Newspaper of Evening Star, May 9, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 9, 1857 Page 3
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L0CAL INTELLIGENCE.' BciLStxe Or bi at tor#.?In the 'Seventh Wird nr? iw<tc61 ^nirkeiwd impnU'; in building ope ration* denoting (hat this beautiful portion of the Htv i* beginning to attract the notice of persons mating investment* jn real estate. O* Maryland ?-/enue. Inland, two large three storv bri' k lipases, which have been lately bnilt by Mr. Sbtl'.s, and are nearly ready for occupn tion We lear., from Mr. Hhiles that he has sold onr *U l^ese oonsc* at cash sale, to Mr. Snow, of ?h? Coas^ Purvey. The other one is already ivntM ? a Maryland avenne, corner of Twelfth street, ' .-land. Col. Alexander Is improving by the erec tion of a large three-story brick dwelling. Col. A is alwsy* awake to the Interest of that portion ?of the city. The building is nearly ready for oc cupation. Mr. D Hepburn, builder, has put up. on Mary land avenue. between Ninth and Tenth streets, Island, this Spring, two large three-story bricks, both of which have been rented already. Mr. T. H. Barron, builder, is erecting for Mrs. Kali, ou the site of the former residence of Mr. Pairo, on Boundary street, a large addition to the main house. The enlargement embraces, raising of the old walU of the main wing and an addi tion to tb? rear, giving the form of an L to the whole structure. Mr. Kickhneffer, of the firm of Riggs ft Co., is building a large private residence in the First W?|*. which will call for an expenditure of some 9'.5,000, the construction of which is under the superintendence of Messrs. fvdmuason ft Plant, builders. On Pennsylvania avenue, between Third and J^our-and-a-half streets, the property which was purchased last year by 8. Fowler, for S?*,ti00. is ueing improved. Mr. F. has caused the old buikl ing to be pulled down, and is erecting a large and commodious store and dwelling house, which will involve a heavy outlay of money. Baldwin Brothers are now engaged in finishing the two lir*t class dwellings on E street, between Second and Third, for Messrs. Berret and Arnold. These are three stories, pressed-brick fronts, and the interior finished with all the latest improve ments suitable to dwellings of that class. They have also commenccd on I street and New Jersey avenue, the preliminaries for the ercction of the magnificent dwellings for the Hon. J. C. Breck inridge and Hon. Henry M- Rice These are double house*. 4> ft. front by 51) in depth, pressed brick fronts; the interior to I* of the finest mate rial and workmanship, and will,when finished, be t'lasted among the in?-?t convenient dwellings in the District The most skilful workmen will be employed in the construction of all the buildings connected with those dwellings. The residence of Hon S. A. Douglas, adjoining, i? to l>e in ail respects similar to tame described The contract for this work has been awarded to Mr. George Nay!or. Baldwin Brothers are engaged in erecting for themselves four three-story dwellings on 1>. i>e tween Second and Third sts. These, except they are to have mastic fronts, are to be completed in a similar manner lo the dwelling* pi Messrs. Berret and Arnold. Rivkr News.?The water ha* fallen very con siderably since yesterday. The current is less rapid, and things look more favorable with re: pect to the winding up of the fishing operations along the shores Yesterday evening, as the steam tug Wide Awake was towing a canal boat loaded w it h lime stone from th*- Georgetown channel dowu through the western draw of the Long Bridge she inadea lurch, and sent the lime stone boat one side, when she ran foul of one of the piers of the bridge and smashed up. She sunk immediately,and is now at the bottom of the channel in soine *21 feet of water. The owners intend to bring suit against the Captain of the Wide Awake, for damage* for | a Hedged carelessness* on his part. The river is swanming with fish, bat Vh^ ^ste fccavy current has scattered them afbout. leaking ? be work of catching difficult und not yielding large hauls. The fishermen on thenV>per grounds are Hnintr a ?'rw-wl Kn?i;** e doing a good ?Harvey'* wbaff> ^hr Robert Wilbcr, from down the river, with 61 cords of pine wood for M^srs Harvey ft Clark ?J 1 ffT"" :)4rf,rUrrt left the Sixth St. wharf ?T> *> elock. for Richmond, from V> L. ,Hke tbc Rich,nond Regiment to festiVnit coming Jamestown anniversary morning the steamer George Page brought up twenty country wagons, with partial loads of fi?h; and yesterday the James Guy brought up for the Baltimore hucksters 150 tubs (about 5.000) of shad The Cambria, which arrived yesterday from Baltimore, with lumber, cleared for that port this morning. Yesterday, at the Sveamore Landings, below Holland's Point, Mr. Clark caught l.*W shad at one haul. The general impression this morning i* that to diy will be tbe best tishing day of the season; the water is just right?so say the old hands?for large hauls The south breeze is collecting the fish to gether. and those who have not cut out anticipate a brisk business inconsequence. We shall see. At Alexandria this looming shad were selling at Sll and <12. and hefting at $10.50. Many ves sels arrived yesterday, but brought few fish. Exccnsio* to Moist Veb*ox.?^The mem bers of the National Musical Convention, many of whom are from distant States, determined, be fore returning to their respective homes, after the session of the Convention was concluded, to visit Mount \ ernon: and their tripyesteiday will long be remembered with unmiugled satisfaction bv ail who were able to join the party. The day was bright and i<eawtiful. with just breeze enough to prevent the heat of the sun from being oppres sive, and as some of the gentlemen had sent a |>iano-forte on Iwjard the Thomas Collyer. for the occasion, and others took their instruments with them, there was no lack of music, l>oth vocal and instrumental. We were especially pleased with some of the pieces for piano, violin and flute, which were performed in a very beautiful man ner. On account of the tide it was deemed best t<> go down to the White House Pavilion before stopping at Mount Vernon; and while there. after several of the ladies and gentlemen had enjoyed some healthful exercise in the bowling alley, din ner was served, and then the party repaired airain on board the boat. b On arriving at Mount Varnon they gathered aronnd the sacred spot where repose the mortal remains of the ?? Father of his Country," and snng the solo and chorus. ?? Rest, spirit, rest." in a very feeling and appropriate manner After spending a short time in looking at thw mansion, the members of the Convention returned on boaul the t>oat, and were landed at the wharf here, without a single incident having occurred todis ? urb the harmony or mar the pleasure of the trip If we chose, we could tell who it was that made tnree ? ten-strikes*' in succession, and has been equally successful in the line of his profession, t hus winning the esteem of all during nis present visit to Washington; but we presume our read er* can guess. Sucre** to the National Musical t-ou vent ion, and its worthy conductor. Fi!