Newspaper of Evening Star, June 11, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 11, 1857 Page 2
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EVENING STAR WASHINGTON ?IT YI THURSDAY Jui> 11, IMf. * SPIRIT OF THE MORNING PRESS. The InttHtgtnrrr this morning continues its publication of the Supreme Cewrt's decision in the Dred Scott case, and contains a great miu of general news from all quarters of the globe Tbe Union contains a number of very able and interesting editorials upon various public questions?the conflict of the laws, the Know Nothingiim in New Orleans, tbe Cotton panic Ac. We also find In the Union an elaborate let ter from a Mr. Edward A. Pollaid. in defence of the career of Walker in Nicaragua, which, though replete with what appears to us to be singular mi-apprehensions of facts, the truth of which are now as well known to the world as the untruth of the telegraphic dispatches from New Orleans concerning Walker's ''victories." (which subsequently turned out to be defeats,) is bo well put together as to be likely to prove of some avail in the matter of generating sympa thy for his cause in the minds of the unthinking who are inclined to fancy that Americans can do no wrong Fortunately, however, the press in all quar ters of the country, have published the facts of his (Walker's) Central American career so widely, as that it will be difficult to induce sympathy for his cause in the breast of any one who believes in the propriety of respect for our own laws and the rights of others. That those who justify violations of all laws, human and divine, for tbe sake of bolstering money-making speculations, to gratify individual ambition, or under an honest hallucination with reference to the duty of American propagandism?and there are sfcch persons in the world, reader?should sympathize with the cause of the flillibusters it. Nicaragua is by no means remarkable; and to our mind illustrates forcibly the necessity for vigorous measures on the part of this Gov ernment within the law. to compel entire re spect for its every requirement in such matters. Our wonder is. that a gentleman of so much intelligence as the writer of the letter on which we are commenting evidently possesses, and we may add of the honesty of purpose with which he sets about the task of justifying such acta as were done in Nicaragua in the name of " Amer icanism.' can himself rest under such a cloud of delusion. To that we attribute his effort to give the color of heroism to the act* of the filibuster? in Nicaragua, the unvarnished particular* of which are known through the pens of hundreds of American sufferers under them to all in the Inited States who read newspapers. We pre sume that we hardly need assure those at a dis tance that any efforts to induce this Government to countenance a repetition of the late career of filibusterism in Nicaragua that may be essayed, will prove unavailing. NOTES BY THE WAY. [Editorial Corretpondenct of The Star.] STEAMING 05 THE ROAD?PENNED BT STEAM JlNE 6, 1857. I found a large number ot those whose ac quaintance I had made on " the excursion " upon tbe train of the St. Louis. Alton and Chi cago Railroad, the cars of which I entered a few moments ago?at S a. m.?bound for Niagara Falls, via Chicago. Detroit and Canada. They were still well pleased with every incident of the so far delightful trip, and aU of them were as lond in praise of St. Louis, as two days ago of Chillicothe. Really. I can conceive no more shrewd expedient than the entertainment of ti:e vast company, almost entirely of intelligent? active and leading business men. as she did en tertain them, to which St Louis could have resorted by way of fixing the attention of the whole country upon her remarkable ad vantages and unexampled, rapid and substantial im provement and prosperity. None of us can ever forget the impressions thus received, nor can any of us avoid, if we would, the conviction that in all the essentials of a great city?capital accommodations, busi ness connections and facilities, population, en terprise. 4c ?she immeasurably surpasses any of her rivals west of the Alleghanie?. The influence of such a conviction on the minds of the particular clas3 of persons who were her guests yesterday will make its mark on her fu ture?for she is not altogether independent (in commercial affairs) of the great cities and the travelers from the East aiming to reach points which there are facilities for reaching from ether Western capitals (as well as St. Louis) without paying her a visit. We are now again coursing over the prairies of Illinois behind the locomotive, which though carrying a double load?for there are some four hundred souls oa the train?is doing its duty up to time. Oar route lays east of North. On the day before yesterday, it will be remembered, we crossed the State from east to west; whereas now. we are now bisecting it from south to north. Thus I am enjoying the opportunity of seeing more of Illinois in a few brief hours than I could possibly obtain by any other route. After leaving the environs of East St. Louis? marshy, and therefore uncrultivable at present we encountered a large gang of Gipsies campcd upon a hillock overgrown with scrub oak. The CTJ~ th?? Gypsies!"?brought nearly all to the car windows, with a rush; and they were seen, only to be forgotten in a mo ment by most of my so curious companions. Xhe.r origin is involved in nearly as much mys tery as the Indian mounds on which I have already commented. Certain it is, that while living and wandering perpetually among the most cultivated races of the c viliied world almost ever since the light of Rome's great ness as a power of the earth went out, they have been the same wandering, nomadiac, thieving, uneducated and treacherous demi sarages they are at this moment; rejecting all the advantages and habits of fixed society every where. and changing in nothing at any time, even for a brief period That such has been their history for many centuries, impresses my mind with the belief that they are as distinct a race as the negro, whose skin so long as he car ries but negro blood in his veins, remains the same, whether born in Siberia or Boston, or on *'Afric's dusky shores/' The L nited States appear to be becoming ex ceedingly popular with them?too much so