Newspaper of Evening Star, May 30, 1857, Page 5

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 30, 1857 Page 5
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L PC A L INTELLIGENCE. Tbe Election of Monday next is naturally the absorbing topic of the day- We advise our friends to keep cool, "vote early," and especially to rote the Union ticket. It requires only a de termined effort to nut each branch of the city government in the right hands. Below we give for the information of our read ers a list of tne rating places, and also of the can didates : Places or Holding the Elect low. First Ward ? First Precinct?Corner of Eigh teenth and H streets. Second Precinct?Corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Twentieth street. Second Ward ?First Precinct?Massachusetts avenue. between Twelfth and Thirteenth streets. Second Precinct?Corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Twelfth street Tktrd Ward ?Plrat Precinct?Seventh street, between New York avenue and L street. Second Precinct?Corner of F and Ninth streets. Fourth Ward ? First Precinct?Seventh street, between I street and Massachusetts avenue. Sec ond Precinct?At the City Hall. Fifth Ward?First Preciuct?Corner of Astreet south and Third street east. Second Precinct? Corner of Pennsylvania avenue and First street east Sixth Ward?First Precinct?Truck house of American Hook and Ladder Company. Eighth stieet, between F and O streets. Second Pro duct?Anacostia engine house. Seventh Ward.?First Precinct?Seventh street, one door south of Maryland avenue. Second Pre cinct?At Island Hall. The polls will he opened at 7 o'clock a in and close at 7 p. m. The Candidates. Union. | American, For Collector. James F Haliday, | William Dixon. For RigisUr. William Morgan, jSamnel E Douglass, For Surveyor William Forsyth, |R Finley Hunt, first WARD. Alderman. George VV Riggs, Council. John B Turton, Charles Abert, Robert A. Waters, IICOSD Alderman Dr Thomas Miller, Council. Thomas J. Fisher, Ferdinand Jefferson, William Orme, 'W'lir. George T. Stewart, T HI ED Alderman. Thomas Donoho, Council. Lambert Tree, J. F. Brown, Christopher S. O'llare, [Nocandidates ] WARD. Alderman. [No candidate ) Council. Franklin Little, Daniel S. Harkness, James Goddard, j4.1je.t50r. [No candidate ] WARD. Aldermen. Jonathan T. Walker, Council. Joseph F Hodgson, fohn G. Robinson, John W. Simins, Alderman. John II Goddard, Council. Elijah F.dmonston, James A. Kennedy, Richard H. Clark', Assessor. Thomas W. Burch. fifth Alderman. Edmund Barry. Council. Dr. Wm F. Wallace, E. F. French. William A. Mulloy, SIXTH Alderman. Aaron W. Miller, Council. Thomas Altemus. Thomas Champion. J a* W. Robinson, Assessor. John Russell, FOURTH WARD. Alderman. Matthew G. Emery, Council. John T. Clements, John Ball. William J. Martin, Assessor. William Douglas*. WARD. Alderman. Alinon Baldwin, Council. Jno. Bohlaver, E. G. Handy, W. P. Ferguson, ward. Alderman. Robert Clarke. Council. | James A. Gordon. Wm. E. Hutchinson, James Crandell, Edward Wason Alderman. Wm. O. Flood. Council Samuel Pum7>hrey, John T. Casseli, John T. Bradlev, SEVENTH ward. Alderman. John L Smith. C ouncil. Thos. E. I.lovd, Chas. A. Poulton, Robt. T. Knight, The Republican Ticeet. For Collector?Lewis Clephane. For Register?II.J. Schreiner. For Surveyor?W. W. DeMaine. Independent Candidates. For Council in the First Ward?Wm. H For rest, John W. Easby. Serond Ward?For Alderman, Wm. A. Boss; Asmrssor, James W. Barker. The Anti-Know Nothings of the Seventh Ward rallied last night in numbers?despite the mud?at their rendezvous, corner of Maryland av enue and Seventh street. Esputa's cornet band opened the programme with a beautiful composition of Esputa's owu? "The Katie Stelle Polka." Robert Ould. Esq., of Georgetown, was called to the stand, and he proceeded with characteristic vigor and no little humor to rap Know-Nothing ism over the knuckles for its sins and blunders, past and present. In reference to the impudent {?retensioo of exclusive Americanism put forth by he Know Nothings he claimed that the only true American party in this country is that which has jjiven to us the ric h pastures of Texas ; the gold en sands of California; the undisputed possession of the broad extent of territory which reaches from the shores of the Atlantic to the Pacific; and has spread the fame of our national banner over the whole world Mr. Ould, in conclusion, urged the voters of ^he Seventh Ward to com * out in their strength on Monday next, and put the finishing sod on the grave of Know Nothinglsni. Mr J amps F Haliday then took the stand, and In nome animated remarks urged the duty of all good citizens to crush forever the discordant in fluences which for three years past have been the fruitful cause of political and personal discord. He did not wish to say anything to disparage the gentlemen who had been chosen by the opposite party to carry on the business of the city, but they had been tried and found wanting, and the affairs of the Corporation were in a situation de manding an immediate and efiective change of policy Mr H A. Cook, of Mississippi, then took the stand, and Sam*' got another mauling in his hands, especially in view of that worthy s man agement of the National Monument. He was succeeded by Major Flood, who in the courseof his remarks repelled, with no littlevigor and indignation, the charge made against him of being a Mormon, and similar malicious accusa tions. E B. Robinson. Esq , then came foiward and administered a scorching rebuke to tbe unman nerly opponents of the meeting who had under taken to interrupt it in its discussion of public principle* I'pon the conclusion of Mr. Robinson's remarks the meeting adjourned In the best of spirits for the election of Monday. Rivee Matters ?The gilling operations are nearly all suspended for the season. The total S?ie ^-ripts of fish at the steamboat wharf were three of shad, brought up by the Thos. Collver. Arrived at Riley's wharf schooner William Spear, Cspt Jon-s. from Port Walthill, with 110 tons of coal for th>- Washington Gas Company. At Magtuder A Stone's wharf schooner A" V. Bedel, (Mott Bedel line,)Capt. E H Ryder, Ave days Croat .New Yo.k. with the following con signments: To E E. WhiteA Co.. 17 bags coffee; Poulus Tyson, -ju bbls cement. lUbbls piaster; R W Geyer, 1 box mdze; Jus L Savage 2 casks 4 bbls mdze; C S. Fowler, 1 box, 2 bbls, 2 pkgs ruls, '/ D Gilman. 9 boxes Kinpire water; ampbell A Coyle, iru bars iron, 2 cases steel; E Green, C bdts chairs; Naval Store Keeper. 79 kegs rivets; C Stott. tt bbls mdze; Messrs. Kirkwood, 6 bkts champagne. % pipe brandy; Jackson A Bro . 1 case 4 boxes mat caroni and vermicelli; J. II Buthman. 