Newspaper of Evening Star, May 22, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 22, 1857 Page 3
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L 0 C A kJ N T ? M' !?JtN ? E The Co*ck*t or thk tfiecTH I)i*TRtf? Sc?<*ol ?Let us have nrrasic m tbe publicschoole, bj al! manner of tnean* Sueh, Wf are hum, wan tbe mental ejaculation of the audience last night, at the Smithsonian Institution. There were the little witches of performers, in their white ilreuses and green ribbons, with their red cheeks and bright eyes and graceful ringlets, all going "to show that the Seventh Ward maintains Its old reputation as tty? baaner ward for pretty girls, as well as tine.looking men. And amongst (he au dience were the prond papns and mamas?and who would not he proud. indeed, under the cir cn instances' We cannot, for want of spare to-d ay. enumerate all the fine performancesnt the evening, hutmen t on the following as particularly weii done for mere children :?Cborusand Solo. "Hark ' hai k ' we come with song." Miss Mary Whiting; Choms. "Neva Boatmen*s r?ong;"' Trio "Praiw? of Music. Misses A. Linton/sl. Tbonip?oo. A Kellv; Chant. "The Lord is my Shepherd;" Duett and Chorns. " Mv happy home." MUses L Thomas, V. Jones. Song and Chorus, '-Origin of Yankee Doodle." Miss M Thompson. This was* d'-livered with much archness by a little baanty of a rul, and brought down the house. It was worth while to see how enthusiastic and love lorn the little fellows in the roundabouts were, and no doubt thev dreamt all night aftewards of the fairy songstress in the ** pink body." Echo Chorus: Double Duett, " Beautiful Star;"' Miss, s M Garrison. I.. Thomas. J. Lee, a. Linton; Chorus. " The frost looked forth one still, night;" Duett. " The Farmer Girls." Misse* F. and A Wright; Chant. "Abon Ben Adhem; Hound, " Hark ! 'Tis the Indian drum," Misses Mary Ainidon. F. Wright, J Lee, C Magee. A hell v. M Thompson; Canon, "May. lovelvNlay;"' Doett, "Sister Fay."- Misses M Arnidon. M. Thompson; Obligate Solo* and Chorus, '? Greet lug to Spring," Misses M Arnidon, A Kelly. M. Thompson. Comic Duett, "Mr. and Mrs. Jones," Misses V Harbaugh. M. Thompson Prof Scbeel presided at the piano, and in the course of the evening pe. formed, in an admirable style, a Grand March composed by him and ded icated to the Public Schools of Washington. \\ bat struck us as most remarkable in the per formances of the children last night, as also at the concert of the First and Second District Schools, was tbeir singular clearness of articulation ; and our impression is, that bv commencing their mu sical training thus early, and while their organs aie flexible, the buskihess and indistinctness of utterance, noticeable frequently in adult singers, inav tie entirely avoided The somewhat demonstrative mode of indica ting the time by the performers at the late concert was adopted, we are informed, by the accom plished gentleman who bad charge of the pupils at the suggestion of musical friends, in order to show that the pupils had a thorough understand ing of musical time. The success in thia respect was perfect; quite as much so however, was that of last night, when the mechanical movement was not so apparent, and here again we feel called upon to notice the advantages of early musical training We are certain it wonld be no easy task to teach the same nmntx-r of adults such admirable ?time" as was exhibited by the schoolchildren at these concerts of Messrs. Daniel and Glenroy. W e shall again take up this subject of music i in the public school*, rsutlice it to say that the j ? oncert of last night, like the preceding one,con clusively established the advantages to be derived I from sneli a department. Iaanyfuure ci nee,-t, it would, perhaps, be jn- \ diciou> .o curtail \e performance of any pupil 1 -omewliat who from defective ear. or from not being accustomed to sing with an instrument, cannot keep up to concert pitch. Such a dntv, we know is not pleasant to tne leader or the per !ormer, but it is kindness in the end to all parties. In conclnsion we heartily congratulate Messrs. Daniel and Gleuroy upon the success of their generous efforts to establish music in the public schools, and hope the day is not distant when they will be re:nunrat?d more substantially than by thanks. . The Momcmkxt Boakd Auaii?The special meeting of the Board came off yesterday after noon. per announcement, at the City Hall: Pres ent?Messrs. Ellis. Bradley. AtLee (secretary) McCaila. Craig, and Knight. The Board wm called to order by Mr. Ellis, tirst Vice President. The following letter was received and read : ?*T? tk> Pr,?,*,nt of Ik0 IF J* A notiat.on Si * : The undersigned, a writer for the pub lic press, desirous of being present at the session of your Board, for the puipose of noting its pro ceedings, respectfully asks that be mav lie per mitted to occupy a >eat near the labia of the Sec retary ; he has the honor to be, your ob't serv't, '? Thomas C. " On motion of Mr. McCaila. the following reso lution was adopted: ?? HdtolveJ. That Mr Connolly lie informed , that the Board respectfully declu^s to accede to his request to be present at tbe del i I ?e rat ions of j the Board, but that after the Board shall have ad- I joumed be shall be at tlie liberty to inspect the ! minutes of tbe proceedings, and make such ex tracts as he shall think proper." A letter from James Adaius was taid before tbe 1 Board, excusing himself from the duties assigned t to him by tbe Board, in common with Messrs. S> id?ii and Farnham. W bereupou. on motion, Messrs. Matjruder. Mc Caila and Craig were appointed a cominitte to wait upon these gentlemen and request them to proceed in the investigation Mr Ellis, from tbe select committee to whom had l?een ieferred sundry resolutions submitted by bun at the last meeting, made a report which was otdered to be published in the .National In telligencer ?^r- Crui^ then called f ?r the reading of a reso lution adopted on his motion at the last meeting of?be Hoard ealling upon the Secretary to set f.'Mh, in writing, whatever charges he had to make against tbe Board. The resolution having been read by the Secre tary? ' Mr. Craig asked that officer whether he bad complied therewith. i he Secretary replied that he was not prepared to do so at this time. Mr McCaila thereupon moved the following preamble and resolution: ?? V\ hereas a committee has been selected to in vestigate tbe proceedings of this Board, and i Whereas tbe Secretary. Mr AtLee, has avowed hi- intention to prefer charges against certain of | Its officers or members at some future time, there- i fore? Reiolr'.J. That it is due to the course of jns fu*e. and the security of the innocent, that the whole of the w-coids and papers of the Society be taken out of the bands or control of tbe Secretary a!*^. i'5*!