Newspaper of Evening Star, May 30, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 30, 1857 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. Washington city: *4Tl ROW .May 30, IS37. STIR IT OF THE MORNING PRESS. The Tt*t?llnft?rer. in commenting upon the oration to General Walker in New Orleans, thick*? 44 That one wl o has deliberately renounced the high railing and proud name of a -citizen of the I'oited States'2 to l*>come a roving adventurer under a far other banner than that of tb? stripe* ai:d the star*. and who ha* thus expatriated him self In contravention of our municipal law. as well a* in defiance ct the law of all civilized na tion*. should, at the r'.ow of a carecr marked by the carnage of hi* deluded followers and the op pression of tho*e to whom he came in the guise of a ch tmpion aid d' live-er. be welcomed by the plaudits cf ??ten thousand"' voices in the streets of an American city, cannot be regarded as a very happy augury for either the intelligence, human ity or patriotism cf those who participated !n such ill-directed acclamation* '* The Union isoccupied with uews matters and correspondence WASHING TON N*EIVS A ND GOSSIP. " WHI!t THE GOVEBSHENT WORKS HERE are Finished"? is a common expression among those who reflect little upon the progress of the country in agriculture, the art;*, indus trial improvements. Ac., Ac. It involves an entire misapprehension of n fact a.s'uredly in cidental to the futuio of Washington. if Ihc I'nion holds together and this city continues to be the Peat ?f it* Government. So long as these two things c-mtinuc, ?* the Government Works here" will never lie 44 finished " As our coun try increases anywhere, in population ; as new railroads, farms, water-course*. Ac.. are open el ; as more machinery, h team boats, ships, Ac., come into use?all repairing the transaction of wore business on the Government's behalf in thia city?so uinst the edifices and facilities for its transaction multiply. When Trankiin was Postmaster General, it will In? remembered, all the accounts* of the General Poet Office Depart ment. of all descriptions, werw kept in a single ledger Now, thousands are required to the same ?nd. From the removal of the seat of government to Washington city until to-day, the Govern ment has been altering, extending, building, and in every eooceivablo way adding to the fa cilities for tho transaction of its business here; increasing its annual expenses of that descrip tion pari passu with the increase of the popu lation of the couutry and of its industrial re sources. Yet. to-day, the pressure upon its cramped facilities here is almost as great as at any moment in the last half century. No bet ter tyj>e of the expansion of our national terri tory. iuduatry. numbers, power and interests is to be conceived, than is involved in the growth of these facilities and the population of the Federal metropolis. But two or three years ago the Interior Department proper was cooped up in a private edifice on F street. Already the magnificent wing of the Patent Office build ing. subsequently completed for its temporary accommodation, is absolutely required for the purposes fur which it was originally designed? for the accommodation of branches of the Pat ent Office Bureau, which expands so rapid' v in importance as a business institution. In the next year or two a new structure for the accommodation of tho Interior Department must necessarily be commenced, which, when finished must be a larger and more elaborate pile than the whole building, in a single wing of which its affairs are now transacted; also new State, Navy and War Department buildings, each one of which must be larger, and cost ten times as much as all three of the buildings now thus occupied A new City Prison of at least double the ca pacity of the present one. must als<7 be almost at once built, with all the improvements made necessary by tho increased skill genius and desperation of rascality over those qualities of the rascality of the times when the present one was built We might mention a dozen other public improvements which all reflecting arid informed persons are well aware must be con structed here within the next decade, by theend of which, the advance the country will have made in the meanwhile will as forcibly suggest the necessity for new ones as yet undreamed of He who entertains the i lea that the Gov ernment can ever cease putting up great struc ture; arid making vast improvement here, must rarely be looking forward to the advent of the era when our country will cease growing in power, comnier-'e. agriculture, population, and in the arts and science* This Exr> Ow ?There is a moral in the end of Walker's burglarious raid ou Nicaragua that should be enforced on tho American public mind in these times, by all really interested in the future character of the population of the United State* Heiiee the persistence with which we keep the subject before the Star's readers, under a sense of moral duty which has not permitted us to Hag an instant for long years in its discharge. We rejoice to know that our position on this subject and the earnestness with which it was defended has done at least its share i.n bringing about the expulsion of those who disgraced the name of American* from Nicaragua Iu so doing, we have done much towards reopening the Nicaraguan isthmus route to the commcrec and travel of our countrymen, as well as to demonstrate to the comprehension of all Americans, that those who would get such by treachery, murder and robbery abroad, will as rureiy in the end fall victims before the high er law of a just Providence, as those who essay to live by murder, robbery, Ac., in our own land will pay the law's penalties of their of fences against the statutes of the land. We subjoin the following article on this Xicaraguan theme?as being well worth jieru-al?from the New York Cumwtercirl Adrertiier of Thur.-day evening last: ?? Tmi Kid at 1.a?t ?We to-day the ceitain tliirht >.f Walker from The s?-rn<- of his piratical eCort* The marvel to all persons who have looked dispa*<ionatelv at the origin, nature mid progress of hit expedition, is that he has been enabled so lotu to postpone the catastrophe, or to escape with his life There Is. however, scarcely room for doubt that the allied forces were quire willing that his life should t?e spared and the lives ot the remnant of his foice*. Jr js scarcely suppunable that with such a numeiial superiority, whatever lack of vigor and energy may belong to the races and climate of Central America, lUey could not lonn In-fore thin have annihilate d the intruders or ao effectuallyenclo<? d them as to render certain surrender or death bv starvation Lookin*at 1l,e whole matter, we still Incline to th?* beiiei already expressed iu th?*<e column*, that it was the policy of the allied government to allow Walker to e??