Newspaper of Evening Star, May 22, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 22, 1857 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. WINTER A->I> SPRING. Tha farewell to Winter end welcome to Summer, by Mr?- Berry Cornwall Wilson, are beautiful and appropriate ?t t his season. when " winter linger* in the lap of spring Go! winter, fo! Thy frozen locks and t reuses white, And locks that kindle ix>t delight, And breath that ohilis the young heart's glow, And frowns that make the toar drop start. No bliss, no pleasure. can impart; Go! winter, go! Come! summer, oome ! Wtth genial skie* and budding (lowers, And baiany galea and Iragrant showers. And smiles that olothe the earth in flower*. Come : with thy bright and fairy band. And scatter gladness o'er the land ; Come! summer,com*! TaVXDi* o? Witki Falls ?Dr Tyndall rnaiw the following observations on the prod in* tion of bubble* la connection with the origin of the sound of agitated water: When the smoke is projected from the lips of a tobacco smoker a lit tle explosion usually accompanies the puff, but the nature of this is, in a gr?*ai measure, depend ent on the stale of the lips at the time, whether they be dry or moist. The sound appears to Iw chiefly due to the sudden bursting of the film which connects both li|>*. If an inflated bladder be jumped upon it will emit an explo-iion as loud as a pistol shot. Sound, to some extent, always accompanies the sudden liberation of compressed air. And this fact is also exhibited, in the de portment of a jet. If the surface of the fluid oa which it falls in tersects its 1 .rapid portion, the jet enters silently. and no bubbles, as before remarked, are pro duced The moment, however, after the buboles make their appearance, an audible rattle also commcnccs, which Incomes louder and louder as the mass of the jet is increased. The very uature of the sound pronounces its origin to be the bur:.t ing of the bubbles; and to the same cause the rippling of stream* and the sound or breakers ap pear lo be a I in. ?-<i exclusively due. | have exam lMen a stream or two, and in all case* where a ripple Qiude itself beard 1 have discovered bub bles. The impact of water against water is a comparatively subordinate cause, and could never of itself occasion the murmur of a brook, or the musical roar of the ocean. It is the same as regards waterfalls. Were NIagara continuous and without lateral vibration it would be as silent as a cataract of Ice It is possible. 1 l?elieve, to get behind the descending water at one place; and if the attention or trav elers were directed to the subject, the mass might perhaps be throw?*. For in all probability It also has its '? contracted sections:'* after pass ing which it is broken Into detached masses, which, plunging successively upon the air-blad ders formed by their precursors, suddenly liberate their contents, and thus create the thunder of the waterfall ?Since Jenny I.ind produced her , a11 0,h*^ *'nging birds seem to be fol lowing her example, or preparing for it. Estt ttfSSM : I*na f rexch Cessus ? An amusing circum stance which occurred the other dav at a conceit given iu the Salle Cecile for the benefit of the or phan institution at Igny. coupled with thecrowds of joyous children wnich throng the Tuillerie* gardens and Palais Royal, would shake our be lief in the asserted decline of the population were that fact not l>ased on official figures. At the above concert Mesdnmes Viardot ami Caro v. j DuPJ"et w?e <be principal vocalists, and Madame Rose Cheri. performed with M. Dupuis in a slight "prov^rbe. ' The proceedings went off mast successfully, and a ?adv patroness, approaching Mad e Rose Cheri. begged her to step round the concert room and make a collection in favor of the institution Madame Rose Cheri, with much embarrass ment, replied "My position Is of so verv interest c"owd "a,"re ' dare not venture into th? The ladv patroness smiled, and inrited Madam Caroline Duprer. or rather Madam Vanden Heni. el?for su? h is the harmonious name of her hus ^,!i'' But Madim Du p.ez blushed, and confessed that t?er position w? Mad"" c""" ? Vi uSasEsr. The lady patroness. |n desnat- v . plate to M. Dupuis. who, ha"^ " ^and objection to om-r mad.- a 1? 'no. will bring happiness tc -ge collection, which of lgnv rr ? many ol the poor orphans TH*G*e the en'* ?T Snake Dsn in East J(?- .recounfry. It is on the ed^e of the old ..ier Quarry, and Mr Ransom Unite who re side* in that vicinity ha? taken two hundred and fourteen live snakes that single deu. No other snake den 1u this country' has as yet equal led this. He took out the nrst lot of W2 on the loth of April, and from day to day. by removing rocks and digging, he found additional families or "balls'" of them, for itappears thaf the snake*, to the number of twenty or more, wind them selves into a ball and remain iu that condition during the winter Most of tbe number were black snakes, measuring from three to four and a half feet in length; but among these were three racers, a long slim snake, with white ring around the nee*, and thr?-e little racers, not over 'I inchcs In length; al*o seven poisonous adders. There seems to be some difference in the ap J>earanoe of these adders, some of them having latter heads than others, and b;ighter spots on them. One of ihein in particular, a large vicious looking fellow. flit tens himself through his en tire length, his head being as flat as a cent; when he is annoyed, he thiows the upper part of his head hack and strikes like a rattle-snake. He is about three fe-t long, hie tail tapering off abrupt ly, the ooint for about 2 inches being not much larger than a piece of small twine He is evi dently as poisunous as a rattlesnake. Mr. White had a large show c:ss?* full of th??s?* serpents, ail ?live, on exhibition here on election uav. they drew together a large crowd A fi iend suggests that for a mile or more, around thai snake den, few snakes will be seen this season, but that the ground moles will greatly increase. I,et the fact be noted ?Hartford Ttnir*. Saturday Bavabia.n Ueee ?Munich, the capital of Ba varia. is the Paradise of beer-drinaers. The government have loag since discovered that cheap beer Is a preventive of revolution amon^ the Ba varians, encourages the manufacture and regu late* the price of this beverage. The city of Munich contain* twentv-fhree breweries, whose stock for the ensuing summer amounts in the ag gregate. according Id an offlrial statement fur nished to the authorities, to 3U0.5>i0 rundlets or kegs, beside* ->.7Gj rundlets left over from the winter si.pply. ARRIVALS A T THE HOTELS f SR^?S^?'."UTEI -John M C1"ud? J J M CobbeU, IU; AG Cook, Mass; J Bobbins, do. J liaves, Pa; W II Bell. NY; A S Bowman, Mo, E Robinson, Na, II C Harris. Ky; W E Tv > Moj Miss II A Tvler. do; C C DeJarnell. Va; J M Adams- do; R Hartshone, do; S J 1'arker Ala; D ? Hall, Md; S G Terry; Capt S Barney' T Woodall; J no Shorp; Wm Lenox; D Daniels' Ma, Mr L cnowden, do; T M Davis, Md; Sam'i Sjonestreet and family, do; Miss Stonestreet. Va: Miss L A Smith, do;' Miss E Stuart. V V V V Cay ton, Md; W P Solomon and wife. NC- J II Solomon and sister, do; M Smith, Va; P Pobert son and lady. do; P Kribbids. Ga; C C Egerton. Ir. do; F B Bailey. Va; R A Gillette. O; Mr W NY: W II Hope and *" " Js^kson. Mass; H Dickinson, do; wiytlnU,vrv'??^ 1>a' A II , *J?.' ^ ; A .Md, A w Goldin. Scot Und. G L F inlay. do; W Murray. Md; \\ Hynes ^ew,';L^R,iS'i ,,()TFI;;?S Wilks, Ohio; i B ^ewart, K\; E Johnson. ISA; Mr Kerr, Eng;.