Newspaper of Evening Star, June 11, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 11, 1857 Page 3
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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Til Mo*cai*T Board and M*. AtLzi Mr. Lx-Secretary AtLee walk* Into the Board of Mourn* at mis-managers to-day, giving a second instalment of his expose, whtrh, aa fur n.shing a rather rich detail of inside ope radons, we append la foil: Ta? MoscmuT Board or 185.1?No. 2?Hav ing proved that the Board porrcrted the organi zation. whose affair* they hare been adminmer ing. to partisan and sectarian purposes, I will now proceed to the second proposition, via : that tbey have grossly neglected the interests of the So ciety. The evidence to this point is multitudinous, as the correspondence In the offices, the loose rec ords, and the forlorn solitude of the monument grounds most lamentably attested. When the trick of occupancy had been played, all the trumps seemed to hare been expended. The Board were left toon without a single card of mark. The snasm of patriotism began to subside in three months, and some of the partners threw iid their hands and their stake* altogether. In May. the resignations commenced, and although S65 were voted to the use of the Secretary, Mr. Tucker, for the pnrchase of stamps, Jtc., neces sary for :!.e transmission of the circulars, that officer gave signs of disgust. So far as my re searches have extended the councils of 44 breth ren' did not respond with enough material aid to reimburse the Board for the coat of printing and distributing those remarkable documents. Sj>erial embassies were sent to Baltimore, New ^ ork. Boston. 4c.. which did not pay traveling and hotel expanse*. On the 18th of July, 1855, a gentleman of dis tinguished administrative talent was elected gen eral agent, at a salary of #4.(WO. and he promptly submitted a sagacious plan for the collections ne cessary to resume building operations. Agents were appointed and a spirit of order wrought as efficiently as it posnibly could with such hetero geneous materials. On the 18th of September a foreman of stone cutter* was. after some trouble, elected, and the workmen were immediately employed on the Monument; but the Board, at their meeting of November 11th. Ip55, by an unanimous vote, or dered the Building Committee to stop the build ing operations on the 17th Instant. The treasury was exhausted in two short months; by an expen diture of ahout ?3.5(I0. The General Agent then threw np his commission, and the records exhib it no evidence of his ever having l*een paid one cent on account of his S2.000 a year. The hearts of the Board again sank, and the old shiftless rou tine of "no quorums and adjourned meetings'' recommenced. Many names disappeared, and but for a false pride of consistency the resigna tions would have disorganized the Board. Mr. Tucker, the Secretary, resigned on the 1st of April, ls5i> 1 was nominated for the vacaucy. Of this honor I had no premonition, and when in formed of it I expressed no desireforthe appoint ment. The nomination was ?? laid over." At the next meeting, April 8, it remained upon the table The meetings of the 15th and >2d. lacked the number necessary for a quorum ; but on the -29th I was unanimously elected by the six gentlemen present During all this interim 1 solicited no one's vote or influence ; I appeared In accordance with the notice of election at the regular meeting of May 6, but there was no quorum. I had in the meantime attended daily in the ofllce in the City Hall; it was so disordered and lilthy that I wa* almost prompted to decline an honor involving so much personal discomfort. At my suggestion a member of the Board moved to appropriate #20 for putting one of the rooms in habitable order. The question was taken by ayes and noes, and was carried four to one. (!) The three succeeding meet ings were adjourned without a quorum. This would surely have driven ine to a resignation, if 1 had not become meanwhile interested by my en deavors to comprehend the admirable confusion surrouudlng me 1 could And no book exhibiting the regular receipts and expenditures. The funds were, It appeared, received by no one in particular, the rule established by the Hoard was. that contributions should be sent to the Treasurer, and that the Secretary should be informed thereof bv another letter written to that officer by the contributor; and this was the only check upon the Treasurer's accounts. The corre spondence was wrapped up in bundles and itow ed awav in pigeon holes, damp and thick with dust. The blank books, shut up in cupboards, were green ai.d slimy with mildew. The monu ment was in apposite condition ; the mortar crum bling from between the foundation stones, and the internal structure of the base, exposed to the deleterious intrusion of wind and rain. The me morial blocks were piled one upon the other in two shanties, which atforded no protection froui the weather. and ladders, etc.. were lying unshel tered on the ground. The treasury was consider ed In a collapsed state, depending altogether on the contributions of the visitors at the Patent Office and monument grounds, and an occasional offering some eccentric patriot. Debts to the amount of several hundred dollars were "flotsam and jetsam " with no money to '? take them up." Notwithstanding all this, the Superintendent of the Monument, with three watchmen, were kept oa pay ; the first on a salary of g! ,0u0 a year, and the latter on a salary of SI.25 each per day; add to these amounts a clerk at a year, and we hire an aggregate annual outlay of S'l HM 75. I * "gl> ?t?d to some members of the Board that the ?ieneral Ageney, the Superintendent, and two watchmen could be dispensed vrith, and that the clerk was also unnecessary if the Secretary was able to devote all his time to duties constitution ally belonging to himself. All these, with other suggestions, were approved by the Board at sub sequent meetings, and were by its order carried out I called the attention of the Board also to the condition of the monument grounds, and re ceived anthority to tear down the block shanties *nd erect a new lapidarium large enough to con tain all of those interesting memorials contributed in honor of Washington. By using as much of the old lumber as was fit for the purpose, and giving daily attention to the business, I carried ? ut my instructions within ten days to the uni versal satisfaction of the Board. 1 purchased a ?>arrel of cement also, and ?' pointed up" the base of the monument, and the offices in the City Hall were cleaned, painted, papered, and ca'peted. ''' he journals will exhibit many other changes in troduced in the Board, all of which were heartily approved. but afterwards became thorns in the flesh of three or four members of the Board. I mnst here take occasion to say that from cer tain members of the Hoard I received undeviat ing encouiagement and support in my reformatory nvasures. Not a member of the party until some months r the advent of the Board, and elected without solicitation. 1 accepted th<- office, with an express repudiation of partisan obligations. 