'M cases wine; Miller A. Coates, 47 casks tiles; Peter Dormos. househould furniture; , curbstones For Georgetown?J. Y. Wa tegs A Co , 235 bbls herring*; R S. T. Clssell, l ru-k linseed oil: A A S., It bbls mdze. Several other articles were taken on board after clearance, of which there are no bills of lading. The Conteact Awarded.?'Yesterday after noon the joint committee of the Councils met at the otfice of John L. Smith, Esq., to dispose of tbe proposals for constructing the new work bouse ai.d asylum The committee after a mature consideration of the bids, unanimously agreed ii|<on the pro|>osal of E Bird A Co.. they offering to build the asy lum, actordtug to the plan, for i.'MXI). Jiwt ten dollars I**s than the architect's estimale The competency of the persons selected Wrtl hardly l?e questioned by any citizen of Washing ton; they are well known as skilful and experi enced mechanics. ?? Sieth District Police Matters ? Befor* Justice Cull ?John Sweeuey was brought up to answer a charge of threats of violence towards Mrs Craig ; gave security. Mrs. Craig appeared to answer a charge of threat to burn the property of John Sweeney; security to keep t&e peace W m Barton came up to answer for an assault and battery on Ellen Leinmon ; security to appear at next term of the Criminal Court. The Yocng Catholic's Friend Societt of Alexandria, with the Sunday school attached to St Mary's church, will make an excursion to the W hite House on Monday next, the steamer Geo. Washington making three trips on the occasion. The season Is just at tbe most delightful period for such excursions, and this one, we have no doubt, will be largely attended. To-day tbe first stone of the new Belgian pave ment was laid In the avenue square, opposite the market house, at tbe intersection of deventh street. Cestui Market ?Prices to-day : Beef, per lb IQuMc Corn,ear,pr bush. Wt i.or* 12a 15. Beans, pr bush.... #2 Mutton l'ial!*! Rye, pr bush 75 * * Oats ?5a75 Meal ?. 95a* I jliorts .*?*? .#??? 30 Shipstuffs GGabt) Roll butter 31aJ7 Phil'a print 40 Eggs, per dot.... Iflal8 Lettuce, pr head.. 4al2 peck 25 Kale, pr pk 13a25 Asparagus, bunch 8 Onions, bunch.... 3 25a37 Bermuda Potatoes 91 Lemons, per doz.. 12a25 Cabbage sprts, pk 25 Radishes, bunch. 3a? Green peas, pr pk 50a75 strawberries, qt. 31a75 Lamb, prqr 25! Hausage, prlb.... 12w ft 15a 18 Beef tongues 75a?l Calve# heads,each 25 Bacon 15al<J Shoulders 12a 14 pieces .... 14a16 Dried beef 17al8 Chickens, pr pair. 75 Red terrapin, each 25a75 Corned salmon... 15 Turkeys Sl.75a2.33 Herring, per do*.. 20a31 Terrapins, each... 37aS7 Irish potatoes, pk. 50 Apple*, peck SI Dried Apples, pk. SI Corn, pr bush.... 90afl In the fish market, shad, per pair. 37a50r ; he' ring, bunch, 18a20c ; rock,buncb,T7c.: large rock each. SI 50a2 50; sturgeon, each, SI 5oa2 Der cut' 12Ka50c.; halibut, per lb.. 15c ' ^ ' Hay, per cwt., Si 25al 40; straw, per cwt., S4. Attempt at Blackmailing?We have the following from Justice Donn : Editor Star: Annexed you Lave the copy of a 2 re?Yed b>'.tb' keeP" ot exchange office in this city ask its insertion in your ctf umn; inorp particularly as my name and office ? ."tiff. ? "A st4e holder Who the per son is that lias the audacity to make such an in famous proposition. and endeavor, at least con v!,r.Ui V^yf\ f?. lcon"ec,t me with it, I know not, but I hope that he may be found out and receive his just aeseits. It Is scarcely necessary for me to disclaim ac knowledge further of the matter, as the conspira !h7il!r?Ir ?!" < lfd on n,r as Vet for ,h** money, the letter having been shown me by the gentle man receiving it. of which I took a copy which d-?,Ili,'i,J? ?he mine of tbeVkcba.ige br ker?the name of the attorney was omitted in the original. Respectfully, TnoMAs'C. Donn, J P. Washington, May 28, 1857. . : Sir?-This is to Inform you that there lias been placed iu my hands ten lottery tickets purchased of you or your agent a week ago I ain instructed to sav to you that nnless you will pay the party S50. You can leave it at the office of Justice Doon. and the tickets will be returned through the post office; If not, the tickets will g,? to the grand jury. Plaintiff's Attorney Mat FEsTiVAL.-s-The Female Department of Miss Mary P. Middleton'n School (First District) held a charming May Festival at Temperace Hall last night. The sweet little May Uueen, Miss Fanny Middleton, was crowned and en throned by as graceful and loyal a band of sub jects as sovereign need wish for. They performed their several parts as The Seasons. Flbwers, Dew Drops. Zephyrs, Wood Nymphs, Ac . very pleas ingly interspersed with song*, showing good cul tivation of the voice, and iit which we recog nized the results of the piactlcal labor of their music teacher. Mr. Daniel. After the coronation ceremonies, the little girls descended from the platform and entered upon some lively sports, and all seemed supremely happy, as did the spectators also in sympathy. The Louisville Firemen, with the delega tions from Baltimore, were yesterday escorted"to the various places of interest in the city. On re turning to Columbia Hall a line dinner was served up by Simpson ; a speech was delivered by Jas A. Brown, Ksg , vice president of the Columbia, and responded to by the Foreman of the Louis ville company and the President of the Pioneer Hook and Ladder Company of Baltimore Mrs Pendleton M as serenaded last night by the itor mu^c Accompanying the"vis This morning the visiting hremen were escort ed to the railroad depot by the Columbia Fi e Company, and departed in the o'clock train upon their return tiome. Disturbing a Public Meeting.?Last night, a number of persons were engaged in disturbing the Seventh \\ ard anti-Know Nothing meeting, by using improper language, contradicting the speakers. Ac., See. The police and guarefs ar rested a young man named Win. Smith, who was amoag this noisy party, and took him to the guard house On his way there his friends ral lied and attempted a rescue; stones were thrown at the officers, and a general row was anticipated, bjit the officers held their prisoner and secured him. A young man who gave his name as Frank lin Parker. was arrested with a stone in his hand and taken to the guard house. Justice Goduard eld both to bail for Court and to keep the peace. The Bible Society .?At the adjourned annual meeting of the Bible Society the following cfficers for the ensuing year were elected : John P Ingle, President. Revs. G. D Cummins. J c. Smith, DD..PD Gurley, IXD., Win. Krebs, 3. P. Hill, J. G. But ler, \ ice Presidents. Mitchel H. Miller. Secretary. Michael Nourse. Treasurer. nG<? f Abbot, Jas N Davis, A L. Edwards. Dr. R Johnson. A Roth well, Ulysses Ward Le ouidas Coyle. Jas L Edwards, Thos K Gray, ,Jf. *? Earned, 1 realty Simpson. A. N. Zev elv, Directors. . Circuit Court.?The Court yesterday dis missed the case of Van Camp vs. Jenkins, find ing no evidence against the accused to justify his further detention in custody. Tliis morning the case of Ed. Locket, Jas. G. Berret and II. D. Johnson vs. W. L. Marcy and John Pemberton, liquidators for the New Orleans .Merchants Insurance Company, was resumed Mr Bradley was addressing the Court on the part of the complainants when this report closed. Coirt of Claims ?Present Judges Blackford and Scarburgb. Mr. Johnson resumed and concluded the clos ing argument for the claimant iu the case of J kssr,br<"r <? The Court then adjourned until Monday at 11 cXa fir toSg "* 'aW dock" wi" Marketing for the Corporation?The ln tendant of the Asylum had to provide, in his pur chases at market this morning, for 47 occupants the department and 42 prisoners In That was a delightful serenade, performed by Band. In our neighborhood somewhere about 3 o dock this morning. Such harmony heavenly'indeed''6 -nses, wi ^nt good bye ere leaving Washington. The " buck horn chair ' remains In the East Room The schooner Columbus, Captain Holland was capsizedbva squall, ye,terday just ashore "d,ia- Tiie crew all got "safrly Real Estate Operations ?Yesterday, A Green sold at auction Lot No *0, in squared, to ? T. ^ymour. at 9 Jg cts. per square foot. Watch Returns.?Patrick Branner, drunk securItyandcost, SL44 John Smith, vagrant workhouse .