Newspaper of Evening Star, May 6, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 6, 1857 Page 3
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L0CAL INTELLIGENCE. \ Afffat?This morning, about 8 o'clock- Mr J Mc ^eod Murphy, formerly of the Navv, now a civil engineer, employed by the Government at the Brooklyn Nary Yard, entered th* fnom occupied by Hon Daniel E Sickle*, (at H ,'lards' Hotel.) who was awakened by a knock mi the door. and rising from bed. opened it on be. informed by a servant that a gentleman de sired to see him (Mr. Sl< kles ) Onentering the room. Mr. Murphy, announcing his intention to be to settle with Mr. S., drew off to strike at him ( with the butt of a small rawhide he carried; which was caught and wrest ed from him by Mr. Sickles, who struck him three or four rapid blows with the whip. In the n,raa time. Mr. Murphy struck Mr. Sickles a se vere b>ow in the face, with a ring. key. or some thing that cut him severely, without doing him a ?e'-ous injury. The* were alone in the room, and struggled there for some time, until Mr Sickles, having his assailant by the throat, relinquished bis hold and turned him out of the room, previously unlocking the ?t?or which he (Sickles) had locked imme ?Intelv after Mr. Murphy nished into it evidently with a host.le purpose We hear that there had been. In the course of the week, a correspondence between these parties, relative to alleged efforts of Mr. Sickles to induce the appointment of another in place of Mr. Mur phy. ending in a challenge from the latter,which was declined on the grouud that the circumstan ces on which it was predicated did not justify its acceptance. MkSTIXO OF THK MERCHANTS' Association. Pursuant to a call of the Secretary, a meeting of the Association was held last night, at the rooms over the Savings* Bank. The Secretary not being present, Mr. Thomas J. Fisher was elected Sec retary pro um. Mr. Wall stated the object of the meeting; which was. to endeavor to do away with the erroneous prejudice at present existing abroad in relation to the late sickness at the National Hotel, lie said that the feeling had gone all over the country that the hotel sickness was contagious, and that thecitvof Washington was infected with a general epidemic. That these rumors were groundless there could be no doubt. The business interests of the city were deeply involved by these u|?rts. The report of the Boardof Health in re 1. it ton to the matter bad been set at naught by the )>re?.s of the eitv. and the public journals of the whole country were teeming with marvellous and frightful rumors of the most ridiculous character. It was high time that the matter was investigated, in order to restore to the country confidence and assurance of safety in visiting the city. Mr. IK>dson pointed out the way to bring about the desired effect, which was to inform the pub lic abroad of the present healthy condition of the ? lty. to show that the late disease was confined t on rely within the National Hotel. Medical opinions were expressed by Dr*. Du h.tutel. Anliscl. and Breed. |?r. Breed uave ?' his opinion that the cause of the late disease was atmospheric, and might break out again, being caused by the foul air of the sewers. It. although suppressed for a time, mi^ht break out In the middle of summer. He r?< ouiitieiidcd a further investigation. Dr. Dull tun 1 rejected the idea of the rcappear ain e of the disease in very strong terms. After considerable dilute the following resolu tion was passed : K*?+iV'd, That a committee of three l>e ap pointed to draft such resolutions in regatd to the National Hotel sit kness a- they m*y deem neces sary. and have them publi -hud in the newspapers of the city Messrs W. Wall, Ja-. B Dcd on. and S P Franklin were appointed to serve on the coiuuwt i?c . and the meeting adjourned. l ios the River?There is no news of im portance from the Potomac this morning. The : is covered with drift wood, brought down bv the t1?cd occasioned by the late rains. The river shores are lined with persons who have left their usual occupation for the more profitable one ? ?f wood fishing. If the shad ami herring yield i? a failure, there is an abnndanee of drift wood to-day. The current is rushing past the Long Hridge with great velocity, and there is prospcct ? f its continuing this way for several days- The eld authorities in such matters, say that this freshet will be the signal for a general cutting out of the fishermen. The current sends the drift wood through the nets carrying them away The surface of the water is black with this rubbish. ^ esterday evening a sloop came up to the Wash ington draw of the Long Bridge, with ?00 btish ? !s of wheat, for the use of the new tlour mill of Messrs. Colt man A Duncanson. The stockholders of the Washington and Alex andria Steamboat Company went down to the White House to-day, accompanied by several of the Corporation officials. invited guests, and oth er-. on a grand shad plank party. The Schooner Mott Bedell discharged M kegs -unpowder?not in invoice?for Maj. Bell, at the Arsenal Sehooner May hauled up to the wharf, vestetday, but has not commenced to unload yet. Schooner Kriu. Captain Lear, came up to Lamb oil's wharf this morning, to be repainted and un dergo thorough re jiairs. She belongs to At. Ma ry's count v The news from Alexandria is contradictory. One account states that there is no fish in market, and another still later brings news of several arri vals of vessels wfth full loads. Fish are quoted: ? had ?ttat*J. herring 810 50 Tlte Thos t'ollyer brought up this morning, for Messrs. J. Giddy and J.' Gninby. of Baltimore, tcj tu??s of shad. * The Washington also brought up the same number of tub*, consigned as above. Yocxg Miss' Christian Association.?On the *Jlst of May the Fourth Annual Convention of Young Mens' Christian Associations of the Tnited States and British Provinces will beheld at Rich mond, Ya. The Association in this city elected delegates to this meeting last evening. The num ber of representatives was fixed at ten, although more than that nuuit>er were chosen, as it is probable all will not I* likely to go. The names of those elected are as follows : Wm J. Hh*e*. O C Wight, Sam'l II. Young, David H. Wood, Win. Ballantyne. H. B Riehle, Win. C. I .auction, J. A Johnson, Rev S. H. Mi rirk. / Richards, Joseph 11. Bradley, jr.. Ilenry Baird. F. L. lirammer, J. N. Carpenter, Mitchel II Miller It may be proper to state (hat the Association in this city has never been disturbed by the discus sion of any agitating questions foreign to the ob jects it has in view, and that such subjects are entirely excluded It is quietly but steadily pur suing its way, and is a.; prosperous and useful now as at any former period We are informed its library now contains about volumes, and that the reading room is the largest and best in the city. Mietiss i2i TiiK First Ward ?A large meet ing of the citizens of the First Ward, opposed to the Know Nothing party, was held last evening in the ball of the Western Hose company to make ii'Minnations for an Alderman and Councilman. On motion. Wm. T Dove. Ksq.. was called to the chair, and James W. Coombs appointed sec retary. Or motion. Geo W Riggs, Ksq , was unani mously nominated for Alderman The'meeting then proceed* d to ballot for Coun ? I^iea, when John B Turton. R A Waters and S S Phiker havm;; received the highest number ?