Newspaper of Evening Star, May 8, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 8, 1857 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. [From Russell's Magazine. \ V||ii correspondent s?nd* us the following cumin version of oue of JuienaJ's more quiet ? ' rP Lectus erat Cedro Proeula minor, Ac. Jer.SW. HI. I. Jones had once a single bed, Shorter than bis four foot wife ; On a shelf, a loaf of bread. Half a fork and broken kmfe. Lonesome, empty whiskey jng? iron spoon and fractured mug? >ipe.of ctaj, with horrid erack, Last year Miller's Almanac These were all his goods; jreu add* Jones the next to nothing nad. True; but though a wretched boast, Jones his next to nothing loat; And the whole calamity Of the fire must be endured ; Jones was quite too poor to be Even " partially insured." _ it. Brown, the bachelor, next door. Had a house of marble fine? Jiioe, and crist, and meats in store Casks of brandy and of wine? dWw white sugar, silver spoons? , -?tra bouts and pantaloons - cigars and cards in packs? Id - -?- ? ? M _ ' in red niorocoo hacks ?-u* "P?11 desire,"? S v j 'ating fire u * marble mansion down. "V1 I ' ' UP* Brown And its fixing* 'agrationo'er? Weep the oont. * endured; No : the loss can b u before? Brown is richer tlu. ?uured " Brown was " heavily i. ? . _ , ' TAT.? _ \ murder recent A* Extraorimsa*t Cask ? countr of NVw Iv committed at Newburgb, in York, has developed some cxtraord. stances tending to discredit the reliab. cnmstantial evidence. The body of ?. J.rr~? woman stripped of all but the under cl? ,jj' evidently murdered, was found in an open . ??* It was recognized as that of Sarah C. Bloom 7 several persons, among whom was her own sis * ter who indentifled it by certain marks and phys ical peculiarities. On the strength of thisinaenti ftcation. a young man who had last been seen in the company of Miss Bloom was arrested and uspicion was already building up against him a charge of murder founded upon what appeared to be pretty conclusive circumstantial evidence. But at this crisis Miss Bloom appeared herself, and of course, put an end to the supposition that she had been murdered. The most curious part of the case was the remarkable resemblance be tween Miss Sarah Bloom and the l?ody supposed to have been hers. The points of resemblance are desc'ibed as follows: " The l>ody had a scar on tlie left eyebrow pre cisely where' Sarah has one; the >H>ay had a cut <>?1 *f-.e ir.ain fitter ?f the left hand precisely where Sanh has one of the same character ; the b^dy has a *r:iaU black mole half way be tween the *??*'?> -uid the knee, orttfce shm heme. eTactly when' Ijas one: but sfranjjsst of all, the body has t\tc '->?s pf ttie 'eft lbr< jgr^wn together, precisely like 5"r*Vs, except that Sa rah's are not grown together ?o ftr down on the j?int: the toes of both T?-et of tli^* Nvt}\ like Sa rah's, were pressed together fium^*?*f'trt{tight shoes, and !>arah wears a coral rihL' on /4a!'the ^nger f<oni which on the corpse a rin^ hac *?*ii s'ripprd. These facts, connected with tfaralj's aase*ce. the enriou* story of Jenkins as to vsjiere he had lef; ier.t^fc incident of her going in a di rection where rbt ?>wir of the discovery of the body, and was nof -strse!* beard from for four days, combined to mane ^T-flieMy oee of the strongest cases of circumstantial evii<M?ee against Jenkins tb^t could be conceived. _ TT7" I ..ouis C. Ott resides at 12s Ninth avetftl*. New York. To recover a debt owing by Mrs So phia Murphy, he published the following pla card : "?100 R'venrd.?Anv person who can bring proofthat Mrs. Sophia Murphv. late Sophia Mill*, wife of Mr James Murphy, journeyman saddler, boarding at Ne 4rt East Broadway, and sister of A F Mills, plumber, has paid for her wedding dress and unuer garments ' will receive the above reward, by calling at Locis C. Ott's, 14 No. V2tf Ninth avenue.'' The husband of Mrs. Sophia Murphy, not lik ing this sort of an expose, goes before Justice Fiandreau and has Mr'. Ott arrested He was held to bail" in the sum of $2,000. He will l^i tried next rrjort*i. wl rrr Thai berg is now perfbrmlhg in Columbus, Ohio. Th" total number of suicides in ^Bl^ei phia for two years was 95 Some of the Louisiana papers have notice cf the snow and frost in that region as late as the 12th April. [7~r Madame La Grange gave eleven eperatic performances, and four concerts in New Orleans, by which she cleared the handsome sum of ?9,UU0. C7" The panorama of the battle of Bunker Hill was destroyed by fire in ban Francisco, on the 3d ultimo. The ice in the harbor of Buffalo, New York, It is said, is strong enough to walk upon with safety. fTT* The sales of printing cloths at Providence, R. I . for the past week, amounted to 37,500 pieces, with no change in the market price. (T'* The private stockholders of the Bank of Mi?"Ouri have agreed to accept the new charter, fixing the capital at five millions of dollars. ID- The Austrian Minister of the Interior an nounces that the work on the exhibition building for the Austrian Universal Exhibition of 1659has begun fi"7* The Sau Antonla Texan learns that the San Antonia and Mexican Gulf Railroad, under the present charier, has proved to be a total fail ure. Col John \V. Stevenson,a native of Rich mond. and sou of the late Hon. Andrew Steven son, has been uoiniuated for Cougrevt by the Democrats in Kentucky. ,1?T A late Liverpool poper states that thel>ody of Capt. A?a A Corning, formerly of the Amer ican snip Confederation, was picked up on Fri day. floatinc oil the Kock Light. Liverpool. The deceased hail i?een missing since January last when his ship was wrecked in the Channel trrTh* Medina (New York) Tribune says that an outrageous fraud was practised upon an eld lady in that place not long since. A weathy relative purchased of her an acre of laud, for which, instead of d'awing a deed, he drew up an instrument which covered the whole of her e? ??se. some .ixtv a? res of land, worthabo/US9,IHO Fortunately th?* fraud was discovered, and the property rescued from the hands of the villian. The Vanderbilt left her yesterday on her first trip to Europe, with nearly three hundred passengers She moved down the hay with great ? peed, making only twelve revolutions; ana ex cited the admiration of the thousands who had assembled to witness her departure It is ex pected that she will make the voyage within nine davs; and if *h?? had gone out with soft coal, we -hou^d predict for her the shortest passage ever msd'i Hei return trip, with English coal, will tell the story.?.V Y. Mirror. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. WILLARDS' HOTEL ?L C Dewing, lady and Mn, NY; R I Dobbin. Pa. Hon J B Haskins, VY. .? J Aiken, Md; B Banner, NY; A Biller, Pa. G F Willis d^. F Ellis; B J Lackey, DC; A Ogdeti. NR. C iV Carrigan. Pa; lion A Kenne dy Md, A Alberton. Iowa; II T (i??odloe and la dy, Ky, Mrs E F Goodloe, do; C Pindlev, Md; O H Marsliall and lady. N Y; J E Marshall, do; R H Rust and ladv. Fla: W B Jones and lady, Va, H S Rogers. Md; J C Knott do; .Mr Gordon and daughter, do; R T Loope, do; A Joel, NY; W E < urtls. do; \V P Mansley, Md: \V E Demaii, Pa; W B Savers. HI; Hon \V F Brooks. NY; Major Hunter.I SA; II J Cowts, NY: 11 Rouall. En^: W Benson and ladv. NY: C Macillister. Pa; H Ridji'ly and lady. Mass: P M Smett, MY: C II C H Smith, do; "J Hunter. Va; C N Beach, Pa; 11 Young, ly, Md; J Darden. do; S 11 Caswell, do: \Y J Lacy and lady, NY, Miss Lac v. do; Sam P Congdon. Miss; S P Pa tlsont Va; fl J Hampton, Mas*: J L Everts. |^; S Spring. NK: M Mouly. ?lo; H P Fayette, NY; J C Pond and ladv. Kr; J W Hastett. d<>. E J Biitts and lady, NY; MissS Butts, do; S D Shane. I'a; W E Gladney, do; S J i Andrew, NY; J C Salisbury, do; W G Norrls and ladv. NC: ^Iiss Norris, do; s E Haitand i broihe>. Md. II Hallmark, NY J Dreskill. do; S I J Bannes. Mass \V B Holly. Pa: J L Richards, do I BROWNS' HOTEL ?Geo E Brent, Md; T 11 Archer, Va; Z N Anderson. NY; G O Wharton, Va; S F Long, do; G T Marye and family, Cal; W L Blan< hard. Ky; J Chamberlain and ly, Mo: G W Hoover. Md. L B Emery, do; H Sweet. N Y; W Houston. Term; R F Falklnsou, do; T J Lavender. Mass, R Crane. NY; T S Brinest, SC; J B Counts, do; L C Waggoner, Tenn; Tboa D Knight, do; R Benford; J F Johnson, 8C; R T Paine and tadv, Md; A Hague, Pa; J W Thomas, Jr. Va; M S Warner, do; E D McClenahan, Md: W Peirson. do: J E Birch, ?'al; Edward Hey and l^y.NV. O Mille. Md; W Z B.own, do; Miss A JiBrown. do; W M Jones and lady, Va; J Ket tle well, Md; Geo Dsbble, do. KIRKWOOD HOUSE.?W F Willian, Va; J %tC?rr?ian' : Redwood, do; T Rutner. . ^ C Fer?u?oa, Md, J Read k. ly,Pa; ?r w H Roberdon, do; H Nelson, u?nT: . Va; vv M Reilly. Pa; J VV va; ri C Younjf, do. *? stcaxirs SSIHIl. l.tar, A merlon Boston... i . Ericsson New Tetk'.'.Llve^jS "*M? J Africa New U.k I lvfrKTl '"Vt'T ? ^P01*1 New York.. Antwerp... jJ2 From Etaop*. 1 ***** Liverpool .<iuet*? Apl ^ The California .Mail Steamers lenwe New York c* thnftb sa4 Mlh of nvh mrWfth W * ork Miicellaneom. pROPoSALS Bur... ? {~j*--ra t .ssai'AS". *?"* u (nftD>? ">? y?nl.> will he re n? J? r r_ ???e uatil noon oa the 1st day of J une pert, for furnishing and delivering at the several jwjyjardi nnmed, the materials and artioles em X???" 1IB P?aHd schedules, vhieh will he furnished on application, and sent by mail, 1/ ao requested, to persona desiring to offer to oontraet for any or all the S?mod *7 the oomroandaats of the r ?? ?hvi?imi mj ih? wnniwMmwii ui 1110 mmbI Sivj Varda, for the olaaaea far the yards under their command, or bf the Navy Agent nearest lhtr#to'or *>7 th# Bureau for any or all tne j ards. To prevent confusion and mistakes in sealing the offtmt no bid will 6a receirtd, which contains classes for mors than one yard t? one envelop* : and each individual of a firm rauat sign the bid and contract. ??*h?r?by cautioned and particularly no tified that their offers must ba in the form hereinaf ter prescribed, and be mailed ia time to reaoh their destination before tha time expiree lor receiving them; no btd will be considered which shall be received after the period stated. and no allow ance will be tuade for failures of the mail. To guard against offera being opened before the time appointed, biddersare requested to endorse on Ur ??Wraas, and draw a line un der the endorsement, thus : - Proposals for Class il*'iOfJFf* a"r^',J\avvr.yard fstinrnme [*' I?'* )of tha Bureau of Yards and Docks, Washington, D. C. Form qf Offer. 1 /?.- (Hare data the offer.) 1, (here insert the name or names composiug the iSfc? ??(l"Vne U1* toTnJ ,nvth* ,8,at? on name the state,) hereby offer to furnish under your advertise ment dated (data of advertise meat,) and autyeot to all the requirementa of the aame, and of the printed schedule to which it refers.all the articles embraced in Class No. (name the olaaa.) for the Navy Yard at (name the yard,) acourding to aaid soliedule, vis: (here paste on the printed olass from the schedule, and opposite eaeh article set the price and earry out the amount in the columns for dollars and cents, and loot up the aggregate amount of the bid for the olass.) amounting to < here WTite the amount ia words.) I propose as my agent, (here name the agent, if one m required by the schedule.) for the supply under tha miscellaneous, by a non-resident of the ? Place of delivery ; and should my offer be aocepted. . 'J1? contract may lie prepared and sent tr, th * Agent at (name the ageney,) for signature * &nU (Ht member of thefirip. to 8l*n"' Form of Guarantee. (The ui^TE?1 (name of guarantor) of/name the town.). of <name the (State.) and name of second Rl.^ra?e?s, Ac.,) hereby undertake thar the above nam wjlaainethe bidder or bidders/ will, if his lor their] b?*ooepted, eo tar into contract with the ^arte4 Statee within fiP een days after the date of no tioetaronqh the post oflP.oe, of tne acceptance of his [o.* tfcswi oners before ?nentioned. W itness: t&ncaature of gWtrantors.) I certify that the aix?*? named (here name the guarantors) are known t?* ?? to ba good and respon sible guarantors in this c?ae. (Signature.) To be signed by the distiiet judge, distnot attor nev. collector, navy agent, 0* soma pftrsoo known to the Bureau be responsible. Class. PORTSMOUTH. JL. II. No. 1. Bricks. 2. Granite. 3. Yellow pine tiinljer. 4. Yellow pine lumber. b. Cherry,(seasoned.* ?. White pme. and spruoe. timber and lumber, f white pine seasoned.? t. Lime and hair. Cement. f. 1". Wane. 11. free pad nails. 12. Steffi . 14. Files, 15. Paints. oils, sad glass. 16. Ship chandlarv. 17. Hardware 1?*. Stationery. 19. Firewood. 2". Hsy, Jl. Provender. T2, Chsrooal. 24. Cepper and composition nails. 25. J ran nastmgs. Z). Exem^ateoa. Class. BOSTON. No. 1. Bricks. 2. Stona. _ . 4. ^ ellow pnW Awaber. 5. Oak ami hard weod. e. White pine, spsaoA. aad jumper limber and lumber. 7. Lima and hair. 8. Cement. 9. Gravel and sand. 10. Slate. 11. Iron, iron spikes and aails. 12. Steel. 14. Filea. 15. Paints, oils, and glass. ltj. Ship chandlery. 17. Hardware. IS. Stationery. Hay and straw. 7L Provender. 22. Cjmrooai. 23. Pac!rng. 25. Iron castings. Class. &KW YORK. No. 1. Bricks. 2. Stone. S. Yellow pine timber 5. Oak ana hard wood timber. 6. White pine, spruoe,aad^uniper. 7. Lime and hair. ft. Cement. 9. Gravel awl sand. 1?. Slate. 11. Iron, iron spikes and nails. 12. Steel. 14. Files. 15. Paints, oils, and glass. Iff. Ship chandlery. 17. Hardware. 18. Stationery. 20. Hay ami straw. 21. Provender. 22. Charcoal. 23. Belting, packing, and hose. 25. Iron work and castings. 2B. Machinery aad tools. Class. PHILADELPHIA. No. 1. Bricks. 2. Stone. 3. Yellow pine timber. 4. Yellow pine lumber. V White nek and hardwood. 6. White pine timber. 7. Lime ami hair. 9. Gravel and sand. 1". Slate. 11. Iron, iron nails, aud spikes. 12. Steel. 14. Files. 15. Pmnts, oils.and glass. 16. Ship chaudiery. 17. Hardware. 18. Stationer). 19. Firewood. 20. Hay and straw. 21. Provender. a. Charcoal. 28. Belting, packing,and hose. 27. Iron floats. Class NAVAL ASYLUM. No. I. Clothing. * 2. Hals, boots, and shoes. 3. Provisons. 4. Groceries. 5. Dry goods. 6. Br?.id.Ac. 7. Toloeoo. 8. Miscellaneous. 9. Hardware. 10. Iron and nails. 11. Paints, oils, Ac. 12. Files. 13. Tools. 14. Lumber. 15. Proveuder. 16. Firewood. 17. Excavation and wall. Class. WASHINGTON. No. 1. Bricks. 2. Stone. 3. Yellow pine trmber. 4. Yellow pine lumber. 5. ftek. hardwood timber, aad lumber. 6. White pine, spruoe, juaiper.and oypres*. 7. Lime and hair. 9. Gravel and sand. 11. Iron, iron nuls,and spikes. 12. Steel. 13. Pig iron. 14. Files. 15. Paints, oils, Ac. 1*. Ship chandlery. 17. Hardware. 18. StationoiT. 19. Firewoou. 