Newspaper of Evening Star, May 16, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 16, 1857 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHIIOTON CITY: SATURDAY >1ar 10, 1S*T. an hit of the morning rnt-:s$. The Union shows up the cowardly character ?f " Republican ' nullification, acting by indi rection, and through modes not subjcct to re view by the higher tribunal* of the country, es pecially as exemplified iu the course of the State of Massachusetts towards the Judges and the I* S Commissioners whose duty it is to enforce the provisions of the fugitive slave law The Intelligencer pays a graceful compliment t<? the inaugural message of Gov Allston of ^ath Carolina, delivered last winter, and makes it the text for a thoughtful article upon "The Lenefits of the Constitution WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. The Rejection of the Treatt ?Our city readers uiuft pardon u* for so frequently recur ring to this theme, because it involves grave international consequences It is proper that the people of the I'nited .States should entertain just impressions up >n the question that has brought about the event?the rejection of the treaty?only to be obtained by a knowledge ol all the point? Hearing upon it The Govern ment of the I'nited States, more than any other, is the agent of the penple. an.I it liehuoves the latter to study clo'ely their agent s acts, par ticularly in all things materially affecting oui country's future; as, surely, u]*?n so grave a subject as the rejection by England ot a treaty with us. to the consummation of which K earnest and protracted attention has been aC' corded by the Executive and Senatorial branch e? of the Government. The newsj ?;>crs of th< day are replete with comment* upon this act o! England, most of which shed little light ujsir it; insomuch as they amount to scarcely inon than self-glorifying. English-abusing, manifest destiny essays. We, however, find in th< Journal of Comuierre published some day since, an explanation of the merits of the ques tion in issue, embracing a succinct history o nil its material points, wherein the story is toh so as to bring it within the comprehension o all; and we therefore republish it below, a being, the most useful manner in which we cai to-day employ a column of tho Star. We com mend the article to all who would master th? question in issue in a few minutes; for its state rnents are correct to the letter : '? The Bav Islaxpv?The clause in the Dalla Clarendon Treaty, as amended by tbe Unite* States Senate. declaring tbe sovereignty of tb< Republic of Honduras over tbe Bay Islands to b absolute, and free from all limitations or condi tion*. is generally supposed to tx? that portion o the treaty to which the British Government hav< taken exception, and which has caused its Una rejection. " It was certainly understood in this country and it was apparently the general impression ii Kngland. that bv the treaty negotiated last An gust between Lord Clar? iidon and Don Victoi Heiran. special Knvov ol" Hosiduras. thel{ueen o; Great Britain renounced all right?real or sup posed?to the islands of ltuatan. Bonacca, U til la Barbaret. Helene and Moxat?known as the Baj Islands?and formally reded them to tbe republic of Honduras, the Government of that State agree ing to respect the rights and possessions of th* British settlers, and giving them the option tc tiecome citizens oj Honduras, or to continue Brit ish subjects, under British protection ; and thai the ouly return or equivalent to be made by Hon duras. was a ri"ht of transit from ocean to ocean guaranteed to Great Britain and the I'nited State* and an undertaking to make a free port at eacli terminus of the proposed road This arrange ment of tbe Central American controversy, so fai as the Bav Inlands were concerned, was consid ered very "satisfactory, both in this country and in England ?'According to the strict right of the question, in the American view of the case, there was no treaty necessary to restore t* Honduras the islands which belonged to lief j.f light, which she had always claimed to be p:ii t of the teri itorv ceded to her in 1"2I when Spain abandoned all claim tu that eoantiy. ami which she had never lo?t 01 ? ed?d to any other power by conquest or treaty It wa> only necessary fot Gieat Britain to aban don territory which she had iinpropeily s?izc?j and illegaily held, ani bp rh?- nlwlirii? ol which in l-.V??two yrais after the 'he Clay ton-Bulu er treaty?she had manifestly violate*! the letter and spirit of that convention If. however, the Government ol tireat Britain thought it more consistent with the national dig nity t - our claims without any direct con cession to u.?. by separate negotiation with Hon duras s.i l.nig a I he end was accomplished, and the Island- rc-i.xed to the, r proper owner, we hail 1.0 objection to make, and oulv rejoiced that so honor able and ati?factory a means of adjust 1113 the difficulty had been devis?d. The l.ondon papers it ttie tun weie ot the S.1111C (.pinion, and thought that ? the relinquishment of some worth' less islands,' the title ol" which was more thar doubtful, was a cheap price to pay for the settle ment of a tangled and embarrassing dispute. ? The < laim that the Bav Islands were special' ly exempted from the application of the Clayton Buiwer Treaty, as 1* ing the < <*mall islands fn tin neighborhtx d of the Belize and known as Its de. pendencies,' to which it was agreed that the pro visions of the Convention should not extend, is obviously not tenabie. from the tart that the most southern part ot the Belize is more than IU) miles distant fiom the more northern part of the Bay Islands, and all doubt on the subject was remov ed by a despatch written by Sir George Grey.then Colonial Secretary, in 1-<JG.' to .Mr Cone. Agent ot the ? EaMern coast ol Cential America Commer cial and Agricultural Company,* in whirh the boundaries of the Belize are clearly defined, and which not oniv do not include the Bay Islands or any of them, but do not come within sixty miles of them in any direction. It being thus manifest that the Bay Islands do not form any part of the ?dependencies-of the Ih-lize settlement, a limit ed right to which for certain speeitted purposes was granted to Great Britain by the Crown of Spain in 17-3, and snbseq nent I v con firmed in 17^*6, as they were not specifically ceded by Spaiu at any time, and as Honduras has never conveyed them and ha* always protested against the British pretensions to their possession, it w;l* not unrea sonable that the Government of the I'nited States should consider the Royal Warrant of March ?, 1-52, creating the colotiv of the Bay Islands, a violation of the Treaty of July 4. 