Newspaper of Evening Star, May 16, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 16, 1857 Page 3
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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Board or Aldikmes?An adjourned uieeting of lb* Board of Aldermen was held yesterday af ternoon, the President, Robert Clark, In the Chair. Bills were read and wfrrml: onevtinting cer tain privilege* to Lusby ft West, John Grinder ami Charles Lyons; one for grading and graveling twentieth street trom H street north to The boun dary of the city; one provides for trimming and grading Twenty wond ?treet west, fromPenn svlvsnia avenue to F street north; one authoring the rnrbetone to be set and the footway paved on the west front of square No. ??. A bill to grade and gravel Ohio avenue, be. Twelfth and Thiiteenth streets, was taken up and passed Cl**,r read a communication from Wm. J. uoooho, the tax clerk. In response to the late com munication of the city collector, in which he quotes the language of that communication perso nal to hitnseIrT ana upon the law points Involved; and claims that the collector has himself been ""JJJi** ln ?*c'a' duty in these respects. The communication was referred to the special committee to whom the communication of the collector had been referred Mr. Moore presented the petition of H. M Rice and others for the grading ami graveling of K st north, from Third street west to Boundary street: /eferred to improvements committee. - Mr. Moore, on leave, introduced a bill for the improvement of New York avenue, from Fiist to Seventh street west; passed The Board then took up the petition of Wm. B Aiken, for remitting a line, which had been re ferred to the claims committee on the 4th day of April: and after some discussion the line was re mitted Mr F.vans. from the improvements committee, reported Itack a bill for the improvement of I street north, from Third, west, to North Capitol ? treet ;pa?rd. I he Board took up a resolution directing the Secretary to return to the .Mayor the comiiiunica lion iu relation to the nomination of police inagis tiales; indefinitely postponed A hill regulating the weight of hay, ftc.,and the measurement of grain. Ac.: was also post posed. The hill amendatory of an act in relation to pub lic at hools was lost. A biit to change and open alleys in the various \\ ards was taken up and passed Mr Havly. on leave, prcseuted a hill in lieu of one which had passed the lower Board, for the relief of Wjii. P. Shedd: passed. A bill providing for the payment of special po ll* e crs: was indefinitely postponed. A resolution requiring the bids of successful bidders for paving, grading and curbing the streets of \\ asliingtoa to be published was passed. 1 etition of Roliert Deveieu for the remission of Bite was read and indetlnitely postponed. A bill to tax the hucksters of the northern market for the use of gas at their several stands Was laid on the table. A bill to amend an act regulating the markets was rejected. ? A bill for the erection of a public school house in the Third District, and for other purposes, was debated and laid on the table. A bill to re-establish the Board of Health was read and discussed at some length by Messrs Miller, Busey. Smith, Houston, and others. The bill calls for the re-enacting of the old health law and the repeal of the existing law cf the Cor poration in relation to the Boaid of Health. Mr Miller objected iu decided term* to its pas sage, saying that if it pa**.d it would instantly I* vetoed by the Mayor. Mr Busey asked the gentleman If he was the exponent of the Mayor in the matter; if the Mayor had informed bin) that hp was ^oiu^ to velo ihe bill He was surprised that the gentleman should undertake to retaid the legislation of the Board by threatening a veto. Mr. Miller had uot said a word to the Mayor in relation to the matter, hut the Mayor would, he frit convinced, pass a decided veto on the bill. 1 he bill was passed. The Chair read a communication from George Mattingly. F.sq , to the Mayor of Washington and the two Board* of the Corporation Councils, inviting them to attend, at his expense, an excur sion to Ashland. Ya., on Tuesday next, the 19th instant, which was unanimously accepted. Mr. Houston said that he was so much gratified with the invitation that, if it was not out of order he would move a vote of thanks to Mr. M for his generous solicitation, and the interest evinced by Ihe invitation towards the Corporation fathers Mr Dove, on leave, introduced a bill for the re lief of John James ft Son ; passed Mr Kvans. on leave, ottered a bill levying a tax on the stands in the Northern Market, for the u>e of gas; referred to police committee. Mr. Kvans also introduced a bill authorizin" an appropriation of STU. for the payment of the Tent of the rooms used l>y the Comn'iissioners of the several Wards, at each aunual election; pasted. Mr. Pearson, fioui the claims committee, to whom it had Le u referred, asked leave to be dis charged from the further consideration of the pe tition of J 4. Weaver, for the remission of tine; di?charged. And then the Board adjournal Horticultural Society ?A meeting of the steading committee on exhibitious of Ihe Horti cultural Society was held last night, at the store of Mr. Saul, corner of Seventh and II streets, to make arrangements for the coming annual exbl tion of thst Society. The meeting came to order. Mr John Watt in the chair. After ?oine conversation iu relation to th? affairs of the Society, the committee tfxed lor the coming exhibition the .'Jd of June, to contiuue far three day On motion, a committee was appointed to make arrangements for the coming exhihihiMon and n?e Chair designated Messrs F.. K O Brian, 1 nomas >peoce. and J B Tnrton. as a commit' tee to serve In that capacity. Some debate arose in relation to the appoint ment of judges of the exhibition?several jjentle meu claiming, for various reasons, that they should 1*- appointed from abroad ; others object ing, that it would lie paying hut a sorry compli ment to the gauli-nera of Washington to go out of Hj** Disiii.t iu the appointment of judges. One member expressed the hope that the Presl deal would see that the appointment or judges wan properly and judiciously made; all the trou ble that had arisen at the former exhibition hav ing lieen iu consequence of the failure of the judge* to do their duty properly. On motion, the Chair was authorised to open a correspondence with efficient gardeners at Phila tinphia and Baltimore or other points, at the di* ? return of the Chair, for the purpose of obtaining .Midges for the exhibition. After which the com mittee went into a general discussion relating to the Interests of the Society. The Rivfb ?A strong northwest wind is pre vailing. and the water is unusually low The shad gillers have all come up the river, and ?nspended business for the present Shad are get ting very scarce. The Whirlwind sailed from Magruder ft Stone's wharf yesterday on her homeward passage. The Carlton discharged at same wharf I,UN)bbls. ce ment for Capt. Meigs, to Ite used at the Capitol works and then left for Georgetown to discharge the rest of her car?