Newspaper of Evening Star, May 14, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 14, 1857 Page 3
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Tub National Rotu?Siceress.?We notic* thai the New York an4 other paper* continue tc speculate ?pog the cau^e of the hotel encUcnic A correapondent of the Journal of Coovnrcn aug. ^ potion of bad sausages was at th? bMomof the ninehief. Wm W HsbhHI writer to toeNew ^ ark Time* from Philadelphia thai ?\V*',i!in^on 00 tb* I!Hh of M"ch and Li. r *^7th ?*P*"?nenUng in exploaivc i*?h S?lU l^e batterv * 'he Nan Yard. On th? Jv-tu of April he returned to YVaabington anil topped at a hotel?not the National, h?wever_ on \\ ednesday. the 23d. feeling rery unwell he hastened home, and his physician, Dr. C Hen ri ot once pronounced thesymptoms thoseof araenic ^im bomeopnthtc preparation* of iron X,iTtnh?BT,K!5rtJnthirt5r-8ix hm,r* ?hei rtopprd the violence of the poison. He ha* con. slowly tr2iSrSilid0ttf" f?r ar~"k' *? BO* Mr. Hnhfjell waa not in Washington when th? rrr/ hi. ?ppf,arpd at ,h<* N*?ionm ho. f^r?. rSir. !.H ' who h*d -everal ra#? TTZiI v" 1th" <rmP<o'?" ^ ?'?? thi^rrIs^hV** Mr. Huhheil x In ,7Ln,n ?f the H,avrs lh" I***? li1 r*VeuK? tor the defeat?/ theii W>;? !i crtPP** or destroy the President and puty ' OT I*,r,on* *"PP?rt{ng tf?C rtected We a r'rrul*r letter, jest issued by the Mayor of Washington, which, if answered ^ ? ^'?*e to whom it is addressed, oui jYn to ?w?ome light upon y?e ve*ed que* Matob's Of?k*e. ( 1 WmissTOK, May 13, j?*S7 \ r? : >'i>?Having been Informed that you were sick of the National Hotel disease, I re spertfnlly request you to inform Hie if such was the fact, and how long you were at the hotel: whether you slept there, whether you ate 01 drank there; if so, the nature of the food. Ac ' how *oou after being there you were taken sick j how long sick, and the symptom.*; and any othei etrrnmstances you may deem of Interest ,*1 w,r *?;wer will confer a great favor on the undersigned Very respectfully. Ac . W. B. Magrideb. Mayor. The Riveb?Business is dull. The fishing* life doing nothing. This morning one pungv came up to the Alexandria wharf with three hon ^r**d "had Prices for shad last night were !*lli SI- per hundred. No herring in market. Three top-sail schooners and one barque went up'he western channel to Georgetown iJTi ,ChT?<"r pen. Wort*>. ^m Baltimore left Alexandria the night before last with gnanc for Georgetown The strong northwest wind herashojeat the Halfway Tr-e, where she remained till the next flood tide, when she got oil into the Washington channel and came up te Riley s wharf la*t night. where she discharged 5?7 nf o" awf >?rrels of r?.in fori l Robb. M?p boiler This morning hei w: ?r?aves) went to Alexandria tc obtain the assistance of a steam tug in orderjc ner found into the Georgetown channel. At Magruder and Stone's wharves the Mott Be d*ll line ?chooner Whirlwind i* discharging her freight, she discharged this morning a new and valuable grain-threshing machine for T. R Brooks, but no address being on the label, the marhine could not be delivered, and it remain on the wharf, exposed to the weather. Arrived schr. Carlton Jane, from Kddyrilla, r.,5 ?Xcj?pi^<sr^,tc"" ">i J&fcKSLSTJiSSSS;op ,5U ""d The schr Sarah E. Jones, from Port Walthall ? tl.Riicy -XU to us gas coal fo't the W ashuigton Gas Company. ?wZ. wkTT !,U5tain^ JT ">e owners of the canal which was sunk in the we?tern draw is very small, she being old and neady used up Th? principai loes was susUined by one of the hands, who had a good suit of clothes, a Kui?,and *25 in tash. inher crib, which went down and were nol recovered. C?it?. Market.?The indications of rain last evening, no doubt, prevented many regulai dealers from attending the market this morning, and the supply was not so plentiful as us?al. Th? prices continne about the same as reported Tues day: p?r lh ItkcJUr- Dried Apples.... 91 P. * , -t ^r"- pr nosh.... ?K mutton ... 12al5 Corn.ear, pr bush. 5(1 I.amb, prqr ?1 25ar 5<> Beans, pr hush.... f-j r^d",e' Pf nf6 pr hush ? fij Meal ?i Shorts a HhipstutTs 4iihT.5 Roll butter 31aTJ Phil'a print 44 Kgga. per do*.... lSali Lettuce, pr head.. 4ald Rhubarb, bunch.. fl Spirnach, pr peck 31 Kale, pr pt 37^ Veal... 15 Calves heads,each 25 15a If) Shoulders 12^ Breast pieces .... Halts Dried beef 15al6 Chickens, pr pair. 67 Red terrapin. each,2Sa75 C ?rned salmon... 15 T^irkey* ?1.75?2 25 Hale, pr Dk ~ *171/ Herring, per doz.. 2?a31 Asparagus, bi^h 1 Terrapins, each... 37if7 Unionx. bunch.. 2k Irish potatoes, pk. 50 Tomatoes, do*.... 25a J7 .. ams. per hand . #1 (Bermuda Potatoes SI . w?-et potat.>es, pk ?l l.emons. per doz . 12a25 APP'^ peck 9l|Cabbage sprts, pk 3T In the flsh market the prices have not varied ?=5f^.JrLrport- per per pair; TThl P*r dozen; perch 37c. per dt.zen, lie targe rock in market disappeared early in the <<"?*> in n?.?"?,ia (or si tSS!. >?11 'Mr if Wh4rvr *h!ul wer? selling at (11 afll per 100; herring ?10a*10 50 per l,(*j?T Mc n Dza's SBC05D Mat Ball ?This affaii tame off on Tue-day night, as beautiful and mag. niflcent in all its appointments as the first. Amon^ the danne. that particularly delighted us. in com mon with the entire audience, were the follow ing Pas de Trois. by Scott Towers. Annie Mor ??n and Kate Croiier; La Manola, by Jennie Munder the Scotch Dance, by eight small chil r cro,wnM,S ??? in the Shawl Dance and the American Flag Dance, composed for th< occasion by Munder himself; Introducing all th? national airs, and performed by thirty.two bovi a?d girls beautifully costumed This dance U L'A/. * r,VfP,flcent F*rformance-at once iminor talizin* the composer by becoming itself a per i*?ual American favorite. It is soon to be pub. Tished in beautiful style, with stage directions wb?n it will undoubtedly become verv popular n e must not close our notice of this ball withoul mentioning the final performance, which was th< Highland! ling, by Munder himself, in foil cos T" Vrjr^ n?dlw" to ?he? e. Ution Of th s dance e*clte?l universal and un bounded applause ?Vmiom. Island Hall was last night graced by the as s-in hi age of a bright and merry party of younj f^lks. with their parents and friends, it being th< Mav Festival of Miss Ann WiUett'a school. A prettier eourt never gathered round a Miv Queen rhe grace and propriety of her attendants die honor to the charminu young lady who presided A bea'itifui repre^n&tion of Spring introduced ^ ?owera. and we venture to predict thatwhe, of^?j ,nt? Su?,n?,r' ?*"? will be on. of the loveliest blossoms of the season Prem \ lora as gracefully dismissed them ; whilst earf flower was charmingly embodied that it woul< be invidious to individualize. The eveoing passed off with the utmost merri ment. harmonv and decorum ; and Miss Wiilet could not have had a more satisfactory endorse inent of her own lady-like manners and admira ble management than the behavior of har nupii on this occasion. ?? ~ r The eatheb.?Range of the thermomet' from Thursday noon, May 7, to thta morning NS?' ^ IT % S S S M 55 r\ !^ y W ^ ?? Fhurs<lay 56 _ Average height of the thermometer in tha morn ?n^?, from May "th to 14th, inclusire, 53 04 No moon Saturday, May ?}, between 3 a * ro 3 and H m k*>nnrk 1.?Mav IM. a most lovelvdarand wa n nth. cotd and cloudy throughoiH with a d.flereiRe of heat 33* 111, 13th, clo.idv, fin i>hing with rain ; 14th, cloudy, with rain Geobubtows, May 14, IS5/ B Rf!?Awa* axd Smash -About I* odock yea terday afternoon, a team of horsca, belongin - U Mr. > o?t, of Prince George county, Md., sUrte<i anT2r^,,."