>f votes, were declared the unanimous choice of ?be meeting for the Board of Common Council. The following gentlemen wereelected delegates to the city convention ; Messrs W K. Spalding, \ndrew Carroll, B Random,C. F. Cummins and Terence Diury. The MtDit.iL Association.?The Medical Association of the District of Columbia held their semi-annual meeting at the Washington In hrmary yesterday afternoon The principal busi i>? transat tt d was the election of new officers, "follows : Dr Wm. Jones. President; Dr. Joshua Hi ley. Vice President; Dr. James K. Morgan. Treasurer; Dr. D. R Hagner, Secretary; and Dr? Miller. Yonng. Burrows. Smoot. and Lielier man. tounsellors The Association also introduc ? d and discussed to some extent, the subject of 'lie registry of births, marriages, ami deaths, as I acti-ed in sonte ?<hercities They also appoi nt <d a meeting to take place next Saturday, at ? e ?lock. I* M , at the same place, for the estab ! shnient, or lather revivification, of a 44 Patho logical Society," the object of which will be the discussi?n of medical scieuce?1'?torn. The Water Won**.?At the office of Capta>n Meigs more than loO contractors have sent in bids for the several branches of the new Water Works. The amount of capital which they represent is es t mated at f lU.hWMK*) There is every prospect that the works will progress during the coming "iimmer far beyond general exnertati??n. The s< areity of laboring hands for the work is in a great anea?ure obviated bv the contractors bring ing laborers With them," still there Is plenty of w?-k to i?e had by application to the several con ?'actor* who are not already supplied with a suf b< lent complement of uien for the wotk. l*rTE0 States Police Reports ? Btfort Jhmtc4 Don*.? Rebecca Ross and Kmily Tennn. lsnh colored, were arrested by Officer Farham, for assault and threats made towards each other. They both having )>een engaged In the laundiess hns.nesa. iaiims in coated with each other's cus tomers ; angry words ensued, and a challenge to ? "inbat followed. The weaker paity appealed to the law. and. in retaliation, the other demanded ^ warrant. The Justice required them to give security, and tbey took their departure for their respective homes Firm Ward Nomination* i^?t night a nieHing of the Union Ass?h iation of the Fifth Watd was held f?>r the purpose of making tbelr | "??niirijtions fo. uiemlwts of the Boa d tU Ald;r " tu and ?'mrimoii Couui il. mid the following name,! gentlemen wete ?eleeted : Mde nun?Capt Kdward Barry t'fisnm (Touneil ? Dr William Wallace, K > JTreucb and Win. A Mulloy, National Musical Association ?1The after noon session yesterday was taken up by the Con vention in singing the principal choruses of the cantata, entitled the " Haymakers, composed by Prof. Geo. F. Root. The practice of the?e cho ruses wm corn in ued up to the time of adjourn ment. Previously, however, to the choral prac tice the Association was drilled in the exercises of the singing school. The lecturer gave some examples of style illustrating In a happy and ef fectual manner the subjects under consideration. The Evening Session met at 8 o'clock, some two hundred members being present, and a large and brilliant audience of spectators, who seemed to enjoy the entertainment vastly. Examples in chanting and the general rules to be observed in the proper rendition of church chanting were given, and the Convention took up the choruses in the ?? Haymakers.'' and continued in the prac tice of the various choruses up to 10 o'clock. This morntng the session was occupied pretty mu?h in tHe same manner. Prof. Root gave some examples of musical composition, showing tne proper adaptation of music to the words in a way to bring *ut the true sense of the poet. That style of church music which is denominated pretty, without being at all appropriate to the theme, was contrasted, with great effect, with the true and simple adaptation of the feeling of the poet to the music. The Convention will give a closing concert to morrow night, at the Smithsonian Institution, which will, no doubt, be a brilliant affhir. Circuit Court?Judges Dunlop and Merrick. King r.t. Kirkley?This was an application made by a colored woman named King to have the in dentures cancelled, which were made to the de fendant by Justices Donn and Goddard of her two sons, by and with the consent of their father a few, he joining in said in dentures and becoming a party thereto. Mr. Car rington. who appeared for the petitioner, asked for the cancelling of the indentures on the ground, tlrst, that the tith section of the law granting the power to Justices of the Peace in the recess of the Orphan's Court to bind out apprentices, requires that the parent in thirty days thereafter shall en dorse his or her approval in said indentures, other wise the indentures are void; said indentures failing to have said endorsement. The Court over ruled this point, on the ground that the father joining in the indenture, obviated the necessity of the endorsement. Mr. Carrington then brought witnesses to prove that Kirkley When he had said boys indented to hiiu, made an agreement to pav to their father about the sum of 9250, all of which he has failed to pay, and that the indentures require that thev shall be taught the business of bricklaying and plastering, and to receive good treatment, instead of which'he has l?cen derelict in every particular, not being engaged in any business, and unable to comply with the terms of the indentures. In this view of the case the indentures were can celled. A MEETING OF THE ItoARDOF MANAGERS OF the Washington National Monument Soci ety was held yesterday afternoon, at the room of their Secretary, City Hall. Although the meet ing had been duly advertised in the city papers by the Secretary, there was no quorum. Tne fol lowing memlxTit were present : Messrs. Magru der. Knight, Kllis and Folk The members con versed about various matters for some time, and finally Mr. Kniglit was dispzt hc4 to the office of the Treasurer, Mr McCalla witha view of bring ing that gentleman into the meeting in older to make a quorum After Mr. K departed on his errand to the Trea surer, those present,werefavored with some lugu brious remaiks by Judge Ellis, who presides over the Washington Monument Association, the Organ newspaper, and other hopeful enter prises. The Judge seemed to feel particularly bilious in view of the manner in which the ?? variety press" of the city have overhauled the doings of the Monument Board; but his sentiments were ex pressed with so much more bitterness than clear ness, that it was not easy to say precisely what he was driving at. Half an hour passed away in this manner, when Mayor Magtuder made* the motion to adjourn to next Tuesday evening at 5 o'clock p. m.; which motion was carried. The Monument still remains unfinished. Gaszynski's May Festival came off last night, at the Washington Assembly Rooms, in delightful style, indeed. In the brilliant gather ing we noticed not a few of the most prominent and fashionable personages of the city, many of them gratified spectators of the proficiency of their own children who have been pupils of Prof. Gaszynski. At eight o'clock the graceful May Queen, Miss Blanche Kearney, of Georgetown, was crowned, and the children"' fancy dances entered upon. The costumes of the performers were most rich and tasteful, and were carried out with great ac curacy of detail. The following dances were admirably done, indeed, and in several instances the p? formers were literally showered with boquets by their admirers: Tne Cracovienne, Miss Guthrie; Pan dedeux. Misses Josephine and Christie Maynard ; I?a Saltarella. Miss Alice Poulton; the Craco vienne, Miss Nellie Maynard; the Highland Fling. Master E. Wilson; the Medley Dance, Miss Mary Vischer; the Cachuca, Miss Mary McGuire. In the course of the evening, F.sputa (whose fine l?and furnished