Newspaper of Evening Star, May 30, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 30, 1857 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: MTt RDA V May 30, 1M7. SPIRIT Of THE NOR XING PRESS. The l>ifUi??nc*r, in commenting upon the oration to General Walker in New Orleans, thinks? '? Tli' t one who hit deliberately renounced the high railing and proud n?m? of a "citizen of the United State* ! to t>ecome a roving adventurer under a far other banner than that of the stripes and the*, and who has thus expatriated him self In contravention of our municipal law, as well as in defiance of the law of all civilized na tion)*. should. at the clone of a career matked by the carnage of hi* deluded followers and the op. pressioa of those to whom he came in the guise of a chimpion a id d- liverer. he welcomed by the plaudit* of "ten thousand" voices in the streets of .in American city, cannot 1h? regard'-d as a very happy augury for either the intelligence, human ity or patriotism of those who participated in sueh ill-diieeted acclamations." The Union is occupied with new*matter* and correspondence WASHING TON *'ElVrS AND GOSSIP. 4*WllEM THE (lOVEItSMtXT WORK* HERE ark Fmstinn" ? is a common expression among those who reflect little upon the progress of the country in agriculture, the art*, indus trial improvement*. Ae , Ac. It involves an entire misapprehension of a fact assuredly in cidental to the future of Washington, if the Union holds together snd this city continued to be the Seat of it* Government. So long as the3e two things continue. ?? the Government Works here*' will never be 44 finished." As our coun try increases anywhere, in population ; as new railroads, farms. water-courses. Ac., are open ed; as more machinery, steamboats, ships. Ac., ccme into use?all requiring the transaction of m?re business on the Government s behalf in this city?so must the edifices nud facilities for its transaction multiply. When Franklin was Postma. ter General, it will be remembered, all tho accounts of the General Post Office Pepart mcnt. of all descriptions, were kept in a single ledger Now. thousands are required to the same ?nd. From the removal of the seat of government to Washington city uutil to-day, the Govern ment has been altering, extending, building, a^d in every conceivable w?y adding to the fa cilities f<>r the transition of its business here: increasing it.- annual expenses of that descrip tion pan pa**n with the increase of the impu tation of the country and of its industrial re sources Vet. to-day. the pressure upon its eramped facilities here is almost a? great a* at any moiuwut in the last half century. No bet ter type of the expansion of our national terri tory indti-try. numbers, power and interests is to fce conceived, than is involved in the growth ot these facilities and the population of the Federal metropolis But two or three years ago the Interior Department proper was cooped up in a private edifice on F street. Already tho magnificent wing of the Patent Office build ing. subsequently completed for its temporary accommodation, i* absolutely required for the purposes for which it was originally designed? for the accommodation of branches of the Pat ent Offi.-e lJiirean. which expands so rapidly in importance as a business institution. In the next year or two a new structure for the accommodation of the Interior Department must necessarily bo commenced, which, when finished must be a larger and more elaborate pile than the whole building, in a single wing of which its affairs are now transacted; al?o new Ftste. Xa-ry and War Department buildings, each one of whwh must be larger, and cost ten times as mach as all thr^e of the buildings now thus occupied A new City Prison of at least double the ca pacity of the pre?ent one. must also be almost atom* built, with ail the improvements made necessary by tho increased skill, genius and desj-eration of rascality over those qualities of the rascality of the time? when the present ore wa? built. We might mention a dozen other public improvements which all reflecting and informed persons are well aware must be con structed here within the next decade, by theend ol which, tho advance the country will have made in the meanwhile will as forcibly suggest the necessity for new ones as yet undreamed of lie who entertains the idea that the Gov ernment can ever cease putting up great struc tures and making vast improvement here: ma<t ?urelv ba looking forward to the advent of the era when oar country wHl cease gTowing in power, commerce. agri?ultare, population, and In the ai^s and science*. Tub Eni> On't ? There is a moral in the cfvd of Walker ? burglarious raid on Nicaragua that should be enforced on the American public mini in these times, by all really interested in the future character of the population of the United States Hence the persistence with which we k*ep the subject before the Star'* readers, under a sense of moral duty which has not permitted U4 to flag an instant for long yeais in its discharge. We rejoice to know that our jseition on this subject and the earncsuiesi with which it wa? defended has done at least its share in bringing about the expulsien of tho-e who disgraced the name of Americans from Nicaragua In ao doing wc have d'-ne much toward- reopening the Niour.tguan isthmus route to the commerce and travel of our countrymen, as well us to demonstrate to the comprehension of all Americans, that those who would get such by treachery, murder and rubbery abroad, will as surely in the end fall victims before the high er law of a ius' Providence as those who essay to li^e by murder, robbery. Ac., in our own land wiil pay the law's penalties of their of fences against the statutes of the land. We subjoin the following article on this Nicaraguan theme?a* being well worth perusal?from the New York L'vi iinnchil Advertiser of Thursday evening last: The K.m> at J.ast ?We chronicle to-?lay the ce.taiu flight of Walker from the scene of hi* pi'atieat ell'?: ts. The marvel u> all persons who Vave l<*>k*Mt dispassionately at the origin, nature and progress of his expedition, is that he has ?nab!'-d so to postpone the catastrophe, or to aaaapc vllk his life. There is. however, scwrely loom f ?r doubt that the allied forces were quite willing that his life should be spared and the lives of the remnant of his force*. J; Is scarcely nupponahle ti.'t with such a aumet|-al superiority, whatever lark of vigor and energy may belong to the race* ai.d climate of Central America, tUey could not long Wfore this have annihilated the iutn.dera or ? uiilIy flrlovd them as to render ?e;taiii surrender or death by star vat. on Looking at the whole matter, we still incline to the belief already expressed \n these columns, that it was the policy of ite allied government to allow Walker to escape, after ln flietiitft unou him juat enough of protract*! Mif lering ami mortifying inactivity to etf.-. iually iob flllibusterlsm of its factitious popularity in the Unlt? d States, and avoid the excitement to revenge which tlie slaughter or execution of Walker anil his followers would Ik- likely to create in some part* of the Union. ?? This will doubtless lie the effect of the con clusion of Walker s raid, whether such was the policy and Intention of the allies or not. A< to the report bv way of Xew Orleans that Walker * capital i?ed to ('apt l>avis, of the I 'uited States slm ? p-of-war St Mary*.' it hascontrad ict ion iqwii Its face: for tiiiil there l?e? n any such capitulation ?