*1 ^ 'n kands of a committee, who shall also take charge of the rooms now used by Ihe Secretary, and held until the further action of the Boald " The resolution was sustained by Messrs. Craig and McCaila. and the question was about being taken on the adoption thereof, when it was fur ther m idibed by strikiug out the word ??com mittee and inserting "a person not a memlter of the Boa: d, nor of the American party, to be se lected by the Klrst Vice President.' As the q: es.iou wxs then being put, Mr. Ellis arose and earnestly expostulated against the af firmative action of the Board, and pointed out, in tbe most foi< ible manner the detrimentary conse quences which must follow *orh a cow;# d'ita: ; that be ?aw no reason to believe that the papeis would >?e unsafe with thi' present custodian, and ?rated that he bad always l>-en and was still anx ious that the most thorough investigation should ??e had into the procerdings of the Ixiaid. Mr Bradley afterwards ex messed his assent to these views and Mr McCaila thereupon with dr> w his resolutions and the Board adjourned. The monument remains unfinished. Kivks IsiElLloMt* ?Toe ellects of the late rains on the current of tbe river are very apparent this morning, the tide sweeping down large (quantities of drift wood, scruff, etc. The prospect of anything more being done at the fisheries this season is entirely past Several men yesterday went over the river from the tang Bridge to the western shore to try tbe fishing giounds; but, after remaining there all day, they came back, having only takeu about l.UU) herrin" and forty to fifty shad. The season may be Con" sidered over. Captain Page brought down from the wreck of the old steamer Salem, which was burnt on the river near Georgetown last winter, a scow-load of old irou. including her builer?uone of it of par ticular value, except the anchor and chain cable Tbe schooner which weut ashore the day before yesterday at the bluff, below Alexandria, was got *. tt yesteiday evening, and towed up to tbe Alex andria wharf by the steamer Guy. rihe is a top sail West-lndiaman, of some i50 tons register. We did not lea.'ii her name. Arrived a! Gait k Young's wharf, schnr. Mary Jane. Capt Deau. from Schuylkill, with coal to T H \\ eatherton The Mary Jaue has had a hard time of it coming up. having been since last Sunday in the rhrer. aiid only arriving at the wharf late last night?twelve days frotn port to port S*lbs or Krai Estate ?Yesterday. James C. McGuire sold the following lots to Mr. H N 1 ashy. Lot No 7. In square *?45, at 14|| cents; lot 5. same square, at et?.; lots'J and 3. at C^ cts To Paul Boll: |.ot t>. same square, at 14^ cents. To A M Easby Lot 4. same squate, at 14 cents ; bit 1. at cents, and l??t 12. at ll? cents. Part of square M7, to Jos. Uowaid, at In ousts. Lot 5, in square t>?<i, corner Delaware avenue aud North B street, containing 13.<>W) square feet, to C. Alex ander. at S5 cents; also, to C. Alexander, lot 14. in square Sfi'J. at 7\ cents Wall it Barnard sold lot 4, in ?quare 140. with Improvements of large two story brick, to K J SlUer, for tttjli ' ' A Green sold lot Ki, in square 4%, containing about ?.?**? square feet, to Jobu II Hall at SI per foot. Tmk .National Cownrion of Young Men ? Christian Associations meets to-day at Richmond. Va. The following delegates have gooe from this city : William J Rhees 7. Richards. S II }oung, H B Kieble M A Miller. Dr ; |I . Moure. ? ? , 1 Cotft or Claim* ? In this Court to-dav, Mr. Mc1' he i sou replied^!*! brftxTf of the Government in the ia?c of Ck? S? John Chubb adium intra tot uf VVarrmgtm Mr. Badger made the closing argument for the claimant, and then the case was NMMUcd. Mr. Badger resumed anrl concluded the argu ment in benalf of the claimant In th? ease of Jas. Thompson, and the cane was submitted, i TheCouit then adjourned until Monday at 11 a. in. Thw I<onc> Bridob.?Why do not the bnslneaa men of Washington directly Interested as they are la the matter, take the work In hand forthwith of putting the Long Bridge to rights? If Con gress hereafter chooses to liquidate the expense well and good ; if not. the amount will not be a very crushing one for those called upon to bear it. We believe that there Is no other cltv In the Union of half the size of Washington that would not finish such a Job off hand If time Is money, the citizens of Washington have already spent many times the cost of repairing the bridge in idle declamation and in the getting up of memo rials and li resolutions.?? The Navy Yard?The sloop-of-war Ply mouth is taking on board provisions for her coin ing experimental trip along the coast. It is supposed that she will be detained for some time yet on account of the scarcity of sea men. The assertion Is made, we know not with what foundation in fact, that one cause of the scarcity of seamen is that the jolly Jack tars dislike the substitution of Hues for Hoggings, is provided by the late law doing away with Hogging in the Navy, The Fulton Is having her standing rigging set up. and being repainted She will be ready for sea in a few days. Bad Behavior in the Public Grounds ?A correspondent complains bitterly of the insulting demeanor of certain females who at times attend the promenade concerts of the Marine Band in the grounds of the Capitol and President's Man sion towards ladies unprotected by gentlemen. These entertainments are for th? benefit of those wbo know how to conduct themselves with pro prietv and respect for the obligation on all present to observe in all things a spirit of due comity to wards all others. The Police of the Public Grounds should promptly make examples of anv of either sex who may foil to behave themselves there. Biot.?Last night, a number of young darkey rowdies assailed the dwellings of citizens of the Seventh Ward, throwing stones fiirb. Ac., against the houses, breaking windows and doors. The Auxiliaiv Guard made a descent upon them, but caught onlv one of the party, who resisted, but was taken to the Central Guard House, and this morning was ordered to pav *?> 41 tine and give security for trial at court! The dthers en gaged in the row will propably be arrested before night. CiacrtT Court.?Yesterday, Mr. Carlisle fin ished his argument for defence in the case of Gardiner vs. s?nelling, and the Court adjourned without hearing the closing argument on the other side. il'his morning Mr. Bradley commenced the closing argument on the part of the complaint at Kt o'clock, and was addressing the Court when this report closed. Elegant Improvement. ? We enjoyed the pleasure, yesterday, of visiting the tasteful Im provement in the Piano Store of Mr. Bichard Da vis, which has been much enlarged and l>eauti fully fitted up. It is filled with a large and superb stock of Pianos. Among them we noticed an elegant Grind Piano, that has been purchased by Lord Napier This instrument is a model of American art, and worthy the reputation of the Chickerings, who are almost as well known as Piano makers throughout Europe as in this coun try. Orphans" Court.?To-day the case of Adams administrator of J. Law. rj. Bogers, is to come up for a hearing before Judge Purcell. Many in tricate law points are said to be involved in this case, and very able members of the Baltimore bar, as well as some of our own citv. are engaged by the parties On Tuesday last the will of the late John M. Clayton, of Delaware was proved before this Court, and ordered to be recorded. New Uniform.?The National Greys, a spirit ed volunteer corps of the volunteer regiment M. D. C. are about to dispense with the grey coat, a portion of the present uniform, and adopt the nine frock-coat instead This, it is thought, will t>e a great improvement, and will add to the ap pearance of the battalion when on parade. This is the next oldest company of volunteers in the District of Columbia. I Horse Overboard ?At an early hour this morning a horse, turned out to grass on the field between Sixth and Seventh streets, south of the canal, wandered too near the brink and fell into the canal. Efforts were made bv the Auxiliary Guard to rescue the poor animal, but liefore they could obtain sufficient aid it drowned. For Fcrtiier Hearing.?Maryland Bateman, the colored boy who was wounded by Buck Hall, on L street, Monday night, was taken to the guard house last night and required to give security for a further hearing. He is wounded in the ankle, and the wound i.