Newspaper of Evening Star, May 11, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 11, 1857 Page 3
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L0CAL INTELLIGENCE. MtRTi^a or thi Me Ms kb* or m* Pakish or ?:T Patrice.?A meeting of the members of SI. Patrick'* church was held ywterday afternoon. I o'clock. to make preliminary arrangements for the erectiou of a cnurch on the site of the present one Mr. Richard Clark called the meeting to order, and ?tated that, as it was of a business character, It was thought that a lay member should occupy the Chair He nominated Mr. Francis Mohun for that office Mcmm Hugh B Sweeny and Wm. II. Ward were appointed Secretaries. The Rev. Mr. O'Toole stated, briefly, the ob irft of the meeting, which was to take the pre liminary step* towards the erection of the new church liuilaing. It had been talked of a long time; even before it had been his good fortune to lw among them as a pastor, it had been the desire of the parish to erect the church. They were now assembled together to take the preliminary steps to this end. lie looked to this meeting as begin ning the good work, by the grace of God; and he hoped that each and every man present would f-om this time devote his energies to its accom plishment. He said that he had received the en couragement of the Bishop of this diocese to go ?41. as soon a< there was a sufficient amount sub set, bed to keep the work going one working sea son without coming to a stop. He stated that plans had been made l?y Mr. Long. of Baltimore, and it was necessary todeter mine whether they would adopt them or not. Further postponement of the work was entirely unnecessary. The first step was to provide "the sinews of war,*' and as soon as the amount neces sary to ltegin the work with had tieen subscribed a commencement would be made. He desired the members to make up their minds from that hour as to the amount thev would give, and the precis# time when thev would contribute. It had *>een the cherished object of the late lamented Father Mathews to see a lieautiful church erected on the site of St. Patrick's, and he believed that the idea of a grand and imposing cdiflce would lie realised by adopting the plan of Mr. Long. It had been estimated that five years would ??lapse before the building would be completed, ami be thought that it could lie done in that time with proper perseverance on the part of those in terested in it. Mr. Richard Clarke spoke of the lieneflts which the people of the metropolis would derive from the building of this structure He thought that this was an anspicious time to commence the work, and moved that a committee of five per sons be appointed to draw up resolutions expres sive of the sense of the meeting In relation to the new cdiflce; carried. The Chair appointed Messrs Rich'd H. Clarke, pr. A Sims. G. Savage. G. Knnis. and Jno F. C'ovle, ?o serve on that committee. The committer withdrew for the purpose of de lib.-.ation, and after heing absent a short time re turned. and Mr. Clark, from the committee, re ported the following preambleaud resolutions: Whereas, our venerated pastor, the very Rever end St. William Matthews, has left to the parish a large and beautiful site for a church, and every dars experience more clearly proves the necessity of increased church accommodations for this pop ulous and ever growing congregation : and where as. further, we have the cordial approbation of our most Reverend Archbishop, and it should be our honest pride to erect a church that will be becoming tnc perpetual historic grandeur of our holy faith. Its stcadv dignified progress in this free country, and while at the same time it will l?e in keepfng with the well sustained efforts of the whole country to adorn our Federal Metropo lis. lie it fi'tolrnl. That the present is a propitious time to liegin our efforts for the new church, and we freely, one and all. collectively and individually, pledge ourselves to aid the undertaking to the 1?-?.t of our power, by our money and by our iu fluence. contributing' ourselves and solicit^^ and enrouraging all to contribute. ?J That in the circumstances alluded to in which we now stand, it is necessary and expedient to prepare for the erecting of a large and beautiful ti<?tnic church: that the design already submitted ?jives general satisfaction, both as to size and style, aud that Lewis L. Long. Esq , the architect, i> hereby requested to present, with the least pos sible delay, an accurate estimate of the cost of erection, in order to enable us to determine fiually in relation to the design 3. That, in the ineantim?. it is necessary to be gin at once this indispensable work of pioviding funds, and for that purpose, having entire confi dence in the real and energy of our pastors, under the guidance of our mott Rev. Archbishop, we lespectfully invito the Reverend Pastors of the Parish, to open, this very day. a subscription 1st. and a committee of seven gentlemen be ap pointed to aid them in collecting in the Parish and City of Washington. 4. Thai a permanent committee of three be ap pointed. whose business it shall lie to receive ail the moneys collected, deposit them in liank, and publish a quarterly statement of receipts aud ex penditures. 5. And that these resolutions lie published in all the city papers, and the Baltimore Catholic Mirror. The resolutions were unanimously approved and adopted Mr. W a'd moved that the pastors of St. Pat rick's Church be instructed to appoint the several committee* which were called tor by the resolu tions. So ordered. The Secretary drew up a subscription paper, and those present crowded around with eager ness to contribute for the good work. The fol lowing amounts were subscribed: James C?den. ni.UUl; Gregory Ennis, 500 for five years, *100 annually: W E. Stublis. 500 do.; Wm. H. Wa.d, 300 do.; II. B Sweeny,5U0do.; (?eo Savage, ,300 do.: J F Coyle, 500 do ; J. F. Boone. oO?? dc.; O. Leddy. 500 do.; R. H. Clarke ??iO. 50 aunually;*F. Mohun. 530 do.: a number of others for SIMM * Also, several for ISO and small er amounts to be paid annually, until the comple tion of the church. The total amount contributed yesterday was f7.1J6 ?5. The River?The upper fishings were doing a pretty fair business yesterday. The Jackson ? ity landings yielded on one tide yesterday morn ing upwards of one thousand shad. The canal boat which was lost at the western draw last week, went down head foremost, and her cargo of lime shiftiug to her bows, sent her head into the inud, while her stern is sticking out of the water at low tide, and directly in the way of vessels that may pass through the day. It is supposed that the steamboat Columbia will not l>e at^le to get through the draw this morning on her customary trip up from Alexandria in conse quence. Yesterday, a longlioat. in passing up through the Georgetown channel, ran against one of the broken piers, aud stove a large hole in her side, just at her water line. She was finally got olf Without further damage Arhv?ni schr Diamond State. Carey, at Harvey A Co's wharf, from Port Richuiond. with llif tons fcard coal, for Messrs. Harvey A Co. At Gait A Co.'s wharf, arrived schr Clotilda. Rogers, from Philadelphia, with w7 tons coal, shipped by Messrs. Noble, Hammett A Caldwell, to the .Messrs Gait; alaoschooner Kansas. Laws. from Schuylkill, with 103 tons coal, consigned to came fi n* At Riley's wba f schr Leven Lauk, Can non. froin Port Walttiall. with3.540 bushels coal, for Washington Gas Light Co At Huh street wharf, schr Adam Clark. Beauchamp.from Tan gier's Island, with LllA) bushels white sand for the new Capitol works. This morning, the steamer Mount Vernon took pa't of the excursionists of the congregation of M Mathews' church to the White House Pavil ion The crowd was so great that there was no r'??m for the Sunday School children, and the Thomas Collycr chartered by the committee ?