Newspaper of Evening Star, May 19, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 19, 1857 Page 1
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VOL. IX. WASHINGTON, D. C., TUESDAY, MAY 19, 1857. NO. 1,352. THE EVENING STAR IS prBLI5HED EVERY AFTERSOOJI, (E1CEPT SUNDAY.) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS. Cirmtr Pemn.iplvamim mr?n?4, and 11<A strut, Br W D. WALLACE, and i* aerved to snbecribers by camera at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weakly to the Akanta; papers aerved in packagea at oenta per im nth. To mail aubaoribera the subscription price ia THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS a year in adrann, TWO DOLLARS for aix ?i<>ntha, and ONE DOLLAR for three montha;for inaa than three montha at the rata of 12K oenta a weak. fT7"SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. FASHIONS FOR MAY. [From LeFollet ] Materials Pt spring ?Irenes are now appear ing in variety. e have already spoken r ict a*1 ^eUf in tWo light shades, separa .? .7 Jth"!.ada of satin ; these, a* well as houneed chine taffetas, and spring moires with three or four flounces, will be the deoided tnvorites of the prwut season. Poplins, also, citbar plain, jaspees, or chines, will be very fashionable; blue, light green, pink and various snade* of gray, being the principal colors now w<-?rn. Although there has lately been a cru swde against basques, they are still triumph ant ; they are worn either short or deep, but nwre generally the latter. They are variously trimmed?ruches plaitings, gauffered ribbons, and passementeries are all much used. Dresses without basques, however, are more and more ?">eQ in evomng toilet The body is frequently rnsde pointed on the hips, as well as before and [?enind ; and the double skirt is trimmed with pink ruche*. or with one or two rows of ribbon, plaited a la Tieijle. The same trimming ia also placed on the high body, or round the berthe, w ich is slightly pointed before and behind. , h*B lhe body is with basaues, the snmc plait ing i? arrange! ea breteflea reaching to the waist behind, and united by a atrap at front, having th? appearance of a square-cut body, {?omo double skirts are ornamented by ruches, ?>r s^mo other fancy trimmings, placed down the taia?; in which caw they arc finished by a sim pl j hem only. They have one advantage over u 'on^w, in that Cher employ let* material. A wide fringe forms a very elegant trimming; it is placed exclusively on the upper skirt. In no part of the toilette is there greater va riety than in the form of sleeves The pagoda i.reve and Juive shapes are still worn, others "r7.TIlpoSed ?f tbre? P?ff?, or of two with a trill below. A more dressy sleeve is arranged in flur plait# nearly from the armhole to the elbow; sometimes a row of buttons is placed on each Plait, or one button only at the termina tion of the plait. Below the elbow the sleeve I f^rrns a Dagoda. cut up in front of the arm, I med with white silk, and trimmed round the ! " ii l w'*b a plaited white ribbon. With respect to mantles there is some indoci- , *ion between the large and small ; the latter, however, appears more suitable for summer wear. Etolles of blonde, guipure, or black lace, are very frequently placed on the erowns of bon ?e.s of lace or tulle, the oolor of the bonnet, are more than ever worn, aa are also those of white tulle. In one of our most fashionable houses we : have just seen some very elegant toilettes. 'hie was a dress of China rose taffeta* in I large checks, and in the centre of each a bou quet of light brown and white chine. The l?>dy wad not quite high, showing a guim e en- I Urely eoinposed of bouillonnes ot tulle and was trimmed round the top with a ribbon half 1 pink and half light brown, plaited a la rieille. iir/iTJT ner7 Uf>en,' "\\h ****** ?' the under reeves bouillonufcj of tulle, covered by a check w..rk of nbbou to match that round the top of tae body. * We also very much admired an English green \ r7"i rF9 WXlh tT\8kirtJ- tb? upi?er one X'rdered by a broad band 01 myrtle green, edged on each side by a narrow ruche of black I?w. The light body was without barque*, bottomed at front, and ornamented by a Ila jhael berthe. formed of a band of myrtle irrccn ??Jged to match that on the skirt. The body was trimmed bv brandebourgs of black lace ruehea both in the front and on the b*ek With 1 V^.u0 bevw?? a black taffetas shawl, cov ered with embroidery it. narrow braid, and sur rounded by a broad black lace; and a crinoline howaet. trimmed^ with a wreath of feathers, shaded from bright green to myrtle green. Among the evening droeses we very much ad mired the two following: The first wa* a dress of Nakara velvet, with rery low body, the drapery being held on each ?Wider by noeuds and pendants formed of diamonds. The coiffure was compoeed of large bandeaux taken very low behind, surmounted by a wrea.h of oak leaves; full at the sides and i ^ ^Ulle narrow across the front of the tJ' W u r" 11 WM fMt<>ned bJ ? diamond star ? tK. u"^tr Wa" t drew of m*ix? ?"l?red rai>e ; S1/.1 entirely covered with bouillonnes, prinkled with small bows 0f white ribbon, .er this was a tunique of point d Alencon, forming a basque to the low body. The berthe waa open very wide encceur. and laced together ?v rows of small diamonds separated by bouil 1hnne. of maize crape The sleeves were very i le and hanging, caught up by agraffe*of dia monds. A superb wreath o! corn ears and lilies t 'i ?l al#? "f diamonds, formed the hMd-dvwe. being finished Vu one side by a nan<I?iiu" water-lily. v VJ bonnela CIW1 no longer be worn, and f ^LUUL'erUln wealher almost I . .Vr ? ? OD 100 * change, so that ! - ur mo-iutoa have u> exen tbeir ingeonity in ' . materials in order v, c-?m&ne , ieganc^ with comfort ,n the new spring bon KdJSX'* "m?"'lh" : A white laff-tas bonnet, a biais of green crape ? ? he edge, and a third, without ruches, round I ^nThL Vn'r ,ld*vof the front a of ^mall white fathers, the ends tinted with a eftLan* J.^eQ#n,i lon* whl1? t*ffetas strings 1L!i!!et bonnet entirely covered with black la-e and trimmed with a long feather of j ^^?n-^ taffetas, twfsted round SIT- and failing over the curtain ; in the . -ithboui,. a.mrjrr^!!*,nt' "I'1 at the same tim? "imple i 7/' rSgle' "f 'bite crape, with a wfde I t 't'n thl * gr?* Nai',e"- ? 'ha<le be- ! tween the eoru flower and sky blue. A Ion* .?^rter'w~JWr ^ lh# Da? of the P'^ede iKT'-r rPVr r"un,, th? bonnet, falling vurtuiu ?^ul fnngc over the front and the imxed^riih ?h! u ath?ra ?f the same kind, de^r! nf th,J..b'ondo ,n ^ inside, and a ban deau of blue ribbon across the forehead 1UU W^rn Ter7 thrown ! 'ur-ain ChMk*' mnU rint<?1 in fryot. The t in S PUt ?? m Piaiu- ?rr??ged i !'.rs r. . , f ** 0Ot t0 faU 0?er th? 8hrt?'<l- I the bJ k Th ?Ut ^ iU th? of ! .,r ih- tT The crown inclines, and the inside { aid n \* raUoh with blonde t and fl^wera, placed either in small bouquets? 