Newspaper of Evening Star, May 26, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 26, 1857 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: T1ESDAY MayiW, 1?W7. SriRJT OF THE MORNING rRESS. The Intelhfrnerr having been led into ad mitting into it* columns disquisitions upon "Spiritualism." apologises to-day for giving the subject so ranch importance, ard declines hereafter loaning itself to increase public inter cut in it: very properly, we think. The Union forcibly explain." the enormities cf ??Republicanism." as exemplified in the rev olutionary and tyrranical movement* of that par'y in Xew Yoik, whose leaders are now said to be actually seeking to induce the Governor of the State to loan them the militia of the ruraj districts'to for*- into operation in the city, the odious police law enacted by the last Legisla ture. which being so emphatically detested (for good reasons) cannot possibly be made uniform ly dnd successfully operative, even though es. hayed to be carried out by al! the military force of the whole State outside the city. WASHINGTON NEH'S AND GOSSIP. Serexapf. to the IIox. D. S. Dickixsox.? The personal friends and admirers of Mr Dick inson last night availed themselves of his pres ence in this city, oa a. temporary visit, to pay him the cuinpliment of a serenade. When we readied the ground (W Wards' Ho tel) between l*> and 11 o'clock, wc found a mu sic stand erected in front of the hotel, which was presently occupied by the Marine Band, conducted Ny Prof Scala. 1 he opening piece, deliciously performed in deed. wa* the Gip*y Chora- from II Trovatore; then followed the Ainilie Waltz and the duet from Masnsdieri. After this casuo '"Auld Lang Syne." a piece recoguiied by the a.;?embhge (which by the way wai a large one^ as appro priate. and immediately upon its conclusion a fbont was raised for - Dickinson * Mr Dickin -?>n appeared on the balcony, and being introduced by Dr. Kverett. said : .Mjr filfntl"! and fallow-citizens:?I can irnke no return for thi- te timonial of re-ga'd for a prj. vate citizen but the sincere tribute of a giattful heart. * t'pon th?* ex pi rat ton of my term as a Senator hi Congiess, moo than six years since. 1 returned to inV bonie wiih more pleading anticipation-, than 1 had left it. and have since lirrn devoted to pro. fe??iona! and rural pur>'iit- with no intervals of irlatatlon Finrtin; "rrt a f?w d ?ys could lie borrowed from mialMMrd avocations. I came wuli that poition of n?> h~?i<.ehold which a Fiov id?rjee that ?? doeth all things well" ha^ spa-cd to me. and ap irty of family fi wnid-. to revisit the political metropolis and indulge the train of <*ad and |ilta.*iB'. memo: ie* whu h the changeful cur n n!>?flifr have pti ->? nted for mix i ontempl.ition. We < .tine to see again the place where w*' had ri and our t hildren.?where we had formed life 1" ng lriendahips.?whff we bjd enjoyed a gen ? ? rs h<>Mpi,.:!"i,\ andasweetsoc ialcotrinninion ? where we had l^en associated with this"* who 1: .' ?? gout tether rewaid?and repo-?e.?the ?llus t i u- d -ad.?wh<*r? we had so long and ?o leitb t'olly bee n sustained and cheered by the valued rud fonfir|in^ f:.?-nd-who have remembered us in our seclusion and e?>m?* hither to cheer and h< no again with th? ir kindly greetings. Wc haveseen again that venerated Senate rham ber S4> redolent of stirring recollections, and be thought os of the once familiar voices which are now hushed forever. We have *fpa again the ancient Capitol, exit nding in its mighty magnifl cence and a-chitettnral gundenr to in'-et the in ? ?asing demands of a great and growing people; th~ ea'ly golden sunshine which we loved in ??'her da.s bt.*m> again; tne same spacious paik*. the familiar walk^. the bubbling fountains, the spreading tr?es. the shad* d lawns. the green sunny s'op? s. the b'ight blooming Ibnrers. and tUv glotu ms Potomac, are all here, and lift up ?ae:r voi??* with numerous smiling fiiende to Kd !?* welcome. On everv hand evidences arc rising up. as if by magic. of increased wealth, enterprise, rettiie ? it it t and ta?te. rendering Washington worthy of ttie consecrated rime it 5?ears; worthy to If the f- Ar -1 < api'.:! .'f I ^reat family of free and iude r^iid*r>t s-tates That it inay remain such forever ' my aident p aver; that every State mav cotne here 'o mingle in the familycoinmunion with her sovereign. independent eqn.ditT c.f right; that all ma-.* meet together like children of a common father, in the true spirit of the Constitution, and prcsecute Whether their benign mission of lib e-tv on ea th?the freedom, equality and self-gov ernment of m^n In the humble public career to which allusion ha- been so kiauly made, it was my highest am bit :#n to sai riice upon the altar of my count y uiy rhoice?t offerings. O. wouid that, inacaus*- so red. 1 had had other and cb'eicer gifts to t? ?tow AVhat was that public course, let histoy tell. 1 will only add. that were that course upon the absorbing cries?ions of that day to lie repeated, It Would only tie changed by pursuing the same subjects, in the same direction and in the same manner, with such increased force as a more aburiiaiit reflection and enlarged experience woild enable me to command ?>ai country i-enjoying 'inexanipled prosjierity. and cur people demand repo-e from cau?el'*.? agitation, cither dom*?stic or fo;ei^n. The tires cf fai.aticisin at home are bufning themselves out f^r lack of fuel, ?r!?l a great h ave and intrepid are ?atistied that they can l?etter advance ih?- t>le -sings of r ivilizatioh and Chfistlaaity by i iltiviting the arts of p^race than by resorts to the swo.d. An executive chitf has recently been inaugura ted to dis? l?ai^e the most honorable relations on ? ? tb. in whiK wisdom, and in that of those be has i hosen as his constitutional advi-^rs, the g'? at mi-s fftj, ? American jn-ople, in eveiy ser tioii ot tiie I ni'- i. Lave entue ( onflilenre?^/:onfl ? l^iicf tbatj'istise IIinine->s and moderation will ? haia< t*-ri7*- our intcieonisf w.?h other nation'? that the integrity of the I'uion will 1-e preseived in the spirit "f'th" Constitution; the rights of s ve tign S*tate? uuint.lined inviolate, and the p?.opie ?.f the Teriitor?e? secured in the de arest piiviiegc? of the American citi/en. gtxwl order and th . constitutional guarantee of true seif-gov ?inmewt No one 1 ever fully estimated the moral In fntfl m ?| th?- people'of Washington upr>n the ?:? -: ' cf ?h;~ eoniit v through the social rela t: .!;?? <>t lite; i.or told how many sectional preju ?t 11 , h vr thus ii;;tiua'ed. how many erro.s ? t> ?r i. how many Lt-?tn?g. valued friendships have tj? 11; I ? m-d Atid ni<?y thi> gentle, gonial it flue nee ccnt:nu>-1 diC-ise itsblr-.-;ngsihi"ugh ?>ut the entirt- co;?f-ds'aey. and continue to stfersgtl.