Newspaper of Evening Star, June 8, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 8, 1857 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: MONDAY Jane S, 1M7. SPIRIT OF THE MORNING PRESS The IntrUi%'nr*r copies from the New York EreHtng Post " some striking statistics and Bound reasoning. adduced by that able journal to reassure the friends of peace to oar future relations with great Britain,and says : '? While the English and French have jnst been tr unnling under foot and burying a point of na tional belief, handed down from the dark age*, that they were - natural enemies,' some of onr enlightened. hnmane. and super-patriotic Demo e.atic presses are striving to introduce the same amiable dogm? as an article of American faith towards another and kindred nation, whose peo ple and ours it might. on the contrary, be ration ally thought were created to be' natural friends:' " The Union, under the head of " Hypocrisy, Strikingly Illustrated."' says: ?? Inthe national convention assembled at Lonls ville, in Kentucky, the delegates passed resolu tions declaring that they were in favor of reform ing abuses which have endangered the peace and liWrties of the country At the very time when* were being concocted their subordinates were, under the advice and control of their lead e s here, shooting down peaceful citizens, and d iving those.enlitled lo vote froin the poll*?thus committing the greatest possible abuses, break ing the peace, and destroying the liberties of the p? ople inthe most horrible manner. Such reso lution'*. pi?'f(l at sue ha time,and upon the blood stained grfnind of Louisville, by a party who ap plied the torch and committed unprovoked mur der there, are a mockery which none but the most hardened could pooafftdy indulge in." Viesisia Kl*cno* ?The returns as they come in swell the democratic majorities. All the Con gressuicn are democratic, and that party lias a iargv majority In the Legislature. J. Randolph Tucker Is elected Attorney General without seri onr opposition, and (he H >n. Kidwell, Com missioner of Public Works. The Congressmen elected are as follows : First District. M. R. H Garnet!, majority about 500; Second, J. P. Mill son. no opposition ; Third, John S. Caskie, 1,N00 majority; Fourth, Wm. O. Goode, 2.500 major ity; Fifth, Thomas 8. Bocock. 3,500 majority; Sixth, Faulus Powell, no opposition; Seventh, Wm. Smith, 1,400 majority; Eighth,C.J. Faulk ner, 2.300 majority; Ninth, John l^tcher. 5.00U majority; Tenth. S. Clemens. 2.000 majority; Eleventh, A. G. Jenkins, I,1200 majority; Twelfth 11. A. Ddmundson, no oppooition; Thirteenth, E. P. Martin, distribution democrat, 150 major i'T The Btidkll Ca?e, liei'ore the New York Courts, yet excites much attention. On Friday, at the investigation before the Surrogate, Dr. Roberts, a previous p&rtuerof Dr. Burdell. stated tha: on the occasion of Mrs. Cunningliaui's send ing for him to converse on the subject of the law suit that had existed between her and the doctor, sue produced a parket of arsenic, which shp said had oeeu fennd under the matting of Dennis llub ba?d ? room: that on one occasion Mrs. Cunning ham a..d daughter hud been suddenly taken sick at supper, of which meal Dennis did not partake, and (hat from subsequent indications there was little doubt but that tliey had been poisoned The witness further testfried that Dr. Burdell had intimated to '.dm that Mrs. Cunningham was worth some and that he himself had s-en the titie deed, Jtc., of her (state. Mrs. Cun ningham Lad aiso informed Dr Roberts tLat she would never marry Burdell, as le? wa* a man who loathed her. Dr. Cox testified. among other curious things, that he never paid Dr. Blaisdeil any money except for professional service#. Hoi's Pbesses iv England.?The London Literary Journal of May 15th has the following reference to Iloe*s presses. It is quite compli mentary to our ingenious countrymen : The improvements which have been lately ef fected in the construction of the printing-press, by those eminent American machinists, the Messrs. Hoe. of New York, will exercise an im portant influence over the future condition of the public press time ago an account was j:iven of the splendid machines erected under the snperintendence of the American firm, for .Messrs. Lloyd. A still fluer machine upon the same plan is now being prepaid by Air Whit worth. of Manchester, for the proprietors of the Times, fior.i drawings furnished by Messrs. Hoe. The leviathan press will strike off twenty-live thousand copies per hour?in other words, almost the whole impre-sion of the Times in two hours. The great advantage of this to a paper is. that it cub be kept open for the reception of late intelli gence much longer than if it had to be printed by ? ne of the add fashioned macl ints With the old slow iroing presses, the other morning papers must *? go to bed (as it is called) by two or three in the morning ; whereas the Times'will he able to sit up some two or three hours later with peifect ease A jrw Job roa Walker ?Our western ex changes a:e alreadv beginning to cut out new work for Walker, ai.d se*m detei mined he shall n?>t ru>t out for something to do The Memphis Appeal suggests biin as the most tit and proper pei>ou for the governorship of l.'tah. and add-: " With one or two thousand troops to back him. we think he is the very man to teach Brigham Yonrg his dntv to his country and obedience to lis lnw?. With a proper military force, with Walker at its head, oider. decency, and a proper respect for the civil authority would soon be re stored in that Territory." We hardly know a more nppropi iate task for Brigham on the one hand and the Filibuster on ti.e other than to fl,jht it out between them, with all the plunderers and proi)i<.'at> .s who follow their lead, respectively. At all events, the only btiur use to lie made of either would call far the intervention of Jack Ketch?Ball Amer. New FafEBs.?We have received the first number of the ??Southern Monitor," a handsome ly printed. \^11 filled weekly paper, devoted to JsoAithern interests, started in Philadelphia, by J. B. Jones. Esq. Alio, we have No. ! of the "Brentsville Jour nal," a spirited rn-iitriil paper, published in the viiiajje of Brentsville, Frince William co., Va., l?y Mr. J. C. Parker. D:sjoLTt:o5.? The 5-ucruiuento Union says a number of the l*-ading members of the late Know Nothing party of California recently met hv lire vioos arian<r?-inent, with closed doors, in Sacia iue;.to, for the purpose of advising upon the liest course to be pursued as to their future political |*>sition With entire unanimity they came to the conclusion that it would be- useless longer to continue a separate organization. They then re solved to sustain the ud ministration of 'P.esident at.d to stand upon his platform so long as tho-e principles should be maintained. The assemblage embraced many of the leaders of the late pai ty. Silver iv New Jeu*et.?Patterson and vicin i?v apparently is destined to be one of the most noted spots in the country. Already it has be come celebrated for the discovery of pearls, and i.ow, the Guardian says, a vein of copper and sil ver has been in Garret Mountain. A shaft abo-it fifty-live feet deep has been sunk, and a bed ?