Newspaper of Evening Star, May 18, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 18, 1857 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. W ASH INO TON CITY: MONDAY May 1*, 1*37. SPIRIT OF THE MORNING TRESS. The Intelligencer argue? with earnestness nod force against the policy of the interference ?>f the Cabinet and Executive with subordinate appointments in the Customs and other Depart ments. basing it* principal objection on the ground that those functionaries cannot find time to attend to such matters, without leaving un attended to other matters of vaatly more public importance. The Union, in an interesting article, philos ophises over the relative condition of the New and Old World. WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. Tiif. Territorial Government of Kansas. J^'gbt |?lad are we that the Hon. Robert J. alker is on his way to Kansas, where his presence is greatly needed. A storm is evi dently brewing there which bodes, not the re newal of the late civil war in that quarter, but a very heated, and. in its consequences. a very dangerous war of words. With due deference to **** Excellency a"d the Territorial Secretary, we have say tbat they have not increased the chances that wflI al>,e to nssuage the storm they must enci',ui*er- ^7 their late speech es. They have before tli.1,11j ^*st. a most dif ficult task, wherein to succeeu, *real iisoretion on their part will surely be necessary.' They must be guided, first, by law. and next, bj* cir cumstanccs; and it seems to us that had thsy refrained from laying down a platform or plat forms with reference to their policy, they would nut only have been freer to have taken advan tage of everything transpiring that they might lawfully make available in the way of securing for the policy (purpose) of the Kansas-Nebraska bill a complete triumph, but they would also have avoided affording unnecessary opportuni ties for thi?sc disposed to find fault with their act*. to pick holes in that policy?to cavil at it. In thc*c times when professions are so abun dant and so few of them are realized, the world will judge th^ni by their acts?not their words; and word- needlessly uttered that may be even indirectly calculated to commit them to do aught hut to administer the law fearlessly and to the end of securing all citizens of the Terri tory in the enjoyment of their rights affirmed in the Kansas-Nebraska act as expounded in the inaugural of President Ituchanan and by the Suprtuic Court of the United States, are B! >re likely to embarrass than to facilitate their career there. There arc thousand^ in the Ter ritory. and hundreds of thousands out of it eager for excuses and opportunities to enable theiu tu oppose the policy of the Territorial Government, p* that is to be From the New York Trihnnr down to the most insignifLunt abolition paper, they are already in full cry of objection to more or less of the positions taken in the speeches of Messrs. Walker and Stanton. <o which we refer. These journals are mar shaling their forces in line for another ?' bleed ing Kacas" onslaught upon the Democracy, and make their point.- upsil the HioTe or les* of those positions. It would have been wiser, far wiser, we im aginc. not to have thus marked out for them in advance of the conte.-t. a plan of battle, as it were, whu-h they evidently regard as advan tageous to themselves, or they would not thus ? soon have sprung forward to avail themselves of it. Prudence should have dictated the wis dom of doing as little as possible in the way of affording the enemy such an opportunity of or ganizing in advance, and concentrating and con solidating their means of oj position. Better would it have been had Messrs. Walker and Stanton kept their own counsel, and left the Abolition party to organize against them only upon eatures in their actual administration of the Territory s affairs. Their counsels would then necessarily have been embarrassed and divided, and their schemes of opposition by no means as thoroughly matured months hence, a. at this time through the opportunities of the numerous speeches ty which we refer. Long since we took occasion to explain the reasons for our belief that upon the result of the contest in Kansas the fate of the Union in a great measure hangs ^Entertaining the same opinion still, we deeply^egret the occurrence of anything likely to militate even indirectly against the eventual success of the cause there to which we are sincerely attached The Position op Women in Society ?After all Woman's-Right ism has done, and it has written with a talented and very sharp j?en enough to have revolutionised the world if written in almost any other cause, and has spoken with uu oily and persevering tongue in deed?we cannot perceive that it has advanced the cause of ?? woman s disinthrallment ' from the tyrany of man. a f>eg. in this country. In the section* where there exist Woman's Right. organizations the laws continue to be most stringent against their civil coequality. The PtHK %tflraui'iu. recently discussing the reasons why their civil status in society fails to be changed notwithstanding the efforts to which we refer, says : -So far the ?-iv?I relations lietween the sexes ? j undersoil*- no change. but all others have vield' d to th?> force of number*, until man m<> ..opol:^ bnt the s.ngle calling of policeman U omen are our merchant*, our merc hants' clerk* and our drummer* about hotels and fashionable *1 ding-house*. They *ew with the needle, and ill more the sewing machine; thev m.ikc pill*, manufacture segars. work in facto n"V practice m.-di. ine, preach the go*pel. act a* vestrymen, hold office, build hoi ine*. shave note'* edii n* on politic*; \V- . ^ C ?ul,,v?f vegetable*. speculate in J w ui l matches. ???? rum. sing. dance, i? , v ,.act. teach school. keep board ifi' .T" ,nf in fa, t' do everything, and more t *}* 't18" '* dime by the inen. and attend 'T';*n peculiar officer besides. Now. what J- to U tl,?- result of thi*. we cannot possibly t?II IsHS'0"*"1 rnl,san*? governs Kngland; but ali ? ? :r~ I,r"vr* ,?"*t one woman can do a great "t'm it \ a "rea,f'r number could not do. ' ? ,4"t I* just to urge a complaint l"o.t " W|,:' h affair* are man ^"-tc,"*'? ""j^riutendenre. A judiciou* lit I f " might work well, if it x W ' for some of h? r leading characteristic*. f oin'trher T wiH 'nove an inch ?Xr l !1',<N beraelf. unless she is led, she wi/l i?r rf IuoU^ bv a man ; an<i ! .i?1 ?y a man, unless a be ha* a - him Fbis, of course, would embarrass any steps toward* a gradual depletion, for it ' require just as many men to lead them ? w j\ a* it would to balance accounts here The thing prevents many difficulties, and the future p'onuses but little relief. ?? Another thing, the women take care of u*. we I*o*se**e?