Newspaper of Evening Star, June 6, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 6, 1857 Page 1
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in n % ? ? +? ' m * ? ' ? t W ~- - <- 1 l -- . " ,4u* ? - - 4 ^ %. - . ? ? VOL. IX. WASHINGTON, D. C., SATURDAY, JUNE 6, 1857. NO. 1,368. THE EVENiNU STAR r it rCULISUEO EVERY AFTERXOONt (EXCEPT svyDAY,} AT TUB BTAR BL'ILDING*, Cow Ft*nrttva*i* mm, aal 11:4 i'.ratt, ; Bt W. D. ffALLACD, ?nd j* served to eu!i?cnbars by camera at ifCC AND A QUARTER Ct.N weekly to tlie Asnta; paperi eerred in r?ckM? at ST% ceats per . rr r?ii. To ma*. eubacrii*r?tkesa!>a*npt;oBpr!eeia : THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS ? ?ew m adrame*, TWO DOLLARS for lix cvn'hs, end ONEDOLLAR for three mon!be;for I am : inn tluee months at the rate of 134 cents a wee* By-SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. THE ? CBTTE. BT AXJU WILWOT. A la Glean had been a sad trifter in ber lime. Jf-r chief pleasure seemed to be in extorting ad miration from tbe other sax, and tben sporting with tba feeling >be had awakened. Iuatleast L '.If a do-sen iBitoa^ta young men bai been en i onraged to pay ber attention* tor months at a time; and when. confident of having won ber regard, they came forward with aarkra* offer? et marriage, she threw them from ber with an indifference that rfw both mortifying aod paic fal. But, Kike moet of those who play this game vriih tha feelings of other*. Ad* wan madia to t.?*? ? cup w bitter i?e any mixed by Her band.' for tba lip* of ber victim*. A young pbyrietan named Bedford, whoae | u-osp?jeta lii life were maoh better than are w-aally presented to tha ayes of graduates in hi* profeeeion, met Ada one evening, And ww rt *o>lingly ploasod with ber?and no lees wa?? A la with the yoang physician. A ? wudi to make a good Impremion added to her* r*n?l habit of potting on ber Kv?t grace when | in company with young men. made Ada more ? than ufuftlly interesting. and when Dr. Bedford separated from the bewitching young girl, he ww completely enamored. it? took an early ' <pp^rtuniiy to call upon her. and was received { in a manner that encouraged bin to repeat hi* . ruits Never were visits more a^reeaUe to say one j than were those of Dr. Bedford to AdaGleuo.?- j Bat the old spirit had not died out, and really . llatiercd a* she wee by the younj man'* atten- ; ti n? Ada t?> temptod to give hirn a specimen ; (A ber power and independr nee >'.>1 very Ion* time clapped ere Dr. Bedford : laid his heart at Ada's feet. With a thrill of! piejvsuro Could she have ?c*cp-.ed the proffer??d ? gift of love: but to yield at once seemed like '-?cvimng too easy a priee. and she therefore (U , focted profound artonUhwent at the doctor's J proposal; treated it rather lightly, and deeply ; wounded hia naturally sensitive and indepen- ! deat feelings by too marked an exhibition of disdain. Doctor Bedford retired with hi# min i in a . fever of excitement. HI? a-lmi ration of and ! lore for Ala Lad been of tha warmeet ebaractcr .lading from bar manner, be bad felt warran ted id taliering that tha regard be frit tor ber wa? fully reciprocated; an<lwhen be approaob ed her with a eonfee-iou of what wee in bij? heart. , he was prepared for any reception but the one ; be recM^cd. To l? repnl?d, tben, coldly. ? proudly, and almost erutempuously, wag to | rcreive a blow of the wrerest kind, and one. the pain, of which he wa* not 1ft oly soon to 1-rzet. tr?m tbc rtwellic* of Ada Dr. Eodford re- I tired to hi* olfiee with his mind greatly etched, j Ibere he fonnd a yonng friend, with *wb<>m he j ws? intimate, and to whom. a.i ho could not hi le his fctlin^e. be e<*mtnnnieatrd in cwnC d'ace the re?nlt of hi* interriew with Ada. To , Lif surprise, the friend Mid? " I can hardly pity you. doctor. T eiw you ! were plcac^vl with tliat gay flirt, who i-? lancina ting enough: Nit I did not drenm that you were i jcrioas in your attentions to one known every where rs a rnon brartle?3coquette 1 Dr Bedf rd lonke-i surprised. *? Arc yuu in ? rnrneM'" be said. ?? In earned?' Certsinly f Didn f you know th** thiswa- b?*r charactcr.'" " I had not the moot rerabto M^piciun.'* " Strange tbat It sbofildn t bare? n>e tuT'mr j cars' I can pi'int you to threo she hw jilted : within my own knowletlge." ?? If tbat is ber character/' raid the doctor, rallying him.-*!!' with a str>ng effort at self-eon- ' trol and speaking in a eomp^-cd and refute i >r?ice, " I will at oc?e obliterate ber image lrom my mind. It was unworthy to rwt there. ; I lid not love Ada, Imt a fair ideal of woman- ? It virtue tbat I raiolf be'icred she embodied.{ ?4 Von are right. ,"*he i? not worthy at' you, j my friend, beantifnl. intcliigcal an l interest- ' ii-jj a? she i?.,: i ?? No. ?bo i? utterly unworthy, r.-rtnnato ; am I tha< she did not a<**ept nay off-sr.: ?? * ? - ? ~ - ? - ? VJ-. IWT vu 31 . It reqnircl. on the part of Ada, a strong cf- >: frt to a* mi me townris Dr Bedford a false ex- ; tcriof, an<l when be withdrew from ber pre^- ; viz*. cecafMScd ao l digniSed in hi' manner, j ?be more than half regretted her folly. But . forced barft thi? fe^lirg with a gny ftnile ? srd a t*w^ ol the bead, laying half aloud? - He'll be here again before a woek goes by.'' ( Rut Ada wa-? slightly in error. The week pa??ed without bringing her lover Ami *>:? ^ent Ly two. three and four week*. But. vain of h?r pjwr vtu ih? ot'urr tex, A-Ia *ull an- ! deartied to acvntidcnt sririt, though titcre were times that the fudden tV>ught that? Dr. Bedford would ne^-er again lieek to win her J ;?ror. made the Mood gntbet with a ehlll j a-jtad her baart. i Ab^ut this time, n fjien-i ga*.e n little fancy j ilre.-? party, end Ada lcuniei!, much to her real delight, that the individual who, of all others, had mo?i struck her ianey, wa-? to be ? present. This wad to afiurd the fir?t opportu- ! ?'?y t.