-r copper ore. 10 feet below the surface, and 21 ft thick has been struck, and Mr. Chad wick ha* submitted it to a smelling company in Harlem. >. > who have offered bun *200 a ton for the No. 1 nnality Some distance below the copper a .r/??re L,\W" slrurk The thickness of this at the place where the shaft has been sunk is between two and three feet. How far it ex tends is unknown * 1 rUT a column to a detailed description of the V. t* ste*m frl2ate Niagara. The vessel is pronounced the noblest specimen of naval archill ture that has ever cross ed the Atlantic,?and the editor adds ? " Not till the visi'or lias walked forward and perched himself somewhere near the bow.prit ? - i he fully appreciate her immense si*e and beau tiful form, and feel that he is looking dowu on such a war -teamer as the world has not vet seen the equal of. and bv the Hide of which the Enylihh navy < an show nothing to compete.'* Dncts Bktweem Et?ITobs ?On the .'Id inst., two duels were fought near Augusta. Ga. One Mas lietween Mr. Phillips and Mr. Moorefleld; and the others between Mr. Prather and Dr. Ap pleby. Messrs. PhiliipH.ind Piather are the edi tor* of the Laf.'vette (Ala.) Tribune, and Mr. Mootefl' hi and l)r Appiehv editors of the La f.tyette Herald. The di?iauce was ten p;u-es, and l?>stn|s ttie weapons iis-d. After the tlist tire in ii dwei mutual friemls succeeded in adjusting the ditfleulti" ? bet wen the par|i<>s. Fortunately neither du?l was attended with any injury. ID* The experiment of the steam plough is in a fair wav of l-eing tested. One was tried last week, at Franeisville, lud The soil was quite wet an?l altogether uufivorable lor the trial, hut the La Fayette Courier understands from a gen tleman who wm present that the practicability of the invention wus satisfactorily demonstrated A nutnlier of ploughs were attached, and the soil ?>pen?d to the depth of eight or ten inchc*. From the experiments was thought that two men could plough twenty acres a day with the steam plough. JET" The extent of the ? orn scarcity in North Carolina may be inferred fiom the fact that the Wilmington and Weldoa Railroad Company Will, until the 1st of October next, transport over their road all com and provisions intended for delivery on the line of the North Carolina Rail road, west of the county of Johnston, at one-half the rates established by the present tariff of charges. WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. Missing.?No mail beyond Wheeling was received this morning, and we axe consequently minus oar usnal daily instalment of tolereet ing editorial letters upon the Great Western Railroad Excursion. Governor Marct.?The latest experiment of the enemies of the Democracy is that of spreading a report that Governor Marcy is about to eomo out a Black Republican, and that there is nothing in hv? past career incon sistent with such a course. It is a portion of the tactics of our political adversaries to assail, in some form, those' who stand deservedly high in the Democratic ranks. Neither Jefferson nor Jackson escaped such assaults. No more effective mode of injuring a prominent Demo crat can be invented than to create the impres sion that be is strongly suspected of entertain ing and respecting the opinions of their ene mies. If the Democratic mind could be filled with such suspicions, it would effectually blast reputation. This effort, it seems, is now being made, with the hope of prostrating one of our most eminent men and reliable Democrat?. Perhaps the circulators also hope to revive the drooping spirits of their party by the slander. Those who invented the fabrication, and those who have given it currency, know that no man is farther from sympathising with Black Re publicanism. than the luto Secretary of State. From tho day he first shouldered arms in the war of 1S12 and marched to the defence of his country to the present, he has been as true to Democratic principles as the needle to tho pole. The man who wrested from the enemies of our country the first flag captured in that war. will never l>e seen arrayed under tho standard of these whose acts demonstrate a dangerous hos tility to our institutions. His attachment to tho principles of his party is strong and enduring. The attempt to poison the minds of his friends in relation to his political fidelity will signally fail. Nor will it keep up tho hopes of his polit ical adversaries, which are prostrated below all possibility of revival. The Late Riots.?Upon this subject the Bal timore Shu of this morning says : '? The late election riots at the national capital, disgraceful a* they were in their character and bloody in their consequences, will, there is some reason to hope, be fruitful of good results. With scarcely an exception, the voice of the press is universal in its stern denunciation of the outrages which led to the linai terrible means for their suppression. And although the name of our city is distinctly associated with then, yet we llnd "a generous discrimination, prompt to attach the blame to that class of our population to which it unquestionably belongs. The lesson is a severe one for us. It admonishes us of the gieat danger to which our civil and social reputation is exposed, and the injury which may be inflicted upon our commercial prosperity, should we, as a commu nity, in any wise grow tolerant of such outrages or of those* who commit fhem. ?? This thing has been sufficiently flagrant to challenge the attention of our municipal authori ties. We are all assuied that the utilelal body in vested with the powers of city government in Baltimore. is well informed of the oaistenee of organized bands of young men and boys, ripe for mischief and prone to violence of any sort, and to any degree. The security of the public peace and Hit* prosperity of our city demands that there shall be a degree of vigilance and force exerted com mensurate with this state of things, ai.d ample for the suppression of any form or disorder and lawlessness that may be developed Tom it." Ar*t Orders.?"General Orders, No. ft," issued from the Adjutant General's office, re cently. directs : I. By direction of the President, Company I, First Artillery, will be " organized and equipped a* Light Artille.y." II. The Department of War directs attention to the regulations intended to prevent the sale or wr'ste of forage Whenever the state of the sup plies or the circumsta.ices of the service make it necessary and proper to issue a part only of the ration irikind. commanding officers will prescribe what part shall be so issued. Ill The new post recently established near Tuezon.N'ew Mexico, will hereafter be known as Fort Buchanan. IV. Fort Laramie, Nebraska Territoiy, hereto fore directed to be abandoned, will be kept up as a military