Newspaper of Evening Star, June 3, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 3, 1857 Page 3
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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Yow*q Mn?' Christian Association?A meeting of this Association, to which the public were invited, wm held last evening at the Foun d*r Methodist Church. Mr Rirhards, chairman of the delegation which bad attended the Convention of the Associations ir the I nited Statu* and British Province* lately held at Richmond. Virginia, made a full report of its proceedings. Various subjects had been considered, such as the nature and classes of members, the best plan to secure larger attend* a ace at the meeting*, Bible classes, mission schools. praver meetings, classes for intellectual Improvement, the relation of the Associations to churches. 4c. In all the discussions of the Con vention there was the most perfect harmony, and the conclusions arrived at were unanimous. This was reiuarkable in a body of young iuen from New Hampshire to Florida. .Mr Miller gave his Impressions of Richmond, and the great success of the Young Mens' Asso ciation in that city He had visited that place eighteen months before, but now found it had large and delightful rooms, a valuable library and was doing much good. lie noticed at the Convention the great feeling of union and of spi rituality amorg the members. Mr. b. H Youug spoke of the unbounded hos pitality of the citizens of Richmond, and said they treated him as well as If he had been a long absent son and had just returned to his home. He *aid that the proprietor of the F.xchange Hotel. John P. Ballard, had entertained all the delegate* for a day. entirely free of expense, which was nn ?ireced?*nted liberality. Mr. Young spoke of the riendships so soon formed between those who had been entire strangers to each other, of the deep religions impression created bvtho Conven tion. and of the renewed determination made by every one who was there to do more for the cause of Christ and their fellow-men. Mr. II. B. Richie confirmed the statements made as to the great hospitality of the people at Richmond, and the good effects of the Conven tion. Mr. W. J. Rhees said he felt It was a great honor to be one of the delegate* to such a Con vention. He had attended the first at Buffalo, the second at Cincinnati, and the third at Montreal, and gave the impressions he had felt at each place. The one at Richmond was eminently character ized by spiritual and devotional feeling, and by practical results. At no previous meeting had there been so much accomplished in the way of definite conclusions. It w:is the settled opinion that the Association should aim principally at the religion* improvement of young men. to rescue them from ruin, and that all other objects were secondary or less important. Mr. Wight, in l?ehalf of the members of the Association who had sent the delegates, expressed his deep gratification he had felt at the reports mad** by them, especially that tho feelin" was so deeded in favor of greater activity and less for show and appearance He thought much had already been uone. but that it was experimental, and that now the true objeet of these associations was better understood and appreciated. Rev. Mr. Butler in stating his pleasure in hear ing the interesting reports, hoped the Association would take new courage and go on. The scenes lately occurring here were enough to alarm the patriot and christian; these disturbers of the peace were all boys from 12 to'Jti years of age. and some thing m'st be done for them; great would be the man who could devise a plan for rescuing these youth. Mr Kicha-ds felt convinced that a Bible class must be organized for just these young men. and offered the free use of a room in which to hold it, if the rooms of the Association were not thought large enough The President informed the audience that a number cf ladies had engaged in an enterprise for the benefit of the mission schools and other oper ations of the Association. It was to give a floral and st-awberry festival in the course of a week or ten days. There would be three ladies each ihurch in the city to act as managers. A public meeting of ladies interested in the subject would 1* beta on Friday afternoon at ti o'clock, at the First Baptist Church, Tenth street, between E and F. The meeting then adjourned after prayer by O C Wight. Tbh Election Riot.?William Farrell, who received a ball In the head ou Monday, died this morning. George W McFlfresh is yet living, and is In charge of Dr. May, who thinks he mar survive, should it prove that the ball which struck the back of his head bounced out instead of entering. He is but IB years of age. Col. Wilson Is not yet dead, as reported about town, and is In a fair wav of recovery. The body of Colonel Deein* has T>een taken to Cumberland. Md. The K iobey mentioned among the wound ed is, we learn, neither Wm B or John B Kib bey. of this city. The Summers is neither Owen or Jaa 11 Bwinw is, of this city. C. C Hinman was <? hot, standing in his own door, three doors below the corner grocery? wound not severe. Among the victims by the riots prior to the call !?j.; out of the military John Conner, residing on Fourth street, was dange ously wounded by a shot. He is attended by Dr. May. Lieut. Lamed, we learn, was the officer in com mand of the Light Artillery on the occasion of their visit here. They returned to Baltimore yes teidav nftcnoon. The brass swivel taken by the Marines from the Plug Uglies. and which the sympathizers of the latter have persistently Insisted wjs unloaded, had its charge drawn frotu it a??out five o'clock y-^terdar afternoon at the City Hall by direction ot the Chief of Police. It was composed of eight uarement stone*. a large number of rifle balls, back shot, swan shot, Ac., weighing altogether between ten and twelve pounds' The Rivek.?Capt Mitchell, of the steamer Powhatan, reports the lower river as being duller than aay previous season within his experience. Just below the Long Bridge, and opposite the farm of Major Tochinan, Mr. Stuart continues the fishing iterations, and is making from $3 to per aa*. \ esterdays operations yielded "Jti shad ami 1.jt.V he ring. The Vveotb street Presbyterian Sunday School, numbering f oj- three to four hui.drtd persons, went to Fort Washington from the Page's wharf ato'clock this morniug. under charge of Mr. Bailantyne. superintendent. The excursionists went dowu on board the barge G. W. P. Custis, which was kindly loaned the SaOl>ath School by George Page. Ksq. They were towed to the Fort by the steaiu propeller James Guv. The pro ceeds of the excursion are to lie applied to build ing a school room for the use of tLe church. Travelby the river route seems to be increasing. The Baltimore had upwards of one hundred pas sengers for the South on her passage down this morning. The steamer Alice Price was sold at auction vesterdav to Mr. Shinn, of Alexandria, for Sl:!, 4'Jt). At the coal wharves there is only thirty tons of Cumberland coal left, which has lieeu sold to the Potomac steamboat company. The scarcity of Cumberland coal Is severely felt by all the deal ers. who are dally missing heavy sales The 44 Plco I'olt'" Stmpatuizkrs he!d a jkn'X of ?? meet me by moonlight aloue" unadve tlsed " in?X)/nation demonstration" on one of the City Hail step, last evening. Some I>r Clayton presided, and made a speech, a* did Kx-Collector McCaila and T. K. Lloyd. ??f the Seventh Ward. In which they abused the city p;ess. the Mayor, the police, the military, the Government, and, in f %ct, every body who took side* against the Plug I'glies and their abettors on election day. One of these speakers did a very unkind thing In thrusting his clenched flst in the faces of soin" of the turn who are accused of >>eing conce-ned in bnnging ou the Plug L'glies. and shoutin" ?? uiu;derer?