel for one of thl" ? a?hlDKton *<> act shortly to come before oJof'T CM? " of Inquiry Jn ja?tioe *j*Tnl Courts have added, that there i? n *1- We shou'J in his position in the case. JleU^th^ ,?w^er val triend of th? 0?e*r, .k. prefcrJ ance of one in his own walk in life u, that r attorney Of course the services of Mr 8 ** gratuitously rendered in this matter. The Spirit Lakk Coi/ktbv I*i>ia* TtiopgLcj, We mentioned incidentally, yesterday, that these reported troubles had their origin in most part in a disposition of settlers and speculators in that quarter to keep outsiders from availing themselves of the opening of the new land offlces there. Subsequently, this Impression has been confirmed It is worthy of uote. however, that they have kicked alter ;his ta-hioii before being fail 1 jr spurred ; insomuch as a few days ago the I lands they evidently desire to monopolize were j withdrawn from market. List of Patmnts.?The following is the list of patents issued from the United States Patent ? for the week ending April 28, 18i7?each bearing that date : Charles Baeder, of Brooklyn, N.Y.-For im proved method of manufacturing raw hide " n ips? J. F. Barrett, of North Granville, N. Y. For improvement in harvesting machines. J. r . Barrett.of Granville. N.Y.?For improved apparatus for binding grain. Gustav Adolpk B1 ittdowski, of New York, N. * .?For improvement in lire arms. Charles G. Bloomer of Wiekford, B I ?For mode of constructing lockets. Ac. John B. Cornell, of New York, N.Y.?For im proved sidewalk pavement. Leger Diss, of Ilion, N.Y.?For improvement in loc ks. r Alexander Henry Dufresne, of Paris, France ? ror improvement in gilding and ornamenting 14 IH^6<1 ?tber metaU- Patented in France May D. F. Drake, of Leominster, Mass.?For im proved machine for mortising the stiles Tor blind slats. Bt.wen Eaton, of Boanoke, Ind.?For arrange ment of ports in steam cylinders Josiah Ells, of Pittsburgh. Pa ?For improve ment in Are arms. Ezia Kuunert.of Franklin Grove, 111.?For im provement in seed drills. George M. Evans, of Pittsburgh, Pa ?For im provement in seed planters. Chas. H Field, of Providence, B. I ?For ma chine for engraving designs on watch and lock et rases, &c. Kingston Goddard. of Philadelphia, Pa.?For improvement in inkstands. Daniel F liaasz.of Philadelphia, Pa.?For im proved action for grand pianos Geo Hodgkinson and Theodore F. Bandoiph. of Cincinnati, <) ?For machine for cutting indexes to blank hooks. ** Amos Ilolbrook, of Milford, Mass., and Henry D. I-ish, of Haidwick, Mass.?For improvement, in chionometric locks. M G. Hubbard, of i'enn Yan. N. Y.?For im provement in harvester tVames. 8. Dwight Humphrey, of New \ork, N. Y ? graviKgesPaiacil,n ?f Pllo,u?raPh^ pictures, en Oliver B. Judd, of Little Falls, N. Y.?For unproved saw guinmer. Levi Keiler, of Catawissa. Pa.?For improve ment in atmospheric pumps. Edwin Keith, of Bridgewater, Mass.?For im provement in brushes of saw-cotton gins I hos. Kendall, sr.. of San Francis?, Cal ? For Improvement in submerged propelling wheels Isaiah Knauer. of Valley Forge, Pa ?For im provement in harvesters. Curtis O. Luce, of Brandon, Vt._ For improved street sprinkler. r H. N. Mar key, of Morgantown, Va?For im provement in churns. Benjamin Marshall, of Philadelphia, Penna ? l or improvement in revolving last holders. \\ in. W Marsh, of Jacksonville. Ill?For im provement in securing and guiding the boxes of oil presses. Geo. Mathiot, of Washington. D.C.?For mode of constructing photographic baths and pans John \\ Musury, of Brooklyn, N.Y ?For im provement in metallic canisters for puttin<? up paints, Ai'. r of John Marland and Earlsworth Crockett, of Kaureiice. Mass.?For improvement in cop tul?es. Geo. 1 . May,of Tonipkinsville, N.Y.?Foriin p.ovimeiit in sails ami tigging of vessels. Josiah Mayes, of Cohoes, N.Y.?For improve ment in washing machines Tho*. Motley, of Brooklyn, N.Y.-For mode of constructing letters for sij?ns. Act*. Bufus Nutting, of Bandoiph, Vt ?For ijn proved windmill. 1 ' W aterman L. Ormsby, of Jersey City N J Vr n'!P^vetl machine f?r splitting w.mkI ...Iti V ,S ?f 1 "'Jyv'"**, Pa?For improved method of setting head blocks of saw mills Ihaddeus s. St oville, of Elmira. N. V ?For lmnroved machine for planing hoops Henry A Seymour, of Bristol. Conn ?For im provement in tempering steel plates Bufusi Sibley, of Greenville, Conn?For im proved bomb lances. Sain l W. Soule, of St. Louis. Mo?For im proved excavator. La Fayette Stevens, of Elmira, N. Y.