-a|>e. after in flicting ui-oii bun just euon"b of piolracted suf fering and mortifying inactivity to *?ffeetually rob miibu"leri?iii of its fjetitiou* popularity in the t. lilted States, and ..vo.d the en .lenient to revenue which the slaughter or execution of Walker and Lis followers would l*e likely to create in some part* of the I 'uion ??This will doubt lew be t lie effect of ttie uon rln*iou of Walker's raid, whether Mich was the policy aril intention of the allies or not. As to to.. r?poit by way of New Orleans that Walker * ?vp'.tuu??ed to t'apt. lfcivis. of the t'liited Stales ?loop-of-wn' >t Marys." it ha* contradict ion upon its f uf: tor had there linn any such capitulation on the teiins sf tted, it i> not supposable that the I idled Mates Commodore at Panama would have violated it in rhe iuanuer alleged More complete and liopaitial reports will doubtless show that the filibuster in;: hero's ' capitulation' was a pre cipitate tli^ht, and. to reverse an adage, a ' leap out of the ti e into the fr) lnj? pan ' lie preferred imprisonment on ixtaid the St Marys, with the uot very alarming prospect of b? iuj; held amena ble to the laws of his own country, to the harsher fate that awaited him if he longer remained with in tlie territory he had invaded 44 That he should be made a lion of in New Or leans was to tie anticipated. Such an adventurer, who had miff:-red much, though he had achieved nothing, wonld be an object of curiosity any where. And there are many reasons why at New Orleans curiosity should grow Info undeserved applause Indeed the man has shown elements o: chai acter which, displayed in a just and righte ons rannf, would lie most commendable ^ hat ever faults may adhere to his character?-ana a despotic tyrannical disposition and deal re o selr-iiigrandisement, which makes him recste of the peace and lives of others, areamonjt tuen he possesses a fortitude and Indoraitablepe - verance and self-reliance which, though pe - cd, excite wonder if not admiration. Bui , , of a sound moral sen-e and sober ; ~, plteonsly these qualitie? hare ,h?? been what base r?nd immoral PurP?',e" Thousands of devoted ? Aid?bta VuU'r^.t^nclTnd DU lives sacrib. >*d at ttt?- shrine of pestilence ana pt For of,be '^T^ed'o^e to his Standard probably not five hundred survive at t?.ls hour: and of this scanty remnant perhaps one-half are doomed to life-long disease and the others are demoralized in principle, and for life Ib.t ha* ten inllicttd upon famili*^. tin-damage done to oar national reputation and to public morals the slaughter a->d destruction wrought In a neighboring and fnendlv country, and the wealth expended. with the many Indescribable evils that have followed and will yet follow in the wakeof the expedition, and who, with a human impulse in his heart can fail to regard the whole business with horror and unqualified condemnation ? And then what has l>een achieved * Not an acre of territory has been acquired. Not a cent of returns for the tens of thousands of dollar* expended. Notasingle foot Cidded to the area of liberty to compensate for the unjnst means employed professedly for that ob ject. The history of the expedition from the fi;st is one of expenditure, slaughter, demoralization and?utter failure. ?' Walker and his companions ought to I*? tried nnd punished by their own countrymen for their hold and persistent violations of their country's laws : but we have a very faint expectation that they will be, albeit our national reputation de mands their indictment at the hands of the I niteu States (iovernment. It cannot now lie pleaded that Walker and his followers have expati lated themselves or are beyond the reach of the laws of the Vniftd >tatf*s; and it surely will not be con tended that their temporary absence from the country scicens them from the operation of their country's laws, now that they have returned. It is easy to s?-e where such a doctrine would lead. Hut. although the Government may l?e indisposed or unable to vindicate the national reputation by the punishment of these its citizens, we indulge the hope that the filibustering proclivity of the restless spiiit* among us has, for a time at least, received its quietus. Twice within a tew years has it l?een proved, npona scale of considerable ma Miitude. that lilibusferism is both unprofitable and"*disastrous. It was so iu Cuha?it has been so iu Nicaiasua. And as long as moral principle is recognized among men, ami the great law ot cause and effect remains in operation, it must 6* un profitable and disastrous. Nothing so palpably initiated in wrong, and so defiant of morals, pa triotism and international justice, can be perma nently successful; and no temporary or partial success should blind a nation to its iniquitousand unjustifiable character. '? Nor with any man who retains his humanity can the most vociferous applause or the most Mat tering ovations compensate for the consciousness of having violated Lis country's laws, or Mifie, in the hours of solitude and thought, the recollec tion of the misery he has intlicted and the lives he has sacrificed at the shrine of his lerkless am bition. With all the glorification that greeted the flllibuster at New Orleans, and though lie may escape the punishment his deeds deserve, General Walker is not to be envied neither are those who have supplied the sinews of his op erations and seduced men to join his ranks whose I tones now lie bleaching on t lie soil of Nicaragua. The mortification of utter failure cannot tie oblit i erated from their minds, any more than the recol lection of the fearful cost or that failure can pass i from the public mind In a few months the leaders of the piratical invasion of Nicaragua will find their level in the public estimation, as have the Cuban junta and the parties who then en snared so many adventurous citizens to their ruin by the equally'piraticat invasion of the island of Cuba. Tinie'b; inirs many mad schemes to sober i measurement, and dis-ot>es the most temptingly l attired iniquities of their fictitious c .verings.'" Myr.E LioHT-IIot seKeepers Appointed ? Yesterday, the following nppointments were j made, but the crowded state of our columns j prevented their publication in the i*tar of that ' date : At Sandy Hook. N. J.. Win. V. Beers, (at $400 per annum;) Cedar Point, Ohio. Louis Trank, ($45n per annum ;) Juniper Island,Vt.. I Joseph Tillison. ($350 i?er annum;) Pleasonton'a Island. La.. Henry Parker. ($00(1 per annum ;) Wood Island, Me., Jo?. R. Bryant. ($.100 per annum'.) Beauchamp's Point, Me., Richard Grinnell. ($350 per annum:) Sheboygan. Wis., Addison Manville, ($350 per annum;) Pass a L'Outre, La.. John Peters, ($000 l>er annum;) j Huron Run. Ohio. Solomon Squire. ($350 per ? annum ;) Sabine Pass, Texas, Benj. Granger. ($000 per nnnum:) Fort Gratiot, Mich , Elijah Burch. ($350 per annum;) Milwaukie. Wiscon sin, (beacon.) Lauren L. Woodruff. ($180 per annum:) Port Washintrton. Wis.. Rernhanl Schouier. (&i5d per ukuurn;) Foralaus, Cm! , Robert Reen. assistant. ($500 per annum ) The Dap.if.n Ship Canai.?The Navy De partment has received the statement ot the ex pl<.rations recently made by Assistant Surgeon II C. Caldwell, IT. S. Navy, on the Isthmus of Darien. whichexploration Mr. Caldwell believes ha* demonstrated? I. That the summit level of a route from Prin cipe northerly to the Atlantic is within eight unl^s of the >>*.ivana and would not pro\e insuper able to engineering sk:ll in constructing a ship canal. *2. That there is a lower tract of land from the Rio Savana to the Atlantic than has been examin ed by any previous observers. That there