*o at that port. l.ess fish arrived at the Alexandria wharf yes terday than at any previous day this season. Only about *2.500 shad came up the river. The ??Guy'' hi ought to Washington 16 tubs. Messrs Bird ft Milburu, of Washington, took 1,'JOO shad from Stony Point landings. No herring to be quoted >esu?tday morning. The nominal price for shad wasglo, at night *13 was demanded per hundred. This morning the nominal prh ? was til), and af terwards ?ouie few hundred were taken at <511. No arrivals of river craft or sea vessels this morulas. Tho Thas Cotlyev left at v o'clock for Alexandria, to take a select party of ladies and gentlemen from that city on an excursion to the W bite House'. We have the gratifying Intelligence of the con Va|e?j nn e ol tlie pioprn-tor of Mount Vernon, Who has beeu dangerously attlif led with bilious I ieurisy t in Sunday last his physicians. Messrs. Lippett of Washington, and l.loyd of Virginia, de-paired of his life. I'sjtrd States Police Reports?Br/ore JmUita Domm.?A man, named Hiram Decker, was arrested yesterday by Officer Parham, nnder a charge of picking, or attempting to pick, the ]>ocket of a man named Wm.Curran. It appeared ? hat the prosecutor and the defendant were at the ?> >wliu<4 saloon of Herman G. I.o ch, Seventh sf., on the Inland; Curran, either from fatigue of roll ing the ball*. drinking brandy schnapps, or from the excessive heat of the weather, was reposing on the green adjoining, when the defendant, thinking that it was a good time to effect a fair division of the contents of the pocket of Curran, iu.m1i several efforts at the deposits, but was un -ncces^fnl ; he lieing watched by tl?e prosecutor, out also by a Mrs. Fmlernier, who had her eye -on bis movements. After examination be was ?'omniitted to jail. llxit. K?tate OriiATioxt.?A. Green, Auc tlaarer. sold yesterday: Part of lot No 15. in square No. .**55, to Geo. W. \fitchell. at ID cents per square foot. I'art of lot No. l:|, in square4iM. to Dr. Llndsley, .it I- I ent.s per square f<M>t |^?? No i:<, ?tisquare56, to W Haggarty,at 14)^ ? ? <?!* p*'f square loot I .<4 >(?? -I, in vquare77, to Wm. B Todd Esq , at lo^ cents per squaw foot. Ia>t No II, iu squaie J-, to James Ray, at ?mU per foot. I.ots No 12 and 13. in square H9, to Wm. B. Snow, at 6 cents per square f?>ot. l ot No. 1. in sqnare 51, to J. K. Reeside, at 7J$ ?eats per squaie foot. Lot No Zi, iu square IU), to J K Reeside at6){ cts jjer square foot. I*?t No 16. in square to J. C. Broemele, at 36)4 ceuts per square foot Baroaims.?See the advertisement of Mr. H. SemWen in another column. We understand that he d eat res to reduce his stock of tine Watches, Jewelry and Plated Ware; and have been assured that his prices are exceedingly low Those in want of any article In his line should convince themselves of this fa? t Glrnwood Citmet**y.?This cemetery is ?it uated about half a utile beyond North Boundary street, in a direct liite north, and in continuation-j of North Capitol street. The whole amount of ground owned by the proprietors Is ninety acre*, of which thirty acre* are now under improve ment. At tbe entrance stands a beautiful Grecian Lod^e. erected at a cost of >5,(XX), through which the visitor passes on entering the grounds; its front is appropriately embellished with figures representing Pepitence. Love. Faith and Time A high fence surrounds the entire grounds, which lay in natural undulations, admirably adapted to the purpose for which they have been set apart Within, the grounds are beautifully and inge niously laid out with winding walks of suitable width, and finely via veiled, to an extent of four miles These walks are lined with evergreen cedar, while a natural growth of oak and chest nut overhangs, giving a sweet and rural quiet to the whole scene. A mausoleum ha* been built of granite, with a tasteful marble front, at a cost of 110,000, and of sufficient site to contain one hun dred coffins On the thirty acres now in use some $60.0110 have been expended. The number of lots laid out is 2^4. which, av eraging at earh. which is a fair estimate of the large and small lots, would give room for inter ments to the amount of S20.C02. The manner of laying off the lot* Is a good one. and should Ik* adopted in all our public cemeteries A ?paco of two feet is left lietween all the lots for walks, as in the case in Greenwood Cemetery, in New York, upon the plan of which Glen wood Cemetery is laid out. In addition to the capabilities of the grounds above mentioned the "strangers' I.ot," for whirh pur pose a large spare is reserved, is capable of receiving interment* to the amount of UUI more The Lodge at the entiancecost the company the sum of ?5.0H>. The Cemetery has been open since August, 1354, during whirh time upwaids of4U>dead ltod ies have been deposited within its enclosure*. The distance of this rural Cemetery from the business portion of the city?one mile and a half? secures for it that serene quietude, wanting which any burial ground, however beautiful, has a pain ful air of unfitness. Tit* Disinterred Infant.?Yesterday after noon, Coroner Woodward summoned a jury to inquire Into tlie cause of the death of the child whose disinterment was mentioned in yesterday's Star. Various witnesses were examined, but nothing was proved upon the unhappy mother but ex treme poverty, which had compelled her to deny her babe the usual rites of sepulture. The mother was examined by the jury, and her appearance and touching story made a deep impression. She was emaciated; had evidently been sufiering from sickness; was very poorly c lad, and had in her hand a little bundle.containing bread enough for a small child's breakfast, lier name Is Catharine Kehan. Her husband is a poor laboring man. The child was taken sick suddenly, and was very hoarse, and the mother was advised to get some cough syrup, which she did. and adminis tered it the child on going to bed. When she awoke she attempted to suckle her bal>e and found it cold ; it was dead. She waked up her husband and told him, and he said they were too poor to have it buried as it should be, and proposed to take the child before the people began to ctowd in upon them, and bury it. and not having money to purchase a cof 11 n. they broke up an old cradlc and buried the child in that outside St. Matthew's burial ground. The child was near three weeks old. To the question of the Coroner?"Whydid'nt you apply to the Corporation to bury the child she replied "We wanted to hide our poverty as long as we could." The jury immediately made tip a small sum of money for her present help, and dismissed her. They then made up a ve:dict in accoidance with the facts. Centre Market, this pleasant morning pre sented a lively, cheerful aspect, and the attend ance, as usual on Satiuday, was large. Pi ices were as follows: Beef, per lb 10a20r Poik 1 -2% Mutton 12al5 Lamb, prqr.. (i.'2Sal.SII Sausage, pr lb.... 12# Lard 16 Veal 15a!4! Calves heads,each 25 Baron I5al6 Dried Apples, pk. ?1 Corn, pi bush.... Corn, ear. pi bush. 50 Beans, pr bush ... *2 Rye, pr bush 55 Oats 65 Meal 95 Shorts 3(i Shipstuffs 40a75 ...... ? V I ? J U I 1/iJI i? u ???????? 