*? Abt*.?We learn that the exhibition of Washington Art Association willclose on the evening of the 16th instant. Among the new contributions to this excellent f ollection of works of art we notice two pictures . *?f great merit?one of them by Johnson of this city, the portrait of a child, full length, in pastile, a most exfluisite production, radiant with nature, beauty and life ; the other is a painting in oil. bv W. B Washington. This work is called the -icrman Peasant Gitl.r' She is represented as a worshipper in the house of God. holding in her hands the book of prayer, her countenance is raised heavenward, and beams with an inexpres sible glow of faith and heavenly love. This is one of Mr. Washington's best pictures, and thouglf evidently having been painted rapidlv. g:ve? evidence of the artist's superior genius and rapid progress. It is a work of great merit. We also notice among the recent contributions, several large sixe miniatures on ivory, by H B Hounetheau. of Charleston. 8. C. ' These are aioong tbe best miniatures we have seen: one of ?fa?tn is a half length likeness of Napoleon, or rather Gen Bouneparte. |t is from a picture, it is presumed. painted about the time of his cam paign in Egypt. Another large miniature is a likeness of Wash ington. from (stuart's celebrated picture, and is a work of the highest order, in this department of the Fine Arts 1 Navy Yakd Isriovtxcxii 'The foundations Of the new Boiler Shop are nearly all laid, and the bricklayer* are engaged in the erection of the wall* This building will be connected with the new Machine Shop, running from the extreme no th angle of tbe Machine ?bop towards the waters of tbe Eastern Branch The old Boiler *hop is being pulled down to make room for the Wr,t wing of the Machine Shop. In the Anchor Shop two immense mooring an chor* are being made for tbe Philadelphia harbor the steamer Fulton is neaily ready for sea *?ix weeks more will see her in *ea trim. The new t ubiiiar itoilers, which have been put in plaoe of tne old ones, have a great arfeantage over them in the ?mall amount of space they occupy. Thead nit.onai room given forward by these boilers will furnish space in her hold for thirty-five tons of Tue space thus saved is of considerable advantage Somedoubt is expressed whether the Plymouth wilt not be aMe to start out on ber anticipated , P talked of. In consequence * ? ^ W difficulty of oliiaillliiw m-.iimil iak liaraii Lff She will be all ready for sailing orders by 10th of J one. ? 3 Abrkst or Fogitiv*# ?Yesterday, Watch man Homer, pf the Auxiliary Guard, succeeded In capturing three colored men belonging to Mr. Geary( of Anne Arundel county. Md. Tliey are Pa't of a company that had ran awav. and were |'^k.itg for the Noith. I p?n que?iloning one uf ?:?*? the. wuerraboots of three .?th-rs of t?iecAa< w-re discovered, and taking with him Of Wollard the remainder were secured mak '?V it altogether. The owuet of these slaves t>lf.-ied any definite reward, but has as ?ar?-U the officers that they shall be compensated W ?he? tiHM and trouble. The Concert or thi Union Choie Associa tion, last night, supported by nucha powerful auxiliary as the National Musical Association, was a rar? musical treat, indeed. The opening chorus, " Let every heart rejoice and sing." was a good commencement, and by its powerful crash of song afforded a suitable introduction to the deliciously-rendered quartette, "Softly, lightly, sweetly sing,'' by Messrs. Irving. Glenroy, Wight and Manson. 44 Our native song," by Mr. Root, was clamorously encored, but Mr. R.. with a touch of that quiet humor by which he 1s dis tinguished, admonished the audience that, the programme being a long one, any repetition of pieces would compel an omission of some of the good things set down for performance. Mr. R. Han taken occasion, more than once during hi* stay, to rebuke, in a good-humored way, the senseless habit of demanding a repetition of almost every piece as performed, for which he deserves the hearty thanks of a long-suffering community. The solo 44 How lovely IsZion." was well ren dered by Miss F. Gurley, as was 44 Salut a la France' by Miss T. A. Daniels. Then followed one of the gems of the evening, '-There's music in the air,*' a quartette, sung in admirable har mony by Messrs. Irving, Dawson, Loo mis and Perkins. Next came the 44 Una voce poca fa," sung by Miss Beach, a young lady of much mu sical promise, and the development of whoae talent we watch with interest, as exhibited from time to time. Mr. J. Hodgson then gave 44The White 8quall" with fine effect. The succeeding chorus, 44 How beautiful arc the mountains," was sting with good harmony and time. The song 44 The wild flowers soon will shed their bloom" ' was given by Miss Hall, a young lady possessing a voice of great natural richness. Mr Root then announced a New England home song, 44 Never forget the dear ones," which was sung by Messrs Root, T. E. Perkins and G. B. Loomis with a feeling and taste that rendered an encore inevitable. The delight and surprise of the audience would doubtless have been height ened had it been aware that this delicious har mony was composed by Mr. Root only yesterday afternoon, while on the trip to Mount Vernon, and was sung without rehearsal. The jubilate chorus and semi-chorus which came next, was as a whole the beat executed piece of the evening. The duet from Norma, sung by Mis* Daniels, was an acceptable performance of an arduous un dertaking. The chorus and echo u Light-hearted are we," went off brilliantly, and the viecho" (composed of two ladies and two gentlemen) was loudly applauded on its return to the room 44 The Happy Muleteer" was pleasingly rendeied by Miss L J. Daniels, though badly adapted to her soprano voice Miss Hall, a young lady of Baltimore, sang ?? who'll have me," and the au dience one and all insisted on "having her"? sing it again ! The performances ended with the closing por tion of Root's cantata of 44 The Haymakers," and in this was particularly noticeable the pure, rich .soprano of Miss Anna King. Sir. Boot then made a handsome valedictory, and the Convention finally broke up. and a general h-md-shakin^ and leave-taking ensued The Assoriation will meet next on the first Tuesday in May, 1858. Centre Market, this morning, was quite a lively scene?the various stands were well sup plied, and a brisk business doing at the following prices : Beef, per lb lOaJOcjSweet potatoes, pk 81 Pork 1*2 Mutton 1-2*15 Lamb, pr qr.. 81 25a 1.50 Apples, peck 75a8l Dried do., 75 Corn, pr bush.... 75 Sausage, pr lb.'... 12 K Corn. ear,pr bush. 50 ? " Beans, pr iiiish.... 92 Lard"..: ih Veal,...k 12)4 Calyr-s heads,each 25 i racof> 12al5 Shouldeis V2% Breast pieces Halt? Dried beef 15alfi Rye, pr bush 75 Oats 62)* Meal 85 Shorts 30 Shipstufis 40*65 Roll butter 31a3? Chickens, pr pair. 90c: Phil'a print 40 Red terrapin, each,25a75 Corned salmon... 15 Turkeys 8 1.75a2.25 Herring, per doz.. 20a3l Terrapins, each ..25a8' Snipe, per doz.... S3 Irish potatoes, pk. 50 Eggs, per doz.... 16 Lettuce, pr head., fialo Rhubarb, bunch.. 6 jSpinaach, pr peck 37 Kale, pr pk 37)4 Asparagus, bunch 8 Onions, buncb.... 