* n *he txuids of f aterna' f eliug whn b uukt a multitude one .May every *(^7 in the ? n-tellation shed its radiance upon every other; ? :?d may they vie with one another hereafter only in brtjhtne-s -???! ^.lorv. For my-elf wnd laimly . nd friends I thank you *>? dially {l?r the h'>Dot extended u-. a>id shall l'-ck b* k upen :t her?i?ft? r as one of the bright {a-?a_*-. HpOM lb* p?l?;?' of life's hi-loiy We siull ;ttu u to i ir hou: plea-edand gratified with on l .'lef vi-it. n iiK-mliering that our lines have fallen here in p!ea*ant nl.ices, and among such friend" a* few have ever had 1 p*Jii the conclusion ot Mr. Dickinson's ad tlrsri. th? band performed ? The Star Spangled Banner," "Love N"?>t(by request of the la dies ) "The La?t Kum of Summer." and con cluded their line jerf-.Ti.iance with the ''Bridal 5-"chottische.'' The audience meantime recognized Walter Lenox L q . u[?oa the balcony, and insisted up'.i a speech fr ?in him which he, however, graceluily evaded by a lew well-timed remarks, under cover of which he managed to escape. Utah ?The Washington correspondent of the Journal of C'> ret in a recent letter de tails a plan for the solution cf the present diffi culties in I taL. w hich strikes us a.- embracing much merit. After setting forth the latest 1 known) outrage# occurring there he argues to r-how that a large minority of the Mormons are chafing under Biigham Young's yoke, and will g>a<ily aid the Government in depriving him of j-uthorisy. ?aying : ?? The American po;tion of the population are i cpa ? d for an Insurrection against Brigham Young's rule, I u* thi-y aie not willing, by a fee )> rri"veiri# nt. to buza d their own lives and | 'op? ty lirigham Voting is in power. He is t fie legal e*e? i.uve otfirer of the Territory, under f? 'le al appointment. He has an army under his whit h ? mb ares the active military ' ice of the Te-r.tory. lint, if the I'nited States t'overnment would give tliem (the Americans) absolute piotei tionf aud -e? ure thvUB intheirlives .??id property agaiust the viedictivtr revenge of Ut'grjam % oung and hi* followers, they would very gh-dly a d the I'uiied States in alfecting a < ivil aud political revolution, aud iu b inging the Territoiy uuder lit. ie.*traiuls of civil govern ment 44 The first thing for the Federal Government to do is to supersede* H.ighaui Young in bis offlce as tiovernor This they ought to have don? louy ;n'o. Ie*f??'e the state ?>f tLiii^s liecame so bid fbey a f t? ^|tt>J?- for the* calamus s whie h are t<? etisne t *iii ti?* ir delay m appuiut.ii" an Autl Mormon Governor ?? The moment Brighain Y oung is stripped of l eckxai authority he will become paxUaily pvai ra?d. lie muit then quietly submit to a lou of d"*P?<ir power*. or he most. herkrd bv hi* ,l'^trd Sta,M Government; and wf rH hSf ,hat he would d" Atthi, S; ^i-nof, Mormoas will join the United be put down gham- an(i hc and his force will cen/^??'kT** *** banted in Kansas. ex w/li >wl Vi ?ar!'"on 'be forts, the government ZUL.Shl: tVnd to Uu*> a body of about twen ???>,>. ? n-e4 troop??a force not more than equal ..Sf,of B:SKh?m Young. ? It is the opinion of some of those with whom l nave conversed, that a discreet and suitable man, as Governor, might put down Brigham ?oung, and restore a due adinlni?tration of jus tice in the Territorv. without firing a gnn. But he must have a rrlfable force, chiefly for the pur pose of giving assurance of protection to those of the Moruions who wish a civil rerorm.'' The Ah arps.?We hare barely time to say that the President and Secretary of War have, iii awarding the contracts for the work on the Washington Aqueduct, been guided by the synopei* of the results of the bidding embraced in the following letter from the able and accom plished engineer of the work, whose duty it was to make the calculations on which the judg ment ho pronounces rest*. In awarding tho contracts according to these result', it will be I*erceived that the President and Secretary have fulfilled to the letter their pledges embraced in the former s letter to the latter on the subject, a lew days ago published in the Stnr: ? Washisoto*, May 10, 1^57. //'??. J. S. Floyd. Sfcritnry of Wnr? ?*ir: As directed in your letter of this date. I give bellow the names o'f the lowest bidders, ac cordingto the advertisement, plans and specifica tions for the Washington aqueduct. The printed specifications and forms of proposals contemplate the letting of the work in several contract*,to persons of experience in their several departments, though they do not exclude a con tract with a single company, if that should be thought most advantageous. There are several specification ?, viz: for gradu ation, conduit, receiving reservoir, distributing reservoir, bridge, cast-iron pipe*, branches, anil '?ends, cut stone, bricks and sand. The lowest bidders arc: For graduation on se' ltons It and 15. -Myers, Jone> * Pra't. M)* Their guarantee is not signed, and 1 m a*ce think they would make a contract for so small a wo; k as falls to their Jot tinder the bidding Still the work ought p obablvto be offered to them and tbe contract made, if they are. willing to "ivc th" proper security. C id"* ^t'x^.,,owesl b?dder for this work is Henry ( ondmt.?Lowest bidder in sections 3 to 13 ; ('??? lu-.ive) Henrv Cadv?9+19.-J5J. On Sectious 14and 15, Carman, Dobbin & Co ft>* ,.ttl e"rr<,<> ~LOWeSt bid,!er' I)anit"1 Distributing Reatrroir?Lowest bidders, Reil lyA Cochran?fH> X<> J ?Lowest bidders, McDonalds 1 i pe r? . P'P'f, Branrk?s. nnd Bonds ?Low est bidders, C. B Cluskev &. Co f(T*? JJ3 PrauLSl?T^^L?WeSt ,,iddcrs- Myers, Jones and I * bidder, William Douglass, at ? if delivered on boat* at tbe brick yaid, with , fv? cents additional for transportation to other point.s on the bank of the canal StHd -Lowest bidders I, XV Jackson, for part b.i!hS PCf t ,; R T Jatk*?"' r'^nt* per There arc some informalities in some of these bid*, owing to the writers l>eing unlearned and | 'letate men but nothing which, in invopmion. should prevent contractsheing awarded to them uiider the advertisement, plans, spe( in. ationsand ou'i't v f,rovided ,hcy furnish the proper se I consider that the above bids are those which ??propose to do the greater amount of work for the least sum of money, according to ihe adver i and specification*." m.f5 rVr Kids aMeml,W in the estimate I ma.* a L which accompanied mv report of Ves. 1 h ttie contracts they ofi.Jr Ik- fulfilled !Vte\'- C,OIJ'P c a,l"' ductat the least cost i to the I nited States. I am very respectfully, your ol>edient servant M. C. Meigs, Captain of Engineers in charge. The Jersey Contest .?While there are evi dently stirring contests for diplomatic positions in progress here, not only between the outs and the friends of the ins from every State a citizen , of which is now abroad in a diplomatic capacity, that between the New Jersey outs as maintain ed in this city, is evidently most active. Ac cording to the received outside understanding it is a quadrangular struggle, all the parties engaged being powerful in the political influ ence they have been able to bring to bear. The | aspirants are ex-Gov. Price, Col. Jas I). Wall, a son of the late Senator Garnet I>. Wall, Geni , E. V \\ right of Hudson, and Wright, Esq., of Newark. The fact that they are all leading men and are powerfully backed politi cally. attracts to their contest much of the at tention of the Democratic politicians from all quarter*, now here As far as we have been able to learn, their rivalry is marked by no rep rehensible features, being good tempered and dignified It is to be hoped that its termina tion will not leave bad blood rankling in the bosom of any of tho.