>f arrangements to take the reniainder of the jiarty. The Mount Vernou took on hoard about JW (jiown persons and started ofl. and about :130 bo>s and girls went down in the Collycr. The t>rocessiou came down to the wharf preceded by Weber's band, and the happy faces of the chil dren indicated the anticipated pleasure of the trip lit a manner more plainly than words could have expressed. A' Alexandria there wa* no arrival of fish this morning. Yesterday shad were sold at SI I iter 1..Mid red. and herring were all taken at $10 jier thousand, leaving the m irket entirely mtsupplied. Capt Gibson caught on one tide yesterday, at 5ioney Point landing. rt.Uio shad and lO.tfljO her ring. which he sold at the Alexandria wharf at the above prices. A Musical Fe\t. Indeed?We hear that a very alttactive entertainment is now in rehearsal at the Academy of Music; Rossini's Stabat Ma ter ami Handel's 3th Oratorio, which are to be Itroduccd in the lecture rooin of the Smithsonian institution, on the l??th of May. by over two hun dred performers, embracing Mr. Crouch,conduc tor, Mr Caulfleid. pianist, Mrs. Young, Miss D-Hoye. Miss Melcher. Miss French. Mr. KgloJ. stem, and all the members of St. Matthew's choir, assisted by the German Singers' Club, and and orchestra of forty musicians. To dwell upon the tieauties of the music selected, and the merits of the performers, would be superfluous. All our read rs. wImi can possibly do so. will doubt less |;o and judge for themselves. The it:\? Catholic Cmcbch.?The plans of Mr. Lewis L. Long f<?r the proposed uew Church to erected on the site of H. Patrick's, comer of Mrh and F streets, are spread out at the wonts adjoining the Chnrch. The new cdiflce will oc ? upy a spare of ground couiprising 33.8feU square feet. Tne clear length of the nave being *211 feet, and Ns feet wide, and the extent of the transept 174 feet, and # feet wide The height of the ? edingof the main body of the Church is 85 feet. The roaf of the dome will extend much higher. The extreme altitude of the front elevation is 312 feet. The building will ?eat. when completed, ??.?00 persons The stvle of architecture is of pure Gothic. Horse Stialik.?Yasterday, a man named Crandell Hawley was arrested by Police Officer Watson for stealing a ho'se belonging to Mr NV. Stone. Hawley was taken before Justice tiod d.t d. and was by him committed to jail for trial n< I ?>urt The horse was valued at f*?00. and Was found in the stable where the prisoner was taken. I The Proposed Ship Canal on Jahii'i Creek?Some day* ago we noticed the proposed extension of the present Arsenal grounds in this city, ?"d for which object Congress at its last sw *lo? passed an appropriation for the purchase of all the ground* extending from the present Arsenal wall to P street south, and from the Potomac river to James's creek. In connection with the above improvements something was said about i pro posed ship canal np James's creek. In replv to several communications en the subject of this canal, its course and size, we reply that the propoul of Major Bell in relation to this improve ment Ts to follow the line of James's c reek, which ' runs in a very nearly direct line to where it inter | sects the city canal at the junction of F street south and Virginia avenue. He propones to make this canal at least twenty feet deep and sixty feet in width. This arrangement would, If carried out, restore the city canal to its original direction as laid i down on the old city maps. An appropriation was made by Congress last winter of ij.oUU for a flood gate to be put down at the mouth of this creek. This was done with a view to draining the creek, and if possible to prevent the decay or vegetable matter, which gives rise to that poison ous miasma so productive of chills and fever all along the marsh, and extending even past the Capitol to the neighborhood of English Hill, and as far as the residence of Judge Douglas. The draining of this creek will produce a change in some degree t>eneficlal to that district, but much more so would the proposed canal. In the first case the etfect would be only partial, in the last it would be complete. Kvery'tide would carry off down the river channel the putrid outpourings of the city sewers, which now to a great extenT re main, and poison the air, which perhaps one half of the citizens of Washington is compelled to breathe daily during the warm season. The proposed flond-gate at the mouth of the creek will be so arranged as to open at the ebb tide and close at its flood. The river water will thus be prevented from passing up into thecreek, and every ebb will carrv out into the river all that has accumulated behind the dim. That these improvements will have most bene ficial results is shown by the already increased activity in real estate transactions and building operations in the Seventh Ward. Washington Cemeteries.?The following list of burial places in and about the city was furnished by a gentleman whose position affords him an opportunity of knowing their locatious and owneri. Several of them are seldom used I and little known : The East Methodist, or Ebenezer burial ground, 1 is situated in the Sixth Ward, opposite the Con ! gressional Cemetery. It is the property of Ebe nezer Station. The West Methodist,or Found'y burial ground, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth streets west, near W street, belongs to Foundry Station. German Lutheran, between fourth and Fifth street* east, and G and II noith, to the German Lutheran Society. German Catholic, between north Capitol and First streets east, and O and P north, to the Ger man Catholic church on Fifth street. Congressional burial ground, near the Navy Yard, to Christ church. Sixth Ward. Ulenwood Cemetery, l>eyond the boundary on north Capitol street, belongs to a company. St. IVWs,lietween Fourth and Fifth streets east, and II and 1 north, to St. Peter's (Catholic) church. St. Patrick's, )>etween First and Second streets j west, bevond north Boundary street, to St. Pat rick's (Catholic) church. St Mathew's, between Thirteenth and Four teenth street* west, and U and V north, to St. Mathew's (Catholic) church Eastern Cemetery, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth streets east, and II and 1 north, to the Corporation. Western,or Holmead's burial ground, between Nineteenth and Twentietl*?treets west,and Sand T north, to the Corporation. The old Methodist, between Twelfth and Thir teenth streets east, and 1 and Boundary. Marine burial ground, east of Congressional Cemetery, near the Navy Yard; Government. Washington Asylum, or Potter's Field, in the Asylum Square; Corporation St John s. (old,) between Twelfth and Thir teenth streets west, and R and S north, to St. John's (Episcopal) church. Hartnoneon, oetween Fifth and Sixth streets west, and S and Boundary ; colored company. Free Young Men's, between Twelfth