/-r-?.:' with a luelo-dramatie trill ou the r That speaker evidently knows ?' what's what." though it may have l?een a chance hit. Councilman Llo\d advised the |>arty "to pre pare for the next attack," and there was an unan imous response of ??wr will." f ndoubtedly this is better ttian to depend ou Baltimore auxiliaries, who take to their heels in the hour of trial. A committee was appointed consisting of Gen McCalla and the presiding ?-Uicer, Messrs Craig and Wilson of the First Ward: Ha. kne?* and Plant, of the Second Ward: Walker and Kvans of the Third; Linton and Winter of the Fourth : Pepper and Hepburn of the Fifth; tio.don and Cia'k of the .-sixth, and Smith and Lloyd of the Seventh, to draft resolution* and call an ad journed meeting after the inquests thai 1 have lieen faeld upon the bodies of those kiiitd on Monday Tns Bsltixoee Victim or the Washington Riots ?One of the most distressing events in conuectiwu with the late bloody disturbance at Washington was the shooting of Arqkibsld Dal rymple. a brakeman on one of tli> Washington trams. The deceased was a most estimable young man. '17 years of age, and unmarried, and much e?termed by the compauy and his associates for his business and social qualities It appears that In the afternoon during the disturbance he pro cerdtd tow*.ds the depot, in company with ano ther person, with the intention of taking his post upon the train that left it three o'clock When In ?be vicinity of Massachusetts avenue and Sev enth street, and vet some distance f'om the scene. Dalrvinple turned to bis companion, and whilst speaking of the danger of their position, a heavy hall struck him in the breast, nasstng directly through the heart, and he fell ana died instantly, without uttering a word. His remains were de posited In a mahogany coffin prepared by the rail road company, aud brought to the Camden station yeste day morning, whe e a hearse, furnished by George Harold, undertaker, conveyed them to the residence of his parents ? Balttm?r? Sun. AftoTHU Aiieit ?Wm Warnick was it rested yesterday by police officer J. M Lloyd, of the Seventh District, on a charge of riot He was Liken before Justice Smith, of the Thud District and held to bail for bis appearand at the June Mnu 04 U? Criminal Court. jlu.Wn *TAT" ?OL1n Rzro***-B*/or. ok,H O?oer Y eat man arrested Jamea "d K1?" iw3i?'h?ldltor ?'"rt?"lgCind ?-eVf of the Jrim ?,i . WT at the next term anenr? of T ^?i.C<iUrt Tfie riot ^ ln ?????' 2nd hP, hm?K rCUlty be,w<*n John Vanacuver ?nd the re*Pect'nJ? the ownership and the right of possession of a l>oat and aeine Ml,1*i was ?rre*ted by Offlcers Kem ole and King, under the charge of having stolen a7?lt1min,5*mSd VV,n ?- "erron the sum of ?7.30 in gold. She was committed to jail but was subsequently released on bail. The Anhdal Meetino or th* Stockholders of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal took place on Monday, and resulted in the re-election of the old Board, a* follows: Wm. P. Maulsby Presi dent Frederick county, Md ; Thomas Devermon and James Fitxpatrica, Alleghany countv Mr! ? James Cowdy and Jacob Han rove Washington county. Md.; Jno. Brewer, Monomer?rff Md, and Robert P. Dodge, of Georgetown, D <*! Sal* or Embroider.**, Ac.-The attention of our fair readers is directed to the advertisement of the sale of Laces, Embroideries, Ac., at C. ?nd,WCnrn0sTr^nVrti0n "t0r*; corner of Si*th at ana Fennsjlyania avenue. It commences everv d?v"?nH i \h? flook'and wil1 continue from day to day until the line stock is disposed of. The Citt was disturbed last night by various band* of rowdies, who paraded the streets firing pistols and making the night hideous with their restsUwere anule ?* Real Estate?Yesterday, lot 9, in square 91, was sold by J. C. .M< Guire. auctioneer, for $7U0 This lot is situated on Thirteenth street above M and was purchased by Arnold W. Harris. ' ?Cocrt or Claims.?To-day, Mr. Dtvereur, of New \ ork, resumed his argument in the case of Tnos. A. Gray, Administrator, and was speaking when we cloned this report. Watch Returns?Elizabeth McKivett, va grant; workhouse ?> days Charles Burgess, an<* sleeping in the market: do. D \Ves terfleld. asaauU on Chas. Kdmonds; dismissed ! John Fitzpatrick, assault on Carrico; do. Charles Edmonds, assault and lmttery; do. Encopr age Homk Indcstry.-A speaker at the American meeting last night invoked preparation for the next campaign. This is the talk ! Don't let of "I?" virtuous and valiant Americans or Baltimore to fight our battles, hut set to work at ono^min^sriie here Clubs of Pi?g?, Kip Reps, risers. B1<mm1 Tubs, Gladiators, Ac. Let our first R^kUt the patriotic mate na thai exists in the (aty. Let then., as is done in ! ""Itimore. contribute for their support. When this takes place, events wil! transpire here that will at ' ? VDe '?>ii"rle.,y- American* ! awake .' arise! or be forever fallen ! Practical American. Persons may think that Wiesenfeld A Co. are selling out their stock, by the crowds of people that 44"?9^A?f,?ntHHur Establishment, corner of i?^. rri"indi avenue, but it is not so, i . ^"r^ uulT receiving the handsomest and liest ? selected Ready-made Clothing ever exhibited in this ! w,iu.T.0,jler I^ad.-s and Gentlemen that *111 spend one half hour in looking through their aiisn't iTv rfrA"f?,ni"r finding such an immense nuantity of Men s, Souths, and Boy's Clothing. Their stookis so arranged that it take* but little fidl twenti'LII^ ?T t"rou?h nnd purchase, and the VT?r Vhl than in any other house in J\he ProPr|*tors of the Odeon Hall are i 7T> toenlarge their business bv selling their go??ls ?t the urnallegt per eentage, and supply the : whole market. W.esenfeld A Co. 43 street and Penn. avenue. of V I P,?WD*R.'f,,r the extermination V Co?H,^oliclI0?? M?th?, Ants, and Mos , ouitoes. Also, Pills for the destruction of Rats and i fM^' u *? *' whole*aleand retail, at Shillington's, Odeon Building, corner of 4X street, and Pennayl 1 anea avenue. ^ tl Pii-Ls.?The Weak, the Consnmp t?r ^ne"m*t10' Costive. Billious and Delicute, af l.fl " US? * W renewed strength and i or**n of their frames. Every dose make^ the hlood purer. The nerves oommence in the i arteries and terminate in the veins. These pills, as a first effect, act upon the arterial blood, increasing tlie circulation, by which impurities are deposited in J!1? J*?"1';and thay throw rif sueh collections into i RrsnIlTl'f K''.Wp,Mh or*?vl,y the energy derived from it rand ret h' Pills, expels them from tfie system, i ?v hen first used, the pills may occasion griping, and : even make the patient feel worse; this must !>e J borne with for the good to come afterwards. \o great good is often achieve<l without some trouble init* attainment, and this rnle applies to the reeov ?kl ?1.1 u . Tho?" ?*mptoms only ooour where the body has long struggled under a load of impure, tenaeions humora. A consecutive use for a few davs .ffn y i?* ,noBt unbelieving of the treat good ; tne pills are doiry. The directions should lie care ful.