-e engaged Wos t CO FAR ESOCGH ?Tbe New York Trth/ne has lost all faith in '-Old Bullion," because, forsooth, he refuses to admit that ail the patriotism and virtue in the land is em bodied in the abolitionist*. As a matter of course, for 3o grievous an offence, it buffets him I round I j. and rejoices over the fact that he is no j linger in public life. Unfortunately for the gallant Colonel, he wentro far with the T,ibnne in abolitionism, that all the opponents of that political crced have also long since washed their hands of him, and now entertain for him such sentiments as render it impossible that ho can ever regain their confidence. He stands literally alone, enjoying the countenance of no parly or wing of a party. There never was a in-re forcible exposition of his memorable "Solitary and alone exclamation than he pre .-ent? in his political poaitiou at this tiuic. The Rev. Wm G. Eliot, now of St Louis, who, having been reared here, is well known to mmy Wiuhingtouians, is credited by tho Anti slivery press (and abused accordinglv) with having been the author of the movement of se cession on the part of the Unitarian clergy of the South who attended their late National Convention in Illinois, when the Northern ma jority passed Abolition resolutions We are glad, indeed, to learn that Mr Eliot's early associations continue so to impress his mind as to keep it free from the mania which has turned so many pulpits of his denomination at the I North into - stumps," from which politics, ra'her than the Christian religion, is preached. j The Naval Courts or IxQriRy. ? Before } Court No I, since the Star went to pre.*s yes terday, (the case of ex-Lieutenant Bartlett still lending ) Dr. Chase and Lt. Richard Forrest have been examined on behalf of ex-Lieut. B., , aiid Lieut. Gibson, a Government witness, re , called by the counsel of Mr. B Before Court No. 2, (the case of Lieut. Carter still under consideration.) Commanders S. S. ; Lee. Stedman and Pinckney have been exam ined on behalf of the Government to-day. I In Court No. 3, the defence of Capt. Graham was re:ul this morning, and as we go to press they are still deli berating on hisca^e with closed doors. j 'Ihe Ho*. Isaac E., tho spccial Minister from the United States to New Urana da. reached Washington yesterday afternoon, lie looks as though having had a hard time of it. being quite thin. To-day he probably had interviews with the President and Secretary of Stite concerning matters appertaining to his late mission. The Pe*xs vlvam ax.?We hear thatlcading Democrats of Pennsylvania are now engaged in securing a sub*ription to be used lo secure the services of Col. John W. Forney for the Vmn. ry Irani an for four years, at a salary of $10,000 per annum. The euergy and experience of the gentlemen said to have the business in hand are such as will probably bring it to n success ful conclusion, we apprehend. Tbi Ho.f. Jefferso* Datis.?A public re ception aad banquet if to bo given to Ukif die tinguuhed gentleman on Friday next, the 29th instant, by his political friend* at Jackson, the scat of government of Mississippi. The prepa rations being made for the occasion are worthy of the great public service* of the guest, who will doubtless deliver an eloquent, forcible, and effective speech. Appoiktbd ?We hear that P Delia Torre. El*, of San Francisco, has been appointed U. S. District Attorney for the Northern Judicial District of California, vice Win Blanding, Esq The Weather.?The following report of the weather for this morning is made from the Morse Telegraph line to the Smithsonian Institution, and will be continued daily when the line is in working order. The time of observation is about 7 o'clock a. m.: Mai 26, 1S57. New York. N. Y clear, fine. Philadelphia, Pa clear, warm. Baltimore, Md (not heard from.) Washington, D. C clear, warm. Richmond, Va clear, warm. Petersburg, Va .....clear, very warm. Raleigh, N. C clear, pleasant. Wilmington, N. C clear, pleasant. Columbia. S. C clcar. Charleston. S. C clear, pleasant. Augusta. Ga clear, warm. Savannah, Ga clear, pleasant. Macon, Ga clear, warm. Columbus, Ga clear, warm. Montgomery. Ala cloudy, warm. Mobile, Ala.. clear, pleasant. Lower Peach Tree, Ala., raining. The following reports Have been furnished by the National Telegraph line : From the West. Frederick, Md. clear, warm. Cumberland, Md clear, warm. Hagerstown. Md clear, warm. Wheeling, Va warm, pleasant. Yesterday at 0 p. in. the barometer was 30,050, thermometer 70 . This morning at 7 o'clock lmrometer, 30,060; thermometer 63'. Wind light from ^.W. PERSONAL. Rt. Rev Bishop Kipp, of California, is at Willards' Hotel. Augustus Schell. Esq.. of New Yo?k city. Is in town, and mak?*s W illards' his headquarters. Gottschalk. the American pianist, is said to be hopelessly ill in Cuba of consumption. Rev. N A Okeron. of Va.. Rev. William McGuire, of Va., and Rev. Dr Camp, of N. J., are at Browns'. .... lion John D. Pofts, N Y.; Hon Allison White. Hon. G. C. Morris and ladv, Pa.; Judge Buchanan, Bait., and Dr. Morris, Postmaster of Baltimore, Md., are at W11 lards'. .... Gen. Sam Houston has declared himself an independent candidate for Governor of Texas. He addressed the citizens of Brazos on the.'5th, and spoke at Galveston on the lyth inst. it is said he will canvass the entire State. GEORGE TO lU.V AFFAIRS. Correspondtnct of The Star. Georgetown, May ?6,1?57. We have rarely known our town to be as quiet as at the present time. We have strollea all around this morning, and find it entirely desti tute of news, either ol a commercial, political, or religious character Ttie onlv matter of interest for the young folks was the Red Men's excursion to the White House which came off yesterday to their entire satisfac tion. The party was not large, but what they lo.?t in numbers was made up in spirit?at least we have to judge so, since their active feet kept time with the music from their leaving our town to their returning to its wharf again. At the White House it is unnecessary to say they enjoyed themselves tothe full. A person must 1>? in (full spirits indeed, not to enjoy the pastimes while tfiere. We notified vour readers a few days since that a youth, named Frederick Bender, an apprentice to Mr Crombaugh, butcher, accldently fell into one of the vats, at the distillery. We have now to announce his death, from the effects of the scalding. The weather this morning is warm and real summer-like, reminding one of the actual neces sity, for the sake of comfort, to contract with T. N K idwell for a future supply of his very supe rior ire. The contract for rebuilding the residence of our old fellow-citizen. Com. Cassin. which was de stroyed some few