1 tworf tbem high upon the right side, and the f ^w#r on the left?or else a small < wreath carried across the forehead. ? Kice straw and crape, mixed with velvet and 1 fl-wers or feathers, seem to be the favorite inn ! "rials at present in use; and the Marie .S'uart ' ? ? Pamela the prevailing shaj* *f the season i For eveamg e..iffure. resilles of pearlsor gold i with bunehes of lowers at the .ide, are muoh baid , f fil5 Calffur* ^""P^Iour, comj-jsed of a . ,"lTerKv!MWn*d 141 UlB s^e! uo ier a U>w of blue ribbon, with two smaller ^wa'rdlth >';>T ^?b'Jn' low"r I tw ,V1 ?rj mu,J on ^ olber *>de t*'>rge roses, with foliage falling over the i it T * cbMrU1^? effoct. a., ,aPP<;a"^ the other evening iu , r-sil'e JT 1 f!eX'lot coiffure, composed uf ? , ? "I'*! F to,riaiu< three pointa. one falling t.J * the other two at the temples, * Ur?e *i**mond suspended from each point 1. J ^ wTiVt'ri4-^ aahwned to own ia other Words t ?, u wliU h '? b"t waylaj;, wi? )^t:rday ? " Wi,cr ?o-day than he v. FyTe.'Erubfe Jamalra got up. H ^foo would Uke deliKh7 la**C,Uf,nr*t' "ucb M ' ,haf th'Tr?nnot ' ' - to the .uS? *'tr,b7f* ,he wf""-opon tbev a?k that th* r Cnt>a. H fin :hr?kid^thern"'<at JJat tbe Af.ican aUv. trade sh?fiVv?t?i thit f ,,aJ1- oy that IHM) n/at'n,,,cn1 PTP1'',b,nk 'hat the Coo vro*id 1 r ** tbe ?lave traiie, and i ??tereeted In i.rlth. r nyUllu (ueinbMth. ^ wtiomyly eondeuinlag I Rival Eqanlrianlim at Liverpool. [From the Liverpool Times, May 2 J The town of Liverpool ha* been more than or dinarily excited thin week by the rivalry of two competing companies of equestrian*, contending for the support of the lieges?an English and an American company?and to each a handsome share of support has been extended. Our trans Atlantic cousins do everything on a grand scale, and in what is called 44 eo-a- b?*adedness" they far transcend the more sooer realizations of the race from which they sprung. No stronger proof of the fact need be cited than these dissimilar cir cus exploits, with which public attention has been occupied during the last few days. The English establishment in Dale street, like our own " tight little island," is substantial rath er than showy?a building which It required some wteks to erect, and toTake down whicn will demand considerable time and labor. The per formances are, like the building, good and inter esting?everything clean, neat ana satisfactory as regards taste ana arrangement. The American tent, of enormous capacity, and capable of accom modating 5.0U0 p??>ple, Is made of a material which, resisting the rain, can be pulled to pieces and rolled up in an hour or two. ready for expan sion again when necessity requires it. It seems to realize life in the States, wnere everything is mad* to bend to the necessities of the hour, and administer to as much animal enjoyment *0 pos sible in the shortest imaginable time. The day preceding the American display the Englishman challenged the attention of the pop ulace by his team of eight horses, t>eautiful cream colored animals, which he held admirably in hand ; and he cracked his whip i?ver their glossy backs in a manner which seemed to please ana inspirit rather than annoy the b"utes. It was an admirable exhibition of street driving. His mu sicians and equestrians too, following, reflected credit on the troupe, and showed that equestrian ism, when spiriti dly conducted, can Hud deccnt | people to follow it as a profession. The American procession was on a larger scale ?forty line c:eam colored horses, four abreast, with a chariot rer, who wore rather an auxiona ap pearance. He did not use the whip?so far. at l?*ast, as we co it Id perceive?and It was said that he could only check the movements of his lead ers and wheelers There were men on each side of the hoises conducting them?an indispensable precaution under the circumstances, but which seemed rather to disappoint the public, which always delights in the marvellous. Then came the Iiidian wigwam, driven bv a negro, and other illustrations mcidental to the I'nlted State", which the other establishment did not attempt to rival. We never remember the streets so densely crowded as they were on Thursday to witness the American display, and to such an extent was this carried that, for some hours, the ordinary busi ness of the town might be said to be actually sus pended We are glad 'hat onr townsmen have given these clever and spirited stronger* so hearty a welcome, for the risk and cost of importing an equestrian troupe of this extent from the Western shores of the Atlantic must be serious. But we allude to the subject here mainly for the purpose of showing how closely the character of the twj nations is reflected in these rival displays?if we had time and space at our command to perfect the analogy. Spealclng for ourselves, we think that the pri'ucipal charm of this description of enter tainment consists in raising that noble domestic animal, th* horse, by a high course of training, to the dignity of a rational Wing, and, on the con trary. making man, by a similar process, rival In strength and agility the attributes of the horse. Practical SKRSfo*.?Colored ministers often excel in those qualities in which many of their white brethren are especially deficient?pungen cy and directness. The following sketch of a sermon, for whose accuracy the editor of an ex change gives his personal voucher, is a good il lustration of these important qualities : Dropping into an Arriean meeting-house In the outskirts or the city, we found the sermon just commenced. The topic seemed to be the depra vity of the human heart, and the sable divine thus illustrated his argument: 4* Bredren, when 1 w;is in Virginia one day. de ole woman's kitchen table got broke, an' f was ! sent into de woods to cut a tree to make a new leaf for it. So I took an ax on de shoulder, aud 1 wandered into de depth of de forest. 44 All nature was as beautiful as a lady going to de wedding. D? leave* glistened on da maple trees like new quarter dollars in de missionary box ; de sun shone as brilliant, and nature looked as gay as a buck rabbit in a parsley garden, and de little bell round de old sheep's neck tinkled softly arid musically in the distance. "I spied a tree suitable for de purpo*e.and rais ed de ax to cut Into de trunk. Itwasfa beautiful tree! De branch** reached to de four corners oh de earth, an' raise up so high In de air above, an' de sqnir'ls bop about in de liml<slike Lttleangels ' flopping their wings In the kingdom ob heaven. > Dat tree war full ob promise my friends, jest like a great many of you. ''Den I cut into de trunk, and made de chips fly lik" de mighty scales dropping from Paul's eye*. Two. three cut I gave dat tree, and alas, it was hollow in de butt : 44 Dat tree was much like you. my friends? fall of promise outside, but holler In de butt!M The groins from the amen corner of the room were truly contrite and aff^cting;but we will ven ture a small wag^r that that was the most practi cal sermon preached in the city, on that day at least. _ Co??i*vi>RC*8.?44 Talking of conundrums," said Old Hurricane, stretching himself all over Social Hall, ami sending out one of those mighty putt* <>f Havana smoke which had given him his name, "can any of you tell me wheu a ship may be said to be in love ?" ?4 1 can tell you?I can," snapped ont Little Turtle. '-It* when she wants to be manned." ??Just missed it," ijuoth Old Hurricane, "by /i mile and a half. Try it again. Who speaks | fl'st ?" ??I do, secondly," answered Lemons. 