the evening's music) exe cuted in admirable style a solo on the 8ax? horn from the opera of " Lucia." Hard Party.?About three o'clock yesterday a party of four persons, apparently intoxicated, were seen by officer Keese stoning a colored man who wis painting a house in the First Ward. He went to Justice Drnry's and obtained the aid of police officer Daw Upon their return the rioters came out of a grocery store kept by Mrs. O'Keefe. One of them, named l'arris, took up a bundle of brooms, and the proprietress supposing he was going off with thern, seized hola of the brooms One of the gang thereupon took a stone weighing near thirteen pound*, and struck her on the head a severe blow The officer* pursued them and ar rested one of them named Dennis Magee; another was so closely followed to the Rock Creek shore by officer Keese that he threw off his coat ami es caped bv taking t*> swimming over. In the pock ets of this coat the officer found six heavy stones, being, literally, a '-pocket full of rocks." l'ar ris, who went to Justice Drury's office to see how his fr+eod Magee fared on his trial, was hauled up on his own account and held to bail for Court. ^ A Jar in the Collector's Office.?Yester day morning, we hear. Mr. W.J Donoho, the city tax clerk, on entering his room at the City Hall, found thetax t>ooks for l->5#? missing, and having o< casjon to use thein he repaired toths Collector's office where thev had been taken, and in a respect ful manner applied for the books, saying that it was proper they should 1* in his office, wl>ere ac cess could be had to them with all the requisite facilities. General McCalla thereupon picked up a huge piir of office tonirs and brandishing them vigor ously proclaimed that whoever took the books from him must do so by superior force. Mr Donoho calmly advised his heated assail ant not to use the tongs, and after a season the?e fireside indispensable* came down, but not on the tax clerk's head The matter rest* here. The Collector retains the books, and claims the right so to do up to the 1st of J uly, we believe. Cotrt or Claim*.?To-day?all the Judges being present?Hon Richard Brodhead.of Penn sylvania. and Henri Hcrrisse, of South Carolina, were admitted as attorneys of this Court. Judge Gilchrist delivered adverse opinions in the following cases. Viz: Of Henry J. Smith; Philip Lamay; Joseph Stokeley ; Arnold Harris, administrator of Armstrong; and Ellen Martin. The case of Richard L. Page, administrator, was then taken up, and Mr. Thompson opened the argument on the part of the claimant, in which he was engaged as the Star went to press. Orhway's Eolians, at Odd Fellows' Hall, have placed themselves at the height of popular regard here. Excellent as vocalists, and inimita ble as humorists, and moreover keeping always within the bounds of good taste, they are des tined to make hosts of friends in Washington. It is just the entertainment now needed here. The Hall was crowded last night and night before. We are sorry to -learn from the accomplished leader, Mr Ordway, that his company can per form here but five nights, as they have important engagements elsewhere A Hopeful Movement.?The children and youths of l lie city have lately formed a Temper ance Society, which meets on Sunday afternoons, at 5 o'clock, at the rooms of the Young Men's Christian Association. The officers elected for the next three months, are : T. Edwin Brown, President; Francis Gudgin, Vice President; J. Edw'd Smith, Secretary; and Henry Gass, Treas urer. Arrangements are now being made for a great public meeting of the children in favor of Tem perance. A* (4r?fortunate Stranger.?Last evening, a woman, having an infant in her arms and a small boy walking by her side, was wandering about the streets looking for her brother, John Graham, a saddler. Being unable to find him she took her children to the guard-house, and was permitted to remain there until this morning. She coines from Ohio, gives her name as Rosa McMahon, and is 32 years of age If her brother will Inquire of Captain Mills or Justice Goddard he will hear more about her. Th? Bcrdell Murder.?Our readers who wish to get the history of the great trial of Eckel and M s. Cunningham for the murder of Bnrdell w?H do well to send to Shillington's at once and make arrangements for the New York Daily Her ald. that lieing the only fiaiier which will contain a full report of the trial, Shlllington rereires the New York daily paper* every evening at 7 o'clock MECHANICS' INSTITUTE AND THE MaREET ? Last night at a meeting ef the building committee of the Metropolitan Mechanic's Institute the sub ject of their new hall was discussed, and the opinion appeared to be generally expressed that for the good of the city a* well as the Institute, tbo best plan would be to build the hall in con nection with the proposed new Centre Market. This expression of opinion may probably induce our City Fathers to put an end to delay and re move the present shabby market, and commence the erection of a more suitable building. Government Improvement.?'The grading of New Jersey avenue, for which an appropriation of ?7,000 was made by the last Congress, was commenced this morning. The work will ex tend from D street to New York avenue. Carusi'* May Festival takes place to-night, and everything promises an enjoyable time; bright skies alK?ve. good walking l>elow. and other things to correspond. Thk Circuit Court yesterday adjourned over for two week*. The Scott Guards give their Cotillon party to-night, at Columbia Hall, Capitol Hill. Go ! Watch Returns.?Cassa Ann Harris,colored, disorderly; workhouse 30 days. Catharine Tay lor, do.; do. Lucinda Brown, out after hours ; dismissed. Rosa McMahon. vagrant; workhouse 30 days, at her request. The Piano at Odd Fellows' Hall, used by the On/trays' Serrnadrrs, is one of exquisite tone, touch, and finish, being beautiful rosewo<xl, carved in the celebrated Louis XIV style. This instrument is a sample Piano from the large manufactory of Hains A Brother, New York, and sent to our pop ular Piano denier, John F. Ellis, who, we under stand, has it for sale. These Pianos nre highly recommended by Profes sor Woodbury of musical celebrity. It Lyon's Magnetic Pswder, for the extermina tion of Bedbugs, Cockroaches, Moths, Auts. and Mosquitoes. Also, Pills for the destruction of Rats and Mice, for sale, wholesale and retail, at Shilling ton's, Odeon Building, corner of street, and Pennsylvania avenue. tf Balsam of Liverwort and Hoar hound.?'There is no preparation in the market more popular,or that is doing more good, than Mrs. Gardner's Indian Balsam of Lirerienrt ami Iloarhound. For lull twenty year* it has maintained a reputation for the cure of Colds. Croups, and all kinds of Pulmonary Complaints. A friend of ours is eloquent in its praise in relation to its efficacy in curing Croup, pro notincing it one of the Itest articles he has ever seen used. The same may Ikj said of its virtues in other complaints touching the throat awl chest. Persons who are pt>or and sick will be supplied with a lwttlc. It is for sale by Weeks A Pottek, 15* Washing ton street, Boston. General Agents, to whom all or ders should be addressed. may 6-lw Wood's Hair Restorative.?Prof. Wood, the renowned discoverer of the invaluable Hair Restora tive, still rout hi tics to lain >r in bt-halfof I he a filleted. Ills medicines are universally admitted by the American press to Ik- far superior to nil others for causing the hair on the head of the aged that has been silvered for many years, to crow forth with as much vigor and luxuriance as when blessed with the advantages of youth. There ran l>e no doubt that