weeks since by fire, has been awaided to Walter God?'v. carpenter, and Joseph Collins, bricklayer. The former castle of the b aveold C'oiumtdoie i? to be so thoroughly met amorphosed and modernized that, when comple ted. he will l?e unable to recognize the old fa miliar spot, even if his eyesight should be per fectly restored to him. W'? notice, with pleasure, the repairing of the pump at the corner of Beall and Montgomery sts. As for the citizens near it, they would prefer seeing it tilled up than to be out of repair again for so long, when a half hour's work could make it perform its duty. This is one of the most im portant pumps of the town, supplying, when in o:der. from to 5"0 persons daily ; nevertheless the contractors fur the repair of pumps sutler it to remain nearly one half its time perfectly dry. There are but few arrivals by river since our last. We now notice the picket schnr Martha. Baxter, from Boston, with plaster for Hartley A Bro . paper to G. Hill, and furniture for several dealers in Washington; schooner Coin. Kearney, Gilmore, Wilmington. N. C., with lumber to F. Wheatley; steamer Columbia. Harper, Baltimore, to Ilvde A Davidson, with merchandise for the District. The fine barque Wm Chase, Captain Dorr}-, is now Ix-ing load-d by the owners, F A A 11. Dodge, with fl. ur for St Thomas. The packet srhooner, Sylvanus Allen, Captain Sears, of the Mr ssrs. Hartley line of Boston packets, is also receiving a cargo of flour and corn for the same port There is very little doing in the flour or grain markets. Sales are of such a limited character that it is almost impossible to give correct quota tions?held at ?7a7 '25 for good standard brands. Wheat?red .*1.70, white SI.73 No change in the price of corn since our last. S. REPl Bl.iCAN MEETING.?A mooting !L? o| tlie Republican Association of Washing ton wilt lie held nt their room, corner of indiniiaave nue and 2d street, on WEDNESDAY, thetfifi lust., at 8 o'clock p. in., to nominate a Candidate for Sur veyor in place of Mr. Gootlloe, who liasdeclined. Persons who desire to join the Association can at tend and do bo. By order of the President: 1'iar A-** L. SI: V K NT11 WA K D.-Tha A nt i-Kmnr-No things of this Want will holdatjrand Ratifi cation meeting on THI' H SDA V EVENIN G. Ma> ?tth, at a o'clock, at the corner of Seventh street and Maryland avenue. Several distinguished gentlemen will address the meeting. The Anti Know-Nothing voters of the several Wards are respectfully re quested to unite with us on the occasion. All per sons favorable to the election of lluliday, Morgan, and Forsyth are invited to attend. By omer of the Committee of Arrangements, may - .'it * Y^=?SHCOND WARD MEETINGS, 1st and L? 2d Preciscts. The Union voters of the First Precinct will meet at Mr. Buriis's. on Massachusetts ave?one door from Twelfth street. Those of the Second Precinct at Harmony llall, on TUESDAY EVENING, 26th May, at a o'clock. As business of importance will be transacted every friend of the party is invited, may V3-31 fIntel, and Union-2t| WASHINGTON LIBRARY COMPANY. kj? The Directors of this company, dcsirousofin creasing the numl>erof volumes in this Library, im proving and remodelling the Building, have appoint ed t he following gentlemen to solicit subscriptions of Stock. Shares can be obtained of either of them or at the Library. 11th street: Wm. G. Moore, A. L. Newton, N. Wilson, Dr. Jno. B. Keasbey, A. C. Richards, A. R. Shepherd, D. Douglas, J. W, Thompson, Chair'n. mny W-tniW WASHINGTON LIBRARY COMPANY. V. i The Librarian will be in attendanceat the Li brary Building,on lltli street,a few doors southof Perm, avenue, from 4 to 7 p. m., to issue stock to per sons desiring the same, and aflord an opportunity to stockholders to receive lw?oks. Stockholders having Uniks out over the specified time are requested to rcLurn them without delay. may 19-eoSw HORSE FKKD.?oW> bushels CHOP just re ceived and for sale by BEN J. DARBY, may 2fi-e<?3t R7 Water st.. Georgetown, D. C. FV>R SALE.-A HOOD WORK HORSF, CART and HARNESS. Pnoe $73 for the whole. Apply to F. L. .MOORE, Dealer in Wood and Coal,^^^ It !?th street. between Hand E. VrOCAL MUSIC.?The next terms of C. L. 1R VING'S Vocal Music Class for practice of lilees, Clioruss?*s, Ac., and Study of Harmony, will commence at Temperance Hall.on F, street, between Whand l<>th streets, THIS (Tuesday) EVENING, M>'y Alii, at 4 o'clock, and continue at the same fiour of Tuesday s, Thursdays and Saturday) . Indies and Gentlemen wishing to unite with tins class will please be early iii attendance. may 2S> 3t* m'PERIOR READING LAGER BEER The subscriber takes this method to inform the citizens of Washington and vicinity, that he con stantly keeps on hand Lauer's suporior READING LAGER BEER, PORTER.and ALE, which he is readv to serve at any time, in Bottles or Casks, to Hotel Keepers or private families. Also, ICE at ail hours, in ?,uantities to suit. B. SO HAD, iroty 2R-3w Southwest cor. 3d st. and Pa. ave. 1 IllLUKS. Li 7>t*irrels Old Monjc WHISKEY 25 <to Pure R^ E. copper distilled 15 Casks Miii't A Sou's Edinburgh AI.F, in Stoue Jugs 15 Casks l ounger's Edinburgh ALE W do By as' London PORTER 2Tj *>?<?? t'Uius Johanubeigei \\ 1NE, 1334. In store, and lor sale hv GETTY & WILLIAMS, No. 5 northwest corner of High and Water sts., may % Georgetown* D. C. TVOT1CE.?Allpersons indebted to the firm of "8CHWARZE A DRTRVw* hereby oeu tionod against paying anything to SAMUKL T. PR1'R\ , at 1 have given him no authority to oollecl and receipt lor the Mm?. . > . ROBERT SCHWARZE. It (Of the late firm of Schwarze A Pniry.) ^yHITE HOUSE PAVILION. The undersigned respectfully informs hi* friends and the public generally. that be ha* leased the. WHITE HOUSE PAVILION" F for the Reason ,1 where he will always l>e able to furaish them' with the l>est LIQUORS, EDIBLES. CIGARS. Ac., that the market affords, at Washington prices. Gunning and Fishing Parties wrll ba provided for day or night. N. B ?Fishing Tackle and Boats to ba procured at the Pavijion. may 2H-3w B. SCHAD. CLEMENT, CEMENT. AND PLASTERING J HAIR.?We are now receiving, per soiiooner M. Monson. Jr.. from New York, mi Imrrels of the Iwst Rosendale Cement Also, l,no? bushels Plas tering Hair, which we offer at the lowest price. Also, on liand. white and gray Sand, wood-brmit Lime, Plaster, Ac. Persons u?ing the above arti cles will find it to th>>ir advantage to give us a mil. ? , WARDER A KILLMON'S, ood and Coal Office, 12th and C stieet. ma* 2fi-eo3t (Intel.) DY NEVO R TERRACE, by the author of "The Heir of Redelyffe." This new lunik is for sale at SHILLINGTON'S Bookstore. Life of Charlotte Bronte, author of Jane Eyre. The Dog, by Frank Forrester. Chit-Chat of Humor, Wit, and Anecdote. Woman's Love, a story of Woman's Heart. All the New Book*, and even thing in the Station ery and Newspaper hn?, for sale at SHILLINOTON'S Bookstore, may 26 Odeon Building, cor 4>? st. A Pa.ave. SUMMER WINES l?> Cases C LA R ETS all grades, viz : 25 cases St. Julien Medoc TABLE CLARET 25 do St. Estephe Medoo do do 20 do St.Julien Michealson A Co.'s Wine Glass CLARET 20 do St. Julien, 1854, do do 10 do Chateau Larose, lfitR, do do 1ft do Chateau Leoville, IBM, do do 1^ do Chateau Margaux, lR4fi, do do And5"i cases still and sparkling HOCKS and MO SELLE WINES. For sale by JAMES H. SHECKELL, 279 F street, cor. of 13th. may 2-eolw (IntelAStates) ^RENCH NOVELS.?Teverino, par Geo. Sand 20 cents. Jeanne, par George Sand; 4? cents. Isidora, par George Sand. 25 cents. Mauprat, par George Sand. 40 cents. Gabriel, par George t<and; 20 cent*. Jacques, par George Sand; 40 cents. Horace, par George Sand: 45 cents. Modeste Eignon, par Balzac. Z3 cents. Les Chouans. par Balsnc; cents }*? Famille Alain, par Alphonse Karr; 25 cents. J. I scoque, par George Sand; 25 cent*. Deux Histoires. par Eugene Sue;37 cants. Alizia I'au i, par Feval: 30 cents.