\|r ' il,towdi"' J ? Hall, do; M S < ut*^nd VVi Gov Brooms. ly,Fla, ?V i n-. ? B Barrett, do; W Cogswell ly O H I* !i KmBI,BK,?,Jr' Fa; A " Xownsei.d, AiT; k ? v w J Mas"; Tenn; W Paul, ? ' . ^'arrett, do; S J Wallis. Pa; W P d'': J f;h>'k. DC; W Perrill, ly, Va; B"^u- T""n; " Beeson, ? \ . ' J hlte, N ^ ; Hen D Dickinson, ly. do; Judge Dickinson, ly. do; II W Regers, ly, do; H Collier, do; Miss Rogers, Md; CaptSterret.L'SN; , ^ Hughes, do; M Brayman,do; J XX orrell. pa. \\* Ca-s. ly, Nj, W W Guthrle.O; Judge \\ all, NJ: Mr Perrine do; Mrs Brooks. Ma*s; Miss Crockett, do; W II Hrost. NY; S W Broet. do; D I.yon, NJ; W Serger. do; S J Ellis, \ a, H J Lewin, do; W l?oriii^} N(* ^Washington HousF.-Wm v Hudson. Clavvill, N \ . A Phelps. \Vaynecounty, NY: K?I Spiw. Dund-e. NY; W S Raggold. Albany.NY: V^ard. do; W S Ringgold. Washington, D. ... Vs,. H ^Vig/- St'; J N Ropers, J *V Stetson. S ^ W harton. Phil .d: E G I^ike. Florida; S W '* A Dickson. Tenn; Gnu W Watkins. -p ii .i*' ' ?rns. 111*; C E Miles, Worcester.Mass; . ^'uii a,1,i ladv, Boston ; E N Hend?, son, bur' h "r^tton' Ao2??l>, Oa, J W Hays, Parke.s KIRKWOOH HOI SE ?W Wallace, Mass, C \ \ V-"1 AJ Va: II M Dutton. rt, m 7;4'?K?-r and lady. Md; D Shcmerv,ner, 2t;e"^ ul'.?T:,,",r?"-r-d": c,"u Joue*> L'-N: F Com v. "v ritssie. Mass; C Bowie. Md, rgTSr^i ' T """? MI*S ' " steamers. Suamtr, 'Tan 8tsrt?. Europa Boston t i . Da9* Queen or South N,w Y<Jk'*' Jdv'rPool'? May 20 A rago -New York" IBfrrm,"n May tiT New Yoik New York r? 30 * \orlt--,'laagow....Juue 6 ... Vcaori Arabia UverpcET .sVZ v? w * i!ty G Washington Southa'pton New Vork"v'y !! The California Mall Steamers leave J on the 8tb and Atb of each month New Vork Miscellaneous. pROrOSALS FOR stationery. House or Repef.shnt ati vks United Statu, ( Clerk's Office, Match 31,U?57. \ In pursuanoe of the seventeenth aoctionol twwi of Congress of the 26th Auguat, 18*8, entitled An act legalising aud making appropriationa ror aucn necessary objects as havebeen usually included in tne general appropriationbills without and to fix and provide for certain incidental expense* of the Departments and offices ol Gov*^P,? for other purposea," aealed sfeAUssrsSiS' u? ?ffirtrfltt c.?r..., v*: description of articles. Class Xo. 1 .? Payer. Item 1.?5"? renin* white laid qearto post, extra su perfine, faint lined , 2?inoVeams white-laid quarto poet, extra super fine, unruled S.? 75 reams white-laid Bath post, extra superfine, bunt lined 4.-30 reams white-laid Bath post, extra superfine, unruled 5.?125 reams extra suj>erfine cream laid notes Da per. large size, loiut lined and gilt-edged, an ruled 6.-125 reams same article 7.-125 " extra superfine eream laid note, medi um size, gilt-edged 8.?100 reams white cap paper, extra superfine, faint lined 9.-25 reams same paper, unruled lo.?125 *? commercial laid note paper, large size, faint lined Proposals for the above must state the price per ream. Of items 1,2,3, and 4 a portion nottoexoeed one half of each, to be furnished gilt-edged, if required. Class 2.? Envelopes. Item 1.?275.00H envelopes, thick laid, white, large letter size 2.?125,UM envelopes, thick laid, white, small size 2.?40,000 envelopes, thick laid, small note size 4.?OO.OHO co do ortictal size, x 3H 9x4, and 9>i x 4 inches 5.?1W,?M? envelopes, Imff laid, large letter size 6.-25,1**) do do official size 7.?H*>,000 do bull, medium, between let ter and official size, smooth and strong, ler newspapers and documents. The envelopes are to !>e in all cases adhesive. Freference will lie given to those having full pockets, roposals must state the nnre per thousand. Class 3.?Kntres, fc. Item. . , . 1.?l?*l dozen four blade pearl -handle pocket knives, 2.?80 dozen same article, stag handle 3.?30 dozen two-blade pear! and shell handle pocket knives, small size, half of each 4.?50 cases scissors 5.?fiO pairs first rate office shears 6.-8 dozen ivory handle erasers Proposals for knives and erasers must state the pric<? per dozen. Items Nos. 1,2, 3 and 4 are to lie of the best quality and first style of finish. Cla?s 4.? Pens, Penholders, Pencils and Quills. Item. 1.?50 gross Perry's patent large blue barrel pens, tine points 2.?50 gross Perry's three pointed pens ?.?400 gross fine quality metallic pens, in boxes containing *? gross each 4.?10 gross bullion peus, on cards or in gilt lioxes ol one dozen each ft.?5 gross porcupine quill penholders ?.-6 groaa rosewood penholders, for large larrel P?ns 7.?C gross rosewood penholders, for small barrel pens 8.?3 gross penholders, best styles, for pens without barrels 9.-2 gross fancr penholders, handsome styles 10.?20 gross Faber's Nos. 1,2, and 3 black lead pen pencils ' ' 11.?30 dozen gold pens, first rate quality, half with silver cases and half without cases. Class 5.?Ink and Inkstands. Item. 1.?dozen ink, in pint bottles 2.??? dozen ink, half-pint do 3.?15 dozen ink, quart do 4.?3 dozen red ink, or carmine, in small glass bot tles ft.?6 dozen standtshes, china or cut-glass inkstands, with racks, Ac. 6.-5 dozen fine china inkstanda, pump and dishes, Kilt 7.?10 dozen handsome cut-g&ss inkstands, large size 8.?10 dozen handsoino cut-glass inkstands, medium size 9.?5 dozen handsome pressed glass inkstands, vari ous patterns 10.?t dozen handsome porcelain ladies' inkstands, various patterns Class 6.?Memorandum Books, Port/olios, Tab? lets and Diaries. Item. 1.?20 dozen memorandum books, assorted sizes 2.?20 dozen portfolios, quarto, with locks, tablets, and or fine quality 3.?10 dozen portfolios, cap, with locks, and of fine quality 4.?10 dozen pearl tablets, with pencils, and of supe rior quality and finish 5.?15 dozen pocket diaries, of fine papor and finish Class 7.? Wax and Wa fers. Item. 2.?2H0 pounds red wafers, of fine quality 2.?250 do red wnx.of very fine?t quality. Class 8.?Paper Weights and Paper Folders. Item 1.? 20 dozen cut glass paper weights, finest quality and patterns 2.?30 do nine-inch hne ivory folders, one inch wide, and not less than 9 oz. to the dozen 3.?20 do mne-moh hne ivory folders, one inch wide, and not le*s than 9 oz. to the do zen, and with strong handles. 4.?10 do fine pearl folders, assorted patterns,aiid strong handles. Class 'J.? Mtsctllaneous. Item 1.?anodozon red tape. No. 19 2.?250 do do No. '& 3.? 25 do white tape. No. 25. 4.? lo do vesta taper stands, with wax tapers tine qualitv 5.-1,1**) pounds pounds black sand, pound papers f.?lo dozen letter cups, gilt 7.?In do do bronzo K.??*) tine ivory handle letter stamps, chequered 9.?100 do do do plain 10.?12 dozen pieces best quality twilled office taste, vanous colora 11.?!2 do bottles adhesive mnriLaro. Iiest quality, wide metal tops and pencils attached 12.?5 pounds india-rubber, in usual size pieces, na tive gum preferred. Class Id. Item 1.-1,000 ream4 tuff or brown envelope paper, smooth surface, strong and tough, i9 x 24 inch es, to weigh not less than pounds to tbe ream 2.?5>*> reams of ImH or brown envelope paper, smooth surface, strong and tough, J x .'4 inches, to weigh not less than 23 pounds to the ream 3.?60 reama airong and smooth Manilla pnper, 27 x 31 inches, to weigh not less thau forty pounds to the ream. 4.-1,000 reams white Hot caus in half sheets, to weigh not less titan 12 pouuda to the ream 5.?2,000/**) document envelopes, fine buff paper, 7.