Newspaper of Evening Star, May 19, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 19, 1857 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. Washington city: TI ESD.IV May 10, lwr. spiri t or the morning press. The Union, in an article upon " The Dallas Clarendon Treaty," think? we arc fortunately TiJ, or soon will l?e, of all treaty stipulations ?with Great Britain in regard to Central Ameri ca. and that we shall now be left free to pursue cur own American policy?a policy regulated by the highest principles of honor and justice, and seeking only to advance our national inter ests and influence by all fair and proper means. The Union state? that? ??Letter* have been received in this city from sourrcs entitled to credit stating that (Jovernor Brigham Young, of Ctnli Territory. h;?d, at the last arton it?. left Salt Lake City, with a chosen body of two hundred men. for'Washington or Oregon. Some of the writer* express the belief that \ oung would endeavor to make his way to the British possessions of the Pacific." The IHtril:structr gives oiedit to the expla nation of the ''Anglo-Saxon.'' a paper devoted to British interests, published in Boston, of the cause of the rcjcction of the Dallas-Clarendon treaty, which was not on account of the Senato amendment?, l?ut because the provisional treaty between Great Britain and Honduras relative to the cession of the Bay Islands to the latter was rot ratified on the terms proposed by the British Government The Intelligencer pro poses to return to the subject at an early dav. for the of stating its views at length.' WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. A?> AlKS OS THE Isthmi'8.?The J'W.rn(tl of C jstmeret, has an intelligent correspondent at Panama who>e letters invariably tell the truth concerning affairs in that so interesting quarter Writing under date of the 2d inst he says : " The knowing ones have had a good laugh lie-e. over t he exci'en.ent caused In New York and oth-'r plates consequence of the '? disturbances on the Isthmus" reported some weeks aKo That affair was absolute!y nete^rv to purw.ll conditioned future: it was inertlv a tjoihn- up of the im t. so that the foul matter at the bottom mi-bl he gathered ia scum f om th top. and leave the w.ter clear and heie ? / <t'?'p the metaphor and come down to ta. t. the ?? knowing ones,*' as before said, k.vp their ovr.: counsel, for none better than they a.e i \?a e that e>n the Isthmus were never at bottom in a more healthful condition; never "i"ch real safety to travel as now and affair* a.e in progress by which the prosper;' iv of this section of our great and glorious coun i.\ wn. i? guaranteed in a manner not dreamed of by the ?? outsiders.*' This will l* evident in a Kw weeks. Eon'l trust to my statements, but watc^the stock amrket. * * # ? Eventu *uy this roud will become the most astonishing tho ou^hfare the wo, Id has ever known. If China Is '-opened," as the Brilish >~r? )>0und to open ? t What a tide of emigration will pour acro-? the l>thmus. JoLu Bull would preler the ? Isthmus cf . uei, bt'cau>c that conducts him to hi, dear , ; },ie ?| eaing of a canal to the Red tea 5s one cf tho^ project* which England wants vears to think over, and then years to execute, ivie-i.w hi.e B.other Jonathan does the thine in a sh-j.ter wr.v. over our forty-seven aides of i.on between Panama and A.spinwall." Despite the efforts of the envious and unscru pulous, what this writer says here of the pros pects ol the isthmus railroad arc true to the letter. Xo power under the sun can now for any considerable length of time disturb the j>eacc of the ithmus or long interfere with the regularity and saiety of the transit by railroad, because its freedom and security are necessary to the great commercial interests"of all the great commercial rations. The American company owning the route have, there, but to fear em barra?merits (not dangers) growing out of the j?cculiar description of population by which their route is surrounded. Nor do we appre fcond that ,ho?e embarrassments will give thein as laaeh trouble as th.-y will experience at the L"n l ?!' persons in the United States interest ed in obtainirg fr..m the Government rival rail contracts, and otherwise ambitious of taking lr? iu them portions of their business, who will through various channels assail them in all con ceivable ways. Besides, they have achieved that point cf prosperity which will certainly ere long bring the black mailers down on them like a thousand of brick. Their relations arc ncce^arily with govern ments. in part; and they must expect to be as sailed in all directions by those who make a business of frightening the timid who are thus ir. the toils of circumlocution offices, into paying r<iund.y fjr exemption from the misrepresenta tion of their affairs. It is to us a sourcc of unin fected gratification to know that the enterprise, energy and sagacity of our countrymcn have eprnedan iron highway between tho two great ?jc-an^ which is rapidly revolutionising the commerce of the world, greatly to the advantage of oar country at large Theirs is the great in ?lu 'trial achievement of the last decade: and as such -*> replete with benefits, direct and indi rect. to all classes of American citizen??we know well that this Government will exercise all its lar.ful authority to maintain intact all their right. that may legitimately fall within the ;egis *1 iU protecting shield, and be necessary to guarantee to Americans that would avail them * elves of the facilities of the route, the oppor tunity *o to do for all time. A Jt miEE r.rATio*To-Jur.