Newspaper of Evening Star, May 28, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 28, 1857 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. OLD GRANDPAPA. is thik rARit.-rtiT i. A fer.t eraan a fortune mad* Pr ?ir and luoky bit. of trade: r rom oares ol business he retired vj ben juat enough he had acquired. Point of his domeatio jor >> aa one dear son, his hopeful boy. N\ henjrown, he cbose himself t natr. h*DPT ?n the marriage state. Though portion he with her had none - !oou * son, Beloved kTlather and inamma, ?unTHov'd hy K/andpapa. sl? * IFu ?ra<iw'n? of his Url, , He and they shall never part ? AadXh ne.w?A',e tb#jrJJil ">??ht1iv?: , m* day new blessings give: To 'i*?9 .Wlth hun would cease, T kJT^Jf faiure days in peaoe; -r^k, wera h,!' h?*P? of gold To SilF* n?w WM (trowing old ; To fi\ e his riches to his heir? r or hatren he might hit goul prepare." ?hi " De*r??t father, no!" The father says," It shall be so! 12S ?fk youn<?"or wealth yon have more naad ?" vvl? ltUi r?s?lved. he signed the deed * i>? iC^.',v's ,on hie hne estate Hark, house and furnitsre and plate U here er he comes, all hearts & Jtad vFi" k ' 1 e ,n ,,n'lee i? clad ' ilM Weut th?m?p ?"d broom? H a onamber was the hnest room ; His bedquilt was of ider down - \Vuh?do* * ?dor?*dhia cap And gown ; A~l fh^r - WM Puir'd hl? elbow obair! Snu* ouLT?" pi?c*"d. With punctual care, ?l0*? ^"'de the parlor fire, ?{Voo when he speaks, they all admire; v pon his lace are hxed all eyes. for none were ever hall so wise. Before a single thin* is done, r or his advice they all must run; Mia wants are all suppiid lu haste * At meals, the cook consults ais taste. This food old gentleman now view A happiersoul you never knew. * But by degrees the *oeo,e ohaand: The bouse must all be new arranged Good cheer, good oompnnr will draw ? A deal of oompany they saw ; And these w?re of the say and young. And some were of the higheet ton The lady hinted to her spouse? *m2?!h!L7" rwV k,llt *'?' brows) Couid not your lather, pray, ray dear VV hen any oompany ishe>e, ' wwl!?.'.'1"; 1 wixh liim off A/.d tl^i oi/l .Wr un ,ne?*e and r?agft_. a j i atones out of date ? And then he s got so deaf of 1st a* ould talk forever: and *<? curious rie pokes the fire so very furious ? * 'au*?i-rve two dismissed \vk? ? !f*r sae hin* luizied. ' Th??rUw?? *re *ot ,n for advanced, 1 heir wits are. aa it were, entranced 1 hey must percoive. if they had senie 1 hat with them we ouldSll dup^st In hi, own room were he to dine. He oouid not at the chance repine ? And we'dMT"'? CVn""[t" w,,"n Ana we d be rid of such a drone." 1 he husband lus wife coit#ftes A.though soine qualms of niusierise And gratitude and filial loysT ' His rather now must duvaabore A month or so. 't:s pretty weli ; -f he."rlV,ant8. "1W "?'ect his bell; They re tired of uuicing so up stairs ?? Oue footman natters. t'otherswears' gome day, fta, his dinner hot tk>med-y[, his dinner is forgot ? * 4r&!2,.!?rot "r? h,m ?nce a week ? At length his health begin, to break " Hi, given fortune he repenr, ? lie see, ins lolly and laine^s: Bnt near upbraids tne mi anj wile r or ftfar it might be iause of strife* 0?.?n* h#re '^day, Tt^*^ Z?' P^r,'*Ps- they staC '? I a,!id ."^ntin/heads, . ' t '?? short of betls. Ar Timothy and Bloom ^lust have Tou're lather's rt?n **. Old Had can sleep. I {&*ifS"* '!>! 4h" Inn J"8t star ? But scanda! men will mafc? ?7ou: ' And say 1 ve turned your gather out ? Besi Jes. 'tis true, (as lia aVoVdd ? ' To *(eep from home 1,^ nay cntci ooij }?1ihrslh.V^ch Tk e soft; *o h" won 1 ,Qlnd a pin, ?o his quarter, at the inn. ,h' or*c',-hoi,se lol>, Ftretoh d "OA bed not warm nor solt ? The yen#n We parent hss. Wk i " ,f "orr?w fill h;s eres. Anh A ? h'"'^o full plenty re*n*. And ev rv joy that mirth orda^-s ? Their pleasure* so o'erflo'* me brim Nor son nor daughter w.* ol him. " Tha v1rV"B* ?V" *" ?uch to d? ; The very dogs irrget him too. .,t'" lie by one. The offspring of h;s thankless mod. aild ?'u hl* ch,ld mi,ht be , And like a cnerub swee: look'd he ? A strai.ger to the worldly mask. ' J or grandpapa ne'd ofr-n a- V ? 1 Se wateh?"P.e n* ,nu"' hr li a ? watched iRe p;ace he rose b^tim&s And to t^a a>.t the sweor boy c.nnt.s, illfi ' ' Winter, frost and snows ft2iS..Tn <whe,i ofelothes ? mp d with oo.."t, and pmch'd pa.n n th sigh, he vecture, to oompiaTA P * Thih-i'aa^>C*n * &n,J ?n*ions face. fhe chi.d aur/e> s the wretohed p'ace ? Ana grief his f?olinr heert bespeaks?' ? kS run ''own his oeauteous chaeks: quick he runs. And wi.h tne ta;e their ear? he stuns .hey never thought of this before, x."1 prd^red now a blanker more. A^d kill: .k" from w,"ter'? term, T?e " u I ?:d 'nar* 8DU* a-J warm ; 1 nl ?r k" 001 T4ih thl> ?*** Pi?u'd : And of hi, enef h:s hwirt vas cas'd; ?rkl k?.. *a' ?ra,s 11 ,jr ?? thought: The^.,.7?,' Uar,ket brought- * i he phi d the lle^cy t-iat.ket k-e,s : His smiling faca hi* ioy reveals. ... n#n ' 'h a tr.Hn,'f cnes he, " 'twill f eeze M?mmn.. your ?<???'?rs. if you pl-ase "' L"k ? chi'd. \\ hr, h<iw fou rant' ^Yo t im1 Wl,h want J o eut this b ank*>t liere in two. rapa. when I ni a man like you, you I .1 then be smart anvisay, I.ike grandpapa vou'll then L* gray , And treble, help1***, weak v.d U!(i. An.1 t?eu f Old Dad lv" , .u'll bT?hed. ><>. when to coach-loft up | send you. As every comfort I intend *?.u. Just ha.f this blanket I will keep TnJI!?- .Tou warT wh'n asleep." 1 nese &rl.e?s werJs so unexpected came, J*^"r?irU?i if hf:nr;r,# llite electric fiamr* IT ^e,r eJ>??ks from shame and keen. wiiio-m Affe?tioo re resumes its former eourse; ' contrite son his penitenc? expressed. And took bis infant an^el to his breast r ues to his injured father's ?ad retreat. X*?*! *ltn,r???nting tears bedews his leet P oordials parting hfs reW Js ? U^rh . 'tT ?nc? T"rr W1,iiri u'* rriansiot, wiUH. VJ itb a., thosaaids that affluence can rivs, ?ae generous parent many vears may Lvs- * he son s repentant spirit never sleeps o keep it waking be the blanket keeps. tT^if ir'J? !,r'a,f 4,5 Parents wiih netlstl Half of tj. blank?t ntTj frpmtct. ARRP, ALS AT THE 1I&TETJS WILI.ARDS' HOTKL ?B T Crojwav Mrf q Norrts. R'-R 8 Ha,all. do: J D Thomson- C ?p x -T^Wa' ^ Wilson, Pa; tCooix*' n'y' 1 ^ Ivb'r1 K>: a'own- Md; Afaj Cu'ilen! hen Vrf I n* R Hntcblna, da: Col Co hen. Vd. J \\ Oumney. lv. child, do- ft pb?,, U* J vt Prfo"vdri Tf' ,,'17' .Ark; Mr AVheaton! n-'nTi. if. r l !'ndv' J Hunter, Pa: S M v ir i j ;; ;; J .uiam.*, ao; J K . hutt^. It. do; Hon S Arnold, Cor in- D War ner, do. Con. ?toat, L*H.\; K B Frenc b DC IV J I.loyd. .\ld; J Bin me. do: S p Alltin 'Vt- J HohtM N'. r M Walton, do. O J U inl>er, fcV?^ Oa. K U Palriier. Md; Mis, Palmer, do; J Jovnd' V ' r l^v^ ? T M>rick- Ala; \\ (i Myrlck do. T M Seal, do; H Keller. Ky; I W c>w\h,' rV j'nivf^d,' V JA:iHrn'"?, do; J L AU'tiu' do \V \l i^n, 'v V^^ Va= I'T-niuan, 7 V F a msn. do; f. Tu ner M, G Turner do; 1. Kn^ell, Md, MIm Kugelli BROWNS' HOTEL?J J Wright f?P a a V\ Ho'V^ h1 J'1,ld7>' Nc; * H Barnes. NY; G 'ikand lady, O; D Kahnweiler, \C- t M Johnson and lady. Tenn; C Koss O- M a h ? h?rdt and lady. NC, Mrs L A Blark'weldo^J A nn and lrutv. B 1 Haven, do- J R p,,1n, pu A: B'ookn, F J Lvon WvvVr Koane. Ls ' 14 < haairilj*rs. Va: K Keen il > u'1"*?' u""' ?> A L Olins, R K Champion' do* N ru.T ' Kan J A Simpson. Md; A P Dod-e. N V; I) P Toppaa Va j iv'p ^ A ! laciv \*r \?, r a /* I ' s i-onrd aiid rk"* j U B Michau*, do; W M H McCay, KIRK WOOD HOISF ?F s Low. \Y C C Ca pV; > C.iminin^s. Pa, j u ParkVr, do^ \\ r r?V ? ' ,>trl?