it is one of the greatest discoveries in the medical world. It restores perma nently gray hair to its original color, and makes it assume a beautiful silky texture, which has l?ecn very desirable mi all ages of the world.?St. L"ttis Morning Hfrnld. For sale iu Washington bv Charles Stott, Sam uel B. Waite. Nairn A Palmer, J. P. Mileukn A Co., Jas. N. Callan, and all Druggists, my 6 iw Experience is the best evidence of Madame Mount's Consumption Destroyer. Mrs. Mount?Madam : I am happv to inform you the terrible rough ami cold under winch 1 labored, has been entirely cured and eradicated by the use of one liottle of your medicine. And I can with confi deuce recommend it to everybody suilering with coughs or consumption. P. M ahan. No. 13l> Chesnut street, Plulad. I have used in m> family Mrs. Mount's Consump tion Destroyer, ami can testify to its efficacy in ease of severe colds. It is equal, if not superior, to any remedies of the kind 1 have ever used for such a purpose. Rev. Jamks Robb. This is to oertifv that I was well acquainted with Mrs. Mount while she was suilermg with the con sumption, and know this Svrup to be the remedy that effected her cure. Rev. James Hanson. Residence, G street, between 11th and 12th, No. m l" may 5-3t* MAR III ED, At Alexandria, on the 5th instant, EDGAR SNoWDEN,'Jr., of the Alexandria Gazottc, to Mrs. CLARENCE POWELL, of that city. In Trinity Church, on the 6th instant, by the Rev. Dr. Cumnnngs, Dr. DELAVAN BLOODGOOD, U.S. Navy, to JINME E. Rl'GER, daughter of the late Hon. John Ruger, of Syracuse, N. \ . * On the ,5th instant, bv the Rev. Dr. Sunderland, Dr. WM. H. Ml.SSEY.of Cincinnati, to CARO LINE WEBSTER, second daughter of Dr. Linds l?y, of this city. DIED, On the 4th instant, in the R7th year of hisage. Rev. WILLIAM McKENNEY. Chaplain of the United States Navy. On the morning of the f>tli instant, of typhoid fe ver, Mrs. VIRGINIA GALLA1IER, widow of the late Marcellus tiallaher, and da lighter of Mr. Lewis Brooks, of Georgetown, D. C., in the 27th year of her ape, leaving an infant son in his third year. This es timable lady was the cherished object of affection to a large circle of relatives and friends, who, tliough deeply afflicted by her early demise, have an abiding consolation in her exemplary and truly pious life. Her funeral will take place on Thursday Afternoon at 4 o'clock, from the residence of her lather, Mr. L. Brooks, High street, Georgetown. FOR RENT AND SALE. fWR RENT.?The desirable and commodious ' BRICK DWELLING and adjoining GAR DEN, on the corner of 14th and N streets, at pres ent <?ccupied bv Mrs. Gyasowski. Possession can be ltnd iininedibteiy. ^ For terms inquire on the premi ses, or of P. IIANNAY, Patent Attorney, corner of 7th and E streets. lt^ fr*C?II SALE, at a Inrgain, a new and desirable Brick DWELLING HOUSE. tu*?tliqg with a Lot adjoining it on the south, and richly set with shrubbery, fruit trees, vines, flowers, Ac., situated on the northeast corner of 1th street west and M st. north, and in a rapidly improving part of the city. The view is commanding. and lias made the location very desirable. Price, one-third in cash, the Istlnnce in two years with interest. Also for sale, a large and convenient Brick Dwell ing. No. 4j7, and situated on the west side of loth street, between E and F streets north. Applv at No. 512(2d story)7th street. POLLARD WEBB, may fi tf Real Estate Agent. I^OK SA I.E.?An ORN A M ENTA L COT FAG E in the thriving village of Bloommgton, Allegha nv county. Maryland, on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, within a stone's throw of the station at which four trains stop daily. This desirable count ry residence contains 8 rooms, 4 on a floor, a kitchen, and out houses, is newly built, and will Ik; sold low or exchanged for Washington City property. The location at the junction of the Potomac and Savage Rivers, in the romantic and wild region of the Alle gliauv, recommends tins property to theattontion of such as may desire to purchase a pleasant resort for health and recreation for the Summer months. Bloomingtoii is distant thirty miles from Cumber land and two miles from Piedmont, the principal sta tion of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. For further information,address S. L. GOL'VER N EUR, Jr.. Washington City, D. C. may 6 tit* I^ARM FOR SALE?Six miles from this city, in Prince George county, Mary land, and adjoining the lands of Charles B. Calvert and Carroll Stevens, Esquires. A very desirable parcel of LAND, con taining 2f*>acres, 12aacres of which is cleared and in good cultivation, the Inlance hi wood. The House is large, handsome, and suitable for a large family, with every necessary out Imildmg oomplete. If the whole Farm should not l>e required, we will sell jn or 75 acres, the selection of which shall l>e sat isfactory to the parties desiring to purchase. Apply to GEO. A THOS. PARKER, may 6-2aw3w PM>R SALE.?The three THREE-STORY BRICK HOUSES situated on south side of L street, bet weed 4th and 5th, will lie offered at private sale. If not sold liefore the 6th of May, they will l>e offered at public auction on that day. For terms,Ac., apply to J AMES II. BOSS, 628 II and 4th streets, ap 2l-dtMay6* IC7"Thk Above Property will be sold, on the premises, by J. C. MeGUIRE, Auctioneer, on WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, the 6th inst.,at 6 o'clock. Terms S One-third cash ; tmlancc in 6,12. and IK months, bearing interest; notes to l?e secured by a deed of trust on the property. may 5-2t 1~^OR RENT.-Two FRAME HOUSES on Pierce street, between 1st and North Capitol streets. They contain six good rooms and kitchen. The rent, to a punctual tenant, will be low. Apply opposite, to ClI A R LES TIIOM A. ap 29-eotf ISOR SALE-A two-story FRAME HOUSE, situated on L street, No. 517, lietween Dth and 10th street. It contains five good and convenient Rooms with Passage, all in good order, and a side alley. This Lot has a front of 20 feet, running back 118 t ? Also for sale, a BUI I.DING LOT on 8th street in Crettendeu's subdi vision of square No. 3Mt, fronting 2t? feet on 8th street, running Imck feet 4 inches. For particulars inquire of the subscriber, or R. A. IIYDE.8th street, No. 287. .... _nias 1 eo3t* WM.S. HILTZ. rrWO VERY DESIRABLE SMALL S1ZED 1 BRICK DWELLING HOUSES, NEAR THF. CITY HALL. FOR SALE.-Thos houses, Nos. 447 and 449, are situated on the south side of D street north, !>etw?en 2d and 3d streets west. The Lots ou which they stand extend through to Indi ana avenua in the rear. They contain eight rooms each, kitchen and dining-room in the Insement, sa loon, parlor, and five bed rooms, with pantry and oloseti. They are lighted with gas. Close !>y is a pump of excellent water. The houses are well ar ranged, in good order, neat in appearance, snd come witnin minlerate means. The location is central, convenient, and healthy. Inquirh of W. C. BES TOR. same square, a few doors east. ap22-eo2w fl^OR SALE OR RENT.?Being about to remove to the country, I olfer my tine DWELLING HOUSE, on C street, between 1st and 2d, No. 443, for rent or sale. Tho house contains every conve nience, and has a never failing supply of pure water in the cellar. The larger portion of my carpetings, which are nearly new, will he sold cheap. Inquire of the undersigned, on tho premises, or at 12th and Caml streets. ap 27-eogw JNO. IL WARD. fP'OR SALE, AT PRIVATE SALE?A two 1 story and littio FRAME HOUSE and LOT, located on 12th street, between M and N streets. Also, tho adjoining vacant LOT. The house con tains seven rooms, with an excellent dry cellar. Terms very hlteral and possession given immediate ly. For further information apply to[the subscriber upon the premises. JAS. T. FERRY. No. Xji i?j, street west, bet. M and N streets, ap ?