Theatre Complet, par Balzac. 50 cents. La Creole, par Feval: 20 cents. Pon Martin de Frevtas, par Dumas; 20cents. Blanche de Beaulieu, par Pumas; 25 cents. Jacques ]?r et Jacques II, par Pumas; 2"cents. And many others at the same low range of prices, may a* FRANCK TAYLOR. A RETIRED PHYSICIAN whose sands of life have nearly run out, discovered wlulo in the *"<ast Indies, a certain cure for Consumption, Asjhrna, Bronchitis, Cougiis, Colds, and General Uebility. The remedy wns discovered bv him when his only child, a daughter, was givenup to 'lie. He had heard much of the wonderful restor ative and healing qualities of preparations made from the hast India llcmp,and the thought.occurred to him thai he might mako a remedy for his child.? Ho studied hard and succeeded in realizing lus wish es. His child was cured, and is now alive and well. He has sine admiuistered the wonderful reniedv to thousands of sufferers in all parts of the world, "and lie h*s never failed hi making thorn completely heal th* and happy. Wishing to doas much good as pos: sible. he will send to such of hisafHicted fellow-be ings as request it, this recipe, with full and explicit directions for making it up, and successfully using ,l- He requires each applicant to enclose him one shilling?three centsto be returned as postage on the recipe, and the remainder to be applied to the pay ment of thi< advertisement. Address Pr. H. JAMES, No. 19 Grand street, Jersey City, N. J. P. S. Theroare persons who pretend to prepare fok salk the " Extract of Cannabis Indica" from Pr. II. James's Recipe, and who profens to l?e his aoents. All such persons aro impostors. Pr. H. James's sole object is to Iwmeht the world, and not to make money. He has no antnts who prepare his medicines from the recipe, and never will have ! The impostors rnnnot make up the medicine froin the recipe so as to sell it at a profit, the cost of import- ? ingthe Kast India Hemp alone l>etng too great to admit of a pecuniary speculation in the g'/i* ine remedy. The imitations are proli&bly com pounded of molasses and a pernicious drug ori two costing a few cents. may 26-3m STATIONERY. Navy Department, Mav 2fi, 1857. Sei*ak atk Sealfd Proposals will be received at the office of the Secretary of the Navy, until three o clock, p. in., of Monday, the ?ith of June next, for (umishing all the Stationery that may be required by ' the Navy Pepartrnent ami the several Bureau* for I the year commencing the 1st of July, 1857, and end J ing on the 3 >th of Julie. 1858. All th>' articles turnished must l>e of theltest qual ify, delivered without delav when ordered .and to the satisfaction of the head of the office for which they are required. If it be required, cacii bidder for Stationery must furnish with hi* proposal a sample of each article bid for. To in?ure uniformity in the proposals, blank forms will l?e furnished to those disposed to bid ; and no bid will be considered which does not fully conform to the advertisement, and in which **ach and every arti cl? is not bid for, and in w hich more than one price is named for any one article. Bonds in sufficient amount, with two or more ap proved mreties. for the faithful execution of the con tract, will be required of the person or person* con tracting. The authorized namea of the sureties that will bo given, as also satisfactory testimonials to ful fil the cuntrnct, must accompany tho bid; otherwise it will not l>e considered. The Popartmeut reserves to itscifthe right of or dering a greater or less quantity of each and every article contracted for, as the pnbhc service may re quire. Should any article Ik? required not enumerated in the contract, it is to be furnished at the lowest mar ket price, according to its quality. STATIONERY. Writing Paper of Linen Stork. 3 reams folio post, blue or white, satin-finish, faint-Iiued. trimmed, weighing 17 pounds per ream, per ream 5 reams heavy white laid, despatch cap hand made, stop-ruled, weighing 16 pounds per ream. per ream 15 reams laid hand-mad" f<x>Is-cap, ruled, blue or white, weighing 13lbs.per ream, per ream 10 reaiiin Owen A Ilurlburt s wove foolscap, blue or white, ruled, weighing 12 pounds per roam, or ol auy other uiauufacture of equal qinlity, ppr ream .jo reams hrst -class, hand-made quarto post,wove * or laid, blue or white, weighing 8?* pounds per r-ain, per ream 4? renins extra superline, blue or white, laid or wove, 4to post, ruled, weighing S}? pounds per ream, per ream 20 reams l>est vellr?w or buff envelope paper, rov al, fiat, weighing 24 lbs. per ream, per ream 4 reams l?est sup. roy. writing paper do 5 reams best French 4to post-ruled do 5 reams note paper,gilt-edged do 20 reams copying or tiasue papor, 4to post do 10 reams copying or ticiaue paper, foolscap do lyi sheets best tracing paper. 4) by *7 inches, per sheet 1?0 yards tracing cloth, par square yard 100 sheets liest prepared parchment, 14 by 13 inches, per sheet 3 reams blotting-paper, royal, per ream 6'i quires patent blotting-paper, medium, per quire 150 sh"ets drawing-paper, "Whatman's Turkey Mills," Iroin medium to antiquarian, per sheet 5,ooo cream-laid envelopes, letter size, per 1,'WO I.V> do do note siza do y*? do do card size, per 500 1,'mo patent cloth lined envelopes, by 4 inches, per LOO 259 patent cloth lined envelopes. 5I? by inchet, per 2?> 25' patent cloth lined envelopes. 