and Thir teenth streets west, and V and W ; colored com I pany. Bnrial ground for colored persons, between Sixteenth and Seventeenth streets east, and C and D south. Various societies own lots in burial grounds in the adjoining counties, but have no burial grounds in their own names. Map of Washington.?Really one of the most valuable articles that has lately met our eye is a specimen number of a map of this city, by Mr. Boschke of the Coast Survey, and for which Mr. , Bobn, the well known bookseller at the Capitol, | is getting subscriptions. Nothing like this map has yet been got up of this city as regards beauty of execution, and a minute accuracy of detail of every particular of streets, lanes, water courses, elevations, depres sions. land marks, boundaries. A c Think of the value to the property holder of a map which shows in addition to the public build ings. the location of every dwelling house, out building and improved lot in the city of Wash ington, and moreover of the suburbs for some distance out! The river surroundings are also laid down, and in fact the inap seem* to be a l complete daguerreotype of the city and its sur < roundings. It is moreover sold at a price which 1 places it within the reach of all. The amount of . labor requisite to get up such a map is almost | frightful to think of, anu how it can be made to pay expenses at the price for which it is sold is ; more tnan we can guess. However, Mr. Bohn undertakes to do it, so it is his own lookout, and if he ruins himself by selling his maps lower than he can afford he must not blame us or the purchasers. FroiTiVE Slaves. ? Within the past week, quite a number of fugitive slaves have been ar rested by the auxiliary guard and police officers ; and it is quite certain that there are agents of the underground railroad at work in the adjoining counties of Maryland and Virginia. Of the first lot, six in number, three were arrested by Watch* ( man Horner, and the other three by Horner, as sisted by Officer W ollard. They belongto a Mr. I Geary, of Anne Arundel county. Md. The next I lot. of three, belonging to Mr. Sullivan, of Vir ginia. were tak?*n by Police Officer Williamson, Watchn?en Gill and Sessford. Watchmen Homer and Klonfer arrested another slave, belonging to I Mrs. Bell, of Marylhnd. Three others, belonging to C. B. Calvert, of Prince George county. Md , were arrested by Watchmen Donnelly and Dove, i Thewe were provided with ehanges of clothing, and were armed with pistols and knives for re 1 sistance; but the watchmen, by the rapidity of their descent upon the fugitives, prevented tneir using the weapons. Transfer op Voters.?We give the follow ing extract from the "Act to provide for the regis j trattonof all persons in the city of Washington ! subject to the school tax, and for other purposes," as of interest to many of our readers at this time : ??Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That no part of this act shall be so construed as to prohibit the Register from transfering the name of any person on the list of any Ward, or precinct of a ward, froui that to anotoer Ward; he making an entry on the list to what Ward, or precinct of the Ward, said person may be so transferred ; and it is hereby made his duty to make the said transfer, and upon refusal to do so he shall l?e liable to a flue of not less than twenty nor more than fifty dollars; provided it shall be done five days prior to the day of election." The Moncment to Stuart Holland ?We have received a communication signed '? A B. C." inquiring '-what has become of the subscrip tion list for the purpose of erecting a monument to the memory of the lamented Stuart Holland' It will l>e remembered that he sank with the wreck of the Arctic, enveloped in the smoke of the last minute gun." Our correspondent adds: " I never saw Stuart Holland, nor have I the honor of an acquaintance with any memljer of his i bereaved family; but his noble conduct in that fatal hour is still fresh, and. as a testimonial of j my sympathy with his ufflictcd friends and rela 1 tives, and admiration of his gallant conduct in striving to the last moment to save the ill-fated . ship, I desire to add my inite to this praiseworthy ; object." Improvements ?Two of our enterprising me i hanics, Nr. J. Skirving. stove dealer and manu facturer, corner of 11th street and Pennsylvania avenue, and Mr. J. W. Thompson, plumber and ifas fitter, adjoining him. are making considera , ble addition to their buildings. The addition to Skirving s building will be 41 feet by '24, and three stories high, and is intended to add to the accommodation of his workmen, and give room for his wares. Messrs. Ellis and l^ewis contract 1 ors Mr Thompson's addition ts foarstoriesand a cellar. 41 feet by 1?, and is also intended tosup i ply more accommodation for his business opera tions. Contractor, S. F Moraell. Bust op Maiuh Mag rider ? The Italian marble bust, ordered by the friends of XV. B Ma gruder. Mayor of Washington City,and intended [ to be presented by them to his honor has been j completed and Is ready for delivery to the com ' mittee. This Is a fine specimen of the skill of , Mr, Frederick Schmidt, is an excellent likeness. - and the workmanship is exquisite. It may be seen for the present at the workroom of Mr S , comer of 13th and D streets The cost of the bust is?4W Accident ?This morning ooe of the laborers engaged in excavating for the foundations of the i new buildings to be erected for Vice President Breckinridge and Hon. H. M. Rice, was much bruised by the felling of a gravel bark, which marly buried htm. Commissioner Owen?. of the Fouith Ward, joined rhe other laborer*, and. by speedy and careful digging, succeeded In eatrl eating him without other injury Th* Court or Claims -To-day, in this Court, the resignation of A. W. Foeter, Esq , of Pitts burg, Pa., as one of ila Commissioners was re ceived. . Mr. McPherson resumed and concluded the ar gument in the case of Win F. Purcell on behalf of the Government. Mr. Bibb and Mr. Reverdy Johnson replied on behalf of the claimant; when the case was submitted. The following cases were then submitted. Vix: those of Caroline M. Fierer. and another admin istrators and Seth Terr*', executor. The case of James Dixon was then taken up. and Mr. Thompson was argueing Jt in favor of the claimant as the Star went to press. The Jamestown Celebration'The excur sionists who purpose going down on the Pow hatan to the Jamestown celebration will hear in mind that the steamboat leaves the new Sixth ?tireft ickarf at 0 o'clock this evening. The cele bration will be attended, from present indica tions, '? by thousands of the beauty and chivalry of the Old Dominion and neighboring States*. There will be ample accommodations, it is stated, for all who may wish to participate in this patri otic commemoration. Mr. Henry Myers, of Rich mond, is now on the ground making every prepa ration in his power lor the entertainment of the ? pilgrims.' " Monsieur Tonson come aoain !?It will be seen by the advertiseinent in another column of this day's issue that the adjourned meeting of the Board of Managers of the Washington Monn ment Society takes place to-morrow afternoon at 5 o'clock, and there will no doubt be a full atten dance of the members, inasmuch as by motion of Mr. Magruder, at the last meeting, the Secretary was directed to serve every member