Newspaper of Evening Star, May 15, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 15, 1857 Page 3
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LOCAL 1NTELL1GENCE. METBOrOLITA* MkCHJIMCI' IjtSTITCTE.?A meeting of the Board of Managers of the Metro polian Mechanics' Institute wan held last night at the Aldermen's Room, City Hall, President T lT Walter, la the Chair. The report of the Superintendent, (Mr. Stans i>urv.) of the late exhibition was read by Mr. Walter. After which Mr. J T. Mitchel made some complimentary remark* on the unexceptionable manner In which Mr. Stansbnry had performed hi* arduous duties. and offered a resolution ten dering the thanks of the Association to that gen tleman ; which resolution was unanimously adopted. ' Mr Stan?burv. from the building committee, made the following report, accompanied by a memorial proposed to be presented to the City Councils: 1 To th* B^trrl of Management of tke M'tropol * mm Institute: The committee on the building lieg leave to report that immediately nfter their appointment they proceeded to perform the duty assigned to I hem by th^ resolution of the Board, to take into consideration the best mode of pro viding the Institute with a suitable building. They have held a meeting of the members, at which the whole subject has besn freely dis missed , and by the kind permission of the Mayor they have been allowed to inspect the plans for a I market-house, submitted to the Corporation, i which plans embrace a provision for the wants of 1 the Institute. Without discussing the relative merits of these plans, the committee would observe that the one presented by Win. II. Ranlett. Ksq., and ap proved by the Councils, seems, with such slight modifications as they could suggest as would only enhance its architectural effect, to possess all the requisites necessary for the purposes of the Insti tute. The committee, however, do not propose now to report or endorse any particular plan, but rec ommend to the Board to simply test the sense of the incoming City Councils, by presenting for their consideration the memorial wnich the com mittee appends as a part of the report. Should the connection prayed for be granted, the commit tee have little doubt, as they state in the memo rial. that it would l>e easy to devise a plan which would be satisfactory to both parties. By order of the Committee. Trtos L*. Walter, Chairman. Chas. F Stajssbcrt. Sec'y. MIXOItAL. T<? the honorable tke Board of Aldermen and Common Council of Ike city of Washington: The memorial of the undersigned, officers and directors of the Metropolitan Mechanics' Insti tute. respectfully represents that, about live years igo, a large number of the citizens of Washing ton organized themselves into an association for the promotion of the mechanic and useful arts, under the title of the '? Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute;"' that they adopted a constitution and bv-laws. and selected a boaid of officers and di rectors. who, with their successors, haveconduct c.l the affairs of the association from that time to the present. That, shortly after the organization, they an nounced their intention to hold an exhibition of works of American industry, in this city, which purpose they carried into successful execution in February arid March. 1K>3, by holding an exhibi tion in the great hall of the east wing of the Pat ent Office. That sa'd exhibition was not only well attended by exhibitors but was so liberally patronized l>v the public that a profit of several thousand dollars was realized by the Institute. That this money was principally devoted, un der the direction of the predecessors of your me morialists. to the establishment of a School of liesign. which was attended by a large number of pupils, whose rapid progress was a subject of great congratulation, and proved that such a school was a public want, which was urgently felt by the community. That it was and is a part of the plan of this in- ( etitatioa to establKh not only a school of design In the elementary principles of those sciences which lay at the foundation of the practical pur suits of life, and an acquaintance with which is so essential to the intelligent mechanic; but that owing to the want of means this part of theorigin al plan has never been attempted. Neither was the Institute able to succeed in the establishment of a library and reading room, as the expense was greater than they felt justified in incurring. That the Institute held a second exhibition in 1865 at the Smithsonian Institution, but that notwith st tnding the large attendance and liberal receipts t:.e expenses were not inet by about $T,nno. That 'he third exhibition was held in March of the present year, and although the nr.inber of con tributors was greater than at any former period, and the receipts larger, no balance has ?>een left available for the operations of the Institute. The undersigned state these facts to show that they have l**en unable to carry out the great lead i i,; aims of the institution successfully, liecause tbey have been obliged, at all their exhibitions thus far. to expend large sums for temporary ac commodations which had to be renewed at an equal expense at every succeeding exhibition. They have sunk, in this way, since the organi zation of the Institute, a sum of about IHO.UU). , which, as lias Ixren already correctly observed in the last report of the Superintendent?"would have been sufficient tobuildalibraryand reading room. a lecture hall and ample accommodations for the various classes contemplated by the Con stitution." . The undersigned are convinced from the expe rience of other cities. and from their own obser vation of facts in the history of this Institute, that there is in this District population of the proper character, to support liberally an institution like the one they are now endeavoring to establish on a permanent basis. Citizeus of Washington and the District are with thein in this endeavor; and deeming the institution one of public importance and value, d??ely bearing upon the prosperity of the city, they feel just)fled in approaching your honorable body for the purpuse of asking your assistance and co-operaticn in carrying out the plans which they have formed for giving it permanence. They feel satisfied that all that is required t<? a'.ve permanency to the agency which has already been set in operation with such beneficial effect is a suitable building for the accommodation of its si hools lecture room, library, reading room, and exhibitions Such a building they believe might be erected by the subscription of their fellow citizens, provided the plans could be brought out under suitable ausplcesand with a sufficient guar antee of its being promptly and properly executed. ^ our memorialists, after careful consideration and consultation, have concluded that the most feasible plan is to unite their interests with those of the Corporation and the public by building the hall of the Institute in connection with the new market house so long and so generally de sired bv the inhabitants of this city In what way this might l?e done, your tnemo rialists do not now propose to suggest, convinced that should your honorable lx>dv deem the enter prise worthy of your patronage It would be satis fa? twry to lx>th r>artie>. The object of the present memorial is simply to a-k that your hono'ab'e Itody will take the mat ter into consideration, and should the general plan meet your approbation, authorize a con sultation on your part with a committee