1-jO, by which the L nited States and Great Britain agreed never to ?? occupy, or fortify, or colonize., ot assume, or exercise any dominion over Nicaragua, Costa Rica, or the .Mosquito Coast, t>r n?y j"irt nf Cen tral America ' * To give the toomtnal sovereignty of the islands to Honduras while Great Britaiu ieservcs a pro tecting power over the colony ami dictates the aature 01 the institutions which Honduras is to establish, amounts practically to uo cession at all. and is open to the kudc objections on the part ol this country as the pretended British sovereignty by virtue of <" lonel M< Donald's seizure of the islands. If it be adiuith d that Honduras Isen titled tu the }> of the islands.?that th?-y are and always have tieen geographically and politically attached to Honduras.?what possible fight can l?reat Britaiu have to make- l?er al*an don merit to the lawful owner of that hi which she never had any right, the ground ror inteif.*ii?,r with the internal attaint of an independent Stat?? and dictating how the rest^rea territory should I* governed ' At all ev?*i*. how can Great Brit ain expect that the I'nited States will join in the interference, and participate in the dictation ? If Honduras thi?'*> proper to exclude negro slavery from iluatan and the other islands on lier coast W'.. tave no disposition to disapprove her decision' Slid no right to iute.fere; and if, on the other hand, she thinks It conducive to her Interest* to establish iM-jf.u servitude, neither the I'nited States nor Great Britain ba* any power to prevent her. without an unwarrantable violation of her indejieiidence as a sovereign State. ? *? If the alleged cause ol the rejection of the Treaty by the British (iovernment prove to be cornt t we may regret that the controversy be tween the two coiuitries is still unsettled, and that four )ears have lieen spent in fruitless nego tiation ; but our Government are free from all re proach a* being in any way accountable for the failure, either from want of good faith and a sin ?ere anxiety to adjust tlie difficulty in a manner satisfactory to all parties, or from a too unyielding adherence to their own views and opinions." Post Ornrr. Dehaktme*t.?New Offim t.ita'h \httl ?<>4.1 Store OlDce, Chestcrfo'd county. S. C., Hiram Evans, Postmaster; Peru, Je#er*m county. Ua , E K< s:nthal, Postma* ter, Weil Point, King William county, Va., Philip P. Duval, Postmaster ; Glengary, Berk ley county. \a, Wm. Stanley, Postmaster Green Spring Hun, Hampshire county, Va Thr* E Day. Postma*u>r; Lime Sink. Lau rens county, Georgia, llcnry M Burch. P,?t Hiaster ; Andrews Chapel, Oraugeburgh county, h<juth Carolina, Lewis S. Zeigler. Ponmaster: Ovid Centre. Clinton county. Mioh., William fchepard. Postmaster; Elsie, Clinton county. Mich , Franklit^illotson, Postmaster, Tenlay. Lapeer county, Michigan. John N Deneen, Postmaster, Whitoeyv^iiv, N?w li*ren coun ty, Connecticut, Jesse Cooper, Poslm ister, Rockville post office. Carroll county, Indiana, Dennis Connover. Postmaster; High Rock, Da viess county, Indiana. John S Mitchell. Post master; |Portersville. Dubois county, Indiana, Andrew Abels, Postmortem Pepperton, Frank lin county, Indiana. August Pepper, Postmas ter; Rock Mills, Madison county, Indiana, Absalom Williams. Peetmaster; Prailie, Tipton county. Indiaua. Henry Simmons. Postmaster Post Office* Discontinued.?Linton Bluff. Darlington district, S C ; Rollinsville Darling ton district. S. C.; Dove. Sumter district. S. C ; Friendship, Sumter district, S. C.; Stntesboro', Bullock county, Ga ; Buchanan, Gwinnett county. Ga.; Lower Columbia, Coos county, N H.; West Gilboa, Schoharie county. N. Y.; Exeter, Ind.; Lansing, led Names and Sites of Post Offires Changed* Five Islands Post Office. Penobscot county. Me., to Winn Post Office; Anthony Post Office, Kent county. R I? site and name changed to Quid nick. and Wm Hopkins, Postmaster, in place of J G S. Hayward, resigned. Pennsylvania Politics ?The canvass in Pennsylvania, in view of their approaching State election, is becoming very animated, sc far as the newspapers of the State are concern eJ A point sought to be achieved by the oppo sition is to change the animus of the great iron interest of the Commonwealth, which for somt time has hecn gradually concentrating in favoi <>f the Democratic party, notwithstanding th* determination of so large a majority of its rep resentntives in Congress not to favor the doc trine of "protection7' by duties on imports which up to very recently has been rogarde^ by the inn manufacturers as their only salva tion. The adoption by the last national ad ministration of the policy of substituting iroi for wood, stone and brick in the constructioi of Government buildings, wherever that cai be done economically and successfully, bavin; proved an industrial triumph, is opening th< eyes of the iron masters to the fact that the fu turc greater demand for their staple than here tofore. to grow out of this new application of it is to afford them ere long more re i ible and sat istactory protection than they can | o-sibly hop' tor from politics?Congressional legislation, ii the present temper of society the world over upon the question of direct ''protection'' by ai import duty. On the democratic side, the journals arc rc publishing an article from the New York Dail\ New*, embracing statistics in support of thi theory advanced by the Senate's Committee 01 I Manufactures in a report during the last ses sion, wherein the doctrine referred to abov was duly enforced. In this article it is madi very plain that the expansion of the iron mar ket consequent upon this new extensive appli cation of the material for business purpose must eventually give to the American manu facturers the monopoly of the internationa traffic. Assuming this theory as the basis o its remarks, the Newt proceeds to show by ai estimate of the future by the past, that th< commerce in iron must, in the almost iminediati future, become the great element of the com mercial wealth and of the moral anl jo'.itira power of natious. and that consequently it monopoly by the United States must rende , j ours the dominant commercial and politica s J power of the world. While we do not agre< ' that iron can ever become of the internationa r | importance?commercial or political?thatot ton is and will continue to be. we see no rea son to doubt the soundness of this iron theorj to a considerable extent. But the Pennsylva nia journals to which we refer claim tha the speedy realization of the results thus fore shadowed, will be wholly due to the am liberal policy of the late Democratic Adminis tration in encouraging by its sanction and co operation the now application of iron to build ing purposes; ami. that in addition to this th< extensive national consumption of iron in pub lie buildings has. iu effect, amounted to a sub stantial protection of the domestic product This is the true line of argument as well a: a description of ?? protection ' to the propriety of which wo ?ubscril>c, and we hope to Fee i pursued by the Democratic journals througbou the State, in view <?f the importance of the np proaching State election It is perfect!