Newspaper of Evening Star, May 2, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 2, 1857 Page 3
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L0 CAL INTELL16ENC E. Mkiasn-s1 Imtitvti PAIB-Mcti'fiywti. From the rrports of the committee* upon the ar ticle* in the late Fair we take the following, a* of direct interest to our readers. The carriage* in the exhibition are ranked as follow*, for beautv of finish, workmanship and style : For busies?M. McDermott. No. 2; Thomas A Graham. Ao. 2; John Bridget, No. 2; J P r>? nis. No. 3. ' riES?S!lESr-w-G ,Iook' Nol> *? viS^!^iTriagewJ p Denni,,'No 1; Tho* Is' . ?25S2\byr6*n}0er k Plac*> constructed on r*Pr|,nK"?1'* * good piece of work, and very c.editably gotten up. niSL?51^1^!?8 ual1 mach^- made by T H. Barlow of Kentucky, and deposited by Henry Lyles.of Washington This Ua good contri vance, inasmuch a* two distinct mar nine* are fed from one nail plate, by its own gravitation, thus avoiding the necessary com pi irat ion of machinery to turn and enter the plates, as in a single self feed mg machine, and is entitled to the first de gree of merit. No competition. '?256- Paging machine, deposited by William Pettibone. Washington. D. C. This Is a very simple and ingenious machine, and operates well; j Is entitled to the tlrst degree of merit. No com petition. 2,290. Wheeler A Wilson's sewing machine, deposited bv P. J. Steer, Washington, is a hand somely finished machine, and does excellent | work. These machines are so well known that we presume any comment from us would be su perfluous. We consider it entitled to the first degree of merit. No competition. Among a great variety of clocks, of various manufacture, deposited by Mr. John Robinson, of Washington, and varying lu price from ft 5U to 9?, from the plain wooden to the ornamental Irou case, we notice in particular a small cloek, on a tasteful porcelain stand, covered by a glass case, the balance and escapement of which are connected on a somewhat novel principle, which promised a good wear Another clock deserves notice, of the same general pattern, but of plainer workmanship and material, in which the balance is supported without pivots, by a torsion-spring that serves as the governor of its motion. It is madejb^i the^Terryville Manufacturing Company, ?I- A universal sun dial, made and deposited by J Sword. Washington, is an ingenious aud wrll made timekeeper, which never gets out of order or runs down, except when the sun does not --hine. and will outlast any yankee clock. It is a very good specimen of its kind. The committee appointed to examine the seve ral musical instruments, make the following re port : The grand piano, by Win. Knabe A Co., Bal timore, we consider, on account of its sweetness, evenness, power or tone, and regularity of touch, a very superior instrument. Two quarto pianos, by the same makers; are the best of this kind on exhibition, and with regard to tone, touch and finish, peifect instruments The piano by Sliet! A Son is very fine The piano wilh seolian attachment, by W. Mil ler; a brilliant instrument, beautifully ornament ed and finished. The melodeon by Smith, Boston, has a sweet toue and deceives favorable notice. Lisenbrant has in his case of musical instru ments a sax born, which we especially notice for the great improvements made in the valves of the same Heavy bell.cast by Register A Webb, of Balti more, \* e consider an excellent piece of woik tuan.ship and of fine tone viSf.i keel, made by John Maskili. and deposited bv Mr Mo fit, Washing ton. exhibits an ingenious arrangement for im proving the sailing nualities of - flat ' vessels on a wind, 'and (for deep water) would ?x> f* keel effCcl,ve th*n thc ordinary " slid fJW The finely finished models of national armed ve*^u. deposited by Samuel Pook. >avai | onstructor at the Washington Nayy Yard in iktnr.?? k a"d 44 line>, and the fv w**111 J*81, ot the n,os,t approved shape Urn the W',h the caPac't3r reonisite to sus natioual slilTat ~hi t0 anchor chain 'hat it ?hall at all tunes maintain an upright position {i f u* ?entor>oy? article of the first degree Sn dep?*Ued b>' W? M. Ellis, of Wash- I ? d'po*it?d bv John Saul, ap ^ vri "7,|lent q'jal'ty and selected with car? cr^ble^hT?'L'b>'JohD F Havenner is a very creditable exhibition of ornamental confectionery h?s fancy crackers are also excellent. )( '??J?'- Cake and confectionerv deposited by J ?."r*cr?r,?-tis7,vl'acd,u""d"^ <* depofiSl P^armaceut,cal preparations deposited bv D. S. Dyson is the larewt Th^ ,MA,.^Lle",^karb!'V "d bavr no competiTor Kerr ^y^tinC,UrM' elc ' ?"bitelby A. In both o( the above collections the preparations indicate great care and skill, thou" ESl analysis or other practical tests would alone en merits* JR ?nL? f?rm a rritic^ opinion of their merits. But where carefulness and skill are re. 2ra\TunwTi^hCa rm|nl'n" iI! Pharmaceutical prep-" ""Si"' ""c,e*",b"* ?**"? """'""t ??"bX",Tv 1 "f f'?!!?'? do posited by F O. Neal is remarkably good. CiEcciT Cockt. After our report closed yes terday the application of the counsel for defence for a new trial of case of damage Reed rr. S>mith, was overruled by the Court. The Court took up the case of Thomas Bla^den e? Oeorge Broadrup. This was a ras* art issued to two Justices of the Peace to brimr fZe*1 Procwi,nK ?hen before them in a case o^ J'rcbU entry a*3detail. After the ca-STW thus brought nn before the Circuit Court Tn proper rule to declare was laid by th?IdaiXff? wenCr"';aMr,^nd h* v,rtuc of "id rufe the calS went off the docket as non-passed at ik. i- , term of the Court. Passed, at the last A motion was made some days aco bv th^ .!? ar\'??&y e??7 'Amotion " defendant. and moved the OwlruC^stlle'a wSt BtfflWAcsjjS Mr. Jones contended that as the case had mproperly taken o .t of the hands o?~he^f, f ?f 0fu-r Proce*dings when it wis 4**do was the only appropriate remedv in might be D,"<?ir?i to ,i._ nested the motion error tum ? t^m * Wa^ ot a ?f The Conrt then took up the case of Pattersrn Donn. who mem on deCUion of o' tin uti juu?ui#iit on a promissory note iSSSJgiS. (H?fr?..rtod -pply ont'SSS J TSSi,^f '.'STS*: ,u'"1 plaintiff bid' wuLdraw. Ibr and the mag 1st rati had rendered ]ndrm*ttl them Morgan for plaintiff; Wharton fof defence tbat the magistrate had no iorta. '?n 'n ^ c***. the amount of the notes iem;/ above the ruling of a justice of the peaUe ? he M"ndWa7dWU,S*^ an_l^:Courl4ourned unS From t.? R.v,,rThe I'otomac this morning looks desolate :ndeed. There are no arrivals of any account at the wharves ?p to i?, ?i?hi v.U w. *,*?