on the paxt of the Institute for the purpose of ascertain ing the best mode in which the proposed object may be accomplished And your memorialists, as in duty bound, will even pray T I" Walter. President. Cm. F. Wood, Vice President. Mr Walters here entered into a short explana tion of the proposed plan for anew market-house by Mr Kanlett It was. said Mr. W., the idea of the Board to let the Corporation build the first story of the market-house, which consists of five principal divisions and then for the Institute to come in and build the second story for their own purpose* The plan had been decided to be too large by the committee, and it was suggested to ; get the Co. (toration to take off the two outside ' div -ions of the uuper story which would greatly | feduce the cost of building, and I* a much more >?eautiful architectural composition. The group i would l>e more pyramidal, and suit the purposes ? f the Corporation to the letter ; or let the Corpo- 1 ration go on and build the first story of the whole plan, and the Institute could then build on the three principal f onts. and then would have a room the most beautiful and giand in the world for the exhibitions of the Institute. The room would l?e iWU feet long and 75 wide, and wou'd have on its front division ten additional rooms The large hall would be surrounded with gal leries, and would make the grandest hall for the exhibitions of the Institute, and for public concerts, ever seen in the world. Mr J I, Clubb observed that the musical peo ple of Washington were about forming an associ ation of the professional and amateur musicians, for the purpose of building a hall for the use of the sever;; 1 musical associations of the city, and they would no doubt cheerfully and cordially co operate with the Board in the proposed plan, should the hall be adapted to musical purposes. Www remarks were made by Mr. Mitchell, in relation to the manner in which the proposition of a combination should be laid before the City Councils; and then the memorial was referred back to the building committee, with instruc tion* to do with it as they might aeem proper in relation to Its presentation to the two Boards of the City Councils. Mr Mitchell presented the bill of Geo. ft Thos. | Parker, which had been referred to the commit tee on finance ; which was accepted,?as was aiso t he bill of Jacob kleiber. of 93 50, for lighting the Aldermen*' room. | Mr. Mitchell moved that when the Bonrd ad- > journ thev adjourn to meet on the first Thursday night in June; carried. And then the Board adjourned. Cosce?t or the Fdcitb Dutiict School. We have only space to-day to call attention to the sdvertisement of this concert, to come off on Tuesday night next. We know, f-om personal otmervation. that the Fourth Dist.ict (Island) M'hool contains a remarkable amount of musical talent, and we have no little curiosity to note its d-v?-lopment under the judicious teachership of a gentleman so admirably qualified for his position a* is Mr. Glenroy. Rimbmsib that Carusi's charming May Festi val wUi be repeated this evening at El? mJood *'?*? ?The steamer Powhatan came up theiriver last night about n o'clock, with the JameMown excursionist*. The fog was so dense that the river could not be seen a foot beyond her arainVt J."d "<*f! "?*t'ng In with great force moving *enr slowly at the time, arrn^!! 1?"* h*r hpa,1waV, and drove her g und at the junction of the Washington and !r*?rgetown channels. She got off again this o'clock! *n<* rrac'ie<^ ^er wharf shortly before 9 Arrived at Harvey A Co.'s wharf, Schooner Kclip*. Philadelphia, Capt. Hitchins, with coal for the Messrs. Gait. Two Cumberland canal boats arrived at the wharf of the Potomac Steamboat Company yes terday evening, which came through the fifth dam before it gave away. They were loaded with Cumberland coal for the Steamboat Company At Alexandria, yesterday, from three to live I thousand shad were received at the wharf The prices are still unchanged. There are no herrin?' in the market. ? The bark that went up the Georgetown channel yesterday was freighted with stone for the Gov ernment works She did not run aground as was supposed, but got safely into port by the assist anre of two steam tugs. h^ bIm1 western wharvc?_Brigantine Horace Beails, Johnson, from Dix Island, 335 tons granite for the Treasury ' vnulite'tnnl?"'!: from Roc^land,H7 tons granite, to Berry & Mofcun r<^?T%knr."-rhud,lth'm i *J J?"** J*?1?i of Eastern Shore, Md.. lumber for H.N.*J.W. Easby. ' Canal boat M J. M. Clary, Morgan, from Cum berland, coal to Morgan & Rhinehart. Religious Items.?The Rev J. M.Clymer,of Virginia, but lately from the Union Theologicat Seminary, New \ ork, has been appointed to sup ply the Presbyterian Churches of Middlebrook and Poolsville. Maryland.* V\e learn that the Rev. Andrew G. Carothers Cstor of the Assembly's church in this city, has en invited and will deliver the literary address before the Atheneum Society of Delaware College at the commencement in June next. The invita tion is a high compliment to the reverend gentle man. and no doubt the lecture which he will de. liver on that occasion will redound to kis credit f* a,*Volar and also as a worthy representative of t?Jwhich he h" ?o assiduously devoted his life and energies. .?.The .EP["!coP*1i?n* Beitsville, Md., under the rectorship of Rev. Dr. Pinckney, have erected n?rr?K'. 1faiV au? wel.1 arran?^l church edifice near the Beitsville railroad depot, on the Wash ington line. %.The? fonffr^;ation at Rockville, Aia., Kev. \\ . I Eva. pastor, we learn are about erecting, on a commanding site and with a hand some design, a new church edifice This bears good evidence, to the religious mind, of the suc cess of the reverend gentleman's ministrations in that place. The colored Presbyterian church on Fifteenth street on the 11th Inst, unanimously elected Rev Amos G Beaman pastor, and W slade and a! I oote ruling elders. The installing services will , performed on next Sabbath afternoon at 3W o clock. An OwirR W astid.?The readers of the Star will rememlwr to have seen a notice of the finding of a pocket book containi^ six thousand dollar*, by a person in Montreal. Canada, who supposes it to be the property of some American who dropped it on his way to the cars. It will be seen by the following letter from C. Dorwin, Esq , IT S. Con hand0 ^a^'or ^aKru<ler. that the money is in good _ . Montreal, Mav 9, 1857. Sir: On the 18th instant a pocket book contain ing several thousand dollars in American bills, was found in this city, supposed to have been lost by some American traveler on his way to the cars As the Under is desirous that the money should be returned to its lawful owner, 1 beg to request that you will give this information publicity in your city, for the purpose of finding the owner if possible. I have the honor to be *ir, your most obedient servant, ^ C. Dorwin, ~ United States Consul. To his Honor, the Mayor of Washington, D C. Patent Office Improvements.?The north front extension of the Patent Office is beginning to give evidence of rapid progress towards com pletion. The foundation works are being put down with due regard to the immense weight of stone which will be placed upon them in the erec tion of the walls. The western portico is being kept somewhat back on account of the scarcity of the supply of stone wo'k. The granite stairway in the rear is in course of construct ion, and will be a master piece of stone masonry when completed. The new exhibition hall is some three hundred feet i n extent by