with a writ ten notice of the meeting, and there is every rea son to believe that that functionary has fulfilled his instructions to the letter. Doings at the Lock-ups.?Eastern Lock-up? James Louge. drunk and disorderly; workhouse 30 days. Wm. Moody, Ann Brown, Mary Don nelly, Alfred Green, unlawful asseinby; work house 30 days. Samuel Kirketts and Mary Jane Ward, do ; line and casts. Western I.ock-np?Charles Madden, drunk ; workhouse 30 days. Wm. Rollins. Octavia Si mouds, colored, drunk and disorderly; repri mands! and dismissed. For the Eve of the Police.?Yesterday a gang of colored boys were assembled on the va cant lots on Third street, near the City Hall, amusing themselves by firing at a target. About the time when the congregation was assembling at Trinity Church one of the boys shot a ball into a frame building where a number of children were playing, fortunately without injuring any ofthrm. Mid, Filth axd Stagnant Water.?The condition of the southeast corner of Market Space requires the attention of those whose duty It is to remove such unhealthy accumulations. The old ring used by Dan Rice's Circus Company has never Iteen removed, and is now tilled with stag nant water, and all around it piles of filth of va rious descriptions are deposited by persons clean ing their cellars and wood-houses. Death at the Penitentiary.?Yesterday morning, the Warden of the penitentiary found one of the convicts named Brown, dead in his eell. The swelled appearance of the breast and throat indicated that ne died of heart disease. Deceased had been at the penitentiary some six years, we hear. Donktti's Wonderful Troupe of perform ing animals will be exhibited to-night at Odd Fellows' Hall, and all the young folks (and old folks, too. for that matter,) are all agog to see the goat*, dogs, and monkies which are to do such wondetful things. To-Morrow Night takes place the repetition ofMunder's delightful May Festival, on which occasion all who choose will appear in fancy cos tume, thus rendering the display even more daz zling to the eye than was the recent Festival giv en by Prof. M. The Medical Association of this District met on Saturday evening at the Infirmary. A Pytlio logical Society was organized, and the first and third Thursday eveninys in each month were set apart for holding meetings. The Music of the Marine Band at the Presi dent's House, on Saturday, drew a great number of listeners and proineuaders. President Bu chanan was present. Beauties of our Changeable Climate.? Yesterday afternoon at four o'clock the thermom eter, in the sun. stood at 110?; this morning, in the same position, at (?)$ o'clock, it stood at 50'. Watch Returns.?Sunday?Rezin Williams, John Robinson. Matthias Robinson and George Gilbert, fugitive slaves; jail. Charles Ridgely. complaint of his wife; dismissed. Monday?Eleanora Davis, colored, disorderly, workhouse 30 days. Catharine Williams, do., dc. Speed of Whales.?A boat attached to a sperm whale, in the Pacific, drawn 32 miles inside of an hour, and the probability is, that a whale will go at the rate of 7a miles an hour. The most pleasant speed we know of, is that of .Mrs. M. N. Gardner's Indian Balsam of Liverwort and Hoarhoiind, which cures Hoarseness,Coughs,Colds, Croup, Consump tion, Spitting Blood, Ac., in a few hours. Weeks A Potter, 1M Washington street, Boston, General Agent. For sale bv W. H. Gilman, Charles Stott, Nairn A Palmer,D. Gilman, and by Druggists generally, may 11-lw Drs. Hunter A Williams, Physicians for Diseases of the Throat and Lungs. 52 North Charles street, Baltimore. Dr. Hunter or Dr. William* will visit Wash ington on the 12th and 29th of each month. The next visit will l?e on Tuesday, the 12th instant. Office 20> Pennsylvania avenue, over Mrs. Voss's Jewelry Store. may8-3t Experience is the best evidence of Madame Mount's Consumption Destroyer. Mrs. Mount?Madam : I ain happy to inform you the terrible cough and eold under which J labored, has l>een entirely cured and eradicated by the use of one bottle of your medicina. And I can with confi dence recommend it to ever) body sutlering with coughs or consumption. P. Mahan, No. l?i Chesnut street, Philad. I have used in my family Mrs. Mount's Consump tion Destroyer, and caji testify to its efficacy in case of severe colds. It is equal, if not superior, to any remedies of the kind 1 have ever used for such a purpose. Rev. James Robb. This is to certify that I was well acquainted with Mrs. Mount while she was suffering with the con sumption, and know this Svrup to be the remedy that effected her cure. Rev. James Hanson. Residence, G street, !>etween 11th and 12th. No. 33*>. may 8-3t' MARRIED. On the 5th instant, at the Methodist Protestant Church, Georgetown, by the Rev. Dr. Murray, PARKr.R HALL SWEET, Esq., of the General Land Office, to GEORGIAN A, second danghter o| Thomas B. Griffin, Esq., of this city. ? This is accompanied by a bounteous slice of wed ing cake. We wish the newly married couple al| imaginable happiness, and a long succession of con nubial streets. On the 7th instant, by the Rev. Mr. Samson, NA POLEON JONES to MARY A. SORREL, both of Fredericksburg, Ya. DIED, On the morning of the 11th instant, MARY TOWNLEY BRUCE, youngest daughter of John P. and M. D. Lear, aged 3 years and 3 months. The funeral will take place from the residenoe of her parents, on K street, between 6th and 7th streets oast, on To-morrow Afternoon at 3 o'clock. (Marlhoro papers please oopv.) * J^EW GOODS JUST RECEIVED. The subsoriber has just received the following fresh assortment of Goods: I<ayer Raisins, fresh soft-shell Alinonds, Nantz Currants, Schiedam Schnapps in square quart flasks and stone jugs; Brandies, Wines, and Liquors, of superior qualities, assorted flavorings ; Yeast Pow ders; Sperm, Adamantine, and Tallow Candles: Brown Soaps. Macoaronis, Yenuacelli, scented Soaps; Sootch, Macalwy, American Gentleman, French Rappee, and Mrs. Miller's Snails: Corn Starch. Olive Oil, Carroway Seed, Root Ginger, English Mustard, American do.; Pepper Sauce, Spanish Segars, Tobacoo, Scotch Ales,Brown Stout, 'Spices, Ac., wholesale and retail, cheap for cash, or approved city paper. JONAS P. LEVY^ 0 367 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite ap30-tr National Hotel^ l\f AGNIFICENT AND ELEGANT 1M BAREGE ROBES, (blk grounds.>~ Jnst received this day from New York, not three dnvs nut ofthePustom House, ENTIRELY NEW DESIGNS. Call and buy before they are all sold, at FRANK A. McGEE'S, may 2-eolw 2M Pa.av., bet. 12thand 13th sts. ^TOCK IN THE OLD DOMINION COAL COMPANY, KANAWA COUNTY, VA. Subscriptions will he received at the Banking Bouse of Chubb Brothers, for the remaining stock of the above company, being three hundred shares. The capital stock is 41on,nm (dollars,) of winch 4?n,<)QD has been subscribed. The mines are now prepared for active operations, and 6 per oent. in terest will be guaranteed upon the stook now offered for sale, by the original stockholders, for the period of two years. Particulars in regard to the stock, and its prospeots, " "ue made known upon application to CHUBB THERS. innt% P. P. DANDRIDGE. Agent. BROTHERS. in tfT i EFRIGERATORS, ICE PITCHERS, B! V "IT m Refrigerators, ice pitchers ? CO?L1%W COOLERS, and a larae fresh supply of Housekeeping! and oth?r useful artioles, at 480 Sevenths?.] A^K)*1''1 P*y' G. FRAVCTS cjHOE and boot makers, look to W your interest -I have just reoeived two cases of FRENCH CALF SKINS, which I will sell cheap fWA~h,f?offi? TEa'THER, MOROCCO, and SHEEP SKIN, cheap. T^?Iafrr. way f-eo3t* Pa.