is a ?ap on the Atlantic coast ranwe near the northwestern limits of Caledonia Bay The Naval Cot rts of Isyt irv ? Court No. 1 is not sitting to-day Iu Court No. 2, Lieut Carter's case was con tinued Capt Tyler, Mr Jno R Staples. Rev. Mr. Rohb. and Lieut. Craven were examined for defence. In Court No. 3. Capt. Newell's defence was read by his counsel, T. M. Blount. Esq.. and the Court proceeded to the consideration of the case. Tin: Secretary ok the Navy paid a flying 1 visit to the Navy Yard, at y o'clock this morn ing. He was received by the Commodore and officers of tho station, and a salute of twenty one guns was fired?the Marine Band playing a national air the while. After taking a run through tho several shops he returned to tho quarters of Com. Lavallette. and shortly after wards took his leave. A? ting Commissioner op Indian Affairs Appointed.?Charles E. Mix, Esq . the Chief Clerk of the Indian Office, has beeu appointed by the President Acting Commissioner of In dian Affairs, during the temporary absence of Gen. Lenver, the Commissioner, from the seat of Government. ResiotatioNS.?Passed Midshipman. A C IzarJ. I'. S. N., has resigned. Capt. P. M Henry has resigned his office in the Bureau of the Surgeon General, U. S. A., to take effect this day. The Weather.?The following report of the weather for this morning is made from the Morse Telegraph line to the Smithsonian Institution, , and will he continued daily when the line is in working orJer. The tima ol' observation is ; about 7 o'clock a. m.: Mat :tu, lv.T7. New York. N. V fine. ! Philadelphia. Pa ....clear, pleasant Baltimore, Md clear, pleasant. W ashinjton. 1). C. clear, pleasant. ' Richmond, Ya clear, warm. i Petersburg, Va clear, pleasant , Wilmington, N.C clear, pleasant. i Rtleiuh, N. C clear, pleasant. I Columbia, f4 C clear, pleasant ! C h a?lesion, S*. C .........clear, warm Augusta, Ga clear, warm. i Savannah. (<a .warin. I Macon, lia clear, plea ant. Columbus, (ia clear, waiin. . Montgomery. AU. clea'. warm. Lowvr Peach Tree, Ala., cloudy, warm. | Mobile. Ala ....warm, pleasant. ' Gainesville clear, warm. New Orleans, i.a clear, pleasant. The following repoitM have ljeen furnished by the National Telegraph line: Fkom thk Wut. Frederick, Md clear, pleasant. Cumberland, Md clear, waiiu. Hagerstown. Md clear, warm. Wheeling, Va cloudv. rool. Harper's Perry clear, pleasant. Martinsburg clear, pleasant. At Washington, ye?terdayat9 p. in.,the barom eter was 2U.9PJ, thermometer 0UJ. This morning at 7 o'clock, barometer 30,098; thermometer 60*. Amount of yesterday'* rain, 0 '2P0 Inch. Wind light from .N W. The Virginia Election. The following returns from the Virginia flec tion have been received by telegraph and letters sincc our Inane of yesterday : Ma rtinsburg May 21).?In this district Faulk ner, Democrat, carries eight out of nine counties. His majority in Berkeley is 2?7, in Jefferson 115, in Frederick 327, in Clark 169, in Morgan 174. in Hampshire (reported) 3U0, in Page 055. in War ren (reported) 209. Mr. Lucas, distribution dem ocrat, carries Loudon by 625. Faulkner's aggre gate majority 2.091?last election 901. The Dem ocrats have carried Morgan for their State ticket by 50 majority. In Frederick county. Fauntleroy arid Kauffman, democrats, are elected to the House of Delegates. In Clarke county Benjamin Morgan, democrat, is elected to the "Legislature by 11 majority over Bradfield. distribution demo crat. Richmond. Mar 29?This city, which at the last Congressional election gave the American party 843 majority, and last fall gave Mr. Fill more 279. has now l>een carried by the democrats. Caskie, dem., for Congress, leads Crane. Amer.. 298; August, dem., for Senator, leads Robinson, Amer.,a$5; the democratic delegate ticket also leads from 230 to 2S3 votes. In Madison ward, however, the polls are to be kept open for three days, but it is not supposed the result will be materially changed Portsmouth. May 29?For Congress?Mill son, dem, 633 ; Neaville, Ainer., Ilu. House of Delegates?Young, dem., 632; Murdaugh, Amer., 149; Tatem, dem , 621 ; Herbert. Amer.. 142 Tucker, for Attorney General, received <U9 votes. In Norfolk there was no opposition to Tucker for Attorney General and Millsonfor Congress. For the Senate McKenney, Amer , is elected over Robinson, independent dem. Mallory, for the House of Delegates, is elected over Bisbie. Petek?birq. May 29 ?Goode. dem . for Con gress 474; Collier, distribution dem., 410. For Senate?Claiborne, dem., 471; scattering 336. For the House?Brown, dim , VXl ; Robert-on, whig, 4o2. ' b The returns from the counties generally indi cate ;i large majority for the democrats in the Legislature. All the districtsas far as heard from elect the democratic members to Congress same as last year. Ltnciibi r<;. May 29?Bocock. dun., for Con gress, :||4; Wicker. Amer., 264; Vaney. dem .for Senate, 324 ; Shackleford. Amer., 213; Deame, Amer., for House, S'fJ; Smith, Amer., 313. R ;chmon d. May 29.?Messrs. Smith and Faulk ner are undoubtedly re-elected to Congress. WiiilKLIKo, May 29.?The dispatch sent 3*011 Just night was not coriect, having l?eeii made up at a late hour on minors that proved fabulous. Clemens, dem , for Congress, has almut 250 ma jority in the city, and is no doubt elected. PERSONA L. .... Edwin Robinson, Esq., President of the Southern Line to Aquia Creek and Richmond, 1s at Browns'. .... George Peabodv, the London hanker, is at Boston, where he will remain till August, when he returns to England. The notorious Parker H. French is aliout to start a " Republican" paper in San Francisco, called the California Register. ... We are pleased to see our old friend. Major Watrous, of Minnesota, in town. The Major looks hale and vigorous, age seeming to Kit light ly upon his brow. .... Ex-President Pierce has accepted an invi tation to unite with the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Boston, in their anniver sary celebration on Monday next. .... M Stoeckl, Russian .Minister, and Col. W. II. >wift, the railroad engineer, of Boston, with their wives, who are sisteis. will s|*.-iid the sum mer at Newport. So says an exchange. Cant. Charles 11. Davis, the United States naval otlicer who interfered for the release of \\ alker. was. until a few months since, at the head of the Government Nautical Almanac otlice at Cambridge. Mass. He is well known from his connection with the Coast Survey, and fiom his various contributions to scieutitic'siibjects. .... Dr. Guillmette, late of the Harrison and Pyne Opera Troupe, in explaining the ground of his late demand upon Harrison and Miss Pvne for professional services, says that she latter has lieen suffering from diminution of general volume of the voice, and a total loss of three notes of its upper register, consequent upon a highly scrof ulous condition of the body. It was a:i aff-ctioii ot long standing, which had l?een variously and unsuccessfully treated, both in Europe and this country. Mr. Harrison has also a chronic difficul ty, of nine years' duration, and consisted in par tial paralysis of the nerves of sensibility of the vail of the palate and a portion of the pharynx. GEORGE TO IP.V A EE A IRS. Corretpondenrt of The Star. Georgetown. May 30,1S57. Our citizens generally