^ inches long and 3% inches wide Proposals for the above must state the weight and price per ream for paper and price per thousand lor envelopes. By the act approved June 17, iat4, the Cleik of the House of Representatives is "directed to ooufinc his purchases exclusively to articles the growth and manuiaetiire of the I" nitod States, provided the same i?n l*> procured of such growth and inanufacture, ol suitadie quality, and at reasonable priors, upou an good teruib a? to quality and puce as oan be olitained of foreign growth and manufacture." A preference will therefore be given to the productions of Ameri can industry ; and all persons making proposals to supply any article, will *tnte whether the same is oi the growth and manufacture of the I'nited States. Tne articles are to l>o delivered, free of any charge for oarriage. at the Officoof the Clerk on or lieforc the 15th of Octobcr next, and to bo paid for as soon as the Committee on Accouuts shall audit the bill. Each bidder, though he inav desire to propose for the whole of the articles aU?ve numerated, will be required to make a separate and distmet proposal for eark item j and no proposal or paper embracing more than a single item will be Ooimidered. Kach proposal to lie endorsed " Proposals for item No. ?, ciaas No. ? ,of stationery for the House of RepreJ aentativesof the I'nited States." and addressed to the underaigued. They will be free of postage. Sufficient specimens of each item acoompany the proposal, ntaiked with the name of the bidder and the number of the class and item,according to the above advertisement. The person offering to furnish any description ol articles at the lowest price, quality considered, sltall receive a contract for the same on executing a Ixmd, with one or more sureties, satisfactory to the Clerk, for the performance of the same, under a forfeiture of twice tho contract pries in the case of failure; which Im>ikI must lie filed in the office of said Clerk within ten days after the proposals have l>een opened and the reault declared. The right la reserved, in case it should l>e neces sary. to order a further supply of all or any ol the ar ticles oontained in the aU,ve list. W'M. CULLOM. ap 3-lawt Jsl Clerk House of Reps., U. S. Books from London. How to Govern Gibraltar, b> Sir Robert Gardi ner. K. C. B.,1856. The Press and the Publio Service, 1857; $1.25; 2 vols. Chronological Tables, ancient and modern, 1857, British F.loquenoe, Political Oratory, 2 vols., 1857; 81.25 per vol. Burn's Military and Naval Technioal Dictionary. Brougham's Social and Political Speeches, vol. 1, 1857; 81.75. ('apt Nolan's Cavalry; its History and Tactics. Pote's Nineveh. Hardwicke's Shilling Knightage, 1K57: 37 cts. HarJwicke's Shilling Baronetage. 1K56:S7 cts. Hardwicke's Shilling Peerage, IH57; 37 cts. Poetrv of the Anti-Jacobin Review. The Illustrated Langua?e of Flowers; 30 cts. mav Mr FRANt'K TAYLOR. rpHK UFR OF CHAItI.OTTK MONTH. 1 author of Jane Kyre, by Mrs. Gaskell, 2 vols.; #l_5o. < )uackenho's Historv of the I'nited Statea ; 91. The Olive Branch or White Oak Farm; SI. New Biographiea of Illustrious Men, by Macaulay and others : .?1. way ?3 FRANCK TAYMIR. Bird cages. door mats, baskets, TOYS. CARRIAGES.&e.. at H. J. Mcl.AruiII.IN A CO.'S, _ap No. 2?i l>et. 8th and 9th sts. BA I.LOU'S DOLLAR MONTHLY, n"e\V York Journal, Philadelphia Post, Harper's Weekly, Flag of our Union, and all the Monthly and Weekly Magazines and Papers, may 14 FKRGi SON'S, 4H67th street. O R TKMONNAI E S , CAR D CASKS, BR USHES, COM BS, PKRPCM KR Y,M ATS CAGES,*e.,&c.,at MoLAUGHLIN A CO.'S. mav 7 ma* 5 ' 1/ANS WHOLESALE A."ID RKTALL, AT F McLA UG H LI N 4 CO.'S, 2u Penn. avenue, be tween Hth and 9rh streets. may 7 (-JILLOT*r B K A r^F E R GI 'SON'S EXTRA a fine 3iia Pen is the article. You have only to put ?en. Ink, and Paper on your desk, dictate, and all is me. Buy them of U FERGUSON,^a6 7lh street. Miscellaneous o VERLAND MAIL ROUTE TO CALIFORNIA, Post Orrrcg DgPAgTXKXT, April SO, 1837. An Act of Congress, approved 3d March,1857, imk K appropriation* fur the service ef the Post Qftice part meat for the hsaal year ending suth June, liia, provides : " Sec. lo. That the Postmaster General be and he is hereby authorized to contract for the conveyance of the entire letter tuail trom such point on the Mis sissippi river as the contractors may select to San Francisco, in tfie State of California, for six years, at a oost not exoeeding three hundred thousand dollars per annum lor semi-menthly, four hundred and fifty thousand dollars for weekly, or six hun dred thousand dollars for semi-weekly aervioe. to be performed semi-monthly, weekly, or semi-weekly, attheoptionol the Postmaster General. " That the oontract shall require the ser vice to be performed with good four-horse coachia or spring wagons, suitable for the oonveyance ofpas sengers as well as the safety and security of the mails. " Sec. It. That the contractor shall have the right of pre-emption to three hundred and twenty acres of any land not then disposed of or reserved, at each point necessary lor a station, not to tie nearer than ten miles from eaoh other; and provided that no mineral land shall be thus pre-empted. " Sec. 13. That the said service shall be performed within twenty-bve days for each trip; and that, be fore entering into such contract, the Postmaster General shall be satisfied of tho ability and disposi tionofthe parties,bonafide and in good faith, to per form the said oontract, and shall require zood and sufficient security for the performance of the same, the serviee to commence within twelve months after the signing of the oontract." Proposal* will accordingly bo received at the Con tract Office of the Post Office Department, until 3p. in. of the 1st day of June. 1857, for conveying mans under the provisions of tneahove act. Besidesthe starting point on the Mississippi river, bidders will name the intermediate points proposed to l>e embraced in the route and otherwise designate its course as nearly as practicable. Separate proposals are invited for semimonthly weetcly, and semi-weekly trips e?ch way. The decision upon the proposals offered will be made after the Poittmaster General shall be satisfied of tho ability and disposition of the parties m good iaith to perform the contraoi. A guainutee is to be executed, with good and suf ficient sureties, that the oontract shall be executed with like go<*f security, whenever the contractor or contractors shall lie required to do so by the Post master General, and the service must commence within twelve months after the date of such oontract. Form af Proposal. , , of , eoonty of , State of ?propose to convey the entire letter mail, for the term or six years, from the dato specified in tho oontract for commencing servioe. fr?nn , on the Mississippi river, by , toSau Francisco, California, agreeably to the advertisement of the Postmaster General of the JOth April, Ifttf, in good four-horse coaches or spring wagons, suitable for the oonveyance of pas sengers, as well aa the safety and security of the mails, s/mt-rnontkly. oaeb way, for the annual sum of dollar*; tceekly, oach way, for the annual sum of dollars; temi-treek/y, each way, for the an nual sum of dollar*. Dated. (Signed.) Form of Guarantee. The undersigned, residing at .State of .un dertake that, if the foregoing bid for carrying the mail on the route from , on the Mississippi river, to San Pranciaeo. California, be accepted by the Postmaster General, the bidder shall, when required by the Postmastor General, enter into theneoessary obligation to perform the service proposed, with good and sufficient sureties. This ire do