1 entered upon a disc harge of the duties of my of Uce with the single pu-pose of promoting the confirmation of the patriotic enterprise, i had no personal prejudices against any of the mem bers of the Board, and sincerely desired to main tain a good understanding with all of them With Messrs Addison. Belt. Brooke. Douglas, Kvans, Kilis, Gordon. Libby, Plant, Polk,and late Secre tary, Mr. Tucker, my relations of persona! friend ship continue undisturbed. Some of those gen men have never attended a meeting since iny in cumbency, and none of them participated in or sympathised with the pettifogging molestations which have forced me into this explanation. The general character of these molestations has been so freely elucidated by the public journals tuat my readers may be spared a resumption of the theme. A special meeting of the 21st of April last, couvoked at the Instance of a petty cabal in the Board, and lor the pur|>o^e of summarily dis missing me on charges of official ma 1 feasance, iiiidivulgtd until the moment of arraignment, was an impressive Illustration of the uueeitaiu is*ue of intrigue* I defle<l then, and I still defy, all assaults against my official integrity. At the adjourned meeting my'salary was abolished with out auy pulsion for itaying the balance of up waids of thiLe hundred dollars then due and stiil unpaid: ar.iWnth a like magnanimity the three ? h.ef conspirators withdrew all the imputations which they had originally designed to cast on luy official honor. This gush or feeling was in tended to lift me out of my official chair, and ?end me drifting away on the tide of generous emotion: but I was neitber*intimidatcd nor ca joled into resignation. Subsequent developments demonstrated the in sincerity of this ani'mle kvHoral/le. When at last the Board insisted on my assuming the atti tude of attack. 1 felt constrained to dissolve my connection with that body ; and having been in voked personally by the press on the 29th of May, 1 handed iny letter of resignation to the Mayor, rr-ojftrto second vice president of the Society*, on the JtHh ultimo My successor will be a fortunate utau if he gets along without exasper ating the idiosyncrasies of some members of the Board; and he will 1* entitled to the thanks of 'he whole nation. *4 without distinction of party."' if he ran collect the outstanding balance due on the tft-o million* of dollars heretofore appropri ated by the Board for rhe completion of the mon ument, the ornamentation of the grounds, and a surplus for investment. Very respectfully, Sa*. Yorkb AtLkk, l?ate Secretary W. N. M. B. KsroBT of tHt Auxiliary Gfard ? From Caprain Mills's report of the operations of the auxiliary guard during the month of May. we learn ?hit the entire number of persons arrested for ofl'-nres was S35?the ^reat majority of thein, as usual, for violations of the Corporation laws Persons accommodated With lodgings. III of there were natives of Germany. 7; Ireland. ?i">; Kn;'land. 5, Scotland. 3; France. 4; Nova ^utU. 1; Maryland. 15; Pennsylvania. 15; Vir ginia, ?- District of Columbia. 6; New York, 6; Massachusetts. 3; Maine. I; Connecticut, 2 ; un known, 1 Between the ages of 10 and 2U, ti: 20 :>nd .'Ml, J6; :?> and 40. 27: lu and 50, 41 ; 50 and Mi. lo; do and 70, 7; 70 and 80, 2. Glaxo Larcxky.? Yesterday, two young men, Wm and Henry Hyde were arrested by officer Hoss, on a charge of stealinga large amount of money from Mr. Kawlings. of Prince George's ?oantv, Md They were taken before Justice Hoi Ingshead. and committed for trial at court Tuesday. William Hyde was arrested for an as?*ult and battery on a nark man. and his brother I-tame his security for court. He made oath that he ownM property in Washington sufficient to pay IL?- amount of security required Tm RiTM.-Thf repair* on the Long Bridge have been actively entered upon. Yesterday the contractor for the necessary pile-driving?Mr.' Br ads haw, of Alexandria?came on the uroud with hU steam pile-driver He is to furnish the piles and drive them for *1,(100 The people about the southern portion of the city are deeply interested in these repairs, as many of then who have buainess intercourse with the people on the Virginia shore are necessarily put to great incon venience, under present circumstances, by hav ing to croes the river in boats. The business abont the wharves is very lively. A large number of vessels are unloading coal and stone. Mr. Donaldson, at Gelt k Young's wharf, is hauling, from the hold of a schooner, blocks of stone weighing from four to five tons, with a sin gle horse. The masters of coal and other craft complain that they are losing money on every trip to the District c,M- * to make that the L. ? ? r ? ? p V.1CIII IV lUCIIl that the repairs on the fifth dam of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal are completed or nearly so; per suading them to take freights to the Potomac cities, with the belief that tnev can easily obtain return freights of Cumberland coal. The river is full of long boats, which are con stantly passing through the eastern drawer of the bridge, bound up the city canal. There Is great complaint made by people living along the river shores of the arrival among them of floating dead hogs, from the river above. These hogs die of the Cincinnati disease at the distillery above Georgetown. and are dumped into the river, when the current brings them down opposite onr elty, where they are driven ashore to decay and breed pestilence. This nuisance should be promptly abolished. At Riley's wharf arrived schooner Adam Clark, Captain Beauchamp. from all along shore, with wood for Washington market. At same wharf, schooner Charles Kent, Captain McNeal, from Baltimore, with lumber, part consignment to < Edmonton. The "F.xpert" schooner which lay out in the stream yesterday, with coal for Rochat St Cald well. hauled up to Riley's wharf this morning. She hails from Great Choptank. The steamer "Washington went down to the Fort this morning with the Sabbath School chil dren of the Capitol Hill Meth'st Kpisc'l Church. Centre Maeket.?Inconsequence ofthe heavy rains the country people who attend our market had a most uncomfortable time during the night and this morning. Price* were as follows : Reef, per lb 15a22c [Shipstuffs 40a'JO Pork 12a 15 Mntton I2al8 qr ?5al .50 Sausage, pr lb.... 12.^ Lard Iti Veal. 12a Is! Beef tonga?* 75atl Calves heads,each 25 Bacon 15al6 Shoulders 12?.14 Breast pieces .... 14al6 Dried beef 17al8 Roll butter 25a3l Phil'a print 37 Egg*, per doz.... 16al8 Lettuce, pr head.. 4al2 Spinnach, pr peck 25 Asparagus, bunch 8 Onions, bunch.... 3 Tomatoes.doz.... 25a3? Bermuda Potatoes 91 I.emons. per doz.. 12a25 Cablwge sprts, pk 125 Radishes, bunch. 2a4 Chickens, pr pair. 75,Green peas, p'r pk 25a31 rurtle*. each...12a$l.2S Strawberries, qt. 6a25 Corned salmon... 15 Cherries, per qt.. 12al8 Turkeys ?l.75a2.2o,jshad, per pair .... 37a50 Herring, per doz.. -20*31 Herring, bunch.. 20a25 Terrapins, each... 37a87 Rock, bunch 25 Irish potatoes, pk. 50 Rock, each...,$laS2.50 Corn, pr bush.... 90a? 1 Sturgeon, cuts.... 12ao0 t orn.ear,pr bu?h. 60 Trout, per bunch. 25 Beans, pr bush.... Taylors, pr bunch 25 Kye, prbush ?1 Sheephead flag 125 70a75 Halibut, per lb... 15 95a*I Fresh Salmon, lb. 50 ^norts ..... 