for tiie patience of those of our rural fellow-citi aens, the looks on whose hen-roosts are not ab solutely burglar proof. I find, ou inquiry, that they are an numerous here, out West, as in "V irginia and New York, where they are to be met in all directions. Yyt no one can give even a shrewd gue*s as to their number in the United hta*e?, or. indeed, with reference to anything whatever connected with them fbe prairie* of Illinois, on tbe Alton and Chicago Kai! road, within fifty miles of St. Louis, have been settled for twenty-five or thirty years, and are therefore regarded in this fast region as "an old country." The farm build ings upon them and the comfort surrounding those buildings are, therefore, much more sub stantial than elsewhere on our road in this State. There was nothing in and about these farms in sight from the car of a rail train going at speed, worthy of note, except the remarkable fecundity of the soil, and the care shown in breeding their cattle. * The mass of the fanners of Virginia and Ma ryland are far behind them in the selection of tbei-stock, I regret to have to write. Twenty-six miles out from St LouiJ we passed through Al ton, where a mob bang Lovejoy once on & time. It is a substantial nVer town just above the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri, de sign od by its \ ankce projectors long since to haTe outstripped St. Louis in the transaction of the business of the pwt Valley of the WMt. Just now its trade is canfined to its own imme diate neighborhood and to manufacturing work sold for the most part in the St Louis market, as the wares of Newark afesold from New York counting-houses, and those of LoweU from Bos ton. The State'a prison, a substantial stone building perched on a high hill, near its abrupt face (of rock,) is here, and sundry coal mines in neighboring hills are worked ; the mineral be ing, apparently, brought into town by the farm ers, in their ordinary two-horse wagons. From the manner of ita delivery I was not forcibly struck with the idea that coal mining could be a trade of great importance to Alton. Its principal street* are well built up with brick or stone. From the multitude in them and their appearance, I fancy that the business of loafing around the depot and staring at pas sengers on the train is so popular among them as that a large number of the indigenous, in very dirty shirts and dirtier boots, do little else beside. There are perhaps from ten to twelve thousand persons in Alton, and three hundred at least were there to gape at us. The route from St. Louis, through Alton, to Joliet?forty miles from Chicago?(the point of intersection with the Rock Island Railroad, and the first highland we encountered) is through a country made available for civilized men's use almost entirely through the facilities afforded by this railroad, the distance (stretch of country) being some 217 miles. True, the country around Bloomington,and one or two river villages, located on the banks of streams crotsed by the way, were previously in habitable profitably; but I ain not far out of the way in attributing all the industrial value of the extensive region, to which I refer, to the construction of this railroad. The soil is equal to any in the valley of the Mississippi, twenty bushels of wheat and fifty or sixty of corn, be ing fair average crops with them. They say, thirty of the former and seventy-five or eighty of the latter; which estimate I?put in my pipe Iand smoke. It is almost M nude of timber as the palm of one's baud of hair; while water is an article which the dwellers along the route ? know from dire experience, how to value, as one of the chicf blessings for which we ahould thank Divine Providence. Streams, runs and creeks, are so few upon these prairies as that not one settler in a hun dred enjoys the privilege of being sufficiently near one to avail himself of its so precious trea sure?water for all the purposes of the farm? without digging for it in the bowels of the oarth. Water holes (small ponds) arc to be seen in all directions in these prairies at this season. But two months hence, when the heat of the sun makes a double supply necessary to the health j and comfort of man and beast, not a drop will they contain. W. D. W?H. WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. Home Agaix.?The editor of the Star return ed to Washington, from the Northwest, yester day evening, having traveled 2,58o miles since 6 a m. on the morning of the 1st inst. Or, in words, in nine and a half days. On this trip he "laid by" every night after about 11, ex cept on the night before last, when voyaging down the Hudson, on a steamer. He also "laid over" two days and a halfin the day time. It will be seen from these facts that the actual traveling time in which this journey was made, was probably as short as that in which the same number of miles were ever before accomplished. After leaving St. Louis he visited Chicago, De troit. and Niagara Falls, journeying to the lat ter point for two hundred and twenty or thirty i miles through Canada. From the Falls he re I turned home by the way of the interior cities of the State of New York and New York city. He mentions these details of his trip by way of illustrating what an immense scope of territory may be visited in this country in these days of railroad excellence, in a very brief time, with | cut the fatigue of traveling all night, which al ways unfits the voyager for persistent profit able observation. The Proposed Mketixg This After.voox. I pon such information as we have been able to obtain in the brief time elapsing since our re turn to Washington, wc are forced to the con clusion that the public meeting called for this afternoon is impolitic, and tmst that our fellow citizens will nbstain from attending it. The President. Mayor, and military authori ties require no such popular vindication of the propriety of their course to preserve the peace of this metropolis, when assailed as it was on the 1st inst., by a band of armed ruffians from a distance, whoso acts, we are persuaded, have found no countenance from the mass of the American party of Washington, who value the the privilege of living under a government that dulv protects the lives and legal rights of all citizens when assailed as on the occasion to which