understanding dintinetly the obliga tion and liabilities assumed by guarantors under the TJth section of the aet af Congress af July 2, 1836. Dated. (Signed by two guarantors.) Form of Certificate. The undersigned, postmaster of .State of certifies, under his oath of afflre, that he is crmuun. vrtu r r n *?? vuia uj Uiai no is acquainted with the above guarantors, and knows them to be men of property, and able to make good their guarantee. Dated. (Signed.) INSTRUCTIONS. Containing conditions to be incorporated in the contracts to the extent the Department may deem proper. I. No par will bo made for trips not performed ; and for each of suoh omissions not satisfactorily ex plained throe times thi* pay of the trip may l?0 de ducted. Deductions will also be ordered for a grade of performance inferior to that specified in the con tract. For repeated delinquencies of the kind herein specified, enlarged penalties, proportioned to the na ture thereof ana the importance of the mail, may be made. X. For leaving behind or throwing of! the mails, or any portion of them, for the admission of passengers, or for being concerned in sotting up or running an ex press oonveying intelligence in advanoe of the mail, a auarter's par may bo deducted. 3. Fines will be imposed, unless the delinquency bo promptly and satisfactorily explained by certificates of postmasters, or the affidavits of other credible persons, for failing to arrive in oontract time; for neglecting to tako the mail from or delivering it into a post office ; for suffering it (owing either to the un ?uitabluness of the place or manner of carrying it) to lie wet, injured, destroyed, robbed, or lost; and for refusing, after demand, to convey the mail as fre quently as the contractor runs or is ooncerued in uniting a coach on the route. 4. The Postmaster General may annul the oontract for repeated failures to run agreeably to oontract; for violating the post office laws, or disobeying the in structions of the Department; for refusing to dis charge a carrier when required by the Department to do so; for assigning the eontrnct without the assent of the Postmaster (jeneral; tor i mining on ex press as aforesaid; or for transporting persons or packages oonveying mailable matter out of the mail. 5. A bid received after the last day and hour named or without the guarantee required by law, cannot !>e considered in competition with a regular proposal reasonable hi amouut. 6. The route, the servioe, the yearly pay, the name and residence of the biddor. (that is. hit usual Post office address.) and t hose or each member of the firm, where a company offers, should Ik* distinctly stated. 7. Altered bid* should not be submitted; nor should bids once submitted Ihj withdrawn. H. Each bid must I*? guarantied by two or more re sponsible persons sit istnetory to the Post master General. General guarantees cannot l>e admitted. The bid and guarantee should be sitn?d plainly with tho I nil name of each person. 9. The Department reserves the right to reject any bid which may l?e doomed extravagant, and also llio bids of failing contractors and bidders. 10. The bid should be sealed ; siipersoriltod "Mail Proposals foroveriaiui route to California," address ed ''Second Assistant Postmaster General," Con tract Otfioe. II. A modification of a bid in any of its essential terms is tantamount to a new Isd, and cannot be re ceived, so as to interfere with a regular competition, after the last hour set for receiving finis. 12. Postmasters are to l<e careful not to oortify the sufficienor of guarantors as sureties without know ing that they are persons of sutfioient respoasilulity; and ail bidders, guarantors, and sureties are distinct lv notified that, on a failure to enter into or perform the contracts for tho service proposed for in f tie ao cepted bids, their legal liabilities will be enforced against thein. 13. Prosont contractors, and persons known at tho Department must, equally with others, procure gunr antors and oertitioatos of their sulficielio substan tially in the forms above prescribed. The certificates of sultioiency must be signed by a postmaster, or by a iuuge of a court of record. The attention of bidders, guarantors, sureties, &o. is directed to the following laws, V(Z : Sec.2. Act of .March 3, lu26, requiring contraotors, carriers, &c. to Ijasworu. Sec. 44. Act of lviarcliS, 1C25, in relation to failure to enter inlo contract. Sec. 27. Aot of Jul* 2,1836, liabilities oJ guarantors. Soo.24. Aot of July 2. 1:K?J. authorizing bids of failing contractors to be rejected. Sec. 28. Aaact of July 2, l&JG, in relation to combi nations amongst bidders. Aotof April21, 1^4, provides that no member of Congress can be a contractor. Sec.42. A n aet of March 3, lfKS, provide^ that no pogtmater, assistant postmaster, or olerk lu a post otfioe shall he a oontraetor. Sec. 7. Aot of March 3,1823, provides that no other thaiiafreo white male person shall be employed in parry mg the inail. in- The Postmaster General will reserve to him selrtho right ol annulling any contract made under the ahove act, whenever ho shall discover that thesauie or any part of it, is offered for uile in tho market for the purpose of speculation, and he will, in no case, sanction a traiisrnr of the samo, in whole or in part, to any assignee or sub-ooutraotor, less qualified, in his opinion, than the original contractor, to oarry the same into successful operation. AARON V. BROWN, ap20 StawtlstJune Postmaster General. Rich and beautiful DRESS GOODS. Just roceived another lot of very haudaome Silk and Barege HOMES; rich satin, plaid, and figured BAR KGES. A large assortment of Spring and Summer SIl.KS from 5<) cents to $I.MU per yard. Ten pieces .more of those very rich plain black iromvi cents to ?l.?? per yard. Ten pieces more of those very rich plf all^o<>d washing colors at 12>Jc., h a large- assortment of all kinds of general staple Goods of the bost class. COLLEY k SEARS, may ^-e'lBt SBS 7th st. 3 doors north Pa. av. STAIR RODS AND PLATES. Just received and on sale? 250dozen superior STAIR RODS, in all widths, from S inch to 1*%'. some of which are in entirely new shapes and very pretty, of course very ohoap. Also, 1 case BRASS PLATES for steps. This is a most economical article in the saving or carpets,ns well as very ornamental. Also, BRASS COR NICKS, A R C H E S , and RINGS, for suspending Nets and Curtains over beds, an indispensable article in ffv and mosquito time. CLAGETT, DODSON & CO. may I8oo3w (TMBKRLAND COAL. j Just received by canal two cargoes of C I'M BER LAN D COAL, Which we will sell at tho low est market price. All our Coals are kept upon plank floors, thereby rendering thein entirely froe from earthy matter which is of tho first importance to the consumer. CASTLEMAN A BRO., Corner of Oth and B streets, may IS eo2w opposite National Hotel. '?<11 LSI BSCRJBER HAS J UST R EC El V E D 1 from tlie importers, a large and oompUte stock ol the following articles, viz ; Hesl English aud French Lisle Thread HOSE. Do do do Open-worked do do. Do do do Cotton do do. Alexander's Silk GLOVES. Do Thread do. Jouvin's and Beaudin's KID GLOVES. Also, a large stock of PARASOLS, of all quali ties and prieen, with a great variety of articles of taste and fashion, all of which he will sell cheap for eash. FRANK A. MeGEE. ap t?-eof m 244 Pa. ave.. hat. 12th and 13th at*. WINDOW GLASS.-400 boxes Baltimore and Philadelphia GLASS, all qualities and sizes, for saie_at a liberal 1 ' . i f . , iuiu sizei "ILVi liberal discount, by ap?TAF?m J. k. MoOREOOR.?4 7tb st. OF LATE IMPORTATION.-WE HAVE A fresh supply of? Insurance, ftc. cafit al i .? ?*? ? ? ? ? ???. . 4 ? $900,000 ?m