-For im proved machine for tenoning blind slats Augustus Stoner, of Mount Joy. Pa ? l'or im provement in ?elf-adjlisting sack'bolder 1 homa* Thompson, of Niversville, N Y. For improvement s machinery for winding waddim;. Corydou A\ inch, of Jersey City, N J For improvement in railroad chair machine* John A \Viuslow. of Boxbury. Mass ?For Im provement in skates. Henry L) Vouiy. of Junius, N. Y.--For im provement in washing machines. Halvor Halvorson, oi Cambridge, Mass, as K'lW U H Haktr J F Athearn ami W 1 iac\ Ku>tis. <4 Boston. Mass..?Kor im provement :m puriiyiiiif oils. John II Holmes, of New Vork. N. Y.. assignor to Jyt'.n K pratt and John H Holmes, aforesaid ?? 'b improvement in anchor trippers. Abuses Marshall, of Lowell. Mass k assignor to himself and Hussell Dyar. of same. pia. ? ? l or impioved method of reversing thee niseis of mor tising machines Benjamin F. Bice, of Clinton, tfaas . assignor to Benjamu, K and Chas. II. Morgan, of ?ame place ?tor improvement i.i, machines for making paper l>ag>. John W. Cochran, of New York, N Y For improvement in gauges for casks Rtissurs ? Pearsoi. Crosby, of New York, N . .7 ""P1"0^'1 *aw resawing l^ards ami other lumber Patented Nov. 3, l&]. Be issutd March 10. 1&49. Extended Oct lio lHi5 Chas. II. Johnson, of Boston. Malts.?For iin prove'nent ,n gas burners. Patented June -Jti, Additional improvement March 1*, l*5tj The Board for tub Examination ok the Models and Plans fok tue Proposed Steam Be venue Cctter, terminated their labors yes terday afternoon, and have made a sealed re port, tn be opened on the return of the Seert tary of the Treasury from Georgia. Until then it will not be known what plan lor the vessel has been adopted and who has obtained the eontraet lor its construction. Post Office Department.?Post Offices Established.?Grecusburg, Knox county. Mo., Joseph Fetters, Postmaster; Berrien Centre. Berrien county. Mich., Zora II. Wright, Post master ; Moonville, Vinton county, Ohio, Geo. A. Arms. Postmaster; Mineral, Athens county, Ohio. Pardon G. Hewitt, Postmaster. Office Disctmtinuect.?Plainville, St. Fran cis county, Ark. XaMr, of Office Changed. ? Strickland's Depot, Duplin county, N. C., to Magnolia. The Iowa Land ISales in Mat ?The Balti more Situ and Union are in error in saying that the public lane s in Iowa advertised to be ? sold next month have been withdrawn from market. A single township of them only has been so withdrawn. That township has been withdrawn on accoant of depredations of the Indiana, which must prevent bona fuit settlers from securing their improvemeuits. as the law contemplates. The Hon. Daniel B. Wriort, of Missis sippi.?We have private advice* from this gen tleman's district informing us that he declines a re-nomination for Congress This is to be regretted. He has already earned a high re putation as a representative. Tho counsels of such men cannot well be dispensed with in tho House hall. An Alleged Clerical Resignation and Appointment ?Just before going to press to day, Home one (unknown) sent us tho following information. We publish it without vouching for its :rtatcincnts, a* we have no time to verify them to our satisfaction : S. S. Survey, of Maine, in the otflce of theSu pei inrendent of the Public Printing, has resigned fo-dav, (salary, with tbt* usual extra, $1,570 ) Meloy lias Itffu appointed. Affairs in OaKaoN axd Washington.?The Government kwlay received late dispatches from Governor Stevens, of Oregon, and Indian Affairs Foperintirtident .Hedges, both of whom represent fctat tho Indians of those Territories are now giving no troublo. Appointments by this President.?Lewis (1. Pyles, of Florida, Register of the Land Of fice at Newnansville, Florida, vioe Th. J. Pre valt, deceased. Abraham H. Palmer, of Iowa, Receiver of \ Public Moneys at Council Bluffs, Iowa, viee ; Eiios Lowe, resigned. ' - A Leyke?The throng around the reception r.s?m of the Secretary of the Interior, was very great this morn (ng Tho interpretation of the iw is that thei-e continues to be quite as many persons willing to serve their'dear country" ?s ever before. The Correct Operations or the Trea surt Department.?On yesterday, April 29th, there wera of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the Treasury Department 91,149 90 For the Interior Department 10,196 98 For Custom* 7.Hi? S3 War warrants received end entered . 