5'4 by 3'4 inches, per 1 lo.nno best buff envelopes, government pattern, offi cial size, per 1,000 5,<*W best butf envelopes, government pattern, let ter size, per 1,00l? 6,000 l>est heavy white envelopes, hand made,official size, per 1,000 20 gross steel pens, on rards or in boxes, (the de partment to have the liberty of selecting from ail the different kinds manufactured.) per gross loo cards Perry's pens, assorted, per card 6 do engineer> pens do a do lithographic pens do 24 gold pens, large size, with silver holder, best manufacture, per pen 40 quarts Maynaid A Noyea's black ink, in bot per quart 3? quarts Itest London copying ink, Arnold s or Terry's per quart 2 dozen ounce-bottles Pernne, Guyot, & Co.'s superfine carmine perbottlo 200 swan quills, l>est quality per 100 1,W"? quids, No. 8", opaque or clarified do iw crow or brandt quills do 75 dozon red tape. No. 15 to 25 per dozen ti do silk taste do 4 do penknives, Rorers' best, pearl handles, large size, 4liladea do 4 do erasers, large size, ivory iiandles, in cases, Rogers's best do 3 do pairs of shears do 2 do 9-inch ivory folders do 1 do pairs of scissors do 1 do Carrington's parallel rulers do 2 do sand boxes cocoa wood do 2 do wafer-stands do do 1 do pounce-buxes do <jo 1 do do ivory do 2 do wafer stamps, ivory handles do 10 do black lead pencils, r'abcr'a best, assort , . . . ..per dozen 4 do best American drawing pencils, assort , _ . ?dj per dosen 1 do Cohen ? re?l-lea?l pencils per dozen 2 do sable brushes, assorted do 2 do camel's hair brushes, assorted do 2 do white French pump instaiids, large size per dozen 2 do Proper's patent air-tight inkstands, per dozen 2 do Hatcher A Fry's patent inkstands, per dosen 2 do sticks best India ink per stick 3? pounds extra superfine scarlet sealing wax, per pound 20 do second quality sealing wax per pound 15 do t?est quality wafers do 10 do best white gum arabto do 3 do (test poiinoe do 10 do beat iiemp twine do 10 do tost Utien twine do large office wafers for department seal, per M 24 paper weights o| brass, eompoaiiion, or lead. per weigl t 5>quails beat black sand perquait 4 pounds l>est prepared India rubber, per pound 2 do unprepared do do may J6law4w FOB Ulan AMD BALE. F:?OR R bNT.-A three-.tory BRICK HOUSE, containing t?n roomi, .ituatcd on D. between 14th and 13th struts, with a pump of good wat er in the turd. To a permanent tenant the rent will be made m<?derate. Inquire on the premises. H * FOR RENT.?Two lar?o pleaeant PAR I.OR ROOMS. TwogeiKleaMa wishing to room to gether would find it a plaasant summer arranrc-nent. ItojmEstfWt. __?"?? 28;** FOR RENT?A rery *?siraMe FRAME DWELLING on West ?treoUOeorcKowr. be tween Huh ai*i Cmnrw. ne*' doof ?? Booock'e. For further P^rtieolsrs apply to HEN R \ ?I ipunv at the Co* land Wood l *rd o( Barron ^St .reV;Green street. Georgetown. may 36-1 w IITOOfi LAND FOR SALE. OR EXCHANGE W F O R CITY PROPERTY.-? lore, of heavily-timliered Wood l*"d. wi'h '\*J' near to navigation, in Prince W illiam oounty. m well situated for farming purpose., and conlrt *m made very profitable to persons enraged in the wood I nline... Apply to F. H. SAGE. Rook and Job Printer, corner of 7th street and Loui.iai aa\ enu ? may 2*>-3t ITURMSHED HOUSE FOR RKNfj-A *'1 ? furnished three-story Brick Hoti.e and Ft rtu tnre f??r rent to a careful tenant. The rent wi 1 i>e msx Inquire at the Star Office, or at 198 ' Fir.t Ward. rna* i* 3t |^OX A VAN HOOK. Real Estate Ac,*>ts. r ?9i>S Seventh street, below E .treet. lor sale a iiuiiiImt of Building I?ot* 24 feet front by 13* feet deep, at the verylow price of froin 8151" I'25 each?payable in small monthly in.talmentsof?3per month. .. , _ These Lots are situated at InionTown. on the south side of the Anacoatiariver, adjoining the >a vy-yard Bridge, and are in every wav desiraMe Tor persona wishing a cheap, pleasant, and healthy loca tion for a dwelling. ... ? . l#ot-holders in arrears are requested tooomplete their purchase, and get their deeds; the title to these Ijot. is guaranteed free and clear from every possible incumbrance. may 25-3tn I .MIX A VAN HOOK. Real Estate A<v k>ts, 490), Seventh street, alwvH D street, have for sale ahurgain, that rery desirable and plwantly situated two-story FRAME IlOt St with Base ment, on south A street, between 2d and 3d streets. Capitol Hill, containing Gas and Water Fixtures. Bath House, Furnace, Ac. Also, a Stable. I arriage House,Sheds for coal anal wood, together with the large Lot containing a!?out 75l?0 feet, tastefully laid out, with Iron Railing in front. Also, the three-storv BRICK HOLSEand LOT oorner of Pennsylvania avenue and south A street. Both of these properties are included in the con templated extension of the Capitol Grounds, and of f t a favorable opportunity for investments. mav 25-2w ?/OX A VAN HOOK. Real Estate Arext*. a 49n,lt Seventh street above D street, have for sale cheap 13!? Bores of LAND, well improved, situated on Seventh street, two iniles fnun the Centre Mar ket. Also, nearly opposite. 200 acres very highly im proved with modern buildings. Also, afi acres of unimproved LAND, aeven miles from the city on the Seventh-street road. Also, several desirable Lots of 5 to 15 acres each, one-half mile from the city. Also, a line FARM, with first-class improvements in Prince William county. Virginia, containing 345 acres , one of 7? acre*, one of 12U acres, and one of 1?)ncrcs. together with a numl>erof FARMS and unimproved I .and* in the adjoininr count ies. Also, a l.irre variety of Houses and Building Lota mall parts of the city, seine of which will be sold verT low. Capitalists. Trustees. Widows, and others, hav ing monev they wish salelv and profitably to invest will find at their office Trust notes and other un doubted securities, which can be purchased, so as to realize a clear interest of from 12 to 20 per ccut. per annum. Persons having Farms, Houses, or other property they wish to self, exchange, or obtain loans upon, <T unimproved l.and or Building Lots they wish to real ize an income from, will find it advantageous to con suit with them, as having an extensive acquaint ance and a lone, active and successful experience as dealers in Real Estate, they flatter themselves that any business they mav recommend or consummate, will prove alike satisfactory to their employers and creditable to themselves. may 25-2w IjaOR RF.NT?Several large, airy and comfortable ROOMS, in a house supplied with bnth, gas and other modern improvement*, and located on one ol the most pleasant struts of the city. Apply at 47b II st., bet ween ftli and l"th. Also, a CARRIAGE HOl'SE and STABLE for rent. Apply as alxivc. mav 23-3t * r?OR RENT.?The neatly furnished PARLOR and BEDROOM lately occupied by the Hon. T. L. Clingrnan. Also, three single ROOMS very pleasant for the season,aro for rent at No. 215 Psnn. ave.. opposite Willards' Hotel. Term, moderate, may 23-eo3t* _ DKSIRABLE PROPERTY FOR SALE.?The subscriber desires to sell the HOUSE and LOT No.6"9, situated on 8th street east, l?etween I street and Virginia avenue. The proximity of the premis es to the I*. S. Marine Barracks renders it adesirable location for a store of any description; it has been used as such for many years, ana is thought one of the l?est stands on the Navy Yard. The House is of brick, two-stories and attie,containing seven rooms and a good cellar. Apply to ELIZA BURY* No. 447 C 6treet. between 1st and 2d west. may 21-eo2w* l/OR RENT.?HOUSE No. 51 on Penn. avenue, I l>etng the house lately occupied by Mr. Andrada. It is a new house, very complete in its general ar rangement. It is well supplied with hot ami oold water, gas. Ac., with plunge ?ad shower Isith. It will t>e let very low to a gooa tenant, with or without furniture. Apply to H.N. LANSDAL.E. at No. 564 M street, or tFiro'ugh the Post Office, or application may lie made at No. 158 on 22d street, where th?