14 It is j when she wants a mate." "Not coriect," replied Hurricane. "Theque* tion is still open." '?When she's a ship of great size," (sighs,) modestlv propounded Mr Smoothly. "No," replied Hurricane. * "When she's tind'r to a mi* of try," said the Colonel, regarding the reflection of his face in his boot. ??Everthing but correct," responded Old Hurri cane." ??When she's struck aback by a heavy swell," suggested Starlight. "Not as yet," said Hurricane. "Come, hurry t along " ??When she makes muck of a fait tailor.'" cried hinashpipos. Here there was a greet groan, and Smashpipes was thrown out the window. When peace waj restored, Old Hurricane "pro pelled" ag a n : "You might have said, 'when she hugs the : wind.' or 'when she run* d?wu after a smack,' | or *when she's after a eouNo.t,' or something <>f | mat sort, but it wouldn't have lieen right. The I real solution is this?when she's attached to a ke.-y.'" i Yaxkzb Bltxdkr ?Though often forewarned not to depend in France upon the French learned at school, I do not think that the very first intro duction to the streets of Paris, It would lead to a singular blunder. On Saturday, after a late sleep, after our later than midnight ride. I sallied out to find the American Minister. 1 learned where his office was by the directory, started otf, found the street and the number as I thought, rang, wasush ? red into a well furnished room, where a gentle m inly looking mail was seated, who addressed me in French 1 essayed my French; "oul out. oui, tnousieru." he quickly answered. An official j wascalled, and I was hurried down a long gal- I lerv. beginlng now to think that our plain Virgin- I ia Mason was very formal, when a door was open*d and 1 entered, and to my own amazement about two hundred female fares in night caps,all arranged along In beds, met my gaze. It appears he too* me for a medical student, recommended by the American Minister, and here I was in the heart of one of the largest hospitals in Paris. My astonishment explained the case to the attendant and a few doors off, I found the place of the Auierican Legation. So much forbad French.? Correspondence of tke Charleston Adcoeatt. IIjT" Vanity in women is not invariable, though it is too often, the sign of a cold and selflsu heart; in men it always Is ; therefore we ridicule It ill society, and in piivale hate it ?Landor. L J~ The fact that the deaths exceed the num ber of birth* in France, and that at present the population is actually diminishing although erni- j gration has almost ceased. Is exciting much dis- ! cussion as to causes and consequence*. IZT Mr Choate writes a hand which has been i compared to the autograph of a seventeen-legged : spider Just crawled oat of an inkstand An ex- j change"says: " We are informed that Hon. Ru- ; ftM Choate will be sent to China?not, however, by the Government ? Minister Plenipotentiary, i but that he has been engaged at a large salary to I go out to Canton, where he will l?e employed in j lettering tea-ckestsIt is said that his peculiar j style of cbirography will enable him to put on , those interesting hieroglyphic* at a much cheap er rat* ttian ti* CUae** pointers c*n do it.'* 1 o FFICIAL. _ mr . ? ? Trkasitrt Drpartmrtjt, Maroh 12,1*57. Notioe is hereby given to holder* of atock of th# loans of the United States, that this department will purchase the seme until the 1st day of June next, | uniess the sum of f1,500.W? shall bo previously ob tained. and will pay, in addition to the interest ac crued from the date of the last semi -annual dividend of interest thereon, together with one day's addi tional interest for the money to reach the vender, the following rates of premium on said stocks: For the stock of IMS, a premium of 10 per oent. For the stock of 1847 and 1848, a premium of 16 per oent.; and for the stock of IW, oommonly called Texas Indemnity Stock, a premium of 6 per oent. Certificates of stock transmitted to the depart ments, under this notioe, must be assigned to the United States, by the party duly entitled to receive the prooeeds. Payment for the stocks so assigned and transmit ted will be made by drafts on the Assistant Treas urers at Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, at the option of the parties entitled to receive the money, which should be expressed in the letters accompa nying the certificates. HOWELL COBB, mar 13-dtlstJnne Secretary of the Treasury. FOE RETT AND SALE. I^OR RENT.?-Two very desirable ROOMS, sit uated on Louisiana avenue, between 61 h and 7th Also,'For Rent?A two-stonr BRICK IIOL'SK, on I) stroet. Rent 8>5 a month. 7-tf FM)R a bargain, a now and desirable Brick DWELLING iIOl'SE, together with a Lot adjoining it on the south, and riehiy set with shrubberv, fruit trees, vines, flowors, Ac., situated on the northeast corner of 4th street west and M st. north, and in a rapidlv improving part of the city. The view is commanding, and has made the location very desirable. Price. $2.9**: one-third in cash, the bnlanoe in two years with interest. ? Also for sal?, a large anrt convenient Brick Dwell ing. No. 457, and situated on the west side of loth street, between E and F streets north. Apply at No. 512(2d story)7th street. POLLARD WEBB, hot ft tf Real Estate Agent. f*ALK-On accommodating terms, three new I comfortable BRICK DWELLINGS. Nos. LM)R M and I)".', F 211, zn, and :?5, situated on the west side of New J^rsev avenue, between F aud G streets north. Price for each SUV#*, and will be sold separately to different persons, or al 1 to one person, if wanted. \lso. for sale at low prices, two comfortable FRAME DWELLINGS. Nos. 116 and 118, situated on north side of East Capitol street, and near the Capitol. Apply at No. 512 (2d storv )7th street. POLLARD WEBB, ap y> 1m Real Estate Agent. RUO STORE FOR SALE.-It is an old ar.d well established stand, doing an excellent busi ness. and is as eligibly located as any in Washington. Address " Henrr Otho," over reai name, throngh the City Post Office. ap*3-lm 70R SALE.?Two BRICK HOUSES, contain _ mg eight rooms each, situated on C street, l>e^ tween 4>? and ttth streets. Also, three FRAME HOUSES and bne BUILDING LOTS, on accom dating terms. Apply to GEO. W. GARRETT, oorner of 7th and C streets south. No. 565. aj> 22-lm l?OR SALE OR RENT.