-Tlasmorning. ln y,i cf our City Fathers. headed by that vener nble gentleman, the Mayor of Washington, left the Federal Metropolis on a fast boat 0f the rotomac river line to meet, at Ashland, on the Irederickibuig and Ricbmonl railroad, the City 1-dtheri of tho me:ropjlia of Old Virginia, iind there, together, to enjoy the hospitality of Capialn George Mattingly, the efficient and worthy au]K?rintendent of the capital re?tit of the hce The Star being an institution of n aduugt ?n, now well nigh as important to the c.miort ol us citizens, to its p?ace. good order, and advancement in the march of municipal jrogres^ and improvement a* the coi potation v*e!f, was -f c^urre duly invited to shed upon the inteffcsting occasion the light of iu smiling t"uu*e.itnce. and to cheer by the way our wan ?iencg Solon? with the warmth of its invariable j-eod t umor. And the Star, admitting a pen tliant l^rr *uih occasion#, and more es|>ecially for the institutions of Ashland, (whilom known pottage, recherche eating and such ttrir.smg a> io to be lound nowhere in the wide world outside of the Old Dominion) makes one t f the party from thiseity. So. in due time the -V//- readers may ex^ct to learn how the affair goes off?how oar legitimate gormandi zers of green turtle deport themselves upon the occasion ; what may be at the bottom of the en tertainment ; who among thein renders our fr-**Jly city famous by his eloquence . who of tbein most captivates, through his good looks I .'s Ion mots, and hi? other uinner-tahle apti lades, the Sol<>ns ot the party of the other lJ,rt?Richmond. That the affair will be a delightful one is certain ; for all entertain ments given at Ashland, in the county of lien i ico. ^ irgiiiiu. are invariably pleasant parties. Bu; we ninst leave to the Virginia ( \shland) institution-loving princi]?al of the Star the task not only ot watchiug over the safety of our C"-V 3 ,r???res on such a perilous journey, but t.iat of chronicling their festive achievements when absent npjn tbem. The (.LEkKsuit* ?y TMBlIoiieor Kepre " ZL ?V ^ b'n" destined to g? ? Th,. te. ,Irea4y thcn) are I"-""" ""?, for ihf Drmxyrat (W Wb ,wlr Mlow?,g. Mth ,4 .bat, u.k?4 b, fri^odj i, r* J"":* b" f"""*" ? ?"" . nvri'T of the v.Kcs io caacut. Vi? A D B-nk- Esq ;!: "r 'c- a,k". ?? it'iS-; ?f.e Hoc J no *. Robinson, (now [ . s. j rhtl of Indiana, a former member of the i^use,) Kichard B Conolly, ?*q , county clerk of the city and county of New York, aad tho lion. Harry Ilibbard, of New Hamp shire. With reference to the last-named gen tleman wo have to say that we know nothing of our own knowledge conoerniog hi* candidacy, and mention it only on faith in the rumor of the hour in this city. All of them are effective Democratic politicians, and competent men. So the position would not be unworthily be stowed on either of them. In this connection wo may not inappropriately add. that the subject of the selection of a Demo cratic nominee for the Speakership is also al ready a point of much attention among the politicians of tho party in all sections of the country. Those most talked over in thi.J con nection at present arc the Hon. James L. Orr, of South Carolina; tho Hon. Thos. L. Harris, of Illinois; and the Hon. J. Glancy Jones. of Penn sylvania.?all. also, experienced, competoiit, and efficient men. At present it would be worse than folly to speculate over the chances of either gentleman named above for either office; for innumerable circumstances and contingencies, not a few of which yet remain hidden in the womb of time, are to operate to effect tho result of the canvas for both the places we name. Sojiora.?It is sincerely to be hoped that the information received here in private letters by the last California mail, of the overwhelming de feat of the last filibustering expedition against Sonora may prove correct. The great draw back to an acquisition of Cuba is a dread on the part of the Governments of ?uro]? and Central and South Amcrica that to permit us to acquire the island, will be to consent to the establish ment in the Gulf of a granu rendezvous and de pot for universal filibustering beyond tho con trol of the Government, owing to its location and the inefficiency of the repressive features of our system. The representatives of all govern ments having any thing to lose, directly or in directly. by the succcss of American filftuster ing, naturally combinc to throw cold water on our attempts to purchase the island. Their joint influence is tremendous against us. We desire to sec this combination broken up. The destruction of Walker and his horde, and the defeat of the filibusters upon Sonora. willgo?ar toward* breaking it up; creating the impression abroad, as it will, that irregular and unauthor ized warfare from this country as invariably fails of accomplishing its ends, as regular and authorized warfare on the part of this Govern ment succeeds. By the by, tho head of this Sonora scheme of robbery, arson and murder was Henry A. Crabbe, a late Know Nothing candidate for tho U. S. Senate from California. It is said that the Mexican authorities who had captured him designed hanging him and bis sixty followers in their hands. No sensible person will blame them for so doing after their experience of the last two years with Walker and his followers. Col. R. N. Wood, formcilyof Mississippi, but also a Know Nothing elector in California in the late election, we hear incidentally, is probably a prisoner with Mr. Crabbe. It is to be greatly regretted that gentlemen of their personal character and fine abilities should so lack discretion as to identify themselves with such unlawful enterprises, more than that having done so they should pay the penalty of so doing. Boots News.?A rumor ia in circulation her?, that the President has recalled the recent appointment of Ex-Governor Win. Bigler. of California, to be the I'nited States Minister to Chili, vice Starkweather, recalled: and that a special me.>senger went out to Panama by the la.-t steamer to meet Ex-Governor B. there (on the latter1* way to bis post) with the letter of recall. The said rumor goes on to add that the cause of this alleged Executive action is to be f>und in representations made against that gen tleman's conduct when at the head of Califor nia s State affairs, by all the Democratic mem bers of the California Legislature, very recent ly received in thi? city. We place no faith whatever in this story. In the first place, when the last received mail left California it was not known there that Mr. Bigler had been appointed to Chili, it being at that time supposed that he was a candidate for the San Francisco Collec torchip. And in the next place, we have no idea that President Buchanan would remove one of his own appointees under charges with out first giving him a full and lair opportunity to reply to them. In the third place. President B. by this time knows how to appreciate cor rectly all inter-party squabbles, wherein " of fice'? is at tho bottom of the difficulty, and is, doubtless, j>erfpctly aware how unsafe it is, in any such squabble, to act on the representa tions of one side ere hearing tho replication of the other. We notice this rumor only by way of at once showing the public its extreme folly, lor it is already traveling o\ er tho country in the seven league boots of the magnetic telegraph. The Weather ?The following report of the wealber for this morning is made from the Morse Telegraph line to the Smithsonian Institution, and will be continued daily when the line is in working order. The time of observation is about 7 o'clock am: Mai 13, 1S#7. N?w \ ork, N? V??????