*" """ mMrt 1 "tj th^fp w.r. no U^T, ff'oundu, there being no fnnher izi *?,fir.rssx *?*?" ?l(*" ? " r -T1"- regal" ?en.l-?u?,^ .l.lutlon f-"'.** ' ???fc"'bor1lntl. Lodge* under It. jartsdietlon have t?een anuouaced by the G M Jsrues A. Brown Tfae?? "? M > are for the exemplification of the woTjT Ojdsr. and are looked for with some in?r?t bj ?h?* mem tiers who desire to be a* T "?.e? The announcements are" ^ujrn/,,cb iniu? L?^?' -Voud*y. May 11th; Wa?h l^>dj<e, Tuesday, the lttb ; I'nioa dav^:^;.,b4r tu?1 4 o*. .?I"e . i t leodge. Friday, t(ie i^th ? l17i *,OBd#y' th#* ?*??'; Exolsioi WnU*.I '"*<??*, tl?e UKU: Mechanics' l.odge i.odge.ThS!: ua>. the 2l?t; Kastein l.odge. Fi Ulay, the 22d B?Mon I<odve, Monday, the 25th; Oriental Lodge' Tbo^jd.r, a****, Mctropolil Lodge, F,^', Owens, or the Third and Fourth Ward*, la superintend ing 'he paving of E street. between Third street and New Jersey avenoa, aad laying gutters to footways on First street, from 0 to H; oa H street, rrom First to north Capitol streets, and partially on north Capitol street. A nmreinent has been ordered for the south side of 5i street, from New York avenue to Boundary street, and is In the hands of the contractor. Footway* have been or dered for Indiana avenue, at the east side of Fourth street; for F street, at Third street; two across M at Fourth street; and one on Ninth, at O street , The filling ud of I street, under the supervision of the Commissioner, extends from Third street to New Jersey avenne. and Is progressing with. out expense to the Corporation. Km Commissioner Van Hiswick, of the Fifth Sixth Wards, has received orders u> , '1'" the grading of Tenth street ea^ frn^ P.^ 7 vania avenue to N street south ? also for front of squares 796, ? w and ^ south between f k,T. *7' on f? Street ~ m,, m ?nd 911,11????. ??<! occupied by the Missed Tyson. ? Wt/kiS?1'. ??n-,n U,w ?f Ex-Postmaster General Crrtrr Mauit.-Notwithstanding the driv ing lain, the market this morning, was fairly supplied and well attended. There was. of com.- as usual on wet days, no little - bobbing around to dodge the leaky places in the ran^ of sheds which constitute the prlncloal marJSt 3 WKblngto. cltjr. Price. weffiiBjoiT Beef, per lb 8al5c Pofk 12 v Mutton 10al5 Lamb, prqr., 91.23al.5<? Sausage, pr lb.... 12% Lard 15 Veal 12)4 Calves heads,each 23 Bacon 12al5 Shoulders 12u Breast pieces .... 14al6 Dried beef I5al6 Chickens, pr pair.H7a#l Re 1 terrapin, each, 2Sa75 Corned salmon... 15 Turkeys fl.75n2.2S Herring, per doz.. 16*25 Shuffler ducks.... 37a6'2 Dippers, ner pair.. 37 * Red heads, do.... 75 terrapins, each...25afl Snipe, per doz..r. S3 Irish potatoes, pk. 30 Sweet do 87 ApplM. peck 75aSl Dried do., 02 Corn, pr bush.... 75 Corn, ear, pr bush. 45 Beans, pr bush.... ft* Rye, pr bush 75 60 Meal 75 Shorts 05 ?? ????? ZD Shipatuffs 35a60 ou.!.battcr 2Sa37 Phil a print 40 Eggs, per doz ... 16 Lettuce, pr head.. 12# Rhubarb, bunch.. 6 Spinnach,pr peck 50 Kale, prpt 37^ _ ~r?"? * y? *vS'Ss and herrfng ?hZ.:.?' *"? The Light Infantry, in their paraded ye< he fun oT^ "a m?n0p0,Ued Pre?y much all 4c Z ,narch' tafirt tiring, her run ted ? I * the St?rm which *? SSSSU1? n,a"y ?f the conten,P'a'ed May dny t\ie contest for the prizes was en tereHPla"te(1' golden Mult^se c ross! then*ize for the*beat shot "? award?d to private RoVrt W cXhT The ^ZtCTTSJV% "eXt *** ^P'-ateJ^n leather cross to private John Valk le/e Jul were l? 'ifor8p,?wn Col iiKii ? handsomely entertained bv Rev I)r Maguire. President of the College, andthe*tu ' dent s corps attached to the Institution A handsome entertainment was also nroviH.-H for them at Mrs. Lang's hotel, bv Serjeant n ,v ward, of the President's Mounted Gua dv Free Fight in the General Post Office 1 esterday afternoon, Mr. Robert Wharton for merly clerk m the PoBt omce Dfpartmfn went U> the room in the General Post Office occupied \i* named Spencer, for the nuroose of collect lug money loaned to Spencer andPa dis in mows. ana finally involved several of th? 'ri,. i?"e; ivfTi M- : The by-standers then separated the belligerents. After this, a clerk nam?<{ Cook made some remarks denunciatory of Mr U ha'' LnC0rlWferC,UpOn ,he latter knockedVkSk ?*B; Cook. 111 attempting to net at Wharton hw'iij* to have mistaken his man and P'i^d'"toMr William Walker, an atChe of (he building, handling him pretty roughly before he could be made to comprehend hK misuke The affray naturally created no little exHtement in that methodical matter-of-fact Department. *'?" Wa*? ?A meeting of the Anti-Know Nothing voters of the Sixth Ward was held last evening, at Anacostia Hall?Dr. A. W Miller presiding, and F. Ober acting as secretary. EJ2r ?OW'n* were chosen dele ates to the City Convention: Francis McNer any, !? rancis S. Walsh, Thomas A Item us, Oeo. ^ ulmar, and Thomas Champion "*eetjn*4pfoc^de<l to tke nomination of candidates for Assessor, Alderman and Common iomSt'ed? following were unanimously For Assessor?John Russell. For Alderman?Dr. A. W. Miller For Common Council?Thos. Alteinus Tiio? Champion, James W. Robertson. ' Malicious.?On Thursday night, the Fourth W ard 4,L nion" meeting was held in the Perse verance Engine House, as already stated in the Star. On attempting to light th? gas it would not burn, and upon examination it was found that some malicious person had separated the pipe from the metre, driven bottle corks into it and r> titted it to the metre. The members of the Perse verance Company present were naturally enough "^nant at the dastardly act, and will doubtlA. make the offender - see stars" if they catch him. The Jamestows Celebration?In another column will be found the advertisement of the Ex cursion from this city to the Jamestown celebra tion. AH persons designing to join in it are requested to meet at Rupp's hotel on Monday eveuing. - ' As an indication of the interest in this celebra t on felt elsewhere we may mention that the steamer Maryland, uow lying at our wharves, has oeen chartered for that occasion by a party from Richmond, all the boats of that city and of Nor folk having already been engaged. Orphans' Court.?The case of James Adams. Administrator, rj. Rogers, of Baltimore, Md., executor of Law, deceased, has been set for trial, by Judge Purcell, on next Friday week This case Involve* many intricate points of law. and considerable time will be required by the able counsel employed by the parties in the dis cussion Messrs. May and Brent, of Baltimore, for the plaintiff, and Messrs. R. S. Coxe, of this city, and T. Parker Scott, of Baltimore, for the defence. - ' A Pleasaxt Mat-Day'The chil dren of the first and second district schools (some eighty in number), who acquitted themselves so handsomely at the late concert at the Smithsonian Institution, were yesterday taken to Gautier's by Messrs. Wilson and Magruder, the school tru* ? 