post until further orders. V. The following military stations are an n ?un? ed as doub e ration posts. and will b>* con sidered as such fiom the date of the present occu |Kttion by troops: Department rf Texa*. Fort Lancaster. Camps Coo}?er, Colorado, and Verde. l>e|>artiiient of the West, Fort RandaM. Department of the Pacific, Foits Walla Walla and Simcoe. Department of New Mexico. Fort Buchanan. Dt paitm< nt of I loiidi, Foits Center. Dnlany, McKae, end Meade. By older of the Secretary of War. S. Coopkr, Adjutant General. The Weather.?The following report of the weather for this morning is mado from the Morse Telegraph line to the Smithsonian Institution, and will be continued daily when the line is in Working order. The time of observation is about 7 o'clock a. in.: Jcnk H 1S57. New York. N. Y clear, pleasant. Philadelphia. Pa..........cloudy, warm. Baltimore, Md clear,'warm. Washington. D. C........ cloudy, pleasant Richmond, Va clear, warn. Petersburg, Va clear, warm. Raleigh, N. C.... clear, pleasant. Wilmington, N. C .......clear, warm. Columbia, H. C,... clear, pleasant. Charleston, S. C clear, warm. Augusta, Ga cloudy, warm. Savannah, La .....pleasant, Macon, Ga clear, warm. Columbus, Ga clear, warm. Montgomery, Ala clear, cool. Lower Peach Tree, Ala...clear, warm. Mobile, Ala clear, warm. Gainesville, Miss clear, warm. New Orleans, La clear, warm. The following reports have been furnished by the National Telegraph line : Fiom the West. Frederick. Mrt. cloudy, warm. Hag?*n>town. Md cloudy, pleasant. CiiMit**iland. Md .........cloudy, warm. Harper's Kerry cloudy, warm. W inchester cloudy, warm. Martinsburg clear, warm. Wheeling, Va cloudy, wa:m. At Washington, yesterday at 9 p. m., the barom eter was 09.332, tkermometer 73a. This morning at 7 o'clock, barometer 29.918: thermometer 66 . Wind light from NK. Post Office Department.?Ntw Offices Established.?Farman Hill, Wyoming county. Pa . II. F. Farman, Postmaster; West Notting ham. Cecil co., Md., Eli Coalaon, Postmaster? Hill's Point, Dorchester county, Md., Edward Thomas. Postmaster Post Office Re-established.?West Gibbon, Schoharie county, N. Y., Henry Kingsley, Postmaster. Sites of Post Offices Changed.?Mountain House, Polk county, Ga., into Cass co., same State, B. F. Williams, Postmaster ; Old Fort, Centre county, Pa., to Centre Hall, same coun ty, Wm. Wolf, Postmaster; Middle River, Franklin county, Ga., as more central than former location, Calvin S. Weld, Postmaster. Pott Office Discontinued.?Boxford, De Kalb county. Missouri. Naval Courts or Inquiry.?In Court No. 1, in Lt. Stanley's ca.?e, Captain McKcen, was examined on the part of the Government. Commodore I.Jwnrd Yard was examined on the j?art of Mr. Stanley, who thereupon rested his case. ??; Court No. 2 was not in session to-day. In Court I?o. 3, on Saturday, after the axam ination of Dr. Hunter was concluded Capt. Blake ga*? in bis testimony. Thii morning, Dr Dillard and Commander Newall were ex amined, all on the part of the Government, in the ca*e of Capt. Latimer. The Overland Mail to California.?The Postmaster General has opened the bids for the contract to carry the mails overland to Cali fornia. There will probably be no decision for two weeks. Appointment.?Seth Kinman, the "mighty hunter" of California, has received an appoint ment to assist in the removal of certain Indians on the Pacific ooaat. The salary is about $1,800 per annum. Tub Mpuio at President's Grounds, on Sat urday, attracted an immense assemblage. The Prwident was on the ground during a portion of the evening, and was looking in better health than be ba? previously since his inauguration. PERSONAL. le" Clnclnn,"i Thursday tw^n ApiL?rfrUVe? for 'om- time be. 1^ ay' ?/ Hou,b Carolina Col "J ?nn;S^rlP"on UP?? ont of the buildings ing ?"r *? "<> ?h'm'.MT?!ieChira^oT"n^' ?hink? Massachusetts f"eX^ toUtah< ???usfof the follow H the ^P^ngfleld Republican : psffiHd-on 'h** 10th, a sou to Mitt Jo^ Morey; 19th, a son to Mr. George W. ? *'\Jbe convpution of southern railroad men reoiMitly assembled in Bristol (on the line of Yir ?Hn, nann Tennessee) appointed the Hon VVil \ri?h ? J- ?rlesh,n a commissioner to Europe, dVrlii ? l?riugiM? about, if practicable, a direct tiade between European port* aud tiie ^pointmewfaiUl Mr Prt>SU,n has *ccePUli tbe i?7?".A K/**1 historical personage has just died in Paris the famous Vidoeq. who, from one of the most expert thieves in Kurope, was promoted to the Prefeet of Police. Vid-wq, who>e adven tnres anil experience in both rapacities have been communicated to the world in his own memoirs retired from office many years ago, and was suc ceeded bv Lacour, whose qualifications, tboii 'h ot a like kind, have not obtained equal celebrity The government then resolved to appoint a person of less questionable antecedents. The office has since been tilled by M Carlier, now a Conselller d'Ktat. Vidoeq, who had retired with a compe tence, died recently, a?;ed 73, at \0k residence in the line St. Pierre, Popincourt. At his own ex press desire no friends were present at his funeral which was attended only by hired mourners, ut the church of St. I,oni?. in the Marais. Vidoeq, a few days liefore his death. had an extraordinary idea?that if his feet, already palsied with death could touch the earth. he would recover. In com pliance with his wish, a layer of line mould was placed by his bedside. He rose with difficulty, supported by his attendants, and placed his feet on it; as he did so, a flash of life, so to speak passed over his features, and he d'ew him self up to bis full lteii;ht; but his strength gave wav beneath the effort, and he fell back inert and cold. From that moment he saw that all was over with him, and, abandoning hope, he occu pied himself exclusively with his religious duties. IH?"The Richmond Whig of June 4th. advises tin; American party to disband, as it can never the Whig says, effect anything at all as a national party. ID" Much attention is now paid to the habits of parasites detected by the microscope in the liv ers of animal* on which we feed. Many diseases aie attributed to this origin. The New Haven Ei.kcxiox ?The Democrats of Hartford tired a salute of thirty-one .runs on Tuesday in honor of the Democratic victory in New Haven. 3 ID" rhe farmers Jn both Montgomery and Anne Arundel counties join their complaints to those from many other portions of the State of Alary .and in regard tQ depredations of the fly on the flowing wheat. 