^ painful but not dangerous. Register A Webb, of Baltimore, are prepar ing to cast a bell of 1,000 pounds for the Bev. Mr. Alig's (German Catholic) church of this city. Tax Sales.?There is quite a large attendance to-day at the annual sale of lots advertised for taxes. Watch Betlrns.?Maryland Bateman. as saults; security for further hearing Edward Burke, throwing stones, fine and costs S6 41; riot, security for court. " Who Chcrchtarm Yawn" and fell disease is fattening upon the l>est and fairest of our race, it remind* us t? check the earliest (symptoms of dis ease. and the Cold which goon becomes the Cough anil afterwards the Consumption, should not l?e neg lected. Hundreds rush to death with eves wide open, rending every day the virtues ot Mrs. M.N. tiarduer's Balsam of Liverwort and Hoarhouud. and forgetting t<> applv the wonderful remedy ere it is forever too late. Remember this medicine?Weeks A Potter, 154 Wasmngton street, Boston,are Gene ral Agents lor its use in the United Statss. For by W. H. Gilrnan, Charles Stott, Nairn A Palmer, '/? 1). Gilnian, and by Druggists generally. may 21-lw Ltox's Magnetic Fowler, for the extermination of Bedbugs. Cockroaches, Moths, Ants, and Mo? uiiitoes. Also, Pills for the destruction of Bats and Mice, for sal*-, wholesale and retail, at Slullington's. odeon Building, corner of 4% street, and Peunsyl vanca avenue. tf Brant.reth's Pill*.?The Weak, the Con3ump five. Rnenmatic, Costive, Billions and Delicate, af ler some day '? use will find renewed strength and life pervad* every orxan of their frames. Every dose makes the blood purt r. The nerves commence in the arteries and terminate in the veins. These pills, as a hrst effect, act upon the arterial blood, increasing the circulation, by which impurities are deposited in the veins, and they throw eH such collections into the Uiwels, which organ, by the energy derived from Brandreth s Pills, expels thein from the system. When first used, the pills may occasion griping, and even make the patient feel worse; this must be borne with for the good to come afterwards. No great rix*I is often achieved without some tronlde in its attainment, ami this rule applies to the recov er* of health. Those symptoms only iN*cur where the liody has long struggled under a load of impure, tenacious humors. A consecutive use tor a few days will satisfy the most unl>e!ioving of the great gi>od the pills are doing. The directions should Iw care fully studied. If understotal and followed, health and vigor will, ma majority of cases, l?e secured by the use of Brandrftk^s Pill*. Sold at 25 cents per box at 43 Canal street, Brand reth Building, New York : by T. W. Dyott A Soxs, 132 north Second street, Philadelphia, and by medi cine dealers generally. nov 28 tf Experience is the l<est evidence of Madame Mount's Consnmption Destroyer.. Mrs. M^mnt?Madam: I am happy to inform you the terrible congh and oold under which I labored, has been entirely cured and eradicated by the use of one bottle nf your medicine. And I can with confi dence recommend it to everybody suffering with coughs or consumption. P. Mahan, No. 1H6 Chesnut street, Philad. I have used in my family Mrs. Mount's Consump tion Destroyer, and cau testify to its efficacy in case of severe colds. It is equal, if not superior, to any remedies of the kind 1 have ever used for such a purpose. Rev. James Robb. This is to oertify that 1 was wall acquainted with Mrs. Mount while she was sutfering with the com suinpltoti. and know this Syrup to t>e the remedy ttiaX effected her cure. Rev. James Hanson. Residence, G street, between llth and 12th, No. 33!'. may 8 tin MARRIED. On the 21st instant, by the Rev. Mr. Clarkson. THOMAS MII.STEAD to VIRGINIA, eldest daughter ol Joseph Lloyd, of Aune Arundel. Md. * At Huntsvillc, Mo., on the 3)>th of April, by the Kev. S.T.McMasters. FRANK C. EDWARDS, of Pana, Illinois, to Miss SARAH JOSEPH A CLEVELAND, of the former place. ? * yyASHlNGTO?rSEWING ROOMS. The proprietor has to day added two more ma chines to his lorce, making seven in all. This was rendered tndispensible by the constantly increasing business ottering lor executiou. He will now be able to observe greater promptitude in the fulfilment ul orders. Shirts made entire, 75 cents; plain sewing, 3 cents per yard; Collars, small,3 cents each: Wrist' lands, small.3cents per pair; stiching Basques,25 cents, ami other work in proportion. Fauuties and others can ha veany amount of tewing done at a few hours' notice. Roouis in Clagett's new building, on 9th ftreet, seven doors from Penn. avenue, opposite Gideon's printing office. _ , . Ladies and others are invited to call and examine the work. ... Terms, cash inyytably. mayW eolrn * DAYTON * """ ahmsvh!1 "p 0""bLjn;"c^r?*. FOB RETT AJTD SALE. f^OR RENT.-Several lar*e ROOMS#, with BOARD, smtaMe for faun I re* or single gentle men, at No. fXjF street, ae??**tiddo??r from the corm* of 7th street. iiMra-r IfORSAl.EOF FOR R ENT ?The Good-Will aad Fix tares of?HAKHKRS 4UUP. situated under the He. Charles Hotel. Wialung todispoaeof it, those wishing to engage in the buain?M will fin<l it to their advantage to call on H. SKITS* corner of 4tt afreet and Penn. avanoa. me* 2?-?t * 170R SALE?On liberal terms, a new and desirn r Ule BRICK. DwELLINO, on south aide of north L ftreet. between 4th ami 5th weat,and a oom fortaWe FRAME DWELLING. No. ?4, on north aide of north K street, between 6th and 7th west. Also, the square of GROI N l> No. 188, containing H4.47L feet,at Sets. per f??ot. Apply at No. 5T9 7th s t r eet. ^ _ . may l!Mf POT.LAR D W EBB. Agent. FOR SALE?At a bantam, and on very ?wy terms, a TRACT OP LAND, suitable.for * dairy fartn. or other purposes, ami within 3 miles of Washington city. F or particulars apply at No. 512 Ud story )7th street. _ may 16 tf POLLARD WEBB. FOP RENT.?The HOUSE on G street, between 19th and Sfinu'reeta. First Ward, formerly occu pied by Lieut. Harrison. It is nearly new, well fin ished, and has nil the n?odern improvements, with Carriage-house and Stable, servant's room alnive. Apply to WW. BROWN, next door . may 13-ff Ir*ARM FOR SALE?Six miles from this city, in Prince George county, Mary land, and adjoining the lands of Charles B. Calvert and Carroll Stevens. Esquires. Avery desirable paroel of I.AND, con taining 20(1 acres, 125 acres of which is cleared and in good cultivation, the lalance in wood. The House is large, handsome, and suitable lor a large family, with every necessary out building complete. If the whole Farm should not l>e required, we will sell All or 75aores,the<felection of which shall l>e sat isfactory to the parties desiring to purchase. Apply to GEO. Jt TWOS. PARKER, may 6-2aw3w FMJR SALE.?My RESIDENCE on the oornerof New Jersey avenue and C street south. Capitol Hill, fronting on the avenue 1C2 feet 9 inches, and on C street south 2i?feet 11 inches, and containing nearly 34,nm square feet. may 8-tf W.F.PHILLIPS. J. Sc W. M. GAI.T, 1 ? DKALKBS IX ANTHRACITE * CUMBERLAND COAL, ALSO. HICKORY. OAK, AND PINE WOOD. Coal kept in floored ami roofed yards. Office- N. W. corner of 12th and C streets, No. M7, one sqnare south of Pa. nvenur. may 18-tr s c / tOOD WHITE ANI) BUFF ENVELOPES ?1 per thousand, 12cts. per hundred ; line wlut LETTER PAPER, ruled, SI.5? per ream ; excel lent white FOOLS-CAP. ruled, *2 per renrn: and every variety of Staple and Fancy STATIONERY at unusually low prices, at S. DkCAMP A CO.'i, Booksellers and Stationers, may 18-1 w No. 438 Penn. avenue. Proposals. Navt D?partm*>t, J Bureau of Yards and Dorks, in, 1fW7.