-r meettug. nore her half hanghfv rc- 1 f oi?e. toe man wbu bad < ffered bor. in alt ein ctrity. a true and loving heart. An v/ vanity made Ada nx-re eon tvient of her power over hot ot tha sterner ee.v; aa-1 ?he believed that only a slight yielding ef lort on ber part was neee-?ary to brfog the doc tor to bar side. | Owo^nf ber ew^tnme t'er the evening. Ada 1 wraytd herself with great care, and in a rtvle j th%t she balleved would attract attention. The iatfhion of ber drew wae that of a hundred year- azo. and the material a rich old bncade, i in which her grandmother had d<tneed the miu- : naet many a time, in her younger day*. Calm in her <x*m<ious Pywer, Ada joined the ? gsj a oopany at her friend's, and ker quick eye* : ?'-n ma*le kc /wn the ftet that Dr Bedford w?m : "?ready prevent, ller heart beat quieker, and ' tbe color uf ber cheeks grew deeper ; but no one | wnld read :n her well eehoolea face a trace of t r '-at wae pacing in bar mind. No long time | t-REse-1 before the ywag ttoc?vr wa# thrown uear Lt/r do mhx 'Liit t? of recognition b^oame ir-.Tmtmrj 1?? ffp^ke to her. but in a manner T *h*t ?*>nt a aervoua chill to her heart. Not that he wax rtuiiedly polite or oohi; not that be J tranifested ru^vntwent; but in his eye, voice, j !i'.t and manner, wae ? laaguige she evuld read, and it told ber that to him ebe wae no i longer an object of interest. }\?r this sbo waa- of al> hin^. leaet prepared. ? -'be had never felt toward* ?iv on* ae -Oe felt 1 ">wardJ this yotin^ man: an<l row, when the ! j n ? ? mvw, n JTU tUt first well grounded fear of I rring him stole V I was ill at ea?e. 'brougb ber boerm, ebe became inwardly agita- , tod. and in spite of every effvrt to dmtrolbvr- ! aulf, manifa*te<i U?o plainly the fact that she ' Fancy partiee were noveltir? at tbe tiire. and \ alL, except Ada. who u^ally led off on festive occasions, entered into the spirit of tho hour. Kven Dr Bedford appeared u> enjoy himself ait much ad any. But the beautiful eoouette, ahoee peculiar style of costume attracted all eyes, h*d for onre. lo*t tbe gay exterior for which she wae ever distinguished, and there were but few present by whom this was not re marked. i One? or twice Ada wae thrown directly into tbe company of Dr. Bedford, when he treated . her with an cade and politenees that, more than t anything else, tended to extinguish the hope that b ul arisen into a flame in ber heart Had t ho manifested any emotion, had he looked | grave, troubled, indignant, proud, haughty, or I anything else but calmly indifferent and self- . I-uesaseed, Ada would have felt ?ure of her I power over him. But a perception of the real < truth was as distant to hor as if the most am- . j hatic words, sealing her fate, had been ut- ? to red in ber ears. Earlier than tbe rest. Ada retired, unable j longer to control herself as she comld wish, and unwilling to expose to eyea already too obeor- , \ ant, tbe change that had cone over her feel- ! ing* "* . From that bour Ada Glenn ccasod to be tho | gay. buoyant, attractive girl who had extorted admiration from so many, and trifled, in ber rain pride aod though ties* ne*?, with all. She rtrtly weat into torn pan/, and thea fc?r ?ob?r 1,1 >h\b*?S?OB0. Tb. tire* at Lor feet- ?? bccn caP* 0^1 roSMfssj* "?' w ?? ?4. ri^u'iiiVr srti? raised hi? i^n??S2J?>,le*t i?di?Mtion &?<* Mwilfh,,., ?w>fnt. superior to the weak j-. J? ! ;xzt a?a?~ u""*j4" ?KKx?g:: ?*>. w f.r from ; tarn which wij he wnald. it wap >>#i 11 h*4. r* e^r<3?5l2inaUj' ^ of Ar!? 88 ***??*? < rnaiig?d. 8Dd flOUteUffiOS he WfLq thrnan 5n*U wv." ??&*??? *?? rP~J. ?t*t* "li.., hiro in a musing. *,ber ?? wineUung about Ada that 1 ii biui; and when, a.* it <*?<?.,?, ar. Ally happened. he looked suddenly towards her th?t iL l ?r J. v"r K>ok- he haJ fading tV w^>rdij ?l>ie to ,j ndcr*tan i ^ 1 t?J. , ? ?r,?re**^- until. ttDf.t:<er[f<iir I ^tiier ? Id then^elvp? brought to-' ' S^d at 5?T Dr" Ikvlf0H ??? di- I hTrt kJI r tirrumjtancM than he would t*>e hcen a IV* months earlier; hat he w*? j wYvf v Wmwlf purposely \n AdaV I 1fJ?Lt PO***#*i'~>n and eool indifference. ' u.? /y>D<Vro^, no longer existed. - - \j?* b?r. even, bad now power to disturb tb? pulsations of hi* heart Th* pleasant day bad drawn nearly to a dtov Two or three tinea I^dford had boen ? refl^ht into i?ticb r'.o -o cottar? with Ada, that I be coaH not, without arpearing rude baro [ avoided speaking a few words to h?r. (>n th?w ' ThTr>le"ld litUV bnt if ? impossible i to be.p observing, u? the manner of her n<i>lie- t n?: *3,IT % tb* of UISfSEl^!?1 **i h'm " pWn 8.1 Ian- ! k a! Qttered it, that Fbe doepiv t?ul/^5Tr *)ndoct tow*r^ him. " ' ^ with Kit?? T?aDf r*D *id to hiiB* ' Sti.^ W !>l.tternew ot feelinir, a? be re- ' ^ c SS'i*Z ! '?"?? i? i l": and rtruniuf.; ?lon, frr ? (,?**/ | s* "?? ;? js- - tt; ^yrJfenr^i linpn^iMo to drive out of her rain !. that -he ' t ": 0 r^e ?T0nnc Ina"'f uppr^b. ! ncdlur I }>aoseU .-uddenlj, and bi^ Hr-t inu,ul-?? ^VV.ct7a,i.I5ut' ^ bcin^Mc t ^ i - ; c..njent tod? tb:,. be, ,r,cr a ilt(Ic , admnc-l. and when within a few p^ 1 * ni ah i rorcrybja faw lijbtlv uttered w-^nis. Ada turned with a start \rhii? ? .imr, bLt?re?h?e"^n ^ ll Was f j'j rjf1 command her.oeLf sufficiently ! r^?r?Pi!J T ??Tthin? hko eomBosire, and ' cvoi, then ber vc.ce rligfitlj tromblcJ. ' j hew wonis po^el hetVe-n tbem. a, side by JMJ tUv Mowfy return^ to where they "had f l ^rC'Jln,I><4nl"n-' f,,r ]"Ah were afraid to ! thcnueives to .-pea* Kef.iro a wrek t nirr?C ,?edlor'1* '>re?Wn? through pride j \ it 127 1 ^ r^lr/Uni"!* ^timem, visited j of i'.U ? hor- snowed hix ofler ? J^? r w^,,-h WJW ?^cpptc?lamid a pufbof ' ^oyiul tears Deeply bad Aiaaufferod tbrou-!i i rtK?i ? * trr>f? her t[ifl>ring^ Mbe had eoine ? Tbr.KfM rn,J ? ***??*? *??n i ILere araa fen Iiiv? Ada. tut rarely docs 1 u>o wun ro^nette e,-^aj? with ?. I?rie4 a peri.>l of fuflenn^. l.M.ily with ber. it ia aUTn^ season of sorrow and repeats nee. Al ter re iee f- '' 'hf' icvi,-v? h?r worthy snitor-. ^be yields her lucd at l?=t to the mo?t uu r^Su- ?nK*??? ky 'roe ? flection, p^s woaru.% on ber way throa-b tbo world, rlad gft ? L<,urf??lVO*liif^bomay layjf.wn ' ber burden*, and fml re-=tandpcjeeunh"nniet ?rtTr. * Free ,-!j:ats w CiftncBEK.?Several ot our rei^gvonI cirtitcmporari???. and not a tew clenrv- , men, aj-e urpnS the general e?tablishmentof life *H>ta iu ehnrche*, tb,-ir ell mav hem- the ' KTtei?arnrd ,^u<J?crs -"treet ebnrch. under ? tvf; pJivf J"? ^th? emioeiit miuijtters in the ?bytenpu church, makes ample prori- \ on in th?? kind in it - own hon.?e of wn^hip. u ? (lo many otlier churches of other and various ? uanominations in the metroj^i- ; where even > pew renl^ are m readable that nnv one who ran aflurd to pay at all, may hire n icut. Kut where pews in laihionahle ehnrcbe!? (" fash' ? t'truiole churrbe-j !