^ve. bet. l*b and 13* street, A0CTIOH SALES. By JAS, C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. Beautiful building lot near the SMITHSONIAN ISSTITUTK AT PtBLlC AUCTION. On FRIDAY AFTERNOON, May 15th, at? o'el'k, on the premises, I shall sell, without reserve, subdi vision E, in square No. 297. fronting 24 feet on 12th street wast, between south C and D streets, and ran ding hack l?T7 feet to a ten-feet alley. Tit.e perfect. This is probably one of the most eligible Iwilding si??s for sale in that part of tlia oity. Terms: One-third cash: the residue in 6 and 12 months, satisfactorily secured, bearing interest, inayll J. C. MctiUlRK, Anot. By J.C.MeGl'IRE, Auctioneer. CMAI.L FRAME-HOUSE AND LOT IN THE First Ward.?On THURSDAY AFTER NOON. May Mth, at 5J? o'cl?K>k. on the premises, i shall sell part of lot numbered sixteen, in square numbered seventy-two, fronting 18 feet on21st street west, between north l.and M streets, running back IS? feet .5 inches, with the improvements, consist nut

of a small Frame House, containing three rooms. Terms: One-lialfcash r the residue in three and six months, lor satisfactorily secured noter, bearing interest. mar 11 -d JAS. C. MeGUIRE, Auctioneer. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. Household and kitchen FURNI TURE at Auction.?On WEDNESDAY, the 13th instant, I shall, at the residence of a gentleman declining housekeeping,at No.272 I street, between 17th and 18th streets, at 10 o'clock a. am., a lot of Furniture, viz: Mahogany Sofas. Chairs,and Rockers Do Tables, Bedsteads, and Wardrolws Feather Beds, M at tresses, and Bedding Cane and a-ood-seat Chairs Carpets, Looking-Glasses, and Window Shades Glass and Crockery Ware, Knives and Forks Parlor, Cooking.anil other Stoves. With many ot her articles which we deem unneces sary to enumerate. Terms cash. A. GREEN, Auctioneer, mayjl Bv JAS. C. McGl IRE. Auctioneer. I EXCELLENT FURNITURE AND HOUSE J hold Effects.?On THURSDAY MORN ING, May 14th, at 10 o'clock, at the residence of John Calvert, Esq., on G street, between 11th and 12th streets, I shall sell all his Furniture and Ef fects, comprising? Rosewood 7-octave Piano Forte, Stool, and Cover Walnut carved Parlor Sot, finished m brocatelle Marl>le-t?>p Centre and Sola Tables Brocatelle Window Curtains and Shades Cane-seat Chairs.Lounge Extension Dining Table, Sidelxtard French China Tea and Coffee Service Silver-plated Castors, Table Cutlery Marble top Enamelled Cottage Set Mahogany, and Walnnt Bedsteads Bureaus. Washstands Curled Hair and Husk Mattresses Carpet, Oilcloth, Rues Refrigerator. Invincible Range Ga* Fixtures, Radiator, Ac. Terms: $25 and under, cash: over that sum a credit of 60 and 90 days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. P. S.?The House is for Rent, inquire on the premises, or of the auctioneer. may 11-d JAS. C. MeGUIRE. Auct. By JAS. C. MeGUIRE, Auctioneer. V^ERY SUPERIOR CABINET FURNITURE, CwtmiM Piano Forth, Elegant Cur tain*, Carpets asd Mirrors, Carriage am> Harness, Mii.cii Cows, Ac.? On FRIDAY MORNING, May 15th, at 10 o'clock, at the resi dence of Capt. H. L. Shields, U. S. A., on north I street, between 13th and 14th street?. I shall sell all his superior Furniture and Household Effects, coni prisins? Very superior Rosewood Piano Forte, by Chickcr ing Piano Cover, Stool. Music Stand, Guitar Splendid suite of sojul rosewood, carved Parlor Fur niture. finished in blue plush, consisting of two medallion l?ck Sofas, Arm Chair, Reception Chair, and six Parlor Chairs Solid rosewood, carved marble-top Tables Beautiful oval ornamented, gill Frame Mirrors Fancy Chairs. Tables. Door Rues Suite of five elegant blue Brocatelle Curtains, with lace Curtains. Cornice, Cords, Tassels, A c. com plete Verv superior Velvet, English Brussels, and threc plv Carpets, Rugs Velvet and Brussels stair Can>ets Silver-plated and brass Stair Rods Oilcloth, bronze Hat-tree. Hall Stove Suite of very superior polished mahogany Dining room Furniture, comprising Extension Dining Table, marble-top Sideboard, ten spring seat Chairs, and t liree Arm Chairs Mahogany hair spring seat Sofas Mahogany Secretary and Bookcase Damask and Lace Curtains. Shades French China and (iranitc Dinner, Tea,and Dessert Ware Refrigerator, Table Cutlery . Fire Irons Elegant mahogany carved Chamber Furniture, con sisting of Wardrobes, Italian Bedsteads, marble top Dressing Bureaus, Washstands,Commodes, Workstands Walnut Bedsteads, Bureau, and Washstands Superior curled-hair Mattresses Bolsters and Pillows. Toilet Sets Superior mahogany Crib and Bedding Rattan and cane-seat Chairs, Lounge Together with a general assortment of House hold and Kitchen Furniture. The above Furniture was made to order by (jalti sha, New York, and is of superior make and finish. Also, at 4 o clock? A superior family Carnage, suitable for one or two horses, with shifting front, built to order by Wood A Tomlinson An excellent shif>mg-top Buggy Wagon One Trotting Sleigh, lot of Robes One set silver-plated double Harness, nearly new One verv superior nulch Cow A small lot of rare and costly Winea ami Liquors. I Terms: $40 and under, cash; over that sum a credit of sixty and ninety days, for satisfactorily en dorsed notes, bearing interest. inay 11-d JAS. C. MeGUIRE. Auctioneer. I By JAS. C. MeGUIRE. Auctioneer. AROE LOT OF PAPER-HANGINGS AT j Auction.?On WEDN ESDAY AFTER NOON, May 13th, at four o'clock, at the auction rooms. I shnll sell about pieces of Paper Hang ings, of various styles and quality. Terms cash, may 9-d JAS. C. McG III RE. Auctioneer. FOR RENT AND SALE. H' OUSE FOR RENT AND FURNITURE FOR SALE.?1The eovenient Dwelling No. 385 E street, l>etwecn loth and 11th streets, and in the immediate neighborhood of the Kirk wood House, may ll-3t* ? M.RMSHED ROOMS FOR RENT.?One T large PARLOR and two BEDROOMS. Terms in??deratc to a permanent tenant. No. 434 corner of F and 13th streets. may 11 -1 w * Rooms for rent at very reduced TF.RMS.-Two suits of ROOMS, well fur nished and well shaded with trees, on the first and seconds lloor of house 514 12th street, adjoining tho Kirkwood House, the best Hotel in the city. inay ll-2t_^ ? F^OR SALE.?We have for sale (on private pur chase) and are authorized to dispose of the fol lowing Real Estate: 1st. A substantially built and commodious Brick Dwelling House on Capitol Hill. The lot on which this house stands fronts 3tt.'a feet with a depth of 129 feet; and, iu view of the proposed extension of the Capitol grounds, will become one of the most eligi ble residences in the city. Price $2,)#*); terms easv. 2d. A Lot on Virginia avenue, between 9th and 10th streets. Island, improved with a two-story Frame Dwelling, nearly new?25 feet front by 1UD feet deep. 3d. A Lot on the corner of Mary land avenue anil 6th street west. Island, fronting 42J? feet on Mary land avenue, and running lock nu average ol 115 feet, to a paved alley, unimproved. 4tli. A fine Building Lot on D street south, ad joining the corner of 13th street wost?23 feet by ion deep. Terms: $50 cash, and the balance in 1,2, and 3 years, secured by deed of trust. Appl> to ELVANS& THOMPSON. 