*?? .cool Philadelphia. Pa raining, cold Baltimore, Md raining, cold. Washington. D. C raining, cold Richmond, V*.... raining, cold ivt^rsburg, Va raining,celd Raleigh, N. C cloudv, cold Wilmington, V C cloudy, cold Columbia. 8 C..... cloudy and wet Cha Ifston, S. C -loudy and c ol. Augusta. Ga ...cloudy and pleasant. Savannah. Ga cloid * and cool. Macon, Ga.... clear and cold. Columbus. Ga clear and cold. Montgomery, Aia. clear and cold Lower Peach Tree, Ala., clear and cold. At Washington the temperature this morning at 7 o'clock, was 1.5*; twromtttfr'iOMOand falling. The quantity of rain fallen during the night is a tout \ of an inch; wind fresh from NE. The Failure ok News rno* Nicaragua.? The New } ork (Joitritr anil K/u/utrtr thus satisfactorily accounts for the failure to receive news from Walker by the last arrival of a Cali fornia steamer: I '? The failure to receive any information of the fite of Walker, by the last arrival from the Isth mus, is easily accounted for. The Transit route through .Nicaragua ha* l>een closed since the month of February. >'an Juan del t*ur in occ.u Eied by a detachment of the allied armv. No alifornia steamer stop* at any port in Central America. The only meant of regular communi cation with the coast north of Panama, is by a monthly steamer, whose last arrival, previous to the advices which came to hand yesterday, was on the 12th of April. Her news from Riva* came dawn the 2d of April, when the tillibusters were ?h extremis, having failed In several sallies from tlieir adobe fortifications, and being surrounded by the numerous and victorious forcm of their enemies, who were well provided with artillery 1 he strength of the Dllibusters was variously represented as front 120 to 350 men. Their food was reduced t>> untie meat, as tbe besiegers !** lieved, and iheir ammunition was probably nearly exhausted. They had been cut off from commu nication with t-au Juan del Mur since the 24ih of Ma'ch, when it was, taken possession of by Geu Bosquet, and even for several weeks before that date, the passage of reinforcements and supplies had been prevented by the Costa Ricai.s. two sev eral parties of Ullibusters having been cut to pieces on tbe road." Th* Great "Railroad Cblrbratio*.?The following extracts from the lettor of invitation to us to attend this approaching interesting ?cries of railroad festivities, explain their pur pose and journeying arrangements in detail so capitally as that we adopt them in preference to essaying such an explanation from onr own pen : ' The Ohio and .Mississippi Railroad, uniting t ,n< innati and St l.ouia, will be formally opened on Thursday, 4th of June ne*t. The Marietta and Cincinnati Road, which connects Cincinnati with tbe Ohio river, near the western terinlmisqf ! the North West Virginia Branch of this com pany's road, will also be opened on Tuesday. 3d of June. '? It 1# proposed to celebrate at the same time the opening of the branch road of 101 miles in length, which unite* the Baltimore and Ohio line at Oraften, (IUU miles east of Wheeling.) with Parkersbarv on the Ohio, (96 miles below Wheel tag.) and wnich forms an important link in the direct line between Baltimore and Cincinnati and St. Louis." 44 The party embraced under this invitation will leave Washington at ii a. m., or Baltimore at 6.15 am., on Monday. June 1st, ami reach Cincinnati on Wednesday Riorning. On Thursday, the Ohio and Mississippi trains will start at an early hour for St. Louis, going through upon the same day." Tiie Naval Courts of Inquiry.?In Court No. 1, of ex-Lieut. W. A. Bartlett was before it; ami Com. Stoddard was examined on the part of the Government, and tho Court was cleared to consider some business before it, In No. 2, the case of Lieut. Sartori was taken up. and Capt. Blake, Com. Tucker and Com modore Storcr were examined on the part of the defenco. The Court then took a recess The caac of Captain Inman was concluded in No. 3, by examining Commodore Stringham, Com. J. P. McKinstry, and Captain Harwood. Captain Inman submitted the following as his defence: "Believing there is not a particle of evidence in the recortl showing or tending to show that 1 am either mentally, morally, professionally or physically unlit, and havirfg everv confidence in the intelligence and justice of this Court, I sub mit my case without any other defence than such as the evidence affords. Wm. Inman." The Court then adjourned until 10 o'clock to morrow, when it *is supposed that the case of Capt. Boarman will be taken up. Post Office Department.?JVtw Offices Established.?Alder Brook, Franklin county, N. Y,A. McKillips, Postmaster; Beach Kidge, Niagara county, N. Y., Wm. M. Beebe, Post master; Drakestown. Somerset county. Pa.. Ami Selbaugh, Postmaster ; Running Spring. Titus oounty, Texas, James H. Knyes, Postmaster; Wakarnsa, Douglass county, Kansas Territory. Officcs Discontinued.?Five Mile Creek, Jef ferson county, Ala.; Louisiana, Douglas county, Kansas Territory. Name Changed.?Iberville. Iberville parish, La , changed to St. Gabriel. Pla* Adopted, and Building of Revenue Cutter Awarded.?The 3ealed report of the Board for the Examination of the Models and Plans for the proposed Steam Revenue Cutter, (recently in session in this city,) has been opened by the Secretary of the Treasury, and the decision of the Board confirmed. The plan of William H Webb, of New York, has been adopted, and to that gentleman has