*r- do; J Tea slv.d-; \V ui','\^B U H Mtillrnan. Ct; H Slur' \ K(;V ,, ,! ?; |M" do F' p Scott, Md; Dr C , \{"^ I* " R v tlo; 1 p Walker do- C W 1' 'do Tr S Monville. I.IV B Horgiie 1 Jordi r,""Tr^ T L Campt*ll\a; Mil, In J Ijreen, tSN \V r n- tlr -Mount, uo, t U Truman, Va; Dr F T Mn^ MO VEMKMTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS U^Lin1<Wii....Southa ,ton New Vork 'NaJiS ;?????? GIsmj/ow. ... .NeW Yof *' j?J .J ^,for'"* NaU Steamers leave New Yeri! ?n the Kb and ?th of eac I month ' ew V ork Miscellaneous. hfc I BT1LLLIVE," i u. .w 001 be outdone by any in the Painttng ??cu[?d the services of an expennoed Sttfve? dI4*?SIm!,^aintBr'' am prepared to do 1b?a^n.e,r9? transparencies, 45.. in the latest styles. riAi^'Tv^ntinV^ri? .do nOUSE PAINTING, ?, v ^^'an "RAINING in a superior ssanner at >o. 53 Louisiana avenue, betveeu 6th and 7th street*. may 13-eolm M. T. PARKER. 1VOTICE, NOTICE, NOTICE!? Persons in want i:r?J. SHINGLES. LATHS, and PICKETS*. CALCINED PLASTER. CEMENT, and LIMK or the best quality, will find them by calling on the subscribers at their yard. Having taken the yard lately occupied by John Purdy, we intend to keep a fine stock of the above named articles. coal of all kinds and sizes always on hand. As we will be receiving Coal regularly, consumer* will do well to give us aaall. By strict attention to busi ? uess we expect to merit a snare of the public patron age. Yard on First street, near Pennsylvania avenue. may3l>-eolm H. C. Pl'RDY A CO. pRttPOSALS FOR fuel. Qcabtbbxastbr's Oppick Marine Corps,/ . 0 >? ashington. May 16, law. \ ? received at this office until Monday, the 15th June, 1H57, for supplying such Quantities of WOOD and C^AL as may berequired rIn?i.V?M?y^ ,7lv? ?,th June' for the Ma ?'?Honed at W ashington city, D. C. ?-T?.ntk22!.i0 ^ s*?'inf? and the Coal best anthracite. The Wood to oe delivered, piled. 11 r^'*n<I, the Coal weighed and delivered at such points as the commanding officers of the sta Jl"n?may vx Pen"e to the United States; the Coal to weigh 2,240 pounds to the ton. Further information can be had on application at this office. r?Pltp?5a!r".to addressed to Maj?r G. F. Lindsay, Vy ? "? endorsed " Proposals for Fuel for Marines at \\ ashington, D. C." may W-2awtl5Jnne gALTlMOREClTY malt HOUSE. sale.?'The undersigned having recently ourchased the CITY MALT HOUSE, oorner of West Falls avenue ar.d Block street, would announce to his friends and the public, that he Mil r0fWlni operation, with a large supply of M A LT for sale on liberal terms. mTfi'3m FRANCIS DENMEAD. CP KING A\1);V|-\IMER GOODS.-JOIIN H. k- ' j j l'9 Bri?l?e street, Georgetown, D. U., has received from New York and Philadelphia, and now offering nt very low prices, to cash and prompt customers, a large and genera! assortment of t&Urwa v A*ct Goods?coiiiprisiug in part as oew "tyie Silk Rol>es and fancy Silks est make black Silks, high lustred ?auk Chailies, Lustres and Mous Delaines ich printed (all wool) Mous Delaines hallies and Barege Delaines, m great variety jiohi Organdie, Barege, and Jaoonet Robe* Jright colors and mode plain Bareges and De laines Plain French Brilliants and Peroales lain colors C ravel las and Spring-style Poplins a light seasonable fabrio Best French printed Jaconets and Brilliants W hite Brilliants, from 12^ to SIM oents pest makes new styles (iinghauis ?*hajte?, Cnambrays and piain Lustres . Sl'sh Prints of new styles, in great variety, at 12.S cents R'^h Chintz colors best Frenoh Organdies P. MiTE Good*, in great variety, lain Swis*, Nansook and Jaconet Muslins laid and striped Muslins Small-figured and rich Brocade Swiss Muslins flnidand striped Jaoonet, Nansook and Swiss .Muslins \ W hite Tarletons Illusions, and Wash Nets Irish Linens (of the bent inikM) very oheap ->inen Cambric, Linen and Bishop Lawns use1" 8'lsh I'on* Cl0ths' suitable for Ladies' New- ^ ork, Bates, Atwood, and other good makes Shirtine* White Cambrics (of Jonas's celebrated make) W hite Brilliants and striped India Dinuty Marseilles for Basques and Bonnet Card Shirt Bosoms and Shirt Collars. _ , KMBROinERIB*. French worked Muslin Collars and Sets Swiss Cambric Collars and Sets Swiss and Uace S'eeves and Sets Honiton and Maltese Lace Collars Swiss Cnmbrio and Dinuty Bands I Embroidered Linen Cambric lidkfs. Also, new styles Lace and Silk .Mantillas Stelia an<l w hite rape Snawls P;ain and rich figured Bonnet and Sash Ribbons Skirt Print' Neapolitan, and other Skeleton Spring assortment of Bajou's Kid Gloves Taffeta Silk, black laoeand Lisle thread do. Cotton Hosiery of every kind for ladies and children Gents best English Half hose. ribbed and plain do I.isle thread and fancy cotton do. A good assortment ?-f Silk Cravats and Ties Suspenders, Silk and Linen Cambric Hdkfs Gossamer and Lisle-thread Shirts and Drawers New style Parasols. Also, Gentlemen and Boys'wear of every descrip tion. with every variety of House-furnishing Dry Goods. Domestic Goods for servants wear of the heaviest makes. Purchasers may rely upon getting desirable goods at low pnoes. _?P8:tr _ JOHN H. SMOOT. Vy ASHINGTON AQUEDUCT. OFPICB or TIIK W'aSHIXGTO* AQmRPCT,/ W a*hi.m,tos, Maroh 5.1857. < .JProp^'aaro invited for materials and Work for the \\ ashington Aqueduct. Proposals received up to 7th May will be opened at Boon ol that day. Maps, profiles, and specifications of materials and work to he let will be read) it examination at tins otnca on and after the i? th of April next. rhe work to ixs let will embrace Masonry of some o! the Bruises, Graduation, Excavation, and Em tainIt merit of Reservoirs, Iron Pipes connected with the Keservoirs. 12 inch iron main, tiato Houses, Bricks. Sand, Rubb.'e. and Cut Stone. Ac. r or the particular works and materials reference is made to the specifications and pmus. As upon a portion ol the line the titles are not yet acquired by the lulled States, there may be some delay in commencing the work thereon; but for such unavoidable d^ays due allowance will t?e made in the tune of completion. Portions only of some of the works can be comple ted under the present appropriation; but ail contracts lor unfinished work u iif ^*e8ul>ieot to future appro pnationt by Confc*res?. The Lruiiiapr r^>?ervfts the ruht to prescrit>e the amount of work to bedoneaiid rate or progress under each contract for each appro priation; and in cas*of the appropriation not holding out sutncientiy, to decide wh >n and what works shall be stopped uii'il funds l>eoouieavailable. In ca*o of the entire stoppage of any particular work lor want of Iiih U. :,;j r-*scrve?l ten per cent, w.ll be pa.d. if. in tne juusmr-it < f the engineer, the work lias Iweii properly executml so lar as it has gone. i ayrnents w ill !?e made in specie cheeks upon the L nited Slates I reasury, upon the monthly estimates of the h.nginoer. reserving ten per cent.; and it will be a condition of all contracts that the workmen shall be paid their lull wages monthly, and in specie. All bids shousd be sealed and endorsed " Proposals for work or materialson the Washington AquMuct." rhe United States reserves the r;xht to rejeot any or a.l the bills suould they not l?e deemed advauta geous. and to make such arrangements as m%> be Work m?St ConduCive to the progress of the Every offer must be accompanied by a wr:tt?n guar antee, signed b* one or more responsible persons, to the effect that he or they undertake that the bidder or oiduerB wi.l, if hid or their bid be acooptfMj, enter into an obligation, within ten days, with good and re sponsible securities, for the completion of tho work