* ?do hut think of the term'I ' are put np at uivtion, what chance in there for ' RT-r? of moderate means to obtain a *>at' , ..obfeTreraod ^ninent philosopher | I o?sl>ckri veil f^ta forth the evil? of tbii : P?w aucti/n rvstetn. lie attends a crowded : one r * . * 'ilw/ ?*y>D ^>#r,rrrr^.' be Hyi,4 that no j deadhead- were allowed on th? line, aud that ' if aaaaeowldn t be waa put ofl the train, i .Mier some preliminary caat atx>ut the foreign i neiw, the state of the market*, the hope of a rt-.ival of religion, the ri^ in ?tiie,' tbc pro- 1 flT ?f ** Z?*- Ul? price Of p?, * *?wly ones gathered around, and the t Mir Nv/*n l bo? pew* nearer th<- pulpit, or i peroap^ I should My. tboee aeat" ne.rt the lo*o- i wotJre, were aoid Or* ; they b^ugLt seventy. ! eighty, and even one hundred and twenty dol Un prcminm ; the price wjm to he paid merely for a ciou*- ot iFeal*. in addition to the regular rent I iwtaaUy eaw that I hadu t n^ney eoou-b to take a firrt-clka eabin passwe. bet bop^I thcr> mi^ht be a f4aee for me jnmewhere. Jooes bought a Ltoket, a ad Hmith. an-1 Tomo- 1 ; but there w** not a-in*le seat that came down ty my pile ; and I tell I moat pro up the Jourwey, or fcod a cheaper oeuveyiinoe, for I **ml ^--^ii u, b- ? that ctup:i wc^jd 'S . .?piv.S^S'" li;n hi''i,u b,J ?v" oeeu t r?)tn cuet me forty cenfe an hour aud sermon1 four dollar? and a half apiece ,n<i f I m hs great a klnner n the niini*fc>r sara I .m. it would break the Bank of Knaiand Iom me "into the Md unlees thS? e? b?M4ry discount, I fear I shall hare to give It ud and go to the de-. il .?KvicJcerhntJttr tfcga.ine. The Pihst Napoleo* ox the 8tb\* Ex oi*r ?It has boen frequently a?.?erted that Napoleon I. eonteruptuously rejected Fulton's propoeal to apply steaui power to tbc propulsion o* veweta, mm* eren pronooa^ed Fulton u "char . Thu" InlOr rrror ha? at length been ^ Publication by M. ;4K^ n ^ Moniteur oT ie 17th ot March, rlr^/t^rr0.? k^sraph letter, which formp part of the forthcoming " Napoleon corrc^p-md- ? CDTt? '2 the FJ Vi ^*m^ 1 have just read XIW OT Cltizw Fulton ItII\ AnrSnMP \ Which you have been far too late in submitting to mo, inasmuch o* u may change the face o f the rrorld. Be that as it may, ft i* my desire !f*at "ljr 'ofthwith intnut the examina ti q of it W? a commission oomnoicd of members to bee bean by tou from the different classes of the i^tuto) ft Is to that body that scientifle Kuropo should look for iudges competent to noire tbe problem In question. A fh?r truth?a phynrnJ. falptMt fact?it apparent to mc. It is now the bncineea of these scientific mea to pereeire. and to endeavor to appropriate that fact: Their report as soon as mado, will be sent to you. and you will transmit it to me. Contrive, if possible, to have all thu done i ecit/un eigb (fry*, for 1 am fall of impa? ' tune*. NafohoiT i " Cm?P of Boul?fw, flit Jtij, 1804." I PROPOSALS for stationery. DiPAKTicrrr of tub Ixramr, M.iy ?. isn. SkaLed pr<ipo-!als for funusfung such stationary ** n?? be required by this department during the K t T2T ?adinf June 30, lain, will bit reoMvm until ISoc.oek rj.. on the .vm day of June nest. Tf?o*e unac-onir>aiued by satislactory testimonial* of nbili ty to fulfil the contract will not bo considered, and contracts will only he awarded to established uiano fticturera of or dealers in the articles. A I the articles required mu?t ??? of the very best quality of their kino, and in no case interior to the samp** which will lie ex lulu ted at the department. Kaeh pr?po*al must be signed by the individual or firm making it, and must ? perify hut one priee lor eerti am! every article contained in the schedule. AH the artiolea furnished mu*t be equal in afire ?paeta to tha samples, and must he delivered withnat delay when ordered to the satisfaction of tha hc-vl ?f theiofice for wftieh they are required, and a frukjee to do m wilt he deemed cause f>>r tha abrogation of the contract. The department re?erves the right of ordering a *T?tar or less qu.intity ot each article contracted fur. a* tha pnbbo service may require. Article* no? named in the contract to he lnmi?had at the option 01 the departmnit nt the lovest market prieos. Hoads with approved nccnnty must be givsn hr thoi?r<onorpcr^on?cof)'mrtiuic;ninl in the eveat of the refusal or rwajeot of the con'.ractor to furnish any artw-4* or articles named in the contract, Upon the order or the department or any of its bureaux, the same may be parchased in open market; ami the dif iereorc between the pnee paid therefor and the con tra r' prioe shall 1*? charged to the contractor and de duced m tne settlement of his account lor the quar ter during ?wiiieh such retis-sal or neglect mar occur. The hi-jomntl hut specifies ae nearly as can now h- tf.ine the Hn.onnt, q:ml;ty. and description of eScii of the Linda of articles required: Iiern. Clas? I.?Taper. 1. breams folro post, heavy, rutin or rlain-f.a ished, rvicd and trimmed, per ream S. 1" -eorns f.'jo ro?t, light, plan, unrnled, for of ficial aeal, per 8. ST reams oap, white or blr*, rcled wide, me usiira or clci?, anu tnrnnitMi, per rebitt 4. 40 reams oon*uiar cop, white or Uue, trimmed ar.ii ruled, per ream 5. 10 reams legal rap, white or blue, trimmed and rnled, per ream C. Co reams quarto post, white or blue, ruled va r.ous widths, per ream 7. SO reams quarto r-ost, extra superfine, thick crea:r:-la:d, ruled, per ream e. breams wnite vellum note paper, highly flaxed, hard calendered, lined and gut. per ref-rn P. 15reams Alhambra ia:d note r**per, gilt edged, -?ne<,, per ream in. in reams huff not* paper. Lined, per ream 11. 13 reams flat cap, wiuto or t,uo,, par ream 13. 75 reams envajope, yellow or buff, rota.', net rnm ' r IT. J70 renms large brown otite ?pe, per ream 1*. S? reams pi'ik blotting, per ream I.y Mdov.en sheets patent blotting, perdorei sheet* lb. 13 sheets drawing pnper,an?iqn*r??n, ?cr sheet 17. lieheetn drawing paper, donb.'a elephant, per H l|0O I M. 2% sheets draa ing pa per, elephant, per sheet 1!?. 