Newspaper of Evening Star, May 30, 1857, Page 8

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 30, 1857 Page 8
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EVENING STAR. THE LOVE OF GOD. ft T aabebt lai??to*. All btiman lore t* a laint type of Hod s. \n echoing r.ote from a harmonious whole, A ftx-We *p?rk from an undying tfam*. A Mngle drop from au un fat homed sen ; But God's is infinite, its fills the earth Ami Hosren. and the broad, trackless realm of space. Earth'* mvited voiees hymn it ceaselessly ; The mountains toil it to the peaoeful vales. In tttnefui strenni, and voiceful water falls. That bear it on. and smg ?t to the sea, I'ntil ltssreat Weart swells, that restless heart. Bestmg forever on the answendg ahore! Tis srroinig in the golden light of day. And beaming gently from the starry eyes That watch, at n<gf>t, a sinlul, shrouded world; It ss.wks to us tprtingh odorous lips of tlowers. Ana wnrWen from the singing hearts of birds. O. that all human hearts might join the strain; Then Hate and Bigotry sadSin would die; Then Peace would reign and wear 13 olive dawn. And War. with blood-stained feet, no longer track |>.rth's fair romaiu. or wsre its eriina?>n (lag. Then Pride would lay its Haunting mantle by ? The cry of hungor oease?the < >ppres*or's rod woolu scourge no more, but man be !niked to man lu one anbrcken chain of brotherhood. " ?e whf>sc Weeding feet have weary grown ' In the?? rough wsys of onrs'"?whose brows are pierced By the sharp gri-fs of life?whoso icme *e<rts yeera For huniau love, and yearn, alas in vain; Though Time and Death have broken one by one, The few. frail reeds whereon ye leaned ao long Ana trustingly, and left no earthly stay ; Good cheer: there conies at last, untroubled rest; The crowns are thorr.less that the angel* wave. And Uou'slove is eternal. HTT" An experienced farmer says he has fonnd 'hat a heavy crop of buckwheat, followed by a crop of Mt? seeded with clover, will most com pletely eradicate the Cunatla thistle. 1?7" The Richmond American is credibly in formed bv a gentleman from King William co., tbnt the swallow*, whose advent is the heralding of Spring- are dy ii:?r daily In immense quautitie* and can be scooped up by the basket full around about. IZ7* Bayou Manehe. below Baton Rouge. l>y which the Saint Lou's Chamber of Commerce thought they might And an outlet for steam nav igation from St. I.onis, through Lake Ponchar train into the Gulf, is sa d to be utterly Impracti cable v 1* D8a*. Kts? ?A short time since, in Chicago, a man named H>"?slev kissed the wife of an Indian Doctor harried Brooks The Indian Doctor insti. tuted a slander suit :nd recovered 8750. Who would think that kisies wer* prized so hi"blv out west* But the fellow shotifa have knowii better than to have ventured to the mouth of ? babbling Brook. C7" Two little b vs. who were brothers, W<*r? busily talking together one Sunday, when th1^ were ovr h-u, d by their faher lidding the fol> lowing dialogue??? Willie, dou't you wish yon could walk oil the water as Jesus Christ di?l.'* '? It isu't right. Charlie, to say Jesus Christ, yot1 rriusu t take his name in vain." " Vm, it is, W illie, right to vav .fesus Christ, if you only sa* It with ."1 >orrittrfu!fl'.t " IZT Mr. B'ilik was married to Miss Anderson at liartlord. Ct , on F.idav morning, thus happi ly closing the trial for seduction. The Time* says : Whatever may have Iwn the coloring of the evidence on the eraioinatKm. the court and sper tatoi > were evidently sat is Bed the girl had not sctrd the part of a bud woman, and that her chas tity was pure ai.d is -'111 so. if we may except her !Uie course with B>ink A In . fiamad. mns^nlar rr.'in, HO yearsol ? Ha ta Tit. of Nfwto.i, I ppr-r Falls, w awakened la-' Sattird:?vmorning, try * -tinz pain ?u-t at*>ve i;is right ei?x>w. radiating f om a small red -pot On searching the bed j smr>.! hiack -[>ider was discovered where his arm had rested The swelling rapidly extend-d down the a. m during the dny , on Sunday he vomited nearly at: ?*ay; on Monday he was seized with Darn in hi* bowels, which continued with fright ful seventy until hedied, at 5 o'clock.? Wmltkatn ( .Uijs , Tcntmtl. A*k T*LKoB*rH OrgfiAtons Oiliceu to Di VCL9K '?On rue-day last, a person sent to a Iricnd in .New Yo k a telegraphic derrpstch. ad yisin'' him to leave town. a? a warrant had Item i,?aed fo* him oa a i har>;e of bastardy. To? a.s *ertam the residence of the oltcnder. oflb-er Cl?!s fon called at the telegraph ottlce. yesterday, and Aeiwnrted a copy of the despatch The clerk re I! ,, .l? lf up t>? ;er Clinton returned to p ) Qiitfc Court and r*|x?;tcd pro^rt*M. Ju.nfice Pearson-* took the nutter IMo consideration, and "a> * ' " ' ^ ^ '* bound to >ji7e op 'he despatch, and 11 he r? fuses ran be s?.r.t to tail i>r contempt ** cou-T The f-ftlrers of the companv fek'' oppo v.c ground and say that the clerk did right 'nat besha 1 not hand over that d<-?.natch should a warrs.i: rgfc>?e rn the matter. We cx:?ect to se^ a very interesting 1-vr-soit spring from the lion?Albany Journal. Chicago d few d?y-? *ln<-e, a lar^ecrowd ?f9' .a ^led at the jail to seet? nK*tr hun^. n jtwith ?tana; 115 'D' ?2.noancenient in the ynwwning papers that the eaeuutioii would not ?? conje e?." 111 con sequence cf a supersedeas issued by the *upreni" Court?the announcement Iteing regarditl as a bo?n After waiting for snnie time, the crowd got impatient, and some declared that th" man 3iou!i be hung in spite of the Mayor or fhe trhe.ilT. When the excitement was at its heighth, the health orticer back>?l the pest wagon up to the jail door, and took a man into it and drove oil". The idea ? .z- d the multitude that the prisoner wa? being t ;ken away, and off they started in pur suit I he Leallh olh'-er drove olt'in the direction of tLe p:a..,?-.l>ut lx-lore reaching it Ktop|>ed.and r ?s pa>?ei.^er got out and entered a house It heed' d ?n-t a word about - small pox" to send the c.owd hack?Luid thus en?led one of the most ej'-ltitog scenes ever witnessed iu Chicago. ?>-/""D ?? aim- ! imp<?s5ible toimagine (says the AoU; Hue.) the readiness with which the Chi f>e^e conimilsu cide. The mi-rest trifle, or a woid, induces them to hang or drown themselves?the favorite mode* of svtride In other count'ie*. if 2?i75*? w,?hes to revMjj^f hiruself on his enemy.he k.. .. iin; in c L. ia. he ail Is hii'>self The reasons wr this <?*??? manifold, first, the Chinese legislation hi in re.<p< i*>l>l?? for the suicide who has been the cause or the occasion for it. In killing h.riiM'lf, the'efore. a man throws his enemy into the hands of the Executive, who torture him,ruin him and his family, and perhaps tjke hislife;aud 2the family of ti.e s:iicid<* ordinarily obtain lar<?e amages On the contrary, by killing his enemy, ?,?X?9s?a1 hims< ,f. his friends, and his family to rulU, ?u3 *!e?..'?ves bim elf of the rites of burial Again, the suiciue, ;h*??ad of iieing viewed with horror. isc<-riMdered a braVc man ; and. lastly, it apr ars that the Chinese fear many parts of their p;oce8>e? mor^ than death. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. W1LLARDS HOTEL ?T B Gilford. NY; I, P Bavne. >ld. Mr Segar. Ya; J P Suilivan. Cal: Pwfiiaii. N \ ; J ilrfiderson, lv, do; .Miss Tur ner dy U C Uobiusoo. do; A F Tift. FU J W ^*a' Da".;?> lv. \J. Miss To-tper. do; W K C- i?r. dr.. II u Bjwn ly, NY; E Bowen. 1 * u?' fee la nd. lv,do, J H Weelinan, NJ, J Jackson, do, Mr ?^tter. do, J HotT-y. do; D Sev mour. N > . f Denney, do, r B unham, d<>; IJ Si Child-. led: C Venabl-. Ya: II hipmua, Pa; H Tu ncsa. NY, G C.oghen. do: W J Bryan, do; H W Watt-, do; II M< CP Han, do; J W Morrough. do; T Bitigbatn. Pa. T Banks, do; V W Brown. ISN. J Clark. >la-,; C Whitney, 1 v. do, A E Kl. Prcf Mcl.eod. DC; W H DaVid^e. N\ s .