3(i Lobsters, per lb.. 15 The Weathke.?Range of the thermometer from Thursday noon, June 4, to this morning: . Morning. Noon. Night. Thursday _ 75' 66' frJd?y 62 60 Saturday 54 66 64 ?"n<*?y 62 75 70 Monday flC 78 7U 66 76 08 Wednesday 66 70 70 Thursday 68 ? _ Average height of the thermometer In the morn ings, from June 5th to 11th, inclusive, 62' 06 New moon Sunday, June 21, between 4 and 5 p. m. b,3eT?art'% ?'une*th, cloudywith rain; 5th, rain; ctn, clouded over at noon, thnnder gust with heavy shower, thunder all afternoon, and lightning to end, air cooler; 9th, thunder with rain and wind *Jr*y morn, thunder showers all the afternoon ; ilth, heavy showers iu the morning, Potomac very muddy. g Georgetown, June 11, 1S57. Justice Hollixqshxad.?This gentleman,*so v.eil known in this city and elsewhere through out the country in his official capacity as a com missioner. justice of the peace, 4c , has removed his office to Hie corner of Kighth and F. streets, v,o doors eaat of his old place, where he has taken considerable pains to tit up his office in a manner to enable him to transact business coming before him with promptness. 6 The I *iox Festival opened last night at Odd Fellows Hall, with wonderful success, notwith standing the unfavorable weather. The ladies have performed wonders in the arrangement of the room and of the articles displayed in it. To Jv^ht-with pleasant weather, we can imagine that the assemblage will be something almost menu* ?* ln history of such entertaln Disgracefcl At an early hour last evening, several disorderly persons got up a flght on the Avenue, near Ninth street It is said that knives were drawn in the melee, though we have not heard that any on# was seriously injured. The fact that the police were approaching caused a scampering among the parties, and no arrests were made. Gardiner & Place. 553 Twelfth street,as will be seen by our advertising columns, have for sale some fine, light home-made carriage*. These manufacturers are men of ch^acter"and enerev and whatever thev undertaketo do may be de pended upon as or good workmanship, and exe cuted at the time promised. Assault.?Archibald Hinshellwood was ar rested and appeared yesterday before Justice GoddardI to answer the charge of assault and bat tervon his wife. After an examination of the testimony and a few salutary remarks by the Jus the'pe Wa* on K'ying security to keep Rial Estate Sale.?Yesterday evening, A. Green sold at auction iu square No. 76. lots 19, 20, 21 and 22. containing 21.359* feet to J. If. Mc Blair at b if cents per foot?total, 81,331 91\. Tea.?\\ e call the attention of our readers to King A Bluebell's tea circular of to-day. W atch Returns.?Again,there were no cases on the trial docket at the Central guard-house. And only three persons in the lodging rooms GEORGETOWN AFFAIRS. C?rrt*pndt*et of The Star. . Gboeoetown, June 11, |f57. The following gentlemen have been elected to the Board of Directors of the Georgetown Gas Company, for the year commencing the first day of the present month: R P. Dodge W F Sey sn0R' WJ,,er"' A '? PJckrelL S. K Brick, and Henry King. Yesterdav th? Directors met. and regularly organized by thr jjWIon of Kjiijli.!, 1, plUdSS, King as Secretary, ana J. D. Cathell as Superin tendent. Th?- aflairs of the company, we learn, are in a very flourishing conditiofTand still im proving. We learn further that the net earnings of the concern for the half year ending the 1st of Wli. ^ ?ufficient to enable the Directors to du lare a dividend for the same period of three ?TveCnn? I a *,,rPlus ot Dome six or fund hu,,dred dul1*'9 carry to the working . It.V,7VZent!J fumored in our city this morn ing tliat Dam No. 1 on the Chesaueake ami nhi % Canal, has again been seriousfyTnK or ulr v sweot away by the rise i? the pitouiw (^sid by the heavy ral?s of the last few days ' C*U*!d 1 he water In the Potomac, onpo?ft, our c?v this morning is quite high, w^th a strong cur-' rent setting down, aud large quantities of wood and heavy logs 4c , are being borne on by So 4 [. c"XrT *' "P0" 1*"" We are credibly informed that a new rule or discipline has be. n introduced into the femall and junior depaitments of our public schools l" If this report be rrue_and we , ,?: no pttssioly doubt it. as we obtained our informa ton froin the most reliable sources?we think tLe promptings of humanity wonid indu. e the ir.ia' dians to romp*-] ihose who are in the habit of in a d'luhlnr punishment to abandon the < ru, 1 and tubsnian practice instanter. Such rei/uli tior.s or system* of punishment for pubbcorany of schools might suit the Mate of civ do rot Think u ?nai; Jap,in ?r Hiud^?n, but we t-V at ?k keeping with that of ourroun t.y at the present day. idea of proppi^ a ch: d s mouth op^n with a piece of w??l %r whUper,ng or some other trifling ofT^ in ?^?geous to be tolerated for a ?*! oSiST" in the fl*"r ?r ^r#i" '""?"'t since Arrived since our la*t?packet schooner \i.?i ettaBurr.ofthe Messrs. Key ^nT, .N,?kV * ?on. Boston, with 600 flsh to Hartley AB rot her 6J tons plaster to Master: 500 package, of furnl ture to sundry houses in Washington; 200 bun dles paper to E. Towers Packet schooner C T Yo7fgioF ?Th the D'utrlct ^e' ?"re^iKe for The packet schooner Martha Baxter sailed yes frora wharf of the Messrs Hartley, with a cargo of flour for Boston. S ' fashions a*d Follibs Of W?ihii|Ua Life. A Drama of Thrilling Interest, Illustrative cf Metropolitan Life and Society. By H. Clay Ptwsi. PKRECIHS or TUB DUMA. Col. Delaney.agovrrument clerk,colonel by court##? Kmui Delaney, daughter of CoL Delaney, a true woman. . . . Capt. Jack Smith, ex-captainand retired politician. an "old fogy.'' . j Tom. Scott, Capt. Smith's body servant,a gentle man Irorn Africa. Tonawaha. a live Indian chief. ... . Hon. Col. CeciHe, genuine honorable, but bogus colonel. i Sharpsteel, friend of Cecille, a wit. Noall.a gentleman who " knows all about it. John unmitigated compound of raeoalitj. Bill Sly, tool of Sharker's, and always "agreeable. Hon. Gen. Blane, genuine honorable, byt bogus Hon. fcol. DeCourcey, genuine honorable, but bogus colonel. . ....... Mrs. Singleton, a dashing widow, "fair, but neither '? fat" nor " forty." - Hon. Mrs. Bangs and Daughter, verdant flowers from the backwoods. Cbittcal Notice*. . . . "The literary merits of your play as i? picture ol society?a satire with its dialogue?are all first-rate: built of apioe and wit and genuine fun. So'"a ?' your points are as keen as Sheridan s. ?Park Benjamin. " I am very much pleased with your play indeed, and think it will act capitally."?John E. Owens. " It ia a very ably written production."? Wm. K. Burton. Prioe 25 cents; bound copies 50 cents. For aale at Tavlor & Maury's, Joe Shillington s, and book sellers generally. Trade supplied at the usoa-dis count of one-third by addressing the Author, ortre ol Richard Roberts. Northern Liberties BookMore, 327 Seventh street, Washington. je tl-3t l)r*. Hunter it Williams. Physicians for Distasts of Throat and Lnnts, 52 North Charles street, Baltimore. Dr. Hustbb or Dr. Williams will visit Washing ton on the 12th and 29th of each month. The next visit will l?e on Friday, the 12th instant. Office 260 Pennsylvania avenue, over Mrs. \ oss s Jewelry Store. jelO-St FOB BENT AND SALE. F F^OR RENT.?A comfortable three-story Brick House,uu 11th between G and H streets. je ll-3t* Apply to LKWIS JOHNSON. F^OR RENT.