75 "lieets drawing paper, rnval, per *>iaci i<. <Wt sheets trneing paper, rrencli, Jarae aizc.pcr sheet " 21. -T*? rards trafinr csmhrie, per rar?l 2i. binders' boards, 6i? by 1(0* mchcs, per C. Item. Clai? Xo.2.? Enrtlor*i. 1. rtdbaaiv* envelopes, white, rellow, or ? , r*m?heay, b-\ hj a_-? incuen, per ft 2. o,mn adhesive envelopes, white, heavy, in?; by j 5 per M 3. 31,?W) adhesive envelopes, whita or rellow. Lea- ' vr, letter. 0 by*^. per M * ' 4. V*u adhesive onvet< ??*?*, rnn^. per j. ^.<*Wiadiiosi\-ecBV?io|?s,not?, per Af. Item. C/mt \o. 3.?Pens. 1. 1001; n* cards IVrr^'s pens, and of other man- ! ntaeturers, assorted, per du/.en eards 2. l^Mi gross Pert)'?, Giliutt's, or other ;ui'J ma ts. uc pens, per grost 5. C.rtno quills, .\o. no, per M 4. 53 dozen ?rold pens, silver crises, ar.d pencjis, f oest qnnlitv. f>er dozen j. 30i<??aeB gold peas, without eases, best quiufy, i per dozen. j Iteai. Cln/s A'o. 4.?Pemrils. 1. 14dozen ivory ever-puinted peucils, larse or etii.ul. With lan>ta, per do^en Z 425 dozen Falier's, or other good No. 1 to 4. or graduated, per dozen 3. 23 coses rawr'i, &c., po!ygrades, graduated, per ease | 4. CO dor.-n Knber's, Ac., re?] and b'.uo pencils, per i df/.cri j ; ??. 41 grow? leads, '?e.-'t quality, a * sorted, per grog?. ? CUtnn A'o. j. -IitL, lukfin*./.?, Wafer(tau4 Wax. Item. X. 13 dozen Draper's large or sinaM inkstand;, per dozen 2. 3 dozen ra?t-irwidont.!a or sing!e iaLatandi, per doren- - 3. 3Wi dozen Maj^ard A. Xoyes ink, quarts, per dozen 4. fti dozen Afsyn.snl A Noyes ink. pints, perdozen ' A. ?"?dozen copiuig ink, quarts, per dozen fi. .'?dozcn lest Hue ink. quarts, per dozen 7. :?> d. ./.on best I* ranch earrnine ink, oz., per dozen i 3. KVj M seal waters, best quality, red, No. S, for i oil.ce ??*af, per .\I 9. let) ponnd3 best red wafers, common tizc, per round 10. 21f? pounds l>ost extra super scarlet scaiing wax. ' per pound. C!a*s Xo.C.?Cult try and Mi*ctltnnto*9 Anicltr. ; Item. 1. 4nilozen Ro<Iger?*gor other knives,fourUades, hisek or jjeatl hand!e. per dozen 2. L> dozen Rodger*'* ivory liandlo erasers, per dozen 3. 10dozen Rodders'* spring erasers, ivory hnn- : dies, per dozen , 4. G dozen ivorj wafer stamps, per dozen 6. 4 dozen ?'thcw shears, extra, per dozen i.. i dozen office scissors, per <iozeu 7. ion ilozeust'k tn>(e. in hanks, p*>r dozen r. kio dozen rvd tape, a.i?orlcd. per dozen P. Sdozeu i?aper weights, rusorted, per dozen JO. pounds njiprepnred Iiidta rnbliar. per pound 1!. OpoiiisH prepared India rui tx-r, per p?>uud t Li. in?? quarts tost Hack sand, per quart fX 2f> ptiund? pounoe, per pound 14. 1 dozen ?>est Chinese India ink, per dozen 1">. Stk'Zen camels' Iciir pencils, assorted, per dozen . 1*;. 2do*eu sable pencils, assorted, per dozen 17. 4 dozen Osltome's or Newman's t?est water col- * ?>ra. per ifozeii in. :>wpounds hnoti twine, per ponr<l 1'J. Uuozen inahognny rulers, round or flat, 33 iu ehes hmg, per dozen 3*. 6dozen liguumvita* rulers, round or flat, ? in ches lonz,per dozen 21. 2?? pounds nest quality *p->nge, per pound Jj. ?? p<ran<ls rnm arahie. prr pound 2J. 10 ilozea mneikige. large-nza slass jars, with hnt.-h and nietn!liet"ps, per dozen 24. 10 dozen rnnci'.^ne in earthen or glass jars, with out brm-h or tops, per dozen 25. 13> dozen pen-holders, assorted, per d^zen Vi. *i do^an Tk"af?r stands or h<>xas, cocoa, per dozen ZT. b dozen &and boxes, per dozen iT.. 12do/.en strong 9-iuco ivory t'oldars, per dozen. jnny 29-dtJuneO^ . gTAMPED ENVKLOrfe?. Post Oftick Dr.pARTKnxT, May T?, 1657. Rcrvled propoaais will be received nntil S, p. m., of the 6th day of Jnly next for furnishing all the stamp ed envelopes this Department may require for a pe riod of fixif yanrs, vi? s .N v. J, or U' ;a si/?, by 4\ inches, of whitepa? i per. .No. J, or letter size, &'C by .S.*i inches, of hnff or | wlute paper, or in sueh proportions of bufl and white as may ba ordered. . _ No. 8, yr vtlicial size, f.'i by B\ inches, bun or white, or in aueh proportions of either aa may be re- | qn rad. Proao*n?s ara also invited for furnishing afraw hosrd noxaa for packuig parcels of envelopes of luo to Si each, sitd for wooden eases for packing parcels of 10 to Theenvalopaa to heitKwls in the t<est manner, of paper of approved quality, mxnulaetured spe?auy tor tna prrpose, and such water marss as the Poat mas:er l?eneral may Uiract. They must l>e gummed for sealing* at leeet'&? inches on the point, banded in parcels of Jf>, paekad without churge for packing And ruruithed eompiata and ready for use. in sueh quan tities aa may be roqu?red to til orderd of post masters. Anaaentof tha Department wid fairish the ad dress fur each parce>, which is to ba puried on th* bor by the manufacturer wit?-*nit charge. Tha dies for err.bossiug the postage starupa en the envelopes are t-j be executed in tho l*et style, and they rtre to be provide!, renewe?l, and kept in order at the expense of the contractor. Ridders are requested to fortjish sample* of paper, with their bids, of the quality they intend to use in the nanafecture of tie envelopes they proposo to furnish. Bond and security will be rcqr.ired for the faithful performance of theoontract, and payments under it will r>em.vte quarterly. Price, qualify of aampiee, and the suthmaney ot the bidder will l>a considered together in awarding the contract ;aa<l the Postmas ter Cienerai reserves to himself taa nghi to annul it wheaerer he aliatl discover ttiat tlio same, or any part of it w oriere i for salo iu the market b<r the pnrposa of spe-.iuutiou ; and lie will m po case sanc tion a trontfier of the contract to any party who shall 1?, in his opinion, less able and qualihed thaa the original bidder or contractor.' The right ia also re served to annul the contract for a'tailuie to perform '-iithlniiyany of lies"? Tha osmbir of sui larch 31 1857. is nisf luifn*-. 1 faithfully any of its stipulations. The nainlwr of eaveiopea issued to postmasters in the quarter ending MarcJiSf 1857, is stated Mow: 401 JO) No. 1, stamped 3conts. 8,7414B0 " 2, tiJ,?iiO " 2, " 10 41 7 4M> *? 3. " 6 " The lads should be marked "Proposals for Stamp ed Knveiepes," and addressed "Third Assistant Pustanalet Gonrait master General. r^OLTtl NKW MODEL, WARNER'S AND V' Allen's Revolvers, Self Coeong Pistols, Al len a Binple and DouUe llarrei Pintols, Powder ? E. K.T.TND'T, 'o1 may 8 No. 128 Bridge afreet, Georgetown. r. w. ??"j??fcKNEy t daYTON ?** FOB RENT AND SALS. F^i\&3L?82F j"* >?*"? *"?*"? *, "J'.' >*?etlt)l Street, betOW E street hill-. I. ' ?ale a number of Buiidmg Lots 24 leet front l>v ir? nJu j ?jf ln every wag desiralile tor fea&"d'MP'and heathy loca