we refer. The unanimous press of the country?with the exception of a single newspaper?have ta ken occasion, each journal in behalf of the pub lic opinion where it is published, emphatically to applaud the promptness and energy with which the authorities here vindicated the ma jesty of the law. No such popular demonstration a: this meet ing proposes can add weight to sueh testimony in their behalf. The only effect of sach a meet ing. if held, it seems to us, will be to give rise to counter popular demonstrations on the part of some of the unthinking who may be inclined to view the questions involved in a partisan light The law has yet to pronounce its verdict on those who are to be tried for participation in the riot of the 1st instant, and any such demon stration leading to auch results as we explain, can hardly fail to give to the approaching trials something of a partizan character in some of their features ; and thus to defeat the ends of justice, which, it will be remembered, are not unfrequently thus postponed. While we accord to those who approve the proposed meeting due credit for being influ enced only by an earnest desire to vindicate the majesty of the law, we must be permitted to express the opinion that their mode of doing so. if carried out, will be more likely to defeat their object. Uxitkd States Mail Steamships to Eu rope.?We are requested to state that the fol lowing are the only United States mail contrac tors authorised to convey the United States mail between New York and Europe, via : E. K Collins Sl Co., between New York and Liverpool, running the steamship* " Atlantic " and " Baltic, ? and such other steamships as may be accepted for that line. The New \ork and Havre Steamship Compa ny. (Mr. Livingston, President,) between New ^ ork and Havre, via Southampton, running the steamships ??Fulton " and "Arago." Cornelius Vanderbilt, between New York and Bremen, via Southampton, running the steam ships "Ariel " and " North Star." The Star's Editorial Correspoxdexcb.? In another column, to-day, the Star's readers will find a letter descriptive of a portion of its ? litor's recent journey from St. Louis to Chi cago. Two letters, previously written, descrip tive of the great celebration in St. Louis, and concerning the past, present and futnro of that remarkable great city, which were mailed on Saturday night last in Chicago, hare not yet come to hand. So the letter we publish to-day appears out of its turn. When received, the missing letten will be duly published; and in the meanwhile we shall conclude the series by publishing one daily for perhaps the next fort night. The jonrney was undertaken to enable the writer to present to the patrons of the Star, solid information concerning the Great West, wherein many millions of eastern capital are now being annually invested, in many;eases upon intentional misrepresentations, and man frequently under the influence of the mania for getting rich in a hurry, which is so peculiarly a characteristic of our country. To the person thinking of investing " nest eg^" in the West, his letters, though written in a desultory vein, will prove of value, as well as to those proposing to travel in the northwest shortly. Post Orric* Department ?Ntw Offices Established??New Salem, Bad Axe county, Wisconsin, Wm. R. Rees, Postmaster; North Liberty, Johnson county, Iowa, Jesse Orem, Postmaster; Alpine City, Wapella county, Iowa, M. V. Henkle, Postmaster; Tolona, Champaign county, Illinois, Herman Chaffee. Postmaster; Nenno, Washington eounty, Wis consin, Qeorge Smith, Postmaster; Janesville, Covington county, Mississippi, David W. Mc Innis, Postmaster; Mar's Hill, Drew county, Arkansas, C. L. Reynolds, Postmaster; Pond Hill, Gibson county, Tennessee, Thomas D. Locke, Postmaster; Cross Bridges, Maury county, Tennessee, James Brown, Postmaster; Paulineville, Tyler county, Texas, Jesse G. Sims, Postmaster; Kennekuk, Brown county, Kansas Territory, Wm. P. Hess. Postmaster; Stanton, Lykins county, Kansas Territory. Wm. P. Dutton, Postmaster; Omadi. Daootah county, Nebraska Territory, Wm. S. Back water, Postmaster. The Great Railroad Celebration Di> ner.?Our friend of the Union says, this morn ing : '?The Editor or the Kvimxo Stah. on the great railroad excursion, Las furnished to that paper Interesting incidents and observations, ?'penned by steam and has, in this vocation, exhibited a wonderful decree of industry and tact. Not only has he been writing, but speak ing. for we perceive, in the account of the great dinner at St. Leuis (at which, we presume, he did his share of the eating) that he responded to the toast, "The President and Directors of the Great Trunk Une of Railways connecting the Atlantic with the Mississippi." " The editor of the Star, while acknowledging his penchant for ' good living''?and he'who cares nought for it is without soul to appreciate ?umborless blessings in one's reach, if one would live for aught but to hoard wealth?real ly cannot remember what toast on that oceaaion attracted his tongue from the savory things set before him. His lack of memory in this partic ular is perhaps attributable to a couple of bot tles of Catawba, by which he was so stoutly flanked, before he and his companions at either elbow gathered their contents within their main defences, by way of being amply prepared to stand the siege of such an occasion. His impres sion is that he was responding to a toast to The Press; but as he came away with somebody's shocking bad hat on his head, his recollection of the toast may be but "clear as mud.?' Points Decided.?The question whether, under the law, the results (articles collected by) of the U. S. Exploring Expedition must be transferred to the keeping of the Smithsonian Institution, having been referred by the Secre tary of the Interior to the Attorney General for his opinion thereon, that functionary has so decided. So. also, has he ruled that the Superintend ent of the Interior Department building is not entitled, lawfully, to compensation forthat ser vice. It seems that intending to accord him such compensation Congress made a mistake in wording the law. saying that ho should be so compensated for services rendered from 1835 to 1838 ; long before the Department existed. This clerical error has been adjudged by the Attor ney General