* studied. If understood and followed, health ?k- 'V secured br the use of Lrnndrtt^t Pills. C9nl* ^-h"? " street. Brand reth Building, .N ew ^ ork ; by T. W. Dtott A Sons. 132 north Second street, Philadelphia, and by medi* oiae dealers generally. nov 28-tf Experience i* the l>est evidenoe of Madame Mount's Consumption Destroyer. thiV-' Madam : ! am happy to inform you the terrible cough and cold under which 1 labored, has been entirely cured and eradicated by the use of one bottle of your medioine. And I can with confi dence recommend it to everybody suffering witn ooughs ur consumption. P. Mahan, No. 1?6 Chesnut street, Phila'd. I have used in mj family Mrs. Mount's Consump tion Destroyer, and oan testify to its efficacy in of severe coids. It is equal, if not superior, to any remedies of the kind I have ever used for such a f>l!?po,e' Rev. James Robb. to ??rtify that I was well acquainted with Mrs. Mount ^hile she was suffering with the oon know thli SAruP to he the remedy that effected her cure. Rev. James Ha*?on. ^esidcnoe, G street, between 11th and 12th, No. -r *vle '.".^rP^etown at F. A. Newman's shoe store. No. llSBridgo street, south side, botw^en Congress and High streets. Also, at C. Stott's, cor ner orSeventh "treet and Pennsylvania a venuo. In Alexandria, at Mr. C. M. Castlcman's, King street, sole agent of tlu?t place. ITVly B-lm ^ANDFORD'8 O New Self-Pcriftino and Ventilating ARCTIC RKFRIGKRaTOR . Patented November 13.'A. 1K.S3. | A"er many years experience in manftcturin* R? i irigerators. we can with contimlence recom- [Sui I Md this one as being the best and most convenient!) constructed for cooling and | oreservnig Meats, Milk, Butter, F rfit, ?> inks, Ac. Ail of the compartments are - guaranteed dry, consequently frre from mould, mtfiuurt and impure odor,and will keep the viands placed in them in a better and harder condition than in any other refrigerator now before the public. CORTLAN A CO., .. , No. IC4 Baltimore street. Baltmore. <?wners of right for Mar) land. District of Coluiu bia; \ irgima. North and South Carolina. f or sale l>t C. OODWA R D, N\*asliington.D. C. N. B. I have other kinds of Refrigefators at my House Furnishing Wareroom. 31* Penn. avenue, I* 'w^n l^th and 11th streets. Balconv in front full of Coo<,?- . . tw. C. WOODWARD, may 2M5t (IntAl nion) NOTICF..?Of all the branches of business con ducted in this city. GROCER IKS, per-*-?-fW\ haps of all others, afford th?> smallest pro f 4-r 1 1 nts.and should have the prcfereuee for cash. and no one in that business cen conti iu? lf his customers are not proun>t in settlement by short notes or cash. Desirous of eioai:iz up all outstand ing a<w>unts, I earnestly request ??)! who are indebt ed to me to rail and settle without dHay. 1 further give notice that al I future bills which may !>e contracted *-ith me must be made with r'-ferene* to, and with the distinct understanding that th?*y are to k?e closed monthly by cash, or notes at ?> days, ex cept such of in) oid customers who have al wa) s been prompt. H. H. VOSS, cor. luth ?t. and Pa. ave. may 28-Jjir_ _ IStatesj IIQUORS. -j 7i l?arr? ls Old Mon/ WHISKEY 2*> do Pure K \ FI, eopper distilled 15 Casks Muier A Son's Edinburgh ALE, Stone Jugs 15 Casks Younger's Edinburgh ALE 10 do H?as' London PORTER 25 Ca?es Claus Johanisberger WINE, ia%?. In store, and lor sale bv v. , GETTY A WILLIAMS, No. 5 northwest corner of High and Water s?s., '"** Georgetown, D. C. in rr"E KINGDOM AND PEOPLE OK SI AM. a. uy !*ir John Bowring, with a narrative of lus mission in IM6. 2 vols.. London 1H57 ; S8_V> Speeohe* of F.miiieiit* British Statesmen from the Kelorin Lil! to the Russian War, 1 vol., Lon don IHV7; %l.25 Lord Bougham's Speeches, with historical introduc tions, 1 vol.. l,ondon 1S57 : if 1.75 Burkes' Speech** on Warren Hastings, with a selec tion of his epistolary correspondence, 2 vols.. London IK57 ; 92 ' Tales of the lienu. translated from the Prussian, by Sir Charles Worrell, new edition, illustrated'. I vol., l^ondon 1857 ; Jf 1.25 British Navy List lor 1857 : 87 ets. Almanack de Got ha for IM7 : .flAO Hugh??' |'atent Lews of all Nations,! vol., London: m ji'-87 ? Imj s Letters, translated into FInglish, by Mel moth, 2 vol*., Loudon: S2.25 FRANCK TAYLOR. i A D.YKiTl RE* AND K-XPLORATION9IN -Tl. Honduras, by William V. Wells, 1 vol,; Map* . ? ?* ''lustrations. J nqaier s Notes on Central America, 1 vol., 8vo.; with ' ? Map* and Illustration*. Cullen s lathmus of H*rien Ship Canal. I vol., Lon don ; with Maps. WdlismaMrtlunas of Tehauatepec, 1 vol. 8vo.; aui G"USTr M^!<m JourroU' 1 vo1-. Eondon ; with Bard's Adventures on the Mo*1Uito Shore, 1 vol.; with sixty engravings. * ' Topographuwl Map of the lathmus of Panama and Bynevor^Terraoe, by theauthorof Heir of Raddyffe, 4 * "??? Rev. Mr. Bellows' Address on Theatre*. Ae. Baooa's hssays with Bishop What lev's Notea.t tvo. Travels in Rev. John E. Edwards. The BiMe and the People, by Miss Beccher. may J) FRANCK TAYLOR. PERFl'MERY AND TOILET GOODS at may ? Mci.AUGHblN'g. C0jp0RA--ft?N FOB KCTT Aim ftAT.B. UOR RENT.?Four a very pleasant and J desirable location. Rental furnished or unfurn ished. Inquire at 357 D street, between 9th and 10th streets, south side. Possession given immediately. je 3-3t* V?RX desirable MARKET GARDEN SALh.?A very desiiable Market Garden, one-half mile from Georgetown, on the lower road. !?*d'pi to the " Falls," containing about 19>? acres. The place is well stocked with fruit?particularly I ears and Peaches?which are very choice. There is a good Brick Dwelling on the plaoe, suitable for a small family. A portion of the place is well set in grass, and the halance has been most successfully cultivated as a market garden, its proximity to the Washington markets rendering it very valuable for that business. Excellent water on the place. If applied for at once, it will be sold for much less than its value, and on easy terms. Apply to W. ALBERT KING, General Agent, je 3-61 No. 35 High street, Georgetown, D. C. Highly valuable property for SALE IN GEORflKTOWN, D. C.-The very desirable BRICK DWELLING,situated on the south side of Gar, between Green and Montgom ery streets, nnd well known as the residence of the late Col. Samuel Humphreys, is now ottered for sale. The House is built in the most substantial manner; is large and commodious, containing fine parlors, dining room, and library, in all 12 or ISrooms, togeth er with l>aseinent, pantries, closets, and other con veniences, and has a commanding view over the Po tomac. There is also on the premises a good stable. Tho Lot fronts fin feet on Gay street, and runs iiaok about 210 feet to Olive street, and it ornamented with trees. evergreenw and arbors. This House, taken altogether, is certainly one of the most desirable residences in town: and there is now a fine opportunity offered to gentlemen to se curea pleasant home. Apply to M. ADLER. je 3-eo?w \Ta77i:aBLE BUS! N ESS ST A N D FOR SALE. That very des"*ble two-story Brick House, slate roof, situated oi H gh street, one door north of Pros pect street, Georgetown. D. C., for many years oc cupied by J. Hicks. The house contains a large storo-rooin. ten good rooms, nnd fine dry cellar. On the rear of the lot ami fronting Prospect street is a three-story Brick Dwelling iu good order. Also, part of Lot K9 in It nnd H addition, fronting on Prospect street 16 feet, and running of that width Iwck 14 feet and then of the width of 3?' feet, back U*? feet. The above property is certainly one of the most desirable business stands on High street, and offers a rare inducement to a person wishing such a prop erty as it will l>e sold a great Iwrgniii if applied for at onee. Terms verv easy. K?r further information, apply to \V. A LBERT KING, General Agent, ie 3-fit No. Si High street, Georgetown. I). C. fjH?R SALE.