2% _ j ? ? ? ? */l The* fish market was very dull, and supplies scarce. Shad were selling at 'J5a37c per pair; herring 18c per doz.; rock 25c bunch; single rock 25c aSl 50. The hucksters are disgusted; thev never, in all their experience, saw prices as high as this season, and do not expect to near of a fall in the market price. Operations in Real Estate.?A. Green sold yesterday lot No. 15 square 642, corner of south F street and Virginiaavenue, containing 2,400 square feet, to Bernard Hays at 8* cents per square foot. McGuire sold lot No. *2 in square 321, containing 3.J06 square feet, to Win. Marshall at 40 cents per square foot. ... .... Part of lot No. 42 in square 0-?9, containing 1,141 square fpet, to J. M. flroadhead at 17 cents per square foot. . . ,_T Part of lot No. 3 In square 606, to J. W. Mid dleton for ?4,000. Lot No 5 in square 692, containing 5,6<*> square feet, to James Ssaxton at 20 cents per square foot One-sixth subdivision square 605 to Richard Barry for *?>, and one-sixth same subdivision same square for 81*2. Wall k Barnard, auctioneers, sold yesterday afternoon on the premises, parts of lots 21, 56, 57 and 5s on Tenth street between E and F. south, in square :#?7, purchased by G. W. Garret at 10 cents per foot. Also, lot No. 3 in square 411. corner of Eighth and H streets south, purchased by J. Sparr at 11*, cents per foot. Lxtensive Robbeet.?Yesterday afternoon. a room in Browns' Hotel, occupied by Mr. /. N. Aronson. of New York, was entered by thieves, and twenty-five gold watches, the lowest in value 850. the rest ranging from that to ?200; sixty gold chains, average value 820, and other articles of jewelry, the whole amounting to 82,.300 or S3,00<> in value, were stolen. Th<* owner had been on a tour through the South, for the purpose of disposing of a stock val ued at near 850,000, and was on his return with the goods he had not sold. The information was immediately given to the clerk, who, with all the aid he coulci obtain, com menced a search for the goods, but up to this wri ting no certain trace of them had been discov C It is probable that this gentleman was followed by hawks from his starting in New York, to his arrival in Washington. No blame can attach to the proprietors of the hotel, wh? have done all they possibly could to ferret out the perpetrators of the robbery. ? The National Hotel Disease.?The New York Herald thinks that the Academy of Medi cine of that city, in its discussion the other eve ning '? gave the quietus to the enormous humbug that the late National Hotel disease at Washing ton was the result of a dastardlv attempt to poison Mr. Buchanan The stinking sewers, venting their deadly exhalation into znd all over the house, will, or ought to, account for the malady and solve the mystery to the satisfaction of all sensible people. That any human being could entertain such a diabolical and venomous hatred of Mr Buchanan as to risk his death by poison, involving the lives of hundreds of unoflending people?men, women and children?passes all bounds of credulity We have no doubt that Mr. Buchanan, in hl> election as President, and since, has had fewer enemies and more universally the good wishes of all paities and all sorts of men, than aiiy other President since the time of Mon roe." Permits ?Circumstances, we hear?probably the abuse of privileges granted, by some colored person., without respect for themselves?have re sulted in orders to the police to enforce the law requiring every such person to be provided with a pa?* if out after 10 p. in., even when attending bails, parties, fairs, concerts. Ac., for which gen eral permits have been granted by the Mayor. We, therefore, advise all colored persons to w sure, under such circumstances, to be provided against molestation by having a pass about ttiem, one signed bv any respectable citizen will afford the requisite protection We understand that any citizen can grant a pass, good for one month, to a colored person in his or her employment, or one, good for one night only, to anv other colored per son. The monthly pass should be taken by the person to whom granted, to the captain of the night guard, whose endorsement on it makes it good lot the time specified, all over the city Tub New Dome and Capitol Extension.? The new Dome Is beginning to assume quite an appearance of substantial beauty. The heavy iron bracket* which form the base, on which the lofty superstructure will rest, to the number of 74, are Workmen are engaged at the new wings, in setting the tiling in the principal corridors Some of this tiling Is of superb finish, and is well worth the attention of the visitor. The design* of the tiling are various, and of great artistic baauty. The beautiful iron gallery fronts are far ad vanced towards completion. The excavations for the foundation of the corri dors to connect the two wings are completed, and the foundations are being rapidly laid. . Kvery department of the works is crowded with hands to the total number of 1,000 men. The National Hotel Endemic ?A corres pondent at Berlin, Sangamon county, 111., writes us as follow*: In a late aumber of the National Flag I observed tho calamity whl h had befetlen the patrons and inmates of the National Hotel in your citv. 9ome thirty years since a like circumstance happened "lif'sTcJol. n?,r t? C.UK Mat*. After fruitless efio ts to discover the cause it wasjjcci dsnallv discovered that the sugar usedI contaiaed arsenic to eight pounds of sugar. In 5?he wgar Wing handled or SESTSSmgh leaden strainers^^The symptoms !???? N?ii?S ^"SlSiixT I originated? , ^COMMUNICATED. Editor Star : I enjoyed the happy, delightful, and intellectual musical meeting Thursday night at the Academy of Music, corner of Eleventh st. and Pennsylvania avenue, conducted by Professor F. N. Crouch. The opening lecture, delivered by the Profrssor, was most happy, ana delivered in a manner worthy of all praise ; lieinp upon the rise, progress and science of Mnsir. The trnth hil remarks a* reaper ts the too often met with ap probation of "negro melodies," we hope will have their due elfect. The bill brought forth some most beautiful voices, two, if not more, of the ladies 'possessing excellent baritones. The selections were excellent, and we find it difficult to make distinction. but a few gems we will mention : '-The Gentle Lark," Ac.; Duett uTeach the Nightingale," ' The Widow to her Child," '?The \Vedding Bells," ''Una voce poco fa." The manner in which the young lady rendered this trial song, is deserving of all praise. Mr. Jones' bass song of the ' Sexton," was excellent. In fact all were good, and*well carried through. Less merriment t>y some of the softer sex present on this occasion would have lieen in better taste. Wishing all success to the Professor's enterprise, I remain Yours, respectfully, B. May 7th, 1857. ?? Washington to have a GymsAStc*.?We notice among the new features in the way of city improvements, a Gymnasium, which is being es tablished in the buildings of Messrs. Haslup & Wecden, corner of Ninth street and Louisiana avenue, by Prof. L. W. Shattuck, of New York. Mr. S. has rented the upper story of the building known as Yernon Hall, which he is fitting up for the above purpose. The manufacture of the