fifty broad, and entirely clear from any obstruction. No columns or other mechanical ap pliances are apparent: the ceiling being support ed by the iron roof. The floor tlfinC, which s of white and black marble, (mosaic.) will l?e all set by a month hence. So large and fine a hall as this will not be found elsewhere in the I'nited States. The Public Ground*.?Lately, various per sons have been committing dep-edations upon the grounds of the Smithsonian Institution which have required the interference of the Captain of the auxiliary guard as a check. Mr. J. B Frere, a guard detailed for duty at that post, saw a num ber of persons harvesting grass there yesterday without authority, and arrested one of them who proved to be least at fault, and was dismissed on his giving information which may lead to the arrest of the more guilty parties. Some years ago a high official functionary was seen on a gunning expedition for blue birds and robins in the Capitol grounds, and more recently a lad prepared himself with hook and line to catch gold fish in the basins at the Capitol, both under the impression that being public property anyone had a right to enjoy it. But both we-e taught differently by the police, and lessons will soon be given to others. The Body of an Infant, supposed to have l?een murdered by its mother, was disinterred this morning by officer Keese, and the mother taken before Justice Goddard The case was dismissed, however, a* there was no evidence of the child having coine to its end by any foul means. Its mother, a poor Irish wo man. not having the means to provide a coffin, had buried it in the fragment of a cradle which, with other circumstances had occasioned some surmises. An inquest will be held on the body. An Excursion.?We learn that George Mat tingly, Esq., in behalf of the Southern Steamboat Company, has invited the Mayor, Councils, and other officers of the Corporation of Washington to an excursion down the river, to start from the new wharf, foot of O street south, on Tuesday next, at ft# o'clock n. m., provided with an ex cellent band of music and refreshments for the ample entertainment of the excursionists. Election of Officers.?At a regular meet ing of the Washington Atheneum, last night, the following gentlemen were chosen officers of the Association for the ensuing term : President, J no. N. Oliver; Vice President, Benjamin B Foster; Secretary, F. Renahan; Assistant Secretary, W. C. Murdoch; Financial Secretary, Jas. H Reed ; Treasurer, T J. D. Beck. Geese and Duces.?John Davis and Benjamin Thorn, boys, were arrested yesterday by Officer King, on a charge of stealing geese and duck?, the property of John Miller. They were dis missed t>y Justice Ilollingshead. Benj. Luckett was arrested upon a similar charge ; but, for want of evidence, was dismissed by Justice Walter. Mcxdei'i May Festival No. 3.?Among the beautiful performances at Munder's second festi val on Tuesday night were those of the Misses Dunnington, Miss Florence Carter. Miss Alabama | Clare, and the t^ueen. Miss M.Sheckels. The Masters Callan and Towers also performed their parts to the especial admiration of the assem blage. Alarm.?Between band 10 o'clock last night an alarm of fire was created, which spread through th?- city in a few minuUs. and caused a rush of the firemen and others towards the eastern part of the city. The alarm appears to have been occasioned by the burning of brush. I I.i the Court of Claims, since our last issue, Mr Blair ha* concluded hi* argument for the liovernment in the case of Jonas P. Levy, and Mr Reverdy Johnson closed on behalf of the claimant, and the case was submitted. Sale of the National Hotel Furniture ? By the advertisement in another column it will be seen that the furniture of the National Hotel, comprising the complete fittings up of some four hundred rooms, will be sold at auction by J. C. i McGuire, commencing May 25th, at 10 o'clock a. m. ? United States Police Report#.? Before I Jmttite l)onn ?A woman of the pave, named Elizatieth Goodin, was arrested by Officer Marry man under the charge of keeping a house of ill fame. After examination she was committed to jail for want of security in the sum of f 250. Larceny Case.?James Hag an was arrested yesterday by Officer Davidson, for stealing a lot of harness belonging to W. W. Campbell. He was taken before Justice Daniel Smith, who com mitted hiui to jail for trial at the Criminal Court The Capital City Minstrels offer a fine bill to-night. See advertisement. Watch Retuek*.? Hannah Wilson, (colored.) drunkesuess and profanity in the streets ; work house 3> days Benjamin Young, drunk and dis orderly; dismissed The New Roman Catholic ChuicH.?T b e Meeting on Sunday.?A very large and interesting meeting was held at the school-rooms adjacent to St. Patrick'!. Church, at 5 o'clock, on Sunday after noon. Mr. Francis Mohun was called to the Chair,and Messrs. H. B. Sweeny and Wm. H. Ward appointed secretaries. ?h?tn.T,ion ?.f R Cl*rk? E?<l ? '* waa ordered ?V,nm,ttee of five should lie appointed to car X P',rP?*es of the meeting, when the Chair pointed Me?m. RH Clarke. Dr. A. Sommes, l?. a"A,^? Coyle, who, in a brief .I,resented the following report and resolutions, which were received and adopted, viz: 0i'.r 'Rte v?nerated pastor, the very Rev Dr. \\ illiain .Matthews, has left to the parish a large ami lieautiful site for a church, nnd every day's ex perience more clearly proves the necessity of in creased church accommodations for this populous and evergrowing congregation: And whereas, far ther, we nave the cordial approbation of our most tvev. Archbishop, and it should l?e our honest pride to erect a church that will l>e becoming the perpetual historic grandeur of our holy faith?Its steady, digni fied progress in this free land, while, at the game time, it will be in keeping with the well-sustained efforts of the whole oouutry to adorn our Federal Metropolis: Be it resolved,?1st. That the present is a propi tious time to liegin our efforts for the new church, and wo Ireely. one and all, collectively and individu ally, pledge ourselves to aid the undertaking to the twst ol our power, by our money and by our influ ence?contributing ourselves, ana soliciting and en couraging nil to contribute. 2d. That in the circumstances alluded to in which we now stand, it is neoessary and expedient to pre pare for the erection of a large and beautiful Gothio church; that the design, alroady submitted, gives general satisfaction, both as to size and style: and that Iahiis I,. Long, Esq., the architect, is hereby requested to present, with the least possible delay, an accurate estimate of the cost of erection, in order to enable us to determine finally in relation to the de sign. 3d. That, in t he mean time, it is necessary to begin at once the indispensable work of providing funds; and. for that purpose, having entire confidence in the zeal and energy of our Pastors, under the guidance of our Most Rev. Archbishop, we respectfully invite the reverend pastors of (lie parish to open this very day, a subscription list; and a committee of lay gen tlemen be appointed to aid them in collecting in the parish and city of Washington. 4th. That a permanent committee of three be ap pointed, whose business it shall I* to receive all the moneys collected, deposit them in Iwink, and publish a quarterly statement of receipts and expenditures. 