undertaken: said grantee to be accompanied by the oeriificate of the ( nited Stat^sdistnct jud<e. United States district attorney, navy agent, or some officer of the General Government or individual known to the Lnginaer or Department of War. that the guar antors are able to make good their guarantee. Bids will be opened in presence of bidders, if any ol them choose to be present. M. C. MEIGS, Captain of Engineers, in charge. ^ . .FORM OF .GUARANTEE. To Capt. *.I. C. M Kis*, L. S. Engineer. We, the undersigned, residents of , in tho State of .hereby, jointly and severally, cove iiant with tho \ nted States, and guarantee, iu case the foreffoifjz bid of be acooeptt?df tliat he or the* win, witiitn ten days after the acceptance of the fhid bid, execute the contract for the same, with good and sufficient sureties to perform or furnish the arti cles proposed in conformity to the terms of theadver tiseraent under which it was made. And in case the said shail fail to enter iuto oontract as afore said, we guarantee to make good the difference be tween the offer by the said and the next lowest bidder. (Signed,) A. B. C. D. I hereby oertify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the above-named guarantors are go?>dand sufficient. (Signed,) p p mar 7-eodt7SlT41awtf TIAINTS AND OILS. rinseed Oii, White Lead. Joiled Oil, French Zino, ^atbnt Dryer, Jerser Zinc, J,urpentine, Ochres, Chromes, ? . Varnishes, Litharge. Bristol, badger, camel's hair, and sable Brushes. Liberal discount on current prices made for cash or good paper. J. R. McdKKGOR h? W ASSrn 5d4 7th street. Proposals"for"wood and coalT " Ojfict House of Htpr$stntat?vet U. S. a n . May 18, 1857. SRAI.BD Pkoposai.s wi.1 l>e received at this office until 12o clo?k m. on Wednesday, the loth day of June next, for furnishuig and delivering in the vaults ol the Capitol, for th* use of the House of Repre sentatives. on or t>efore the 15th d.iv of October next,two hundred tons (of 2.240 pounds to the ton) ol tiest anthiacite W hite-Asii t'oal. in lumps of not less than thr^e nor more that, six inches iu diameter, ce^ e"tirc'* ?l 0e Irt'm slate or other foreign substan .oni5>iif?^,woA?,H,reH cords of first quality s^a Yanl t i,"" I'r\ ',l" ,M*"ieasured in the Capitol ami rhi-T?u* fords to be snwed in three pieces eriv n'?elr?> tto e Kaw'',, m two pieces and prop coiitraeior - I'i' V'? vaults at the expense ol the tioii amia?ir! vii r to i,e s,,bjcct to the inspec tract?fi^ /urnis'hm* thhfu?' Per*1?n"*"oo of the c?.n fac^on of the ( ferk ^!fVk'V11a'11 c 1 ethe satis t*v's. wiU be roquire?l. lhe 1IoUM of.Representa ?R,hf>uW be endorsed rropoiiiii lor Wood and I roi>ott?il? for (Vm! " and directed " to the Clerk of the H,mJe ?,f R 1 ?eutatives U. S. at Washington I "r'?"1 KePr?" n. u rr U iy-,A>I CULLOM, Clerk House Representatives II M _ma* Jft-lawt June 10 CARRIAG ES?C A R RIA G ES-C A RRlAGEsT The undersigned has uow on hand a^ cy very giK>d assortment of SUMM E R CARRIAGES. BUGGIES.Ac.,towhiehJK^SEi he very respectfully invites the public generally Prices m.Hferate. ? J NO. P. DENNIS, sp 24-eo3m 6f h St.. I?et. I ji. ave. and C st. w- w- Hacs^bt. w. b. hayto? HACKNEY A DAYTON, fil i^T- rJAT" asd Ghiial Laso Aobjct, M> 14 TuFim 0m?h%Cit* N. t Miscellaneous. s PRING AND SUMMER. Black Silk MANTILLAS Do Silk and Laoe do. Rich black French Laoe SHAWLS. Do do do do SCARFS. Do do do do MANTILLAS. May be found in every variety at the Store of the subscriber, 244 Peon, aveuue, between 12th and 13th ap28-eolm FRANK A. McGEE. CARRIAGE FOR SALE.-A fine family CAR RIAGF.,( French Phaeton) for one or. two horses, made to order by Mr. Hook.' of thia city, at a oost of $65"; is as good< as new: will be sold at a sacrifice, and on uvw* wan w eviu uv ?? bovi iuwf ?????? w? ftCCOIHIHO" dating terms. Can be seen at Mr. HOOK'S Coaoh Factorv, on D street, between 9th and loth sts. may 16-eo2w* _ VKRLAND MAIL ROUTE TO~ CALIFORNIA. O B Post Office Dkpartm*:*t. April 20,18J7. An Aot of Congress, approved 3d March, 1857, mak g appropriations for the servioe ef the Post Office epartmeut for the fiscal year ending 9>th June, 1868, provides: " Sec. lo. That the Postmaster General be and he is hereby authorized to contract for the conveyance of tho entire letter mail from such point on the Mis sissippi river as the contractors may select to San F ancisoo, in the State of California, for six years, at a oost not exoeeding three hundred thousand j dollars per annum for somi-inenthly, four hundred and fifty thousand dollars for weekly, or six hun- , dred thousand dollars for semi-weekly service, to be '? performed semi-monthly, weekly, or semi-weekly, I at the option of the Postmaster General. "Sec. 11. That the contract shall require the ser- j vioe to l?e performed with rood four-horse ooaches I or spring wagons, suitable for the conveyance of pas- ! senders as well as the safety and security ol the mails. " Sec. 12. That the oontrnctor shall have the right ; of pre-emption to three hundred and twenty acres of 1 any land not then disposed of or reserved, at each point necessary lor a station, not to be nearer than ten miles from cach other ; and provided that no mineral land shall be thus pre-empted. " Sec. 13. That tho said service shall be porformod within twenty-five days for each trip; and that, be fore entering into such contract, the Postmaster ! General shallbesatisfied of the ability and disposi tion of the pat ties, bonajide and in goiAi faith, to per forin the said contract, and shall require good and sufficient security for the performance of tnc same, the servioe to commence within twelve mouths alter i the signing of the oontract." Proposals w?ll accordingly l>e reoeive 1 at the Con tract Otfice of the Post Omc.i Department, until tip. in. of the 1st day of June, ia57, for conveying mails under the provisions of thealiove act. Besidestho starting point on the Mississippi river, bidders will name tho intermediate points proposed to be embraced in tho route and otherwise designate its course as nearly as practicable. Separate proposals aro invited for semi-monthly weekly, and stmi-weeJcly trips each way. The decision upon the proposals offered will 1)6 made after the Postmaster (ieneral shall lie satisfied of the ability and disposition of tho parties in good faith to perform the contract. A guarantee is to l>e ex?cuted, with good and suf ficient sureties, that tho contract shall be executed with like good scourity, whenever the contractor or cmtractors shall be required to do so by the Post master General, ami the service must commence within twelve months after thodato ol such contract. Form of Proposal. , , of , county of , State of , propose to convey the entire letter mad, lor the term of six years, from tho date specified in the oontract for commencing sorvioo. from , on the Mississippi river, by , to Sin Francisco, California, agreeably to the advertisement of the Postmaster General of the 3th April, 1H57, in good four-horse coaches or spring wagons, suitable for the conveyance of pas sengers, as veil as the safety and security of the m.tits, S' mi-monthly, each way, for the annual sum of dollars ;?peekly. each way, for the annual sum ?f dollars; semi-weekly, each way, for the an nual sum of dollars. Dated. (Signed.) Form of (iuaranter. Th? undersigned, residing at , State of .un dertake that, if the foregoing bid for carrying the mail on the route from , on the Mississippi river, to San Francisco. California, bo accepted by tho Postmaster tienoral, the bidder shall, when required by tho Postmaster r.eneral, ent.?r into the necessary obligation to perform the servioe proposed, with good and sufficient sureties. 