necessary apparatus for the manly exercise?such as parallel bars, horizontal ladders, spring boards, f ulling W? i^ht', etc.?are being ui n? by Messrs. lunt X Douophaii, and reflect nigh credit on the skill of those gentlemen. Prof. S. intends soon to establish in the northern poition of our city a similar institution for ladies, to be nnder the di rection of Mrs. Shattuck. Something of this kind has been needed for a long time in our city, and, if conducted properly, will l>e of infinite service to clerks, and people of sedentary habits gener ally. Musder, it will be seen by the advertisement in another column, will repeat his May Festival < on Tuesday next, and in accordance with many requests, will make it a fancy ball for those wish ing to appear in costume Marshall, the Balti more Costumer, will bring on a great variety of new costumes, suited to all ages, shapes, taslet> ^ and sizes. Munder's late May Festival, though upon a most disagreeable night, was a miracle of bril liancy ; what it will prove on tnis occasion, if the night be fair, can well be imagined. Metropolitan Mechanics1 Institute ?TLe building committee met last night in the Mayor's office, at the City Hall, and the matterof a build ing site was freely discussed, the committee having the advantage of examining the proposed Centre Market plans deposited in that office. \ sub-committee of four, who meet Monday ni"ht next, was appointed to examine the plans fully and report to the general committee on Tuesday night. Thus far the Corporation has taken no steps in the matter, the subject being discussed only the institute committee. Robbery.?On Thursday morning, as a lady from the country was standing in front of the auc tion stand, at the corner of 9th street and Pennsyl vania avenue, she had her pocket picked by some adroit thief, of her porte inonnaie, which con tained Sl?50 in cash, and a note of hand for SOW A colored man. who stood by, was sus pected of the theft, and accordingly an officer was ] called, who arrested him, and took him to the guardhouse. Whether he had taken thepoite monnaie or not, could not be ascertained, but on searching his person nothing was found to justify his detention, and he was accordingly discharged. The Much anics' Fire Company of Louisville, Ky., is coming to pay the Washington tlremen a visit. The company is expected by the latter part of the present month ; while here they will be the guests of the Columbia boys, and that is sufficient guaranty that their stay will be a pleasant one. Ordway's Eolians have yielded to the pres sure of public demand, and will give one more concert (to-night) prior to their departure for the West The merits of the company is established, and the announcement that they are to perform is suf ficient to fill the house. The Jamestown Celebration.?From pres ent appearances there will be a large party of ex cursionists to the Jamestown celebration. The Powhatan, it will be remembered, leaves Wash ington ^t f> o'clock on Monday evening, returning on Thursday, aftpr the celebration is ended Doxetti's wonderful performing troupe of ani mals. will appear on Monday night at Odd-Fel lows' Hall The achievements of this troupe look as if performed under the dictates of reason, and have afforded a matter of interesting study to some of the first scientific men of the world. Tiik American Hook and Ladder Company are preparing for their excursion to the White House on the 21st Instant, an announcement of which will be found in another column. .?J list Alarm of Fire.?Yesterday, the burning of a foul chimney in the Fiflh Ward caused an alarm of fire, which brought out the compauies. They soon returned to their headquarters. Watch Returns.?Ellen Granan, drunk; dis missed. Thomas Jefferson, colored, unlawful assembly; fine and costs, *6 (?j^. Henry Briscoe, do.; do. Eli Cross, do.; do. Albert Pearson, do.; do. Julia Butler, do.; dismissed. M.Thornton, out after hours; fine and costs, #1.91. W. H Brown, do ; do. Rosanna Gordon, do ; do. Wm. Ross, do.; do. Wm. Black, colored, light ing; fine and costs, 81.91. A Hint to those that Wast to be Fat call on our friend Haniiiuick, and try his Ale. Drs. Hunter A Williams, Physicians for Diseases of lk* Throatand Lungs. 52 North Charles street, Baltimore. Dr. Hunter or Dr. Williams will visit Wash ington on the I2tii and 29th of each month. The next visit will be on Tuesday, the 12tii instant. Office Pennsylvania avenue, over Mrs. Yost's Jewelry Store. may 8-3t Experience is the best evidence of Madame Mount's Consumption Destroyer. Mrs. Mount?Madam: I am happy to inform you the terrible cough and cold under which 1 labored, has been entirely cured and eradicated by the use of one bottle of your medicine. And 1 can with confi dence reoommend it to everybody sullerniK with coughs or consumption. P. Maiian, No. 18b Chesnut street, Plulad. I have used in m> family Mrs. Mount's Consump tion Destroyer, and eaii testify to its efficacy in case of severe colds. It is equal, if not superior, to any remedies of the kind 1 have ever used for such a purpose. Rev. James Robb. This istoe^rtify that I was well acquainted with Mrs. Mount while she was suffering wirh the con sumption, and know this Syrup to lie the remedy that effected her cure. Rev. James Hanson. Rebidence, G street, between 11th aud 12th, No. 33U. may 8 3t* Wood's Hair Restorative.?Prof. Wood, the renowned discovcrer of the invaluable Hair Restora tive, still continues to labor in belialfof the afflicted. His medicines are universally admitted by the American press to lie far superior to all others for causing the hair on the head of the aged that has been silvered for many years, to grow forth with as much vigor and luxuriance as when blessed with the advantages of youth. There can be no doubt that it is one of the greatest discoveries in the medical world. It restores perma nently gray hair to its original color, and niAkesit assume a beautiful silky texture, which has lieen very desirable in all ages of the world.?St. Louis Morning Herald. For sale in Washington by Charles Stott, Sam uel B. Waite, Nairn A Palmer, J. P. Milburn ic Co., J as. N. Callan. and all Druggist*, my 6a Balsam or Liverwort and Hoar hound.?There is no preparation in the market more popular, or that is doing more good, tlian Mrs. Gardner's Indian Balsam of Liverwort and Hoar hound. For full twentv years it lias maintained a reputation for the cure of Colds, Croups, and all kinds of Pulmonary Complaints. A friend of ours is eloquent in its praise in relation to its efficacy in curing Croup, pro uouncing it one of the best articles he has ever seen used. The sain*" may be said of its virtues in other complaints touching the throat and chest. Persons who are poor and sick will be supplied with a bottle. It is for sale by Weeks A Potter, 15i Washing ton street. Boston, General Agents, to whom all or ders should tie addressed. may ff-lw MARR,tl)' . Church.*? ciW" -?