Newspaper of Evening Star, May 28, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 28, 1857 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY; THURSDAY May 39, 1*37. SPIRIT OF TIIE MORNING PRESS. The Intelligencer deplore? the proclivity of the Baltimore American for the acquisition of Cuba, in which it can perceive nought save in created sectional disagreement and dangers The editor is horror stricken on finding that a journal so uniformly conservative as the Amer ican. can be going such naughty ways, now that the Cuban fever ha? (and he congratulates himself over the fact) died out over the coun try His reply to a portion of the reasoning of the A men can is able and ingenious. Yet, since the days when John Quincy Adam* so forcibly illustrated the absolute necessity for our event acquisition of the island, the American pop ular mind has been fixed in that direction past all appeals to induce an abandonment of that policy. The Intelligencer's position upon this subject reminds us of that of the last of the non-juring clergy under George the First. Solitary and alone, it fails to perceive that the acquisition of Cuba* would be a national benefit not even second to that of the acquisition of California, which was opposed by thousands where hun dreds now oppose the peaceful acquisition of the Gem ot the Antilles Our country has experienced in it? every industrial artery incal culable advantage* trom the obtainment of California. The pecuniary losses of some in connection with California commerce, have been a thousand told overbalanced by the pecuniary gains of all others. Every description of Amer ican property has increased in value through our connection with California. Labor, too, has reaped its shareof the benefit. Were Cuba annexed to the United States every American Atlantic and Gulf coast would at once experience beneficial effects in a thousand particulars, which would gradually extend themselves all over the country. e believe that it is the fixed determination of the Administration to achieve the island ere its four years run out, if that can be done peaceably. Filibustering for it, or running into a war to secure that now. which the laws of national nature must inevitably bring to us on the next considerable mutation in the affairs of the Spanish Government or of the political con dition of the \\ est Indies, we are as firmly per suaded. is not dreamed of by the President of the United Suits. The Union appeals to the Anti-Know Noth ings of this city to be on hand at the election on Monday next. PERSONAL. .... Gen Scot! is now in Washington on bxsl ne?s connected wirh army movements. ....Charles Brady has been appointed mail a^eul between Philadelphia and Washington ????Menry J- Raymond, editor of the New ? ork Times, sails for Kurope on Saturday with his family. .... Mrs General Scott is lying dangerously ill In Paris, and her daughter. .Mrs. Mai Scott, will sail on Saturday to join her. ? ??? ^ illiam F. Robinson (Richelieu) is lec tiving in .New ^ orkcitv on 'the right of foreign born to be eligible to office." ? ?"There Is a town in Iowa called Bonaparte. James M Hudson ran away from it, leaving his wife and children destitute. ? .... Baron Gerolt,, tbe Prussian Minister, sail ed from New York yesterday, in the Asia, on a short visit to Prussia On his return he will be accompanied by his family. .... Gov Marry is at Congress Hall, Albany. He is mi tin'* health, and evidently enjoying the relaxation which exemption fiom lon<i and severe labor affords him. Colonel Benton was on Tuesday somewhat injuied by an accident on tlje Pentisi Ivania rail road. By the breaking or an axle one of the cars was upset, and dragged a short distance. .... James fj. Clay, son of the late Henry Clay, has been nominated lor Congress by the demo crats of the Ashland district in Kentucky. It is said he has accepted the nomination. .... Dr \\ m. S \\ oodside. for two years past master of transportation of the Baltimore aid Ohio Railroad, has signified his intention to re sign his office and retire from itsduties about the first of July next. ???? The rage for elopement has become so strong in the W est, that an Irishman in the poor house at Detroit, has run away with one of the pauper girls in the same esrahlishment The of ficer# did not make any pursuit. The celebrahd statue of the Greek Slave. is to be sold at auction in New Yoik. on the ?'"id of June next, for the benefit of Mrs Kate Gilles pie. who drew it in the distribution of the Co* lnopol tan Art V nion of Cincinnati some time since. .... Miss Avonla Jones is still In Boston, and 1? very successful. Mr. J F. Muidoch is enjoy U* his ui.wm rum, in Paris, and Barney \\ illiams. with Mrs Barney, is playing in Scotland Mr. Joseph Jftlerson is engaged at I.anra hean s tbeatre?New York.for next season .....Mr Flanigan. of the Philadelphia Daily News has preferred a charge of libel against Mr. Fletcher, of the Philadelphia Sun. It grows out of political aifairs Mr. Gallender, agent of the .National Police Gazette, has also been charged with l.bel in selling copies of that paper alleged to contain unfounded charges against tbe house of a widow named Wade. RtLiaiocs Amxivkksakies.?The anniversary meeting were largely attended at Boston on Tues day, aud repo.ts of the various societies show a progressive state of educational and religious in terest throughout the country. The American Kducation Society was eloquently addressed t>y Rev Henry Ward Beecher Rn A. H. Clapp. i?f Providence, and Rev Samuel Harris, of Ban gor, addressed the American and Foreign Chris tian Union Society, in Tremont Temple, which was crowded President Hopkins, of Williams College, was elected one of the executive com mittee of the American Tract Society, which is looked upon as a request to tin* Ne\% York or par ent society to appoi n t him on thei r publishing com mittee, in place of the Rev Neuemiah Adams. Tbe levee of the Young Men's Christian Associa tion, in Music Hall, in the evening, was very crowded Henry Ward Beecher ana other elo quent divines were among the shakers. The exercises were varied by good music and a boun tiful collation. Ppk?bttxk!am (N. S ) Gkmxal Assembly.? At the session of the Presbyterian General Assem bly at Cleveland, Ohio, on