/r7'rr5rH,0r' 00 si ana avenue ana ran at a furious gait past Market Snaic le^!i'nif 'if ,TUj<0n 10 were atUc^d SEFJLK** *VJ*,"tL ,rtrwt an<i wl.,be rTUilnd''r on C*"*1 "trert, neaj throw!!' 1w 'hey were stopped by Lein^ Nh!? r y.a ?eIfK?P^ post At the corner <S > .nth street and the avrnue the horses came in ' >nta? t with a carriage and overturned it. TIk iorse attached to it started, but was caught by a gentleman \*h? happened to be near at the time w** ^'"keu by the accident, but th? colored driver escaped with a slight sc/aU b, and an ague produced by fright. Assault ?This morning, J. 11. ghreeve wai srrested by <>?cer Ross, for an assault on J A Wine The affair originated inadlspute aboul the purchase of some grain. Hard words wer? picked up a stone, when Shreev? ?P** in hin lhce Justice Goddard, before whom the case was tried, ordered Mr Shreeve to pay 1 flne of #2 and coats for swearing in the street, an^ disuji ised the I ailed States case r HE \\ A SH I JIG TOM AlT ASSOCIATION Wil] clow its eihibiton on Saturday evening uext Weaie certain it will be the occasion of futur* to any of our art-loving readers should tl^y befell lTuAtuiiy 01 '*e">g <Li* la* will be repeated on tomorrow (Friday) ^fcning, and certalidy to wpaw tn grandeur even the fanMr, ] W?a really a magnificent atalr, and will long be remeaabeMd by all who were no fortunate as to be present on that occasioh. Mr C will endeaevr lo make this ball the crowning act of the seanon^ >fe well-known abtUty being a *u? < tent goaranlecfor its a< > <->nipli<thmeat. He will also Introduce on this occasion tbe beaat Iful and chaste danee called Varlwelafia," for tbe tJn?t time danced in tbl* r?tT. We are happy to See that he has engaged Withers'* flue ? Assembly j Ban(1,'' who, we Understand, will favor the oom- ! pane with several new, beautiful, and original quadrille*, besides his justly popular waltzes, polkas, Ar , which will add to the attraction* of the evening. Dux ktti's.?DoneUi'? exhibition of trained an imals went of!" last night with great telat. as usual. His audience, of whom a very large por tion were very ymmg folks, were in ecstacies, 1 from the beginning to the end of the entartain inest How the wee things enjoyed themselves ! j laughing until tears cameln their precious eye*, auu their jollv little sides were ready to burnt, i All should witness this exhibition, and more es pecially children from three to fifteen years of age, for to them it is such a treat as probably can I*enjoyed but once in a lifetime. Corrt or Claims.?Since the last issue of the Star the rase of Jonas I*. Levy Is still under con sideration. Mr. R. 8. Coxe followed Walter Coxe, Ksq., in l>ehalf of the claimant, and Mr Hlair (Govern ment Solicitor) is now replying to those gentle men. Corbection.?In noticing the awards of the Metropolitan Institute Fair in the Star the other day, the carriages of M. McDeriuott were acci dentally classed as No. il. This mistake the reader of course corrected fbr himself, as every body knows that the workmanship of this manu factory is 44 A. No i." Fightisg.?Last night, officer May, of the first district, arrested John Curran, for fighting and rioting in the First Ward. He was taken to the western lock-up, and this morning ordered by Justice Drury to pay a fine and costs. Metropolitan Mechanic*' Institute ?The Boaid of Managers will meet to-night at the Citv Hall, and the subject of the new hall will be be fore the Board, with a view to bringing it prop erly before the City Councils. A Disgraceful Attack was made upon the Western Hose Company while it was returning to its quarters, after a false alarm. Officers May and Daw poinced upon the attacking party, who, however, took to their heels with such alacrity as to scape the clntches of the law. Bad Bo vs.?A correspondent writes to us com plaining of a party of half grown boys, who as sembly nightly at the corner of Second and F st. north,'and insult passers by. The police will no doubt have an eye on the party. A obntle tail of rain is pattering musically upon foliage aud house tops Who cares * Not we, Indeed, for our freshly-set ont cabbage plants need such a watering, sadly. Hurrah, for the rain' Real Estats Salb.?Yesterday, Jas. C. Mc Guire sold at auction the fine horu and lot. No. 460 Thirteenth street, between E and F. owned by J. P Keller, for$3,S7U. J H. Sheckell, pur chaser The Island Folks are to have some capital music of nights for the remainder of the week at Island Hall. Performers?'-The Capitol City Minstrel* " Boox Bindkr's Strike.?We learn that a por tion of the book binders employed at McGuire's bindery, near Odd Fellow's Hall, are on a strike. Thk Fibr Companies were called out about 0 o'clock last night by a false alarm of fire. Watch Rktcbns?Frederick Wesher. col ored, drunk and disorderly; fine and costs, 81.91. Mr. Editor : Having casually dropped in yester day evening to witness the performances of the Dra matic Association, at Forrest Hall, Georgetown, I had the pleasure of not only witnessing some very good acting, but of listening to very good music. Among the pieces played by the orchestra was a Polka composed by Professor Esputa, and dedicated to the ladies of Georgetown. The musicians did justice to the composition of the talented author awl I really have seldom heard any music which af forded me so much gratification. It is to be hoped that Professor Esputa will enable the public at large to judge of the excellencies id this musical gem. by publishing it; and if he doc* so, I venture to predict for it a very great popularity with the lovers of good music. The New Roman Catholic Church.?The Meeting o* Sunday.?A very large and interesting meeting was held at the school-rooms ailjacent to St. Patrick's Church, at 5 o'clock, on Sunday alter noon. Mr. Francis Mohun was called to the Chair, and Messrs. H. B. Sweeny and Wra. H. Ward appointed secretaries. On motion of R. H. Clarke Ksq.. it was ordered tiiat a committee ol hve should he appointed to car ry out the purposes of the meeting, when the Chair appointed Messrs. R. H. Clarke. Dr. A. Semine*. G. tsavage, G. Enms. and J. F. Coyle, who, in a brief tuns, presented the following report and resolutions, which were received and adopted, viz : Whereas, our late venerated pastor, the very Rev Dr. William Matthews, has lelt to the parish a large and lieautiful site for a church, and every day's ex perience more dearly proves the necessity of in creased church accommodations for this populous and ever growing congregation : And whereas, fur ther. we have the cordial approbation of our most Rev. Archbishop, and it should be our honest pride to erect a chnrcn that will be becoming the perpetual historic grandeur of onr hoiv laith- i s steam, duni hed progress m this free land, wiiile, at the same tune, it will be in keeping with the well sustained efforts of the whole country to adorn our Federal Metropolis: Be it re?olr"i,?lnt. That the present is a propi tious tune to liegin our cri'orts for the new church, and we freel). one and all, collectively and individu ally, pledge ourselves to aid the undertaking to the beat uf our power, by our money and try our influ ence?contributing ourselves, and soliciting and en couraging all to contribute. Al. That in the circumstances alluded to in which we now stand, it is necessary awl expedient to pre pare f<>r the erection ol a large and b**aiitiful Gothic church; that the design, already submitted, gives general satisfaction, both as to sise aud style: and that l*ouis L. Long, Em., the architect, is hereby requested U> present, with the least possible delav, an accurate estimate of rhe cost of erection, in order t<> enable us to determine finall> in relation to the de sign. ad. That, in the mean time, it is necessarv to begin at once the indispensable work of providing funds: and. fbr that purpose, having entire confidence in the seal and energy of our Pastors, under the guid/tnce of our Most Rev. Archbishop, we respsctfully invite the reverend pastors of the parish to open this very day. a subscription list; and a committee of lay gen tlemen be appointed to aid them in collecting in the parish and city of Washington. 