-Two fine BUILDING LOTS, sit uated on the corner of 13th and s*>uth D streets, Island, fronting respectively 25 feet and 31 feet on D street, with a depth of Km feet. Terms: One-fourth cash; Ita'anoe in 1,2. and 3 years. Apply to ELYANS St THOMPSON,3# Penn.avenue, may .m-Gt (States) f^OR RENT?One of the (.est STANDS for a Retail Grocer* on the Inland. Apply to GEO. MATTINGLY, F street south, Washington, may 28 1 w FOR SALE.?That beautiful, comfortable Cot tage built DWELLING HOI SE situated on the corner of 23d street west and E street north. The Lot fronts 50 feet l>> 13? deep. The Furniture will be sold with the House if wanted. The location is delightful either for a summer or winter residence. Apply to POLLARD WEBB, Agent, No. 512(2d story)7th street. may 2^ SALK?On liberal terms, a new and desira 1 bio BRICK DWELLING, on south side of north L street, between 4th and 5fh west, nnd a com fortable FRAME DWELLING, No. 4S4. on north side of north K street, between 6th and 7th west. Also, the square of GROUND No. !88, containing 84,471 feet,at3cts. per foot,. Apply at No. 5127th street. may 19-tf POLLARD WEBB. Agent. Desirable property subscriber desires to sell the HOI SEand LOT No.609, situated on 8th street east, between I street and Virginia avenue. The proximity of the premis es to the U. S. Marine Barracks renders it a desirable location for a store of any description; it lias been used as such for manv y ears, ami is thought one of the best stands on the Navy Yard. The House is of brick, two-stories and attie, containing seven rooms and a good cellar. Apply to ELIZA Bl*R\ , No. 447 C street, between 1st and 2d west. may 21-eo2w* VERY DESIRABLE COUNTRY-SEAT FOR SALE NEAR W \SHINGTON.?The sub scribers will sell the valuable farm on which he now resides, in the District of Columbia, containing about one hundred and ten acres, one-half cleared and t he remainder well wooded. The improvements consist of a new frame dwelling, containing eight rooms, with all the necessary out-nouses, including an ice house filled with ice. ... ? , If desired, he will divide it into lots of from filteen to twenty acres. ..... Tliero are several sites for building commanding beautiful views of inland scenery, with sevoral never-failing springs of the purest water. The property lies about two miles from the Navy Yard bridge, and, being proverbially healthy, presents pecnliar advantages to those who intend to build and desire to possess a healthy retreat near the city. For particulars apply to Mr. T. M. Haxso.v, No. 512 Seventh street, .Mr. James E. Thompson, No. ? Pennsylvania avenue, or to the aubscritw on the premises. ANTHONS ADDISON, may 29?eotf _ _ FOX A VAN HOOK, Revl Estate Agksts 49^ Seventh street, above D street, have for sale a bnrgain, that very rtesirable and pleasantly situated two-story FRAME HOUSE with Base ment, on south A street, between 2d and 3d streets, Capitol Hill, containing Gas and Water Fixtures, Bath House, Furnace, Ac. A'so. a Stable, Carnage House, Sheds for coal and wood, together with th? large Lot containing about 75'xt feet, tastefully laid ?ut. with Iron Railing in front. Also, the three-story LRICh. HOLSEand LOT corner of Pennsylvania avenue and south A street. Both of these properties are included in the con templated extension of iho Capitol Grounds, and of fer a favorable opportunity for investments. may 25-?w E CALL THE ATTENTION OF CITI zaus and strangers to one of the largest stocks of Ready made CLOTHING ever offered iu this District, and at unusual!) low prices : Blaok cloth dress and frock Coats Black Drau d'Ete ?acks and frocks Black Alapara Raginns, sacks and frooks Li*h and dark color cassimeres Sacks and Frocks White and fancy oolored Duck Frocks, Pants to match , Marseilles Frocks, Pants t? match Linen travelling Radians and >aeks Black and fanev oolored cassimere I ants Blsck Dran d'Ete and Alpaca Pants White and colored duck drilling Punts Silk, silk and linen marseilies, bnmlswin, and linen Vests. NOAH WALKER i CO., Pennsylvania avenue. maT30-6t Browns' Hotel Building. I?INE ARTS.?S. DcCAMP A CO.. will exhilnte * and offer for sale for a few day*ta valuable col lection of classical and rare ENGRAVINGS or Raphael, Morghcn. Anderson, Longhi. r oscu, Muller. Clarssins, etc., etc.. at their Bookstore, 4JH Penn. avenue, two doors from 4>* street. may 28-6t ' frOOA REWARD.?Ran away from the subscr. <5oUl I l>er on Thursday, April 9th, N EURO MAN ISAAC WOOD. He is thirty years < age. black complexion, about five feet and half high, and has very large lips. The above reward will be paul for his api hension and delivery to rne if taken in a Frec Stats, or *lon ,f taken in the State of Man land or District of Columbia. ? wRh.N ?U.rifo. Buena Vista Post < iffioe, ap-21-tf Prince Georges oounty.Md. 1 ^O THE PUBLIC AND PARTICULARLY TO MILLINERS?STRAW BON NETS. HATS, and FLATS for Indies, gen J tlemen, and children, will be Bleached Pressed in the newest French styles, and fit the shortest notice, fit the new Gr&nd Uleaching nnd Presain^ Ii* s tabl 1 shine lit ? ^ WJI I may 11 1m 32 Market Spacr, l?et. 7th and i:th. I A DIES AND CIIILDR ENS M ER1NO VEST. I a We have on hand, a general assortment ol l.a dies and Childrens Merino and Gauze-merino \ est in low and high necks, long and short beeves. \V . r<uA N n 323 Pa. av., south side, l?et. tith and 7th sts. may 28 6t yyASlIlNGTON SEWING ROOMS. The proprietor has to <lay abided two more ma chines to his force, making seven in all. I his was rendered indispensible by the constantly increasing business offering for execution. He will now be able Cw observe greater promptitude in the fulfilment ot orders. Shirts made entire, 75 cents; plain sewing, J cents per yard; Collars, small, 3 cents each : Wrist bands, small. 3 cents per pair; stichmg Basques, cents, and other work in proportion. Families and ?there can have any amount of sewing done at a lew hours'notice. Rooms iu Clagett's new building, ?n 9th street seven doors from Penn. avenue, opposite i.ideon s pr|?ad"es arid^ others are invited to call and examine 1 sperms," cash invariably. may 13-eolm JELLING OF A I REDUCED,PRICES. In order to reduoe our large stock of Fancy Goods, we shall commence to-day selling oil all Rich Fancy Silk and Barege Robes All Fancy Dress Siks awl figured Bareges French I jiwiu,Orguudy Muslins and Lawn Robes Shawls. Scarfs. Black Ijiee and Silk Mantillaa And all other Fancy Go<?ds will he sold very cheap, many at prima cost for caeh. . . 19U ^nriU more ol those beautiful L*awnB?at l*./i 3,rt? nch llobed Lawns, at 12>? cts., just received. Purchasers arc invited to call early, as we shall run off our entire stock atrauueed Prices. COLLEV ? ShAna, 323 7th street, three doors north Penn. avenue. junc 1-wo^w li^OR SA LE.?About ao.ouomerchantable BRICKS r on easy terms. ...... EI.VANS * THOMPSON, may 30-eolw (States) 3S> Penn. avenue. Academy ok music. m Cor. of 1WA ft. and Pa. art., netr Fnrnham s Book.itorf. Mr. F. Nicholls Cbocch. composer of upward of 2,'W songs, author of " Kathleen Mavourneen,' and musical editor of Godey's Lady s Book? Continues giving Vooal Lessons to his I upus and Classes, every Monday. Tuesday, Thursday, and F riday. at the above Institution. Members #srailed evera day, as no jaoit^ton? oc cur during the Summer months?I HIS ShAaU.>, being the proper tune, for Vocalists to Btudv. Aoply to Mr. Ckoitm,at the Academy of Music, every morning from H to 10 o'clock. Musical Lectures delivered every Thursday even ing?illustrated l?y the Pupils of the Institution. je l-eo3m ^UPERIOR READING LAGER BEER is ready to serve at any tune, in Bottles or C asks, to Hotel Keepers or private families. Also. ICE at all nours, in ^uantitias imy ^or. 54 ?t. ?od P?. ?v*. iRO rs of nd a Jt v Er*:T~ AUCTIOH BALES. ? i?icvj % i ii r<i a uci mncter. F EXCELLENT FURNITIRK AND HOUSE a hold Effect* at Public Auction.?On I'll URS DAY MOR N ING.^June H> o cl k. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. VERY SUPERIOR BRICK HOUSE and Lot, * "osTISfl AC"CIARY SqCABK. ox 4TH STREBT, *J.^cc^I0^-?n^ATl RDAY.the 6th instant, I fu i i?e ? n ^roiit ?f ^ premises, at 6 o'clock p. m.? that narMisome four-story, ceilar,and basement Hrick House, fronting on 4th street, between north D and c< *treets, immediately opposite Judiciary Square, with the Lot on winch it stands, being north part of