20. Hsv and Straw. 21. Provender. 22. Charcoal. 23. Belting, packing, and hose. 24. Iron gun-oarriage shed. Class. NORFOLK. No. I. Bricks. 2. Stone. 3. Yellow pine timber. 4. Yellow pine lumbar. 6. White pine timber and lumbar. 7. Lime. 8. Cement. 9. Sand. 10. Slate. 11. Iron, iron nails. 12. Steel. 14. Files. 15. paints, oil and glass. I*. Shir chandlery. 17. Hardware. 18. Stationery. 20. Hay and atraw. 21. Provender. 72. Charcoal. , 25. I-on castings. 26. Surgeon's noose. Class. PENSACOLA. No. I. Bricks. 2. Granite. 3. Yellow pine timber. 4. Yellow pine lumber. 5. Hard wood timber and lumber. 6. White pine,In 111 per,cadar and eypress.lura ber and timber. 7. Lime. 8. Cement. 9. Cockle shells, clay and sand. 10. Slate. 11. Iron, iron nails and apikee. 12. Steel. 13. Railroad iron. 14. Files. 15. Paints, mis and glaae. 16. Ship cltamllery. 17. Hardware. 18. Stationery. 19. Firewood. Hay. 21. Provender. 22. Charcoal. ?. Belting, packing, hose, A?. 24. Copper aad composition nails. 25. Iron castings. V. Instruments, Ae. The schedule will etste the times within which a-tieles will be required to be delivered: and where 'hVrn,?^ schedule ia" not ased, the periods stated livered at such place or plaoes, including drayage and cartage to the place* where naed Within the Navy Yard*, respectively, for which the offer ta made, u may he directed by the commanding officer thereof; and, all other thing* heme equal, preference will be given to American manufacture. No article will ha reoeived after the expiration of the perM specified in the schedule* for the completion ol'deliveriee, un lets specially authorised !>y the Department. It ta to be provided m the oontraet. and to be dis tinctly understood by tho bidders, that the amount awl number of articles enumerated in classes headed " miscellaneous,'' are specified as the proha/tlt ^ltdy whieh may be required, as well as to fix for determining the lowest bid; but the con tractor is to furnish more or lees of the said enume rated articles, and in snch quantities. and nt such times, aj th* Bureau or Commandant mrty re- I quire ; such increase, however, not to exceed one- I third of the quantities stated, (ind requisitions sent through the post office shall be deemed sufficient no tice.) during the fiscal \ ear ending a*h June, 185R; and whether the quantities required be more ur less than those specified, the prices shall remain the same. All the articles under tho oontraet must he of the best quality, delivered in good order, free of all and ?very charge or expense to the Government, and subject to the inspection, connt, weight, or measure ment of the said Navy Yard, and be in *11 respects satisfactory to the Commandant thereof. Bidders are referred to the Yard for plans, specifications, or samples, aud any further description of the articles. Contractors for classes hoaded " miscellaneous," who do not reside near the place where the artielee are to be delivered, will lie required to name in their proposals an agent at the city or principal place near the Yard of delivery, who may be called upon to de liver articles without delay when tliey shall lie re quired. Approved sureties in the full amount of the con tract will be reqnired, and twenty per cetunm as ad ditional security deducted from cacli payment until the oontraet shall have been completed or cnaoelled, unless otherwise authorized by the Department. On olasses headed " miscellaneous," to be delivered na required during the fiscal year, the twenty per cont nm retain'-d may, at the discretion of the Comiuaud p'ud quarterly on the first of January. April, July, end Ootober, when the deliveries have been satisfactory, and the lelance (eighty per cent.) will be by the respeo'ive Navy Agents within thirty da? ? after the presentation of bills, in triplicate, duly Y'juobed and approved. No pert of the per centum reserved is to be paid F until all the rejected articles offered under tho con tract shall have been removed from the vard, unless specially authorized by the Department. It will be stipulated in the contract, that if default shall be made by the parties of the first part in de livering all or any of the articles mentioned in any class bid for, of the quality and at the times and pla ces above provided, then and in that case the wild parties will forfeit and pay to the United States. a sum of money not to exceed twice the aiuouut of such class; which may bo recovered from time to time according to the net of Congress, in that case provided, approved March 3,1R43. Tho sureties must sign the contmot, and their re sponsibility certified to by a Navy Agent, Colleclor. District Attorney, or some other person satisfacto rily known to the Bureau. It ta to be provided in the oontraet that the Bureau a hall have the power ofanntilling the contract, with out loss or damage to the Government, in cane Con gress shall not nave made sufficient appropriations for the articles named, or for the completion of works estimated fur, and on which this advertisement i* l*ised, and sliall also liave the power to increase or dimin'Sih the quantities named in the classes not headed " Miscellaneous" iuthe scliodule twenty-five per cent. Persons whose offers shall be accepted will lie no tified by letter through the post office, which notice shall be considered sufficient ; and if they do not en ter into contract for the supplies specified within fifteen days from the date of noticc from the Bureau of the acceptance of their bid, a contract will be made with some other person or persons, and the guaran tors of such defaulting bidder will be held responsi ble for all delinquencies. All offers not mado iti strict con formity with this advertisement will, at tho option of the rejected. , Those only v hose offera may be accepted wdl be notified, and contracta will be ready for execution aa eoon thereafter aa inay be practicable. m t-l>? w4w PROPOSALS FOR LIVE OAK. Navy Department, J Bureau of Con.tfr*rf?o?, ire.. May 1, lftSTT.S Sealed Proposals for delivering 50,000 cnhic feet of promiscuous Live Oak in each of the Navy Yards at Charlcstown. Massachusetts; Brooklyn, New York: Philadelphia,and at Gosport, Virginia, will be|re ceivedat this bureau until the 15th of June. 1857. These proposals must be endorsed Proposals for Live Oak. that they mav be distinguished from other business letters. The "Hers may l>e for one or ail the Yards, but must be for the whole quantity at any Yard, and. as required by law, must lie accompanied by a suitable guarantee, tho form of which is here with given. Sureties in the full estimated amount will be re quired to sign the contract, and, as additional and collateral security, 15 percent, will br withheld on the amount of each delivery until tho contract is com pleted. In all the deliveries of the timber there must l>e a due proportion of the most difficult and crooked pieces;otherwise there will be withheld such further amount, in addition to the 15 per cent., as may he judged expedient to secure the public interest until sucn difficult portions bo delivered. The remaining 85 per cent., or other proportion of each bill, when approved in triplicate bv tho commandant of the \ ard, will tie paid by such navy agent as the contrac tor may name within thirty days after its presenta tion to him. it will be stipulated