7h m if do understanding distinctly th' obliga tion nnd habtl itif s assumed by guirantors under the iT.ih section of tilt art of Congress of July 2, 1836. Dated. (Signed by two guarantor!.) Form cf Certificate. The undersigned, postmaster of .State of cortifics, under his oath of ijtice, that ho is , uv I I 1 II t ?? 'U4T r /? ? v/ SJ-?? ? t *?????. nv ? " acquainted with the above guarantors, and knows th?m to be men of property, and abie to make good their guarantee. Dated. (Signed.) INSTRUCTIONS. Containing conditions to be incorporated in the contracts to the extmt the Department may deem proper. 1. No pay will be made for trips not performed ; anil for each of such omissions not satisfactorily ex plained three tunes the pay of the trip may be de ducted. Deductions will also be ordered for ft grade of performance inferior to that spccihed in the oon traet. For repeated delinquencies of the kind heroin specified, enlarged penalties, proportioned to the na ture thereof ana tho importance of the mail, may be made. 2. For leaving behind or throwing < tf the mails, or any y .rtion of them, tor the admissionof passengers, or f'-r Ikuii< concerned in setting up or running an ex press convoying intelligeiico in advance of the mail, a quarter's pay may be deducted. 3. Fines will be imposed, unless the delinquency be promptly and satisfactorily explained by certificates of postmasters, or the nifidavits of other crodiblo persons, for failing to arrive in eontruct time; for ncglactmg to trke the mad from or delivering it into a post office ; for suffering it (owing either to the un suitableness of the p!ac%j or inannci of carry mg it I to be wet, injured, destroyed, robbed, or lost; and for refusing, atter demand, to convey the mail as fre quently as the contractor runs or is concerned in uiinmr a roach on the route. 4. The Postmaster General may anr.ul the contract for repeated failures to run agreeably to contract; lor violating the post ortice laws, or dfscbeying the in- I structloiu ol the Department; Tor refusing to dis- | char<e a carrier when roqi'ired by the Department to | do so; for assigning the contract without theusseiit of tho Postmaster General; for running onexpressas aloresajd; oi b?r transporting persons or packages conveying mailable matter out of the mail. 5. A bnl received aftrr the last day anil hour named or without the guarantee required by law, cannot be considered in competition with a regular proposal reasonable in amount. 6. The route, the service, the yearly pay, the name and residence of the bidder, (that is. his usual post orfic-address.) and those of each meml?eroftho firm, where a company offers, should lw distinctly stated. 7. Aiteri d bids should not Im? submitted; nor should bids once submitted l>e withdrawn. li. Each bid must l>o guarantied by two or more re sponsible persons satisfactory to the Postmaster (ieneral. General guarantees cannot be admitted. Tiie bid and guarantee should be signed plainly with the full name of each person. 9. The Department reserves the richt to reject any hid which may be deemed extravagant, and also the I bids of failing contractors and bidders. 10. The bid should be sealed: superscribed "Mail Proposals for overland route to California," address ed "Second Assistant Postmaster General," Con tract Office. 11. A modification of a bid in any of its essential terms is tantamount to a new bid, and cannot lie re | oeived, so as to interfere with a regular competition, after tho last hour sot for receiving bids. 12. Postmasters are to be careful not to oertify the sufficiency of guarantors as sureties without know ing that they are persons of sufficient responsibility; and ail bidders, guarantors, and suretiesare distinct ly notified that, on a failure to enter into or perform the contracts for the service proposed for in the ac cepted bids, their legal liabilities will bo enforced against tliem. 13. Present contractors, end persons known at the Department must, equally with others, procure guar antors and certificates of their sufficiency substan tially in the forms alstve prescribed. The certificates of sufficiency must be signed by a postinastor, or by a judge of a court of rceord. The attention of bidders, guarantors, sureties, ice. is directed to the fallowing laws, viz : Sec.2. Aot of March 3,1825, requiring contractors, earners, <V c. to i>e sworn. Sec. ft. Act of March3,1325, in relation to failure to enter into contract. S?c. 27. Act of July 2, 18^i,! 'abilities of guarantors. S--C.24. Act of July 2. ISCM. authorizing bids of failing contractors to be rejected. Sec. at. An act of July 2, ld3b, in relation to combi nations amongst bidders. Act of April 21, 1Uo8, provides that no member of Congress can be a contractor. Sec.42. Anact of .March 3, 1825, provides that no postmater, assistant postmaster, or clerk in a post offico shall be a contractor. Sec. 7. Act of March 3.1G25, provides that no other thauafrco white male person shaJI be employed in carrying the mail. ir /" The Postmaster General will reserve to hiin seifthe right ofunnullmg buy contract made under the aliove aot, whenever he shall dtsoover that the same or any part of it, is ofTored for sale in the market for the purpose of speculation, and he will, in n? case, sanction a transfer of the same, in whole or in part, to any assignee or sub-oontractor, less qualified, in his opinion, than the original oontractor, to carry the sains into successful operation. __ AARON Y. BROWN, sp 20-3tawtlstJune Postmaster General. STAIR RODS AND PLATES. Just received and on sale? 2.V> dozen superior STAIR RODS, in nil widths, from inch to 13?, some of which are in entiroly now shapes and very pretty, of course very cheap. Also, I case Bit AS9 PLATES for steps. This is a most economical article in the saving of carpets,as well as very ornamental. Also. BRASS CORNICES. ARCHES, and RINGS, for suspending Nets and Curtains over beds, au indispensable article in tiv and mosquito time. CLAGETT, DODSON A CO. may 18-eoSw /"M M BERLAN D COAL. r " v Just received by canal two cargoes of CI M BEK L \ND COAL, which we will sell at the low est market price. All our Coais aro kept upon plank floors, thereby rendering them entirely free from earthy matter which is of tho first importance to the consumer. C ASTLE M AN A BKO., Corner of Gth and B streets, miv15-',o0w opposite Nationel Hotel. riMIE SCBSCR1BER HAS JUST It EC EI V E D 1 from the importers, a large and complete stock of the following articles, viz : . Best English and French Lisle Thread HOSE. Do do do Open-worked do do. Do do do Cotton dodo. Alexander's Silk GLOVES. 1K? Thread do. Jouvin's and Beaudin's KID GLOVES. Also, a large stock of PARASOLS, ol all quali ties and prices, with a great variety of articles of taste and fashion, all of which fie will sell cheap for cash. FRANK A. McGEE, ap 29-eolm _244 Pa1ave.. bet. 12th and 13th sts. IMPORTANT TO PRINTERS.?Having been appointed the side agent for the sale of Printer s Ink iu the District for that old and long-tried estab lishment of G. and H. Lightbody, of New York, for merly Collins A l.ichtbody, I am now receiving and shall keep constantly on hand a supply of the differ ent grades of Inks, which I shall sell at factory pri ces. AII Inks sold by me can be returned if not ma rooommended, EDW'D TOWERS, ?f?-?oira p etr***, between tth and 7th fts.