% dtys. W Smith and Franklin Packer, riot; security for court and to k*>ep the peace- Jfba Delvin, drunk ; workhouse *1 days. John I rederii k, dp.j do. John Iluffcrin*, va grant, do ' W HY IS Kmrich, Jith street, able to sell letter Lager than othersi Lc1h> answers tcKy! It* Our Friend Hammace has added to his stock of Malt Liquors the best Phiiadslph,a La<er Beer. Oivs him a call. No. Penn. avenue. if To THE ClTlRXNS o? WASHIXOTON.-S.nOe my nomination f,,r the responsiWe olfice of Register of the City ol ashinjton. reports have l?eri circula ted injurious to my character; and with an abidm* eouhdenoe in the sense of justice of my fellow-oiti ^'rom ? ??M. Morgan. ,r ' he u)nderB,Kne<l. composing the firm of Geo. an.l rbos. 1 arker & Co. having heard reports calculated to injure the stai.diuic and charaoter of Mr. Montan who is now in our employinent and a candidate for Vf "???'?'?'. he* leave to say ? we %.! - sider linn trustworthy in ever* respect and well .-j?i culated to til J the othce with credit, and herubv rt-c ^imend ium t,, our fellow c.t.z??4 for the.?3Up most cheerfully support him i..r our ci't*0* h*,MfVIU? ^ 'or the interest of '* L',ko- Farber, Mavan if-.7 Thos. Parker, _ " Jos. B. Bryan. MKlXvt*,pCI " the Uf"t evidence of Madame ?Mounts C??suniption Destroyer. teiroviatsir. ?t&P*"T dence reeomuMod it to everytwil* ^.rt*lth conh" ooughs or oousuiuption. everjrU,d* p"!?''J* *,lh , . , -\?-,a6 Chesnut street, Phil ad. I have useil in mj family Mrs Mnuht'. c, tlon Destroyer, and can testify to its I'tfinl of severe elds! It is equal, if no uo?.? /V Ca"e purpose* ?f the k'nd 1 liaV# purpose. Hev< Robb Thisisto oertify that I was well acquainted with Mrs. Mount ^hile she was sutferuiK with the con sumption, and know this Syrup to be the re 11?^J tliat effected her aure. Rev. James Hanson ^Residence, G street, between 11th and 12th, No. For Mle in Georgetown at F. A. Newman's shoo No- 'treet, south side, between Congress and HiKh streets. may 8-1 m MiHKIED, 38th instant, by the Rev. Dr. Hall, Candidates for City Offices. T AMERICANS! O lie, ?r not to be. a power in the State:?that is the question. Whether the voice of the Foreigner or that of the Native !*?rn sons of the soil shall pre vail in tiie National Metropolis, is worthy of >our most serious consideration. Then, once more, dear friends, onee more appear in your moral as well as your political strength at the Second Ward polls on Monday morning next, where the American Ticket will he on hand. Come early,and vote early, as your names are all registered. SECOND WARD. AMERICAN TICKET. For Collector WILLIAM DIXON. For Register 9AML. K. DOUGLASS. For Surveyor R. FINLEY HUNT. For Alderman For Common Council-DAN'L. S. HARKNESS. JAMES GODDARD. FRANKLIN LITTLE. For Assessor JAMES W. BARKER. It* JJEPUBLICAN TICKET. For Collector LEWIS CLEPHANE. For Register H. J. 8CHRBINER. For Surveyor W. W. DeMAINE. For Alderman * ? * ? For Common Council * * * * 2t* EDITOR OF STAR.?Please announce the name of Mr. JOHN W. EASRY as a suitable person to represent the First Ward in the Board of Com mun Council. may 29-2t * JAMES W. BARKER is presented as a Candi date for the Assessor of the Second Ward, by may 27 4t* THE VOTERS. American nominations. GE\ERAI. TICKET. For Collector WILLIAM DIXON. For Register SAMUEL E. DOUGLASS. For Surrey or R. FIN LEY HUNT. may 27-5t* American nominations. THIRD WARD. For Alderman?JONATHAN T. WALKER. For Common Conncil?JOHN G. ROBINSON, JOSEPH F. HODGSON. JOHN W. SIMMS. may 27-4t* WA. BOSS is presented to the voters of the ? Second Ward as an independent Candidate for Alderman at the ensuing election. may 13-tf Municipal Election Notices. Election notice.-first ward. The Voters ol the First Precinct, First Ward, are hereby notified that an election will lie hold on MONDAY next, the 1st of June, at the corner of lath and H streets, for Register, Collector, and Sur veyor,and for one member <>rthe Board of Aldermen and three memliers of the Board of Common Coun cil. Polls open 7 o'clock a. m., and c'ose at 7 o'clock p.m. DANIEL SERRIN, JOHN GERMAN. TERENCEDRURY, may 2fi-td Commissioners. FMRST WARD.-SECOND PR ECI NTT. ELECTION NOTICE. I Notice is hereby given that an election will lie held in the atiove Precinct on MONDAY, the 1st of June, at the house ot Mr. Samuel Stott, on the corner of I Pennsylvania avenue and Twentieth street, south i side, for Register, Collector, and Surveyor of the I citv.and for one member of the Board of Aldermen, and three members of the Board ?1 Common Coun- , oil. to reposent said Ward, The polls will l>e open at 7 o'clock a. m.nnd close at 7 o'clock p. m. H. R. WRIGHT. JOHN B. HI NFS, A W. DEN HAM. mar 25-td Commissioners. hTrD WARD.-SECOND PRECINCT. ELECTION NOTICE. Notice is hereby given that an election will lie held on MONDAY, the 1st of June next, at the north eastern corner of F street north and Ninth street west, in the Second Precinct of the Thir l Ward, (embracing all that portion of said Ward south of H street north.) for Register. Collector, and Surveyor of the ci'y. anil for one member of the Board of Al dermen, and three iiiembersof the Board of Common Council for said Ward, in conformity to the provis ions of the charter of the city of Washington. The polls will lie opened at 7 o'clock a. in. ami cloned at 7 o'clock p. ni. JOS. W. DAVIS, THOMAS RICH, may 2>-td Commissioners. I FOURTH WARD-FIRST PRECINCT. 4 ELECTION NOTICE. Notice is hereby given that an election will be held at Appleby's shop, on 7th street, between I street and Massachusetts avenue, on the 1st of June next, fora Collector of Taxes. Register, and Surveyor, and for one member of the Hoard of Aldermen, three members of the Board of Common Council, and an Assessor for said Ward. The polls will lie opened at 7 o'clock a. m., and closed at 7 p. m. J AMES H. BOSS, FREDERICK IDD1NS, ROBERT ISRAEL, may25-td Cojnniiwsioners. TVJOTICE. ? WASHINGTON CITY MUNICI Isl PAL ELECTION to I* held June 1st. 1*57. The Polls of the First Precinct of t lie Sixth Ward will be held at the Truck-house of the American Hook and Ladder Company on Eighth between F and l> streets east. GEORGE BROWN, EDW'D EVANS, Ju., C. II. GORDON, may 25-dlw Commissioners. SEVENTH WARD.?FIRST PRECINCT. Notice is hereby given, that an eleetihn for Col lector, Register, and Surveyor, ami for one memlier ot the Board of Aldermen and three members of the Board of Corarnon Council, will !