133,535 79 War repay warrants received and en tered 19 .014 94 From Customs 80 00 PERSONAL .... Gov. Broome and ladv, of Florida, arc at Wi llards'. ....Senator Henry Wilson is going West this week, and expect* to extend his journey to Kan sas. ....Charles Mackay. the well known author and poet, is preparing to pay a visit to the Uni ted States. ....Henry Adams, Esq., who was recently elected Mayor of Leavenworth, is a brother-in law of Powers, the sculptor. ...."Sans Crinoline'' was recently is said, in the corner of ?' cards of invitation" sent to ladies to a grand soiree at Paris. It has not transpired as yet that a hint of usans culottes"' was on any of the cards. .... The late F.lliott Cresson. of Philadelphia, left by will the sum of ?5,000 for the )?enefit of a society for providing a home for a<red men. The society was organized in Philadelphia some time since. fY"5=- NOTICE.?THK PERSON WHO RE quested ino to meet him in Washington city, at a cerium place, on the 17th April, will hud me there To-morrow Evening, at 6o'clock. It* T5=*~WASHJ.NGTON LIGHT INFANTRY, ATTENTION.? ^ uu are hereby ordered to assembleat your Armory on FKi DA V MORNING, May 1st, at 8 o'clock, in summer uniform, with knapsacks and pompon*, for target practice. By order of Capt. Jas. ^ . Davis : It* M. P. FISHER. O S. rr^THE EIGHTH ANNIVERSARY CEL Lf EBRATION OF EAGLE TENT. No. 299, I.TT. of Rechabites, will take place at OduFri. lows' Hall, Navy Yard, on MONDAY EVEN ING,May 4th, at 7 o'clock. Speeches from distinguished gentlemcu. Withers' Celebrated Band is engaged for the Sleigh Ride. Sister Tents are Fraternally, and the public cordial ly invited to attend. No charge. Committer of Arran%fments. Wm. Baron. Robt. Hamilton, D. McCathran, R. J. Hitchcock, James Gill. Thus. Dennis, apSt-Th.S.M-at UNION MEETING, SECOND WARD. lLJ? The Voters of the Second Ward opposed to tneKnow Nothing party are invited to a meeting to he held on FRIDAY EVENING. May 1st, at 8 o'clock, at Hahmony Hall, on D, near 12th street. Delegates to the Convention to nominate City Offi cers will be selected. ap 29-3t tUnionAIntel) ATTENTIONv WASHINGTON lllUll ijsj? LANDERS.?\ on are hereby notified to at tend at your Armory on THURSDAY EVENING next, the a>?th instant, at 8 o'clock, for the purpose of drill. As several new incmltem will have to be re elected, a full anil punctual attendance is request ed. By order. J NO. WATT, Captain.

J NO. McKAV.O.S. ap i? 2t * [Y~^=?NOTICE.?THE JOINT COMMITTEE l on the Washington Asylum are requested to meet at the oiiioe of the und?rMKuc<l, on tttii street, near Penn. avenue, on Till*HSDA\ EVENING, at 4 o'clock next, for the purpose of examining the several plans of a building for that purposo submitted for tb?*ir examination. ap 0 t _____ JOHN L. SMITH.CIa:rmsr. A MEETING OF THE FOURTH WARD _ Anti-Know Nothings will l?e held at the Hall of the Perseverance Fire Company, on THl'HS DAY EVEN!!N<i. at 7\j o'clock. ap 2k-at rvr==.TIIE NATIONAL MUSICAL CONVEN TION will meet in the Smithsonian Insti tution on MONDAY. May 4. at In o'clock a. m. Invitations to various M usical l?r?dies in t he I'm led States have been ex tended, and a lari?e representa tion is anticipated. The Exercises will be under the direction of Prof. GeoBGK F. Root, of ,\ew York. Afternoon and Lvetuug Sessions will also !>e held, for the cultivation ol the voice, improvement in st> le, & c., A c. The Convent ion will close on Thursday evening, May 7th, with a tirand Concert by all the memliers. I .aiiies and gentlemen of this city, Alexandria, and Georgetown, are invited to l>e present. All interested in the science of music will lie ac commodated with seats. By order. ap 28-5t F. GLEN ROY, Secretary. ry-^? MACHINE SEWING.?HAVING TO day secured the services of an old and expe rienced operator, (recently engaged in the Fair) the proprietor is now prepared to give greater neatness and expedition to all work left at his rooms. On hand, and constantly making up, SHIRTS, DRAWERS. BOSOMS, COLLARS, ic., which will be sold at reasonable prices. Ladies and others aie invited to call and examine the work. Rooms on D street, two doors from corner of ftth street. apG-lm PHILADELPHIA CAKE AT PHII.A L? delphia prices. at the I'll I LA DEI.PHI A ICECREAM DEPOT, corner of 12th and F sts. ICE CREAM at $l.5o por gallon. apG-lm* N EW STOCK OF BASKETS at MCLAUGH LIN'S. ap3?^ [ATHS, LIME. PLASTER, HAIR. AND -j SA N D, at the Old Gas House, 10th street ami Canal. __ ap Ji-St * LEAN'S, FANS?who!c>aleand retail?in any quan r tity, at McLA UGH LI N & CO.'S, between uth aad 9th streets. __ ap 3D IjiVEN THE GODS WERE AMAZED. AND j cried out what great book is this Inquire With in, or 3,7'W Facts for the People. Only St. Buy it at FERGUSON'S, ap y 4-rtf: Seventh street. (1EMENT. CEMENT. s Just received, Ilolfman's ROSEN DALE CE MENT, at the Old Gas House, loth street and Ca nal. ap :?-3t* HHDS. BROWN SUGAR mt+9 Just received, and for sale by ap.t^eolt BARBOUR A SEMMES. TV EW YORK LEDGER, lor S?th May .