3 ID" There is still another mysterious di?an ^rioH ?rC-VP 1 ^rth rivt'r?a voting lady named [""If' "l'? ha* missing from he. home in Ashland. Greene county. New York, for a fort her Saturday fifty men were in search of ID" An industrial society of Swiss eolonis's advertises in a St. I.ouis paper that they are de sirous of purchasing in some eligible part of Mis souri, twenty-five thousand acres of land and have on hand a cash capital of more than a hun dred thousand dollars available for that purpose I? Te**e??e -The Gubernato ial candidates in Tennessee have taken the?' stuinn "? and have designated over fifty pl;,ces where they purpose making speeches between this and the ?Id of August They will unquestionably have a warm tune of it. ID" The Oreen Bay (Wis ) Advocate says that seventy Belgian emigrants came on the first .team boat arrival at that port, who stated that 5,000more of their countrymen might be expected this sum nj?r. it expects an accession of 12,1 <M) to the poii illation of Brown county this season CD" At the entertainment of the Societyofthe Cincinnati, in Boston, last week, the Hon. K C " mtbrop exhibited a l?ottle labelled? n." ^?r?!ricr/.!he,'"o d,'",ro>"'>d i" Boston harbor, D. < ember 10th, I , ,3; whieh was found the fol lowingniwn|iij{ by Thomas Melville in hisshoes and put 1:1 this vial for preset vation." CAPrrRF of a Non?n Forgfr.?p. B Man chester, a noted hanker who committed forgeries and robbeiies in Cincinnati, about two and a years a?o, to tlie amount of ?300.000 was ar rested at the Michigan Central Depot on Tue-day la>t. through the instrumentality of a Cincinnati merchant, who had been fleeced by him The Pre?bytkrtax? on Monuo\i?ji The churches are beeinni.ig to move against the Mor mons hut the movement, as yet, is slow. A se ro(soUl,,?ns was introduced i?,0 the J'res b>terian Convention at Clevel md, the other day deiiouiM-iiiK the S-dt l.ake Saint*? but not hi n J came of them-the resolutions being laid on the ID"? W. Perharn killed Brown Ellis ne~ niwd ll I ?" ,,ie 15?tL U,t Xo one Wit nr?ro i r ' "or w^a?*areof lt until Perhain informed some persons that he had shot Ellis in he woods, stating that while out huntin " Ellis cut himr|nU? 'W" a stateof intoxication, and 'lit him in several places with a knife and struck si ot hifniTn^ U ,ary?*tick?and tliat he thereupon sl.ot him to preserve his own life Perham Wars the marks of the knife on his body, and of ti e stw k on his forehead. The jury of inquest which nYu f i T Ca'<e? reP?*t Ellis had a knife in his hand when found dead, and a stick near him and a bottleabout half full of liquor and are of ,U. op,?W" (Lat the t,n?,K K'n."!"" TT"JY*SI1 IN<iT()N LIGHT infantry .pxttiiBfjasisi ? "? ^ ? BEE Its, Sect. Sr.0.;;,;:1 ? ^ M? cooper, Scrii?c. T^K,:, NOTICE?AUCTION. 01, ?? , puhhoitnd trade is reqnotite<i to uivb their M^Vr*:11 V? the *?,eof the very o ' Uquorg. Preserves, Saucos, Pickles, Verrnieello' iwSaci?MP'cSrtf rt?r Va/ulIV?'Rented s<?p,; 'i i K. .*? lyO"00, Chocolate. Porter and AIp to be sold at Auction, at tho store of J P Eevy Vo ^c&p\m?,nhye'?PP?8ite th0 National Hotel,'at 4 n C? W- HOTELEtt. Auctioneer. \X ither's celebrated Band is cneaeed and other entertainment* will 1^ provide,!. s BCU' Rna other I t,,e.d?T of our late Municipal Election/ and their murderous interference with our elections' and who sustain the President of the United St.?M irirli!-'6 Pro,,lP'? energetic, and ethcient measlire ho r"COt<Vt,l.e Constitution, to suppress of their important I'his oall is made in oliedience to the wishofa verv irroTattKir ?r ci,,ze"s- w,,? JCo-dt T s?niF. EXHIBITION OF THE WA^II oiL ?'B Hort.cuUunt! Society will take p'kiee on the loth of June, in the loom in Mr. C. rooi&n's Uuilduu, on II, between IGth and Urh streets r^ centl) occupied b, the exhihitlon of the Art Ass't^T irii"V m continue three days, opening on the 6th June at 1 p. ,,,. ami at? a. m. on the 2 followiiu days. There will bo niusie m attendance. Admis sion to non-members 25 cents. auihis J?_6 W.HUGHE8, Bee. rr^^NUJTirH ?The reeuinr monthly meetinr oT ?^3 n? BrP J*cksoo Democratic Assoei I?v2 vll0 i at Anaoostia Hsll on MONDAY i;X. ^ ? ^H"''inst., at 8 o'clock. Punctual attendance 13 requested. j* f,"2t I.F.M'E. OA DDIS, See. \Y~~3 1 AKE \U l'K'E.?--I hereby Ibrewara all II -^1.!,f,1!' who indebted to the late firm ?<f Hurdio A. Clements nwt to settle their accouuts with any person or persons, as n?? one from this date is M i?C'.. r.k Iv"ne 111 ..f the rpr*K.8 again-wakk up? awTPIC N?r of thLU|?I- iiI<i^T KXCURHION Hgg.on MONDAY, ^^0^0/^ HEREBY CAUTIC?N THE S^ith 0? ,n,trusting my wife, Rosaxna pay any cPabt***" uot? f"*"1 this date, nlMcomled fnmi , iiMijr otHilnict, she ha\ in< lion. r om n,e w,,hout ??'? slightest provoca Wmkumtm. i?J,?5g auam rSMiTH, , mark, j.6?' ff?ian!ftt ry~=?TOTHE*PUBLIC.-la the "Star" of Wed IL5 nesdav evening,under tnehead oP'Looal In teUigoiioe" the following paragraph occurs in an ar ticle relating to thedisgrsoeful rioUon Monday last: ".\V? have every reason to brieve that the Plug UfUaa* ol Baltimore, who viwtad this otty oa the * *"1overnbsr last, and who participated on the -fthatdayiaa danoa and row, of oouraa*. Priaae's establishment on Mainoaeenua were brought here by aitixensof Washing - tor for a tpecme purpose, and which purpoae waa accomplished, riz: CM organisation ofa'PIug Ugly' Association oa the Navy > ard.and that at that tune arrangements were made for the co-operation of the Baltimore 'Pluga' at thia Jtne election. We can now give a pretty accurate zueaa aa to who at the Nary Yard were the reprehenaibie parties in fur nishing that cannon." Aa this paragraph mar serve to strengthen and confirm an idea previously suggested, that the gen tlemen composing the club in the Sixth \N ard known as the "Ugly Club," are landed together for political purposes, and are, in (act, tbe organization of Fluff Uglies alluded to in the paragraph quoted above, the undersigned respectfully begs leave to inform the citizens of Washington that 1st. The Ugly Club of the Sixth Ward/* not a political Club. 2d. That the Club waa organized only for the pur pose of giving Ball a. Parties, Pic-nics,Ao?Ac.flln other words, ?t is a Dancing Club. 3d. That aeveral of ita most prominent members are Democrats. 4th. That the members of the Club had nothing to do teitk the gun taken from th* Anacostia En gine House, and 5th. That, although the Club has no objection to receive, as members, men with ugly fares, it does have an insuperable objection to admit into ita soci ety men with ugly hearts. It is hoped that these statements will suffice to remove from the minds of the people of Washington any impressions which may have l*een unde, per haps by the name of the Club, in any way detrimen tal to Us fair rime. By order of the Ugly Club : THUS. fc. DENHAM, It* NICHOLAS II. WILLETS. (V -r-?NOTICK.?All persons are hereby cautioned ' L.^C not to take or trade for my note dated George town. D. C? August Hth, ItSG, for Fifteen Hundred Dollars, payable on demand to the order of Kichard Kills, the said note having been paid by me and held unlawfully by said Ellis. bis \N itness: James Theckor. JOHN * F.I,I.IS. je 5 3t* mark nr a^NOTK'K.?The public are hereby notified 1 L? that the said Kliza Bury has only a life estate in said property, and that there is a suit relativeto tho same now pending. jo3-eo3t* J. H. A. WILSON. rv"]j=?TO THR PUBLIC?The undersigned IJry J < Goods Merchants respectfully inform the pii7>licthat they have determined to oloae their re spective places of business nt 7 o'clock p. in., from J una 1st to Sei tenil?er 1st: II All PER & MITCHF.I.L. CLAliF.TT, NEWTON. MAY A CO. CLAGKTT, DODSON A CO. WM. II. RILKV. WM. M. SIIUSTER A CO. R. W. CARTER. COLLKY A SEARS, CEO. F. ALLEN, J. C. GIBSON, FRANK A. McGF.E. PERRY A BROTHER. jc4-eo3t rpNEW BUILDING ASSOCI ATION.-A LkJ* meeting of those persons who have left their names with D. B. Clark and Chas. Wilson, as sub scribers to a new Building Association, will lie held at Potomac Hall, corner of Mary land avenue and 11th street.on THURSDAY EVENING, tho 11th inst., at 8 o'clock, for the purpose of organizing the asso ciation. Persons desiring to take stotk are also invited to bepresent. je 4-eo4t