Lot 7, in Square 532. having a front of 26 feet. The house contain* in all 18 oonvemeutl) arranged rooms. with large pantry and bath-room inclusive, with wide passage through the whole house. with reservoir on the top of the houae. The houae is handsomely papered front 1st to 4th story, and cas fixtures throughout the house. Terms : One-fourth, cash ; halanoe in six. twelve, eighteen, twenty-four, and thirty months, for notes waring interest from da* of sale. A deed given anil a deed of trust taken. Title perfect. Sale positive. '* 3-c< A. green. Auctioneer. By JAMES C. McOUIRE, Auctioneer. Peremptory sale of three valua xBL.K..JiV!KH!.* ? ! T * AT Auction.?On tues UA ^ AI* TLRN OON, J line 2d, at 6 o'clock, on the Rremises, I shall sell three valuable Building Lota, Ping Nos. 1G and 17, in square south of Square 5kl, and Lot 10. in Squaro 558; Lots 16 and 17 front on H street north, l*tween Second and Third streets west, and immediately opposite the square on which Judge Douglas is erecting his four beautiful dwellings. Also, Lot 10, in Squared, situated on New Jersey avenue, and next to the square on which Judge Douglas is erecting those four tine dwellings. This J* ? beautiful lot, ami will l>e subdivided if required. I Ins will ik- a fine ahance for speculation, as it will os? positively sold. Terms: One-thirdca*li;the balance in six. twelve, and eighteen months. A deed given and a deed taken. tna> 29-d J AS. C. McGUIRE. Auct. IETTIIE ABOVE SALE IS unavoidably postponed until FRIDAY AFTERNOON, Juno 5th, same hour and place. . iP3-?< JAS. 0. McGUIRE, Aiiot. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. i^XC J ltd T , f I shall sell, at the residence of a gentleman declining housekeeping, in Caroline Terrace, on 1 street, be tween 13th and 14th streets, all Ins Furniture and hfleets, comprising? Handsome walnut sprine Divans and Parlor Chairs Mnrble-top Centre and Sofa T ables Reception Chairs, Footstools Superior Brussels and other Carpets Brocatelle and Lace Curtains, Shades Dining and Breakfast Tables, Sideboard* Oak Chairs, Lounges, Rockers China, Glass, and Crockery war? High anil low-post Bedsteads Dressing and plain Bureaus, Washstands Feather Beds, Bolsters, and Pillows Blankets. Comforts. Mattresses Wardrobes, Toilet Sets Hat-tree, V enetian Stair Carpet, Oilcloths Superior Cooking Stove, A e. Together with a general assortment of Kitchen Requisites. Terms: .?3i and under, cash; over that sum a ere lit of G?and 90 days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. jea-coAds JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auct. MARSHAL'S SALE.?In virtue of a writ, of fieri facias, issued from the Clerk's office of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, for the County of Washington, and to me directed. I shall exposo to pubbc sale, for cash, in front of the Ware room of Stanislaus Murray A Co., on Louisiana ave nue. between fith and 7th streets, on FRI DA Y, the 12th of June inaiant, commencing at 10 o'clock a. in., the following goods and chatties, in part, to wit: English, Brussels, and Ingrain Carpets French and Gerinin gilt-frame Mirrors, Pier Tables Mahrginy Bureaus, Wardrobes. Bedsteads Stoves, Mattresses, Feather Beds and Bedding Lamps, Girandoles. Washstands, marble top Tables Mahogany Plush Chair, Arm ditto Mahoiany Hair and Plush Sofas Spy Glasses, Thermometers Saddle, Sideboards And a large collection of Books: seized and levied upon as the property of Gilbert L. Thompson, and will b< sold to satisfy judicial* No. ljn, to October term, 1857. Corcoran A Biggs, use of Win. A. Brad ley t'j. Gilbert L. Thompson. J. D. HOOVER. Marshal. ALSO, ON SATURDAY, the 13th of June instant, at 10 o'clock a. m., I shall sell, at the late residence of Gilbert L. Thompson. " Meridian Hill," for cash, being the lialance of the goods ai d chattels levied on to satisfy the above-named judi cial s No. 133, to October term, 18.57. in favor of Cor coran A Riggs, use of Wra. A. Bradley, the follow ing, in n^rt, to wit: Oilcloths, large Cherry Wardrobes La,-ge Pine Tables, W agous, Planes, Grindstones Bellows. Anvil, lot of old Iron, lot of Machinery One Steam Gfjst-Mill, with Machinery thereto belonging Rakes, one lot of turning-lathes and fixtures. ? , J. D. HOOVER. je o-d&cU Marshal for D. C. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE of DESIRABLE DWEL lins house and Lot on 11th street, neak Penn. avenue?On THURSDAY AFTER NOON June II,at 6>? o'clock, on the premises,by virtue of a deed of trust, dated July 6, IBoo, and duly recorded in Lil?er J. A. S., No. lol, lolios.21.Ac., oneof the land records for Washington county, D. C., the subscri ber will sell, at public auction, to the highest bidder, part of Lot No. 13, in square No. 323, fronting 23 feet hve and a hall inches on nth street west, between north C street and Penn. avenue, and ruiming l?ack lop feet one inch, with the improvements, consisting of a ooinfortabte Brick Dwelling House. Terms: One-fourth cash; the residue in 6,12. and 18 months, with interest, secured by deed of trust on the property. Ail conveyancing at the cost of purchaser. THOMAS J. FISHER. Trustee, je 1-ooAds JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auct, By J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. VALUABLE BUILDING LOT IN THE First ? Ward. ?On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, June 9th, at 6o'clock, on the premises. 1 shali sell Lot No. 8. in Square 79, fronting 50 feet 3'4 inches on north G, between 21st aiid 22d streets, running back 183 feet. This lot is beautifully located for a first class resi dence, and the sale should command attention. Terms : One-fourth cash ; the residue in 6,12, and 18 months, for u&tisfnctonly secured notes, bearing interest. ie 2-d JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auct. Bv J. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. VVALUABLE LOT AT THE CORNER OF 22d street and Virginia avenue.?On TUES DAY AFTERNOON, June 9th, at o'clock, on the premises, 1 shall sell Lot No. 8, in square No.81, fronting 93 feet 4 inches on Virginia avenue, and 54 feet \ inch on^d street. Terms: One-third cash ; the residue in 6 and 12 months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. jc 2-d JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct. Bv C. W. BOTELER. Auctioneer. \TT R ACTI V E SALE OF A SUPERIOR Stock of Bottled Wines, and Liquors, Ci gars, Sauces. Candles, Pickles, Ac., by Cata louuk.?oii THURSDAY AFTEKNOO, June4th. commencing at 4 o'clock, I shall sell at store No. 3i7 on Pennsylvania avenue, opposite the National Ho tel, a large and choice collection of rare Old Wines and Liquors, Cigars, Sauces, Ac., embracing in part, viz : Fine Old Madcira J uice. Madeira,Sherry,and Port Wines, Medoc and St. Julien Claret. 3 Dolordote Tresou tie Bouzcy Champagne lu pints and quarts, Fleur Seilery do. A large stock of superior Old Brandies Scheidain Schnapps, and Holland Gin Superior Monongahela, Old Rye, and Crow's Old Bourbon Whisky Stongton'a Bitters Cordials, London Porter and Ale in pints Old Jamaica, and St. Croix and Anli^ua Rum Scotch and Irish Whisky Old Peaeh Brandy Old Julep A full assortment of Cross $ Blaekwell's EHglish Catsups.Sauces,and Pickles Anchovies and Yarmouth Herriug Paste Sperm, Adamantine and Tallow Candles A fine aasorynent of superior Havana Cigars, Snuff, Ac w Terms: $30 and under cash ; over .