-Wild In Knight concluded. A new story by Dr. Bronson, called "The Widow of Toledo." Several other beautiful and interesting stories. ap Ji FERGL'SON. 4iX> 7th street. (tRKAT SUCCESS OF MR. KEMBLE W1L I KIN'S CONCERT, last night, at the Academy of Music. He will perform in Alexandria and Georgetown shortly. Due notice will lie given ol a repetition hi Washington. It* SPRING BONNETS.RIBBONS AND FLOW ERS A'I'COST.?In consequence of the^^lS d. ath of Mrs. Evans, the handsome and care-^fc^ fully selected stock of the aliove goods will be^^T ?old at cost for cash to close up the business. s. Evans 411 E street, between 9th anil loth sts. N. B. The Bleaching will bo continued by Mrs. Gf-o lricl. ap 30 3t? WG. M ETZ E R < >TT II AS J 1ST R EC EI VED ? a new supply of Bacon ic Kavei,,.-.^^*?ms? NEW SCALE PIANOS, which have ren m fyt ceived the first premium (Gold Medal) at* ' * ? ' many Fairs over the l>est makers in New York. Boston, Philadelphia,and Baltimore. Their name Iris lieen established for many vesrs in every town in this country as the Iwst Piano manu facturers. Call and see them at the Music Depot, corner of 11th and Penn. avenue, where they will be sold at the most reasonable terms. ap 3o J^EW GOODS JUST RECEIVED. The subscriber has just received the following fresh assortment of Goods: I#ayer Raisins, fresh soft-shell Almonds, Nantz Currants, Schiedam Schnapos in square quart flasks and stone ju^s; Brandies, Wines, and Liquors, of superior qualities, assorted flavorings ; Yeast Pow ders; Sperm, Adamantine, and Tallow Candles: Brown Soaps, Macoaroms, Vermacelli, scented Soaps; Scotch, Macaboy, American Gentleman, French Rappee, and Mrs. Miller's Snuffs: Corn Starch. Olive Oil, Carroway Seed, Root Ginger, English Mustard, American do.; Pepper Sauce, Spanish Segars, Tolmcco, Scotch Ales.Brown Stout, Spices, it c.. wholesale and retail, cheap for cash, or approved city paper. JONAS P. LEVY, 3T7 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite ap 30-tf National Hotel. THE UNDERSIGNED HAVING BOUGHT theontire stock and bnsiness of Mr. William Adam, Bookseller and Stationer, No. 4-8 Penn.ave nne, intend keeping a general and comple assortment of BOOKS, STATIONERY, PERIODICALS, NEWSPAPERS, A CHEAP PUBLICATIONS, in all their departments. They hope to receive, as they intend to merit, the patronage so liberally be 1 stowed upon their predecessor. An experience of fourteen years in their business is their warrant of ability to give complete satisfaction to all who may favor thein with their patronage. T. DkCAMP & CO. lO^The sub?cril?er in retiring from the business oftne above establishment, desires to return his thanks to his former customers, and to cordially rec ommend his sucoessors, Messrs. DeC'amh & Co., to their favor and patronage. ap3)-3t WILLIAM ADAM. 1 A DIES* SEWING BIRDS. TUCK COMBS, j HAIR BRUSHES. TOOTH BRUSHES, HAIR PINS, CABAS, MOHAIR BRACELETS, Ac c., very cheap, at J?P S9JU LA MMOND'S,7th street. jyjESSRS. HALLETT, DAVIS & CO. Gentlemen: 1 take this opportunity to express to you my sincere thanks lor \our kindness in furnish ing me with some of your lirand Pianos for the vari ous Concerts I have lately given in the New Eng land States. I have tested vour Grand Pianos tlior oughly.and found them to tie verv superior instru ments, as well m tone as in touch, and cheerfully recommend them both to Amateurs and Professors. I am, gentlemen, your most obedient servsn', Lr M. GOTTSCHALK. Extract from Wiliiam Mason's Letter. I have used and am now using, oue of your Grand Pianos, which stands in tune as well as any^instru ment 1 have ever seen. Owing to the beautiful elas ticity of the action of your Grand Piano rortea, < which possesses the same qnalities as the action Clsat lias contributed to give Erard his world-wide reputation,) I think it would be impossible for any piaotat who plaved properly, to break either a string wra hawiner. I certainly never have broken them. In ceneiiiaion, 1 beg to express to you mi perfect sat:sikcUMs, in every respect, with regard to your ?... ^ wm MASON. We tinvo always a large stock of the altove msko PIANOS at factory prices in our store, a? Penns) I vania av?nuobetwir?n ?th and lnth streets. apJl-if JOHN f. ELLIS. /^OJ.DSTUDS AND SLF.EVE BUTTONS - al U eoaJI attention to otir hhmmis!!) larte .is?ort "fnt ofGOLDSTl D8 an<l SLEEVE IgVtmNi ** of ever> MHMlde var trom the plainest Gold 10 those richly set with Diamonds, Rubies. Emeralds. Ac. MV \V. GAI.T A BRO? * ay 3' 3t 324 Pa. are^ he?. Mb and loth streets. WATCHES. JBWtLRY. ^ y\ SILVER AND PLATED WARE. Wo epen fo-tfa% ???ir Spring supply ?f v,,n elegant GOLD WATCHES. RICH JEWEEKY PL'RE SILVER and PLATED WARE. ALB ATA FORKS, SPOONS. Ac. The above assortment, embracing every thin* new and elegant in our line, is by far Die largest and best selected ever offered to our customers. M. W. GALT* BRO., ap 3M>t 324 Pn. ave.. b*t "?h and loth sts. Fink goods.good goods. CHEAP GOODS. The attention of the ladies, and the public gener ally is invited to my well selects! assort ment^^^ of New Goods: such a* Hair, Cloth, N^l.tudQU Tooth BRUSHES; Shell India-rubber. and^^fc Horn COMBS; BONNETS and RIBBONS; FLOWERS. LACRS. n..d EMBROIDERIES; Whale-bone and Bra** HOOP SKIRTS. Also. Black, White,and Steel BUGLE BEADS. FANS. Ac. J. RICHEY, ap Si-eoKt 432 7th street. 