,n *"??? requested to compl 5^, W56 ete In I w^^srSL^is^jr"" t'" i? ; ? ! ufe-i1kw^%ay.5fS5sSff Skesms 1 '!',h? !;'S? ~"?M? " inV^ n tT 0< "onsen n.n.1 Binl.Ung Lot* i"?ySV>fih0 C,tr? *"me which will lV?lU 1 ? ?%?!!?.** *'* *12*Trustees, Widotrs, and others hav ^l^?h?LVBh<^e? a"d r^bryTo ^t their oAoe Trust notes nn<! n*her nn doubted secant 4e?, which can he pirrehaned "o fr> ;?? *?' '??'?? of a? 12trT ?r?r o?i"'"per ljerwms havin* Farms, Houses, or other proaerty sS&i' sRfifc ??;. d?Ur?iB R*f *f? ,n;,M8*f'11 experience as SdSSBSfegaJSf"0 tie;' F?JJ r kXT?7-*? i?16 nr?ra *??. t^T.7nT "l"-IUI<NoE on the soutueast corner of , .o8."t* a\emi? end 6th btreet east. Pleasant an<! 4T inim??? o?*mT ' 't^!e* carcase-home, Ac., correV of K an 1 Premises, or of J. BIGELOW, roat Oiw' streets, opporfte the General 1 ?*Lumoc- je2-eo8i? i?he<! anl im 8 "?ar'3r r'?v' weii <in" iineutwi nas a<. ttje modern improvements u-i?i? &0WMMntele' aervani'a room alive! Apply to \\ M. CROWN, next door . may LMf ! Lo. adjoining it on tiie south, and richly set with ahnibbary, fruit trees, viiw*, flowers, to., situated I *>n the norincast comer of 4th street west nad Mat north imjui ? Bpit^ riiipmvSrp^t of the r;tT virv ":lJ Jias n^'o the iwUtion \erj de*init* e. 1 rice, one-third in cash the balancein two rears with interest. ' ? ' Ai?n lor M.a, a lurge and convenient Briok Dwell a L<BllUiai?*^ OD ?*1C ? est aidoof loth 1 ' -i<> lV # L ai1 F streets north. Apply at "No ' jl^! -tnry)7th street. 1'OLLARD W$: B|i, I "?**?tf Real Estate Agent. I FCR^ siAm\rr *WT-THhi Parable j ? J|*'Sllo.>Ch(?fithe(V)riierof FhiiiI ;iititi ! together with the Grouuds aurrounding it. The Howie contain* sixteen rooms, has sn? throughout and (tinvw. The :ta?rf? will \m ko1,| or rented with f^so'tw'i^!I*TT'u!l" ?Th? lot>the kouse stands on lacid^if jeslred.' 11,0 pUTC,ia80r mu lwv* Also, for >?ale?The I?OT OF GROUND on the oorner of t and 19th street*, an,| LOTS on |t?th rear aVHr* i toCUUi,lj BROTHERS. '' r^n LAND, situated in the anrf O^.n?? nJ ^ .on the Alexandria ana Drange R^!roa?l. a fewysnls from Warrenton cl^Btv s:^,,i'U1. 5J5! !5?to,Jt"r 1Uilra|M from the o>u'Ji :.r \vu\} , y travel from the < f? nTf -k , Itahin*tun.-LTKl Alexandria. The l'nrm is i f'L -lt . "f cl'it'V3tion, nnd is ahundnntly sup- I wasss | ?{jAKs7oTi<te issirj-te^asr1 _?ar2l KOBERT morrow. VALUABLE BUSINESS STAND for HALl^ t v"*r?rt^M!7*',]e t? o-sti>ry Brick House, n.ate ' ? street .one door aort h of Pruo- , poet street. Georgetown, D. C., for many years oc copied by J. H:eks. The hn,?e c^amih Lar^e i ?tore-rooin, fen good rooms, and hnc dry ceil^r. On I the rear o| the lot and fronting Prospect street id 11 ! three-storr Brick Dwelling in>ood order. ! Auto, part of L#ot in U and H addition, frontinjt i hISeuTt?f?P^W 16f^f'an'1 ?nn>ng ofihit width , nacK 14 Icet and then of the width of an feet, lack fi? j The above property i<? eerfatnly one of the most ? aes.raWe husrnes* stands on Hiqh street, nnd otters a rnro indneemerit to a person wtshm* su< hAnrop- i crt*- as it will be sold a jrruiit birrain if applied lor at once rorras vers eajv. F;r fiirther information, ' v .. KING, General Agent, je 3-ot No. o3 High street, Georgetown, D. C. Vtn? UHSIKABLE MARKET GARDEN v' "~A vary desirauis Market Garden, onc-l?aii uuje irornGeorsetown, on the lower road, leading to iue ' Falls," containing al*.ut 19.H acres. Ilia f,aca is well stocked with fruit-particularly J 1'earuand Peachen-wliich are very oho'j.-e. There isa good fitick Dwelling 0*1 the plnae, rmratile t->r a mnall Ihinily. A portion o| the plnce is well set in i gross,and the Inianco h;ia boen most successful!, ou.tiyated asa ntarket garden, iu proxijiuu to the i ?\at!iingt4>n markets rendering it very valuable for ' that bnsiness. Lxeallent water on the place. If ? appliwl |or at once, it will be s.dd f..r much less than f its value, and on easy terms. App'y to . ^ . ALBERT KING, General Agent. jo.r-Ct. No. >?? High street, Georgetown, D. C. VERY DESIRABLE COUNTRY SE \T FOR t SALE NEAR W \SHINGTON.?The sab- I nerihers will sell the \ :ili:al?l? tann on which he now resi'les, in the District of Cciiumbia^ containing abonf on?hundred and ten acres, one-hair cleared ami the refiuwnder well woo>leil. The improvements consist ?,?Kn?!^i ne containing eight rooms, houae lillif ^^erT ?uNhuu,i0^' '"duding an ice D desired, he will divide it into lots of from lilteen ' to twenty acres. . 1 h*'? ara aevernl sites for boiiding commanding ' hen 11 til!ul views of inland scenery, with several never-laihne springs of the purest water. 1 I he proper!> lies a!?ut two nule* from the Navy ! * anl bridge,and, being proverbially healtlir, presents f peculiar advantages 10 those who intend to buiid and desire to possess a healthy retreat near the city. -if?Ip'lr!!ruVirs arf,l!r *r Mr.T.M. Hajcsox, So. jl2Seventh street, Mr. Jamcs E. Thomi-so\, No. ? Pennsylvania avenue, or to the suliscriher on the ri^*2?^r ANTHONY ADDISON. nliy Highly Valuable property for SALE IN GEORGETOWN. D. C.~The Y*y WRICK DWELLING,Situated on the sooth tide oi Gar, between Orecnand Montcom ?7? r??e?\8n .*i. kni.ovn ns ,h* w?d?i?ce o| the Samuel Humphreys, i, now oflered for sale. ? sf ia built lathe most substantial manner: is large and commodious, containing fine parlors, dining room, and library, mall 12or 13rooms. togeth er wilh basement, pantnes, c!o?cts, and other con renienees. snd lias a commanding view over the Po tomae. There is also on the premises a good stable. -i f on "treet. ami runs i*cli a. out Sflo feet to Ouve street, and is orna;iionte<l with trees, evergreens, and arbors. This House, taken altogether, ia certainly one of the mo^t desirab.e residences in town; and Ihore is now a fine opportunity otfered to*ent:emer. to se curea peasant home. Ai>ply to M. ADLER. je 3-eo?w F9fl-fi??i#E?Mpi?s comfortable Cot tago built DH ELLING HuLSE situated r?n yje corner of i?d street west and E street north. f'ontsoOfeet by 13|'deep. TheFurnitnre wi^ be sold with the House if wanted. The location is 4'Jliahtful eitharfor asujonier or winter residence. pp'f ifi FfJf.LARD WEBB, Agent, No. 5I2(2d sit'fy th p?troot? rn>iv 28 \<'V,!? HRirirUmv?n V8H?