4th. That a permanent <-ommittee of three be ap pointed. whose business it snail be to reoeive nil the moneys collected, deposit them in bank, and publish a quarterly statement of receipts and expenditures. tth. And that these resolutions be published in all the city papers, and in the Baltimore Catholic Mir ror. % Respectfully submitted. The resolntions were unanimously adopted; and, on motion of Wm. H. Ward, Esq., if was That the Rev. Messrs. O'Toole and Boilcand Mr. F- Mohun. Chairmen of this meeting, be directed to appoint the committees called for in the resolutions, one for the purpose of aiding in collect ing funds, the other aa a permanent Auditing Com mittee. Subscription* amounting to #7,136.65 were then re ceived : and the meeting adjourned in a (ratified sir] hopeful spirit, to meet again at the call ol the Pastor, it u > F. Mourn, Chairmaa. The following gentlemen have since lieen appoint ed to the committee*: Auditing Committee?Messrs. 11. B. Sweeny, John Marron. and W. F? Stubb*. Collecting Committee?Messrs. Edward Simms, Col.J. G. Berretr, Francis Mohun, John F. Coyle, K. C. Dyer, fieorge Savage, Gregory Ennis. John II. God<lard. Dr. A. J. Seinmes. A. L. nUwton.C. S. Jones. Val. Harlaugfc. P. 0*Donnoghue, John F. F.llis. John MrDcrmot, John F. Knm*. Richard H. Clarke, Richard l^ay. Thomas Stephens. P. Gallant, W . H. WaiO, H. Donohoe, Thomas Ilolden, Philip This list may lis increased, if necessary, and the presenting or holding of om of the Subscription Books will be guarantee of appointment on the Com mittee. it Speed of Whales.?A boat attaolied to a sperm whale, in the Pacific, was drawn 3t miles inside of aa hour, and the probability is, that a whale will go at the rate of in miles an hour. The most pleasant sp<>ed we kuow of, is that of Mrs. M. N. Gardner's Indian Hal sain of Liverwort and Hoarhound, wlucli cures Hoarseness, Coughs. Colds, Croup, Consump tion, Spitting Blood. A c.. in a lew hours. Weeks A Potter, \M Washington street, Boston, General Atussle by W. H. Oilman, Charles Stott, Nairn k Palmer, Z. D. Gdman, and by Druggists generally, may 11-lw Br akorkth's Pills.?The Weak, the Consump tive. Rheumatic, Costive. Billions and Delicate, af ter some day's use will and renewed strength and life pervade every organ of their frames. Every doss makes the Mood purer. The nerves oommence in tha arteries and terminate in the veins. These pills, as a fisat effect, aet upon the artarial blood. increasing the circulation, by which impurities are deposited in the veins, and they throw ?IT such collections into th* bowsis, which organ, by ths energy derived from Brand ret h^ Pills, expels them from the system. \\ hen hrst used, the pills may occasion griping, and even rmJte the patient feel worse: this must be borne with for the good te some afterwards. No great good is often achieved without some trouble m lU attainment, and this rule applies to the recov ery of health. Those symptoa ery of health. Those symptoms, only ooear where the body has long straggled under a load of impure, tenacious humors. A eonenoutive use for afewdays will aatisfy the most unMtainng of the great good the pills are doing. The directions should be eare fuUy studied. If understood and followed, health and vigor wiiU ia a majority of eases, be secured by the use af Brandrttk ? Pill*. Sold at r> cents per box at 43 Canal street. Brand reth Budding, New York ; by T. W. 1/tott & Soi?, 193 sorts Second street, Philadelphia, aad bp medi DOV?tf "?"tTJ&iT** *Tidqw?of ***? tire .^^y. U>. iwforjiiyon hM been entirSIr corSJ^Swf ??5^r .if!! ffcWredr <?e bottle of vour sbSkSI emhoited by tJa? use o| dence rnwim?tw?Tji?"J"?'". ? ?*? with onnfi , . p nuM ? OM ? tin Willi urnce reontnmettd U to everybody suffering with coughs or consumption P. Mama*. _ fTTT'Nrt.tfecfteeaat afreet. Philad. ) I have mM in mr fetftUy Mrs. Mount's Conaemp tion i)o?tr*T0r, and eu taatily to it* eflicarv in case of severe ro|ds. It i? eqnal. u not superior, to an* remedies of the kind I have aver need for such a purpose. Rev. Jam en Robb. This ieto certify that I was well acquainted with , Mra. Mount while she wae suffering with the con sumption, and know thia SjrTUp to be the remedy that effected her core. Rev. Ja*m Ha^?ox. Residence, G street, between 11th and 12th, No. 3?. . t may S-Iin Wood's Hai* Restorative.?Prof. Wood, the renowned discoverer of the invaluable Hair Restora tive, still continues to lal*>r 111 behalf of the afflicted. His medioiuea are universal!* admitted by the American presa to ue for superior to ail ??lher? 6>r causing the hair on the heart of the aged that has l?een silvered f ?r many yearn, to grow forth with as nweh vigor and lexnrianoe a* when Messed with the advantage* of youth. I There ran be nodonbt that rf is one of the greatest diacoveriea 111 the medical world. It restores perma nently gray hair to it* original color, and make* it assume a beautiful silky texture, which has been very desirable in all ages of the world.?St. Lo*is Morning Hrrald. F?>f sale in Washington by Cmarlk* Stott, Sam cki, B. Waite. Nairs & Palmer. J. P. Milbi rm 1 Co., Jaa. N. Callaw, and all Druggists, my 6-2w Important to the I.adies,?Dr. Dmvonro"* Ftmnlt Pill*.?The combination of Ingredients in the Pills are perfectly harmless. Their efficacy and went* are hancd upon an extensive practice of over thirty years; and, where the directions have been strictly followed, they have never failed to correct all Irregularities, relieve painful and dificatt men struation, (particularly) at the change of life. They will cure the Whites, and remove all obstructions arising from cold, exposure or any cause* : aud may be used successfully as a Preventive. Call upon the :ent, and get a Circular for particulars free. Price ??! per box. with full directions. Sold whole- , leand retail by Chas. Stott, Druggist, Penn.ave nue, Samuel B. Waite.528 Seventh street, Wash ington, D. C.;and R. S. T. Cissel, Georgetown ; to whom all orders must l?e sent, and the Pills will lie sent oonfidentialy,by mail,to ladies who enclose them one dollar. N. B.?See signature on the box; to counterfeit it i s forgery. ? Ie2-tf 1 MARRIED, Onthel2th instant,at the residenceofG. R. Hatch er, Esq., Fauauier county, Va. t?y the Rev. Dr. J. J. Murray. JOHN ELIASON.of Georgetown, D. C., to MARY C. CHUNN, of the former place. On the 13th instant,at the East Washington M. E. Church, by the Rev. Mr. Chapman, T. EDWARD CI. A RK. Esq., and Miss JEN>IE,eldest daughter of William Bland, Esq., all of this citr On the I-Vii !??????