}* legiti mate and truthful. We are aware that th* mere politician will fail to discover the potency of this argument in controling the results uf ai election. But it must be borne in mind that ti the mighty iron iuterest, which furnishes breat for s??me MUMM) votes, and holds now. as it eve has, the balance of power between the partie in that State, these arguments are far more per i I suasive than any merely sectional or partisai appeals that can be made Indeed, we havi every reason to believe that these considera twins went far towards securing to the Demo cratic nominee, in November last, the votes o the iron interest. formerly given to the ole Whig party. This popular movement among the iron man ufacturers. which has operated so advantageous ly to the Democratic party, if we remerabei correetly. was initiated by Mr. K. Harmon, no* of Washington, but formerly from Pennsylva nia. We know that he labored almost inces jantly during the last two or three years, t< induce them to sustain and appreciate the iin porta nee of this preference of iron material bj tha National Government, and to consent to ac cept it as a substitute for a high tariff. Th< energy, perseverance and ability displayed by him in the performance of this task deserved and commanded success. Wc were personally C ignizant of his efforts first to bring about the extensive use of iron in Government buildings and, subsequently, to make the iron masters ol Pennsylvania comprehend that their best pos siblc and most reliable protection" in future is to be in the so greatly extended demand foi their staple to grow out of its general use foi building purposes; the economy and propriety of which the Treasury Department of this Gov eminent h:is already demonstrated, to the com prehension of all extensively engaged in build ing. This gentleman has it in his power to verj essentially aid the Democratic party in the ap proaching election, from his acquaintance and influence with the leaders of this interest, and from his position as the successful manager of one of the nioet important measures for their advantage ever adopted by the National Gov ernment; and we doubt not in the approaching flection he will do his best in lavor of the Dem ocratic cause. Thk Weather.?The following report of the weather for this morning is mode from the Morse Telegraph line to the Smithsonian Institution, and will be continued daily when the line is in working order. The timo of observation is about 7 o'clock a. m.: Mat 10, IKC7. New ^ otk,N. \ ........ .cold cloud v. Philadelphia. Pa clear, pleasant Halt i more. Mil ... ?l*-ar, pleasant. \V a*hlnnt< n, L>. ^ clear, plt-asam. Richmond, V a clear, warm. Petersburg, V a....?????.. .rlear, pleasant. Wilmington. N. C clear, warm Charleston, S. C clear, pleasant. Augusta. Ga..............clear, warm. Savannah, Ga extremely warm. Macon, Ga an?* damp. Columbus, Ga clear, warm. Montgomery, Ala clear, and very waini. I,ower Peach Tree, Ala., clear, warm. The following reports have been furnished by the National Telegraph line : Fiom tiik West. Frederick, -Vtd clear, cool. Cumberland. Mil cloudy, cool. Hagerstown. Md clear, cool. Wbelling, Va clear, pleasant. At Washington yesterday at? p m. thebajome ,ef,W:is !?y 77S, thermometer 59 . This morning at 7 oYloek barometer 49 904 and rising; ther mometer wind fr?ip N. W. The AprnoAcniMo Railroad Celebration. Great interest is already manifested by the pub lie men in Washington in the Railroad OpenJ ing Celebration to come off on the 1st proximo" noticed by us a day or two since. As it ia Terj certain that the attendance of leading "imi lo cated all along the line from Washington to St. Louis, including those from other sections with in sinking distance by railroad, will be very large, such gentlemen in Washington as desire to extend their personal acquaintance with the particular class will doubtless attend Our im pression is that the gathering will embrace more of the class of persona who influence public opin ion in their respectire vicinages than were ever before collected on such an occasion in this country. The Naval Courts op Inquiry.?Court No. 1 was occupied to-day with the case of ex Lieut. Washington A. Bartlett. Lieut. Har rison, a witness on the part of the Government was recalled, and his examination continued Lieuts. C. C Simms and Gibson, also for the Government, were recalled, and their examina tion continued. The case of Lieut. Thornton was continued in Court No. 2. Lieuts. Sims and Gibson were examined on the part of Thornton and Commo dore Jenkins for Government. In Court No. .3 the case of Capt. Inmin was pending Commander Whittle and Commodore Kearney were examined for defence, Reskjned.?Lieut Lardner Gibbon, U. S Navy, has resigned; also, Passed Assistant Surgeon Horner. 1 he Great Event of the coming week Is to I** the Sunday-School Celebration on Monday. See advert isment for particulars. PERSONAL. ?'ar*hall Hark*, President of the Currituck and Albemarle Canal Company, Va., is at Kirk woods'. ' .... Judge W. W. Drummond, recently United states Justice for Utah Territory, arrive*! in this H(ie,|Cj,terdayeVl'n,,,L,J a,U' isstoI'P'noat Browns' .... lion Mr. Petriken, niemlier of the Penn sylvania House of Representatives, died yestcr a' Harrinburif from a disease contracted at the National Hotel. ....Ex-Governor Philip Francis Thomas, late collector ol the customs at (he poit of Baltimore, ' T . shorlly "-move to St. Louis,where tie will in future reside. . ".I.* Th? Boar^ ?f Managers of the Maryland Institute has appointed Dr. W. L. Aiken lecturer on chemistry, In place of Dr. Lewis II. Steiner. resigned. ' r-' Vi- neV A 5ho?nd and s,s,er> N- Y.t Rev. T. G. Wall and lady. N. C., Rev. Dr. Lott and ladv, Canada, Col Geo. B. Hod^e, Ky.. and Lieut J. M. Duncan, U S. N., are at Browns'. 9aP1*; J?o. If. Graham. Stoddard, and J. Jf i f ir St.N"' Ge" Herran, NewGranadian Minister. Mai. E.S. Sihley and Capt*. Heath and McAllister, U. S. A , W. H. Webb, Esq., N Y , and Judge Talmadge, Cal., are at Willards'. i"i !t?rte* ^fayon'' (Strother) was around and about at the Jamestown celebration, and duriii" the ceremonies of Wednesday was " up a tree " quietly filling his sketch-book with rich illustra tions, which the public may count upon seeln" in some future number of Harper's Magazine. rrli^JJ.A-mAN CHURCH.-REV. .MR. ii^ii i? ^ ^ ? Pre*?h a8 uaual, in Temperance M ORR mv fS: an.l lott. streets, TO " 4> Ar?RN,.NUt nt 11 O'clock ?>ut>ject? \\ hat are we reqmred to belive." it* T"P"?HURCH OF THK ASCENSION. (Prot. ?1 on 1 *Lre?t? between 9th and loth.Rev. n*v* ?t ill ' K,ec.for- Services every SUN ir.