Monday afternoon, a report from the committee on the bills and over tures, calling for the views of the assembly in re gard to slavery, caused a sharp debate. Tuesday morning communications were receiv ed from the consociation of R bode Island, and as *or tat too of Wisconsin and New Hampshire, ta king strong anti-slavery grounds Rev James \V Me Lane presented the report of the trustees of tu?. church-erection fund. Fifty live churches have been aided, and ap propriated. To twelve of the churches donations Lave been made averaging *l'j| to each, and to forty-three, loans, averaving S3W to each one. Hence within tbe six mouths the fund has been <-t mpleted, nearly one-fifth of it has appro finited The Assembly appointed tbe first Monday in January to Ije observed by the churches as a day *4 fasting and prayer for the conversion of the world, and the last Thursday in February as a day of special prayer for colleges tf7? Two steamboat captains were lately lined ?'.sa? each, for lauding paupers in St. Louis. The Mobile and Ohio Railroad Company ha? pmchased tons of iron from George Pea body. Esq., of London?a sufficient quantity to complete the road . 1l"7* The Burlington Sentinel has been en larged, and Mr Frederic A. Aiken, a gentleman of liberal education a practised writer, and a true national Democrat, is announced as associate ed itor. The Yarmouth Register notices the re-ap pearance of shad on the const of Cape Cod. afttr an absence of a dozen vcais or moie About 4.UUU were taken by one company in weirs a few days ago 1CT When the noon l?ells ring, eight hundred thousand children In this State, pour out from eleven thousand schools We wonder If this fact has anything to do with the high p:lce of provis Ions *?Alb'**jr Argu%. |L/~The midshipmen for the Minnesota, sorn to sail f??r China, are to be drafted from the naval school at Annapoli*. the examination of which transpires on June 1st The successful ones will be immediately ordered to the Minnesota A50THB CriaicaL Diliuqvext.?The Bos ton Bee states that a committee appointed by the New Lnulaud Conference of the Methodist F.pis copal Church, report that the Rev. D L Gear, of Lvnn, has. in their opinion, been proved guilty of lying jrnicat.on and forgery. WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. The Esd Oji't ?The news that Walker, with the miserable remnant of the 8,000 American* who followed hie fortunes?250 in number? have taken refuge on the aloop-of-war St. Ma ry 8, and been carried to Panama?reaching us this morning by telegraph, of course dissipates the delusion of those who believed that he would eventually succeed in the subjugation of Nicaragua. It also renders certain the faet that hereafter the Nicaraguan Isthmus transit route will l>e safe to all peaceful Americans ; Walker, his murders, robberies, delays and ter rors having been the only causes why that route has not been at all times open, safo and peace ful. The difficulties Mr. Soule and Col. Slatter came here to solve, (discussed by us in another article to-day,) according to distant newspapers, arc, therefore, ended ; though not to the taste of those gentlemen, with whom, we apprehend. ?? protection to Americans crossing the Nicara guan isthmus" probably means measures on the part of this Government to eventuate in a recovery (with the once expected profits on them) of the heavy advances made by Col. Slat ter to aid Walker 8 schemes, and a realization of the famous plantations which were bought by adventurers in his fortunes under Walker's decrees of confiscation, to which the purchasers had no more legal or moral right or title, in our humble judgment, than the burglar has to the proceeds of his night s ventures. ^ e can perceive no moral difference whatever in the "speculations o 1 these parties; and should as soon dream of sympathizing with the triumph of receivers of the proceeds of the bur glar's operations in holding on to their ill-gotten gains, as of rejoicing in the assurance t? the pur chasers of the confiscated estates of murdered or despoiled Central American gentlemen, of thtir ill-gotten gains. Walker's expulsion from the country, the immense loss of money falling on those of his co-operators who had money to lose by investing in his outrages, the immense loss of American life resulting from his "opera tions in Nicaragua, and the appalling cata logue of murders, arsons, robberies, 4c., in flicted by him on the people of Nicaragua with whom we have been nominally at peace through out all thes<occurrences, should, together, teach a lesson not soon to be forgotten by this Gov ernment and people. The telegraphic dispatch telling that Costa Rica had no part in his surrender, is, of course drawn up, like all other New Orleans dispatches concerning Central American affairs, in order to put the best possible face upon Walker's for tunes. without the slightest regard for the truth All know that he '? capitulated" to the officers of the United States only to escape the fire and sword of the Costa Ricans. The question is?what has become of his sick and wounded, of whom, when last previous heard from, he had more on hand than the number of his men in fighting condition? Has he magnani mously saved bis own bacon at the expense of their lives? The Ltxchbirg Railroad?We are glad, indeed, that Walter Lenox, Esq.. has underta ken to awaken the attention of his fellow-citi zens of \\ ashington to the importance of the speedy completion of this railroad to their own future It is the only remaining link in the direct line of railroad between the Federal me tropolis and the Mississippi at Memphis, almost due west from us. The peculiar advantage of this line to property holders of this city, arises from the fact that Washington is the first At I an tic-coast city which travelers on it from the West, reach. No stranger can pass through Washington without tarrying for days here, if the trip be his first to the Federal metropolis. Those coming from the South and West, who reach Baltimore first, may not find inducements strong enough to come forty miles out of their way North, to this city ; but. if touching Wash ington necessarily on their route North, the chances are ten to one that they will tarry here. VI ashington has no commercial business, what 