-"tonne, ly, do: Miss; D' J itzp^trUk Md; J H Grover. do; W Maulsby, ??'.J C?wdr- do; Hon J Kelly, NY: H Kellv,dot j Dunham, do; J Butte-fleld, do: J A Gardiner, do. H liolb ugh. do; E GuHison, Pa; J r Sinclair, . Miss Sinclair, do: J Jones, ly. Pa, l.t Par ker, 1 s.\ ( . m \\ inslow. do; J Muiphy. NY; E TowiiumI, Pa. J N Swam. Mass. Mrs Jenkins. ? a Miss Jtukins. do; VY McMaster, NY. BROWNS' HOTEL?A Sherwood; R Mar LCiVihr and ladv. Pa; A D To.?ner. Me. Lewis .1. i ! ^ l\ Thr,?^- >???: A M Thomas, ce/ Md ' \V u ' ,{"l,in""u' v?; T.umaii Dor' do W pUl,ciian*?? do; S O llara, O; F I! C^R^ "^1Y^,!1r,'? ,,m; j b White her. Ma.s: 'j rMl lr 1 ??? TVnn; J Orir.oiid fSi id ildv v ; 0, M surr- ?r*r?;J ^v.H>d ^ ,Y '?"ier. no; T II Osborne Md. J D WempK i.a; >1 s plummer. Md; C li Rol?>?oft and ladv. Pa; ?? Shanks and lady. Ya; M Patton. Jas Anderson, C Beal do Mrs EM Eastman. Ga: D C Yeacber, do- ? W Pleasants. NY: M L Kingen. do; j y p Gardner do; A F Tift. 1 la. J Barlinc. Md; Geo F Thomp son. do: J <? Hoop?-r, Md: Jark Hutton, T Sand us.du. Capt C V\ "1" Moon. NY. WASHINGTON HOI SE ? EL ?iilt?ert. Phil; W II Bright J West. A S Martin. C Houten. N N Yo. k N M L'xvi . J Y Yates, Yoik, Pa; E K llaidwail. Halt; |{ D Duncaiisou, SC. Ira Harris Troy. NY, A P Evans and lady, N Orleans; W T Hodges, philad. W H Re;:d.Na; Benj'u R Mills, W G Limrburgb. Ct: C B. nten. NY; D P West. Bait; F Landis and ladv.Monnt Plea-ant, Pa; M Woper and lady, Middletowu, Pa; E L Grrenup. Ark K1RKWOOD HOFSE.?Ilou G T-.ylor. NY; W C Junes, do; H McLaughlin, do. H McLaugh lin, Jr. do, J C?>oiie. do; T Giddinirs. dc; Com Jones. I SN\ A W Canara. Vn; W H Lyon-, do; M E Rolwrrtson Md; A B Bavtes and fimilv.N Y; H lack. Can; G A Wem h; f) O'Brien, Md; Col ? tir^ve. l'a' W B Carry, do; G M. Call I u ;h, Md; J J lladdrw do; W T Hntter, do J Wb-el mgs, Md. MOfEMESTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS. Fbow the UniTKD States. Ltirr. For. DoJfi. Amgo New York..Havre May 3d New York New York..lilasgow....June tt FaoM Eiiori. A rial Souths pton New York.. May 1? Arabia Liverpool. .New York..Msy 16 Washington..? .floutba'pton New York..NavW Glasgow Gla*lfow.... New York. .May CO The California Mall Steamers leave New York 00 the 5th and SOth of each mouth. Miscellaneous. pROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY. House or Representatives usitid States, I Clerk's Office, March 31, 1857.\ In purauance of the seventeenth section of the aot of Congress of the 26th August, 1842, entitled 44 An act legalizing and making appropriations for such neoessary objects as have been usually included in tha general appropriation lulls without authority of la*;, and to fix and provide for oertain incidental expen* es ol the Departments and offices of Governments.;*!*! for other purposes," sealed proposols will be rec aiv ed at this office until Monday, the 1st day ol .lune next, at 12 o'clock in., for furnishing tlie folio/win* articles of stationery for the use of the ho'jse of Representatives during the Thirty-fifth Coi|gress, VlZ" DESCRIPTION OF ARTICLES^ Class So. 1.?Paper. Item 1.?fo reams white-laid qearto post, extra su perfine, faint lined 2.?100 reams white-laid quarto post, ex'ira super fine, unru ed S.? 75 reams wl'ittj-laid Bath post, extra superfine, faint lined 4.?30 reams white-laid Bath post, extra superfine, unruled 5.?125 ream* extra superfine cream laid notes ps per, large size, faint lined and gilt-edged, dt. t ruled 6.?125 reams same articje 7.?125 " extra superfine ?rwm laid note, medi um size, gilt-edged 8.?100 reams white cap paper, extra superfine, faint lined i 9.?25 reams same paper, unruled 10.?125 " commercial laid note paper, large aiae, faint lined proposals for*the above must state the price per ream. Of items 1,2, 3, and 4 a ptnrtion not to exoeed one lialf of en^i. to be furnished gilt-edged, if required. Class 2.?Envelopes. Item 1.?275.0TO envelopes, thick laid, white, large letter biz* 2.?125,ii*> envelopes, thick lard, white, small size 2.?4<>,wo envelopes, thick laid, small note size 4.??y*io co do official size, ?>? x 9x4, and x 4 inches 5.?150,i*?> envelopes, b??ff laid, large letter size 6.?25,uuo do do official size 7.?100,000 do buff, medium, lietween let ter and official size, smooth aud strong, for newspapers aud documents. Th? envelopes are to be ui all cases adhesive. Preference will l?o given u? those having full poekets. Proposals must state the prive per tliousauu. Class 8,-immi, 4rc. Item. 1.?10 dozen four blade pearl-handle pocket knives, 2.?so dozen same article, staft handle 3.?<10 dozen two-blade pearl i%nd shell handle pocket knives, small size, half ol eaoh 4.?50 cases scissors 5.?o? pairs first rate offioe shears 6.?8 dozen ivory handle erasers Proposals for knives and erasers must state the pric" per dozen. Items Nos. 1,2, 3 and 4 are to be o| the best quality and first st*le of finish. Class 4.?Pens, Penholders, Pentils and Quills, Item. 1.?5? gross Perry's patent large Hue barrel pent, fine points 2.?50 gross Perry's three pointed pens 8.?ttt> gr:?s8 fine quality metallio pens, in boxei containing j* gross eaoh 4.?la gross bullion pens, on cards or in gilt boxos ol on? dozen each 5.?5 gf>?? porcupine quill penholders 6.??> grr??? rosewood penholders, for large barrel pen* 7.-6 gross rosewood penholders, for small barrel pena 8.?3 gross penholders, best styles, for pen* without liarrels 9.-2 gross fancy penholders, handsome styles IP.?20 gross fiber's \os. 1,2, and 3 black lead pen pencils 11.?30 dozen gold pens, first rate quahtv. half with silver cases and half without cases. Class 5.?Ink and Inkstands. Item. 1.?5? dozen ink, in pint bottles 2.?3i> dozen ink, hall-pint do 3.?15 dozen ink. auart do 4.?3dozen red ink, or carmine, in small glass bot ties 5.-6 dozen standishea, china or cut-glass inkstands, with racks. ac. 6.?5 dozen line china inkstands, pump and dishes, gilt 7.?10 dozen handsome cut-glass inkstands, large size 8.?10 dozen handsome cut-glass inkstands, medium size 9.?6 dozen handsome pressed glass inkstands, vari ous patterns 10.?4 d?>zen handsome porcelain ladies' inkstands, various patterns Class b.? Memorandum Books, Portfolios, Tab lets and Diaries. Item. 1.?2>dozen memorandum books assorted sizes 2.?j>?di>zou portfolios, quarto, with locks, tablets, and of hue quality 3.?10 dozen portfolios, cap, with locks, and of fine quality 4.?1<> dozen pearl tablets, with peuoils, and of supe rior quality and finish 5.?15 dozen pocket diaries, of fine paper and finish Class 7.? Wax and Wafers. i Item. 2.?2>_>0 pounds red wafers, of fine quality f 2.-250 do red wax. of very finest quality. Class V.?Paper Weights and Paper Folders. Item 1.?2" dozen cut glass paper weights, finest quality and par terns 2.?30 do nine-inch tine ivory folders, one inch wide, and not less than h oz. to the dozen 3.?20 do mne-iuch fine ivory folders, one inch wid j, and not less than 9 oz. to the do zen. and with strong bandies. 4.?10 do fine p.tarl iolders, n?sorted patterns,and strong handles. Clas*9.?Miscellaneous. Item 1.?aw? dozen red tape. No. 19 2.-.r>> do do No. JS 3.? Jo do white tape, No. 25. 4.? 10 do vesta taper stands, with wax tapsrs i fine qualitv 5.?i^?nn pound- pounds black sand, pound papers f.?!1 dozen letter clips, gilt do do bronze 5* ?t4*? kne ivory .'iandle letter stamps, chequered 9.?100 do do do slain 10.?12 dozen pi'-e-s itcst quality twilled office taste, various colors 11.?'2 do Lotties adhesive mucilage. i>est quality, wide mei^l tops and pencils attached 12. o pounds india-rubber, in usual size pieces, na tive gum preferred. , Class 10. Item 1.?1.""0 ream? buff or brown envelope pa per, smooth surf;ice, strong and tough, i9x 24 inch es, to weigh not less than 23 pounds to the ream *??15*10 reams of buff or brown envelope paper, smooth surface, strong and tough, 2f> x 21 inches, to weigh not less than 25 pounds to the renin 3.S0 reams strong and smooth Manilla paper, 27 x 31 inches, to weigh not less than forty pouii'ls to the ream. 4.