This ComnuT ia aow prewired to reoeire aaphca tiooa lor INSURANCE ONBUILD1NGS, MER CHANDISE, Ac., at the usual City rates, without any charge ft?r Puliey, at tbetr Othoe, oorner of Tenth Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, over the Washington City Savings Bank. UutcTOia 71 Wn. F. Bayly, Samuel Bacon. Robert Faruham. jQCeP. Haiijay. Wm. Orme, Hudson Taylor, Franois Mobua, M. W. Gait. James C. MoGUIRE, President. G. D. hamox, Secretary. ay 11-ly PROTECTION AND INDEMNITY FKUM LOSS AND DAMAGE MY fire. THE PKKTLS OPTHE SKA. AND INLAND TRANSPORTATION. FARMERS AND MECHANICS* INSURANCE COMPANY, OF PHIladeLPHIA. Fibs, Manias, and Inland Insurance. Authorized Capital.... 91,260,000!!! Orrici, Noithwiit corner or PtsmuTARii Avenue and 17th Street, Washin&ton. DIRECTORS. Hon. Thos. B. Florence, Charles Dinree, George H. Armstrong, Thomas Maoderfield. Charles A. Ruhicam, EdwaUl K. Heimbotd, George Helm bold, F. Carroll Brewater, James E. Neat I. laaac l,#?ch, Jr. THOMAS B. FLORENCE, President. EDWARD R. HEI.MBOLD, Secretary. local SURVEYORS. Charles Walter, No. 387 D street, opposite City Hall. John M. Thornton, oorner let street and Virginia avenue, I stand. James \Y illiains, No. 22 4>? street. John R ig<l?s, No. 5ol l.lh atreet, below Peunsyl vunia aveuue. MARINE SL'RVEYOH. Captain J. F. Levy,>7 Fenuaylvamaavenue, opposite National Hotel. ,V * GENERAL superintendent. John Thomason. Authorized Capital and Assets 9 1,473,007 07 Assets #523,057 07 Invested in Bonds, Mortgages, and Good Securities. The following statement exlultita the Ixiainesaand condition ol the Company to November I, IxW: Fremium received on marine aud inland risks to No vember 1,1856 9214,684 6? Fire premium .. 17G.TH6 Gl lutereston loan. 8,704 47 Total receipts ........? S+'w.lttf t>? Paid marine loases.. $04,427 04 Faid tire loases 30,737 3W Expenses, salaries,and oouinus aiona * 45,489 00 Reinauranoe, return premiums, and agency oliarges. 27,474 60 $177,128 61 Balanoe remaining with the Company. .9223,<*7 07 The Assets of the Company art as follows : Philadelphia city and county bonds 9">iM8 IS Railroad bends 11,000 00 First mortgages, real estate.. ? 143,500 00 Stock8, collaterals, on oall 32,40n 00 Girard and consolidation hank stock... ?. 5,125 00 Deposited with Duncan, Sherman A Co., New York , SH.fflO 00 Delerred payment on stock not yet due.... 97,700 On Notes for marine prenuuma He.uso 50 Due frotn ageuta, accured by bonda 35^76 It Premiuma on policiea recently issued, and debts due the oompany 26,470 38 Balanoe in bank .......? ? 16,4.56 74 95?.??7 (.7 The business of this Company will oompare favor ably with the most successlul similar institutions m the United Statea. From the lat day of August, 1R55, in fifteen months, up to the 1st day of November, 1856, the premiuma and interest received amounted to the large * am ol four hundred thousand one hundred and eighty-five dollars and aixty-eigbt cent*, with the payment of losses and expenses of one hundred and seventy seven thousand one hundred and twenty weight dol lars and sixty-one cents. With these evidences of cuccesa and good man agement, the Direotors feel justified in soliciting a share of public patronage, believing that the security offered is ample, and that all tair claims will be ad justed more acoording to equity than legal technioal itiea. The Company ia prepared to issae policiea againet loaa or damage by fire on DWELLINGS, FURNITURE. MILLS. MAN UFACTORIES. WAREHOUSES, All descuptiona of BUlLDINGSaud their oontenta; or all kinds of MERCHANDISE, tranaported by vessels,steamboats, Canal Boats, Railroads. and the usual conveyances to or from any portiou of EUROPE AND AMERICA, and on the hulls of STEAMBOATS navigating the Western Waters. The rates of premium will lx> hb low as other com panies. and hi fixing them every improvement in construction and arrangement will he taken into con sideration. All losses speedily adjusted and promptly paid. Otiice, north* est corner Pennsylvania avenne and 17th street, Washington City, D. C. Insurance may also be rffrcled at the Home Ofct, northwrsl corner Walnut and Second streets, Philadelphia, And mother principal cities of the United States br authorized officers of the Company. ap S B ANK1NG HOUSE OF CHUBB BROTHERS. Deposits.? Doposits received and Che<Jcs p*id without charge. Drafts on the northern seaboard cities received on Deposit at j>:tr, and Exchango on said Cities furnished to depositors without charge. Interest on Df.posits.?Interest will Ite allowed on Deposits at such rates as may be agreed upon. Deposits in Virginia and f nccbhent Monet. ' Doposits in Virginia and other Uncnrrent Money ro ccived to l?e checked for, payable in same funds, or in specie, we charging the regular Exchange. Discounts.?Notoa, Drafts,and Bills of Exchange will l>ediscounted,and I<oana inadcon Stocka, Bonda, and Securities, at the market rate. Letters op Credit.?Letters of Credit will lie furnished, negotiable in the different Cities of the United States, on Deposit of Money or Collaterals, and interest allowed if Money is deposited, and charged if Collaterals, on suoli terms as may be agreed upon. Traveling Bills or Exch ange.?Travelers will l?e furnished with drafts hi suoli sums aa may be de sired negotiable in the different Cities of the Uuton. Bills and Letters or Crkhiton England, Ire land and Eckope.?Bills of Exchange and Letters of Credit on England, Ireland and Europe, furniahed at the market rate for Exchange, in suma to suit. Bonds, Stocks, &o.?Bonds, Stocka, and Securi tiea pay ing from 6 to 12 pr. cent., a! way a for sale, or bought in the different Cities at a commission of a pr. cent. Where $toeka are beught upon ordera, we reserve the right to call for a deposit of 10 pr. cent on the cost. Bonda or Stocka will be ordertni by tele graph. Railroad, Citt, and State Bonds.?Railroad, City, and Stnte Bonds can l?e placed in our hands for negotiation, either hi this country or Europe. Rail road Iron purchased for cash or with Bonda. Land Warrants.? l,aiid Warrants bought at the market rates. All Warrants sold by us are guaran tied in every reapeot. (.and Warrants located on commission. Land Warrant quotations regularlyluruislied if re quested. Warrants will be forwarded to Weatern Houses on orders, or sent for sale on commission to responsible parties. Rkal Estate and Insurances.?Real Estate bought and sold, and Insuraneea effected. Claims on United States, Court o? Claims, Conor es*.?Claims on ths United Statea, before the Court of Claims or Congresa, intrusted to ua, will be proacouted by pronipt and able attoraeya. CHUBB BROTHERS, jan 27 Opposite the Treasury. QQfJ pennsylvania AVENUE, fcOtl near eorner of \SlK Street. B. II. STINEMETZ having made arrangements with a Company of Hatters to be fur niahod with the most popnlar styles of MOLESKIN AND BEAVKR HATS, will hereafter make a dis count of \2)i per oent upon theaotual market pnoe, making theHat Bold for ?94 (and not unfrequently for $5) for' the low price of $3.50. a slight varia tion in quality f3. and for 9'2.5oa su perior quality for the money. To make this system edeotual, ho will keep no liooks, but sell exclusive ly for ('ash on Delivert, which cannot fail being advantageous to the purciiaser, thereby enabling him to buy for cash and sell at a small profit, meeting with no losses by bad debts. New Styles FELT HATS, CAPS.and STRAW GOODS, for Men. Boys, Misses and Infants' wear. Persona are invited to call and examine our stock. 