11W i iJ Shoulders 12# Roll butter....... 3l?i7 Breast pieces.... Haiti [Phil-a print 40 Dried beef 15al6|Eggs, per dor 16a 18 Chickens, pr pair. 751 Lettuce, pr head.. 4al2 Red terrapin, each,25a75jSpinnach, nr peek 37 Corned salmon... 15jKale, pr pi 25 Turkeys ?1.75a2.25 Asparagus, bunch 5al0 li .WV ?. Herring, per doz.. 2Ua.ll Terrapins, earh... 37a?7 Irish potatoes,pk. 50 Clams, per hund.. ?1 Sweet potatoes, pk ?1 Onions, bunch.... 3 Tomatoes, doz 25a37 Bermuda Potatoes *1 Lemons, per dor.. I2a25 Cabbage sprts. pk 37 ? ? j ? ? i r" ?'* Apples, perk ?1 j Radishes, bunch. 3a6 In the llsh market the supply was as plentiful as could be expected thus late in an unfavorable season. Large rock selling at $1 50a#2 each; small rock and perch, 37c. per bunch; sturgeon, each, $1 50, pieces, 25a50r ; shad 25a37c. per pair; herring, per bunch, lsa20e. At the wharves tish are very scarce, and the prices as we quoted on Thursday?shad, per 100. *11; herring, j?er 1.00ft, tlliafHI 50 CCRIOSITY IN THE S r K A M Bo A T Way.?The Baltimore Sun notes the arrival in that harbor, ou Thursday, of a little steamboat from Philadel phia, which excttcd much curiosity. She is a propeller of one and a half hor?e power, thirty five feet long and six feet Win, and draws but two feet water. The greateM curiosity afeuit her is the engine, built on an entirely new plan, most compart in its form, and working with the regu larity of clock work. The Sun says: " The whole affair was built fo: a gentleunn of Washington, we ar? told?a nephew of President Buchanan She left Philadelphia with Mr Gard ner, Jacob Shubert and another at 6 o'elork on Monday evening, coming through the canal, and rro>?ing the bay during the strong southeaster of W ednesday?the highest speed attained was*eveu miles an hour Much time was loot on the way from various causes. She burns wood and can carry but a small amount of fuel, consequently has U> find a harbor frequently in order to obtain fuel. She in called the " Atherton." She started yesterday afternoon on her trip to Washington '' Th* New Asylcm.?The joint committee of the Boards of Aldermen and Common Council, having under consideration the plan for a new asylum building, met last evening, and agreed to report the plan of Mr. Charles Haskins, arid rec ommend its adoption by the two Boards. The entire length, by this plan, will be over 130 feet, extending north'and south, with a cent re building and portico fronting west, and projecting 48 feet beyond the line of the wings. The building is to be entirely lire-proof,arched floors and Iron stair ways. and calculated to arcommodatc240 inmates. The estimated cost is about 835.000, and the beauty, compactness and means of ventilation of a building built upon this plan, will probably indure its immediate adoption by the Boards. Should it he adopted, we learn that the advert 'ce ments for proposals will be publiihed next week. Thk Hkcond Exhibition of the Sunday School connected with the First Baptist Church, Tenth street, passed o9 last evening, In a gratifying manner, to several hundreds of persons. Among the most prominent pieces were?a duet sung by Miss Porsons and Miss Marion Brown; a hymn, by Miss Mary and Miss Marion Brown, executed with much feeling; and the beautiful hymn entitled "The Sunday School Army," sang b'v Master Walter Clarke, a lad about live years of age. The orator of theorrasion was Thomas Edwin Brown, who delivered the beautiful poem, "Ab salom..' After various other pleres the exhibition was ronrluded by singing the doxology Marriage.?An inteiesting marriage ceremony rame off at the Fourth Presbyterian church on Ninth street, on the afternoon of Thursday last, the principals being Mr. Henry D. Morgan, son of VVm Morgan, Esq.. and Miss Eliia Jane De Camp, daughter of Sidney De Camp. Esq., all of this city. The ceremony was performed bv the Rev. John C. Smith, pastor of the Fourth Pres byterian church, in the presence of a large gath ering of relations ami friends. The parties were dressed in appropriate traveling costume, and shortly after the knot was tied, took their depar ture in the evening train of cars for New York. Fire.?Between H and 9 o'clock this morning, a woodshed, owned by Mr. Cripps, In the rear of Green's row, on E, lietween Tenth and Eleventh streets, took tire from some ashes which had been deposited there, and was burned It caused con siderable alarm iu the viriuity, but the damage done was not great. The firemen were promptly on the spot, and rendered such service as was necessary. Incendiary Attempt.?About II o'clock last aight, an attempt was made to tire a row of frame houses on Twentieth street, bet ween M and N. It was discovered and prevented Ik-fore much damage was done. The houses belonged to Mr. R utherfoid. Under the spot where the tire was seen a mineral water bottle was found, which had contained turpentine or cainphine oil. CaRCsi's Sai.oon was just comfortably filled last night, and theenjoyiueutto the spectators was enhanced by the better opportunity to witness the v'racefol performances of tbechildren Where in the world does Mr. Carusi manage tft^llnd so many beautiful children as are seen at bis May Balls? It's a standing puzzle to us. Health or tub City.?During the month of April there were only 47 deaths in Washington. Of these not one was by disease known to be con tagious Ages?5 years and under. 13 ; 5 to 10, 0; 10 to 20.2; 20 to 40, 14; 40 to tK>, 9; 00 to *0, fr; over to. 1?17. Tn? CamoLfc Clkegy?Archbishop Kenrick, of the Catholic Church, has ordered a Diocesan Synod of the Catholic cleryvuren of his Diocese to assemble in the Cathedral, Baltimore, on the 21st June, to which all are invited who by custom are entitled to attend. The temporal affair*of the Church are to come up for due deliberation Dow't Fobokt that the American Hook and Ladder Company give their great down-river Ex cursion on Thursday, the21st instant. ^ATrH Rktcrjis.?Nancy Buchanan,colored, disorderly; woikhousefiO days. Polly Buchan an, do.j do Daniel Digges, colored, drunk iu the street; workhouse ;jo days. Catharine Ben costs f3 08 ' ,n't ant* disorderly; tine and ' "'A'-, and Dal ton Divorce Case at Shilbngton's. The Police Cazctte is the only paper containing full reports of the above cases; yon will Book-store. the New fbr'Ky-1 tr" The Affair Between- the Citv Com f? tor AND THE CoRPOHaTtON TaX Cl.KHK.-To the Pub In* "?ficed an article published in n paper culled the "American Organ," over the signature ol ?? ">< w&w, On the morning of the 6th inst..on entering m? room the Citv Hall, I noticed that tl.e ciu t "x ? i?n,iW wna n'akiug a copy, had been ab strac ed. I went to the d.wof the cXctor and lounjl that it was securely locked. I then lelt the building, and upon in* return aliout half an houral * V; sU4rPr'St* ??"k had teen returned a, d t w.? others, which were lying upon my desk when I lelt, Imd lieen taken away This ? ?J- " t.ion ueeesenrily aroused my' suspicion fhat so^S'ub" Ihe O,'ilecV.'