>n ilie term* stated. it ii? not sappoaahU* that the I'nited >tate* ('oiiimodore at Panama would have violated it ju the manner allejo <1 More complete and impartial reports will doubtless that the ttlMsteriag kctv'i - < .spittilalion' was a pie cipltair and. to rever?t an adage, a ? tea|> out of the nr, iut,)i!,, f ying pan.' lie preferred mpriv iir.r r.t on i"jad the St .Mans. with the not *er\ a!arm;n<; p ospect of being held amena ble to the iaw* of )ii?? own < oiiutry, to the harsher fate that awaited hliu if he longer rentaincd with in the ter.itorv he ha?| invaded. l.t - hoi:i?i t?. uuM'.ea lion of in NewrOr leans was to be.lulu S.wli an a?l venturer, who had ?uib-rr?| mo. h. ll.ouvh he had achieved Mcfhiiig, would I-- an objert of curiosity any whe.e A ltd tueie are m tuy reasons why at New tlrleans curiosity should grow into undeserved applause Indeed the man has shown elements vf aharacter which, displayed 1a a just and rig hie on* raunr, would he most commendable. What ever faults may adhere to his character?and a despotic tyrannical disposition and desire for ?elf?iggrandisement. which makes him reckle? of the peare and lives of others, are among them? he pos>w#se* a fortitude and indomitable perse verance and self-,-eli,u?ce which, though perveit ed, excite wonder if ndt admiration. But,Tor laca of a sound moral sense and sober Jidgnwot, piteously the?e qualities have been wasted . To what base s?nd immoral purposes have they been devcted A id v hi a fruition! Thousands of lives sacrificed at me shrine of pestilence and pi - ratical warfare For of the thousand* who flocked to bis standard, probably not five hundred survive at this hour: and <?f this scanty remnant perhaps one-half urf doomed to life-long dispjinf, Ann the others are demoralized in principle, and for life unsettled in purpose. " Add to this the misery that has been inflicted upon families, the damage done to our national remitatiou and lo public morals, the slaughter and destruction wrought In a neighboring and friendly country, and the wealth expanded, with the many indesorilwble evils that have followed and will yet follow in the wakeof the expedition, and who, with a human impulse in his heart can fail to regard the whole business with horror and unqualified condemnation ? And then what has been achieved ? Not an acre of territory has been acquired. Not a cent of returns for the tens of thousands of dollars expended. Not a single foot added to the area of ljberty to compensate for the unjust means employed professedly for that ob ject. The history or the expedition from the first ia one of expenditure, slaughter, demoralization and?utter failure. ' Walker and hi* companion*ought to he tried and punished by their own countrymen for their bold and persistent violations of their country's ? law;; hut we have a very faint expectation that they will l?e, albeit our national reputation de mands their indictment at the hand# of the United States Government It cannot now l?e pleaded 1 that Walker and his followers have expatriated j themselves or are beyond the reach of the laws of ! the United States; and it surely will not lie con ! tended that their temporary absence from the ' country screens them from the operation of their \ country's laws, now that they have returned. It I is easy to see where such a doctrine would lead. But, although the Government may be indispo-w-d or unable to vindicate the national reputation by I the punishment of these its citizens, wc indulge ! the hope that the filibustering proclivity of the ! restless spirits among us has, for a time at least, i received its quietus. Twice within a few years ] has it been proved, upon a scale of considerable magnitude, that fllibusterism is both unprofitable j and disastrous. It was so in Cuba?it has been ho j in Nicaragua. And as long as moral principle is ! recognized among men, and the great law of cause and effect remains in operation, it ?niut be un ; profitable and disastrous. Nothing so palpably (initiated in wrong, and so defiant or morals, pa triotism and international justice, can l?e perma nently successful; and no temporary or partial I success should blind a nation to its iniquitous and ! unjustifiable character. ?? Nor with any man who retains his humanity ! can the most vociferous applause or the most flat I tering ovation* compensate for the consciousness of having violated nis country's laws, or stiflf, in the hours of folitudeand thought, the recollec tion of the misery he ha? inflicted and the lives he has saeriflaed at the shrine of his reckless am bition. With all the glorification that greeted the fillibiister at New Orleans, and though he may escape the punishment his deeds deserve. General Walker is not to be envied, neither are those who have supplied the sinews of his op erations and seduced men to join his ranks whose bone* now lie bleaching on the soil of Nicaragua. The ir.ortifi<Mtion of utter failure cannot be oblit erated from their minds, anv more than the recol [ lection of tb" fearfhl cost or that failure can pass i from the public mind In a few months the I leaders of the piratical invasion of Nicaragua will i find their level in the public estimation, as have j the Cuban junta and the parties who then en snared so many adventurous citizens to their ruin ; bv the equally*piratical invasion of the island of . Cfuba. Time brings many mad schemes to soIkt j Kie?*?reinent, and disrol?es the most temptingly , attired iniquities of their fictitious c >verings." MoRE LlOHT-Hoi .*K K EKrERa API'OINTE n.? Yesterday. tho following ap]tointments were made, but the crowded state of our columns ' prevented their publication in the Ftar of that i date: At Sandy Hook. N. J., Win. V. Beers, (at $finO per annum,) Cedar Point, Ohio. Louis Trank. (#4&b per annum ;) Juniper Island,Vt.. ! Joseph Tillison, per annum,) Pleusonton's ? Island. La., Jlcnry Parker, ($600 per annum ;) Wo<*i Inland. Me., Jos. K. Bryant, ($.'130 per annum:) Beauchamp's Point, Me., Richard j Grinnell, per annum;) Sheboygan. Wis . i Addison Manville, (?ijO per annum;) Pass a i L'Outre, La.. John Peters, ($600 per annum:) ' Huron Bunk Ohio, Solomon Squire. ($.150 per I annum :) Sabine Pass. Texas, Benj. Granger. | ($600 per annum ;) Fort Gratiot, Mich., Elijah ? Burch. ($350 per annum;) Milwaukie. Wiscon sin, (beacon.) Lauren L. Woodruff. ($180 per i annum ;) Port Washington, Wis., Bernhard Schomer. ($.'*50 j?er annum;) Foralaus. Cal., Robert Been, assistant. ($.r>00 jier annum ) The Dariex Ship Canal.?The Navy De partment has rcceivcd the statement of the ex : pic rations recently made by Assistant Surgeon ! II. C. Caldwell. I". S. Navy, on tho Isthmus of Darien. which exploration Mr. Caldwell believes ha.* demonstrated? 1. That the summit level of a route from Prin cipe northerly to the Atlantic is within eight miles of the Savaua and would not prove insuper able to engineering skill in constructing a ship | ccnai f '.i That there js a lower tract of land from the Riv? Havana to the Atlantic than has been examin ed bv any previous observer*. 