Insurance, &c. Capital ..... $200,000!!! ^.ftsssks^cW^/Ef^ssrtfgr CHAN DISK, Ac., at the usual City rates, without any charge for Policy, at their Offioe, corner oi Tenth Street and Penney Ivania Avenue, over the Washington City Saving* bank. Directors. Wm. F. Bayly, Samnel Ba?oti. Robert Faruhara, J*me? F. Haliday, Wm. Onne. Hudson Taylor, Francis Mohun, M. W. Gait. 'jAMES C. MoOUIRE, President. G. D. Hanson, Secretary. ?P 11-lJ rHS ^LSOFTH^SEA^D ,?LAXD FARMERS AND MECHANICS* INSURANCE COMPANY* OF PHILADELPHIA. Fimi, Marine, awd Island Insceance. Authorized Capital - $1,260,000!!! OrricE, Noithwiit corner of Pinnsylvania AVENUE AND 17TH STEEET, WASHINGTON. DIRECTORS. Hon. Tho?. B. Florence, Charhes Duigee, George H. Armstrong, Thomas Manderfield. Charies A. Rubicain, Edwaul R.Helmbold, (ioorge Holmbold, P. Carroll Brewster, James E. Neall, Isaac Leech. Jr. THOMAS B- FLORENCE, President. EDWARD R. HELM BOLD, Secretary. LOCAL SURVEYORS. , Charles Walter, No. 3OT D street, opposite City Hull. , ... . . John M. Thornton, corner lit streot and Virginia avenue, Island. James Williams, No. 22 4X street. John Rigglos, N0.60I lSh street, below Penneyl 1 vania avenue. MARINE SURVEYOR. ! Captain J. P. Levy, No. 367 Pennsylvania avenue, i opposite National llotel. , GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT. John Thoniason. Authorized Capital and Assets........#1,<73,(*37 07 Assets ... #&3,.W707 Invested in Bonds, Mortgages, and Good Securities. The following statement exhibits the businessand condition of the Company to November 1, 1856: Premium reoeived on marine and inland risks to No veinl>er 1, 1856 $2! 4,684 60 Fire premium 17C.7?6 61 Iutereston loan ? ..... 8,704 47 Total receipt! ..... .. 3400,16568 Paid marine losses #64,427 04 Paid fire losses .. 30,731 3J Expenses, salaries, and commis sions 45,489 00 Reinsurance, return premiums, and agency charges...^. 27,474 68 $ 177,128 61 Balance remaining with the Company. S2s.,3.ftj7 07 The Assets of the Company are as follows : Philadelphia city and county bonds 5(16,848 18 Railroad tends ll.|*W 00 First mortgages, roal estate - 143.5?)0 00 Stocks, collateral*, on call Si,400 00 Girard and nonsolidation liaiik stock 5,125 00 Deposited with Dunean, Sherman A Co., New York 3P.000 Ml Deferred payment on stook not yet due.... 97,700 on Notes for marine premiums K?,<i80 50 Due from agents, secured by bonds.. . ?. 35,376 18 Premiums ou policies recently issued, and debts due the company 26,470 38 Balance in bank .... ?.....? 16.456 74 $523,057 <n B The business of this Company will oompare favor ably with the most successful similar institutions in the United States. , F rom the 1st day of August. 1S55, in fifteen months, up to the 1st day of November, 1856, the premiums > and interest received amounted to the large sunt of 1 four hundred thousand one hundred and eighty-five ! dollars and sixty-eight cents, with the payment of losses and expenses of one hundred and seventy seven thousand one hundred and twenty-ei^ht dol ' lars and sixty-one cents. 1 With these evidences of sucoess and good man agement, the Directors feel justified 111 soliciting a snare of public patronage, believing that the security i otiured is ample, ahd tliui all lair claims will be ad ' justed more according to equity than legal technical ! ities. ,. I The Company is prepared to issue policies against loss or damage ny fire on DWELL INGS, FURNITURE, MILLS. MAN 1 L FA CTOR1F. S, WA R E H O US E S, All descriptions of BUILDINGS and their contents; or all kinds of MERCHANDISE, transported by Vk??el*,Steamboats, Canal Boats, Railroads. and the usual conveyances to or from any portion of EUROPE AND AMERICA, and on the hulls of STEAMBOATS navigating the Western Waters. The rates of premium will be as low as other com panies. and m fixing them every improvement in construction and arrangement wiil be taken into con sideration. All losses speedily adjusted and promptly paid. Otfice, northwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and 17th street, Washington City, D. C. Insurance may also be ejftcted at tht Home O&ce, northwest corner Walnut and Second streets, Philadelphia, And mother principal cities of the United States by authorized officers of the Company. ap3 house C?HUBB BROTHEll8. Deposit*.?Deposits received and Checks paid without charge, Drafts 011 the northern seaboard cities received on Deposit at par, and Exchange on sai<! Cities furnished to depositors without charge. Interest ox Deposits.? Interest will be allowed on Deposits at such rates as may be agreed upon. Deposits i> Virginia and I nccrrent Money. Deposits in V irgitaa nad other Uucurrent .Money re ceived to be checked for, payable in same funds, or in specie, we charting the regular Exchange. Discounts.?Notes, Drafts.and Bills of Exchange will bedisoounted,and Loans madeonStocks, Bonds, and Securities, ct the market rate. Lktiers or Credit.?Letters of Credtt will be furnished, negotiable 111 the different Citios of the United States, on Deposit of Money or Collaterals, and interest allowed if Money is deposited, and charged if Collaterals, 011 such terms as may be agreed upon. . Tra.vkt.ixo Bills of Exchange.?'Travelers will l>e furnished with drafts in such sums as may be de sired negotiable in the different Cities of the Union. Bills and Lktteks or Credit on England, Ire land and Ecropi.?Bills of Exchange and Letters of Credit on England, Ireland and Europe,furnished at the market rate for Exchange, 111 sums to suit. Bonds, Stocks, Ac.?Bonds, Stocks, and Securi ties pa> ing from 6 to 12 pr. cent., always for sale, or bought in the different Cities at a commission of a pr. ccnt. Where Stocks are bought upon orders, we reserve the right to call for a deposit of 10 pr. cent on the cost. Bonds or Stooks will be ordered by tele * IVailro\D, City, and State Bonds.?Railroad, City, and State Bonds can be plaoed in our hands for negotiation, either in this oountry or Europe. Rail road Iron purchased for oash or with Bonds. Land Warrants.?Land Warrants bought at the market rates. All Warrants sold by us are guaran tee! in every respcct. J.and Warrants located on commission. Land Warrant quotations regularly furnished if re quested. Warrants will be forwarded to Western Houses on orders, or sent for sale ou oomiiussion to responsible parties. Real Estate and Instance*.? Real Estate bought and sold, and Insurances effected. Claims on United Statks, Cotrt or Claims, CoN(,rk<s.?Claims on the United States, before the Court of Claims or Congress, intrusted to us, will be prosecuted by prompt and abW* attorneys. CHUBB BROTHERS, jan 77 Opposite the Treasury. OQf? PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, ??