'k0** districts, and sumptuously feasted t>y those gentlemen. A happier and merrier party of little folks were never brought together. At the Meeting of the Anti-Know Nothings of the Second Ward, at Harmony Hall, last night, ?crrel wa* "ppointed chairman and iter man tlid Conunon Councilmen were renomi* Ceofge T. Stewart was nominated for Assessor. The meeting was entirely harmonious. Business at the Mayor's Ofricr?The Mayor was busily engaged yesterday in attei:d ing to the payment of the Corporation officers, and among these we notice that the teachers of the public schools are included. tb? Mayor re cognizing theiu as officers of the Corporation, and refusing to recognize the Treasurer of the Board Co7f^S," ' ^'y appointed officer of the Property Hales.?Yesterday, a three story brick house, containing six rooms, and the lot on ZEiL'.iS'1'' ?n 8econd "treet between IKi north II street, was KHAAd? ' pioneer, for fl,200, to Mr The National Mcsical Convertior meets on Monday, at the Smithsot.lan Institution, under the direction of Professor George r Root, of New York. The Convention is sure fo give a powerful iin thV<*city Pr?gr?"* of musical cultivation in Munder s Mat Ball will take place Monday " having been postponed on account ff the rain of last night. Looe Ocr tor the Eagle Tent Celebration at the Navy Yard on Monday night. See advertise ment. ^ A Falsr Firr Alarm about 7 oVloek last eve* niag occasioned the firemen The annoyance Of a needless run. Rrturrs.?'The cells at the central u b7,s.u^?i.'M,M*'" GEORGETOWN AFFAIR?. Ctrttpondtnc* of Tkt Star. OtoBorrewR, May 3,1987. The City Councils were in session last night. In the Common Council, a message was received from the Mayor covering sundry petitions, and accounts against the Corporation, and offering a number of suggestions in relation to streets, the hog laws. &.c. A communication was received from F. Glr? kin, complaining that he had oeen deceived by Mr. Dow ling in relation to the signing of a rec ommendation for an auctioneer's license, and asking the Corporation to interfere in the premi ses; referred. Communications were received from Dr. Mann, H. B. Chew, and others, for and against the im provement of a part of Prospect street; referred to the Board of Aldermen. A communication was received from B. Sewal, inspector of tire engines, in relation to the Are apparatus now in use by the fire companies, and 8URg?**'nK sundry repairs to the same; referred. A petition was received from Mrs S. Bee raft, asking the Corporation to indemnify her for cer tain damages done to her fence and wood during the late fire; referred. I The account of W. H. Fletcher, amounting to Sd09, certified to by the late Mayor, for work done on Washington street in 1855, was read and re ferred. A very sen ?ible communication, over the signa ture of Old Fireman," making sundry sugges tions in relation to the present ineffective condi tion of our Are companies, and the necessity of a thorough re-organixation, and proposing a plan for such organization, was read, and laid on the table. A communication was received from Horatio Cropley, offering himself as a candidate for lamp lighter. A petition was received from Dorsey Earnest and a multitude of others, praying the repeal or a modification of the hog laws ; referred. The account of Justice Reaver was read and referred; also, the account of T. Hilleary. Mr. White reported, from the committee on streets, a bill making an appropriation for the repair of the Bridge street bridge; which was i passed. i The same gentleman asked that the same com mittee be discharged from the further considera tion of the petition of Philip Gormiey, and that the same be referred to the Tax Collector; which was granted. Mr. Seymour, of the Joint committee to exam ine the inclined plane at the Little Falls bridge, reported that the committee had examined the ' same and found it in passable order, and recom mended that the provisions of the resolution of the ;}lst of March nc carried out. Mr. Pickrell, of the ways and means commit tee. made quite an elaborate report upon the con dition of the Corporation finances, accompanied by an estimate of the receipts and expenditures of the Corporation for 1857, ami an ordinance levy ing a tax of 70c. on the Slit) forgenerrl purposes, and 10c. for the benefit of the Metropolitan Rail road. The tax bill, after some little discussion, was passed. The Committee' estimates the receipts for the year at $47.<3<i5. and the expenditures at *46,*260 which will leave in the treasury, at the close of the year, a l>alance of a little over 11,400. Tne tax bill was not passed by the Board of Al d rmen Mr. Fearson reported from the committee on police, a resolution in favor of B. Forrest; reduc ing the amount charged for licenses for theatric al performances from six to three dollars per diem ; rejected. A petition was received from McKenzie & Co , in relation to the laws regulating theatrical per formances ; referred. Mr. fr'earson ottered a resolution authorizing the appointment of a committee to inquire into the conduct of Justice Reaver in the liberation of those negro slaves who were arrested by the watch for destroying the peace on Sunday night last; passed. Messrs. Fearson. Barron and Sermmirwer? ap pointed on said committe. Mr. White, from thecommittee on streets, asked that the communication of Dr. Maccall, in rela tion to a portion of Road street, be placed upon the files; which was grauted. Several other resolutions of minor Importance were offered, but not acted upon. The Board of Aldermen returned the bill in favor of the heirs of Henry Trunneli; rejected. The weather this morning is gloomy with rain, very unfavorable for all kinds of outdoor busi ness. The offerings of beef cattle at Drover's Rest yes terday amounted to 75 head, all of which were purchased by District butchers at ?5 a ??. 