1 ever, that docs not grow out of the transaction i of the affairs of the General Government here, anil the expenditures of strangers visitin" it solely because it i* the Seat of Government, and. as such, contains various objects of special interest to all. The great chain of railroads to St. Louis, to be opened (as a continuous and unbroken chain) on Monday next, will serve to increase the flood of strangers upon us. and. as a matter of course, the expenditure of money of residents of other localities in Washington. Yet for every dollar of profits that chain can ever bring us the completion of the direct chain of railroads to Memphis will bring us fifty dollars. The man of common sense will therefore perceive at a glance the great importance of its speedy com pletion to all interested in the future of our city. Unlike the peoplo of every other considerate American city, we of Washington have not been called on. up to this time, to put our own shoulders to the wheel to advance our com mon interest as involved in the construction of railroads?not one of which has so far been constructed in this country without repaying to cities of tho population of Washington that have taken stock in them, tenfold the outlay, in the increase of the value of real estate. This is a view of the question eminently practical, and is borne out by experience every where. It forms the reason why we have so frequently called the attention of the Star s readers to the importance of the completion of the railroad chain on which we are now commenting. It will be recollected that from Charleston on the Atlantic coast and Augusta, Georgia, to Mobile and New Orleans, the whole Atlantic and Gulf coast will, in eighteen month?, be im mediately connected with this chain by cross roads, as well as every considerable city north of it to the great lakes, as far north as Chicago, and. west, as Davenport, Iowa; all of which cross railroads must operate as feeders to it. When finished, from the remarkable advantages it possesses, it will bring to Washington per haps ^00 passengers per diem more than now pass through our city, one-third of whom cannot fail to tarry here. Now, the profits of our city i rom the traffic of this additional travel will be worth vastly more than the possible temporary embarrassment of a municipal subscription to hasten the completion of the chain. It is high time that our city should awaken to the advantage? in store for her through this chain of railroads. No Chaxge. as Reported ?Wc apprehend 'hat the newspaper stories alleging that through the exertions of Mr. Pierre Soule and Colonel Matter, of Louisiana, (the latter a brother of Mr. Hope Slatter. formerly of Baltimore, we hear, an. us partner managing the Southern branch of their once so well-known Baltimore establish ment.) the President has determined npon a change in the policy of the Government of the United States with reference ti>Nicaragua, em brace mistakes It is rery probable that these gentlemen have achieved Executive promises that everything that can be legally done by the Government in the way of assuring to American citizens free use of the Nict.raguan isthmus route will be done, as it should be, as well as that an United States vessel shall be kept at San Juan del Norte and another at San Juun del Sur if they can possibly bo spared for such service, to do away for the necessity of British interference in that quarter?even of such as lately eared the lives of to many of those de luded by speculators in Walker'* UJlibustering, (posted in American seaports) into trusting I themselves within his clutches. That Messrs. Soule and Platter hare succeeded in inducing the Government here to promise in any manner to change its general policy with reference to the Nicaraguan embroglio is, however, prepos terous, to say the least of it. Of a piece with such stories are those saying that Walker's friends and sympathisers are preparing to ship to him relief from the Atlan tic and Gulf coasts in the way of arms, muni tions. provisions, and more victims. From all we can gather from newspapers and other sources, we are satisfied that the bad " specu lation': no longer finds adventurers in it; while those who, under the mistaken nation that in going to his relief they would be aiding the cause of civil liberty, and those who would rush even into his clutches to avoid impending star vation in the United States?for such people would even prefer starvation to earning their bread by honest old fashion labor?can't go for want of means. The New York Herald estimates the venture of Mr. George Law in the way of filibustering at $800,000. All engaged with him also spent their " pile," for which, as yet, as far as we can learn, not one of them have got, in return, the first red cent Our experience in the world counsels that Mr. George Law was perhaps as disinterested in his " human liberty" invest ments as any of the rest of them: and we see no reason whatever to credit him with more disin terestedness in his filibustering transactions, than in those thut originally rendered him fa mous?his Dry-dock Bank transactions. No, the reader may rely on it, that there is no truth whatever in the telegraphic stories saying that Messrs. Soule and Slatter have succeeded in revolutionizing the policy of the Government of the United States in connection with Nica raguan affairs; and quite as little in the periodi cal newspaper averments that men. munitions. Ac., are soon to be shipped from New Orleans. New York, and elsewhere on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts to perpetuate Walker's carccr in Nicaragua. Light-House Keepers Appointed.?Royal Shoals, N. C., Benj. Robinson ; salary $500 per annum. Sand Key, Fla., Charles Bowman ; $650 per annum. Mouth of Portage River, Mich., John Crane; $350 per annum. Horse-Shoe Reef, N. Y., Francis Brossy; $500 per annum. Baptiste Monier, assistant; $300 per annum. Beaver Island, Mich., Patrick Looney; $350 per annum. Charity Island. Mich., Colin Graham; $350 per annum. Assistants at Sand Key, Fla., Emelius Nel son and J. B. Morrison ; $300 each and one daily ration. Assistant at Capo Florida, Robert Lowe; $350 and a ration. Assistants at Cary's Fort Reef, Daniel Miller and John Rubio; $300 cach and a