| a larger prorw.rtion of >e available profiortioa ?>f the city, we should en er u[M>n any plan of seiiaration with becoinin" ? mutton It ha* always l?eeii argued, ami zeaU ^ \ lir. V raiikliu. that obstacle to iimrri?me ltPTraU multiplicaiion of our nperieK I f nwK* satisfactorily proveil that a state ? eJU'a. y operated unequally toward* the male ,h' ii.after of reduction; for the reason a worn.,, alter they relinquish the ideaof get L'ouJ'X'r:!' ,iardl> ? A* things are jr~" ' ' ur*** must prejiare for the worst. *.-? ?.,t l.vilVi ^ ',u,lr nrx are concerned, we P?"'o!, of but the pro when . .Muiii . ? A ^ M' inr?o*'derable. ?tr. . t ^ al,,.,.. 'V, wpgle ones, that the unkiH wn <UI if marriage* p.if)?v l^wlen'tVe^lr!,"T f,,r ,li" '"creasing dis attra? t?-?i i?Jt which has hitherto distinction t? th. com,'trlCn A ,,'wn- IneoMtm ?f house*p A tv,,,iu ' y- '* ^ rely collection ber for the *" eon^lHiit.d a* to tit bom**; iiuile, afe iiti. ,i"V ^ restrictions of a ftie air ifl ,i aiK^* ?f tonrnr, #1.. v ' * "I the* t #. . , .. .?- it-its. female* .? r ,,ii iter Iw*im Nttetl tt?ail otheiwlse. Nor i* thi* tbe worst,<1 teasing cc?niCs natural to a female, but it is a positive drawlklck to a male, and when carried to the excess whicll town fashions some times prescribe, is murderous. We have seen male children so overloaded with furs, flannels. blankets, buffalo robes, and India rubbers, that it required two men to pull them along in a small wagon The lists of mortality in this eitv chow that the deaths among male childwn are tiftv per cent, more than among females. This, though sufficiently startling, leads to no reform, ana hence, we liav#concluded that the days of our sex in Philadelphia are pretty well numbered. The Great Railroad Celebration. Once or twice of late we have referred to the mag nificent Railroad Celebration to come off short ly in St. Louis, and on ill hands we hear of preparations being made on a grand scale to participate in its festivities. It is already evi dent that thousands on thousands of the leading men from all sections of the country will be present. By way of giving tho reader some idea of th<?c preparations, we may mention that the managers of the following railroads have agreed to pass free, there and back, hold ers of tickets of invitation to attend the cele bration. Viz: Baltimore and Ohio; Buffalo and Erie; Buffa lo Division of New York and Erie ; Central Ohio; Chicago. Alton and Ht. Louis; Chicago and Rock Island ; Cincinnati. Hamilton and Dayton; Cleve land and Toledo; Cleveland, Columbus and Cin cinnati; Cleveland and Pittsburg; Cleveland and Krie; Covington and Lexington; Kvansville and Crawfordsville ; Great Western of Canada; Great Western of Illinois; Hudson River ; lllinoisCeu tral; Indianapolis and Cincinnati; JcflVrsonville; Little Miami. Columbus and \enia ; Madison and Indianapolis; MadRiverand Lake Erie; Marietta and Cincinnati; .Michigan Southern and North Indiana; Michigan Central; New Jersey Rail road ana Trasportation Coinnany. and Camden andAml?ov; Norwich and Worcester; New Al bany and ??alein; New York Central; New York and Harlem ; New York ami Erie; Pacific Rail road of Missouri; Philadelphia. Wilmington and Baltimoret Pittsburg, Foit Wayne and Ohio: Pennsylvania and Pittsburg; Steubenville and 1 Indiana; Toledo, Wabash and Western; Terre Ilaute, Alton and St. Lonis; New York and New ? F&aven. j(t is understood that two (if not more) mem bcr^&S the Cabinet will be present on the occa sion. trust that the Cabinet may be thus represented! trbere, because it is well that those who compose it should be thrown as often and as freely as possible in immediate contact with the people, otheT tlwin seekers after office, and others not identified with or seeking identifica tion, direct or indirect, with the Government. Nonsense.?The New York llrrald of Sat urday last contains a rigmarole story?nomi nally from this city by telegraph?professing to detail with great minuteness the diplomatic and financial plans of the Administration for the acquisition of Cuba. Its pith is an allega gation that tho Rothschilds are to be interested in the scheuio on behalf of the Lnited States, and that Mr. Auguste Belmont is to bo trans ferred to Madrid in Mr. Dodge's place; that all the diplomatic appointments are to be made with reference to the single point; that on? hundred and twenty millions is to be the price paid; that the Pope is to be enlisted to per suade Isabella's Government to accede to our wishes, Ac., Ac. Of course this story is made absolutely of whole cloth. There is not a word of truth in it from beginning to end. We believe, as wo sin cerely hope, that em the close of the Adminis tration of James Buchanan, Cuba will bo ours honorably and satisfactorily obtained. Yet nothing will more embarrass the earnest and sagacious efforts of the President and Secretary of Suite for its acquisition than .such foolish publications as that on which we comment above, the effect of which should be to impress on all necessarily entrusted with knowledge of the diplomacy or other confidential plan* of the Government, the necessity of keeping closcd mouths, without which, on their part, there is little chance for success id such an undertaking. The Weather.?The following report of the weather for this morning is made from the Morse Telegraph line to the Smithsonian Institution, and will be continued daily when the line is in working order. The time of observation is about 7 o'clock a. m.: May 18, 1857. New York. N. Y cool. Philadelphia. Pa cloud" ,~ool. Baltimore. Md cloud\.cool. Washington. D. C cloudy,cool. Richmond, Va raining, cool. Petersburg, Ya cloudy, cool. Wilmington, N. C cloudy, warm. Columbia. S. C cloudy. Charleston. S. C cloudy, warm. Augusta. Ga raining hard. Savannah. Ga cloudy, damp. Macon. Ga rainittg. Columbus, Ga cloudy, warm. Montgomery, Ala "lea-,'warm. Lower Peach Tree, Ala...clear, pleasant. The following reports have been furnished by the National Telegraph line : Fkom the West. Frederick Md cloudy, cool. Cnml?erland. Md clear, cold. Ha<jerstown. Md cloudy, cool. Wheeling, Va. clear, inild. At Washington yesterdavatflp. m. IheKiroiiiH ter was 3-1.181. thermometer 58 . This morning