>? *L- "? * ?' FRANK ELIZA lafe Rio _ _. Va. * In Baltimore, on the 12th instant, by the Rev. O. Hutton. JOHN W. BOTELER, of Washington, to FANNIE M.. daughter of T. C. Miller. Esq., of Enfield, Baltimore county, Md. diedT" On the 9th inst.. Mrs. C. M. BALESTIER. ageJ 45 year*. On the 13th instant, FRANCIS WARD, in the 60th year of his ape, a native of the county Monat; han. Ireland, but lor the last thirtv-five vears a resi dent of this eity. His funeral will take plaoe from his late residence, comer of 12th and C street, on Friday, 15th inst., at 9 o'clock. The friend* of the family are requested to attend without further notice. * In Georgetown, on the 13th instant, Mrs. ELLEN LEISH EAR, aged 71 years. Her funeral will take place on To-morrow (Fri day) Evening, at 3 o'clock, from her .late residence, corner of Potomac and First street. * In Georgetown, on the 13th instant, at 2o'clock p. m., JAS. HENRY,agod 15 months,and at II o'clock p.m., the eame day, ELEANOR B., aged 5 years, children of Thomas M. and Eleanor B. Wilson. Their funeral will take pla^e This Afternoon, the 14th instant,at 4 o'clock, from the residence of their parents, cn Beall street, between Congress and High streets, to which the friends of the family are invited to attend without further notice. ?^???? FOB REST ASP SALE. HOUSE AND LOT FOR SALE.?A BRICK HOUSE, two stories high, with basement, con taining seven room*, situated on Penu. avenue, l>e tween 21st and 22d sts.. No*. 75 and 77. The I<ot is 12 feet front by about 90 feet deep, running back to an alley. Terms: One-third cash: the balance in 6, 12, IS. and 24 months, secured by a deed of trust. Apply to MlCH AEL BOCK, on tne premises. may 14 5t* Lease and furniture for sale Both new, in a pleasant part of the city. Inquire at 264 F street, between 13th and 14th. may '3 4t F^OR RENT.-Two suit* F U R.MS II K 1) ROOMS, on the first and seconds floors, nt 512 12th street, nearthe Kirk wood House. may l3-3t* FOR RENT.?The HOl'SE on G street, between 19th andSuin ?..reels. First Ward, formerly occu pied by Lieut. Harrison. It is nearly new, well fin ished, and has all the modern improvements, witn Carriage-hcnsc and Stable, servant's room above. Apply to WM. BKOWN, next door . may 13-tf F^OR SALE.?The LEASE and FIXTURES of 1 a well located WOODand COAL YARD,do ing a good bnainess, located on the Island. The rent is cheap,and the reason for selling is change of busi ness. But a small capital is required. Address J. G., through the Post Office. may l2-3t* FOR SALE.?A FARMofone hundred and til teen acres, nine miles from Washington, in Mont gomery county, Maryland, % mile from the plank road. The improvements are a small Dwelling House, Stable, and Corn-House. There is a cood Well of Water with new Pump in same, and three hundred choice Fruit Trees. It will be sold a l?r gain and on good terms if applied for iminediatelv. Apply to H.N. LANSDAl.h, at the corner of 8th and M streets. No. 564, or through the PostOliicc. may 12-tt FOR RENT OR SALE.?a tliree-*tory and basement BRICK HOUSE, on Uth street, be tween M and N, containing eight rooms and private stair-way. Also. For Sale-Three BUILDING LOTS, two adjoining tlie premises, aud one on L street, l>etweeii 12th and 13th. twenty three by one hundred. Inquire of SAMPSON SIMMS, L street, betweeu 10th and 11th. No. 4?6. may 12-St* URNISHKD ROOMS FOR RENT.?One large PARLOR and two BEDROOMS. Terms moderate to a permanent tenant. No. 434oorner of F and 13th streets. ma> ll-lw* FOR SA LE.?House and Lot on 13th street. I>e tween G ana H, and opposite Dr. Teasdale's | church, being one of the most desirable locations 111 Washington: only a few minutes' walk from the Treasury or post Office Department. The house is a three story and Iwseinent. with hack building, and all the modern improvements. The lot fronts 22 feet 6 inches, runs bac-k ia? feet to a 30 feet alley in rear of the Episcopal Church lot. Inquire of ?? ? Blib i ? may 9-t5t Agent for Mrs. Phelps. FARM FOR SALE?Six miles from this city, in Prince George county, Mary land, and adjoining the lands of Charles B. Calvert and Carroll Stevens, Esqniree. Avery desirable parcel of LAND, con- ! tainmg 200 arres, 125 acres of which is cleared and in good cultivation, the balance in wood. The House is large, handsome, and suitable for a large family, < with every necessary out building complete. I If the whole Farm should not l>e required, we will , sell 50 or 75 acres, the selection of which shall be sat isfactory to the parties desiring topurchaae. Apply to GEO. A. THOS. PARKER. 1 may 6-2aw3w F~ OR RENT-A valuable GROCERY STORE, situated on the corner of 12th and B streets, near the Canal, formerly occupied by Messrs. Sengstack k. Clarke, and is one of the best stands in the city for a resident, country,or river trade. It is fatted up with Shelving, Bins. Counter, k r. For terms applv to the subscriber at No. 355 K street west, between Twelfth and Thirteenth streets. ?nIU uplft-eotf FRANCIS HANNA. FOR SALE CHEAP.?A two-story and attic BRICK HOUSE, nearly new. containing six pleasant rooms and small kitchen attached. The above house is situated on 4th street eaat, No. 5H3, two square* south of Penn. avenue. The adjoining LOT will he sold, if desired, with the house, the vknk ? ? -? - ? __ - -... .^/,u, 11 unuN, wiiu m? uouse, me whole, or cither, at achenp rate, and on accommo dating terms. Apply on the premise*, may 5 Tu,Th,AS6t* FOR SALE.?Valuable and handsome BUILD ING LOTS, with improvements, opposite the Smithsonian Institute, known as Lots No. 27 and 28 in Square No. 3M, having a front of 5" feet on south B street, and running back nt sngels of 125 by 135 to a 4J feet alley, betwesn 9th and loth streets south, with improvements, consistiuc of a handsome Back Building, built of patent bnck. containing 4 rooms; Carriage-house and Stable for three horses. The owner has inenred a great expense in ornameuting the yard with fruit trees, and at present can lie seen in fine hearing order. In the yard a 35 feet well has been constructed, from which the purest water can be drawn. Persons wishing to purchase a lot for the erection of a private dwelling, will find the above one of the moat desirable in th* city, fronting the Institute garden, and having a full view of the city and its public buildings. Title indisputable. For further information inquire on the premises, or at 417 Pennsylvania avenue. may !2-eo3w* l^OR RENT.?The two STORE ROOMS on F the north side of Bridge street, immediately ad joining High. They are new, large, and airy, and un surpassed either in point of locality, or finish, as stands for almost any kind of business, by any 111 the eity. To good tenants the rents will lie moderate. Inqnirn of PETER O'DONOGIIUE, Georgetown, may 8-l?? 17?OR SALE.?My RESIDENCE on the corner of f New Jersoy avenue and C street south, Capitol Hill, fronting on the avenue ItU feet 9 inches, aad on C street south 2n6 feet 11 inches, aud oontaimng nearly 34^000 square feet. rnay B-tt W. F. PHILLIPS. HOME-MADE CARRIAGES. We have on hand, of our own manufacture, a fine assortment of aU kinds of CARRI.jmc, AGES of the very best, latest, and mostygCg^j; approved styles, and warranted in point ofw "Tr: workmanship and material, to be equal to any made in the efty of Washington or any other city in the United State*. We respectfully solicit a call from ha eitirens and ?tr*n*?r? to ?it.rr.i~. ? .. v ,?.ru.iunT ?uiiuii a oaii irom the citizens and strangers to examine our work ; as we are determined to let none surpass us either in quality of work or in low ^ . We also do e*ery kind ofREPAIRINGin&work rnanli ke maimer, and at reasonable ptioee. may l?-?m DEAL ESTATE.-THE UNDERSIGNED K purchase* and sells ?KAL ESTATE, Mid REAL ESTATE SECURITIES. Wanted lor caah,1 E ap ?-eo?w Pa. at,, 3 doors north of Union Office MCTXO* BALES. By E. 9. WRIGHT; G?uri?town. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLES.M rmvKD Propmtv.?On THURSDAY. tll?21st untant. at S o'clock p. m., will b? soid at aartion. on tti* premises, the f*?llow??K valuable Real Estate. 1st. The twt?-story Brick Hosm and I<ot fronting on Huh street, and adjoining on the north the Drug Store of Dr. KidwHl7?tely oooapted by J. Hick*. 2d. A Brick House ami I/ot on Pnmpect atreet, immediately west of Dr. Kidwelt's Store. Terme liberal, and at ealei By ordeTof tke Trns. *?e- E. S. WRHiHT, may 13-3t* Auctioneer.