been award ed the contract for building the vessel. Circular.?The Commissioner of Indian Affairs ha? issued the following circular : "With a view to uniformity, simplicity, and the despatch of business, it is "required that here after all communications from the superintend ents and agents of this department be written upon quarto-post paper whenever it can l?e ob tained ; and only one subject can l>e einbraccd or referred to in any one communication, every dif ferent matter being made the subjcct of a separate letter." The Indians Quiet.?Information has been received from the Supervisor of Indian Affairs of Texas, representing that all is quiet among the Indians there. PERSONAL J. II Montgomery, of Pittsburg, isatKirk wood's. .... Rev. J. Culpeper and Rev. J. O. B Dar gan, S. C., are at Browns'. .... U s* Matilda Heron hasclo?ed heremnige ment in Boston, and will rest on her laurels. ....Hon. W. H. Dinunick, M. C. elect from Pennsylvania, and Capt. Henry Eagle, U. S. N., are at Willard*'. .... The health of (.eoige Peabodv. Esq., has s.? much improved that he leaves Baltimore to day f??i Philadelphia. .... Rev. tieorge Hush delivered an oration at New York, Friday night, on the occasion of the Centennial celebration of the new, or Swenlior gian Church. .... Amongst the distinguishedffentlemen now in the city we aie glad to number Major K. Barks dale the able editor of the Mississippian. He is j stopping at Brown's. I .... *- In Siain the penally for lying is to have I the mouth sewed up.*' Did the Munchausen j i who told that story say whether the stitches Were ripped for three meals a day .' .... Thurgar & Co., advertise a '? Patent Con densed Egg."' Not much of an Invention or dis covery, that By a simple combination of hot water and ignorance, eggs have for years been frequently so thoroughly solidified, that the con sistency of a stone was putty to them ! .... One of our elderly citizens (says the Boston Transcript) asked at a* music store vesterday, if they sold "family" tickets for Ole Bull's Fare well Concert on Saturday evening. "Yes," was the reply. "Then I will take forty-five secured seats for our folks " said the music-loving old gentleman. *? iLLsms of Jcdc.e Butler.?The South Caro linian lcarn?, by a private letter from Kdgefleld, that the venerable Judge Hutler, Senator from South Carolina. Is seriously ill. Since his return from Washington he has been an invalid, con stantly sick. exhausted, and daily growing worse, and, from nresent accounts it is much feared that his useful life in diawing to n close. The exces sive duties of the past session, which he felt most oppressively, induced him to a>k relief from those of Chairman of the Judiciary Committee; but his request was not acceded to, in view of the great value of his personal services Since the death of Mr. Brooks the Judge has never rallied, and the shaft which laid low the former has, no doubt, grievously wounded the latter also. New Publications.?From J. Shiliington we have ?? A Report of the Decisions of the Supreme Court of the l'nited States, and the Opinions of the Judges thereof, in the case of Dred Scott ra John F A Sandford," by Benj C Howard Re porter of the Decisions of the Supreme CouTt of the United States This volume, published in handsome style by AppletonA Co .of New York, will be found a more convenient mode of access to a knowledge of this celebrated ca?e than the more extended official volume of the reports of the Supreme Court. Affairs among the Saints.?The Philadel phia Bulletin has seen a private letter from one of the Saints among the Mormons of Utah, dated " tireat Salt Lake City, Feb. *^5," In which no allusion is made to any trouble about Brlghain Young, but states that he is preparing to go on his annual tilp among th? settlements. The Saint adds : " He goes north of the city this season for some hundreds of miles, accompanied by upwards of one hundred of his chosen boys, amongst whom I have the honor to l?e numbered. We expect to start about the 15th of April, and will be aoesent about eight weeks." New Music.?We tind on our table a copy of the spirited " Minnehaha Polka Rcdowa," l>y C. | Wagner, got out in tine style by our neighbor, W. G. Metzerott. GEORGETOWN AFFAIRS. Corrtipondence of Tk? Star. Geoxoetown, May 19, lft57. The weather since yesterday morning has been uncomfortably cool, and appears to have caused a stagnation in all kinds of business. Since the early part of yesterday afternoon it has been rain ing very steadily, which, no doubt, suits well the eabl>age and tobacco planters, aud farmers gene rally. In addition to the multitude of buildings now being erected here?of which we have heretofore notified the readers of the Star?we would notice the neat brick chapel of the African Methodists, situated on the north side of Beall street, near its eastern terminus, and now nearly completed. This will 1>e, when finished, a very handsome edifice of the kind, and reflects much credit upon the worttiy colored persons comprising the con gegation for whose uenefit it has been erected. At a meeting for the reorganization of the George Washington Club, held on Friday,the 15th inst , the following named gentlemen were elected offi cers for the ensuing term : G. W. Morgan, Presi dent ; J. J. Rolles, Vice President; J. H. How ell, Secretary; and T. Blackburn, Treasurer. We notice on our river the followiug arrivals: Schrs. Haze. Penfield. Savannah, Ga.,iuml?er to Jos. Libbey Ac Sou; Friendship, Appleton. Port Deposit, lumber to K. Pickrell &. Co.; Win. D. Morgan, William*, Port Deposit, lumber to E. Pirkrell * Co TIr- tiwux market this morning is quiet ana dull, at for standaid band* Doubtless the gloomy state of the weather has something to do with It. Wheat?red 31.60 white *it>Oe*l.tt8. Com? white W>c , yellow We. 8. 1 The twelfth animal meeting of the Asso ciation of the Medical Superintendents of Amer ican Institutions for the Inp&ne commence its sit ting* at 10 o'clock to-day at the Metropolitan Hotel, city of New York. Sailiko Po?t poked.?The colonization ship Mary Caroline btevens did not sail vesterdav, ?