-THE DESIRABLE 1 RESIDENCE wnthe corner of F and 21st sts., together with the Grounds surrounding it. The House contains sixteen r<?oins, has gas throughout, and furnaco. Tha stable will be sold or rented with the house if desired. The lot the house stands on is 5" by 13?? feet, but the purotiaser can have more land if desired. Also, for Sale?The LOT OF GROI NDon the oorner of F and 19th streets, and LOTS on 19th,near F street. Apply to CilUBB BROTHERS. I ?P 3-tf , AVALUALF. FARM FOR SALE?512Xacres of good FARMING LAND, situated in the County of Fauquier, Virginia, on the Alexandria and Orange Railroad, a few yards from Wnrrenton Junction; within nine miles by Railroad from the County Seat, and only two hours travel from the | oitics of Washington and Alexandria. The Farm is in a high state of cultivation, and is abundantly sup plied with water and tnnl>er,and has much excellent meadow land. Churches, Mills, and good neighbors within a short distance. For further information apply to JAMES MORROW, Esq.. on the place, or to the subscrilwr at his Broker s Office, near Brown's Hotel, Washington City. mar84 ROBERT MORROW. I7?ARM FOR SALE.?A FARM, containing 16" acres, of land, more or less, situated immediately uj>on the Washington and Brook ville Turnpike,about l2milos from Washington, together with stock, con sisting of 20 head of Hoga. Cows, Heifers. Horses, Wagon, Hay, Carriage, Harness, Plows. Harrows, and Farming Utensils generally, the Crop in the ground, Straw, Hay, 4c. It is well watered, having a spring in every field. An unfailing strua<n ol water runs through the premises. There is a good frame dwolling-house and out-houses neoessary to farm ing purposes. There is also an Orchard on the placo, at*>ut one third of the land is in timber, oak, hickory, &L C. I For further informatien inquire of BENJAMIN BOHRER, cc-rner of Beall and Montgomery sts.; i GEO. W. BOHRER, oor. of Highand (iay streets, | Georgetown, D. C., or of Mr. HARP, on the prem isea. *P fr-tf ICE, f J. MIDDLETON, L. ICE DEALER. Office and Depot?Southwest oorner of F and !2th Streets. Washington. apU-tf , ICE! ICE!! ICE!!!?The undersigned respectful ly inform his friends and tho public genendiv, that he is now prepared to furnish .ainiliea and others) through the season) with the best quality of ICE, delivered in any part of Washington and George town, and guarantees to give entire satisfaction. Orders to bo left with Kidwrll A Laprescr, oornor 14th street and Pennsylvania avenue; Gro. F. KimvsLL A Co., 14th street; J. B. Moors. Drug gist, Penr.a. avenue, between 19th and 2">th streets ; fiEoRauSiKTZ, New York avenue, betwenn loth and 11th streets; Robt. A. I'atne. Druggist, corner 4th and Mass. avenue; and with the subscriber. No. 3 First street, Georgetown, where Ice can be had at all times. aP7-tf T. N.KIDWELL. CE?JCE?ICE.?For sale 2rV? to S,oon tone of PURE ICE at th? Hockley Mill. near the Relay House, on the Waslyngton Railroad. It can bo sent in oars either to Baltimore or Washington. Apply to ROBT. C. WRIGHT, Patterson st. ap2S2m Baltimore, 1 'PRI NKS, VALISES. HAT BOXES. CAR 1 PET BAGS, SATCHELS, Ac., at very low pnc?a,sod good t ,TEpHKNS. may 9- tf 322 Pa. ave., bet. 9th and 10th sts. J^EW GOODS JUST RECEIVED. The subscriber has just received the following fresh assortment of Goods: Layer Raisins, fresh soft-shell Almonds. Nantz Currants, Schiedam Schnapps in square auart flasks and stone jugs; Brandies, Wines, and Liquors, of superior qualities, assorted flavorings ; \ east Pow ders; Sperm, Adamantine, and 'Iallow Candles: Brown Soaps. Maccaroms, Vermacelli, scented Soaps ; Scotch, Macaboy, Ainerioan (ientleman, French Rappee, and Mrs. Miller's Snuffs; Corn Starch. Olive Oil, Carroway Seed, Root Ginger, English Mustard, Amenoan do.; Pepper Sauoe, Spanish Segars, Tobacoo, Scotch Ales,Brown Stout, Spioes, Ac., wholesale aud retail, cheap for cash, or approved city paper. JONAS P. LEVY, 3G7 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite ap an-tf National Hotal. HOME-MADE CARR1 AGES. We have on hand, of our own manufacture, a hue assortment of ail kinds of CARRI AGES of the very t>?at, latest, and most approved sty lee, and warranted in point of workmanship and material, to lie equal to any made in the city of Washington or any other city in the (,'nited States. We respectfully solicit a call from the citizens and strangers to examine our work ; as ! we are determined to let none surpass us either iu qualitv of work or in low P"oes. We'alsodo every kind of REPAIRING inawork nianlike manner, and at reasonable ptioes. Old Carriages taken in part payment for new and at a ftiir pricS. 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Housekeepers and others in making pnrehasea will find it decidedly to their advantage to look in at 480 7th street. mar 15 O. NTIS. Agency for iron. . . Having aeoepted the agency of the celebrated " R. It. H. brand of English Refined Iron, I biii now prepared to receive orders at Importers' Pricks, in quantities of not less than half tor., J'or cask only. a-jjifouid, to tlw toil. GEO c HKNNINO. Orders left witfc Messrs. Klvans A Thompson, I'eausylvama aveoue, will reoclve prompt att?u Ooo. may n AUCTION SALES. Br A. GREEN. Auctioneer. VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON NORTH N. BKTW1EN 12TH AM) 13m STRRETS WFST, AT Atction.?On FRIDAY. the22d instant,I shall sell, in front of the premiss, at half-past 5 o'clock p. m., part of Lot No. 3, in Square 2R<\ having a front on m>rth N of 25 feet, running back to a 30-feet alley 1<3 feet, 9 inched. This property is beautifully situated, and a very handsome building site for a private residence. Terms: Ono-third cash; nalence in 6. 12, and 18 months, for notes bearing intercut from day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust takeu. All conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. Title perfect. may Iff-d A. GREEN, Auct. By WALL A BARNARD, Auctioneers. TWO HANDSOME AND V ALU A BE BUI LD iNtf Lv>t? at Auction.?On WEDNESDAY, the 2i'th instant, we shall sell.on the premises, at 5 o'clock p. m., two desirable Building Lots, being the suUiivision No. 6, situated in Square No. 510, having a front of 27 feet S inohes each on Pstreet north, (the Inst lot adjoins a 15 feet alley,) and running back 142 feet 7 inches to a So fret alley, between 4th and 5th streets. Persons desirous to purchase bnilding lots for the erection of a residanco will do well to examine ttic aN?ve lots, as they are situated in a fin?, healthy And flourishing section of the city. Terms : One-fourth cash : l*!ance in fl, 12.18. and 24 months, with notes liearing interest. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. Title in disputable. WALLA BARNARD. may 18 A nctioneers. By JAMES C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. VALUABLE IMPROVED AND UNIMPRO J vkii R kal Estate for Sale.? On WEDNES PAY AFTERNOON. May 20th. 1857, we willoffer for sale, at publio auction, at 5X o'clock, on the premises, part of Lot It, all of 19, 2<>, an^ 21, and part of I>ot 22, in Square 447, in Washington city, com mencing for the front at a point 40 feet south of the intersection of O street north with 6th street wpst, and running in a southerly direction on the west line of 6th street feet, and having a depth of )!6 feet for ail, cxeept the northern GO feet, winch has 8<> feet depth. ft will be offered in lots ol 2" feet, front, with the