3. "That there is a gap on the Atlantic coast ?ange near the northwestern limits of Caledonia Hay The Naval Coi*rts or I.v<jt irv.?Court No. I ?-< not sitting to-day. In (Fpurt No. 2, Lieut. Carter's esse was con tinued. Capt. Tyler. Mr. Jno R. Staples, Rev. Mr. Robb, and Lieut. Craven were examined for defence. In Court No. o, Capt. Newell's defcncc wa read by his counsel. T. M. Blount, Esq., and tho Court proceeded to the consideration of the case. The Secretary or the Navv paid a flying visit to the Navy Yard, at 9 o'clock this morn ing Ho was received by the Commodore and officers of the station, and a salute of twenty one guns was fired?the Marine Band playing a national air the while. After taking a run through the ?evcra! shops ho returned to tho quarters of Com Lavallette and shortly after wards took his leave. A? ting Commissioner or Indian Affairs Appointed.?Charles E. Mix. Esq , the Chief Clerk of the Indian Office, has been appointed by tho President Acting Commissioner of In dian Affairs. during the temporary absence of Gen Denver, tho Commissioner, from the scat of Government. Kkhigtatiosh.?Passed Midshipman, A. C. Izard. U. S. N\. ha* resigned. Capt. P. M. Heury 1ms resigned bis office in the Bureau of the Surgeon General. U. S. A., to take effect this day. The Weatuer.?The following report of the ! weather for this morning is made from the Morse i Telegraph line to the Smithsonian Institution, i and will bo continued daiiy when the line is in working order. The time of observation is about 7 o'clock a. in.: May 30, 1HS7. New York, N. V flne. Philadelphia, Pa clear, pleasant. i Baltimore, Md clear, pleasant. 1 Washington, D C.... (dear, pleasant. Richmond, Va clear, warm. Petersburg, Va clear, pleasant. Wilmington, N. C clear, pleasant. Kateigb. N. C clear, pleasant. Columbia, S. C clear, pleanant. t Charleston, S. C ..clear, warm. I Augusta. clear, warm. j Savannah, unrm. 1 ~*"i clear, pleasant. Columbus, Ga ...clear, wa m. | .Montgomery AU clear, waiin. Lower 1 each Tree, Ala., cloudy, warm. Mobile, Ala warm, pleasant. Gainesville clear, warm. ' New Orleans, l,a clear, pleasant. The following reports Lave been furnished by ' the National Telegraph line: From tiik \Vki?t. Frederick, Md. clear, pleasant. Cumberland. Md clear, warm. Hagerstown. Md clear, warm. Wheeling", Va cloudy, <ool. Harp* r"sl erry. clear, pleasant. Maitinsburg clear, pleasant. At Washington, yesterday at9p. in., the harom 1 eter was 29,912, thermometer60'. This morn in'' ai 7 o'clock, barometer 30,(Ki!); thermometer 60 . Amount of yesterday rain. 0.JM) inch. Wind light from N.W. The Virginia Election. The following returns* from the Virginia elec tion have been received by telegraph and letters ?ince our istfne of yesterday : Mabtir?bcrg. May 29. ?In this district Faulk ner, Democrat, carries eight out of nine counties. His majoritv in Berkeley is 287, in Jefferson 114, in Frederick 527. in Clark l?9, in Morgan 174. In Hampshire (reported) 300, in Page 055, in War ren (reported) WO Mr. Lucas, distribution dem ocrat, carries I.oudon hv 625. Faulkner'* aggre gate majority 4,001?last election 201. The Dem ocrats have carried Morgan for their State ticket by fti majority. In Frederick county, Fauntleroy and Kauffnian. democrats, are elected to the House of Delegates. Iii Clarke county Benjamin Morgan, democrat, is elected to the Legislature by II majority over Bradtield,distribution demo crat. Richmond, May 29.?This city, which at the last Congressional election cave the American party h|3 majority, and last fall gave Mr. Fill more 279, has now t>een parried by the democrats. Caskie, dem.. for Congress, leads Crane, Amer., 29*; August, dem., for St-nator, leads Robinson, Ainer, 2*5; the democratic delegate ticket also leads from 230 to 283 votes. In Madison ward, however, the polls are to be kept open for three days, but it is not supposed the result will be materially changed. Portsmouth, May 29.?For Congress?Mill son, dem., <?38 ; Nenville, Amer., 110. House of Delegates?Young, dem., 632; Murdaugh. Amer., 140; Tatem, dem , 621 ; Herbert, Amer., H'2 Tucker, for Attorney General, received 610 votes. In Norfolk there was no opposition to Tucker for Attorney General and Millsonfor Congress. For the Senate McKenney, Amer.. is elected over Robinson, independent dem. Mallory, for the House of Delegates, is elected over Bisbie. Petersburg, May 29 ? Goode. dein.. for Con gress 474; Collier, distribution dem., 410. For ?senate?Claiborne, dein., 471; scattering326. For the House?Brown, dem., 493 ; Robertson, whig, 402. > k? The returns from the counties generally indi cate a large majority for the democrats in the Legislature. All the districts as far as heard from elect the democratic members Jo Congress?same as last year. Lynchbi rg, May 29.?Bocock. dein., for Con gress, 314; Wicker' Amer., 264; Vancv. dem . for Senate, :121; Shacklcford. Amer., 213; Deamc, Amer., for House, 532; Smith, Amer., 313. Richmond. Mav 29.?Messrs. Smithand Faulk ner are undoubtedly re-elected to Congress. Wheeling, May 29.?The dispatch sent you last night was not correct, having been made up at a late hour on rumors that proved fabulous. Clemens, dem , for Congress, has about 250 ma jority in the city, and is no doubt elected. PERSONAL. .... Kdwin Robinson, Esq., President of the Southern Line to Aquia Creek and Richmond, is at Browns'. .... George Peabodv, the I.ondon banker, is at Boston, where he will leuiain till August, when he returns to Kngland. The notorious Parker II. French is about to start a ?? Republican" paper in San Francisco, called the California Register. ... We are pleased to see our old friend, Major Watrous, of Minnesota, in town. The Major looks hale and vigorous, age seeming to sit light ly upon his brow. .... Ex-President Pierce has accepted an invi tation to unite with the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Boston, in their anniver sary celebration on Monday next. M. Stoeckl, Russian Minister, and Col. W. II. Swift, th* railroad engineer, of Boston, with their wives, who are sisters, will spend the sum mer at Newport. So says an exchange. Capt. Charles H. Davis, the United States naval otticer who interfered for the release of Walker, was. until a few months since, at the head of the Government Nautical Almanac office at Cambridge, .Mass. He is well known from his connection with the Coast Survey, and from his various contributions to scientific subjects. ....Dr. Guillmette, late of the Harrison and Pvne Opera Troupe, in explaining the ground of his late demand uj>on Harrison and Miss Pvne for professional services, says that the latter has been suffering from diminution of general volume of the voice, and a total loss of three notes of its upper register, consequent upon a highly scrof ulous condition of the body. It was an affection of long standing, which had been variously and unsuccessfully treated. ?