-1,000 reams while uut caps in half sheets, to weigh not less than 12 pounds to the ream 5.?2,000,000 document envelopes, fine buff paper 7v inches long and inches wide ' Proposals for the aftove must state the weight and price per ream for pa;>er and price por thousand for envelopes. 1 By the set approved June 17,1S44, the Clerk of the , House of Representatives is "directed to confine | his purchases exclusively to articles the growth and i manufacture of i he i uted States, provided the same cm bo procured of such growth and manufacture. o| fcO.Utd.e quality, and at reasonable prices, upon as go?*i terms as to quality and price as can be obtained of foreign growlu and manufacture." A pref?,ronee will therefore be riv?-n to the productions of am?ri csnindut r> ; and al! persons making proposals to supply anj article. will state whether the same is of fiie growth and manufacture of the i'nited States. The article* ar?* to !>e delivered, free of anv charge for carriage, at ffe<> office of the Clerk on or before th" 15th of October next, arid to be paid for a* s.wn as the < omn.ittee on Accounts shall audit tho bill. haeh bidder, though he mat desire to propose for the whole ot the articles ntove numerated, will be required to make a separate and distinct proposal for earn item : a: d no proposal or paper embracing more than a single item will bo considered. khcii pro pom i to be endorsed " Proposals for item No. ?. class No. -.of stationery for the House of Reprn* sentatires of t.,e Ignited States." a?d addressed to th? undersigned. I'he.y will be free of postage. Sufficient specimens of each item accompany the proposal. marked with the name of tlie bidder and tlie number of the class and item, according to the above advertisement. The person offering to furnish any description of articles at the lowest p"<ce. quality (Considered, shall receive a contract for the same on executing a !>ond with one or more sureties, satisfactory to the Clerk' lor tho performance of the same, under a forfeiture of twice the contract price in the case of failure ? which fiorid must be filed in the office of said Clerk within ten day * after tho proposals have beon opened and tno rwult declared. r The right-is reserved, in case it should l? neces sary. to order a further supply of all or any of the ar ticles contained in the above list. ?p 3-lawt Jsl Clerk maiwof RepV.'^V. S. JNTEREST ALLOWED ON depoaitest MOyEY to LOAN on STOCK SECURITIES CHUBB BROTHERS, BANKERS. Opposite the Treasury. THE HOUSE OF CHUBB BROTHKRS, Washington, is oomposed of THE HOUSE OF HENRY HOLMES, CHUBB BROTHER, barrow a CO., 1>AVKJIPOKT, Iowa, is oomposed of ClfAS. St. J. CHUBB, _ .. ALEX'R H. BARRO\V, jan77-tf wm.h. dou6al. N^rSovSi^?8'^ rn(i for *4* nt mil ner Mr', h Bookstore, Odeon Building, cor Ada.lil?j!i^l,'t1,"r ',l,r,,ilte- ?uthor orjanc Eyre. Ivors. i.? the'anti rs</ay' it l,'e author of Zaidee >1... n,w' ; tl",";;r*d "" ?rth. arct,0 b,. ! chVn"J:Z^:.c w<"" may ^3 Odeon Building, oor. 4s st. j p^', Rectifying establishment -the dersigned takes tms method of inforrntnr i ialinr Dealers that he has fitted up a R KCTl f V l\6 vs tablishment in this city, and is now prepaid to supply all those who may favor hun with their custom. he has on hand a large stock of Brandies <>in. Wines, and Old Whiskey s, which he can ?el( at as Sow a figure as they can b? purchased for ei thsr in bsliimore or phiradslphia. N. B. The subscriber has also on hand a large lot of Foreign and doiuestio cirtrs. PETER fag AN. Ian 14-sm* Ma. Aft i.outoiarut av.s. near tots at. PI A N O STOOLS at ELLIS' M U*sT C Store, pisy 27 () Miscellaneous. VERLAND MAIL ROUTE TO CALIFORNIA. Post 0??ic? Drpartmsst. April 2n, 1857. An Act of Congress, approved *1 March,1857, mak ing appropriations for the sorvice of the Post Office Department lor the fiscal year ending S)th June, 186a, provides: " Sec. 10. That the Postmaster General be and he is hereby authorized to contract for the conveyance of the entire letter mail from such point on the Mis sissippi river as the contractors may select to San Francisco, in the State of California, for six years, at a cost not exceeding three hundred thousand dollars per annum lor semi-monthly, four hundred and tifty thousand dollars for weekly, or six hun dred thousand dollars for semi-weekly service, to 1* performed semi-monthly, weekly, or semi-weekly, at the option of the Postmaster General. " Soc. II. That tho contract shall require the ser vioe to l?e performed with rood four-horse coaches or spring wagons, suitable lor the conveyance ofpas setiKers as well as the safety and security oft be mails. " Sec. 12. That the contractor shall have the right of pre-emption to three hundred and twenty acres of any land not then disposed of or reserved, at each point necessary lor a station, not to be nearer than I ten miles from each other; and provided that no I mineral land shall he thus pre-empted. " Sac. 13. That the said service shall be performed within twenty-five days for each trip; ana that, be fore entering into such contract, the Postmaster General shall be satisfied of the ability and disposi tion oft he parties, bona fide and in good faith, to per form the said contract, arid shall require good and sufficient security for the performance of the same, the service to commenc? within tw^vc months alter the signing of the contract." Proposals will accordingly be received at the Con tract Office of the Post Office Department, until 3d. in. of the 1st day of June, 1H57, for conveying mails under the provisions of the above act. Besidesthe starting point on the Mississippi river, bidders will name the intermediate points proposed to lie embraced in the route and otherwise designate its course as nearly as practicable. Separate proposals are invited for ami-monthly Vfckty, and semi-weekly trips each way. The decision npon the proposals offered will be made after the Postmaster General shall l>e satisfied of. the ability and disposition of the parties in good faith to perform the contract. A guarantee is to he executed, with good and suf ficient sureties, that the contract shall be executed with like good security, whenevor the contractor or contractors shall lie required to do so by the Post master General, and ttie service must commence within twelve months after the date of such contract. Form <J Proposal. , , of , county of , State of . propose to convey the entire letter inail, for the term of six years, from the date specified in the contract for commencing service, from , on the Mississippi river, by ?, to San Francisco, California, agreeably to the advertisement of the Postmaster General of the 20th April, 1857. in good four-horse coaches or spring wagons, suitable for the conveyance of pas sengers, as well as the safety and security of the mails, semi-monthly. each way, for the annual sum of dollars ; weekly. each way. for the annual sum of dollars; semi-weekly, each way, for the an nual sum of dollars. Dated. (Signed.) Form of Guarantee. The undersigned, residing at , State of , un dertake that, if the foregoing bid for carrying the mail on tho route from , on the Mississippi river, to San Francisco, California, be accepted by the Postmaster General, the bidder shall, when required by the Postmaster General, enter into the necessary obligation to perform the service proposed, withgood and sufficient sureties. This ire do understanding distinctly th? obliga tion and liabilities assumed by guarantors under th? 27fA section of the act of Congress of Julu 2. 