at 7 oVlork barometer 30.IHS and rising; ther mometer irf; wind fresh from N.E. The Maryland Appraiser*. ?After the Stnr went to press on Saturday last, it was de termined in Cabinet council to npjioint, as Ap praisers of the Customs in Maryland, John Baughtuan. Esq.. editor of the Frederick Citi zen, for the State at large, and Bcalc H. Rich ardson. Esq . editor of tho Baltimore Republi can, and David C. Springer. Esq.. of Harford county, for the port of Baltimore. They are. all three, eminently sensible, well-informed and excellent citizens, besides being gentlemen who have served the Democratic party long and faithfully, without turning to the right or to the left. Better selections could not have been made, cither for the interests of the commerce of the State, for the Government, or for the Democratic cause in Maryland. Their appoint ment is still another earnest of the persistent determination of the Administration to be gov erned in the distribution of its patronage by a rigid devotion to the public interest and sound views of duty to the Democratic party. Post Office Department.?New Office* hstaMinhed.?Radford. Calloway county, Ky., Joseph N. Radford, Postmaster; Quindaro, Leavenworth county. Kansas Territory. Chas. S. Parker, Postmaster; Shermansville, county. Kansas Territory (re-established), Wm. O. Dounall, Postmaster; Walker, count}} Kansas Territory. August Boridi, Postmaster ; (ilendale. Cass county, Nebraska Territory, Waldo M. Toxier, Postmaster; McNeely's Ridge, Washita county, Arkansas, Randolph Brown. Postmaster; Lake Village, Chicot county. Ark.. Jos. W. Sherman, Postmaster; Cato, Rankin county, Miss., John Collision, Postmaster; Pinetucky. Hancock county, Miss., J. W. Winningham, Postmaster; Macksville, Clarke county. Miss., S. T. Lowry, Postmastci; Emory Creek. Choctaw county, Ala., Claiborne S. Collins, Postmaster. The Collectorshii* of Alexandria. Va.? A month ago we took occasion to point out facts to the readers of the Star, showing the cer tainty of the eventual reappointment of Edward S. Hough. Esq , to the position, so satisfactorily filled by-bim for the last four years. It was done on Satunlay afternoon last, a few moments after the Star went to p/ess. In connection with thi.- appointment, we have to say that on all mooted questions of the sort this Adminis tration deliberates with great care and most commeudable solicitude, and. so far. in every instance its conclusions ha>e been eminently wise, and satisfactory to the great mass of tho party in every community immediately inter ested in them. The Naval Engineer Board?now in *cf sion at Philadelphia?expect to conclude their labors as early as Wednesday evening next. In all twenty-eight candidates for admission in their corps applied at tfo Department for tb? requisite letter of permiuionjto go before this Board. Heretofore the custom has been to call into the service as third assistant engineers such of them as passed favorable examinations, as their senrioe? might bo required, in rotation, according to the relative merit with which each passed. As more third assistant engineers are now actually required than there are appli cants for such positions under the stringent or deal of examination to which they are sub jected. of course all who pass on this occasion will at once enter the service. The Naval Cotrts or Inquiry.?Before Court No. 1, the case of ex-Lt. Washington A. Bartlett is still under consideration. Captain Misroom was to-day recalled and examined on the part of the Government, and the Judge Ad vocate read and submitted sundry documents, on the same side. Before Court No. 2, the defence of Lt. Thorn ton was read to-day and submitted by his coun sel. Afterwards the Court made up its judg ment upon that case, and transmitted it to the Secretary of the Navy. The case of Lt. Sartjri (furloughed by the late Retiring Board) was taken up. Win. E. Lehman, Esq., is his coun sel. No witnesses in the case had been exam ined before the ?'tar went to press. Court No. 3 (before which the case of Captain Ininan is still pending) was not in session, to day, owing to the sickness of the Judge Advo cate. Appointments.?By the President.?Edw'd S. llough. Collector, Ac., Alexandria, Va.; re appointed. Walter N. Haldcman. Surveyor, Ac., Louis ville, Ky., vice Samuel S. English, removed. Dr. G. Parmenter, Inspector of Drugs and Medicines at Boston, in place of Dr. Smith, re moved. By the Secretary of the Treasury.?J. N. Oliver to a second-clnss clerkship in the office of the Solicitor of the Treasury, in place of C. C. Anderson, resigned. J. II. Crawford to a first-class clerkship in : the Sixth Auditor's office, in phree of John N. 3 Oliver, promoted. Seeps.?We hear that the Hon. Mr. Gallo way. of Ohio, and other Republican members of the la*t Congress, went even more heavily into the feed-distributing business than the law provided; That is. they each purchased many bushels of garden seed, Ac., for distribution among their constituents, which have been put up here at the cost of the Treasury of the Uni ted States, and forwarded to them. This is ) sowing (electioneering) seed broadcast, indeed 1 The Sloop-of-War Cumberland.?The fol lowing is a correct list of the officers who are ordered to this ship, now about to sail for the west coast of Africa, where she is to relieve tho present flag-ship of the squadron : Commander, John S. Missroon ; Lieutenants, Thomas S. Crossan. Charles H. Greene, Albert Almond;.Surgeon. George Blacknall; Purser, William G. Marcy; Chaplain, Chester Newell; Master, Richard Mead, Jr.; Gunner. William Hurdett; Boatswain. Henry Brooks; Sallmaker, Richard Berry; Carpenter, Lewis Holmes. A Navy Chapi.ain Appointed.?We have every reason to believe that the Rev. Charles A. Davis, of the Southern Methodist Church,so well known and so universally beloved here, has been appointed to a chaplaincy in the Navy of the United States. Resignation of an Army Officer.?The resignation of Fiist Lieut. Benjamin Allston. 