* intend' il. She will start on Wednesday, should no unforeseen clrfumstaace transpire to detain her beyond that time. N. F. Bryant, of Bftrre. Me., has brought a ?uit against the Boston and M ilne Railroad for *3,0U0 due him for services as lobliy member of the Legislature, lie has retained E. R. Hoar as his counsel; Messrs Choate, Mi not and Judd are for the railroad. The ease will come on soon be fore one of the Boston Courts. [T3=? WASHINGTON NATIONAL MONT Uf7MENT SOCIETY.-A special meeting or the Hoard of Manager* will be held on THURSDAY, the 2l*t inat., at 5 p. m. By order of the First Vice President. SAMUEL "iORKE At LEE, may !9-3t See. W. N. M. S. nfy?NOTICE TO MR. J. R. JONES.?A Box was la.ided at Neale's Wharf, December 15, 1856, by the New York Packet, Schooner Ann U. (Hedell line.) Ho will call at B.J. N'eale'a Store. No. 521 7th street, and take it away,otherwise it will lw disposed of acoording to law. may 19 3t* JOHN E. NEALE. [r??THK PIC NIC OF THE GERMAN School, Mr. P. A. Mattern. Teacher has been postponed on account of tho weather, to THURS DAY, the 2ist inst., when it will take place at Sir. Beckert's Ham., on the Navy Yard Ground, where all tue friends of the school will be entertained by declamations by tho pupils, andlre fresh roents by the directors. P. A. MATTERN. Teacher. may 19 2t J. AlGLER. President. nr5=?WASHINGTON LIBRARY COMPANY. 3^5 The Librarian will l>e in attendance at the Li brary Building, on 11th street, a few doors sonth of Penn. avenue. from 4 to 7 p. in., to issne stock to per sons desiring the same, and atlord an opportunity to Stockholders to reeoive liooks. Stockholders having liooks out over the specified time are requested to return them without delay, may 10-eo3w ry-==?TO THE PUB L I C. - ThiT undersigned Ljf would inform the public that he was wronir in statins that Mr. H. Keiser had rented a house and placed hi it two girls that had contracted the small pox. Such is not the case, as the brother of one of

the girls rented the Fame, and placed them there, may 18 3f VRTHUR BRIDGET. lET- THE PUBLIC ARE NOTIFIED THAT H. lveiser had no authority to use my name in the aliore advertisement. Mr. K. was informed by the Mayor that he must provide a place for the two girls on the suberlts of the city, but instead of doing so, he found a vacant house in a neighborhood where a great many families are living, and put them, in op position to their wishes. may 19-2t* ARTHUR BRIDGET. YTp-THE FAIR AT GIDEON'S HALL WILL be continued throughout this week. Music in attendance every night. A permit secured. may 18-3t -Y-5=?NOTICE?AN ELECTION FOR SEVEN Directors of the Georgetown Gaslight Com pany will be held on MONDAY, the 1st day of June next,at the Company's Office, between the bonrs of hi and I o'clock or that day, of which the stockhold ers will please lake notice. mayl8-3t HENRY KING,Sec. Y3=?THK REGULAR MEETING OF THE L ? Washington Art Association will lie holden atW. W. Corcoran'* Library Building. H street.on TUESDAY EVENING, at the usual hour. All members are particularly invited to attend on the ercasion of closing of the exhibition. Business of importance will be brought before the meeting. may 18-2t rr"p?SECONP WARD' RATIFICATION LL? MEETING.?The Union voters of the Sec ond Ward are requested to attend a meeting on WEDNESDAY EVENING. May 8o'cl'k, at Harmony Hall. The candidates will be present, speeches will l?e made, and business of importance transacted. All friends of the oause are invited to c?nn??. (UnionA Intel) may 13-3t ATTEN TION. W ASH ING TON HI G H ' L.5 LANDERS.?You are hereby notified that the annual Parade and Inspection of the Batalion of the District is ordered for Monday, the 36th 10o'clock a.m.,at the usual Parade Ground. You will therefore assemMe at your Armory on MON DAY MORNING, the 25tfi May, at 9 o'clock pre cisely, fully uniformed and equipped. You arn lurther notified that there will l>e a Dress Drill oft he Company, at your Armory, on MON DAY EVENING next, the 18th instant, at fi o'clock. A full and punctual attendance is requested. By order. J NO. WATT, Captain. JNO. McKAY, O.S. may 15 at* FOR HIRE.?A MAN accustomed to doing al! iiiost any kind of work. Apply at 4l51<f h street, between G and H. It* Brushes, combs, door mats, cages. PERFUMERY, BASKETS, Ac., Ac., just opening at nm 19 h J. Mclaughlin a co.-s. YJcLAUdlll.l \ A CO.. No.S&, bet*-een 8th ami i?I Hth street *. Go there )<>r ever) thing >oti witiii. Ch?ap cash store, l/uu-k sales and small profits. iimy 19- f DRF.l) SCOTT CASE.?Report of the decisions oj the l . S. Supreme Court, ami the opinions of the judgea thereof, in the case of 1)red Scott versus John A. Sanford ; price 50cts. may 19 FRANCK TAYLOR. STEAM ENGINE FOR S* I.E.?A nearl) new STEAM ENGINE in perfect running order and go(Mj condition, of alioiit bt horse power, will lie sold low on application to ELVANSA THOMPSON, may 19 Gt 32?> Penn. nve., I>et. 9th and loth sts. HOOTS AND SHOES.?a reiieral assortment of BOOTS, WAITERS. SHOES, SLIP PERS. Ac., A c., for Ladies'. Gentlemen's. Misses'. Bora* and Children s wear, ein be found at HARMON BURNS', Penn. avenue, between 4'j and fith streets, to which heasks the attention of the public genera ly. may l9-e<?3t tax sale! Collator's Ofict . Afrry 18, 1857. The public are notified that the sale of property on which taxes are due will take place next Friday, the 2*d instant, nt the City llall, at 10 o'clock a. m. Delinquents are notified they can still pay up their arrearage before the day of sale. mar 19-3t J NO. M. McC A LL A, Collector. DRED SCOTT.-A Report ol the Decisions of the Supreme Court of the United Statesand the Opinions of the Judges thereof in the case of Drcd Scott vs. John F. A. Sandford; price 50 cents. The Life and Public Services of Dr. Lewis F. Linn, for ten jears * Senator of the United States from the State of Missouri; ?