privilege of any number of front feet not exoeeding forty. Terms: 2n per cent. cash; the balance in annual payments of in per cent, secured by a deed of trust on the premises, and bearing interest from day of sale. After the above sale there will be offered the threo 3-story lirick Houses, having a front on the west side of 9th street west ofabout fret from the point of its intersection with N street north, in Square 399, w ith depth of about 9fl or 95 feet. The aliovo houses are on a ground rent lease of 99 years, with privilege of purcnaso at any time at 25 oents per sauare foot. Terms: One quarter, cash ; liaiance in one, tiro, and three years. Deeds given and deeds of trust taken to secure deferred payments. All transfers at the cost of the purchaser. may 14-d JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. b7E. s. WRIGHT; Georgetown. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLEIM ritoved Propkrtt.?On THUR SDAY, the 2lst instant, at 5 o'clock j>. in., will be sold at auction, ou the premises, the following valuable Real Estate. 1st. The two-story Brick House and Lot fronting on High street, and adjoining on the north the Drug Store of Dr. Kidwell, lately occupied by J. Hicks. 2d. A Briok House and Lot on Prospect street, immediately west of Dr. Kidweli's Store. Terms liberal, and at sale. By ord**r of the Trus tee. E. S. WRIGHT, may l3-3t* Auctioneer. By JAS.C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. \JER Y VALUABLE REAL ESTATE AT thk CoRNKR OF ltKLAWARR AVF.NTK AND N'oXTH B street.?I)n THURSDAY AFTERNOON. May 2;*t, at 6o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell pnrt of Lot No. 5. in Square 68i;, situated at the corner of Delawar? avenue and north B street, within one square of the Capitol, and containing IS.IHO square feet. This is one of the most desirable unimproved loca tions for sale in the city, and is very durable as an investment, in view of the proposed Capitol Ex tension. Title indisputable. Terms: One-half cash: the residue in one. two, and three years, for satisfactorily secured notes, bearing interest, inv 14-d JAS. C. MoGUIRE. Atiotione<*r. IV By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. EAUTIFUL BUILDING LOT ON NORTH > F,bhtwkkn6th and 7th strmets wkst, axd NEAR THK PaTKNT OFFICE, AT AUCTION.?till THURSDAY, the 21st instant. I shall sell, iu front of the premises, at 6 o'clock J. m., a beautiful Build ing Lot. having a front of 40 feet on the south side of F street north, running bnok toa 3o-fret alloy 158 fret 1J? inch, l>eing west part of Lot No. 16, in square 4.5r?. between 6th and7th streets west, near the Patent and Post (tflices. This property is the most desirable of any now lor sale in Washington. Terrfis: One-third cash: balance in 6, 12, and 18 months, for notes bearing interest from day of sale. A deed given aud a deed of trust taken. All convejance at the cost of tl.e purcliaser. Title indisputable. may 18-d __ A. GREEN, Auct. yv JAMES C. MoGUIRE. Auctioneer. PEREMPTORY SALE OF VERY VALUA BLE Bcildixo Lot on I strrkt, bbtwkrn 2i>th and 21st streets wbst.?On THURSDAY' AF TERNOON, .May 2ist,at So'clock.on the premises. I shall sell all of Lot No. and the eastern 23 feet of Lot No. 19, in Square No. 101. fronting together5H feet on north I between 2i'th ana 21st streets west, and running Iwck 149 feet 3 inches to a 2r> fret alley. These lots are situated in a fashionable and vn desirable part of the city for a private residence, and the sale should command the attentionof persona desiring first-class building 6ites. Terms: One-tlurd cash; the residue ir Fix and twelve months, for satisfactory j secured notes, I ?ear ing interest. may 14-d JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct. By WALLA BARNARD. Auotioneers. VrALUABLE BUILDING LOTS ON THE Island at Auction.?Ou WEDNESDAY, the 3oth instant, at a o'clock p- m., on tlie premise#, we will sell the below-descriWl Lots, viz : I ot No. 10, in square 5i!7. fronting 45 feet 9 inches on 3d street west, aud running back to a side alley. with a depth of 92 feet. Lot No. 11, in same square, on the corner of Third street west and II street south, 45 feet 10 inches b> 7? feet. Lot No. 12, same square, 51 feet on south II street, with a depth of79 feet 7 inches. Lot No. 13, same square, 40 feet on same street, wt h a depth of 122 feet 4 inches. This sale offers a fine opportunity to secure valu able Island Property in an improving part of the city. Terms: One-third, oash ; the residue in e?jual payments at 6 and 12 months, bearing interest and secured satisfactorily. may 14-ts WALL A BARNARD. Auct*. Bv JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. CHANCERY SALE OF REAL ESTATE ON thk Island.?By virtueof a decree of the Cir cuit Court of the District of Celumbia for Washing ton oounty, made in the cause wherein John Van Ris wick is oomplaniant. and Mary A. Ay ton, widow and administratrix, and Mary V. Ayton, Adeline C. Ay ton. and others heirs at law of Richard Arton. de ceased, are defendants, the subscriber will sell, at public auction,on TUESDAY, the 2d day of June, 1857. at 6 o'clock p. in., on the premises, Lot No. 17, in the subdivision of Square No. 435. fronting 24 fret on Rth street west, between south Dand E streets, by !M feet deep toan alley 10 feet 4 inches wide, with the improvements, which oonsist of a small oue-stoo Frame Building. Terms: One-third, cash; the lialanoe in6 and 12 months, for notes bearing interest from day of sale, with seonrity to be approved by the trustee. Upon the full pa> ment of the purohose money and interest the Trustee will oonvej the property to the purcliaser in fee. If the terms o, sale are not complied with in five days after the sale the property will be resold upon one week's notice, at the risk and expense of the purcliaser. All oonveyanciug at the expense of the purchaser. CHA9. S. WALLACII. Trustee. may 7 J. C. McGUI RE. Auot. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. SALE,OF VALUABLE LOTS UNDER DE CREE.?By authority of decrees of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, pronounced in a cause wherein Thomas Sewell anil others are com plainants, and the administrators, widow, and heirs of John Breretonare defendants, lieing No. 1,152 in equity, the subscriber, as trustee, will expose to auction, to the highest bidder.ou W EDN ES DAY, the 27th day ol May instant, between the hours of four and five o'clock in the afternoon, on the premises, the following very valuable Lots, namely : Lots Nos. 4,5, and 11, in Square No. 218, in th? city of Washington. Terms: One-fourth of the purchaso money in oash : ami the residue at six, twelve, and eighteen mouths, for which the purchaser's bonds, with sure ty, bearing interest from tho day of sale, will be re quired, and a lien retained on the lots sold. If the terms are not complied with within five days from the day of sale, the property will lw resold, on seven days' notice, at the risk and cost of the de faulting purchaser. Deeds at the purohaaer's cost. W. RE DIN, Trustee. may 3-3taw A da A. GREEN. Auctioneer. PAPER-HANGINGS. wtNDOW-SILADES. Ac. The subscriber would call the attention of his friends and the public to his Spring stock of PA PER H ANGINGS. including a g?MMl assortment ft F rench GOLD PAPERS, BORDERS. STATUES. Ac.; also a handsome assortment of I'ICTL'RE CORD and TASSELS. WINDOW-SHADES of every desoription on hand or made to order. SHADE TRIMMINGS. BUFF HOLLAND, PAPER CURTAINS. Ac. COLORED ENGRAVINGS and LITHOGRAPHSpnton canvass and varnished in a superior manner, giving them the appearance of oil paintings. JOHN MA 11 KRITER, No. 500 7th st., next to Odd Fellows' Hall, ap 30-Sw* _ INOU1RE WITHIN FOR ANYTHING YOU Want to Know, or 3,7>*> Fscts for the People. may 12 FERGUSON, -tart 7th street. f^ILLOTT BEAT.?FERGUSON'S EXTRA \I fine $J8 Pen is the article. You have only to put ?