will doubtless )*? pleased to learn that Georgetown is noon to be graced again with at least one handsome military com pany which it can call its own. Some eight or ten years since, on all public occasions, ourstreets were all alive with the numbeis. and handsome ly adorned with the brilliant uniforms of our turee companies, viz: The Potomac Dragoons, Independent Grays, and Morgan Kittcmea. Frum some cause, however, they all disbanded, and ever since we have been compelled, however re luctant, to acknowledge that there was not patri otism enough among our 10,0W inhabitants to keep up one good military company, as an orna ment to the town, or safeguard fur protection in case of riot or anything of the kind. The re proa, h, we are pleased to know, is soon to Ih wiped out. A number of our patriotic young men have formed a company called the George" town City Guards, and have elected the follow wig gentlemen as officers. Captain?J. Owens Ber ry; First Lieutenant?John M. Waters; Second do?Andrew Jackson Jones; Fiist Sergeant John B.Davis; Second do. James A White. They have already enrolled thirty members, theif uuiforms are now being made, and in a very sLort while we expect to see our streets enlivened by the strains of martial music, the glittering uni forms, and martial appearance of the Guards, out on their lirst parade. The following business came up before our Board of Common Council last night: A message from the Mayor in reference to the Long Bridge by the Washington authorities, and a recommendation that the Georgetown Corpora tion sue out an injunction against the same; re ferred to Boftrd of Aldermen. A protest of Charles Dodge, in reference to Koad Street ; referred to streets committee. Mr. Thomas presented the bills of Dixon A Gordon for coal and wood, and Mrs. Lang for re freshments; referred to claims committee Mr. Thomas, lroin claims committee, reported a reported a resolution In favor of the assessors; also a resolution in favor of II. Polkinhorn. Mr. Fearsoti, from police committee, to whom was referred a petition of sundry persons on Wa ter street asking for an additional night watch, rej>orted unfavorably, and was discharged from further consideration of it. Mr. Seymour, from grievances committee, to whom was referred Mrs. Crown's petition, a?ked to be, and was. discharged f 0111 the further con sideration of it. He was also discharged from the further consideration of Mrs. Becraft's and Win. Noyes's petitions. Mr Seymour, from same committee, reported a bill for the relief of Miss Caroline Mackall. Mr. Thomas introduced a resolution requesting the President and Directo.s of the Metropolitan Railroad to make a report of what moneys have b>-e:, expended >ince June, l>t, 1?55, and forwhat purposes, Xc ; adopted A resolution from the Board of Aldermen in re lation to the inai ket house bridges, was received and r< f.-rred to streets committee. A resolution for the relief of W. II Fletcher was read three and passed. A resolution also passed permitting the African congregation, under the charge of the Rev Mr. Hoover, to hold a series of meetings, the number of nights to be discretionary with the Mayor. A resolution in relation to the school tax fund w.isoffered by Mr. English, had its third reading and passed. The above resolution provides for the carrying on of the Georgetown Schools for this year, and appropriates for that purpose two thousand dol lars, the school tax fund?S* 1,092?included Yeas? Messrs. Barron, Cropley. English, Fear son, Jones. Plckrell and White. Nays?Messrs. Oyster, Seymour and Thomas A colored boy by the name of Thomas Barnes an apprentice to Mr. James Gross, accidentally fell into the aqueduct at Mr. Ray's coal yard yes teiday and wusdrowned. Justice Reaver held an inquest over the body, and the jury returned a ver dict of accidental drowning. It was also repoit ed yesterday that another boy, by the nanie of Mayhorness, had been seen to fall overl>oard from a boat iu Rock creek, near the lower bridge and d.own. That part of the creek, however was thoroughly raked with a seine yesterday 'after noon. but ho body was recovered," neither has any signs of it been discovereduptothe present time We a e credibly informed that |the line steam t-ig boat Bell Haven, advertised in the star some days since lor sale, has changed owners. The former owners, Messrs. Richard and John Ellis have disposed of her to the tirm of Hyde A Da vidson. and Mr. Deal), for 9M.3IIU. The Rev. Wm Taylor, who has recently re turned from California, will preach In our city twice to-morrow. (Sunday)?at the colored i?eo ple's church, in the morning at II o'clock, and in the market-house, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon The Burton pale ale, put up expressly for inva lids and private families by Amy A Shinn Mn those pale yellow stone jugs, is a little the best we ever did taste. Try it. And then, if you de sire to purchase by the wholesale groceries of the most superior quality and liquors of every de scription upon the most pleasing terms, just call on Getty A Williams, No. 5. northwest'eorner of High and Water streets. The only arrival since our last is the schooner Surprise, Cole, from New York, to master with an assorted cargo. Sprctato*. ID" The Chatham (C. W.) Freeman says that from March 16 to April 20, thirty fugitive slaves reached that place by the underground railroad from the southerb part of the United St; tea. Preobytkhiks (N. S.) General Assembly.? Oil Thursday, the Rev. Mr. Black, a delegate from the General Synod of the Reformed Presby terian Church of North America, was present and addressed the Assembly. He presented, a* a Ik ? sli of correspondence with the General Assem bly, those resolutions which were rejected by his synod when offered by the General Assembly in 1823. lie stated that the Reformed Presbyterian Church holds no communion with slaveholders, snd hopes that the New School Presbyterian Church will yet occupy the same ground ;"but it leaves it with that church to decide. The Gen eral Synod has drawn up a covenant to present to the Evangelical Alliance at Berlin, Prussia, this year, and intends to prpsent a similar one to all the Protestant Churche*; so as to endeavor to sus tain the principles of the Protestant Reformation forever. The resolutions were referred to the committee on church policy. The church extension committee made a report, which was read and accepted. A sharp discussion on t&e svnodical records of Mississippi, between Rev^prfr. McLane, of Mis* sissippl. and Rev. Mr. l^#?wood, of New York, occupied the remainder*>f the session. F |T"5=* WITHDRAW A L.-WJf. CLEMENTS IK-?, respectfully notihes the public tbat he has withdrawn lrom the Know Nothing party. It ard democraticas IL? SOClATION will meet THIS EVENING, at 3 o clock, at Potomac Hall. A general attend ance liurgently requested. It* WM. G._Fr.OQD. President^. UNITARIAN CII URC H.