5th. And that these resolutions be published in all the city papers, and in the Baltimore Catholic Mir ror. Respectfully submitted. The resolutions were unanimously adopted ; and, on motion oi \\ m. H. Ward, Esq., it was Retolred, That the Rev. Messrs. O'Toole and Boyle and Mr. h . Mohun, Chairman of this meeting, l>e directed to appoint the committees called for in the resolutions, one for the purpose of aiding in collect ing funds, the other as a permanent Auditing Com mittee. Subscriptions amounting to $ were then re eeived ; and the meeting adjourned in a gratified ami hopeiul spirit, to meet again at the call orthe Pastor. H. B. Sweent, / , F" Mohun, Chairman. Wm. II. Wak?,1 Secretaries. The following gentlemen have since been appoint ed to the committees : Auditing Committee?Messrs. H. B. Sweeny, John Marron, and \V . E. Stubbs. Collectuir Committee?Messrs. Edward Simins, Col. J. G. Herrett, Francis Mohun. John F. Coyle, i " j J Dyer, George Savage, Gregory Emus. John H. God darn. Dr. A. J. Semmes. A. 1,. Xewton.C. S. Jones, Val. Harhaugh, P. CVDonnoghne, John F. Ellis. John McDermot. John F. Eiinm. Richard H. ?lar K0\E10,!ar.1 Thomas Stephens. P. Gallant. \N . H. \\ ard, H. Donohoe, Thomas Ilolden, Philip J aity ? This list may lie increased, if necessary, and the presenting or holding of one of the Subscription Books will be guarantee of appointinont on the Com mittee. jjt Speed or Whales.?A boat attached to a sperm whale, in the Pacific, was drawn 32 miles inside of an hour, and the probability is, that a whale will go at the rate of 70 miles an hour. The most pleasant speed we know of, is that of Mrs. M. N. Gardner's Indian Balsam of Liverwort and Hoarhound, which cures Hoarseness,Conghs, Colds, Croup, Consump tion, Spitting Blood, & c., in a fow hours. Weeks Jt Potter, 151 Washington street, Boston, General Agent. For sale by W. H. Gilman. Charles Stott, Nairn A Palmer, Z. D. Gilman, and by Druggists generally. uiay 11-1 w Br andreth's Pills.?The Weak, the Consump tive. Rheumatic, Costive, Billions and Delicate,af ter some day s use will find renewed strength and lile pervade every organ of their frames. Every dose makes the blood purer. The nerves commence iu the arteries and terminate in the veins. These pills, as a first effect, act upon the arterial blood, increasing the circulation, hy which impurities are deposited in the veins, and they throw *?lf such collections into the bowels, which organ, by the eneno derived from Brandreth u Pills, expels them from the system. >\ hen first used, the pills may occasion griping, and even make the patient fe?l worse; this must l>o l)orne with for the good to come afterwards. No great good is often achieved without some trouble in its attainment, and this rule applies to the recov ery of health. Those symptoms only occur where the imdy has long struggled under a load of impure, tenacious humors. A consecutive use (or a few days will satisfy the most unbelieving of the great good the pills are doing. The directions should l>e care fully studied. If understood and followed, health and vigor will, in a majority of cases, be secured by the use of Brnndreth .? Ptlls. Sold at Zb cents per box at ? Canal street, Brand reth Building, New \ ork ; by T. W. Dvott & Sons, 132 north Seoond street, Philadelphia, and by medi cine dealers generally. uov 28-tf Lton's Magnetic Powder, for the extermination of Bedbugs. Cockroaches, Moths, Ants, and Mos auitoM. Also, Pills for the destruction of Rats and Mlee. f,,r sale, wholesale and retail, at Shillington's, Odeon Building, corner of street, and Pemuiyl vanea avenue. tf Experience is the l?est evidence of Madame Mount's Consumption Destroyer. Mrs. Mount?Madam: I am happy to inform you the terrible cough and oold under which i lnbored. has lieen entirely cured and eradicated by the use of one bottle of your medicine. And 1 can with confi dence recommend it to everybody suffering with coughs or consumption. P. Mahan, No. 18b Chesnut street, Philad. I have used in my family Mrs. Mount's Consump tion Destroy er, and can testify to its efficacy incase of severe colds. It is equal, if not superior, to any remedies of the kind I have ever used for such a purpose. Rev. James Robb. This is to onrtify that I was well acquainted with Mrs. Mourt while she was suffering with the con sumption, and know this Svrnp to lie the remedy that effected her cure. Rev. James Hanson. Residence, G street, between 11th and 12th, No. may 8-lm Wood's Hair Restorative.? Prof. Wood, the renowned discoverer of the invaluable Hair Restore tive. still continues to labor in behalfof the atHicted. His medicines are universally admitted Iiy the American press to l>e far superior to all others for causing the hair on the head of the aged that has lieen silvered for many years, to grow forth with as ranch vigor and luxuriance as when blessed with the advantages of youth. There can be no doubt that it is one of the greatest discoveries in the medical world. It restores perma nently gray hair to its original color, and makes it assume a beautiful silkv texture, which has lieen vory desirable in all agos of the world.?St. Louts Mnrninf Herald. For safe in Washington by Charles Stott, Sam uel B. Waite, Nairn & Palmer, J. P. Milburn ? Co., J as. N. Lalla n, and all Druggists, my 6-2w Important to the Ladies.?Dr. Duronro's i ",7,f ?The combination of Ingredients in the I ills are perfectly harmless. Their efficacy and merits are Iwsed upon an extensive practice of over thirty years; and. where the directions have l>een strictly followed, they have never failed to correct all Irregularities, relieve painful and difficult men struation. (particularly ) at the change of life. They wiil cure the Whites, and remove all obstructions arising from cold, exposure or any causes : and may be used successfully as a Preventive. Call upon the agent, and get a Circular for particulars free. Price $1 per box. with full directions. Sold whole sale and retail by Chas. Stott. Druggist, I'enn. ave nue, Samuel B. Waite, ?*? Seventh street, Wash ington, D. C.; and R. S. T. Cissel, Georgetown ; to whom all orders must be sent, and the Pills will be sent confidential,by mail,to ladies who enclose them one dollar. N. B.?See signature on the box ; to counterfeit it ? forgery. je 2-tf MARRIED. On the5th instant, hy the Rev. Gustavu* Brown, JOHN A.GRAY to Miss ANN M. DADE,all of thisc.tjr. * On tiio 14th instant, at the Foundry Church, by the Rev. Samuel Register, Mr. D. CHAPMAN OlT R AND to Miss JULIA F. TAYLOR.both of this city. < Winchester, Vs.. papers please copy.) * On the 14th instant. >?> the Rev. Mr. Kreiibs, Mr. ARTHUR J. McGUiGGAN, of Virginia, to Miss ADELINE T. IIOBBS.of this city. On the Uth instant, by the Rev. John C. Smith, HENRY D. MORGAN,to Miss ELIZA JANE, daughter of Sidney DeCainp, Esq.. all of this city. * DIED, This morning.the 15th instant, at 2 o'clock, PE TEK HEISl.ER, in the 23d year of his age. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend his funeral from his late residence on Rth street, between P and Q streets. No. 165, on Satur day evening, the 16th, at 3 o'clock. * In Georgetown, 1). C., on the llth instant, after a long and painful illness, of consumption, which she bore with christian fortitude and resignation. HAR RIET ANN, wife of John Rieley, in the 31st year of her age. MERCER POTATOES. ?Just received l?o bushels prune white Mercer Potatoes, select ed expressly for family trade. Also,a lot of sugar-oured Maryland Hams,(small size.) Sucar-cnred Breakfast Middling, Smoked Beef, Shoulders, Ac. My customer* and others would do well to call early and examine the Potatoes, as 1 wish to close them out at a small advance, to make room for an other lot. FRANCIS MILLER, Family Grooer, may 9-2w 301 F street, oor. of 12th. REW A R I).? Ran away from the subsori qVt beronThursday, April #th, N EG RO MAN ISAAC WOOD. He is thirty years of ^ age. black ownplexion, about five feet and a W\ half high, and has very large lips. The sibove reward will be paid lor his appre- J ? hension and delivery to me if taken in a free State, or 8110 if taken in the State of Mary land or District of Columbia. ? ODEN BOWIE, Buena Vista Post Offioa, ap-21-tf Prmoe Georges oounty. Md. EFRIGERATORS.