?r?8 dJTkVtt'l'iSf T S1'"r,ly "Award's ^oli^ra's^'hrn'T," "??'?'* )umy7>-e"' BSilfl? tee wan^dToVak" "" *' tWt^,,a^j,?i7^^V^?.n where acc^'v ?rJi' ??*'?? ?*<* vol,,,,lesTiil.^dtome m an abi upt aiMl niibgiiaiit manner, that they were ins propei ty, and that I could not have thoin mi<I if I took the,i, out ol his room 1 should have to<lo so h\ superior force; at the s,im- time grabbing a nair of In"i*i Cil,"ft ? n ronr'"s bull, and defied me ;.rav.i?.w,,?K with aome other slight demonstration on i t ?????< M.1K; nwitter, when they conducted him into the Clerk s room, where the tax books were teinnnrn^u deposited, to show the corrcctnes? ?r f i.iV, i ' ssgtts?">? <. i , , , Jxo. B. Wheeler. Way,*857. a "*r0rn '? ',eforPI,r,<'. tiiis IIth day of 11, * , . N ayi.or, J, p. lowers?his many public acts are too ?e?h??H. imi'w.'th Xl?l'l^rVhim 6,10,,n,,,wni fro'" May 15. (it) WM- J. Doxoitoo. Thk New Roman Catholic Chdrch.-Thi Meeting os Sunday.?A very large and interesting meeting was held at the school rooms adjacent to Sr. noon * Bt 5 ?'clock, on Sunday niter Mr. Francis Mohun was called to the Chair,and Messrs. H. B. Sweeuy and \V,n. H. Ward appointed secretaries. Y On motion of R. H. Clarke Esq., ,t was ordered that a committee of iive should be appointed to mr ry out the DiirpOKOM ol the meeting, when the Chair appointed Messrs. R H. Clarke. D . A ^nimes O Sivage, O. Ennis, and J. F. Covle, wlmKf time, presented the following report and resolutions which were received and adopted,' viz : "S' n:\VrW| ?*ir 'nfe ve,,erated pastor, the very Rev Or. William Matthews, has left to the parish a l?r?? an<l Itenutilul site for a church, an.l evm Li '? i f penenee more dearly proves the necessrty "f if.I trensud church accommodations lor this populous aiKi ever growing congregation : a nil wV.w^s lur I/!![.' rJaSi ' <:","'t,f,li of our'most t or' r 't Hhouul l#e our horiegt i?rtcj** Ii'i'hi i-fn a C'"JIC'' "j;lt *"'ll '?e becoming the perpetual historic giaiKbur of our h..|y faith- lis , ,U 7.V Sts oTihe w . ^ ^ W,V ,h;' WL'" sustained MetrojN?|fs: ' CUU",ry to 'u,"r" "ur B< ,t rxolrr-t,- 1st. That the present is a propi t,ous tune to lie-in our efforts A?r (he m-w chuieh and we freely, one and all. collectively n,Zl Individ., ally.pWeoursdves toa.d the umlertakine to the best of our power, f,y (,ur monev and by our , diu ^^a^assssfr*-^ ai. I l,ai in the circumstances alluded to m which TareV r "T'T0 ^ to pro ehur^ - V^r .Ki'T?fR hT/e n"11 '-ailt.ful tiothie church that the design, already submitted tives genemisatisfaehon.b.Hh as to ,ze i.nd ?t, le^ that I,i.iiis I,., l!sq., the architect is herel ? requested to present, with the least possiMe if. la\ an aecumte e,t?naie of fhe cost ..IVrSn lZ' s't'jni U" ruu,,e hually in relation to the de *? 'l?'*ln j niean time, it is necessary to begin 5 I Tr n work of providing 1,;^' vlllri , purpose,having entire contidencu in the ? "i,'ZY&1!' A?UKiPVtor** u,ld,'r ,,ie guidance ol our Most Re\. Archbishop, we respectfully invite the reveremi pastors of the parish to opentt.i vj'f day, a suliscription list; aiul a committee of lay gen ttomen >??PP<'iBt? aid then, m collect.,ik fn the parish and city of Washington. 4th. rhat a permanent committee of three l?e ap pointed. whose business it shall be to reccive all Me money, collected, deposit them in h-nk. and Publ,?h &h* Attlf i h'it1 fhieUt "r n,"l expbnJitures. . n. Ami 1 hat Ihene rc-HoJutionw f>e puhlixheil m ill the c,ty papers, and in ti,o Halnmore Cathi.hc XlTr ror. Respectfully submittetl. ^????ic*lir I he resolutions were unaaiiiMiusly adopted ? ami on motion of U hi H. Ward. Ksq., ,t was ' ' Ib^y'le aiHl Ur K1'u !r K?'i A,Uvsrs- ?>'Tnole and llov ie anil \f r. I . Moiiuu, Lhairinanof tlua meetim? - 4 ire.? toappomt the committees called tor in life resolutions, one for the purpose of aiding in collect mftte " ? ^ a P,n"a"enf A uditing Com - nn,nunting to S7.136.65 were then re cened: and the meeting adjourned m a gratihed and hopeful spirit, to meet again at thecnll of the Pastor. H. H. Swfkmt, |c . ?? Moiiun, Chairman. W*. H. Wahd,< Secretaries. Uve ",n<,? l"o,l Coltecti'Mf Ouni n lit tee?Messrs. Kdward Simins, F r iw?r r Francis Mohun, John F. Coyle Gndduft' aS'TT*? lavage, Gregory Knnis, John H. wocioara. I1jr,iiA. J. Semnies, A. L. Newton C < i \i r( ^ I^OMiiog|iuef John F. Clirk'e' FwKll,nu- K'diard II. W H wiii ii riiomss Stephens, P. fiallant, Taity ' Douohoe, 1 homas Holden, Philip oresentoiV JUr*? 'm '"C1^8^. il necessary, and the ?w!ff w!fi i f ol one ?d the Subscription mitlee Ruaraiiteool appointment on the Com 6t .>rii2,ii8 Maoxetic PtiWbER. for the exter inination of Bedbugs. Cockroaches, Moths, Ants, and Mos uuitoos. Afik), I ilia far the ileatruction ol Uar* and Mice, for sale, retail, at ShillinKton!N, vanea"M'enue.<K' Vi 3treef' riud f**PS*iESiCE is the l>est evidence of MaJame Mocmt's Consumption Destroyer. Mount?Madam : I am happy to inform you the terrih.e cough and cold under which I tailored, has been entirely cured, and eradicated by tho use of one bottle or your medicine. And I can with confi dence recommend it to everybody suffering with coughs or consumption. p. M a ii ? \ No. I9U Chesnut street, Phila'd. I have used in my family Mrs. Mount's Consump tion Destroyer, and can testify to its ctiicncy in case fJ.niViere TO* .!t '? 11 ,,ot superior, to any remedies ol the kind 1 have ever used for such a purpose. Rev. James Robb. mL \/*.to,ce,it,ify 'f1111 1 wns we" acguaiuted with ?limn# while she was suflering with the oon that efe.Ti kllOW thu S*ruP the remedy that effected her cure. Rev. James Haxsox. Residence, U street, Iwtween tlth and 12th, No. ?: mayii-lm MARRIED, In this city, on Thursday afternoon, Uth.inthe fourth Presbyterian Church. t?y the Rev. John C. SiiiitfK HENRY D. MOKUAN to Miss ELIZA JANE DeCAMP. eldest daughter of Sidney De C&uip, K?q..all of thlfi city. * Missouri, to Miss MARY E. CLL'skEY,daughter of Charles B. Cluskoy, Esq., of Washington. DIED, Ou the 13th instant, GEO. B. McKNIOHT, Sur geon U. S. Navy, m theG5tl, year of Ins age. Yesterday morning, the :5th instant, at 2 o'clock, PETER HEISl.ER. in tlie 23il year of his age. The friends of tho family are respectfully invited to attend his funeral from his late residence on Hth street, between P and Q streets, No. Iba, ou To morrow (Sunday) evening, the ICth. at So clock. * |?ICI! AND BEAUTIKUl. UKK81( ????? Just receiv*<l another lot of very handsome Silk and Barege ROBES; rich satin, plaid, and ligured H A R R (j & S. ^ _ A large assortment of Spring and Summer SI 1,KS froni to cents to % I .oo per yard. Ten pieoes^nore or those very rich plain black SI I.KS, from ?7Kc. to #l.U per yard. 3,iwo yards of beautiful Robed LAWNS, at 12Hc., all good washing colors. With a large assortment of ail kinds of general staple tjoods o| the liest elass. COLLEY A SEAKS, may 12 cobt 71 h st. J doors north Pa. av, AUCTIOH SALES. ^ A. GREEN. Auctioneer H?V? fN ? ? instant. I sell, .t lo o'clock a. m^uifcilu# 12lh idence of Misa King, deceased on rif? .reV ft'1""*. next to rtrSTiEM Li l rn!