By WALL A BARNARD. Auctioneers. Handsome pair op carriage Horhw at ArcTioN.?On SATT RDAV MORNING, the 16th instnnt, at 10 o'clock, we will sell in front of our auction rooms, one pair of first-rate Carriage Horses, perfectly sound. These Horses are ol full suee, bright bays inoolor.ofsplendid style and action, the owner, an officer ui fne Navy, having no farther nse for them. Persons wishing to purchase can see the horses by "PPjy ing at the Navy Yard. Termer One-third cash, the residne in fin awl 90 days, for note* satisfactorily endorsed snd bearing interest. WALL A BARNARD. may U-? Auctioneers. By JAMES C. MoGUlRE. Auctioneer. Peremptory sale of very VALUA BLE Bl'ILDIKR IiOT ON I ST*KIT, RET VVEKN JI>TH *"P *J"I streets WBST.?On THURSDAY AF TERNOON, May 21 st,at 5o'clock. on the premises. I ?J?aJI sell all of Lot No. 30 and the eastern 23 feet or Lot No. 19, in Square No. 101. fronting together 58 feet on north 1 Itetween 2nth and 21st streets west, and running Iwek 149 feet 3 inches to a feet alley. These lots are situated in a fashionable and very desirable part of the city for a private residence, and t he sale should command the attention of persons desiring first-class building sites. Terms: One-third cash; the residue in six and twelve months, for satisfactorily sccured notes, bear ing interest. may 14-d JA8.C. McGUIRE, Auct. By JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. VERY VALUABLE REAL ESTATE AT tiif. Corner of Delaware avenue ant) North B street.?On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, May 21st, at 6? clock, on the premises. I shall sell part of Lot No. 5. hi Square 6W, situated at the corner of Delaware avenue and north B street, within one square of the Capitol, and containing 13,940 sqiwre toot ? ^ This is one of the most desirable miimproved loca tions Tor tale in the city, and is very desirable as an investment, in view of the proposed Capitol Ex tension. Title indisputable. ?erm*: <Jne cash: the residue in one,two, and three years, for satisfactorily secured notes, bearing interest, mT JAS. C. McGUIRE. Anctioneer. _ ? , BOTELKR. Auctioneer. WALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AT C5 At-cTioN.-On SATURDAY MORNING, May ' *h*",at the late residenoe of Nr. K. B. ISally, dtceased, No. 416 G street bet ween 7th and 8th streets, a collection of Household Furniture, embracing in part Mahogany Sofas, Mahoganv Chairs Oilt F raine Mirror, Centreand Dining Tables Carpeting. Wardrobes, Bureaus. Bedsteads Hair and other Mattresses*, Wash stands China, (ilass, and Crockery Kitchen Utensils. Ac. ? Terms : #25 and nnder. cash ; over #25s 6<t and 90 days credit, for approved endorsed notes l>earing in terest. C. W. BOTELER. may 14 2t Auctioneer. By BARNARD A BUCKEY; Georgetown. ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE IN GEORGE a*, town.?Wagons,Carts, Wagon and Black smith Tools. Bellows, Anvils, Iron and Lum ber Ac at Auction.- On MONDAY AFTER NOON, 18th met., at 3 o'clock, we will sell at the \\ agon and Blacksmith Sheps of Thomas Tucker, deceased, near the Bridge-street Bridge, all the niade-up and unfinished work, tools, Ac., Ac. Two new Market Wagons, I two-horse do. Several unfinished Wagons Two new Buggies; two second hand Wagons Large lot of rough and finished Spokas, Shaft?, Hubs, Felloes, Ac. Largo lot of Wagon makers' and Blacksmiths' Tools Bellows. Anvils, Vices, Ac., Ac. ? Lot of Varnishes, Paints, Brushes, Cans Large lot of Bolts, Nuts. Iron and Steel, and Irons made up for wagon bodies I?arge lot of Old Iron, Steel, and Springs Large lot of pine, oak, hickory . ami ash Luml er Stoves, Grindstones, Odds and Ends, Ac., Ac. Also, 1 Piano. Terms : $io and under, cash ; over that amount a credit of 9f) days, lor notes satisfactorily endorsed, aud bearing interest. , , C. F. ENGLISHvAdministrator. may U-d BARNAR DA BUCKEY. A nets. By WALLA BARNARD, Auctioneers. VALUABLE building lots on the T Island at Auction.?On TUESDAY, the 19th instant, at 5 o'clock p. m.,on the premises, we will sell the below-dsserilted Lots, viz : Lot No. lo, in square 5T7, fronting 45 feet 9 inches on 3d street west, and running l?ck to a side alley, with a rtepth of 92 feet. Lot No. 11, in same square, on the corner of Third street west and H street south, 45 feet 10 inches by 70 feet. Lot No. 12, same square,51 feet on south H street, with a depth of 79 feet 7 inches. Lot No. 13, same square, 4<i feet on same street, with a depth of 122 feet 4 inches. This sale oilers a fine opportunity to secure valu able Island property in an improving part of the city. Terms: line-third, cash; the residue in equal payments at 6 and 12 months, (tearing interest and secured satisfactorily. may 14-ts WALL A BARNARD, Auct*. By JAMES C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. VALUABLE IMPROVED AND UN1MPRO ? ved Heal Estate for Sale.?On WEDNES DAY AFTERNOON. May 20th. 1H57, we wiiloffer for sale, at public auction, at 5*i o'clock, on the premises, part of Lot lit, all of 19, ao, and 21, and part ol Lot 22, in Square 447, in Washington city, com mencing for the front at a point 40 feet south of the intersection of O street north with 6th street west, and running in a southerly direction on the west line of6th street 2lio feet, aud having a depth of 116 feet for all, except the northern 60 feet, which has tto feet depth. It will be offered in lots of 20 feet front, with the privilege of any number of front feel not exceeding forty. Terms: 20 per cent, cash ; the li&lance in annual payments of 20 per cent, secured by a deed of trust on the premises, and bearing interest from day of sale. After the above sale there will l>e offered the three 3-story Brick Houses, having a front on the west side of 9th street west of about 50 feet from the point of its intersection with N street north, in Square 3T9. with depth of about 9u or 95 feet. The alx>ve houses are on a ground rent lease of 99 years, with privilege of purchase at any time at 25 cents per square foot. Terms: One-quarter, cash ; lalance in one. two. and three years. Deeds given and d*eds of trust taken to secure deferred payments. All transfers at the cost of Uie purchaser. may 14-d J AS. C. McGI'IR E. Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. {EXCELLENT FURNITURE AND HOUSE ?A hold Effects.?On THURSDAY MORN ING, May 14th. at 10 o'clock, at the residence of | John Calvert, Esq.,on G street. Iietween 11th and 12th streets, I shall sell all his Furniture and Ef fects, comprising? Rosewood 7-octave Piano Forte, Stool, and Cover Walnut carved Parlor Set, finished in br<>cateile Marble-top Centre and Sofa Tables Brooatelle Window Curtains and Shades Cane-seat Chairs,lanugo Extension Dining Table, Sidel>onrd French China Tea and Coffee Service Silver plated Castors, Table Cutlery .