1336. ? Dated. (Signed by two guarantors.) Form of Certificate. The undersigned, postmaster of ??, State of .certifies, under his oath of office, that he is acquainted with the above guarantors, and knows them to be men of property, and able to make good their guarantee. Dated. (Signed.) INSTRUCTION'S. Containing conditions to be incorporated in the cuntrarts to thr extent the Department may dr.em proper. 1. No pay will be made for trips not performed; and for eacli of such omissions not satisfactorily ex plained three times the par of the trip may be de ducted. Deductions will afso be ordered for a grade of performance inferior to that specified m the con tract. For repeated delinquencies of the kind herein specified, enlarged penalties, proportioned to the na ture thereof and the importance of the mail, may be mad". 2. For leavinr behind or throwing ofl the mails, or any portion of tnein. for the admission of passengers, or for l>eing ooncerued in setting up or running an ex press convey nig intelligence m advanco of the mail, a quarter's pay may be deducted. 3. Fines will bo imposed, unless the delinquency l>e promptly and satisfactorily explained by certificates of postmasters, or the atndnvlts of other credible persons, for failing to arrive in contract time; for neglecting to take the mail from or delivering it into a post office; for suffering it (owing either to the un suitableness of the place or manner of carrying it >to be wet, injured, destroyed, robbed, or lost ; and for refusing, alter demand, to convey the mail as fre quently as the contractor runs or is concerned in uniting a coscii at the route. 4. The Postmaster Generai may annul the contract for repeated failures to run agroeablT to Contract; for violating th? post office laws, or diso!?eyiug th? in structions of the Department: for refusing to dis charge a carrier when required by the Department to do ???; for assigning the contract 'without the assent of the Postmaster General; for running on express as aforesaid; or foi transporting persons or packages conveying mailable matter out of the mail. 5. A bid received niter the last day and hour named or without the guarantee required by law, cannot ite considered in competition with a regular proposal reasonable in amount. t>. The route, the service, the yearly pay. the name and residence of the bidder, (that is. his nsnal P<?st office address,) and those of each mcmlur of the firm, where a company offers, should J?e distinctly stated. 7. Altered 'nils should not l?* submitted; norshould bids once submitted lie withdrawn. 8. Each bid must l>e guarantied by two or more re sponsible persons satisfactory to the Postmaster General, tieneral guarantees cannot l>e admitted. Tne hid and guarantee should be signed piamly with the I ull nam - ol each person. 9. The Department reserves the right to reject any bid which may be deemed extravagant, and also the bids of failinicontractors aid bidders. 10. The bid should |?? sealed ; snp?rserib?vl "Mail Proposals for overland route to California," address ed "Second Assistant Postmaster General," Con tract ?Itfiee. 11. A modification of a bid in any of its essential terms is tantamount to a new bid, and cannot be re c- ived. so as to interfere with a regular competition, after the last hoiw set for receiving bids. 12. Postmasters are to be careful not to certify the sufficiency of guarantors as sureties without know in* that tn?y are persons of sufficient responsibility; and all bidders, guarantors, and sureties are distinct ly notified that, on a failure to enter into or perform tne contracts for tho service proposfnl for in the ac ceptod bids, their legal liabilities will be enforced against them. 13. Fresnnt contractors, and persons known at the Department must, equally with others, procure guar antors and oertihcate* of their sufficiency substan tially in the forms a'tsive prescribed. The certificates of sufficiency must lie signed by a postmaster, or by a .judge of a court of record. The attention of bidders, guarantors, sureties, Ac. is directed to the following laws, vis : Sec.2. Act of .Marcli3, lu25, requiring contractor!, carriers, Ac. to |<e sworn. Sue. 41. Act of March3,1225, in relation to failure to enter into contract -* ? 'j nations amongst bidders. Act of April 21, U**i. provides that no member of Congress can be a contractor. Sec.42. Anact of March 3, 1825, provides that no postniater, assistant postmastor, or clerk in a post office shall l?e a contractor. Sec. 7. Act of March 3,1825, provides that no other thaMafree white male person shall bo employ ed 111 carrying the mail. irr The Postmaster Genera! will reserve to him, seirthe right of annulling any contract made under thfc' above act, whenever he shall disooverthat the same or any part of it, is offered forsalo in the market for th? purpose of speculation, and he will, in no oaso, sanction a transfer of tho same, in whole or in part, to any assignee or sub-contractor, less qualified, in his opinion, than tho original contractor, to oarry the sanie into sucoesaful operation. AARON V. BROWN, ap 20-3tawtlst June Postmaster General. PEN N SYLVAN IA A V EN U E, near corner ufl3th Street. B. H. STINEMETZ having made arrangements with a Company of flatters to be fur nished with the most popular styles of MOLESKIN AND BEAVER HATS, will hereafter make a dis count of 12% per cent upon the actual market price, making tneHat sold for S4(aiul not unfrequently for ?5) for ie low price of .$8.5". a slight varia tion in quality $3. ana for $2.5<ia su- . perior quality for the money. To make this system effectual, he will keep*no books, but sell exclusive ly for Cash on Dili vkrt. which cannot fail l?eing advantageous to the purchaser, thereby enabling him to buy f>r cash and sell at a small profit, meeting with no losses by l?ad debts. New Styles FELT f! ATS, CAPS,and STRAW GOODS, for Men, Boya, Misses and Infants' wear. Persons are invited to cell and examine our stock. Call at 236 Pennsylvania Avenue, near corner of 13th Street. apll-tf Herring, ii err inn. 2?*> bbls. prime No. 1 Eastern HER RIN(? ex pected daily to arrive. Will bo sold low by HARTLEY A BROTHER. inay23-10t Ml Water street, Georgetown. 1.FRENCH NOVELS.?Teverino, par Geo. Sand! 20 cents. Jeanne, par George Sand; 40 cents. Isidora, par George Sand; ?i5 cents. Mauprat, par George Sand; 4" cents. Gabriel, par George Sand: 20 cents. Jacques, par George Sand: 4<? cents. Horace, par George Sand; 43 conts. Modeste Eignon, pnr Balzac; 25 cents. Lea Chouans, par Balaac; 3" cents |.a Fauulle Alain, par Alphonse Karr; 25 cents LM'sooque, pnr George Sand: 25 cents. Deux Histoires, par Eugene Sue; 57 cents. Alizia Pau i. par Feval: 30 cents. 1 Theatre Complet, par Balzac. ?>cent?. La Creole, par Feval; 20 cents. ' < Don Martin de Freytas. par Dumas; 20cents. Blanche de Beaulieu. par Dumas; 25 cents. Jseques ler ct Jacques II, par Dumas; 20cents. And many others at th%sauie low range of prices, may 2b FRANCK TAYLOR. (TlfioN IIALL. J W. F. BENTER, Proprietor. The advertiser takes pleasure in announcing to Ins friends and the public, that he has t*kcn the house formerly occupied by Hay ward A Wilson known ai " Union Hall," adjoining the Bank of1 ^Vaahil!^ton. HisiRar is stocked with the best of LIQUORS *nd ? IGABS, and his personal attention is a sure guarantee that his friends will be suited iu every par ticular. ma* 23-eol w W. W. lUCKIIT. W. B. LA YT0H cents. I t I < Inroranoe, 6c. f TJROTECTION AND INDEMNITY FROM 1 LOSS AND DAMAGE BY FIRE. THE PERIL'S OFTHE SEA, A X D INLAND TRANSPORTATION. FARMERS AND MECHANICS' INSURANCE COMPANY* OF PHILADELPHIA. FlAK, Mtll.1I, AND IXLA.HD INSURANCE. Authorized Capital #1,290,000!!! Office. Nobtbwmt corner of Pennsylvania AY*:!!/* AND 17TH STREET, WasUINOTOR. DIRECTORS.