}-. Morse's Universal Atlas of the World; -?6. Just published and for sale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S Bookstore, may 19-31 near 0th street. PLATED TEA SETS, CASTORS, FORKS. Ac. I have just received a complete assortment of all the new patterns of the best English and American Plated G?x>d*. such as TEA SETS, SPOONS, FORKS. LADLES, PITCHERS, GOBLETS. WAITERS, CAKE BASKETS. Ac., all of which *re plated on the best Albatta. and for sale at verv low prices. C. VV. BOTELER, may l9-eo3t Iron Hall Hoiisefurrnshing Store. SEA BATHING. CHESAPEAKE HALU IlAMrTox.V*. This "SUM M ER R ETR EAT." only 2 miles from Old Point, will lie re-opened on the first of M ? m A June, when the proprietor will be happy toVvS^y see any of his friends who mav wish to en- L joy SALT WATER BATHING,and tMTuxuriH? of the Seaboard. The Hall has l?eeii much improv ed and beautified, and ample preparations made for the oomfort and pleasure of all who may visit this delightfhl resort. Brats, Fishing Tackle, Pleasure Carriages, Ac.. a!ways in readiness to contribute to the enjoyment of guests. R. G. BANKS. may 'ft-lm ____ SPECIAL CARD. FINF. PIANO. " I am happy to say that I have used llama A Bro thers' Pianos at musical conventions, ard find them exoyilent instruments in all respects. " George F. Root." "You ask my opinion of the Pianofortes manufac tured by Hams A Brothers, of New York. 1 am happy to state that, having used them in several of my musical conventions, 1 have been highly pleased with them, and have heard no expression regarding them from the many musicians inattendance but that of admiration. For purity and fullness of tone and elasticity of touch tney deserve the hicheat praise; indeed. I am very anxious to have one of them to u?e in the great National Convention which 1 nm to hold in Washington in February uext. Yours, very truly, "Dec. 2", 1855. J. B. Woodbuxy." One very fine Piano from the alxive establishment of superior tone and finish, for tale at a great bargain, at our Piano Warerooina, 34 Peun. avenue, may 19 JOHN F. ELLIS. I No. >2.1 TVOTICE OF THE REMOVAL OF THE Land Officii from Fayette to Booxville. i.v tue State of Misaoiki. In accordance with the provisions of the act of Congress entitled "An act authorizing changes in the location of land olficcs," approved March 3, IH53, it is hereby declared and made known that the othoe for the aaln of public lands at FAYETTE, in the State of Missouri, will l>? removed to the town of BOON VILLE, in said State, at as early a period a* practicable. Further not ice as to the precise time of removal will l>e issued by tho Register and Receiver at the Fayette 1 .and Orhce. Given under my hand, at the eity of Washington, this iiith dav of May, A. D. l&>7. By order of the President: TIIOS. A. HENDRICKS. Commissioner ot the General Ijind Omce. may 19-lawtiw _ pROPOSALS FOR WOOD AND COAL. OJice Hvus* of Ji*priHntatiie$ V. S. Ma* MSI. SKAi.rn Proposai.s wi.l !>? receive*! at tlua office until 12o'clock in. ou Wednesday, the H*th day of Jure next, for furnishing aud delivering iu the vaults of the Capitol, for the use of the House of Repre sentatives, on or liefore the 15th day of October next, two hundred tons (of 2.240 pounds to the ton) of U'st anthracite White-Ash Coal, in lumps of not less than three uor more than six inches in diameter, and entirely free froui slate or other foreign aubatan oes. Also, for two hundred cords of first quality sea soned Hickory Wttod, to l? measured in the Capitol ^ ard, twenty-five oorda to be sawed in three sieoea and the balance to he sawed in two pieoes and prop erly packed away in the vaulta at the expense of the contractor; the whole to he aultject to the inspec tion and nsproval of aperson to be appointed by the Clerk of the House or Representatives. Security for the faithful performance of the o??n tract for furnishing the above articles to the satis faction of tho Clerk of the House of Represent: 11 ves, will be required. Proposals may be separate,and should beendorsed "Proposal* for Wood and " Proposals for Coai," and directed " to the Clerk of the iIon*?? of Renre L-w*#tea fi ct'i.LOM. Clerk House Representatives U. S. may 19-1 aw t June io s F CHOOL BOOKS AND STATIONERY OF all kinds. "?T '? FERGUSON. 4M>7th itrM. WEEKLY ?r? FKRGT'SON.4<W7t|. LKTTKR ?? nwy 18 FKRGI'SQW. <w>7th street. TWO PIANOS FOR ?150; ONE FOR ?!???; Iv> for $280 art uo* for nle at th-? Music D? pot of - W; G. MOT7.KROTT.nTVM Corner of Peuu. avenue aud lltb street. Terms cash. niav IB InO RKWAR l).?I will give the almve reward V ^or "1? arrest and oonriction of the iiiaeiidtary <>r incendiaries who act lire to my two Dwelling Houses, on East Capitol street, on last night or this moruing. '??? If. R. MARYMAN. f J A W. M. GALT, * ' ANTHRACITE fCr.VBERLAXD COIL, Pi?i'kl??ORJ' ?AK? AN'D PINE WOOD. Coal knot in floored awl roofed yard*. J ? 5.V00?^ "f 12th and C streets, No. M7, one square south of Pa. avenne. mar 13-tr GSSSarTsilliiA?1? BL F.F ENVELOPES I prr^R P A UL-'il' c,j **[ hundred; hno white lent white FOO^CAP.'rol^p^TJSa^Sd 2ru?u;^lowSpnPi7K FEnCT ?TAT,ONfeRV n T. DeCAMP A CO.'i. mar in i. Booksellers and Stationer*. may IR-Iw No. 43* P*nn. avenue. pO-PARTNERSHIP. lh,te?1fn*dh?2''n* enter d into Co-partiy?r (itetR A STiivi? yHUK,,d,r th.? ,m7? of M A of tLV. ? STONE, and bavin* leased for a term of yoara the two wharvos at tho foot of 11th street known aa "Bradley's Wharvea," arenowpreJrXo NESS WHARF and HAULING BUSI wTl^.Y0tt Bc<fel ,ine ?''Packets, from New York, regular trips from that port and land at these wharves. And as it is the neatest aud most mnnitr0 wP?A?1 b"*me?* Portion of the com munity, we think that it would lie to the advan ffiS?.t!Ll?Iir&fSL,!?t t,ron*ht from New York to ?hip in that line of Packets. ?n^ h landed on theae wharves will he hauled Jfik'7*1 l"i*n> part of the wtT wifh ?re *?i RrKxl ??rt,??n ??"Ployed for that purple, lii the Dist rfrt^ w afie **** hauimg aa low aa any MISLteSSi?>i5lhdM "harves there will lw kept rnV? iri'i?h^ ""?rtm-nt of WOOD and same incss ?'"S'j'.and hope a continuation of the avenu?anH ",h "treet. For wharfage and hauling apply at the wharves. m.. io 1? *? MAGRUDER. TOy M-lw* _____ w. STONE. A (LjLj51.D ? wo.uld. ?" the attention of all bSo'ksuo^":; i?h^ SB Pennsyhania avenue, betwoen 4* and 6th atreeta, where they can he supplied with all thea^rt^f not,oe23'onIt^iT^?r?wona?y? tenna! may 15-3t ? No. 333 Pa. av?