1 Call at 236 Pennsylvania Avenue, near oorner of 13th Street. apU-tf JNTEREST ALLOWED ON DEPOS1TES. MONEY to LOAN on~STOCK SECURITfES CHUBB BROTHERS, BANKERS, Opposite the Treasury. THE HOUSE OF CHUBR BROTHERS, Washington, is oomposed of CHAS. St. J. CHUBB, JOHN D. BARROW, HENRY HOLMES. THE HOUSE OF CHUBB BROTHER, BARROW A CO., Davenport, Iowa, is oomposed of CHAS. St. J. CHUBB, ALEX'R H. BAKRO\V, Jan 27?tf WM. H. DOUOAL. HATS! HATSf?Constantly on hand a full sup ply of BEEBE'S NEW YORK STW.ES, together with TAYLOR'S HATS, of Baltimore. The !>est black dress 11 ATS, got up in the latest stylo for #3,50, as good as those usually sold at 95; and a good fashionable lint ati 93, worth *4; and a first rate llat, $2,50. The best materials and the best . workmanship is employed to produce a 95 Hat, which ia sold for 93,50. We ao a oash business, meet with no losses, but rive each customer full v*'ue_/or hi? money. Felt Hats unusually low. N. B. Agent for Drisooll's Balm of a Thousand * yjrlw!; ,t,rioe *5 oents per bottle. r ANTHONY,7th street. near Pa. avenue, Agent for a New ^ ork Hat Company. sept 96?tf Rectifying establishment.?The un dersigned takes this method of informing Liquor I**]?.? that he has fitted up a RECTIFYING ES tablishment in this city, and is now prepared to supply all those who may favor him with their custom. He lias on hand a large stock of Brandies, Gin, Wines, and Old Whiskeys, wbioh he can sell at as low a figure as they can be purohased far ei ther in Baltimore or Phifadelshia. N. B. The subscriber has also on hand a large lot of Foreign and pomestio Cigars. . PETER FAGAN. Ian lf-flro* No, W Louisiana *v.s, near lot A ?t. Medicines. pRiVATK MEDICAL TREATISE PHTSIOLOOIC AL^TeIt OF MARKTaOF By M. B. La CROIX. M. D.. Altai,. n( Y? - 300 pmm and 130 fine Plain and Colored 1 itbirgrapha tCTPRICJJ ONLY 25 CENTS. irrSentfru ejpostal* to nil pnrta uf tk* Union. Dr. M. B. (a Croix'? Physiological View of Mar nage. A new and rerisad ad it ion of ?? pages and MUpJatea. Prwe tt oeata a aopy. A popular aad comprehensive treat lae on tha duties ami casualties of single and ma mad hfe? happy and frvitrwl atlian oea. mod* of aeewrfac tfc? nfaliottows and usier ttie oMt-their obviation and reiuovai?nervous de bility, ita oaueee and on re, by a process at once eo simple. ufe, and effectual, that ftulure is impoenibfe ?rule* fbr daily management?an essay on Seenna torrhcra. with practical observations an a saiW and more successful mode of treatment?precautionary hints on tbe evil resalta from empirical practice; to Which i* added commentaries on the d^seaaea of fe tnalee?from infancy to old age?each ease graphical ly illustrated by beautifal slates. It "points out tha remedies foPthoee self-indicted miseries and disap pointed hopes eo aalortunateiy prevalent ta tha young. It is a truthful adviaer to tbe married, and those contemplating marriage. Its perusal is partic ularly recommend*] to persons eatertaimag secret doubts or their ph> sical condition.and who are con SOIOQ9 of haviug hazardeJ the beaJtfi, happiness and 3vileges to which every hamau beta* is entitied to. 'rice 25 cents per copy, or bve copies for ft I, mail free of postage to any part of the United States, by addressing Dr. LA CHOIX. (poet paid.) Albany. New \ ork, enclosing 25 cents. N. B. Those who prefer may consult Doctor 11.A CROIX .upon any of the diseases upon whioh his book treats, either personally or by mail. His medi cines often cure in the short space ol six days, and completely and entirely emdioateall traces of those disorders which oopaiva and oubebs have eo long been thought an antidote, to the ruin ol the health of the patient. Uia " Fisnch Secret" la the great eon tiuental remedy Tor that claas oldisorders which un fortunately, physicians treat with mercury, to the irretrievabledestiuction to the patient's constitu tion, and which all the sarsaparilla in the world can not cure. IC/* Oflice No. 31 Maiden Lano, Albany, N. Y. fer? 14?ly T HK GREATEST MEDICAL DISCOVERY OF THK AUK. Mr. Kkvxkdv, of Roxhurv, has discovered in oac of our common paature weeds a remedy that cures svaat kisu op hdmoi, own l?WM . - The worst Srrafmla down to a common Pimple. He Ins tried it in over eleven hundred cases, ami never fKile?l except in two cases, both Tnunder Hu mor. He has m?w in hm possession overone hundred cortihcates of its value,all within twenty miles ol Boston. Two bottles are warranted to cure a nursing Sore Mnoth. One to three liottlea will cure the worst kind of Pimples on the Face. .. Twoor three bottles will clear tbe iyatcmof Ifiles. Two liottlea are warranted to cure the worst Canker ia the Mouth and Stomach. Three to live Urttles are warranted to care the worst kind of Erysipelas. One or two bottles are warranted to cure all Hu mor iu tho Eyes. Two bottles are warranted to cure Running of the Ears and Blotches among the Hair. Four to six liottlea are warranted to cure aorrupt and running Fleers. One bottle will enre Scaly Eruptions of the Skin. Twoor three bottles are warranted to cure the worst kind of Kinxworui. Twoor three bottles are warrantod to cure the most most desperate case nf Klieumatisin. Three to four bottles are warranted to care Sfclt rheum. Five to eight botttee will oure the worst caae of Scrofula. A lienefit is always experienced from the brst bot tle, and a perfect cure is warranted when the above quantity is takeu. Nothing looks so improbable to those who have in vain tried all the wonderful medicines of the day, aa that a oominon weed growing on the pastures, and along old atone walla, ahould cure every humor in the system ; yet it ia a fixed fact. It' vou have a humor, it has to start. There are uo iFs nor ANDS, hums nor ha's aliout it suiting aome casea, butlnot yours. I peddled over a thousand bottles of it in tne vicinity of Boston. I know the effects of it in every ease. It has alr?-ady done some of the greatest cures ever done in Massachusetts. 1 gave it to children a year old. to old people of sixty. I have seun poor, puny, wormy-looking children, whose he?h wus sort and flabby, restored to a perfect state of health by one bottle. To those who are sulyect to a sick headache, one bottle will alwajs cure it. It sives.great relief in catarrh and dizziness. Some wtio have taken it had t?en costive for years, and have boen regulated by it. Where the body ia sound it works quite easy, but where there is any derangement of the functions of nature, it will cause very singular feelings, but fou inust not be alarmed; they always disappear m rum four days to a week. There is never a i*d re sult from it; on the oontrary. when that feeling it gone, you will feel yourself like a new person. I heard some of the most extravagant encomiums of it that ever man listened to. In my own practice I always kept it strictly for hu mors?but aince ita introduction as a general family medicine, great and wonderful virtues linre been found in it that I never suspected. Several casesof epileptic ht??a disease which was always considered incurable, have been cured by a few liottles. O, what a mercy if it will prove effec tual in all cases of that awful malady?there are but few who have seen more ol it than I have. I know of several canes o| Dropsy, all oft hem need reoplc cured l>v it. For the various diseases of the .iver, Sick Headache, Dyspepsia, Asthma, Fever anil Ague, I'ain in the Side, Diseases of the Spine, and particularly in Diseases of the Kidnwys. Ac., the di*oovery has done more good than any medicine ever known. No change of diet ever necessary?cat the best you can get nn<l enough of it. Directions for Use.?Adults one table-spoonful per day?children over ten years dessert-spoonful? children from five to eight years, tea-spoonlul. As no directions ran bo applicable to all constitutions, take sufficient to operate on the bowels twice o da>. MA'VUFA.CTVRF.D BY DONALD K E NN EDY. ATo. 120 Warren Street. Rorhnry, Mnsrarhnsett*. A cents for Washington.?Chas. Stott A Co.. Z. Oilman. Kidwell A Lawrcneo, J. B. Gardner, Burry A Co.. D. Walsh A Co.. F. S. Walsh. J. P. Stone, Martin King, Nairn A Palmer. Schwartz A Co., O Hoswell, Daniel H. Clark. J. I'. Milburn, Dunbar Dyswn, Ford A Bro. Agents for Georgetown.?K. S. Cissell, O M Lcntham, J. L. Kidwell. my 5-ly ' * THE PERUVIAN* SYRUFhsnni successfully passed the ondoal to which many discoveries in the Materia Medicaare subjected, must now be re ceived as an established mediciue. ITS EFFICACY IN CURING DYSPEPSIA. AW*rttons of the Liver, Dropsy, Xewalfia, Bros tkitis and Consumptive Tendencies, Ihsorder ed itutf at tk? Blood, Boils, Uenrral Dtbtlity. and all Diseases trhieh renuir* a Tonic and Alterative medicine is bewond question. The proofs of its efficacy are so numerous, so well authenticated, and of soon peculiar character, that sutierors cannot reasonably hesitate to receive the proffered aid. The Peruvian Syrup does not profeas to be a rwre all, but its range is extensive, because many disea sen, apparently unlike, are lutimato.) related, and, proceeding from one oause, may be cured by oue remedy. The class of diseases for which the Syrup promi ses a cure, is precisely that which has so often Imf tied the highest order of medical skill. The facts are tangible, the witnesses accessible,and the safety and officscy of the Syrup incontrovertible. Those who may wish lor au opinion Irom disinter ested persons respecting the oharaoter of the Syrup, cannot fail to lie satisfied with the following niihmx numerous testimonials, iu the hands of tho Agents. The signatures are those nf gentlemen well known ia the oouununity, and of the highest respectability. , CARD. Tho undersirnod having experienced the beneficial effects of tho Peruvian Syrup," do not hesitate to recommend it to the atteution of tbe public. From our own experience, an well aa from the tes timony of others, whose intelligence and integrity are altogether unquestionable, we have no doutit of its efficacy in cases of ineipieut Diseases of the Lungs and pronchial Passages, Dyspepsia, Liver Lungs and Bronchial Pm^?7Dy.pTSia ! er those who have witu?6ae<i them, and have volunteer powiV.' " WJ.OHNU"li?EPQNTr*tl''" A \fAVtt* , (v?u vui uw ii oApoTionoBi m w?ii ai from tne tci* timony of others, whose intelligence and lutegrity are altogether unquestionable, we have no doutit of its efficacy in cases of inoipieut Disc*-?- ,1? * ? ~ Passages, Dyspi euralgia, Ac. Ii lo. but from the ed them, and hav re do oura, to iti JOHN PIER I THOMAS A. 1 S. H. Kfe.NDAl SAMUEL MAY. THOMAS C. AMORY. Tor sale by Z. D. GILMAN, Special Agent, O&i Pennsylvania avenue, and at the General Ageucy, corner of L ami titb streets. Navy Yard. feb % pLUMBING AND GAS FIXING. MILLER A CUNN1NGHAN. Penn. avenue, south side, between 12th and 13th streets, have iust reeeived a complete assortment of roods in their Jine, CHANDELIERS, BRACKETS. PENDANTS, DROP LIGHTS, FORCE and LIFT PUMPS. BATHING TUBS,SHOWER BATHS. BASINS and SINKS, EATHERN and IRON PIPES. Ac., Ac.; all of which are of the newest and most ap proved patterna. Builders and others purchasing for cash, will find their establishment unequalled in the District of Columbia for moderate prioes and dis patch, neatness and efficiency of work. They respectfully solicit a share of the business in their line from all; and, being Washington trades men faith by birth and apprenticeship, will take prop er pride in proving by their work that Plumbing and Gas Fixtures can be done by Washington mechan ics as cheaply and aa well as by any others in tha , United States. ap'J7-tf YOUNG'S NAUTICAL DICTIONARY ,1 vol., London; S2J>>. Naval and Military Technical French and English; by CaptBuru. Royal ArUllor>?laledi tion, 1 vol , W?K>lwich; $1.25. Falconer's Marine Dictionary, 1 vol., quarto, l*on don; $9. James's Military Dictionary.l vol., London; Technological Military dictionary, German, Eng lish, and French; by Capt. Duckett, 1 vol., London; $4 * Stooqneler's Military Eooyolopadia, 1 vol., Lon don; 93.25 CaiiipbeH'a Dictionary of Military Science. I vol., i*on?ton;t!7 ete. Encyclopedia and A)d?-Memoire to the Military Sciences; by the Corps of Royal Engineers, 6 vols., London?filled with engravings; #24. Diotionaire de Marine a Voiles; sous les auspices du M inistre da la Manue, 1 vol., Paris; 96; fine calf bindinf. Diet ionaire de Marine a Vapuer, ar>us les auspiees du Miniatre de la Marine, 1 toL, Paris; 9?; fine calf blading. Dietionajre des Machines a Vapeur, par F.. M. Ba taille, 2 vols.; quarto and atlas, Paris; $18; fine o*lf binding. _ Militaire, 4 vols., oc ,18- . ? ? ? , s vols., Paris; fine erne lea Department* Durat-Laaalle, 1 vol., And many other worka on tlM various branohee of Sc,eo" * f * Qf some of tha above books only siaale copies srs^on hand-none aan be rephtnad at tna^nw Trwreltrt' Dirtctory. w4"""?" \u1h*w?SlfooN. C*awob of Horw -T** CKORttK "Uv. iltfXindriii, At ?? ^V? 4>%taail t\ Lwvt Washing t.?o, at T\.os. l i V. l,SN.f.H,andT. The duMm maj oouhdentlj rely ou the Boat Mart ing at the time advertised. One of the Boat* will make a tup to *K>CNT VEtNOX on lYt'DAT and Fumt ofeaca week, i ear it* WwhiMter at 9 o'clock a. m. CORSON. I UKU. T. HOWARD, \ CM**1" Either B<mt may be chartered for Eaearainasat any time, on application to JOSEPH URN AN. Pree?leiit o| tUw Company, at l??a oihoe, 3?> Pean. avenue, or to the Captains on board. ap >? t| STEAMER GEORGE PAGE. _ HOURS OF DEPARTURE.^*#** ? l/eare Alexandria at 7*. ?. ^^LiaveXVnailington at i. t. 8X, "S, 4. 5*.7. aptD-d El.US C. PRICE, Captain. FLASHING TON BRANCH RAILROAD. Trainsleave WASHINGTON for BALTIUOR K at 6 and h>? a. in., aud a and t>* p. m. On Suudat, at 4S P- m. Leave BALTIMORE for WASHINGTON at ?S an J *? ni., and 3 and Mi p. m. On Sunday 4t 4H a. m. Passengers for Philadelphia and New York will take tnun? at 6, ?>?, and ?V For Amiapolu will take trains at &K aad 4fc. For Norfolk will take trama at f.>? and X. For the Wtii will take train* at Cam! IX,oonnect ing at the Washington Junction. imi if. tf T. H. PARDON*. Agent. D| AILY EINE FOR EDWARDS' FERR\ AND LllKSHI KH. VaM rn i'brupe?kr and Ohio Canal.?The Packet Boats A R . ? ,?-v (it* and M.C, M EIGS. will oomii.ei, < ^ i ?Ja making daifer tripe t?? the abuvo puiiti,'?1-*-''"**' nit Mwixifl). Mai oh w, lmvmi the and 11. G. Hitter, Georgetown. I). C. ov ery morning at 7 o'clock, .Sundays excepted; through la eight hours; lea Vine Georgetown at fsicvea o'clock to the morning, the float* will arrive at the Great Fall*.or Washington Aqueduct, at In a. m.. Seneca at I3tn., Edararda' Kerry at 3 p. m., where a stare will t? n, readiuess to convey passengers to Leenlmrg. Va. Returning, leave Edwards' I err) every day at note o'clock in the morning, and arriving in Georgetown at sunset. Through Tickets, $1.7*. Intermediate point* a* follows: Great Falls or Wiuhnirtoii A^uediift, hi cents; Setieoa, 75 cents; Edwards' Ferry,; Lees burg. Virginia, mcludiiut eoaob. 