>e held for the First Precinct of The Seventh Ward, at Island Hall, on MONDAY, June 1. Polls open at 7 a. m., and close at 7 p.m. B. S. KINSEY, T. H. BARRON. JAMES E. JOHNSON, may 26- Commissioners. PARASOLS, all sizes and qua l 3,ik?i yards choice styles and fast colored Lawns,! "at 12 c';nts Figured and Swiss Muslins Plaid Muslins and Cambrics. WM. R. RILEY, cor.8th street, may 29-2w opposite Centre Market. f GENTLEMEN'S UNDER WEAR FOR THE I SPRING AND SUMMER.?We have now on hand, a large assortment of Silk, Merino, Lile Thread, Gauze Merino, Cotton N'ctt,, and Twilled Cotton SHIRTS and DRAWERS. Also, Black and Fancy Silk Neck Tie*. Silk and Linen Handkerkerchiefs, Gloves, and Half Hone at very low prices. W. Eli AN A SON, 32J Pa. av., south side, Ik-t. tit it and 7th sts. may 29-iit N(>7~:i2 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. BE TWEEN NINTH AND TEN I'll, STS.?SOLE LEATHER TRAVELING] TRUNKS.?Our wareroorn is now tilled with a large and choice selection of TRUNKS of every description, such as line Sole Leather Steel Spring and Ladies French Dress Trunk. Hat Boxes, \nlices, Carpet Ba^s, and Packing Trunks of all sizes. We respectfully solicit a call from the traveling public at tne old stand, 2J2 Pennsylvania avenue, be tween Ninth nnd Tenth streets, may 21 (Intel,States) WALL A STEPHENS. SANDFORD'S New Self-Purifying and Ventilating ARCTIC REFRIGERATOR. Patented November 13/h. IS-Vi. After many years experience in manfacturing Re frigerators. we can with confinderica recorn- Qgd mend this one as lieing the t*est and moat conveniently constructed for cooling and j preserving Meats, Milk, Butter, Fruit,! WINES,sc. All of the compartments are' guaranteed dry, consequently free from mould, moisture and impure odur,and will keep the viands placed in them in a better and harder condition than in any other refrigerator now before the public. CORTLAN A CO., No. 134 Baltimore street, Baltmore. Owners of riicht for Maryland. District of Colum bia, Virginia, North and South Carolina. For sale by C. WOODWARD, Washington.D. C. N. B. I have other kinds of Refrigefators at my House Furnishing Wareroom. 3IH Penn. avenue,be tween loth and Uth streets. Balconv in front full of Coods. C. WOODWARD, may 29-6t (IutA Union) I7*OR SALE.?A family of young nnd valuable NEGROES. The fami'v consists of am it her ^2 years ; one Girl 5, and one 3 > ears of age, and a Bov ii months. All tine and healthy. They will be sold a bargain to a catholic family in this city or St. Mary 's county. Apply to GEO. MATTINGLY, F street south, Washington. may 2H-lw NOTICE.?Of all the branches of business con ducted in tins citj.GROCERI ES, per haps of all others, afford the smallest pio-O tits, nnd should have the preference lor cash,( and no one in that business can continue il his customers are not prompt in settlement liy short notes or cash. Desirous o| closins up all outstand ing accounts, I earnestly request all Who are indebt ed to me to call and settle without delay. I further give notice that al I future bills which may be contracted with ine must lie made with reference to, and with thedistmct understanding that they are to tie closed monthly by cash, or notes at 30 days.ex cept such of my old customers who have always been prompt. H. II. VOSS, cor. loth st. and Pa. ave. may 28-lw [States} VOCAL MUSIC.?The next terms of C. L. 1R VING'S Vocal Music Class for practicc of Glees, Chorusses, Ac., ami Study of Harmony, will commence at Temperance Hall.on E street, liet ween 9th and loth streets, THIS (Tuesday) EVENING, M{iy 26th. at 4.o'clock, and oontinue at the same hour of Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday s. Ladies and Gentlemen wishing to unite with this class will please he early in attendance. may '^5-Ct * m/PERlOK RKAMNO LAGER BEER The sulisonlier takes this method to inform the citizens ol Washington an>l vicinity, that he con stantly keeps on hand l.auer's superior K EA 1)1 NG LAGER BEER, PORTER, and ALE. which he is ready to serve at any time, in Bottles or Casks, to Hotel Keepers v>r private families. Also, ICE at all hours, iu quantities to suit. B. SCI1 AD, may 2(i-Sw Southwest cor. 3d st. and Pa. avc. 11QIOKS. .4 7 >Isirrels Old Mong WHISKEY do Pure R Y E, copper distilled 15Casks Muier Sl Son's Edinburgh ALE, in Stone Jugs 15 Casks Younger's Edinburgh ALE in do Byas' London PORTER 2.S Ca?es Clans Johanisberger WINE, 13.11. In store, and 1 or saie by GETTY A WILLIAMS, No.5 northwest corner of Highand Water sts.,^ ma* 2?i Georgetown. P. C. II* OR BOSTON.?The Sqhooner Martha, Capt. Baxter, has arrived andjVill haveouick^A dispatch for the atiove port. For freight orX>fc^_ pasture apply to HARTLEY A BROTHER.-*?? 101 \\ ater street, Georgetown. may 27-lW WRITINGS OF ATTORNEY GENERAL Hujh S. Legare ; in two large volumes ; price 92, published at #5. ? or sale,a few oopiea only , by may 2* FRANCK TAYLOR. PIANOS.?The largest stock of PIANOS in the District always on hand at the extensive ware rooms of JOHN F. ELLIS, 3u6 Pa. ave, ma 2)1 near corner of 10th it. AUCTION SALES. V By A. GRKEN, Auctioneer.

ALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON FOUR . TKBNTII STREET WE?T, SEAR D *TKKKT NORTH. at Auction.?On FRIDAY, the 5th Jnne next, 1 shall sell. in front of fh?? premise*, at ? o'clock p. m., a Handsome Building 1 <ot. !?>in( south port of Lot No. 4, in Square No. 257, having a front of 24 feet on the etsst side of Fourteenth street, near the corner of north D street, running hack 95 feet. Terms: One-third. cash ; balance in ?ix, twelve, and eighteen months, the purchaser to five notes for the deferred payments, bearing interest from the day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. Title indisputable. All conveyancing'at the coat of the purchaser. may an d A. GREEN, Auctioneer. V By J AS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. FRY VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS AT THK CORNER OF 13th andM STREETS.?On FRI DAY AFTERNOON. Mar 29th. at 6 o'ciock, on the premises, I shail self Lots No. 5,6, and 7. in sub division of square No. 281, fronting together 72 feet 9 inches on M street north, at the oomeroflSth street west, running bock ia> feet to an alley. These Lota are beautifully located in a healthy and rapidly improving part of the city, and the sale is worthy the attention ef persons desiring valuable building locations. Terms: One-fourth cash ; the residue in 4,8, and 12 months, with interest, satisfactorily secured, may 36-d JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auct. JET* THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED inconsequence of the rain until TUESDAY AF TERNOON, June 2d, same nour and place. mav 30 d JAS. C. McGlTRE. Anct. By JAMKS C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer, PEREMPTORY SALE OF VALUABLE JL Building Lots or 13th street, between M aNT>N streets.?On FRIDAY AFTERNOON, May 29th, at 6 o'clock, on the premises, 1 shall sell, without reserve. Lot No. 8, in Davidson's subdivis ion of square No.2BI. fronting 2bfeet6 inches on 13th street, between M and N streets north, running lwick 155 f?*et 1>* inches to a 30-feet alley, with a small Dwelling thereon. Terms: On<?