-R E V. M R L3 Hjkyek will preach as usual in Temperance Hall on K street, between 9th and 10th streets. TO MORROW (Sunday) MORNING,at 11 o'clock, ma* 91 It* otic e -Tin: subscriber kk ' *^3 spectfully informs his customers, aud the pubic general l?. that as the city election takes plac on Mon,Iny next, the 1st of Juno, his har will he closed. His resturam will he open for regular board ers. J. B. BOUI<AN<<ER. \\ ANTED?An assistant BAR KEEPER. P. S.?Soft Crab* and Chesapeake Oysters always en I.and. it !Y""5=?AN E X T R A COMMUNICATION Ol' .Lj? NATION All LODGE, No 12, A. F. M.,will ho fiolden THIS (Saturday) EVENING, at 8 o'clock p. in. AII masters mason in good standing; are Irh terually invited to attend. Bv order W. M. 't SiG. JAMISON, Sec. fyTr1*GRAND SOI R EE OF THE NATIONAL 1 ? <? LEECLt 6of Washington city, to lie held at Masonic- Ham., on the corner of lnth and E sts., next Till RSDAY NIGHT. June 4th. 1K57. Tickets I' 1 FTY CENTS; for a gentleman and ladies, to l?: had at the door. mav fruit* ?HAS. K. LEHMAN. Pres. nT5?ATTENTION, UNION GUARDS.?The ;K_3 rugular monthly ineetiugof the Company will he iieldat Temperance Hall, onTUESDA \ E\ KM - ING, June 2d. Every member should by all means attend this meeting, as the resolutions passed on la?t meeting to expel and publish all those in arrears for tickets, See., will be enforced, and other business of importance demands attention. By order. may 30-2T J AS. LACKEY.Sec. rv-^F-N O T I C E.-TUE UNDERSIGNED .Jof Jewellers have as reed to close their Stores every evening at 7 o'clock, from the first of June until the hrst of Septeml>er next: M. W. GALT A BRO., II. SEMKEN, may 29-3t SAM. LEWIS. WASHINGTON LIBRARY COMPANY. 'Jot The Directorsofthis company.desirousof in creasing the numl>er of volumes in this Library, im proving and remodelling the Building, have appoint ed the following gentlemen to solicit subscriptions of Stock. Shares can be obtained of either ot them or at th" Library. 11th street: Wm. G. Moore, A. I.. Newton, N. Wilson, Dr. J no. B. Keashev, A.C. Richards, A. R. Shepherd, D. Douglas, J. W.Thompson,Chair'n. may 21 eo2w rT5=*WASHINGTON LIBRARY COMPANY. LJ? The Librarian will be in attendance at the Li brary Building, on lltfi street, a few doors south of Perm, avenue, from 4 to 7 p. m., to issue stock to per sons desiring the Mm?, mid atford an opportunity to stockholders to receive books. Stockholders having liooks out over the specified tone are requested to return them withoutdelay. may 19-eoJw ? A N S -FANS?FANS, at MeLAUHLlN A CP'S. may 3? A BS. C A R KIA? ES,VE I.OCIPEI)S, HOOPS, ' DOOR MATS, CAGES. Arc., at McLAl GH LIN Sc CO.'S, No.20 Penn. avenue, between 8!h and 9th streets. ma^3i (M.OTII AND MERINO DRESSES AND ' Shawls cleaned by .MRS.SKI LLING, corner of lltli and C streets, opposite Carusi's Saloon, may 3"-2t* A CARD.?II. J. SCHRINER is no longer au /a. thorizcd to collect any money due the subscri l>er. and those to whom he may present bills are noti fied not to pay them. may 3H 3t J. CASPARIS. UNDER BROWNS' HOTEL. Oil/ Just opening a splendid assortment of Spring an 1 Summer H R A I)N - MADE CLOTHING and Gent's FURNISHING GOODS of the finest style Rnd make, at the Emporium of Fashion, No. 37i) Browns' Hotel, next to private entrance. may 3n (IntelArStates) -<-i kDEON." WEISENFELDACO. * J "ODEON." WEISEN FELD A CO. " ODEON," WEISEN FELD A CO. WINTER. CLOTHING. SPUING, CLOTHING. and SUMMER CLOTHING. Corner 4^ street and Penn. avenue. mavfci' 2t JD. HA.MMACK has just received, at his Res ? tan i ant, a fine lot of SOI-' TCR A BS/ggs f?\ and is ready to serve the same at thefQ^N shortest notj.'H. Also, fine COVF; OYSTERS.HAR DCRABS,and FISH of various kinds, with every dellicacy that tne market atford*. may 3>-3t* MOI1AS8ES 85 ffs. per niton; BROWN 8U 1*1 GAR II. 12. and 13; and TEA and COFFEE at the lowest prices. CLARET. HOCK, and other WINES, and supe rior OLD RYE WHISKEY. JOS. W. DAVIS. It" Corner 9th and E streets. lUAMIINGTON BAKERY removed from7th ?? street to 9th street, near New York avenue; also, to the corner of F and 5th streets, at which places I ain prepared to supply the public with choue Bread, Pies, Biscuit, Cake of all kinds. Confection ery, Fruits, A.c., on the most reasonable terms. %T ? ? . , ? WM. HUTCHINSON. IV. B. Parties and Pic Nijs supplied at the short est notice. Ice Cream and Lemonade to order. Wanted?a BOY. may 30-3t* A SECOND-HAND PIANO FOR RENT AT ?1 per month; two for $2.50 per mouth, and fine new Pianos for rent at various prices. Five very good second' hand Pianos for sale low upon reasona ble terms. New Music received semi weekly. Pianos exchanged,tuned, packed, carefully moved, A o., Sc c. So|?;tKetit in District and State of Maryland (or Hallet Davis A Co.'s world renowned Pianos, and .Mason A Hamlin's Melodeons. Ail kinds of Musical Merchandise at No. 3ti6 Penn. avenue, near corner of 1< th street, may *) JOHN F. ELLIS. PLATED WARE, A LIS ATA FORKS AND SPOONS. TABLE CUTLERY, Ac.-M. W. GAL1 A BRO. have iustreceived a lar^e assort ment of very elegant PLATED WARE, of supe rior quality, consisting of? Richly Eneraved Waiters, from 8 to 29 inches Plain and Chased Tea Sets, 6 pieces complete Coffee Urns, Water Kettles. Cake Baskets, Castors Alhata r'orks, Spoons, See. Also, the best Flmrlish and American Table Cutlery. rlie alstve are the best goods made, and offered unusually low. M. W. GALT A BRO.. Jewellers, may 3' 3t 324 Pa. aw, bet. 9th and 10th sts. C 1OA L !?COA L !!?COAL !!! Now on hand one cargo Range COA L. One do. for C<oking Stoves. Also, Cuiiit>erland ai d all other kinds o| COAL. WOOD! WOOD!! Pine, Oak, and Hickory WOOD. Ciml kept uuder cover. 2,24" ILs. to the ton. T. J. A W. M.GALT. corner I2th and C streets. No. 549, may 3i-tf one square south Penn. avenue. WE CALL THE ATTENTION OF CITI zens and strangers to one of the largest stocks of Ready made CLOTHING sver ottered in this District, and at unusually low prices ; Black cloth dress and frock Coats Black Drnn d'F.te sacks and frocks Black Alapaca Raglans, sacks and frocks

Luh and dark color cassimeres Sacks aud Frocks White and fancy colored Duck Frocks, Pants to match Marseille Frocks, Pants fe match Linen travelling Raglans and Sacks Black and fancy colored oassimere Pants Black Drand'Eteand Alpaca Pants White and colored duck drilling Pants Silk, silk aud linen inarseilles, bomhasin, and linen Vests. NOAH WALKER A CO., No. 3GB Pennsylvania avenue, may 3n 6t Browns' Hotel Building. SPRING AND SUMMER, l8?7. Our new styles of Ready-made CLOTHING lor Gentlemen and Boys are now exsosed and ready for sale, embracing large arid beaut ilul assortments of? Spring Overcoats, Ra^jans Business. Dresx. and Frock Coats Choice styles of Cas&uuere ami Linen Pantaloons Plain and fancy Vests, Ac. With a large variety of Gentlemen's Dress Shirts, Under Shirts, Drawers, and Hosiery. Our custom department is well stocked with new sty les of Cloths Cabsiineres, Linen Drills. Vesting*. Ac., and under the management of three experienced Cutters of acknowledged taste, we can therefore otter treat inducements iu styles, quality, aud prices uf varments ol all kinds. Goods delivered in ail parts of the city and George town. WALL A STEPHENS, may 30-eof,t 322 Pa. ave., bet. 9th and l0th sts. Nkw store. MRS. M.C. COOK, No.3l8 Third, corner of G street north, (white front) has iust received, from the North, a well selected stock of GOODS, com prising in part? Lace Collars and Underalceves, Thread! I .ace. Bob bin Edging, Mourning Collars, Swiss Hands, Silk, Embroidered Linsii, I.iiien Cambric Handkerohiefii, Kid, Lisle Threa<i, and Cotton Gloves, Mitta, Sew ing Silk, Spool Cotton. Needles and Pins, Calicoes, Linen Shirting, Cottons, Sheeting, Paper Cambric, Swiss Muslin, Embroidering Cotton, Berege, Dot ted Nett, Brilliant Black Crape, Gold Ear-rings, Jet Bracelets, Pearl Studs, Gilt, Covered, and other uttona. Hosiery of all qualities. Penholders. Pens, Writing Paper, Brushes and Combs, Cabiu and Purses, Gum and Leather Belts, Fancy Soaps, Whalebone, Brass Hoops, Bonnets, Dreai Caps. Ruches, Springs ami Flowers, Straw Cord. Ttiri 1 bands, Ladtea and Childreos Shoes, Ac. may 30-eo3t* J DTHE BF.ST PLACF TO Bl'Y RY GOODS. CARPETS. OIL CLOTHS, MATTIWiS, BONNETS. FLATS. BOOTS A\n SHOES, iaat R. B. II ALL'S, sn Ftrtutk Ftr^'t, who aella/or rask only, whitli enables him to sell Goods ten percent. 