^ure ,n kouM, VII : ' *" Tables BUreRU"' P,erf b^c?k^*?,. ??*1 other Bedstead* md hair Mattresses Cane-seat, large easy, and other Chairs "^et *' am Crocker? Ware, gold-band Ten Eoiiuge, Girandoles, Window Blinds nnd l*aina? Carpets. Cooking and other Stovs. ***** With a good lot of Kitchen Requisites. terms: All sums under $25. cash- otrer <>?? rih?en i a Cr^',t of *? anJ ^ J** s lor notes st. tistacto nlj endorsed, bearing interest. A. GREEN. A not. FOR RENT AND SALE. ATHRKK STORV BRICK HOUSE contain lug eight rooms and a large cellar. sit'iiM^fon *-ouo avenue, between 14th and 15th streets To a c,r,':y.v,'K'r."" "m '?* "?<'? ??*???? P'CR "A1.R-At ? bargain. nnd on very easy Airi'BS; V ^S1 ?F LAN.U' f? a Wall,p?*e*' a"d 3 miles of Ud^toi lVVthslreet W?*" ?PP'? ?t No.5? ina> _,?Jf POLLARD WKBIi.

'!,T F.ofl * A I . E.-A BRICK , Hi)* . I., tM o stories high, with basement con* turning seven rooms, situated on Penn. avenue f?o tween Wist and J2d sts., Nos. 7r. ami 77 IV ,,t , % nUey rerlns^oV' Th' f? 4,'TP* ^unnin? ?*<* loan ?i y*. ' er,"s: One-third casli: the talanre in n n to ivMCHAM hHlMeMf rwJ n 1 oftrust- APHT ireiy U 5t* "<>c'1?on '"e premises. j I A N L) f ' M MTI R K FOR S A LK r"-'"*P>?nn, part of the city. InqidYe at I- street, iKjtweeii l.tth and Uth. may '3-41 ^ K.1'r ~T,,e HOt'SK on U stieet, tieiwet-u f IWIi andaittii ?.reet?. First Wnrd, formerly ocou y ''.,ruUt* ?;Vr|s""- ,l is nearly new, well fin ish* d, anil has all the modern improvements witn iKtr BUOVVV0, servant's room al*ve! ?M [ iy ro 31. BROW N, next door . may 13-tf Fmrnished rooms for rent ? o7i* !ar*o PAR I.OR and two BEDROOMS. Tonus ??a'.e!gi.''.,'SAgnMim" x?- ?g~vrj? I^OR R EN' T .?Two FRAME HOI SES on Ktreit2.rrtT-i1.v ' . e,ween ,lsf1"nf1 N'^rth Capitol "n.n . ' ?y c<,n'R1,j *?* *o?d rooms nnd kitchen. I he rent, to a punctual tenant, will lie low. Ar>nl\ opposite, to CHARLES TllOM A. ap 29-eotf IVOR RENT?A valuable GROCERY STORE * situate.I on the corner of 12th *, ,| B streets, near' the Canal, formerly occupied by Messrs. Sengstnck A Clarke, and is one of the best stands in the city for a resident, country, or river trade. It is fitted up with . lit'Uing, Bins, Counter, A e. For terms apply tothe - ?P IH-eotf FRANCIS HANNA. FSmirV'llfM-UvA,>'? i^ two-story and atlie * HKK. K HOI >E, nearly new, containinz six p easant rooms and small kitchen attached. The above house is situated on 4th street oast. No. as two squares southofPenn. avenue. The adjoining LO I will be sold, if desired, with the house, the whole or either, at a cheap rate, and on accommo dating terms. Apply on the premises. may 5-Tu.Th,AS??t" K' I ?, Val4aWB 'ln'' bandnotne BFILD ? i.M. I.nis, with improvements, opposite the Siiiitlisonian Institute, known as Lots No. 27 and 2? in Jv^nare No. 3Ri, having a front of feet on south K street, and running Iwck at angels of 125 by 135 toa feet alley, lietwesn 9th and I nth streets south, with improvements, consisting of a handsome Back Building, built of patent brick, containing 4 rooms; Carriage-house and Stable for three, horses. The V1* !,,r'ir?dagreat expense in ornamenting the yard with fruit trees, and at present l?e seen in fine iKianng order. In the yard a 35 feet we!! has lieeji constructed, from winch the purest water can iK? cirawii. Persons wishing to purchase a lot for the erection of a private dwelling, will find the above one of the most desirable in the city, frontinc the Institute can en. and having a full view of the city and its public buildings. Title indisputable. For further information inguire on the premises, or at 417 Pennsy Ivania avenue. may l2-eo2w* _ SALE. My R ESI DENCK on the corner of H n r w Jerso> V'enueand C street south. Capitol Hill, fronting ou the avenue l?2 feet !? inches, and on ?. ?outh a"6 feet II inches, and containing neariy 34,i?J square feet. W. F. PHILLIPS. ,<s 1(H) RKWARD.-Ranaway from the sulmcri V tier, living near Upper MarlU?ro,' rrmce^Georfs'. county M?r.. on the '.3d of April, NEGRO BOV oi.IVER JACKSON, . * ' " - ? ' ?* v ??^ ?i i ? i in J l i |\ w ^ \ ( alsiut !9 years of age, 5 feet 6 inches high, of a d irk copper color; has two very n<?atable scars.? one over his eye, the other ou his side occasioned nv a burn, by which he may be liidentified, he is very plausible when spoken to. I will give SHW if taken h tiV fef81 taken m ",e State or the DistJit of Columbia ; in either case he must lie se cured so that I get him again. _ap:>Mf WIM. 1 BERRV. 11<>SI ER V, r. LOVES, Ac. H,,k\I'-'J-WiftVS?Sl i'f and Misses ? W GI.OVES, Gents' HALF, IIOSE nnd GLOVES to f?e found hi the cil> at wfiolesale and retail,at W . EG AN A SON'S, , ,, ? souihside Penn.avenue, jnay 111-fit (Intel) tietween Cth and 7th ats. |^< >1 K 8E< < >N D-HAND PVA N < >s s Tl LLFN 1 sold, at our great Piano and Musk- Store lit Penn. aueiiue, between dth and loth street" 5 _ _ JOHN F. EI.LIS. OF LATE IMPORTATION.-WE HAVE A Irt'sli suppk of? SWI>*S? IIEESE, in Cakes. EDAM CHEESE.,n Roils. UD i vri'V ^ ,n Kerc. I Rl N ELL A, in IJox^s. And for rale b, KIMG A BBRCHELL, Corner Vermont avenue and 15th street, ( ) VvN 1 ,{j XV ARRAN bE.M l*rnt. , and after Thur. day, the 141 h instanf. an Om MlNil will leave Sixth street and Pennsyl- i vania avenue for the CONG R ESSION . f ?' ING (iROI'NII at 4 and ip,: Returmng, will leave iiiei.roui.d i\. ry nn?I ?? p. m. Oneriiisc ?t iiiif? ?? pi?<?rf uiiitv to per sons wishing to visit the Urounds. Fare. L?t eenls may ll-lw G.VANDERWERKEN. Prop IJAI.TIMORECITY MALT HOlSE. MALI For SALE.?The undersigned having recently purchased the CITY MALT HOL'SF corner of West Falls avenue and Block street! Would announce to his friends and the public, that he \il,,t'p'IW ?PTmf.,on- with a large supply of MA L T for sale on lilteral terms. iny 6 3m FRANCIS DEN MEAD. MAY PARTIES AND BALLS. ICE CREAM and W ATER ICES of the best quality and of all flavors furnished to May Parties Exeu^iomsta, 1'ic Nics, Hotels, and Families, at the low price of $IJiH per gallon. n AVfc'a" *rcat. vlirieV, PLAIN and FANCY ph11 a 1W1.& ^v?taiit|yhn,,d at 1 111 LA DLL I HI A SI ORE, corner of 12th a,Hl F 8tree,s- _ may 2-1 m* UOOP SKIRTS. r*A.?e i"'4 r^jved a large assortment of Indies and Misses W halebone, skeleton lioop, ateel spring,confed and Neapolitan SKIRTS. Also, embroidered Cambric Skirts, Skirting Cord, Crinoline fi>r; Imrng Skirts. Whalebone, lira as and Reed 11001*8. W. EG AN A SON, ,,,, 11 r? ??R.0Vr,, ?ldc Pennsylvania avenue, may H-6t [Int.] between Ctii and 7th streets. GTITCHED LINEN SHIRT BOSOMS. ^ W e have just received 2<> dozen more r.f those hue Mt'ched Lmen SHIRT BOSOMS, which are in such great demand, anil very scarce. W. EGAN A SON. 11 e. 7vJ*'0,,lth Pennsylvania avenue, may 11-61 Hut.