326 Penu. avenue bet. 9th and loth sts. may 11 -fit JStatesl I/OR R ENTV?FURN ISHE1) ROOMS, PAR r LOR Sand BED-ROOMS, or the entiro House would be rented to a small family on very moderate terms. Location very central. Apply at the Star Office. may 9 3t* FM)R SALE.?House anil Lot on 13th stroet, be tween G ami II, and opposite Dr. Teasdale's church, being one of the most desirable locations in "Washington; only a few minutes' walk from the Treasury or Post Office Department. The house is a three-story and basement, with back building, and all the modern improvements. The lot fronts 22feet 6 inches, runs liack 104 feet to a 9i-feet alley in rear of the Episcopal Church lot. Inquire of W. J. SIBLEY, may 9-6t Agent for Mrs. Phelps. IIHIR RENT.?The two STORE ROOMS on the north side of Bridge street, immediately ad join ng High. They are new, iarge. and airy, and uu surpassed either ill point of locality, or finish, as stands for almost any kind of business, by any in the city. To good tenants the rents will lie moderat e Inquire of PETER O'DONOGHUE, Georgetown, may 8-1 w F^OR SALE.?My RESIDENCE on the oorner of New Jersey avenue and C street south, Capitol Hill, fronting on the avenue 162 feet 9 inches, and on C street south 20b feet 11 inches, and containing nearly 34,ooo square feet. may 8-tf W. F. PHILLI PS. f^OR SA I.E.?A gentleman desires to dispose of a SERVANT about 34 years of age. A good farm hand and rough carpenter. He is neat in his person,of good habits, and trusty, and is in all respects a capi tal servant. The neoeasities of his owner alone makes him willing to sell hiin. He will not be sold to a trader. Address Box 15, Star Office, saying where an interview may be had with any one desir ing to purchase. may 7-4t* A MARKET FARM FOR SALI^-I Will sell my FARM in Fairfax oounty, Va., containing 165 acres, situated on a Turnpike Road six miles from Washington city, four from Alexandria, Va., and in full view of the latter plaoe and the Potomac River. Tho improvements consist o| two large and comfortable BRICK DWELLINGS, Ac. This land may t>e conveniently divided into two small Farms, and ls?tli have an abundance of good fruit, wood, and water. I will dispose of the growing crops and stock, and ifdesired. give immediate possession. My Post Otlice is at Mount Pierce, Fairfax oounty, Vmayn5-Tu,S&M3t? EDWIN C. FIT/,HUGH. f.^OR RENT .-Two FRAME HOUSES on Pierce street, lietween 1st and North Capitol streets. They contain six good r?>oms and kitehen. The rent, to a punctual tenant, will be low. Apply opposite, to CHARLES THOMA. ap 29-eotf I7?OR RENT.?THOSE TWO LARGE Three, story Brick buildings situated on 17th street, opposite the War Department. To a good and per manent tenant the rent will be moderate. Posses, sion given April 9,18OT. Apply to JOHN ALEX ANDER. No. 210 Penn. avenue. ap7-eolm mtmrnm 443, lor renfor sale. The house contains every conve menee, and has a never failiu? supply of pure water m the cellar. The larger portion of my carpetings, which are naarly new, will l>e sold cheap. Inqutre of the undersigned, ou the premises, or at 12th and Canal streets.) ...... UP <T7 ec^w JNO. B. WARDi UM" cjcweni iiemsure am age. Wl;c-tv"-gi Harness. " Horse and Th? ?*"??*? i* * n,cw ^ a. u,k? ? . vehicle. The horse is s hrstmte fanult^?iri^,lii is perfectly sound. r**- ?nd The establishment. which belongs to an ??-?, # the Navy, i* sold on account of his b?ing ordered .i to sea. Terms cash. ueren ntayHt WALL A BARXA R D. Anot*. By W ALL & BAR\ARD. Actioncer*. CARRIAGES and BUGGIES at Auctioh <>n TUESDAY MORNING, May l?h. com mencing at ?? o Hock, we will sell, in front of our -ni >m*- new am! ??eond-himd Carriages. to er a<tv nnocs on account of whom it may ootieern J new ?? amily Carriages I nenrl* iifw second hand Carnage 1 "**,w Wagons. tN?le positive. a. One-third cash, the Imlance in thirty and interesf. " ?atisfactorily endorsed. lairing mayS^dts WALL* BARNARD. Aoct. WlLf. BE ADDED TO the Sale of Carnages on Tuesday morning. May 12: v.?rnages on } Lf'"??* Carnage, city nude, a first rate article i I p? f?y af??n' c,t* ?nake, made to order I No-top buggy-\N agon, made to order. The above are h rat rate Carnages mul ??,. m.,i? ?th" at, lo <mto?l , ,111-s.lS.i,r,.fr 11 u all a Barnard. Aucts. By JAMES C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. ' 1, ALLABLE UNIMPROVEDPROPERTY ox A FTF HInnv1 ?tT ArrTio.f.-On THURSDAY' AF iKHISOOV May 7th, nt 5)* o'clock, on thp premises. I shall sell the whole ol" hot No Hi and J5?']n No. 8, in Square 844, fronting 52 feet 7 in ches onPennsy Ivania avenue and a public space l>e tween 5th and bth street east, and running hack l?? feet 6 inches, with the privilege of a ten feet alley from the rear of the lot fo5th Street east. * ? n!ii?,,',: ?Pne O'Urth, cash ; the residue in fi, 12, trust onVhe propert 'nterest' ,ecured bj a deed of , JA&.C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer, \ tH-FRvnTiv ulp un"' TUESDAY , i May 12th, same hour and place. "'y?-d .tAS.C. Mctil'IKH, Aiictionwer. By J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. VALl A BLE B LI LDINQ LOT IN THE J, ^ Lnd, ox North I, betweks 21st a\d 22d streets.?On THURSDAY AFTERNOOY ^anara \n,Trar' ClrC,C' ' **11 lj0t N'o. 18 m t fcet 1 ,n<rh on north I. V tw een 21st and ^2d streets, running lick 143 feet qU inches to a an feet alley. * This Lot fronts Pennsylvania avenue, and is a fine location. It can l>e subdivided into three 17 feet rx? t wo vMrs fr.r n /l: '"?? ' tho ,,a!"n?? in one and u poa the propertyf h"?* intere,t' and 8ccur^ may 9-d jAS. C. McGUIRE. Auct. TBy A. GREEN. Auctioneer. HE SUBSCRIBERS, EXECUTORS or the i.atk Ge*. James Thompson, at the request of FR It!aRV" .k \u?"' Wl" **"' at Publ,c <"i r KIDAi, the 15th instant, at 5o'clock p.m.. all Ins real estate in the city of Washington, to wit: Lots No. 12,13. and 14, in square No. 28 ?No. I. in square No. 51 ^>o. 13, in square No. 55 ^Vo. 21, in square No. 77 No. fi, m square No. Wi No. 24, in square No. RJ? No. 23, m square No. inn No. Ifi. in square No. I2S No. 8, in square No. 19K. The sale w"| comment on Lot No. 13. in Square nonh^' corner of 22d street wcatand I street The terms of sale will he: One-third of the rur thase monejr in cash; the remaining two-thiri/s in three equal instalments at six, t welve. Jind eichteen give' their ^^venilth* p,lrr>,bas^rK required to da\^ of sale? the L 'I l>earin* intereat from the (lax oi sale, the same to l?e secured k a ..f 'r!Jfu * !