6 WWl REWARD.?Ranawny I'rom (he stibscri y'W ber, living near Upper Marlboro,' JtM PrinoeGeorre's county. Md.. on the ?3d of ?I April. NEGRO BOY OLIVER JACKSON, lp a'-out .9 > ears of age, 5 fjet 6 niche* Inch, of a 4PM dark oopper color ; has two very nuatable scars, ? one over his eye, the other on his side occasioned by a burn, by which he may lie indeutifced, he i? very plausible when spoken to. I will give $1<K>|| taken out of the State, and 850 if taken iu the State or the LhsUit of Columbia ; in either case he must le se cured so that I get hun again. ?P ?-*f WM. I BERRY, P' APER-H ANGINGS, . , WINDOW SHADES. Ac. I he subscriber would call tho attention of his fr'endt and the public to his Spring stock of PA PFR H A i> (11 N(tS. including agoodasaortnr-n* of French GOI.D PAPERS, BORDERS. STATI ES. A also a handsome assortment of PICT I RE COMD and TASSELS. WINDOW-SHAI ES of every "?'cnption on hand or made to ord.*r. SHADE TRIMMINGS. Bf FF HOLLAND. PAPER CI RTAINS, Ac. COLORED ENGRAVINGS and LITIIOG R A PHS put on canvas* and rarnisln d in a superior manner, giving thcni the nppeiranee of oil paintings. JOHN MARKRITER. No. 500 7th st., next to Odd Fellows' Hall, ap 30-2w* WASHINGTON AND ALEX AN PR14. AND MOUNT VERNON, or Hoc*. -The S'eamers GEORGE WASHING'rON or THOMAS . COLLI ER will depart at the follow- W ing hours, on and alter 3d May next: "?*"'??? ? !? Leave Alexandria, at 8,1 12, J, t><t, n IBo'clock. k?1** )Y">h?> I It, I.3S, s?.and f\. 1 he public may coubdently rJly on tue Boat ttat ing at the time advertised. . O^e oft he Boats will make a trip to MOUNT \ ERNON on Tuesday and Fiipat of each week, leiving \\ asliingten at Oo'clock a. m. J? IB CORSON. In.,. ? L ? GEO. T. HOWARD. < C?P*?in?. Either Boat may be chartered for F xcursions at any time, on application to JOSEPH BRYAN. President of the Company, at his office, 33J Peun. avenne,_orJo the Captains on board. ap 30-tf For sale.?(The ownkr contempla tin^ absence from the city) a hand- ^ some t?RES HORSE, of hne mettle. a. ? kind for all work; especially brake and jBfSl tated for the side-saddle. Apply at No. CTtS* ? 1 i^>nuiaiiAavenue, up stair*. ap 2!?-3t * r F vv B^TON.-T,I E SUPERIOR BABBLE , .,L^H Ridkk. Master?has arrived,^ and will have .nnck dispatch for the above4 RtercoVlkr^' ,ce 1 rffciiKiT,^. . , , f . WATER coolers, ant a large fresh supply of Housekeeping and Otheruseful articles, at 45*) Seventh tt-Prf A call will pay. "P29 r,. KRASTIS. QIEATtAr bargains of the season. NOAH WALKER A CO.. Browns' Hotel Ruihl ing.nre ik.w ..tiering the greatest Iwtreaii?w of the ?>Wr?n.vJl kt!^ "f spK?N? and SI MMER ? !,??l Hf M,. 1 hose in want of any stjle of Dress or f- rock Coats, Raglan*. Business Suits. Cassi mere Pants, rich Silk and Mar?eilte* Vests, will hi.d T?K ' 1 G E NO L S RACES OF THE KAR rH. new chapters of Ethnological li - Messrs. Nott and v itb contnfHi ti?Hi> by I ri.lessors l.eidy. Alfred Maury. Pulszkv, anu Ajrn-siz. One l.irue volume, niiuieruua engravings. Price 85. This dav puMuhed. FRANCK TAYLOR. Hubs, hubs and locks. Just received 2W> sets MORTISED H1 BS, Iroin 4 t?y 6 inches to 13 by !*? inches, of superior quality. r Also on hand, large lot ?f MORTISED LOCKS, w-hich wo will sell at .?l.5n per dozen, or $2^1 cotn plete, to close out l?t. ELVANSA THOMPSON. ? r*> O. ? Sign of the Red Wheel, ap 29 3t 33C Ponn. ave.. fjet. 9th and lnjf, ,ts. OPENING OF SPRING AND MtMHIfi Ml f.LINER Y.?MRS. I. CI.ARK will commence on 1 hursdav to open, at her Mil linery and Kanc? Store.No.73 Bn.lge street, j "'i*'J.he largest and ln?st seiecte?l st.K-k? o| - JFRING and SI MMER MIL1.INERY. A c., she has ever had tfie pleasure of offering to the ladies <?( the District. She solicits a rail |(<?m htr former numerous customers and the ladies eenerallt, as she will show them one of the most handsome as 8011merits Of BON N ETS. Ac., now otfeietl for sale 111 this city. ap 3?-3t C J RAND OPENING OF SPRING ANDSI'M Jupdaf\!J*'5*^?'