| between 6t!i and 7th streets. MERCER POTATOES. ? Just received lue buahels prune white Mercer Potatoes, select ed expressly for family trade. Also, a lot ol sugar-cured Mary land Hams,(smair Slu"u^de"rsUAc ,,renkf:lst Smoked Beef, My customers and others would do well to call early and examine trie Potatoes, as I wish to close them out at a small advance, to make room for an other lot. FRANCIS MILLER, Family Grocer, "?ay 3'l F street, cor, of 12th. J^L KiKCrKiVKD A, F,l U< SFPPI.Y OF ?' all kinds of Spring and Summer DRY GOflDSand millinery. I name m part, new style Barege Delaines, dotted and plain Swiss, Stella Shawls, etc. < Also, Domestics of all kinds; all of which' will be sold, with a very small profit, by .. , , S. FISIIMAN, 265 Seventh at. ap 16-eolm next door to cor, of M st. fiZM) ,REW|ARD.? Ran away from the suheori Iter on Thursday, A pril ??th, N EG R t? "*AN ISAAC WOOD. He is thirty years of (Jf age. Hack complexion, about five feet and a 1^ naif high, and has very large lips. Jk The above reward will lie paid for his appre ?^?on aod delivery lo me if taken in a free State, ?I" if t|ikcn in the Stale of Maryland or District or Columlua. ODEN BOWIE, M Buena Vista Post Office. ap-21 -1f I rince Georges county. Md. ^JTOCK IN THE old DOMINION COAL ^ COMPANY, KANAWA COUNTY, VA. Subscriptions will lie received at the Banking House of Chubb Brothers, for the remaining stock or the altove company, bein? three hundred shares. Ihe capital stock is jriuo.huo (dollars,) of winch 97(>,'*)0 has been suliscrilted. The mines are uow prepared for aotire operations, and C per cent, in terest will 1)0 guaranteed upon the stock now offered for sale, by the origami stockholders, for the period of two years. Particulars in regard tothe stock,and its prospects, will be made kuown upon application to CHUBB brothers. ian 27 P. P. I) A N P R I DGjv . A ten . BRASS IIOOPS FOR SKIRTS,at _may14-at LAMMOND'S,7th street. Rocking horses, wheelbarrows ROLLING IIOOPS, RVbUEA BALLS) LAMMOND'S,7th street. NEW YORK LEDGER for May 23d.-Dr Bron son's new story, "The Widow of Toledo," j. iniensely interesting. Get the Ledger at '.'^7 ElVr/v venue ar may 6-1 y 7th street. RVii^w aV t^u/vX.??ALT. for sale at the CITY MALT HOLSE. oorner of West Falls avenue antl Block street, lialtimore, Md. P8uR.^bA?AaAIK9A CARD CASES. BRLSHF.S, COM BS, PI?AfUMERY.M ATS waGES, Ac., Ac.,at McLAU^iHLIN A CO.'S. way 7 APCTIOH 8Al.Bg. THIS AFTHRNOOy ? Tr>-MORROW By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. I WOULD CALL ATTENTION TO A VERY handsome Lot, situated corner of New Jersey nvenue and E streets north, fronting fortv fset ?>n New Jersey avenue end runuiug back with the line of K street one hundred feet. . The improvements taking place in that neighbor hood are too well known to require comment. We will sell the above lot on SATl KDA^ , the K5th May. at 6 o'clock p. m. Terms: One-tifth cash: lialance in one.two,#nd three years, with interest, aud secured by deed in trust. Title indisputable, and perfect in every respect. may 1.1-dAds A. GREEN, Auct._ H> BARNARD A BUCKEY; Georgetown. Fink milch cows, horsf.. c*??T*i.t, Cart, FaRM!Xi}FtKN?RI.*, I'rSMTllF. At'., AT ArrTTOJt.?On MONDAY, the Idlli lust., at l? o'clock a. m.. we will sell, at the farm of Mr. Henry Gddermeister. one mile altove Georgetown. aud ad joining the fanns of Mrs. Barnard and E. M. Idiitlu cum, Esq.. the entire personal effects. as? 8 first-rate Milch Cows, two with Calves 1 good work Horse Cart, Carryall, Ploughs, llarue?s. Roller, and other Farming and Gardening Tools Milk Can*.Pans. Me.asuresold other articles belong ing to the Dairy 1 Sow and Pies. Ac.. Ac. Also, the entire Household Furniture, ar ? Piano, Sofas, Chairs. Carpels, Tabic*, Lounge First rate Feather Beds. Ac.. Ac. Sale positive, and terms cash. may 12-ts KAKNAKD A BICKEV, Auct. By C. W. BOTELEK, Auctioneer. CJAI.E OF ELEGANT IIOI SEHOLDFF R NI tire, at A i c T io x .?On MONDAY MOR N - ING, May 18th. at l? o'clock, I tlmll sell, at the residence of a family declining housekeeping. No. 4m C street, ln?f ween 4.'* aud id streets, a superior collectionof Household Furniture, consisting in pait of, viz: One superior seven-octave Rosewood Piano forte, made l.y Lorenzo Matt A Co., Boston Cne solid rosewood Parlor Suite, oonsmtmr of one French Sola, one Arm-Chair, one <><>tluc Chair, and four Reception Chairs, al! finished in crim son and green brocatel Handsome rosewood oval Pailor Tables, with inar hie tops Tapestry, Velvet Carpetings, and Ruks Oas Chandeliers, Pendants, ami Brackets Iron-frame oval Centra Table, with inarble slab Solid Rosewood Arm-Chair, oovereti with purple velvet Bronzed Candelabra*. French Carcel Uiinp Fine Blue Dair-aek and Lace Curtaius and Orna ments Oilt Window Shades, walnut Etegere Walnut Rout Table, with marble top K valuable oollcct ion of very superior Oil Paintings Oval gilt-frame Mirror Rosewood and Gothic Chairs, covered with piush an-l blue lirocatel RosewiKxl Tete a tete, covered with maroon and blue brocatel China mid other Mantel Ornaments Walnut llat-Rack, with iiiirror-lmck Walnut Hall Table, with inarUe top Brussels, l.ail, step, and chamber Carpetmz Mahogany Wardrobe, mahogany Washstand*.with marble top Handsome mahogany Jenny I.ind Bedstead Fme mahogany Dressing Cabiuet, with iunrb;e top Mahogany Commode, with inarble top Walnut Shaving Toilet Sets Superior curled haiYand other Mattresses Elegant walnut Dressinz Cabinet, walnut Wardrolie Very handsome walnut Bedstead Walnut Washstand. with marble top Cane-seat Chairs, walnut Soinn., with inarMe top ( ?ak dining-room Chairs Solid mahogany Extension Pining Table Handsome oak Sideboard, with marble top Bronze Napier Clock Spring scat l?oiinge \ i<*toria Arm Chair Klu^ and gold French China Tea Set, of pieces <iold and white Fruit Stands Heavy silver-plated Waiters White French China Dinner Set Superior silver plated Castor White and Bohemian Cut-glass Decanters. Goblets, Champagnes, Tumblers, Wines Table Cutlery, Ice and other Pitchers Butl?r's Tray . superior Cooking Stove Kitchen Furniture and Kitchen Requisites. Ac. Persons furnishing and in quest of really good ar ticles of Furniture will bud tins sale every way wor thy af their attention. Terms: and under, cash ; over $4^ a credit of ??'and m da>s, for approved endorsed notes, Itearing interest. ma> M C. W. BOTELER. Auct. By A. bRKEN, Auctioneer. Bonnets,trimmings, fancy goods. Ribbons. Bonxkt Silk-*. Ekbroidiit, Pkk Fl'MKKY, til.ASS COUNTER ANDSHOW Ca*Es, Show WlMiOW. SlIKLVlNG. Ac., AC., AT AUCTION.?On WEDNESDAY, the 2nth instant. I shall sell, at the Bonnet and Fancy Store. No. 42S Seventh street. I?e tweeu (i and II, at In o'clock a.m., an excellent as sortment of the al?ove mentioned goods. Terms cash. A. GREEN, may It-it Auctioneer. By J. C. McGI'IRE, Aucti<*ieer. ^M ALL FRAM E-HOUSE AND LOT IN THE ^ First Ward.?On THI RSDAY AFTER NOON. May 14th, at 5'? o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell part of lot iium!