|Y"?F?NOTICE TO TAX PAYERS.?The Tax 1Lists for the present year (lh57)are now in my hands for collection. Those who shall pay their taxes prior to first day of July next, will be allowed a discuuut of six per cent. C. P. SHEKELL, Collector. Georgetown. D. C. je 3-lm* The season has arrived for using Clinton's Alcohol Cook. Thev are for sale at LAMMOND'S, je 8-3t Seventh street. T~~AVLOR A MAURY'S FORTY CENT PRAYERS.?Episcopal Prayer Books, English edition, handsomely bound in arabesque gilt, price cents. Just imported bv TAYLOR A MAURY, je R Hoolcatore. neariHh stre*j\_ Received, and on the way, one hundred cas? s Rockbridge ALUM WATKR, in halt-gallon Utttles, direct from the spring. The immense popularity of this water has induced the subscrilier to buy it in very large quantities, and is now prepared to fill all orders either from consumers or dealers at the proprietor's lowest prices, with the addition of the freight. W. H. GILMAN, Pharmaceutist, je8 3t _ Sole Agent. District of Columbia. County or Washixgtox. I hereby certify that John A . Stewart, of Wash ington city, L>. ( brought i. me, the subscriber one of the Justices of ttie Peaco 111 and for the said county. tins ?i? h day of June, lu>7, as astiay, luht BAY HOllSK, about il years old, !!>?? hands high, blazed forehead, three white leu, bund in right e\e. JOHN S. HOLLINGSIIKAD. J. P. The owner of such Horse is requested to come f>rwant, prove property, pay charges an<l lake luin awa>. STEWART A UKO.. je B St No. 4?7tb St., bet. G and H. District of Columbia. Washington CorxTY, to irit: I hereby certify that John T. Harrison, of said couuty, broui'ht before n>? as a stray trespassing on Liis enclosure, a Chestnut SOK K I'.L HOB SK. sup posed to be about ftyears old. fifteea hands and a naif high, a blaze on ins forehead, and left hind foot white; shod all round with heavy shoes. (iivrn under hand of me, one of the Justices of the Pcace in and loi said county, this 3d day of June, 1?67. ROBERT WHITE. Tho owner of the above described Horse is re quested to prove his property,pay charges, and fske him away. JOHN T. HARBISON. It OKI \ K F.S 1?K BEGNARD, illustrees de c2 vignette?:: W eenls. Oeuviesde Racine, illustrees de85 vignettes; 75 <e its. Ocuvres dti Corueille, illustrees de K5 vignettes; 75 cents. Oeuvres de Boilpau. illustrees par B**rtall;25 cts. Oeuvres dc Molieic, illustrees do 140 vignettes; 5'! Fables do la Fontaine, illustrees par Bertall; 25 cents. Fables do Florian, edition illustree par Cham; 18 CP it.i. Les Fabiilistes Populaires. illustrees par Bertall; 2-i cents. FRANCK TAVLdR. jen RPETIN'GS AND GOWQUA MATTINGS. Just received,and on sale. 1? tales superior Impe rial three plynud double Ingrain Carpet ings all n< w styles and rich fresh colors, warranted to weigh 2 and pou uds to tne yard. Also, 50 rolls real"Uowaua" white and red checked Mattings; these are the l?est mattings known, ami will l?e the last to lie had for years, and will be sold cheap. These, with the other makes we now have in store, comprises the best and most complete stock in this market. Also, daily expected sixteen sheets superior and low-piiced Floor Oilcloths, which will l?e cut up for any sued room, hall, or passage as per diagram, at prices as I?w as in anv city in the I nion. Always on hand a full supply of all kinds of House furmshiiig Dry Goods, the tiest and newest of their respective classes. je B-eo3w CLAGETT, DODSON A CO. WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED THE FOL lowii:g Goo?is which we are prepared to sell at a small ad vance of cost for cash : A very large variety of Turner Bros, celebrated Liquors.vix: Turner's Ginger Wine, an excellent remedy for Dispopsia Blackberry Brandy,a certain cure for Diarrhea and Dysentery Claret. Madeira, Sherry, and Sweet Malaga Wines, all of superior qualitv Raspberry, Strawberry, Ginger, and Cherry Bran dies. all of hue flavors, prepared from the pure ju'.ce of the fruit Rose, Cinnamon, Aiuiis.snd Peppermont Cordials Curacoa, Absinthe. Kssenoa of Pepperment Extract of Saisaparilla, Stoughton Bitters Forest Wine Bitters. We have also on hand, a supply of Dr. Wheeler's CelebrateJ Sherry Wine Bitters, a splendid article. In addittou to the above, we have at all times a large supply of the following named stuck of Malt Liquors, being the only Liquors of the kind in the District, ami which cannot fail in giving satisfaction to all who use them : Philadelphia XX, Burton and XXX Pale Ale,Philadelphia Brown Stout,XX Por ter, ami a tine articlc of Lager Beer. As usual, a supply of Mineral Water, Cider, Ac., on hand. ARNY A SI1INN, je 8 57 Green street. Georcetown. EW OROCEH Y, WINE, AND LIQUOR STORE. The subscriber begs to inform his friends and the public, that he has opened a NEW STORE, corner of 12th street and Lomsiana avenue, where he in tends to keep constantly on hand a large and varied assortment of Foreign and Domestic WINES. LI QUORS, CIGAKS, and FINE GROCERIES, consisting of Fino Teas, Sugar, Coffee, Flour, Soap, Olives, Raisins, Figs. Sardines, Anchovies, Otard. Marrett & Co., Pinet A Co., and Col. Chabard'a Brandies in eases, demijohns, and casks. Old Ja maica Iluin, Sherries, Madeira, Port of various de scriptions, St. Julien Claret, Chateaux Margaux in casos, Champagne Cider. Brandy Fruits, Reynold's Edinburgh Ale, Anuisette, Maraschino, Curacoa. Absy nthe, Champagne, and a large and varied de scription of Havana Cigars. Also, Stoughton Bitters, and Fever and Ague Bitters. Porter. Al??.and Cider. Families are particularly invited to call and exam ine the stock before purchasing elsewhere. Meni l>ers of Congress are also informed that their orders will l#? promptly attended to. and delivered at their residences at tho shortest notice. A general assortment of fine Havana Cigars, im ported direct by tho subscriber, at wholesale and re tail. Canal Boats supplied on reasonable terms, and produce taken in exchange. Levy's Old Whiskey, constantly on hand,of 1RW. Country orders punctually attended to, and coun try produce of all descriptions received on consign ment. JONAS P. LEVY, i?H-lf No.5M Twelfth street. I^INE FAMILY CAIIRIAGK FOR SALE Has had very little use ; can he scenA JVIBS, at Mr. HOOK'S Coach Shop. It will beG?