* key may be found. may 19 eol w l^OR SALE.?Valuable and handsome BI'ILD I ING LOTS, with improvements, opposite the ! Smithsonian Institute, known a. I?ot* No. 27 and 23 in Square No. 331, having n front of 5? fe?t on south B street, and running !wck at angels of 125 by 135 to a feet alley, betwesn 9th and 10th streets south, with improvements, consisting of a handsome Back Building, built of patent brick, containing 4 rooms; Carriage-house and Stable for three hors?*. The owner has ineured n great expense in ornamenting the yard with fruit frees, and at present can be seen in fine l>enring order. In the yard a 35 feet well has been constructed, from whioh the purest water can b? drawn. Persons wishing to purchase a lot for the erection of a private dwelling, will find the above one of the most desirable in the city, fronting the Institute garden, and having a full view of the city and its public buildings. Title indisputable. For further information inquire on the premises, or at 417 Pennsylvania avenue, may 12-eo2w* SEVERAL FURNISHED ROOMS, or (for a small family) an entire House maybe obtained by applying at 510 l*tli street, near Penn. avenue. mav .'3 3t* FOR RENT.?The sccond and third S'ories and the Back Building of the House on Penn. ave nue, between 11th and 12th street*, lately occupied by Mrs. Garrett Anderson, are now for rent foraUuit months. For terms apply at the Bank o( the Me tropolis, to GEO. M. DAVIS, Trustee. may 23 ftt Desirable rooms for rent?Pleasant ly locat-d and newly furnished throughout. |m mediate application will secure a choice of apart ments, in Mute or single. Also, a han'<*ame OF FICE. suitable lor a lawyer. Apply at 435 D stre?t. n?ar the City Hall. may 23-3t* f^OH SALE OF FOR RENT.?The Good-Will and Fixtures o( a BAR IIKR'S SHOP, situated under the St. Charles Hotel. Wishing to dispose of it, those wishing to encage in the business will find it to their advantage to call on H. SEITZ, corner of 4,S" street and Penn. avenue. mav ?'-6t* EM E R 1 C II's LAGER BEER SALOON. 5H) 11th street. nrar Penn. avenue, a few door* alxive Farnham's Bookstore. mar ?-lw* J^IME, LIME, LIME. Pure WOOD- BURNT LIME for sale in quanti ties to suit purchasers, at the New Lime Kiln on New Jersey avenue, between Dand E street, south of the Capitol. may 25-ft* BURROWS A WILLETT. NOTICE.?The co-partnership heretofore exist ing under the iiame of Schwarxe A Drury. is this day dissolved. The books and accounts are in my possession, and all persons indebted to the late lirmare hereby notified that 1 alone am authorized to reocipt for the ^ume. SAMUEL T. DRURY. (late of the firm of Schwarze A Drury. Washington. May 25. IR.V7. may 25-3* rrHE SERVICE OF THE UNITED STATES. 1. The Blue Book, or Register of all officer, and agents, civil, military, and naval, in tne service of the United States, together with all the salaries and emoluments derivable therefrom. Pnoe $3.5', by mail free .$4, The United States Consular System, a Manual for Consuls, and also for merchants, ship-owuers, and masters in their consular transactions, comprising the instructions of the Department of State in re gard to consular emoluments, duties, privileges, sod liabilities. Price in cloth binding 52.50; half bound morocoo $3. Mailed free on reoeiot of35contsin addition to the price. Published and for sale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S Bookstore. may 25-3t near9th street. Herring, herring. 2un bbls. prime No. 1 Eastern HERRING ex pected daily to arrive. Will be sold low by HARTLEY A BROTHER, may 23-lot 101 Water street, Georgetown. ENGLISH BOOKS^TheTithe Proctor, by Win. Carletou ; 38 cents. The Emigrants; 34 cents. Famorougha, the Miser; 33 cents. Northanger Abbey mid Persuasion, by Miss Aus ten ; Si cents. Rural Economy for Cottage Farmersand Garden ers, a Trca^usry of Information, by Martin Doyle; 50 cents. Just published, and for wile by TAYLOR A MAURY, may 23 3t near nth street. C>1(Wl REWARD.?Kan away on Monday, the 'SlUll 19th instant, from the subscriber, my AA Negro Boy NASE IIOGE. He is about 5 feet W 5 or 6 inches high, dark complex ion. and a l?out 16 or 17 years old. Had on when he left a b.aek jJa slouch fiat, and au old suit of lie lit nloth pants ?? ? and coat. I will give ?20 if taken in the count) , or $50 m the State or District of Columbia. mM| %i?? if taken in a free State and secured in jail so that 1 cm get him. .... , EDEN BE ALL. Liviug near Mechanicsville, Montgomery county. Mil. mar 23 3** HARPER'S MAGAZINE FOR JUNE, RE CEIVED AND FOR SALE .Vr SHI LUNG TONS BOOKSTORE.?The Di.oaitled Q ueen, by Reynolds, buthor of the " Mysteries of the Court of Londou," " Rose Foster." Ac. Harper*. Storv Book for June. Godey i Lady'. Book, and all the Magazines for June. Part fire Burton'. Wit and Humor, just pub lished. All the new books published received immediately aiterwards, and every Hung in the newspaper and stationery line for sale at _ SHI ISLINGTON'S ^ _ Bookstore, Odeon Build lag, mjO-Sl P?#a. ?vwue, oorwr 4>? ?lrwL EV> Municipal Election Noticet. .RCTION NOTICE.?FIRST WARP. ? The Votarsof (h? Firat Preeuot. First W*fi. are hereby notified That an election will be held <*? MONDAY next, the 1st of Jnn?, a! thf e<?rnfr "f IRth and H itmti, for Rafitttr, Collector,and Pur veyor,*nd for one m?mSwr of the Board of AHwiwn and three memiw>r? of the Board of Common Conn oil. Tolls open 7 o'clock a. m . and olo?e st 7 o'clock p. in. PA MET. SFRRIN, JOHN GERMAN. TERENCE DRl'R Y. me? >? H fnnimiMinn?fi FMRST WARD.?ffE.roNP PRECINCT. ELECTION NOTICE. Notice is hereby giveo tbat an election will he held in the above Precinct on MON PAY, the let of June, at the house of Mr. Samuel Stott. on the corner of Pennsy Ivani* avenue and Twentieth etreet, south side, for Remitter. Collector, and Survey?w of the citr. and for one member of the Board of Aldermen, and three member* of the Board of Common Coun cil. to repesent said Ward. Th<* polls will l?e open at 7 o'clock a. m. and close at 7o'clook R. R. WRIGHT, JOHN B. II INK A. A W. PKNHAM. may 25-td Commissioner*. Third ward.-skcond precinot. ELECTION NOTICK. Notice is herebr (tiven that an election trill l?e he! f on MONDAY, the 1st of June next, at the north eastern corner of E street north end Ninth street west, in the Second Precinct of the Thirl Ward, (emltracing all that portion of ?aid Ward south of H street north,) for Register. Collector, and Surveyor of the city, and for one meml>er o| t|<# H'wrd <>l Al dermen.aud tliree menders of the Hoard of Common Council for said Ward, in conformity to the provis ions of the charter of the city of Washington. The (Kills will be opened at 7 o'cb?ck a. m. and closcd at 7 o'clock p. in. JOS. W. P A VIS. y THOMAS RICH. m*v 25 td Cow?WKaiw. F FOURTH WARP-FIRST PRECINCT. ELECTION NOTICE. Notice la hereby given that an election will l?e held at Appleby's shop, on 7th street. between I street and Massachusetts avenue, on the 1?t of June next, for a Collector of Taxes. Register, and Surveyor, and for one member of the Hoard of Aldermen, threa members of the Board of Common Couutil, and an Assessor for said Ward. The polla will l>o opened at 7 o'clock a.m., and closed at 7 p. m. J A SiK*? II. B< >SS, FREDERICK IOPINS, ROBERT ISRAEL, may Wjj Commissioners. |\JOTICE.