\ Skaled Proposals, endorsed "Proposals for Im provenients at Ellis's Island, New York," will be re ceived at this office until noon on the 1st day of June next. Bidders are referred to the Commandant of the Navy Yard, New York, for plans and specifications of the work ; to l?e completed within six (6> months from the ilnte of contract. Approved guarantors to the offer, and sureties to the contract, according to law, will lie required, may 14 TO BUILDERS.?Sealed proposals will be re ceived until 12o'clock in., of rhursday. the 23th instant, b> the "Joint Committee on the \Va*iiui?: ton Asylum," for building a new Workhouse and Almshouse on the old site, upon the plan submitted by Charles Hamas. Esq., Architect, and adopted by the Corporation. The plan and apeoifacatioiis may l>e examined at the office of Mr. llaskins. on Penn. avenue, between loth and 11th streets, and the pro posals must !>e left at the office of the undersigned, may an dtyth JOHL L. SMITH, Chair'n. CHOOI, BOOKS AND STATIONERY OF all kinds. ma) 18 FERGUSON. 4flfi7th street. Magazines, periodicals,-weekly and Daily Papers. may 18 FERGUSON.4H67th street. Books, pens, pencils, letter pa per, gilt and plain. miy 18 FERGUSON. 4W7th street. JUST PUBLISHED.?THE FOIKTH VOL nme of Irnng's Life of Washington. Received and for sal? at SHILLINGTON'S Bookstore. Persons desirous of obtaining a complete set of this most valuable work, can lie furnished with it on application to JOS. 9HILLINGTON. Odeon Building, may 15 Corner 4>? street and Penn. avenue. DRF.D SCOTT CASE.?Report of the decisions ol the U. S. Supreme Court, and the opinions of the judges thereof, in the case of Dred Scott versua John A. Sanfonl; price ofs. mayjft _FIL*NCK TAYLOR. NEW YOBK LEDGER for May 3>th.-The " Island Princess," a new story by Mrs. South worth. mav 2? ferguson. 7th street. OLT'S NEW MODEL, WARNER'S AND - Allen's Revolvers. Self Cocking Pistols, Al len's Single and Double Barrel Pistols, Powder Flasks,Shot Pouches, Gun Nippers. Ramrod Heads, Gun Worms, Eley's, Walker's. Cox's, and G.D. PercuMon Cap*. Eley's and Baldwin's Gun Wad ding, Wad Cutter, and a good assortment of Gun Trimmings, for sale by E. K. LUNDY, may 8 No. 128 Bridre street. Georgetown. WALL * STEPHENS, " Wholesale Dealers ami Jobbers in CLOTHS, CASS1MERES, AM) VESTINGS, may 15-3iu AMERICAN ORGAN OFFICE. If thia establishment shall not be sold by the 25th instant, to some person who will crntiuue the pub lication, the last number of the paper will issue on the?7th instant, and the tvpe. cases, stands and fix tures, and also the engine and boiler, will be lor sale, in lots to suit purchasers. The Prtss (which is a double-cylinder Taylor press, and the fastest press in Washington) will also t>e aold on reasonable terms, or, if not applied for, will l?e shipped to the builder. It can lw sorii in op eration on Thursday the 21st, aud Wednesday the 27th instant. inay 2w-3t V._ELLIS._ Mclaughlin & CO., No.2?, between 8th and 9th streets. Go there for every thing you want. Cheap cash store. Quick sales and small piofits. m ay 19-_ NOTICE, NOTICE, NOTICE!?Persons in want Of SHINGLES. LATHS, and PICKETS, CALCINED PLASTER,CEMENT, and LIME of the t>est quality, will find them by calling on the snbscriliera at their yard. Having taken the yard lately occupied by John Purdv, we intend to keep a tins stock of the above named articles. COA L of all kinds and sixes always on hand. As we will l>e receiving Coal regularly, consumers will do well to give us a call. Br strict attention to busi ness we expect to merit a share o|'the public patron . Yard on First street, near Pennsylvania avenue, may 2ft-eolul II. C. Pl'RDY Sc CO. CO-partnership. The undersigned having entered into Co-partner ship on the 1st day of May under th<! name of MA GRUDER A STONE, and having leased fora term of years the two wharves at the foot of Uth street, known as "Bradley's Wharves," are now prepared to do all kinds of WHARF and HAULING BUS1 N ESS. ? , The Mott Bedel line of Packets, from New V ork, will make regular trips from that port and Innd at these wharves. And as if is the neatest and most convenient point to the business portion of the com munity, wo think that it would lie to the advan tage of all having freight brought from New York to ship in that line of Packets. All goods landed on these wharves will lie hauled and delivered in any part of the city with care and dispatch, by goodcartmenemployed for that purpose. The charges for wharlfcge and hauling as low a* any in the District. In connection with these wharves there will l?e kept constantly on hand an assortment of WOOD and COAL of the litest quality, which will bo aold as cheap as any in the citv. We return oui thanks to our customers and the public in general for their lilteral patroiage whilst doing business singly, and hope a continuation of the MMBe. Office comer Missouri avenue and 6th street. For wharfageaud hauling apply at the wharves. F. MAGRUDha, may 18-1 w* W. STONE. For cash. AT G REATLY REDUCED PRICES. A great variety of Gold Hunting Patent Levers, lupins, Anchor Levers, and Ladies' WATCHES, Vest and Fob CHAINS, ci1atelains. SEALS. Ac., and all other sty lea of tine JEWELRY. We eapecially call the attention of HOUSEKEEPERS to our assortment of Sliver PLATED WARE, COFFEE SETS. WAITERS, CASTORS. FRUIT and CAKE BASKETS, SPOONS and FORKS, Ac. |?7" We are prepared to sell very low. The pub lic i? invited to call ami price our gooda. may l6-2w H. SEMKEN. *?? Penn.ave. " | STILL LIVE," 1 And will not lie outdone by any in the Painting Line. Having aeenred the services of an experinced Sign and Ornamental Painter, I am prepared to do SIGNS. BANNERS, TRANSPARENCIES, Ate., in the lateat atylea. _ A (so. continue to do hoi SE PAINTING, GLAZING, and GRAINING in a superior manner at No. 53 Louisiana avenue, between tith and 7th streets. may 13-eolm M. T. PARKER. Refrigerators, ice pitchers. WATER COOLERS, ICE-CREAM FREEZERS, Ac. I i?ave just received at my House-furnishing W arerooms. Iron Hall,a aupply of Faraon'a S"' Upright and Horir.ontal Rcfrigerators, with \ysteniian's Patent Ventilator attached. Experience has satisfactorily demonstrated! that theae are decidedly the beat refrigera-' tors in the market. Patejtit Silver-plated and Britannia Ice Pitchers. In addition to the luxnry of always having ice water on hand, the great saving of ice will almost pay for the price of a pitcher in one aeaaon. Water Coolers, handsomely painted, containing Irom one to live gallons. Austin's Patent Magie Ice Cream Freezers, war ranted to produce superior cream in about six min utas. . , . Together with a targe assortment of Cabinet Fur niture and Houae-keepunr Artiolea generally, all o( whieh will be aokl at very low pries, and oa aoeom modating terma. ma> l^eoSt _C. W. BOTELF.R. ?^^at H. J. McLAUG HLIN A CO.'S. 1 NUtIRR WITHIN FOR ANYTHING YOU I 1 Want to Know, or S,7?0 Facta f>?r the People, may 17 ' f,EHttU&ON,4?i7th?<rf#l r F AUCTION SALES. U VK \ AII I), A urtifinfers. HOSEHOLD FURNITURE, Ac., AT AUC nf>\*ATl,RDAY M?)RnT\(!. M.I A. uur Auction Rooms, the Ef fects of a femily leaving the citi: Sofas, Bureaus, Bedsteads < h*ir?. Lounges, Mattresses Mahogany Tal.le*. Wanhstands Dressing and Plain Bureaus ,. &SS&3 fay ?""ck*???? cffl!i!),te.e,ifcof Crotkeri ,ml ul?" w??. S?ie positive.',,, *