-We have received an ot her lot of these superior REFRIGE RATORS which we have been selling for the last hve years ; and the high reputation* they have, wherever used, warrants us ml recommending them as the liest and most eoonomioal article of the kind now in use?the style and tiuish is also very handsome. For sa.e, cheap, at oar iluuM-Furounioi Warerooms, No. 540 7th street. _ * may u-eo?w MoQREGOJl k CO? ACCTIOH SALES. B v A- GREEN, Auctioneer. 'J^RIMMINGS' FANCY GOODS', ?r*Ei?ri * BjV"** SlL?a, FmbROIDKRT, Pe* wfxi5>w ?-!??-CNT2R a*dS""W Cases, Show WKll\l>'<niv ik''??!'' Ac., at ArcTiox.?On \v t..L>NESDA\ , the 20th instant. I shall sell at the twwn G?nH H?7t ?rt?r*i N?"425 Seventh ?treet, be tween band H,at 10 o'clock a.m., an excellent as aortment of the above mentioned Roods. Terms caah. A.GREEN. Auctioneer. -^w . , J-C. MoGUIRE, Auctioneer. (SMALL FRAME-hougtf AND LOT IN THE Wahb.?On THURSDAY AFTER i,^n n \ Hth, at .V? o olock, on the premises, I snan sell part of lot numbered sixteen, in square numbered seventy-two, fronting 18 feet on21st street west, between north L and M streets, running hack 132 leet 5inches, with the improvements, consisting ol a small Frame House, containing three rooms. I erma: One-half cash ; the residue in three and six months, for satisfactorily secured notes, bearing

interest. mar 11-d JAS. C. McGl'IRE, Auctioneer. IL/-THK A BO YE SALE IS POSTPONED IN "[<>'? """ ,ln"1 THURSDAY AF I KKNOON, May 19th, same hour and place. may 'S-d JAS. C. McGUIRE. Anet. By JAS. C. McG UIRE, Auctioneer. fj*NTIRK FURNITURE AND EFFECTS OF J the ".National Hotel." Washington, D. C., XT 1 ArcTioR.?On MONDAY MORNING! .IT . co,nmencinR at in o'clock, and continuing at that hour each day until the whole is disposed, we shall sell the entire Furniture and Effects of the National Hotel in this city, forming the largest and most valuable collection of Furniture, Carpets, Bed ding, A c., Ac., ever offered at public auction in this country, costing over 9100,000. This Hotel contains about four hundred rooms, completely furnished in everv department, together with an immense quantity of exfra'Beddmg, fine wool Blankets, Comforts, Linen, Ac., Ac. I he particular attention of tne trade is called to this sale, which will l>e made without reserve. Catalogues will be published in a few days, con taming full particulars. Terms: Aioo and under, cash; over that sum a credit of fin and ?n days, for approved endorsed notes, bearing interest. '"?> JAS.C. McGl'IRE, Auct. /"^ONSTABLE'S SALE.?By virtue of ]?; writs V.' of Hen Facias, issued by /. II. Goddard and F. ??! Mnrphy, both Justices of the Peaee, in and for County of \Vashington, I). C., at the suits of J. B. A\ 11 son, r. J. Gait, and NY. M. Gait, trading un der t he firm of Gait A Co., and one Michael Fowler. the foods and chattels, lands and tenements, of Edward \\ lllson and Wm. H. Hay wood, trading under the firm of Willson Ac Haywood, to me direct tA seized and taken in execution, all the right, title, claim, interest and estate, at law and in equity, of the said Willson A Haywood, in and to n stallion, bugcy harness, and whip ; 2 billiard tables, 15 |nigh arm-chairs, three gilt mirrors, marble top wash stands, 1 lartro target for a pistol gallery, a Pistol c*ise, iron Itench. clocks, stoves, and pipes; iron umbrella stand, bar fixtures, liquors, decanters, demijohns, tumblers, bottles, and glasses: a lot of arm-chairs .one extension table, 8 cases of stuffed oi'ds and lot of other stuffed birds, mahogany centre tallies and other, a lot of pictures in frames, bowls and pitchers, 7 bods and bedding, safes, water cool er,'mattresses, chaffing dishes, soup ami coffee tu rce-is, a lot of different chairs, a lot of window shades, a lot of iron pots, saucepans, plates, castors, and a great many other articles too numerous to men tion; and I hereby give notice that, on the I9th day ? Vl 'i\ 10 o clock a. m., on the premises, known as the Union Hall, on Loui-iana avenue, near Sev enth street, I will offer for sale the said property, as seized and taken in execution, by public auction to the highest bidder for cash. A. E. L. KEESE, Constable. I hereby give notice that I have levied, subject to the a!>ove for rent due and in arrears, also one exe cution in favor of J. F. WOLLABD, Constable, may 15-dta (Nat. Intel.) By JAS- C. McGl'IRE, Auctioneer. FM'RNITI RE AND HOUSEHOLD Effects FAMIAY ?Kt-LiRiRe Housekeeping,?On AN EDNESDAY , May 20th, at 10 o'clock,! shall sell, at the corner of 10th and H streets, tho Furniture and Effects of a gentleman declining housekeeping, Viz : Suite of walnut brocatelle-covcred Parlor Furniture Four brocatelle and lace parlor Curtains, wttli fix tures complete Marble-top Centre Tables. Fane? Chairs Walnut Etagere, office Table anu cover .Mahogany hair-spring Soffvand Chairs Marble top Bcaufet, Looking Glasses Excellent Brussels, Three-ply, and Stair Carpets, Oilcloth and R ugs Superior walnut and mahogany carved Bedsteads, Wardrobes, marble-top Dressing Bureaus, Wnshstands Excellent enrled-hair and husk mattresses Feather Beds, Bolsters and Pillows Blankets, Comforts, Sheets Cane-seat Chairs, Lounges, Toilet Sets Walnut Cottage Bedsteads, Bureaus, and Wash stands Iron Bedsteads and Canopy. Commode Chamber Easy Chair, Fire Irons Towel Racks, Washstands. Window Shades Extension Dining Table. Sofa, Roeker Silver-plated Castors, China, Glass, and Crockery Ware ? Superior Refrigerators, Cooking Stove, Safe, Ac. Together with a general assortment of Household and Kitchen Effects. Terms: $25 and under, cash; over that sum a credit of sixty and ninety days, for satisfactorily cn dorsed notes, l)earing interest. may 15-d JAS. C. McGl'IRE. Auctioneer. By WALLA BARN ARD. Auctioneers. TWO HANDSOME AND VALUABLE Building Lots at Auction.?On WEDNES DAY. the 30th inst., we shall sell, on the premises, at So clock p. m., two desirable Buildine Lots. l?e mg the subdivision No. 6, situated in Square No. 51o, having a front of 27 feet 3 inches each on I street north (the last lot adjoins a 15-feet alley land running back 142 feet 7 inchcs to a 30-feet alley, l>etwecn 4th and 5th streets. Persons desirous to purchase Building Lots for the erection of a residence, will do well to examine the al>ove Lots, as they are situated in a fine heal thy and flourishing section of the city. Terms; One-fourth, cash ; balance in fi, 12, 18. and 24 months, with notes bearing interest; a deed given and a deed of trust taken. Title indisputable. may 13-eo4t WALL A BARNARD, Aucts. (States) By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. 