1st Dragoons, has been accepted by the Presi dent, to take effect June 20, 1Ko7. New York Criminal Record?An idea of the safety of human life in New York city is af forded l?y a glance at the catalogue of murdered and missing persons in that city within the last five years. Among them are?Dr. Burdell, Miss Mary Rogers, the beautiful cigar girl; Dr. Lute ner; Mrs. Houseman, on Staten Island, a few years ago, for which crime Polly Bodine was tried and acquitted ; young Pierce; the unknown young woman found dead at Newburg; the Po lice Officer Hardenbrook ; Bartholomew Burke, porter, killed In the shop corner of White street and Broadway; Henry Corlies, shot on the rnrner of Leonard street and Broadway; Mrs. Walker, murdered in her own house on Lexington avenue; the painter in Ann street, supposed to have been killed by one of his apprentices, two or three years since; and the man killed at the corner of Ann and Nassau streets about the same time. Missing?Krasths L. De Forest, from the Metro politan Hotel : John B. Vedder, of Chicago, do.; and Miss Sarah McClelland, from Brooklyn. II r The colonization ship Mary Stevens Is to sail from Baltimose to-day for Liberia with a full freight, and about one hundred and eighty-five emigrants. Of the passengers in the steerage only fifty will start with the ship from Balti more. of whom 4.J are from Kentucky. <? from Virginia.6 from New York, and 1 from Alabama. Rev Mr. Wilson, white, teacher of the Alexan dria High School at Monrovia, and Mr. De Lyon, colored, of Monrovia, will l?e the onlv cabin |>as scnger*. The remainder of the emigrants, nearly all of whom are from North Carolina, will em bark at Norfolk. Her freight will, as miscellaneous, and consist of such things as will be of immediate use to the colonists. She will take out a large quantity of provisions, a large steam sugar mill, three framed houses, ready to In? put upon arrival. HiOliedstrads.andchairs New Mc sic.?From Metzerott we have the spirited "Hand Organ Polka," by Labitzy. ar ranged for the piano by Carl Kersscn. '-The Stormy Petrel," is the name of a new song lately published by Miller & Beaeham. of Baltimore. The composer is Mr. Martin, of this city, author of ''The Soldier Boy's Grave," "The Nun's Farewell," and other beautiful songs. Mr. Mar tin composes only for pastime; but music is for him what poetry was for Byron, a vent to the soul. j|7" From Taylor A Maury wc have the West minister Review for April, containing the follow ing articles: I. Present state of Theology in Germany. II The Hindu Drama. III. Gunpowder and its ef fects on Civilization. IV. Glaciers and Glacier Theories. V. Progress; its law and cause. VI. The Danublan Principalities. VII. Literature andSociety. VIII. China and the Chinese. IX. Contemporary Literature. Godev's Lady's Book for June, received from I)e Camp It Co., (successors to Win. Adam,) Shillington. and from the publishers, is crowded, as usual, with matters of interest for lady re ?d< r;. A Letter from Mr. Dallas?An Interesting communication from the pen of Mr. Dallas, the American Minister in London, addressed to Lord Clarendon, has been published. It refers to a very humble, but at the same time, a most heroic service rendered by a body of Margate boatmen to an American vessel called the Northern Belle, which was wrecked off Kingsgate in the early part of the present year, during a terrilic storm. The boatmen, by nobly hazarding their own lives, rescued the crew from impending death, and the American ^Jovernment commissioned Mr. Dallas to present each man with a silver medal as a recog nition of his services, and a sum of money vary ing from #10 to ftfU, according to the character of each individual case. The manner in which Mr. Dallas announced this act of our Government to the Foreign Secretary is characteristic of that power and facility of expression for which his speeches and despatches are so remarkable. itIT" The Typographical Union at New Orleans adjourned on the 10th I list. A resolution wasadopt ed against establishing a "government printing office," as l>eing calculated to introduce politics into the national and sut>ordinate unions. A reso- | lution was passed hailing with pleasure the es tablishment by the printers of Philadelphia of an asylum for superannuated and indigent printers, and heartily recommend the same to the support of the printers of the United States. The I lift adjourned to meet in Chicago on the lirst Monday or May next. Alponze Kar alleges that epochs in a wo man's life are frequently marked l?y dress. VVo m? i will, for instance, often say that such a thing happened when they bought a particular article of costume, thus : "I recollect |>eifectly well when Mrs. Jones took her third liiisland, Cbailes gave me my er mine tippit at that time ." "Mis. Williams was baptised and conllrmcd just one y?-ar ago last January, I bought my blue velvet drer> that month." "Old Mrs. Pope died last Wednesday ?lx months, for I got my camel's hair shawl on the day of the funeral." 1 PERSONAL .... General Leslie Coomb?. of Kentucky, i* at Kiikwgmds' Com F. w. Moore, of Galveston, Texas. is at Kirkwoods'. Captain h. Henry, U. s. N., and Capt. h. Whltaker, of New York, are at Browns'. lion. C. flweeizer, Ohio, aad Cols j Jam laon and J?o D. Bowllag, Md., ?re at Brown*' .... The Secretary of the Interior, the Ron. Jacob Thompson, went down to Aquia Creek to meet his family, who arc to arrive here this even tng .... Com. 9. H. Strlnghan^U. 8. N., cow; GHslnger, it. 8 N., Com J. P.McKlnlstrv, u. P. ' N- and Capt. E. Van Ness, u. S. A., are at Wil lards*. Judge Drnmmond. of Illinois, late a Terri torial Judge in Utah, is in this city. He is said to be an applicant for the post of Governor of that Territory. The London Gazette announces that tbe queen has been pleased to approve of mr Cha* Baylor as consul to Manchester for the United States of America. It is said to be the intention of Mr. Lum ley, the lessee of her Majesty's theatre, to make a professional tour in the United States, with Mad. Piccolomini. .... Burton has sold his new theatre in Broad way, N. Y.. to Mr. Marshall, heretofore the pro prietor of the Broadway Theatre. The latter establishment has been sold for commercial pur poses . David A. Bokee, formerly a member of Con cress from Brooklyn, New York, recently sued G-orge Law for s10,?t00 for lobbying services in some of the numerous transactions of the latter in condemned United States muskets, and was non suited. James H. Hackett. the nnrirklled persona tor of Jack FalstalT. has purchased a farm of 1,'joo acres in Clinton county, Illinois, on which he proposes to spend the remainder of his days. On the farm is a remarkable Indian mound, and Mr. Harkett has named his place ?' Hackett's Mound.