^^^ aold at a great bargain, aa the owner has w ? TBI? no u?e fur it. je 6_ 1'AYLOH A MAURY'S HALF-DOLLAR Bibles, English Bibles elegantly bound in ara liesque gilt. Price 5 i oonts. Just imported by TAYLOR A MAURY, i* ? 3t Bookstore near?th st. SSLKKV K BUTTONS. STUDS, Ao.?W? invite ? attention toour very large stockStone Camao, Onix, Enamelled, and plain Gold Sleeve Buttons, Studs, Ao. M. W. GALT A BRO., Jewellers, Je? U 324 Pes^taveuae. A LL THE MAGAZINES, PERIODICALS, A Papers. Aa.caa ba bad at the Bookjtflstatioii err Store of urn FERGUSON,486 7that eet. FOE RENT AND SALE. OR R ENT.-Om *f tfcos* desirnbl- KR1CK COTTAGES on th?/ea*tuda ?f 6th??treet, be FHpnpHi tween 11 Ai d 1 atrents north. Possession given <>n the 1st of July. Inquire oftlK.o. H. VA KNELL, No. 51 Louisim* avenue, or 451 Man, avenue. jea-3t OK SALE.?Either one or both of those newly eroded tiipee-storf BRICK HOI SES, with F heck t>n tidings* situatoi on vent tide of 18th street. be twee* F nnJ G. They contain IS room# ??eh. with elk the. modem improfsmenta. and are on a Lot 13' feet in depth. Alto, a BRICK HOUSE, on K street, I>etween 4lh and 5th, containing nine rooina and kitohen. The above property will l*e sold on nccommodat ing terms by applying to JOHN R. MeLEOD. at hia Carpenter Shop, on 10th street, or through the Post Office. leB-eogw Household fukn ture for saij-.-a rare chance is olfereO to a sineil fanil* cooten. platmg housekeeping, by a gentleman declining the same. The furniture is plain aud lueful only, amounting m the aggregate to about 9200. Terms oash. ALSO. FOR R ENT?The House, which is eligi bly situated, containinr six rooms, * lion Id sale lie effected. Apply at No". 9th street, near L. be tween 4 and 5 p. m. je6-lw* TO OWNKRS OF CITY PROPERTY AND CAPITALISTS.?The subscnlier offer* t<> pur chase nnd sell Real Estate on commission. Having occasion to visite all parts of the city, and critically io examine ever) class ol property.unusual opportu nities of buying and sellii* U> advantage are present ed. Office corner of Penn. avenue and 10th street, over Savines Rank. je6-eoim* GRAFTON D. HANSON. FJOR SAI.E.-Two well built BRICK HOUSES near the Capitol Grounds, and within the pro posed extension. Also a number ol vacant LOTS. Apply as above. je6 6t* I^OR RENT.?Several very handsomely FUR NISHED ROOMS, hi a house supplied with gas, l<ith, and other modern conveniences, on I situ ated on one of the m?>?t pliwunt streets ?? Wash ington. Gentleim n desiring a pleasant summer loca tion would do well to call and sc.- them. Also, a CAR RlAGE-HOUSE and STABLE ft>r rent. Apply at 4W H street. between *th and MKh. 2t* F"U)R SALE?A FARM of 115 acres, nine miles I roni Washington, near (be Seventh-street road. The improvement* are a small Dwelling House, a good Stable.* well of good water with new wood pump in same. There are ;><i ch?nee fruit trees. A of the farm is well fonced. It will l>? sold a Imr immediate application be made, oril ma? be traded lor citv property. Apply to II. N. LANS DALE, No. ot>4 M street, or through the Poet Office, je 4 lin I^AKAI FOR SALE.?A piece of line LAN Don Rock Creek, in Montgomery county, Md., six miles from the heights of Georgetown, adjoining the lauds of Messrs. Perry. W??od, HeKlor. Nowles, Ilohrer, and Hawkins. 112Kacros. A l*jiutifu| loca tion : partially improved; new hoii?e ; 13 acres rich creek bottom, and some fine yellow-pine timber. It can l>e divided, if desired. Call pi..I bee the pren 1 s -s those who desire to purchase. je 4-tf PARM FOR SALE.?A FARM, containing ltn 1 acres, of land, more or less, situated immediately upon the Washington and BroolivilieTurnpike,abniit 12milesfrom Washington, together with stock, con sisting of 20 head of Hogs, Cows, Heifers, Horses. Wagon, Hay, Carriage, Harness, Plows, Harrows, and Farming Utensils generally, the Crop in the ground, Straw, Ilay, Ac. It is well watered, having a spring in every field. An unfailing stream ol water runs through the premises. There is a good frame dwclliug-house aud out-houses neeessary to fann ing purposes. There is also an Orchard nti the place, als>ut one third of the land la in timber, oak, hicliory, 4 c. For further information inquire of BENJAMIN BOHRER. corner ??f Beall and Montgomery sts.; GEO. W. BOHRER, cor. of High and Gay atreets, Georgetown, D. C., or of Mr. HARP, on the prcra laes. ap 28 tf irj* If not sold by the 22d inst. will be offered at public auction to the highest bidder. je 4 If OR RENT.?A three-story BRIClT HOUSE. F with a large back yard, containing ten or eleven rooms, and pleasantly situated on H street, near 2 th street. Apply at the Dry Goods Storeof JOHN SON A SI T TUN. corner of tfth street, or to R. ERLE. near the premises. je 5-eo3t* I70R RENT OR SALE.?The large four-story BRICK HOUSE, wuji ail the modern improve ments. with a largo brick stable attached, situated fui Indiana avenue, Iwtween 1st and 2d streets. No. 63. The rent will l>e moderate to a good tenant. In quire of JNO. PURDY, Esq., No. Penn. ave nue. je 5-eoifw* I OFFER FOR SALE. MY FAR.mT "Roaen vick," iniles distant from the town of Culpepcr and a depot of the Orange and Alexandria R. R. This Farm contains 1j6 acres of land equal toanv in this section of Virginia. Forty acres are in timber, the balance open land in fine order. On it is a large and valuable young Orchard now just coming into bearinic, comprising all the most desirable varieties of Apples. Pears, Plums. Peaches, Apricots, Necta rines, Grapes, Ac., 4c., suited to our climate, a Spring of never failing pure water near the dwelling. Out-houses. 4c. The Dwelling is plain, bat amply sufficient to accommodate a small lanuly. The situation for health and beauty is second to none in this region. An extensive ranee of mountain scenery, the beautiful Village of Cnlpeper. with in .a few minutes walk, offer facilities for attend ing Church, and as tine Schools as our Slate af fords, while the Orange ai,d Alexandria R. Road pu'e it within a few hours ride of either Washington. Alexandria, or Richmond. It is seldom a farm,with as many advantages, i? offered to the notice of the public. Persons desiring to purchase are respectful ly invited >o call and view the premises. It ia for ^ale privately, but if not sold l>etore Saturday, the 1st August, on that da> it will be offered at puulic auc tion. on tfie premises, without reserve. Term* inada known at wile. Forney information add reaa R. G. BOWEN.Culp per. Va, je 4 fjM)R SALE.?My RESIDENCE on the corner of New Jersey avenue and C strew south. Capitol Hill, frouting on the avenue 1C2 feet 9 inches, and on C street south feet 11 inches, and containing nearly square feet. "laya-tf W. F. PHIL1.IPS. PV)K SALE?At a bargain, and on very easy terms, a TRACT OF LAND, suitable for a dairy farm, or otherpurposes, and within 3 miles of Washington city. For particulars apply at No. 512 <41 story >7thstreet. may 16 tf POLLARD WEBB. 