-eo3w" , AUCTION SALES. E DBjr WALL & BARNARD, Auctioneers. Ry goods, BOOTS AND SHOES. CUT MnR vV<nicli at Aucnow.-On THURSDAY ..iir 7th< at 9 ? clock, we will Hell, at ?nH xRoom".' nn lnv0,c? of Dry Goods.Boots, an?t Shoes, Ac.; such as? Ginghams^ Lawns, and Delaines Muslins, Cambrics. Calicoes lilies and Gents' Worsted and Cotton Hose Linen Table Cloths, Towelin*. Ac. i .*inMnev Sheetings. Silk Kerchifl's Ladies Or iter Shoes, Boys' Shoes t?*nts Call Boots. Shoes and Gaiters 2M dozen Knives and Forks, Plated Spoons xv-*.8! ? "ticks. Oil Lamps, nnd Padlocks >V it ha large assortment of Household Furniture, Kitchen Requisites. Ac,, all of which will he sold without reserve. Also, two Light .Market Wagons. _I? WALL* BARNARD. Anets. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. XTENSIVE SALE OF SECOND HAND ?i iSD ww Gold an*o Silver Watches. Gold Chaixs, Bracelets, Fixger axd Ear rixus,Sil ver ladles, Plated Forks axd Spooxs, fixe Silver-plated Tea axd Coffee Sets, Opera Glasses, Revolvixg Pistols, Faxcy Goods, Ac. AJ ArcTiox.-On THURSDAY, the 7th instant, 1 snail sell, on account of whom it may concern, to cover advances, at my Auction Store, No. 536 7th street, commencing at ten o'ociock a. m.. viz : 3n second-hand ana new Gold and Silver Watchcs 3" tine gold vest, fob. and guard Chains

A large lot of Fingerand Ear-rings, Studs, and But tons A large assortment of Cameos and Mosaic Sets and Pins One fine henvy-plated Tea and Coffee Set rine plated Forks and Spoons One heavy solid silver Ladle. Revolving Pistols. u ith a large assortment of Fancy Goods and oth rnt!? lc" we deem unnecessary toenume Tlie above stock of goods will l>e sold without re , A.GREEN, _!i Auctioneer. Dy WALL A BARNARD, Auctioneers. FkESIRABLE LOTS ON THE ISLAND AT m!q irB,1rSALE-Vn FRIDAY AFTERNOON, the 8th instant, at 5J, o clock, wo will sell, on the premises, the following described the or der as advertised, viz : "Those parts of Lots 21,56, 57, and 58, in square No. 3^7, lronting 24 feet seven inches on the cast side of 1 enth street, and running Iwck ?I7 feet eleven inches to a twelve feet alley. Title perfect. This is one of the best locations on the Island, and is in a very fast improving part of the city. Also, Lot No.3, in square 414, being the lot at the corner of fith and H street south. This, which is9!> feet four inehes l.y 91 feet six inches, will bo divided into (our lots. The location is beautiful, overlooking the river, with a hue view of Alexandria and the surrounding country. Terms liberal, and made known at the sale. ma* t? WALL A BA R NAR !>. Ancts. By BARNARD A BUCKEY; Georgetown. H<>? SKHOLD FURNITURE AT AUCTION. On M()iN DAY , the 11th instant, at lflo'elock a. ni., at the residence of Mr. Garret son, on Dunlttrton street, IxMweeri Washington and Cnwrrcss streets, we wili sell his entire Household Effects, as Mahogan* Sofa, ('hairs, Rocker Lounge, Mahogany Dining and Side Tallies bureaus, Bedsteads, Wardrolies Feather Bods. Mattresses, Curtains \\ ashstands. Looking Glasses Parlor, Cook, anil ot her Stoves Carpets, Rugs, Curtains,and Shades Knives and Forks, Glass Ware Stone and Iron Ware, Rain Cask, Ar.. Ac. Terms: .$25ami under, cash; over that amount a credit of sixty days, for notes endorsed and Ifoaring interest. _ma\ ? 4 BARNARD A BUCKBY. AseU. Br BO NT'/ A COOMBS. Auctioneer:;. THL ENTIRE EFFECTS OF A FANCY m axdCoxfectioxebv Store, Fixtures. Ac. at Auction.?On THURSDAY, the 7th instant, at in o clock a. in., we shall sell the entire effects of ti e I- ancy and Confectionery Store on the corner of f>th anil I- street,oppositetlic Patent Office?consisting in Dart i?l Gloves. Hosiery, Perfumery, Tovs,Soaps, and a variety of articles, usually found in such a store. Also, a numtier of Candy Jars, Store Fixtures.Ae. I erms cash. may 5 >> BONTZ A COOMBS. Auctioneers. By J A S. C. McG I" I R E. A net ioneer. VERY DESIRABLE LOT ON NORTH I J street,near Fk axklix S?,>u a R e.?On WED NESDAY AFTERNOON, May I3th.at5ii o'el'k, on the premises, 1 shall sell part of kiiIhIivisioii No. II, in Square No. 28-5, fronting 25feet53-7th inches on north I street, between 12th and 13th streets west, running Iwck 142 feet 6 inches to a3?-fret alley. This desirable Lot is situated in the immediate vicinity of Franklin Square, and is a very eligible site lor a private residence. Title indisputable. Terms: One-fourth cash: the residue in 6.12, and 13 months, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. "'ay 5-d J AS. C. McOUIR E. Anct. Bv A. GREEN, Auctioneer. The subscribers, executors of the l ate Gex. James Thompson, at the request of his heirs and devisees, will sell, at public sale, on MO.NDAY , the 4th day of May next, at 5 o'clock p. m., all his real ostato in the city of Washington, to His spacious brick dwelling House on square No. 25, and the following lots : No. 19, 2n, 21, 22, 23. 24, 25, 26. and 27, in square No. 25 No. 12, 13, and 14, in square No. 2ti No. 2,5, and 7, in square No. 37 No. I. m square No. 51 No. 13, in square No. 55 No. 21, in square No. 77 No. 0, lu square No. gn No. 24, in square No. K8 No. 23, in square No. l?*i No. Hi. in square No. 126 No. 8, in square No. 1U6. The sale will commence at the dwelling-Louse. The terms of sale will lie: One-third of the pur chase money 111 cash; the remaining two-thirds in three equal instalments at six, twelve,and eighteen months, for which the purchasers will he required to give their several notes, hearing interest lioiu the ?lay of sale; the same to be secured hy a deed of trust, to lie approved Ly the Rtibscril>er3. The subset liters will convey all the title and es tate of the late Gen. Thompson to the lots sold. All conveyancing at the cost or the purchasers. II the terms of sale be not complied with within three days from the dav of sale, the subscriliers re serve the right of reselling on such terms as they may deem proper, at the risk and cost of the purcha sers. W. II. T. TAYLOR, , , J. B.H.SMITH, apl7-d Executors. J[ The above sale is postponed in consequence of the ram until Til URSDA V, the 7th inst., same hour, by order of the executors. may 5-d A. G REEN, Auctioneer. V Ry JAS. C. McGlIIRE. Auctioneer. JERY EXTENSIVE SALE OF VALUABLE Bcildixg Lots ix"Pkintixo Office" Sou ark. Oil MONDAY AFTERNOON, May four O clock, on the premises, 1 shall sell fifty-eight val uable Building I^ots 111 Square No. 624, situated a? follows: Twenty-six Lots fronting 24 feet each on north G, lietween north Capitol street and First street west, and running bark 175 feet 3 inches to a3"-feet alley. Sixteen Lots fronting alsiut 23 feet on First street west, lietween G and H streets north, and running l?ck 13Mfect4 inches to aAi-feet alley. Sixteen Lots fronting 24 feet each on north II st., lietween First street west and north Capitol street, and running liack 175feet 3 inches to a 3u feet alley. This valuable Square has been subdivid ed, forming the alsivedescrilicd valuable lots. The H and First streets fronts have lieen graded and paved, and the whole has lieen surrounded with lieautifnl shade trees, securely Isixed : and the sale offers rare inducements to persons desirous of semi ring property in tliat rapidly improving part of the city. The extensive Government printing office recently erected on the northeast corner of this square affords constant employment toaUmt five hundred persons; and to induce immediate building, with a view ol'af fording accommodations to those who wish to reside in that locality, the owners will make a discount of five percent, on the purchase money to any purcha ser who will erect a dwelling to cost not less titan S**1 within one year from the day of sale. Terms : 2" per cent, of the purchase money in cash; the residue in annual payments of 41 per cent, each, until the whole is paid for; the deferred payments to >>ear intorest, socured by a deed ol trust on the pro perty. Plats of the property will be exhibited at the sale. ID* Every lot put up will be positively sold with out regard to prioe. ap 24-d JAS.C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. lL/~ The above sale is postpaned in consequence Ot the ram until THURSDAY AFTERNOON, May 7th. same hour and place. may 5-d JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer TRUSTEE'S SALE OF HIGHLY* im proved axd Valuable Real Estate.?On THURSDAY', ttie7th day of May, 1857, at fio'clk, p. m., by virtue of a deed of trust, bearing date on the 5th dav of July, 1X55. and duly recorded 111 Li!