to defeat the face of the law in qnestion He (the Attorney General; has further ruled thnt the money voted to Mary Gay. widow of an Indian agent killed by the Shawnee'. ($2,000.) must be paid to her from the Treasury, notwithstanding the fact that he died in default to the Government; which, under this ruling, must continue to look to his sureties to make good to the Treasury the amount thus its due. The Naval Courts of Ixqcirv.?To-day the case of Lieut. Bowers was finally disposed of before this Court, on the testimony of Capt. Kelly and Surgeon Folts, U. S. N? called by the Department, upon which testimony Lieut. B. submitted his case, asking simply to be put upon the reserved 1 l3t on leave of absence pay. Before Court No. 2, to-day, the case of Lt. Gibson being under investigation, the following witnesses were examined. Vii: Lts. Geo. U. Morris and John C. Carter on the part of Lt. Gibson, and Passed Ass't Surg'n Carrington. Capt. D. N. Ingraham and Lt. Parrott on the part of the Government. Before Court No. 3, the case of Capt. Lati mer still pending, Lieut. Almy and Capt. Hol lin?, U. S. N., have been examined to-day in behalf of the Government. Hon. D. E. Sickelsand Jons Kelly.?The story in the New York Herald of Monday last that Hon. John Kelly, ono of the members of Congress from that city, had resorted to per sonal violenco upon the Hon. D. E. Sickles, at the Democratic Convention of the City of New York, on Friday evening last, is toholly a fab rication. No such violence was attempted by Mr. Kelly upon Mr. Sickel*, and no threat to that effect was uttered. We make this correc tion in justice to all the parties concerned. A Regulation.?The Secretary of the In terior has been compelled, we presume by the pressure of the public business upon him. to issue instructions that hereafter his messenger may introduce into his room visitors only be tween the hours of 11 a. in. and 1 p. m. daily. Appointed.?Thomas Gaskins has been ap pointed Keeper of the Smith's (Va ) lighthouse, vice John Pettitt, resigned. Tub Wbathbb.?The following report of the weather for this morning is made from the Morse Telegraph line to the Smithsonian Institution, and will be continued daily when the line is in working order. The time of observation is about 7 o'clock a. m.: Jcne 11,1857. New York, N. Y raining. Philadelphia. Pa raining, Baltimore, Md cloudy, pleasant. Washington, D. C cloudy, sultry. Petersburg, Va clear, pleasant. Raleigh, N. C clear, pleasant. Wilmington, N. C cool, cloudy. Columbia, S. C clear. Augusta, Ga clear, hot. Savannah, Ga warm, sultry. Macon, Ga.. clear, very liot. Columbus, Ga clear, warm. Montgomery, Ala clear, warm. Lower Peach Tree, Ala...clear, very hoc. Mobile, Ala cloodv, warm. Gainesville, Miss cloudy, warm. New Orleans, La, cloudv. The following reports have been lurnished by the National Telegraph line : From the Wbst. Frederick, Md cloudy, warm. Cumberland, Md cloudy, warm. Hagerstown. Md cloudy, pleasant. Wheeling, Va clear, cool Harper'sTerry cloudy, pleasant. Winchester cloudy, pleasant. Martlnsburg .....cloudy, warm. At Washington, yesterday at9 p m , the barom eter stood at *29,800; thermometer 68*. This morning at 7 o'clock, barometer S9,fiS6; thermometer 89*. The rata last night amouated to 0.94 Inches. ? LA DIES' FESTIVAt*?In oonseenenoe of the succoas of this enterprise, it will continue open at Odd Fellowi' Hall, every AFTERNOON and EVENING this week. It is the unanimous opinion that it surpasses anything of the kind ever given in this city. je l!-3t 1 HKEM.H.VOS9. nr , ' ? Wr-r-lJ, ,e u-j? * YT'OUR NAME IS OCR MOTTO ?ThTrrf "Sia ?i.P8DAY- ?""' rT^STRAWBERRlES.-Those wanting fine Strawberries can get them either by the sau s? B^r's? 01 c,c" "?"? _L"^ F. A. LI TE. See. =?THE LADIES invito the public to the Grasd Ln'ion Festival asu Cosckbt at fffrEftv pvpv?vr? ErD Nk ? D A y anil 1 HLKSDA* EVENINGS, June loth and llth. Refreshments of every kind will be furnished at reasonable prices. c?lebrt,te<i Band is engaged, and other entertainments will bo provided. Ticketa 25 cents, admitting a gentleman and lady; or single admission 25 oents; children 12X cents. J6 8-4t n-t-NOT.CKTO TAX PAYERS.?The Tax ' kjf Lists for the present year (1857 >are now in my hands for collection. Those who shall pay their taxes prior to first day of July next, will be allowed a discount of six per cent. r , C. F. SHEKELL, Collector. Georgetown. D. C. )e8-1in' nOR BOSTON-FIRST VESSEL.?The su -I perior clipper schooner Mari^Ca Burr.^ Capt. Ira Nickerson. ha* arrive*!, and wiil< have quick despatch for the above port. For-> freight apply to HARTLEY A BRO., No. loi Wa tcr street. Georgetown. p. C. je ll-lw OR SALE.?A light, fashionable. and stylish medium siz^d BAROICH. Has been little used and was made fo order by one of the beat mt v'7?Vvr^Wr?V?rk- t>e. "een ?' Mr- J- M. ikii Carriage Maker, |near the corner 4H street and Penn. avenue. je u^| My**TSXK>OF KQOT8 AND SHOES b-ir.g about the largest in this city at this? sia tunc, and having l>een purchased before theBflJ rue 111 Leather. 0.111 lie sold at about 15 to per cunt, less than go?>ds purchased at this* time. Call and examine for vourseives. at ? ? ^ P- HOOVER'S, Je li Iron Hall, Pa. 9th and lutli ats. CHARLES LEVER.?The Fortunes of Glen oore, by Charles Lever, author of the Daltons A Co.; price 5 ? cents. Tent-life in the Holy Land. by W. C. Prime, au thorol Boat-life in Egypt,Ac.: $1.25. . . Just received and for sale by J?" 31 /f # TAYLOR & MAURY. (Intelligencer, and t nion 3t) A CARD.?Mrs. C. A. PEDD1CORD wonld most respectfully inform her friends and cus tomers that sbe is now prepared to fill all orders and to execute all branches of DRESS MAKING- and ail styles of Bask and Cloak Dresses made in a short tune. It is uecessary that ladies should know where they ann I,ave their ureases made in a superior man ner and at low prices. Particular attention paid to Children s Dresses. Ladies would do well to call and aec her dresses. Dresses made at a few hotirs notice. Residence south B street between inth and lltii slreets, Island. The latest Pans fashions re ceireu. It* ftCHOOL DAYS AT RUGBY, BY AN~Ol7b , hoy, ?I. The Diary of an Ennuyee, by Mrs Jameson, author of the Cliaraoteristics of Women. Ac., 75 oents. ? Pr^h?r| at Trinity Chapel, Brighton, by the late Rev. t. V\ . Robertson, M. A., the lncutn J \ *Pri?8? from the third London edition. & i, ? * Charity, Catholic and Protestant, ai.d the Communion of labor, by Mrs. Jameson. 