*' .... Among the Americans in Paris previous to the 30tli ult., were G. S. Griffith ana lady,\V. Wilkins, F. W. Hark, C. Moore and ladv, T. Corner and ladv, W. H. Corner, of Maryland; A. H. Evans. \V. S. Chase, of the District of Colum bia, and P. T. Barnum, of New York. ....Col Peter G. Washington, late Assistant Secretary of the Treasury. Is at present a guest of the Kirkwood House, having taken rooms there on his return from New York. We hear that the many friends of this distinguished gentleman now in the city intend complimenting him with a public dinner at this fine hotel some day during the coining week. .... The Baltimore Sun, of yesterday, says:? We regret to have it to announce that, since the return of George Pea body from a temporary so journ at Washington, be has been suffering from an indisposition which, although not of a serious character, has had the effect to confine him to his room, at the residence of one of his intimate friends in this city. .... George Borrow, author of "The Bible in Spain," and other very popular and interesting works, has announced for immediate publication a sequel to that curious work, " Lavengro," whicn is half fiction, half biographical. It will not complete the story, but will contain the au thor's Gipsy adventures in Ireland between twenty and thirty years ago. ....The Springfield Argus learns that it is In contemplation bv Mr. Steen, husband of the. " lady in black," who was at the Lechmere House with Mr. Kalloch, to sue the Springfield Argus and Republican for slander on the fair fame of Mrs. Steen. Some preliminary inquiries have iwen made by Mr. Steen by letter, and the Argus takes occasion to Invite Mr. Steen to proceed. The New York Tribune, in allusion to the

controversy lietween Henry Ward Beecher and Dion Bonrcicault upon the drama, takes the lib erty to sav that it is in part because two of a trade can never agree, because the pulpit and the stage are in fact rivals. l?oth addressing themselves to the saine conceptive faculty in man. that thev have l>een at all times and everywhere such bad friends. The Tribune asks. " Can any one doubt that Irving, or Finney, or Mr. Henry Ward Bee cher himself, would bave succeeded well on the stage?" mr Peabody has indicated the lot at the corner of Mount Vernon Place and Charles street. Baltimore, as the site upon which he woula prefer to have the " Pea body Institute" erected, and it ha* accordingly lieen fixed upon by the Board of Trustees. The cost of this property will be s31.m 0. In addition, the committee will pur chase the two adjoining lots on Mount Vernon Place, now possessed liy Mr. Pennington and Hon. Henry May, These two lots will give an additional front of 60feet, making the entire front on Mount Vernon Place 115 feet. This property is on the. highest point ill that part of the city, and immediately in front of the Washington monument. The cost of the Pennington and May lots, it is said, will layabout $50,000, making the whole cost of the site *101,(mm!. Mr. Peal?ody, it Is stated, has expressed his intention to give the additional cost, in view of the compliment paid to his wish. f^-thi; FAIR AT GIDEON'S HALL WILL l?e continued throughout this week. Music in attendance every night. A permit secured. may lft-3t NOTICE?an ELECTION FOR SEVEN Directors of the Georgetown (iasiight Com pany will he held on .MONDAY, the 1st day of June next, at the Coinpam's Olfice. between the hours of In anil i o'clock of that day, of which the stockhold ers will please take notice. may ih-3t HENRY KlNG, Sec. ) to the PUBLIC.-The undersigned : would inform the public that he was wrong in' stating that Air. H. Keiser had rent?d a house and placed in it two Rirls that had contracted the small pox. Such is not the case, as the brother of one of the girls rented the same, and Dlaecd them there. may 18-3t? ARTHUR BRIDGET. (v^5=?ATTENTION, METROPOLITAN, No. 1. l 7 At a regular meeting of tho Metropolitan Hook and Ladder Company, No. i, hold March 5th, 1>67, the Secretary was ordered to pttMish a notice inrfie Evening Mar, requiring members to settle their dues on or before the regular meeting in June, all failing to do so or owing more than two months dues will be expelled. JAMES A. INGRAM, miy I8.2r,.lii3&4 Sec. M. ii. L. Co. rf7>tjie ke6ulak MEETING OF THE kj* Washington Art Association will be holden \V. W. Corcoran's Library Building, h street,on TUESDAY EVENING, at the usual hour. All members nre particularly invited to attend on the ecooaiou of closing of the exhibition. Business of importance will be brought before the meeting, may l?-2t _ ^-second W A R D ratification ._jj MEETING.?Tho i nion voters of the Sec ond Ward are requested to attend a meeting on WEDNESDAY EVENING. May 2i?th.atto'cl'k, at Harmony Hall. The candidates will be present, speeches will be mide, ami business of importance transacted. All friendsof tlio causeaie invited to coine. (1'nionA Intel > may 13-3t rrpa REGI'LAR MEETING of the ; 1. < Young Men's Christian Association will be held at its Rooms, on MONDAY EVENING, at 8 o'clock. An Essay will be read bv O. C. Wizht, Esq. Every ineinoer is requested to be present, may 16 2t JOHN OTT.See. ATTENTION, FRANKLI N . - Those 11 < memlxTH of the Franklin Fire Company who desire to organize an association to visit Philadel phia on tho occasion of tho Fireraeus' Procession in that city, on the first of October next, are respect fully requested to meet at Harmony Hall, on MON DAY EVENING. May 18th, at 8 o'clock. ftorit. E. DOYLE, President, may 1fi^2t (IntelA States) rr~^?ATTENTION. WASHINGTON HIGH i LANDERS.?You are hereby notified that the annual Parade ami Inspection of the Halation of tho District is ordered for Monday, the 35th in o'clock a. in , at the usual Parade Ground. You will therefore assemble at your Armory on MON DAY MORNING* the 25tii May, at 9 o'clock pre cisely, fully uniformed and equipped. You are further notified that there will be a Dress Drill of the Company,at your Armory,on MON DAY EVENING next, the lKtli instant, at 8 o'clock. A full and punctual attendance is requested. Hy order. JNO. WATT, Captain. J NO. McKAY, O. S. may 15-3t* SCHOOL BOOKS AND STATIONERY OF all kinds. may 18 fergusoN. 