* "PProved by the suliscribcrs. I he sulwcribers wiU convey all the title and es tate of tiie late Gen. Thompson to the lots sold All e^veyancmsr at the cost of the purchasers .1 J I '?n>sof sa!e be not complied with within three days from the day of sale, the sul>s<Til>er? re. serve the right of reselling on such terms a a they ma> deem proper, at the risk and cost of the purcha* sors- W.H. T. TAYLOR, J. B. II. SM ITH, mmy 9-d A. OKEEIf By C. W . BOTBLBK* Auctioneer. WALE OF ELEGANTHOUSEHOLD'FURNI v tire.atA tc t i o\ .?On MONDAY MORN ING, May 18th, at 10 o'clock. I shall sell. at the InTr ia. ec'lIiIn|5i housekeeping. No. . V u* e u". .'f-a ^ streets, a superior collection of Household r urmture, consisting in part <>i? \ 12 ? One superior seven-octave RosewoiKl Piano forte, made by Lorenzo Matt A Co., Boston I ne solid rosewtHKl Parlor Suite, consisting of one I- rench Sofa, one Arm Chair, one Gothic Chair, and four Reception Chairs, all finished uicnm son and green brocatel Handsome roscwo<Kl o\-a] Parlor Tables, with mar 016 tops Tapestry, Velvet Carpetmgs, and Rues Oas Chandeliers, Pendants, and Brackets Iron frame oval Centre Table, with marble slab Sotiu^|Rosewood Ann-Chair, covered frith purple Bronzed Candelabra*, French Carcel I Amp I ine Blue Damask and Lace Curtains and Orna ments Gilt Window Shades, walnut Etegere W alnut Rout Table, with marble top A valuable ooilectiun of very superior Oil Paintings 0\ al gilt-trame Mirror Rosewortd and Gothic Chairs, covered with plush and blue brocatel v Rosewood Tete a-tete, covered with maroon and blue brocatel ^'"na and other Mantel Ornaments Waluut Hat-Rack, with mirror-back \\ alnut Hall Tabic, with marble top Krussels, hall, step, and chamber Carpetinr .Mahogany \\ ardrobe, mahogany Washstands, with marble top Handsome mahogany Jenny Lind Bedstead I ine mahogany Dressing Cabinet, with marble top Mahogany Commode, with marble top W alnut Shaving Toilet Sets Superior curled hair and other Mattresses Klegant walnut Dressing Cabinet, waluut Wardrobe N erv handsome walnut Bedstead \> alnut Wnshstand, with marble top J ^ne-seat Chairs, walnut Soiun., with marble top Oak dining-room Chairs Solid mahogany Extension Dining Table liandsoine oak Sideboard, with marble top Bronze Napier Clock Spring-scat Lounge \ ictoria Arm Chair Blue and gold French China Tea Set, 50 pieces Gold and white Fruit Stands Heavy silver-plated Waiters W lute French China Dinner Set Superior silver-plated Castor \\ bite and Bohemian Cut-glass Decanters, Goblets. Champagnes, Tumblers, Wines Table Cutlery, Ice and other Pitchers Butler * Tray, superior Cooking Stove Kitchen Furniture and Kitchen Requisites. Ac. ?JiIISJlr "furn'sh,nK ?,n?l in quest o? really good ar ticles of Furmture will find this sale every way wor thy or their attention. cnTB.i"rlr?j ?nd un,ler- ???l> < over $4? a credit of wand !*i da> s, for approved endorsed notes, bearing interest. may 9-d C. W. BOTELF.R. Auct. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. pOMMlSSIOXERS' SALE OF VALUABLE v Kkai. Lstatk.? By virtue of the order and de cree of the Circuit Court of the District of Colum bia, lor the county of Washington, in the matter of the heirs of h rede rick Mohler, deceased, made ?n the Uth day of April, 1!I57. tlie umlfrHicn^l CornmiM sioners will oiler for sale sU public auction, to the highest bidder^therefor, on the premises at 6 o'clock Pi'iU,r a' A ' the 14th day of May next, allot Square of Ground, numbered two hundred and thirty-four (^4) with the improvements, consisting of a small House, and all of Square of ?nomhered two hundred and seventy-one (271) of the plan of the City of Washington; for a description of which they refer to the proceedings in the said cause. " The conditions of sale are: One-fourth of the purchase money to bo paid at the time of sale, or withiu three days thereafter; the residue to be paid in one, two, and three years, with interest from the ?lay ol sale to be secured to the satisfaction of the Commissioners, or a majority ol them. If the terms are not complied with, the property at the expiration of three days from the day or sale will lie resold, at the risk and expense of the purcha ser or purchasers. SAM'L E. DOUGLASS,! K. C.CARRINGTON. THOMAS E. LLOYD, ?Commis Walter, sioners. THEOD'RE McGLUE, A. Lloyd, Attorney. ap 23-eots (lut.l A. GREEN. Auct. T By J AS. C. McGUIRE. Auetioneer. RUST EE'S SALE OF HIGHLY 1M VALtA?I-K RKAL ESTATB.-On Till RSDAY , the7th day of May, 1857, at fio'clk, p. m., by virtue of a deed of trust, (tearing date on the 5thdav <?1 July, 1855, and duly reoorded iu Lil>er J. A.S., No. 84. folios 232, 233. and 234. oue of the land records for Washington oounty, in the District Columbia, I shall sellrinfroutofthe premises, at public auction, to the highest bidder therefor, the valuable premises well known as "Flint's Hotel," Item* part of lot numltered 6. in square numbered 254, in the city of Washington, fronting 37 feet 3 in ches on north E street, between 13th and 14th streets west.and running back 159 fcet to a 30-feet alley, together with the improvements thereon, consisting of a substantial and well-built three story Brick Dwelling-house, with large liack buildings, finished in the most superior manner throughout with mar He mantels, Ac. Terms: One-third cash; the balance in one and two years, for notes (tearing interest from the day of sale, secured h* deed of trust on the property ; ind if not complied with within live dars arter the sale, the property will he resold at the risk and expense of the purchaser, at ten days' notice. oi All conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. . WM. P. WILLIAMS. Tnistee JAS. C MnOl41R ? ID" THE above sale is postponed until THURSDAY AFTERNOON Mav I?h same hour and place. * y ' mai 8-d ^ 'a W ?ILLIA MS, Trustee. JAS. C. McGL IRE, Auctioneer. JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. VERY DESIRABLE LOT ON NORTH I on the premises. I shall sell part of subdivisi<?n No. II, ui Square No. 285, fronting feet53-7th inches on north I street, between 12th and 13th stress west, running tiack l?2 feet 6 inches to aan-feet alley. This desirable Lot is situated in the immediate vicinity of Franklin Square, and is a very eligible site for a private rosidenoe. Title indisputable. , . .. . . Terms: One-fourth cmIi: the residue in6. IS,and 18 moaths, lor satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing '"inffifcl JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auct. V" IOL1NS, BOWS. STRINGS, ROSIN. INJ STRUCVlON JJ6oKS, Ac. at ELLJS'^. may } TELEGRAPHIC NEWS* b'KOM THE ASSOCIATED rUESH. ilwIU ?f !*t? T*rk. Kiw Yi'U, May 10?The number of death* reported during the past veeek is 3?~a decrea* **f GO compared with the previous week. * anal Navigation. V ^T' >Imr ?* dispatih from Buffalo I .f 'a,,al ?'?""?^??d Ailing at Buffalo Wsjaryr<ty "pd w,u * ?? R?.Jkf>w ,,e" ? ??e. ee**orv'!i! ll?*Fltr!ClS trted M *n ?"* <??y ?rqnittod 1* uS, jSj"*4 ^ C**1 WM *? o*weoo, m.tT destroyed br Are tin^ Wniland House wa? Ivendanjfe.d ---*?fn'pg The tlamea great feared that the K*y*ty, ??d It U New Yoat. Ma^Tr^^o'lVrriB t \ ~r Ten new*. but at preae,,, a reeid^J who ha* been a prominent ?? Ametir^n' appointed by Gov. Walker h"^" iy. lie starts far Kansas to-morrow V iu pa thy (or Walker. Pit ILAPKLntlA, May Hi?The meeting to have l?e?*n held here last evening in aid of Walker wl4 a failure. Nobody attended it except the rrpoM ers and a few others, and the room wax not even opened. Tke Erie < annl. Albaxt, May 9.?The water let Into the canal at Lockport yesterday went out laat night. carry ing eighty feet in length and six feet below the bottom in the embankment east of that place, near Wnkemaa'a. This break will be filled In again Sunday night or Monday morning. It will not delay the boats now clearing from A Many. Ohla River. W ittKLiKG, May 9 ?The river Is in capital boating order. Boats are very plenty and rates exceedingly lew. Our river rates ai now. and h3V^J?