ration. Assistant at Northwest Passage, Fla., A. Wil liams ; $300 and a ration. Assistant at West Quaddyhead, Me., Albert II Godfrey; $250. Assistants at Sandy Hook, N. J., Wm. II. Robinson and John H. Brewer; ?360 each. Assistants at Cape Elizabeth. Me., Samuel Black ; $250. Second Assistant at Seven Foot Knoll, Md., Wm. E. Bassford; $300. Assistant at Whitehead. Me,, Eugeno Stack pole ; $250. The Diplomatic and Consular Appoint ments.?The large number of strangers in Washington who cams among us to electioneer with reference to these vxpccted changes, ure under a high degree of excitement to-day, being in the expectation that within twenty four hours the action ol' the President on such of them as he designs making at this time will be duly announced. He has fairly succeeded in keeping his intentions to himself; which fact greatly a<lds to the degree ol nervousness with which they are all now more or less affected. The only floating straws showing the way the wind blows, coming under our observation, which indicate anything definite, to our mind point so as to induce us to believe that ex-Gov. Jo. Wright, of Indiana, will be sent to Berlin, and that the Hon. Henry C. Murphy (ex-M.C.) of Brooklyn. N Y., will go to the Hague, in place of Mr. Belmont. The Virginia Election ?To-day. Virginia elects her delegation to the next Congress of ihe I'nited States, a Legislature and a State Attor ney General. From present appearances, the only real political change that can occur in the Congressional delegation will be in the district lately represented by the Hon. Mr. Carlile, who is in a fair way of being badly beaten. The democratic opposition to the return of ex Governor Smith is very fierce and persistent, but as he will be sustained by a considerable wing of the opposition, we think his election cer tain. Judge Hopkins will surely succeed Mr. McMullin. The contest between Mr. Faulk ner (Democratic nominee) and Mr. Lucas (In depent Democrat) in the Loudon district is bit ter and animated. The friends of the former, however, seem very sure of his return. Post Office Department? New Offices hstablixhed.?Yanatta, Licking county, Ohio, Nathan M. McDaniel Postmaster; Saltillo, Holmes county, Ohio, Joseph Plati Postmas ter ; Ash Cave. Hocking county, Ohio, Edward M. Brown Postmaster; Ballardsville, Boone county, Ya., Wm. S. Chandler Postmater, (re established ;) Cedar Creek, Dorchester county, Md., Wm. Insley Postmaster; Lackawanna. Luzerne county, Pa., (re-established) Herman Lobeck, Postmaster; Stanton's Mills, Somerset county, Pa., S. Matthews Postmaster. Offices Discontinued ?Rogersville, Madison county, Ky.; Hope, Scott county, Miss.; Alcova. Gwinnett county, Ga.; Oscola, Orange county, Fla.; Forrest Prairie, Le Sueur county, Minn. Names of Offices Changed.?Bon Air Springs, White county, Tenn., changed to Clarkstown ; Stanton, Franklin county. Mo., changed to Stanton Copper Mines, Silas Reed. Postmaster; Shiawassee, Shiawassee county, Mo , changed to Shiawasseetown. Naval Courts of Inquiry-.?Before Court No. 1, the defence of ex-Lt. Bartlett was being read by his counsel, Mr. Rogers, as the Star went to press. It had occupied all the morning. [Note.?\Ve were mistaken yesterday in ascri bing to Commander Bullus dissatisfaction with the result of his first trial, before Court No. 1. Th?* result of that trial has not l>een made known. Tlie farts are, the Secretary of the Navy in ac cordance with Com. B.'s request, sent bark the record in his rase, for the purpose of enabling him to append thereto certain documents which he deemed important to its full understanding by the Court, as well as the Revising Power ] Before Court No. 2, the case of Lieut. Carler still pending. ex-Gov. Price of New Jersey, and Purser Barry have been examined to-day in his favor, and Commodore Sloat for the Gov ernment. Before Court No. 3, the case of Capt. Newell was taken up yesterday?Mr. Blount acting as bis counsel. To-day, in his case, Commodores Kearney, Newton and Aulick hare been exam ined on his behalf. The Lands for Public Buildings in Wis consin?Instructions hare been dispatched to the Governor of Wisconsin, with a list of lands amounting to six thousand four hundred acres, or ten sections, approved to that State under the third proposition of the seventh clause of the act of 6th August, 1846, "to aid in the com pletion of the public buildings." TorcHED i* a Tr. veer Poirt.?All abolition dom ia in a stew already, over the temper of the South m manifested upon thecraij proposition for so conducting the arrangements for the ad mission of Kansas at a State into the Union, as to insure that the character of her institutions shall be settled by voters hereafter to be sent oat from the Northern States to the particular end of settling that particular question to the taste of freesoilism in New England. Even the New York Herald, while professing to be op posed to anti-slavery politics, exclaims against the South for holding a position that may de feat the so cunningly devised scheme. It cannot pretend to allege that the South entertains the least idea of failing to acquiesce in whatever may be the eventual result of the action of the bona fide residents of Kansas at the election for delegates to the convention to frame their State constitution, to come off on the third Monday of the next month. Its complaint is. that after those who shall be legally entitled to participate in that election may have made their choice of institutions, the South demurs to having that choice pa^ed on by an abolition jury dispatch ed subsequently from New England on public subscriptions to the particular end of defeating that choice, in order to gratify the idiosjncracies of those furnishing the means to get the jury in question out to the Territory. Now, the truth is, there is nothing in the Constitution of the United State* or the laws to justify the outside interference iu the final re sult of the deliberations of the people of Kansas on their institutions; and the Hrrald and its abolition compeers are well aware that the South in occupying its present position on the question, is simply contending that it shall be constitutionally and legally settled?for nothing more. Hence the outcry being raised, in lieu of an effort to