75 cents. 2vdl|V|l 51 ' household edition, Rob Roy, Just published, and for sale at ... ... TAYLOR A MAURY'S "'?>t Bookstore, near ?th street. 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like manner and at reasonable prices. je H-eo4t 55312th Street!south Mde on'a.'ave. JNION HALL RESTAURANT. . y. f. BENTER would announoe to his friends rRFi'v ^rruTT l?' the celebrated "BEEN Tl R I'LL, so much praised. and spoken of as"Tippo Sultan," Las* this day been slaughtered, and that he will be served up in Steaks. Soup, a-l.a inode, and fricassee, 11: a stjlu unsurpassed. In connexion with the many delicacies of the season wnicii ne has made arrangements to receive mav be ^ ^.P-e.tof WIN ES. BRA NDV, AI?K? CIGARS. Ac., and in fact all that the epicure should desire. His establishment is between fUh and 7th streets, on C, in the rear of Browns' Hotel. je 11 ?3t W. F. BENTER, Proprietor. LAW BOOKS.?Digest of Maryland Reports, comprising Gill's Reports, 9 vols., Mary land Reports, 8 vols..and Mary land Chancery Mans ions. 4 vols., l>y Stockett, Merrick, and Miller, I \ 01., oVO? Chittr on the Law of Carriers,with American Notes, Hill on Trustees, with American Notes; new edi tion; I vol. Oioott s Adiniraltv Reports, for the Southern Dis trict ol .New York : 1 vol. GreenleaFs Overruled Cases; revised eJition; 1 a f K?S.t..^nEn*l1"lh and E<iu>f? Reports; 1 vol. A' bolt's Prac 1 se Reports ; 2 v? I . Hillard on R"ai Property ; 2 vosis., new edition. Addison on Contracts, with American Notes ; 1 vol.; new edition. * Index to English Common Law Reports ; 2 vol. Jun911 franck tAylor. ?S 100 R,'jyA RD!?Ran away from the sub \KiRO u'lv ' r ""I u<*?day, 9th June, 1K57. 1 .fib-ivii! f"l,f>E. cr.mmonly called JkM kr}\ V'ia.,n8- verJ black, about 25 years old, 07 hoi Ifr k1. ' Pro,,,inent project in forehead: Tn nas a slight scar over one of bis eyes ; speaks quickjy when spoken to; baa a thin suit of?L 1 ,I8RI mustache; clothing not remembered, as he has various kinds. His lather lives in l'hila delphia, and he has a sister belonging to Mr. William S. Gittings, formerly of Anne Arundel county, who i'?Trre?ii M '"Baltimore city. He has also relatives u *i9lemeiiit Hilleary s,near Bladensburg. I pur chased Inrn of Richard C. Bowie, esq., formerly of tins county. J ?*5 fifty dollars reward if taken in the State ilil an 91 VlslrIct Columbia, and one hun dred dollars if taken in any free State. He must be 1 nn'agairi me me' ?r 8ecure''ln J&'1 ?o I cau get ZACHARIAH BERRY, (of \V.) 11 o. .p *Near lfl? Bnck Church, Forest of )" H-^rawtl Prinwjieorge's county. Md. J\0. 434 SEVENTH ST. BETWEEN G and H. MORGAN fc BRO. respectfully l>eg leave to in lorm their friends and customers, that they? are now receiving a well-selected stock ofj GROCLRIESand LIQUORS, whichtheyL will dispose of at the verv lowest p. ices for* cash, or tot hose punctual 111 pay nient. consisting in part as f<'l!?ws: Brown Sugars, II, 12^, and 13cts. per lb.; Rio Collee at ]2% and 14 cents ; Old Govern ment Java, 17c.; Ground Cotfeo, u cents: Green and Black leas. 5". 75 cents and $1 per lb.; Eimlish and I ronch Mustard, fresh and pure; Yeast Powders; Bronia; Cox's Gelatine; Chow Chow : Pickles in J^r!<: Adamantine and Mould Candles; Soap; Rice; Pepper; Pimento. Ac.; Gibson's cele brated Old Nectar Whisky, Brandies, very old Cla ret U lue? 1 ogetlier with all other articles in our line or nusineis. je 11 -eo3t JNTERESTING TO FAMILIES. The following extract from a New York cannot fail to Inb interesting. In referring to. the receipts ofTeas in this country for onef,*, n 2?a?i!P to *i,h ?> ? they will be 12, l?0 (*w ,000 pounds1 slmrt <?f the imports of the year end ing June S>, 1856, and that rwTLl^VLnceKin bl2?vk Oolongs, since last December, has been fifteen oents per pound; and } ?ung Hyson Teas, of low and medium grades have experienced an advanoe of one hundred per cent, over last season's closing prices. 'It will thus be seen that the strong and rapid advance in the tea market has been the result of h short supply and active demand ; but when it is con sidered that we may hoar at an) moment of the en rire. ?""l?en"lon ?' shipments at Shanghai, and. in fact, that, as s?>on as a sufficient force from Eng and arrives at the seat of war, all five ports of entry ,? China, will probably be placed under strict blockade, itwouidnot be surprising to see Teas at a much higher figure than they have yet attained." In view of these f*cts, we hold out very great in diicamentts for families to lay in their supplies of Tea notr. KING A BURCHELL, je lu-tf Corner \ erinont ave. and 15th street. s F-. HOOVER'S //fOA' HALL, BOOT. SJ/OJP. and TRUNC ESTAH-?&* LlSHMEXT.?iutt received this day aSI] large assortment of the followiug articles: f II . , _ FOR LADIES. f H^, Ladies bronze, black and oolored Gaiters, with and without heels Ladiss colored, bronze, and black French Kid and Morocco Slippers Ladies colored, bronze, and black Gaiters at ftl regular price. >1^:? * ? FOR GENTLEMEN. French imported Molia Ville Shoes Shoes Leathor broatl-strap walking FersCf2<:to S4d Patent Leather Congress Gait ??" J'r?n?h.Patent Leather awl CalfGaiters.and Shttes^ofall kinds very cheap. Leather Bonnet Boxes and Va ices AU sole leather and iron-frame Trunks Ladies liress and Folio Trunks, new style. Carpet-bagsand Hand-trunks. Call at 8. P. HOOVER'S ... _ , Cheap Cash Store. Penn avenue, jell-eolm bet. ?thand 16th st. Iroa Hall. KINO, 4c., and for sale br J?9-?ai* in COgfOKATION | Dthr rfst pi ACR TO Bl t RY GOODS, CARPETS, OIL CLOTHS, MATTISGS, BONXET8, FLATS, BOOTS A KD SHOES, utt 3*^*- ? . R. B. HALL'S, Ao. 3T3 ff*rtntk Strut, ? who ?Mla/nr Cask cnlf, which enables him to sell Goods ten p?'?enl cheaper tlian ant other >...??.? ... n? eity.^l'e have just received a Larfe and Kleaant assortment of GOOns^rect 0^ tUPkiS^^LlZ amd *?v York j4aeftoft?,l9 whioli we invite the attention ofrasa Pibch*??*?. ' Aa an ^ridaace that we Mi! goods cheaper than other feoaaea, we will name the prioe* <,f ? fav . wbina wi.l coarinoethe mask incredulous that they can ?ave monei t>j purchaami of as for oa?h _ HaArrirn. LayH RoM>. .y.5>: FmaaomaaED Ciarai* Mrei.ix. 1J cents? Wtd* Table 1 i*?? ? for Bot?'wear, 10 centf ; Pr?