*.th iu Europe and this country. Mr. Harrison has also a chronic difficul ty, of nine years" duration, and consisted in par tial paralysis of the n? rves of sensibility of the vail of the palate and a portion of the pharynx. GEORGETOWN AFFAIRS. Corrtfpondtnce of The Star. Georgetown, May 30,1S57. Our citizens generally will doubtless be pleased to learn that Georgetown is soon to be graced again with at least onw handsome military com pany which it can call its own. Some eight or ten years since, on all public occasions, our streets were all alive with the numbers, and handsome ly adorned with the brilliant uniforms of our three companies, viz: The Potomac Dragoons. Independent Giays, and Morgan Riflemen."frem some cause, however, they all disbanded, ai d ever since we have been compelled, however re luctant. to acknowledge that there was not patri otism enough among our 10.000 inhabitants to keep up one good military company, as an orna ment to the town, or safeguard for*protection in case of riot or anything of the kind. The re proach. we are pleased to know, is soon to be wiped out. A number of our patriotic youn" men have formed a company called the George" town City Guards, and have elected the following gentlemen as officers. Captain?J. Owens Ber ry; First Lieutenant?John M. Waters; Second do?Andrew Jackson Jones; First Sergeant John B Davis; Second do James A. White They have already enrolled thirty members, their uniforms are now betng made, and in a very short while we expect to see our streets enlivened by the strains of ma:tial music, the glittering uni forms. and martial appearance of the Guards, out on their first parade I'he following business came'up Ixfore our Board of Common Council last night: A message from the Mayor in reference to the Long Bridge bv the Washington authorities, and a recommendation that the Georgetown Corpora tion sue out an injunction against the same; re ferrert to Bo.trd of Aldermen. A protest of Charles Dodge, in reference to Road Street; referred to streets committee ? ?Mr Thomas presented the bills of Dixon ft Gordon for coal and wood, and Mrs. Lang for re freshments; referred to claims committee. Mr. 1 ho mas. from claims committee, reported a reported a resolution iu favor of the assessors ? also a resolution in favor of H Polk inborn. Mr. Fearson. from police committee, to whom was referred a petition of sundry persons on Wa ter street asking Tor an additional night watch, reported unfavorably, and was discharged from further consideration of it. Mr. Seymour, from grievances committee, to whom was referred Mrs. Crown's p. tition, asked to be, and was, discharged f out the further con sideration of it. H - ww also discharged from the further consideration of Mrs Becraft's and Win Noyes's petitions. Mr Seymour, from same committee, reported a bill for the relief of Miss Caroline Mackall. Mr. Thomas introduced a resolution requesting the President and Directors of the Metropolitan Railroad to make a report of what moneys l ave '11 expended since June, 1st. Irv55, and for what purposes, Ac ; adopted A resolution from the Board of Aldermen in re lation to the market house bridges, was received ami referred to streets committee. A resolution for the relief of W. II. Fletcher was read three times and passed. A resolution also passed permitting the African congregation, under the charge of the Rev. Mr. Hoover, to hold a series of meetings, the number of nights to be discretionary with the Mayor. A resolution in relation to the school tax fund was offered by Mr. English, had its third reading and passed. " The above resolution prov d -s for the carrying on of the Georgetown Schools for this yeur, ami appropriates for that pur|H>se two thousand dol lars. the school tax fund?$1,092?included. Veas?Messrs. Barron, Cropley, English. Fear son. Jones. Pirkrell and White. Nays?Messrs. Oyster, Seymour and Thomas A colored boy by the name of Thomas Barnes, an apprentice to Mr. James Gross, accidentally fell into the aqueduct at Mr. Ray's coal yard ye.s terdayand wasd'owned. Justn e Reaver held an inquest over I lie body, and the jury returned a ver dict of accidental drowning. It was also report ed yesterday that another lioy. by the name of Mayhorness. had been seen to'fall overboard from a boat in Rock creek, near the lower bridge and drown. That part of the creek, however, was thoroughly raked with a seine yesterday after no >n. but no ImhIv was recovered* neither has any signs of it been discovered up to the present lime We a e credibly informed that |the fine steam tug boat Bell Haven, advertised In the Star some days since for sale, has changed owners The former owners, Messrs Richard and John Ellis, have disposed of her to the firm of Hyde A: Da vidson. and Mr. Beali, for $1,300. The Rev. Wm. Taylor who has recently re turned from California, will preach in our city twice to-morrow. (Sunday)-? at the colored j>eo ple's church, In the morning at 11 o'clock, and In the market-house, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. The Burton pale ale, put up expressly for inva lids and private families by Amy tc Shinn, in those [>ale yellow stone Jugs, isa'little the best we ever did taste. Try it. And then, if you de sire to purchase by the wholesale groceries of the most superior quality and liquors of every de scription upon the most pleasing terms, just call on Getty A: Williams, No. 5. northwest corner of Hl^h and Water streets. The only arrival since our list Is the nrhooner Surprise, Cole, fiom New York, to master, with an assorted eai).o. Spectator. ID" The Chatham (C. W ) Freeman says that from March 16 to April 20, thirty fugitive slave* leached that place by the underground railroad, from Um BoutWb part of tb? UoTttd 8Ute?. ?? ? ?-w P**s?TY**t** (N. 8.)0*!?**al AurtttT - On Thursday, the Rev. Mr. Black, a delegate from the General Synod of the Reformed Presby terian Church of North -America, was present and addressed the Assembly. He presented, as a Ik ? sis of correspondence with (he Geneial Assem bly. those resolutions which were rejected by ki? synod when oflfcred l<y (he General Aes-ioW y in 188.). He stated that the Refonned Presbvtcrlin Church holds ao communion with claveholdera. and hopes that the New School Presbyterian Church will yet occupy the same ground ; but it leaves It with that t hurch to decide. The Gen eral Synod has drawn up a covenant to present to the Evangelical Alliance at Berlin. Prussia, this vear, ?nd intends to present a similar one to all ihe Protestant Churches, so as to endeavoi to sus tain the principles of the Protestant Reformation forever. The resolutions were referred to the committee on church policy. The church extension committee made a report, which was read and areeptfd. A sharp discussion on the synodical records of Mississippi, between Rev. Mr. McLane, of Mis sissippi, and Rev. Mr. Lock wood, of New York, occupied the remainder of the session. (Y"5=?WITHDRAWAL.