>oe o#?? TOUr dMk'aictal#' '? ?irttU' ? FERGU#QN.?W7lh?ke?t. Dentistry, &c. DR. VILLARD, DENTIST, I.ATK OF CHI caou, would respectlullj inform t he cit ixens of the District and vicinity, that hav-J ing located himself iu Washington, lie is now prepared to perform all operation* in hi* profes sion, in the most approved style. Omre, No. ?0,I'eun. avenue, adjoining Gautier's. jan W ly 1 M1EIMPROVED SETSOF TEETH. if, PR. LOOMIS, the inventor aud patentee of "Loomis* Mineral Plate Teeth," having successful!/ introduced his improvement in various cities, has now permanently estab lished himself in Washington. This improvement for Set* of Teeth consists chief ln making a set of hut one piece of material, and ..iat indestructible mineral. No metal is used in their construction, and th?*y are therefore free fr< ni g.ilvamc notion and metalic taste. There are no joints to beoome filled with moisture or particles of food, hence they are fure and clean. Th<*y are lighter, stronger, less clumsy, far more durable, and natural in their appearance. 1 will rive a reward of One Thousand Dollars toaay one who will produce a similar work of art to equal mine in purity, l?enuty, durability, artistic excellence or any other requisite quality. All work responsibly warranted. iTTfi Penna. avenue, between 11th and 12th street*. ap l$-li DR. C. S. GOODMAN, srrgeoy i)extist. and Maxttfactcrer of Arttfictai. Tketh.?t His complete arrangements enabling him to? . present ?he following re* ?cmable prices: ??' 1 :J Entire I'pper Sett Teeth, on Gold to >? Do do do oil Sliver 12 to 2* One or more, on (icld 2 to 5 L?o onSi'ver 1 to 8 Filling. Extracting. Removing Tarter: also. Re pairing at the same reasonable rates. All operations executed m such a manner as to give every aatisfao tion. Office comer nth s?re?t and avenue. ap 3 DENTISTRY. DR. STEPHEN BAILY, Orricu No. !;W Pennsylvania a veste, Three doors from 14r A Street. Dr. DAILY bega leave tr? inform the public that ho cj.n lie seen at all hours,at his office, locn'ed aa alx?ve. lie feeis assured thai an experience of hfieen v ears' practice, with the large number of patients, and (treat variety of difficult eases that he iias treated success fu'.ly. will enable him to surmount any difficulty, scientific or otherwise, relating to the Teeth. His own experience oovfirnung Hie opinion of many men eminent in tlicprcfeasion, and especially Dis. flams and J. and E. Parmlr, has lod him, lone since, todis cird all mercurial preparations for filling Teeth,also all Enamels, Gutta Per<*ha, Ind a Rubber, and Ce ments for the construction of Continuous Gum Teeth, and that Porcohan, mounted on Gold Flate, is the enly reliable substance that can be worn in the mouth, an was most conclusively shown by the last American Dental Convention. Although he Hatters himself from his Ion* resi dence and practice iu Washington, he is favorably known to his nnmerons friends and patrons, he begs leave to refer th?m to the following TESTIMONIALS: Trom the late Rector of the Church of Epiphany of this citv. Dr. Stephen Buly: DearSir? I desiretoexpress my est?em ft>r you personally, and my confidence in you as a superior dentist. The operations executed for me have been highly satisfactory. I hope that you mar receive tho patronage from mr friends and the public that your bkill ku well deserves. Vours verv trnlr, Washington, Aug. 26, 18j6. J. \f. FRENCH. From one of the oldest firms in Baltimore, Messrs. Boggs. Cot inau it Co. Having employed Dr. Stephen Baily. Surgeon Den tist, of Washington city, to execute for mo an im portant and difficult pi-ce of work, which fie did to my entire satisfaction, and in view of th? fact that one of the ino?t distinguished inenilxTsof the Deutai College of Baltimore, fail?d, after reputed trials, to perform the same work satisfactorily, it gives me gr??at pleasure to express my entire confidence and Rich estimation of his professions' ski". Baltimore, J an. 12,1W7. IIAKA1 ANN BOGGS. Extract from a note received from the late Hon. John M. Clavton. j*. S.'Sfnatf. Aur. 19. IRSfi. The teeth von made for me work admirably ; noth ing oould be hotter. Very gratefully, JOHN M. CLAYTON. To those that seek relief from the maladies of the teeth. I can cheerfully recommend Dr. S. Baily aa a superior Dentist: he mado a set of porcelian teeth for one of my ft mil*, nnd plugged several teeth for myself, and the work has all stoo<i well for more than ten years. ROBERT T. NIXON, of the Va. Conf. of the M. E. Church South. April 19. lai>. We. the undersigned, having lind occasion to avail ourselves of" the professional skill of Dr. S. Baily, Surgeon Dentist of thi- city, or naving l?een cogniz ant of his operations uu our families or friends, take | p.eamire in "xpresstng onr adm: ration of his *r:<stio sk:.l. as well as of the uniformly satisfactory manner ] in which he performs the moat delicate and difficult operations iu Dental Surgery,ar:d w<? respectfully re Commend him to the confidence and pat roiiage of the public, of which we consider iiim eminentl> worthy. Thomas C. Waltkh, Architect l'. S. Capitol. Thomas Millie, M. D..of Washington, 1). C. B. S- Bohrer, M. D. of Georgetown, D. C. N. S. Lincoln, M. D., of Wsmnnzton, D. C. Jos. H. BBAiii.KT.of Washington, D. C. GnoRtiK Walto*. Ex-Governor of Florida. Wai.tkr Lknox, Ex-Mavorof Wellington. Henry BaLnwix, 1'. S. Patent Office. Wight. 1'finoij-aj Rittenhouse Aoademr. 