*? new*"d ,i'i DW ELLING, on south side of north L Ktraetjietwaen 4th pad 51h west,and a coro forta.'le !? KA MK DWBLLING.No, 43>i, on north side of north K street, l>etweenGth and ?th a-est a Also.ttee square of fcROUND N^irc, Gaining street '><i' t#ot* Apply at No. ^12 ;:h niay*10-tf . POLLAR D WEBB. Agent. FOX.t.V AN HOOK, Rkal Estate Agents 430>j Seventh street, above 1) street, have for aaic a bargain, that ver* desirable and pleasantly situated two-etory FRAME HOUSE with Bose ment, on south A street, bst ween *1 and 3d streets, Capitol Hill, containing Gas and Water Fixtures, Bath House, h urnaciJTrc. Also, a Stable, Carriage Honse,Sheds for coal and wood, together rn itii t ,? large Lot containing about 7'jOO leef, tastenilly laid ont, with Iron Railing in front. ' Also, the three-story BRICK nOl'SEand I.OT C0.???L0?. * ?nns>'vania.avenneaiid south A street. B^h of these properties arainctuded in the oon tempjated extension of the Capitol grounds, and of fer a flkvorab.o opportunity for investments, mag Z)-2w QREAT BARGAIN S.I * - Selling off at cost to close bosinc^i^ Our^whols stock is going at cost. Call early. " 1# J. NOXON * SON, may U-'JftBtaS**** Tth ,rreet . Penti?try, dc. rkENTISTRY. ~ DAILY, 0*JW Pi#N"*"-VAS!A A VISIT*. Tkrtt doers from 14(4 Street, Da. BAfLTb^p leave fo inform thepnhMethat h? J?!! r?L) * a*i "Pur?' hif office* located as a hurt. w,Vhrrs?lu&^2neXP,erie^Cenr /Mfl' !l ?. w anraberof patients, and prr?t fhUw *?n j ?' ?*"*?Lthat h* ha*treais?t encoe** ani!?.'?i?lL5H?I h"" to ?"rniount any difficulty, aoientiUo or Whfrwue, relai m* to the Teeth. H,a own experience confirming tbe opinion ol many mru !*rH ' i '|S* h'n,? ainee, toais r i alp rep :i rat io qa J.>r Mime Teeth,a ,> >}1 Knumoto. Qutm Pereha, ItHita HntAer, and ?> ?I?u! .?i ,V'*? f^rucHaa o| CoMinuoua (inin reetli, and that: Poreelma, mounted on Gold r.ate Mfrefaaly retisblsSnhstaoee that can he warn in the KS tttttiSSSii"1'fc,KiWn"?'lae Ual h* htm?elf from hi. long ren. k^R B in ,n \ ashinjlon, ho in l-.\or*l j Jtnomn to ihh numerous lr;en?ls .in?1 patrooi, i.n burj leave lo reler them to the following ' * Vrnn,.u , . TESTIMONIALS: From the ;ate Rector of tha Church of Epiphany of Ratly: Dear^ir? I desire to exprpsn wn ? I'llrn'^ ?niHl ray oontHlehSa in y * W2?.r SSSSKSi? ^ ?* Wellington, Aur. 26. ICSU ""j.' Wf'i&NCH. From one of llio oldest hrms in Baltiinrrc. Mcizrs. ? R?giC?. Cotmai! * Co. ti.t .TrnA*eniT T. 1>r*Ster,ien Surgeon Dcn ptty, t<> exeoxto f< r in? mi im portant nn<J difficult piece of work. which ho did to IS.1. r JEe-atl*f^!ll^n,an4 in Vl?w of the fact tit.t Co?wi o*'?? > :u* umemberaof the Dental College o, flu,11more, tailed, alter rerented tria.a, to 5r^t'r,^nr^e-^oril *?-?AcU>ri;y. it fives me cr^ii "?r* to,?rres?I iny entire oon5denje atd 'ffi ?*t'?iation of his professional skill. Ba.t4ino.-a, j in. 12, 18&7. HA RMANN DOG G S. Extras: from a cote received from the lite Hon. John M. Clayton. t*- ? 1..11 a V- **? An*. 19,1858. TuS tooth tou citde fur rr.e work cjuaui^.i : uoth teg oou.4 be better. Very cratef?!ly, JOHN 31. CLAYTON. ?-I^tvOF?thlt ?? ief ?he tmisdjea of tha teeth, i oan oiieerjaay recommenii Dr. Dai.'* &a a anp^rior Doat^t; he made a fet of porce1 inn teeth loronoof my fcmdv,and plumed aevenU terth for rnyae.t, nnc? tue won hus u i stood weii for more than teayeair ROBERTT. NIXON. I a ?i ?} ^ Cocf. of tliO \l. E. Church b^utn. April lkf Iuaj* 1 i We, the nndersijrnM.tnv!*!* hs ! ocr^^on to er?il r 2"n?? ve? of the profoeeional skul of Dr. S. ikuir, , Surgeon Dentist of this city, or raving >en eogniz ant oi hw open: ion* on our fomiiio* nr frtends, fake pieaanre in expressing cur a-.!niirati?(ii of hiaarti?tio sKiium?c.. as nf th? U!i:fonn>fitnvrirer in wo-ch he pcrt-.nn* the most denoate and rtiiin-'u.t operationa in Dentx Surgery,and v erespe tlu':.* ro cornmenu him to the conhdence and patr<<n.-i*e <<t <!<? puoiio, ol whichi we oouaidcr hnu eiuiueut.v worthy. Xuom\s I. W alt^h, Arfh'tcct I*. S. Caiit.'. Tromm, M D .of Washington, )l. C. ?? LoUBKU, ,M. I), ol Ge^'ntelown, f). C. N. t*. JjIxcolx, AI. !>.. of Waahitigton, I). O. Jos. H. Dhaolet. ol Wnahington, I). C. Okoroe ALT05, Ex-*<juvernorof F.orid?, }\ ai.te* Lr.Jtox, Ex-Mayor of Wnaliii*tot. J*k\R v Baldvi-ix. I . h I'.aent Oihce, fet?6o IGUT'1 ritiCipal Ritteahnase Academy. f^R. VILLARD. DENTIST, LATE OF Clfl" cAoo.Woiiidri?pcctlu, y inloruithecit lzcna or the Pmtncl and rtemitv, tlat Inv-%fcfe3 injr located himactl'in Waatuagtoa. lie is^DBcD now prepare*! to perform all operatiouii in uis proles aion, in the ni^t wpprm-ed pj> Io. piwies /an ?\y*?' ^ 1 eUU'ftveElie' ?4joiiiicg CauUer'a. ^HE IMPROVED SETS OF TEE HL t DR. LOOMIS, the inventor and patentee of Lvuwi.i fllmrr'il rr"te T-1 'A," tiavine^-^*^ au< ? je*sliniy uitrodimeil his impn<venient ? uX'i'i'f c,,,ef* .?*? aow pcrinanent.y esiab ^T3s '??had hrmseit tn Wuhmtlnn. This improvement for Sets ol Teet ?t insists chief jy m inn king a ??kt <?l 2#ttt ??rie n;#?co ol laiieml find ?i!2!r? .n,c;-!,!e n,'ner;,1? No inet'd IS used in their construction, and they nre iherel^re free irom CT.ivnnicaetion and nietahc tu>fe. Tncre are r<. l>ecoii?e tilled with moiature or particles of f^r,- he^?? U??y, ore?"r? H*d clem. They are *tr,,?"*er'lMS clnniay. /ar more dura hie. and olfn-Ti! ?,.^f i f;P?.earapce- i Wi.l give a reward of SfS, if ^ *tK, "ars twa^y one * Wi.l produce a ."rt to ?q,ml m!ne ,n n'nty, In^uh . eua?ity ' eice;?ence or any oilier lequsite A11 work responsibly warranted. Tt* Penaa. avenue, L?tweeu 12ti< ar.d l^h atrsetF. 8 P 1 <j-j y DR. C. S. GOODMAN, 7 SURGEOy DEXTIST and MAjirPACTriKR OF Auiipivial TKrrn.-^S^ His complete arrangements erahlint liiin toC^^S present the iodowimt rea?oiud>le prices: ^?TVr> Enhrelpper Sett Teeth,on Gold _.?7?toy> ^ on Silver- 12 to 25 One ?ir more, on Oold ? ?0? ouSilver 1 to a FUlin*, Extraetinic, Removing Tarter: also He "J"* reflsor",1'!? rates. A!, operations manner as to give every aatmlfic- I ttop. (.tihee corner uth street and avenue. ap3 J |NTEREST ALLOWED ON DEPOSITES.