in the contract that if default be mode by the parties of the first part in delivering ail or any cf the tunlier named of the quality and at the time and place provided, then and inthateyse the contractor and his sureties will forfeit and pt/y to the UnitedStatesnsumof money not exceeding twice the total amount therein agreed upon as the price to be paid in case of the actual delivery thenvd", w hioh may lie recovered front tune to time, according to the act of Congress in that case made and provided, ap proved March 3,1843. The 5*\onu cubic feet to be delivered in each yard will be in the following proportions?say 8,(ton cultic feet of keelsons, and pieces suitable for lower stems, atern posts, stern-post knees, tore deadwood.aprons, all siding 18 and 20 inehes. aud hooks siding 14 and 16 inches. These pieces to be in mimlier in the propor tions in which tnev enter into tho construction of a ship of war, conforming substantially in shape, length, ami character with those heretofore receiv ed, with frames of corregponding siding, the moulds of which can be seen at nny of the yards named. 32.000 cubic feet of tho siding of 13 ami 15 inches, in about equal uuautitieaof each, and 5 000 cubic feet oj a siding of 12 niches; all these pieces lieing in length from 13 to 17 feet, having a natural and fnir curve of from 13 to 3n inches or more in that length; and two-thirds the number of the pieoes to have from the mean to the maximum crook ; also, cubic feet siding 13and 15inchcs, in length from 17to 20 feet. All to be sided straight and fair : the 15 inch tnnl>er aud under showing a face of not less than three fourths the sirling, to be cut from trees grown with in 30 miles of the sen, of which satisfactory evidence will he required l>y the Commandant of iho Yard ; to he delivered in the respective Yards at the risk arid expense of the contractor, snliject to the usual in spect ion, to the entire approval of the Bureau; and one-half to be delivered on or before the 1st day of August, IH.W, and the remainder on or before tho 1st of July, 1859. Form of Offer. I, , of the Slate -, hereby agree lo furnish and deliver at the tinted States Navy Ynrd at hfly thousand feet of live-oak litnlier, in conformity with the advertisement of the Bureau of Construc tion of the date of May 2,1857, viz: 8,'W cubic feet, suitable for principnl pieces, sided 18 and?20 inches, at per foot. 3J.00U ouhic feet curved timlier, sided 13and(l5 inch es, length 13 to 17 feet, at per foot. S.ono cubic feet curved tinili?r, sided 12 inches,longth I 13 to 17 feet, at per foot. 6,noo,cuhio feet timlier, siding 13 and 15 inches, length 17 to 5S) feet,at per foot. Total value. Should my offer l?e accepted, I request to k ad r|ressed at .and the contract forwarded to the Navy Agent at ,oi to me At , for signa ture and eortiticate. (Data.) A. B. Form of Guarantee. The undersigned. .of , in the State of , hereby guaranty that, in cose the foregoing lad be accepted, will, within ten daya after the re ceipt of the oontraet at the post office named, or navy agent designated, execute the contract for the same, with good and sufficient sureties, incase said shall fail to enter into contract asafOre said. we guaranty to make go<Kf the difference lie tween the oflor of the said and that which may lie accepted C. D. (Date.) E. F. Witness: G. H. hereby certify that the above-named C. D. and K. F. are known to me aa men of property, and aide to make good their guarantee. (Date.) ^( To lie signed by the 1'nited Slates District Judge, t'nited States District Attorney,Collector, or Navy Agent, and no oUier.) may 4-law5w I No. 579.1 TVOTICE OF THE ESTABLISHMENT OF i ' AN ADDITIONAL LAND DISTRICT IN THE STATE OF WISCONSIN. In pursuance of the act of Congress approved March 3, 1857, entitled "An set to establish an addi- , tionai Land District iu the State of Wisconsin," to lie called the "CpippEW* District," which district embraces that portion of the old l?a Crosse and Hud son Districts, situated "north of Ike line dividing townshipi twenty four and twenty-Jirt north, south of th4 line dividing townships forty ami forty-one northwest of the line dividing ranges one and two east, and east of the line dividing ranges eleven mnd twelve west." it is hereby decla red and made kuown that the offioe for said diatrict haa been eatabhahed at the town of "Eau Claire," in aaid State. Given under my haud. at the oitv of Waaluucton, this eleventh day of April, A. D. liS7. By order of the Preaident : JOS. S. WILSON. Acting Commissioner of the General ap IS-lswfiw Land Offioe. Ij^RESH BEEF AND VEGETABLES FOR 1 THE NAVY. Navy Agkst'b Ornc*. April 55, 18J7. Sealed Proposals will be reoeived at this office un til Monday, the twenty-fifth day of May, lHS7j at noon, for the supply or such quantities or FRESH BEEF and VEGETABLES as may be required on the Washington station, during the fiscal year com mencing on the 1st day of July next, and ending on the S'th June, 185H. The Beef and Vegetables must be of good quality, and t he best t he market affords, and each artiole must be offered for by the pound. Bond with approved security will lie required in one-half the estimated, amount of the oontraet. and twenty per ceatum in addition will lie withheld from the amount of each payment to be made, as collateral security for the due performance of the oontraet, which w^l on no account be paid until it is fully ooiri ^lEveryVffer made must lie accompanied (as directed in the act of Congress making appropriation for the naval service for 18*5-'47, approved lMh August, I846)by a written guarantee, signed bv one or more responsible pereons. to the effeot that he or thejr un dertake that the bidder or bidders will, if hia ortheir Ind be aooepted, enter into an obligation, within nva daya. with good and sufficient sureties, to famish the articles pr. posed. No proposal will be considered unless accompanied by such guarantee. A. GkKENLEAFT ?n 77-I?w4w Navy Agent.

N^aroc* pjr BASKETS at McLAFGH Miscellaneous. * /\VKRLAND mail ROUTE to CALIFORNIA. Post OfUce Department. April *\ 1KT7. An Act of Congress, approved 3d March. 1897, mak ing appropriations for the service ?f the Post Office Department for the fiscal year ending 9Hh June, 1858, provides: ''Sec. 10. That the Postmaster General be and he ta hereby authorised to contract for the conveyance of tbo entire letter nuul from stich point on the Mis sissippi river aa the contractors mar eeleet to San Francisco, in the State of California, for six years, at a cost not exceeding three hundred thousand dollar* per annum for semi-manthly, four hundred and fifty thousand dollars for weekly, or slx hun dred thousand dollars for semi-weekly aervioe, to be performed semi-monthly, weekly, or semi-weekly, at the option of the Postmaster General. " Sec. II. That the contract shall reqnire the ser viee to be performed with good four-horse ooaohes or spring wagons, suitable for the oonveyaiioe ofpas senrers as well aa the safety aod security of the mails. " Sec. 12. That the contractor shall have the right of pre-emption to three hundred and twenty acre* of any land not then disposed of or reserved, at eaoh point neoeseary lor a station, not to lie nearer than ten miles trom each other; and provided that no mineral land shall !