?We shall open on T ffl RSDAN , April So. at our new and exteusive Show Rim.iiis, on the corner 01 I eniigyUania avenue and llth street, (over*, tno \\ astiintfton I?ilit 4irticet> the inost^w ?1\ 1 l-l? *V?ii'sa,\t'"11'1 "r SPRING AND 1 VhK MILLINERN ever i ffered to the La rea V. ?8l"n'Jon. consistIUK of every description * 1 1, Crape and Illusion French Hats for Indies and t hildreu. together with all descriptions rd Straw Uonnets, trimmed ??r untrirnined : also, a iaree and lieantiful assortment of Ladies Mourning Flats, to which we cordially invite the Endies to call and ex amine. GEO. H. CASSIDY A CO. 314 Pennsylvania avenue and corner ap 29-.1t of Penn. avenue and llth st. Hardware and crtlery7-ti??und^7 signed would respectfully inform the public tliat he is receiving (daily) fresh supplies 111 his line. 1 his dav arrived? 5<i A WlLS. assorted weights, warranted equal toanv in the market !??> Cotter. Kev.and Parallel VICES. cases of Bristol BRICK-DUST, per tnrque Sylph. n*"7?\n,r- Kine's celebrated REFRIGERA TORS daily expected. JOS. L. SAVAGE. Sign of Gilt Saw, Penn. avenue, ap 29-6t 1 door west of loth street. The press and the public service. 51 25 y * 1>l,t,n8UI8hed Writer. London, 1857. Hugh Miiler's new work.''The Testimony of the Rocks, profusely illustrated. Jtl-25. William Shakspeare Not an Imposter. bv an Eng lish Critic. 25 cents. * The British Expedition to the Crimea, by W. II. Russell, the Times Correspondent, Nos. 1 and 2, 25 cents each. To be completed in twelve numbers Just published, and for sale at TAYLOR A MAL'RY'S Bookstore. ap Z?-3t near 9th street. SPRING AM) SI MMER. Bla -k Silk MANTILLAS Do Siik and Lace do. Rich black French Lace SHAWLS. Do do do do SCARFS. V? r d"J do do MANTir.LAS. Ma* lie found in every variety at the Store of the subscriber, 244 Penn. avenue, between 12th and 13th streets. aP2H eolm FRANK A. McGEU. FUuRnn?^'~A PA'RuOF MORGAN BAY U uHORr.KS' "f >^ea.^, .old: "OHnrf well /x broken. Also,aclose-lwlied CARRlAGE. maile by I Awrenee A Co.. of New York citv with HARNESS, ROBES, ac.. complete'Any one in want of a hne establishment, is invited to call and judge for themselves. Apply to p COW! I VP ?P ? ** No. 299 G ?., l^t.'lSth and Uth sts. SOMETHING NICE. PlrKN|VVfi,Ui^,if^uli'lt,entlon 1?our 9UPenor r .i.!i f knowing them to be un equaled for size and delicacy ef flavor; not drowned in vinegar as is too often the case, but retaining all t or ICE C REAM, U ATER ICES, ainl CAKES. N?. 107 Bridge street, lietween Con gress and High streets, (ieorgetown, tiegs leavef=^ thn! he?1 Georgetown and vicinityW Li J- .L furnish any order that it would T pu HSe the pllhhc to kire him ftiui awMiirou tkft... OF LATE IMPORTATION.?WE HAVE fresh supply of? SWISS CHEESE, in Cakes. F*MM CHEESE. 111 Rolls. DUTCH HER RINGS, in Kegs. FKL'NKLI.A. in Hoxes. And for sale by KING A BURCIIELL, ap27 Corner Vermont avenue and ISth street, ? [I ALT ft YOUNG'S WHARF. 1 . . ( Formerly Lenox's.) Having leased the alioye Wharf, we offer it to the merchants ami dealers of Ibis city as possessing ad vantages over all others lor landing ami ail kinds of merchandise. Its advantagos are 111 depth of water, central location, and eas> access by the tiest graded avenue and street to any wharf on the river. The wharf is large and comm??diou*, made solid of earth and stone, and not liable to cause accident or Ket out of repair. It is now 111 the best order. We have erected thereon an othce, and Fairl?tnk's<6-ton) platform soales. and if patronized, will fit up a brick warehouse for storage, and a uraue to facilitate iu unloading. The atfention^r Washington merchants having merchandise carried to Georgetown is particularly called to the sub)*ct. Mr. H. P. Cartkh is our agent, and is authorized to transact business f?w us. T. J. A \V. M. GAI.T, ap28-tf SAMUEL H. \ Ol NG. CARRIAGES?CARRIAGES?CARRIAGES.. The undersigned has now oa g?, very good assortment of SIMM LRVqKjXsk C A R R1A G F.S. BU G f JI ES, A c. .to w hiehJS^^Ei tie very respectfully invites the public cenerallv Prices moderate. JNO. P. DENNIS, ap 24-eo3m 6th St.. bet. I^a. ave. and C st. Candidates for City Offices. Collector of ta\h?. JAMES K. IIA LI OA V, up a tf l?? t'wdidm for tkis^iflie* CITY COL LECTOR .