- WM. CLEMENTS 'K? respectful!? notifies the public that he has withdrawn from the Kjiow Nothing party. It iY"y?SEVENTH WARD DEMOCRATIC AS IL? SOClATION will meet THIS EVENING, at K o'clock, at Potomac Hall. A general attend ance isurgently requested. it* WM. G. FLOOD. President. !Y"V=? UNITARIAN CHURCH.?REV. MR ? L? IIkvkr will preach as usual in Temperance flail on E street, Iwtvreen 9tl> and 10th streets, TO MOR ROW (Sunday) MORNING, at II o'clock, may 3? It* ?N O T 1 C E.?THE SUBSCRIBER RE spectfully informs his customers, and the public generally, that as the city election takes place on Monday next, the 1st of June, his l<nr will Iw closed. His resturani will l?e open for regular tmard crs. J. rf. BOULANGER. WANTED?An assistant BAR-KKEPER. P. S.?Soft Crabs aad Chcsaponke Oysters always en Hand. it rpAN EXTRA COMMUNICATION OF L? NATIONAL LODGE. No 12, A. K.M.will bcliolden THIS (Saturday ) EVENING, at 8 o'clock p.m. All masters mason in goo^ standing are In ternally invite*! to attend. By order W. M. It S.G.JAMISON. Sec. GRAND SOIREE OF THE NATIONAL I < (i LEECLUBof Washington city. to be held atMASoxic Hall, on the corner of loth and E sts.. next THURSDAY NIGHT, June 4th. 1857. Tickets FIFTY CENTS; for a gentleman and ladies, to be had at the door. tn?T .?> it* <"H AS. K. LEIIM AN. Pres. II j|"ATTENTION, UNION GUARDS.- The il < regular monthly mecting ofthe Company will Ik^ iieldat Temperance Hall,<mTI'ESI)\\ EVEN ING, June 2d. Every incml>or should b* all mean* attend this meeting, as the resolutions passed on last meeting to expel and publish all those m arreais for tickets. A' c.. will Im enforced, and other btiKine.'g ol importance demands attention. B* order. may 3P-2T J AS. LACKEY. Sec. NOTICE.- TH E UN DERSIG N1EL Jewellers have aereed to close their Store* every evening at 7 o'clock, froin tho first of June until the first of SeptemlH?r next: M. W. GALT Sc BRO., H. SEMKEN, inay 2T> 3t SAM^ LEWIS. rr5=*WASHINGTON LIBRARY COMPANY. L ? The Directorsof this oompanv,desironsof in creasing the nmnl>er of volumes in this Library, im proving and remodelling the Building, have appoint ed the following gentlemen to solicit sulmcriptions ol Stock. Shares can be obtained of either of them oi at the Library. 11th street: Wm. G. Moore, A. L. Newton, N. Wilson, Dr. Jno. B. Keai?!>ev, A. C. Richards, A. R. Shepherd, D. Douglas, J. W. Thompson,Chair'n, may 21 -eo2w WASHINGTON LIBRARY COMPANY. | 1< The Librarian will l>e in attendance at the Li brary Building, on lltli street, a few doors south ol Penn. avenue, from 4 to 7 p. m? to issue stock to per son* desiring the same, and afford an opportunity to stockholders to receive books. Stockholders having Istok* out over the specified time are requested to return them without delay, may 19-e?>3w Fans ?fans?fans, at MaLAUHUN i CO'!*. may TO A BsTc \ R R IA <i ES. V EI,OCI PK 1)S, HOC> PS. v DOOR MATS, CAGES. Ac., at McLAUGH LIN A CO.'S, No. 2u Penn. avenue, lietween nth and i 9th streets. ma* 3t dM OTH AND MERINO DRESSES AND C Shawls Cleaned by M RS.SKI LlJnG, ,-orncr ol lltli and <' street?, opposite Carusi s Ba;oon. ma* 3i-2t" A CARD.?H. J. SCHRINER is no longer au thorized to collect any money due the subscri j ber. and those to whom he may present bills arc noti j fied not to pay thein. may 3*>-3t _ J. J^ASPAR IS. | I NDER BROWNS' HOTEL. ! *11 U Jnst opening a splendid asrortment o| i Spring an-1 Summ?r READ\ -MADECLOTHING and Gent's FURNISHING GOODS of the finest style and make, at the Emporium of Fashion, No. 37" Browns' Hotel, next to private entrance. may 3<? (IntelA States) "ADF.ON." WEI SEN FEED A CO. 1/ "ODEON." WEISEN FELD & CO. "ODEON." WEISENFELD A. CO. WINTER. CLOTHING. SPRING, CLOTHING, and SUMMER CLOTHING. Corner <?? Street and Penn. avenue. mav|3:-2t I D. IIAMMACK has iust received, at his R? ?r . tnu rani .a fine lot of SOFT CR ABS/JBs a" and is road> to serve the same at the>vr shortest notice. Also, fine COVE OYSTERS.HARI) <"R ABS.and FISH of various kinds, with every dellicacy that tho market affords. _ may Ji-3t* MOLASSES 65 cts. per gallon; BROWN su GAR II, 12. and IS; and TEA and COFfEE at the lowest prices. CLARET. HOCK, and other WINES, and supe rior I JLD RYE WHISKEY. JOS. W. DAVIS. It * Corner 9th and E streets. WASHINGTON BAKERY removed from 7th street to 9th street, near New York avenue; also, to tho corner of F and 5th streets, at which plscs I run prepared to supplr the put lie with choice Bread. Pies, Biscuit, Cako of all kinds. Confection cry , Fruits, Ac., oil the most reasonable terms. WM. HUTCHINSON. N. B. Parties and Pie Nics supplied at the short eat notice. Ion Cream and Lemonade to order. Wanted?a ROY. may9? 3t*_ A SECOND-HAND PIANO FOR RENT AT $1 per month : two for ?2.5^ per month, and fino new Pianos for rent at various prices. Five very g'Hst second hand Pianos for salolow upon reasona ble terms. New Mumc received semi-weekly. Pianos exchanged, tuned, pocked, carefully moved, Ac.. Ae. Sole agent in District and Slate of Maryland for llallot Davis A Co.'s world renowned Pianos, and M ason A Hamlin's Melodeons. All kinds of Musical Merchandise at No. 3W Penn. avenue, near corner of lftli street. may 3n JOHN F. ELLIS. PLATED WARE, A LB ATA FORKS AND SPOONS. TABLE CUTLERY, Ac.?M. W. GALT A BRO. have iust received a large assort meiit of very olezant PLATED WARE, of supo rior qualify, consisting of? R ichly Engraved Waiters, from B to 2"> inches Plain and Chased 'J>* Sets, 6 pieces complete Coffee I rns, Water Kettles. C&ko Baskets. Castora Allfita Forks, Spoons, Ac. Also, the best English and American Table Cutlery. The alsivearo the beat goods made, and offered unusually low. M. W. GALT A BRO.. Jewellers, mat 3' 3t 324 Pa. av., bet. 9th ami l?th sis. ^OALI-COAL ! I-COAL!!! Now on hand one cargo Range COAL. One do. for C< oking Stoves. Alto, Cuml>cr!snd ai d all other kinds of COAL. WOOD! WOOD!! Pine,Oak. and Hickory WOOD. Coal kept under cover. 2,240 llm. to the Ion. T. J. A W. M. GALT. corner 12th and C streets. No. S4'.?, may 31-tf one square south Penn. avenue. WE CALL THE ATTENTION OF CITI zutis ai.d strangers to one of the largest stocks of Ready made CLOTHING ever offered in thia District, and at unusually low puces : Blnclrcloth dross and frock Coats Black Dran d'Ete sacks and frocks Black Alapara Ragiana, sacks and frocks l.izh and dark color cassimeres Sacks and Fnx ks White and fancy oolorcd Duck Frocks, Pants to match Marseill -a Frocks. Pants to match Linen travelling Raglans and Sacks Bla--k and fanor colored cassiinore Punts Black Dian d'Ete and Alpaca Pants White and colored duck drilling Pants Silk, silk and linen marseilles, liomtMsin, and linen Vests, NOAH WALKER & CO., No.3^l Pennsylvania avenue, may30-6t Browne'Hotel Budding. (^PRING AND SUMMER, 1857. Our new styles of Ready-made CLOTHING for (ientlemen and Boys are no*- exsose<l and rea<fyfor sale, embracing large and boautiful assortments of? Spring Overcoats, Raglans Business, Dress, and Frock Coata ( hoice st> les of Cassimere and Linen Pantaloons Plain and fancy Vests, Ac.