-A three-story BRICK HOUSE, oil F street, between 2d and 3d street*. contain ing six rooms. For terms apply to J. ROVER, on 1st street, between I anil K streets. ie ll-tit* 7?OR SALE.?The LOT No. 2, in Square No.573, _ fronting sixty feet oil Indiana avenue, running through,to D street, on which it also troots sixty feet. There is room for six houses ol twenty feet front each, with deep lots, Rapidiy improving lo ^Teriiis very Iil?eral. Title indisputable. Inquire of J NO. H. HOUSTON. J* l l-?t_ I^OR RENT.?That laree and commodious four story BRICK TENEMENT on L, between17th and 8th streets, near the Navy Yard Gate. To a good tenant it will bo rented low. For particulars apply next door. _ je 10-3t F^OR RENT.?One of imr HOUSES on C street, between 1st and 2d, with all the modern improve ments and conveniences. The house is four-stories high, with dry cellar, l'ure water in the kitchcnand through the house. Rent reduced to $46 per mouth. Iuqure of J. B. WARD, 12th street and Canal. je 10-3w House for rent and servantfor HIRE. -FOR RENT.-A pleasant and com fortable FURNISHED HOUSE, within two squaros of the Post Office, and having a large front and back yard. _ . ,. Also, a good Cook and House SERVANT to hire aloug with the house. Inquire at No. 518 H street, between 6th and 7th streets. je lo-3t FOR RENT.-A back PARLOR on The first tioor.and three spacious and airy BEDROOMS on the second floor, situated on the west side of 12th street, between F and G streets. Inquire at 479 12th street. je9-3lt* I>OR RENT.?Two WAREHOUSES on 6th street, between Pennsy Ivania and Misfouri ave nues. For terms, Ac., apply to J. B. WILSON. No. 327 Penn. avenue. je 9-lra VALUABLE FARM AND VERY DESIRA ? RLE COUNTRY RESIDENCE NEAR washington FOR SALE.-I oiler for sale the farm, dwelling, and out-houses, stock, Ac.,belonging to the estate of the late A. Hoover^ situated in Alex andria count?, Va., just opposite Georgetown. The farm contains about 160 acres. The soil is very pro ductive and in a high state of cultivation, embracing an orchard, containing every variety of the best fruit trees. The dwelling nouse is about 42 feet square, surrounded vnth a portico 10 feet wide, and contains large parlors separated by a ten-feet hall, 5 cham bers, with water in each ; also, kitchen, wnter-closet, lath-room, all supplied with water from the reser voir on the top of the dwelling. The dwelling was 1 built without regard to expense and with reference only to the comfort of the owner. The situation is | the most desirable perhaps near Washington, l?etng within a few minutes walk of Georgetown, and com manding the most beautiful view of the cities ol Washington aud Georgetown and surrounding coun try . it will be sold either in whole or in part at pri vate sale ; but if not disposed of before the thirtieth day of June, it will be sold at public auction to the highest bidder, together with all the stock, farming utensils, furniture, Ac. Inquire of A. P. HOOVF.R, No. 331 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite Browns* Hotel. je 9-6t Household fukn ture for sale.?a rare chance is offered to a small fninilv contem plating housekeeping, by a gentleman declining the same. The furniture is plain and useful only, amounting in the aggregate to about Terms cash. ALSO, FOR R ENT?The House, which is eligi bly situated, containing six rooms, should sale lie effected. Apply at No. 343 9th street, near L, be tween 4 and 5 p.m. je 6 lw* FOR SALE.?That beruitiful, comfortable Cot tage built DWELLING HOUSE situated on the corner of 22d street west and E street north. The Lot fronts 5<> feet by 1&? deep. The Furniture will be sold with the houbc if wanted. The location is delightful either for a summer or winter residence. Apply to POLLARD WEBB, Agent, No. 512(2d story)7th atreet. may 28 L^OK SALE?On liberal terms, a new and desira r ble BRICK DWELLING, on south side of north L street. Iietween 4th and 5th west, and a com fortable FRAME DWELLING, No. 434, on north aide of north K street, between Pthand 7th west. Also, the square of GROUND No. li?, containing 84,471 feet, at 3 ota. per feot. Apply at >'o. 512 7th atreet. may 19-tf POLLAR D WEBB, Agent. If ARM FOR SALE.?A FARM, containing 160 acres, of land, more or less, situated immediately upon the Washington and Brookville Turnpike.about 11 miles from Washington, together with stock, con sisting of 20 head of Hogs, Cows, Heifera, Horses, Wagon, Hay, Carriagme, Harness, Plows, Harrows, and Farming Utensils generally, tho Crop in the ground. Straw, Ha*, Ac. It is well watered, having a spring in every field. An unfailing stream of water runs through the premises. There is a good frame dwelluig-houso and out-houses necessary to farm ing purposes. There is also an Orchard on the place, about one third of the land ls in timber, oak, hickory, Ac. For further information inquire of BENJAMIN BOHR KR, corner of Boall and Montgomery sts.; GEO. W. BOH R ER, cor. of High and Gay streets, Georgetown, D. C.,or of Mr. HARP, on the prem ises. ap 28 tf 111" If not sold by the 22d inet. will be offered at public auction to the highest bidder. je 4 Fm>x a van Hook, mkal intatk aukms, 4'J0Ji Seventh street, below E street, have for sale a iiiimlier of Buildiug Lots 21 feet front bv 130 feet deep, at the very low price of from ."573 to j}123 each?payable in small monthly instalment;, of S3 per month. These Lots are situated at. Union Town, on the eolith side of the Anacostia river, adjoining the Na vy-yard Bridge,and ftre in every way desirable lor persons wishing a clisap, pleasant, and healthy loca tion for a dwelling. Lot-holders in arrears are requested to complete their purchase, and get their deeds; the title to these Lots is guaranteed free and clear from every possible incumbrance. may 25-Sm FMJR SALE OR RENT.-THE DESIRABLE RESIDENCE onthe corner of F aud 2Ut sts., together with the Grounds surrounding it. The House oontams sixteen rooms, has gas throughout, ami furnaco. The stable will be sold or rented with the house if desired. The lot the house stands on is by 136 feet, but the purchaser can have more land if desired. Also, for Sal?-The LOT OF GROUND on the corner of F and 19th streets, and LOTS on 19th,near F street. Apply to CHUBB BROTHERS. ap i-tf FOR SALE.?Either one or both of those newly erected three-story BRlCK HOUSES, with back buildings, situated ou the west side of lath atreet, Iietween F and G. They contain IS rooms each, with all the modern improvements, and are ou a Lot 130 feet in depth. Also, a BRlCK HOUSE,on K street, Iietween4th ; and 5th. containing nine rooms and kitchen. The aliove property will be sold on accommodating , terms by applying to JOHN R. Mcl.EOD. at his Carpenter Suop,onl?th street, or through the Post 1 Office. ie8-e??2w FOR RENT OR SALE.?The large four-Story BRdCK HOUSE, with all the modern improve ments, with a large brick arable attached, situated on Indiana avenue, U-tween 1st and 2d streets. No. 63. The rent will be moderate to a good tenant. In quire of JNO. l'URDY, Esq., No. 550 Penn. ave nue. je 5-eo2w* F^OR RENT.?The HOUSE on 21?t street, near H, adjoining Mrs. Dr. Wotberspoon's. It is l?e ing thoroughly papered and painted, and has had the gas let in. Apply at Mr. STOVER'S Wood Yard, near by. (States) je9-eo3t F^OK SAI.E.?The whole ?CSQUARE9lmm the burnt house square, ne*r tne First Waid Circle, together with the remaining improvements. A good opportunity^ (or any one wishing to build a first-class house. Apply to A. HYDE. The STABLE will oe rented till sold. jo Q.i?o-;t (IntelAStates) DR( G STORE FOR SALEj?The STOCK. GOOD WILL, and FIXTlTtES of a Drug Store eligibly situated, dome an excellent prescrip tion business. Thiaiaan opportunity seldom to be inet witil, as the owner intenda leaving the buainesa altogether. Address "Pharmaceutist," City Post Office. Je 9-eo2w TO OWNERS OF CITY PROPERTY AND CAPITA LISTS.?The subscriber offers topur chaae and sell Real Estate on commission. Having occasion to visite all parts of the oity, and critically to examine every claaa of property .unuaual opportu nities of buying and selling to advantageare present ed. Office corner of Penn. avenue and 10th atreet,