-Thn friends of JOHN II. BARTLFTT respectful!) present hu fan* to the lovonUt cuMKlHrwiun of tlie voters ol tin* cits for the abovn position. An experience of four years as the prineipal as?i?tant in the Collocto ? "flic? during the Collectorship of U, J. Koche, ths intimate knowledge of the business sejmred dunn; that pet iod, hi* ability a* a clerk ami Km>untnut, hn exemplar? characters* a citiaeu. all point turnout to onr fellow frtfixen* as eminentlp qualified tn to j with honor to himaeit and usefulness to the eotniiui nit) at large the important and responsible oih<* ? City Collector. ap* ? A \ 4 r AMUSEMENTS OKI)WAY'S ETHIOPIAN MELANGES FOk The People. ODD FELLOWS* HALL. For Five Nights only, commencing Monday, May 4 The original OR DWAY'S .F.OI.IAV9. under u* management ol Jon* P. from drdts, Hall. Boat on, (W.err they have patterned for tat , oast eight year*,) will during the enlargement ai.j 1 neautify ins of their Hall, visit the principal >i,rl I ern and Western Cities, anrt live FIVK. CO\ CERTS in Washing ten, commencing ?? above, traducing new Ethiopian Buiksuuc Coiiiiuue?Operatic Grins?Representation* thern Darkies Life, and selections from popular pt? ces. See Small Hills. Tickets 25 Cents. Doors open at ?, to c<>iuimiios at $4 before I. 1; TF. QASZYNSkl BEGS LEAVE TO ? nounoe to hi* friend* and patrons of Philadelphtt, Halt 1 more.Washin*ton, Georje town, atid Alexandria, that in nonsequem-e o| more extensivearrangementsths superb M A\ FESTIVAI. will take place at th? Wash.v.i A?<imiilt Riioin. l/wmmai aienue. <?n TlE* UAY EVENING. 5th ol Ma*. i.i?te*.l of Ike 1st. at Temperance Hall. The coronation will take place at 8 o'clock ; &i4 from the preparations made, it ? ill I* the moat br.', Iiaat aflair of the season. Tickets TWO Doi.LAKS-^dmittiag "Mim tleman and Indies ; Jo lie had at the Pi mope) Hoteie. Hook and Music Store ami at Mr. <>.*? rest lence, 407 E street. U't. 9th and 10th st r.<et?. sp *?-?t * AY BALL, I. O. O. K. The member* of UNION LODGE. N?*. 10,1. o O. F., would respectfully inform the public, et that they will five a B \ F.I. at Ooti Fkllows Hall. N?y N ard. on THURSDAY, the ?*h M instant. The committee of Krr?ii(i<m?ntiUJff pledge themselves that bo pains shall be spared to make this the Ball ol the season. Wither*'Celebrated Cotillon Music lias l?eonen gaged,and will introduce some of his most popular airs. Members of sister Lodges attending will pleass appear in regalia. Refreshment* will ho furaished to the ladies. Tickets ONE DOLLAR?admitting a gentleman and ladies, to Ik* had of any of the members or at the door on the night ol the Ball. Initiation and Rrrrption Committee. P. G. M. J. Hepbnrn, Edward Evans. P. G. J. T. liradly, Samuel R. Turner, P. G. Geo. Brown, Philip Harbiu. ap T7-4t* Grand exhibition and MAY FESTIVAL FALL. Prof. H. W. MUNDER most respectfully an nounnes to his friends, patron*, and pnMie f\ generally of Washington, (ieorgetown. Alex- Vg andria, and Baitim<>re.that In* E\lll MTION />? and MAY FESTIVAL BA LI. will take p aceLJk on FRIDAY EVENIN'ti, May 1st. l?Jt, at the WiUixcToi Asskmui.y Room*,on I.ouisiaaa ave nue, between 431 aud tith streets. He has spared neither time, labor, nor patience to render this Exhibition one of th? most *tip<*rh enter tainments that ha?. ever l>een oHere?l to a \Va*hii!i tou public. (In* of the most beautiful leaturo?o| tlis programme l<>r the evening, is thedimiiuitj\ e MM af the children that will npon thi* oceosion participaiM in koine of the ino*t complicated dances, executed 111 such a st> le as is seldom, if ever, witnessed on or off of the stage. Prof. M. havtnc established the flatterin,: reputa tioa of lietug the beet teacher that has ever lo<-ate.| 111 this city, he hopes to oonkrm that opinion in ttia minds of the public by ottering the following Prockammk. 1. College Hornpipe l?y B Master*. 2. Cachuca by It Mi?set. 3. La Siuolenaki by 4 Misae*. 4. El Bolero In 4 \li**e*. 5. Cracovienne by 4 Muse*. 6. El Jeleode Jeres by 4Mi?ees 7. Scotch Dance Irjr ?? Miases. 8. La Maiiola <as dauced by the celebrated Frencft danseuse S?toi b* a Miss 6 vears ohl. 9. Sty nan Waltz I* i Master* and 4 Miase*. 10. Pas to Trois, by a .Master and 2 Misses I'oni to to 8 y ears old. 11. Pas Sty nan. by S Masters and 3 Misses, from C to 9 years old. 12. The American Flag Dance, by 1G Masters and 16 Misses, composed by Prof. Munder expr?*s?iy for this occasion, which 1* acknowledged to l?e one of the moa>t lieautitul dances ever witnesi, ed, introducing our eoul-atirring national airs. IS. Grand Shawl Dance, by 'A Mottes, 111 which 1* in troduced the Coronation of the tfueen ol Ma), the rrand inareh and a?cenaion upon the throne, aud final tableau. 