With a largo variet* of Gentlemen's Dress Shirts, Under Slurla, Drawers, and Hosiery. Our custom department la well stocked with new styles of Cloths. Cassunerea, Linen Drills. Vesting. Ac., and under the management of three experienced ? 'utters of acknowledged taste, wo can therefore oiler great inducements in styles, quality, and prices of earments of all kinds. Goods delivered ui all parts of the oitv ami George town. WALL STEPHENS, may a>-roRt 322 Pa. aye., het. 9th and l"th sts. Nkw store MRS. M.C.COOK, No. 318 Third, eomer ofG street north,(white front) has inst received, from the North, a well selected stock of GOODS, com prising iu nart? Lare Collars and I'nderslreves. ThreadtLace.B<?b biu Edging, Mouruing Collars, Swish Bands, St k. Embroidered Linen, Linen Cambric Handkerchiefs. Kid. I^isle Thread, and Cotton Gloves, Mitta. Sew ing Silk, Spool Cotton, Needles aud Pins, Calicoes, Linen Shirting, Cottons, Sheeting, Paper Cambric, Swiss Muslin. Embroidering Cotton, Rerege, Dot ted Nett, Brilliant B'ock Crape. Gold Ear nags. Jet Bracelets, pearl Studs, Gilt. Covered, and ottier Buttons Hosiery of nil qualities. Penholders, Penr, >Vntmg l*aper. Brushes and Comlw, ('atlas anu Purses, Gum and Leather Belts. Fancy Soapa, Whalebone, Brass Hoops, Bonnets, Dreas Capa. Ruches, Springs and Flowers. Straw Cord, Taff Ritands.lidiea and Children, khoes, 4c, niay 80-eo5t* I '* thf. bk?*t Flack to btt ? RY OOOD6, CARPETS. OIL CLOTHS, MATTIM&, BOXS'ETS. FLATS. BOOTS AHf* SHOES. R B H A Lli'f, y?.sn StT,.f. who sells for Cash onlw, which eiaNm him to Mill Goods ten per?*"t. cheater than ?m oft?er borne in th rift. \Pi hnvejoet recewod k Mr(t? ar?l Elejrant UMf^M ? GOOI>S direct (rw?a tfce f kilad*l*kt? ami New Vorl iicftMi'.li which we innte the attention <>f r ami PririAtti*. As n%Bvidrnc? thriUwe b*U goods ^hrsper th*n other hotues. we will name the price# of ? f*r article-. wbteh will convince tM mM?t incredulous th?t the* ann mtc moee* l?j purchasing <4 u> for auh V BmAtrTircfc La?K Rob*. *2~w; Kmbroidbbed Cibtai* Mrtuv itrfnt?; Ww Tabu Ltvr*. 37 acr.ts, Worth ?t; V?W?* aM lor Hot*' wear, l? cents; Pt-*r Kiwis ^*ibt .s r-?t? ? |,tmo Hoftvr.w, d7 cent*; Sbakerb, all sixes. 37 cents ; Pa* !rt ce?it? ; I mrkmli ??. s?' cc?t?; Iloorsfcr Skirts, W oent>; Wool Cabtetk, 37 cent*: !.adie? fin* 0*rrrs?. 7.S cents: KhBrniDrirn : Toilet SurrEim. 4'?*nti?; Cbildkes's Smu. 2=> cents. , , Thoaiiu of our est*htn?liin*nt ib not to supply customers with a poor article |or b little moner but t? offer thsin the best goods at th? lowest possible prioos. K B. M A 1,1.. may S^-eo2w >o. *73 Seventh street and fourlli hoii?eaU>vr I ?treef. f 1ST OF LETTERS REMAINING IN THE Lj Post Offico, Washington. I). Cv May 3D, 1W7. [OrtWed to be inserted in hip Evening l.emg the newspaper having the largest circulationot anr dailv paper published in NN aahington 1 fuT" Persons applying for letters in the following list, will please say they are advmbtisbd. ladies* HIT. Floor, lui I Fowler, mih i Prjser, Mr- ? Glmes, mim M ? (linn. Hrs Q.tagber. MIm M, *ls? Mery Gardner. mim 8 P A 'lama, Mix R Addleon, mim ' Ml. M m E B Pell. Mla? Fauny Hell, Catharine Burr, Mtsa D Bu ball, M rs Oan Batcher, Mr. f B?iite?ot, Mre K Biowalng. MUs H Btgler, Mlaa R M*rtln, L D Moloo, Mra Lydls Nwtt, Mra B P Marpty. Mrs A I. My an, *l?e J all* Orme, Mrs Maria reck, Mlaa ? B Prlca, Bra L 0, ? uracil, Mrs Mink H?gg, Mlaa Halite B zial Mielsabella Her\ Ml a E Blicketon, Mrs M faja, Mlaa II G other. Ml*s BJIs* Pnmphry Dolcsno Rail. Miss Francis Phillips, Kesoy rmi. It> r-t*ra. Mad A K al, Mra 0 Ml-a M?ry Berry, Ml Bailee. ulm M Clillda, Mia B V f Clarke, Mra Mary Ciom, Mra K B On'lina, Mim A Corbla, Mra B Oonreey, Mrs C Moms*, Maria r??n, Mis Arnee Hcatt, M sod Kaacy H'a! tap, Miss Ellen frm<m-f, Mrs B-chal Hlrkey, Msry Higgles. Msiy Halt* ?, Ell-la P Hamilton, Betsey Itamp'on. Mlaa 0 Hnlert, MIm C 8hea. Mlaa Mary Sm th. Mra B P Bto.m Mra M 8<-hmldt, B B?-o?, Ml a I Ma Bmltb, MIm L OlN'iiro, Marv W Hane;iaw.MI*egOL Starr. Mra I Corkrell, Mlaa B Crawford. Mlaa B Christian, Mra J B Clilseldene, Mra A Prattv. Ml-a Mary Cl.andl\ MIm T M Conceit, Mlae B Campbell, M'sa Ch?l<lrear,Mlaa I, J Clumber*. Mrs B Du vail, Mls< B Davis, Miss M Darts, Mlaa J A Dunlop, Ml?a t> C Davis, Mis* Ida Dickereon, Mra J Douol He, Mra 4 Evans, Mra a M Ed llo, Mta* P Harrlman, Mra B Hal'lilaf, Mra 8 Hlnely, Mr. W Raycock, Mlaa M llellicea, Mta? I Palllvea, Jahane Una t, Mlaa J C Pbapbs d, kimC Hfrlfiier, Mlaa R sb-rdlle, M a M J -hraoti, Vm Sarah Steveis, Mrs U L Jeaeil, Mlaa M K Thompeoa, Mrs P J< hii'k, Mrs M C Jeffe a, Mra M Kins Mlaa J Keya, Mra Mary K.rus, Mrs 8 M Kelly. Mra E H Mlaa Emily Lea, Mia* Elea Lyi'ch. Mlaa Mary Le*, Mlaa Allra If, MIm Maiy L)oa, MisD K'lmougtor.Mra ET Lemle. Mi's Arcs K'-aua, Mlaa MA I at era, Mrs V Bitnore Mlaa M A E ardt, Mr* Kleu Eirln. Mis* E A Ftelde. Karh-1 A Mon, Mrs Mourn. Mrs Msry Maaalian, M'aa C M trl-eil, Mlas M Violet. Mrs Walsh, Mia C Wr'gbt Mra M Weat. Mra ECS W.I*lit, Mlaa U Wrick, Mrs War', Mies 0 Waller, Mrs A A Wbeetoa, Mrs Walk'r, Mra M W.loker, Miss B Wlin' ta, Mrs M Wai la(, MIm 8 .rah Waring. Mies A ? Wliitu-y, Mrs 8 W*ileoo, Mrs F T Toung, Mrs Anns INITIALS.?Miss P 0. LI. Archbold, 8eml Att, John A 3 A-Iron, Jno P Anker, Jos Allejn, H 8 A lumen, David Uojcr, J do Kra li<id, Wm J fjr'l. Wm T Banka, Opt W J 1 Hi yen, W H Biggs Wm l e iiiett. W B B'ift?rd1n, Tueoi'a Br.r J, ts B Bowue, 8 3 Baxter, 9 A Blown, K B Preece, Ktebirl Beke.-, Plena B -rcrcn. J W Blount A Lxtham Brooks, Joahua Bryant, J W Baker, J B'-sert Barrett. J C but er, taaac S Borre, Jalin F Bl'rh, Jar E Bajtger. J Bradley, J W Brewtter, Oel H P Urlsht, S Bailey, P Brown Burus, Liable Pvs'ou. Daniel Pa' ks Denial Blxo, Caml la t Brlcbt. B K Baratnw, W A 10 Carrse, Wm Carr, Wm C.mml'S s, Wm Car I. w m T C*aool. Vine# zo Ciaeell, Thoa Crowe, BBS ( on.Uut, Pater CUik, P.UIck Curtla. N Clevtland, B II Orheu, Motos Clsrk. Mr C clerlll, J K Call>id, J r red t'l'tnoita, J T 1 Clark, J no Cummluga. Jno Cai tar, Lt J B Call.ban, Jerome OENTLBMEK'8 LIST. H??k-H, W K Paddock, 8 Harr a, W H Tarker, Dr S I Mrineman, T ria?aauts. M P Uar. la-n, Tboa Tew all, Lt L W Haniln ?, Tb< a B A Polkaly, J H *1 Haian l< k, C Harklns, 9 U?rrl?, Kt?| hen Uouls. P C Ullletiy, J as Hi t Jot H Haysa, Juo L He ter, Lt J W Herbert, U W Hasklns, Geo B Hc<lgk(r:s. ?eo W Hsrlum. E Y ? fceiAei. Bugea* n.le, Kla*rl Haetlnss, E P Hor. eb . Gen E C Hittbluaoo, Cts E HI.'and, Bev T P Henalmw, C H Ukevm. J A Harding, Dr Chas A Blpley. MsJ B S Parker, J-a A Pat k, Jaa Patllam, Jbo W Ptrtar, Mai P J P nnner, P B Pratt, B B Pbllllpa, Edgar Phillips C L Parmalk, G M Pelblee. C Qce?ei bury, Wm Matlll, W 0 B ndolph, M W Blrhards, Wrr B Biggies, Wm I K beru, W H Hall, Kev B N Har. la^'i, B H Tads'l Ke aon Job ash, Dr W P Basel JarkeoD, .lame* Jcbneon, J as;ea E Jobneon, Ike L Jm ea. Cap! 0 W Jeek na, Payette Re-?ord, L L Bo'llss, Joebma Keh?, Julias Kay, Josias Kerere J W Beed. jamm B K. Mel', J 8 It bb reoa, J09 Kenebar, P htchmoud, CHI Jobuar.n, Ma.'EdWd Bay lea, W B J li'ie n, Alex Johneoa, Allied C Jobnsi n, A J Kluna, m Kirk, Jas T f King, Joeliua H Kaf'tr, J A Ki l?de. Jno J Kllijan, 1 u-'tuy Kearner, J> o K>?'.x, Joo C Kaneman. deo B Katuerer, O Keiaper, Epbralm I.lnebnrg. km U LrfMiuev. William I ore. ?' B Lamprey. T'l LIv!n*.t->n. B 8 BI erroJ, Dr Wm P Kmttb. W B H bn,ltb, Ber Thoa 8 arks, Tboa Si erman, 0 J Smlib. P H > Btarrett, PtattoB a Blmoae, M'cboiaa Merrns. Capt M I Bar i ell L W Btl 'kuey, Ol Jno B Heaturn, J W Heeler, Jco M Be tt, M - Jtmet 8 -Idon. Joe Sntli'rlan.l, J B Bnjder, Juo Floneburuer.JacibO Beymoor, H J I ontl.Niioiipb, M A Pandera, Hei.ry Ix>ng. L L Utcbfird, Jno Lsrkla*, Ju P Leinoln, Joe L>brand, Geo Dreli!it>rj. J T, A Co Lynch, Kdwaid Carlisle, Jas L Lea ia, K Clarke, John I ewta, E S C eineo'i, Jos M Lolir. Cbae Campbell, Henry R Lei ch, C Jao A Cnehin?c, O W Cambndc*. E H Cuuer, E K Crockett H H Dirrali, W E Dnlln, W T Do.'aon, Wni, Wm D'liigal, W H Dal-ney, 1 hi S 8 I>le(rick, B H Dtchard P L Dorssy, P M t'onnaa, N E Douoglme, ?. artin Dot online. Ilui *y D dsou, Jerob Donobue, Dawea, J K Dari-I, Jobn Dull, J J Dowulng, J U Don tall, Jos Davie, Aim K llott, ik m l.etriabaa, C'-real's I i-rinn, Battleto L'pphard, A H Mitchell, Lt Wm kliiltr, W H Mann, Wm (1 Mecbliar, W T Molier, V, Tli?? T Motley, lh?e ktdd et '.e. It M?rt'.u k Rcterts Maile. J Mi lo> ey. M Main, Mr Marrel. LaWI Martin, John MI nor, J uo Mluot, J M-aaole'tl. Joe Martin. Jas G Miner, Jas H Mayo, 0a.