J*-. AVALL k BARNARD. AncJ?. By J AS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. PEREMPTORY SA1- K OF A S.%A^-?,n wkdxesdatF AFTERNOON in1.? ' *i . c'??k<at 'he Auction Rooms. 1 shall sen the whole ol square No. 133. fronting on 18th and I9tn streets vest and north R and S streets. ?rarn'*! One-fourth caah; the residue in 6,12. and 13 month!) satislactorily secured, bearing interest. ma> I8-d J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auct. AT" THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED l'1 tho niin until THURSDAY AF iEKNOON, May 2Ut li, same hour and place. into 22-d JAS. C. McG | | RE. Auct. By JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. Trustees sai.f. of so fare no. nc.-on rm RSDA\- AFTER VOON. Mav SCth.atS 0 clock, at the Auction Rooms, I shall sell (by order ii iie trustee# of the Farmers' and Mecnamos* Hank ol Georgetown) the whole of square No. 176, oootaining about IMUNW square feet of ground. Terms; One-fourth cash; the residue iu 6,12, and 18 months, with interest, secured l>y deed of trust on the premises. may22d JAS. C. McG IT R E, Auct, By BONTZ A COOMBS, Auctioneers GALE OF FANCY ARTICI.KS, TOYS. Ac.. ?1C"_L >n MONDA\ MORNING, May 2Vh. at Wo clock.on the north sale of I street, !>et ween 9tli and loth streets, we shall sella variety of Fancy Ar ticles. ioys.&c., via: Ladies and Gents Gloves, Hair and Tooth Brushes C?mbs, Handkerchiefs. Scissors, Spool Cotton Sewing Silk, Thread, Ribbons, Dress Trimmings Hooks and Eyes, Worsted Goods, n |?t of Toys,Ac. Also, the Counter, Case, and Shelving. 1 eruis uasli. , BONTZ 4 COOMBS, may 22-2t (Intel.) Auctioneers. By BARNARD A BFCKBY; Georgetown. Vr ALU A RLE LOT IN GEORGETOWN AT Auction.?On MONDAY AFTERNOON next,25th instant,at o'clock, we will sell parts of lot* 17J and 174. fronting oh Green street Zi leet ami running Uiek 13) feet. This property will l?e sold for cash, as the owner is about to return to Europe. Sale positive, rain or shiue. BARNARD & BUCKEY, Aucts. Immediately after the above we will oiler the fol lowing deserilied iinprove?l property, viz: 2 nearly new 1 raine Houses, with the Lots. situated on 3d street, between High and Market streets, 12M leot in depth. I hese houses are ik>w under rent to punctual tenants. Also. Brick Houseand l.?t on Fourth street,south side, near Huh street. The lot is laifeet iu depth. Sale positivo. and terms liberal. maya-ts BARNARD A IUJCKEY, Ajucts._ By C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer. FEXTENSIVE SALE OF SUPERIOR Winks. t J-'IVS?" *;ci';A'1;V* r-' 4AT Arr Tto\.?On 1 HI RSDAV MORNING, May 28th, commencing at II o'clock, I shall sell, at the warehouse of Koltert C. Rr.M)ke, (who is alxiut declining business,) No. *W7th street, opposite Centre Market, a large. well assorted, and superior stock of Wines, Liquors. Ci gars, Ac.. embracing in part, viz: Twenty barrels J. .Martin's Whiskv Half pipr- dark London-dork Brandy Pelvoi*in*s pale and dark Brandv Twenty Umols extra fine Old Rye Whi-Vv Pale and dark Martel Brandies Superior old Sherry and .Madeira Wines Ten Imrrels Monongahela Whiskv Superior Holland Gin, Scotch Whisky B lark berry Brandy, n large lot of ("tears, Ac. The attention of the trade is particularly called to t.ns sale. The stock is largo, embracing some very superior Liquors, A c., and the whole will be dispos ed ol without reserve. Terms: S.V) and under, cash; over S'.VI, two and four months' credit, for approved endorsed notes, bearing interest. I he is for rent. Possession given immedi ately alter the sale. C. W. BOTF.LER, Auct. Hv BARNARD a BUCKEY; Georgetown. EXECUTOR'S SALE OF V A L U A B L E ,^KM-ANn Town Lots at Accttox.?O n ILLSDAY, the lath of May, we will sell, at onr Auction Rooms, on Bridge street,at 4li o'clock p. in..a valuable tract of land in Alexandria count*. Virginia, containing seventy acres, about one mile from the Aqueduct, adjoining and immediately west of the farm ol Robert Criut. Esq. This land is very easy of improvement, is watered with several fine streams; the greater part is in wood. This tract will be divided into lots of five or ten acres il de sired. Also, at the same time, a five-acre Lot in I he Dis trict, oue mile from Georgetown, on the Ridge road, adjoining and south of the farm of Capt. M add ox. Immediately after the sale of the above, in front of the premises, we will sell tho following described Town Lots, viz : South part of Lot No. 230. in Realty A Hawkin's addition to Georgetown, fronting 100 feet on Fayette street, west side,and running back 120 feet; will lie divided into three lots. Also, the middie part of said lot, 77 feet, and run ning back 120 feet. This also will be divided to suit purchasers. Also, parts of Lots Nos. G9 and 70, in Beatty A Hawkins s^ addition to Georgetown, (northwest oorner ol b irst and Frederick streets.) fronting fi3 ie?t on 1- irst street and 87 feet on Fredericg street. 'I hese will bo divided into two lots of 31,'? feet on r irst street. The alsive described property (being the real es tate in part ol the late Win. Jewell, deceased) will l?esold to the highest bidders, without reserve. Terms: Oue fourth cash; the residue iu equal payments at 6. 12, and 18 months, satisfactorily se cured, and liearing interest. All couveyauciug at the expense of the purchas ers. If the terms are not complied with in one week from day ol sale, the property will lie resold, at the expense and risk of tl.e defaulting purchaser. THOS. J E\V ELI., For the Executors. A plot of the property can be seen at ihe store of BARNARD & BUCKEY. Auctioneers, Bridge street. fO-THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED on account of' the mm until TUESDAY, the 26th ins?aut, same liour. mav 22-d BARNARD & BUCKEY, Aucts. By C. VV. BOTELER,Auctioneer. A RARE CHANCE FOR A GOOD INVEST MENT in Suburban Villas, Dairy Fakxs, and Makkkt (riRDKM.