1 fttby tf I ^O ALL THATVAU E TIIEIR SIGHT. JOHN TOBIAS. practical A,"p,/'rjv ?I mm a-ishes to call "the attention of ail thst'w' v? sulfur with defective sight, cnuse<l by age, sick liest, and particularly from g'asse* injudiciously se lected, to Ins superior SJ'EcTACLES and G I.ASS ES carefully ground by himself to a true spherical accuracy, and b'lliiant transparency, suited precise ly and beneficially to the wearer, according to the ooucnvitv or "onvexity of the '?ye. Very nmneroua are the ill effects caused to the precious organ of sight from the commencement of using glasses in not beiiiK precisely suited, b> the use of an Optome ter; and the practice of many years enables him to measure the focal disease of the eye*, avd such glasses that are absolutely required will be furnish ed with prcciaion and ?atisfa<,t ion. JOHN TOBIAS acknowledges (he very liberal enoouragement already obtained, and further aolicita the patronage of those who have uot yet availed themselves of his aid. Persons that cannot conveniently call, by aendin* tho glasses in use, and a'ate how many inch-s they can read this print with their spectacles, can be sup plied with such as will improve their sixht. InnuineraWo testimonials to l?e seen ; and referen ces xiven to many who have derived the greatest ease and comfort from his glasses. Circulars to be had gratis, at his office, No. 512 Seventh street, three doors from Odd Fellows' Hall, up stairs. Norfolk, September 7,1H5?. Sir : The Spectacles you made for me suit very well, and seem to have improved my sight more than any other 1 have lately trie<L LITT. W.TAZEWELL. I have tried a pair of Spectacles obtained from Mr. Tobias, and find thorn of crcat assistance to my sight, rid corresponding with his description of the focus, recommend him &* a skilful optinaii. HENRY A. WISE. Having been mdnoed by a friend to visit the estab lishment of Mr. Tobiaa for the purpose of trying his glasses, 1 was furnished by hint with a pair alightly colored blue, which have afforded me more relief and gratification than any I have ever tried. My aight. oruinally very good, was injured bj writ ing and reading at night, frequently to a very late hour; but with the aid of these glasses 1 can study almost as iate aa ever, and that U>o without the pain I have previously suflttred. JOnN WILSON, I Ate Commissioner Gen'l Land Omoe. Pec. 11, 1855. have used Mr. Tobias's Spectacles for three or four months, and take great pleasure in savin* that 1 am much pleased with them. I have f**en much f>euefited by them. GEO. P. SCARBLRGH. May 5th, 1M6. _ _ .. I was recommended to Mr. John Tobias as a skil ful optioian ; and as I have eTes of remarkable pecu liarity, 1 was gratified to find that Mr. Tobias seem ed to comprehend them by inspection and some slight measurement, and he has made me a. pair of Specta cles that suits me admirably. A. P. Bl TLr.R. jujv ii 1856 ??? Wilmixgtor, N. C.. Jan. 17,1S54. Mr. J.Tobias. DearSir: I am happy to say that the Speotacles which I obtained from you last week are entirely satisfactory. From an inequality in the visual range of rny eyes, I have heretofore found ? r*at difficulty in setting glasses of the proper focal distance. It affords me pleasure to state that, by the aid of your optometer, this difficulty has l?en happi S obviated, so that the glasses you furnished me are iMsidedly the best adapted to my eyes of any I have ever vet uacd. Vary respeotfully, voura, R. B. DRANE, Rector of St. Jaines'a Parish. Dbfartmknt or Interior, May 8.1855. From natural defects and the unequal range of my eyes, I have t>een compelled to use glasses f>r seve ral years. I have tried different opticians without obtaining glasses perfectly fitted to my eyes. Four months since Mr. Tobias made two paira especially f^r me, which I have found to serve me perfectly. By the use of his optometer he is enable*! to adapt glasses moHt^muuitely tothec\e. I most cheerfully recommend Mr. Tobias to all hav ing occasion to use glasses, and bear u.y testimony as to his skill as an optician. HENRY E. BALDWIN, Ass't Sec'y to sign Land \N arrant*. P. S. OPERA GLASSES or great variety. TP.L ESCOPES and MICROSCOPES. WATCH-MA KER GLASSES. and many other articles in this line at very low pnoos constantly on hand. jy 18?It C?LOCKS! CLOCKS!! CLOCKS!!-Just opened ' this day. a gr^at many new sttlea "'am CLOCKS. Go<?d Timepieces, warranted, a*r^ low as# 1 5ft. Also, CLOCK MATERI ALS.auch aa Oila, Cords, Balls, Keys, Weights, Glasses, Hands. Springs, Ao.. at J. ROBINSON'S Omit Clock Ktnpsnum, StS opposite ?p?-2m Broww Hotel. THE WEEJKLY STAR. Thil ?zeellaot Panuly and V?*? J^ana, -con taining a greater variety of interesting reading than oar be found in any other?is published on Saturday Moraine. Stntle oopy, per annum.-? ? .#1 ts w CLtM. ? no Fivf oopies.._ g Ten Copies .. ?? Twenty oopiee ? w IETCaiH, immttT IS aPTAStC*. By subscribing in el u be raised a?j without the intervention of a mail peroeived. twenty per cent, of the \V*WtT .Ts* will be saved. It invariably contains the \\esn ington News" that has made the Daily M** oircu late so generally throughout the country. (IT-Single oopies (in wrapper#) am foe proow^uat the oounter, immediately after the issue ot the t aper. price?Thrk* C**ts. _ Po*tm**tbb? who act at agents will be a^owaa a commission of twenty per cent. Pianos, &c. WG. M ETZERi ?TT MAS J I'ST RftCCKIVK 1) . a new supply of Bacon & Kav?" . JLLll 'l \KU; SCA l.fcTl'lA Nt?S, wliii-hLve^e ecived the brat premium <( iold Medal) n;l I I f(l many Fair* over the ?>e?t makera in New York Boston. Philadelphia, and Baltimore. * * Their name ha* been c.?taMished for m^ny tears n every town in this couutry as the beat I'mno mat.ti facturor*. Call and see them at the Musio jvp. i. corner of 11th and IVnn. avenue, where they w. I* sold nt the moat reasonable tertna. ap >1 1 )IANO FORTE INSTRUCTION. Mr. \V. II. PALMER continues Lc add new incin b-T" to his claaaea. Apply to Mr. PAL-j MLR, at h.s Rooms over Farnliam'sE B:H>katore, Tuesda?, Wednesday, Fri day. and Saturday, between ud8 p. m. Term a $5 par quarter. ap J!6 I f \J OCAL MUSIC .-Mr a. FRANKLIN, T*ciier of Music, having vacant hours (or a few mora Scholars, requests those lilies who are desirous of hem* perfected in Ballad Suiting, or Opera Mosic, to favor her with an oorly application. Terms madt? known at her residence. 4i? h street, between and l"th.andat the Musio Stores of Mr. Davis. and Metaerott. ap ft tm ilOLD MEDAL PREMIUM ** PIAXO tVRTKS. WILLIAM KNAttF.. (Senior partner in the lata firm of Kxak. Gaehlk Se Co., Continues the manufacture and sale of irand and square PIANO FORTES, under the nam< __ of William Knabe A Co.. at the old stand - . 1 Nos. 1. 3, S and 7 North F11 taw street op '11 u" f positc tiie Eulaw Houae, Baltimore. They have also just opened a new Sale# K ?>m at No Baltimore street, between Charles <u d l.ui.t streets, on the premises partly occupiAd foy \Jr. Henrv MeCafl?ry as a music store, wnereth*v * I k-vp consta itly on hand a large assoitrnent <<f p'sn and highly hni.-h'Hl icrand ao<i square Piai.o Fort- ? - also, MeUaieona, from the beat inskera. from 4 to octave, some with double k?T-b"?rds. double reeds, an I stops to suit suuu! ciiurchoa. Boiqk exteiui,elv ancKcd in'be manufacture of Pianos, we will sell whoieaaleand retail, on the most literal terms. Our Pianoa were awarded the hi*h??t rr^mimn (toid medal 1 at the Fairs of the Maryland institute two sucoesMve yeara? Octolier, Ito'j. and it^i?in op position to fourteen and eighteen pianow from S'?Hi-) of the best makera from New York. Boston and F il timore. were also awarded the first preniiuri at the Indnatnal Exhibition heid in Riohmond, Yt knon. 1?.% and lftSti. 1 hey have also h?