>e thus pre-empted. " Sec. 13. That the said service shall be performed within twenty-five days for each trip; and that, be fore entering intw such contract, the Postmaster General shall be satisfied of the ability ami disposi tion ol the parties, bona fide and in good buth, to per form the said contract, and aliall require good an<l sufficient security for the performance of the same, the service to ooinmencn within twelve months after the signing of the contract." Proposals will aooonlmglj be received at the Con tract Office of the Post Oraoe Department,until 3p. m.of the 1st day of June, 1857, for oonvey ing nuuls under the provisions of tneabove act. Besides the start ing poiut on the Mississippi river, bidders will name the intermediate points proposed to be embraced in the route and otherwise aesignate its nonrseas nearly as practicable. Sennrate proposals are invited for semi-monthly weekly, and iiMi-ciiHy trips each way. The ijecision upon the proposals ofTered will lie made after the Postmaster General shall be satisfied of the ability and disposition of the parties in good J fflitli to perforin the contract. A guarantee is to he executed, with good and suf ficient sureties, that the oontract sliall be executed with like good security, whenever the contractor or contractors shall lie ream red to do sobythcPost master General, and tne aervice must commence within twelve months aftcrthedateof such contract. Form *f Propo.ial. . .? . of?-, county of , State of . propose | to eonvey the entire letter mail, for the term or six j years, from the date specified in the contract for I commencing service, from , on the Mississippi 1 , to San rranciseo, California, agreeablv to the advertisement of the Postmaster General of , the 2*Hh April, \W1, in good fonr horse conches or spring wagons, suitable for the conveyance of pns I sengers, as well as the safety anil security of the ! mails, temi-monthly, each way, for the annual sum j ?f dollars ; weekly. each way, for the annual sum of?-dollars; semi-weekly, each way, for theau nual sum of dollars. ' AMied> ? ~? (Signed.) I . Form of GuaranUe. | The undersicned, residing at . State of , un : dertake that, if the foregoing bid for carrying the mail on the route from , on the Mississippi river, ; to San I- rancisoo. California, Ikj accepted by the ! I ostinaster General, the bidder shall, when required by the Postmaster General, enter into the necessary obligation to perform the service proposed, with good and sufficient sureties. This we do understanding distinctly the obliga tton and Iiabilitics assumed by guarantors under I the Zlth seetion of the act of Congress of July 2, I 1396. Dated. (Signed by two guarantors.) , , Form of Certificate. The undersigned, postmaster of . State of .certifies, under his oath of office, that he is acquainted with the above guarantors, and knows them to be men of property, and able to make good their guarantee. Dated, (Signed.) . . INSTRUCTIONS. Containing conditions to he incorporated in the contracts to the extent the Department may deem proper. '? P*y will bo made for trips not performed ; ajMl lor each of sneh omissions not satisfactorily ex plained three times the pay of the trip may be de ducted. Deductions wilfafso l>e ordered for a grade of performance inferior to that specified in the eon tract. For repeated delinquencies of the kind herein specified, enlarged penalties, proportioned to the na ture theroof and the importance of the mail, may be made. 2. For leaving behind or throwing off the mails, or any portion of thein, for the admission of passengers, or for being oonoerned in setting up or running an ex press conveying intelligence in advance of the mail, a quarter's pay may be deducted. 3. Fines will lie imposed, unless the delinquency be promptly and satisfactorily explained by certificates of postmasters, or the affidavits of other credible persons, for failing to arrive in contract time; for neglecting to take the mml from or delivering it into a P??Li oe; f??r suffering it (owing either totheun suitableness of the place or manner of carrying it) to be wet, injured, destroyed, robbed, or lost; and for refusing, after demand, to eonvey the mail as fre quently as tho contractor runs or is concerned in running a coach on the route. 4. The Postmaster General mar annul the contract for repeated failures to run agreeal>lj to contract; for violating the post office lawn, or disobeying the in structions of the Department; for refusing to dis charge a carrier when required by the Department to do so; for assigning the oontract witheut the absent ol the I ostinaster General; for running on express as aforesaid; or lor transporting persons or packages oonveying mailable matter out of the mail. ?5. A bid received after the last day and hour named or without the guarantee required by law, cannot be considered in e<wnpetition with a regular proposal reasonable in amount. 6. The route, the service, the yearly par. the name and residence of the bidder, (that is. his usual post office address,)and those of each meinberofthe firm, where a company offers, should be distinctly stati-d 7. Altered bids should not be subsutted; norshould bids once submitted be withdrawn. H. Each bid must bo guarantied by two or more re sponsible persons satisfactory to the Postmaster "?"'"I- tieneral guarantees cannot l>e admitted. 1 he bid and guarantee should be signed plainly with the |(ull name ol each person. ? 9.- The Department reserves the right to rcjeot any bid which may be doomed extravagant, and also the , 8 ?4.J'ullnK contractors and bidders. 10. rhe bid should l>e sealed; superscribed "Mail Proposals for overland routo to California," address , }.?L,n,[ Assistant Postmaster General," Con tract ()lnce. 11. A modification of a bid in any of its essential torms is tantamount to a new bid, and cannot l?e re as. V' "derfiere with a regular competition, io I? hour s?f for receiving bids. 12. I ostmasters ar? to l?e careful not to certify the sufficiency of guarantors a? sureties without kn?w ing that they are persons of sufficient responsibility; and all bidders, guarantors.and auretiesare distinoi ly notified that, on a failure fo enter into or perforin the contracts for the aervioe proposed for in the nc oepted bids, their legnl liabilities will Ih> enforced ft-gamst Ihoin. 13. Present contractors, and persons known at the Department must, equal It with others, procure guar nntors and certificates of their sufficiency substan tially in the forms above prescribed. The certificates or sufficiency must l>e signed by a postmaster, or bv a nidge of a court of record. ' ' .. i'.-ViS"/'?? "fhj'fders. guarantors, sureties, 4c. '?directed to the following laws, viz : Sec.2. Act of March 3, 1825. requiring contractors, carriers, Are. to l?e sworn. See. 44. Actol March3,1825, iq relation to failure to enter into contract. ??} ?r "'i11'? of guarantors. f.\l 4< of J"V ,fW- authorizing bids of failing contractors to be rcterted. An act of July 2,1835, m relation toct?mbi nat ions amongst bidders. Act of April 21. 1??, provides that no member of Congrens can be a oontract or. Sec. 42. An act of March 3. 