-On WEDNESDAY AF TERNOON, June Kith, at 5o'clock, 1 shall sell, on the premises, the track of land known as "Anaeos ta," adjoining the farms of Col. William Hiekey and W. W. Corcoran, Esq., distant about two miles fri-m Washington, and al>out a quarter of a mile Ironi the Baltimore and Washington turnpike. This tract has been divided into five lots, varying from 11 to Si acres each, to suit persons desirous of securing sites for supurban villas or dairy and market garden farms. On Lot No. 2 there is a dwelling-house and the usual outWuildings for farm purposes. A part of them have been recently erected. The soil is admirably adapted for gardening and d?ury farms, and elieibfeand very desirable building sites are to be found on the property. The proximity of these lots to town, the excellent quality of the soil, the abundance <if good ami un failing springs of water, and the advantages as to health and beauty of location, combine to make this property oue of the most attractive opportuni ties for safe and profitable investment winch has bu-en presented for a long period to this community. Plats of the division of the ground can be seen at mv store, and, if desired, the whole will lie disposed ol at private saie, if application is made to the sub scriber three days before the day of sale. Terms : On; -third cash; the residue on a credit of 1,2, and 3 years, for notes bearing niterct, secured bv deed on the property. >"?> 22-e<si (\ W. BOTELER, Auet By WALL A BARNARD, Auctioneers. Trade sale of glass and crocke hv WABK.-on Tuesday morning, at n> o'clock, we will sell, st our Ware room, llaslup & Weeden's Building,about 35 packages of Glassware, with a largo slock of Stone China, Crocker* Ware, A c., viz: Plain, lluted, Ashburton, and stand Tumblers Goblets, a variety of patterns Ale Glasses, Soda Goblets Pitchers. Salts, A c. Granite Water Pitchers, every size C. C. and Brown Pitchers Granite, covered, and other Dishes Granite and C. C. Basins ami Pitchers and Sets I,arge lot of covered and other Chambers Mugs, Sugar Bowls, Gravy and Sauce Boats Tea Pots, Pickle Dishes, A c. Also, Britannia and Block tin Ware Waiters, Looking-Glasses, Lamps, Ac, With other goods in that line. Sale without reserve Terms: Under ?25, cash; over that amount.sixtv days'credit, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, and bearing interest. ma> 22-d WALL A BARNARD, Aucts. By JAS. C. McGlJIRE, Auctioneer. FXCELLENT FURNITURE, HARDWARF.. JEj Cari'kts, Mirrors, Superior Milch Cow? Ac.?On FR1 DAY MORNING. May 29,at 10o'cl'k. at the residence of the Hon. F. P. Stanton, in Cor coiau's Buildings, on 1 street, between Vermont avenue and 16th street, I shall sell all his superior furniture and etfeots, comprising? Superior rosewood case seven-octave Pianoforte, by Knabe A Ghale, of exquisite tone and fiuish Suite of handsome rosewood brocatelle-covered Parlor Furniture, consisting ol large French Sola, two handsome Couches, two Arm Chairs, three Gothic, and six Parlor Chairs Suite of crimson brocatelle Curtains Lace Curtains, Cormoe, Ac. Elegant French plate oval Mirror, in nelily carved gilt frame Three rosewood marble-top Centre Tables Handsome Alaliaster Vases and Ornaments Hush seat Reception Chairs Superior Velvet, Brussels, and Three-ply Carpets Oil-cloth. Straw Matting, Rugs Exoellent mahoganv and walnut marble-top Dressing Bureaus ami Washstands Jenny Lind rind Elizafcethian Bedsteads Can*spat Chairs, Window Curtains Curled hair Mattresses. Holsters and Pillows Blankets, Comforts, Toliet Sets Cottage Sets, Lounkes Walnut extension Dining Table . Do Freuch Solas, Rockers, Dining Chairi Do Marble-top Sideboard, Refrigerator Superior Walnut Otfioe Desk, Writing Tables Elegant silver-plated Tea Set Cake Basket, Liquor Stand, Castor Coffee Urn, Tea Kettle, Ice Pitcher, Ac. Handsome gold-tand Tea Set Superior Table Cutlery. China,and Glasware Together with a general assortment of? Household and Kitchkx Fi rxitvrf.. All of which is nearly new, and in perfect order. ALSO? At 11 o'clock, a very snperior Milch Cow. P. S.?The House is for rent. Inquire on the prem ises. or of the auctioneer. Terms : and under, oash; over that sum ? credit of sixty and ninety days, (or satisfactorily en dorsed notes, bearing interest, may JAS. C MoGUIRE, Auct, AUCTIOH 8AUC8. TfifS Ah Tt:RNUi)S <V TO MOKKOW Bt NVALL A BARNARD.~Aurt tonefri. f|*AVO HANDSOME AND VALUABE BUILD 1 I5R Lot* Jit Auction.-On WkDNESDAY. the 2Pth instant, we ?nalleel!. on the premium, at 5 o'clock p. m., two desirable BniMing Lota, being the snltdivision No. S, sitewted ibSum* No. sin. Innnc a front of 3' feet each on I street north. and running hack 142 fret 7 inches to * 31 wi alley, betw>sen 4th and 5th streets. Persons desirona to purchase bn tiding lots for the erection of ? residence writ do well to examine the shove lots, as they are situated in a ine, healthy And flourishing section of'the city. . - Terms: One-fourth citvb ? liftUnff in 6,1*., 18. and 24 months, with notes l?earing interest. A deed given ami a iloed of trust takeu. I itle in disputable. WALL A BARNARD, may ia Auctioneers. IT/-THE ABOVE SALE W PO^TPONF.D on account ol the ram until 1- RIDA* Ar NOON, May 2M, mine hour. It WALLA BARV AR 1>. Alio r?. By WALLA BARN AK L). Auctioneers. VrALVABLE BU1LDTNQ LOTS ON THE Island at Auction.?On WEDNESDAY, the 20th instant, at 5 o'clock p. tn.. on the premises, we will sell the l>elow-described Lots. vtx : Lot No. Ill, in square 5H7, fronting 45 feet inches on3d street ff?t, and running hack to a side alley, with a rteptli of 92 feet. l*ot No. II, in same square, on the corner of Third street west ana H street south, 4.S feet 10 inches fry 70 feet. l.ot No. 12, same square,M feet on south H street, with a depth ofTt feet 7 inches. Lot No. 13, same square, 40 feet on same street, wit h a dept h of 122 feet 4 niche*. This sale otters a tone opportunity to secure valu able Island property in an improving part of the city. Terms: One-third, cash; the residue in eqnal payinents at 6 and 12 months, (tearing interest aud secured satisfactorily. may 14-tn WALL A BARNARD. Aucts. ftT-THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED on iucount of the tain until FRIDAY AFTER N'OON, May 22d, same hour. Jt WALL A BARNARD. Anc'rs. By C. W. BOTEI.EK. Auctioneer. PEREMPTORY AND EXTENSIVE SALE of Rosewood, \v alnut, Oakland Mahogany Furmtire, Superior Curled Hair Matthkrses and Fkathf.k Beds, Carpet*, Bedding, China. Glass, and Crockery, Silver-plated Ware, M IRRORS. Sec., bEING THE ENTIRE FURNITURE. A C. of the "United States Hotel."?On Till RS DAV MORNING, May 21st,at 10 o'clock, and con tinuing daily at that hour until the whole ia disposed of, 1 shall sell, at the United States Hotel, the entire Furniture and Effects of that exteusive establish ment, embracing the Furniture, Ac., 111 upwards of inn rooms, consisting in part? One superior seven octavo Rosewood Piano Forte, umd * by Chickcruig, of Boston. Suits of rosewood and walnut Parlor Furniture,cov ered with rich hrocatel and Plush Suits of handsome Brocatel and Lace Curtains and Ornaments Rosewood and mahogany Parlor ami Pier Tables, with marble tops Handsome ornamental and plain frame Freach-plate Mirrors Rosewood, mahogany and walnut Arm-Chairs. So las and Fancy Chairs Superior tapestry velvet, Brussels, three-ply. ar.d ingrain Carpets, The eiilirn I- iirmtiuc contained *u upwards ol eighty cliatnliers?embiacinj: Maliognuy and cane-seat Chairs; malio^au>, wa.niit and painted Wardroltes M*li<>it'iii) and waluut French, cottage and other Bedsteads Mahogany and walnut marbic-top dressing and plain Bureaus Superior Feather Beds, curicd hair and shuck Mat treoo* Mahogany. walnut, and painted Withstands Sheet in;, pillow ami Uilster Cases, Blankets. Coun terpanes. Comforts, Ac. An extensive assortment of French and iron-stone China Diiine1' Tea, and Toilet Waie Silvei plated Castors, out and pressed Glassware Planish tin Coffee and Tea Ware Chafing and meal Pishes, Table Cutlery # Plated Foiks and Spoons, Tablecloths, Napkitifc.Ac. A 'arse collection of superior copper Cooking I ten ails, oihce Furniture. one large and superior Sal amander fire-pr?M>f Safe One suluUanlial and well built Omnibus, ouc pair id very superior Horses, Harness. Ac, Together with a large collection of superior arti cles, such as are used iit an extensive first class ho tel. To persons furnishing, dealers, and others, this sale presents attractive inducements, as the Furni ture is in excellent condition and the stile pcrempto r>. . The sale will commence with the Table Furni ture, Ac, in the Dining-room. Terms: J5f?and under, cash; over .