>*) n- ar corner oflSth Street. B. H. STINEMETZ having made arrangement* with a Company of Hatters to t>e fur nished with the most popular styles of MOLESKIN AND BEAVER HATS, will hereafter make a dis count of 12* per oout upon the actual market pnoe, making tfieHat sold for SKand not unfrequently for $5)for( e low price of $3.5". a slight varia tion in quality and for $2.50a su perior quality for the money. To make this system effectual, he will koep no books, but sell exclusive ly for Cash on Delivery, which cannot fail being advantageous to the purchaser, thereby enabling him to buy fur oash and sell at a small profit, meeting With no losses by Iwd debts. New Styles FELT HATS, CAPS, and STRAW GOODS, for .M?n, Boys, Misses and Infants' wear. Persons are invited to oall and examine our stock. Call at 236 Pennsylvania Avenue, near corner of 13th Street. ap ll-tf |NTEREST ALLOWED ON DEPOSITE8. MONEY to LOAN onSTOCK SECURITIES CHUBB BROTHERS, BANKERS, Opposite the Treasury, THE HOUSE OF CHUBB BROTHERS. Washington, is oomposed of CHAS. St. J. CHUBB, JOHN O. BARBOW, HENRY HOLMES. THE HOUSE OF CHUBB BROTHER, BARROW A CO.. Davenport, Iowa, is oomposed of CHAS. St. J. CHUBB. P ALEX'R H.BARROW, Jan 27-tf WM. H. DOUG A L. ]VJEW BOOKS received and for sale at SHIL 1 n LINGTON'S Bookstore, Odeon Building, cor ner 4% street. Life of Charlotte Bronte, author oPJane Eyre. Adam Graeme of Masxgray, by the author of Zaidee Ivors, by the author of Amy Herbert Scandal, by Mrs. Beckford The Border Rover, by Einerson Bennett Miss Leslie's New Cookery Book Magdalen Hepburn, bj the author of Zaidee Violet, or the Cross an4 the Crown, by Miss Mcln tosn _ The Doomed Ship, or the Wreck of the Arctio Re gions . Charles Lever's Complete Works, Library edition, in 4 volumes. Every thing in the Newspaperand Stationery line, for sale at SHI ISLINGTON'S Bookstore, may 23 Odeon Building, eor. 4X Rectifying"establishment.?The un dersigned takes tWis method of informing Li<yor Dealers that he has fitted up a RECTIFY IN<* ES TA BLISHMENT in this city, and is now p/epa^d to supply all those who may favor fum with tneir custom. He has on hand a large stock of Brandies. Gin, Wines, and Old Whiskeys, whioh, he1 canjsell at as low a figure as thev caa be purchased for ei ther in Baltimore or Philadelphia. _ . . N. B. The subeoriber has also on hand a ???? lot of t oraunud pA0Aj, Mftriioini 'A RETIRED PHYSICIAN whoH Mndi of life have nearly run out, discovered while in tbo /L . ... /East ladies, ? wrtun cure for Consumption, f Asthma, Bn>nohitis, loughs, Colds, and General I wl | d-? j no n the V rn a 7 ' Asthma, Bmnohitis, Comae, Debility. The remedy was discovered liy him when his only ohild. a daughter, was given op to die. He had heard much or the wonderful rector iitive and healing qualities of preparations made from the East Ind.a Hemp.and the thought occurred to him that he might make a remedy for his child.? He studied hard and sueceeded in realizing his wish el His child wae cured, and is now alive and wall, lie has sinoe administered the wonderful remedy to thousands of sufferers in all parts of the world.. aad he has never failed in makms them oompletely heal th* and happy. NVishiui to do as much good s* *pe sibie. he wiH send to such of his afflicted fellow-be ings as request it, this recipe, with full directions for making it up, aad 7: it. He ream res each applicant to enoloce km pee ahilling?three oentsto be returned aa recipe, and the remainder to be applied to the pay af ;??. Jersey City, N.J. P. 9. There are persons who pretend to for sal* the " Extract ofCsuouabisIodK* from Dr. H. James's Recipe, and who profess to be his auknts. All K-uch persons are impostors. Dr. it James's soie object is to benefit the world, end not to make money. He has no agents who prepare nis medicines from the recipo, aad never wi.I have . 1 ?e impostors rnnnot make up the modicine from ne recipe BO as to sell it at a profit, the oost of import - 3 the Kast India ll?mp alone being too great to nit of a pecuniary speculation in the genu ine remedy. The imitations are prohably com pounded of molasses and a pernicious drug o two oost ins a few cents. may 86-3ni PRIVATE MEDICAL TREATISE P HISTOLOGIC AL^IEW OF MARRIAGE, By M. B. La CROIX. M. D.. Albany, N. Y. 300 pases aud 13U fine Plain ami Colored Lithographs and Plates. 1I7-PRICE ONLY25CENTS..O] . Sent free <J postage to ali parts of the I nton. Dr. M. B. I a Croix's Physiological View of Mar riage. A new and revised edition of pages and l?i plates. Price 25 oents a oopy. A popular and comprehensive treatise on the diiti?- ami casualties of single and married life? happy and fi uilful allian oea. mode of securing them? infelicitous ard infer tile onee?their obviatiou and removal?nervous de bility. its causes aixl cure, by a pr.Kseas at onoe eo simple, safe, and elleotual. tliat laiiure is impossible ?rule* for daily manageiuout?an e?*ey on Sperma torrhea. with practical obcerva.ions on anaferanO more suocossftil inode of treatment? precautionary hints on the evil results from empincaJ practice ; to which is added commentaries on thed.sease* of re maleo?from infancy to old age?each ease graphical ly illUMtrated by beautiful elates. It points out the remedies for those aelf-infiicted miseries and disap pointed hopes so unfortunately prevalent in the young. It is a truthful adviser to the married, and those contemplating marriage. Its perusal is parlic ularlv recommended to persons entertaining aeeret doubts of their physical condition,and who are con scious of having haaarded the health, happiness and privileges to which every human t>eiag la entitled to. Prioe oents per oopy, or five copiee for #1, mail ed free of postage to auv part of the United States, by addressing Dr. LA CROIX, (post paid.) Albany, New York, enclosing 25 cents. N. II. Those who prefer may oonsult Doctor |LA CROIX .upon any of the diseases upon which his book treats, either porsoiwuly or l>y mail. Hie medi omes often cure in the etusrt space of six days, and completely and entirely eradicate a>I traces of those disorders which oopaiva and oubebe have eo long been thought an antidote, to the ruin of the health or the patient. His " French Secret" ia the great oon tiiiental rimed* for that class of disorders which un fortunately, physicians treat with mercury, to the irretrievable destruction to the patient's constitu tion. and which all the sarsapanlia in the world cau "o/fC""office ^ ^ Maiden Lane, Albany, N. Y. feb 14?ly _ THE GREATEST _ MEDICAL DISCOVERY OF THE AGE. Mr. Kknnkdy. of Roxburr. has discovered in one of our common pasture weeas a remedy that curee EVERT XtND 07 Bl'XOR, from . The worst Scrofula down to a common Ptmple. He has tried it in over eleven hundred oases, aud never failed except in two oases, both Thunder Hu mor. He has now in his possession over one hundred certificates of its value, ali within twenty miles of Boston. . Two bottles are warranted to cure a nursing Sore Mouth. . .. . , One to three bottles will cure the worst kind of Pimples on the Face. Twour three bottles will clear the system of Biles. Two liottles are warranted to cure the worst Cai ker in the Mouth and Stomach. Three to five bottles are warranted to cure the worst kind of Erysipelas. One or two bottles are warranted to cure all Hu mor in th? Eyes. Two ??