488 7th street. Magazines, periodicals, weekly and Daily Papers, may 18 FERGUSON,486 7th street. Books, pens, pencils, letter pa PP.R, gilt and plain. may 18 FERGUSON, 486 7th street. rpwo PIANOS FOR $150- one FOR $100; a two for are now for salo at the. Music Depot of W. G. MET/.EROTT,' Corner of Penn. avenue and 11th stroet. Terms cash. may 10 & rrnn REWARD.?i will give the above reward "tjptjuu of ?5no for the arrest and conviction of the inoendiary or incendiaries who set fire to my two Dwelling Houses, on East Capitol street, on last night or this morning. may 18-3t H. R. MARYMAN. t J.4 W. M. galt, M. ? dktlkr* 1* ASTHRAC1TE * CI MBERLAXD COAL, ALSO, HICKORY, OAK, AND PINE WOOD. Coal kent in fl?h>rcd and roofed yards. Office- N. W. corner of 12th and C streets. No.547, one square south of Pa. avenue. may lh-tr f iOOD WHITE AND BuYfENVELOPES . r..:?!j.per thousand, 12cts. per hundred ; fine whito lei rer PAPER,'ruled, ?1.50 per ream ; excel lent white FOOLS-CAP, rule<l, *2 per ream: and every variety of Staple and Faucy STATIONERY at unusually low priocs, at T. DeCAMP 4, CO.'a. Booksellers and Stationers, may 18 lw No. 431 Penn. avenue. Stair RODS AND pla/rest Just received and on sale? 2jndozen superior STAIR RODS, in all widths, from *k uich to 1,'?. some of which are in entirely new shape* and venr pretty, of course very cheap. Also, i case brass PLATES lor steps. This in a moat economical article ui the saving of carpeft,aa weli its very ornamental. Also, BRASS CORNICES, A R c11 F. S , and RINGS, lor suspending nets and Curtains over may 11 ao#w ft pEOPOSALS FOR FNUEL. Quartermaster's Orric* M amuck Coirs./ Washington, May 16. IW. \ J*kaled Proposals will be reorived at this ofhce until Monday. th?13th Jnne, 1857,-for supplying such quantities of WOOD and CO A1. as may Iterequirrd from 1st July, 1^. to ?nh ^ne. 1IW. for stationed at TV nehingtoa citv. D. C. the Ma nes ?talioned at Wa?hlBgtej| city. D. C. The Wood to he heat oafctapjm*. and the C?*l ..est anthracite. The Wood to Redelivered piled aad mewartd. aaril the Coal y>ghe<l awl deliverer at euch points as the commanding turns'may ofe* pent* to the I nited States; the Coal to weigh *.24h found* *?the ??"?. * ? hor information can bo had no application at this offioe. Proposals to be addressed to Major G. F. Lindsay. Q. ft|. M. C.. and endorsed " Proposals for Fuel for Marines at Washington, D. C. ma* lH-2awtlSJnno C'O-PA RTN ERSHI P. 'The undersigned having enter d into Co-partner ship on the 1st day of Ma* nnderthe name of Si A GRITDER A STONE, and having leased for a term of years the two wharves at the foot of 11th street, known as "Bradley's Wharves." are now prepared to do all kinds of WHARF and HAI LING BlSI NESS. ? mT _ The Mott Bedel line of Packets, from New \ ork. Will make regular trips from that port and land at these wharves. And as it is the neatest and most convenient point to the business portion of the com munity, we think that it would he to the advan tage of all having freight brought from New York to | ship in that line of Packets. All g'?ods landed on these wharves will be hauled and delivered in any part of the citv with rare nnd dispatch, by good cartmenemployed for that purpose. The charges for wharfage and hauling as low as any in the District. In connection with these wharves there will be kept constantly on hand an assortment of WOOD and COAL of thejlv^st quality, which will be sold as cheap as any in the city. We return our thanks to onr customers ami the public in general for their lilterai patronage whilst doing business singly, and hope a continuation of the same. Offioe corner Missouri avenue and fth street. For wharfage and hauling apply at the wharves. F. MAORI DhR, may 18-lw* W. STONE. REAT ATTRACTION ! * Lirixr; curiosities: ' On next Tuesday, SCIIWARZE A DRURY will receivo another lot of selected LIVE LOB STERS. A cheap, conveniont, and incomparable luxury. Call at the now celebrated Oyster Depot, 29t Penn. avenue, 2d door east of 14th street. may l6-2t AC A R D . ? I would call the attentionof all persons wishing to have their BOOKS BOUND inachesp. hand some, and durable manner to csll at, JONES'S BOOK BINDERY. No. 393 Pennsylvania avenue, l?etween 4$* nnd *>tti streets, where they can l>e supplied with all kinds of Plain. Fancy, and Ornamental Binding,at the shortest notice and on the most reasonable terms. EDWIN JONES, may 16 3t* No. 3)3 Pa. av., bet, 4S and 6th sts. For cash. ATGREATLY REDUCED PRICES. A great variety of Gold Hunting Patent Levers, Lepms, Anchor Levers, and Ladies' WATCHES. Vest and FobCHAINS.CHATEI.AINS.SEALS, Ac., and all other sty lea of fine J KWELR Y. We especially oalI the attention of HOUSEKEEPERS to our assortment of Silver PLATED WARE, COFFEE SETS. WAITERS. CASTORS. FRUIT and CAKE BASKETS, SPOONS and FORKS. Ac. . fO~ We are prepared to sell vary low. Tho pub lic is invited to call and price our goods. may 16-2w H. SEMK EN. Penn. are. PARASOLS, MANTILLAS, AND SHAWLS Just opened from the Northern manufacto-^L. ries? l?W' 510 of the latest style of ladies, misses, and I children's P \R A SOLS, from 62J* cents to ?Si. of all colors 10<>1idiet?' Black Silfc and Lace MANTILLAS, at low prices ? STELLA SHAWLS, of white, blue, scarlet .and With a large stork of SILK BEREGE and LAWN ROBES, at all prices. A large and reneral assortment of DRY GOODS, at which terrains can be had for cash by calling ear ly at the Dry Good Store of GEO. F. ALLEN. may 16-3t Penn. ave., next to loth street. ^PRTnG AND SUMMER, 1857. Onr new styles of ready-made Clothing for Gentle men antl Boys are now exposed and ready for sale, embracing largo and beautiful assortments of? Spring Overcoats, Raglans. Business, Dress, and Frock Coats. Choice sty lea of Cassimere and Linen Pantaloons. Plain and Fancy Vests. Ac. With a large variety of tientleinen's Dress Shirts. UnderShirts, Drawers, and Hosiery. Our custom department is well stocked with new styles of Cloths. Cassimers, Linen I>rills, Vestincs, Ac., and under the management of three experienced Cut:ers of acknowledged taste, w? can ther fure < fir great inducements in styles, quality, and prices of garments of all kinds. Goods delivered in all parts of th<* city and George town. WALL A STEPHENS may 16-6t 322 Pa. ave., !>et. 9rh and 10th sts. WALL A STEPHENS. Wholesale Dealers and Jobliers in CLOTHS,CASSIMERES, AM) VESTINGS. may 15-3m 1 CO BLACK TEA. IOO Chests o our standard BLACK TEA.?This Tea is well known to the citizens of Wash-^g^|B iiigtonand in the vicinitv. This Tea was iin-p*1H ported prior to the trouldes in China. i j- W KING A Bl RCHELL. may IS corner Vermont avenii" and 15th st. COLT'S NEW MODEL, WARNER'S AND Allen's Revolvers, Self Cocking Pistols, Al len's Single and Double Barrel Pistols. Powder Flasks. Shot Pouches, Gun Nippers. Ramrod Head.