'h?at>rr than am other !?>?%?. .n ?i^. city. We hnvejuat reoeived a Mrfeand Elegant assortment of GOODS direct from the PktlrnAtimk 2 ? *d N'ie York .4 ataeM, to which we innte the attention of cash Ft ?< hash*. ? Aa an avidenoe that w aelj foods cheeper than other hoaaea, we will name the price* of s f-w which will convince tta mmt incrrdtilous that they cnn nve money l?j purchas.nj of ua for ca?h ' bkaVTlFt'L Law* Robka, #2.50; F.mmoit>*r*d Cravat* Mr?Li*. 12oents; Winr Ta?li I 37 oeuta, worth 62; COTTOSAOI An Boys wear, Hi centa; Fcas Lin** Shibt Bosom*, 25 centa ? | BoXKETt, 37 centa t Shaikhs, all anea, 37 cent a ; Fa mot.*. 5" centa ; 1'mkrkt.La*. & cent* ? \irr7,l. Hoop* for Skirta. 10 centa; wool Carpets, 37 centa; Ladikx line Gaitkr*, 75 centa; Kihioiii..,. Touet Suppitaa.fticenta; Childri*'* Snot*. 25 centa. ??dh?.b The aim of onr estabiiahment la not to supply cuatomere with a poor article for a little money hn? t offer them the beat roods at the lowest poaaible prioea. R. B. H a I i may 3n-eo2w No. 3T3 Seventh atreet ami fourth houee above I street f 1ST OF LETTERS REGAINING IN THE L# P?st Office, Washington. D. C.. May 3n,l?S7. (Ordered to be jntertnu in the hvKSiKO 9taR, it being the newspaper having the largest circulation of Wit daily paper published in N\ ashington J \l_j~ Persons applying for letters in th# following lisfTwill please say they are aDvkbtiskd. LAD1B8' LIST. Floor, Mr* A R Fowler, Mite A Frtser, Mr- F Grimes, Mia* M f Gleun. Mrs Oaiagher. Mtss M Glhbs. Mis* Msrf Gardner, Miaa ? f G Ither. M l-s El it* Hstl, Miss Fraocls Had Sva Adams. Miss B Addison, Miss Bell. Miss K B Bell. Miss Fsnay Bell, Catharine Burr, Miss D Ba-hall, Mrs Geo Batcher, Mr* I* B<.n>ls<>ot. Mis K Brownlnr. Ml?s H Btgisr, Miss K UursUI. Mr* Sarah Harp, Mies Sal lis B i/si Mrstsabella Hsri, Ml?s E Blackstoo, Mr* If faya, Miss B Berry, Ml as B?Mss, Miss M Childs. Mrs IVI Clarke Mrs M*ry Croaa, Mrs k B Oillns, Mi?* A Corfclu, Mrs fi Cvtrwy, Mrs C, Maris Martin, L D Motou, Mrs LydU Mssni, Mrs S F Murphy. Mrs A L Myers, Ml** Jails OraiS, Mrs Marls Feck. Miss M E Frlce. srsLO Fanphry Dnlceno Fhlirps, Ssncy F tars, Mad A Bo a II. Mr* C Rami. MI'S Msry Bowen, Mis Acne* Scott. M and Nancy Hsalsap, Mies fcikn Mnoot, Mrs B.cLsl Hickey", Mary SUea. Ml*? Mary Hlgglua, Maiy 6m th, Mrs k F Msttsii, Ell-u O Ktoim Mrs U nsmUffi, Betsey S-heildt, I Hampton. Miss 0 8r<tl, Ml S I 'la Halert, Miss C buiitb, Miss L Cr-t bourn, Msrr W Hanslisw MI<sKOT. Starr, Mis K Cockrati, Mis* II Batrimsn. Mr* B SslMvaa, JoBsns Crawford, Ml** E Hut. I,lus, Mr* 8 Christiii-*, Mr* J B Hin*1y. IIr? W Ctiwlileiie, M'SA Haycock, Miss M Me l'j *a. Ml*? I CraWr. Ml, a Mary Cliandl \ M'.ss T M Onto well, Mi** 9 Campbell, M>?s Mua t. MISS J C ShepltC. 4, Mi?s C Sell .'tier. Mis* N Hit rdllo, MtM J ilinsnu,Mr* Sarali Stete- S, Mr* M f? Jewell, Ml** M K Thompson, Mr* F Johnson, Mrs M C Oini.lrsss.Miaa I.J Jellr s, Mrs M fh.mbers, k. is is liasajt, Ml** K Ua>l?, Ml** U Utile, ti is- J A llualop, M '*-* It O Davis, MIs* Ma Dickerson, Mr* J lion -l us. Mr* 1 kval.1, Mr* 8 M felil Hu. A la* F K iijt Ml** J Krj?, Mrs Mary Ktrns, Mrs S M KsJIy, Mr* K H I*. Mt?s Kmliy Let-, Mia* Kl at Lyi Ch. Ml>* M*i y Lee, Miss Allca Les, Ml.* Mary L> >n, Mrs l> Kdmoiiltoii.Mi? FT Leiul', Mix Anna, AIf* M A Lai .eras, Mr* V Ml** II A Molt, Mra Kj'.ril, Mr* Kl!ea Ml* Mary Klgla, Mis* I; A Msnalian, M'Sa C! Field*, Bs' hel A M trlisll. Miss M INITIALS.?Miss B. 0. L. >. GENTLEMEN'S LIST. Haakrll, W K raddix k. S Harris, W M Fsrkar. l?r 9 J Urlneiaau, T Fleasaat*. M F Karils ii, Tbos Fawell, Ll L W Hnwiiuxs, Tbws B A F*lk*!y, J H Violet, Mr* Welsu, Mis C V r ?,l t Mrs M ?a?t Mrs E C t W I.LI, Ml.aU Wrl.h, Mis Wai l, MUs C Walisr, Mrs A A Wi>s.u>u. Mrs Walker. Mlt M W.l ksr, Miss M Willuora, Mrs u Wailbg, Miss 8 .rah Warlsg. Mia* A M W lulu y, Mra S Wilsua, Mra F T Yuoag, Mr* aaaa Arrhbold, Saml Abl, Jobu A 1 aali.uu, J bo F Ai.kar, Jo* Allsyn, U H Amuicii, Useld Bo>e-, J uo Brsdford, Win J Haaloi J Win T bank-, Oapt W J S Bi > all, W M Bigg* Wm HeuuaU, W H BuHardlu, Tbaotl'a b ; r - B Bowue, S S Bsztar, 8 A Brown, B K l!rssr?, Kirbard Ksksi, fieris B?rcrcR, J W Blouut A Latbstn Brooks, Joalius Bryant, J W Baktr, J Uogert Barratt, J C katier, I?s?c N Bom e, Joliu F Blirh, Jas K Bagger, J Bradley, J W Hsiswlck. Batiil Far kar, J,oA Uarkias. 8 Fat h, Jua Marrla, KWpBta Falllaat, Jno W Bouia. F C I'oriar, Maj F J Ullla.ry,J*s fuamsr FI Hill Jos U Fiatt, E B Hares, Jno L Fhltlips, Edgar Ha.tar, LI J W Fbilllps. U L Hsi bart, H W Farmsla, C M Uastlns. Ueo fl Fsbbias. O H< dgktus. Uao W gnasaabary, Wai UanuiD. IVI Batlll, W S hankel, Eugsaa MaUdolph, M W Hale. Edward Mlchards, Wm B Fsftlngs, E F Blgglea, W? T llor ab;, U?d K C Mobert*. W U Hutchinson, Chiis K Blcand, Bse T F HsL?hsw, C U Bliesiu, J a Harding, DrClias A Mlpley, Msj B 4 Hull, kev B N Hsritson. B H l*dsll Ns son Jobuab, t)r W F Js*. Santl Jaokaou, Jsiuea JoLumiu, Jsniss E Brew*t?r,Ca: H P "Jobu*ou, its L bright, Ueo 8 Uoi i?y, K Hrowa Bui ns. Denl* bo*.on. Daniel Ha k* Darnel Bixo,'Ia I Bright, B F Kaislow, W A 10 CBfWs Win Carr, Wm Ci-aoiba. a Will e* I, Wm T (Jatoni, Vine*, to Claoell. Tbos Crow*, 8 S S Couslant, Frter CUrk, i'atilck Curtis. N Clteelaiid, B H Cohen, Mo.ea Clark Mr C cl still, J B Ca lan, J rrsd CUmsntt, J T 3 C.ark. Jno Cuuinilug*. Jno Carter. Ll J B Oallalian, Jerome Bae*ord, L L Bolllaa, Josbaa B?b'., Julius Bay, Jo*ia* Bevsrs, J W Bead. Jamas B Busssll, J 8 B bbsrson, Jno Bsnshan, F I Blcbmood, CM t Joi e*. Capt t> W Jenkins, Kayctte Jobu*on, Majl>lw'd Saylaa, W B Joliuson, Ai?* boson, A.ftsd C Jobus, n, A J Btnna, ts m Kirk, Jas r 1 K.iic. J<?-hua H, J A K ledy, J no J KLligau, limutby Kearner, Jno Ki> x, Jno C KunsmnU, Otu B Kaiuersr, U Bamper, Eplirslm Liusburg. Wm U Looney, Wiiliaib Lose, W H Lamprey, C.I Llvingstou, 8 3 Uteri od, Dr Wm F 8milb. W B M bUiltii, Bev Tbo* 8. arks, Tbas 8'tariusu, a J amitn, FBI btarrett, Frsstoa S, Nicholas Cap! M 1 Berrell. L W 8tl< kuey. Col Jno S heaturu. J W s??aity, Jlo M Sc tt. Mi J James B^ldou, Jos hutbsrlasd, J B ?n)d?r, Juo btonaburner.JacuhC Sej moor, H J Loulbborough, M A banJsrs, Hsi ry Long, L L Latchfui d, Jn > Larkins, Jas F Lelncoln, Jos I.ybrsnl, Geo nrtiKiilou, J T, A Co I.yu<.b, Kd ward Carllsls, Js? L Clarke, John C emsut*, Jot M Cimpbell, Henry B Cuttilng. O VV Caaibridca, L H Cut'.ar, E F Cro.kelt H 3 Darrah, W t bnlln, VV T Do.