1R25, provides that no rri!.nnuTrL*'S8,',ta"1 P?"'ma?ter, or clerk in a post ofhee shall be a contractor. ? k-ec" T' Acf 3? ,B25? provides that no other than a free whito male person shall be employed in carry ing f he mail. r * . JRT T,,e Postmaster General will reserve to him seirthe right ofannullmganv oontract made nnder the above act, whenever he sliall discover that the same or any p?rt of it, is offered for sale in the market for the purpose of spec illation, and he will, m Uo case sanction a transfer of the same, in whole or in part to any asaigneo or sub oontraotor, less qualified in his opinion, than the original oontraotor, to curry the same mto successful operation. N WyK^Sl^'vrpl-v or 8ilpkP?rrfntw 0,1 "*le.nn "nmense variety of i. jDS, in great variety, iu new styles S \ comfort and oouveni ence of housekeepers. We name the following urti. fhal' 7- i 1 Wl" cheapest and best of their kind ever offered in this market. J," FABLK L1NKNS, we have? l?k't?ij? ni??k* l6^J,eI?iag double Satin Dam ask Table Cloths. This make of l,inen is very I ouuenovel ,n ??untr*- designs are 8^^ "-?'by 10-1. Breakfast Clothe Insh manufaetHee'016 d?UWa DnU,er' 3-4 ^iL,!,bL8 I)R,nask' for overlays, to mateh the arK>\ e. This is a new article of Furniture, and a great improvement in the saving of time and trouble at the dinner table by 4-4 to 5-8 by 5-8 Table Napkins to match,eoine as low as 8145 per dozen l ? TOILET GOODS. Barnstev, Scotch, and Irish 13-4, 12 ?, U-4, 10-4, and 9-4 Linen Sheetings, some as low aa 62h oents 1 All widths and qualities Pillow and Bolster-ease Liaene " An immense variety of Toilet Toweling, for all pur Elegant MarseiHes, Turkish. Dimity, Lancaster ?nd^AUeudaie Toilet tiuilts, in 14-4 down to 9-4 Crib and Toilet Covers to match or *??? Three-yanl wide pink and white Bobinets, for Bed ny-neiB Lnglish and French furniture Chintzes summer d? tW',,ed Eugene 8tri'^' fvr to E.T:,P^vi>mRc^RrA-Bur,n?,, ('rP'n ***$ Blue Cloths, in rich SaUn and Embroidered Borders. 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One to three Uittkea will cure the worst kiad of Pimples oa the Face. . . __ . Two or three bottle will dear the system of Biles. Two Utttlea are warranted to cure the worst Canker in the Month and Stomach. Three to five bottlea art warranted to en re the worst kind of Kryaipelas. ? .. One or two bottles are warranted to cure all Hu mor in the Eyes. _ Two bottles are warranted to cure Running of the Ears and Blotches among the Hair. Four to six bottle* are warranted to euro oorrupt and running Fleers. . One liottle will cure Scaly Ernpfiorw of the Skin. Two or three bottles are warranted to cure the worst kind of Ringworm. Two or three bottles are warranted to cure the most most desperate <nse of Rheuinatiain. Three to four bottles are warranted to cure 5alt rheum. Fivetoeight bottles will cure the worst case of Scrofula. A benefit is always experienced from the first bot tle, and a perfect cure is warranted whon the above quantity is taken. Nothing looks so improbable to those who have in vain tried all the wonderful medicines of the day, as that a common weed growing on the pastures, and along old stonewalls, should on re every humor inthe system ; yet it is a fexed fact, ll' yon have a humor, it has to start. Thore are no IPS nor AMDS, hums nor tin's about it suiting some ca*e?, butZnot yours. I peddled over a thousand bottles ofit in toe vicinity of Boston. I know the effects of it in everv ease. It has already done some of the greatest cures ever done in Massachusetts. I gave it to children a year old. to old people of sixty. 1 have seea poor. puny, wormy-looking children, whose flesh was soft six! flabby, restored to a perfcot state of health by one bottle. To those who are subject to a sick headache, one bottle will always euro it. It gives great relief in catarrh and dizziness. Some who have taken it had b?*en eostive for years, and hare beeu regulated l?y it. Whflre the body is sound it works quite easy, but wh^re there is anv derangement of the functions of nature, it will rouse verv singular filings, bin yon most not be alarmed; thev alwava duappecr in from four da ys to a week. There is never a had re sult from it; on the contrarv. when thai feeling is gone, you will feel yourself like a new peiaen. I heard somo of the most extravagant encomiums of it that ever man listened to. In my own practioo I always kept it strictlv f*r hu mors?but si lie its introduction a? a general family medicine, greet and wonderful virtues have been found in it that I never suspected. Several cases of epileptic fits?a disease which was alwavs considered incurable, hare f>een cured bv a few bottles. O. what a merc.v if it will prove effec tual in all cases of that awful malady? there are but few who have aeen more of it than I have. I know of several eases of Dropsy, all of them aged cured bv it. For the various diseases of The Liver, Sick Headache. Dyspepsia. Asthma. Fever and Ague, Pain lu the Side, Diseases of the Spine, and particularly in Diseases of the Kidn?vs. 4cs, tho discovery has done more good than auy medicine ever known. No chance of diet ever ueoessarv?eat the bast you can iret and enough of it. Directions for Use.?Adults on? table-spoonful per day?children over ten years deasert spoonful children from five to eight \eern, tea-spoonful. As no directions can be applioable to all constitutions, take sufficient to operate on the bowels twice o day. MANCrACTTKBD BY DONALD KENNEDY. No. 120 Warren Street. Roxbury, Massachusetts. Agents for Washington.?Chas. Stott A Co.. Z. Gilman, Kidwell A |.awrenee, J. B Gardner, Burrv A Co., D. Walsh A Co.. F. S. Walsh, J. P. Stone. Martin King, Nnirn A ralmer^Schwartz A Co.. O Boswell, Daniel B. Clark, J. P. Milburn. Punl*r Dvsen. Ford A Bro. Agents for Georgetown.?R. S. Cissell, o M Iyentham, J. L. Kidwell. my My THE PERUVIAN SYRIP having sueceeafully passed the ondeal to which many aisoovenes in the Materia Medicaare subjected, must now be re oaived as an established medicine. ITS EFFICACY IN CURING D YS P E P SI A Afettions of the Liter, Dropsy, S'euralgia, Bro n ehitis and Consumptive Tendencies, Disorder ed state of the Blood, Boils, General Debility, and all Diseases which require a Tom's ana Alterative medicine is b*yond question. The proofs of its efficacy are so namerous, so well auOientioated, and of such peculiar character, tliat sufferers cannot reasonably hesitate to receive the proffered aid. The Peruvian Syrup does not profess to be a rurt all, but its range is extensive, because manv disea ses. apparently unlike, are intimately related, and, proceeding from one cause, may be cured by one remedy. The class of diseases for which the Syrup promi ses a cure, is precisely that whieh has so often haf fled the highest order of medical skill. The Ihcts are tangible, the witnesses accessible, and the safety and efficacy of the Syrup incontrovertible. Those who may wish for an opinion from disinter ested persons respecting the character of tho Syrup, cannot fail to be satisfied with the following among numerous testimonials, in the hands of the Agents. The signatures are those of gentlemen wall known in the community, and of the highest respectability. _ , , , CARD. The undersigned having experienced the benefioial effects of the Peruvian Strup," do not hesitate to recommend it to the attention of the publio. r rom our own experienoe. as well as from the tes timony of others, whose intelligence and integrity are altogether