>er J. A.S., No. 84. folios 232, 233, and 234. one of the land records for Washington county, 111 the District of Columbia, I shall sell, in front of the premises, at public auction, to the highest bidder therefor, the valuable premises well known as "Flint's Hotel," being part of lot numliered 6, in square nnmliered 254, in the city of Washington, fronting 37 feet 3 in ches on north E street, between 13th and 14th streets west, and running l?ck 150 feet to a 3U-feet alley, together with the improvements thereon, consisting of a substantial and well-built three story Brick Dwelling-house, with largo back buildings, finished in the most superior manner throughout with mar ble mantels, &c. Terms: Oue-thinl cash; the balance in one and two years, for notes (tearing interest from the day of sale, secured by deed of trust on the property ; and if not complied with within five da>s after the sale, the property will lie resold at the risk and expense of the purchaser, at ten days' notice. All convejancine at the cost of the purchaser. \VM. P. WILLI A MS. Trustee. may 4-d JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auct. $100 Prince G REWA RI).?Ran away from the subscri ber, living near Upper Marlboro,' I'rince Georee's county. Mil., on the 23d of April, NEGRO BOY OLIVER JACKSON, aliout !9 years of age, 5 feet 6 inches high, of a dark oopper color; has two very noatable scars,; one over his eye, the other on nis sidn occasioned by a burn, by which he may be indentificd, he is very plausible when spoken to. I will (five Alt*) if taken out of the State, and $50 if taken 111 the State or the DistJit of Columbia; in either case he must be se cured so that 1 get him again. ap30-tf YVM. I BERRY*. ?QAA REWARD.?Ran away frointhn suhseri heron Thursday, April 9th, N EURO JkM MAN ISAAC WOOD. He is thirty years of age1 black complexion, about live feet and a o? 1'intn MilpiDAiviif auuui icvi ?* half high, and has very large lips. The above reward will lie paid for his ap _ _ appre hension ami delivery to me if taken in a free Slate, or Sinn if taken in the State of Maryland or District of Columbia. ODEN BOWIE, Buena Vista Post Office. ap-21-tf ? Pnnoe Georges oounty, Md. II EFRIGERATORS, ICE PITCHERS. BI T TER COOLERS, " * WATER COOLERS, and a large fresh supply of Housckcepmt: 1 and uth.r useful articles, al Oi Seventh :?t. A call will pay. _ . U, FRANCIS. AUCTION BAT.^g yALLAbi'E BriLDlNo' ftyr<7S8r Jn !*?.*** 11 so,T" at 4 HHI niches. . ^.wt-cu ..... , ,, . - - west, rmininK Iwck 124 foot a inches to a ?Bice/^ni"' Sale peremptory. Terms cash. lo?t alley. '"?> *-<** J AS. C. MoGI IRK. * By C. \V. BOTELER, Auctioneer. ~ WALK OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE at ?/Avctiok.-Ou THURSDAY MORNING 10o'clock, I shall sell, at the residence ?r Cfiaa. .Munroe, Esq.. on the corner of 2d street find I ad ism avenue, a collection of excellent House mild r urniture, consisting in part of, via: One superior Rosewood Piauoforte, made by Har . pt?r, Boston ' Mahogany Clinirs aiii."fra,ne !!,er Brackets, ami Slab Mahogany 1 arlor Table, with marMe top Haudsome Alaloster Ornaments Bohemian Glass Girandoles Mahogany Ann and Rocker Chairs .. J*0 I ier Table, with Egyptian marble top Handsome Gilt Parlor Clock Mahogany Sofa-Bedstead Brussels and Ingram Carpeting. Hal! Oilcloth Mahogany Diva as. Gilt Window Cornices Dining and Work Tables I)o Dress Bureaus, marble top l)o French and other Bedsteads Super or Feather Be Is and Curled hair Mattresses Lounge, small Book-Case ' Fine Bronze Fire Sets China, Glass, and Crockery Ware, and Table Fur niture generally Kitchen Furniture, Cooking Utensils Grindstone. Lot of Lumber, 4c. lerms: $3f) and under, cash; over that sum. a S^ing interMt9" appruved e"Hl*rsed notes. mayg-d ' C. W. BOTELER- Auct. By JAMhS C. McGUlRK. Auctioneer. I'ALl'ABLK UNIMPROVEDPROPERTYox a 17-1?l-bv0iu,?,v1At ArrTlos.?On THURSDAY TtK.NOOV May 7th, at 5's o'clock, on the preimses I shai! sell the whole of Lot No. in and part of Lot No. 8, in Square 844, frouting 52 feet 7 in ches on Pennsylvania avenue and a public space be ?n ' *tr*pt and runtung back l?i bet 6 inches, with the privilege of a ten-feet allev from the rear of tlie lot to 5th street east. fVJ?rth| ^ ; ,,ie residue in 6,12, and 18 months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the property. nwy 2 td JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. _____ States.) By JAMES C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. SAL,: OF Ui'IGIBI.Y SITI ATEI) AND r r^AB, K Dwki.uxg ox 13th *tkkt. betwukn vl-^Va , *TRfKT? NORTH, AT At CTIOX.?Oil WED ^ m i i Ii iil3t'' ?y instant, at .y, o'clk. flia? wJr ? ii?n *'?.? premises, without r.-serve, that very desirable and comfortable Dwelling, No. ?Vun II 8f reel, between E and F streets. ?jut i!?i i?USO'i8 *?ct* ?outains dining-room M.?| M r!; !1,1 V*" prl.H-s on the 1st floor '?! Yi ?r5c. J5han,,,?r* ln p*ch or the 2d and 3d stones, ^iVii^ite;^ ? 9*rU>" a'Hl ?"*???? .l-Tl'"Vpropcrty Is ver>; desirable as a place of resi a.,,,? th*'3SjrXX!ll?. Terms of sale: S2.nnoin cash; the residue to l? paid in equal annual instalin 'iits of <?no, two, three &V?? \thc deferred pa* merits to be secured n trust oil the property. I ersons desirous of purchasing can examine the property any day prior to the safe by calling after 4 ? Pr JAS. C. McGUIRE. ji^iaw Auctioneer^ Bv A. GR EEN, Auctioneer. Ol BLIC SALE OF IMPROVED PROPER ? T.v,ov .?h Inland.?On FRIDAY,the3th him., offer 'L'r ln,front of the premises. I shall ?,?.?? i i .' ? P"l'bc auction, a valuable lot of between ,T. I?2.KC>"Ih f,"1e "f Mar? lan'' ?vrnuo. nalr uT I ! 7 U r u 1,1 ?|'iare 4?2, l^mg a L.n ?i ' Bradley s sulwlivision, together with the improvements, consisting of a two stor* I-Mine Dwelling, adjoining the store of |\ M. |>far son. c.ntaming lour rooms, a finished garret, and a kit? hen. The dwelling rents fur Sir per month. The * contain .iIkxiI 2,'*"n feci of ground. Terms of sale: One-tlurd cash. S<a of which to be paid on the day of sale : the Iwlance ?.f cash pav ine its within five day* from the day of sale; the rp?t I i aii'! 11 '"''''"'S.for notes l>earing inte rest, secured by deed r>f trust given. Title good. All cor.v ejancirig at the expense of the purchaser. 5*1 ?:? A. GREEN. A net. r|\'hr f TKhVS. S Vir,'"> of a decree of c Circuit Conrf for 1 rinc^ Cie<?rce's c??untv, s'ttmzasa C onrt of Equifr. passed :n the ease of John I. Iloltzinan and wile r?. Mar> E. Moltzman ?.?i. Ki ' !he undersigned as Trustee, will expose TlVr-iiCiia ?- "Iti^Weltsville, near the premises, on nV1.i . rv7,J' MV' la7'- at 12o'clock. M., if '1 /'?