Hon. Thos. B. Florenoe, Charles Pingee, Georgo H. Armsiroug, Thomas Manderfield, Chanes A. Rubioam, Edwatd R. Helmbold, George Helmbold, P. Carroll Brewster, James E. Ne&il, Isaac I.eech. Jr. THOMAS B. FLORENCE. President. EDWARD R. HELMB9LD, Secretary. LOCAL SURVEYORS. Charles Walter, No. 3H7 D street, opposite City Hall. , . John M. Thornton, ooruer 1st street and Virginia avenue. Island. James Williams, No. 22 43% street. John Riggles, No. 5?>1 13th street, below Pennsyl vania avenue. MARINE SURVEYOR. Captain J. P. Levy. No. 307 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite National Hotel. GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT. John Thoinason. Authorized Capital and Assett 91,473,097 07 Asstts ?583,us7<ry Invested in Bonds, Mortgages, and Good Seouritiee. The following statement exhibits the business and condition ol the Company to November 1, 1856: Premium rooeived on marine and inland risks to No veml>er 1, 1866 $214,084 60 Fire premium 176.7.16 61 Interest on loan. 8,7<H 47 Total receipts $400,185 68 Paid marine losses.... $64,4^7 04 ; Paid fare losses 33,737 39 Expenses, salaries,and oominis ' sions 45.4E9 00 I Reinsurance, return premiums, I aud ageuoy charges........... 27,474 68 I .$177,12? 61 Balanoe remaining with the Company. $223.<v57 "7 The Assets of tht Company are as follows: Philadelphia city and county bonds 416,848 18 Railroad bonds 11,000 00 First mortgages, real estate 143,5<W "0 Stocks, collaterals, on call S^4W no Girard and consolidation hank stock 3,125 00 Deposited with Duncan, Sherman A Co., New York 30,fW 00 Deferred payment on stock not yet due 97,7no u0 Notes for marine premiums.. 108,oh0 ? Due from aponts, secured by bonds....... 36,378 18 Premiums on policies receutly issued, and dolits due the company 26,470 38 Balance in l<ank .. ?..?? ?? 16,456 74 $523,057 07 The business of tliis Company will oompare favor ably with the most successful similar institutions in the United Stales. From the 1st day of August. 1855, in fifteen months, up to the 1st day of November, 1856, the premiums and intorest received amounted to the large sum of four hundred thousand one hundred and euhty-fivo dollars and sixty-eight cents, with the payment of losses and expenses of one hundred and seventy seven thousand one hundred and twenty-eight dol lars and sixty-one cents. With flies? evidences of success and good man agement. the Directors feel justified in soliciting a share of public patronage, believing that the security offered is ample, and that all lAir claims will be ad justed more according to equity than legal technical ities. _ is prepared to issue policies against i*i. iiMtr*. 11 n ITUR E. M II.I.S, MA N U FA C TO R IF. S, WA REHOUSES. The Company is prepe.ri loss or damage ny fire on D WEL LI NO S. Ft ' H X U FACTORIES. ? All descriptions of BUI I .DIN GS aud thoir contents, or all kinds of MERCHANDISE, transported by Vessels,Steamboats, Canal Boats. Railroads. and the usual conveyances to or from any portion of EUROPE AND AMERICA, and on the hulls of STEAMBOATS uavigating the Western Waters. The rates of premium will be as iow as other com panies. and in nxing thein every improvement in construction and arrangement will be taken into con sideration. All losses speedily adjusted and promptly paid. Office, nortiiwost ooruer Pennsy I vaiua avenue and 17th street, Washington City, D. C. Insurance may also be eftried at the Home Office, north west torner Walnut and Second streets, Philadelphia, And in other principal cities of thelnited States by authorized officers of the Company. M> 3 SALE" OF INDIAN TRUST LANDS IN KANSAS TERRITORY. PROCLAMATION By the President of tiie I nited States. In pursuance of law. 1, FransLIN Pierce, President of the United State?, do hereby declare and nifke known that a public sale will be held at Iowa Point, Doniphan county, in the Territory of Kaii.tai*. commencing on Tuesday, the 5th day of May next, for the disposal ofthe lands held in trust by this United States for the tionefit of the Iowa tribe of In dians as are situated within the undermentioned townships of land in said Territory and ceded by said Indians in trust as aforesaid, to w*it: South of the bate line and east of th* principal meridian. Townships No. one. in ranges fiDoen, sixteen, sev enteen, eighteen, nineteen, and twenty. Townships No. tico, in ranges seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, and twenty, excepting therefrom a few snecinl grants designated in the treaty,amounting in the whole to eight hundred acres,and situate in town ship two, of ranges nineteen and twonty. Also,at I.ykins country, in said Territory, commencing on Tuesday, the twenty-sixth day of may nrxt. tor the disposal of such of the lands held in trust by the Cnited States, for the lienefit of the confederated lands of Kaskaskia, Peoria, Pianke sha w, and Won Indians, as are situated m the under mentioned townships of said Territory, and ceded by said conl'ivlerateal bunds as aforoaaid, to wit: South of tin base line ami east of th4 sixth prin cipal meridian. Townshipsfifteeu.sixteeii.and seventeen,of range twenty. Townships fifteen, sixteen, and seventeen, of range t wentv 4Mb Townships fifteen, sixteen,and seventeen, of range twontv-two. Townships fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, and eight een, of range twenty-three. Townships fiftoun, sixteen, seventeen, and eight een, of range tweuty-four. Townships fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, and eight een, of range twenty-five. Provision having l?een made by the second and third artioles of the treaty of cession that each indi vidual ineml>er of said confederated l*nd* should l>e entitled to one hundred and sixty acres of land ; and in addition, that ten sections should be selected sitd set a part as a national reservntion; and by the fifth article one section of six hundred and forty acres should also be selected and set apart for the lienefit ofthe American Indian Mission Association; and said lands, amounting to about forty-eight thousand acres, having !>eeii selected hi the following town ?hips :Uive i;sined, to wit: * Townships sixteen and seventeen, range twenty two. Townships fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, and eight een, range twenty-three. Townships sixteen and seventeen, range twenty four. Townships sixteen and seventeen, range twenty five. are hereby set a part and reserved from sale. Also, at Lecompton, in said Territory, commenc ing on Tuesday, the twenty-third day of June next, for the disposal of such of the lands held in trust by the United States for the lienefit of the Delaware tribe of Indians as are situated within the under mentioned townships, comprising the western por tion of the lands ceded by the said Delaware Indians, in trust as aforesaid, to wit: South of the base line and east of the sixth prin cipal m*ridian. Townships five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, and eleven, of range fifteen. Townships seven, eight, nine, ten, aud eleven, of range sixteen. Townships six. seven, eight, nine, ten, aud eleven, of range seventeen. Townships six, seven, eight, nine, and ten of range eighteen. The terms of said sales will be cosh, and no bid will be receivod below the valuation placed upon the sev eral tracts by the commissioners duly appointed for tho purpose of classifying and valuing the same; and upon payment lieing made, receipt* in duplicate will be executed therefor, una of which will be de livered to the purchaser. Patents will subsequently be issued for the lands ao fmrchased in accordance with the laws 111 force regu ating the issue thereof. The offering of the al<ove lands will l?e ooinmrticed on the days respectively appointed, and will proceed in the order in which they are advertised, with all cotivenieuL>despatch, until the whole shall have been offered and the sales thus closed. All purchases not paid for on the day of sale will t>e reoffered on the following day at the risk of the de faulting purcher. Given under my hand, at the city of Washington, this twenty-sixth day of February,eighteen hundred ind fifty-seveu. FRANKLIN PIERCE. By the President: Geo. W. Many penny. Commissioner of Indian Affairs. N. B.?No newspaper is authorised to publish the foregoing advertisement without special instructions :o that etiect from the Commissioner of Indian Af rairs. mar 6-lawtlJe CHANGE OF PLACE OF SALE OF THE DELAWARE TRUST LANDS IN KANSAS. Department or tmk Interior./ Orrictor Indian Affairs, April6. 