^i .i ^ mV n * P'm* For seats or pews apply to the Sexton._ It* T's .1^'*WILLIAM Ta\ I.OR, Missionary iLtp.!!0?1 California, will preach from the steps ol the Patent Otfice. on 7th street, TO-MORROW (Sunday ) AFTERNOON, at 4 o'clock. He will TT2" A? 1*lN K,V? *R5rine op tie -Krf CatlK.lic Beneiicial I otal A list inence Society Tn Xfl'in ?r?vl; 2tr,<i1' s '>ftr,sil School House, on I^f?u .r?ROU AFTKHNOON. inmie J'ately after vespers. j? ? ^THEMKMHERS of tiiemi dlark rlTii ,1 ' /? nre rfiuested to meet at their respec ted Hall, in Georgetown, on MO.\ DA Y, the lath, as basinets of great importance will he transacted. By order o! I lie ' U" _ .... PRESIDENT. IT r* A REGULAR MEETING OF THE i'-r? ' ""f1* Men s Christian Association will l>e a- i at'ts Rooms, on MONDAY EVENING, at 8 0 clock. Ar I.snsy will he read bv O. C. Wight, r.sq. Kverj member is requested to be present. 9SS 9 * JOHN OTT, See. "^5=* ATTENTION, F KANKI.I N . ? Those ,?' members ol the [? rankhn Fire Company who ? lu.iire to organize an association to visit Philadcl fi.???,,.'.ll"'"V^sion u< ']"? Eireniens' Procession in that city, on the first ol (Ictolk-r next, are respeet I)aV V*Vrvfv; n,Mel "a""0"*; H*?. on MON UA\ r. V LNING. May 18th, at ? o'clock. nm. lr ^ Kti"T; W'YLK, President. may 16 2t _ (I ntelA states) Tf*];,'hV;1ast moon IS THE lastear ? _ \y and Stormy moon. Six years is out. chan* ing earlv and stormj. This is the hrst Summer ? iHhi tHc,",!,Kf of ,he Summer iuo< >ns will l>e wet and pleasant to the west The three Fall [Trf P'e*f*|,t 'till the last quarter !?J r .K V? 1 l,?.!sPr'?8 w" set in II, tbe last quar ter of the three hrxt moons in next year's Almanac. jiVI'flrTh"''. *Un' n stars will be clearer and purer alter the stormy coinet passes on this sale the earth, and lets out the foul atmosphere. ' J _ _ _?HADRACH NI'GENT, Moon-man. fTT*^DICATI?N.-FMpRV CHAPEL, a iu pi?^? p i i commodious house of worship, on the I lank Road, tour miles Iroin the city, will l?e dedicated to tjie worship of God, by appropriate cer emonies o,i next SABBATH. Sermon at Jlo'el'k hy the Rev. DavidIS. Doggett, D. D. The puNic are cordially invited to attend. ina> 15-2t* i'vm r,c"(jo'- anniversary^ . J. tifteenth Anniversary of the Sunday .uTrPhe ?" '? *"? "l,"1"'' .I'lS'SOTr rIll"kFiri*ti,,uf!l5',temn an?l E street Baptist Church and the U es ey Chapel will l*e occupied and ?grosses will be> delnreredhy the Rev. D. S. IXxf ."'ulv'T- v ii Wrn- r?,SRo"s R?v. J. Mor ind Vi fu N?HASKKM , Rwv- " ? ?? Chapman, .... ?" ? "iTTISWKa. the ?rr?v*?eirCrtri8 at l'10 <^',.l,rc',e8 will commence on o'clock a? ti procession, probably alxiut eleven thlfcteiS^e* CI",rCl"" * "" WashMiKton;May. lS.?' ,VIU11T- 8~??"r. 1 ti. e i . Pn"GRAMME. ?. ;.i Schools will meet m the grounds of the ,",'t'|*or"aii Institution at 9% o'clock a nt. II. fcjicli School on entering the grounds will be met by one of the Aids of tin Chief Marshaland ?yrffctei1 to the placa assigned to it. 1 ne procession will be formed as follows?the places ol the Schools having l>eon determined hy lot. BAND OF MUSIC. ,-Soiiooi.s? First Division? Fletcher Cliaoel Mr Kendree Chaoel, Weslev Chapel. Providence'Mm BAND OF MUSIC. SermJ Z>?>m?om.?Assembly's Presbyterian Missl'oVX ? 2? U^'Ve",S L,'rY,"m Assocfatn"; i88ion, l\o. 2, W 68t&rn Preshwtermn Ponrth 1 resby terian, Trinity, English Lutheran. BAND OF MUSIC. Third I) iris ion.?First Baptist, Preshvtennn Mission, Capitol llill; Thirteenth street Baptist ranftoi Jf,e,*h?t?ran' Presbyterian! Capito! Hill Methodist. Gorsuch Chapel, Methodist ?? 9hu,rR'' 3?'"th, Methodist Protestant 9th street terian C',ape1, '^'nn,ty Mission, and Sixth Presby Ba,L' .^'muJic.0"'11 FU>? W,l! accompany tho second V.I he procession will move at precisely 10o'clock ami Pennsylvania avenueto twtV,,!npe'h:T0;""1'?1 v'isionto t(!e K *troet^Bap byteVnlnChurcS th'nl d,v,",on to lhe ?'re? l- VJ" The Chief Marslial will be assisted by Messrs " ? A. Tucker, J. H. Daniel.and Win. R. UWlward' maylMt *' J A,A?KUDER, Chi^M^rar.11 WASIllNtiTONHKi H tfielnnual I&'IL of 'L'Bafa'lumof the District is onlerad forK thTaffi Ma7 a b?o'clock .at the usual Parade Uround. (ou UAV MnSW ^ra' Armor* on MON MCIRNING, the 25th May, at 9 o'clock pre cisely,fully uniformed and equipped. l?.iiiU ?,? ,i,.rt',or "otilietl tliat there will be a Dress beCoinpHo*, at your Armory, on MON DAY JNO. McKAY, O. S. JN? iTT*8J:MoV rl vvCHH?.!' EXAMINATION, sinmatiou of theS^l^f'Mr ?. A^MaVtLr- wfn twaT,"FUa.tSGn towhiS^HaIlfi>n 11 th ?treet.h# invited* which the public is respectfully PiWiiwdlttRSJ' MeMr"U?* Tfe^day, a School TT^ n "?>? Hall! l'rAsda lRMH KLDu AT p..rW.II ?^f.Tyssssa' v may M-3?* I 1ST OF LETTBR8 REMAINING IN THE j Pint Office, Washington, D. C? May 1*. HOT. (Ordered to be inserted in the Evemixg Stab, it being the newspaper having the largest circulation i f anvdad? paper published m Washington ] y~jr PersoMB-applyiBg for Utters in thfc following list, will pleMe say tbey are aDtkrtiskd. LAD IKS' I.M1 Esk.Oharlotl*eol'd Fostar, Mis Oarr't ?coiani*. Mrs S Andrew*. Miss 3 L FrS lBan.MrsMarj HeUai, MraG W Atbejr. Mr? MM W Vbat, Mad Paulina McEanny. MrsMB Hall, I L?nlaa B nrUBa, Min dee A Mi s ? A Black, Mlas Ell zah'h UarMy, Mlas Ail 1 Bern*, Mrs Morris W Hro?ks,MrS Isaac BrancV Mlu Cars Boyd. M as Mary Brant, Mrs Tho? Bulls. Mlas Sarah Butler, MissElli'lh H. yrs, Mary Bohsn, Elisabeth Haeksll.Mrs J B Grsanflald, Mrs Mallor Miss it I O aainger. MrsC Pnmroy, Mrs J ana Gardoar,Mlsa 8J S Farkburst, Mlas C HufliF'.MtsMaryA Simma, Ml?a Elli, J Hare, Mrs Mabala Smttb.Mrs Add M Smith, Martha Spain, Miss Mary BiSbO>ii,Miss Anns Halbtrt Mrs J B tlaluk, Mlaa Aug Baurhtin. MrsMyl Hunter, MlssI.arjM SmlUt, Mi s Aoua Bradford,Mrs Jaua Bstf(tns, MIssT hplliaaa.M rs Mary Batlar.Miss Oorn'a Baokey, Bodna 8w .llwaodNlesTTU DoatonMrsTlinrs'y Healey, Catharine bawyer, Mrs Eils'b B.ker. Mrs Henry Huntor.Mrs Louisa SelJen.Mrs kllsa Boaswatl.Mt'SMary Hughes, M as M E Btrsddllnr. Mlas B Baardaley.MlssMar Henulng, MlseS A Lesson, Miss M Berlin, Mrs Jones, Mrs Wm Hudd.tb, Miss B Clark,Mrs 8 I. 0 Joass,Mrs Kate 1 Shaitdan, MUs G Crags, Miss Mary J?spsr, Mrs JaaeE Ha\age,Mri John CTIack.Miss Lacy A Joelin.MleeMarce'a Stewart, Mrs B Cartla, Mrs Mary Jones.Mtss MaryJ Stewart, Mis* 9 A Coaaray, Mrs8 S Klhf, Mrs Carol'a Thori tea. Mrs H Cuunlngiiam.Mrs L Eapel.Mlss Pauline T aver, Mlsa Prls Clements. Mrs M J Eeudle, Mrs El'en Ihompeoa, Mrs AE Conway, Mrs Ws KelWjv Miss Ktlea Kester, Mrs J W Laaby, Margaret Lyoter, Mrs Ellen Latham, Mrs Va colored Cr?ag Id, Mary Carter, Mrs'e Dad-, Mrs Marg't Dawson, Mrs S A Tsnlsy, Mrs Jobn Tayl r. Mrs Jaanla Tucker, ElitsVti B Tsylor, Mrs E Ward, Mrs J a K Loaser, Mrs Marg't Weaver, Mia Jaua ill on, KiltaL'-tb Washlns v<n, > ai tba* A E Wassr. Ml a Ap^s Ionia Wllklos. Miss B Donnelly,Mary Ann Led don, Miss E V Ueuhstn.Mrs ? A Meredith. Mrs 8 Dnmszla, Msdsms Major, Mrs Henry Delaney, E Manneau, Miss C Dana, Mrs L W Murray, Mrs S f UjLtrty MlssSarsh Marpby, Mlsa A Poanelly.MlesEllse Man Into", MIssSA Yonng. Laslnla Piemlng, Mlse M A McDcrmott, Mrs M YonugMlseGaU'LS foster, Mis Msacy GENTLEMEN'S LIST. Andrewa, Theod >re Gray, Maicellu* Ntwua*, Peter J Asb?, TlkS P Garduer, W 0 Nuhn, Edward Andeis in, Gea S B Giey, l.t Tlx s No mele. Dsn el A llet ( f H Gi imi-r, kkhard F Newt?ii, Com Ali<, fetT Uai i.ane'tl, Motley ki.tolaa, C?j?t J a 4 Andrea, John U Gate?