75 on the noof, equal to $10a$1350 nett. Sheep5 ]|'a6c. per lb. Veals to per head. Fish continue scarce, and price* tending up wards. The only arrivals since our report of yesterday are the schooner Commander-in-Chief, Captain Wugluin, from New York, and the schr. Advo cate. Adams, Salisbury, to Jos. Libbey & Son. There is but little doing in the flour or wheat markets. Sale yesterday of the cargo of the new canal boat, Nancy Bowers, Capt. Jourdon, 3.000 bushels yellow corn at Ti%c. Spectstob. DIED, On the lstinstant, WILLIAM ANDREW aged 16 months and 23 days. only son of Win. A. and Ann M. Scott. On the 30th April, 1R57, Mr. JOHN ROBERTS, a native of France, and a resident of tbis city for the last25vears. His funeral will take place from ins 1st* residence on 23d street, between Laud M streets, on Sunday Evening, at 2 o'clock. The friends of the family sre invited without further notice. Of Apoplexy, iu Georgetown, on Saturday morn ing, Mrs. ANN TRUE*AN SHANKS, in the f?0th year of her age. The friends of the family are invited to attend her funeral on To-morrow (Sunday) Afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from her late residence, No. 1D0 Bridge street. * On the 1st instant, JAMES BUCHANAN MACKAY, infant son of Thomas and Henrietta Mackay, aged seventeen days. "for RENT AND SALE. fOR RENT.?A two-story and attic BRICK JT HOUSE, with ha-jk building, situated on 1 st., near the onrner of 4tJi street west. Apply at the corner of 4th and I streets, No. W. may 2-St* I Burnished rooms for rent.?Four 1 handsomely FURNISHED ROOMS, consist ing of one Farlor and three Chambers, on sccoud and third floor, ma> l>e had low on application to Mrs. KNOTT. U street, near 15th. inay 2-3t* [V)R RENT OR SALE ON ACCO.MMODA 1 TING TERMS.?A new BRICK HOUSE.ou L street north, between 4th and 5th streets. No. 640, containing 7 Rooms, with Pump of \\ atejr-in the yard. For the key inquire of Mr. FALLS, next door, and for terms, of A.SMALL, No. 291 C street, between 9th and loth streets. may ?-eo3t* Building lots for sale?in square 822, LOTS 1,2,3,4,5. and south Iialfl7. These Lots front on G street south, and 4th and5th streets east, and are a part of the square on which the Ebenezer Methodist Church stands. They lie midway be tween the Capitol and Navy Yard, convenient to Market, and are but one square from the Baptist Church and Christ Church. They will be subdivi ded to suit purchasers. This is a rare opportunity tor persons to secure a handsome Lot at alow price and 011 very easy terms. Terms loo dollars cash in hand; . liter* cr?M for .b..wr. cor. 8th and L sts., Northern Liberties, mar 2-eo3t* FOR RENT.?Several comfortable FUR N1SHED ROOMS, with BOARD, suitable for familes or single gentlemen, at 4TO h street, second door from the corner of 7th. may l-3t FOR SALE?On accommodating terms, three new and comfortable BRICK DXVELLI NGS, Sos. 291,293, ami 295, situated on the west side of New Jersey avenue, between F and G streets north. Prioe for each and will lie sold separately to different persons, oral I to one person, if wanted. Also. lor sale at low prices, two comfortable FRANCE DWELLINGS, Nos. 116 and 118, situated on north side of East Capitol street, and near tho Capitol. APP? ? No. ='?^tnR7DWKRB. ap 80 lm Real Estate Agent F~OR RENT ?THOSE TWO LARGE Three story Brick buildings situated on 17th street, opposite the War Department. To a good and Per manent tenant the rent will be moderate. Posses lion liven April 9,1857. Apply to JOHN ALEX ANDER. No. 240 Penn. avenua. ap 7-ftolm ARM FOR SALE.?A FARM, containing lfifl acres, of land, more or less^situated immediately upon the Washington and Brookville Turnpike,about 12 miles from Washington, together with sistmg of J0 head of Hogs, Cows, Heifers, Horses, Wagon Hay, Carriage, Harness, Plows, Harrows, and Farmmg Utensils' generally, the Crop in the groundTStraw, Hay. Ac. It is well waUrcit a spring in every field.. An unfailing stream of JTJ1" runs through the premises. There is a R<^*1 dwelling-house and out-houses neoessary to farm ing purposes. There is also an Orchard ?a the P'aoe about one third of the land is in timber, oak, hickory, * For further information inquire of BENJAMIN BOHRF.R. ojnnerof Beall and ?*?;* GEO. W. BOHRER, oor. of High and Gay streets, Georgetown, D. C., or of Mr. HARP. on the^rem r*0LD STUDS AND SLEEVE BUTTONS. of every possible variety, from the plainestGold U> tho? nofSr ?t ?i.b RfgS?*' ap 9MU 324jPa. Ave., bet. 9th_an?l loth.streets, WATCHEVlVer'ANI* plated WARE. and elegant in our line, is by mr the largest aud l>e?t SKH e~r Offered to opr cpstome^ & ap ?-?t 8M Pa. are., bet 9th and lothats. r'AtLA^WBTTt^^yANPAWN ^ desiring to spend much of the Sumwerin tmvel iux. begs all persons indebted to him to anil at his o?iiTW> tfeS'getown) during the current ?Hu.tfc. and seUls tar note or cash W'1*! JPI2,*'{? aiid all cradilors are requested to call iq.person i#By MtanMT. ehoti as convenient, as he is prepared to settle all just clauns during the first week of this present month. ? , ,, .. He will eoatinue his professional calling at his res idence, as heretofore, until further notice; and then he will absent himself only for specific periods to be named ui Mid aoUee. nay 1-%* AUCTION SALES. By E. S. WRIGHT; Georgetown. C*ANAL BOAT AT AUCTION.-On MON V/ DAY next, 4th 4 o'clock p. in., at Wa ters canal wharf. I shall sell for account of whom it mav concern, canal boat Isaac Long, of llfltons. Terms at sale. E. S. WRIGHT, It* Auctioneer. By C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer. SALE OF HOUSEHOLD PURNITURfi AT Acction.?On THURSDAY MORNING, May 7th, at II o'slook I shall soil, at the residence of Chas. Munroe, Esq., on the corner of 2d street and Indiana avenue, a collection of excellent House hold Furniture, oonsistimr in part of, viz: One superior Rosewood Piano-forte, made by Har per, Boston Mahogany Chairs Gilt-frame Pier Mirror, Brackets, and Slab Mahogany Parlor Table, with marble top Handsome Alabaster Ornaments Bohemian Glass Girandoles Mahogany Arm and Roeker Chairs Do Pier Table, with Egyptian marble top Handsome Gilt Parlor Clock Mahogany Sofa-Bedstead Brussels and Ingrain Carpeting, Hall Oilploth Mahogany Divans, Gilt Window Cornioea Do Dining and Work Tables Do Dress Bureaus, marble top Do French snd other Bedsteads Super or Feather I'a Is; n I Curled-hair Mattresses Lounge, small Book-Case Fine Bronze Fire Sets China, Glass, and Crockery Ware, and Table Fur niture generally Kitohen Furniture. Cooking Utensils