unquestionable, we have no doubt of its efficacy in cases of incipient Diseases of the l^ungs and BronchinJ Passages, Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint, Dropsy, Neuralgia. Ac. indeed its ef fects would l?e incredible, but from the character of tlioee who have witnessed them, and have volunteer ed their testimony, as we do ours, to its restorative power. John pierpont, THOMAS A. DEXTER, S.H.KENDALL, M. D. SAMUEL MAY, THOMAS C. AMORY. PorsalebyZ. D. GILMAN, Special Agent, 390 Pennsylvania avenue, and at the General Agency, corner of L and 8th streets. Nav* Yard. feb 86 Private medical treatise OX THE phisiological view of marriage. By M. B. La CROIX. M. D.. Albany, N. Y. 300 pages and 130 fine Plain and Colored Lithographs and Plates. ? __ _ ID-PRICE ONLY ?CENTS IL/~ Sent fret of postage to ail parts tut tie Union. . Dr. M. B. I?a Croix's Phyaiologionl View of Mar nage. A new and revised edition of pues and inO plates. Price 25 oents a copy. A popular and comprehensive treatise on the duties and ceaualties of single and married life-happ) nmf fruitful allian ces, mode of securing them?infelicitous aad infer tile ones?their obviation aud removal?nervous de bility, its causes and cure, by a process at onoe so simple, safe, and effectual, tliat failure is unpossiUe ?rules for daily management?an essay on Sperma torrhoea, with practical observations on a safer and more successful mode of treatment?precantionary hints on the evil results from empiriaai practice; to Which is added commentaries on the dismses of fe malea?from infancy to old a*e?each case graphical l> illustrated bv beautiful plates. It'points out the remedies for those self inflicted miseries and disap pointed hopes so unfortunately prevalent in the young. It is a truthful adviser to the married, and those contemplating marriage. Its perusal is partie ularly recommended to persons entertaining secret doubts of their ph\ sioal condition, and who are oon scious of haviiw hazarded the health, happinosa and privileges to which every human b^ing is entitled to. Price A cents per copy, or five oopies for A I, mail ed free of postage to any p?rt of the United States, by add(easing Dr. LA CROIX, (post paid,) Albany, I>ew i ork, enclosing 25 oents. ^2f^Tho,? who ^ consult Doctor ILA t ROlX .upon any of the diseases npon which his book treats, either personal!v or bv mail. IIis medi cines often cure in the short spaceof six days, and completely and entirely eradioate all traces of those disorders which copaiva and oubeba have ao long been thought anantidote, to the ruin of the health of the patient. His " French Secret" is the great eon tinental remedy for that class of disorders which un fortnnatelv, physicians treat with mercury, to the irretrievable destruction to the patient's constitu tion, and which all the sarsaparilla in the world oan not cure. ITT" Offico No. 31 Maiden Lane, Albaug, N. Y. _ feb 14?ljr ^OLOH-COLD8-HOAR*?ENE8*. DR. TYLER'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF GUN AR R ABIC: ur The most Plea?int. Safe and Speedy Cure tot Whoopin* Cough, Croup, Asthma. Dia eased Lungs and CoaBampUon. Entered according to Act^af Congress, A. D. 1?7. In Bgaln prewnting to the notioeof the pnWic the ajiove remedy, we feel that little apok?y is needed \ ast uumbers mail sections of theTiii*. are obHSd to have recourae lo other sources of relief than the immediate presonetioB of their family physioian.anS as each return of tne winter season tirings out a host of professedly new specifies, some good, others use "I^n,r 4?5 ? T dangerous, it Iteoomea as much a matter of duty as interest, believing this to 9V>mblBlnc the greatest advantages, with the least objections of any other m use. to Vmike it as extensively known as praoticeble. tfhat such il abundantly proved by the fcet, that it has been extensively used the last twentv years with unparalleled sucoess ; that its reputation has continued to spread and its sale increaM. with little aid from advertising or published lists of cer tificates, (which all know oanaa naaily l>e had for a worthleaa preparation as for a meritorious one.Hluu bv its own ?" '? or peraons w. rr ?- ? ???"? S I IWUB uiir, t I mi intrinsic merit, with the recommendation benefited by its use, it has gained its ore ? rittr ? it 1 m nrkf t _ _ f. . _ _ ^? ? ? .. m sra ? ^MIIICW OS !?!*}? I sent popularity ; it is not trumpeted to the world as a specific or cure all, but as a valuable and scientific auxiliary in pulmonary cases, ready at hitnd, and one that lias been generally found to aff ord relief where most others have been tried without material liene&t. As such, it is recognised by nutT\l>eri of our leading physic;; lis, who know its composition, and have lieen eye witaeeees of its superior efficacy, as well as by thousands of our most respectable citizens, to most of Whom raferenee --?1 a oents. by iiaim ?. I'ALMER, and CIlASLLS ?Tofif. Washington; CISSEL, Georgetown,and PEEL Jt STEVENS, Alexandria. AW "TYLER'S GUM ARABIC COUGH CAND^ DROPS," the same composition in a portable form, much patromsdH by public speakers, singers, frequenters of public aaseinl>Ues, Ac., as they remove all hnskiness from the throat and voioe, aad act like a charm oaa truubieaoms cough. Price 13K and 25 oents a box. __ _ dec tMSHING TACKLE.?HOOKS, LINES. RODS, a Reels, Aa., a complete outfit just received at the Housefurniahing Store, 4907tb street. ap is O. FRANCIS. I^ENTLEMENS DRESS SIIIRTS OF FINE apr-tf an ?%. ??. bat, Kii tod lotk ita. Trav#l?r?' Directory. washington AND ALEXANDRIA, AND mount VERNON. catmi or hopii.-tim l?ywt CFA)ruk washington or THPMa3 colm fcR will depart at the fellow sj4ilwa ?if part *l in* honr*. on and *ncr 94 m*f next: m?r? Alexandria, at 7, ?>>, k^. u, 2!t. 4.'?, aad ??'? o'clock. leave Washing ton. at 7\.9>*. ii Vs. the pnlhki maj confidently rely wn liie Boat atari lag at the time advartisad. One of the Boats will make a trip to mol XT VERNON on ttastiaii aad Fridat of each week, leaving washingtanft so'qoak jt>? CORSON. __ t r> ? ?EO. T. HOWARD. < either Boat may h* chartered f?* kaenrsions *t any time, on application to joskph BRYAN, President of the coinpnnv. at lus oAae. ? Pe?n. avenue. or to tfce Captains oa board. ap*mf S{?r Leave Alexandria at 4>%. uf. 9. U%} I*h. 3. 4V.?%. Leave Washington at ?.t. $%. llhl 1|?. 4. 5s.7. ?pm-4 ELLIS L. 1'rfct. crpiair WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. Trains lea%-a WASHINGTON for BALTIMORE at 6 and h>? a. m.. ami 9 and ot p. a>. oi sur lai. at 4)??. ai. Leava baltlmolfe for WASHINGTON at 4>k and a. m.. and 3 and 5fc p. m. On Sunda) at 4>i a. m. Paaaengers for Philadelphia aad New York will take traia* at 6,9b, and 4>*. f or Anna poll* will take trail* at and 4s> For Norfolk will take train* at ?>? ami 3. For the Waat will taka trains at Sand 4>?, connect ing at the Washington Junction. jan h>-tf T. H. PARSONS. age*. fXAlLY LINK FOR EDWARDS' FERRV ii AND leesblrt?. Ya.. via c beaapaeke aiA ohm Canal.?tb? Packet Boats AR ^ ^ l go and m. C. mf.igs. will commend SzS3n making daily trip* to the above point* on Monday, March 2s. leaving the wharf of W. u. and H. g. Ritter. t ,e<>rgetown. p. C. ever? miifig at 7 o'cioek, Sundays excepted; through in eipht hours; leaving Georgetown atlacven o'aioek in tna morning, the B<>ata will arrive at the Great Fall*, or Washington Aqueduct, at 1<*a. ro.. S?a*ca at itm., Ldwarna' Ferry at 3 p. in., where a stage will he m readinesa to convey pa-'.en^cra to L?e?n?rg. va. Returning. leave edward*' h errr everv da* ?7 nine o'clock in the morning, aad ariivinjc in Georgetown ataaaaet. Throneh Ticket*. 