1KS7. { Notice IN iiekkby given thst the place of sale of he Delaware Trust l>ands in Kansas Territory, ad vertised to take place at Lecomptou on the J3d day >f June next, has l>een changed to, and will coiu nence at, said Territory, on the aine dat and date. By order of the Secretary of the Interior. CHARLES E. MIX, "P 7 Commissioner ad interim. CHANGE*IN THE DAYS OF SALE OF THE A BON E DESCRIBED INDIAN TRUST LANDS IN KANSAS. Department or the Interior./ Office of Indian Affairs, April 11,1857. { Notice is herery oiven that the davs designated ni the foregoing proclamation forthe commencement f the sale of certain Indian trust lands are changed nd postponed to the following periods : lows lands, at Iowa Point, to Wednesday, 3d day of une next. The lands of the AVeas,&o., at Paoli, to Wednas ay, 24th day of June next. Delaware lands, st Osawkee, to Wednesday, 15th ay of Jul* next. By order of the Seoretary ofthe Interior: CHARLES K. MIX, ap 13-lawtlJe _ Commissioner ad inttrim. FRENCH GOLD PENS.-lmportsd, s few onlV. L as specimens, direct from Pans, by B?y 23 FRANCK TAYLOR. ?edieinet. A RETIRED PHYSICIAN *buu aanda JT hfe hare nearly run out. discovered while in tin Eut Indies, * crtajii cure for Consnmptu>n, , Cokia. and General V ? A II v i from ihe "import I Croat to I ? l'?K- I J) o**ni # drug o # I Asthma. Bronchitis. Coughs I Debility. The remedy waa diacovered by him I whcu his only child, a daughter, waa given up to | die. He had heard much <T the wonderful restor alive and healing aiuduiec of preparations nun!" froin the East India Hemp, and the thought occurred to Inm that he might make a remedy for hia child.? He atndied hard and succeeded in realixing hi* wish es. Hu chilil waa curod, and la now alive aod well. He haa since administered the wonderful remedy to thousauds of suiierers in all parts of the world, and he ha* never failed in making theiu completely heal th* and happy. Wishing to do as much good as pos sible, he will send to auch of hi* afflicted fellow-ly ings a* request it, this recipe, with full and explicit di root ions for making it up, ami successfully natng it. lie reemres oach applicant to endnee him ono ?hilling?three cents to be returned aa postage on tho recipe, and tho remainder to be applied to the pay ment of this advertisement. Addres# * Dr. II. JAMES, No. ? Grand street Jersey City. N.J. P. 8. There are persona who pretend to prepare roa salh the " Extract uf Cannabis Indica" from Dr. H. James's Recipe, and who profess to t>e his agasTa. All auch peraoua are impostors. l)r. 11. James's sole object is to benefit the world, and not to make uioney. He has no agents who prepare his medicine* from the recipe, and never will have ! The impostors rannot make up the medicine from the recipe so as to sell it at a proht, the oost of import ing the East India Hemp alone lieing too groat a<lmit of a pecuniary speculation in the ? tar rained*. Tho imitations are proimbiy pounded of molaasea and a pernicious du two costing n few cents. maij 26-3m PRIVATE MEDICAL TREATISE OS THI PHTSIQLOG1CAL VIEW OF MARRIAGE, By M. II. La CROIX, M. D.. Albany, N. V. 200 pages and 13u hue Plain and Colored Lithograph! and Plates. _ IE7"PRICE ONLY 25CENTS .Til \U~ Sent fret vf postage to all parts aj tk* Union. Dr. M. B. I-a Croix's Phyaiological View of Mar riage. A new and revised edition of 2M> page* and 18?i plates. Price 25 cents a cop*. A and ooinprehensive treatise on the duties and casualties of single and married life?happy and fruitful allian ces, mode of securing them?infelicitous and infer tile ones?their obviation and removal?nervou* de bility, its causes and cure, by a process at once so simple, safe, and effectual, that failure is impossible ?rules for daily management?an e**ay on J*pcrraa torrhtra, with practical observation* on a safer and more successful mode of treatment?precautionary hints on the evil results from empirical practice; to which is added commentaries on the diseases of fe males?from infancy to old a?;e?each case graphical ly illustrated by beautiful plates. It'points out the remedies for those self-inflicted miseries and disap pointed hopes so unfortunately prevalen' in the young. It is a truthful adviser to the married, and those contemplating marriage. Its perusal is partic ularly recommended to person* entertaining secret doubts of th?'ir ph> aical condition, and who are eon scious of having hazarded the health, happiness and privileges to which every human being is entitled to. Price 25 cents per copy, or five copies lor 9!. mail ed free of postage to any part ot the United States, by addressing Dr. LA CRol X, (post paid,) Albany, New \ ork, enclosing 25 cents. N. B. Those who prefer may consult Doctor |LA CROIX .upon any of the diseases upon whioh his book treats, either personally or by mail. His medi cines often cure in the short space of six days, and completely and entirely eradicate all traces of those disorders which cpaiva and cubeba have so lone l>een thought an antidote, to the ruin of the health o| the patient. His " French Secret" is the great con tinenta! remndv for that class of disorders which un fortunately, Dhysiciaris troat with mercury, to the irretrievable destruction to the patient's constitu tion. and which all the sarsapariila iu the world can not cure. IT/" Office No. 31 Maiden Lane, Albany. N. Y. feb 14?ly THE G REATESjf ~ medical discovery OF THE AGE. Mr. Kenxrdt. of Roxbnrv. lias discovered in one of our oommon pastnre weou* a remedy tliat cures EVEKV KIXD OF HCMOK, _ fionj The worst Scrofula down to a common Ptmplt. He ha* tri<?d it in over eleven hundred cases, and nevei failed except in two case*, l>oth Thunder Hu mor. He has now in hi* possesion over one hundred oertihcates of its value,all within twenty miles if Boston. .Two bottles are warranted to cure a nursing Sore Mouth. One to three bottles will cure the worst kind of Pimpleg on the Face. Two or three bottles will ciear thasrstem of Biles. Two bottles are warranted to cure the worst Canker in the Mouth and Stomach. Three to five bottles are warranted to cure the worst kind of Erysipelas. One or two bottles are warranted to cure all Hu mor in the Eyes. Two bottles are warranted to ctire Running of the Kars and Blotches among the Hair. Four to six bottles are warranted to cur* oorrupt and running Uloers. One bottle will cuse Scaly Eruption* of the Skin. 1 wo or three liuttles are warranted to cure the worst kind of Ringworm. Two or three U>ttles are warranted to oure the most most desperate ease of Rheumatism. Three to four bottles are warranted tooureSalt rheuin. 