Grindstone. Lot of Lumber, Ac. Terms: snd under, cash; orer that sum. a credit of 60and 90 days, for approved endorsed notes, bearing interest. mav 2d C. W. BOTELER. A act. By JAMES C. MoGUlRE. Auctioneer. VALUABLE UNIMPROVED PROPERTY ox Capitol Hill at Acction.?On FRIDAY AFTERNOON, May 8th, at 5)i o'clock, on the Ktmises, I shall sell the whole of Lot No. 8. in uare 844. fronting 50 feet 7 inches on Pennsylvania avenue and a pubiic space between 5th and 6tn street east, and running back 130 feet G inches, with the privilege of a ten-feet alley from the rear of the lot to 5th street east. Terms:- One fourth, cash ; the residue in 6,12, and 18 months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the property. mat 2-td JAS. C. MeGUIRE, Auctioneer. I [States.] By JAS. C. MeGUIRE, Auctioneer. TRUSTEES' SALE OF ONE UNDIVIDED Third Interest in Lots.?By virtue of a deed of trust, bearing date on the day of Decem ber .and duly recorded in Liber J. A. S. No. 96. folios 173 and seq. , the undersigned will sell at public auction, on SATURDAY, the 16th day of Mar instant, at 10 o'clock a. m., at the auction rooms of J. C. McGuire, all the undivided one-third right, title, and interest in and to the properly therein de scrilatd, which is conveyed by the said deed of trust, to wit, of and in the following Lots and parcels of i Ground in the city of Washington: Sjuare. Lot Ao. 38 No. 1 3 an Square. Lot No. 1,0116 ....No. 8 LTO? 6 521 H ?4 E;,<4 617 17 1M 12 ,'l 13 I ? 231 673 20 If" Ml " 21 3 633 6 " 8 " 22 " Sub B 873 II 0H3 II ; 28 1,0116 I And part of Lot No. 8, square 345, being all the said Lot except the north eleven feet front by sev enty feet deep. Terms of sale: One fourth cash; the IsUanoe in four equal instalments in 6,12,18, and 24 month", for notes !>earing interest, sccured to the satisfaction of the Trustee. All conveyancing at the expense of the purchaser; and if the terms of sale are not complied with in six davs froin the dav of sale, the Trustee reserves the right to resell at the expense and cost of the first purchaser. J. M. CARLISLL. Trustee. may 2-eots JAS. C. McGL'IR E. Auct. By JAMES C. MeGUIRE. Auctioneer. Kale of an eligibly situated and VALUABLE DWELLING OJS 13TH STHET, BETWEEN E AND F STREETS nokth.'at Aiction.?On WED NESDA Y. the 13th day of May instant, at 6}, o'clk. p. in., I shall sell, on tli? premises, without reserve, that very desirable ami comfortable Dwelling, No. 46!J. on 13th street. I>etween E and F streets. The House is25 by 34 feet, contains dining-room and kitchen in Imsetnent, two parlors on the 1st floor and three chambers in oach of the 2d and 3d stories, with marble mantels in the parlors and gas fixtures all through the house. This property is very desirable as a place of resi dence for a me reliant doing business ou the Avenue or for a professional man. Possession will lie given within thirty days after the sale, if reauired. Terms of sale : % 2,000 in cash; the residue to be paid in equal annual instalments of one, two, three, nid four years; the deferred payments to be secured by deed of trust on the property. Persons desirous of purchasing can examine the property any day prior to the sale by callmr after 4 o'clock p, ui. JAS. C. MeGUIRE, may 2-d Auctioneer. ("<ALT A YOUNG'S WHARF. T < Formebly Lenox's.) Having leased the aliove Wharf, we offer it to the merchants and dealers of this city as possessing ad vantages over all others for landing and all kinds of merchandise. Its advantages are in depih of water, central location, and easy access by the l?ist graded avenue and street to any wliarf on the river. The wharf is large and commodious, made solid of earth and stone, and not liable to cause accident or f;et out of repair. It is now in the beat onder. We iave erected thereon an office, and Fairtank's (6-ton) platform scales, and if patronized, will fit up a brick warehouse for storage, and a crane to facilitate lu unloading. The attention of Washington merchants having merchandise carried to Georgetowu is particularly called to the suhject. Mr. H. P. Carter is our agent, and is authorized to transact business for us. T. J. A W. M. GALT, ap 28-tf SAMUEL H. \ OUNG. The undersigned having bought the eRtire stock and business of Mr. William Adam, Bookseller and Stationer, No. 4St Pa.avrnn , intend keeping a general and complete assortm ut of BOOKS, STATIONERY, PERIODICALS, NEWSPAPERS, A CHEAP PUBLICATIONS, in all their departments. They hope to reoeive, as they intend to merit, the pntronage so liberally be stowed upon their predecessor. An experience of fourteen years in their business is their warrant of ability to give complete satisfaction to all who may favor them with their patronage. s. Decamp a co. JO"The sutocriber in retiring from the business oftTie aliove establishment, desires to return his thanks to his former customers, and to cordially reo oinmend Ins successors, Messrs. DeCamp A Co., to their favor and patronage, ap 3'-3t WILLIAM ADAM. PURNITUItE, FURNIT URE, FURNITURE Our Ware Rooms contain now the finest assort ment of CABINET WARE, and other Fur-fft aiture. that we have ever had ; ami we can as sure all who desire to make purchases that they will save time and money by giving us a I 1 t call instead of going to auction sales. We have thosA wood marble-top CENTRE TABLES at $20. which we see selling at auction for 824 and 926, and many other articles in proportion. A full assortment of HOUSEKEEPING GOODS always on hand. ALSO Stearns and Marvin's SALAMANDER SAFES, Wilder'* patent, the best in use. at manufacturers prices. McGREGOR A CO. ao 25-eo4w 530.52?, and 521 7lh street. 