*, (iun Worms. Eley's, Walker a. Cox's, and <?. D. Percusion Caps. Eiey's and Baldwin's Gun Wad ding, Wad Cutter, and a good assortment of (Iun Trimmings, for sale by E. K. LUNDY, may fl No. 12R Bridge street, Georgetown. FOR SALE.?A fast trotting HORSE, set of HARNESS, and a handsome TOl'rv BUGGY, two months in use. The above will be sold together or separate. Any one^^ in want of either will get a largnin. as the owner is compelled to sell, owing to his leaving the city. Those in want will do well to apply, as such a chance seldom off ers. Address Josepfius, Star Offioe. may 15-51 * \ TTENTION. I .A D I ES.-The undersigned would respectfully call the attention of the sningtotif ladies of Washington and vicinity, toanotherl lot of thoso Florence and Swiss STRAW^ BONNETS with Capes, jnst received. Also on ha nd. RIBBONS. F LOW E R S. BO N N ET FRAMES. RUCHES, Ac., which will be sold very cheap. Call and examine for yourselves, at MRS. R.G. ETCHINSON, No. 12 Market Space, bet.8thand9th sts. may l5-3t SILVER MEDALPREMIUM !-From ike Me tropnliian Merhanir*'* Institute. For ICE CREAM. WATER ICES, and CAKES. C. C. ATZS. No. 107 Bridge street, l>etween Con gress and High streets. Georgetown, lie^s |eavs<=* to inform the citizens of Georgetown and vicinity W that he is rendv to furnish any order that it would Y pl?*asethe public to give hmi. and s.s?ures them that it would be completely satisfactory. Price* Ice Cream ?2 per gallon, plain or in moulds. Will have always on hand ICE CREAM. CAKES, and WATER ICES, for those that favor me with a oaJl. ap2Rlm* PER AMBULATORS.?A NEW STYLE OF CHILDREN'S CARRIAG ES, a beau t iful snd safe article. Call and examine them. JOS. L. SAVAGE. Importer of Hardware and House-furnishing Goods, Sign Gilt Saw, Penn. avenue, may 15-6t between lQih and 11th streets. LADIES' GARDEN TOOLS, in sets and boxes, just received direct from Sheffield, and for sale by JOS. L. SAVAGE, Importer of Hardware and House-furnishing Goods. Sign Gilt Saw. Penn.avenue, may 15-6t one door west of 10th street. JUST PUBLISHED.?THE FOURTU VOL utne of Irving's Life of Washington. Received an<l for sale at SHILLINGTON'S Bookstore. Persons desirous of obtaining a complete set of this most valuable work, can be furnished with it on application to JOS. SHlLLlNGTON. Odeon Building, may 15 Corner 4>?' street and Penn. avenue. DR.KANE'SREFRI g e r a to rs. Waterman's Upright ditto. Farson's Horizontal ditto. lust received, and for sale at inanufac turor's prices. JOS. L. SAVAGE. Importer of House-furnishing Goods, Sign of Gilt Saw, Penn. avenue, may 15-fit one door west of 10th street. SHOES AND GAITERS.-Just received a ver* fine assortment of SHOES and a it. _ ^, ERS. which I well sell very cheap. Ladies j fine Gaiters SI to .$'.23, Gent's fine Shoes! anil Gaiters $2. $2jn, Boy's Sht?es ftt. Always on hand, an assortment of my own make of work which I will sell oheap for cash. T. FORREST No. 2a2 Pa. av., bet. 12th and ISth sts., north side, may l5-2w OF LATE IMPORTATION.-WE HAVE A fresh supply of? 11 SWISS CHEESE, in Cakes. EDAM Rolls. DUTCH HERRINGS, in Kegs. PR UN ELLA, in Boxes. And for sale by KING A MURCHELL, ap 27 Corner Vermont avenue aud 15th street, J^JAY PARTIES AND BALLS. ICE CREAM and WATER ICES of the best quality and of all flavors furnished to May Parties Excursionists, Pic Nics, Hotels, and Families ?? the low price of 9\Jf) per gallon. ' Alsn a great vanely of PLAIN and FANCY CAKES may be found constant )- on hand at th? PHILADELPHIA STORE, corner of lih and F streets. may 2-1 m* PROPOSALS. I? / v DgrARTMSXT, i Hurray of Vrtrrfj and Dorks, May 10, law \ Sealed Proposals endorsed "Proposals for Im provements at Ellis's Island, New York," will be re ceived at this office until nooa on the 1st day of J line Nav*lYard'rN??fvr*t V? thf Commandant of the ' r fhA , T ^or't. for plans and specihcatious from tlie date Wlthin (6) mouths #pprove*! Kuar?%ntore to the offer, and sureties to according to law, w ill be required. ?imy 14 gALTIMORECITY MALT HOUSE. AIAU'l* FOR SALE.?'The undersigned having recently purchased the CITY MALT HOUSE, corner of West Falls avenue and Block street. Would aunounce to his friends aud lite public, that he *1 ?'? 111 operation, with a large supply ?>f MALT for *al? on liberal terms. my6-3m FRANCIS DENMEAD. PIANOS FOR RENT AT JOHN F. ELLIS'S. A betweeu^haodiothsts. m>7 Wi B( >>Sis ^ V* D* votrri of I he ? W<WKI "?ra M *1 wrt?l>iwl< nl Candidate tor Alp* a* ax at the ensuing election. may 13-tf AMUSEMENTS o DD FELLOWS' HALL. urnh Ayb innirtEr FAREWELL NIGHT. Moat positive!) the last appearancein Washington 9FG NOR DOXETTI'S Wonderful Comic Troupe of ACTING MONKKYS, .*??? in ail their Laughable and Lndicrous Imitation* and Performances. Admission 50oents; Children under 12. with iheir parent*.25 rent*. Secured ?st*. 25 cents exiw. Poors oeen at 7^: Curtain n*e* at 8. nia> IP SECOND ANNUAL EXCURSION or Lo^an Tribe, No. 8, I. 0. E. M., Or Gkokgbtowx. Having chartered the Steamer W asKtlieTo*. re * -v W??? ?- * 1 Mat 2S?h. to the White Hor?r. Mr. C. C. Atz*. the Silver Medal Caterer, wiir have entire supervision of the Refreshment <ie partment. The Committee pledge untiring effort* to make thi* the most pleasant and agreealdc excur*iou <>f tbo season. The Boat will leave Georgetown at 8 o'clock. Citv 8S- Blagden'a Wharf, Nav* Yard. 9. Tickets ONE DOLLAR : admitting a Gentleman Mil Ladi?. ma; lt? eo4t CONCKKT OF THE FEMAI.K DEPART MK.NT OF THE FOt KTH DISTRICT SCHOOL,?Mi** M. Milbiax. Principal,) At thf Smithsonian Institution. On TUESDAY EVENING. May 19th, UG7. Mr. F. GLEN ROY will have the hor??r to prenen* a Programme on the aliove ncrtMin. which he ei?nh dentlj trusts will l>e hijehIv gratifying to hi* friend*. Ticket* Twentv-five Cent*?no' half price?eaa l?e obtained at all the Mnme ami Bookstore*. The Concert will commence i,t 8 o'clock. Mr. John F. Ellui has kindly loaned th* Orand Piano from the celebrated h<>n?e of Ballet. Daws A Co., of Boston. n<>w on exhibition in his sale* room*, may 15-4t First grand exci rsion or TNI American Hook A Ladder Co., Mo. 2, TO THE WltlTE HOVSE. Having chartered the Steamer* Wasuimito* in I Coli.1kr, the Compau* respectfully announce that the* will give an EX CURSION on THI RSDAV, May? 21st. to the al?ove-nani?d place. Withers' Celebrated Bind has l>een encaged fur the occasion; and that prince of caterers, Air. R. Schadd, will have entire supervision ??f the RefYc<th ment department. The first Beat will leave the Steamboat Wl-arfa' 1, Navy Yard at 9, Alexandria at '.-'a o'Hoefc. a.m The second Boat will leave the Steamboat W irf *? 