>ered sixteen, in square numliered seventy-two,fronting 18 feet on21st street west, between north Land M streets, running l<ack 132 feet 5inches, with the impro\ements,consisting of a small Frame House, containing three rooms. Terms: Ou?--lialfcash : the residue in three and six months, lor satisfactorily secured notes, l?eanng interest. may lid JAS. C. McGI IRE. Auctioneer. ID-TIIE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED IN consequence of ihe rain uulil TIHJRSDAS" AF TERftOON, May lS?th. same hour and idace. ?M lj-d JAS. 4'. Mc?i I' I R K. A uc f. Bv JAS. C. MctiLI RE. Auctioneer. I? N TIRE FIRNITl RE AND EFFECTS OF 4 riik "National Hotki\Va?mixotiix, 1). at Pi hi it Art tion.-Oii MONDAN MORNING, May commencing at f? o'clock, and cont limine at that hour each day until the whole is disposed. we shall s?*ll the entire Furuitiire and Kliects of l lie National Hotel in this cit), forming Ihe largest and most valuable eolleotionof Furintiire,Carpets. Bi*d din:*. .V?*., & c., ever ottered at public auction iu t hi country . costing o\ er This Hotel contains aliout four huntlred rooms, completely furnished in ever* department, together witii an numeiire quantity of extra lleddnig, br.e wool Blankets, Comforts, Lin<>n, Ac., Ac. The particular attention <d the trade is called to this sale, which will In- made without reserve. Catalogues will Ih* ptiblishetf iu a few days, eon raining full Mittctilara. Terms: .?luuand untlor, cash; over that sum a credit td tVi and ?*? days, lor approved endorsed notes. Ideating interest. ma? 1.1 d J AS. C. McGLIRE, Auc*. (CONSTABLE'S SALE.-By virtue of IC writs J of Fieri Facias, issued by S. H. tioddard and F. J..Murphy, lx?th Justices tifthe Peace, in and for the Couiitv of \\ ashington, D. C,, at the suits of J. B. Wilson, T. J. Gait,and W. M. (jalt, trading un der the in in of tialt A Co.,and one Michael Fowler, against the etxtds aud '-battels, landsand tenements, of Edward Willsonaitd Wm. II. Haywood, trading under the firm id WillsonA: Ha>wood, to me direct ed. 1 have seized and taken in execution, all the right, title, claim, interest and estate, at law and in equity, of the said Willson A Hay wood, hi and to a stallion, buggy, harness, and yvhip; 2 billiard tallies, l"? high arm chairs, three gilt mirrors, m.arM* - top washstand*, I lait;e target it>r a pistol gallery, a pistol case, iron liench, clocks, stoves, and pipes; iron umbrella stand, l?nr fixtures, liquors, decanters, demijohns, tumbrers, Uittles, and glasses: a lot of arm-chairs, one extension table, 3 cases of stufLd In ds aud lot of other stulfed birds, mahogany centre tables and other, a lot of pictures in frames, bowls ami pitchers, 7 beds and bedding, safes, water coo! er,.uiattresse8, chaffing dishes, soup and coffee tu reens. a lot of different chairs, a lot of window shades, a lot of iron pots, saucepans, plates, castor*, and a isreat many other articles too numerous to inen tion: and I hereby give notice that, on the t!?t!i da> of .May. at It) o'clock a. in., on the premises, known as tho t'nion Hall, on Louisiana avenue, near Sev enth street, I will ofler for sale the said property, as seized and taken in execution, by public auction to tiie lughesi bidder ft?r oash. A. E. L. KEESE, Constable. I hereby give notice that I have levied, subject to thealHive fonent due and in arrears, aiso one exe cution hi favor of J. F. WOLLA BD, Constable, may 15-dts (Nat. Intel.f Bv BARNARD A Bl'CKEY; Georgetown. Ec \ ECl TOR'S SALE O F V A L U A B L E a FARyt ANn Town Lots at Auctiox.?On TFESDAY, the l!*tii of May. we will sell, at our Auction Rooms, on Bridge street, at o'clock p. m.,a valuable tract of land in Atexandi a counts, Virginia, containing seventy acres, aliout one mile from the Aqueduct, adjoining and immediately west of the far:r. of Rotiert Cruit. Ksq. This land is very easy ol improvement, is watered with several fine streams; tue greater part is in wood. This tri*ct will be divided into lots of five or ten acres if de sired. Also, at the same time, a five-acre Lot in the Dis trict, one mile from Georgetown, on the Ridce road, adioining and south of the farm of Capt. Maddox. Immediately after the sale of the above, hi front of the premises, we will sell the following described Town Lots, viz: South part of Lot No. 2W>. in Beatty A Haw kin's addition to Georgetown, fronting l<*i fee: on Fayette street, west side, and running lack 12" feet; will be divided into three lots. Also, the middle part of said lot. 77 feet, and run ning liack 12" feet. This also will be divided to suit purchasers. Also, parts of Lots Nos. 60 ami 70, in Beatty A Hawkins's addition to Georgetown, (northwest corner of First and Frederick streets.> fronting 63 feet on First street and 37 feet ou Frederick street. These will be divided into two lots of31>afeeton First street. The above described property (being the real es tate in part ol the late Win. Jewell, deceased) will be sold to the highest bidders, without reserve. Terms: One fourth cash; the residue in equal pay ments at 6,12, ami 18 months, satisfactorily se oured, and bearing interest. All conveyancing at the expense of the purchas em. If the terms are not oomplied with in one week from day ol sale, the property will lie resold, at the expense and risk of the defaulting purchaser. THOS. JEWELL, For the Kxecutors. may 1 BARN ARD A BUCKE> . Auots. Bonnets and ribbons.. j W o have ju?t received our third mppiy ol nets. Flats, Shaker Hoods. Child re us HatsaudCaps, Bonnet Rushex, rarltons, Rib vL? b?U8' W. E6AN 4 W)N, - 323 south side Penn. avenue, may li-3t (Intel) betwean6thand 7th stt. Trunks, valises, hat boxes, car PET BAGS. SATCHELS, Ac.,at very low pnoes, aud good quality. ^ & STEPHENS. gj 3K Pa. axe., bet. ?th sad loth sts. *7?OR BOSTON.?The superior ftut sailing Clip JT per Sohooner SYLVANLS ALLEN. Capt G*ArTt>?? Sears, Jr, has arrived ami^Xfc_ ?al have quick dispatch for the above port.*? For freight or passage apply to HARTLEY A BRO.. fill Water street. Georgetown. may 12 PIANOS FOR RENT AT JOHN F. ELLIS'S, between 9th and luthata, may? TELEGRAPHIC :aM FROM THE ASSOCIATED ymm Health atf Imtor Batltr. CoLvwat*. S c.. Ma v 15 ?Letter* here bee* received here conveying the intelligence that the health of Judge Butler la precarious, and that his friend* hive but little hope* of his restoration ('?ptarf ?( Filibusters. N*w 0*Mt?sfl May 14th ?Advice* of the Ut have been received from the City ?? Mexico. *tat iiii; that Colonel Crabbe and hi* party had been compelled to surrender and the prisoner*, num lierlng aiwnt sixty, including the Colonel, were tobe^hot. The Foreign Cilln Advice*. Ac. New Vom*. May, U ?'The Aula1* eotton advi ce* are extremely disappointing. and failures among the "peculator* are apprehended The Commercial Bank, in Havre, France, had failed ? Lake Navigation. BrrraLo. May 15 ?The lake is now open be. tw<*en thirty ana forty vessels have cleared for the upper lakes, and the steamer* will probably commence their trip* on Monday I ??? The Flection at St. Paal. Chicago. May '4 ?Tl?e election held at St Paul, Minn .on the Gth Instant, resulted In the elect i?m of mo*' of the Republican candidate* ??