-third cash ; residue in six and twelve months, satisfactorily secured, bearine interest, may 2G d JAS. C. McGUIR E, Auct. ID* THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED inconsequence of the rain until TUESDAY AF TERNOON, Juue 2d. same hour and place. inay 3-i-d JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auct. Bv JAS. C. McGUIRE.Auctioneer. VALUABLE HOTEL PROPERTY NEAR tiik Rmiuoao Depot at Prune Auction.? On FRID.W AFTERNOON, May &?, at?; o'clock, on the pieiuises, by virtue of a deed of trMt duly re corded, Ac., we shall hell at public auction that val uable property situated at the corner of North D street and New Jersey avenue, with the improve ment*. consisting of a lain* and substantial brick Hotel Building, known as the " Union Hotel," for merly occupied by John Foy. Tbis valuable property is immediately opposite the Railroad Depot, and possesses ample accommo dations lor a g??od seoond class Hotel business, and this sale oilers great inducements to persons who desire to embark in the business, as, from Its posi tion, it must always command a good run. A vacant lot on I ho north side of the building, and fronting on New Jersey avenue, will be sold at the same time. Terms: One-fourth, cash; the residue in one, two. and three years, with lulerest, secured by a deed of trust on the property. JOHN C. C. HAMILTON, SAMUEL HAMILTON, Trustees. may 18-eodAds J. C. McGUIRE, Auct. ID" THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED in consequence of the rain until THURSDAY AF TERNOON, June 4th, same horn and place. may 3?-d JAS. C. Molil'IRK, Auct. By WALL A BARNARD, Auctioneers. VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS AT Auction*. ? On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. 27th in stant, at 3>j o'clock, on the premises, we will sell to the highest bidder the lielow-descrilwd property.viz: Lot No. IH. in Suuare 77, fronting W feet 1 inch on south side of north I. Is ! ween 21st and 22d streets, and running back that width 14-3 feet 9>t inches to a jn-feet alley, containing 7.K33 sqnaie feet. This is valuable property and worthy the attention of speculators or persons wishing to build. Also. Lot .5. in Square 4*'. situated at the corner o| 24th street west and New Hampshire avenue. This lot, which is neer the Circle, will in a short while be very valuable, as that part of the city will shortly lie improved by the Government. Terms: One-fourth cash, the residue in C>, 12,and 18 months, satisfactorily secured and lieariHS interest, inav 21-ts WALL & BARNARD. Aucts. THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED onaeeount of the rain until l-'RlDAY AFTER NOON. 29th instant, at fi o'clock. may 28-d WALLA BARN AR D. Aucts. ID" THE ABOVE SALE IS FURTHER postponed on account of the ram until TUESDAY A I TER NOON, June 2d, same hour and place. mav J'-d WALL A BA KNAR l>. Allots. By WALLA BA KNAR D, Auctioneers. Horse, carriage, and harness at Auction.?On TUESDAY MORNING, June 2d. at 10 o'clock, we will sell, in front of our Auction Rooms, a Horse, Carriage, and Harness, belonging to a gentleman aliout leaving the city. The Car riage is nearly new, built by y oung of this city, anil an excellent set of Harness. Sold because the owner has no further use for them. Sale positive. Terms at sale. may 29-ts WALL A BARNARD. Aucts. By C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer. AT T R A C T I V E SA LE OF A SUPERIOR Stock of Bottled Wines, ani> Liquors, Ci gak?, Saucks, Candles, Pickles, Ac., by Cata logue.-Oii THURSDAY AFTEKNOO, June4th, comineneins at 4 o'clock, I shall sell at store No. ?J7 on Pennsylvania avenue, opposite the National Ho tel. a large and choice collection of rare Old Wines and Liquors, Cigars, Sauces, Ac., embracing iu part, vi 7.: Fine Old Madeira Juice, Madeira,Sherry,and Port \\ ines, Medoc and St. Julien Claret. 3 Dolordote Tresou de Bouzey Champagne 111 pints and quarts, r leur Scilery do. A large stock of superior Old Brandies Schenlam Schnapps, ami Holland Gin Superior Aloiioiuahela, Old Rye, and Crow's Old Bonrlion Whisky Stongton's Bitters Cordials, London Porter and Ale in pints Old Jamaica,and St. Croix and Antigua Rum Scotch and lush Whuky Old Peaeli Brandy Old Julep A lull assortment of Cross ? Blackwcll's English Catsups. Sauces,and Pickles Anchovies and Yarmouth Herriue Paste Sperm, Adamantine and Tallow Caudles A tine assortment of superior Havana Cigars Snuff, Ac Terms: ST' and under cash ; over -Sit, thirty days credit |o rappioved endorsed notes bearing interest C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer. may 29??] ( Union) _________ '?TRUSTEE'S SALE.?By virtue of a deed of 1 trust from David Jones and wife to me, I will ex pose to public sale, on THURSDAY, the 25th day ef Juue next,at 12 o'clock in., (it lair, if not, the next fair day thereafter,) on the premises, nil that part or parcel of laud whereon the said David Joues now resides, containing about ninety-two acres, and which property formerly belonged to the late Doug lass Voss. This property is most eligibly situated lor a boarding establishment or female seminary ,l>e mg immediately on the Baltimore and Washington railroad, distant about one hundred yards from the Bladensburg depot. The improvements consist of a large and commodious Frame Dwelling, in complete repair, and every necessary out building. The land is admirably adapted to the usual productions of the country, and at an incouaiderablc outlay might l?e rendered most productive, a greater portion being tine meadow land. In point ofhealth it will compare, with any situation in this country, and rarely is it that property possessing so many advantages is of fered for sale. The terms will be lil>eral, and made kuowu on the day of sale. N. C. STEPHEN, Trustee, may 2G Otawts Biadensbnrg. Md. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. \VALUABLE BRICK HOUSE AND LOT ON Pennsylvania Avenue at Auction.?On THURSDAY, the4th day of June next, I shall sell in fro?t of the prt unses, at o'clock P. M., Lot D, in subdivision of original lot No. 7, in square No. 349, having a front of 25 feet on the south side of Pennsylvania avenue, between Tenth and Eleventh streets west, running l?ck to an alley, containing 2,613 feet, with the improvement, which is a good Brick House, containing twelve conveniently ar ranged rooms, wide passage, and cellar; the ^as and store fixtures to be sold with the house. This pro perty is handsomely located, l?eing that next West of the Confectionery Store. Terms: One tfurd cash; balance in 6, 12, and 18 months, the purchaser to sive notes for the deferred payments, bearing interest from the day of sale. A deed riven and a deed of trust taken. All conveyance at the cost of the puichas^r. mav 29?d A. <iR EEN. Auctioneer. By C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer. A RARE CHANCE FOR A (iOOD INVEST menr in Suburban Villas. Dairy Farms, and Market Gardens.?On WEDNESL)A V A F TERNOON, June mth, at 5o'c!ock, I shall sell, on the premises, the track of land known as "Anacos ta," adjoining the farms of Col. William Hickey and W. W. Corcoran, Esq.,distant alsiut two miles fr?m Washington, and about a quarter of a nule from the Baltimore and Washington turnpike. This tract has beendivided into five lots, varying from II to55 acres each, to suit persons desirous of securing sites for supurbaii villas or dairy and market garden farms. On Lot No. 2 there is a dwelling-house and the usual outWuilJings for farm purposes. A part of them have been recently erected. 