'A RETIRED PHYSICIAN whose sands of lile have nearly run out, discovered while in the East Indies, a certain cure for Consumption, Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, and General Debility. The remedy was discovered by turn when Ina only child, a daughter, was given up to die. lie had heard much of the wonderful resfor stive and healing qualities of preparations made from the F.ast In.I.a Hemp,and the thought occurred to him that he might make a remedy lor his child.? lie si udied hard ami succeeded hi realizing his u ish - ??s. His e!n!d was cured, and is now alive and well. He has since administered the wonderful remedy to thousands of sulleri^rs in all parts of the woi Id. and he has never failed in making them completely heal thv and happy. Wishing to do as much good as pos silde, he will send to such of his afflicted i*ilow be ings as request it. tins recipe, with lull and explicit directions for inakiug it up, and successfully using it. He requires each applicant to enclose turn one shilling?three centsto be returned as postage on the recipe, and ttie remainder to l?e applied to tfie pay ment of this advertisement. Addtess Dr. H. JAMES, No. in Grand street, I Jersey City, N. J. I N. B. Dr. II. Jaines has neither office nor agent J in New York as some have pretended and adver- M tised. The recipe is sent fiotn no place but No/ 19 Grand street, Jersey City, New Jersey. / je H -Km * f ICE PITCHERS (THE LATEST IMPROVE MENT) AT REDUCED RATES.?We hare just received a large assortment of the moat approv ellCE PITCH ERS, which weyire enabled to sell at verv reduced rates. M. W. GALT 4 BRO., Jewellers. je 6-2t 324 Pa. ave., bet. 9th aud Itith sts. L ADIES DRESS FRINGES 4 TRIMMINGS. 5.uu? yards of variegated Fringes. yards of black Mantilla Fringes. Black Crape Trimmings, new styles, Cords an-.! Tassels, and Fancy Buttons, lu every variety, on hand and made to order at the Fringe and Trimming Manufactory, 2f7 Pa. avenue, south side. Mrs. LOWE. je6-3t* BUILDING HaRDWaRE.?The attention Builders is called to our stock of BUILD ING HARDWARE, comprising the largest and best selected of any in the city : Locks,/ Knobs, A c? from the oelobrated factory of Da-f venprot. Mallory 4 Co.,and Russell4 Erwin's Manufacturing Company: Hinges of all, Screws, Itrads, Nails, Sash, Weights and Cord,Sash Pulleys; Window Sbring.-- and Sash Fastenings. Wall Stars. Bolts and Shutter Fastenings. In fact, every thing wanted in the Hardware line for a house, and sold cl,MP. cbea,?r, ^,^^4 ADA VK. je6-lm 325 Pa. ave., bet. 6th and 7te sta. S ELL1NG oFrFHEAP AiCTIOX GOODS. Fine Colored Brilliants, 12>?c. Fancy Colored Berjo Dolaines, 12>?c. Superior White Brilliauts. l?c. Fine White C: r am Mus! n LJie. Colored Lawns and Ginghams, 6V?e. Fine white Swiss Muslin, loc. Fine Kid Gloves, 25c Black Silk Mitta, l*,'aC. Fine White Lineu Table Diapers, 37c., worth 75. White Linen Napkin, C^c., Linen Towela, 6**c. Plaid and Shaped Curtain Muslins. Be. Black Lace Veils, 31%c? Handkerchiefs, 3c. Gloves, Bosoms, fi1^. Muslin Collars. 3c. Silk Beregeand I?awn Robes, at reduced pneea. Parasols and Umbrellas, at half price. 2i*i pieoes Bonnet Ribands. _ Selling off to close. GEO. F.ALLEN, je ti-St Penn. ave., next to 10th street. SEALElTPROPOSALS WILL BE Rkckivkd by the undersigned until the 15th day of the pres eut mouth, at noon, lor work and materials lor the enlargement aud improvement of the Edibce of the Church of the Epiphany, on G street, acc..rdm* to plans aud specifications, which will be exhibited lo persons desiring to propose at Room HI, Winder'a Building. J AS. M. GILLISS, R GEO. C.AMES, G. RODMAN. je 4-eo5t* Committee. in AAfl UMBRELLAS, PARASOLS, IU,UUU AND CLOCKS. DANIEL PIERCE has received froin Philadel Shia. au assortment of fashionable PARA OLS and silk aud gingham I'MBUKL-^^J^ LAS.cornprtsmg a go?Kl assortment of every variety of color and quality, which he will sell at a very aniaJI advance on the manu- I facturers prices. Likewise an assortment of CLOCKS of good quality. Repairing prmnptly done. No 257 Penn. avenue, between ltth and lSth sts. je 5-31* AC A R D.-THK ATTENTION OF THE public and persons wishing to purchase a hand some and spacious Brick Residence frouting Judi ciary Square, is respectfully invited to the sale if that fine fonr-story Brick Honse on 4th street, be tween D and E atreets, which will take plaoe in front of the premises at t! o'clock on SATURDAY AF TERNtKJN, the 6th instant. They will find the sale well worthy their attention. For lurthar par ticular* see advertisement. je4-d A. GREEN. Auct, G Oiii'jjl0LAU0HLIN'6 FOR NOTION?. AMU8EMEFT8. r LSWj'S; ?f the (hand>ome> Hi t OLY CLtBUki(r?t ileum w ? in announcing totho.r - ?f , > on a friend*, aud the public general |y .MnflAii flint tbe? have chartered the Mfo Mid octntodm i Gxoxec ?* A?m*?Toji. *nd will give tb* r First Grand hfXCURH'ON to the Wmrt Hoc** Pavii to*, J?M Ed, 1857. Particular* in future advertisement. je B.llUMkTV XCURSION AND PIC NIC OF THE CAP itol Hill M. E. Church Sabbath II m School down the rivM and to Fort \\ ashimcton. The Committee of Arrangements, appointed fmr the puraoee, take pleasure in announcinr that th?? .have chartered the Stmn er GEORGE WASH INGTON, and will rive ar> t xcursion and Pie Nie lown the river and to Fort Washington on Tmps LaT next. Hie Itthhnat. Tba boat will leave her wharf, loot of Eleventh street at aft o'clock, a m.; Comb s wharf. Navy Yard at 9; and Alexandria, at MS- Proceeding down the river some distance below tho White House?returmn* to Fort Washington, where the remainder of the day will be spent, TICK ETS m eents?Children ISV. to be had of any member of the Sclxiol, and at the boat oa the morning of the excursion. Refreehmentaat oity prices. The friends of the 9ntii?nh School cmusm are re?pectf?lijr solicited ?*? patronize this young aud growing Sch<*W. The i on ?uittee will use every ext-rtieu to make this a pleat ant and agreeable occasion. JOHN ZIMMERMAN, i(>UN M. JANIIXiN, I. W. MeMXKW. je R 8t Committee. WANTS. WANTED.-A GIR1. to do the work of a cine I family. Inquire at No. 41 a ustieet, iwt?<-*? Mh and 10th streets. It' \\ ANTKIJ.-A food CAHIM; I MAkKK am " find inimianl extp'oy (iieitt b) afp.yin* i'iim*di ata'\ at 47J tlth street, be:w.*eu b s.i?J F streets. lea-if WANTED.? A bi 'Y, with good rnuimmwi *a tioi.s.toseii m* Catalogue on the Patent Otfie# eteps. ALFRED HUNTER. It* Patent ,\? . nt. 4?a?th alrwt. nr ANTi:i?-l?y a respeetr.Me WramnaSITI A Tl(i.\ ax Nurw*. or would l-e willing to take eliirge ?,f an Infm.t G-??J reforesce river. Ai?l? at S9I I street, l?etw en l?rh and rah stre is. It WANTED.-A small COLORED GIB'-to lr*.k after a Child near three % ear* old. Slave pre ferred. Apply at No. II street, between tSth and 13th. >e M \\'ANTED-!ly a YOU DM \\ < > \l \ N. a S lus ' ' tioi a* N umi'. hkI to assist in i'haiulw>rw??rk, and is willing to t'ave! with :i lady. Good roferencj given. App'jr at No.32 3?!h strd-t, between II ?d Prim, avsesa It* WANTF.D.-A SITUATION, by a Hoy l? y?ars of are. to woik on a Farm, or an) place srhere he would be useful. Wares i ot *o much an olgeec as a good home. Apply to JAM KS W11ITK. corner ot F and Inth streets. jet2t* WAXTKD.