meet the point fairly and boldly. The Election i* Alf.xandria.?At 12 m. to-day we received the following telegraphic dispatch : Editor of Star:?At this moment the vote for Congress stands?For Snowden, 329: for Smith, 115. i. The Weather.?The following report of the weather for this morning is made from the Morse Telegraph line to the Smithsonian Institution, and will be continued daily when the line is in working order. The time of observation is about 7 o'clock a. m.: Mat 2?, 1857. New ^ ork, N. Y fine, clear. Philadelphia, Pa cloudy, warm. Baltimore, Mdv cloudy. Washington. D. C cool, cioudy. Richmond, Va clear. Petersburg Va cloudy, warm. Raleigh, N. C cloudy, pleasant. Wilmington, N. C cloudv, warm. Columbia, S. C.... line. Charleston, S. C clear, warm. ?Augusta. Ga clear, pleasant. Savannah, Ga.............warm. Macon. Ga clear, pleasant. Columbus, Ga clear, warm. Montgomery. Ala. clear, warm. Lower Peach Tree, Ala.. clear. The following reports have been furnished by the National Telegraph line: From the West. Frederick, Md. cloudy, cool. Cumberland. Md. cloudy, cool. Hagerstown. Md cloudy, cool. Wheeling, Va cloudy, cool. At \\ ashington, the barometer yesterday at y p m was ?29,964. thermometer 6"JJ. This morning at 7 o'clock, barometer 29.9CC : thermometer 6*2?. Amount of rain during the thunderstorm yes yesterday. 0.6a inch. \ hit of I.ord N apif.r ?We learn that a nierr. ber of the "Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company."' who waited on Lord Napierat Wash

ington. last week, with an invitation to attend the celebration of that corps on Monday next, re ports that his lordship accepted the invitation and will be present, mile** prevemed bv previous engagements which he did not then expect to keep. As there has been an interesting corres pondence during the past year between Prince Albert, Commander of the Artillery company of London, and Hon Marshall P. Wilder, Comman der of the A. and H A. C. of this city, it wok highly proper that the British Minister should have been thus invited, and it is to be hoped thai he will be able to attend the time-honored anni versary?Borrow Ei-ming Journal, May 85. ILj" An otlicial letter from the Cape de Verde I>lunds says that the crops, though not abundant, a e sufficient to keep the people actual want. More than 20.0U0 of the inhabitants of the islands have fallen victims to the cholera. Telfgraph to the Pacific ?It is stated that Henry O'Reilly, of telegraphic fame, otters to the United Stabs Government to build, at his own expense, a telegraphic line to the Pacific, if mili tary protection against Indians be afforded. A Wicked Place.?'The Providence Journal expresses the opinion that if New York city does not disappear some night, and the Sound steamers find themselves sailing into the Dead sea, people will not believe the account of Sodom and Go morrah. Thb Fruit Chop of Kbntucet.?The execu tive committee of the Kentucky Horticultural So ciety have made a report in relation to the pros pects of the fruit crop in that State It expresses the opinion that the fruit crop generally will ex ceed the average, but that the yield of peaches will be light. iO" One of the most remarkable facts in the life of a sailor has occurred in the life of Capt Jethro Coffin, now a resident of Nantucket. Din ing seventeen voyages in the whale fishery, occu pying thirty-nine years, Capt. Coffin never wit nessed a burial at sea, no death ever taking place 0:i boaid of any ship to which he )>elonged. Sentence of Dr. Bieoler ?Judge Clinton, of the Court of Oyer and Terminer, atiBufl'alo, N. \ y on Monday, sentenced Dr. Bifgler to be imprisoned at hard labor, in the State prison at Auburn, for the term of seven years. The pris oner had been convicted of causing the death of Amelia Murr and child by criminal practices too indecent for publication. From Santa Fk ?The Santa Fe mail has ar rived at St. Louis. The news is unimportant. The Indian depredations committed in March wen unusually extensive. Judge Bai:d was announced as a candidate for Congress in opposition to Mr. Otero. Col. Bonneville had started on an expedition against the Gila Apaches. Tub Barbecue to Jeff Davis ?At the barbe cue given to Jeff Davis by his friends at Vicksburg a few days since, there was a large attendance Horn all parts of the surrounding country Speech es and music were abundant and the dinner that wound up the festivities was all that could be de sired. Col. Davis delivered an address at Court bouse square of an hour and a half duration. r^TiV)vTUv)mkrv, guards, atten ?7r.? > ;IT mre hereby notified to attend a KVI.-viper Company ou THIS (Thursday) f ? k ! V Armory. to make arrangement a /or the funeral of Daniel McCabe, a member of the Corps, lately deceased. By order of Capt Key ? J1 THOS. McENIR *Q.?. ELECTION NOTICE. Office Oak Hill Cemetert Comfant, I . ,, Georgetown. (D. C.) May 86, laST.( Jhe holders of Lots in the Oak Hill Cemetery Company containing three hundred feet and up kifr V?!i? h^rebjf notified to attend a meeting to be held at the Cemetery, on MONDAY, June, 1, 1857 at 5 o clock p. in., to elect four Trustee* to manage the l'iLCU<!"pilnjr for the ensuing year. As an exhibit or the financial condition of the company will be made, all the lot-holders are invited toat HENRY KING, m*J Secretary. nrT*?k>VE^T^ Anti-Know-No Lk_? things of this Ward will hold a Grand Katih "Krn T5!UHSDAXr EVENING, May ??th, at 8n clock, at the corner of Seventh street and Mary land avenue. Several distinguished gentlemen will address the meeting. The Auti Know-Nothing voters of the several Wards nro respectfully re quested to unite with us on the occasion. All ner sons favorable to the election of Haliday Morgan and Forsyth are invited to attend. may^5&^tt*er ?' *he Com,n,ttoe Arrangements, rr^VVASH INGTON LI BRA RY COM pXnY. _K-3 I he Directors of this oompany, desirous of in creasing the numlier of volumes in this Lihrarv im proving and remodelling the Building! hive apjoinl S??i? Uk'win* ren^i#n?ento solicit subscriptions of \\ m.6. Moore, A. L. Newton, N. \V ilson. Dr. Jno. B. Keasbey, Richards, A. R. Shepherd, may a^-eo^w' ^ * Thompson, Chair'n. Yy* WASHING TON LIBRARY COMPANY. >>-3 -The Librarian will be in attendanoe at the Li >rary Building, on llth street, a few doors sooth of Penu. avenue, from 4to7 p.m., to issue stock to per *?n*. ?