*s?n, Wm Donaldsou. Wu Dougai, W U DaL.uaj. lb. S 3 Mefr'.ck, U B Dechard F L Dor say, F M llO: tua.l, N E Donogbor, Kartin Dnn> alius, Mmty D.dsoii, Jacob Douohue, James Dawp*. J K Dai I I, Jul.a Dull, J J Dowulng, J Q Doll tail, Jos Uaei*. A a os t iiuit, is m Ls ala, B I awls, E N Lohr. Chas Lsi.< h, C Jro A Staub y, Frof U I Mo I til, Y A Blevaiis, liao A Bbumard, Dr Uao <J 8a em, Fred W Mb.ey, Maj E 8 8 uw, I L B*iiborn, D H B.taetJar.CB latlan Bpaldiug, CUa Lsanaiian, Corael'* Smith, Dr a T 3 l.orino, Batlisto Lippbsd, A H Mlf bell, Ll Wm Millar, W H Eton, Wm U Mscbllnr, W T Molisr, V Maber, 1 bo* F Motley, Tl.oa Mldd state, K Martin k Botsrta Mada. J Mclo: ey, M Maun, Mr Marral. LuiM Mai i n, Jobn Minor, Jco Mlaot, J M ssultM, Jot Mai tin, J ?* U M i.or, J** K May<>, ti?> N Murray. O T?'on, Ueo H K mouston, C( I Jat Morgan. Cap! K E K wea J H Em*u th J<hn Eagle Capt benry Em ;li, A Fi izh u h, W in E Fallouts. W J Kant, Wasl.lngton Foga- t, Sa! vat ra F. ster, M r Fiixtaraid, Jno Fo<>*, J ii" 8 Fnl er, J H Francis Jno Fo.ter, ti- H D Flowers, Oaorga Posts, Fisiisr A Usrdnsr, Win H Usloer, Walter Ullsaou, Com'r O S Miller, David Ma sh, Daii?* Mtsp .ana, A Haas S Sic* ana, A 8 Bbaw, aaroa Tuoaaon, Wat B T< pplig, W J Tnuil, Maiita Tincns.l, Juo A Turner, Jams* Ti uinbuls J Thi-mpsnu. J W Trui-u 11, 6*o Tai art, Ua . W Tracsy. Adward Traveis, Cspt D B . i ..'I A M Trahero, A M 11n in.t Thos H t n beilin<t, Juo T I ngt-r, E C Val.eraiid, F O Van Morton, W m Ward, ? lu VI i l*on, B? v Wm Wh-e'er, M m C WUIlaUis, * Ui 1 Wbe'.an W a Wilson. T E McK ustry A Brsnt Worthl ator.Th.'sJ McE'f e*b, U McBlnley, II SlcCisry. Jno W M' l'evjt, Jno M. X?llns, Jno M c 1 n tosh, L H M. Du ll, M F McOrorty, Wm McMnrrsy, Wim W-gg- u. r, BUS Wlliett, U H W nklle.d B'rhsrd Waytuan, Bee A Wl :iam*oii, Ma*sr* Welch, M M W. od, M It * bailniiUcoNarray Wara*r, L A McPh rson, Wm M Wadswoith, Jno W Mstuanisls. W H Mlgbt, 8 J Ncely, Ma] Tiioa Micbolls, J A Nsltty, Ueo Norton, 8 A Uoslsa, Cspt Jas W Oliver. Thos 0 Gross. Jo* J O' loole, Lawranca Uray, J.ihn O'ConLeli, Johu Qe1sslu?er. Com'r D O'Neill, J K U aham, Dr a O'Neal, Jno Oc*4, Dr A F Oaborne Dr J y Gaines, Maj A W O.instead, D Union, Feter C Oldham, C Harrington. Whits- Ferry, J U tr.ore A Co Farksr, W T Hoffman, W H Williamson, Jims* Whltaiore. Dr Jua W ai ner, Jas H Wilson, Juo Walaar, J kbwX Walker, J G Whitney. J O t Wlaizblckl, Jo* Wii slow, J x W jliUu S t., Ja* E t Wstta, J na 8 Wise, J ha H Wilson, Henry Walker. Geo H WLitmau, Qso Wlgsla. B INITIALS.-Mlnlitar frem Nsw Grenada Minlttsr from Qu.temals, Minister f. om V.nrtuala; Minister fi om 8 n Sal vsdgi; Scribe B.chiaud Encampment, No. ?, I. O. O. ?., Fhar Ktcoiili 0. D. May 30 JAS 0. BEBRKT, P. M. FOR SALE.-About 3',urn tncrcliantable BRICKS on easy terms. EIsVANS A THOMPSON, may 3rt-eolw (States) 3<!B Penn. avenue. ADVENTl'RES AND EXPLORATIONS IX Honduras, by William V. NVella, 1 vol,; .Mats and Illustrations. S^uior's Notes on Central America, 1 vol., 8vo.; with Maps and Illustrations. Cullen's Uthmus of Darien Slap Canal, I vol., I.or. don ; with Maps. Williams' Isthmus of Teliauntepec, i vol. 8vo.; and Maps. Gisliorue's Darien Journal* 1 vol., London ; with four Maps. BarJ's Adventures on the Mosquito Shore, 1 vol.; with sixty engravings. Toposraphical Map of the Isthmus of Panama and Darien. Bynevor '1'errnce, l?y the author oflleirof Redcltde, 2 vols. Rev. Mr. Bellows' Address on Theatres. Ac. Bacon's Essays with Bishop W hatiey's Notes,1 vol. livo. Travels in Europe, by Rev. John E. Edwards. The Bible and the People, by .Miss Beecher. may ?i ERA NCR TAYLOR. TO THE PEOPLE OF Till; DISTR ICT OF COLUMBIA AND ALEXANDRIA-DR. A.M.TRAHKAM of Mary land, A EURO ELEC TROPATHIC PHYSICiAlf? Who has completed hia studies in the old and new achool Colleges of Medicine, and who has had twen ty yeart of successful practice, has taken rooms for consultation and treatment of all long-standing dis eases of whatever nature they may l?e. No. 6JI Sov eiith streot Maryland avenue, Washington. Hours daily from 9 'till C o'clock", and from eight 'till eleven at nighf. He is the only phvaiciau in the world that understands the philosoph) and cure of Cancer or an) ol those malignant ulcers or tetters that the hu man Racearo afflicted with. He has cured Spinal Diseases of years' standing, Rheumatism often years'standing. Nervous atfectious 12 years, Doal ness and Blindness of long standing Lung and Throat Dist-asesof the worst form w ithout clipping the I vula or cutting out the Tonseltt. He treats all Female Complaints and all chronic Diseases, Dropsy, Liver Diseases, D>sp?-p.|n. Ac Ac., with such success that, ollen, hia paaeiits are astonished, as well as himself, at the result oi his new mode ol assisting nature in healing the diseases of ipiod and Unly. Call and see linn as both life and health may lie proserved thereby. His examinations of diseases are free of charge. A visit to his Consulting Rooms, therefore, will cost you nothing. His assistant. Dr. M. Hubltard, will \isit families at their residances in all aculu I'oims of disease any where in the District. may 3ft-3t^ LADIE8 and CHILDRENS M KKINO VKST. \> e have on hand, a genet ai assortment of I Ji ?lies mid Childrens Merino and Gauze-merino Veat in low aud high uecks, long and short aleeve*. W. KGAN A SON. 328 Pa. av.t south aide, Iwt. 6th and 7th atf. may 28 6t M ACHINE SEWING. All kinds of sewing executed at short notioe MRS. TYSSOWSKI'S SEWING ROOMS, No. 433 Stvenlk, 6t tier en O and H ttrtctt. A fine assortment of Ladies' ready-made LINEN and UNDER GARMENTS, in th* latest style, kept oonstantly on hand. ma? 2?-lm* WALL ft STEPHENS, Wholesale Dealers Bad Jobbers in CLOTHS,CASSIMERESt AND TESTINGS. may 15 3m WAXTS. ___ AYOl'Sli LADY wfio |? aoowpeCeat Dre?. maker, aod can do ail kinds ol N?ediew' * k wishes a Situation to travel with a Ad?1re*?' Bo* No. 9. at this otfioe. ma>?>n* WA.NTEDTO PURCHASE-A r^'Jsmande ?ires to purchase for hit own use. N EOROE<* in families, for whoin he will fire a fair prioe. Ho does not wish servants of the description sold tn traders on account of faults. Any <w having suits ble Negroes for sa'e may apply to the Editor of the Star for farther information. < may T>-tf IVANTKD.-A barkeeper at lloyd* It Union Hotel. He must come well re?.mm. nd ed. may ? s. ANTED-A rood CAKE HAKER. JAMES FRASIER. ma> a St corner of E and 13th streets. WANTED -A COLOR F.D WOM \ N. who can heinf satisfactory testimonials of character, a? House Servant. Apply at Jtt north C, I>etwecn3d and 4X atreets. ma? ? PARTNER WANTED.?The advertiser has hi a cash capital of from f l.vsi to wi?be* <o invest it in a business alrea.L establi-hed. Best ref erences as to character and capacity. Address A S.. through City Post Offioe. may a a* Wanted immediately.-a good COACHMAN, who e*n come well recom mended. I nuuire at F.rst Ward Livery Stable,to I.AKI-'MKVVH. \gent may ?-St*_ VV'ANTED.-A IHII SE SERVANT,at No.? It Delaware avenue, near North Capitol tiate. may 28 St* WANTED.-1One hundred gross of t>! |? H< ?T If Tl.EH. Appl*to.\RN\ A SHIN*. I'nm Bottlemg Depot. 57 Green stieet, Georgetown. maySlv SERVANTS WANTED. -DINING-ROOM ^ \V A ITERS and BOY? wanted at W1LLARDH' If C )TK!i* Also, an intelligent WOM AN to take chWfe of a Store-room. uiay IV-2w WANTED Til PURCHASE? A HKICK DVVKI.I.INti, dMitaiamc I ?r? rooma. worth froin Si.'