- W ashington CITV MUNICI 1^ PAL ELECTION t.. be held June 1st. 1**7. The Polls of th" Pir?t P<-*cinct of the Sixth Ward will Ih? held at the Track house of the Amencat Hook and Ladder Company on Eighth beta cc% F and G street a east. GEORGE BROWN, EPW'II KVANS. Jr.. C. II. OCR PON, may 25-dlw Comrniaaicners SEVENTH WA RP.?FIRST PRECINCT. J? Notice is hereb* given. that an election for Co' lector, Register, and Surveyor, and for one mstntiM of the Hoard of Aldermen and three mrmltcrs <;f tha Board of CiitniiKM Council, will lie held f.>r the F?r.2 Prerinct of tho S' V">n"?< War I. at Island Hall, .?-v MON DAY, JuiiO 1. Polls ( ii"o at 7 a >:i., and c-(*r at7p.m. B. S. KINSEY, T. H. HARKON* JAMES E. JOHNSON, may ' Commissioners. Candidates for City Offices, ___ I EDITOR OF THE RTAR-I'leaae rreaeutth* J name of WILLIAM H. FOR R EST aa a '-an didate for the Board Ceinmon Council from the First Ward. may 2h-3f MANY VOTERS TV^OTICE.?Some persons, desirous to triinre in", la are buaily spreading a rumor that I had Iteen nominated by the *' Republican p.irtv "of this c'tv. x candidate for Alderman. To thein a? well a? to ?rr. friends I owe it to sav that the rnmor is a wi'fti? at-I malicious falsehood. coaouctod with the l?ee pur pose to injure rne ; since I never dreamed of having mv name, either now or at any time hereafter.brought before th" people in connection with office. JOS. GKRHARDT. Capitol Harden Restaurant, Maryland avenue. J*. Washington. P. C.. May 5$. IRS7 Pt WA. BOSS is presenttd to the vo'er* of the ? Second Ward as an independent Candidate for Alderman at the ensuing election. may 13-tf AMUSEMENTS. EPETITION OF FOURTH PISTR1CT SCHOOL CONCERT. R At the urgent solicitation of a large nurMt>er of friends, Mr. F. Glknroy will repeat tiie Conoert of the Female Department ot the Fourth District School on TI'ESPAY KYKNING, May 2ht;,. st the Smithsonian Institution. mav I/IRST excursion of TH* Gorsuch Chapel Sunday School, TO FORT WASHINGTON. The Committee of Arrangements take pleasure in announcing to the public, that they -Xp""" ^ have chartered the steamer lieorrc -Hi ...-.-.jH Washington. and will give an Excur-^^^^?***-* sion to the aNive named place on WEPN ESDA'N', May 27th, WS7, if fair, if not, the next dar.tThura \Veber*? Martial Band has been engaged f<?r tha occasion. Refreshments at citv prices. Tickets TWENTY-FIVE CENTS; Children .0 cents?to lie had of any member ol the School, and at th?- Boat on the morning of the Excursion. The Boat will leave her wharf. f'a>t of 11th atreet, at: Yt o'clock a. m., and Alexandria at 9 o'cloek. aud will return at a seasonable hour in the afternoon. By order of the may 33 3t* COM. OF_A R R ANGEMENTS. First granp excursion or THF American Hook & Ladder Co., No. 2, TO THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILIOS. On thurspay, May 23th. 1S5T. Having chartered the Steamers Washixctox and Collter, the Company respectfully ^.rt ?? ^ announce that they will give ?n K\ - CLRSION on THI RSDAY. May**ats**le 38th. to the aU?ve-named place. Withers' Celebrated Be id has been engaged f-?r the occasion ; and that prince ?.f caterers, Sir. ft. Scliadd, will have entire-npervision of the Refresh m"nt department. The hrst B?>at will leave fie Steaml*?at Wharf it P, Navy Yard at 9. Alexandria at o'd??ek. a.m. The second Bo'it will le^ve th" >*e*inU*ar Whart at 1. Nav\ Yard at i'?. A!',xan?lria at ?? o'clock, n. m. Returumg, the boats a-ill touch at all the a<>ova places. Tickets one DOLLAR . admitting a Gentleman and Ladies. mav lt-l/t LOST AND FOUND. A SUNSHADE LOST.?On Sundav morning, a a a. fawn or drab colored Sl'nsh APE withafrtll. It was lost froma l*uggv either on F. street, bctva ? "th and tlth.or llth l>etween Eaud <i.or G. betwen 11 th and 13th. or on 13th. ncax ??. The finder aiU suitably rewarded l?y leavii.g it at the Star OtLc-:. may S5-* ~ RLWARP.?Strayed away f'om the snl s< l>er. living at the corner -?! Sil and (? g/'-ej^ streets, on Sunday mormnc. Mav 2<th. a M large speckledC<*W. with noinilk; ntl<r<-' year old Red H El FKR.and a Red C A LK mimt t*o months old. Tho above reward ??-?l| |.? pn,<t <or their return to me. MK HAVL HINKS. ma> Z5-.>l" No. si reel. corner of LOST or STOLEN?From the possession of the Hon. Francis S. Edwards, at the Washing ton House in the ?ity of Washiueton. on or al*>nt the 10th day of February. 1R57. LA NP WA R R AN T No. 51 .UH. dated Peceml ?r 34th,igjfi. Said Warrant was issued to Ezra Reed, under the act of Marc-it, 1B.W. All persons are hereltv cautioned against ne gotiating said Warrant as proceedings have been in stituted by the holder. Ezra Roed, to c*noel the sar?*o. ap J'-tiw E/RA REE P. WANT8. WANTEP.?One hundred cro?? of OLD BOT TLES. AppN toARNV A SHINN. lamn Bottleiuc Depot, 57 Greru stiect, Georgetown, mav 2K I w WANTED.?A WOMAN to take CaraofaChiM two years old. anil to do Plain Sewing. To one that can cone well recommended liberal yra^e* will l?e giveu. App<y at No. 4' 9 12th street, corner <?f I. may 36-3t * W~ANTED.?A YOUNG M AN to Drive s M.Ik Wa^on. He iiiu^t read, write, and be a food milker. Also, a MAN to Milk and Woik in a Dairy. Appl* at Locust Ili!l Farm, 7th street road. n?ar thetirst Toll-rate. mav 3* ?* A PERSON who understands Pressing Straw Bonnets can find employment at M. W IL LIAN'S, x: Market Space, l>etween 7th at^lMh eta. may 33-3t ' WA\TE1) -A CAR PEN TER.-Apply at J.W. THOMPSON A BRO.'S. Penn. avenue, b tween f'tli ami llth streets. No. XM. mav WANTED.?A SINGLE MAN to work on a fsrin. He must be a good plon<rhn?n, and lie derstand farm work generally. For fuither inf ?rins '?on apply to C.S. O HARE. 7th street, betveen M and N streets. may 25JK* SERVANTS WANTEP. - DINING-ROOM ^WAITERS and BOYS wanted at WILLARPS w I I . I / . Also, an intelligent WOMAN to take charge of a Store-room. may IB-2w WANTED?At 37 Penn. avenue, south side, oorner of 9th street,a CHAMBERMAID ai-d WAITER. The waiter a hov of fr<*n Iti to 1* yeais of age. Both must be able to'bring satisfactory rec ommendations. may l4-tf \V ANTED.?Aoonreiuent HOI SE. Rent al?>ut yy tl*>. Not far from Penn. avenue. Note ad dressed Bex 313, Post Office, with location and rent, will meet attention. ??ai-tf BOARDING. MKS. ANN H.SCOTT. Nr.,425.011th .trt" IVmt avenue, opp?iMta Jackson Hall, Ijis several large ROOMS which she would l?e pleased to rent to permanent or transient boarders. TARI'L BOAR|lEI!Sncmiiiiin'?btwl. ins, .'^-3t ONE LARGE AIRY ROOM and one good single ROOM, funushed or uufurioshed R* rent. The hon?e has a lar^e yard, makiug the *'tua tion desirable for a family with children. BOARU furnished if desired. Appty to No. ?9 I'th "''"T * between D and E. may MRwnr<A-TE8VAT HER BOARDING a ?1""1 \ E?. on tha aouth??st oorner of I'enr,., atreat. haa rvvle arrangements tn Kcoommodate a largenumlierol stianrars with Mean mar 3Un< the day, and Lodgings. &C?f BOOKS AND STATIONER V OF my 11 FEJIGU90N, m nk