\1arble-top Enamelled Cottage Set Mahogany, and Walnut Bedsteads Bureaus. Washstands Curled Hair and Husk Mattresses Carpet. Oilcloth, Rugs Refrigerator. Invincible Range Gas I* ixtures, Radiator, Ac. Terms: #26 and tinder, cash: over that sum a credit of 60 and 90 days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, l>earmg interest. P. S.?The House is for Rent. Inquire on the premises, or of the auctioneer. may 11-d JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auct. fQ-THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED 1\ consequence ol the raui uhUISATURDAY MORN ING, .same hour. may 14 d JAS. C. McGUIR E. Auctioneer. By A.GREEN, Auctioneer. I WOULD CALL ATTENTION TO A VERY handsome Lot, situated corner of New Jersey avenue and E streets north, fronting forty feet on New Jersey avenue and running back with the Hue of E street one hundred feet. The improvements taking place in that neighbor hood are too well known to require comment. _ We will sell the above lot on SATURDAY, the 16th May. at 6 o'clock p. m. Terms: One-fifth cash; balance in one. two, and three years, with interest, and secured by deed in trust. Title indisputable, and perfect in every rcspect. may 13-dAds A. GREEN, Auct. REWARD.?Ran away from the subson ?^HJUber, living near Upper Marlboro,' Prince George's county. Md., on the 23d of April, NEGRO ROY OLIVER JACKSON, al?ut 19 years of age, 5 feet 6 iuches high, of a , dark copper oolor; nas t wo very noatable scara.jyeLi one over his eye, the other on nis side occasioned by a burn, by which he may be indentified, fie is very plausiltle when spoken to. I will give #100 if taken out of the State, and #5o if taken in the State or the DistJit of Columbia ; in either case he must be se cured so that I get film again. ap arvtf WM. 1 BERRY. STITCHED LINEN SHIRT BOSOMS. We have just reoeived20 dozen more of those fine stiched Linen SHIRT BOSOMS, which are in such great demand, aud very scarce. W. EGAN A SON. 323 south side Pennsylvania avenue, may 11HH |lnt.| bet ween 6lh and 7th streets. Bonnets and ribbons. We kave just received our third supply of Bon nets, Flats, Sliakor Ho?h1s. Childrens Fancy ? Hats and Caps, Bonnet Rushes, Tarltons, Rib bons, Ac. W. EGAN A SON. 323 south side Penn. avenue, may 11-fit (Intel) lietween flthand 7th sts. Smm H llOSE^and G L(JV E8 U> be found in the city at wholesale ??"r?t^l',fcGAN A SON'S, , wn-?t <ffle^^w?Vaend7ihsts. HOOP SKIRTS. We have just received a large assortment of ] !<adiea and Misses Whalebone, skeleton hoop, steel spring, oorded and Neapolitan SKIRTS. Also, embroidered Cambric Skirts, Skirting Cord. Crinoline for lininc Skirts, Whalebone, Brass and Reed IIOOPS. W. EGAN A SON, 323 south side Pennsylvania avenue, _mny l1 -Gt [Int.] between 6th and 7th streets. IANOS FOR RENT AT JOHN F.ELLIS'?, Itetween 9tb and luth sts. _ inav 7 VIOLINS. BOWS. STRINGS, ROSIN. IN, I STRUC'riON d60KS, Ac., at ELLIS'S. ?tMff..a.. ?I?T I.5P. OS 3o*TH I .I It t ?JVo. 77. fronting S8 feet I inch oss^il ,l,\,n Aucnog malm. TglS AFTER AtOO,V (V TO-MORK(J W vyahfefjwgwrarfc t Ma* 1?t Square t*ffO *..? >u>i ??u aiivci*. | UHIllQf TArb 111 /- - ." ^ . inches to a 9" feet ill sr. " lMns This Lot fronts Pennsylvania avenue. *?d ?fcn? location. It can he, if desired, subdivided iuu> *?/. bits of * feet fr??nt. or three 17 feet ?>>? inch lot*. Title indisputable. Sale <?n the premise*. Terms: One-third, eash; tbe tiaiaiioe in one him I two years. for notes lieanug interest, and secured upon the property. mayjud 1A9. C. M?OPHK. A net. By A. GRRKN, Aeetkmeer. COMMISSIONERS' SALK OF VALUABLE Rral Estate.? Bv virtue of the order arid de cree of the Circuit Court of the District of Coliim l'ia, for the count* of Washington. m the matter of the heir* of Frederick Mohler. deeeaaed. made i?n tho 13th day of April. 1857. the undersiirned Commis sioners will offer for aale at public auction, to the hisheat bidder therefor, on the premise* at # o'clock THURSDAY', the 14th day of May next, all of Square of Ground, numlierod two hundred and thirty-four (2U) with the improveinenta, consisting ol a small Frame House, and all of Square of Ground, numlierod two hundred and aeventr-one <27l)of the plan of the City of Washington; for a description of win oh they refer to the pioceediugs in the said causa. The condition* of sale are: One-fourth of the purchase money to lie paid at Hie time of Ml#, or within three dajrs thereafter ; the residue te be paid in one. two, ami three years, with interest from the da> of sale to lie seenred to the satisfaction of the Commissioners, or a majority of them. If the terma are not complied with, the paopcrty at the expiration of three days from the day of sale will he resold, at the risk and expenae of the purcha ser or purchasers. SAM'L E. DOUGLASS,\ K. C. CARRI NGTON, THOMAS K. LLOYD, ^Commit CHARLES WAI.TKR. I sioners. THEOD'RE McGLl'E, J A. Lloyd. Attorney. ap23-eot? flnt.l A. GRRKN. Anct. By JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF HIGHLY IM PROVKD AMD VaLI'ABLK RgAL EsTATK.?On THURSDAY*, the7th day of May, 1*57. at So'clk, p. mi., by virtue of a deed of trust. Iiearms date on the 5th day of July. 1855, an<l duly recorded in I.liter J. A.S., No. 84, folios iCV. ZSt. ami 234. one of the laud records for Washington countv. in the District ol frduinbia. | shall sell, in front off he premises, at public auction, to the highest Udder therefor, the valnaMe premises well known as "Flint's Hotel." Iiemptpertof lot numbered 6. in square numl?ered 254, m the city of Washington, fronting SI feet 3 in ches??n north E street. I?et ween I St h and 14th atreets west, and running hack I SB feet to a ??-feet alley, together with the improvements thereon, consisting of a snl>stantial ami well-built three story Brick Dwelling-house, with large liack tMiildiiigs. hntshed in the most superior manner throughout with mar hie mantels, Ac. Terma: One-third cash: the tnlance in one and two years, for notea tearing interest from the dav of sale, seeured bjr deed of trust on the property ; and if not complied with within five days after the sale, ? the property will be resold at the risk and expense of the purchaser, at ten davs' notice. All conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. WM. 1\ WILLIAMS. Trustee, mav 4 -d JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auet. TO? THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until THURSDAY AFTERNOON, May 14th. samo hour and place. WM. P. WILLIAMS. Trustee, may 8-d JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. By JAS- C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. VERY SUPERIOR CABINET FURNITURE. ChicKKRi.vir Piano Fokte. Elegaxt Cvr tains, Cakplts and Mibkoks, Carhiagk asd Harness, Milch Cows, Ac. ? On FRIDAY MORNING, May 15th, at 10 o'clock, at the resi dence of Capt. H. L. Shields, LT. S. A., on north I street. Iietween 13th and 14th streets, I shall sell all his superior Furiuture aud Household Effects, com prising? Very superior Rosewood Piano Forte, by Chicker ing _ Piano Cover, Stool, Music Stand, Guitar Splendid suite of solid rosewood, carved Parlor F ur nitnre. finished in blue plush, consisting of two medallion Lack Solas, Arm Cliair, Reception Chair, ami six Parlor Chairs Solid