over Savings Bank. je6-eolnF 4?RAFTO.N D. HANSON. 'OR SALE.-Two well built BRICK HOUSES near the Capitol Grounds, and within the ?rt> posed extension. Also a number of vacant LOTS, F< Apply asabove. je6 tit? AUCTION SALES. By C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer. ?ALE OF A LOT ON THE CORNER OF *7 VIRGINIA ATKNUE AND S3l) STREET AT AUCTION. OnSATlTRDAY AFTERNOON, Jon* l? o ctuok, I stall Mil, on the premises, part of Lot No. 4, in Square No. AO. fronting M foet ? inches on the corner of Virginia avenue aud ?kl street, containing about 4,(W squaae feet. Sale positive. Terms cash. j* H- C. W. BOTELER. Auct. By WALL 4. BARNARD, Auotioneera. Horse, carriage, and harness at Auction.? On SATURDAY MORNING, June IS, at ta o'ctoek, we shall sell in front of our Auction Rooms? 1 Chestnut sorrel Horse 1 family Carriage an J Harness. The horse works well in harness, ami sold because the owner is about leaving the city. je II (Its WALLA BARNARD, Aucts. By JAS. C. McUUIRE, Auctioneer. TWO SMALL BRICK HOUSES NEAR "Printing Office Sqca?e" at Auction.-?On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, June 17thtat6 o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell part of No. 5, in square 715. fronting 25 feet on 1st street oast, be tween north I and K streets, running hack 100 feet, with the improvements, consisting of two nearly new two-story Brick Dwelling Houses, well built and neatly finished. Terms: One-third cash; the residue in 6 an.l 12 months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Sale peremptory. je 11-d JAS. C. McGUIR E. Auct. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. FINE BUILDING LOTS. FRONTING Cm 1)1 AND7TH ST8. andS and T streets, at Avc tion.?On MON DAY, the 15th instant, 1 shall sell in front of the premises, at 6 o'clock p. m., 61 handsome building lots, in subdivision of square No. 441, ail of which are of tnodorate depth, running to all?>s. Tl?s property is beautifully situated, bounded by 6tn and 7tn streets west and S aud T streets north, and perfectly graded on each street. The atten tion of the public is respectfully invited to this large sale of property, as bargains may be expected. Terms: One-fourth rash; the balance in#. 12. U. 2l, 30, and 9G months, for notes bearing interest from day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. Title indisputable. jell-eo3t A. GREEN, Auetioneer._ By JAS. C. McGl'IRE. Auotionecr. Harness, saddles, halt ers, Wnirs. Trusk*. Cartet-bai.*. A Stoke Fixtures at Public Auction.?Bv virtue ofad.>?! of trust or assignment from Josian F. Bailey to the subscriber, bearing date on tne 9th day of J une, lfi.37. and recorded on tho same day, I will sell for the purposes therein mentioned, at public auction, on THURSDAY next. June I8tL, commencing at ten o'c'ock a. in., at Ins Ule place of business. No. o7J Pennsylvania avenue, south side, between 4M and 6th streets, all bis stock in trade, consisting in part of Harness, Saddles, Bridles, Halters, Whips, Trunks, Carpet-bags, Hardware, Leather,and Store Fixtures, Ac, Terms: All snms of ?20 and under, cash; all over that amount by notes at 9) and AO days, bearing intei est.and satisfactorily endorsed. EDWARD SWANN. Trustee, je 11-d JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auct. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. NE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BUILD ING Lots now for sale in Washington. FRONTING OX CONNECTICUT AVENUE, BETWEEN NORTH 1 AND K STREETS, AT AUCTION. ?Oil THURSDAY, the 18th instant, I shall sell in front of the premises, at five o'clock, p. m., Lot No.31, in Square 126, having a front of 75 feet on Connecticut avenue, at the intersection of 17th street with said avenue, which forma a larec open space, running back to a wide allev, containing alwmt IIjmo square feet, and will be subdivided and sold in separate lots if desired at sale. We deem it uunecessarr to say anything further relative to the beautiful location of the anove-described propei|y, as it is well known to^ be one of the most desirable now for sale in Washington, Iwing but one square north and in view of the northwest corner of Lafavette square. Terms: One-fourth, cash ; balance in6,12, IB,and 24 months, for notes bearing interest from the day of sale. A doed given and a deed of trust taken. All conveyance at the coat of the purchaser. Title in disputable. je ll-d A. GREEN, Auctioneer. By WALLA BARNARD. Auctioneers. IARGE STOCK OF FANCY GOODS. PER j fl'mehy. Jewelry. Cigar*, Ac., at Auction. On THURSDAY MORNING. 11th 10 (?'clock, at the store ?f Messrs. San?tag 6c Brother. No. 333 Penn. avenue, south side, between 6th and 7th streets, we will sell their entire stock of Fancy Goods, Perlumery, Jewelry, Ac., vie : White aud clored Hoa ery. women's and ehi'dren's White and colored llaif Hobo, men's and N>y'a Wool and cotton Undershirts and Drawers Buttons. Tapes, Cords, Needles, Pins Hrnids. Ritmrids, Tapes, Hooks and Eyes Pocket, Dressing, Tuck, ami fine Combs Hair-cloth, Tooth and Nail Brushes Fans, Perfumery, and Fancy Soaps Sewing Cottons, Silk, and Thread Toya, Vases, China Cups ami Saucers Large stock of Gold and Silver Watches, Jewel ry, Ac. Beads, Purses, Portemonnaiea. Cigar Cases Work Boxes, Satchels, Cabas. Ac. Looking Glasses. Ink. Pens, Stationery, Cigars, Ac. With inauy other Goods in the fancy line. Also, Glass Cases, Measures, Scales, Fixtures, Shelving, Ac. The trade is invited to the above sale, as the whole stock will he sold without reserve. Terms: ??! and under, cash ; over that amount a credit of and ?i days, for notes satisfactorily en dorsed, bearing interest. je 6-ta WALLA BARNARD. Auct. JO* THE ABOVE SALE WILL BE CON TINUED on FRIDAY MORNING,at luo'olock, until the whole stock is disposed of. i je 11 -It WALL A BARNARD. Auct'r. O By J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. IARGE COLLECTION OF STORES AT _j the National Hotel foe Sale.?On FRI DAY MORNING, June 12, at 1? o'clock, 1 shal. aell, at the National Hotel Store rooms, a large quantity of stores, comprising? Coffee, Teas, Sirups Essences Preserves of various kinds Pickles, Mustard, Salt, Spices Preserved Fruits, Ac. Many of these articles are in unbroken packages. jeiO-d JAS.C. McGl'IRE, Auct. C V By A. GR EEN. Auctioneer. ONFECTIONERY, COUNTER, SHELV _ ing. and Furniture at Auction.?Oa SAT URDAY, the 13th instai.t, I shall sell at 12 o'c.ock m.,at the Confectionery Store, No.516 Seventh st., near Odd Fellows' Hall, a largo lot of Candies. Rai sins, Figs, Ac., Ac., Candy Jars, Scales, Vases. Counter, and Shelving. Also, a good lot of nearly new Furniture, Carpet, and Oilcloth. Terms cash. je 10 St A. GREEN, Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. VERY VALUABLE LOT ON 14th street, between Canal and north C strkkts, at Auction.?On THURSDAY AFTER NOON, July llth, at 6 o'clock' on tne premises, I shall self Lot No. 4, in square 259, fronting 89 feet 2% inches on 14th street west, between Cr.nal and north C streets, run ning back 1211 feet 10 inches. Terms: One-fourth cash; the halance in 6,12, and 18 months, with interest secured by deed of trust on the premises. je 5-d JAS. C. McGUIR h. Auct. By JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. ERY VALUABLE BUILDING LOT on IOtii, betwf.enGand H streets.?On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, June 16th, at 6 o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell part of Lot No. 14, in square 345, having a fronton the west side of loth street west of fret, between G ami II streets north, run ning buck loo feet, and containing b-et. 