> N Murray, G -rdon Vartln, Geo II K monstoa. Col Jas Morgan, C*| t K E E we?. J H Euswo th. John Kag e Capt Heu'P Emlgh. A Piriiia h, Wm E Feiloss. W J F -lit. * aelilacton F'SSct, Sal \ a tore P-star, Mr Pitzgerabl, Jno Pooa, Jnn S Fal er, J U Francis Jno Fo ter. Gen H D Flaw ere, lieorge Fo^U, Fls''?r A <i?rduer, Wm ti G'liier, WaHer tillMon. Com'r O 9 Goalee, Capt Jas W Gross. Jos J Urs-, J. bn Miller, David 2 Ma'ab, D.n el Bunb'y, Prof G I t Y A Bteveca, 0*o A Bh luard.Dr Geoff Ba em, Pied W Blb.ey, Mej K S B ow,B L Beekoru, H H B snelder.Cli'iirlan Bpaldlag, Chaa bailtb, Dr A T J Btap'iens, Amasa S Bteveus, A % hiiaw, aaron T otaaon, Wm B Topplcc, W J TburL, Wenre Trnnne 1, Jnn A Turner, Ji uie* True.bull, J Thompson, J W Ti nna- II, Geo Tal'art, Oe > W Tr*?-ey, >dward Travere, Capt D U Towueerd, A M Trabera, A M T homaa, Thoa R I'mbei fleld, Jtto T Cnger. k C Vallei aiid, P O Van Morton, Wm Ward, Wm *1 lson, K'v Win Wh-eler, Wm C W.iiiams, la m I Whelan. Wa Wlleoii. T E McKlnetry A Brent Wurtblnglon.Tliof 1 McKlf esb, H >.rKii-ley, H W< ':iary. Jr-< W Mr Uev?t, Jno Mi K ill us, Jno Mrlntoeh, L H M. Du-ll, M F Grorty, Wm McMutr y, Wm arr, k H a Wlllett, B H Wti'kfleld BirbsrB Wajisaa, Bev A W'piiamsrn, Messrs Welali, M M W. od, M K W iiaiiibgenliurriy Wara?r, L A MrPh reon, Wm M Wadsworth, Jno W Hafiaalel*, W Mgbt, H J Neely, M?l Tl.os Kir holla. J A Neitiy, Giro Kjrtun, B A Oliver. Tlioe O (i'Toole, Lawrence O'Cuunell, Jehu Gelstlnaer Com'r D y*Xe||l J K G alwm, Dr A Goaa, Dr a F Galnee, k'aj A W Gnlon, Petwr C Harricgion, Wliltc trore A Co Hi fT'oan. W H tPNaal, Joo tlsborne Pr J i{ t) instead. D Oldham. C Perry, J G Parker, W T Wllllaa son, James Wbltmore, Tr Jos Warner, Jae H Wilroc, Jno W'slaer, J Knox Walker, J G W bltney, J O I W lerxbirkl, Jae WI nali w, J T Wllltsn.aoa.Jes E S W.Iu. Jne B Wise, J he H Wllaon, Henry Walker. Ue? H W'Liliatn, Bee Wlggla, B INITIALS?Minister frem New Grenada: Mlalster from Gn.iemala. Mlnlatar f oiu Vm>f?el?, Mlnle'er from 8 n 8?1 vadoi; Scribe Richland Encampment, No. ?, I. O O. F , Pbar iracnl't; C. D. ray 9) JAB O BEBRBT. P. M. Ij^ORSALE.-AUmtaV*"merchantable BRICKS on easy terms. may St-eolw F,I,VAN8 & THOMPSON, (State*) 3J6 lVnn. avenue, Adventures and explorations in Honduras, by William V. Weill, 1 vol.: Mapa and I llustratinnr. Squier's Notes on Centrnl Americ-o, 1 ro!., 8vo.; with Mnrr and llliistrat ions. Cullen's Isthmus of Darien Ship C nial, 1 vol., Ixu: don ; with Mitps. WillianiH' lsUiuiuB of Tehauntepcc, 1 vol. 8vo.; and Maps. , Gisborno's Darien Journal, 1 vol., London; with four Map*. Bard'rf Adventures on the Mosquito Shore, 1 vol.; with sixty engravings. Topographical Map of the Isthmus of Panama and Jlnrmn. Bynevor Terraoe, b> the author of Heir of RedclyfTe, 2 vols. Rev. Mr. Bellows' Address on Theatres. Ae. Bacon's Essays with Bishop What lay's Notes,1 vcl. 8vo. Travels in Europe.liy Rer. John E, Edwsrds. The Bible and the People, bv Miss Beeoher. may 31 1' RANCK TaS LOR. tPFm-f PEOPLE OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA AND ALEXANDRIA.- DR. A. M.TRAHKAM of Mainland, NJiURO ELEC TROPATHIC PHYSlClAX Who has coinpletetHus studies in the old and new school Colleges of Medicine, and who h.ia had twen ty years of successful practice*, hns taken rooms for consultation and trentment of all iong-standinK dis eases of whatever nature the* mat lie. No. Wl Sev enth street Maryland avenue, W ashington. Hours daily from 9 'till 6 o'clock, and from eight 'till eleven at night. He is th" only physician in the world that understands the philosophy and cure of Cancer or any of those malignant ulcers or tetters that the hu man Race are alHicted with. He has eared Spinal Diseases of 20 years' standing. Rheumatism o r ten years' standing, Nervous affections 12 years, D??nf ness ami Blindness of long standing. Lung and Throat Distases of the worst form without clipping the Uvula or cutting out the Tonsels. Ha treats all Female Complaints and all Chronic Disease*, Dropsy, Liver Diseases, Dyspepsia, Ac., Ac., with such suoooss that, often, his patients are astonished, as w*U as himself, at the result of his new mode of assisting nature 111 healing the diseases of mind and body. Call and sea htm aa both life and health may be preserved thereby. His examinations ol diseases are free of charge. A visit to his Consulting Rooms, therefore, will cost you nothiug. Hisassistsut. Dr. M. Hubbard, will visit fBiniliea at their residences in all acute forms of disease any where in the District. imy ao-st* Ladi es an dchi ldrens MERINO V EST. W e have on hand, a generai assortment of ia ?lies and Childrens Merinoand Ganze-merino Vest in low and high necks, lung and short sleave*. W. EGAN A SON, S?S Pa. bv,, south sida, bet. 6th and 7th sta. may 28 61 j^JACHINK SEWING. All kinds of aewing ex rented at short notioe MRS. TVSBOWSKl'S SEWING ROOMS, Ae. 433 SrVfHtk, brttcrtn 0 n*d H itrfit*. A line assortment of Indies' rvady-made LINEN and UNDER GARMENTS, in the latest style, kept constantly on hand. may ?-lm' vyall f STEPHENS. i " Wbolaaala DaiUarsaad Jobbers ip CLOTHS, CASSJMJSJKES, AND TSSTJH9S9\i WANTS i YOUNG LADY wU" i? ? IW maker, and can ?lo nil kinds o| vtibMi^iluft'ion tn travel vilhal4>l|. AiMrfM Box No^ this olfice. finy"*'?* \1TANTF.D TO IM RCII ASF..-A gen'Umsa 4?. n urn Ia purcl?w> (iir kit own uir. NEGROES in fani.!ies. for a hom be will ?ivf ? fitir pii??. It* llOM Mot Wt*h SeivaulS of the description sold l<? trfd?ri on ncomiii of faults. Any one fin vine inita l?lr Negroes fur sale may apply to Editor of tl.e Star for further niformatn>n._ ' mm g-tf ANTED.-A BARKEEPER AT LLOYD'S I'luoii Hotel, lie muil wnt# well reeomrn? n1 mar I* ) w WANTED.?A good CAKE HAKF.R JAM ES FKASIER. may ? *tt corner of F and tSth stroe's. Wanted.-a colored woman, who can bring latufsctory testimonials of character, an House Ser.ant. Apply at JV5 north C. I>etwe?;iid ? ml <H streets. nt?T 5* 31 PARTNER WANTED.?Tk*advertiserbruc a cash capital of from *1,5?? to #2.en wt*li?s t* invest it in a business ilrftinv established. B??t rel erenoes an to character and capacity. Addr*?? a S.. through City Post Office. n?? 7? 51* ANTED IMMEDIATELY.- A G ?M? H COACHMAN, alio can come we' re^on, mended. Inquire at First Ward Livery S'ahle tf I. \ KKAtFVKW. A tent. inay 23 311 W'ANTED.-A HOLt*F. SERVANT, at \?. X v ? Delaware avenue, near North Capitol Gate. _may IMIT HT ANTED.?One" Ifliil mnafOLO RttT y> TLES. Apply to ARN\ A SHINN. I won B"ttlemK Depot. 57 Green street. Georgetown, may '25-lw SERVANTS WANTED. -piNING ROOM ^ \V A ITER? and BOYS wantedat WILLARD8' HOTEL. Also, an intelligent WOMAN to take charge of a Store room. ^ jna> 1R-2w WANTED TO IM ROAM-A ? R 1 C K '? DWELLING. containing J nr i rnom?, ai.