/bet?4* and 6th ats. OR CASH. AT GREATLY R ED CCED P R fCES. t fLKT*. v\riet^ of GoW Hunting Patent levers, l<epins, Anchor Levers, and Indies' WATCHES, \ est aijjl Fob CHAINS, CHATELAINS. SEALS. Ac., and ail other styles of fine JEWELRV. U ? especially oall the attention of . HOUSEKEEPERS to our assortment of Silver PI.ATFn wtnv COFFEE SETS, WAITERS CASTOR I1, FORKS, a"?. CA BASKETS, SPOONS and ..P" u'e *r? Prepared to aell very low. The pub lie is invited to oaJI and price oar good*. inftr 1fi 2w H SKMKKN.lBn Penn . Ave. PARASOLS. MANTILLAS, AND SHAWLS A Just opened from the Northern marufacto nes? 5"*) of the latest stvle of ladies, misses, and" children s PAR ASOLS,fromcents to ?95, or all colors 100 '""low' tiS? S'lk Md I*aoe MANTILLAS, at 511 *TgreenA SHAWI,S'?r white, b'ue, acarlet^nd With a large stock ofSILK BEREGE and LAWN KiiKKs, at all prices. A larreand Keneral assortment oV DRV GOODS at which bargain* can l?e had f..r ca?h by callmir ea'r 4,,^vh,r Oood <iKO ^-Am'kN rn?y l0-3t 1'emi.ave.. neat to ltith atrwt. ^PRING AND SUMMER, 1857. "?"u style* of ren?l*-made f?r Gentle men an^l Hoy* are now expired a?>d rendy for Mie embracing large and btjnutjful aasortuienU of? Spring Overcoats, Rn<laiu. Business, Dress, and Frock Coats. Pi.'.'.'fr "i^8 "f Cnssi,nfre ^ P*ntal?on?. I'lain and Fancy Vests. Ac. W itli a large variety of W.?iitlemen's Dress Shirts I. ihier Shirts, limwera, and Hosiery. Our custom departmei.t la well stocked with new styles of Uoths. Caaaimera, Linen linlls. Vestings. <>ooda delivered in all parts of the city and George w WALU STEPHEN*! may 1G 6t 322 Pa. ave? bet. #th aod 10th ata. \\TALI. A STEPHENS. rint 1/c'nfe111}<?^ an<1 J^^ra in niay^.S^n E>' 4 ND VESTT\ftS, . r black teX ? 'ivr.w^"^0^WStandard BLACK TE.A.-This lea is well known to the citizens of Wash ington and In the vicinit*. This Tea was im-flfi? ported prior to the troubles in China. |T 8 ,n? 1- K'NG a BLRCIIELLT"^ inay u . oomer \ ennont avenue ami 15th at. C?JnT'? >>Kn' MODEL, WARNER'S AND \y. Aliens Revolvers. Self Cocking Pistols Al FbJIks sf ^ p"d i00*^? ^irrel Powder r laslcs,Shot Pouchea, Gun Nippers. Ramrod Heads Gun \\ orms, Kiel's, Walker'n. Cox's, aud G D lnffUlV^l rP?; Kie^S an<1 I?aldw,"'? Gun w'ad Cutter, a;id a good assortment of Gun I nmtnings, for sale by m?? 9 V ,o? D ? j K* K- LUNDY, ? No. 128 Bridge street, Georgetown, SILVER MEDAL PREMILM '.? From tk* Me 1 tropnlitan Mickanic$1 Institute. For ICE CREAM, WATER ICES, and CAKES. r"' ATZS. No. in? Bridge street, lietween Con f^TrGeorgetown, i#^* ?il?! the citizens of Georgetown and vicinity W IK ,!" rf"a')T to f'trnish any order that it would 1 fi t# t P"l^?c to give lum, and assures them <=> that it would be o?>mpletely satisfactory. Prices? Ice Cream $2 per gailon, plain or in moulds. Will WATKWt^bT1 J,0? C.REAM. CAKES, aid ?-n ICES, for those that ftvor me with a cau' npa-lm* PERAMBl'LATORS.?A NEW STVI K op fearticVe^rail1!? .CARRL\Gi;S, a beautiful and caje article. Call and examine them. ? . j JOS. L. SAVAGE, Importer of Hardware and House-fumishing Go^,df,' }i,15n Gil* Saw. Penn. avenue, may 15-fet between 10th and 11th etreets. if A TPR1VATESALE-A rosewood case PIANO l\ made by Stein, of Vienna, and imported, s >me veers ago. at the cost of *450, is in ex cellent tune and good order, will be sold for'? - - $i50on accommodating terms. Can be seen at Mr. METZEROTT'S Musical Depot? oorncr of 11th street and Penn. avenue. may 16-*o?w RUMMER HATS! SI MMER HATS! Our stock of men's and boy's STRAW and FELT HATS for suinner wear is now complete. r-m Every style, such as Panama, Satin Braid.^^ Leghorn. Canton, and Sennet, will be found in^^ our establishment. All who favor us with a call may rely on polite at tention. and low prices. GEO. H. B. WHITE A CO., 332 Penn. ave., bet. 9th and 10th streets. N. B.?Our assortment of Light Felt Hats areof the choicest styles, embracing all shades, heights, and prices. may 14-eo2w TO THE PUBLIC AND PARTICULARLY TO MILLINERS-STRAW BON NETS, IIATS, ar.d FLATS for ladies. gen-Qyp tlemen. and children, will be Bleached and^>^ Pressed in the newest French styles, and at the shortest notice, at th? new Grand Bleaching and Preaainz Establishment. M. WILLI AN, may 11 lm 32 Market Space, bet. 7thand 8th. Refrigerators, ice pitchers, hi t TER COOLERS. WATER COOLERS. and a large freah supply of Housekeeping an<I oth?r useful articles, at 490 Seventh at. A call will pay. ap29 G. FRANCIS. Robed lawns. We open to-day? 2.<v?> yards very hat.d?ome Robed I^awna. at 12>? eta. 3,o<0 do neat and beautiful styles good washing colors, at W,i cts. 1,500 yards fine and good style plaid Ginghams,at 14 cts. 2,000 Colored Figured Brilliants, good colors, at 14 ots. 2,onu more of those fine white do. at 12}* eta. ID" Together with many very rich and Iteautifni Barege and Muslin Robes, and Satin Plaid Bareges, all at reduced prices, to which we ask the special at tention of purchasers. COLLEV A SEARS, iliar lA-eofit l!23 7th at.. 3doors north Pn. ave. C*AR R1 AG K~FOR SALE.-A fine fkuuly CAR * RI AG E. (French Phaetou (for one orrjgrwfh p two horses, made to order by Mr. Hook of this city, at a cost of iftfti: is aa good-M*-" " - as new; will t* sold at a sacrifice, and on accommo dating terms. Can he seen at Mr. HOOK'S Coach Factorv, on D street, between 9th aud loth sts. may 16-oo2w* S PRJNG AND SUMMER. Black Silk MANTILLAS Do Silk and 1 jice do. Rich black French Ijiee SHAWI.S. Do do do do SCAR Fit Do do do do MANTILLAS. May be found in every variety at the Store of the subscriber, 244 Penn. aveuue, between 121k aud 13tli it recta. ap2H-oo1m FRANK A. McGF.E. LADIES' GARDEN TOOLS, in seta and boxes, just reoeived direct fn?m Sheffield, and for aal* by JOS. L. SAVAGE, Importer of Hardware and Hoeac-furmahing Goods,Sign Gilt Saw, Pern.avenue. may IVO one door west of 10th street. JUST PUBLISHED.?THE FOURTH VOl - Dim of Irvine's Life of Washington. Received und lor sals at SHILLINGTON'S Bookstore. Persons dei.rous of oUsimug a complete s?t of this most valuable work, can bt- luimsbtHl vith it on ippltcation to ? 0<|?i? %u^ih!g may 15 Comer 4H >treet and Penn. avenue. Can4ld*t?? for City Office#. ^ ^~V PMnh^ V*T" ?( fm ALPEEMA* At tlM eo... J _at_tl? ?mm etag?p amusejcektsT ?y i? tf POSTPONEMENT! " In oonsequeucc of the ?form the - - - postponed until THURSDAY silt,thl^utTSl: pONCKRT OF Till; FEMALE DKr i rt ^nMK>T OF THK FOt RTII iMSTHirx StillK)i^| Mih M. Milii'D, frinri^tl,) At tk* Smithsonian Itutitmtimm On TUESDAY EVENING, May l*h. i?w. Mr. F . (>I.K\RO\ will hare ik? honor to *re??nt i on the al??re occasion, which he <v>nfi . ?wCwU-no half ?rk7* 1 and I ^.C.?"o?rtw,||Irsmmionw at R oVock. Ur iil- c n,r. wKi: ?