*1 ^'r' ^y. thereafter, part of a tract or fhl1Jl'.?i r?!iled, Kdmonston's Range," late forty acre?08 ? " in Holtzinan, oontaining uLhJr..i?Iop?r,l l,I.?it,,nt1fl Haifa mile from r .u elevated region; is sus centible of the highest state of improvement, admi rably adapted to a fruit and market larm ; and there l8,ij?!,nK ' ?>eli and Apple Orchard thereon. ?on"?st,ol a large and commo dious !? rame Dwelling, with brick Imsemnnt. recent ly limit, and every necessary building, all of which are in complete repair. There is a pump of fine wa ?1?Ln >ard attaeheil to the main dwelling. ? tf?e neighborh.?d is excellent.ami the> situation presents many imliicemerits for a m?*t f? H?un,..Cn,,n,rylw,,'l1''nc'> r?r " gentleman residing in Baltimore or Washington City. oAr^r^r,S?ie* RM Prescrlh?? ('y the Decree, are: K r1^ purcliase imrney to lie paid in cash on thedav of sale, or on the ratification tl:ereof by the t-ourt, and the resulue inrt, 12, and 18 months there V '".eq""! instalments, to l.e secured by the notes or the purchaser with security to lie approved y/!J??urn,8tce' bearing interest from the da> sale. n le Pi?vrri?en^ ^ie W^?'e purchase money with intftrojif, the I rantee is nutiiorized l>v th? jipcroo to convey the property to the purchaser' in fee simple. N. C. STEPHEN, Trustee. ,. iLf The aliove sale will positively take place on the dav named. ap ItT^wts -5* t'REEN. Auctioneer. RI STEE'S SALE (?h TII REE TWO-STO RY I-rame Houses.?Bv virtue of a deed of rrast; dated the 5th day of I?ecenil?r, Ifiol, executed Wtlnatn S. Vexable and wife, duly recorded in l,it?er J. A. S No. JM, folios 121 ft v^q.oneofthe land records for Washington oounty in the District ofCo luinttia, and also by virtue of a" decree ol the Circuit Court or said District, sitting in Chancery, wherebv trie undersigned wa? appointed trustee, m the stead and ri?om of the trustee named in said deed of trust the undersigned will on FRIDAY, the 8th day ol May. at Sao clock, p. in., in front of the premises, proceed to sell at public auction, to the highest bid der, lot of ground numl>ere?1 eich? l?| in square num bered nine hundred and fifty-one |!?>l| with the im provements thereon, which consists of three two story framo dwelling houses nearly new ami well mult, rhe al>ove lot fronts on south I lietween iltii arid Iftth streets east, in the city of Washington. rerins of sale: tine half cash, the Inlatice in six and twelve months, the purchaser to give his notes lor the deferred payments, secured by a deed of trust upon the premises. If the terms of sale are not complied with within hve davs from the day of sale the trustee reserves the right to resell, at the risk and costs of the de laultiug purehaser.ilpon giving twenty days' previous notice, by advertisement, in some one or more news papers, published in the city of Washington. All convej ancing at the oost of the purchaser. . ot . R. H. I.ASKEY. Trustee, ap? 3tawts A. G R KEN, Auctioneer. By A. GR EEN, Auctioneer. COMMISSIONERS' SALE OF VALUABLE Vy Keaj. Estate.?By virtue of the order and de cree of the Circuit Court of the District of Colum bia, lor the county of Washington, in the matter of | the heirs of Frederick Mohler, deceased, made *?n the l:?th day- ol April, 18.57. the undersigned Commis sioners will offer for sale at public auction, to the highest bidder therefor, on the premises at ? o'clock p. in. on nil RSDAY, the 14th dav of May next, all of Square of Ground, numliered t wo humlred and thirty-four (2541 with the improvements, eonsisting of a suiall Framo House, and all of Square of Ground, numbered two hundred and seventy-one (271)of the plan of the City of Washington; for a description of which they refer to the proceedings in the said cause. The conditions of sale are: One-fourth of the purchase money to bo paid at. the time of sale, or within three days thereafter; the residue to lie paid in one, two, and three years, with interest from the day of sale to be secured to the satisfaction of the Commissioners, orn majority of them. If the terms are not complied with, the property fi i c*P'ration of three days from the day of sale will l?e resold, at the risk and expense of the purcha ser or purchasers. SAM'I. E. DOUGLASS,! E. C.CARRINGTON, THOMAS E. LLOYD, Commis CI1ARLES WALTER, sioners. THEOD'RE McGLUE, A. I.lovi>, Attorney. ap2-i-eofs llnt.l A. GREEN. Auct. H Bv A. GREEN, Auctioneer. ANDSOME BI ILDING ON THE ISLAND at Alctiox.-Ou FRIDAY, the8th instant. I shall sell, at 6 o clock, p. in., or immediately after the sale ol the House and Lot in Sqare No. 4'J2. in Iront of the premises, a handsome Building I,ot, be ing Lot No. 15, in Square No. <>42, fronting on south F street 24 feet, at the intersection of Virginia ave nue, lietween Half street ami Delaware avenue, run nijur l?ick !?? feet, containing 2.4W square feet. Terms: One-third, cash ;t?lanee in six months, lor notes liearing interest from the dav of sale ; a deed given and a deed of tnist taken. Title indispu table. All conveyance at the cost of the purchaser, may 4-d A. GR EEN. Auctioneer. Bv JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. I EXCELLENT FURNITURE AND HOUSE. J hoed Effects at Public Alctiox.?On .MON DAY MORNING. May 11th. at lOo'ciock, by virtue of a deed of trust, (and at the request of parties in terested. > the subscriber will soil tne Furniture ami Household EHects of Mrs. Eliza Anderson, on Penn avenue, lietween 11 til and 12th streets, comprising?' One excellent Rosewood Piano-Forte, made in Vienna Excellent mahogany hair spring seat Sofas and Sofa Bedstead Mahoganyh&ir spring scat Rockers, Arm awl Parlor Marble-top Centre. Sofa, and Pier Tables Mahogany Centre and Card Tables VeniUan Blinds, Lounges, Window Shades h ine Oil Paintings and Engravings in gilt frames i^'rL. *e8' M*ntel?nd Table Ornaments K.isy Chairs, cane-seat Chairs Brussels. Three-ply, and other Carpets ?!"?/ i)fl'Sloth' Matting, Rugs JMid Mahogany high-post and French Bedsteads, ,, *rdrobe, W aslistands, and dressi g and plain Bureaus ^wlth?^..Bed?? P?I?ters and Pillows, Toilet Sets Curled Hair and nusk Mattreses K use wood and Mahogany Sideboards . ?alnut Extension Dining Table, Refrigerator China, Glass, and CriK-kery Ware ? Silver-plated Castors, Table Cutlery, Fire Irons Radiators and Air-tight Stoves throughout the _ house Gas Cimiideliers and Fixtures Excellent Kitchen Range and h ixtures Together with a general assortment of Household Furniture and Effects. Terms: and under, cash; over that sum a credit of ami ?> days, for satisiactonly endorsed TOOS, J. FlailEK. iuQy 4-d i A8? C, M$Gl 1 I m A vet. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. hKOM THE ASSOC I A TED PRESS three DAYS LATER FROM H Klin Arrival of the Earepa. with lw if?/? -TheCooanl steamer Karon* The X* 71 d"1^ ?f U,e ,ZHh A-Pr11 h?* ?rrivii rowrw h!1! ! propo,ition?dmwn by the Four ^r!::^n """I"* ** tbt' Vtmmiui aud i tonVi1 y,K*rL. Saturday morn "Z ^Z\??ZZ2"U *"d ,rr*RaUr * Hve" ^th^MhJhT1/,W*" 8tead>' Wh**1 *'? quiet. unrf"ill *'^ r^?re ?" th* week Corn Cotuol,'nis lor w2il!{?*t4<l *nFhtl>' dwiioM n.w lEitrsS* Tarleton ha* arrival It ?k~~ Hrtt?"h frigate with 1M0 of Col. l.orkria^f- ,,M>u,h ?f **?* river, condition The inea*l?