*30, thirty days credit l'o ran proved endorsed notes bearing interest C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer, may 29?d (Union) By A.GREEN. Auctioneer. 1 TRUSTEE'S SALE OF CITY LOTS.-By vir tueofadeed of trust Injaring date on the 3 st day of (ictobcr, 1854, and recorded in Iwlier J. A. S., No. 89, folio 436, et. seu the subscriber will sell at public salo, oh SATURDAY, the !3th day of June, lti57, at 6 o'clock j?. m., at the Auction Room of A. Green, corner of 7th and 1) streets, the following deseril>ed Lots in Washington city, D. C.; viz: Lots Nos. 1.1,14, and 15, in square No. 104.5. This property lionts on Penn. avenue, between 13th and Uth streets east. Also. Lots Nos. 1 and 4 in square south of square No. 1019. This property fronts on Penn. avenue, be tween 12th street east and pubic space. Terms of sale will In? one-third cash ; the Knlance in 6 and 12 mouths, for notes bearing interest from the day sale, secured by deed of trust on the prem ses so sold. J. T. STEVENS, Trustee. june 1 ts . A. GREEN, Auct. JAS- C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. VIOST VALUABLE BUILDING LOT.?I will i"I ofTer at public sale, on FRIDAY AFTER NOON, J une 5th, 1857. one of the prettiest and ino6t conveniently located Building Lots ia the city, Ite ? ing part of-Lot 3, in square No. 527, fronting .'S> feet 4 inches on 4th street, east side, lietween I and K sts., running 8ti feet 6 inches to a paved cart-alley, containing 2.8flfi feet, more or less. This lot i? in the immediate vicinity of the extensive improvements contemplated and already in progress m the most growing part of the city. Terms: One-fourth cash; the residue in three equal instalments, in 6. 9, and 12 months, with inte rest, secured by approved notes. Title indisputable. All costs of transfer at the charge of the purchaser. _jejf-d JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auct. flv BARNARD A BUCKEY: Georgetown. t/ALUABLE BUILDING LOTS IN GEORGE t town at Public Sale.?On MONDAY AF TER NOON. 8th instant, at 5J* o'oloek p. in., in front of the premises, Lot No. 17n, fronting 96 feet on 3d street, and 75 feet on Frederick street. This valuable Lot will be subdivided into 4 lota of 24 feet each on 3d atreet. Tenna : One fourth cash ; the residue in 3 equal pa>mentaat6, 12, and 18 months, bearing interest, and secured by a deed of trust. je 2- BARNARD A BUCKEY, Aucta. ????^^ A SECOND-HAND PIANO FOR RENT AT ?91 per month; two for $2.50 per month, and line new Pianos for rent at varioua prices, t lve very flood second-hand Pianos for sale low upon reasons >le terms. New Muaie received aemi-weekly. Pianos exchanged, tuned, packed,carefully moved. Ac., Ac. Sole agent in Diatnct and State of Maryland for Hal let Davia A Co.'* world renowned Pianos, and Mason A Hamlin's Melodeons. All kinds of Musical Merchandise at No. 306 Penn avenue, near oorner of loth street. J?*y JOHN F. ELLIS. ALL THE MAGAZINES periodicals, Papers. Ac., oan be had at the Book and Static n ?ry store of vmy f7 FERGUSON, 4M 7tk it eeL TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM THE ASSOC I A TED PRESS THREE DAYS LATER FROM El ROTE. Arrival of the America. Halifax, June 2 ?The Royal Wall Steamship America, from Liverpool on Saturday, May '23a, arrived here at 11 o'clock this morning. Her dates are three days later than tboee received by tjhe Canadian, at Quebec, and the Glasgow. at New York. The America pasted on the 23d ult., oil Rock Light. the American ship Albion, bound in The steamship Khersonese, Lom Portland, by the way of Halifax and St. John's. N. F., arrived at Liverpool on the 22d ultimo, having broken the shaft of her screw ofl Rathlin Island The Collins steamer Erricsson, from New ^ ork. arrived in the Mersey on the evening of the ?iid ult. ' * t?rkat Britain.?The Chancellor of the Ex chequer had produced a sensation in the House of Common* by proposing that the Princes* Roy al should have a marriage portion of ? 1.0(10, and an allowance of a year. The reigns of George II and George III were adduced as prece dents as to the practice in such cases. \r* HoHmck regarded such precedents as ab surd. and moved an amendment. The memkrs of the House. however, were im patient to vote, and after Lord John Russell had spoken against him. declined going to a division aad the motion was agreed to. The question of "Cotton Supply" had been ta ken into consideration at Mamhester. A depu tation from Liverpool had waited on the Cotton Supply Association there, and it was understood that a national meeting on the subject was pro posed to be held in Liverpool. wTh~Plobe h** ,>oen Kiveu to understand that Mr. 1 hontas Baring will Ik- the new Lord of th> Admiralty. F*ANCK.-ParK Friday, May 21 -Karon C. as. the Embassador Extraordinary to China, and the a'taches of his mission, left Paris this evening for the port of cmltarkation. Si a ix.? Ad\ices f om Madrid had been re c ived in Paris, announcing the settlement of the depute Ictw.fii Spain and Mexico on the loth of May. After the ratification of the treaty M l.a f.aqua will remain as the Minister of Mexico Another dispatch says there is every probability or a pacific adjustment of the differences between Spain and Mexico. ?M, tlie ^ex'can Envov, arrived at -Madrid on rh irsdav. The latest dispatches were said to be of a satis factory kind, and there is little doubt that, as a Iivorable disposition exists on both sides, which is zealously encouraged by the English and r renrh Embassadors .it .Madrid, the affair will terminate amicably. In that case the greater pa t of the troops sent out to the Gulf will l>e kept at Cuba to strengthen the garrisons of the Island Disturbances, originating in the dearness of food, have taken place in various districts of >pain, and in consequence a royal decree has been issued prolonging the free "importation of corn to the 3lst of Deremlier next. The Neufchatel Presse announces that M do Ha'zfi'ldt, the Prussian Minister at Paris, has re ceived instructions authorizing him to si^n tlie protocol of the conference of Paris. It was exnected that the next conference will be held on Monday for signing the convention. The Paris correspondent of the Times says it is rqo t<d in various quarters that the Kin"' of Bavaria, at present the cuest of the EmpT-ror Napoleon, is endeavor!ng toettect a reconciliation between the King of Naples and the Western Powers. The King of Bavaria cauje direct from Naples to France. Switzerland.?Berne. May 20 ?The Grand Council has voted the Constitution in principle unanimously Forty-four votes were given for the immediate revision, and twenty-five for it after a certain day. Col. Geocret, ex-Commandant of the Foreign Legion, has committed suicide. The Netherlands-The government of the Netherlands has signified its intention to send a ship of observation to join the Anglo-French squadrons iii the Chinese waters. Denmark?The list of the new Danish Minis try lias given great satisfaction, and it is thought in Germany that the question of the Duchies will very soon be settled Rcssia.?On the occasion of his birtlidav, the Emperor of Russia issued a further amnesty in favor of political and other offenders. Austria.?The crops in Hungary, Mo'aviaand Bohemia are looking remarkably well, hut they are le*s promising in upper Austria A letter from Vienna states that the Emperor will not confine his clemency in favor of the Hun garians to the amnesty granted to