* List* S*i*t Boiox*, 25 cents I a Jr. ? ??? v niik ii?*f r ??v'pa?? # ? tiiaBMi'iiiftBr.u v k Kl M ?w ,n ?. t? urn f ? ?? I Pr I A Pi V I tmw Ioeata. worth ?2 ; Carroita#* for Bote* wear, in rente ; Pr?* List* Shut Boao*s, 25 oaata lij,, o>*W, SJ ceats ( Shakes*. all aizea. 37 cents : Paba*ol?. V eenta ; ? een*?; M?-r *ft V ooFafor Skirfc, lfrdentijU'ooL Car pk t*, 57 oeuta : LaMJU Sna Ciajtkhs, W otuu , K*bi??l*k?? , oiLfT SlApPK>*,5io?itf?; Chh.i>beV* Sho**, tb centa. Tha aim of our eatabgftHment ta not to auapl) ouatoraera with a poo? article for a little money hat to offartfaeni thet*at soaJKt the loweat possible pricea. R. B. HALL" ? _ Hall may an-ec&iF~*?7- ' No. STSSerenHi afreet and fourth house aliora I atVaat. 'INE FAMILY CARRIAGE FOR SALE? Hm hsd vety little use ; can I* at Mr. HOOK'S Coach Shop. It wil. b?\ ?old at a freat bargain, aa the owner haaJ no use for it. , , Also, a tine Saddle Horse to be sold ft bargain?fit Tor a lady ; a splendid ihowr animal. May be seen at Naylor's Stables, Pa. arenue. J? le-iW _ SOFT AND HARD CRABS RECEIVED daily by express, only a few boura out of water. Sold by the dozen, at a low price. SAM'!.. T. DRURY. je 10-3t* 294 Penn. ave., 2d door east I4tb at. CIO TO DRURY'S * for SWEET ORANGES. Go to DRURY'S ? ? for FRESH FIGS. Go to DRURY'S for FINE LEMONS. And all other FOREIGN FRUITS. 294 Penn. avenue, 2d door eaat 14th st. je lo-3t * R UPP'8 HOTEL. The undersigned would respectfully inform the public that he ha* made various improvements^!) to his well-known establishment, and that he i?T^ ? prepared to reoeive arid entertain Ins customers** in the most superb manner. His House Is conducted on the F.ur? poantiiie; the monn airy, and the strictest attention paid to the wants of bis guests. The Bar is furnished with the best of LIQUORS CIGARS, Ac. The great titnidrmtvm. quietness, coolness, (in the garden attached,> insures for all a p>asant re sort. Obliging asmstatt? are alwnvnat hand, and all demands will 1* promptly attended to. WW. Rt'PP. je l#-2w No. 484 Pa. ar? bet. 2d aad 4*? sts. pAUQUIER WHI1TE SULPHUR SPRINGS. I . VIRGINIA. Shis highiy improved and well eptal>ln?hed WA RING PLACE, is now open for the pnhiic^^ reoeption. The trains on the Orange Ruad,fioiniC3 Alexandria west, and from Gortionsvi!!*east,*?* connect at Warreutou with lines of Stages for the Springs, distant six miles by a graded road. Passengrm from Baltimore and Washington city, arrive at the Sprinrs at 1C)6 o'clock a. m., and from Rieiimond and the South to dinner. All inquiries promp'ly responded to by letter and circulars giving particulars, forwarded upon appli cation. THOMAS H. P. INGRAM, je lo-lm ALEXANDER BAKER. J>R!NCE GEORGE'S COUNTY?<e wit: I herely certify that Edmund P. Godmsn, of rinee Geor*e's County, Maryland, brought before me, the subscriber, one of the Justices of the Peace in and for the said county, this 9th day of June, 1857, as a stray, a horned COW, roan head and sides,white down the l*ck. aiiout 6 yean old, and ie giving milk. Given under my hand. JNO. W.SCOTT, J. P. The owner of the above described Cow will eome forward, prove property, pav charges, and take her away. EDMUND P. GODMAN. je 10 St* Bladensburg, Md. TIlREK NEW AND BEAUTIFUL PIANOS AT GREAT B A R G AIN S.?These> Pianos have baen used but a short tune byt carelul persons, we will warraut them,' take old Pianoa in exchange, A c. Two of them are full seven octaves, finely finished rosewood enses, and of exquisite tone and is only a six octave. These Pianoa. purchasers may safely rely upon aa being truly great bargains, ann they will do we!! to call and see them, at onr extensive Piano Ware rooms, No. 3CC, between 9th aud lMh. Jeio JOHN F. ELLIS. HOUSEKEEPERS, ATTENTION. LOOK BEFORE YOU LLAP-i Purchase thk Bk*t KEPIIOSIATOB OK BOMB. I now invite fherspecial attention of Housekeep ers to the NEW ARCTIC REFRIGERATOR, which is certainly in advance for the purpose of K-'pinr and Cooltnt Meats, Milk, Butter, Fruit, Wixes, Ac., of any article now before the public. All the compartment! are guaranteed dry and con sequently free from mould, moisture and impure odor. The principle of the ARCTIC REFRIGERA TOR, is clearly this: that the air leaves the ice at the temperature of 32 degrees, and falls in this con dition directly through the ice box,descending until it reaches the bottom, passing through the opening in th< centre division, then gradually expanding and ascending as it becomes warmer until it enters the ice again at the top of the ice box, thereLy causing a perpetual circulation, and no ventilation by hot ex ternal air is needed or permitted. The shelves of the ARCTIC are open work, to allow the free circulation of the air down about the aidee of vessels or articles from the shelves, thus entirely surrounding them with moving currents of oold air. 'J'hey open with double doors upon the front and top with lock and kev to each?being made out of seaoned lumber, in the very hes* manner.and hand somely grained, makes a desirable niece of Furni ture for a dining room, and have a water jar from which perfectly cold water can be had at ail times, without additional ice. The idea that a Refrigerator must he constantly supplied with a current of warm air from outside, by means of a ventilator at top or back, is entirely ex ploded. Its only effect is to keep np a supply <>f moisture, which as it enters is condensed upon the sides, nnu upou whatever the Refrigerator contains. We earnestly ask purchasers to examine this mat ter critically, and to buy the best Refrigerator ever made, which ?.? non* other than Ike Arrtf. For sale only in tins city, bv c. woodward, je 10-St No. 313 Pa. ave. bet. loth and 1 Ith sta. N. B. Thoee purchasing Refrigerators are request ed to uali at my store and examine Prof. Pace's cer tificate in regard to the above. C^REAT BARGAINS. I DRY GOODS. Selling off at cost to closo business. Our whole stock u going at coat. Call eaily. J. NOXON A SON. 321 Pa. ave., south side, near 7th street may 28-TuThAS,tf W ASHINGTON SEWING ROOMS. The proprietor has to day added two more ma chines to his force, making seven in all. This was rendered indispensible hy the constantly increasing business ottering for execution. He will now lie able tw observe greater promptitude in the fuibimeut of orders. Shirts made entire, 75 cents; plain sewing,3 cents per yard ; Collars, small, 3 cents each : Wnst Imnds, small. 