* I'"?1 in * destitute Galvc*ton date, of thT?Th ^JTlu n boM the Galveston, Houston and lt.n!i of were finished on the ^nt|, .r, , '^,*r*r>n Railroad p:irtv a grant of .Kki.uni acre* of ihi* ,0? ill,e rom Tl,> .tor tkr -,h3 HiTJ!"''" southern nart of Mississippi, *1,4 thawEIiiIi gear rail j uad throughout the South. Munic ipal Election. Philadelphia, .May 5?The election of Ve? tcidav resulted in the Democrat* choMng their candidate ??v a largely increased rote The new select council will consist of 41 Democrat* to * opposition member* The common council will have a largely increased majority. The Indian Trouble* in Iowa. Chicago, May 5?There i* no foundation for the report* contained in the Missouri Democrat regarding the Indian trouble* at Fort D?dg< , Iowa. Another Freshet in the Had sen. Albaxv. May 4.?The heaw rain* for the past two day* have caused another rise i? the Hudson river. The water has risen considerably since vesterelay morning. an<t it i* now three or four feet above the docks and i* still rising. Wreck on Lake Erie-Eleven Lives Lest. Sasdcsky, May ???The Canadian i?ark Em pire. of Port Dover. Capt Milligan. went ashore yesterday near MarMebead The crew, eleven In numlter. were drowned. The captain and a pas senger were naved The Xrw York Police Commission. \e\v \ obk. May 5.?The last Injunction a^ain-t the new police commissioners was dis*olv<d to day and the commission proceed to business. Ex-Judge James R Whiting has b?n appointed superintendent of police. Lake Navigation. Ucffalo, May t ?Navigation is partially ojieiied. and many venae la are leaving here, d op puii; down the river to Chippewa, whence they pass through the Welltfitd canal feeder to tlf I-ike. I*he ice is Mill packed in the bav and around the entrance of the harlntr. but the heavy rain of yesterday must have weakened it consid erably, and we are looking for its entire disap pearance in a few day* New Orleans Market*. New oblea.\?, May 4 ?Cotton?sale* to-day of -\?O0 bales; price* were um handed . The market is bare of Loui&iana >u,rar and ino lasse* May 5.?Cotton?sales to-dav I5.W> bale*; quo tation* are lmrely maintained . middling 13\aM Receipt*. to-day bales; receipt* at this port lessthan last year-JIM.t'Vi bales; receipts at all ports le?s than last year .SI.'i.iMtti Ohio flcirsoid for .?7. White corn 65c. Pork i* buoyant at S2J 5(1 for Western m< * Baltimore Markets. Baltimore, May tith?Flour i* unchanged, Howard Mrert, Ohio, and Citv Mill* Wheat is lirrn at !*l .vial Ml for red*. *1 ???*! 75 for whites. Corn i* firmer j white T-A?T5. yellow 75a76c. Whisky is quoted at 29a3Qc. New York Markets* New York. May fi.?Flour is buoyant; sales of 15,(1(11 bbls.; State SO.IMafi 32; Ohio S?'?K?a7 15; Southern S?aS7.50. Wheat i* unsettled; sales of 6.?m bushel*; white ?1.65. Corn is buoyant; sales of 27,(WD bushels; mixed S3jfc. Pork is steady; mess 9fl.4(k33J0. Beef is quiet; Chicago repacked ft 16 25. Whisky is firm at *2-\c. Financial. New York, Mar rt?Stocksare lower general ly. Chicago and Rock Island I03J, ; Cumberland Coal Co. 17; Illinois Central shares 132%' ; do i?onds 99%; Michigan Southern 61 New York Central s*?%; Pennsylvania Coal Co 33Virgi nia G's Missouri ti's h*2\ . Sterliug exchange is firm SILVER MEDAL PREMIUM '.-From the Mi I Iropolitim Mt rhnnirs' Institult. For ICK CREAM. WATER ICES, and CAKES. C. C. ATZS, No. 1<?7 Brid<o street, between Con Kress an?l llieh streets. <ieor<etown, heirs leavs<==) lo inform tliecitizensof Georgetown and vicimt? V7 that lie is rendv to furnish any order that it would 1 please the public to give lunj, and assures them ? that it would lie ooinnletelv satistactor) ? Prices? Ico Cream *2 per gallon. p!ain or in moulds. Will have always on hand ICR CREAM. CAKES.and WATER ICES, for those that favor tn? with a call. apa-lm* HARDWARE AND CFTLERY.-The nader siened would respectfully inlorin the public that he is reeeiviug (dail)) tresii supplies in his line. This dav arrived? M AN VII .S, assorted weights, warranted equal to any in the market U*> Cotter. Ke% . and Parallel VICES. li*i cases ot Bristol BRICK-Dl'ST, per barque Sylph. riiore Dr. Kane's celebrated REFRIGER A TORS daily expected. JOS. L. RAVAGE. Sicnof Gilt Saw. Penn. avenue, a p l"! 8t I diw?r west of I nth streot. \EW YORK I.KU'iKR, for 9th Mav.?Wild 1" Knisht concluded. A new storjrhy Dr. Kronson, calle?l " Tlie Widow of Toledo. Several other Iteautiful and interesting; stories. apj> FKRGI SON.4W 7th street. WATCHES. JEWF.I.R V, SILVER AND PLATED WARE. We enen to-dav our Sprinit supply of very elecant GOLD WATCHES. RICH JEWELRY PI'RE SILVER and PLATED WARE. ALBATA FORKS, SPOONS. Ac. The above assortment, einbracinz ever?- thine new and elesant in our line, is by far largest ana best selected ever otlered to our customers. M. W. GALTA BRO., np ?>> ht j.'t Pa. ave., I>et ittn and loth sta. CIARR1 AGKS. CAR RIAOffi,CARRIA<iF.S - / The snl?scril?ers have on hand, for, sale at low prices, a k**hI assortment ot new ROCK A WAYS, BIGGIES, Light W AGON'S. Ac., Ac., tw winch they respectfully in vite the attention of those wisliiui; to purchase &ood an<l durable Vehicles. N. B. Particular attention paid to Repairing. GARDNER A PLACE, apfi-tm ."AS lJlh street. WdTekTiIlerT yo.SiTj SErt'STH STKEET. Iietween D ajjd E streets, west side, PRAC TICAL WATCHMAKER, keeps constantly '?n hand a hno assort incut of W ATCIIKS and* JEWELRY. apiniW EW GOODS JUST RECEIVED. ; js t r. Km ? N The subscrilier has jnst received the followiug fresh assortment of G'^xls: l?i>or Raisins, fresh soft-shell Almonds, Nantz Currants, Schiedam Schnapps in square Quart flasks and stoue jugs; Brandies, Wines, and Liquors, of superior qualities, assorted flavorings ; Yeast Pow ders; Sperm, Adamantine, and Tallow Candles; Brown Soaps, Maccnroms, Vermacelli, scented Soaps ; Scotch, Macahoy, American Gentleman. French Rappee, ami Mrs. Miller's Snutfs: Corn Starch. Olive Oil, Carroway Seed, Root Ginger, Kuglisii Mustard,-American do.; Pepper Sauce, Spanish Segars, Tobacco,Scotch Ales,Brown Stout. Spices, Ac., wholesale and retail, cheap for cash, or approved city wiper. JONAS P. L.EVY. 367 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite 3"-tf National Hotel. j^JAY PARTIES AND BALLS. ICE CREAM ami WATER ICES of the l^st quality and ol all flavors furnished to May Parties. Excursionists. Pic Nics, Hotels, and Families, at tho low price of $1 JO per gallon. Also^ a great variely of PLAIN and FANCY CAKES may lie found constantl? on hand at the PHILADELPHIA STORE, oornor of l*h and I st reets. ma?2 1m MAGNIFICENT and elegant i"l BAREGE Rt>BKS.(Wkgronnds.> Just received this day from New York, wot three d?i?? out oftheCnitom H(mw*9 KNTIH bLV Nr-W DESIGNS. Call ami they wejUl fv A !N K A. 31 Cw Ej ?? "? mav 2-w?1w 2H Pa.av.. I>et. I2thwnd 13th sts. C. \iwv I? ?.? vv aK D-? Kan away from his em - $200 phfier on Capit^Hdl. HUHit the?th instant, a NEGRO M AN SLA\ E. named CTE HOttt'RT BEALE, copper colorecl.aliout Ji BA years of ?V <.r niedin^. he.rht lively and ^ Dleasant in hi* manners, smlof niodeot address.' ^ ? fte^ras well clothe.1. and beloved to one of the heirs of the late Nathan iH.ughbt^roiigh. He waa marked on the right thumb by a bone-felon. His owner will pay theabove reward for hisappre hcnsioo, wherever foand, snd sate lodf meat in the Washington oounty Jail, D. C., subject to the order of the owner. He has tree relations in this city. The owner refer to Mesars. Clark A Smith, Attor ney s. corner of t>th street and Louisiana avenue. ap 22-tf I WILL GIVE ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS reward for the arrest and conviction of the thief or thieves who stole from my plaoe of t the night of the 3Hh April, 1 laurel roll Butter, X t ul? New York (ioshendo..2l<oxes Cheese,5 boxes Caa dies; Soap, Codfish, aud other articles. may 2-1 w * BERNARD HAYES. WATCHES. CHAINS, Ac.-We invite *? special attention to a very chotoe a?s??rt- Jgw ment of ladies' and gentlemen's olecant GOLD ?7af WATCHES jnst received, which wo?s?r? <a? commend as perfect timekeepers. .,vm Also, a large assortment *?l CH.^TAl'-A'NS, VKsy, FOB,and GUARD CRM i. Styles. . M. W.GALT A BR<)^ Jew^rs. may 2-6t 3M Pa. av.. "MWK '?? ?"?