0 F1 r?,to euht kittles will oure the worst case of Scrofula. A benefit is always experienced from the first bot tle, and a pcrfect cure is warranted wlien the above quantity is taken. Nothing looks so improbable to those who have in yam tried ad the wonderful medicines of the day. as that a common weed growing oh the pastures, and along old stone *all?. should cure even' liumorii.the system ; yet it is a fixed fact. If vou Jiave a humor, it has to start. There are no lFSnor AN DS. hums nor has Htsiut it suiting some cases, butlnot ?ours. 1 coddled over a thousand '-.tiles ofit in the vicinity of Boston. 1 know the edge's of it in even case. It lias already done solne <?f the greatest cures ever done in Massaeiiusetts. 1 gave it to eluldren a *ear tiiii, to olu people of sixty. 1 have seen poor, puur. wormy-ioolcing children, whose tlesh was soft and flabby,restored to a perfect state of health by one i ottie. i T.V th,,?.e Tho Bre "uhject to a sick headache, one bottle will aiway* cure it. It gives great relief in catarrh and dizziness. Some who have taken it had been costive for years, nrd have lieen regulated by it. V\ here ttio ImkIv is sound it works quite ea?*. but where there is an* derangement of the functions ol will cause very singular feelings, but you must not lie alarmed; tliev always disappear in from four days to a week. There is never a Cud re sult from it; on tho contrarv. when that feeling is sone. y ou will feel yourself like a new person. I heard some of the most extravagant enoomiums of it that ever inan listened to. In my own practioe I always kepi it strictly f>r hu mors?but since its introduction as a general family medicine, grear and wonderful virtues have been found in it that 1 never suspected. Several casesof epileptic hts?a disease which waa always considered incurable, have been cured by a few bottles. O, what a merev if it will prove eif>*c tual m all case* of that awful maladv ? there are but few who have seen more of it fhan I have. I know of several casesof Dropsy, all of them agod ceopie curwl by it. h or the \arioua diseases of the Liver. Sick Headache,^Dyspepsia, Asthma, Fever and Ague, I am in the J"?ide, Diseases of the Spine, and particularly in Diseases of the Kidneys. Ac , the discovery has done more g<?>d than any medicine ever known. No change of diet ever necessary ?eat tho best you can get and enough of it. Directions for Use.?Adulte one table-epoonful per,day?children over ten yeara deaser?-spi?oiifu!? children from five to eight yeara, tea spoonful. As no directions can i>? applicable to all oonstitutions. take suuiuient to operate on the bowels twice o day. ^ MAXVFACTCRKD BT lon D O N A L D K E N N E D Y. Ao. fan M arrtn Street. Korbury, Mastaehusettt. Agent* for Washington.?Ciiaa. Stott & Co.. Z. Giiman, hidwc.l A J B. Gardner, Burry \i.C V" ^ a^-h 4 8 ^ ?Tah, J. P. Stone. .Martin King, Nairn A Palmer. Schwartx A Co., O Boswell Daniel K. Clark. J. P. Milburn. DunUr liyson. Ford A Kro. Agents for Georgetown.?R. S. Cissell, u M Lontliam, J. L. Kidweli. my 5-ly THE PERUVIAN SYR IP having snscessfully passed the ordoal to which ninny disooveries in the Materia Medio*are subjected, must now be re ceived as an established medicine. ITS EFFICACY IN CURING D YSP EPS I A. Afertions of the Liver, Dropsy, neuralgia. Bron chitis and Consumptive Tendencies, Disorder ed state of tke Blood, Boils, Hentral Debility, and all Diseases trhieh r?<jni># a Tonic ana Alterative medicine is bevond question. The proof* of ita efficac* are ao numerous, ao well authenticated, and of auch peculiar character, that aufferora cannot reasonably hesitate to receive the protfered aid. The Peruvian Syrup does not profe** tobe a cure all, but ita range ta extensive, beoauae many diaea aes, apparently unlike, are intimately related, and, proceeding from one on use, inay be cured by one remedy. The class of diaeaaea for whioh the Syrnj* promi ses a cure, la precisely that winch has so often t?f fled the highest order of medical skill. The facta are tangible, the witneaaes acoesaible, and the aafety and emcacv of the Syrup incontrovertible. Those who may wish lor an opinion fmm disinter ested persons respecting the character of the Syrup, oannot fail to l?e satisfied with the following among numerous teatimom&ls, in the liauda of the Agenta. The aignature* are those of gentlemen well known in the oommumty. and of the highest respectability. _ CARD. The undersigned having experienced the benefioial sffecta of the Peruvianl*y rup,-' do not hesitate to reoommend it to the attention of the puMio. Froin oar own experienoe. a* well as from the tes timony of othcra, whose intelligence and lutocrity vre altogether unquestionable, we liave no dount of its efficaoy in cas?s of incipient Diseases of the l.ungs and Bronchial Passages, Dyspepsia. Liver Complaint, Dropsy, Neuralgia, Ac. Indeed ita ef reets would lie incredible, but from the character of ;ho*e who have wituossed them, aud have volunteer Mi their teatimouy, aa we do our*, to ita restorative xiwer. JOHN PiERPON'f. THOMAS A. p>fifER, S. H KENDALL. M. D. SAMUEL MAY, THOMAS C. AMORY. Foraaleby 7. D. OILMAN, Speoial Agent. 990 Pennsylvania avenue, and at the General Agenoy, torner of L and 6th streets. Navy Yard. feh 26 . "JMBING AND GAS FIXING. nd SINKS, EA' .Wh'cl1 S,r.V' neweai anu imni *p ?h ? u Builders and other* purohasing for w.1'1 hn?l tneir establishment uuequalled in the ? tik ?C ^?'u,?hia for ino<ierate prtoea and dia ?rL ueato?*?and cflicioncy of work. I ney respectfully solicit a share of the business in tieir line frontal!; arid. I?eing Washington trades ien Uith fcy Urth anil appreutioeship, will take prop r pride in proving by their work that Plumbiag and >aa h ixtures can be doae by Washington inechan ub7^J oth'r4r} $9 I < i ? .1 - ? Traveler!' Directory. Washington and Alexandria, AND MOUNT VERNON. Chamgb or Horaa.?The Ste?n.era oEOKOE WASHINGTON or THOMAS* ir?-. CO I.I.N FIR will depart at the follow ^4* - ^ ft itM Hours, on and after id May next i Leave Alexandria, at 7, ?S. 11, *S.4%.and ?k o'clock. Leave Washington, at 7Y,*H. H V 1. 3N.5S.aadT. Th? public iu.1) confidently icij oa the Boat aiart ing fit tne time advertised. One ?*f the Boats will make a trip to MOUNT VF.RXON on Ti wmv and F*i?av <?f each iMvik Waahingt*n at 9 o'clock a. m. JOB CORSON. / Carta,,,. OEO. T. HOWARD. \ ^"rtaine. Cither Boat may l?* chartered (or l.xcura.on? ?t any tun#, on application to JOSEPH BRYAN, President ol the Coinpaiy, at hit <>thce, Per.n. avenne. or to the Captaina on l<*HL up >Mf STFIAJU KR UEORGK~PAGE. __ _/T?- ^ HOURS OF n F. P A kTl kE Leave AUxaudiia at O*, 7W, 9, m?,s.?v*v Leave \\ soiling ton at I. 8. 11k, 1\?. 4, 5H, 7. ap2??-d __ KI-I.WC PRICE, Captain. yyAililNUToN BRANCH RAILROAD. Tnuiia leave WASHINGTON for BALTIMORE at (< and Bk a. in., iu?U J nud 4,S P- m. On Sunday, at Oa p. in. Leave BALTIMORE for WASHINGTON at 8i and 9h a. m.. and 3 and 6fc p. m. n Sunday ft Oa a. in. Passengera for Philadelphia and New York w.U take tram* at 6,8 k. and 4k For Annapolis wilt take train* at Ik and 4k. For Norfolk will take trains at awl X For the Wen! will take trains at 6and 4k. oonae?r. ing at tlie Washington Junction. jan 16 tf T. H. PARS(>NS_. Ayl. Daily link for kdwards- fekrv AND LKKSUI R??.\a.. vm ? Iiesapeake ai.4 Ohio Canal .-The Packet Boata AH GO and M.C. MFMGSVwi.l ounirocncefjr-* ? . l making trip* to tn<* above |>t>u.: >- ** on Monday, Mar oh ^i, leaving the a hart ?>f W. II. and 11. G. Itittor, lieorgetown, I). C. ever* morning at 7 o'clock, Sundaya exocpted; thiough in eirht hours; leaving Georgetown atta^fno'eiook iu the morning, the Boats will arrive at the Great Falls.or Washington A^ned?ic*. at l? a. in., Seneo* *1 l.-ui., F,dward*' Fen* at U p. isi.. n*here * sta;e will l>* m rWillili'H to couv*? p.v>scu?ers to l.oe?! urg, \?. j Returning. leave FMwards' Kerry every day at nm* o'clock hi the uoftuai, -uid arriving id Georgetowu I at sunset. Through Tickets. ?1.75. Intermediate poir'a aa ; follows: Great F'alla nr W ashington Aqueduc?, *> | cents; Seince. 