1 he soil is admirably adapted for gardening anil dairy farms.and eligible and very desirable budding are to be found on the property. 1'he proximity of these lots to town, the excellent quality of the soil, the abundance of good and uu JaiUng springs of water, and the advantages as to health and Ix-auty of location, combine to make this property one of the most attractive opporluni ties for safe and profitable investment winch has been presented for a long period to this community. Plats of the division of the ground can be seen at my store, and, if desired, the whole will l?e disposed of at private saie, if application is made to the sub scrilier three days before ttie day of sale. Terms : One-third cash; the residue on a credit of 1,2, and t > ears, for notes l>earing interest, secured b> deed on the property. ?uayia-eod C. W. BOTELER. Auct. V'Jno REWARD.?Ran away tromt lie subs OOlU' heron Thursday, April 9th, N EGRO MAN ISAAC WOOD. He is thirty years of age, black complexion, about five feet and a half high, and has very large lips. , The above reward will bo pain for his appre-* nension and delivery to ine if taken in a Tree State, or tilui if takeu in the State of Maryland or District of Columbia. Ol)EN BOWIE, Ruena Vista Post Office. ap 21 -tf Prince Georges county, Md. Tot he public an i> pa r tic ularly TO MILLINERS- STRAW BON-JfUV NETS, HATS, and FLATS for ladies. gen-Qy> tleinen, and children, will lie Bleached and^v Pressed in the newest French styles, and at the shortest notice, at the new Grand Bleaohmg and Pressing Establishment. M w,LUANt _may H lm 38 Market Spacm, bet. 7th and 8th._ TWO PIANOS FOR flW- ONE FOR #10? two for <juo are now lor sale at the.? Music Depot of Q METZER0TT Jmm _ Comer of Petrn, avenue and Uth street. Terms easy, may 18 AUCTIOH SALES. THIS AFTERNOON .V TO MOhh'OU'. By C. R. 1" CROWN A CO., Auctioneers. (*OLD WATCHES, JEWELRY. AND Fab ? c* (JiHiPs at Acctios.?This FRIDAY and SATURDAY BVENIN6S,we?b?ll cell, without reserve, at 7H! o'clock, at our auction rooms, a splen did assortment of? Gold and Silver Watches, Chains Gold Cameo, Mosaic,and F lorentine seta of Jewelry Braoelets, I.ocketa With a varietr too numerous to mention. The trade is especially incited to attend. C. R. L. CROWN A CO.. Aucta. may29-2t cor. 6th st.and Penn. ave. Bv C. W. BOTELER. Auctioneer. FEXTENSIVE SALE OF SUPERIOR WiffM, a Liquor*.Cigars. Ac., Ac. at Auction.?On THURSDAY MORNING. May ?tfc, oommenoinf at II o'clock. I shall wll, at the warehouse of Robert C. Brooke,(who is about declining business.! No. 558 7th street, opposite Centre Market, a large. well assorted, and superior stock of Wines, Liquors, Ci gars, Ac., embracing in part, viz : Twenty bnrrels J. Martin's Whisky Half-pipe dark I.ondon-dock Brandy Pelvoisin's pale and dark Bratidv Twenty l?rrels extra fine Old RyeWhuky Pale and dark Martel Brandies Superior old Sherry and Madeira Wine* Ten Iwrrels Mouotigahela Whisk* Superior Holland Gin, Scotch Whisky Blacklierry Brandy, a Inrge lot of Cigars, Ac. The attention of the trade is particularly called to this sale. The stock is large, embracing some very superior Liquors. Ac.,and the whole will be dispos ed of without reserve. Terms: ??SI and under, cash ; over $50, two and four months' credit, for approved endorsed notes, bearing interest. The House is for rent. Possession given immedi ately after the sale. mav 22-d C. W. BOTFLER. Auct. {TT-TIIE ABOYE SALE IS POSTPONED until WEDNESDAY MORNING, June 3d, at to o'clock, when it will positively take place without regard to weather. mav i?-ts C. W. BOTELER. Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, Auetioueer. \J E R Y VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON NORTH K, OPPOSITE FraSM.IX SvrAKK, AT Auction.?On WEDNESDAY . tlifc.1l day ol June, I! sell in Iront of the premises, at iS o'clock p. ] ill., |j*>t 3, in l?avidson"s sutxliviNlon of square \o. 1 24/, having a front of 25 feet on nurth K. between l:?th and 14th streets west, running hack 146 feet II inches to an alley, containing 3,675 square feet. This pioperty is immediately opposite Franklin Square and adjoining the spacious residence of Ma jor l.indsley. We deein it unnecessary to make further comment, as it is well known to he one of the most lieaimiul buildiric lots for a private resi deuce in the city ol Wash.ngion. Terms: One third, cash: balance in fl. 12 months, for note? bearing interest from day of sale. A deod given anil a deed of trust taken. Title indisputable. may 25-d A. GREEN, Auct. By JAMES C. McGUIRE,Auctioneer. \TAH ABLE AND HANDSOME BUILDING Lot* with Improvements* Smith sonian Institute at \k tiox.?On TUESDAY, THE SECOND OK JUNE, we shall sell m front of the premise*, at 5 o'clock, p.m., two handsome and desirable Building Lots, known as Lots No. 27 and 28 in Square No. 3tf3, having a front of 5H feet on south B street, and running Lack nt angles of 1S'? bv 135 to a SP-fcot paved alley Itetween 9th and loth streets south, with improvements, consisting o| a handsome Irfiek building, built of patent brick, oon taininK four rooms, carriase.-hnusc. and stable for three horses. The west side ol Lot 27 has a pave ment extending Icick to the alley. The owner has incurred great expense in orna menting the yard with fruit trees.winch at present can l?e seen in hue lieanng order. In the vard a2n-l'eet well has lv>?n constructed from which the purest water can If* drawn. Persons wishing to purchase a lot for the erection of a private dwelling will hud l he above one of the most desirable in the city, fronting the Institute garden, and having a full view of the city and its public buildings. Title indisputable. Terms at sale, mav 25-d J AS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. CHIANCERY SALE <>F REAL ESTATE ON ' thk Island.? By virtue of a decree of the Cir cuit Court of the District of Columbia for Washing ton county, made in the cause wherein John Van Ris wiuk i.?complainant.and Mar> A. Ayton, widow and administratrix, and Marv V. Ay ton. Adeline C. Ay ton. and others heirs at law of Bichard Avton. de ceased, are defendants, the sub?cnl?er m ill sell, at public auction, on TUESDAY, the 2d da> of June, 1857, at 6 o'clock p. in.,on the premises. Lot No. 17, in the sultflivision of Square No. 435, fronting 24 feet on 8th street west, r>efween south Dand hi 94 feet deep to an alley 10 feet H niches wide, with the improvement*, which consist of a small one-story Frame Building. . , Terms: One-third, wish; the l*ilance in6 and 12 months, for notes bearing interest from day of sale, with security to lie approved by the trustee. Upon the full pa> ment of the purchase money and interest the Trustee will convev the property to the purchaser in tee. If the terms of sale are not complied with in five days after the sale the property will lie resold upon one week's notice, at the risk and expense of the purchaser. All conveyancing at the expense of the purchaser. CHAS. S. WALLACH. Trustee, may 7 J.jC. McGUIRE. Auct. By WALL A BARNARD, Auctioneers. (CARRIAGES AND BUGGIES. Ac., at Arc > tiox.?On TUESDAY MORNING. June 2d, we will sell, in front of our Auction Rooms, at 10 o'clock. Carriages and Buggies, to close consign ments and oover advances, on account of whom it mav concern: "2 new fanulv Carnages 1 new top Bug*.jr Wagons 1 no top Buggy Wagon 1 nearly new top Buggy Wagon. Terms: One-third cash: the lialance in 30 and 6>> days, fur notes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing mte 'may 29-ts WALL A B A RN A BP. Ancts. By C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneers. SALE OF A DESIRABLE BUILDING LOT i\ thk First Wardat Auction.?On TUES DAY AFTERNOON. June 2d. at f. o'clock, I shall sell, on the premises, the whole of Lot No,21, in square 79, front inn 61 f?