^n a,H ,bc TrinK' from ten cent* per 100 lbs. lower than from Pittsburg We re ceived over three hundred tons this morning from the hast, which is now tieing promptly trans ported in boats for destination Sailing af the Ericsson. Nkw Yoke, Mav9?Tha Vteamer Ericsson sailed hence at noon to-day for Liverpool, with 32 passengers including Dr McClintock and I ad v. Professor Marshal and lady, of Philadelphia, and Richard Stuart, of New York, who will become the agent of the associated press at Liverpool. The Harder of ( apt. Pendleton at Cardenas. New York. May P.?The memorial of sixty masters of American vessels at Cardenas has been forwarded to Secretary Cass, calling attention to the remissness of the Spanish authorities in ar resting or trying to arrest the murderers of Cant Pendleton, of the Itark General Jones. Acquittal of Mrs. Cunningham. Ac. New Yore, May 10 ?The trial of Mrs. Cun ningham for the murder of l>r. Burdell. is at lencth closed. The counsel both for the defen<e and the prosecution occupied each two hours yes terday in summing up, the attorney general closing the case at six o'clock Judge Davie* then pro reeded to charge the jury in an able, clear and impartial address, lasting one hour, when at seven the jury retired. All eves were directed towards them as they proceeded to the jury room, and ef forts were now made to obtain a better view of the prisoner, whoxe fate hung so awfully in the balance. Hhe, however, avoided the prying cu riosity of the crowd, as did also her daughters At twenty-five minutes of eight o'clock ihe jury re-entered, when a profound stillness reigned, and the clerk took his position in the witness chair and read over the name*; after all the juroi s had answered, he put the question, vi*: Gentle men of the jury, have vou agreed upon a verdict * The foreman answered, we have The prisoner immediately thereupon showed si^us of being deeply affected, and was much agitated ; but the court ordered her to look towards the jurors, and also requested the latter to look upon the prisoner. The clerk then asked, '? How say you. gentle men. do you find Emma Augusta Cunningham, otherwise called Burdell, guilty or not guilty V* The foreman responded, "?not guilty." But Mrs. Cunningham was so ^itated that she heared not. the word* the foreman ut'ered. and did not know the verdict till her counsel whispered to her, then she sunk hack overpowered by her feeling* Af ter recovering the prisoner and her daughters were conducted out of court into one of the judge's chambers, and there received the congratulations of her friends at the happy termination of the. prosecution. She then returned to the fatal house in Bond street It is reported that the authorities have obtained a clue that will bring to light the real murderers of Dr. Burdell, and they are now engaged in ef fecting arrests. The * public are exeeedinglv anxious for some further development, as thus far the etuis of justice have been completely and shamefully balked. Baltimore Markets. Baltimore, May II?Flour is very buoyant: Howard street and Ohio superfine has advanced 12a2Se on Saturday's prices; sales this mornini: at S7a?7.12K ^ Wheat has advanced 2a5c; white *1.70a$l.t*5, red. $1 70a*1.75 Corn has advanced la2c; white 71a76 :, yellow 75a7#c. Whisky is excited; City 32c, Ohio 33c. New York Market*. Nkw Yofk. May 11.?Flour is buoyant: sales of 9.IKJ0 bbls.; State SS 10a6.80; Southern is steadv at *7.10a7 GO. Wheat is heavy; sales of 1.500 bushels; white Sl.^l?a decline of 2c. Corn is heavy; sales of 20.000 bushels; mixed-*4c.?a small decline. Poi k is Meadv; mess S 50 Beef is unchanged; Chicago repacked S16.25. Lard is heavy; sales of barrels at 13kali\. Whisky is quiet; Ohio 31c. Financial. New Yore. May 11.?Storks are lower and dnll: Illinois Central shares 1.16; Michigan Southern 04; New York Central Pennsylva nia Coal Company 93* ; Reading S0k; Virginia G's 91 %. Sterling exchange is dull at 109 ^. K 1 Oik REWARD.?Ranawajr from the subscri *V l"w her, liviug r.oar I'pper Marllioro,' JkM Prince George's county, M<1., on the ;Od of April. NEGRO BOY oi.lVKR JACKSON. about IS years of are, 5 feet 6 inches high. of a dark copper color; has two very noetnble scars. one over Ins eye, the other on his side occasion ahurn, Iw shich he may be indentified. he is very plausible when spoken to. I will give $l?o if taken out of the State, and $50 if taken in the State or the Distut of Columbia ; in either case he must be se cured so that 1 get him again. apSMf _ WM. I BERRY. 6'^nn RK\\ A R !).? away fr>>m the suU - ^?>UU heron Thursday, April !Hh, NEGRO MAN ISAAC WOOD. He?thirtj ' ? age. black ooinpiexion, aliout hvo halt high, and has very large lips. The altove reward will he paid for bis i ? hension and deliverT to me if taken in a free State, or *l?ft if taken in the State of Maryland or District of Columbia ODEN BOWIE, Buena Vista Post ofiioo. ap-21-tf Prince Georgea county, Md. 4 CARD.?The attention of house-keepers and persons furnishing is called to the extens;v? sale of excellent Furniture and Elects of ?? Dex ter's Hotel," commencing Tl'ESDAY, May 12t|i. and continuing each day at the same hour. The Furniture is of excellent qualitv and mostly m perfect order, having been purchased within the last two Tears. The Carpets are principally Engliah Brussels ami handsome patterns. The Curled-hair Mattresses. Blanketa. Linen Sheeting, Quilts, &e. are of the most superior ouali ty and'quite as as new. Amongst the Table Furniture are twenty heavily plated oval-oovered Dishes of beautiful patterns and tomah. -There is also a large quantity of handsome French China Vases, \V aterand Milk Pitchers,douUc-thirk flat.anddeep Dishes, superior Silver-plated Castors, 1 able Cutlery,4c., affording an opportunity to per sons furnishing rarely met with, as every article will positively be sold to the highest Udder. may 5-tf J AS. C. MeG t'l R E. A net K>n*er. WASHINGTON HALL RESTAURANT, " eorntr 6lh St. and Pa. ir.,(i?s(4 ude.) P. M. Dt'BANT (late of Bester A I?t ?avt> re spectfully announoes that he has purehase?l ti?e in terest ol his former partner in the business, and solicits a oontinuauce of that patronage which here tofore has been so generously bestowed on them. He will spare no pains or expense in maintaining tho reputation of his nouse. and with thi? determination, aiited by an experience of live years ia the business, and the best assistance that can Iwproctirad. he trusts that he will be able to justify the eonhdenoo 'no??* tke potter of mfttalt to eommand ? but I wit! do ntort?I 11 deserve It." ' The entire KstaWishment has heen thoronghty re paired and renovated, and the stock materially in ^l-Verr delioarv the market affords?O^ STERS, G \ME. Ac.,?will always be kept, aad orders ai tended to at all times. ..... < rm<lemei! can he supplie?l with Meals at all hours. The Bar is furnished with as clnHee a selection of Liauors as cao be produood, and polite an.I ox peri enced Bar-teislers and waiters will d ?pease to cus tomer* ever> thins desired. Cigars, of the ntost ap pro\-ed brands and hnest flavor. consUntIy on nao<'. In short, the proprietor intends to leave no means untried to continue his house, what it has been?the A No. 1 Bouse ol this city. a??->w P. M. DC BANT. SUPERIOR READING LAGER BEER. The suhsonber takes this method to rafcm the citizens of ashing ton and vicinity, that he o?>n ?tantlv keeps on hand I.auer'a superior R KADING LAGER BEER. PORTER, sod ALE. wan* he is randy to servo at any time, w Bottles or Casks, t* Hotel keepers or private families. Also, ICK at all hoars, m mnanuties tn^sint^^ may 5-1 w Southwest oor. 3d street ami Pa. are. IMNS WHOLESALlTAND BKtAT7l-. AT r McLAl'G HLIN A CO.^ % P?a?. tweentth and ?b streets ' Irom the subacri .NEGRO AA ty years of feet and a Jr\ bisappre