1IHDS. BROWN SUGAR" ?)i) Just received, and for sale by ap 30 eo3t_ BARBOUR A SEMMES. Fine goods, good goods, CHEAP GOODS. The attention of the ladies, and the puhlic gener ally is invited to my well selected assort ment,^^ of New Goods: such as Hair, Cloth, Nail.andfS^) Tooth BRUSHES: Shell Jndia-rubber, andj^ Horn COMBS: B ON NETS and R I R B O V S; FLOWERS. LACES, and EMBROIDERIES; Whale-bone and Brass HOOP SKIRTS. Also. Black, White, and Steel BUGLE BEADS. FANS, Ac. J. RICHEY, ap 30-eo6t 4B2 7th street. SPRING AND SUMMER. Black Silk MANTILLAS l>o Silk and Lace do. Rich black French Lace SHAWLS. Do do do do SCARFS. Do do do do MANTILLAS. Mav lie found m every variety at the Store of the suhecriber, 244 Peon, avenue, between 12th and 13th streets, ap28-eolm -FRANK A. McGEE. /CARRIAGES?CARRIAGES?CARRIAGES. Vy The undersigned has now on hand a. wmB very good assortment of SUMMERS CARRIAGES. BUGGIES, Ac.,to which he very respectfully invitee the public generally Prices moderate. JNO. P. DENNIS, ap 24-eo3m 6th st.. bet. La. ave. and C st. PAPER-HANGINGS, WINDOW-SHADES, Ac. The subscriber would call the attention of his friends and the publie to his Spring stock of PA PER HANGINGS, including a good assortment of French GOLD PAPERS, BORDERS. STATUES, Ac.; also a handsome assortment of 1'ICTU RE COK1) and TASSELS. WINDOW-SHADES of every description on hand or made to order. SHADE TRIMMINGS. BUFF HOLLAND. PAPER CURTAINS, Ac. COLORED ENGRAVLNGS and LITHOGRAPHS put on oanvassand varnished in a superior manner, giving them the appcarancc of oil paintings. JOHN MARKR1TER, No. 500 7th st., next to Odd Fellows' Hall, a p 3Q-2w * 1 WASHINGTON AND ALEXANDRIA, AND MOUNT VERNON. Change or Houbs.?The Steamers GEORGE WASHINGTON or THOMAS COLLYER will depart at the follow ing hours, on and after 3d May next: Leave Alexandria,at 8, low, 12,2,4*4, und6o'clock. Leave Washington,at 9>*7iI\?. 1,3J?, SJi, and f\. The public may confidently rely on tho Boat htart ing at the time advertised. One of the Boats will make a trip to MOUNT VERNON on Tuesday and Fbiday of each week, leaving Washington at 9o'clock a. m. JOB CORSON. ( GEO. T. HOWARD, \ c*l?t?ins. Either Boat nuiy be chartered for Excursions at any time, on application to JOSEPH BRYAN, President of the Company, at hxs. office, 33) Penn. avenue, or jo tj?? Captains on board. ap St-tf w. w. ?aci^k/cKNEY 4 DAYTON," ?*TTO" R*al Estate ajid General Laud Acesct. fab l4-TwF4m Omaka City. jV. +. NOTICE^! HAVE PLACED ALL MY Books of account and Bills in the hands of R. H. Laskev,, for settlement. Those who are indebted to me are requested to call upon Mr. I.askey and settle their respective accounts as early as possible, aud thereby avoid the trouble audexpeuseof ?Ult. ap Z7-lw A. TAT4?. AUCTTOJf SALIB. .v. ...w ui # uuni "? iiu?i ir?HH CHIW1Q h;. Trn? w,?; to.thf subscriber, dated Jul* 12th. Itoy J?1 Jrf Tk^r1 i r ,A" vKH?lio? 2? to fflj, (>r>? or the Land records uf \\ ashiugton ounity. Lot N? ih-I^Uafe?? ?>n,am,n* f?et front on E wm? ? A' ^ foet 4 inches deep on 3d street w! hJ/rr tmproremeBl*. which are ? ? ?tore frame budding used a? two dwelfiwa and thredHT^ar?!? L^*^*nd ,f 001 ?w>P??ed with in hrnK^^VT iftrrty will be resold at Sej'ii.iffLiy ?f ?>?*&*?? P?rchu? ?? aa 7-a?wAri- M- Trustee. ? zH? A. OR EhN. Anotionaer. I the cTrcint *Cot\'Kr-BJ virtu5 of * decree of sitting as a Court nf p . ^rlnc? George'a county, and othera. the ^ersi?irf at*!7 K> Holtsimn to puhlic sale at Be!taville^2?r ?*i!ee' xpo,# THURSDAY. 7th . l\* premiae*. on not. the neA fair day t*Vrpji?er B? fO CfOC't' *' ,f paroel of Land called ? fsil*. Hf* A a ,rMCt or Beltsvilfe. i^ajieaithy aad*sWmUe^ri*K>^'\\ Trom E&y adapt?d to a*fra" t is a young Peach and Apple Orchard thereof The improvements consist of a large and commo. H?"]0 Dwelling, with brick basement. recer* L^'.n ??Very nece,5fry building, all of which are in complete repair. There ia a pump of tine w. I -W.-th6 '''I attached to the main dwelling. ?lt ?*?? y ,n neighborhood ia excellent, and 1 nVeftttn/1^11 Fre*eut! ,nAnI inducement* for a meet ' r ratification thereof by the after in"i, -ei rp81?ul* ln 6' I2' and ?* months tliere aiter, in equal instalments, to be secured bv the b^t#he?T^nefPUri' Wi,h "*c,,rity to tie approved yn? ?k ee* interest from thedayof aale. On th# pa> rnent of the whole purcha**1 mouei with 'i. Tru\tee 18 J111 hori x edby^Th? t>ef^reo. t o * Pr? the purchaser "? fee aimple. ti. i? . phen, Trustee. .^.T^v*,lU' ?"' *>?'"?"* isvi0;,.0" ?' iAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. V Rv si,PKR,JPR rosewood seven l>cV* ' iA?fo Fo*te. FrBMTCKB.aad Hour XSt ln!, v.T"iT^1 u1 ?* I)A Y MORNI NO. May 4th,at l?o clock,at the residence of \V. P. Mansum ih?l'l 1'1'im "V-??1, between 10th and Uth stree's, f ?nail aeJl his fr urnitare and KffecU, viz : Superior rosewood seven i?ct?ve Piaao Forte, near it. *1 ??d in perfeot order, by Onabe 8 (iahle Handsome walnut ornamented glass front Bookcase Roeewood marble top Outre fable Mahomuiy Sofa. Arm. and Parlor Chairs KxceHent iron-cushioned Extension Chairs U alnut ooverod parlor and sewing Chairs ? pringseat Lounge, Window Shades V.',^^ot*? s,air Carpets, Oilcloth Mahorany Bedsteads, Dressing Bureaus \\ ashstands, I oiiet Sets. A c. Hair and Husk Mattresses. Terms: $an ?nd under, cash; over that sum a Hors?/n VXt\ " n,l,pf> 'tays. for satisfactorily en ?lorsed notes, Itearine interest. n p .T'-d J AS. C. McnilRE. Auctioneer. By iAS.C. McGI'IHE, Aiiptmneer. |<"M R MTI R E AND EFFECTS OF THE ST MaVvi1RitK",,V"'TT'T?n H' KSI,AV MORNING, niv? ,VJ I 1!1m H0?1^ a,rf ^'ntinuing same hour the sft^arlS H"orV^?^UrnllUre "Kl L'ffCcU ?f Plush and hair-cloth Sofas Arm, parlor, and rocking Chair* *?L top centre and sofa Tables Msnocsnr dining, card, nnd nentre Tables Cane and wood seat Chairs. Lounges Damask and chintz Curtains. Shades ??.71?i^t' tJ'r^-P,y?*nd ingrain Carpets Oil Cloth. Matting. Stair Carpets r??f,?tienr X^"1K,,**S,R'*dstea^ls. with sacking bottom^ Feather Be.