< od, Jas M Andrews, J D Gibbous, John W A ndci aim, Joseph D GibauU, Jaturs Artiialroi g, James Geary, J W A uatln, Joiiu U 3 (irem Jolia F A mien on, J J Oi IttHii, J It Arruatrou^,CaplUS Grtgory, Jaiuea A Ashiuuu, Geo Antes, U U Aahe, Albert A buck, W S UnlLer, Wm II lllreh, Wm John Bra'ty, W II Banks, C'.pt Wm J hoiks, T. o?, I SA Bnali, UlrpiiM U Brian!, Kirh'd Ballanline, P H Brlnaiuatls, P A Gray, Jamn Uoold, Ja.\>b OHIBn, John tiauiliol, James Urifwold, H W 0?ib prk Geo UUIdl ?> H tfrav, Kiaio Is M OlFltdll, WlU ti'Bi ion, Patrick tlrd. P O'Nt-al, John Parsons, W D t Parker, Or S J 1 Price, Bodmsu M Palm-, (VI N K 1 Peck, L B Pngns. I^ w's PliilUiitk, J bu Parker, Jvliu A Poole, John II Pallet Son. Ok. C Porter, Kdwatd Graf ou. Td MldEC Plume. A UllleU, K Gai dy, Daviil Uaddla. Chas W Uray, Cbarlas Bullts, Coiu'r Use t Uarntas, C S Barry, M Boudon*.|uls, L Boweti. Joel L Barnstt, J C Htemtner, J O W Becktel, Juhu Baau, John Hasher, J M Beach, H O Klakely, Gao A Bredekamp, H Heard,Ice, H B Brewster, H P Ha* by, Geo Heals, Uej N Brown, Prancls ? lisauis, t t Ulancbard, E K Bart ii |, Edward Blackwel), E K Bow ma , Darius Baldwlu, BeiiJ J Bi ii;liam, Geo Cm, Win S Cleary, Maori e Cram, Wm C Cre isliaw, Win T Clsmson, T G Car, er, Thorn is CoDGver.Cum Ths A Janln. I^wls chapuiau, 11 B Judd, Cap; II B Cleavelaiid, Robert Ja-.-kssa, Geo Gllmere. Alfitd Uruu, Adolphlue Ulaaaatl, M C Iluut. Wm II IIart, Wm G Hall, Win J Htnsell, Wm Z Hsiintt g. Tlius 3 Hsrbour. K B boiiev, O S Mill, Mr Henry, Lsm H Hnmpbreys, Geo B Hsrreqar, Jrse 8 Ho t, J Harrison, B J Hall, Jas C Henry, Jas S HI'!. Geo M Hunter, Eiw>s C Had Jen, Ellas W Humphries, Uat. 1 Hotle . Chas T Ilseinier, 1 ha* Harris, A H Herrlck, Anson Qulutrsl, John U Head, Win Bore, Bobt Kiell, l.t K B Baudolph. Klrhsrd Beiley, Michael Bhebloe, Marcus Hyan, Mich. tl alley, Jas I, UaytDouJ. Jas R berts, J E Boper, J Travis R Lrrtson Jas RlsUimutlsr, H Kirs. Harvey Rodebey. G W 3 Boscti, Hwar I S Bu'tciaa. Col II Reidcrt, ( bar ta Slran, 8 Smith, Wm B 8he<-ktes, Wm Bt-wart. Wm * 8e*ver, Wm A Eeott Wia A Be tt. Wss Sba klaud, Thos t Hp uldin. S A St agija, Selvy H

Sbawnesaee.Mlrbsel Kmlth, Com M Clements, M A Conlau, Peter T Conway, Palt Caller, Peter Y Comatock, M Cochrane, Jobu Coiisly, John Llend- n?n, J W Campbell. J mes Caapl<ell. Ja? U Croziar.John H Coylo, John M Clark. Horace P Crane, J B ChaUrd, Coin P Oorridnn, Edmond Cole, kdward U Cuin^loil, Calvert C a e, v liar leu Colowbara, Carlo Cblbeaus, A Callagbau, Arthur Daly. Wm Dorssy, Wm Delane, Thus B t H tcbrock. Allied C S'anbley, Mr Iibnst, W P M D Strickland. Jacob P Johnson, Col S M Kmltb, Jobn Btawart, John S Smiib, Jobn C Stephens, Irs H Jenkins, Fayette Smith. C pt J T Jackson, Ur C> ma T Mima, John A James Clias W Sba p, Capt Jobn Jobusou. Asa Hlevens, J L J y, A rod. or sg'l '< 8baw, Bsv H W Kerns, Wm Kelahs-, Thoui ? Ke -tlrlrks. 8 B Kelly. Patrick Ke ton Patrick Kean, Mirhael Kalty, Jam a Kn?ler, Johann J Kiledy, Jobn J Kellogg Hiram Keltogg. Uw rge Kogge. F Kennedy, Dr I.ynde, Wm P He belt, AlLla Sumers, Hoary Blbley, O'uiu Smith. H S 8m th Geo Smith. Geo A 8ae sr. Ell J Swift, Elijah 1 Slick, David II Smith, Chas T Scbroflcr Bsv C M Sble'ds, Elllc.te k Bon lltrp Stewart, A Laiub. Gao Dean, Salomy Den.aon, C?pt 8 L > Locbboeliler Delpkk, B H Dltias, Both Darman, N E Devlgne, l?. M llavieou. John Uavlln, J P Jr Duke. John 8 Dally. Goo D. an, G P Dunx'omb, Geo H Dorr, r w a Dogmi, E DoLovau, Dennis Donnelly, Charles lluvckee, B Deane, A J Davla, A C Edwards, Dr W 0 Eilia. B J Lkwrsnce. VaCUos Sails, Sabrlna Lairouibe T S Kweeny, Arthur 1 ! Idde!I, Tin mas Stephens. An aaa Llvl' gsUin.SldiiejS Tnstl;*, Lieut I^e<l ard, Hsary Turasr, W H Urln(, Dr Geo B Thi oaton, 8 W Lentse, Franklin Morgan, G o W H, Wm K Mlt hell. Waller Marr. Tbo? F Markarou, Ll K Mlddb-ton, H MltrhHI, R b * Murray, Patrick Murphy. Michael Msrtymsn Lt Jat Ma uy. J P Mack, Jo n C Mat tie Tbompaou, Plsbsy Tumor,Capt Jas IS 3 Tucker, Jas 0 Thomas, Col Henry 1 ucker. Edgar W Twiford. Maj D Tn ker Chita D Tbi in, Ad .in Uunwolt, Jobu ?sn Engle, P M Vel<hn 0)er, Jacob Via. Mr Tolland, C Wil lairs. Wm Wert, Walts- S W| w>", Wm John B Mattbewa.BovJasM Wan<l:er, Wm M>era, Job- A Hon William*. Mr Mill, r. Joeeph Welab, Th ma? Mafia, J W Walker, Tbo. D Morriaay. Jobn Wlleou. Cap! S B Elaey.Capt Levin W Morrliou. Haailtrn Wood o-*. Mia* 3 Malate?ia,GlovaLUt Wh< eler, Bi h'd H Mldd'eton. Capt Mou>ton, D nl Malhewa, Chaa M?ra eafer. C McK.II, K F McCuMou^h Ban 3 McKee, Dr Chas MrKeo, IIneb Wl It-, Bicha.d Wilson, Michael 8 W ray, Lenard Wl its, Lawyt-r Wil laina, Dr Lew 1* t'SN 3 We.toll, Josepli 8 H llliug Jamea S McK ii trev CaptJJ Wallan, J E McCiellaud, Dr J 1 Woodland James SKI Wrl?ht. Joseph Whitney, J O Wilson Jobn C Warner, J O Wind* -rd. G J Wood, Dr G F Wbartou, Geo W Veigh,ToW**eetid Wootten, Frank H Worllilngtoli. Chis White. BeiiJ F Winder, A W W bits, Al<la-,n Wilson, J M McCoy, Dr J B McDowell, Co J H McCslo-n, Perry McGrath, Patrick McGulie, Pater MrCurdy, Bott H M ~ " - M. Klunoy. T H M. Lean, D N Mr Minn, W H McGoWi u, Wm S McKt-an, Wm K kjcao, Joseph J Elxuy. Jatues t.l ward , John kwiiig lluyh Eva a Kr?.lus Ei ItcM K Eitwaid*. Amos W ? lemiuir, 1 horoas Firt i, Tliomaa Klshinan, M S Karnliam K C Fllmore, Lewis Foi reetei. J N Fletcher, Capt J Field, J K Fry. J D I Felly, Bsv J F Soatar, H D Flrher, lien Ford, Geo II fr'eiseudtf i, C B H FarriKat Cap! Foster, Chas F Ford, A IMIUL8 Bk. North An erica; Farmers snd Merchant*' Bk., Natl nal Bank. Scath'n Manufar. Bk.; C. V. B.; 0. W. B.; G. B. A ; A. K. Y , W. Y. Z . Washington 1 street. May 1? JAS 0 BEBBKT. P. M. ATFK1VATF.SAI.E-A rosewood cane PIANO made hy Stein, of Vienna, and imported, some years a^o. at the cost ol A45U, is in cx 1 celknit tune anu i?ood order, will l?e sold for" '50 on accoiumodatinK terms. Can be seen at Mr METZER()TT'S Musical Depot, corner of lilts street and Fetin. avenue. niav 16-eo2w R EAT ATTR ACTION ! 