rosewood, carved marble-top Tables Beautiful oval ornamented, gilt frame Mirrors Fancy Chairs. Tables. Door Rugs Suite of five elegant bluo Brocatelle Cnrtams, w ith lace Curtains, Cornicc, Cords, Tassels, Ac. com plete Very superior Velvet, English Brussels, and three ply Carpets, Rugs Velvet and Brussels stair Carpets Silver-plated and brass Stair Rods Oilcloth, bronze Hat-tree, Hall Stove Suite of very superior polished mahogany Dining room Furniture, comprising Extension Diuu.g T?hle, marble-top Sideboard, ten spring-scat Chairs, and three Arm Cliairs Mahogany hair spring-seat Sofas Mahogany Secretary ami Bookcase Datnask and Ijiee Curtains. Shades French China and Granite Dinner. Tea.and Dessert Ware Refrigerator, Table Cutlery. Fire Irons Elegant mahoeany carved Chamber Furniture, con sisting of Wardrobes, Italian Bedsteads, marble top Dressing Bureaus, Washstauds, Commodes, \\ orkstands Walnut Bedsteads, Bureau, and Washstands Superior curled-hair Mattresses Holsters and Pillows, Toilet Sets Superior mahogany Crib and Bedding Rattan and cane-scat Chairs, Lounge Together with a general assortment of House hold and Kitchen Furniture. The above Furniture was made to order l>y Galu sha, New York, and is of superior make and bm>h. Also, at 4 oxlock? A superior family Carriage, suitable for one or two horses, with shifting front, built to order by Wood A Tomlinson An excellent shifting-top Bnggy Wagon One Trotting Sleigh, lot of Rolies One set silver-plated double Harness, nearly new One very superior milch Cow A small lot of rare and costly Wines and Liquor*. Terms: $40 and under, cash; over that sum a creditor sixty ami ninety days, for satisfactorily en dorsed notes, bearing interest. may 11-d JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. By WALL A BARNARD, Auctioneers. ARGE STOCK OF BOOTS AND SHOES i ll Auction.?On FRIDAY MORNING. May 15, at 10 o'clock, we will sell at our Auction Room, a large stuck of Boots, Shoes. Gaiters, Ac., on account of wli??iu it ma\ concern. H>eini; the stock oi a dealer declining business?such as Gents hue call and heavy Boots Do Congress cloth top ami other Gaiters La<ties black, brown, and col'd Lasting Gaiters Do morocco aud kid Slippers Misses and children's Btiot-* and Shoes Coarse Sh??es ami Boot* for men and servants Ladies tipped and plain Slippers and kid Buakins Mens and Boys Shoe* and Gaiters Gents Shoes "and Pnmps. .. , With many other articles in the Shoe line, all ol which will l>e sold without reserve. The attention of the trade is invited to the above sale, as the stock is of excellent <<ualit> and must be sold. . _ Terms: All sums under SJi?, cash; over that amount a credit of bOaud 'JOday*. for notes aatisfac torily endorsed, liearing interest. may 13-2t W Alil< A B A RN A R D. Aucts. ~~ " ' ? ? ' By BARNARD A BUCKEY; Georgetown. 1 EXECUTOR'S SALE O F V A I.UAB L E 'j Fakm Town Lots at Art tion. O i< TUESDAY, the 19th of May, we will sell,, at our Auction Rocms. on Bridge street, at 4.4 ? clock p. in , a valuable tract of land in Alexandria count- , Virginia, containing seventy acre*? al?out one inilo from the Aqueduct, adjoining and immediately west of th<' fHrm ol Robert Cruit. r.sq. 1 his land is very easy of improvement, is watered with Beveral fine streams ; tlie greater part is in w<??d. This tract will be divided into lots of five or ten acres li aa 6'aIso, at the same time, a five acre Lot in the Dis trict, one iniie from Georgetown, on the Kidge roan, adjouune and south of the farm of Capt. Maddox. lmmedial ely after the sale of the above, in front oj the premises, we will sell the following de*oril?ed ^Southpart o'f Lot No. 2?, im Bcatty A Hawkin's addition to Georgetown, fronting JW foet on f-a?<>tte street, west side, and running hack 120 feet, will oe d,Alds?tCmldX'Stofs^d lot, 77 feet, and run Bki teck'LJTf^t ?h.s also will be divided to suit PAls"pa'rts of I^ts Nos. 60 and 70, in Beattv A Hawkins's addition to Georgetown, (northweat corner of First and Frederick streets.) fronting ?3 feet on First street and ?7 feet on FreJericR street These will bo divided into two lots of3b?feeton FThe8|UKn-e described property (being the real es tate in part of the late Win. Jewell, deceased will be sold to the highest bidders, withoutAnn-i Terms: One fourth cash; the residue in equal payments at 6,12, and 18 mouths, satisfactorily se cured. and I?eariiig interest. ??Tnli?a All conveyancing at the expense of the 6rff the terms are not ooraplied with iBjwie week from day of sale, the property .Will berwold,Bt the expense and risk of the iiefanmng purohaaar. THOS. JEWELL, For the Executors, may 1 BARNARD A BLCKE\ . Auots. By WALL A BARNARD, Aclioneers. TTHRSFS \T AUCTION.?ON SATURDAY H MOR NING, May 16. wV^hrM ix^UenV^ork in front of ou r Auction Rooms, three excellent w ""oSbtnil Hon*. ?',rk,k tome? ^'Sf.V'VaARNARU.A^of,.. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. THE SUBSCRIBERS, EXECUTORS orm latk Gkn. James Thompson, at the request ?d his heirs aud devisees, will sclT, at puHio sale, on FRIDAY, the 15th instant, at 5odock p. m~ all his real estate in the city of W athmgton, to wft: Lots No. 12,13, and 14, in square No. a No. 1. in square No. 51 No. 13, in square No. 55 No. 21, iu square No. 77 No.?. in square No. 80 No. 24, in square No. W No. 23, iu square No. 1?) No. m iqa&re No. l*i No. 8, ill aqua re No. 196. v |4| in <nnare The sale will commence on lA.t No. 'MB| ?, iect No. 55, at the comer of 22d street west and 1 street n?The terms of sale will be: OnethitdoJ chase money in cash ; the eighteen three eqtial 1 nBtalriwirts at siXj recuire<l to ^tf^Wored ^esu^ ^ ^ The subeenbers wi_U oonrey _ ? ika ln(a A II I * It*'K a OWUTTOeyt mr m-?M tate of the late Gen. Thompson to the lots aoJd a ii coavcyaneingat the 001K ofthe purchaie" A" If the terms of aale he not comolied ?.??. w,.t three .lay. from the .lay of nl? Vfe serve the right of reeling oTwS tJZSL J. B. H.SMITH, Execa tors. may 9-1 J A. GR KEN. Auctioneer, ?,i TELEGRAPHIC NBWS. hR'ttf TUB ASSOC IA TBD PK HKlW LaUi irmm CaUivrBU. N iw Yen. Mar IS ?The mM? ^?rge Law I arrived here thi? evening. shortIr after ' o c!o k With the California malts of the **h ult and ?l.?K) O0O in treasure. Thr principal conalaaees i are Me?*r? Drexel* Co , ftttS.OQt). Wells. Fa^rc A Co.,**6.(**). D>inru.N*rm?a4 Co .fXWi^ Howl And A Anpinvall, OWt: Robert Ballet! kco, ?Ukt.H?; r. Watson * Hon. ??t.,nrw? The Geo-ge I .aw r owner led with the steeme' Golden Age, which brought down fV.flOO.WIO ta tiol d. II ???^? On the 3U(h uU. the Golden Age pa?ed the **"v"r <>rixaba, and on the 94tb the (.ot.len Hat# w !{?**? ?w \ ork mail, of Sth ult. U . 8. vmiwU Independence mad Detntui "TijIi vIB?'"a *"** ,hf Cyaat at Aspinwall. A Mil had pa?