91.75. Intermedial* potula m follow*: Great falla or Washington Aqueduct. y* oenta; Seneca. 75 cent*: edwnrrfa' Ferry. 81.12; Lee.?burg. Virginia, including coach.% 1.7v Meals eerv?<! on the iioata at moderate price*. mar? W. H. a H. g. RITTER. O RANGE AND ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD. m GREAT SO UTH E R X MAIL L I X E . Twioa Daily. (Sund** night* except*.},* heiw??a WASHINGTON ami the soi'tm. via alkxax 6RIA. gordonsvii.LE AND richmok^ VN V ILLK and gnlknsborocgh. Leavaa wa*huigtou ai 6 o'clock a. rn. Alexandria at *^i oVi<>ck a. rn. waahiwtott ?:t ' o*doek p. ra. Alexandria at o'clock p. m. Fare from Washington and Alexandria to Rich mond. #5 AN. ftt-oinmbueeaand Baggage Wagon* will he at the Depot of the washington Railroad, to eoavay p"? aeogera and l>agga?e to the Steamer of.o PAGF. for Alexandria, a dutance of aix nalea, atlawi ample time for meala. for Alexandria, a dutance of aix nalea, ahewa* mple time for meala. mar 27-tf JAMES A. EVANS. Agent. EW ROUTE TO THE soithwest. N1 MEMPHIS * CHARLESTON RAILROAD complktep?co*>ErrtWO Ckattamo*g?. Ten*.: Ckorlrnon. S. C.; Sn H*k, (ra., amti ail tk* Xorik*+*i*rm (itui, wi/4 Mempki*, Ttnn. The laatoonnerting link of kailr<?ad Wet ween N EW YORK ANDTHE MISSISSIPPI RIYER This road i* now completed and opened for the ra< ular transportation of paaaengera and Freight, aud will afford more Expedition and lea* Expense than an> other route i ret ween the Northeast ami So??h o clock, a. m., (after the arrival of the trama fro* Chattanooga and naahvilla,'and arrive at memph i same day nt 7 p. m.. connecting with First Cla*? Steam fSckets to New Orlenn*. aad all other impor tant points upon the Western rivera.* Good* oon aigited to rni!ri?d Agents at cliarleaton or Snvan uah, will Ire forwarded to Memphia aad othar pomta, by Expreaa Freight Traina. Freight in charge of the Adama Expreaa corns pany ia carried over this route daily bv the paaaei. ger traina. f. C. A rms _ Geaera! Supariateadent. Hcntsvilli. (Ala.) Ami in, ii?7. 'Through Tickets to Memphis. Ac., sold at Wil mington. n. C,: Charleston. C.; Augusts. kavaa nali, Macon. Atlanta, and Columbus. On: Montgom erv, Ala.; Chattanooga, and Nashville, Tenn. To connect with the Western Traina on this road, pass^ngera will take theaigaj trains from Winning I too. n. C?- A uguata, Ga.;Chuttan?rogaand Naehn.e, enn.; and the day traina from Charleston ingaville. s*. C.: and Atlanta. Ga. ap7-tf por ALL PARTS OF THE WEST. BALTIMORE AXD OHIO RAILROAD. New and Improved Arraxgexknts. Three Trains daily from Baltimore for Cumber land. Wheeling, ami all narta of the Wept, 1st. The ACCOMMODATION TRAIN wtmlrars (except Sunday > at 6.45 a. m., connecting with trains from Philadelphia, hrst train from waahington at J u not ion >? will stop at Way stauvna, and arrive at Cumberland at 4 o'olock p. in. _ 2d. .The MAIL TRAIN leaves Camden Stati-* daily (except Sunday) at a. m., and reaclit-a Wheeling 4 a. m.. connecting at Beow??wl wiik traina tor Colamlma, Cincinnati. Iiavton. indianap< - lis. IiOmsx iua, Cle\ eland. Toledo. Detroit, Chi?wg". St. Louis. Cairo, and int<-rine<lmte poinla. 3d. The EXPRESS TRAIN leave* daily at 7 r. m.. connecting a ith exprena traiat, rwcincimiwtigj^ i.oiua. Cairo. Chicago.and interme<liate place* Tns diatance to cincunmti and other centialand w?wtheia Claee* in the Weat, i* nearlv nulea ahorter ti.aa r any other route. The time to tiieao plaoea is a ?? ? ihmualied. 1l/" Baggage checke?l through to Coluiubus. cn. omnati, in<(ianapoln<, and ht. Ixruis. c f i*ai?*ciiiers and Baggage transferred at al point* free. THROUGH TICKETS will be m?Mtoal1 the tans towns in the West, al the low eat po??ible the Ticket Oflioe, Camden Station, nnd al \n aalmiu; taa city. c /" A aacond olaas car is attached u* tho MAIL TRAIN. Paaaengers from Baltimore or Waahington mar riftr tkt tmtir* rtmil by dnultfkl,by taking aceirm imrdatioimtr Mail Train, and uiimc ovei a' cnm^1 land or Oakland. Thev reanme tne ir?*xt mormng n the Express Train, winch leaves Cuiulrerlanrl at a. m.. and renehea Wheeling at 7 p. m. passeacerk fratn War-hintton have ample titoe m meaiaat waainn^ton junctioii. This is the only route t>\ winch Through tii**1' aud Baggage Checks oan be obtained in ^ ashiiiat>mi, tYJ R IF A V r A SS EM. K fi S. The Accommodation Train at ?5.t.s will st<>p at a?l stations east of Cumberland.and the F.xpre*?at *'* tions batween Piedmont, going West. Eastwar''1* the Mail Train leaves Wheeling at 7.15a.m..and a oomnh-datioa leave* Cumberland at 8jp. reaahti^ Baltimore at 5.45p. m. Th* FREDERICK TR ai \ start* at 4 p. m..(ex cept Sunday) stopping at Way Stations. l?av? fredenck at 9 a. in., arriving at Baltimore at uj" noon. The ELLICOTTS MILL TRAIN leave* cain aaa Station atfta. m.andiyp. to. ia>v?? ellxw*1 * Mills at 7 JO a m. and 7j) p. m.. except ji.ioda**. ? , W. fc. \\t>ODSII)E. tf maater of Transports i"f THv.?RK AND liverpool " 1 __UNItED STATES MAIL STEAMER ^ft^_ Sk^sr^riMtm* tkit x# tm dff ' fu? at^a|^tic Capt. Oliver Eldridg* {|e Capt. Joeepli comilkk he ADRIATIC Capt. Jame* vvset These ships having been laiiit by contract express * tor Government service, every care haa been tak'o la their onnstruction, a* also in their engine*, to in sure strength and a peed, and their aer??inmodati.a* for paaaengers are unequal i ad for elegance and com Price of passage from New Y??rk to Liverpool."" irat aauu.slx); insaoonddo.,#75; exoluweus*,,t extra sirs state rooms, f376. Fr<?m Liverpom "? New i and 9> guinea*. an experienced ?>? geonattached t<ieech ship. No Irertli* oan lie secured ?ntil paid fw. The ships of this line have impr<c* water-tight bnlk-iiaads, aud U> avoid danger fron i*a will not eross the Banks north of 42 degree* ?.t?? after the let of August. PROPOSED DATEf OF SAILING. VROM iflw tom. i FROM LIVERPOOL. _ Saturday, Jan. a \ST1 Wednesday. Jan. 7 l?; Satarfiy, Jan. it l*S7 weonaeday, Jan. *1 1*2 gatarday, Jan. ai 1857 Wediiaadajr, Feb.? Saturday, Feb. 14.... 1057 ' Wednesday, Feb. 11 Saturday, March 14.. 1*57 wednesday, Mar. 4 Saturday, April ii 1057 Wednesday. April i sataidai , m??y ? law Wedneaday, April * gatarday. Mat b.... .IS.y7 wednesday, May 77 itf Saturday, Juae a....I857 We?loe?day,janeie i^ Saturday, june ?' .. .ln?7 wejneaday, Juae24 l** Saturday, July 4 1057 Wednesday, July ? Saturday, July 18 1857 Wednesday. jul) 9 1* ?? wn 'fis&yvmxmmss. * Friar*. London. b.G. WAIN WRIGHTA CO.. pari*. The owner* of the** *hip* wiu not be acanndam for gold, silver, bullion, specie, jewelry. pree?cn? stones or metal*, unlaaa tali* of tading aro *???l fob l" thereof expressed tiiereiu. '| > x'dit i I '* ' , | an?l erwytbinc in the pitthitic 1 reduced pnoet, just riwived aa4 .. k. K. m n ap IS No. 19 Bridge street. george**** iqsephgawler.cabinetmakeka> w umdxrtarer.? Rea?u made Cof-^ has cenatantlvon hand. Faneral* tended to, and intnrmenfa proe?ire?l ia ^ m?e diderent ceiaatemb*. fyt"1*.1.. u sanation made to order. Old and vara**hed. Wara- Roof f?"'^1^ ttffi lttb m?d iwb Ureal*. I