14. Fireman's Hornpipe, which introduces even thing executed b> a fireman while attending a tire, and 1* one of the mo*t ootnplicated dance* in the profession. Tins dance wan introduced by Prof. M. four ) t 'u, :>^oat his brat May Ba . and he only repf-ats it upon this occ&siou |>) many urevnt request*. After the exhibition the floor Will liocleared for the accommodation of the whole company. Mr. Gforck Aktii'i hi.I Stung Hand is eti gaged lor the occasion, and will mtr<Mluc? a very choice collection ol new inn sic. To the La Dies.?As Prof. Mundcr has long since ahandoned the habit of sending written invitations, lowing to the want ot time at this season ol ft ? year) he cordially invites nil his former pat tons and their friends, assuring them that it Will be kep; strictly select by placing a responsible pere>D at the> door. P. S.?Should it happen to rain on the 1st, the Bvt will l>e postponed until MoimU) , the 4th. np?i-td LOST AND FOUND. IOST.?On Tuesday, the ?tli instant, la-ts^-n t 2d street and liautier's t'oiifectionery , a HAlIt BRACELET with a Gold Clasp, containing a ads'* daguerreotype. The tinder will lie rewanted l?y leaving it at BOYNEA WOOD, Merchant Ta lor-, No. Peun. avenue. apJ" :i' IOST OR 8TOLKN?Frua the possession id .4 the Hon. Franci*S. Edwards, at the Washins ton House lu the city of Washington, on or aUmt the 10thday ol Fel>ruary.Iii57, LAND WARRANT No. 51.233 dated December .24th. lufth. Said Warrant was issued to Ezra Red. under the art of March. 1855. All persons are herein oautKHied against ue gotiatuig said Warrant as proc -ediugs have been in stituteil by the holder. Ezra Ri-ed, to cancel the same. ap 3Miw EX It A RF.F.I). LOST.?On the 27th instant, a gold-euameied WATCH KEY. The finder will heritably re warded by leaving itattiALT A BRO.'S, No. SSI Peun. avenue. ap2ft-8* WANTS. WANTED TO HIRE?A COLORED WO v? MAN, in a small lamily, to Cook an ! do gene ral llou*e?ork. Washing done out.>eral wages given. References required. Apply 011 I street. 2d door from 12th. ap ? a ' SERVANT WANTED.?A res?ctaUe COL ORED WOMAN to Wash, Co< k and wait on* smile gentleman. Apply at No. 10 4j? street,next to Dr Sutxlerland's Church. ap2> at* IITANTED-To hire for the lunimer, wuk or " without ths privilege of purchasing, a g<??>.1, GENTLE HORSE nnd NEAT CARRIA?.K. Address Box Cit> I'oat Orii.-, . sp 2S-.1 * WrANTED.?An ACTIVE YOUTH, of good address, to attend in an loe Cream Saloon, tine who can read a:id write preferred. Non? need app.y but such as can c?ime well re<v?minended. Ii:quirs at the Ice Cream Saloon of It. II. DAILY. >'o. "* Bridge street. Georgetown. ap?** \LTANTED.?A W HITE GIRL to Nurse, and ' ? one who will be willing t?i go into tke country. Apply at 447 D street. ap & Ij WANTED?By a respi ctacle Girl, a siti A TION as Nurse and ChamlH-nnajd. Would be willing to make herself useful. In<iuire at No. 539 K street. Iietween 4th and 5th. np 29 2t* Cjl AAA WANTED, 011 Rral Estate, near iiie 1 avenue, for which 10 to 12 per centum will be given for a long or sliort term. Cominumoa tions through the Post Ortice. addressed to R. ?*.. stating interview. Ac., will lie attended to. ap 27-ao3t R. S. WANTED.-A YOUNG MAN oi g.?Hl address a* as Salesman in a Store 01 the Avenue. 0"? aceustoiiied to the Dry GimmIm trade preferred. Ad dreas, with name. Box 2tit> City Post Ortice. ap VAr ANTED.?A convenient HOUSE. RentaU'iit T? Not far from Penu. avenue. Note ad dressed Box SIS, Post Office, with location and rent, will meet attention. ap y tf Brewery men wanted.?Three BREWERY HANDS, to whom regular work and g<*od wages will be given, can find eniplo* ineiit by applying to GEO. STOR EN . Manager lor Mr. Jos. Davison, at the Washington Brewery, \> ashing ton, D. C. a*lw WANTED TO IKXT.-A fdK.MSHEO HOUSE, containing a patlorand diking r?.^>m. two liedrooins. ami ta"?> servant * rivmis. atwl a nur aery . To be genteel 111 its appearance location, and out lit, and Withiuconveuient distances! the Dcpzrt inents. Address a note to Box No 2?? Slar statins lonation (street ami nnmber'ami teons. ap 10 tf BOARDING. M,i ^ KATES. AT HER BOARDING HOUSE. ou the southeast corner of Pern-. Avenue and 9th street, has made arrangement* accomnKxlate a large number ol stiangers with Maais at any tune throughout the day, and Lodgings. uiar 3 JOHN ALEXANDER. 240 PltKWaTLVAXIA AVE*fE. I am now reoeiving an unusually large stock '.'I AMERICAN and FRENCH PAPER HAN ? I N(iS. e'nbraciug gold and velvet Decorations U't If alls. Parlors, and Libraries, with a large assort ment ot Oak. Walnut, and Rosewood mutations, suitable for Halls and Dining Rooms. Mediom prioe.1 8ATIN*A~COMMON PAPERS, the largest and hnest variety in the city. Paper put oo tn the heat manner and mi^1 guarantied. fiENTLEMENS DRESS ^'"J^f-d'to'ku " ?tairlsmmleto,,rden war>Ht.N^ ap ?-tf 382 Pa." av\. bet. ?h and loth ats. IVANS' FANS!' FANS!!; of every "tyle. cheap. ? at H. J. McLAl oHI-IN A Ct?^ ap 23 No 2" between Bth ann *???