*'50. GO and 90 days credit, for approved endorsed notes l?earin? in terest. C. W. BOTELER. may 19-WTIiA F (Georgetown Advocate and Alexandria Gazette will please copy, and scud bill to the auctioneer.) Bv A. GREEN, Auctioneer. FO F R N E W F R A M E H OUSES A N D LOTS. SITUATED AT TIIK CORNER OF H STREET NORTH AXI?2n STREET EAST, at Acction.?On FRIDAY, the 22d instant, I shall sell, in front of the premises, at 6 o'clock p. in., all of l?nt No. 8, in Square 7a2.with the improvements, which are four new Frame Houses. The whole l<ot fronts ion feet by lflh deep, a part of which is not built on,and will be sold sepa rate.. The House* and Lots on which they stand will !>e sold one with ibe privilege of the whole. Terms: One-fourth cash ; the lialance in 6,12, and 18 months, for notes. Iteariug interest from day of sale. A deed given and a deed ol trust taken. Title indisputable. All conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. may 18-d A. GREEN. Auct. By A. GRF.EN. Auctioneer. ROCERIES LIOUORS. FURMTUR E, Ac.. ? at Auction.?On SATURDAY.the 23d inst.. I shall sell, at 9 o'clock a. m.. in front of my store, a large assortment of Gntcenes and Liquors. \\ e name hi part? Tea, Sctrar. and Coffee Spices. Starch. Tea Canisters Sirales and Weights. Tolmcco and Cigars And a large lot of Liquors With a general assortment ot other articles, such as are usually k"pt in a retail Grocery store. Also,a large lot of new and second-hand Furniture. Also, a good Sxla Fountain an.I Counter With many i?ther articles whi -h we deem unneces sary to enumerate. Terms cash. A. GR EEN. Auct. ITT WILL BE ADDED TO THE ABOVE ?>-? a good and nearlj new FanuU Carriage. 21-d A. GREEN. Ami. B) J AS. C. McGUIRL. Auctioneer. VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS on the Island J On FRIDAY AFTERNOON. May 22d,at6'i o'clock, on the premises. I shall sell Lot No. 3, hi square No. 492. fronting 63 feet 4 inches on south C street, between 4l? and 6th streets, and the south half of Lot N'o. 10, in square No. W, fronting So leet on 4'i street, between south C and s?<uth D streets. Terms: One-third cash: Imlance hi 6, 12, awl 18 months, secured on the property. Title indisputable. may 51-d J AS. C. McGI IRE. Anet. By A. OR EEN. Auctioneer. VTALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON NORTH N. between 12th and 13th streets yvest. at Auction.?On FR1DA V, the 22d instant.I shall sell, in front of the premises, at halt-past rto'clock p. in., part of l,ot No. 0, in Square 2?o, having a front ?m north N of 25 feet, running back to a 30-feet alley 103 1*^)^ ^ inch6s< This property is beautifully situated, and a Y*er> handsome building site for a private residence. Terms: One-third cash: balance in 6. 12, and 18 months, for notes bearing interest from day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. All conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. Title perfect. may 18 d A. GREEN. Aw*. Bv JAS. C. McG 11 RE. Auctioneer. \TALUABLE HOTEL PROPERTY NEAR the*d Depot at Pi blic Avction.? On FRIDAY AFTERNOON. May 29, at 6 o'clock, on the premises, bv Y'irtue of a deed of trust duly re corded, Ac., we shall sell at public auction that val uable property situated at the corner of North I) street and New Jersey avenue, with the improve ments. consisting of a large and snlwtantial brick Hotel Building, known as the " Union Hotel," ft>r merlv occupied by John Foy. This valuable property is immediately opposite the Railroad Depot, and possesses ample accoimiio rtetions for a good second-class ll??tel business, and this sale offers great inducements to persons who desire to embark in the business, as, from its posi tion, it must always command a good run. A vacant lot on the north side of the huildintr,*?nd fronting on New Jersey avenue, will bt sold at the same time. . . . ? Terms: One fourth, cash; the residue in one, two. and three years, with interest, secured by a d,ed of trust on TON SAMI'El. HAMILTON. Trustees. may 18-eodAds J. C. MoGUIRK. Auct. By JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. Trustees' sale of one undivided Third Interest in Lots.?By Y-irtue of a deed of trust, bearing date on the???day of Deoem ber .and duly recorded in Liber J. A. 8. N?.?, folios 173 and seq*???, the undersigned will ijell at public auction, <m SATURDAY, the 16th day <d May instant, at 10 o'clock a.m.,at the au<!t of J. C. McGuire, all the undivided one lkud nght. title, and interest m and to the property there scrilied, which is conveyed by the??**** to wit, of and in the following I?ots and parcels Ground in the city of \N ashington: Square. ^,Lot. ( sale mav V Square. Lot No. 1,006 ....No. 8 l.(B> 6 521 6 Rt Etf'4 617 17 673 20 " 21 693 ..... 6 " 8 " 22 " ?Sub B No. 38 No. 1 " 3 ?' . fci im::::::.:::.. 12 ?? 13 117 23 140 14 15 873 11 983 11 1,000 2H 1,006 1! And part of lx?t No. 8, square 345. being all the ?aid Lot except the north eleven feet front by sev enty feet deep. Terms of sale: One fourth cash; the lialance in four equal instalments 111C, 12, IS, and 24 mouths, for notes l>earing interest, secured to the satisfaction of the Trustee. All oonveyancing at the expense of the purchaser; and if the terms ot sale are not complied with in six da> s from the day of aale, the Trustee reserves the right to resell at the expense and cost of the first purchaser. may 2-eota J. M. CARLISLE. Trustee. JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auct. ftOAA REWARD.?Ran away from the sutocrr; ^*#U0beronThursday, April Wh, NEGRO MAN ISAAC WOOD. He is thirty years of (OT age. black oomplexion, about>v? feet aud a Jf\ hall high, aud has very large lips. The al?ve reward will be paid for his appre- ji* ? The aliove reward will be paid for his appre- Ji* ? hension aad delivery u? me if taken in a free State, "r JSISS:"?'* ou,KN"fio?r.S.'"'c, Buena Vista Post Oftioe. ap-21-tf Prince Gtories county, Md, TELEGRAPHIC StTHS. mo* THE AsaofiATtp^riiKsa Saw Yark r?(k4. New Tom. Mav21.?Captain Carpenter of the h baa liven appoint "1 depvtr Superintend ent of Police in tbe pitw of Mr. Matwll, rem < aufkt ia tk? Art. K??r!LKL^*B Mm* * -A <-'?* of the American ?? ?n,pa"T, M P'Tm0,"h- ab. ?u.n ^ morT,,n? *?.?00 in hi. powi r^over'Ii *"?'?? M CrritUna and tbcWnTy <auu. Nea^aatiea*. noml* "t'A,lHC' lVuTiil^"T?