>rr us are warranted to cure Running of the Ears and Blotches among the Hair. Four to six tiottle* are warranted to cure corrupt and running L'ioers. . One bottle will cuse Scaly Eruptions of the Skin. Two or three bottles are warranted to oure the worst kind of Ringworm. Two or three botties are warranted to cure the most most desperate case of Rhenmatism. Three to four bottles are warranted to cure Salt rheum. _ Five to eight bottles will oure the worst a&se of Scrofula. A Imnefit is always experienced from the first bot tle. and a perfect cure is warranted when the above quantity is taken. Nothing kx>ks so improbable to those who have in vain tried all the wonderful medicines of the day, as that a common weed growing on the pastures, and along old stone walls, should cure every hurr.orinthe ?ystem ; yet it is a fixed fact. If jou have a humor, it has to start. There are no IFS nor AN DS. hums nor iia's aUiut it suiting s< me cases, but*riot )ours. I peddled over a lhom>and liottles of it in the viciu<ty of Boston. I know the effects of it in evory case. It has already done some of the greatest eures ever done in .Massachusetts. I gave it to ohUdren a year oiil. to old people of sixty. I have seen p?x>r, puuy. wormy-looltin^ children, whose flesh was soft and llahb), restored to a perfect atale of heaith by one 1-otlle. '1 o those who are si:l?ject to a sick headache, one bottle will always cure it. It gives great relief in catarrh and dizziness. Some wlw nave taken it had been oostive for years, and have been regulated by it. Where the l>od> is sound it worss quite eas) , but where there is any derangement of the functions of nature, it will cause very ain/ular feelings, but 5 on inu at not tie alarmed; th** always di sap Dear in rroin four days to a week. There is never a tied re sult from it; on the contray. when that feeling i* gone, you will feel yourself Ivke a new person. I heard some of the mo?t extravagant enoomiuins of it that ever man listened to. In in? own praotice I always kept it atrictly for hu mors?out since its introduction a* a general family medicine, gr-wt and wonderful virtues have been found in it that I never suspected. Several ca?es of opileptio hts?a disease which wae ab? a>s considered incurable, have be??n cured by a few liottles. O, what a mere? if it will prove effec tual in all cases of that awful malady? there are but few who have seen more of it fhan 1 have. I know of several oases of Dropsy, all of them aged people cured bv it. For the various diseases of the Liver. Sick lfoadache. Dyspepsia, Asthma, Fever and Ague, Paiu in the Side, Diseases of the Spine, and particularly in Diseases of the Kidney a, Ac., the discovery haa done more good thau any mediuiue ever known. No change of diet ever neoesaary?eat the best you can <ot ana enough of it. Directions fur Use.?Adults or.e table-epoonful per ilay?children over ten years dessert-spoonful? children from five to eight years, tea-spoonful. Aa no directions can !?? applioable to all constitutions, take sui&oiont to operate ou the Uiwels twice o day. V*NCKACT!'REt> BV DONALD KENNEDY. A'o. 120 W'arrs* Stnet. Rorbury, Massachusetts. Agents for Washington.?Chaa. Stott A Co., Z. Oilman, hidweil \, J. B- Gardner, Burry Jt Co.. D. Walsh Sc. Co.. F. S. Walah. J. P. Stone. Martin Kiug. Nnirn A Palmer, Schwartz A Co.. O Boswell, Daniel H. Clark. J. P. Milburn. Duuler S~)vs??n, Pord A Bro. Agents for Georgetown.*-R. l.'Cicsell, O M Lentliam, J. L. Kidwell. my 5-ly rrilB PERUVIAN 9YR1*P having sueoessfully 1 p?sse<l the ordeal to which many disooveries in the Materia Medina are su!>.eoted, must now be re ceived as aii established medicine. ITSEFFICACY IN CURING DYSP EPSIA. Afections of the Liver, Dropsy, Xeuralgia, Bron chitis and Consumptive Tendtncies, Disorder ed statt of the Blood, Boils, General Debility, and all Diseases urhiek require a Tonic and Alterative medicine is beyond question. The proofs of its efficacy are bo numerous, so wed authenticated, and of suoh peculiar character, that sufferers canuot reasonably heaitale to receive the proflered aid. , The Peruvian Syrup does not profess to be a r*r? all, but its range is extensive, because many disea ses, apparently unlike, are intimateiy related, and, proceeding from one cause, ma> be oured by oue re |j)^i(y # The oiaas of diseases for whioh the Syrup promi ses a oure, is precisely that which has so often haf fled the highest order of medical skill. The facta are tangible, the witnesses accessible,and the safety and efficacy of the Syrup incontrovertible. Those who may wish for an opinion from disinter ested persons respecting the oliaracter of the Syiup, cannot fail to be satisfied with the following among numerous testimonials, in the hands of the Agents. The signatures are those of gentlemen well known in the oommuuity, and of the Highest respectability. CARD. The undersigned haviug experienced the beneficial effects of the '' Pwuvian syrup,do not hesitate to reoommend it to the attention of the publio. From our own experience, as well as from the tes timony of others, whose intelligence and integrity are altogether unquestionable, we have no doubt oi its eifioaay in oases of inoipient Diseases of the l.ungs and Bronchial Passages, D)*pepsia. Liver Complaint, Dropsy, Neuralgia. Ac. Indeed its ef fects would l?e incredible, but from the charaoter of thoco who have witnessed them, and have volunteer Dower'r t0"tl,UOCy,a* WJOHNPlERP0NT|rat,V# po 0 ' THOMAS A. DEXfER, , i. H.KENDALf, M. D. ' SAMUEL MA\, THOMAS C. AMORY. For aale bv Z. D. OILMAN, Special Agaat, 360 Penusj Ivania avenue, and at the General Agency, comer of I. and 8th streets. Nary ^ ard. feb , pLUMBING AND GAS FIXING. MILLER A CUNNINOHAN. Penn. avenue, south side, between 12th and 13th streets, have iust received a complete assortment of r?A~ CHANDELIERS, BRACKE DROP LIGHTS, FORCE t BATHING TUBS,SHOWEiv ? noi dabi-io and SINKS, EATHERN and IRON PIPES. Ac., Ac.; all of which are of the newest aud most np proved patterns. Builders and others purchasing lot cash, will bod ttiwr establishment unequalled in the District of Columbia for moderate prioes and dis patch, neatness aud efficiency of work. They respectfully solicit a share of the business in their line from all; and, bein* Washington trades men both by birth and apprenticeship, will take prop ?r pride in provinc by their work that Plumbing and Gaa Fixturee oan be done by Washington mechan ics as ohea^Ijr and M Wall M by any others fM.?Th* St?%mer* GEORU? or THOMAS TraTolen' Diiectory. Wa?..?0tvn*n^W^3 w'aVhTn <????$? I. COLL V ER will doptrt at the foi >ow i? hour*, on and after 3d May next: ? ? ? !<???? Alexandria, at 7, 8k, I?k. l*,*k. ?V and 61* Lmv? Washington. at 7\.*k. Ilk, 1.3k. 5k. and 7. The pabtio tnay oonhdent y rely on th* Boat start ing at the tinM advertised. On* of th* Boat* wili make* trip to MOUNT VKRNo.N ob Trnnti and Fa nn ofeach we*k, leaving Washington at (o'clock a. m. ^.0.CT RHO\Va R D. j C*pUjn* Either Boat may b? shattered for Excursions at an* tiro*, on application to JOSEPH BRYAN, President of the Company, at hi* omoa, 3? Peat. av*n ue. or to the Captain* on board. * p *? ? < ^TKAMLR GEORGE PAGE. HOURS OF DEPARTUhE. IiMv* Alexandria at 4k. TV*.9, ? *Leave\Va?hinfton at ?. 8, 9%, 11JNL IK. 4, Sk,7. ap*>-d ELLIS L. PR ICE. Certain. ASH IS GTON BRANCH RAILROAD. Train* laava WASHINGTON for BALTIMORE at b aud 4V a. m., and 3 and 4k p. ro. On Sunday ,a* 4k p. m. L?are BALTIMORE for WASHINGTON At V? and 9^ a. in., and 3 and Mi 9- m. On Sunday at 4k a. m. Passengers for Philade.phi* and N*w York will take train* at ?, Ik, and 4k f or Annapolis will take train* at tk and 4k. For Norfolk will take trams at nk and 3. For the West wili take train* at Sand ik. Oo&neot in< at tha \Va* hint ton Junction. jan It. tf T. H. PARSONS. Agm. Daily link for edwards' flkk\ AND Li.bSBl Kli, Vs.. via Chesapeake and Ohio Canal.?The Packet Boat* AR (id and M. C. M EIGS, will eoinmeno* making cti.* trips to Ui" above points." ? >n Monday. March 2S, leaving the wharf of W. H. and If. G. Kilter, G?orge;own, 1). O. avert morning Ht 7 o'clock, Sunday-* excepted; through in eight hours; leaving Georgetown att*?-ven o'cl<?ck in tha morning, tha Boats will a-rive at the Great Falls,or Washington Aqueduct. at Wa. wi.. Saneoa at I2tn., Edwards' Ferry at 3 p. in., where a stage witl be in readiness to ooiivn fnmonren to l?eesburg, Va. Returning, leave Edwurds' Ferry every day at nine o'clock in the morning, a?id arriving in Georgetown at sanaet. Through Tickets, #1.75. Intermediate points as follows: Groat Fan a or Washington Aqueduct. SO cents: Seneca. 