~ DIED, On the 8th instant. PHKDORA LINTHICIM, infant daughter of John W. and Eliia J. McKlfresh, aged 14 months and 5 days. Walking Shoes* douse Slippers. White Kid S||] and &uin Gaiters and Slippers, Congress rVl French (Waiters. Children's Healed bottom wkL. and Congress Boots, Gent's Patent Leather l^onc and Short Boots. Congress and Imw Uuilted Shoos, new style Pumps, Patent Leather and Freneh-oalf P. L. Oxford Ties, Broad Strap Shoes, Boys Patent Leather aud Calf Boots, Congress Gaiters and Ox ford Ties, all uuaJiUos. Also, So4? I.?ather Trunks. Wood Frame, Iron Frame |? olio Trunks, Traveling Vahoes, Hat Boxes, Bonnet Boxes, and Russ Trunks. ?My assortment is atthis time the largest in this "ir-And will be sold low far cash ami cash only. Call early at Iron Hall, between ath and Mtk streets, Pennsylvania avenue, ? , majr7-e<w S. P. H0OVF.R. AUCTION SALES. ALL & BARNARD, Auctioneer*. f ftxi tcM1v\w^IA(;K AT AUCTION.? o'elorL Xi ?i Ai MORNING. 13th instant,at 10 one exoeTunTpiiT Inr*ront ?f our Auction Rooms. Harney Pleaaur0 Carriage, with the Horse and * nioe aJ?d ??nveiuent light family th?1Vi.vrt*uI,8h.!rent' wh,ch to *? "Scrr of u!?*n' W 1(1 ?? acc,,nnt of 1"? l?iu? ordered off losea. iermscasli. -Jgj^9r2t WALL A BARNARD, Ancts. By WALLA BARNARD. Aetfcneer*. cwxvswiite AucNnn ?* 10 ? clook' 7* wi" ?n fr?nt of our ? 00111 *? new an<l secondhand Carriages. to co\ er advances on accouut or wlunn it may concern anew Family Carriages I nearly new second baud Carriage ? , 2 new Buggy Wagons. j*ale positive. ?i,\7!V0V.^ne"th.lrd ca"h, the balance in thirty and interest notes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing

ro?y9^dt? WALUBARXABn. Auct. By JAS. C. MoGUIRE. Auctioneer. rooms 1 ?h?fi Iflii1'!1 (?,ULJ? clook? at the auction rooms, I shall sell about 1,000 pieces of PaDer H&nz m*Y?L**Tl?a' i Terms rash* t. _ J AS. C. AIcG LIR L. Auctioneer. By J. C. MoGUIRE, Auctioneer. V w"Jsi K*j? n,Uv L.D 1 ? G LOT IN THE 22d streets'.?i6n THUR"d\^AfV?H\'finv tVeen 21.? ?,I|,/l?ni,n*.53feet 1 lncl1 on n"rt?> I.W inchesto a feet alley? TXUlmn* tack '? ** loS;on1 tfr^Tn"J>enrI!"?'nue, *nd i* a fine inch lots , i "uMlv???l into three 17 feet > S I Terms" On* ?k ? ?L "?',11on ,''e pren?*e?. two Years f,.r L i T" ' balance m one and upon the property. mterC8t-and ?ecured ITmy 9d JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. TEgSSV*****. EXECUTORS or the u u Gen. James Thompson, at the reauest of FRIDAY Wl" Rel1' at PQbl,c R,lle- on rKiDAi, the 15th instant, at 5 o'clock p in all his real estate in the city uf Washington,fo wit: Lots No. 12,13, and 14, in square No. 28 No. 1. in squaro No. 51 No. 13, in square No. 65 No. 21, in squaro No. 77 No. fi. jn square No. 80 No. 24. in square No. 83 ao. 23, in .square No. inn No. 16, in square No. lib No. 8, in square No. 196. *Xh^le.iWll,w,mm7,0*"n Lot No. W, in Square nortlK he Wrner"f 2M ?'??? *?*' I street The terms of sale will lie: One-third of the rur f1*'6 "none* in cash; the remaining tw-> thirds in li fi. 'f" instalments nt six, twelve,and eighteen LTJa ?k'o w,nch/ho purchasers will be required to daT of^U^.,:?^?' '"??"?'"torest from the ' **rn* to tie secured by a deed of trust, to J?e approved by the subscriber*. IatM WIjI convey alI the title and cs tato of the Inte Gen. I homnson to the lots sold. All or the purchasers II the terms of sale l?e not complied with within lerve^hpBn5h?n r Ti ?f *ale' 1,18 subscribers re m-?^i ' reselling on such terms as the* may deem proper, at the risk and cost of th? nurcha aerh- W. H. t. TAYLOR, J. B. H. SMITH, ? .1 . Executors. A. GR EEN, Auctioneer. B? C. W. HOT ELK R, Auctioneer. GALE OF ELEGANT HOUSEHOLDTI'RNI ivr'At AT.?u CT,? On MONDAY MORN J^J/ik y r / at .,ft i,'c,o0't- ' "hall sell, at the 5?4 r i*? 11 T declining housekecpuiR. No. rSl?.?i^'BV?ftweP,4/fc*lld 3(1 s'r^ets. a superior collect,onof Household I* urmture, consistins in part One s.ipenor seven-octave Rosewood Piano forte, made by Lorenzo Matt A Co., Boston Lne sohd rosewood Parlor Suite, consisting of one rench s..fa, one Arm-Chair. one Gothic Chair and four Recenhon Chairs, all finished in crim son and creen brocntel Handsome rosewood oval Parlor Tables, with mar im# lops niJoL17',VrIvet R"F< Oas Chandeliers, Pendants, and Brackets Iron fmme oval Centre Table, with inarble ?lab velvet*eW? Arin-Uliair, covere?l with purple Bronznd CaiMlelaltrss, French Carcel Ijin.p meiit"? ,ia8'' autJ Curtains and Orna GjU, Window Shades, walnut Ete*er0 AN alnut Rout TaNe, with marble top vc,> 0,1 Ch*1"1 ?"""J w",, p|u?h ^?*?iue>t)r(>carer nHete' ??vercd maroon and ChinaaiHl otlierMantel Ornaments Wa nut '{af-Rack, with mirror-back U alnut Hail Table, with marble top iirussels, liaiK step,and cliamlier Carpetine marl'Ie top1 Washstands, with Hamlsome mahonny Jennv I.iikI Bedsteail h ine luahoKany i)ressuiiit Cabinet, with marble top Mahogany Commode, with marble top H alnut ShavinK Toilet Sets Superior curled hair and other Mattresses V.rt"hi w4al,,ut dressing Cabinet, walnut Wardrol>e \ er\ haiMlsoirie walnut Bedstead \V alnut Washstand, with marble top J ane-seat Chairs walnut Somn., with marble top Oak dining-room Chairs Sj?lid mahoirany Extension Dining Table Handsome oak Sideboard, with marble top Kronze Napier Clock Louiiko Victoria Arm Chair Blue and gold F rench China Tea Set, 59 pieces Gold and white I- ruit Stands Heavy silver-plated Waiters \\ lute French China Dinner Set Superior silver-plated Castor W lute and Bohemian Cut-glass Decanters, Goblet*. Champagnes. Tumblers. Wines Table Cutlery, Ice and other Pitchers ljutler s I ray. superior Cooking Stove Kitchen Furniture and Kitchen Requisites.&c. I ersons furnishing and in quest of really good ar iclea of Furniture will find tins sale every wa> w" thy of their attention. , :j *40 ?nd nnJer, cash ; over $40 a credit of finand ?idays, for approved endorsed notes, bearing B""y*9'd C. W. BOTELER. Auct. F FOR KENT AND SALE. t>R RENT.?FURNISHED ROOMS, PAR m i AU(^I BED-ROOMS, or the entire Home would be rented to a small family on very moderate terms. Location very central. Apply at the Star 0,r'ce- may 9 3t * fl^OR SALE.?House and Lot on 13th street, be tween <? ami H, and opposite Dr. Teasdale's church, being one of the most desirable locations in \\ ashing ton: only a few niinutes" walk from the Treasury or Pott Office Department. The house is a three story and basement, with back building, and all the modern improvements. The lot fronts 22 feet ?i inches, runs hack 104 feet to a 3i feet alley m rear of the Episcopal Church lot. Inquire of W.J.SIBLEY. Agent for Mrs. Phelps. POR RENT-The two STORE ROOMsTii M. the north side of Bridge street, iinmediatelv ad join ng High. I hey are new. iarge, and airy, and un surpassed either iu point of locality, or finish, as ftt&nds lor almost any kind of businoRK, by any in the city, rojeoori tenants th? rants will be m?Kierat??. Inquire of PETER O'DONOGHIE, Georget. wn. may 8-1 w F^G|R SA LE.?My RESIDENCE on the corner of New Jersey avenue and C street south, Capitol Hill, minting on the avenue 1?2 feet 9 inches, and on C street south 306 feet 11 inches, and containing nearly 34.00U square feet. may 8-tf W. F. PHILLIPS. I Or FOR SALE?In the First Ward, near La J favette Square,a beautiful BUILDING LOT, on 17th street. ne;ar the corner of II. commanding a fine view of the Potomac. Apply at N.CALLAN'S office, on t street, near 15th street. may 7-3t* fl'OR RENT IN GEORGETOWN?A two" story BRICK HOUSE, No.TJ.on the west side ot Green street, between Gay and Dunbartonstreets. For particulars inquire at No. 58 High street, be tween Bridge and Gay streets. may 7 St* JI |*OR RENT.?A BRICK DWELLING HOUSE two-story high, with Atticand Basement, situa ated on the oorner of L and 12th street. Inquire at the store on the premises. may 7-3t* FOR 8ALE.