1 LIVING CURIOSTTIES!! On next Tuesday, SCHWARZK St DRURY will receive another lot of selected LIVE l.OB STEKS. A cheap, convenient, and incomparable luxury. Call at tne now celebnUMi Oyster Depot, 2!M Fenn. avenue, 2d door ca?t ol 14th street. inay 16-2t ___ CCARRIAGE FOR SALE.?A line family CAR ; RIAGE.t French Fliaeton) forone or two horses, made to order by Mr. Hook. of this city. at a cost of Sdiu; is lis x?kkI W" - - as now; will be sold at a sacritice, ami on accommn dating terms. Can lie seen at Mr. HOOK'S Coach Factory, on D street, between 9th and 10th sts. mav lfi-eo2w* I AC A R D . ? I would call the attention of all persons wishing to have their BOOKS BOUND in a cheap, hand some, ami durable manner to call ati JONks'S BOOK BINDERY, No.f :#1 Pennsylvania avenue, lietween 4>? and Gth streets, where they can 1*3 supplied with all kinds of Plain, Fancy, and Ornamental Binding, al the shortest notice and on the most reasonable term*, EDWIN JONES, may 1G 3t* No.393 Fa. a\ ., l>et. 4>2 and Cth sts. WK CASH. ' AT UK FATLY RED UC E It H K ICES. A i?reitt variety of iiold Hunting Patent Levers, Lepins, Anchor Levers, and Ladies' WATCHES, Vest and Fob CHAINS,CHATELAINS. SEALS, Ac,, and all other sty les of line J KNVELk V. Wt especially call the attention of HOUSEKEEPERS to our assortment of Silver PLATED WARE, COFFEE SETS, WAITERS, CASTORS, FRUIT and CAKE BASKETS, SPOONS and FORKS, Acc. ' iO* We are prepared to sell very low. The pub lic is invited to call and price our goods. may I8-?W H. SK.MKF.N. Penn. av?. ELLISTON, T1IE COMEDIAN.?The Life and Enterprises of Robert William lEIIiston. come dian, by George Raymond, author of "Drafts for Ac ceptance," price 7.1 eta. The Two Convicts, by Frederick tlior of "Wild Sports in the far West," price S) ctB. Mauslield Park, a novel by Jane Austin, price 38 cts. Porken Wariicck, by the author of Frankenstein, pri<-ti 5* Cts. Martin Doyle's Common Things of Every-day Lile. Emma.liy Miss Austin, prico.DctP. The Adventures of Roderick Raudom, by Smol lett, price 75 cts. Just published, and lor sale at TAYLOR & MAURY'S Bookstore, may IG-3t near Sth street. PARASOLS. MANTILLAS, AND SHAWLS. Just opeued Irom the Northern mantifacto riea? Cms S*) of thrt latest style of ladies, misses, and ,1 children's PA R ASOLS, fiom(k>a cents to * %"?, ol all colors lfln ladies'Black Silk and Ijico MANTILLAS, at low prices 5J STELLA SHAWLS, of white, blue, scarlet,aud Krecn With a large stock ofSILK BERECJE and LAWN ROUES, at all prices. A largoaud general assortment of DRY GOODS, at which bargains can lie had for eash by oalliasr ear ly at the Dry Good Store of GEO. F. ALLKN, may 16-3t' Penn. ave., next to loth street. R~ OBED LAWNS. We open to-day? 2,B*i yards very handsome Roliad Ijiwim,at Wi cts. 3,009 do neat ami beautiful styles good washing colors, at 12JS cts. , . . I AW yards tine and good styla plaid Ginghams, at 14 ct Va 2,000 Colored Figure* Brilliants, food oolorr, at 14 Otf a 2,nnn more of those fine white do. at 1234 ets. JET Barege ai all at redt COLI.EY * SF.ASS. may Itt eoOt 6S37th St., 3 doors north Pa. are, Books from m>ndon. How to Govern Gibraltar. by Sir Rol*?rt Gardi ">cP* ?" _ . , The Press a?d tM P*bh? Service, 1?S7; $1.25; 2 ClironolorMal Table*. ancient and modern, las:, British Eloq?eno?, Political Oratory, 2 vols., IH07; $1.25 per vol. 1 , _ . . , Kara * Militwy mi Nuifl Technical Dictionary. Broughams ftocfiland Political Speeches, vol.l, 1857* to 1.75, Cast Nolan's Cavalry; it* History and Tactics. Pole's Nineveh. Hardwicke'a Shilling Knightage, 1857^ 37cts Hardwicke'a Shilling Baronetage, 1856: S7 cts. Hardwicke'a Shilling Peerage. 1B57; 3* Poetry of the Anti-Jaoobin Review. The Illustrated 1-anguage of Flowers: ? cts. jnay 16 FRANCK TAYLOR, ?<PRING AND SUMMER, 1*57. Our new styles of ready -made Clothing for Gentle men and Boys are now ex posed ami ready lor sale, embracing large and beantini! assortm?iil? of? Spring Overcoats, Raglans. Business, Dress, am) Frock Coats. Choice sty les of Cassimere and Linen Pantaloons. Plain and Fancy Yeats, Ac. "\Yitii a large varietr of Gentlemen's Dress Shirts. L'uder Shirts, Drawers, and Hrwiery. Our custom department is well atoek*d with new styles of Cloths. Cassiniers, Linen Drills, Vestings. k c.. and under the management of Hire* experianal Cut era of acknowledged taste,we can ther lore 1 Iter great inducements in styles, quality, and prices of garments of all kinds. Goods delivered in all parts ol the city and Ge??rre town. WALL k STEPHENS, may 16-6t 322 Pa. ave., bet. ath and 10th st*. WALL k STEPHENS, Wholesale Dealers and Johliors in Cl.OTHS.CASSIMEKES, A\D VKSTIMiS, may l5-3m 1 - .) BLACK TEA. 130 Chests o our standard BLACK TEA.?'This Tea is well known tothe citizens ol Wash jngton Hnd in the vicirutt. This Tea was im .~ ? p<-rted prior to the troubles in China. L. ? KING k BL RCHELL. may 15 corner VenncHit avenue and l.' th st. IlBliWltac s ciiiiniift 'JT* " I. ^ , Hardwicke'a Shilling Peerage, 18&7; 37 cts >in R PER AMBULATORS.-A NEW STYLE OF CHILDREN'S CARRIAGES,* bcaatiful a*l sale article. Call and examine them. JOS. L SAVAGE, Importer of Hardware and House-furnishing Go?ids, Sign Gilt Saw. Peun. avenue, may 15-Gt between loth and lltli streets. J A DIES' GARDEN TOOLS, in sets and hose*. I 4 just received direct trom Sheffield. and for sale by 4Q(1. L 8AVAOK, Importer ol Hardware and House-furnishing Gooda, Sikh Gilt Saw. I'enn.avenue, ma* IVM owe door west of IPth street. J I ST PUBLISHED.?THE FOURTH VOL ume of Irving'* Life of Washington. Received and for sale at SHI ISLINGTON'S Book store. Persons desirous of obtaining a complete set of tins most valuable work, can !*? furmxhod with it 011 application to JOS. SHILLINGTON. Odeon Building, may 15 Corner 4% street ami Penn. avenne. DrT KANE'S |TeF R10 ER A TORS. Waterman's Upright ditto. Parson's Horizontal ditto. Just received, and lor sale at manufac turer's prices. JOS. L. SAVAGE, Importer of House-furnishing Goods, Sign of (Jilt Saw. Penn. avenue, may 15-6t one door west of loth street. m SHOES AND GAITERS.?Just received a very fine assortment of SHOES and GAIT- ttl fine assortment of SlIoTiS and GAIT ERS. which I well sell very chcap. Ladies' line Gaiters *1 to $'.25, Gent's tine Shoes and Gaiters ?2. 92.50, Boy's Shoes k 1. Alwnys on hand, an assortment ol iny own make of work which I will sell cheap for cash. J. T FORREST No. 2G2 Pa. av., bet. 12th and 13th sta., north side, may 15-2w H OUSEKEEPING HARDWARE. I have now received my Spring supply of HOUSE KEEPING HARDWARE. CUTLERY. SIL VER-PLATED WARE, CLOCKS. BASKETS. BIRD CAGES, refrigerators, and ail the useful notions in inr line, every article of which was liought for cash at the lowest cash discount, and will l<e sold at the lowest possiMs prices. Housekeepers and others in making purchases will hnd it decidedly to their advantage to look in at 490 7th street, mav 15 G.FRANCIS. Re ad this card.-as the subscriber intends from this date to sell for C ASH ON L\ , and at the most liberal cash prices, he respectfully requests all who l?uy PAINTS, OII.S, COLORS, WINDOW (.LASS, BRUSHES. LAMPS. ETHEREAL OIL or CAM PHENE, to call ai.d inquire lus price's, and they will certainly purchase if they consult their own interest. Every article warranted as represented. Good's taken to all parts of th<? ctfv free. J. R. McGREGOR, may 15-lw 584 Seventh street. ALL THE NEW BOOKS PUBLISHED Re ceived immediately afterwards, at SHI ISLINGTON'S Book Store. The Fortunes of Perkin Warbeck.a romance by the author of "Frankenstein." The Two Convicts, by the author of " Wlid Sporta in the West." Emma, by Miss Austen. Mansfield Park.b* Miss Antler.. Martin Doyle's Common Things of Every Day Life. William Shakesperc not an Imposter, by an Eng lish critic. Small Farms, and how they ought to l>e managed, l>y Martin Doyle. The Poultry Yard, by Miss Watts. Everything in the Stationery and Newspaper line, for sale at SHILLING TON'S B<?ok Store, mar 1.1 < Meon Buildinr. eor. 4Ji and Pa. ave F^OR SALE.?A fast trotting HORSE, a ;t of HARNESS, and a handsome T< BUGtiY. two iiiontlis 111 use. The almve will be soid together or separate. Any one4 in want of either will get a bargain, as the owner is compelled to sell, owing to his leaving the city. Those in want will do well to apply, ns such a chance seldom offers. Address Josephus, Star Office, mar 15-ttt* Attention, l a dies.