2. Navy Yard at 2J?. Alexandria at 3'? o>Wk. p. m. Returning, the boats will touch at all tlie also* place*. Ticket* ONE DOLLAR ; admitting a Gentleman and Ladies. mat It 6t LOST AND FOUND. LOST.?At the Smithsonian Grounds ihi- ni<<in ing, or on the route o|'the school proc soon to the NVeslev Chapel, a GOLD CHAIN BRA^I LET. A suitable reward will be given .f left at 4. I 13th street, betweeu G and H. It* LOST.?On or near Franklin Square. I street.a child's GOI.D BRACELET, marked" C. C." on the clasp. The finder will be rewarded by return ing the article to -W I street, near Uth. may tft-3* IOSTOR STOLEN.?Either?! the Smiths an J Ground* or along the line marched l*v the Sur. day School procession to Weslev Chapel Church. *? SILVER WATCH. With the initials of " J \V." on the liack. It had a hnir vest chmn attached to it. A suitanle reward will 1* given f? r it if left at 'his office. It* STRAYED FROM MY PREMISF.SON S*t urday last, a COW, having a white-? ^ ntar <>ii her forehead, a white streak along ner right side, and white legs. Any person who will give such information at the t?tar TA .<1+ ? oflice. Washington City, a* will lend to her rceoverv will get five dollars reward. may 1H-31' THOMAS BROPERICK. Cj f? REWAR 1).?Strayed or stolen from my res idence on K street, lietween 17th and IRth streets, a dark buffalo COW, with white spots hi her face; white *p<<t on kneef^^, and lieify, and lag white; no n ark in her ear*. >|t., left my re*idence on 'he tuth of April. Theal*?ve reward will l?e given if br- u h' to me, No. l*?i. may 16 St* ALEXANDER KIBBI.E. R KW AR D.?Stray ed awa% on SniMlav eve:i <3? Sm\t ing last, from the premises of the sub senior on Third street. Ie twe> n I and K streets, a dark brown MARE, with face and^^7-^ hmd legs white, and a long tail. She is liciween 1? and 16 han<1s high. The above reward will l?c pai l on her delivery tome. JAMES SULLIVAN, may 15-St* No. 2438j st. liet^I ft K street* IOST OR STtH.EN ? Fron Ike possession <?! J the Hon. Francis S. Edwards, at the Wahinni: ton House in the sity of Washington, on or a!w>nt tne K?th day of Fel.ruary.\VTt. LAND WARRANT No. 51^33. dated Deceml>er24th. IB5*i. Said Warrant was issued to Exra Reed, under the act ot March, 1855. All persons are hereby cautione<! against nr gotiating said Warrant as proceedings have l?een in stituted by the holder, Ezra Reed, to cancel th? same, ap3"-6w EZRA REF.D. WAKTS. WANTED.?A goo:I Cook, Washer,and 1r. ner. Ore who can e?>ine well reeommerwleH sill titwl a good situation and lil?eral wages. Call at No. 44-'E s-treet, between 6th au<l 7th. lu -y K-lw* WANTED.?Two MEN speaking 'he German lancrage, to sell a new aid popular tiernisu Book. Apply to MARTIN JOH.NMlN A. C<?.. 4^97th stre?-t, lietween 8 and 9,'t o'cKiek a. m. mas 18-eoSt S E R V A NTS WAN TED. - Dl NING R OOM WAITERSand BOYS wanted at WIEEAR1>>' HOTEL. AIm*. an intelligent WOMAN to take charge of a Store-room. may lfi-2w W ANTED.?A SALESMAN in a Dty G?,h1? ll Store. Goo?l references required. ^<^dre?.s with name, through the City Post Office, to" C. D." inav 16-at WANTED IMMEDIATELY. ?Twent, tiv TA1 LORS ami TAILORESSLS. None need applv but competeul^nnils. G- Kot.a, Foremxn. may 15-H WALL A STEPHENS. WANTED TO PURCHASE ? A BRICK DWELLING, containing C or) r?H)ins, a worth from to atiout St.***'. bv hrst pavir c S VM) in ca*h. and the Imiauce in annual instalment*. Also, For Sale?On ea.-y terms, two deviri'^.e BRICK DWELLINGS, iacli Iocju^I ?ithint? > square* of the Patent Office. One of them can!* bought bv paying $l.iivi in onsh. and the Isilance in I halfyearly instalments. POLLARD WEBB. may 14-1f N? >^512 (2d st<?r>^7th str<vt. WANTED?At 3'7 Penn. avenne. suiitn siJf. *? corner of 9th street, a CHAMBER MA ID a 1 WAITER. The waiter a ho\ of from 1* to U ye*f? of age. Bo'h must be able to bring satisfactory r?-' ommendafions. msy U-tf WANTED.?< s-w white work. Also, six DRESS-MAKERS and a young I.ADY.tossw on Wheeler A Wilson's Sev ing Machine. All hand6 wiote?l hi the estiibiishmei '. None but i<H)d hands need applv to Mr. WILLI AN 32 Market Space, lietween 6th and 7th street*. may 13-1 w WANTED.?A convenient HOUSE. Rent aboi ? " Not far from P?nn. avenue. Notea<l dressed Box 313. Post Office, with location an ' rei t. will meet at tent ion. a p 2' Brewery men wanted.?Three gt?.-i BREWERY HANDS, to whom regular w..,s and good wages will l?e given, can find empio, m-'il by applyinK to GEO. STOREY, Manager for Mr. Jos. the Washington Brewery. NVashine ton, D. C. ap It BOARDING." MRS. REILY, No. hVi New Jerse* aveiiM'1. Capitol Hill.ha*several PLEASANT ROOMS which she would be pleased to Rent to permanent or transient Boarders. TABLE BOARDERScan >?<? accommodated. mwv 14 eiktt* BOARDINOTOR THE SUMMER.-Pleasa< t ROOMS in a delishtful situation on tl?e |?lau?t. To persons who wish Summer Board this is a go chance. The rooms are large and airy, on Mary ?<?1 avenue, one of the finest streets in the city.i'Bd* pump of excellent water at the door. Term* w? moilerate. Apply at the ottrner of l?th street ami Mary land a veil ue. may 13-W 1\1 R S. BAT E s7 A T H F. R B O A R J?IN ?* 1?* HOI SE, on the southeast comer of Pewi. Avenue and 9th street, has ina4e arrangements t? accommodate a large numl<erof strangers with Mea ? at any tune throughout the day, and l.odKiugs. ntar 3 WANTED FOR THE UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS.-Two hundred alJe . ^ Itodied men. Pav from $11 to $Xt per month.* 1 with board and clothing. Service on land aixlH M sea. Promotion given to g?Mxl aixl likely men. I Apply at the Murine Barraoka, VVMlNRtna? City,and at all Marine Stations. may < 2w ( Bait S;in cop\ I I^O THE PUBLIC \NI? PARTIt l UKlA TO MILLINERS?STRAW KON-^\ NETS. HATS, and FLATS f.^ ladies gen tleiiieu, ami children. Will l?e Bleached an.i^** Pressed in the newest French styles, and at tne shortest notice, at the new Grand Bleaching and Pressing Establishment. ' WILLIAN, may 11 1m 32 Market Space, bet. 7th and Hth. a GENCY FOR IRON. J\ llav inc accepte<l the agencv of the eelcl*ateil " R. R. H. brand of Etiglisli Refineil Iron. I am i?'? prepared to receive orde/s at IwroR-iKRs' Pm't". in quantities of not less than halt ton, for task onlt 2.24 ? pounds to the ton. GEO. C. HENNI V?. Onlers left witk Messrs. El??n? A TitoMi " ^* 3X Peimsylvaiua avenue, wiil receive prompt attea tion. n*? I' Refrigerators, ice pitchers, hi t TER COOLERS, W WATER COOLERS, and a large fresh supply of Housekeeping floj and otkvr useful articles, at 4?' Seveath st.jH9tf' . G. FR%NCIS TC^ANS WHOLESALE AND RET.VLL. Aj r Mclaughlin a co.'s, *? Peyu, aveim'.w tweeti ?Ui aud streets, P*''