'I Ins is a very l>eautil'ul Lot and finely located for building purposes. Terms: One-third cash ; the residue in 6 and 12 months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. jeiod JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auct. 'IMUSTEE'S SALE.?Bv virtue of a deed of I. trust from David Jones and wife to me, I will ex pose to public sale, on THURSDAY, the 26th <\:i\ of June next, at 12 o'clock in., (if fair, if not. the neat lair day thereafter.) on the premises, all that part or parcel of laud whereon the said David Jones now resides, containing alnmt ninety-two acres, and which property formerly belonged to the late Doug lass Voss. Tills property is most eligibly si tinted for a Itoarding establishment or female seminary ,l?e ing immediately on the Baltimore and Washington raiiroad. distant about one hundred yards from the Bladensburg depot. The improvements consist of a large and commodious Frame Dwelling, in complete repair, and every necessary out building. The land is admirably adapted to the usual productions of th" country, and at an inconsiderable outlay might be reud?red most productive, a greater portion bail If tine meadow land. In point of health it will compare with any situation in this country, aud rarely is it that property possessing so many advantages is of fered for sale. The terms will be liberal, and made known on the day of sale. N. C. STEPHEN, Trustee, may 26-3tawts Bladcnsburg, Md. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. CCOMMISSIONERS' SALE OF VALUABLE s Real Estate.?By virtue of the order and de cree of the Circuit Court of the District of Colum bia for the county of Washington, in the mattar of the heirs of Frederick Mohler, deceased, made ou the 13th day of April, 1857, the undersigned Com missioners will on>r for sale at public auction, to the highest bidder therefor, on the premises, at six o'clock p. in., on THURSDAY, the luth instant, ail of Square of ground No. :?2M, with the improve ments, consisting of a email lraine house ; and all of Square of ground No. 271, of the plan of the city of \\ ashington; for descriptions of which they re fer to the proceedings in the said cause. The conditions of sale are : One fourth of the pur chase money to lie paid nt the time of sale, or within three days thereafter; the residue to be paid in one, two. ami three years, with interest from the day of sale, to be secured to the satisfaction of the Commis sioners, or a majority of them. If the terma are not complied with, the property, at the expiration of three days froiu the day of sale, will be resold, at the ritk and expense of the pur chaser or purchasers. SAM'I. E. DOUGLASS. E. C. CAR RINGTON, THOS.E. LLOYD, CHAS. WALTER. THEODORE MoGLUE, A. Lloyd, Attorney. Commissioners, je 10-d A. G R EEN, Auctioneer. O PENING TH IS WEEK ~ at FRANK A. McGEE'S. 241 Penn. avenue, between 12th and 13th streets, Superb Black Thread l?ace MANTILLAS Superb Black l?aee SHAVYLS. A letter assortment of winch cannot be found thia aide of New York, Also, a hne line of the best HOSIERY, ladies', gent's, and children. BLACK LACE for Baaquea and Mantillas, Ac,, Ao. Cal 1 and see for yourselvea. je 2-9t WD. EICHLKR, No. art SEVENTH STREET, between Dand E streets. west aide, PRAC- Jfcv TICAL WATCHMAKER, keeps oonatantly nhand a fine assortment of WAtCHES andAUac J WELRY. ap to aF Refrigerators.?Some of the beat m the city, and at the loweatpricea. j?5 G. FRANCIS,4907thstreet. AUCTION BATJER THIS AFTERNOON 4r TO-MORROW. * f * k* |\o/?Z| l' * h'.J)1'* Auctioneer. lorm AakdP*? *A*T,BjtT DAY, the r remises, i.. . .ot, fronting iee? * lutun vu iin BirA<>, .... . run* back 97 feet to a S>-feetaliey. between miw a and B street?, being Lot No. 17, in nauarc No ??? Terms: One-fourth cash; balanceonacredit of?? and 18 month*.for notes bearing interest from davnt Hu0? A deed given and a deed of trust taken. Title indisputable. All conveyance at the ooat of the parchaner. Je 5 d A. GREEN. Auct. r By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. * "EfTS SALE or DESIRABLE DWEL LiNu Hoi'sk axd Lot on 11th *treet. \ kar WXiiAV*?fiLK~^?n THURSDAY A PTE K NOON d*e.f rVr'tr!,^ ? ^.Tk,' Vnfh* nrtue of a d?*d ,JV,y,*' >*?? wxl doly recorded in rewrds'for\v.\?* 'J1'*?"*'*!.Ac., one of the Inixl tw wifl sell n* 10 county. D. C., the suhscri M t*f u Vn Pia.'? ,WJCtloV" ,he highest bidder. Sveud *\halMnSLL^IKS '"MOM* 2S fort northC ?tr?l! i?i S? " ,lth ,flwt w*st- between I^leet .mrmch"."*.*V*nU"n<1 rnnnmc buck B^^rrsss1' eoJh,tin< !8h=P^ All conveyancing at the o??t of Purcha**. . , . ? n''MAS j. J* ISHKR rrmt^n jeJ-eoAds J AS. C. Mcfiri r k. Anct._ tlOUSEfl(5LD avd*KITCH EN?f FRXITIRF n at AreTfo.f.-On FRIDAY, the I2th i.Lt I shn.I sell, at lo o clock a. m.. at the residence of a gentleman dcc.ininr housekeeping, on north (J street. U-tween 17th and 18th streets, lieing No, &?> a e<?>d Sre *\v2. V I ior'Cha?nber.and Kitchen Furni "r?\ e deem it unnecessary to enumerate. nH? gentleman is about to leave the city, and nil wjl! be sold to the highest bidder. rernis cash. A. GR HEX. Auctioneer. i\|AKSHAl/S SALE.?In virtue of a writ of i?l fieriifceias, issued from the Clark's office of the Count. V\vl0k ? "Il,tr'ct ?f Columbia, for the County of Washington, nod tomo directed. I shall ex pone to puMic Kale, for cash, 111 front of the Ware room ol ManiKlaus Murray A Co.,on Louisiana ave nue. l>etvoen Bth and 7th streets, on FRIDAY t he ?i iV'n C 1!'sta"t' commeiiciug at 10 o'clock a. in I'',?, ol *",** a'Ld ?I*?I??S ,? P^rt, to wit: English, Brussels. and Ingrain Carpet* ? ronoh and German gi!t-frame Mirrors. P,er Tables Mah< gnn\ Bureaus, \\ ardrobes. Bedsteads J",?*1 her Beds and Budding Lamps, Girandoles. \V ashstands, tuarWe-toD Tables Mahogany lush Chair, Arm ditto P Mahogany Hair and Plush Sofas Spy j'ltsses, Thermometer* saddle, Sideboards And a large collection of Books ; seized and levied 1?; v;!gu?AT. Thilte"' ",e uf A- Ur?d J. D. HOOVER, Marshal. ALSO, ON SATURDAY, thk 18th or JcfE instant, at in o clock a. m I sliall i?ell *? .t |" * of "t TW^lS' MendSao ! iv ,for1?Mbj l?^mg the l?lance of the good* and c V? \o t" satisfy the alwn-e-natiied ca,s No. 139, to October term. 1R37. in fav.?r of Cor ?TTn pS.'KVSi" A- u"di'J',1" faUu? Oilcloths, large Cherry Wardrobe* mJTP' l!,f \\ h eons, Planes, Grindstones Bellows. Anvi|, lot of old Iron, lot at Machinery 1,6 beloiiginV"111 Machinery thereto Rake?,one lot of tunung-iathes and fixtures J. D. HOOVER. Marshal for D C. P.?'WAI'L* BARNARD, Auctioneers. iVIPT?RY SALE OF BRICK HOUSE MfA?? v'v a pt'i?o vAav ab.d at Acctiox.?On rl'?i,ult 1 i TERNOON, the 15th instant, at 6 Dirtof'l^r v!! i 0?1 ?