~" MONEY to LOAN tni STOCK SECCRITIES CHUBB BRpTDKRS, BANKERS. Otftttr the Treasury. THE HOUSE OP CHUBB BKOTHKRS, Washington, is composed of CHAS. ^y. J.rnrBB, J/>?>,"?. HARROW, THE HOUSE OF HOLMES. CHUBB BROTHER. BARROW A CO.. I>*vexport, Iowa, ii com posed of CHAS. St. J. CHt'BB, Jan ?7?tf WM!*HIV'iV(iA t'!'>U ' gALTlMORE CITY MALT HOUSE. MALT FOR SALE.?The undersigned Ir.vins reoently niirehiKeil ihe CITV MALT HOUSE, comer of \\ e?t Fa,is avenue and Block street would announce to lus friends and the pnUlie, that he \?1ln ilu11 ?P?nUH?n.with a lance supply of sAI ALT lor bide ou iibern! terms. my 6 3m F It A NCIS DEN M E X D. NE\V BOOKS received and for sa> at sill I - ner Bookstore, Odeon Building, cor Lifo ot Charlotte Bronte, author opJane Evr-. i,r1t"10?f Maaagwy, 1>? theauUior of Zaidce Ivors, liy the author of Amv Herbert Scan>1al, !>y Mrs. Beckford Tfie llonler R<2yer, l>> Emer?on Bennett Alias Leslie's New Cookery Book Magdalen Hepburn, l>v tlie author of Zaidee Violet.or the Cross and tne Crown, !>y Miss >lclr to*h The Doomed Ship, or the Wreck of the Arctic Re Ciona Charles Lever's Complete Works. Librarv edition, in 4 volumes. ' Every thing id the NewsMperand Stationery line, for sale at SHILLINliTON'S Bookluore, ' may Odeon Buildins. cor. 43 j st. A Pa. ave. must be stdd preyarU.try toechaiiK* in my WW ^tiiatwanlto uuy ehei^, L.c_ce oa.. at No. 90, betueeu 9th tUid loth streeta, Penn. avenue. f?h 17?fim JOHN MeDF.VITT. f\U FONT'S GUNPOWDER. r rvI.?'.,i51i,ti.IJL0l6.u?P'ie<i with aU the various Liud? of DU PONT'S GUNPOWDER, and am pre^red to Kupjt.y the taine-.aany quantity wac^cx. oo Uie luOit favorable terms. W. ALBERT KING, Agent for tue District of Columbia, may 12-tf (Intel.AStates? ^ G^rgetown^.'c. HOME-MADE CARRIAGES. ~ We have on ha/id, of our own iiiajiulactute. a ?n.e^f??n?cnt ki,Kl, of CAKKf-^^m.cj AGES of the ven l*st. latest, and moatOdRjlUP approved Bty;o?,an<i warranteif in point ol XaS3BEi wortmanship ami materia], to bo etiu-vl to n-rr ?,l? in the city of Waahiu?ton or any otuer <?:7?ue Cniteit 8taiei. Wa retpecriuiiy eoj'icit a rail from the citizens and ctrangors to examine our work ? m we are determined lo ,et none eurpass ua e thw m quably of wurV or in low prices. ' in \V oalso do e\ ery kind of R EPAIRJ N G in a work manlike manner, and at reasonable piioci! laa*or* at a fawSS?* tek*n W new and i?ny ?ffm SIMON FLYNN A. CO. ^OMETIIING TIIAT OUGHT TO BE Tlof-u a JN*?- Wi NANKINS. KN?^ *N* Ocnamextal PAixtm, Ao. 4?1 Atmtk tt., between D ami H. _,;1*v,1n* estaliluhed myseif at the alove aimed plaoe, | nm prepared to do SIGN WORK thirty per oenc. etieaper than any other establishment m the '"y'^od yarrast it to he done in the nearest man ner. HOUSE PAINTING nod fiRAlNINQrtone ?P ?. mo,t liberal tcntu*. Old (il^AZlNG promptly attended to. may g3c2w * 1VR1TINGS OF ATTORNEY .GENERAL * ? Hngh S. Lerare; ra two large volnmes; price 82. pubi i abed at ?6. For aale. a few copies only, bjr may? FRAXCK TAYLOR. WALL A STEPHENS, CLOTHX, c'lssl S5r/.VO 5, ?y L>-3iu P^NOS.-Jhe largest atock of PIANOS in the * Distnet always on hand at the extensive ware room" ol JOJLNFr ELLIS, Mli are, W ft Wwroerefiothit, THE WEEKLY STAR. Thi? exoe!lent Family and Nm tninng ? greater variety of interesting reading tham mm be found uuj oUar?u pauiahed as Setnrday _ mw. Smile oopy. par annam.. ... .9116 . *o*. .reoopies ..... _ ? 5 #u [?a Copies , - - a m rwentjr onp;e? 15 00 CAflt, I*VAKa*LT !!* AVVAXCX. By " ss B^so rtWwimjlL'flLlt" I"**1* t,4Il T STaE CirCU ?eo generally throughout the country. 'LT'r1"*'1* oopiasun snipper* can be aroouredat ttosra-srsssi!1' ?? JSBR*. who act a* actus wul be amoved a co.iini ission of tweuty per oent. Summer Retreats, &c. fHITE HOUSE PAVILION. The undersigned respectfully informs hta fricnda ami the puIwc general!*. that be haa teased the WHITE Iinrsi: PAVIUONfortheaeemm.E* where ue will a 'war* he able to furnish their* With the heat LIVJUORS. EDIBLES, CIGARS, Ac., that the market aflorda, nt Washington ari< (?unnmg and Filing Parties will be provided for or nitht. _ . N. U -Vi>hin* Tack 1# and IkuMa to ha procured at the Pavi.uic. -.---? nny Tw R. !*CHAP THE MOUNTAIN HOFSE, CAPOS SPRINGS. V1R01MA. \\ ill he opened for the reception of Visitora, on MONDAY.5M Jure. Through tickets e.ui freoUaiaed at Baltimore,?* Washington, Richmond nrxl Alexandria. I*n??engers leaving Baltimore in the carljr TTvom ine train. Via Alexandria and Manassas Gap Railroad to Strakimrg, reach the Springs from 5 tolo*cjoelt same ereuing: and tho*? lr<>ni B* timore and tae Went via Harper's Kerr* BuJ Winchester fn-m t to 9 p.m. J. V til CK. je? ("t Proprietor. Hygf.ia u o r tTiTT OLD POINT COMFORT. VA. Thta most dclicli'tul Summer reaort? the u bright partioitlar locality of a!! the sunny South"?S., A ik c<>w tne ?<>!e property of the under ??gned, a?vt will t*e opened on the l?t '>rj^JLL June next, and ?vcli k I'^myve J cue foliowiu*. t e..R! <e to ma'.e .t to the t>e?ker? for health, renrea ticm, ratet* and r??od living, supremely attractive. For lic.'th, ui> mountain rclr.-at <*an fie safer ai any n? of th* ymr. It is as exempt (rom dteense in Amust Ufi September and Uetiilw m in April. May uriime. lu'ecd tiie Crt?t throe are infcmteS the iroet ple?J?a!it ?>f the season. The weather is milder, tiie ees breeze laJmier, and the luxuries o| tte rait wuter are to had of riiier quality and in greater rroitjm.n. Tiie re ut no more inviting spot on the whole Atlantic aenlKwrd. It ia atr.ctiy true of it wliai the poet hath aaiu : " Oil! if the~e be an Ei> aium oa eart n, it ia th.a, it ia this!" Fort Monroe, nil oertify tnat tiiey "hart mr*r A*c?ea a ? <tt? r/? ?7,te?r? or ?r*? mmi ft rer to tiri r*nk< tiff. im4 that nt nil ?(?.">*? ti ti (A* k?a li*it*t s."0t oh tfit far* of tit* tartk." <9ee their ocrtifi^.toa in IV? B(i*r> Review, Southern Planter, and American Farmer.! may 22-d6w& lar*2in J t ?S. SEG A R, Proprietor. SKA KATHING. CHF.SAPKAKE HALL, IliMPTos.Va. T ii-MJNMGR R KTK F NT/'?n!y2 tmlea from Old Point, wi.. be re-opened on tae Lrst of i . . X June, when the pr?