75 cent*; Kdwarda' F'erw, ll.12; i LflMMri. Virtiuiii, inclui'iiic o?iach. #1.75. Mea ? (served on the Boats at mod^-ate prices. n,ar? W. H. k H. O. RITTER. QRANGE AND ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD. GH B AT HOLT II E K iV MAIL L 1 X F . Twica Dailj, <Sund?* luciita exoepted.) lietween WASHINGTON and the SOI TH.via Al.FXAN BRIA. GORDONSVII.I.F ANI) RICHMOND, AN VILLF: and G R KKN^BoROL'GII. Leaves Washinctou at tio'ciock a. m. 44 Alexandria at 7k o'clock a. nu 44 Wa?iniictoii at 7 o'clock p. ni. 44 Alexandria at o'clock p. rr. Fare from \N a?hiuct->n and Alexandria to R h mond. $5 50. |JI7~Omnil>Ufeaand |>\ccac? Wacona a< lheatt*>a Despot of the Waslunston Ratlroac. to convey p? senders end i^c^ari- to the Steamer GF.O. I'A'tF., for Alexandria, a distance of six miles, aliowiut ample time for moals. mar^7-tf J A M FIS A. EVANS. Acen'. iy*EW ROITK TO THE SOUTHWEST. MEMPHIS t ClfA RLESTOX KAIL KO A 0 Cdvrui Kii-roX)iirtiw CAnffeaeefn, TVaa..- Charlrtton. S. C.: Snrnn nik. <?'?.; and all the Xoriktutrrn ci:itt, v?r% MtmpKts. 7'aa. The last connectinx link "f Railroad hejween NEW YORK ANDTHE MISSISSIPPI RIVER. This road is now completed and opened for there* u'.ar transportation of PasseiiRers and Freifht. ?nd will atlord more t.xi edition and less F' t ">n any other route between the Nwrtheast and S>utti west. pHSfMigers and Sluppers will take due notice thoreof. and tovern tliems* vea accordme'v. Passeniter Trains lea\e Stevenaon daiijr at 2k o'clock, a. m.. iafter the arrival of the trains from Ghatianooica and .Na*h\liie. andarriveat Memphis same da? at 7 p. in.. counec'iniE with F'irst Cass Steain Packets to New t irleans. and all other impor tant points upon the Western Rivers.* Good* cn sicned to Railroad Afi,t? at Charleston or Sevan nan, will he forward'-il to Memphis and other points, l>T Fjxpress Frcicht Trains. Freuht in chirse of the Adams Express Com* pany is otirried over tins route daily l<y tue f'aaseo ser trains. F. C. ARMS Genera; Supennteudeut. Hens villi, (Ala.) April in, 1857. 'Through Tickete to Memphis. Ac., sold at Wii minrton, N. C,: Charleston, J?. C.; AiuuMa. Savan naii, Macon. Atlanta, and Coiunil u*. Ga . MontKom ery. Ala.; Chattanooga, and Nashville. Tenn. To connect with the Weatern Trains on this r>?d, passo(i?;ure will take tlie ai?Ar trains from W'llimu ton. N. C.; Augusta. Ga.;Cliwttai.oosa and Nashv.we. Tenn.; nnd the day trams from Charleston and Kinxsville. S. C.: and Atlanta. <ia. ap T-tf pOR ALL PARTS OF illE WKST. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. Nkw a.nd Improved AitkiNuKVLNT*. Three Traius daily from Baltimore for Cunii-er land. Wheeling, ainl all parts of the \Ve?'. 1st. The ACCOMMODATION TRAIN will leave <exrep? Suii?'a? * at a. m., oi'iinectins with trains from Philadelphia, first train from \\ ashington ,at J unction ??will stop at Way Stations, and arrive at Cumberland at 4 o'clock p. in. 2d. .The MAIL TRAIN leavea Camden Sta'i.>n daily (except Sunday* nt 8Ji a. in., and re? ? Whee'mn I t 4 a. m.^ UNIIIM1UKII Bena<>o<l with trains lor C?>!uml>ua. Cincinnati. Davton. Indianapo lis. I ^misville, Cleveland. To.edo. Detroit, Chicago. St. l<oiiia, Cairo, and uitwrniediate potiits. 3d. The EXPRIiSS TRAIN leave* daily at 7 p. m., ooimectinK witL express trains for Cincu.nati, S*. Louis, Cairo, Chicago.and intermediate plnces. The distance to CmciniAti and other central and southern tlaces ir the West, is neariv 1?*? miles shorter tnan ? anv other route. The time to these p.aoesis unequalled. [IS/ Maerate checked throneh to Columhua, Cin cinnati, Indiai.apoiis. and St. I^iuia. t f~ Passengers and Baggage tiansferred at ai points free. THROUGH TICKETS will l<e ao'.d to all the larra towiis in the West, at the lowest possible rates, at the Ticket Ofl.ce, Camden Station, and at Waahowt ton city. fTj" A second diss car is attached to the MAIL TRAIN. Pas?eugera from Baltimore or Washington mar rr>if fAr entirf road fcy takinc Ace?im inodation or Mail Tn<in. ami lyinc over at Cumber land or Oakland. The* resume the n?xt morning ' J the Express Train, which leaves Cumberland at 2.9* a. m., and reaches Wheeung at 2 p. in. Passenrom froiu Wasiuugton liave ample time for meals at Wa.>huafToo Junction. This ts the only route by which Theongh Ticsets and Bagi;aKe Clic ks can tie obtained in W aahington. fXJ R W.4 Y P A SSF\G E R S. The Accommodation Train at 6.46 will stop at * . stations east of Cuinlterland^and the Expressst sfa tions botween Piodmoi ?, going Wet.t. r^aatwardlf the Mai! Train leaves Wheelinc at 7.15a. nuai. 1 A'? commo<tation leaves Cuiiiberlaud at 8^>, reaonu>< Baltimore at 5.45 p. m. The F'RFIDERICK TR AIN starta at 4 p. m..iex cept Sunday! stoppuig at Way Stations. Leava I'reilenck at 9 a. ni., arriving at Baltimore at U.V noon. Tho FLLICOTTS MILL TRAIN 'eaves Cam den Station at6a.m.and3.9^p. m. I.eaves Fl'Ucutt's at 7Jua. in. and 7.A' p. in., except Sundavs. W. S. WOOPSlDFl. jan 18-tf_ Master of Transportation. The new york and livf;rpooi. UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMFR?. Tkr Ships rempritint this dTff 1? list sr? : fhe ATLANTIC Capt. Oliver KldmUe he BALTIC. Capt. Joseph Comsti^k. he ADRIATIC..? Capt. James West These ships having been built In contract expre?* y for Government service, every on re has l?eeu tsk*n in their cwnstrnction. as also in tl'.eir engines, to in aure atrengthand speed, and their accommodations for passengers are unequalled for el?canoe snd c-'tn fort. Price of passage from New York to Liverpool, in first cnlan, 513?; iu secn?n<l do.. #75; exclusive use ?( extra aise state kkhiib, From Liverpo Near York, *> and 9> guineas. An expenenoed Sur geon attacked to each ship. No l?erth? <*an l>c secured until paid for. The ahips of this line have fmrr? v?-4 water-tight bulk-heads, and to avoid danger froii ? c* will not eroas the Banka north of degrees i.tu after the let of August. PROPOSED DATES OF SAILING. ??0* !IIW Toil. | raoH LIVKIPOOt. Saturday, Jan. 3. ISS7 Wednesday. Jsn. 7 1**7 Saturday, Jan. 17... . lav? Wednesday. Jan.21 l*f Saturday, Jan. SI.....Ia57 Wednesday, F'eh. 4 Saturday, Feb. 14.... 1857 1 Saturday, March 14 *. 1857 Wednesday, Mar. 4 1 Saturday, April II IK.CT Wednesday, April! Saturdajr, May 9..... I?57 Wednesday. A_prii 29.11S7 Saturday, May 23 IR5T7 Wetlueaday. May ?"7 1*57 Saturday, June 6 IB57 Wednesday, June !'? 1V-7 Saturday, June SV ...1857 We Inesday. Juue24 1^7 Saturtlay, JnU 4 ....J8S7 Wednesday, J ill) R 1*^ Saturday, July II 1857 Wednesday. July 23 I**>7 Eor freight or passage, appiy to DWARD K. COLLINS. No. *, Wail atreet. New York. BROWN, SHIPI.FIY A CO., Liverpool. STEPHF:S KENNARD a CO.. No. 27. A us Friars, London. _ _ B. G. WAIN WRIGHT A CO.. Paria. The owiiera of llies? ships will not be aco"?un?st..a for gold, silver, bullion, specie, iewelry. precious stones or metale. unlesa bills of lading arc s^cned therefor and the viuue thereof expressed there n. frha ?? HENN, WILLIAMS a CO.'S LARGE SEC tional Map of Iowa: prioe Farmer's large Sectional >Iap of Michigan, in two sheets; ?5. Coltou's Sectipral Map of Indiana; #!.*>. Eddy a Map of California: fS. rolton'a^Map of the United States, Mexi o, Ac ; Ream a Sertional Map of Nebraska : t? sectioaal Map of Kanaaa ; A I. tfa? of MumeeotajX eta. row nahip Map if VN isoonaui; 75 eta. ?lap of Delaware and Maryland; S7 eta. Itap of Virginia; 57 ots. ^ordova's Map of Texaa: ft. >o|ton a Sectional Map of Illinois : 91 rjp'ton a Township Map of Alissouri; 75 eta. .?inoisat it ia, with a Prairie and Wow Map. a Geo logical Map, a Population Map. and other li lu-trations ; 1 vol., by F. Gerhard ; ft V*. The above Map* ara ia pocket form, and can b? ent by mail. m*9 FRANCK TAYLOR.