-A gentleman desires to dispose of a SLR\ ANT about 34 years of age. A gooiffarm hand and rough carpenter. He is neat in his person, of good habits, and trusty, and is in all respects a capi tal servant. The neoessitiea of his owner alone makes him willing to sell him. He will not be sold to a trader. Address Box 15, Star Office, saving where an interview may be had with any one desir ing to purchase. may 7-4t* FOR SALE CHEAP.?A two-Story and attic BRICK HOUSE, nearly new, containing six pleasant rooms and small kitchen attached. The above house is situated on 4th street east, No. 563, t^^osquares south of Penn. avenue. The adjoining ''Of will be sold, if desired, with the house, the whole, or either, at aoheap rate, and on accommo dating terms. Apply on the premises, may 5-Tu,Th,AS6t* A MARKET FARM FOR 8ALE.-I will sell my FARM in Fairfax county, Va.. containing 165 acres, situated ou a Turnpike Road six miles from Washington city, four from Alexandria, Ya., and in fujl view of the latter plaoe and the Potomac River. The improvements consist of two large and comfortable BRICK DWELLINGS, Ac. This land may tie conveniently divided into two small J arms, and lioth have sn abundance of good fruit, wood, and water, I will dispose of the growing crops ami stock, and ifdesired. give immediate possession. My Post Office is at Mount Pierce, Fairfax county, Yirgima. may 5 Tn,S&M3t* EDWIN C. FITZ1IUGH. F^OR RENT-A valuable GROCERY STORE, situated on the oorner of 12th and B streets, near the Canal, formerly oeeupied by Messrs. Sengstack it Clarke, and is one of the heat stands in the city for a resident, country,or river trade. It is fitted up with Shelving, Bins, Counter, Ac. For terms apply to the subseriber at No. 385 K street west, between Twelfth and Thirteenth streets. ap U-eotf FRANCIS HANN'A. j*ARM FOR SALE.?A FARM at private sale in Prinoe George's oountr, Md, lOmiles from Wash ington and one mile and a half from the railroad, con taining about I? acres, seventy or eighty uf it wotid, with good buildings, three meadows, two orchards? p?*eh and apple?and variety of other kinds of fruit, all of whioh was selected from Pearoe s Nursery This Farm is very healthy, and under good fencing with several of the best springs of water. The soil is fine and ei?sy of cultivation. 1 will sell the Crop. I- arming Utensils juid Stock on nasoualtle terms as I intend removing to a smaller form nearer Wa Inn* ton. A guarantee deed will be given. Inuuue at No 5I? Maryland avenue, near 61?. strefet "posVeL^oa will be given at any time, ,n"73t THO?. E. JUST. I F AUCT I OH SALES. By K. 8. WRIGHT; Georgetown. P^-15?oV-OnSM?N|l?*ViD Mo^AJ*8E8 AT of tfef barque Wm. Chaw;, fr.nn M?THon'.mST 111* of? 387 hogsheads choice ami prim# Sugar 50 do choice E. S. WRIGHT, Auctioneer, may 9-dta t?#or?wu>ww. Bjr C. R. L. CROWN & CO., Auctioneers. IARGK ASSORTMENT OF EMBROIDE- I ^ rik* A*r> Lack Goons will bk sold at Arc TION-Ou MONDAY MORNING, May in o'clock a. rn., at Geo. Richmond's New \ ork Iju* Store, Penn. avenue, between Mh ami 9th streets. Tertna of sale. cash. \ ^ All good* bought must be taken away the aame This i a an opportunity which the ladies of Wash ington acldom nave, aa the entire atock muat lie sold thia ilay without reserve. may K-2t C. R. L CEOWM k CO^ Anoto. By JAS. C. McGl'IRE. Auetioaeer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF HIGHLY Im proved amd Valuable Real KaTATK.?On THURSDAY, the7th day of May, 1857, at fio'olk. p. m., bjr virtue of a deed of traat. bearing date on the5thdar of Julv, I860, and duly recorded in Lil>er J. A.S., No. 84, folios 232, 233, and 234, one of the land records for Washington count*. in the District ot Columbia, I shall sell, in froutofthe premises, at public auction, to the higheat bidder therefor, the valuable premises well known as "Flint'a Hotel," being part of lot numbered 6. in square numbered 254.111 the city of Washington, fronting 37 feet 3 in ches on north E street, l>etween 13th and 14th streets west, and running Iiack I5fl feet to a 30-feet alley, together with the improvements thereon, oonsistinc of a substantial and well-built three story llrick Dwelling-house. with large l?ck buildings, finished in the most superior maimer throughout with mar ble mantels, Ac. Terms: One-third cash: the lalance in one and two years, f?W notes ((caring interest from the day <?f sale, secured by deed of trust 011 the property ; and if not oomplied with within five day* nfter the sale, the property will be resold at the risk and expeuse c f the purchaser, at ten davs' notice. All convcyancnn at tfie oost of the purchaser. WM. P. WILLIAMS. Trustee, may 4-d JAS. C. McGl'IRE. Auct. in-THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until THURSDAY AFTERNOON, May 14th, same hour and place. WM. P. WILLIAMS, Trustee, may 8 d JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGl'IRE. Auctioneer. \fERY DESIRABLE LOT ON NORTH I stkket, Franklin S?;ua re.?On WED NESDAY AFTERNOON, Ma* l;ith.at5* o'cl'k. ?>n the premises, I shall sell part of stiMivisiftn N'o. 11. in Square No. 28.5. fronting 25feet53-7th inches on north I street. I>etween 12th awl 13?h street* west, running Iwck 142 feet 6 inches to a 3?-feet allev. This desirable Lot is situated in the immediate vicinity of Franklin Square, and is a very eligible site for a private residence. Title indisputable. Terms: One-fourth onsh: the residue in6.12,and 18 months, (or satisfactorily endorsed notes, l?*aring interest. may 5^1 JAS. C. McGUIRE, Ane?. By JAS. C. MoGUIKK. Auctioneer. TRU9TKB9 SALE OF one UNDIVIDED 1 Third Interest is Lots.?By virtue of a deed of trust, bearinc date on the day of llecem l?er???.and duly recorded in Liber J. A. S. Nu.96, folios 173 and seq. .the undersigned will sell at Rublie auction, on SATURDAY', the 16th day of lay instant, at lOo'elock the auction rooms of J. C. McGuire, all the undivided oue-third right, title.and interest inandtothe property therein de scried. which is conveyed b> the said deed of trust, to wit, of and 111 the following Lots and parcels of Ground in the city of Washington : Spiare. Lo!. Square. Lot No. I,"*? No. 8 1,090 6 521 ?* 84 E}?"4 617 17 673. 2D " 21 ?? 6 ?? fl " ? Sub B No. 38 No. 1 " .. 3 " 158 12 " 13 117 23 14? U " 15 m 11 MRS II 1,000 28 i,ww... ll And part of Lot No. 8, square 345. l?eine all the said Lot except the north eleven feet front by sev enty feet deep. Terms of sale: One-fourth cash; the talance in lour equal instalments in 6,12,18, and 24 months, (or notes bearing interest, secured to the satisfaction of the Trustee. All conveyancing at the expense of the purchaser; and if the terms of sale are not complied with in six days from the day of sale, the Trustee reserves the right to resell at the expense and cost of the first purchaser. J. M. CARLISLE. Trustee, may 2-eota JAS. C. McGl'IRE. Auct. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. ?<ALE OF VALUABLE LOTS UNDER DE CREE.?By authority of decrees of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, pronounecd 111 a cause wherein Thomas Sewell and others are com plainants, and the administrators, widow, and heirs of John Rreretonare defendants, being No. 1,152 in equity, the subscril>er, as trustee, will expose to sale,at auction, to the highest bidder.oa WEDN KS D.\Y, the 27th dtyr of .May "instant, between the hours of four and five o'clock in the afternoon. 011 the premises, the following very valuable Lota, namely: Lots Nos. 4,5, aud 11, in Square No. 21H, in the city of Washington. Terms: One-fourth of the purchase money in culi: and the residue at six, twelve, and eighteen months, for which the purchaser's lionds, with sure ty, bearing interest from the day of sale, will be re quired. and a lien retained on the lots sold. If the terms are not complied with withinivedays from the day of sale, the property will l>e resold, on seven day s'notice, at the risk aud cost of the de faulting purchaser. Deeds at the purchaser's cost. W. RE DIN. Trustee, may 5-3tawAds A. GREEN, Auctioneer. By BARNARD A BUCKEY; Georgetown. Household furniture at auction. On MONDAY, the lltli instant,at lno'clock a. m., at the residence of Mr. Garretson. 011 Duntmrton street, between Washington and Conrress streets, we will seil his entire Household Effects, as Mahogany Sofa, Chairs, Rocker Lonnge, Mahogany Dining and Side Tables Bureaus, Bedsteads, Wardrobes Feather Beds. Mattresses.Curtains Washstands. Looking Glasses Parlor, Cook, and other Stoves Carpets. Rugs. Curtains, and Shades Knives and Forks, Glass Ware Stone and Iron Ware. Rain Cask, Ac.. Ac. Terms: $25and under, cash ; over that amount, a credit of sixty days, for notes endorsed and bearing interest. may BARNAR DA BUCKEY, Ancts. * By JAMES C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. VALUABLE UNIMPROVED PROPERTY 05 Capitol Hill at Auction.?On THl RSDAS AFTERNOON, May 7th, at 5*? o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell the whole of Lot No. in and part of Lot No. 8, in Square 844. fronting 52 feet 7 in ches on Peruisy Ivama avenue and a public space l?e tweeri5fh and 6th street east, and running inck 19> feet 6 inches, with the privilege of a ten-feet alley from the rear of the lot to 5th street cast. Terms: One fourth, cash ; the residue in 6,12. and 18 months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the property. may 2-td JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. in?The als>vc sale is postponed until TUESDAY AFTERNOON. May 12th. same hour and place, my 7-d JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. Bv JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. Excellent furniture and house hold Kffect* at Public Auction.?On MON DAY MORNING, May nth, at IUo'clock, by virtue of a deed of trust, (and at the request of parties in terested,) the subscriber will sell tiie Furniture and Household Effects ef Mrs. Eliza Anderson,on Penn. avenue. I>e|ween llth aud 12th streets, comprising? One excellent Rosewood Piano-Forte, made in Vienna Excellent mahogany hair spring seat Sofas and Sofa Bedstead Mahogany liair spring scat Rockers, Arm and Parlor Chairs Marble-top Centre, Sofa, and Pier Tables Mahogany Centre ami Card Tables Veiutian Blinds, Lounges, Window Shades Fine Oil Paintings and Lnsraviugs in gilt frames Looking Glasses, Mantel and Table Ornaments Easy Chairs, cane-seat Chairs Brussels, Three-ply, and other Carpets Floor Oilcloth, Matting, Rugs Solid Mahogany high post and French Bedsteads, Wardrobe, Washstands, and dressi g and plain Bureaus Feather Beds, Bolsters ami Pillows, Toilet Sets Curled Hair and Husk Mattreses Rosewood and Mahogany Sideboards Walnut Extension Dining Tnble, Refrigerator China, Glass, and Crockery Ware Silver-plated Castors, Table Cutlery, Fire Irons Radiators and Air-tight Stoves throughout the house Gas Chandeliers and Fixtures Excellent Kitchen Raugeand Fixtures Together with a general assortment of Household Furniture and Effects. Terms: and under, oash; over that sum a credit of 60and 90 days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. . THOS. J. FISHER, may 4-d JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auct. SILVER MEDAL PREMIUM '.-From ike Me tropolitan Mechanics*Institute, For ICE CREAM, WATER ICES, and CAKES. C. C. ATZS, No. 107 Bridge street, between Con- I gress and High streets, Georgetown, begs leav.?* to inform theeiti*ens of Georgetown and vicinity W that he is ready to furnish any order that it would T please the public to give him, and assures them ? that it would be completely satisfactory. Prices Ice Cream $2 per gallon, plain or in moulds. Will have always on hand ICK CREAM. CAKES, and WATER ICEis for those that favor me with a cell. ap 28-lm* Superior reading lager beeil The subscriber takes this method to inform the citizens of Washington and vicinity, that he oon !11.I?.r 1? superior READING LAGER BEER, PORTER, and ALE, which he lA to Mrve ** *!???* "? Bottles or Casks, to Hotel keepers or private families. Alto, ICE at all hours, in quantities to suit. JJ. ^chad? may 5-lw Southwest oor. 3d street and Pa. av'e. STOCK IN TH E OLD DOMINION CO A L , COMPANY, KANAWA COUNTY, VA. fcul>scriptK>nB will be received at the Bankiw House of Chubb Brothers, for the remaining stock of the above oomsany, being three hundred shares. The capital stock is # 1 nojtoo (dollars,) of which 970.000 has been snbeeribed. The mines are now prepared fbr active operations, and 6 per oent. in terest will lie guaranteed upon the stock now oflered At sale, by the original stockholders, for the period of two years. ... Particulars in regard to the stock, and its proseeets, will be made known npon application to CHUBB Bisll>SHK P. P. DANDWIDGK. A rent. C LA y G M LI N t CO. AfK OPENING llI beautiful SPRING GOODti, M JO between Hth t.?d?h?u#cti. na]tj TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM THE ASSOCIATED PKES!>. SairUlf in Duiiku, Pa. CocNKKToft. P*., Mar 7.?A man a.uiwd John Krnt commlitfd rakldie in Duaucti*, Pa., by hanging hi mar If this morning Relief ?( tkf RrturnH Filibusters. New OtlEtvt, May 7.?A meeting of ibr citi zens wan tirirt hxtr to-night f*?r tbr relief of the returned ttllihuMtem. Only ?MRi watt rained. B??aU Harkar Mill < Used. ri^iJIrALr?1 MV *??Owr harbor Mill remain* th?r? \* ? aheence of a favorable wind Tb^WhL iKgjf*1* of IU opanlng, Tk? D*?alratUB la BMlm. .. B?.*T?*: Ma?7?The defalcation on the part of ? Ti^dw ntrtTt w hm?er. Fenno 4 Co., up g ha? been found to amount to Escape of a Murderer. OtWMO, NJT.. May 7 -Edward H. Roloff. convicted of the murder of his wife and child escaped from the jail at Ithacaon the uight of the 5th instant. Five hundred dollars reward la of fered for hia apprehension Fatal Accideat at BoaUa. Rostov, May 7.