|?, Bolsters and Pillows Hair and husk Mattresses Mahogany Bureaus. Washstands \v?r!ir i? FrTno,l RPr|ng Mattresses \\ ardrolies. chanil>er Tables Looking Glasses. Clocks. Toilet Sett ?jranite and French China Ware Cr??ckery, (j|ass* are, Cntlerr K.uiintor, hir tight, awl ??tIter Stoves rogethor with a large quantity of Furniture &nd Ef frets not necessary to enumerate. ,?r?Lf.?mJri ^ 5 V. un,,^r? ??h; over that sutn a ip^i ntl ii. months, for satisfactorily eudor seu notes, l>eariiic interest. *p 3f|-tl J AS. C. MoGUIRE. Aoctwwwr. E By JAS. C. McGlIfRE, Auetioneer. XCEL1.ENTROSEWOOD PIANO-FORTE FtR7?IT?RK A"?P Hot'S KHOLD EFFECT* AT rt bmc Auction.?On thursday MORMVli MayTth atW) o'clock. Is hall sell at the residence' 1. i,Vil 'v.K'i'/t, ?n llth street, between E and F sts..all the I- urmtureand Effects, comprising? Superior Rosewood Seven-ocUve Piano Forte, by Lorenzo.Mott, Boston 3 Mahogany crimson plush covered Sofa Do Arm and Parlor Chairs Marble-top Centre and Sofa Table Maho*anr Rockers. ArmChairs Damask Curtains, Cornice, and Fixtures \ elver, Brussels, ami Three-ply Carpets Oilcloth, Matting, Rugs * ^ Handsome ornamenteff French Snade Mahogany. French, awl other Bedsteads w- t.? . (!"lr1ohe*- Dressing Bureaus VV ashstamls. r<?ilet Sets, Looking-glasses Curled Hair. Spring, and Husk Mattresses J- eat her Beds, Bolster*, and Piilows Blankets, Comforts, Sheets Mahogany Hat Trj?e, Stair Carpets Extension. Dining, awl other TaMes Superior Refrigerator, Stoves Crockery and Glass Ware. Fire Irons i ogether with a general assortment of Kitchen Re q II l sites. c Terms: Jan and under, cash : over that snin a credit of W and ?? days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest, ? m*a?-d l.C. MoGl IRE. Auct. By WALLA BARNARD, Auctioneers. POSITIVE SALE OF CARRIAGES AT Pca mc Aiction.?On TUESDAY MORNlVc May 5, at Hi o'clock, we will sell in front of our Auo' tiou Rooms, to cover advanoes? ^ f?ur"BeR^ Family Carriages, well TWclotthP BuSS>-Wa*on?' lined with leather and One nearly new Family Carnage, with falling top One second-hand top Bnggy-Wagon One good second-band Carriage One second-hand Buggy Wagon. The attention of persons in want of Carriages is ?SSTte ,ufJte,M? ,he abov? ?ale, as thev wiH pos itnely lie sold without reserve. Terms; One-third cash, the lialanee in thirty and interest* *' llotes satisfactortly endoroed. l?aring l^d WALL A BARNARD, Auct. ^?OWN A CO., Auctioneers. ^ E5.I^G SALES "OF WATCHES. jewel RT' nLOViks' ^rv ?oous? asdfaXCV AktiCLES. Penn'^inue/aW frTdatts^ ?r'iliO- ai?.l,C8,- J.c^'oIrr- Kan?y Dry Goods rabifraud Pocket Cutlery, Glass \Vare. A variety of other Goods too numerous to mention, suitaUe lor families, traders, and others. Hoods for examination on sale during the .lay iu tave sale only" of Embroidery for pri 7"r^: C. R. L. CROWN & CO., Il>a> 131 A ii?t lonee r s By BARNARD A BUCKEY; Georgetown EXECUTOR'S SALE OF VALUABLE WFDNFSDAV iiViw'\ \i?T8 at A?cnos.?ou MinbSDAi, I3:h of May, we will sell, at our Auction Roams, on Bridge street,at o'clock n m., a valuable tract of land in Alexandria count v fromthS* .oonU.""n? seventy acres, about one mife' from the Aqueduct, adjoining and immediately west of the farm ol Robert Cruit. Esq. Thia laud ia very easy of improvement, is watered with several tine t!le/r?at?r1 P?rt is in wood. Tins tract will be divided into lots of five or ten acrea if de sired. Alao, at the same time, a five-acre Lot in the Dia tnct, one mile from Georgetown, on the Ridge road, adioining and aouth of the farm of Capt. Maddox. Immediately after t he aale of the above, in front of the premisea, we will sell the following described Town Lots, vk ; South part ol Lot No. 280. in Beatty fc Hawkia's addition to Georgetown, fronting loo feet on Fayette *ide,and runiung back 120 feet; will be divided into threo lots. Also, the middle wart of said lot. 77 feet, and run ning back IA) feet. JThis also will be divided to s?it purchasers. Also, parts of Lots Nos. 69 and 70, m Beattv it Hawkins s addition to Georgetown, (northwest corner of > irst and Frederick streets.) fronting ?3 feet on t irat atreet and 87 feet on Frederick atreet. These will be divided into two lota of 31* feet on r irst street. The above described property (iwing the real es tate in part of the late Wm. Jewell, deceased) will be sold to the highest bidders, without reserve. Terms: One fourth cash; the residue in equal payments a* 6,12, and 18 months, satisfactoril> se cured, and bearing interest. er?." conveyincing at tlie expense of the purokas If the tenns arc not complied with in one week from day of sale, the property will be resold, at the expense and risk n( the defaulting purchaser. THOS. JEWELL. For the Executors may 1 BARNARD A B U C K E Y? A act s. Hardware and cutlery.?The under. signed would respectfully inform the publiathat f""h ?<"**?"KriS 100 Cotter, Key, and iSsrallel VICES, ^"h" r,,t?' BR?CK-DUST, per bam.e REFRIGEBi JOS. L. SAVAGE. 1 un TO C? Sign of GlU Saw, Pena. aveaoa, ap jg-6t 1 door west of iotk atreet. ? W1LVER MEDAI. PR EMfUM!-FVom (As H?- I L ,r.JroJt!>ltMn Methanirs' Instituf. for ICE CREAM, WATER JCE9, and CAKES. that it would be romjMetaHr ?t?iaoiory. rnoes WATER ICES, ft>r tko? that favor me with a mil. ' Ma aauip CAGES. DOOR MAT?, BASKETS, ^ ^^ ^ffSHfc^AUGilLiN h CO.m 1 No. ? bet. 8th and 9th ata. ap*? For boston.-thesuperior barque SYLPH?ripe*, Master?haa arrived,^, and will have quick dispatch for the aUrvr^^^^ port. For freigntor passage apply to HART-* LEY k BRO., 101 Water street, Georgetvwo, ap 41-1 w FKl ,??*pHJC NEWS. - ASSOCTA TED PR ESS WEEK LATER FROM ElROFE.~ N.w v 7,rml ?* *** Africa. ri<^* arrived'h^ ft!^'*"?/** ",aMB*r M P^'/w^ioifiSKSf5r"OOB' Uvtrr tb,H France ?"<! can qnarrri ^ l# ,l?e Spanish and Meet rtaugM^ Hrr to another infant it well * health UfiTonlilt The Political affsi,**,. It is said that Lorrf ^ , Pekin Cabinet a ren*^ J"? d,,t?iand of th? with the following aninlifJ?,< fo???r treaty, provision* A. r4ard?Pcl5^i?n* ?[ **?* * ^ ports to he openeiTto Eur^S^!??'. ???n**r of stead of (Ire; and Dtp)oin?[ir w,'" ,0 ** ?lne ?a established ?t PekinWtSeMmi^S?,1 #r* to *? of Persia. As regards offenor\,,^Jl?f M thoee English Government demands the Ii.hiw ?mi?y p^.u suls and that vew is of war mav emp* Y? whatever. X eater "T port Pkahcb ? It to reported that Napoleon will ^v, make a visit to Algiers. There are contlnu?Li^?. m2T* ?tconspiracies in France ?n.VS F.T . Government haa decided that the ISdblEi K?nAi?*ria of ,Bd,an ud Chinee -r1 U^rer* *ha11 ** encouraged rerti'fn i??Ch. ,rf *"?""?< to as. tor Ih- L~LI.tlT.ChiM"? The* P.m,K0p0"n* ,h^" ?~1 "> ??' ? i J'"' tmbuixlor at Paria has 1 ?* an 1?/o\X?irahnC,ffai^ValeM'ki *?* L?fd CroW' furthera^?J^f,l!L0.n rf F?ench Government in will he ofTheV.StSffia ?Permti?'U ia China as ssssrstssawws: Spa I * axd Mexico tk? o_ ___ of the London Tinier thl? M.