^ed tlie California Assembly ap ? **lard of examiners to fund the In debtee noes of Haa Francisco accrulni: Hetieai 1? Jul*, 1855 r The Assembly judiciary committee. by dire? tion of Aweaibly, reported a bill preventing 'h^ Immigration of colored persons to the StateTh* hill will probably pas* The Senate bad passed the hill to submit the payment of the State debt to the people The Legislature had voted to adt<>um the -.rtb of April -*? The mining ncw> *u very favorable, but bun ne?s wit> dull. It ia generally thought that the people of Ore con will adopt a State form of governm? nt aud * constitution prohibiting slavery A report was prevalent at Carson ValWy tha Hiigham Young had tieen compelled to (lee from Salt Lake, to save himself from the fnry of In* fto> k Tli* Panama and California paper* *>oM;?hi nothiuu from Nicaragua Mr. Fletcher, tlie I nited State* Cotisul at A pinwall, lias returned to Panama, and Issued proclamation prohibiting the entry of adventurer who have takeu or inbeudtd to lake part In t!i? Central Amcriraewar lato Panann The dates from Bogota are to Apr! I *tb. Henoi Annmano had iutrodaced a project into Ch< Cbnml>er of Repn-seiiiatirm for ptm-ing the I alb um* of Panama under thr pot^ri.onof New Gra na<la. England, Fracax, Liar lulled. sutr*, and A Ts Sardinia. Cailao date* to April l*fa and Valparaiao date* to April I at had rearmed Panama leru waaiua very unsetUed slate Castillo left in the steamer Santiago with 2.0tiu troop* far the ^outh. Huanic hap and Wo,haqu?T^ tn possession of Cast illo'a troop* | ? " sesame of Yivaneo The ^ntia^o w^p,^ by the A pur mac alter Castlll ohad landed b ? w^To saiYonVh^ for"Lof ?*??<> > ."?> troop er*" m" on tbr eT"",Bg nt 'be l?th for Cailao ,t^tL lA.*K?,Ts ?Adamantine Candles?Market storked closing at 23a?X cents ca>h Dry jroud. quiet . holder* of drill* aud sheetings firm at l(? ?. rents for standard goods Me** pork in bbl* *44 Haiti* are cotw enticed into second handa and higher price* are demand^ Sugar?refined ha^ advanced \ cent and raw I cent per lb. Spirit, Turpentine?market stocked H ax all flour ?I5 American Tretl Society. YS."' May 13._At the meeting of the American Tract Society this morning the report of the investigating committee as to the society's r fiisal to Dubllsh tracts against slavery was read by Judge Jew?p Tb? report asserts that while the political aspects of slavery are clearly beyond the society's province, those several duties which grow out of the existence of slavery, as well as moral evil* and vices which slavery is known to promote, do fall within the province of the soci ety, and ought to be discussed The report was adopted unanimously From Kansas. St Lot is. May 13.?Tbe Republican s Le compton correspondent sava that Judge Cat us court was opened on the 3tfi. Several gentlemen among them prominent free State men were ad mitted to the bar. taking the oath to support tho Kansas and Nebraska art At the solicitation of <iov Robinson. Secretary Stan toe has appointed Joseph Lveian. of Bovtun c iirmiKMoner of deed*. The llavs cane had twen called by the District Attorney, but the State was not readv for trial The treason case* would not be reached for soni time. The criminal docket contained not ie-?* than three hundred cases. Arrivnl of the Empire City (ram Hevaae. New Yobk. May 13 ?The Kmpire City, from Havana with dates to the >th instant, arrived he'e this evening. Captain Suet I, the bearer of dispatches from Mexico to Washington, came, as a panaentfcr. iu the Empire City. " ~ llail Storm end Freshet in >iisais?ippL Lo'Vtisville, May 1*2?Paper* received from the central part of Mississippi, at Memphis, mv tliat a great hail storm recently prevailed in that quarter, destroying the crops. A great freshet also occurred near the Jackson railroad, washing away portions of the road and cars. Enter from Havann. Charleston, May 13.?The steamer Isabel has a-rived with Havana and Key West dates of the MKh. Sugars have further advanced Mascava do is quoted at lla!6 rials, with an active demand Molainm ( laved sold at 11 riaU, and Muvcsva* dosat l-'alj4 rials. Drowning of e Foreign Consnl. Chicago May 13 ?I dolpho Penelet. the Bel gian consul at Illinois, with two other person*, whose names are unknown, werr drowned yes terday, about teu miles south of this city. Baltimore Markets. BaLTtMOEK. May 14.?Flour is dull and droop ing ; Howard street, super, sold for #6.87 k?a de cline of 12c. \\ heat Is less tiriu; common kinds have de ' ^a.1 Pr',nr at full ratea; r^d _l.TT>a#1^5 ;white *1 .TUaSl.^O for commun. and 51 901#I /J5 for prime lots Corn is better. wh't? and yellow brought ft2a83c Whisky is higher i City 31, Ohio 35c Anniversaries in New Yore?The New ..??\ P'mcs^says that the anniversaries opemd rich, in that city ou Tuesday The afreet* swarmed with Sabbath-school children, In Sun day clothes, in processions with banners and badges, eoing to and from their 3 o'clock meet ings_ In the evening, the general anniversary of th- New York I nlon wa* held The New York < olonitation Society, the American and Foreign C hristian I nion, the Port Societies had their an nivcrsaries The Infirmary, of which Mi*-e? Pr*. Black well and Miss Dr Tarew.k. are at the bead, had a very interesting openinc anniversary The Ant.-Slavery Kxtremist tnet the City Assembly Rooms, and talked treason eloquently. There was a very large meeting held In the Park in the evening, called for the purpose of ob taming a popular expression In relatiobttTthe re. cent acts of the Legislature, having special refer ente to the government of the city of New York - These acts were denounced as tyrannical Th? rights of the city had been infringed, the reaolu tionsand the speakers said and the enactment ought to be resisted, ? peacefully if we can-for <:ibly if we must " * National Typographical L'Kioa. ? Thn body, in session at New Orleans, after a warm discussion, adopted a resolution discountenant iii" ? strikes;' for ali causes except where the rule* of the National or any subordinate t'ul(*t have been, violated The city of Chicago waa flud upon a* the next place of meeting. A resolatioi. providing that (heart be divided into three de partment*. to wit: the newspaper department the job department, and the pre**-room depart ment, was unanimously rejected. The remainder of the day's proceediiigs was taken up with a?' tion on the constitution and by-laws of the t'aion In the eveuing the delegataa attended a grand ball and banquet given by the printers of>i*w Orleans .K^W^KG-f-RMiawajr from the aahacri Mc.wack complexion, aliout hve feet and a Tn half tnjrh. and haa very large lips. The above reward will be paid for hia spore XL. hension and delivery to me if taken in a tree State or f iw if taken in the State of MaJVlHad o^?Ir?at' of Columbia. Buena ap-21-tf Prince J^EW GOODS JUST RECEIVED. The subscriber has just received the follow inn fresh assortment of Goods: Layer Raisins, fre*h son shell Almonds. Nantx Currants. Schiedam Schnapps in sqaare suart lUsk and stone juts; Brandies, \A ines, aud Lienors, of supanor qualities, aaeorted flavorings ; \ east Pow ders; Sperm, AdainanUne, awl Tallow Candles: Brown Soaps. Macoaroms, Aermacelli. scented Soaps ; Scotch. Maeaboy, Amerioan Geiitleman, French Rappee, aud Mrs. Miller'a Snuffs: Corn Starch, Olive Oil, Carroway Seed, Root GinEer. EmM Mustard. Amerioan do.; Pepper Sauce. Spanish Sajars. Tobecoo, Soot ob Alee. Brown Stout. Spiees. Ac., wholesale and retail, cheap for oaak. or approved o?ty paper. JONAS P. LEVY, 8b*7 Pennsylvania ayemie. opposite ap y-tf National Hotel. PAINTS AND OILS. Lmseed Oil, White I^ad. Boiled Oil, Frenoh Zinc, Patent Dr> er, Jerser Zine, Turpentine, Ochres. Chrocoes, Varnishaa, it . . uUane. Bristol, badger, camel'a hair, and saMe Braahe*. Liberal disoount on current pnoes made f??r uarii or rood paper _ J. If. McGRF.OOR inar 24^ \V A S3m 7th street SPRING AND SI MMER. Black Ptlk MANTILLAS Do Silk and Laos do. Rieh I?laok Franoh Lsce SHAWLS. ? fct. ft t May he found in every variety at the Store of the subscriber, Penn. avenue, between 12tk and *h streets. ap 2? eolm FRANK A. MoGF.K. CAGES,Itc.. McLAl bHLlN k CW * may ?