}?^ jnn* t',e 8an,a. and afford an opportunity to atockholders to receive hooks. Stockholders having books out over the specified time are requested to return them without delay, may 19-eo3w GO TO MCLAUGHLIN'S FOR NOTIONS. may 28 PERPUMERY AND TOILET GOODS at Jt may 28 MoLAUGHLlN'S. PORTE MONIES AND CARD CASES at A may 2a MeLAUGHLIN'9. TOYS-THE LARGEST AND CHEAPEST stoek ia the eity at may 28-91 LAMMON D'8, T TRANSPARENT BAR SOAP -Alio. Low', 1 and Clearer'# Brown \\ indsor Snap, at mayV-St l.AMMOXD'S.7th street. PATEItT DAM A8CKNEU PAPER.-Thia elegant and novel fabric, in letter and note sixes, with envelope* tu mat eh, luat received at TAYLOR A MAURY'S* Bo^atore. may a-it near 9th atreet. writings OF ATTORNEY GENERAL wV Hugh S. Lerare; in two large volumes ; pnoe $2, published at , . ^ S"'' f" """" "MnCK TAYI.OR. PIANOS.-The lar?est stock of PIANOS in the District always on hand at the extensive wart rooma of JOHN F. ELLIS, S)6 Pa. ave. may SB near corner oflWa at. FOR SU.E.-A family of young and valuable NEGROES?. The family oonsistsof another:* years ; one Girt5, and one 3 years of age, and a novo months. All fine and healthy. . They will be sold a bargain to a catholic family in this citv or St. Maty a county. Apply to GEO. MA'lTlSOlA . F_straet south. Washington. ?*> 2?-l w QREAT BARGAINS. DRY fiOODS. Selling off at ooat to close business. Our whole stock is goiug at cost. Call early. _ J. NOXONASON. 321 Pa. ave? south side, near 7th street. may FINE ARTS.-S. DeCAMP A CO.. will exhibite and offer for kale (or a few dars, a valoaMe eol lectioo of classical and rare ENGRAVINGS of Raphael, Morghen, Anderson, Ix>nchi, Fo^chi, Muller. Clarssins. etc.. etc.. at their B?*>kstore, 43? Penn. avenue, two doora from 4S atreet. may ?-4>t J^jANTILLAS, MANTILLAS, MANTILLAS. Mourning Mantilla*, Plain Silk Mantillas. French Ijice Mnntillas, Moire Antique Mantillas, Chantilly I^aoe Mantillas, Silk and I.ace Mantilla*. And every description of Mantillas this day re ceived at the Mantilla Emporium of MAXWELL A BRO., may 2fl-eo3t 323 Penn. avenue. r^VnEON," WEISENFF.I.DA CO. U "ODEON" WEfSF.NFELDA CO. "ODE6N." WEISENFELDA CO. WINTER. CLOTHING. SPRlS'G. CLOTHING. and SI MMER CLOTHING. Corner of 4>* street and Pennsylvania avenue. It * MVO LARGE COACHES OR SMALL COACHES can be had for IMC N1C or EXCURSION PARTIES b* apply ing to the undersigned or Mr. John Hoi brook. Orders can be left at G. A T. Parker &. co. a Store or at D. S. Dyson's Drug Store, 12th street and Aveuiie. WILLIAM WHALEY. may28-eolin* _ SOMETHING THAT OUGHT TO BE KNOWN. JNO.W. MANKINS, Hor*K, Sll?X. AND Ornamfntal PaINTEB, iVo. 481 Xintk St., brtieetn D and E. Having established myself at the alwv* named place, I am prepared to do SIGN WORK thirty per oent. cheaper than any other estaUishiuent in the city, ami warrant it to be done in the neatest man ner. HOUSE PAINTING and GRAINING done on the most liberal terms. Old GLAZI N<> promptly attended to. may 2B-eo2w * NOTICE.?Of all the branches of tmsines* con ducted in this citv, GROCERIES, per-? haps of all others, afford the smallest prw tit*. and should have the preference for cash,] and no oue iii that business can continue if" Ins customers are not protnjit in aettlement by short notes or cash. Desirous o| rlosine up all outstand ing accounts. I earnestly request all who are indebt ed to me to call and settle without delay. I further give notice that al I future bills which may be contracted with me must be ina'le with reference to, and with thedistinct underM surfing that they are to be closed monthly by cash, or notes at an days", ex cept such of my old customers who liavealwavs l?een prompt. H. H. VOSS, cor. Uth st. and Pa. ave. may 28-1 w I States] TEW THEOLOGICAL WORKS*?The Bible and Astronomy, an exposition *#f the Biblical Cosmology and its relations to natural science, by John Henry Kurtx. D. D.. translated from the third and improved German edition, by T. D. Simonton, ?1.25. The Life of Rev. Michael Schalatter. with a full account of his travels and labors among the Germans in Pennsylvania, and including his services as ohap lun in the French and Indian war. and in the war of the Revolution, 1716 to 1790, by Rev.H. Harbaugh. A. M.,jfl. The Two Pilgrims, or The Israeliteand the Chris tian on the r Journey to t he Eastiv ai d the Heaven y Canaan, by Rev. F. R. Anspsch, A. M.. $1, Just published, aud tor saleat TAYLOR A MAURY'S, may 28 3t Bookstore. ne*r 9th street. THE AMATEUR'S GUIDE AND FLOWER Garden Directory, oontaining every es?eutial detail for the successful cultivation of the flower garden ; by John T. C. Clark. A practical work, in a c ear and more available form than haa as yet been accomplished, on which the amateur can rely as a guide, being a depository of practical knowledge, from which ne may draw with benefit, and which, be ing based on practical experience. supplies what haa 'ong l>een wanteJ?a concise and practical dnectory for the successful management of the flower-raider.; to which is added the VegetnWe Garden Manual, oontaining practical directions for the successful pro duction of all vegetables usually cultivated for table us? ; lornin g a reliable hand-book of reference, and embracing every requisite detail for the suoct s?ful cultivation o| the tlower aud vegetable gardens. Pnoe .?I. Published and for sale by TAYLOR A MAURY, may 28-3t Penn. av.. near 9th at. Washington medical institute. The following gentlemen having united themselves for the purpose of giving Medical instructions, will comme ce a course of Lectures on the 1st day of June, Ip?