political p-i*. oners and refugees, but will also restore tliein their landed property, confiscated after the revo lution, and administered since that period by a special commission. It is believed that the value of the landed property sequestered in Hungary amounted in 1S50 to nearly forty inillionsof francs The Principalities.?Trieste, May 21?The American Minister at this port left for Constanti nople on the 15th for the Principalities It is pretended that his visit Las a political object. Russia and Persia.?In-the treaty concluded between Persia and Russia the latter renounces all claims to the money which Persia owes, and in return receives two pieces of land, one on the Caspian Sea. and the other in the eastern part of Persia?both of them, for stratagetical reasons, are of the highest importance to Russia. The Emperor was highly satisfied with the general who made the treaty. This cession of land, and other intrigues connected with it. may account for the British proceeding against Persia. Persia?It is said that a conference will be held in Paris, composed of representatives of the various |K>weis that have signed treaties of com merce with Persia, in order'to agiee to an arrange ment which will apply to all the consular agents during the stay of the Persian Ambassador in Paris. New Granada ?Despatches havebeeu receiv ed from the French Consul at Panama, giving fu'l details of the situation of the country. It would appear from these accounts that New Granada is not capable of resisting the invasion prepared by the Americans, who are likely to establish them selves without difficulty at Panama and Chagres Latest by Telegraph from London. London, Friday Evening.?At the London Stock Exchange consols opened weak, advanced slightly, but receded on a large sale of money leaving off at 03*a!Q\ for account. Railway property lower, more particulai 1 v French and Can adian descriptions, excepting the Grand Trunk Banking and mining descriptions show little va riation, though the former was a trifle firmer than yesterday. foreign stocks fiuctuated with con sols during the day. but closed as at the opening, and complaint was made of a general absence of business. Thirty thousand pounds (?3u,0U0) of advertised bills were bought by the Government broker. Liverpool Cotton Market ?The Brokers and other circulars report the Liverpool Cotton market quiet and steady generally, though par tially irregular. Low dusty cotton was unsalea ble. The sales of the week were 35.UK) bales, of which 2.000 bales were taken by speculators, and 1.50U bales for exjwrt. The sales of Tuesday were 0,000 bales, including 1,000 bales to specnl i tors, the market closiug quiet at the followiug quoiations: Fair Orleans ?^d; Middling Uplands 7 13-ltid; Fair Mobiles ?\d; Middling Mobiles, 7 11-Hid: Fair Uplands s-d; Middling 7^d. The week's imports were 211.500 bales, and the stock in port was estimated at OTf.St'O bales, of which 530,000 bales were American. Somecit culars quote all qualities of Middling 1-lul low er. State of Trade.?The Manchester markets were dull, and short time increasing. Liverpool Breadstuff* Market?At Liv erpool there was an improved demand for bread stuffs, and the market was firm and buoyant. Messrs. Richardson. Spence A Co. quote whej.t advanced 2d; red Ms OdaDs 4d; white 9a9s l(ld. Flour advanced fid ; Western Canal 20a3ls ; Bal timore and Philadelphia 30s tida32s ; Ohio 32a.'hs fitl. Corn advanced lalstid ; yellow 30s '.Hi: white 3 . s 6da30s. The failure of a heavy importer is an nounced. The weather had l?een favorable for the crops. Liverpool Provision Market.?Beef was quiet; new nominal at KiOs. Pork was dull: new nominally 02s fid Bacon was quiet, and fid low er. Lard was dull and quoted nominally 6.>sa(}fis. Liverpool Produce Market.?The Brokers Circular reports Rice firm at 2Gs for Carolina. Coffee buoyant, and in small supply. Sugar was buoyant, and had advanced 2s. Tea was less ac tive; common Congou. Is Rosin was steady and in moderate request at 5s 2da5s 3d for com mon, and 15s (idjfor fine. No sales of Tar or Tur pentine Pot Ashes were quiet. Kill lbs. at 47sl*s fid. Bai k?Baltimore I3sa13sfid: Philadelphia 14s. For Olive oil there was little speculative inqui ry, and prices were unchanged There was noth ing doing in Seal oil. Linseed oil was in rather better request at lOsfidalls t?mall salesof Spir.ts Turpentine at 44s. Tallow was firm at 57s 6aa5rs Havre Market.?At Havre, Cotton was quiet but firm; sale* of the week ending 10th ult b.000 bales; stock 113,000 bales, besides 36.0UO bales afloat; New Orleans tres ordinaire II5f Bread stuffs we:T steady. Provisions quiet. Su-'arwas quiet, and all qualities slightly advanced Pot and Pearl a-hes we e firm. American Stocks.?American securities were slow of sale, but prices unaltered London Money Market -The London money market was slightly more stringent. Consols for money closed at 03\ay3l4,aud for account U3\a *^/| ? ? ? Large Export of Specie. Boston, June 3?The Niagara sailed for Liv erpool this noon, with nearly one and a quarter millions of specie. New Haven City Election. New Haven, Conn . June 1?The Democrats have elected their mayor by about 500 majority, and carried three of the six wards, which secures the city government to the democrats. Railroad Accident. New York. Juue 2. An accident occurred on the Erie railroad to-day to the express train, which, when near Addison, was thrown from the rails, and the engine and passenger car were smashed. Dr. William Peck, of Cincinnati, was Instantly. Coscoid. Jane 3 ?The Republican caucus >f night nominMrd Mnodr Currier president of the Seliare and K H Rollins speaker of the Horn# The Democrat* nominated William Barnes pre*;, dent of the Senate and Lewla Clark speaker The Republicans made no nomination ror a United States Senator Balthaere Market*. Baltimore, June 3?Flour coetihues firm; Howard street ?7 ?ik : aome holders demand f? 75; Ohio #7.50 White whcst sold for ft! 86s 1 90, red ft! TJa ftl 81. Corn is higher, white and yellow 90aMr Whisky is stead)-; City ?#c ; Ohio 3?#o Hrw Yerk Markets. New Yobs. June 3.?Flour la firm: sales of ?.(*?0 bbls.-, State ftfi <VSaf6.75, Ohio ST I5aft7 35 Southern ft7 4?>*7 70. ?iA05heal ,S un%eU,cd' of ,aoy0 bushels, red Corn is unsettled at a slight decline, sales of 6,U00 bushels; mixed 1>7; vellowand white ftl Fork is steKdr; me*? p?} 87 w Beef is unchanged at f 1C yi*ftl7 Tot Chieego repacked. * La d is quiet at 14K. Whisky is easier; Ohio 35c financial. New Yo?i. June 3 ?Stocks are dull Chi cago and Rock Island RR.IOlfc; Cumberland Coal Co 18k; Illinois Central shades 137k , Do bond<1Ml\; Michigan Southern 53\; N V Cen tral 85V; Pennsylvania Coal Co M : Reading Railroad dug; Cantons 18k. Sterling Exchange i* dull. AUCTION SALE8. THIS AFTERNOON \ TO-MORRO JT By L. R. L. CROWN A CO.. Anetloneera. A VARtjK8A,?: or EMBROIDERIES a*d ."A L-*!K k'L-P*" **lark **"?* axd Lac* Mastil d.V? L7??i Spotted Veils. Parasois. Ti ..Ihlr rL^?y* Belt a. besides n large variety of other Goods, which will l>e sold in lots to suit the or, TI KSDAY MORNING/Thm "l. at 1* Pen^'liS * l%r*e room of Mr. Crown, oorner of I ennsy h arua nvenue aud Sixth street, up staus,and continue from day to day urn! all is sold. This is an opportunity which the ladies seldom hare as the C.mhIs are of the newest st, les. ' ,n# f ir 'i*ONDS A CO? from New York, and late ie l-v *U'"" C- L- CROWN A CO.. ' Auctioneers. By JAS.C. McGUIRE, Aucti<.i.eer. 1'Al.l ABIE FARM AND OI'ARKY LAND . , r.?" **LE.?