*er> a*^rd'"l tlie huhest premium 'silver medal) at the Metro polian Meclianics' Pair for 1857. In addition to tlua we are in possession of testimo nials from the moat distinguished prof<?k*ors and amateurs in the country, wmch can be seen at our wardrooms, rp-aking for themselves and oih^rsof the hich appreciation in which our instruments are everv wheie heid. Ail instruments are guaranteed for five years, and a privilege of exchange is granted with.n the first si\ nioiiths from the <la r of sale if the instruments do not give entire satisfaction. Whole*Rle dealers will find it to their advantage to give us a aa!l l>efore purchasing. Pianos exchanged, hired. an<1 tuned. mar 16-1 t WM. KNABE A CO. r|M;NlNO AND REGFLATINO OF TlANO I FORTES. VICTOR BECKER returns his thai ks for the lilteral patronage tx-stowed on luni, nr l?'?s i^ave to inform the inu?,eal eommn |W ? jn'i inly ?'f thia city tl*t h<? is always ready t< ? * " ' * attend, at flic aliortest notice, to a., orders left for hun at Joli% F. Ellis's Piano Store.'vania sr, ItetweenOthand luth streets, Washington. Wolfr'l celebrated MeCkod, by wti:c!i h?* tunes, it ? ??knowle?liced theb-st 111 Knrop<-.cmt-Minr extreme correctness with durability: inany of the best p?r . ('?rm?*rs of thia city have testified to ita excellence, and one trial has oiiways been found pnftiwot to es tahlish it. _ may 9 e??'m* CHEAP SECOND-HAND PIANOS.-Wa in store six PIANOS, some of wh'el__*j-? have been used only a few months by inein ?irtt' I bers of Congress* families, and are now foi'I I'll srde very l<?w, l?ein< greet Isirgaina: 2 Pianos, very pretty cases, at $i4t? each 2 do common, at eaoh 1 do beautifu; rosewood msee, scatcefv soiled by the few mouths use they reoeived, at eaeh 2 do at? 175 each. These Pianos are ren!ly rreat harjrains.and all per sona in quest of a reliable Puuio and a ureal l?r^&in should call anil s>-? them. Also, always on h&fltl, the largest, most c*>mplete, and reliable stwck of NEW PIANOS of any estab lishment 111 this city. Also, ail kinds of MUSIC and MUSICAL IN STKUMENTS. JOHN F. ELLIS, apS SW Pa. av.. bet. 9th and 10th sts. snu ncfirr.t'ic .iiAKHi.r<3. I ne i;niuiiu-ns s p?*rfoct that iney ohalienge the c os-st icru They are so highi) polished that laey rctitin b?*auty much longer than inarbie ; are not in;tir? Mantels, NEW AXD BEAUTIFUL STYLF. manufactured fr<?m SJite Stvne, br the \\ eat Caatie ton S.nte Company, Vt. These Mantels are ewurel ed 111 imitation of the richest and most expej.sivo EGYPTIAN. LISBON. VERD AXTIUI E, PORPHERY. PYRENEES. BROCATEl.LA. AGATE, SPANISH GALW AY, and other raro and dfsire.ble M A R IILE5. The imitations are so icrutiny. on their . Hi . . iured for smoke, ooal gas, or acids, and oau lr- sold luuon cheaper than any others iu niarkct. Price raiiguiK from f \2i to $'2. Architects, Builders, and others are invited to oa! and examine samp!*! at No. V2 Seventh street, S d?K?rs lieiow Odd Feliowa* Hail, up s'aira. sept 12?!? T. VJ ANSON. Ager.t^ JOSBPHGAWLER.CABINET MAKKR AND I xdekt*akk.?Kea<lT made Cof t.*:a ontistar'.'y 011 nand. Pi --ra.sat tended to. an<fiiitertne:;!s procured in tne different Cemeteries. Furniture of ererv de seription made to order. 0!u Furniture Kepa rwd and Yamished. Ware-Rf>oras lftt Pemi.avenue. I>? tween 17th and 18th atreets. mar ^S-dm (Ml IN A. GLASS AND QUEEN!SVVA K F~ V R. H. MILLER, SON A Ci?.. Importers direct from Liverp<?ol to Al<wan y/'j dria, l>?g leavetoeAiitheatteutionoftlnalTa. hotel-keepers, ai'd others of Washington a;id % V Georgetown. t4> their stocks of GOODS. KJ W'uch. for extent and variety, wnl oompare tavoiaUjr with any establishment in the Eastern cities. The oonnexion of their senior pari nor wi?h nmniifactiirera of Europe and the I nited States f-ir upward* of thirty y ears, has given himadv autages 111 the purchase of <oods equal, if not superior, to auv house 111 the trade. Aq inspect ion of go<tds and pri^t. will satisfy all parties that rurchaae-i oiui be imtde ?>[ them upon the most favorable terms. French Cluua Dinner Sets, gilt and deoorated French China Dinner Sets, gold Mud and plain whita French China Vases. Pitchers. Toilet Sets. A c. French China Tea Sots. Cups and Pauoere, and other artioles of Teaware And Dinner Ware, separate from seta IndiaCntna Dinner Sets, and separate articles bIws > s oti hand White Granite Ware in every variety, in sets, and separate (r?m sets, as may !>?" desired Blue Printed or Liverpool Wsre, ?he same Common Edged. White and Rockingham V? are, 1a full stippiy. ... ... . Cut, Pressed, plain.and Moulded Glass n ate fr-.m the ties' estaHishments tn the Eastern and \\ extern States, which will foe sold by the package or other WF.x?peneneed packers employ ed. Goods rut ?ip ?jr ua on 11 be transported for any m??de withont brenkage. Faro for the stnatnl-o-i's from Washington to Alex andria. almost hourly, 12^? oents ?aen way . A <|i?a> - ter of a dollar tDus spent may save many doi.ars dec I ? 1VTOTICE.-C. R- L. CROWN %,.C'V *? Te" oeivinc daiU ?011)6 of tk# fMit FI RNIh TI RE ever offered ui this market, which we invite the attention of those in want, as we assure thein tney can save at least li> per oent. ^ nid v iiandtu'itne mrved marble-top Bureaus and Taliias Roaewood and waluut Tete-a-Tetes, Sofas Wardrotios, Chairs of all kinds. Cherry and poplar Tables. Mnttreses. hair, oorn-top. and husk; Comforts. Blankets. Bedsteads, high and low-post. Rocking Chairs, cane and woud-seats. Cushions for Chairs. Settee* Clocks of all kiuds. Extension Tables. SidHtioerda, What-not. (?lasses of all kinds, soute extra fine Car pots. Cottage i*ots. Rugs, Wsiters. (ilaas Ware, Crockery Ware of all kinds. Feather and Fancy Goods of all kinds. Ami other GihkIs too numerous to mention to which we luvite the sttention of housekeepers and othwr?. as wc are determined to sell for uasfi or to punotual customers. C. R. L. CROWN k. CO.. ?or. of 6th street and Penu. sve. P. S.?We shall still oontiuue our rego>ar sales <>Q Tuesday, Thnrs<lay,and Saturday,ls?th inormiigsnd evening, in front of our store. ( onsi/r.ments soli cited, and in all oases advances made when rnuuirod. C.R. L. C. k CO., ap2S-tf (Intel) Auctioneers. VC A R D.? Ijidiea' Crape or Mertna Shawls BLEACHEDorDYEp ANY COLOR. Also, all kinds of Dress Goods, Neapolitau or Straw Bon - nsts DYED DRAB. Gentlemen's Clothing RE 1)N ED or CLEANSED at the shortest n??tioe. The subscriber, thankful for past favors, assures all who patronise him that no expense shall be spared to pi< ase them. 249 south auleofPemsylvariaavenne.betwaon iJtti and ISth streets, opposite Gautier's Confectionrr . np*Mm^ L. J. DEMI AM. N~ OTICF,?NOTICE.?f liavssfewof th<M chee 1 TOILET SETS on Iw to close out, and will sell at ost. AI GOBLETS and other GLASS W ARE.1 must lie sold preparatory to a change in iuj ? hiiaineaa. All thai want to buy cheap, please oa' at No. 9?, between 9th and 10th streets. Penu. s?-euae. f^h 17?am JOHN MeDF.VtTT DU PON'T'S GUNPOWDER. ia 1 * '.'.VL** ".yrF11?^ with all (hevar.ou* ki-^s 01 DI PON rs Gl NPUW DER.aud Ml. pie - e ' to auppiy the same in any quantity topaxtica s snt.;ig. oa the most favorable terms. W. ALBERT KING, Agent for the l)istriet of Commii ?a, Nn.iC High ?tr-?*, _mayJ2-tf ^Intel.AStates) Georgetown. D. t._ /^ENTI.EMEN'S DRESS SHIRTS.?Our si p JiJi.%0' "if 9-4tif Salesroom Broa u*'Ho'* h