1 WOULD CALL ATTENTION TO A VERY handsome Lot, situated corner of New Jersey avenue and E streets north, (routine forty feet oh New Jersey avenue and running t>ack Willi the line of E street one hundred feet. The improvements taking plaeeinthat neighbor hood are too well kflown to require comment. We will sell the aliove lot on SATURDAY, the 10th May, at 6 o'clock p. m. Terms : One-fifth cash; balance in one. two. and three years, with interest, and secured by deed in trust. Title indisputable, and perfect in every respect, may 13-dAds A. GREEN, Auct. FOR KENT AND SALE. House and lot for sale.?a brick HOUSE, two stories high, with hasenicnt, con taining seven rooms, situated on Penn. avenue, be tween 21st and 22d sts., Nos. 75 and 77. The Lot 18^2 feet front by about an feet deep, running Imck to an alley. Terms: One-third cash; the lialance in K, 12, 18. and 24 months, secured by a deed of trust. Apply to MICH A KL BOCK, on tne premises. may 14 5t^ _ I EASE AND FURNITURR FOR SALE Mj Both new, in a pleasant part of the city. Inquire at 264 F street, bet ween 13th and 14th. liiav '3-4t U(lll RENT.?Two suits FIR N 1 SIl E D r ROOMS, on the first and seconds floors, at .si2 12th street, ncarthe Kirkwood House. may 13-3t* F"?OR KENT.?The HOUSEonG street, between 19th and20m streets. First Ward, formerly occu pied by Lieut. Harrison. It is nearly new, well fin ished, and hafc all the modern improvements, witn Carriage-house and Stable, servant's room above. Apply to WM. BROWN, next door . may 13-tf tM'RNlSHED ROOMS FOR RENT?One large PARLOR and two BEDROOMS. Terms moderate to a permanent tenant. No. 434 corner of F and 13th streets. may ll-lw* I^OR RENT.-Two FRAME HOUSES on Pierce street, between 1st and North Capit<d streets. They contain six good rooms and kitchen. The rent, to a punctual tenant, will be low. Apply opposite, to CHARLES THOMA. ap29-eotf I^OR SALE.?House and Lot on 13th street, be tween G ana H, ami opposite Dr. Teasdale's church, being one of the most desirable locations in Washington; only a lew minutes' walk from the Treasury or Post Office Department. The house is a three-story and basement, with l<ack building, and all the modern improvements. The lot fronts 22 feet 6 inches, runs tiack 104 feet to a Si-feet alley in rear of the Episcopal Church lot. Inquire of W.J.SIBLEY, may 9-6t Agent for Mrs. Phelps. IfOR SALE.?My RESIDENCE on the corner of New Jersey avenue and C street south, Capitol Hill, fronting on the avenue 1G2 feet 9 inches, and on C street south 206 feet 11 inches,and containing nearly 34,oo<) square feet. may 8-tf W. F. PHILLIPS. C< |AA REWARD.?Ran away from the subscri IUU ber, living near Upper Marlltoro,' Prince George's county. Ma., on the 23d of April, NEGRO BOY OLIVER JACKSON, about 19 years of age, 5 fset 6 inches high, of a , dark oopper color; has two very n<?atable scars.s one over his eye, the other on nis side occasioned by a burn, by which he may be indentified, he is very plausible when spoken to. I will give $too if taken out of the State, and 850 if taken in the State or the DistJit of Columbia; in either case he must lie se cured so that I get him again. ap an-tf WM. 1 BERRY. Hosiery, gloves, Ao. The largest assortment of l^idtea and Misses HOSIERY and GLOVES, Gents' HALF, IIOSE and GLOVES to be found in tha cityfl at wholesale and retail, at W. EGAN A SON'S, 323 south side Penn. avenue, may II 6t (Intel) between fith and 7th sts. FOUR SECOND-HAND PIANOS STILL UN sold, at our great Piano and Music Store, ?i"6 Penn. auenue, between 9th and l?thi streets, may 5 _____ JOHN F. bLUB. fTate"Importation.-we have a fresh supply of? SWISS CHEESE, inCakea. BDAM Rolls. L'TCH HER RINGS, in Kega. PRUNELLA, in Boxes. And for aaleby KING A BURCHELL, ap 27 Corner Vermont avenue and 15th atreet, RJINKS, VALISES, HAT BOXES, CAR PET BAGS, SATCHELS, Ac., at very low price,, and ?ood &.8TEPHKNS. may 9-tf 322 Pa. ave., Iwt. 9th and 10th sts. FOR BOSTON.?The superior fast sailing Clip per Schooner SYLVANUS ALLEN, Capt Grafton Seahs, Jr. has arrived an<J^&-. will have quick diapatoh for the above port y?Ply to HARTLEY k B R0,a 101 Wftter Btrwt, Georgetown n*? 13 AUCTIOH SALES. THIS AFTERNOON TO-MORROW By WALL A BARNARD, Actloneers HORSES AT AUCTION.?ON SATURDAY MORNING, May 16, wo shall in "clock, in front of our Auction Rooms, three excellent work Horses? 1 bobtail bay Horse, works well in harness 1 bay Mare, excellent work Ilorse 1 sorrel Marc, works well in harness. Terms cash. Sale positive, may 13 WALL A BARNARD.Auot'ra, ft/-WILL BE ADDED TO OUR SALE ON SATURDAY MORNING, One black Mare, Buggy,and Harness. The Mare works well in harness, and rides well. Sale positive. It WALL h BARNARD, Aucts. By JAS, C. MeGUIRE, Auctioneer. Beautiful building lot near the Smithsomai Institute at Public Auction. On FRIDAY AFTERNOON. May 15th,at6 o'ol'k, on the premises, I shall sell, without reserve, subdi vision E, in square No. 297, fronting 24 feet on 12th street west, between south Cand Dstreets, and run ding l?ok 107 feet to a ten-feet alley. Tit.e perfect. This is prolsibljr one of the most eligible building sites for sale in that part of the city. Terms: One-third cash; the residue in 6 and 12 months, satisfactorily secured. Iwarmg interest, may21 J. C. Me<iIIRE.Auct. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. THE SUBSCRIBERS, EXECUTORS or the late Gks. James Thompson, at the request o< his heirs and devisees, will sell, at public sale, on FRIDAY, the 15th instant, at 5oYlook p. in., all his real estate in tho city of Washington, to wit: Lots No. 12,13, and 14, in square No. 28 \o. 1. in square No. 51 No. IS, in square No. 55 No. 21, in square No. 77 No. 6, in square No. 80 No. 24, in square No. H8 \o. 23, in square No. 100 No. 16. in square No. 126 No. 8, in square No. 196. The sale will commence on Lot No. 13. in Square No. 55, at the corner of 22d street west and I street nort h. The terms of sale will lie: One-third of the pur chase money in cash : the remaining two-thirds in three equal instalments at six, twelve, and eighteen months, for which the purchasers will l?e required to give their several notes, (tearing interest from the day of sale; the same to be secured by a deed of trust, to be approved by the sulwcnlters. The subscribers will convey all the title and es tate of the late Gen. Thompson to the lots sold. AH conveyancing at the cost or the purchasers. If the terms of sale be not complied with within three days from the da* of sale, the subscribers re serve the right of reselling on such terms as they may deem proper, at the risk and cost of th? purcha sers. W. II. T. TAYLOR, J. B. H. SMITH. Executors. may 9-J ^ A. GREEN. Auctioneer. |By WALL A BARNARD, Auctioneers. Handsome pair of carriage Horse* atArcxiox.?On SATURDAN MORNING, the 16th instant, at in o'clock, we will sell in front of our auction rooms, one pur of first-rate Carriage Horses, perfectly sound. These Horses are of full size, bright lay* inoolor.of splendid styleaudaction, the owner, an officer in the Navy, having no further use for them. Persons wishing to purchase can see the horses by applying at the Navy Yard. Terms: One-third cash, the residue infi" and 90 days, for notes satisfactorily endorsed and bearing interest. WALL A ISARN ARD. may 14-2t Auctioneers. By J AS. C. MeGUIRE. Auctioneer. FEXCELLENT FI'RNITURE AND HOUSE a HOLD Etfects.?On THURSDAY MORN ING, May 14th. at 10 o'clock, at the residence of John Calvert, Esn., on G street, between 11th and 12th streets, I shafl sell all his Furniture and Ef fect s, comprising? Rosewood 7-oet*ve Piano Forte, Stool, and Cover Walnut carved Pnrlor Set, fin-shed in brocatelle Marble-top Centre and Sofa Tallies Brocatelle Window Curtains and Shades Cane-seat Chairs,Lounge Extension Dining TaWe, Sideboard French China Tea and Coffee Service Silver-plated Castors, Table Cutlery Marble-top Enamelled Cottage Set Mahogany, ami Walnut Bedsteads Bureaus. Washstands Curled llairnnd Husk Mattresses Carpet, Oilcloth, Rues Refrigerator. Invincible Range Gas I- ixtures. Radiator, Ac. Terms: $25 and under, cash: over that sum a credit of fin and 9n days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. P. S.?The House is for Rent. Inquire on the premises, or of the auctioneer. mav 11-d J AS. C. MeGUIRE. Auct. ID-THE ABOYE SALE IS POSTPONED IN consequence ofthe rain until SATURDAY MORN IXG, same hour. mav 14 d JAS. C. MeGUIRE. Auctioneer. By C. W. BOTELER. Auctioneer. SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AT Auction.?On SATURDAY MORNING. 