.V'" to altout $?.<**?. I*> hrst paju.g in cash. and the balance in annual instalments. Al?o, For Sale?On easy terms, two ilotimU* BRICK DWELLINGS, each localed withuitwo ??quares of the pMent Ones. One ol them can I* Isiucht bv pay 1 ne ?1,""? in flash. and the lalance 111 U h.lf,?rl, ?MhMl. pol.laARil WKBB. may U tf No. 51V (2d story 17th street. WANTED? At SI7 Penn. avena*. aonth aide. If corner of SM h street. aCHAMBLRMAlD ajul WAITER. The waiter a bov of from IC to l? years of age. B<ah must l?e able to briug satisfactory reb orn mediations. may 14 tf AMUSEMENTS. Annual excursion or THE Young Catholic's Friend Society, OF ALEXANDRIA. The stee.m<>r G*orgk \V*>HiviTO?i will lear.j Alexandria tor the \V til TE HOUSE at 7 and to o'clock a. in. ami 2l, p. in.,J and the White Hons* for Alexandna" at 5 and p. m.,on MON DA V next, the lat of June. Persons in Wastuugton and Georgetown purchas in/ tick*'* u ill take the Thomas Collyer for Alex - andnn, arrangements ha\ hu ln?en r.ade topass the?i on thai U>at by exhibiting their tickets. Tne excur ?ion loit will convey those who remain until y>? o'clock to Washington. Tickets for a gentleman and lady ?1: for a lady S? cents; for a servant or child .5 cents. For sale tw J. William Howling. Alexandria- J. F. Ellis' Piano Store, Washington; and J..L. Kid well, Georgetown. Fsewtiv Committre George W. Breut, Richard L. Carne. Jr.. John T. Hill. may 28-St LOST AND FOUHD. LOST.?On Peon, avenue or Iftb street, betweeu rotentini's aid Douglas's Green-house, a buck kkin PURSE, with steel clasp and a small piece ot chain attached, containing aU?ut ?Hti in cold. A lit eral THward will he ptud for the purse ana content* U left at this office. . i..av 3u- ?i * All persons are waiked a(;ainst cashing or iiegotiating the following described draft, as the ^anie has been lost or initd&id by us: Drawn 111 New York, at fight, on Sufer. Lea ft Co., Washington. 111 favor ot Leland ft Co., for f >?6. endorsed by I.eland ft Co., White, Morris ft Co., and Keller ft VfcKenney. The name of the drawer not remembered, may ?-3t* HELLF.R ft M-KRNNTV. AAA R E W A R D.?Lost, this morning. alon< Pennsylvania avenue, between Georgetown and the National Hotel, one Old Domini' n note, (new issue,) S'S Corporation of Georgetown, and )J2n in Northern monev. Any per?on finding tho same and leaving it at Gettv ft Williams, or at this office, will receive the reward, if desired. may 29-3t * I^IVE DOLLARS REWARD.? Strayed aw** I fiom the subscriber on the Uth instant a small white and red COW, (dry ) with a black strap around her horns. I will givedKHake the alove reward if returned to No. 571, Penn. avenue and 1st street. Tapifol Hill, may II. II. McPHFRPON. Jr. CAME TO THE PREMISESo( the>uhecnbrr. residinx on the oirner ol "th and (?< streets, a at ray COW with ca f. Pei?on? owning tt.e same is requested tucotn* for w.ird,prove property, pny chare?**.?,Ml t"ke her . in? 23-3t* MICHAEL HOOVER. IOST OR STtlLEN?From the poitseas on of -4 the Hon. l-'rHncm S. the Washing ton IIou?e in the city of Washington, on or al?.Jt the lnth day of l-'ebrirarv, 1RS7. I. A N" D WAR RANT No. 51,2SJ, dated December24th. 1?W. Said Warrart was issued t?> Lira Ko?d, under the act of March. laSI. A li persona are hereby cr utioned anauist ne gotiating said Warrant as proceedings have been in atituted by the holder, Exra Keed, to cancel the same. apsn-?w EZRA REED. BOAEDINO. MRS. REILY, No. SS5 New Jersev avenue, Capitol Hill.haaseveral PLEASANT ROOM* which ahe would be pleased to Rent to permanent W transient Boarders. TABLF. BOARDICRS cai le acconnnadateil. tnaj^ ??-e<>3t* BOAR D.?Two gentlemen can obtain a coinfoita ble ROOM with f!OA R D. in a private family. at No. 4e7 13rh street. l>et weep (? wnd H. nis\ ga-3t * ONE LARGE AIRY ROOM and ?ne good aired single ROOM, furnished or 111 (uiiiished for rent. The house has a large yar J. m- king the situa tion desirable for a family with children. BOARD furnished if desired. Apply to No. 46C l'"th street. lietween D and F.. mm ?VPi? MRS. BATES, AT HER BOARDING HOl'SE, on the southeast corner of Penn.. Avenue and 9th street, has made arrangements t" accommodate a large number ol atianKers with Mefes at any tune throughout the day, and Lodgings. _ aarS ? FOR RENT AND SALE. I^OR SALE.?'Two fine BUILDING LOTS, sit I uated 011 the oorner of <yth a:id aouth 1> streets. Inland, front 1 ne rrapee?iveljr 25 f.-et antl j! feet on l? street, arith a depth of im> ft et. Terms: Oue-fourth cash: Imlanee in 1.2. and 3 > ears. Apply toELVANS ft THO.M PSON, Penn. avenue, mayan-6t (States] _ F^OR RENT.-Two .arte plaasant PARl.oR ROOMS. Two gentlemen wishing to room to rether would find it a pleasant summer arrangemer.t. No. 301) E street, near Wli. ir;a> 2t* FOR R E NT.?One of the l*?t STANDS f..r a Retail Grocery on I lie Island. Apply to GFO MATTINGLY, F street touth, Wasluueton. may la L'OR RENT.?An OFFICE, suital.le lor a first r class law>er, iu the immediate vicinity o| ih<* City Hall. Also, several newly Furnished ROOMS, witii BOARD or without. No children in the house, and preference given to a parlv of friends k or In 111 num ber, without children. Apply at 435 D street,one square from City llall. Gas and Bath 111 the llou>e. may 2B 3t* FOR SALE.?That beautiful, comfortable Cot tage built DWELLING HOUSE situated >r , the oorner of 22d street west and E street nortr* ^ The Lot fronts 5s? feet bjr 13i deep. The Furmtit rt will be sold with the House if wanted. The locat is delightful either for a summer or winter reside nc^ Apply to POLLARD WEBB, Agent. No. 5 ?tor* I7th street. y 28 L^OR SALK.-Two FRAME l on Capitol Hill, oontaimu^ lour ?acti. nth a Lot 118 feet deep, running l?ackto? |erI lley. Title indispiitahft'. Will tie sold rea sonatjf.. ..s the oa ner is alH>ut to leave thecil*. Ir mure f JOHN U\V\ ER.011 Jd street east, betw? ?.u c I) streets north, or at the Marble 1 am, Li pitol . tension. ?*? ? ?7 41 * f^OR RENT- A V.r> issnsUs F RAMI DWEI.LI NG 011 \\ r-t sire. t.G oirvtowi,, U twoen Hi*.h and Congress, neat door to t?,e Hev. |)r Boeock's. Kor fuither particulars apply to HFNR\ BARRt?N, at the Coal and Wood V aril of Bsrrou and Stover, Green street, Georgetown, may 2G-lw f^ox ft VAN IIOOK, Rmi. Estate Aoknt*. 4* S Seventh street, D street, have lar nale a Itfirgam, that vi\ desirable and pleasant.* situated two story FRAME HOl'SE with Base meat,on?outfi A street, between 2d and 41 streets. Capitol Hill, containing lias and Water Fixtures. Bath House. Furnace, Ac. Also, a Stable, Carnage House. Sheds tor ooal and wood, togetlier with tU large Lot containing aUmt 7?s? feet, tastefully laid out, with Iron Railing in front. Also, the three-story BRICK HOUSE aod LOT corner of I'cnusylvaiiitt avenue and south A street. Both of these properties are included in the <*>11 ??mplated extension of the Capitol Grounds, and ol f?sr a favorable opportunity for investments. may 25-?w QZ PIECES RICH AND GLOSSY BL'K SILK ? o troro 91 up Black Crape Mitts Plain Bereres and Berege Robes WM. R. RILEY, corner 8th st., ?oay &?f*r oppoeite Centre Market._ ALL THE MAGAZINES, PERIODICALS. Paper*. Ac., can be had at the Book and Station* ery Store of B?jV FERGU80N|4M7tb street.