%-' 1d'n,or^?,"" fw w Vork. this rvmlli 'LTT 5^or at* Th. nimnViTP' ?* Ptalp Hen in the ?*?aa'*^ ' however, have a majority Antral .f lh, BUfk w.rrUr. NiiU \ 0|| M a v ?*! T r^r; crop is estimated short by about ? Tke Great CmcisffATt, Mar 91 - The Clh <w~.ii . evening passed resolutions InviMngthe Prr-ilArn? Vice President. Cabinet Mnnt?rJ. r .^n mT. infers, th* Governor* of Man'land. VlVarU.i, J^ other States. the Mayor and Council of more. and others to visit Cincinnati during th* ?on tem plated nrmilon to fBamrur*t* the on?nir?., of the Ohio and M is*is?ippi Railroad The a^ rangements for tlie occasion will b* on a ((rand ?caie. _______ Later From kaaim. St. Loci*. May 19 ?Tb* l.ecompton corr*? pondrnt of the Republican say* that by th* advice Mr WWr, th* district Al . ,1 ? "Xs *>'t?'red mot It jr of quit on the charge* iorrren?on. The pioserntions for usurpation ol mm^r pr?1'a,',> hejilapuw* of lu fS smmi Accident to fieaeral Pillow, ?C. Tf*rn," Mav ?????wwl Pillow was severely injured by a fail from hi* home a frw day* since |ju residence ia Helena. Ark but J* now ,,err alowly recovering. Ain^t ?Ta*i!.r*,[ri* ,,mil ?,orm ** Tnscnmbla. Ala., oa the l?tb instant. breaking the limbs of trees ?? nd doing other damage Health of Jadgr Batter. k 'V.?l * i M.?Reports concerning (he to?v i j'"% "'UJerIK Mtmew hM contradic tory. A letter froiu Ins nephew savs there ia i8 C '^nrr for.his recovery, and it ia gene rally ?H-lievfd that h?- is daily declining Ilia disease is dropsy of the alidomen. From Bostoa. Boston May *I.--Th* R M steamship Nia gara from Liverpool via Halifax, arrived up about ? o clock last night. Her maila tor the South will be despatched in this morning'* train and will be due in New Vork about 5 p m The screw steamship Circassian. from Liver p^\ am thertth, via St. Johns. N p., onthelStb, 'thiievei.^0" HW,,; frrivM hw ?< ? o'cloc k Ti.e steamship Europa.-ailed from here at 10 ?r^?r,k ??>'s moraine, with IW pasaen-rr* for tHWni sJ" ic '?r Ha,ifax pf,r l*kes out 91.U6H.. The I'loa ^ yasterday adopted the addroiw from he eaate. asking for the removal of Kdwanl G Loruiif from the - thee of Judge of I'roba'e of BtiOolk ?ouuty by a vote of 210 to W Ballimere Market*. Baltinoke, May ?Flour U firm, Biln of Howard streel, tJhio and City Mills at #7 \\ heal is steady; white fl.Wial -55; red. *1 72a Vi;^- is b,i-'l?cr; white CTa'O; yellow SlaflBf \N hikkey is tirn?: City 35c., Ohig 3bc Xew York Market*. <, ^T, ) OBK: Wa-V ^ ?Flour ia dull ; sale, of ..j*K? bbls.; Male ??(? iia6 4."> , Ohio **6 ?ua? JO ? ?'southern is higher St> J0a?;.?>"> ' Wheat ia buoyant, aud higher: sales of 10 (WO bushels; good white ft LSI). veliow ^chliihrTi mlm 4"? bu,hel8; ?c , I'ork is lower; mess at *23.40a*2i j0 f?rked,,h'Rlierat S16'A,a*1T W' fwr Chicago re^ I.ard is tipward at 14'f W hisky is uiyhanged: OhioSl^c. Fiaaacial. New ^ o*e, May 22?Stocks are higher and active. Cumberland Coal Company 18 V' llinota Central shares 139; Michigan Southern ftv!* New ,\?/k P*nn?ylT?ni? Coal Company IM^; Reading 79; Missouri 6's e2K Sterling exchange is dull By J.C.MoGl'IRF., Auctioneer. CMAI.Ii pramE-HOl'SR A\l) |,()T i v tu?.? N(MN?^^' THCRSDAVAFl^ ?iin -at ^ ? on th* premuet I ?tiail ??* ! part of l<?t uuinlitred suteeii. m Miuarr rW?h7' r"rt8r'? 13 f?*1 0"2I?, "Iroel ri'.VV^ fn north L and M streets, runnin* hac-W of (Sill pSJi/n .U,c ,,nP'cements, euasistiua tJSUI r? U House, contain in* three rooms. I ernis. Oiie-lialfcasii; the residue in three and nifarest! secured notes, beartr^ rna* ll-d JAS. C. McGLIRE. Auctioneer, fi.f THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED TIH>,vr.q^^Ktr?f I,Leunl'n ur,ri1 TIESDAVAF it 1 ' Ma> 19th, same hour and place mwr 15-d JAS. C. McGCIft f^Aoct. THF. ABOVE SALE IS FURTHER ftA^?AKTKR*veftl,e"'n untl1 SATI R placl 1 hRNOON, May JW, same hour and may 21- JAS. C. McGI IBF Aact.oneer. Ily JAMES C. MeGUIRE. Auctioneer. VAI'UABLEIMPBOVED and unimpro 114 Ve?ktV'rvJwTi-S^LE -?n WE UN ES UA\ At TERNOON. May aitii. 1H.S7, we willotTer lor SHle, at public auction, at Vi ,t'clock, i?n tho preuiiHes, part of Ix>t 18. all of 19, ?. anil 21. and mm, t ol Lot22, in Square 447, in \> ashaiKton city, oom in* iicmr i,,r the front at a point ?< feet s<>uth of the intersect,<m of O street north with 6th street west and running in a soutnerly direction on the west line of street 2Bn feet, and havm* a depth of l"c fi^T depth ejtc<*pt f he ,,orfh?*r" teet, which has 8n fet-1 It will Ijeotlered in lots of an fMt front, with the Fort* ai"' nuUiUiX ul ,ruot 1???l ??t exceeil:n* Terms: 2n per cent, cash; the halanre m annual payments oi 2? per cent, secured hy a deed of trusr sale e,n'SeS' and ,iear,nK ,ntp"*?t from day o| After the alwve sale there will lie otfered the L.'Ief i' ?! Brick Houses, havinr a fnuit on t!i^ uest sale of ?tli street west of.iboutV> (eel iroin the point <>f its intersection with N street uorth , Square 3?, with depth of al^tt Wor ?feet ihe above houses are ou a ground rert lease of <W years, * ith privilege of purchase at any time at 2% cents per sauare foot. Terms: One-quarter, cash ; lAiance in one. two. and three years. Deods given sod deed* ol trust taken to secure deferred payments. All transfers at the cost o| the purchaser. may u d JAS. C. McGLIRE. Auctioneer. lu7*THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED IN *?i"equ*i>?*(dth* incleineot woaiher until MON oi j ?OON, May 2Sth. a* fi o'clock. '"?* 21JAS. C. McGl lRE. Auctioneer. TV? J'1 AN OS F ()ll?l?i O^V E JOlT %lWi; tw?? for fa** are now for sale at the. .Music D. pot of f W. G. M ETZER < >TT ?.. - Corner or Penn. avenue and I Ith street. Terms easy. mav I a m .M.MER HATS: SI MMER HATS! Our stock of men's and bo>'s STRAW ?n<i FELT HA I'S lor summer wear is now cornpiete. r* Every style, such as Panama, ?*ann Braid IX Leghorn. Canton, aud Sennet, will he found our estahli!>hiiicnt. AI! who favor us with a call may reiy on polite at tention, and low prices. n GEO. H. B. WHITE k CO.. 332 Penn. ave., itet. 9th and Hah streets N. B?Our assortment ol Light Felt Hats areVf the choicest styles, embracing all shades, heicfeta ami prices. m?y i"elSw Robed lawns. We open to-day? 2,om yards very hnodsoie Robed Lawna. at 1?^ eta 1,5,10 yards fine aud good style plaid Gin?ham*.H 14 2,nnoColored Figured Brilliant*, gocl eolorr, at U oi fine white do. at 1** et?. ver? rich and beautiful Barege and Muslin Robes, and Sat in Plaid Baiaces TurEsr ?' <>" mayl6-wtft &a?th w.iff ARW. rARRlAGK FOR SALE.?A hoe ftniil* CAR V BI A<i E,( Freuch Phaeton) for one ur. Hn _ two horses, made to order !?? Mr. Iltwik WiKltBp of this city, at a cost of ffi?i: is as r-?\ as new; will be sold at a sacrifice, and on aecomm,. ? latin* terms. Can l>e seen at Mr. HOOK S Coach " r actory. on D street, between 9th and idtk n> may I6-eo2w* SPRING AND SUMMER. * Black Silk MANTILLAS Do Silk and Laoe do. Rich black French Laoe SHAWLS. Do do do do SCARF^ Do do do do MANTIi I ic Ma> be found in every variety at Um r t strMts'.^''Penn*av?aue, between FRANK A. MctiEF (GENTLEMEN'S UNDER-WEAR tooVr SduSSSlK, vat^' vlru"^.' S'sSLtSTtBA VApj, TIES, GLOVES, aad Hai p mI?LPA" Ifreat variety, winch |?veCSmmmutL care, .ud are warranted U-w uTpn^*d W,U ** 1 GEO. IL B -WHITE k CO. ?reet and Penn. aveoae. m?y