3 oents per pair; stiching Basques, 25 cents, and other work in proportion. Families and others can have any amount of sewing done at a tew hours' notice. Rooms in Clagett's new building, on 9th street, seven doors from Penn. avenue, opposite Gideon's printing office. Ladies aud others are invited to call and examine the work. Terms, cash invariably. maylS-eolm NEW GROCERY, WINE, AND LIQUOR STORE. The subscrilier begs to inform his friends and the public, that he has opened a NEW STORE, corner of 12th street and Louisiana avenne, where he in tends to keep constantly on hand a large and varied assortment of Foreign and Domestic VY IN EH. LI QUORS, CIGARS, and FINE GROCERIES, consisting of Fine Teas, Sufar, Coffee, Flour^Soap. Olives, Raisins, Fits. SSardines. Anchovies. Otard, Mi.rrett it Co,, Pinet it Co., and Col. Chabard's Brandies in cases, demijohns, ami casks. Old Ja maica Rum. Sherries. Madeira. Port of various de scriptions, St. Julion Claret. Chateaux Margaux in oases. Champagne Cider, Brandy Fruits, Reynold's Edinburgh Ale, Anmsette, Maraschino, Curaooa. Abaynthe, Champagne, and a large and varied de scription of Havana Cigars. Also, Stoughton Bitters, and Fever aud Ague Bitters. Porter, Ale, and Ciuer. Families are particularly invited to call and exam ine the stock before purchasing elsewhere. Metn l>ers of Congress are also informed that their orders will be promptly attended to, and delivered at their residences at the shortest notice. A general assortment of tine Havana Cigars, lm ported direct by the subscriber,at wholesale and re Canal Boats supplied on reasonable terms, and produce taken in exchange. , , ? Levy's Old Whiskey, constantly on hand.ofiun. Country orders punctually attended to, and coun try produoe of all desenptions received on consign ment. JONAS P. LEVY, je 8-tf No. 564 Twelfth street. Building hardware.?The attention of Builders is called to our stock of BUI LD- ca ING HARDWARE, comprising the largest O and best selected of any in the city : Locks, Knobs, Ac., from the celobrated factory of Da venprot, Mai lory A Co., and Russell A Erwm's Manufacturing Company: Hinges of all kinds; Screws, Brads. Nails, Sash, Weights and Cord.Sash Pulleys: Window Sbrings and Sasli Fastenings. Wall Stars, Bolts and Shutter Fastenings. In fact, every thing wanted in the Hardware line for a house, ana sold cheap, cheaper, cheapest for cash. HARVEY A ADAMS, je 6-lm 325 Pa. ave., I?et. 6th and 7te st*. WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED THE FOL lowing Goods which we are prepared to sell at a small advance of oost for cash : A very large variety of Turner Bros, celelmted Liquors,viz: Turner's Ginger Wine, an excellent remedy for Dispepsia Blackberry Brandy,a certain cure for Diarrhea and Dysentery , ? Claret, Maoeua. Sherry, and Sweet Malaga Wines, all of supt ri;?r quality Raspberry, Strawberry, Ginger, and Cherry Bran die*, all of fine flavors, prepared from the pure juic3 of the fruit Rose, Cinnamon, Annis,and Pepperment Cordials Curacoa, Absinthe. Essence of Pepperment Extract of Sarsapartlla, Stoughton Bitters Forest W me Bitters. We have also on hand, a supply of Dr. Wheeler^ Celebrated Sherry Wine Bitters, a splendid article. In addition to the above, we have at all times a large supply of the following named stock of Malt Liquors, being the only Liquors of the kind in the District, and which cannot fail in givinc satisfaction "II'who use them : Philadelphia X X. Burton and XXX Pale Ale,Philadelphia Brown Stout,XX Por ter, and a hne article of Lager Beer. As usual, a supply of Mineral Water, Cider, Ac., on hand. ARNYASHIN!*, J? 8 57 Green street. Geortetowa. Table cutlery and plated ware" Ivory Handle Table and Dessert Knives Knivea and Forks, and Carvers or the finest quality. A1 beta Forks and Spoons, Cups, Goblets, Castors ,Tea Sets,Cake Baskets, Waiters, Butter Coolers, Doub le Ice Pitchers, extra plated. Pnoes low. jeS G. FRANCIS,4807th at, AMUSEMENTS. MOK and rrc nic or tu Second Baptist Sabbath School, Excu white House andfo*RTWashington. Ob MONbAT. Jnne IS. 1?t. This Fekavi h?viag chartered the swift tad oomn o - dtout steamer Geo. WashisuTos, will |ir?u EXCt SION totheabov?J nam "'I places, on MONDAY next,? the 15th inst. The Boat will leaT* her Wharf at the foot of llth street, at 8H, Navy Yard at ?, mm Alexandria at o'clo-k a. at., and retura at a reasonable boar in the evening. Refreshments at city prices. Tickets for Adults 5?? rents : Childrea t* eonts?to be hud of any Member of the School, and at tks Boat on the morning ot the Excursion. By order of the je ll-3t* COM OF ARR ANGFMENTS CURUION AND TIC NIC or twit Foundry Sabbath School The Foundry Sabhath School will airs an EX CI R SI ON to Fort Washington and .11 '*> the White House, on S ATI Tt D A V.R^Wf^ June 13th. gvr steam-r (iEORGK'''1 ?'"*? WASHINGTON, which ha* been chartered for the occaaMB. The Boat trill leave the Wharf, foot oflltli street. at 9 o'clock a. m. An experienced Caterer will provide Refres: inents tor the trip. Tickets fi?r aoults.W rente; for children 15cents, tu tie had ot any of the Officers or Teachers of the School, or at the l?oat on the morniug of the Excar iKta. j? jo-st* Coaches will be in readiness at the Church atv'i o'clock, a. ra. EXI WASTS. TO HACK MKX.-The hack man who, oa the night of the 3d June, drovs to the corner of K and Seventh struts, an 1, after dropping a passenger there, conSinned on. will tx? rewarded Fry Answering the undersigned. Addreax, to sa? where he can Iw a -en. aii'i giving such lui'oi mat ion a? he can. je II 'A* S. Q. UP!I P. WANTED-By a respoetaNe YOUNG WO MAN, a Situation as Chambermaid aud Soam - atreaa. Reier?nc-s as to eharae">r ai.d quahfica tions given, Adilr-ss Bex No. 6. Star < iffice. It* \*rFT NURSE WANTED for an infant four sY mon'hs old. An honest, faithful Woman hav ingagood breast of milk, may ofKa.n the highest wages by applying nuniodiatei) at No. 4G8 6th atraet. n C7" A GOOD COOK also Wanted at the same plage. je ?-4t* ^HIRT MAKERS and TA1LORESSFS wanted at the Washington Sewing Rooms, both to work at home and at the rooms. Shirt Bosoms from l?W c*a. to raeh. for aalr aa above. Clagett's New Building, ?th street, a few doors from Penn. avenue. ie n-St? WANTED IMMEDIATELY.