41.75* Men.a served on the lloats at modeiate prices. mar 25 W. H. A 11.JJ. RITTKR. QKANGE AND ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD. GREAT SOUTHERN MAIL LIME. Twiee Dailv, (Sunday nights excepted.* between WASHINGTON and the SOUTH, via A LEX AN DRIA. GORDONSVILLE AM) RICHMOND, DANVILLE aad G R EEN J^bOROl G H. Leaves WashiiMC ton at 6 o'clock a. ui. " Alexandria at 7Si o'clock a. in. 44 Washington at 7 o'clock p. in. " Alexandria at BX o'clock p. m. Fare from Washington and Alexandria to Rich mond. A) 5H. Omnibuses and Baggage Wagons will beat the Depot of the Washington Railroad, to etmvey m> seugers and liaggage to the Steamer GEO. PAGL, for Alexandria, a distance of aix miles, allowing ample time for meals. mar27 tf JAMES A. F.VANt*. Agent. EW ROUTE TO THE SOUTHWEST. N MEMPHIS 4- CHAKLESTON RAILROAD CO M PL ?T C !>?TO* K KCTt K? Ckattanoot*. Temm.; Charlrttom. S. C.; Saram nak, Ga., amd all the XvrlAtaiUra CUses, a ttk Memphis, T'aa. The last oonneotinr link of Railroad l>etwe?i NEW YORK ANDTHE MISSISSIPPI RIVER. This road is n>v o<jaipleted and opeue<l for the rer - ular transportation of Paaaengera and Freiylit, and Will afford more Expedition and lesa Expen*p tlnn any other route l*etween the Northeaat and Soath weat. Paaaengera and Shippera will take due notioe thereof, and govern themaclvea acoordingijr. Paaaenger Traina leave Stevenson dnily at 2)6 o'clock, a. m.. (after the arrival of the traina from Chattanooga a?d Nashville, land arrive at Memphis same day at 7 p. in., ooiuieoting with First Claea Steam Packets to New Orleans, and all otner impor tant points upou the Western Rivers.* Goods c<*i signed to Railroad Aceats at Charleston or Savan nah, will be forwards! to Memphis and other poioia, by Express Freight Trains. Freight in charge of the Adams Express Cmn? pany la carried over ttua route daily \<y the fasaeo ger trams. F. C. ARMS General Superintendent. Hchtsvii i.*, (Ala.) Jprd 1st, 1857. ? Through Tickets to Memphis, Ac., eold at Wit mmgtou, N. C,; Charlcst?m, S. C.; Augusta. Savan uah, Macon, Atlanta, and Columbus. Ga ; Moutgoni enr. Ala.; Chattanooga, and Nashville, Tcnn. To eonnect with the Western Trains on this r>iad, paaaengers will take the wigar Wain* from Wilinia^ ton. N. C.; A ii gust a. Ga.;Cnvrtanooga awl Nashvitle. Tenn.; and the day trains frotn Charleston and Kingsville, S. C.; and Atlanta. Ga. ap 7-tt ALL PARTS OF THE WEST. pOR BALTIMORE AM) OHIO RAII.ROAP. New *>d Improved Akbaxgkmkmtv Three Trains daily front Baltimore for Cmiitier laud. Wheeling, and all rart^ of the West. I st. The ACCOMMODATION TRAIN willleav? (except Snnday tat fi.4Sa. m.,conncctuic with train* from Philadelphia, hrst train from Wr?yhiiv'ton <at Junctioni?ariil stop at Way rotation*, and arrive ?t Cumberland at 4 o'clock p. m. 2d. .The MAIL TRAIN leaves Camden Station daiijr (except Sunday! at C.30 a. m., and reaches Wheeling by 4 a. in., connecting nt Bcnwoodwiih trains lor Columbia, Cincinnati, Dnvton. Indiauap?? lis, Louisville, Cleveland, Toledo. Detroit, Chicago, St. l^tuia, Cairo, and intermediate poiuta. 3d. The EXPRESS TRAIN leaves daily at 7 j?. in., connecting with express traina lorCincn?uati^>*. Louik. Cairo, Chicago, and lutermaalmte ptateea. 'I'l<<* distance to Cincuu>at i and otlicr cent la! and a. utli>- a places in the West, t? nearly !?? miles shorter than by any other route. The time to ttu-so plaoe* is a;?o unequalled. iUj Baggage checked through to Columbus, Cin cinnati, InuinnapoliB. and St. Louis. (jjT" Passengers and iiag^a^e transferred at al points free. THROUGH TICK ETS will 1^aold toall the !ar*? towns in the West, at the lowest possible the Ticket Office, Camdeu Station, and al W hah in* ton city. H r~ A second claaa car la attached !o the MAIL TRAIN. Passengers from Raltimore or Washington may riew the entire road fcg taking Aec?tui modation or Mail Train, and lyiiiac over at l umber land or Oaklaud. Tne* resume the next imirmug > y the Express Train, which leavea Cumlieriaud al a. in., and reaches Wheeling at 2 p. m. Passengers from Washington ltave ample time f >r moalaat Washington Junction. This is the only route by winch Through Tterete and Baggage Checka can heotitained in Waahingtou FO R WA Y PASSE K(i E R S. The Accommodation Train at 6.15 will atop at all stations eaat ol Cumberland, and the Express at sta tioua between Piedmont, going West. Eaatward'y the Mail Tnuu leaves Wheeling at 7.15a.m.. and Ac commodation loaves Cuiutierlanu at renting Baltimiire at 5.4.S p. rn. The FREDERICK TRAIN starts at 4 p.m.. (ex eept Sunday! stopping at Way Stations. Leaves Frederick at 9 a. m., arriving at Baltimore at 12.U noon. , Tlie ELI.ICOTT'S MILL TRAIN leaves Cam den etatiou at 8 a. in. and S3'p. in. Leaves Eliioott ? Mills at 7.S) a. m. and 7p. m.. except Sundays. , W. S. WOODSIDE, jan IS tf Master of Transportation. THE NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL ~ SITEv stateS MAILSTEA M FRS The Skips comprising this Lime are : ??? The ATLANTIC .Capt. CMiver Edrtd.e The BALTIC Capt. Joseph Comstock. The A DRI ATlC^.^. Capt. James \\ est These ships having l>een built by contract expre?vy for Government service, every on re has Iteeii t^k?-n in their cen at ruction, as also in their engines, to in sure strength and speed, and their accommodated ? for passengers are unequalled lor eieganw and ooiu Mft . Prioe of passage from New York to Liverpool, in first cabin, ; in second do., #v>: exclusive use ol extra eixe state rooms, 931S. From Liverpool to New York, !>i and S> guiueaa. An experienced J*or geou attached to each ship. No berths can lie aeeceJ until paid for. The ships of this line have improved water-tight bulk-heads, and to avoid danger fro?it* will not cross the Banks uorth of 42 degrees i.tu after the 1st of Angust. PROPOSED DATES OF SAILING. not !(IW TORI. I FROM LtVXtFOOl. Saturday, Jan. S. 1SS7 Weilieaday, Jan. 7 1 i Saturday, Jan. 17 ltS7 Wetlnentlay, Jan.21 1<s2 Saturday, Jan. tl 1857' Wednesday, Feb.4 la^7 Saturday, Feb. 14. ...1857 , Wednesday, Feb.M. 11^ Saturday, Maroii 14.. 1*57 W?dneaday, Mar. 4 li>.j7 Saturday, April 11 1857 Wednes?lay, April Saturday, May 9 ....itWT Wetlneailay, AprilTt.l^ Saturday, May 29 ...1857 Wetlneaday. Nlay 27 ln>7 Saturday, June ?? 1^57 Wednei>day, Junel? lHS7 Saturuay, June 1*97 Wednesday. June24 l*1' Saturtlay, July 4 1857 I WeilueailH), July * |4.'J Saturday, July It 1U57 i Wedue?da>, Jul) 2J.1*"' ibamirwew*?' no. a. wji New York. BROWN, SHIPLEY & CO., Liverpool. STEPHEN KENNAKD 4. CO., No. *7, A?s Friars, London. ?. G. WAIN WRIGHT A CO.. Paris. he owners ol thene ships will not be accountal-e for gold, silver, bulliou, specie, jewelry, preen us stones or inetals, unlens bills ul lading ai? signed therefor and the value thereol expressed therein. fob S Great reduction in the prick of BOOTS AND GAITERS. - ? 1 have on eominission, for a Phila- T^B\. delphia manufacturer, a hrst rate / ^ Sewed ??r Pegged CALF SKIN BOOT at tt.75, full as good as thoee V'Ld^I.T.5.i,r *c' "'"I a Frenoa Calf PAT ENT EEATilLR GAITER at (lit, aa good ss uyat #5; a hrst rate CALF GA1TKR at these are the heat goods that is (or ever was I sold in the District lor the price; for the rroof, come and io* yourself. Terms positively caah Noextm Pf5A; effect liad debts. Call at the NEW ? ORK HAT STORE, Seventh street and Penn ?y I vaata avenue. jgr^pEHS u ^ COLORATION ST^|MtafthfilJV