<>n Till'RSIM V. Jut* 4 at 3 o clock P. M.. will k Bold at the Little Falls Bridge that portion of Rich Point Farm north of Prim-net t'a Run. containing one hundred acre?, more or leas I" ProP'>rty is moat eligibly situated on the Lee* ? Ju wrn? I? miles fr?m Washingtoncitv. it he "*X I"*1 Pnmantl'R H till X '&i ? * "'ver-feiling stream of a* "r. 1 Jie clot rod land is easy of cultivation Th? quarries on the I ..toman are highly valuable, having the finest curb and flag ston? on the river. ?/'?petty or,, he divided into two !M,r Purchaj,<>?- ?he obiect of t!,e propri etor heme to increase the neighborhood as he ? ? residence on lbe ^joining portion for his own CMh; tb? '*l*noe in fi and 1? I) 'ill r . T1"1* interest fr??m dsv of sate. Domfivl k"n to Bec,|ir* the pavments. ??uo mai???l JAS- C- M^i' IRE. may ??-<! Asctiaawn. JAS.C. McG I IRE, Auctioneer. C* ? ^T SALL B1^AN KETS,COUNTER Tlu nin*i\rA..>xT?h*etino*. &c.-()n ,nti . . j MORNING. June 4th. st 1?o'elock. mn.r/0 Hotel, j shall sell ttlo t^whm*nt?TOmprninit:?0t * b?l?np,"? 10 tbl# ?s 2,'i?ihne woo' Blxnkets 2.??*> hn?n and cotton Sheets 1,""0 Counterpanes. Together with a iar*o quantitr of Tows!s Nan kins. Bolsters and Fi!;ow Slips, Ac. ' ' ' A large quantity of the shove wm purchsaed wth '"it* ??* months, and is of superior qnaiity". i?l if Cl tfari"L"reJ " Wi*' ',e o?ntiriuod each tLV.U . . 0C h,,,:dro<1 parlors and chambers re the house ^'"P1"161"* ?"ne of the best fitiisbed of The attention of the trade is oslled to this ss'e whioh offers unusual opp ^rtunities for bargsuis. junel-d JaS. C. MeGLIRETAiiet. By BARNARD A BI CKEY; Georgetown f'KEAT sale of i.ots in georoe , TOW-* ?<_>!i M()N DAY, 1st June, at 5 o'clock p. in., in front of the premnea. we will sell at puo.'io auction twent>-eight Huildin* Lota, bein* the suh .iivi.K.n of the upper part ..f that property kru.wn as (. tinningbam s Garden, fronting on the south sido a }} ?rl w8tr?et Th??? !-"*? h?ve a S? i f ut 100 f^t, with an average front of &i)D|lt ^0 l0Ct. The ss|h will heg>n with I^?t No. 1. which adjoj? the property of Mr. Kes*ier. and will proceed regu larl\ until each is offered. lerrns: One-fourth, cash; the residue in three equai payments at six. twelve, and eighteen months, bearing interest and satisfactorily secured, or 3 per cent, win be deducted if the whole amount is paid at once. This sale is worthy of attention, as the deman-! iw Lots in that part of the town is increasing. A Pr?l>P.r,'..C??. be ?e*?n ?r ont ttAM.atff all A Barnard s. " ashington. msy? BARN ARD A BL'CKEY. Aueta L"7* THE. ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until N\ EDNESDAY. June 3d, same hour. jo2-d BARNARD A BUCKEY, Aucte By WALL A BARNARD. Auolioneer*. Furniture of a private family at Acction.?On THURSDAY MORNING. 4th instant, at o'clock, at the residence of Mr. L. Le preux. on 7th street, between M and N. we will se!J his entire Household Furniture and Effeota. as? M&hocanv Sols. C'tuurs and Rocker I>o Marble-top and other TaMss Gilt-pier Glasses. Carpets rane-seat and Common Ctuurs Cookint and other Stoves Mahogany Bureaus, Bedsteads Wardrobes, Stands, Beds Mattreases, Bedding, Carpets Curtains. Toilet Sets. &.c.. Ac. Also, all the Kitchen Funuture. Also,at 12 o'clock Two good w.-rk Horses One Store Wagon in good order Harnuss, Ac., Ac. Terms :.$15 and under, oash ; over that amount ?P and 0'days, for notea satisfactorily eodorced and !>c\riiig interest. WALL A BARNARD. Aoet. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. \TERY VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON NORTH K, OPPOS1TK FHANKL1K SyCAKE, AT Acctios.?On WEDNESDAY, the 3d day of /une. I shall sell in front of the premises, at o'olock p. m.. Lot 3, in Dnvidson'a subdivision of square No 24X, havint a front of 25 feet on north K. I>etween IStti and 14th streets west, running back 146 feel 11 inches ti> an alicy, containing 3,ti?5 square leet. Tliis property is immediately opposite Franklin Square and adjoining the spacious residence of Ma jor l.dnd.-de*. We deem it unnecessary to make further comment, as it is well known to be one of the inoit l?enutiful huiMing lota for a private raai* in the city of Waahingtou. Terms: One-third, ca*n: telanoe in ?, It mouths, for notes liearing interest from day of aaie. A de??d given and a deed of trust taken. Tnle indisputable. rosy A. GREEN, Aaot. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. ALU A RLE BRICK HOUSE AND LOT ON Avems at Acction.?On l HI KSDA^ . the 4th day of June next, 1 shall sell in front of the pn-mises. at 5.S o'clock P. M., I^>t D. in subdivision of original lot No. 7, in square No. 3l?, having a front of 25 feet on the south side of I emisylvania avenue, between Tenth and Eleventh streets west, running hack to an allev. contauuce 2,813 feet, with the improvement, which is a g<**3 Brick House, containing twelve conveniently -ar ranged rooms, wide passage, ami cellar; the gas and store fixtures to be sold with the house. This pro perty is handsomelv located, being that next west of the Conlectionerv Store. Terms: One third oash; balance in 6, 12. and 16 months, the purchaser to give notes for the deferred payments, Iwsring interest from the day of sale. A d?ed given and a deed of trust taken. All conveys at the cost of the purchaser. may 29?d A. GREEN. Auctioa By A. GREEN, Auctioneer \VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON FOUR TCKXTH STKfcKT WEST, >CAR D STKKET >0*TU at Acctios.?On FRIDAY, the 5th June next, t shall sell, in front ofthe premises, at 6 o'clock p in a Handsome Building Lot. being south part of Lot No. 4. inSauare No. 257. having a front oFL* feet on the eftst side of Fourteenth street, near the corner ol north D street, running (sack ?5 feet. Terms: One-third, cash ; balance in six. twelee, and eighteen mouths, the purchaser to gire notes for the deferred pay ments, bearing interest from the day of sale. A deed jriveo and a deed of truat taken. ? itle UHliKpntnhle. AJI ooaveyaocinr* al the coat of the purrhaatr. Bia,ZrLd A.GREEN, A uotK?neer. Bv JAS.C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. \TALUABLE HOTEL PROPERTY NEAR ?T T.'i.'1. Railroad D*fot at Ptslic Arc#io>-.? On h RID.W AFTERNOON. May 29, at 6 o'clock, on the premises, by virtue of a deed of trust duly re oorded, Ac., we shall sell at public auetion that val sable propeity situated at the oorner of North D stroet and New Jersey avenue, with the improve ments. conMstinc of a large and^ substantial brick Hotel Building, known as the " Uoiua Hotel,** for merly ooetipiedby John Foy. This valuable property is immediately opposite the Railroad Depot, and possesses ample acoummo dations for a good second-class Hotel l>usineas, and this sale oilers grer.t inducements to persons who desire to emlsark in the business, as, from its post ? tion, it must always command a go??d run. A vacant lot on the north aide of the building, and fronting on New Jersey avenue, will be aoid at the same tune. Terms: One-fourth, cash; the reaidue tn one. two, and three years, with interest, secured by a deed of truat on the property. JOHN d. C. HAMILTON. SAMUEL HAMILTON, TraalMfl mav 18-eodAds J. C. MoGUIRE, Aaot! JO* THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED in conseauence of the ra;n until THURSDAY AF TERNOON. June 4th, same hour and plaoe may 3f>-d JAS. C. McGI'IRF.. A not. 158 BLACK TEA. Chestse our standard BL ACK TEA -Th Tea is well known to the citisei ington and in the viouuty. This Tsa was im n ported prior to the troubles in Chtva. KING A BURCHELL. may 15 oorner Vermont avenue and 19a* st. iLACK TEA.?This ens of Waah v-k ? ? v* A n a* ? ? LIN A CO.'S, No.iopsnn. avenue.betweeettkand 9th streets. raa> 30 l?IANOS.-Tbe largest stock of PIANOS in the rooras qf''' EL lVkw*1 io* 28 ??*/ oora*r <4 M)Ui ??