^ good COOK, t? Oue that eau come well recommended. None need apply without good quaiifioatiaaa. Apply to GEO. PARKER, 4& an'. C street. je 5 6t A COMPETENT BOOK-KEEPKR wanta a Situation. Information obtained at tnis o&ce. je4-tf \yAXTED?In the family of a gent.eman resi ling r? two mi es from the cite, a rood p'aitiCOOk. One who can bring recommendstione for, honesty,and cleanliness will find a good situation and regular wages. Apply to J. P. CRUTCIIE rT, corner of ?th aud D streets. je 1-tf VL'ANTED TO PURCHASE-A BRICK w" DWELT.ING, containing ! ors rooms, and worth frorn ?2.5?i to about 94.own, br first paying ?>?' in aash.and the balance in annual instalments. Also, For >*ale?On easy terms, two desirable BRICK DWELLINGS, each located within two squares of the Patent Office. One'of them can tie bought br paying in cash, and the balance in 12 half yearly instalments. POT.T.ARD WEBB, may 14 tf No. 512tart story)7th street. WANTED?At 3'7 Penn. avenue, south aide. M corner of 9th street, a CHA MBER MAID and WAITER. The waiter a boy of from Ifi to IS years of age. Both must be able to bring satisfactory rec ommendations. may 14-tf LOST AHD FOUND LOST.?On Tuesday morning, June 1Kb, between McGee'a Store and G street, a laov's FAN DEAU, made of dard bair, and branded finely. The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at Nu. aiG street. tf OlA REWAR D.?Stolen from wazon at Cantie Olvl Market, last night about 8 o'clock. a ,r\. BAY MARE. Her left lore knee is larger than the right, and a scar on it. She is about ^ ly?n old. in 15 hands high. The above rewar t will br paid tor the mare upon information being lett with JAMES WALTERS, on 19th afreet, or to me near Sand) Spring, Montgomery count*. Md. jell 3t* RICHARD ClSSELL. LOST.?On Penn. avenue, near the War Depart tnent. on ?esterdsy. (TuesdayI "ix or euht LETTERS, all to my address. The hnder wiiit# compenaa'ed hv ieavinr them at the Capitol p ?st Office. or the City Post Office. jeio-sr JAMES HENRY. C?Q R KWARD ?S'nred from the Inland, a am ill yellow hrindle Bl I.L TERRIER., \? ith chopped : lnv a white s;sr on ;.i*ta forehead ; a soar ?>n the left eye ; answers to the name of Crib, and is Jibont nine months old. I will give the above reward on In* return to me on Yirginia avenue, between and id *tr?. ts. je 10-3.* _ P. BRENNEN. REWARD.?Strayed from the c. rner of 3d O** and K streets. Navy Yard, on the 31st r\ . ol Mar. a rlsrk liay IIORSE. ( Racker.l ?5 "N reward will be paid if taken mtha Di-tricv^^^1 and ffM if taken elscwher-. in either ohm- to be deliv ered to me. W M. NOTTIN G HAM. jelii-9t* cor. of Sd and K sts. tjfclO REWARD.?Strayed away from the asb <3> l\7 srriber on Friday afternoon lait. a r\ Sorrel HORSE, with a white spot in tus forehead, left hind leg white, and a little lame. The above reward will be paid on Ins return tome. JOHN MACK, je 9-at No. 486 Q St., bet. 5th and 6th sts. LOST OR STOLEN?From the posaemon of the Hon. Franeis S. F.daaids,at the Washing ton House id the city of Washington, on or aU>ut the loth day of February. 1857. LAND WARRANT No. 51,233, dated December 24th, li.W. Said W armnt was issued to Ex ra Reed, under the ;-.*tol Mnrch. IRSfi. All persons are herel;y cautiwn^d against ne gotiatinc wd Warrant as prooe.-dmgs har- '?err m ?Utute<riiy the holder, Exra Hoed, to raneei ti e mine. ap 3n-6w EZRA REED. BOAEDIKG. BOARDING.?Twelve or fourteen nwhaines can he accommodated with BOAR D at Mrs. R'?H INSON'S, No. 55B Penn.avenue, between 1st ai d M streets. ie '*-31 * BOARDING.?One larje, airy ROOM. w?:! fur nithed, for rent; al?o. one large sized siat e ROOM for rent seia-ateor together, with BO ARD, if desired. The house has a large shadv yard, ren dering it a desirable situation for a familv with chil dren. No. 46a loth street, between D and E. je 8-1 w* Mrs. bates, at her boarding house. on the southeast corner of Penn., Avenue and 9th street, has made arrangements to accommodate a large number of strangers with Meats at any tims throughout the da>, and Lodgings. mar 3 Marseilles cloaks.?a few moreief- .1 I those beautiful Marseilles Cloaks, so suitaL.e for children and infants, at C. F. PKRRIE'S Cheap Cash Store. je9-St 376 7th St., near I. L| AWNS?LAWNS-LA WNB-aw yards ofex tra fine and beautiful pattern lawns, at USo. Also, 2500 yards of Uwn Robe pattern,at l^ be had at C. F. PERRiE'S Cheap Cash Store, je 9 3t 375 Seventh street, near I. NOTICE.?All persons td&ing heavy freight to discharge are hereby notified that the Crane on the Mole is private property ar.d no vessel will h# allowed to discharge there lrom and after this date. je?-3t* SILSBY A CO. A CARD.-Mr?. FROST. tlatel?f Philadephia.) f\ FASHIONABLE DRESS MAKER. No 551 Bridge, (or Eleventh) street. Navr Yard. Wash ington, is prepared to make ladies' Dresses at th* shortest notice, latest sty ie, and tiest manner. Dresses cut by measurement warranted to it. latest Fashions constantly received. je9 5t* HAY, ETC.. FOR SALE.?From ten to twenty tons of cleau and aound Timothy Hay. Also, one gentle Riding HORSE, accustomed to the aide saddle. Apply at Silver Spring Farm, Montg<?mery count) , on the Seventh street plank road, at the District line. je 9-31 * WATCHES.?Those in search o| a very superior " Time-keeper will find our stock to em- JjCN braoeall the more celebrated makers, suitable both for ladies and gentlemen. Ar*X Coubdeut that our assortment is as complete as an> in this conntrv.and possrsMing every a I vantage in netting it up on th*' be>t terms, we are prepared to offer unusual inducements to purv haaers. M. W. GALT A BRO., je 9-3t 324 Pa. av., bet. Stthaisd loth ets. Millinery-millinery -millinery (jr?sat latrtrams in ladies and Chiklrens FRENCH HATS. Havin*a larre stook of splendid SUMMER MlLLlS' ER Y on hand, JSr ws intend oloeiug it out at oust ,-ie the seaeoe^ffjl-. is advancing. ladies will do well to give na a call. Now is the time for bargains, at _ G. h. cassidV a co/s, 3.4 Penn. ave., bet. loth ard llth sts. JiWw (States A lnt I JitETALL1C ROOFING AND SPOUTING. The undersigned having nade all rangements, are prepared to put on MLTALUO RCJOFS la the best possible manner. They warrant the work done to be in workmanlike maimer, other ie 9eo?w *?'