16. |o o'clock, I shall, at the late residence of Mr. R. II. Na'lj, di ceased, No. 416 G street l?etween 7th and 8th streets, a collection of Household Furniture, embracing in part Mahogany Sofas, Mahogjwy Chairs Gilt Frame M irror, Centre and Dining Tables Carpeting, Wardrobes, Bureaus, Beastoads Hair and other Mattresses, Washstands China, Glass, and Crockery Kitchen Utensils, Ac. Terms : ?25 and under, cash: over ?25. 60 and 90 days credit, for approved endorsed notes bearing in terest. C. W. BOTELER. may 14 2t Auctioneer^ Bt JAS.C. MeGUIRE. Auctioneer. Trustees' sale of one undivided Third Interest in Lots.?By virtue of a deed of trust, bearing date on the day of Decetn l?er .and duly recorded in Liber J. A. S. No. %, folios 173 and seq. , tlie undersigned will sell at public auction, on SATURDAY, the 16th day of May instant, at 10 o'clock the auction rooms of J.C. MeGuire, all the undivided one-third right, title, arid interest in and to the property therein de scried, which is convened by the said deed of trust, to ?yt, of arid in the following Lots and parcels of Ground iu the city of Washington: Square. Lot No. 1,006 -...No. 8 1.030 6 521 6 84 E>? 14 617 . 17 673 2?> " 21 693 6 " 8 4* " 7.7.7.'.Sub B Square. Ix>t. No. 38 No. 1 " Ql ? I 158 12 " 13 117 23 140 14 " I5| 873 II 983 II 1,01*1 28 1,006 11 And part of Lot No. 8, square 345, l>eing all the said l.ot except the north eleven feet front by sev en?v feet deep. Terms of sale: One fourth cash; the lialance in four equal instalments in 6.12,18, and 24 months, for notes bearing interest, secured to the satisfaction of the Trustee. All conveyancing at the expense of the purchaser; and it' the terms of sale are bdI compiled with hi six days from the day of sale, the Trustee reserves the right to resell at the expense and cost of the first purchaser. J. M. CARLISLE, Trustee, may 2-eota JAS. C. McGl'lRE. Auct. By JAMES C. MeGUIRE. Auctioneer. PEREMPTORY SALE OF VERY VALUA BLE Building Lot on I street, between ^?th and 2Kt streets west.?On THURSDAY AF TERNOON, May 21st, at 5 o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell all of Lot No. 20 ami the eastern 23 feet of Lot No. 19, in Square No. in|, fronting together 58 feet on north 1 between 2i'th ami 21st streets west, and running Imck 149 feet 3 inches to a feet alley. These lots are situated in a fashionable and very desirablo part of the city for a private residence, and the sale should command the attention of persons desiring first-class building sites. Terms: One-third cash; the residue in six and twelve months, for satisfactorily secured notes, tiear ing interest. may 14-d JAS^C. MeGUIRE, Auct. By WALLA BARNARD, Auctioneers. VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS ON THE Island at Auction.?On TUESDAY, the 19th instant, at 5 o'clock p m.,on the premises, we will sell the l<elow-d?scril>ed Lots, vix : Lot No. 10, ui square 587, fronting 45 feet 9 inches on 3d street west, and running hack to a side alley, with a depth of 92 feet. . Lot No. 11, in same square, on the corner of Third street west ami H street south, 45 feet 10 inches by 70 feet. , ... Lot No. 12, same square,51 feet on south H street, with a depth of 79 feet 7 inches. Lot No. 13, same square, 40 feet on same street, with a depth of 122 feet 4 inches. This sale offers a fine opportunity to seoure valu able Island property in an improving part of the city. Terms: One-third, cash ; the residue iu equal payments at 6 and 12 months, bearing interest and secured satisfactorily. may 14-ts WALL A BARNARD, Aucts. flv BARNARD A BL'CKEY: Georgetown. I EXECUTOR'S SALE OF V A L U A B L E J Farm and Town Lots at Auction.?On TUESDAY, the 19th of May, we will sell, at our Auotion Rooms, on Bridge street, at 4>6 o clock p. m.. a valuable tract of land in Alexandria oountv, Virginia, oontaiiiiug seventy acres, aliout one mile from the Aqueduct, adjoining and immediately west of the farm ol Rot?ert Cruit. Esq. This land is very easy of improvement, is watered with several nne streams: the greater part is in wood. This tract will be divided into lots of five or ten acres if de sired. . _ . .. .. Also, at the same time, a five-acre Lot in the Dis tnot, one mile from Georgetown, on the Ridge road, adjoining and south of the farm of Capt. Maddox. Immediately after the sale of the above, in front of the premises, we will sell the following described Town Lots, viz : . South part of I<ot No. 280. in Beatty A Hawkins addition to Georgetown, fronting 100 feet on Fayette street, west side, ami running hack 12U feet; will he divided into three lots. Also, the middle part of said lot. 77 feet, and run ning hack 120 feet. This also will be divided to suit purchasers. Also, parts of l^ots Nos. 69 ami 7?, in Beatty A Hawkins's addition to Georgetown, (northwest eorner of First and Frederick streets.) fronting 63 feet on First street and 87 feet on Fredene* street. These will be divided into two lots of 31* feet on First street. The above described property < being the reel es tate in part of the late Wm. Jewell, deceased) will be sold to the highest bidders, without reserve. Terms: One fourth cash; the residue in equal payments at 6.12, and 18 months, satisfactorily se cured. and bearing interest. All conveyancing at the expense of the purchas ers. If the terms are not complied with in one week fro*i day of sale, the property will be resold, at the expense and nsk of the defaulting purchaser. THOS. JEWELL, For the Executors. may 1 BARNARD A BUCKEY. Auota. ON NETS AND RIBBONS. We have just reoeived our third supply of Bon nets, Flats, Shaker Hoods, Childrens raney Hats and Caps, Bonnet Rushes, Tarltons, Rib bo us, Ac. W. EGAN A SON, 338 south side Penn. avenue. majl>4 (Intel) betweenbtijaud 7th ?:?, B TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FK OM THE ASSOC I A TED PRESS LATER FROM El ROPE. / Arrival ef the Aula. New Yoke, May 15 ?The Cunard steamer Asia has arrived with Liverpool dates of the 2d instant. r Thr Arago and City of Manchester arrived oat on theJUt h The ship Tusrarora put back into ?frw on *he3d, having collided and sunk the wLf rul^W capuin of which only ** ,h' "laughter of *,000 Chinefte at >aranak are confirmed Co"nc? Switzerland has au sitiomi of the Neufrhatel propo ,,h?" Wen elert^ Speaker of the British House of Commons. Except the increased discontent In the Turkish I rincipalities, there is little European new, Ihe Grand Duke Constantino T?ad arrived at Tans, where he was received with vreat hon ors. The O.ioe* of Spain's speech will announce the re-establishment of friendlv relations between Spain and Rome, and hopes that Mexico will apologise; otherwise Spain will take h*stile ineasures. Reports are apa'n in circulation that the Kmc of Denmark will h* forced to abdicate. The British Parliament had met. but as vet nothing but the formalities of organization had transpired. COMMERCIAL. Liverpool, Friday.?Cotton for the week closed dull, at a decline of \d. SaJes of the week 4.5.UHi bales, of which speculators took 1.5M0 and exporters SOW. Orleans fair bW, Or I ans middling 7%. Uplands fair 7\. Uplands middliRK '*?? Estimated amount of sale* on F riday and Saturday I2,0.