>'rietor w;IJ be happy towTa^W see any of hie fr>ei*la m ho mar vian to en- Li^ml jfy SALT WATF.R i;.\THfXti,and taeluxur^i of tne Se&Soard. T'le Ho!! hr.s -leen much :m?ror ed an<i ;?autiked, a*-d ainpie ireparations mane f^r the c^inf >rt or.d p.caitre tifcj who may vir.ttbia dc-'i^) M'nl r?eort. Bets, Tackle, Pieasnre Carnager. ACn a!waj s in reahii'.'iB to wntribule to ti?e enio* mer.t of meats. R. U. BANKS. may itf-lm Pianos, &c. pus,0 forth instruction Vpw'j'c.'si.^O'ntw^g foadd. jPooRl??e, Tnek^ri'* W? fr,?*?'( *-??furdit*'*rr,e ^ ^ anl^-tr VTOCAL M4 SIC.-Mrs. FRANKLIN. Teaober ?f Music,kavinc racut hours lor n few more Scholara,re^neats thoae Ladies who are deairoua of hem* perle^ett in Ha lart J?in?ii?(r,or <?r>era Music, to favor her with an eari) app icatioo. Terras made known at her residence, 4ft> E street, between Ptii am! loth, ami at the Muiio Storea of Mr. Daria, and Metaerott. ai> 6-3rc TIIRFE BKAl.'TlFUL PIANOS received Oi d:>v frmn Koston. A'ao.Ilirec very line, ?? seci>iid-haml Pianos, but iirtie u?e>'. i^vpi IC^Ba ??ctav?*?,rnsemi?? irt raaee. v, 1 t>ep??ldat treat"?? * har?fain?.a? o?ir Piano l-'orte. Metodeon. and Mna.c Warerooma, l<etween ?tb ai-d Hth str?rets. No. SC. je4 JOHN fTf.LLIS. TWO PIANOS FOR *1j?f ?i\B FOK 81<? two lor ?r?w are now lor sale at M naic Depot of W. G. METZEROTT.'ITll 1 Corner of IVnn. avenue and tlth street. Terni^easv. mar I* t JOI.D MEDAL PREMIUM I'lANO FORTES, WILLIAM KNABE. (Senior partner in the late fcrra of Kxahk. (ii'itt.i 3t Co., Continnes the mai^u/acttire ar.d aale of grsnd and Rauare PIANO FORTES, umlerthe !L%ni?_w^ or William Knatw? tc Co., at the old stand. IfaBB Nos. I, 3, 5 and 7 North Eutsw street op-"lTVfl po*ite the Eufaw House, Ba.'timore. They nave also just opened a new Sales Room at No an Ba!t:iuore e'reet, tietween Charles and Lisht atreeta. on the premises partly t?ccnpied by Mr Henry McCailary as a music store, where they will keep conatantly on band a large assortment of plam and b?Khlr-fiaishe<l grand and square Piano Fortea* also, Melodeons. from the best makers, from 4 fn s octave, some with double ker-tmards, doable reeds, and stops to suit smaii churches. Being extensivei* encased in the manufacture o f Pianos, we will sell wholesale and retail, on the nm*t iitierai terms. Our Pianos were awarded the highest eremirtn (gold mednDat tne Fairs o| the Marrland Inaiitiite two succeiisiv e >car*?t?ctol?er, li j'?f and lRj?? in op position to lonrteen and eighteen pianos from tome ol the best makers Iroiu New York, Boston and lial tirnore. We were also awarded the first premium at the Industrial Exhibition held m Richmond. Vir ginia. 1KV> and IK'a>. Tliey have also been awarded the highest premium (silver medal! at the Metro politan Mechanics' Fair for I&37. In addition to this we are in po*se*sion of testimo mala from the ni??st drstineioahed professors nwl ainKteura in the eoiintry, ? luch cau tie ac?n at our wareroonis, speakiuc for themselves and o'hert. c.f the hiah appreciation in winch our instruments ate every where heal. Alt instrument* are guaranteed for five rears, arid a privilege of exchange ia granted witlun the brat an months Irom the day of tale if the instruments do not give entire satisfaction. Wholesale dealers will find it to their advantage to ?tve us a call !>efore pnrcnasiitg. Pianos exchanged, hued, and tuned. marlfrly WM. KNABE k CO. ICR LJ. MIDDLETON, TCE DEALER, Odice ftrd Depot?Soutiia-est corner of F and 12th Streets. Wa*liingtoa. ap 11-tf ICE! ICE!! ICE!!!?The nndepigned rcspectfui ly inform Ins friends and the rnViegenerally, that he ia now prepared to furnish .amiltea and otner?) th'ougu tne season i with the I<eat qua'itr of ICE, delivered tn nny part of Washington and George town. and guamnteea to give entire aatialaotion. Ordcri= to be left with Kidu-kix A LxrarxcT?, onrnerl?lh street and Pennsylvania avenue; Gso. F. KtnwKLL A Co.. ltth street; J. II. Moons, Drug gist, Penna. avenue, between l?th and 2"th streets ; Gs'iB?n^iRTZ,New York avenue, between 10th and lltn streets; IToet. A. Paync, Druggiat, corner 4th and Ma?a. arenoe: and with the antaorfber. No. 3 Fir?t ttreu:, otorgetown, where loe oaa be h* l at al! times. a? T-tl T. N. K1 DWELL. ICE?ICE?ICE.?For sale 2,*w to tona of PURE ICE at tne Hockley AS tit. near the Relay Houso, on the Washington Raiiro&d. It oan be aent in cars either to Baltimore or Washington. Aap.y to KOU r. C. W RIGHT, Patterson at" apS-2m Baltimore. GOODS JUST RECEIVED. J^EW The aalwcriber has jnat reoeired the folloviag frcsa assortment of Goods: ,. , ? Layer Raisina, fresh edft-ahe'l A.monca, NantX Curranta, Schiedam Schnappa in square aua.-t ftaak** and atone jugs: Brasdiec, Ayinef. and Liquog, ol superior qualities, assorted favorirfs ; l eaat P<?W dera; Sperm, Adamantine, and ^a-how Can< Brown Sonps. Maccarocis, \ ermaoel.^. acented Soapa ; ^ytch, MaoaK-r, Ar enean Gentlenoju I reucu Katpce, iui?i ? ginittt; Com Starch. O .ve fHd, Carroway English _Mu?tard. Aracnoan do^: Peeper ap ?i-tf NattoresJ Hotel. STOCK IN THE <?LD DOMINION COAL COMPANY. KAN AW A COUNTY, VA. ^ubecriptions will be received at tbe Backinr House of ChuL>b Brothers, lor the remaining atock of the above company, lemg three hnndred shares. The capital atock is ^lun.'OO (dollara,) of whiolt 6f"",OU> has been enbecribed. The mines are aosr prepared for active operations, and 6 per ceat. in terest will lie guaranteed upon tne stook now offered for ante, by the original stockholders, for the period ol two > ears. Particulars inregard to the stook, and ita prospects, will be made known upon application to CHI hi; BROTHERS. ian T7 P. P. DAN PR! DOE. Awat OECTIFYING ESTABLISHMENT.?Thewu II dersirned takes t his method of informing LMinor Dealersi iliaji he Irns htted op a KF.rTIF YING ES TABLISH MEN T in this city, aad ts now prepared to aupply ail t n??e wuo may fa\-or him with their custom. He haa on hand a Targe stock of Brandies. Gin* Winee, and Oid Whieheya, whioh be mm aeti at aa low a figure aa that oan be narcnated for ci ther in Butimore or ihiifMelphia. N. B. Tbe an bee a tier baa alae oa haad a lave lot of Dom^ueCig-^ pAGJkN Ian 14-fim* No. I>oniaiana sr.*. near inth at. vbor ot alVlbe pi