>7. and continue them daily until the first or middle of September. Lecture hours from 5 to 7 o'clock p. m. Gentlemendesiring to prosecute the study of Prac tical Anatomy will have opportunities offered them in the months of October and March, under the di rection of the Lecturer on Anatomy. Tickets to the course, to be obtained from the Dean. For further information apply to the Dean at the Washington Infirmary. \VM. H. BERRY, M. D.. Principles of Surgery. J. C. RILEY. M. D., Materia Medic* and Therapeutics. D. R. HAGNER, M. D.. Theory and Practice ef Medicine. J. J. WARING, M. D., Obstetucs and Diseases oj Women aud Children. B. J. HELLEN. M. D., Operative Surgery. WM. A. BR A OLE V . Jr.. M l).. Anatomy and Physiology. B. JOHNSON HELLEN, M. D.. Dean, Ac. irTThe Introductory Address, by J.J. Waring, MTD., will be delivered in the Washington Inhrmary on Monday. June lat, at 7)? o'clock p. m. The pub N VV lie are respectfully invited to attend. Washington, May 25,1357. may 2S-4t D IIANU STOOLS A T ELLIS' MUSIC Store. mav 27 'ANS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. AT jray 27 M c LA UGH LIN A CO.'S. YNEVOR TERRANCE. OR THE CLUE of Life, by the author of Heir of Redely tie: 2 vols. ?1 5". Just reoeived at may 27-3t TAYLOR A MAURY'S. 1 A DIES DRESS MAKING in the latest French j sty le, at No. 4?i E street, near 6th. Two or three good hands wanted. may27-3t* CJECTIONAL MAP OF IOWA.-Henn. Wi! V: limns A Co.'s sSectional Map of Iowa for 1857, ex tra large size: price $3. For sale by TAYLOR A MAURY. Booksellers and Stationers, Penn. avenue, may 27-3t rear 9th street. E SCHEELE'S RESTAURANT, corner of llffc and E, north std*. He has all the time on hand the best of Phila delphia LAGER BEHR, and also, the best stand in the citv of CLAGETTHS ALE. inajr 27-3t*__ NEW YORK LEDGER for June6th?Contain ing Mrs. South worth's new and popular atory, the Island Princess. may ?7 FERGUSON. 4J67th street. A LI. THE MAGAZINES, PERIODICALS, Papers, A c., can be had at the Book and Station ery Store of _ . may TT FERGUSON, 486 7th street. FOK BOSTON.?The Schooner Marthn, Capt. Bax atoh ipply I Baxter, haa arrived and will haveqi icki (lispatuh for the above port. For freight or^jj passage apply to HARTLEY A BROTHER.*" 101 Water street, Georgetown. may 27-h 1 CARRIAGES AND BUGGY FOR SALE. Th ree one-horse C A R RI AG ES an J a BI G G Y, very little used, will be sold a great saenhoe if early application shall be made. One is a very handsome open summer Carriage. The Buggy is most superior and substantial. Inquire at No. 165 I atreet. aouth side, between 21at and 22d streets, First Ward, may 27-2t* REWARD.?Ran away from the subscri lier on Thursday, April 9th, NEGRO MAN ISAAC WOOD. He is thirty years of age. black oomplexion. about five feet and i ball high, and has very large lips. The above reward will be paid for his appre hensiou and delivery to me if taken in a free State, or $1"0 if takeu iu the State of Maryland or Distriet of Columbia. ODF.N BOWIE, Buena Vista Post Office, ap-21-tf Prinoe Georges oounty, Md. TO TIIE PUBLIC AND PARTICUI.ARLY TO MILLINERS- STRAW BON-^0S. NETS, HATS, and FLATS for ladi*s gen tleiueii, and children, will be Bleached PreNsed in the newent F'rench styles, and at the shortest notice, at the uew Grand Blefcciung and PreuinK Eltkbluknwnt. ^ W,LU may 11 lm 32 Market Space, bet. 7th aud nth. TJORSF. FEED.?500 bushels CHOP just re H for ?le 1.T BENJ DARB mar y-eo8t 87 Water st.. Georgetown. D. C. AT PRIVATE SALE?A rosewood case PIANO made by Stein, of Vlenna, and imported., w some years ago. at the oost of ft45n, is in ex Bhs eel lent tune and sood order, will l>e s?>ld foi'H * ' on accommodating terms. Can be seen at M'? METZEROTT'S Musical Depot, cmier of 11th street and Penm avenue. _ ma* tf.-eo2w I^WO PIANOS FOR ?150- ONE FOR ?l?? two for $4X) are now for sale at th> Music Depot of W. G. METZEROTT Corner of Penn. avenue and Uth t treet. Terms easy. may II WALL ft STEPHENS, Vv Wholesale Dealers and Jobbers in ?LOTHS,CA8HIMEHSS, AND TESTINGS, may 15-3m WIN DOW GLASS.?600 boxes Baltimore and Philadelphia GLASS, all ?ualitiM and aisee, for sale at a liberal disoount, by ap3-TftF8m J. R. M o#R EG OB, 884 7th st. Municipal Election Kotiee*. EL^"n?> n/itick -FIH-T WARD. The \ (Kara of the First Pre. ,not. first W?rd.'1' . .i1*1, aaelWBlRm w,f| be bald on MONDAY next, the let of Jane, at the corner of 19th and H streets. for Reliefer. Colkwtor. am' Sur veyor, and Tor one of the B<?rd of Alaermen and three members of the Board of Cotnmoa Cmn oil. Polls open 7 o'ciook a. m.. and o'ose at 7 o'clock a ' % a af a s * a w * ^ . p. m. ?. m.,?nu o-oje ni 7 o ?<l DANIEL SFRR1N, JOHN GERMAN, TERENCE DRlw Y, way K-td Po?wiiiiiom>ri FMirst ward-second precinct. ELECTION NOTICE. Notioe is hereby given that an election will be Md ia the above Preeinot on MON DAY, the let of J une, at the boose of Mr. Samuel Stott. on the corner of Ptdm fvsnia arenue and Twentieth street, south side, for Regiater. Collector, and Surveyor of :hs City. and for one meinlter of the Board of Aldermen, and three members of the B<*rd of Commoi, Conn oil, to repesent said Ward. The polls will be open at 7 o'otook a. m.and ntoee at 7 o'ciook p. m. H. R. WRIGHT. JOHN B. HlNCft. A W. 6f.XHaM, may t5-td Commissioners. Third ward -second precinct ELECTION NOTH on .CE. Notioe ia hereb* given that an eieotton will he he:d t MONDAY, the let of June next, at the north eastern corner of F street north end Ninth street vest, in the Second Precinct of the Third Ward, (embracing all that portion of said Ward sooth .if H street north.) for Register. Collector, and Surveyor of the city, and for one member of the B<?rd of Al dermen.and three memt*rsof the Board of Comm a Council for said Ward, in conformity to the provis ions of the charter of the citr of Washington. The polls vtli he openeo at 7 o'clock a. m. and c>o?*d at 7 o'clock p. m. JOS. W. DAVIS. THOMAS RICH, mar ?-td Commissioner* Fourth ward-first precinct. ELECTION NO+ICF. Notice is hereby given that an election a ill be held at Appleby's shop, on 7tb street. between I street and Massachusetts arenue. on the 1st of June next, fora Collector of Taxes. Register, and SarTev. and for one memkr of the B<mrd of Aldermen, three memliers of the Board of Common Council, aod an Assessor for said Ward. The polls will he opened at 7 o'clock a. m.. and cloaed at 7 p. m. JAMES H. IIOS!*. FREDERICK IDhlNS, ROBERT ISRAEL, mavSS-td Commissioners. 1VOTICE.-WASHINGTON CITY MUNICI IN PAL ELECTION to he h.