<0 bales, closing qu.ei Mo k in port 542,UMi, of which 3!tt.tKiU bates were American. Breadstuff* were buoyant and all kinds had ad vanced. FlouK had advanced 6d Western ?'a nal 2?sa29s6d: Baltimore and Philadelphia '-?9s a.L?s; Ohio 2*?s 0da3l* 6d. Wheat was active, with an advance of 3d ; red wheat ftda**s n1 , w.nte Hltdai). 6d. Corn had advanced 'Js , mixed 3#rf; yellow 35s; white 3K?a37s 6d. The weather was improving, there/oreallclosed lea* tlrmlv. Provisions were Wcady and quiet Rosin is firm at 4s 10da5s for common Spirits of Turpentine is dull at 39a40s. Rice was steadv Suirar bad advanced in l.ondon 2s The money market was generally unchanged Bullion in the Bank had drriea-ed ?5l,0tl> Consols closed at 92? for money, and fti* for account. [second dispatch.} The collision between the Tuscarora and the Andrew Foster occurred off Holyhead at mid night on the2Hth ul?. The Foster sunk almost immediately. The crew were saved in boa* and landed safely in Liverpool. The Andrew Foster sailed fcom New York on the first of April, and had a large cargo of cotton, wheat and provisions The ship and ca'go were insured in Wall stree* Riot and Lynch Law. Ire. Locisville, Kv.t May 13.-The four negroes accuscd of murdering the Joyce family some months since have been acquitted. One of them turned State's evidence, but his testirnonv is not legal. It corroborated the murders There'isgreat excitement about the court-house The mob got cannon, placed it in front of the jail. A number of shots were tired from the jail and from the inob. and the jailor fearing the eacape of the prisoners, formally stirrended two of them and they were hung; the third cut bis throat The negro who turned States evidence was unmo lested. Messrs. Smith. Russell A Co g retail house in this city, to which was attached a candle factory, was destroyed by fire yesterday morning Los? S!*.000. Insured 813,500 in New York oftr** The Hon. Edward Everett's lecture on Wash ington. last night, was enthusiastically received Not half of those who wanted to hear him could get inside of the hall, and he will therefore re peat the lecture to-uight. The Philadelphia Quarantine Convention. Philadelphia. May 15 ?The revolution rela tive to the yellow fever, submitted to the Con vention yesterday, by the business committee en countered great opposition to-day from Southern delegates, and were eventually stricken out. The iinal adoption of the other resolution*, as amend ed, was carried?two voting in the negative. |Th? New Orleans delegates were divided The con vention winds up with an entertainment at the Lizarctto. The title of the Convention was changed to '* The National Sanitary and (4,iaran tine Convention." The next meeting will be held at Baltimore in April, ISof. Crops at the Sonth. New Orleans. May 13 ?A decided improve ment has taken place in the weather, and the crops are now coming on finely. The trade Is dull and niodey stringent. Advices from the southwest represent that the reports of damage to the cotton and tobacco by frost are greatly exaggerated. The tobacco, it is new ascertained, is almost entirely uninjured, while cotton promises a heavy yield The inju rious reports heretofore circulated are mainly thv concoctions of speculators. From Key West and Haeann. Charleston. May 13 ?Key Weat dates to the 10th have been received. It was thought that the ?'uip Helen E. Bober. now ashoro, would bo to pieces. The l>arqu? Philadelphia, of New York, front New Oile.ius. bound for Sweden, was taken into Key West leaking badly from injuries to her hull. Dates from Havana to the 10th report sugar aa further advanced. Muscavado is quoted at llal* rials, with an active demand. Claved Molasses 11 rials; Muscavadosat 12al4j( rials The Panama Difficulties. New Orleans. May 13.?A letter revived here f out Aspinwall, dated the afternoon of the 4th, reports the I". S steamer Wabash not arrived, but h >urly expected There has been no further ar rivals of war vessels ?t Panama or Aspinwall s nee last advices The ditfi* ulties with tne Uni ted States it is believed will be settled amicably. Boston Anniversaries. Boston. May 13?The anniversary of the Amer ican Baptist Society was held to-day In this city. Re.v. Mr. Linnard, of Pennsylvania, presided. The report of the treasurer of the society esti mates the receipts of the past year at ?48.150, < nd the expenses at Sl^.tHO. The prospects of tL( society are represented as hopeful. The Election at Providence, R. I. Providence. May 13 ?At thecityeb* tlon held to-day 'here was no choice for mayor. Mr. Olnej t the American ajid Republican candidate, lackea forty-two vctes of election The Americana and Republicans elected their ticket for aldermen and for a majority of the members of the common council. - From Mexico?The Sonora Filibuster. New Orleans, May 13.?City of Mexico dates to the 29th uIt. have been received. The Sonora filibuster expedition had created some excitement and some tour thousand troops had been sent against it. It was reported that the filibusters had captured several points The New Orleans < otlee Market. New Orleans, May 13?The stock of coffee in port at present is the largest quantity ever known at New Orleans There are ,000 bags in the city and 40.5UI on board ships at quaran tine. Sale of prime 11 Ifall^. Arrival of a Surveying &c keener. New Yore. May 15 ?The surveying schooner Co. win arrived here this forenoon from Key W?t All well. ? Baltimore Market*. Baltimore. May 15 ?Flour ia dull and droop ing ; Howard street ?6 76?nothing done in other kinds. Wheat dull and lower; reds Sl.05atl.7O, white ?1.7Ua*19U?the latter fiaure for choice only; the market is almost bare Cora is buoyant, but prices are unchanged ; white and yellow 80a &3c Whisky is unchanged?City 34c. and Ohio He. Stock light. New York Markets. New Yore, May 15th?Flour is dull: Raise of 5.500 bbls ; State, #0.3Oaf0.5O; Southern Is steady at S? .1**7.50. Wtieat is very dull and nominal. Corn is buoyant; sales of lO.UOO bushels, mixed 86c. Pork is drooping; prime has declined; mea* 1* firm at $23.0ia?23 75. Beef is steady at ?10.25 for Chicago repacked Ltrd is fir.n at 14*c in bbla. Whisky is upward at 33){c. for Ohio. Financial. New Yore. May 15 ?Stocksare dull and lower generally. Chicago and Rock Island 101 lilt nois Central shra. 139; do. lids. 99\; Reading 79 tf. SILVER MEDAL PREMIUM '?From tkt M? tropolitam MetkanitM? Institute, For ICE CREAM, WATER ICES, and CAKES. C. C. ATZS, No. 107 Bridge street, hetweea Con gress and High streets. Georgetown, begs to inf<?rm the citizens of-Georgetown and vicinitj W that he is readv to furnish any order that it would T please the guhlio to jure him, and assures tham <? llv ?. luimuii ?ny ORlfr COM K 'W please the public to gice him. and assureetnet that it would be completely satisfactory. Prieeo? Ice Cream $2 per gallon, plain or in moulds. Will have always on hand ICE CREAM. CAKES, and WATER ICES, for those that fkvor me witk a oall. ap?-?m* TBHO THE LADIES. JOHN WARREN'SHIGHLY PIN NEWLY-INVENTED TELEGRAPH ----- LKS. WITH EXTRA LARGE OVAL EY] AND MADE FROM THE BEST SPRINw ^behave just reoeived a large lot of the above needles, to which wo call special attention, being su perior to any thing over offered in ton ?Wti F?t up inoaakets of ono"hundr?i EY ouy> Pa. avenue, be;. 10th and lltk gtrtets Traay 18^oat t?tM^)