* tho Piano. Mr. John F. fcllia ha* kindly loaned the Grand Piano from the celebrated k;>UM of Ilallet, Davi, a ma? I Wt IK,W 1Jn cx'u,>!tu>n ,n hi? sales foam*.. fjMRST 6KAXB BXCUMMMI or THE American Hook & Ladder Co., Ho. 2, TO THE WHITE HOUSE. Harm* chartered the SiMmcri Washitoto* ,h,i Collyer, the Company rmpectfullv .. t 2! at, to the aliove-uamcd place. \\ ithers' Celebrated Band has been engaged f.* the occasion; and that priuoe of aaterera. Air. B. Schawl, will have entire supcrvisiou of the Rofreah ment department. The hrat Boat will leave the Steamboat Wharf at IU Navy ^ard at 9, Alexandria at }?>. o'olock. a. m The aecond Boat viB leave the Steamboat Wharf at i}.5B,rTAard attj^. Alexandria at o'clock, p m. Returning, the boats will touch at all the aliove pity. . *.'$***? ONE DOLLAR ; admitting a Gentlemen aim bWM. rnny Mt LOST AHD F01TTO. f OST.?On or near Franklin Sauare I atM*i & I j child a UIJLD BRACK!.KT. imrliwl " C. C." on th*^ eliup. The finder will tie rewarded l>* ^turn ing to 38* I atreet. near I4tli. irmr ia-;t STRAYED FROM MV PREMISES ON Sat orday laat. a COW, hartuc a white . . star on her forehead, a white s?r*ak al?*l\<!/aW , her n*ht aide, ami white legs. Anr per>i>nfi^2T^ | who will give mch information at the atnr~v M office. Washington City, ac will lead to her recover* will get live dollara reward. | ma* i?^t? THOMAS BR?<DER ICK. REWARD.?Stiayad or stolen from my ree idence on K atreet, between 17th arxi mificM 18th streets, a dark butfklo COW, with?L?^ ^nite a pot a in her face ? white apot on kneejt^ta and bedy, and he* white; no ma<~k in her e?rs ??ha left my residence on the i"thof Apnl. The above reward will be given if brou *h: to me. No. 191. ??"?' ALEXANDER KIBBLE. LOST OR STOLEN?From the possession of the Hon. Francis S. Edwards, at the Washing 12" S.T'j* m ?"y Waahincton. on oratxiirt the irnh day of February,IWT. LAND WAR R ANT No. 51.233. dated Decerni?er 24th. 1r%k. Seid Warrant waaiaaued to Ezra Reed, nuder the act of March. I8M. Allperaona are hereby oauT?onc<1 arainat ne ^ ?rr*n'a? p^ioeedinca liave been in ?titutedb; thehoklar, Lara Reed, to eancel thea&me EZRA REKD. ~WAHTS! CEAMSTRES8 WANTED.?On* who perf-rtl* underatanda euttin* and fitting ladiea and ehif - 7?1 *'"n n**"*' r*n finderoalo, SSSifSAS^.0' "* A"" ?? - *i> Alto.aCOliQHhD BO\ to mn erranda.Ae. it* Wn!I5i,~A *??d c??.k- ^v?"her,aM fro?^7. * * J^D? ?ho can oome well recommended will find a good aituation and literal wages. Call at No ?4 K atreet, between bth and 7th. niay l?-iw* S WVANTS WANTED. - DINING ROOM HOTFI D(^ BOYS wanted at WILLARDS' Alao, an intelligent WOMAN to take charge of a Store-room. nm,h-?w \yANTKD.-A SALESMAN in a Dry Gooda J,,, rj?1*'.. Go,~ reference, required. Ad.Jreaa with name, through the City Post O&oe, to M C. I).'9 nifty IK?3t " WWFP. 7V? PIKCHASE-A BR U K ' v,.u." M-UaG, containing 8 or 9 roomn ar?d from gjm to aho?t ?W by hrat At f?f! ^e balance m annual luatalmenta. RHirk mv^ Vivr-S^*7 l?o deairaWe ftSKli K IH> KLLINOS, each located witluo two a?,URrea of the Patent ofcee. One of them tin l? h'.Tr'r i.rf P*> ',nT 1 ,'.'n0 ln cs,!,',, ^ t,le balance in 12 naif yearly instalments. i A,r rOLLARDWERR, _may_U-tf No. S12(2d story)7th atreet. \VANTEI?-At 317 Penn. avenue, aouth aide, W A ITER' "Th. J. rf'' \C "VJ BFiR M A ID a.Kl ?r . ' ,, ? . ??'tera U?y of from l? to l? tear* ^ . B??fh must be al?le to lirioc satjifkct<?rV r#?e omrnentlationa. ^>14-7? \\ AN TED.-f, SEAMSTR ESSES .To .ew white ff work. Also, six DRESS-MAKERS and a 'v"m 'A? ^ Wheeler A WilaonVSew None h?^ r *???"'' ??*?"' eatahli.hTTienf. ?e ilftit ?need apply to Mr. W1LL1AN mly U1wP*C?" Uftwecn 6t'? *?<t ? streets. W\?TK:N,rt f.00?rMU<iSc ,IOLSK- Rpnt about d re? il l ',, v , p fTSl 1 eDn N ,,te ^ - B"bRKwVs VM 8X ,VJA*TKI) -Tt,r. . 7^1 'h . KR * .Hands, to Whom regular Work and good traces will Im> given, can hud emoloyment b> applying to GEO. STOREY. Mana,I? l.!r Cir ton." L)*C.*<)n'atth* Wa*hil*to" Brewery, Waahmg ap i? BOAEDnrO. MRS.- REILY, No. MS New Jeraev avonn* Capitol Ilill.liM several PLEASANT ROOMS aiuch she would be pleas*,! to Rent to permanent or L?S?,5J"]' TABlK ?oabjRSIs> BSABRli? F;>H 7"? ki-mmer.-pi^im Jfr KOOMSin a delightful situation on ti?e l-larvl T" W1"h Summer Board thm iaa *<kh| avenue" oT. fita*reiar!_ **d"lry,on MaryHnd Si 'r ii&ut" ?"n"mh SFuX* M RHOtV|T K A T " K R~B OA R blNcT^ inrLk ?l^tlioaat corner of Penn., Areoaa ao? 9th street, haa made arrancemcfs to aooommo?lataa largenumlwrofatrancers with Meals rnars ? WUK"OUl tlie dAJ' ?^LodgUXts. I) 1v?,A NE'? REFRIGERATOrs. u Waterinaiiis I pright ditto. , ?'*r'?<,ii ? Horizontal ditffl. J&TS2T- * <"T ?a!e?l mannfac _ . , ? JOS. L. SAVAGE, importer of Honae-furnishing G<K>da. mar lV-Kt ' 'K" ? P??n- avenue. one door west of j?Hh stree?. UHOESAND GAITERS.?Junt receT^d Tv^eTy wo,k*i'h',eh I t^ISUJWSih!" "" ?? l*'lh ^'?Mlu^SSZe. ?" "P^a^'y for family trade. ?i?? ' ?f Man land Haras,<?ma'l S^oKrTlAJ BrC*kf'Ul Middling. Smoked Beef. ?&' aMssrnrtj',ter11y" r>' may 9-^rRA^C*'N Grcjcer. ZZ *?> F street, cor, of I2th. RVlTYNM MTRHOrsK A,"T' ?1? at Hie ^|AY PARTIES AND BALLS. aual^V S of ill Hmv ^TTFR. lCF9 t?e licst Exeuraiomats P.r u* Paitie?. the low price of f l!?. ^T ?l PAf^t-'e* rTraf. variety of PLAIN and PAVl'V PHILADEi!pH 1 A^)ttFt*"tl!r on hand at the streets. Ul M1A ?TORL, ooruer of iith awt F PROPOSAL Saavskm,. I pn-vementsat Ellt^^?^ "fepg*1" ft" ,m next^ at lh'" ?ffi--J?SiTST of' n?JyS^LNiSrvSl V ,hr Commandant of the t*^ptfgggyg g &,^Tte*?ijSSdM to IJAI.TI More CITY MALT HOl'SE. ~ MALT FOR 4ii r i>t. > reoontly duroused' tU CITY ?"fwr of West Fall- av?,.?2 - AoT HOI SF, w.mld announce to his fnw*T2iidtke ITk haa it n. w m full odmoLi.?... ? ?!!,h^ P?l'lic. that he M A LTtor ?a!e on libera lierma * ^ 'V^?f FRANCIS DEN MEAD. G lemen's under-wear to o?r r^rtr^V^, OtO. IL B. WHITE * CO., may )<4-*n9? ??> n """ 8 r urnulung Store, ^11?**+ ?g Penn. ave.. bet Mh and l<?h its. Paints and oils. White Lead, patent nf' Frrooa, TmmLPII * i'r?r Zinc.