>' I a majority of four hundred Mr. Brisbfne. the Democratic candidate for Mayor, was elected j without any opposition. Murvatlan In llliaais. Dkthoit. Mich , May 15 ?There is treat desti tution existing in Gratiot county and other *e eluded locaiitie* in the northern part of th?s State and several person* have already died from star vat ion. Many cattle are also dying for want of sustenance A meeting of the citizens Is to be held here this evening to devise means of relief Mas?acha*etts Legislature Bn?TO*. May 14?The bill granting the aid of the State for the construction of the Ho*?sar tunnel, l?y the Trov and Greenfield Railroad Company has passed the House. Acco-ding to the provi sions of the bill the State pledges Itself to give its scrip from time to time as the work progresses, providing a Mock subscription to the amount of *<iOO,OIN) is first raised On the payment of 20 per cent, of tlieir stock?and the completion of ?#n. thousand feet of the tunnel?the State will com mence to carry out its pledge in aid of the enter - p. ise. There is no chance for the pasMage of the bii! asking the exclusive privilege of the landing sub marine cable on our coast Our legislature are too thoroughly posted in the trick* of the exist ing monopoly to consent to any such proposition. The Lynch Law Executions la Kentucky. Loc isvtLLE, (Ky ,) May 15?The riot which took place here yesterday on the acquittal of the foili negroes who murdered the Joyce family was led by a voung Joyce, son of one of the parties murdered As soon as tlie result of the trial wa? known, a large mob, headed by voung Jovre, or ganized and made several attempts upon the tail where the negroes were incarcerated but failed to penetrate its walls The jailors, fearing ano ther atta< k. ordered the men to be armed as n "iiard. which was done, when thev commenced firing from the jail into the air for the purpose of intimidating the rioters. The latter, however, were not to lie put down so easily, and thev soon returned with a cannon and placed it near the jail The keepers on hearing tins immediately eapit ulated. when three of the negroes were seized bv the infuriate mob and hung to a tree. The othc negro cut his throat in jail, preferring to die thus than bv the hands of a mob. Young Jovce. who headed the rioter*, and who is supposed to lie in sane, has lieen put in close confinement. Serious fears are entertained that the mob will attack Messrs Wolf and Rosseau. the counsel who de fended the negroes, but the authorities will en deavor to prevent anv farther acts of violence. Our citizens generally disapprove of the verdict acquitting the blacks,' but at the same time depre cate Baltimore Marketa. Baltimore, May 16th.?>Flour is quiet, with more sellers than buyers, and the sales are llirht; Howard street S6.7o, City Mills is held at S6 37, but no buyers at that figure; Ohio is held at 96 - 75. Wheat is dull and sales are nominal ; ordinary to good white SI TUnSl HO?choice *1 90 Corn is unchanged and llriii; white b0a83c^ and yellow tia5<k Whisky Is firm, with a light supply?City 34c. and Ohio 35c. New Orleans Marketa. Nnv Orleans, May 14.?Cotton?Sales to-day 1.600 bales; receipts 1.000; prices are easier bnt unchanged. Sugar is firm at 11c. Mixed earn 75 a?0c. Lard in bbls. 15c. GEORGETOWN AFFAIRS. Correspond! nte of The Star. Georgetown, May 1(1, M5?. The Board of Common Council prepared for business last night by appointing Mr Jenkin Thomas to the chair. A communication was then received from the Mayor, vetoing the ordinance levying the direct general and special tax of 1^57 on account of sev eral Illegalities in the wording of the same, re ferred to the Hoard of Aldermen The Board of Aldermen, at a late honr, pre pared, passed, and sent up a new tax bill; which was read thiee times and concurred in The new o dim nee levies a tax of TO cents general and W cents special on the fldi, and authorize* a dis count or 6 per cent on all moneys paid in piior to Jnne 30th. r The Mayor's letter contained one l'rom M r John Mountz, respectfully calling the attention of the Board to a claim of his against the Corporation, and asking for an increase of salary; referred to Board of Aldermen. A petition wxs received from Mrs. Crown ask ing to Ik* relieved from the pavnieut of a fine im posed upon her; referred to committee on griev ances. Also, referred to the same committee, a petition of Miss Kate Estelle tt Co. praying the Board to reconsider her former petition, 'wherein shv asks for the refunding of a portion of the heavy license paid bv her and company. Mr Pickrell here presented the res I gnat ion of Mr Longdon as wood-measurer; which was ac cented and referr?d to tlie Boaid of Aldermen. Mr. Seymour reported favoiablv upon a bill for the relief of Miss Caroline Mackall ; referred back. Mr. Oyster, from the committee on grievance*, asked to'be, and was discharged from the further consideration of Miss Baltzer's petition.' Mr. Seymour, from the same committee asked and obtained the same favor In relation to Mr. Giesking's petition. . A letter wxs then read from Mr. J W Deeble, Secretary of the Metropolitan Railroad Company, eiiiing attention to the 2 percent, call lately made by that Company ; referred to ways and mean* committee. Mr. Barron, from Public School* committee, reported a bill placing to thee r.-dit of the Guard ians of the Geoigetown School the St.093 Corpo ration tax received, and authorizing them to ex pend the same as follows : sundry repairs to the present school house, including new desks, Ac.. ?374; establishing another sc hool #718; the third reading being objected to it was laid over until the next meeting. Mr. Fearson. from the policecommitte, brougLt forward a bill < onflniny hogs to certain locali ties. A resolution was received the Board ol Aldermen in relation to the canal bridges, laid over until next meeting. Tbl*resolution author izes the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Company to erect wooden bridges across the canal on Green, Congress and Jefferson streets, in lieu of the stone ones now existing. The ice house of Mr. John Davidson, situated near Hock Creek, was entirely consumed last night about 9 o'clock by fire. Doubtless the work of some incendiary. The offerings of beef cattle at Drover's Re*; ye? terday amounted l'JU head. 90 of which were sold at fcoaStt ?7W on the hoof, equal to $10aSI3 75nett. The remaining 30 head held over. The flour ma>ket yesterday afternoon and thin morning appears to W less settled and firm; hold ers, however, are still demanding #7 for good staudard brands. Wheat?red and white, a good articlc, ia selling at #1 60af 1.65 Corn?white and yellow 73a7t?c. ^^^^^^^Spect^q^. 7~i?.'\.TI FVIKVS UNDER WEAR 11rl'*" FOR THK sr M M ER. | We call the attention of our friends and tlie public ^m"ri"no!T'sle*Th csad? 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