<t worth from S2.W to al>out ? *.'<(*>. I f fcrst ps^U-ii fjj" in cash, and th? l?elance in annual in?Hin?nt? Al'o, For Sale?On cna* t* rtna, tw? 'Vstral> >*" BRICK DWEl. LINGS, each located rit. wtw > squares of the Patent Orti -e. One of th"fW *a l?t bousht bv paj ins $l,?*t in cash. and th? bnli#? u> I . half yearly instalments. roi.l.ARD WEBB. in?) 14 tf No. 512ud story )7th street. WANTED?^t 3 7 Penn. ?v?n*?, e??nfh side, corner of <Hh street. a CIIAM BER M\ 11) an | WAITER. The waiter a Inn of fiom lh to 13 yosrs of ace. Both must l>e able to bring mtiafoct?irv r?*c ommendations. mar 14 tf AJfUSEKEKTS. Anni al EXCURSION or THE Young Catholic s Friend Society. OF ALEX A XD HI A. The steamer Glop-ir Washington will ,ea -v Alexandria for the WHITE HOt SE at 7 and W o'clock a. m. and.', P m., and the White Houa* for Alexandria1 nt Sttnd CJi p. nt..on MON DAV n?x 1.1 he l?t of J nn? Fartnni in WaalniUkt<>n im> I Georgetown pnrchaa tn? tickets will tai?- the Th -maa CoUaer F??- Alex anuria,arrans^mert* ha^ inc l???n timle to b*ks them on that lx>at by e*hit>itinc their ticketa. Th? ejcttr aion Ioit will ooivey tli>;4e wli?? remain uatil o'alook to WnotnnKton. Tickets ft>r a gentleman and lady #1: for a lady >? c?nta; for a servant or child 25 centa. F?r e?le Itj 1. William Bowling. Alexandria; J. F. Ellis' Pian^ Store, Washington;and J.J^. Ki<lwell, Georgetown. Fjcmtire Geor?e W. Brent, Richard L. Came. Jr.. John T. HiM. may ? at LOST AHD FOUND. I OST.?On Penn. avenue or 15th street, lietwcen J.J I'otoiitit i"a ai d DoUKic.a'a ?;re?r-l,.?ufc a >>>i -? .kin PI" RSE, *-ith steel clasp and a atnaii ptec? f chein attached, containing al?>ut in rold. A M erai raward will be paid for the purae and nowt*n?.. j| laP at thia office. i-tarS^jt* \LL PERSONS ARE W AR N ED A'. AI NS I caching or negotiating the following ?leacril>cd draft, aa the rame h?a been l?mt or m>sUi<l by us Drawn in N?*w York, at Mght. on Snter. l^.i A Co., Waahmrtoa. in favor of Leland A Co., for #>w. endarao<l by l.eland A Co., White, Morns A Co.. apl Keller A McKenney. The name of the drawer not remembered. m?>?-3t? KELI.ER A M-KENNI'V. 0,1A R E W A R D.? Lost, thia morning, aion* Penney Ivama aveniia. ?<etween (??w>rget"r-i and the National Hotel, one %y>t?li Dominion no'f. (new laatie.) ?13 C<>rporation of Georgetown, ar-| m Northern money. Any pereon hixlitic th? nimaad leaviiu; it at Getty A William*, or at this ofiioe, will receive the reward, if d?*aired. mm? i5> -3f 1j*IVE DOLLARS REWARD.?Strayed a.n from the subscriber on the 14tii .???rant ?Tf -M a small white and red COW, (dry ? with a I 'ack strap around her horra. I will girt Amm the above reward if returne*) to No. 571, c'n.ei of Penn. avenue and l?t atreot Capital Hill. rnav ^-3f H. H. McPHERSON. Jr. CAME TO THE PREMISES of the subscriber, residing on the comer of 7tii and <? atreeta, r. stray COW with calf. Persona nk^ owning the same la requeated to o>>me for Asms ward,prove property , pat take her i*?. mar a 3t^ MICHAEL HOOVER. LOST OR STOLEN ? From the po?seasion oj the Hon. Francis S. Edwards, at the Washirir ton House in the cit* of Waahinrton, on or a,?>nt tfce 10th ?la\ of Februarv.1R.9T. LAND WARRAN T No. 5U3J, dated December 24th. IttSfi. 8akI Warrant waa issued to Eara Reed, under tlie act of M?reh, 1R5S. All per?ons are h?reby watjosxlKaiMtne gotiatina said Warrant as p?<*e<Jings ha\ e liaen in stituted by t&ehoider, Eara Heed, to cnnoel thessms. ap3f?-6w l./.R A REED ' BOARDING. MRS. RKILV. No. iw N>* I.r.-J imtf. Capitol iiill.has several PLEASANT RO(?M? which she would l?e pleaded to Rent to permanent?f transient Boarders. TABLE BOARDERSean e sccommadated. mar 3' eo3" BOAR D.?Two gentlemen can obtain a conforta ble room with BOA R1). in a private fa-m*. at No. 4"7 iyh atreet. between atulH. mav > * ONE LARGE AIRY room a:-d ?neg'vxi sued ample room, funnahed or unfunushed f?>r rent. The house has a large yard, making the situs tion doFiralle for a famil) with children. BOARD furnished if desired. Apply to No. 4??2 l?th street, between D and E. mas SM* Mrs. bates, at her boarding hoi SE, on the southeast corner of Pe^n.. Avenue and 9th street, has made arrangements accommodate a large nuin(>ero( strai gers with Mes ? at any time throughout the dav, and Lodgings, mar 3 FOR EEHT AND SALE. P^OR SALE.?Two ime Bl'ILDTNG LOTS.? uated on the corner of lath and south D street*. Island, fronting respeetivelr ?5f-et aixl T1 fe? t on !? street, with a depth of loe f.'ct. Term- ? t*ne-?. ir* ? ?ah: balance in 1 ,J. arxl 3 years. Apply to EL VAN* A- THOMPSON, 3* Penn. avenue, maj 30-6t < State..> _ fj^OR RENT.?Two large PARI ''K ROOMS. T? o gentlemen wieiniig to r<M>m '?> tether would find it a pleasant sumiaor arrri.gei er.v No^SW 10 atreet, near 10th. mav 2t* Ft)R RENT.?One of the l>e?r STANDS Retail Grocer* on the Island. Applv to MATTINGLY, F street south, Washington. may 2R lw F<?R RENT.?An OFFICE. suitaToe far a fc--t class lawyer, in the iiiunediate vicit it) oi City Hall. tlAls?v several newly Furnished ROOMS, v itii BO A R D or without. No children in ihe i>< {?reference given to a part* of triend* >' t?r l< i? 1 ?er, without children. Apply at 43*> D street."' square from City Hall. Gaa and Bath in the H>?ii?e. may 2H 3t * Ij^OR SALE.?That l<eautifi:l, c*-tiifortat''e ' tage built DWELLING HOI SE situat.M <?/ tiie corner of atreet ?-eat and E street r .rtl The Lot fronts SO feet by 13' deep. The Finn"1 will be aolti with the House if wan'ed. The .??a' is delightful either for a summer or winter restd-i cp. Apply to P(?LI.ARD WEBB. Agent. .No. Ml -J storv I 7th street. ms? . l*OK SAI.fc.-Two Kr7mE H< M SKS. mIm?' I on P. ? s-l ? ? " 1^ v/o. 5>ni.t,,-| wo KKAME HOI SES. Mtuat-a I.. on Capitol Hill, containing four r?H>iii? eaca with a Let 118 feet deep, running back to a ?' fe* alle*. Title indisputable. Will be wM raaaoiiaUe. as the owner is ahout to leave theeit*. Inquire >t JOHN DWYER.on 2d atreet east, bet ween t sis. D streets north, or at the Marble Yard. Capito hi . tnoaion. ma* ft FOR RENT.-A ?ery desirable F R V ? K i DWELLING on West atre?.t.GeorKetown, If 1 tween High and Congress, next door to 'be Re* I ; Booock's. For further particulars apply to HI > * ' BAR RON. at the CoaIand W.k?1 Yard of By ? and Stover, Green street, Georgetown, may a> * FOX A VAN HOOK, Rkal Estate Aos>J-. 49t .'i Seventh street, aliove D street, have l?r aale a fsirgain. that venr desirable an I pleasam - situated two atorv FRAME IlOl SE ?it' I1"" inent, on south A street, 6'tween 2d *nJ *! Capitol Hill, containing Gas and Water F *' "? Bath House. Furnaet', Ar. Also, a S*.il?le. t arns?s House. Sheds for coal aud w??od. together wi'f ' " large Lot ooatsiinn* about 75 w feet, t?stefu..? ,:1 >ut, with Iron Railing in front. , , g.T Also, the Uree-st.^y BRICK HOI SEand LOT wrnerof Pennsylvania avenue and south A street Both of these properties are included is toe einp'ated extension of the Capitol Grouads,anu "i rer a favorable opportunity for investments. may w LK PIECES RICH AND t?L<?SSY BL'K -I CO Iroin Rl op Black Crape Mitts Plain Rerefeaand Rer?fe Rolies WM. R. RILEY.e?.merRth-?.. may 29?tw oppoeite Centre Mark*1 AIJ. THE MAGAZINES. PF.RW>I>K !\ Pa?ara.*c^onnl?ehadattheB?K>kaadSistu? ry Btoww t mj n r etoueoN, m ^