/tl'?> Premises, east Pi f . Ij0t. No. ?. in square 14<i. fronting 27 leet on I. street north. betweei7Ti?th and 19th stre? t? runmnr a"%Cka V^y^eMlo";^- The the pavement'laid. ?n " "eWly 'mpr?Ved street' w"h IOIJaVaVf^fJSie^n0t cornPiied ?"hin thflriak ..f : M1? property to Ik: resold at {h^ day of sale. pUrch"^ ^ * paid on Terms liberal.and made known at sale. Sale positive. Bv order of heirs. ,e WALL t BA R XA R D. Aucf. ^ JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. P1,8'''0. OF v A UUA BLE BUI EDI XG STREKM ?a^^ tA **?.?' A>D 7th saleon FMhVaV fh ,V^criber 7t 1 "Hl ?* PoWic saie on r KIDA i. the 12th day of June, 1?37 at 6^ 0 clock d. m., on the premises.jiart of I,ot No U in square So. 874, fronting 40 feetlinches on Fenn IrtTfeif'H anlJ 7th ,ltreets east, by about re^ dlt.c- K in * de"raWe neighborhood for a montl!***r ca*h: and Ijaiance in 6 and 12 ?i'cu"<1 "> ?l?<| tkrv^'iT? um>W^da?*af ? TERNOON, June lt>tl?, same hour and place. ???? Tdi utu*!?? Auctioneer. RLSTEE S SAI.E OF CITY M)TS.-By vir described Lots in \\ ash.ngton city, |). C.: viz : i^?iS .\oj. 1.1, J4, and 15, in square No. litis Ti,i? "" p*"?- b"*"? i'?t ?<"' tw>'en street east and pubic spac". ' 1 erms of szii6 will be ono-third c&hH ? ih^ Kn ?roo <si|in?r,t'<8' notes bearing interest from ses ao sofd seoured by deedof trust on the prem By JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. SMALL BRICK HOUSE AN D EOT OX VIR. On rwo\ day1 A r?r? h AT ri^ ? i . ** "A > AI* IERNOON, June 15th at 1 ,r"Qt r1 ,he Pr.eIm,M". I 'hall sell |<(Jt N'o. 2,fuMi\isi(ia of original I,ots 6 and 7, in Square 537 2fl u V*?lSpr?%Dmei?t.V ,Kil,iK a haiKisotne oottage w?th i nri !??rT-&rlCK ,,ouse* oontainiug four rooms, wuh kitchen. I he houso is well fimslied, DHiiite?l an.n't ?f" r &,a h'vill,,,n,e "ide eiitranen and po?ch.and fe^?n ln 'V I ? house fronts about hi leoii Jcet and has a side lot fronting about the same. law is it dec:ruble ciiAnce to ttecure a pleas^mt res idence or to make a payittg investment. lenns: One-hall cash; balance m | and 2year* WrtS^&S"y l,eedof ?rust ?? th ' ?,el" d JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auct. _ By A. GREEN, Auctioneer Y^ali ABLE LOTS ON SEVENTH STR PPT ? at AiTTioN.-On WEDNESDAY the 17th in" slant, 1 shall sell, in front ofthe preiiiisea. at 6 o'ol'k P;'V- tft" '?eautiful Building Lots, of 21 by A5 feet ? ach. situate mi the w??st side of Seventh ftt w??t b'-rwee,, M and N street!, north. I?e,ng a sul*lms7.n ??I l.o snumliered u. 1'J. and 14, and part of Lot II in Square 424, on the plat ofthe city of Washington 1 hese l.ots run hack to an alley, are in a .Zt im' pim ing lyirt i?f Uio street, and afrord an opportunity lor investment not excelled b> any in the city. ' Terms: ()ne-fouith, oash; balantv in six. twelve eiehteen and twenty-four mouths, for notes Iwarn.i 'i ^rPS ' l>,lv*h'c fetni-aniiually, front day of saie \ deed ki ven awl a deed of trust taken. ' of'lilh^Ks^6- A" cou.'eyatiL'ing at the cost ^ ' A. (iR LEX. Auctioneer. By JAS. (.McGl IR E. Auctioneer. VALUABLE BUILDING LOT..* 17th strut AFtVuXimiv A!iD ,VTREKTS.?Oil MO\i)A Y Premises, I shall Loll Lot No.' . ixMston of square No. laj, front,?? *>^ 9 niche.* on 7th street west, l^twrten L and M streets no. th runuinK ?wok l?t feet 1 inch to n 3*' feet alley, with a' side. running back the full depth on the south lerms: One-fonrth cash; the le^idue in 6 I.Mnd t? {he'ii,^,wlM.,nterC"t' St'CUred by a deed of -Je^d JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auct. P ^ JAMES C. McGI IRE, Auctioneer. I i ' SALK OF VALUABLE BI ILDIXG MONDA V VhtYi 'f0'/ f1;1 kell'at pul",c ?*le-ou ? ? .u' 51,1 d?J June, lho7, at fi o'clock M ie??"?nfi fouiS"" ?? "h ?,"et b? la^Hhf. rfb2^itrop#ktyel'*,l,1T s?lu?ted on the Is ?.? ? wf i ^ ?Mhancing in value, and will be sold chasers ?r dlv,ded lnto buil?liug lots to suit pur All oonreyancing at the expense of the purchaa : "a - i. CHAS S. \\ ALLACH. Attorney. je9-eodAds J A S. C. M cGI IRE. Auct. TBy C. \V . BOTELER, Auctioneer. TRUSTEES' SALE OF VALUABLE REAL Estatk t.t thk City ok Washi*gtox Bv Itrmnfrni Cireeo1 the Circuit Court of the Dis H Pr,Ln( .UII! !li: passed in a cause in which Sarah fre^d"^ ?^ ^'cemlter, 18.rj6. at 4 o'clock p. m., upon the premises, part of Lot No. 16, in square No. 457, in the cit> ol Wash ington, fronting on the south side of E street north, lietween 6t and 7th streets west, and comprised by the following metes and boundaries: IteguiKing lor the same at the northwest corner of said lot. and running thence south luo feet 6 inches to a public al ley 25 feet wide ; tlienoe east 33 feet 11 inches; thence north 10" feet C inches ; aud thence in a straight line to the point of beginning. The improvements con sist of a large and commodious, Dwelling House, 4?. Terms of sale: One-third of the purchase mosey to he paid in cash ; the residue in two euunl instal ments, ps>ablc respectively m six and twelve months from the day of sale; tiie payment ol said instal ments to be secured by the notes of the purchaser, with a surety or sureties to t?e approved by the trus tees, and bearing interest from the day of Should the purchaser fad to comply *'f h terms of sale within bix days aftur tluday ol sale, the pro perty will be resold at his risk and expense, alter live days' notice. . All conveyances at ?he^s^f the^urcliaser. SfcShffoHEk INGLEV r W. BOTELER. dec 3-3tav3w&(.a A?M.???t. rr* fv.~ >nr/<hM?rs of the above property having JuM?KllINTON. CHRISTOPHER INGLE? Trustees je4-eodAd> C, W. BOTELER. Aucl TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM THE ASSOCIATED PKESS THREE DAYS LATER FROM EUROPE. Arrival ?( the < anadt. Nit** York, June 11th?Tbe Cunard steamer Canada, with Liverpool and London dales to tbe 3oth ult., has arrived, bringing three day? later news The Cramer North Star arrived out on fheJOth ultimo. England ? Lord Palme rston. In Parliament, announced tbe rejection of tbe Dal la*-Clarendon treaty, hut sav* thai new condition* Wave beep received from Washington. and were nnder con sideration. London. May 30.?Some excitement was created here by the announcement of an attack on an -"R '"enchant vessel In the road-etead of Belle I?le bv a French war brig The English vessel wa? bound from Bordeaux to Liverpool, and wa* compelled to come to anchor by contrary winds. and when neglecting to hoist ber color*, the French vessel i red two blank cartridges. and a ball cartridge, killing an English iwaman TUe case was under consideration by the authorities. Fbaxcr.?The French legislature ha* passed a law establishing threelinesof steamer** to Ameri ca. The port* of einba:kation were left for sub sequent settlement. The Bank of France bill passed alinoat unanimously. The Assembly had expired by limitation?it* six year* having run oat. General Cavignac and several other Republican* will, it I* said, become candidate* to repreaeut Paris in tbe new corps legislative. The French Ambassador Extraordinary aa led for China from Toulon on tbe $?