75 cents; F.dwards' Ferry, Leesburg, Virriuia, including coach. 9 i .75. Mas s served ou the Boats at moderate prices. mar 25 ]^'JL * H. G. RITTF.R. QIU.NGKAN l> ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD. GREAT SOUTHERN MAIL LINE. Twioe Daily, (Sunday night* excepted,) between WASHINGTON and theSOl Til. via ALE* AN DRI A, GORDONSVII.LE AND RICHMOND. DANVILLE aud G R KKNSBoROPGh. Leaves Washington at ?> o'clock a. m. " Alexandria at 7k o'clock a. in. * Washington at 7 o'clock p. m. " Alexandria at 8k "'clock p. m. Far* from Washiugto* and Alexandria to Rioh mond. *5 S?>. Omnibuses and Baggaire Wagons will heat the Depot of the Washington Railroad, to oonvey pas sengers and luggage to tl-e S?earner GEO. PaGR, for Alexandria. a of six miles, allowing ample tune for mens. mar 27-tf __ J AMES A. EYANS. AjrMt. J^'KW ROUTE TO THE SOUTHWEST. MEMPHIS t CHARLESTON RAILROAD COMrL*T?l??COWSK( Tl*tt Cknttanootn, Ten*.; Chnrlnton. S. C.; Sarea nak, (im.; end all <*? A'erUiailcrs ciliil, rii* Memphis, fisa. The last o<?nnecting link of Raiinad t?etween N EW YORK ANDTHEMISSISSIPPI RIVER. Tina road i* now ooinp<eteil and opened for the reg ular transportation of Pnisengers and Freight, and will afford more Expedition and leas than any other route between the Northeast an.I South west. Passengers and Shippers will take due notio* thereof, and govern themselves aoc< rding v. Passenger Trams leave Stevenson daily at 2k -V -??lr - ? ?*?. -I -f ? ^ - * - ?.wM.s ? rsvana vs. .WM7WS a r, rauu nu UUIPI impur tant points upon the Western R iver*.* G(M>ds con ?igned to Railroad Agent* at Charleston or Sevan nah, will l>e forwarded to Memphis and other point*, by Express Freight Train*. Freight in charge of the Adams Expree* Com* pany i* a&rried over this rout* daily by the Passen gertrains. F. C. ARMS General Superintendent. Hrsr*viLX*, f Ala.) Aprxl lst. 1857. ?Through Tickets to Memphis, Ao., *old at Wit ? mington, N. C,; Charleston, S. C.; Augusta. Savan nah. Macon Atlanta, and Columbus, Gaj Montgom ery. Ala.; Chattanooga, and Na*hri!U, Tenn. To oonneot with the Western Train* on tb:* road, passenger* will take the mitM warn* from Wumtnx - ion. N. C.; Augusta. Ga.;Chvttanoogaand NaahvilT*. Tenn.; and the diy trams from Cliariwaton ana Kingsville. S. C.: and Atlanta. Ga. ap 7-tl J^OR ALL PARTS OF THE WEST. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. Nkw and Improved Ak*awc?kmr\ts. Three Tram* daily from Baltimore fur Cumber land. Wheeling, and all parts of the Weet. l*t. The ACCOMMODATION TRAIN will loav* (except Sunday at 6.46 a. m.f <x>nnccting with tram* from first train from \\ ashing ton ' at J unction v?? ill atop r.t Way Stations, aod arrive at Cumberland at 4 oY ook p. in. 2d. .The MAIL TRAIN lenve* Camden Siation. da. y (excopt Sunday I at 8.3u a. m.. and reach^a Wheoluig by 4 a. m., connecting at Benwood wan trains (or Co.umbus. Cincinnati. Davton, Indianapo lis. Loujsviile, ClevwlMid, To odo, Detroit, Chicago* St. Louis, Cairo, and intermediate points. 3d. The EXPRESS TRAIN leaves daily at 7 p. m.. oonuecting with express traiu* for Cincinnati. St. I.ouis. Cairo, Chicago.and intermediate pin^es. Tli* dis'aaoe to Cincinnati and other central and southern, places ir. the West, is uearly l?" mile* shorter than ny any wther route. The time to these p.&oes is ai*?^ unequal 1*4. 1^5" Baggage checked throush to Co.umbua, Cin Clnntifi, Indianapolis, and St. I.ouia. U7~ Passengers and Baggage transferred at al points free. THROUGH TICKETS will he .old toali the .arg* towtji in the West, at the lowest poasib.e rates, at the Ticket Office, Caiuden Siatiou, aud at Washing ton oity. irr A ?econd-olaa* ear ia attached to the MAIL TRAIN. Pnsseufer* from Baltimore or Washington may n'rir thr tHtirr rocd by Jaylifh:,by taking Accom modation or Mail Train, and lying over at Cumber land or Oakland. They resume the next morning t>y the Express Train, which leave* Curat>eriand at i JO a. m., and reaches Wheeling at 2 p. m. Passengers from Wa?him;ton hnvo ample urn* for ine>i!sat Washington Junction. This is the only route by which Through Ticket* and Baggage Checks c?n !>e oMamed in NN ashington. FO R H' AY PA S S t: NH E R S. The Aocoinmodatioii Train at C.4S will atop at all stations eaat of Cunil*erlan<l.and the Express at sta tions between Piedmont, going West. Eastward.f the Mail Tram leavea Wheeling at 7.!Sa. m..and Ac ooinmodatiou leavea Cumberland at 8.3n, reaching Bs.timqfe at 5.46 p. in. The FREDERICK TK AIN at arts at 4 p. m., (ex cept Sunday) stopping at Way Stations. Leave* Fredenok at 9 a. m., arriving at Baltimore at 12.? n<???n. Tli* F.LLICOTT'S MILL TRAIN leaves Cam dei Station atfi a.'S.S p. m. Leaves Eilioott'a Mill* at 73' a. m. and 7.?> p. m., except Surna**. W. S. WOOIJSIDE. jan 16-tf Mister of Trankportati<4i. THK,7yi^' VORIC AND LIVERPOOL UNITED ST A TES MA IL STEA MERU, T\' Skips tcmrrisi*g tkit Ltnt are r -~? The ATLANTIC Capt. Oliver F.ldridg* The BaI.TIC - Capt. Joseph Comstoca. The AUK IAT1C.. ? Capt. Jame* We*t These ahip* having l<een built by contract expre**if for Government service, every csre has l>een takeix in their o?*nstructiou, as alao in their engiuea. to in sure streugthand speed.and their accommodation* for passengers are une<tuall*d lor elegauee and com fort. Price of passage from New York to Liverpool, in first oabin.glSi; in seoond dn., $76; exclusive use of extra *i7e state room a. QJ75. From Livirpoul to New York. 2" and ?' guineas. An experienced Sur geon attached to each ship. No berths can be secured until paid for. The ships of this line have improve# water-tight bulk-heads, and to avoid danger froir i <*? will not oross the Banks north ol 42 degree* ufe* after the 1st of Aurust. PROPOSED DATES OF SAILING. rr.oM mw tokk. from livkrpool. Sturdily, Jau. 3 .... 1357 Wednesday, Jan. 7. .MB turday, Jan. 17 IBS? NVeilnesday,Jan.21 IW Saturday, Jan. 31 IK57 V. edf.enday. F*eh.4 .IMV Siturdav, Feb. 14. ...1857 Wednesday, Ffb.ll.US Saturday, March 14.. 1857 Wednesday, Mar. 4 lavy Saturday, April 11. ...laS7 Wednesday, April I .law Saturday, May 9 ....1R57 NVednesday, April 29. Saturday, May 23 ia*<7 NVeilnesday, May 27 18.67 Saturday, June 6 1x67 Wednesday, JuneW IW Saturday, June 2i>....la57 Wednesday. J une i4 1H5T Saturday, July 4 1K57 Wednesday, J uly 8 l<tW Saturday, July '8 ....1&57i Wednesday. Jul> 23 loot I' or 1 ' j f V o ?/ 1* " 1 ' ' For freight or passage, aj>t>l* ... .. EDWARD K. COLLINS, No. 5^, NN all atr*e<. New York. BROWN, SHIPLEY A CO., Liverpool. STEPHEN KENNARD A CO., No. ?7, Am Friar*, London. _ B.G. WAIN WRIGHT A CO.. Pan*. The owner* of these wi.l not be account ah.* for gold, silver, bullion, sp-cie, jewelry, precious stones or matals. unle^i bills of ladir.i are signed therefor and th* vaiu* tneieol expressed therein. Jeb 3 HENN, WILLIAMS a CO.'S LARGE SEC tional Map of Iowa; price Farmer's large Sccti?>nal Map of \i.chigan, in tw? sheets: $5. Colton's Sectional Map of Indiana; S'.Jfl, Eddy's Mao of California . A3. Colton's Map of the United Statoe, Mexi o, Ac.; #1 JO. Reams Sectional Map of Nebraska ; $1. Sectional Maf? of Kanaas ; 91. Map of Minnesota ;S7 cts. Township Map c f Wisconsin; 75 ets. Map of Delaware and Maryland; 37 cts. Map of Virginia; St c?s. Cordova's Map of Texas : ??. Colton's Sectional Map of Illinois : $1. Colton's Township Map of Missouri; 75 cts. Illinois at it is, with a Prairie and Wood Map, a Goo logioal Map. a Population Map. and other Il lustrations ; 1 vol., by F. Gerhard ; $1.6*. The above Map* ar* in pock?t form, and can b* MijUby^roaU, FRANCK TAYLOR,