*eton2:st street west ,l?ef ween north II and north G streets. Depth 15? feet 9\ inches, containing al>out 9,19i square feet. Tins beautifully located lot will 1?? sold altogether or divided into two lots, if desired, each fronting 3i','a feat. Terms : Cine-fourth cash : lialance on a credit of C. 12. and Id months, tor notes l>earing interest, secured by deed of trust. mat 29-3t C. W. BOTELER, Auct. By JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. Peremptory sale op three valua ble Building Lot* at Auction.? On Tl ES DAY A FTERNOON. June 2d, at C o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell three valuable Building Lots, being Nos. 16 and 17, in square south of Square 562, amO.ot 10. in Square 55H; Lots l??and 17 front on II street north, l>et ween Second aud Third streets west, and immediately opposite the square on which Judge Douglas is erecting his four l?eautiful dwellings. Also. Lot 10, in Square 554, situated on New Jersey avenue, and next to the square on which Judge Douglas is erecting those four tine dwellings. This is a beautiful lot, and will be subdivided if required. This will be a fine chance for speculation, as it will bapositively sold. Terms: One-third cash;the lialance in six, twelve, and eighteen months. A deed given and a deed taken, may 29?d JAS. C. McGl I BE, Auct. B> JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. VTALUABLE FARM AND QUARRY LAND FoK Sale.?On THURSDaN , June 4, at 3 o'clock H. M.< vi ill be sold at the Little Falls Bridge, that portion of Rich Point Farm uorthof Pruninett's Bun, containing one hundred acres, more or less. This propert) is most eligibly situated on the Lees burg turnpike road, four miles frwui Washingtoncit> , well wooded in <*ak and chestnut. Priuunett's Bun (the southern Itoundary > is a never-failing stream of water. The cleared land is easy ol" cultivation. The quarries on the Potomac are highly valuable, having the finest curb and flag stone on the river. If desirable, the property can lie divided into two portions to suit purchasers, the obiect of the propri etor being to increase the iieigiiiM>rh(K>d, as lie is atM>mt to nuild on the adjoining portion for his own residence. Terms: One-third cash; the balance in 6 and 12 months' notes, l>earing interest from day of sale. Deed of trust taken to sccure the payments. Sale positive. JAS. C. McGUIRE. may 29?d Auctioneer. Bv A. G R I'EN, Auctioneer. HHII REE-STORY BRICK HOUSE, WITH 1 Basement, and Lor ox Penn. a venue, nia* the Capitol, at Auction.?Oii Till RSDAY, the 4th of J une. I shali sell, m front of the premises, at 5 o'clock p. in., part of Lot No. 3, in s?tuare No. 7?", with tho improvements, which are a go*<d three-story Brick House, with Ikt^enient and a new brick stable. Tins property is haiiUsouieiy situated on Penn. ave nue, of 2o teet, running !?aek to A street, l?etween 1st nud 2d streets east, and near t tie Capitol. Terms : One-third cash ; kilance in six and twelve mouths, for notes bearing interest from da? of sale. A det-d given and a deed of trust taken. Title indisputable. may 29-d A. GREEN, Auct. By JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. Peremptory sale of valuable Building I ot at Auction.?On THURSDAY AFTERNOON. June 4th,at6o'clock,ou the prem ises, I shall sell that valuable ami admirably situaird I<ot for a business stand, toeing Lot 2, in square CI, fronting on Louisana avenue, between llth and 12!Ii streets. This is one of the very few unimproved lots in this vicinity, and presents rare inducements to those wishing a capital and eligibly locat<xl stand for business. It is moreover embraced within the grounds designated as the site of the new Centre Market. 'IVrms: Ono-tlurd cash ; lialance in 6, 12, and Its mouths, with interest. may 29-d JAS. C. McGl. IRE, Auct. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. Desirable dwelling house and Lot nfar thk Navv \ arik?In pursuance of au order from the Orphan's Court of Washington County, District ol Columbia, continued by the Cir cuit Court, setting as a court ol Chancery, the sub scriber will sell, at pubitc auction, on TUESDAY AFTERNOON, June 9th, atC.'a o'clock, on the premises, north half of Lot No. 8, in square No.9i>4, (save aud excepting the most uortherii S feet and 4 niches of said lot in said suuate. which was sold and convey ed bv said Mary Kelly to one Thomas Bay ne,) beginning for the iMiundaries of the same 3 feet 4 in ches from the northwest corner of sanl lot. No. tt, in square No. 9iM, and running thence south along the line of Seventh street east, 21 feet, thenoe east l?? feet 1 inch to a 30-feet alley, thence north along said alley 21 feet, thence west :U? feet aud I inch to the plice of beginning,with the miprtn enieut s,consisting ol a neat aud well built two-story Frame Dwelling House containing six rooms. Terms: One-third c&sli: the residue in Cand 12 mouths, for notes with approved security, bearing interest. Upon the payment of the purchase money and final ratification of the sale, a deed will be executed at the cost of the purchaser. m. ? ZK"KOEfij"rR^.-PR"n'u"o,. E M E R I c H'8 LAGER BEER SALOON, 610 llth street, near Penn. av?nue, a few doors above Farnhaiu'i Bookstore. may 85-Iw* TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM THE ASSQ';jATED PRESS Sklpwresjt. New Yore, May .10 ?The brig Ride nit, from Boston for the Virginia Cap?*?. is now a?bore at Squam Inlet She will be a total 1c Grn. Walker's Moremeats Niw Ollitia. May 29 ?It It General Walk* er's Intention to leave here for Washington a* soon as possible. He may be looked for by the last part of next week The Mrwbari Tragedy.?Clae PiittwM. New* Yore. MayOOth ?The body of the ma' dered girl at Newburg has b?en identified as that of the wife of Thomas Brown, a negro belonging to l.owell, but formerly residing in Boetoa. Hrown is now in Newburg. in the custody of the (.'or oner. Ciiitrnrat ia Ohio. Ctxci**ATi. May 2P ?Much excitement Las occurred to-day in Greene county by the U S. marshal conveying four pemons through tha county on the charge of l.arboring fugitive slave* II** was resists in Lis object and a writ of habeas corpus was issued to test his right Finally be vru ovei powered by a crowd inSpringfteld. and the prisoners liberated Santa Anna Reported aa Returning to Mrs Ira, ice. New Yore, May *28?The U inker City has ariived with later dates from Havana Sugars were firm, freights ?teadv, and exchange de pres-fd It was reported tiiat Santa