*!?. Turkey?It i* reported that the French. Ru? Man, Prussian, ana Sardinian Commissioners threaten to withdraw from tbe Principalities, should the Porte persist In removing Vngoride* from his post in Moldavia. Russia.?It is rumored that tl?e cooinens be tween the eiuperor of Russia and Count Morny Is likely to interfere with the commercial treaty between that country and France. Spain.?The Mexican envoy had not bera re ceived by the Queen, and the arraugem<nx of tbe differences between the two governments, it la ?aid had encountered new difficulties. l>e*patcbe? from Algeria mention that the French expeditionary corps attacked Beni Raliett on tbe vKJd of May from three different directions, and captured the position after three hour* bard lighting The advance guard had penetrated into Xybalia. The death of Marshal Radetnki is momentarily expected. The news by the China mall 1* unimportant Advices from. Bombay state that Admiial Sey mour was at "llonc Kong, awaiting reinforce ments which would be looked fbr in theceurse of a few weski Several English regiments were on their return from Persia. Liverpool Markets, Saturday morning ? Cotton?Sales of the week, ending'Friday, 40,000 bales, of which 2.000 were on speculation and 5, Ouu for export. The market closed alow of sale, but prices were generally unaltered. On Inferior qualities the quotations were Itarely maintained. Orleans fair 6},. Middling 7 I3-I6d;' Mobila fair, . Middling i U-lOd; Upland* fair 9, Middling 7,Vd. Stock in port 695,000 bales. The Manchester Markets were dull. Breadstuff*?One circular quotes breadstuff* aa quiet; others say the market was dull. Flour had a declining tendency. Corn had declined fid; mixed 38* 6da?s Provisions were dull. Lard w*s steady at 64*. Rice was buoyant at a small advance Sugar was dull at Is. dectlne. Rice closed quiet at :28s. Rosin was heavy; common 4* 9d a5s fine 14*. Spirits Turpentine was heavy at 43s ; there was nothing doing in crude. The Vert Latest. Liverpool, Saturday. 2 p. m.?Breadstuff# were steady and quiet. Provisions were steady Cotton quiet; estimated sales 5,000 bales. London.?Consols yesterday opened weak, and declined to M3 11-10. but subsequently rallied and closed Hi in. Share* were Ann; but little Was doing. Xew Hampshire Politics. Cojtcoan, June 10 ?The Democratic State Con vention has nominated Asa P Cate for Governor on the first ballot. Frederick Vose. of Walpole, was nominated for railroad commissioner Reso lutions were passed endorsing the last and all previous demobratic administrations; pledging an earnest support of President Bncbanan . sus taining the Detl Scott derision, and advocating the repeal of the Maine law The convention Is full and harmonious. Arrest of Hon. John VVeatwerth. Chicago, June 9.?Hon. John Wentworth, mayor of the city, was arrested this morning by the Tnited States marshal, charged with havln< mall hags in his possession, and was held to >*a(l in the sum of S3,o00. The mail bags were found on his premises, but at an examination held In the afternoon Mr. Wentworth was discharged from custody by Judge Drununond He decided that Mr. W eutworth, in his official capacity of Congressman. received the mail l?at*s. and thai unless a special demand was made Tor Ibem be had a right to keep them. Municipal Elections. BrFFAf.o. N Y .June 9.?At the city election to-day. the entire Democratic ticket ,cas elected by l.?*io majority. T Lockwood is the viavo. elect; C. S Pierce, Comptroller, arul E. Tnavet, City Attorney. Providence, R I .June 9?The fourth 'rial to elect a Mayor, to-day, resulted in no choice Olney. American and Republican, received i.7?s; Francis, Democrat. 1744; scattering, 51^. Advance Pny to Seamen. Boston, June 10.?The meeting of merchant* to-day in relation to the discontinuance of tbe ad vance wages to seamen referred the subject to a committee of ten. Letters were read from the Chambers of Com merce of Liverpool and New York, requesting co-operation in the furtherance of the object, as a beutlit to seamen as well as to shipping interest. Lynch Law in Virginia. Richmond, June loth.?Jefferson Randolph, who some time since was sent away from Rock ingham county, for barn burning and plundering, returned last* Friday. He was seized by the Vigilance Committee and hung to a tree yester day. Jones, his son-in-law, was iu custody, and was to be hung to-day. The Tehnantepec Route. New Orleans. June 10.?Intelligencehas been received hereof the opening of the Tebuantepee route. Vessels have arrived at Ventosa bay. and some passengers have reached here on the Chlpo la roaa. The bridges will probably be finished and stages running by the 1st of Octotjer. Movements of Uov. \\ ise. PETESsBLBii, J uue 11?Gov Wise arrived here last evening, and was received by the Old Domin ion Guards. At night, this corps, with the offi cers of the battalion called upon him The gov ernor made one of his happiest efforts. Burning oi a ( lock Factory. N ew Haven, J uue 0.?The cl<wk factory or E. L Dunbar, at Bristol. Conn., was burnt down on Saturday night. The building and its contents, including several thousand dollars worth of clock* and stock, were totally destroyed. Death of a Millionaire. Hosoken. N. J., Junee 10.?Com. John C.Ele vens died ol enlargement of the heart, at hi* resi dence iu Iiobokeu. this afternoon, aged 7U veers. He leaves property to the amount of several mil lions. Cotton Exports?Decrease. New Orleans, June 9.?The total decrease in the exports of cotton to Ehgland this season com pared with the last is 110,(*10 bales, and to Franee 1(10,000. Death of Geo. Norris. Bingiiaxftox, N. Y.. June 9 ?General Jacob Norris. a prominent citixen of this place, died to-day at noon. Baltimore Markets. Baltimorr, June 11.?Flour steady at ?7 37k . Wheat i* dull; red 91 74aSl 90; white fcl.fSa S 1.90 for good to prime, and S1.9SaSS2 for choice parcels. Corn i* a shade better. Whisky is dull at 35^a37c. New York .Market*. New York, June 11.?Flour Is firm; sale* of 10.000 bbls , State 9* 50a*6 85; Ohio ?7 20a?7.7U; Southern S7 6Uat7.90. Wheat is buoyant; sales of 6,000 bushels; St. Louis white S*2. Corn 1* buoyant; sales of I2,l*w bushels; mixed has advanced 4c. Provisions are unchanged. Whisky closed firm at 34.Hr Financial. New Yore, June II ?Stock* are dull and low er Chicago and Rock Island 97\; Cumberland Coil Co 17: lll'tol* Cent:ai shares 137* : do. bonds 91 *; >i^ijT>n Southern Ai\ New York Central SIX! P'n^CoalCompanv fclj,. Reading 7f; Cantons ISfc; Virginia t> s 90\; Missouri h ? Sterling exchange is firm. FrtTHER PARTICriARs OF THE BCRNlNa ol the Louisiana ?The Galveston Civilian brings us a corrected list of the lost and missing by the burning of tbe steamer Louisiana Tbe name of W. P. Dixou, of Alexandria, Va.. i* set down with the 44 missing and certainly lost.'* Mr. Dixon wi? a son of Turner Dixon, Esq., of Alex andria. Mr. Abraham Smyth, a young man,also from Alexandria, who was traveling with Mr Dixon, was saved, and has arrived at New Or leans. The remains of Col. Bainbrid*re. U- S A-my, one of the victims, were interred at Gal veston. with imposing ceremonies, ia wbkb the Masons, military and about twelve bund.ed citi zens participated At last account* ten bodie* bad been recovered, and thlrtv-three others, in cluding nine seamen and nine slaves, were missing and certainly lost. Out of ll>4 souls on lioartL more than half, It Is said, are yet to be accounted for. Those saved escaped with only tbeirclothiu^ ?iu fact several were half naked,