- The hMmi would respectfully call the attention of the ladies of Washington ami vicinity, t?> another1 lot of those Florence and Swiss STRAW _ BONNETS with Capes, just received. Also on hand. H I B BO N S . FLOWERS, BONNET FRAMES, Rl CHES, Ac., which will lie sold very cheap. Call and examine for yourselves, at MRS. R.G. ETCHINSON, No. 12 Market Space, het.SthandSHh sts. may 15-3t BALLOl'S DOLLAR MONTHLY, NEW York Journnl. Philadelphia Post. Harper's Weekly, Flag of our Union.and all the Monthly and Weeklv Magazines and Papers, may 14 FERGUSON'S, 4Hf,7th street. 1 ? FOR SA I.E?A G1 K L alx-ut eighteen yenrs of age, and a first-rate house servant, is sold for no fault, the owner having no further use for her, and would perler to tell her to a gentleman residing in Washington. Tiaders need not apply. Inquire at the Star Of fl ce. may 14-St* Dress and manti a maker. MADAME McKEEVER, Pennsylvania ave nue, south side, next to the corner ol 2inh street, re spectfully announces tothe ladies of Washington and vicinity, that she is prepared to make all kind of DR ESSES at the shortest notice, and on the m??st reasonable terms. She is receiving the monthly fashions from Paris. One or two competent hands wanted, may 14-3t* 17XTRA FINE.?Anyone wishing a very superior Ej FRESH OYSTER at tins time,.? ? would do well to a call, as we are\J now opening large quantities for Pick ling. Our practice being to select the very finest and freshest Ovsters for that purpose. SCHWARZEk DRURY, may 14-3t 2<M Ponn. avenue, ad door east 14th st. Proposals. Navy Dkpakt*knt. ( Bureau of lards and Dork*, May 10,1RS7.{ Sealkd Proposals, endorsed "Proposals for Im provements at Elba's Island, New Yorlt," will be re ceived at this offioe until noon on the 1st day of June next. Bidders are referred to tho Commandant of the Navy \ ard. New 'N ork, for plans and specifications ol the work ; to be completed within six ttt) months from the date of contract. Approved guarantors to the oiler, and sureties to the contract, according to law, will be required, may 14 Auction bargains. We have just received from the New York Auc tions, a very large and handsome assortment new style Silk. Herege.and Ijiwn ROBES. Satin Striped. Printed, and Plain BEREGES, Plaid and Stripetj SILKS. BLACK SILKS very cheap: on>ho ahM?d hiv It colon BEREGES; I AWNS,BRILLIANTS PLAIN and PRINTED, all Wool DELAINES, White Crape SHAWLS. Black MANTILLAS. ALSO? Very large assortment of embroidery, RIBBONS. BLACK NET MITTS, HOSKRY, GLOVES. Linen Cambric HANDKERCHIEFS.? all of which being bought last week at the New York Auctions, we are preparod to sell them less than cost of importation. W. F.GAN k SON. 323 south side Pa. av., bet. 6th and 7th sta. mayj l-6t _ _ WANTED FOR THE UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS.?Two hundred able IkmIiocI men. l*av from ?11 to $22 per month. with iMiard and clothm*. Service on land and L_ si a. Promotion given to good and likely man. W Apply at tho Marine Barracks, \\ asinine ton City.and at all Marine Stations. may 6-2w _ ( Balt Sun copy) To the public and particularly TO MILLINERS- STRAW BON-^V NETS, HATS, and FLATS for ladies, gen tlemeii, and children, will be Blenched aud^X^ Pressed in the newest French styles, and at the shortest notice, at the new Grand Bleachiu^ and Pressiug Establishment. ? ^ ? M- WILLIAN, may 11 lin Market Space, het. 7th and 8th. Agency for iron. Having accepted tho agencv of the celebrated " R. R. H." braiHtof English Refine,! Iron, I ainnow prepared to receive orders at Importkss' Prices, m quantities of not less tliau half tun,/t>r task omit. pounds to the ton. ? , , . .iv? GEO. C. HENMNG. Orders left with Messrs. Elvax* A TuoxrsoM, 33G Pcunsylvaiua avenue, will receive prompt atten _ in?y_ll COLT'S NEW MODEL, WARNER'S AND Allans Revolvers, Self Cocking Pistols, Al 122^ntle and Double Barrel Pistols, Powder Pluhs. Shot Poaches, Gun Nippers, Ramrod Heads, Gun Worms, Elev's, Walker s, Cox's, and ft. D. Percusion Caps, Wey'a and Baidwm's Gas Wad ding, Wad Cutter, aad a good assortment ol Gas Trimmings, for ?ale by E. K. LUSDY. may 8 No. 121 Bridge street. Georgetown. "just puwY^edS'for saleat^ & MAl'RY'S, BooKKtort>i utfcr tfth tUeeL may Candidate for City Offices. WA. BOSS is imrabd t? IK# of the ?Second XVurfl ?i an iim;miImI CMttiditt liar Ai Ilit the ensuing election. may |j-ff iramm t^LCOND ANNUAL EXCURSION Logan Tribe, No. 8, I. 0. R. 1L, Or GcotcKTowti. Ila\ in* (-bartered the Steamer WasffuioTox, re ? peel lully as mm nee that th^y wdl five . ? ? . an EXCURSION on MUN DAY. M?> 25th, t? the Wmitk Mr.C. C. Att?. the t>ilv?r Malal Caterer, will have entire supervision of the Refreshment dv partment. The Committee piedg* uuUring efforts to make thia the moat pleasant aud agreeable excursion ul lbe The Boat will leave Georgetown at 8 o'clock. Cm 8>i- BlafJei'i Wharf, \ar? Yard, I. Tickrti ON K DOLLAR : admitting a Gentleman and Ladies. may Keo4t CONCERT OK THE PKM AI R DEPART MF.NT OF THK TO! RTH DISTRICT SCTfOOL, (Miss M. Mii aiav Principal,I At tke Smitksomtan ln*ttiut*om. On TFESDAY EYENIXO, Ma> l?*h, UM. Mr. K. U I.EN ROY will havethe honor to praamir a Programme on the above occasion, a hicii he nuiii dent It frusta Will tie highly fcRltifjnns to bit friem). Ticket a Tvaalf-ive Cents-no hall price- can t*j oU anted at all the MuaicanJ Bookstore*. The Concert will commence at I o'clock. Mr. John P. Kill* has kindly loaned tha Grant Piano from the celebrated house of Wallet. Da\ is a C0..0I Boston, now on exhibition in his sale* ix?m jMlllHt LMRST GRAND EXCURSION r or the American Hook & Ladder Co., No. 2, Tit THK IVHITF HOtfSK. (laving chaitered the Steamers \\ a?ai?OTo| an.I Col.t.vr*. the Company respect lull) a i announce I hat llici will Kivcati KX n CLRSION <>u TMI RSUAY, Ma?***&A. 21 at. to the above-uained place. \\ ithcrs' Celebrated Kami has Imh-h engaged lor the occasion : and that pruiee of caterer*. Mr. |{ Schadd, Will have entire supervision of the Rctrcsl. m-nt department. The fiiat Boat will leave the Steamlsial What 1st 8. Navy Yard at *. Alexandria at ??