-A neat and respectable YOl'NG vf WOMAN to attend a Child aUiut la months old. and do p'mn Sewing. Apply at No. S47 C street, betweenSSae'lfith streets. je6 3t* WANTED IM MEDIATELY.?A settled W O * ? man to do the Housework and assist in the Washing ami Iroume ol a small family, Arpiy at No. High street. Georgetown. je6-8t* WANTED.-A v YY MAN as Chi None need apu and eapable of None need apply and eapable of Washing a Apply at Mr. WHITE'S, 7tli street, near the Toll gate. je V3t WANTED IMMEDIATE!.Y.-A k<hkI COOK, v v One that can come well reoommeiided. None n?ed apply without good qnahfications. Apply to G F.O. 1'AU K F. R, 4S an<l C at reet^ je S fit \1TANTED.-A respectable YOl'NO WdM AN ?* as Cliaml>?niiaid and Waiter, and a ^ <)l NG GIK1, toa^sist in the Nursery. The* both l>e we!l recommended. Apply at No. lath str. t, Ijetween K and F. je 5-5t A COMPETENT BOOK-KEEPER wants ~a Situation. Information obtained at this off oe. je 4-tf rpo MERCHANT*.?A YOl'NG MAN who his 1 had several years experience in the mercantile business, and who is well acquainted with eil) trade, wishes a Situation as Salesman in a Grocery or l*r> Goods House. Grocery preferred. Can s?ve r<>oa reference. A note aildr'ec?r?l to >a'esmaii, through City Post Oftce, will meet with prompt attention. Je 2-]w* \17ANTKD?In the family of ager.tlemar. residing vv two miles from the city, a good plain COOa. One who caa bring recommendations for ?l^ill, honesty, and cleanliness will find a rood s-tuafson and recular wages. Apply to J. P. CRL'TCHETT, corner of 6th and D streets, je 1-tf WANTED TO PFFCHASK-A BRICK DWELLING, containing 8 or 9 rooms, H'.d worth from to about by krst pa> :ng m cash, and the Isilance m annual i'n?talmevts. Also. For Sale?On *-a*? terms, tao de?,rat<le HRICK DWELLINGS, each located within two squares of the Patent O&ce. One of them can be bought bv payinr .?!.'**? in cash,and the tcuance in 12 half yearly instalments. POI.LAKD WEBB, may 14 tf No. 512 (2:1 story 17th street. \JLTANTED? At 37 I'enn. avenue, south side, vv corner of 9th street.aCHAMBLR.MAlD an<f WAITER. The waiter a boy of fVom 16 to 18 years of aze. Both must lie able to bring satisfactory rec ommendations. may 14 tf LOST AND FOUHD. FOUND?Yesterday <Su;?ds>) in the Church of the Kpiphany a Cameo Set KA K-DROP whi^h the owner con oMaie at i his olijes, by provin; (>r??;? er v.and piyinr tf<>> advertisement. it* LOST?On SatnrJaj alternoun at the President's Grvunds.aJet anJ tiold HeaJ BRACELET, lor which a su liable reward will be riv?-n if returned to No. S4S, ut-ar W unlet '? Buildiitr, nth street ae?U Je 8-3t * NOTICK.?Warrant No. tn.nU, 'or 1>?j acres, wsa i*?Ut'd untler act of February tlth, le-:7? t- my brother. Ro?H-rt llamilt?in,decayed.oa ilie?'.Yl LM ceia!?cr. l:'49.and as i>aid Warraat is Mi|?po* to have been loot, or improperly held, the p-iblicis cautio?i?-l arm list buy nig the saiic. as I have bled a civeat in tne General I -and Othoe to arrest the issuance ??f i Patent,and. alter the expiration of six weeks, will apply to the pension Ott.ce lor a dupucnte warrant, may 30 laniv JOHN HAMILTON. It'STOR STOLEN?Fm Uw pMMM of a the Hon. Francs* S. Ldwarda,at the Waauiar ton House hi the city of \Va?liiu?ton. on or nUtiit the 10th da > of February, IKS?. LAN D X* ARRANT No. .M.JUi. dated Dceember iMth. lt^??. Said \> arrant w?is issued to F.rra K?w*d, under the act of Mar< h, 185S. All persons ate hereby cautioned a^nuibt ne cotiatinr ?ud Warrant as pioce??diiirs have lie?-n in stituted l>y the holder, Ezra Reed, t<> <^t>??t>l t he ?sme. ap 3u-6w KZKA REKD. BOARDING. BOARDING.?One larse, airy ROOM, well It r nikhetl. for rent; also, one large si2~d t.icle ROOM for rent se a ate or together, with BOA III), if desired. Ttae house taaaaisrre ahadt yard, ren dering it a desirable situation tor a fsn with chil dren. No. 4t5i loth street, betwt en D and E. je 8-1** __ BOARdTnG ATMlis.CAMERON'SSPRING Rl N PLACE.?A few B?>ar b'ia can be ? ce .m inodated during the Summer in a most hea thy ai d I'lnas.'tut loco,ity. Terius reasouaUe. No. ajb north H street.Capitol Ilill. . je4-e?St* \1 RS. F. llA(ili \ 'Silate Misa Kke< h> B.'S'.wng i'l notw.No.325,south siJe Petui. aveaae,four doors east of 7th street, Washington, will aoc.Mntno date families and single persons with ROARDoa MeoauMidaUBg terms. je J eolm* MRS. BATES. AT HER BOARDING HOUSE, on the southeast oomer ot l*e::a^ Avenue and 9th street, has made arrangeinen'f to acoonvnodata a large i.umburof stiangers with Me&la at any time throughout the day, and Lodg:.igs. mar 3 It ABLE CUTLERY AND PLATED WAKE. Ivory Handle Table awl Dessert Knives. Knives and Forks, at, I Carvers <>f the finest quality. A' l*ita Fork< and Spoons, Cups, Goi>lets, C'a?;ti?rs.T' * Sets.Cake lta>kets. Waiters. Butter On.lers, Donl - le le? Pitchers, extra plated. Prior * l?>w. je3 G. Refrigerators.?t*?me of the i*?t m the city, and at the lowest prices. je3 G. FR ANCIS.<?7th atreet. /OPENING THIS WEEK V/ at FRANK A. McGEE'S, 244 Penn. avenue, between l"th and iSth streets. Superb Black Thread I?ace ANTILLAS Superb Black UceCHAWLS. I A better assortment of which cannot be found this side of New York. Also, a hue line of the best HOSIERY, ladie*', gent's, and children. BLACK LACE for Basques ami Mantillas. A e? 4c. Call and see for yourselves. je?-M A BS, C A R R J A G F.S, V E LOC IP HPS, H OOP?, Vv DOOR MATS, CAGI.S. Ac.,at McLAUGH LIN k CO.ts No.30 Peun.avauue, beta ?*ena>haai?l 9th streets. u,.t\ The kingdom and people of siam. by Sir John Bowring, with a narrative of his mission in 1(155.2 vols.. Lon.lou KS7 ; jr'1 Speeches of Einuieiit* British Statecmen from tlie Reform Bill to the ltui>?iau War, I vol., Lon don 1S77; #1.35 Lord Boughau/s Speeches, with historical introduc ttoiiK, 1 vol., l^Midoit ii?j7: ?> 1.75 Burkes' Speeches <>u Warren Hattinga, with a selec tion of his epistolary cot rcsp<?, ^ v< Is., I<ondon 18S7; $2 Tales of the Genu, tran?b'ed from lk? IVs^nw. It Sir Charles Worrell, new edition, illustrated. 1 vol., I Aiiidou Ia>T ; is 1.25 British Navy List b>r If9i 87 cts. Almanack de Gotlia for I; >7 : #I_W Hughes' Patent Laws of all Nationa,'l v<4., I^ado*; 8lJft Pliny'a Letter*, translated into English, Iry Mel moth, 2 vols., I?oudou : j?o* I FHANCK TAYLOR. CA R RI AG RS?CA R It I AG ES-C A R HIA' ?? The undersignMl has now on han I a. MTmM, very ri?od assortment of Sl'MNKMfSF ?*!&. CARRI AGES. BUGGIES,* e.,tow hichV^^^ he very respeetAilly invites the public generally Pncea moderate. JNo. P DENNIS, a?a4-ooaa sth at., bet. La. are. and C ??._ ^REAT BARGAINS. ... DRY GCRiDS Selling off at coat to close business. Our whole stock la going at oost. Call early. J. NOXONA SON. 321 Pa. ave., aouth aide, near 7th street n*y 23-TuThA s,tf WD. EICHLER, ? iVe. 507 S K TENTH S7R EFT. bet wean I) and E streets, west side, PR AC- JN TICAL WATCHM AKER, keeas ennatantly on band a fine assortment of WATCH ES andCuj* JEWELRY,