^hSX had an interview yesterday with , cwf?7*"? iiitforliinal. bTS&SS.T" m,r? T'h" 17Jvi'^.noih,?S ?doae for "that inc. which wsssjsss js, .rkcnr rioiis complication of affair.. \ creJTde.l dl' pends on the Mexican Envoy him^clfTnd oi hL instructions he ha- received u"*"! #,m ou ,he rah^.jyr? <*e*>patches fro. Madrid have cor. ro no rated the moderate view* of ih? an.. u ST.p;rsi&tjsrszs? ? Iii the event of the pending pacific i.n^. Government wfll addres^a note to d^larinL^Mn Z?in2 f?r,h b" ?"*"??"- and ? the?v#>nt hostilities, the Cal, qTenfes responsible for the gone fr.0,T, Vienna "-preset the council of the Empire busily en^asid in ore paring constitutions which the Kmrwror JT in ' arry w*Jh him a* prewuts to his subiects in hi* Sue journey to Hungary and other parts of ,??hu PrePanK*0,?? for the Emperor s joi.rnev into Hungar>- a>? going forward oTa grand sc^fc Hi. departure was ttxtd for the 3d of *May ii ,U. IlfJ5 l,e?otia,???!; ? trealy with Pewia aim Har to that wlt^ the t ilted Slates > atle- ?The conservative papers in I m wtrTu rt 'Lat #t th? of the En!! {^n French envoy has ?**n despatched to Naples with a proposition which may be acceptable t*> a!i parties Letters from Naples dated April JHh. say that ?Ld"*rt an'1 ?otent is spreading among the Neapoliun troops, and that they uri ripening Into a state which inay be the precursor of some important movement 1 roruT*nT J tal*. There have been some dlntnrbances at *" ,n th* Roma?? States, the p etext being the payment of certain Uxes . but till??* Pu,down- and energetic measures were taken to prevent a recurrence of them ^*D1*l^ ~A Prtyate letter from Turin, dated ?V? V * fctatPS lhat the departure of the Auatrian witl!"vie3 "i!1ru^urlc of d'P'o'natic relations with \ leuna produced but slight impr?M,on? in former city. The Sardinian Government will reiiialn firm, though quiet and moderate, unless w diitonly provok. <1 Sardinia proposes to resume i^ J.a ,lS w,*h Ro,I,p w' rtcmburg h^ con - eluded a concordance with Rome Persia ?The demand of Turkey on Persia for "" b~" ??""? *nd r""*" ? Aecording to St. Petersburg letters Ihe administration of Poland ia likely to be sena rated entirely from Russia It is also stated thtt if*? T. 3. fMC "larriage of the Grand !>ik hiSSiir ?? Xfill older or reiilta"^ a^amlK fr,mi ^'rca**ia have bee,, received The Circassians were attacked by the Russians in their last day's march, bat repulsed the strong columns which had penetrated into the mountains of Tuab. The Russians loat TUi men and the Circaaaians 30U Mehemet Bay is giving Circassia the benefit of unhtary organizations. ? Lbr tlri,ies1of D*J?hestan had raptured the fort at?>aliah and masaacred the garrison. The Kar rlson and neighboring villages surrendered a^in" MiIcLao~r0rtUKal ^ fceadi?? " "P^11110" ^The Mabkkt.4?At Liverpool cotton waa quiet and quotations were barely maintained. Salea of the week 42.0WI bales. Fair Orleans bad., Mid 7 9-1M ' F*ir lP1*nd? 7*d ? Middling Flour was quiet with but liUle speculative de mand. \\ est em Canal 27a?<s. Southern'Jhs ?d a-*?s . 0hio :?a30s. ? ** ? Wheat was active at an advance of 3d. White . ? rc^ ,s- ? M. Corn waa active O, a ,larKT |tPec"'ative Inquiry. Mixed 30s *d' changedr?V 1,8 Wer<' st >' iad II?raltj un New Yerk Markets. kiOB*J May *.?Flour ia buo>-ant, sales of v?Vl! ' S^aS^-15; Sonthern #a#T 50 oo.l^1 nominal. Corn ia better, aales of 39.IMI0 bushels; mixed 81c. Pork has advanced; mess #*23 50; prime tl9 , iT . '\ at #16 25 tATd ha# advanced , II Jj in bbls. Whisky has declined; Ohio 29c. Financial. NkwYom*, May 2.?Stocks are firm; Chicago and Rock Island !<0V; Illinois Central shares Itv d?-WXi Michigan Southern M|; New \ ork Central b< eadiag 61V'. Sterling exchange is dull. ISSOLUTION or PARTNERSHIP. The Co-partnership heretofore existing between the undersigned is this dav dissolved br mutual eon ?ent. All persons indebted to the firm are requested to corns forward and make immediate settlement, by cash or notes, a* the business nmi 6e clottd with out d'lnn. Either of the firm will reeeiveaaTBisnt of bill. HENRY M. HUF DLE. II L. CLEMENTS. Georgetown, D. C.. Maroh jn. 1W7. may l-3t* CEMENT. CEMENT. v Just reoeived. Hoffman'a ROSENDALE CE MENT, at the Old Gas House, 10th street and Ca nal. ap ?->? WASHINGTON HALL RESTAURANT. IT comer itk St. and Pa. 4r.,(jo*r* tidt.) P. M. Dl'BANT (late of Bkktkk k Uc*a>T)re spectfuilv announces that he has purchased the in terest of his former partner in the business, and solicits a continuance of that patronage whioh here tofore has bevn so generously bestowed oa them. He will spare no pains or expense in majntaiaiag the reputation of his house, and with this determination, aided by an experience of five years in the business, and the best assistance that can be procured, he trusts that he will be able to justify the oonftdence reposed in him. Til set im tkt power tif m?rtalt *? cemttuxnd surcess : but I trill do more?I'll d***rv4 ?t. The entire Establishment has been thorouahly re paired and renovated, and the stock materially in Everv delicacy the ?ilret GAME. Ac.,-will always be kept, and orders at tended to at all times. ,. , . vf?U?? &ll lu.,r. Gentlemen can be aupplied withVl^is The Bar is fhrnished with as choi?^ a seleol^on of Lianors as ?n be prodnoed, and poute and experi Miocd Hiv tenders and waiters will diseense to oua t^iMrs^eoUung desired. Cigars, of the most ap Droved bran2s and hnest ftsror. oonstaatly on hand. * i. 5!.irt the proprietor uitends to leave no means nlitried t" eontmne his hoii^, what it has been-me Aa?* ^H'^seofthiacrty. p >j. DUBANT. aTiaa REWARD.? Ran away from his em "n f" R 0Cif A N "<it A df ROBERT BEALE. copper colored. ahoatSJ JfV Hewns well Hothed. and belonged to one of the heirs of the late Nathan Loaghborouch. He was marked un the right thumb hy a bi?ne felon. Hts owner will pa* t he above reward for hisappre hension. wherever iound, snd safe lodamaat in the Washington county Jail, D. C., subject Ui the ordrr of the owner. He has free relations in this city. The owner refer to Messrs. Clark 4 Smith, Attor neye. corner of 6th street and ~ benaiou and tialivenr tm ^itf 2fS?aFC5,r^( ap-2l -tf Pn^_G*?l?eo?nty. M<1. Nl'Yvr YORK LEDGER. lor ?tk v i.disl A new story by Dr. Bfoaeoa, sallsd '^hrw^ of Toledo/'Several oth* MMltlf beautifai and m n* ^eet