}f o'clock, a. mi. The second Boat a ill leave the >tean?l?nat Wharf m 2. Navy Yard at 2'?. Alexandria at a.S o'clock, a. in. Reluiuiug, the U*al< will touch at all the siiovm places. Ticker a ONE DOLLAR ; admitting a Gentleman and Indies. ?m? U-m O DD FELLOWS HALL. FUS AND~VrONDER! SIGN OR DONETTI'8 Wonderful Company ol ACTINC* MONKKYS, 4t\, Kroin Aata, Africa, and the Kast Indie*, whott wonderfu! ptsr lorinanoea have have been the won der and admiration of tiotta Europe and Amer ica, will appear THIS EVENING. in all their Laughable ami Ludicrous Imitations and Performances. Also, Donetti'a great KALEIDKSCOPICAL ILLUSIONS, Or. Magic Change*. To terminate every evening with the wondertul ascent of THE DOG JOHN BI LL. Surrounded h) a l??utiful diaplay of Kireworka! Admission SO cent a; Children under 12. with tbftir parents, cents. Secured seats, 25 cmts extra. Doors open at 7?*: Curtain naea at 8. mat 16 LOST ABD FOUND! ? ' RKWARD.?Strayed or stolen from my res ?3 ntwnoo ou K street, between 17th and. 18th streets, a dark buflalo COW, with white apota in her face ; white spot on knees and belly, and Ia? white; no u a k in her eaia. >h< left my teaidenoc on <he Mith of April. The aliovd reward will be given if hr> u hi to me. No. 1*1. may 16 3t* ALEXANDER KIBBLE. M|A REWARD.?St rayed away on Sunday even *&?i\r ing last, from the premises of the sub r\, acrilier on Third atreet. between I and K streets, a dark liruwn MARK, with face and^-*-^^ hind lega white, and a long tail. She la between 14 and 1C hands high. The atiove reward wiii lie paid on her delivery tome. JAMES Sri.LIVAN, may 15 31 * No. 243 3d at. bet. I ft K streets. LOST OR M1SLAID-A PACKAGE, oontaia ing Hook- and Papers, the property of the Younr Men's Christian Association. A 1 literal reward f< r the recovery of the package will be pan I l>y th? Treasurer if left at the.N.E. corner of New Votk avenue and 13th atreet. mar 14 3t* f^OL'ND?A POCKET-BOOK containing a sum of mone> and an article probably pnxe.fliy the owner, apparently lost tiy a lady, was found by a col ored servant more than a week uu. He desires to restore it to the owner. It can be obtained by the owner l?y paying for thi? advorttnement ami another, previously luacrtcd in another new.- paper. Apply al the Star Office counter for further infoimalion. may 14 -St R KW A R b.- Stray ad "<sa? f mm the nut... ii l?r on Si.nday evening last, a small daik r\. BAY M ARK, with a white star in her fore- J_ ,^ h. ail. a white ^pot on her shoulder, ami mark * ed on the Inck from the <adfl!e. The above rewar<t w II I* paid for her return to ine on 0 street, mu'li s de, lietween 6th aud 7th streets. may It 3t* DANIF.L DiiWD. LOST OR STOLEN?Krom the possession of the Hon. KranciaS. Edwards, at the Washing ton House m the ?il> ??f Washiuiiton, on oraliout the H*hday of Pet^iiarv.IM7. LAND WARRANT No. 51.233. dated Decemlier24th. IftVi. Said Warrant a-a? issued to Kzra Re. d, umler ttie act of March. I8V5. A II persons are hereby caul toned against ne gotiating said Warrant as prt?c^e<lm-a have been in stituted l?y the holder, Kzra Reed, to mnwl the *ame. ap3i-?w K/RA REKD. WANTS. WANTED.?A SITUATION, t.y a stemlr Wo. man. as Cook in a small lannly, lmardinr-houa<, or restaurant. Addresa B,.x No. 7. Star ?ifti^. If VV'ANTED.?A GIR L to Nurae, who will live in " the country. Wa^es Apply at 447 D al. may 16-tf a WANTKD.-A SALESMAN in a Dr> Goods Store. <>ood references required. Address with name, through the City Post OAce. to M C. D." may lfe-at WANTED IMMEDIATELY.-Twenty hve ** TAI LORS ami TAILOR KSSKS. Non ' need apply but compt-tent fi. kot.a. Foreman. mav 15-St WALL A STEPHENS. tjl Tl ATION \\ ANTED.?A youth 17 * ears of ? - wishf* a Situation mi Store. Write* a !:ur hand. Can brine good recotuiiK udations if reuuirrd. Addreas C. H. T.,at this office. may r.-2t* ARESPECTALE l.ADY from Philade Pli>a. wishea a SITUATION a? HOl'SEKKKPl R. or to take charge of an invalid.or to travel with such. She is full* competent to manage in a hotel or privalo family. Address Capitol Hill south. No. 4H0 D street, b 'tween 3d ami 4th streets. may l4-3t* WA.S7EP?7v? PURCHASE -a BRICK ~* hliLlrtO. containing 8 or 9 rooms, ami *"rth from ?2.5(10 to alx.ut ?4.nun. by hrst ps^ing yTfln m cash, and the tnlance in annual instalments. tiDi?Sr rX?^K*rfiw.S,l8> terms, two desirable BRICK DWELLINGS, each located within two aquarea of the Patent Office. One ol them can Ik* bought by paying fl.itan cash, and the Iwlance 11112 hall yearly instalments. .. POLLARD WEBB, may 1f No. 512(2>t atoryl7th street. WANTED?At 3 7 Penn. avenne, south aide, ?L?*fc nctl A M BKR M AID and w All ER. 1 he waiter a Imy of from lh to 18 years ol age. Both must be able to brim; saticfaclon rec ommendnhons. )IM, \XrANTED.?CSKAMSTR KSSKS. to sew white ** work Also, six l)RESS-MAKKRS and a young LADV . to sew on Wheeler A Wilson's Sea ing Machine. All hands wanted 111 the establishment " " Tr. WIL streets. I . T ' w can * v\l III I fir t Ninilll^n FT It'll I . N <ine but good hamls nee.1 apply to Mr. WILLI AN 32 Market jspace, between Cth and 7th stree may 13-Iw W a>?TED,-A convenient IIOI SK. Rent about ?? SJisi. Not lar from Penn. avenue. Note a. I dressed Box 313, Post Ofhce, with location and rent, will meet attention. aD jM-ti BR^N ER^ M E N WANTKD.?Three good , BRk\\ ER^ IIAN DS. to whom reyulai work ana good wages will he given, can find employment r'LBf?l,,n* to ^LO. STOREY. Manager for Mr. Jos. Dav1 son, at the W ash ing ton Brewery, \N" ash ing ion, Ul *?* ap 18 BOAKMNO. MR,S- REJLY, No. .555 New Jersev avenue. Caaitol Hi l.has several PLKASAN'T ROOMS wnich she would lie pleaso<t to Rent to nermanent or transient Boarders. TA B LE BOA R DK R S can accoMimodate<L mar !4-eo3t * B"AR!?ING for THK SI MM ER.-Pleasant KOt IM S in a delichtf ul sitintion on tl.? 1 -land, t o persons wli?i wish Summer Hoard this is a g???d chanee. I'he riMims are largo and airy, on Maryland avenne, one ol the finest streets in the city,r.nda pump o| excellent wafer at the d<K?r. Terms very moderate. Apply at the corner of lnth street and Mar> laiwl avenue. may is-6t ?VI R S. BATES. AT HER BOARDING 1"I IIOLSE, oa the souiheast corner of Penn., Avenue and 9th street, hits made arrangements tu accommodate a large number of strangers with Meala at any time throughout the day, and Lodgings. mar S RUMMER HATS! SUMMER HATS? Ourutock of men's and boy's STR A W and F ELT H A rs for summer wear is now complete rm Every atyle, such as Panama, Satin Braid.^. Legliorn. Canton. aud Sennet, will be found 111^^ our establishment. All who favor ns with a ?all may rely oa polite at tention, and low priees. ?,!> GEO' WHITE- A CO., M ? P?nn. are., het. 9th and loth streets. IW-' ? ~?u/ M*0,t"M,nt or Lirft reft Hats are of the choicest stylos, embracing all afcades. heights. f1??"- may 14 RTKKCO^Mf' 'Ct "TCHBB8.HKT ... , . WATER COOLERS, fresh supply of Houackeeeingi ?d oth^r useful art idea, at 4?i Seventh st.l AcailwUlpay. ' ?!>? O. FRANCIS. WD. K1CHLER, " ? _ A'e. sm SKrrr.vTH strkft. f*a D ud E streets, west side, PR AC riCAL W ATCHMAKKR, keep^constantly a hp? assortment of WATCH KS iwslg^