-ld June lst.laTT The Polls of the First Precinct of tbe Sixth Ward will be held at the Truck house of the American Hook and (Adder Com pan) on Eighth between F and G streets east. _ GEORGE BROWN, EDW'D EVANS. J*., C. II. GORDON. maj 2T>-dlw Commissioner*. C?EVENTH WARD -FIRST PR ECINCT. k? Notice is hereliy given, that an election for Col lector. Regiater, and Surveyor, and for one member of tbe Board of Aldermen and three m-ml*rs of the Board of Comnrni Council, will be held for the Firat Precinct of the Seventh Wsr.l, at Island Hall, oa MON DaY, June 1. Polls open at 7 a. m., and cloae at 7 p.m. B. S.KINSEY. T. H. BARRON. JAMES E. JOHNSON, may 3B- Commissioners. Candidate! for City Office*. JAMES W. BARKER is presented as a Candi date for the Assessor of tbe Second Ward. Is may 27-4t* THF. VOTERS. American nominations. GESERAL TICKET. For Collrrtor WILLIAM DIXON. For Registtr SAMUEL E. DOUGLASS. For Svrrrvor R. UN LEY HINT. may 27-St* AMERICA N NOM I N ATIONS. THIRD WARD. For Aldermao?JONATHAN T. WALKER For Common Council?JOH \ G. ROBINSON, JOSEPH F. HODGSON, JOHN W. SIMMS. may 27 -4t* I EDITOR OF THE STAR-Ptea.e present tie J lamrol WILLIAM II. FORREST assca-i didate lor the Board Common Council from the First Ward. may 36 3t~ MANY VOTERS. WA. BOSS is presented to the voters of tt.? ? Second Ward as an independent Candidate for Aldeimax at the ensuing election. may 13-tf iKimnm _ Annual excursion or thc Young Catholic's Friend Society, OF ALEXASDR1A. The steamer Geoaor Wa*hix<.tox will leave Alexandria for the WHITE HOI SE at 7 and 10 o'clock a. m. and 2}? p. m.. and the White If. use lor A >-ia>idii?' at 5 and p.m..on MONDAY next.thelst of June. Persons in Washington ml Georgetown parrban inc tickets will take the Thomas Collyer for Alex andris, arrangements having been made to pass them ??i thai t??at l?y exhibiting their tickets. The excur sion loat will oonvey those who remain until o'clock to Wasmugton. Tickets for a gentleman and lady $1; for a lady '*> cents; for a servant or child 25 cents. For *ale lo J. William Bowling. Alexandria; T. H. Ellis, Wash ingtor-;and J. L. Kidwail, Georgetown. Esemtite Committer 'r>? V.* Richard L. Carne. Jr.. John T. Hill. may a 3t LOST AND FOUND. I^IVK DOLLARS RKWAKD?? Wnftd ??., I from the subscutier on the 14th instant., " a small white and red COW, ?dr* > with a l.lack strap around her horns. I ? .,\ the above reward if returned to No. S71, corner ot Penu. avenue and 1st street. Capitol Hill. mar ?-3t' If. H. Me" C cPHERSON. Jr. AMD TO THE PREMISESo| th?- subwriber. residing on the corner <>| ?th anu O, streets, a stray COW with calf. Persons. nvninr the same is requested to c<-i f<-r mb* ward.prove property, pay charges.and takr her ?r , may 2a-3f MICH AEL HOOVER. LOST OR STOLEN?From the possession of the Hon. Francis S. Edwards, at the Wasbinc ton House in the sity of Washington on or atiout the l?Kh day of Fattruary, 13S7. LAN*D \V A R K A NT No. 51.233. dated Decenit<erS4th. Said War taut was issued to E*ra Reed, under the act of March, 1855. All persons are hereby cautioned asainst ne gotiating said Warrant as proceedm** liave been in stituted t>y the holder, Ezra Reed, to cancel the same, apS)-6w EZRA REED. WAHTS. WANTED.-A BARKEEPER AT LLOYD'S Union Hotel. He must come wall recommend - ?d. may & St WANTED.-A good CAKF BAKER. JAMES FRASIER. _ina>_2B 3t corner of F and 13th streots. WANTED.-A COLORED WOM AN, who caa tiring satisfactciry testimonials of cliaracter, as House ^erxant. Apply at J?5 inirth C, between and <Js streets. ma> lat-at PARTNER WANTED -The ad^ er?iser havmg a cash capital of from ?l^-?" to wishes to invest it in a nnsitiecs already e*'abl>hed. lit s; ref erences as to character and capacity. Address A. S.. through City Post Oftic^ may 2H-3t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY. - A GOOD COACHMAN, who can come a-ell recom mended. Inuuire at First Ward Livery Stable, to LAKEMEVER. Agent. may >->' WANTED.-A HOUSE SERVANT, at No. Delawrvro avenue, mar North Cap. o. Gats. may 28-31 ? WANTED.?One hnudred croas of OLD 'T TLES. Apply to AKNV k SHINN. Uaioa Bottlemg Depot, $7 Green street. Georgetown. may 26- I w WANTED.-A YOUNO MAN to Drives Milk Waxon. He must read, write, and be a good milker. Also, a MAN to Milk and Work in a Dairy. Apply at Locust Hill Farm, 7th street road, near the l?r?t Toll-gate. _______ m?* 38-St* SERVANTS WANTED.- DINlNG-ROi Nl W A ITERS and BO Y S wanted at WIL LA R DS* HOTEL. Also, an intelligent WOMAN to take charge of a Store-room. may f?-2w WANTED TO PURCHASE-A B R Fc K DNN ELLING, containing 8 orJ rooms, and worth from %2t5>k) to aliout 94,onn. |.v first pnting f*?i in cash, and tbe t*lanoe in anuual uiatalment*. Also. For Sale?On easy terms, two desirat4? BRICK DWELLINGS, each located within two squires of the Patent Office. One of them can t>a bought by paying |U?n in cash, and tbe balance in 12 half yearly instalments. POLLARD WEBB, may U tf No. 512(2d story )7th street. \VrANTED?At 8 7 Penn. avenue, south side, y ? corner of 9th st reef. a C H A M B I. R M A ID and WAITER. The waiter a bos of from 16 to IS years of a?e. Both must 1* able to bring satisfacfor\ rec ommendations. may 14 tf boabding. BOAR D.?Two gentlemen can obtain a comfort* Me ROOM with BOA R D. in a private famil*. at No. 4ir7 13th st reet. bet wern C a dH iim a-3i * Boarding at sspring RUN.?A few Uoerders can ??? acconmiodated during the Summer in a most healthy and elegant locality. Terms reasonable. Apply at No. S3> north B street, Capitol Hill. ma> Jtt-eo3t* MRS. ANN hTscOTT. NoOksouth side I'eai. avenue, opposite Jackson IInil. has seven! large ROOMS which she would l?e piea?ed t<> r? tit to permaneut or transient BOARDERS. TABLE BOARDF.RS acooiiiiiHslatetl. may JH 31 * /\NE LARGE AIRY ROOM and aneTn"d siaeJ " / single ROOM, furnished <?r uufurnished l?'r rent. The house lias a large yard, making the sit its tion desirable for a family with children. BOARD furnished if d??irad. Apply to No. 4tii l<Hh street, between D and E. mas 25-f?t * MR S. B AT E S. AT HER BOAR DING HOUSE, on tne southeast oorner of Peon-, Avenue and Sth street, lias made arrangements to aooommodate a large number of strangers with Meala at any time throughout the day, and Lodgings. VOCAL MLSIC.?The next terms of C. L. IR \1NG S VtKjal Musio Class f??r pr*cti? of uiees, Chorusses.&c., aod Stud> of Hannony. will oommeaee at Temperanoe Hall.oa E street, between Mk and loth atrwts. THIS (Tuesday) EVENING, May 26th. at 4 o'clock, and continue at the same hour of Tweadaya, Thursdays and Saturdays. Ladies and Gentlemen wishing to units With I hi* class wilt please be early in attendance. ?ay IMt' !