Anna would arrive at Havana in a few dan en ronte to Mexico, under r?'panl?b protection The Brlti?h vessel of war Arab sailed on the 25th Arrival of the Ariel. New Yo??, Mav #?The steamer Ariel has arrived here Iroin Havre, with dates to the Hlth Cotton at Havre whs dull. The sale* of tbe da\ were TOO bales. The monthly statement of the Rank of Fniaee exhibits nochange The materials of the ship Sea, of New Orleans, were sold at auction for ?317 1.50 pounds were offered for the liull and tefiised. The reported failure of tbe Russian railway scheme is confirmed Money at London on Saturday was stringen' Tr*n per cent wa? paid for loans on consols The exchanges with China were unfavorable, as It Is Itelleved large shipment* of silver would lie la* duml The Manchester Guardian of the Ifith says that trade the past week was tbe worst of the season Two small failure^ were repoited. A meeting had I>een called to deride upon the propriety of curtailing the hours in all branches of labor. Baltimore Markets. Baltimore. May ?Klonr continues very firm. Howard street 97 50. Ohio 97 37)|, City Milt* 97 SO Wheat is steady at fl for good red, and f 1 K5 ri*l 90 for good to prime white Corn is baoyatit at !?u9.jc lor white and WlaiMc for yellow. Whlskv is Arm at ."K^e. for Pennsylvania and City, and 37)fc. for Ohio. New York Markets. New Yore. May 30.?Flour is heavy; sale* of 7,0Utl bbl> ; State 86 75a6 <j5; Ohio #7 ?a7 ?*.; Southern V7.5Ua7.HU. Wheat is depressed; sales of 10.000 bushels; Indiana red at .07. Corn is dull; sales of bushels; white and yellow at flfl. mi*-*d ?1 01 W . Fork is diooping; mess 923 f?a?) 110 Beef ik quiet; Chicago repat ked f 10 J0al7 Lard isstendy at 14 *4. Whisky is firm at 96 Wc. Financial. New Yore. May 3?th ?Stocks are dull Chi cago and Rock Island RR. 101 Illinois Centmt 13-, L?o bonds. Michigan Southern GO**; Reading Railroad rJl; Missouri G's, Kl Exchange is dull. MANTILLAS. MANTILLAS, MANTILLAS, Mourning Mantillas, Plain S.Ik Mantillas, r rench Lace Mantillas, Moire Antique Man til as, IhantiUy l^ace Mantillas, Silk and Iacc MantiLa* Ami every description of Mantillas this day re ceived at tha; Mautiila Emporium of _ _ maxvvkli. & bro., may 28-eo3t 328 Penn.svtnn*. TWO LARGE COACHES OR SMALL COACHES (*n be had for PIC NIC or EXCURSION PARTIES bv apply-, ing to the undersigned or Mr. Jotin brook. Orders can be left at ?. A T. Parker a to.. Store or at D. S. Dyson's l>rac Store, t2th street and Av?nu?* , . WILLIAM WHALEY. may St-eolm* SOMETHING THAT OUGHT TO BE KNOWN JNO. W. MAN KINS. IIorsE, Sic.*, axd Ornamental Pa!*TRR,* .No. 4?1 A"inth St., b'tit-frn D an*t E. Having established myself at the al<ov? named place, I am prepared to do SIGN WORK thirtv p?i e-nt. cheaper than any other establishment in tha city, and warrant it to done in th* neatest inan ner. HOUSE PAINTING and GR AINING don? on the most literal t?niis. Old GLAZING promptly attended to. may ?-e<i?w* Refrigerators.?we have recived sn otherlotofthuse superior REFRIGE- &] If A 1 OK> winch we have been selling fm the last live > ears; and the inch reputation JH3f they have, wherever used, warrant* us in recoinincnfline them as the lient ?nd mof * eoonomical article of the kind now in like?the style and brush is also very handsome. For sale cheap at our House-Furnishing Warerooms, No.'540 7th sireet. MrGREGOR ft CO. Horse FEED.-SO- bushels CHOP just re ceived and for sale !>y BEN J. 1MRBY mav S7 \\ ster Georgetown. I). (?. PAINTS AND OILS. Linseed Oil, White Lead. Bi lled Oil. French Zmo, Patent Dryer, Jerser Zinc. Turpentine, Ochres, Chromes. ? . V arnishes. Lit barge. Bristol, badger, camel's hair, and sable Brushes. Lil?er*l discount on current prices made for cash ??JRr- J R McGREGOR mar 24-WftS3m Si? 7tb street. I^ARR! AGES-CAR RI AG ES-CA R RI AGES. * The undersized has now ou hand a, assortment <>f SUMMER) CA K RI AGES, BUGGIES, & which? ? he very respectfully invites the public generally Prices moderate. JNO. p. DENNIS, ap 24-*o3in fith at., tmt. 1^. ave. and C at. y^ASHl.NGTO.N MEDICAL INSTITUTE. Tbe following centlemen having united themselves for the purpose of givins Medical instructions, wi I commence a course of lectures on the 1st day of June. 1857. and continue them daily until the first or middle of September. Lecture hours from 5 to 7 o'clock p. m. Gentlemen ?les rin< to prosecute the study of Prac tical Anatomy will have opportunities offered them rn the months of Octolter and March, Under the di rectum of the lecturer on Anatomy. Tickets to the course, $25, to lie obtained from the Dean. For further information apply to the Dean at the \\ ashinstou Infirmary. WM. H. BERRY. M. D., u"STAls^rKri^rpm''m I heory and Practice *?f Medicine. J.J. WARING. M. D., Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children B. J. HELLEN. M. D, WM.A.BRAui^'r.UTr U. Dean. 4 c. . tL/"The Introductory Address, by J. J. Waring, M. !>.,? ill be delivered in the Washington Inhrmsty ou Monday. June 1st, at 7.'a <?'clock p. ni. The putt lie are reepectt'ullj invite<l roatrend. WashinqtoX. May 2S, IW. may a ?r J 1ME, LIME, l.IME. Pure WOOD BURNT LIME for sale in aaaati tieato suit purchasers, at ti?e New Lime Kiln on New Jersey avenue, between D and E street, south ol the Capitol. mav 25 fit* BURROWS k WILLETT. Proposals. _ ,Navy Department. t Hurt nu of ami Dork*. Ma* l?,la57.<> pRorosAi.s. endorjed ?proposals for I in provements at Ellis s Island. New York." will be re ceived at this office until noon on the 1st day of June next. Bidders are referred to the Commandant or the Navy \ ard. New \ ork. tor plans and specifications of the work ; t?. I>e completed withiu six 16) months lroni the date ol oontract. Approval guarantors to the otter, and sureties to the contract, according to law, will lie required, may 14 Bonnets, ribbons and flowers Just received a large lot of BONNETS,^ comprising? fy. Florence Branl, with curtains, at ac vt, worth >. J*' Plain Neapolitans, aith and without cuitaiiu* liiliiml travrlmg Runneth. ? ah curtains I lain Enxhslt Straw and 1 loienee Braids r ine ami <vmrs?j LeglMirn Fiats Shakers at Vioents. Als??, a large assortment of Ribbons, Floweri, Ruches, Bonnet l^rames, >traw <iailandit. IliuMon*' Tarletons, & e., all of which will l?e sold clieap lur cash, at Mrs. R. G. KTCHISON'S. ma> Ni>. 12 MaiLet Spaoe. TRANfifABKNT BAR SOAP.-Aiso, l^w's 1 and Cleaver's Broa*n Windsor S<?p. at may ai-at I.AM MON D'S, 7th street. PINK ARTS~-S. DeCAMP A CO.. will exhilute A and "tier lor sale lor a few days, a valuable oil lection of classical and rare ENGRAVINGS of Raphael. I.irshen. Anderson. lAMighi, Fosoin. Mullcr. t larssins, etc., etc.. at their Bookstore. 4*^a Peun. avenue, two dovirs fioiu 4't street. may 28-fit 153 BieACK TKA l*AOChestao our standard BI.ACK TEA.?This Tea is well known to the citizemi of Ws?h-^iH| ington and in the vicimtj. This Tea was tm-HTS ported prior to the troubles in China. I ~ W KING * BURCHELL. _ mflyJ^S oorner Vermont avenuo and 15th st. PATENT DAMASCENED PAPER-Thn elegant and novel fshrio. in letter aud note sixe?, with envelope* to match, just reoeivedat TAYLOR A MAURY'S Bookstore, . may 3B St near ?h street G P TO MoLAUGHLIaN'9 FOR NOTION*/ may 28