-Henry Wlllard, a portrait painter, formerly of Boaton hut lately residing in Sew Yo k city, while walking upon the track of the Roaton and Maine Railroad, in Maiden, laat evening. wa* run over by the Portland express train, and instantly killed Railroad Act ideat, Ac. Albaxv. N. Y-, May 7.? V train on the Central railroad, coming East. laat night run Into a drove of cattle which had e*capetT from pasturage at Spenccivllle. Twelve oxen were Killed. The liaggage car only was thrown ofl the tra? k. None of the passengers were ininred The Journal says two huudred boat* were In the canal at West Troy, ready to start at 6 o'clock yesterday morning for Oawego and Buffalo. Aa there have, aa yet. been no reports of breaks, they wilt, in all probability, get through in good va son. I>a I ton Divorce Case. Bosto*. May 8.?The Dalton divorce casr wi? riven to the jury this evening It ia doubtful if they agree on a verdi< t before to-inorrow Judge Merrick, who is in ill health, fainted at the close of his charge, and was carried from the court room by the sheriff and others H? ?oon revived, but ia evidently greatly prostrated by the fatigue of the protracted trial and the atmosphere of th?* densely crowded court-nwnn Bostox, May 9?The jury in the Dalton di vorce case were in session all night, and reported to-day that they were unable to agree upon a ver diet. The panel stands, ten for granting a di vorce, and two against it. The Freshet in the Susquehanna. Willi AMaroRT, Pa ., May 7.?The Susquehan na has been very hitfh?within two feet of the gieat Hood of |K|7. It has now, however, fallen considerably, and no damage of anv const quenee ha* been done. The boom, three miles above this, waa not injured An immense number of logs have floited down and been secured in the booin Wrightsville. Pa.. Mav7?At this place the Susquehanna ia higher than it hai> been since the great freshet of 1S.W. It has been found necessary to close the ;;uard lock of the Susquehanna canal here, thus '.hutting off boats for a few days No serious damage, however, has yet been done New Orleans Market*. New Orleans, May ? ?Cotton is tinchanrtd. Sales of 1.2UU bales Sales of the week lz.75? bales Receipts of the week *,uun S ock in port exclusive of shipboard 1I7..W Receipts at this port less than last year Ull.-V*' Receipts at all Southern less than last year I75.<**> Iwles S igar is Ann at llall %'c, buttbemarket labw Coffee ia firm at 11 Mc for prime Rio. Sales of the week 2,350 bags. Receipts for the saiue pr riod 5,500, excluaive of 15,500 luig> now at quarantine. Stock on hind *<1.01111 bags. Flour and wheat are unchanged. Com Is dull at 75aKV. Pork is buoyant at S23.7SafQt. Keg lard 15c Baltiinare Markets. Baltimore, May 9.?Flour is firm at S6 75 for all kinds. Wheat is tiriu?prime white 4KI-7*r; prime red. |1A!. Corn is steady?white 73a7ic.i yellow 75a7?ie. Whisky ia buoyant?City 30c , Penn. 31c. New York Markets. New York. May 9.?Flour is unsettled; sale* of 13.tOO bbla.: State has advanced *JUa2Sc., aalea at f*> 60a6 K); Southern has advanced 10c., sales at *7.10a7.55. Wheat ia dull; sales are unimportant; holders demand an advance ; prices are nominally aame as yesterday. Corn is bbuoyant; sales of 5 000 bushels; mixed KiaKie. Pork is Arm; ire* $23.50. Beef la steady; Chicago repacked $16*25. Lard has slightly advanced ; sales of barrels at 13 J,all Jl. Whisky is upward at 31c. for Ohio. Fiaaacial. New York, May 9?Storks are lower and dull; Cumberland Coal Co. 17\; Illinois Cen tral shares 134% ; do. bonds 99jtg ; Michigan Southern CI),; New York Central 8bReading 8t)\; Virginian's 9l\; Missouri ti's . Sterling exchange is firm. IMPORTANT TO PRINTERS.?Hsving been appointed the sole agent for the sale of Printer's Ink in tiie District for that old and lon$-tried estab lishment of G. and H. Lightbody,of New York, for merly Collins Ac Lightbony, I am now receiving and ? hall keep oonatantly on hand a supply of the differ ent grades of Inks, which I shall aell at factory pri ces. All Inks sold by me can l?e returned if not as recommended. ED WD TOWERS, ap 2?-e?>lm D street, between 6th and 7th sts. J 1ST RECEIVED A. FI LL SUPPLY OF " ( I >1 Also, Domestics of all kinds; all of whicli all kinds of Spring and Summer DRY GOODS and MILLINERY. 1 name in part, new style Barege Delaines dotted and plain Swiss, Stella Shawls, etc. & will be sold, with a very small profit, by S. FISH MAN, *5 Seventh st. ap 16-colm* neat door to oor. of M at. Bird cages, door mats, baskets, TOYS, CARRIAGES, h. j. Mclaughlin aco.'s, ap 23 No. 20 bet. 8th and 9th sta. tjj> 1 (Uk REWARD.?Ran away from the subsori ?^JvJUber, li vitig near I'pper Marlboro,' Prince George's county. Ma., on the 23d <>f April, NEGRO BOY OLIVER JACKSON. about 19 years of ace, 5 feet 6 inches hich. of a , dark copper color; iiaatwovery 11<-stable sear* one over his eye, the other on his aide occasioned t>* a Inirn, l?y which he may be inden'ified, he i? very plausible when spoken to. I will give 9?*0 if taken out of the State, and if taken in the Slate or the Distill of Columbia ; in either case he must 1? se cured so that 1 get him again. ap$Mf WM. I BERRY. d;Ql\A REWARD.? Ranawa* from the aulwcrt her on Thursday, April 9th. NKGRO MAN ISAAC WOOD. He is thirtv years of (OTT a?;?. black oomplexion. about five feet and a Ita hall high, and has very large liss. V* The ala>ve reward will l?s pan! for his appre i*? ? hension and delivery to me if taken in a free State, or 9l?i if taken in the State of Maryland or Diatnet of Columbia. ODEN BOWIE. Buena Vista Post office, ap-21-tf Pnnoe Georges o?iunty, Md. A CARD.?The attention of house-keepers aud persons furnishing ia called to the extensive sale of excellent Furniture and Eflecta of ?? Dus ter's Hotel," commencing TUESDAY, May 12th. and continuing each day at the same honr. The Furniture is of excellent quality and moatly in perfect order, having been purchased within the last two years. The Carpets are principally Enclish Brussels and handsome patterns. The Curled-hair Mattresses, Blankets. Linen Sheeting. Quilts, Ac. are of the most superior quali ty and'quite as good as new. Amongst the Table Furniture are twenty heavily plated oval-oovered Dishes of beautiful patteras and finish. There is also a large anantity of handsome French China Vases, Waterand Milk Pitchers. doubU-thick flat and deep Dishes, superior Silver-plated Castors. Table Cutlery .Ac., affording an opportunity to per sons furnishing rarely met with, as every artieie will positively be sold to the highest bidder. may 5 tf JAS. C. McGl'IRE. Anetioweer. Refrigerators, ice pitchers, hi t ter coolers, WATER COOLERS, and a large fresh snpply of Housekeeping! and oth*r useful articles, at 400 Seventh at. A oall will pay. ap29 O. FRANCta. CJHIRT ROSOMS, ALL LINEN. FOR 18 Cte.: O Cambric ditto. 12>? cts. Chiidreaa' FLATS only 30 cts., good, at 3 I. C. GIBSON'S Cheap Cash Store, may 5-lw bet. 7th and 8th sts.. Market Space. 8. DiCAr*"'"--BOOlt8' i BLANK BO* AMP k. CO^ to Wm. Adam.) < Suocesaors to Wm. Adam,) Book aell era and Stationers, may 6-lw <a Penn. avenue. mav 7 W. Ko. sen SEVENTH STREET* between D a*?d E streets, west aide, PR AC- Jby T1CAL W/tTCHMAKER. k?es? ?on?tautl> on hnnd a ftne assortment of WATCHE&M^Otaff JEWELRY. aete *>?' F LATE IMPORTATION.-WE HAVE A fresh supply of? SWISS CHEESE, ia Cakee. EDAM Roils. DUTCH HERRINGS, m Keg*. PRUNELLA, in Boxes. And for sale by KING A Bl ap 27 Corner Vermont avenue a ? - - BURCHELL. Vermont avenne and ISth street. I aw?