Newspaper of Evening Star, June 12, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 12, 1857 Page 1
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THE'EVENING STA u 3 PL BLISHED KVKRY APTCINOWN, i (E1CEPT SUNDAY.) AT THB STAR BUILDINGS, C?r**T *J PtmmsylvMta avtnut, amd 111* llriil, Br W. D. WALLACH, anJ ia isrred to anbeenbera by camera at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, parable weekly to the A<ent?; papera aenred id paokajcee at JT* oenta par month. To mail aubeeriberatheanbeonptionpnoeta THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS a yaar t? adrana, TWO DOLLARS for ail nwitiM, and ONE DOLLAR for three moot ha; for ieaa than three montha at the rate of 12K oenta a week. fZT SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT.' THE WGKKLV STAR. VOL. IX. WASHINGTON, D. C., FRIDAY, JUNE 12, 1857. NO. 1,373. Thia eioetnt Fa?iiy aad Neve Joemal taininx a greater variety of latereebncreadui can N? fnnnd in any other?M petrtiehed on ?onunc. ' % Til Hie Simla oopr, per auiim fl ? TO clbh. Kiwwnpi? ft tO Ten Copiea - ? > 00 Twenty copie* If *0 LTCiai, iiTitiaiT ia advasen Bt aubecnbiuf in oiube nuaed among neighbor* without the intervention of a mail urnt, aa will be perceived, twenty per oont. of the WssaLT rraft will he waved. It invariably eon rune the " aaa mrton News " that haa made t he Daily St am caree late ?o generally thronrhout the oonntry. ,.lL/~Sm*!e ooptea (in wrnppera t eaa be proetred at the eounter. immediately after the laeae of the Paper. Prioe-THRKE CnTa. ?LSH?1^aT*a* woo met &? acenta will be aUewed a OO nnuMtonuf twenty dm- owl A 1ST SALLY'S MIFF. BT C. X. K fc!? DALL. Miss Sally Strong was a peculiar woman For sixty years she had retained her name, which exactly suited her bard nature; and the man having the assurance to ask her to ex change it for his own, would have been a rare companion for Cummings in his tiger hunts in the jungles of Africa. At least, no one in the village of B would dare to question his manhood. She was one of those who seemed to hart been born an old maid in perspective. Before she arrived at her teens, she used to stone the boys, with a malignant delight; and ere she ?u out of them. her contempt for the opposite sex was strikingly manifest, that all prudent young men. if accidentally walking upon the sime side walk, to avoid a meeting, would very quietly cros.; to the other side and" allow her the whole of it. Yet she was a pmileged person, and people would smile at an ill-natured remark from her as though it were a compliment. Even the young minister of the parish treated her with marked respect, although he was certain to have his last sermon wonderfully criticised, in answer to his kind inquiry regarding her health. The secret of all thi* might have been written in three words?she was rich; and even the clergyman was worldly-minded enough to desire to be on good ternu with one who was the largest contributor to his support. Aunt Sally, as the villagers universally called her, had received the bulk of her property irum a deceased aunt, which her shrewd busi ness qualities had enabled her to invest so advantageously that she increased in ^wealth as she did in year*, and. like many other rich f>oople well advanced in life, had scores of af octionate young relatives, who each hoped to obtain a large slice of the cake of real estate which would be cut up in the event of her de cease Her cold gray eyes were too shrewd not to see through their eager attentions to the very selfishness of their source. One nephew, however, did not belong to this class of schemers On the contrary, the old lady was very often the victim of his jokes, and he would dispute with her just for the fun of having a hot argument. \et for any real scr vice, ahe would oftener apply to him than any one else. She had even loaned him a sum sufficient to stock a fine store, but still this Frederick so often annoyed and vexed her that public opinion?extending no further, of course, than the limits of this village?was equally di vided as to whether he would be the favorite heir or be cut off with a shilling. One evening, upon the meeting of the parish sewing circle at the house of the clergyman, this nephew perpetrated a joke upon his aunt, the result of which he never forgot. She, un like most maiden ladies, considered these gath erings a sort of fashionable nuisance, but uaual ly was present in order to indulge in her sarcastic remarks. Her nephew was there os tensibly to wait upon his aunt, but the fair Lucy, daughter of the worthy practioner, Dr. Blood, particularly allured him with her charms. { " Did it ever occur to you, girls,*' said the old lady, " what you are here lor?*' "To be sure, aunt.*1 answered one of her nieces. " simply to make clothing for the poor heathen," 4 Where may these objects of your great pity reside?*' ?? O. iu Siam. Burmali. and other like places.| * Indeed" Well, heavy woollen shirts are very serricable garments, upon my word, for the people living under a tropical sun. They wtll doubtless be very grateful for clothing so suited to their climate . ' -Well done, aunl !*' exclaimed Frederick. ?' A good ahot and no mistake. But these cir cles are grand affairs, after all/' " Grand affairs, indeed, for young men to say s-vft things, and silly girls to listen to them! tirand affair* to dispense the accumulated go#sip of a month ! Grand affairs for scandal moving, and for everything but the purpose they profess " And Aunt Sally looked about her with a triumphant glance, as though ber charges were unanswerable In fiu-t, too many felt the justice of her rebuke to measure words with her Even Frederick agreed so much with her in the abstract that he was content to remain silent. Having achieved such a moral victory, the lady con tinue! in unwontad g?od humor duriug the rest of the evening. When the party broke up, a* Frederick wa3 taking leave of his young friends, with his aunt upon one urm and the fair Lucy upon the other, the old lady suddenly rcmeuibcrod that ahe had left her muff. ?? Oh. never mind, aunt," said the yonng man. " I will get it and send it up to you in the morning " *? But I do mind. Fred. Strong, for it is not ay way to leave things about iu this manner. But where ean it be? I certainly left it with my Loom: and ekftk." ?? Where can it be?" echoed all heraffection ate nieces, diving into sundry places in their eagerness to assist in the search. " Somebody must hare taken it!" cried one. "That is impossible," answered another, " for aunt's muff is unlike all others." u That is as true," said Fred, laughing, ' as a barrel is unUke a two gallon keg. * And he gare Lucy a mischievous glance, which she in terpreted to mean that he knew the where abouts of the missing article hotter than any one else. " It certainly is not with any of the ladies' things aaid one of the young relations. ? 0, plague upon you all r ' was tho kind re ply ; 441 must nunt it up myself, 1 suppose." " Deacon Gray, you have not taken aunt's naff by mistake, have you !" asked Fred, ma liciously. That functionary drew himself up stiffly as though the imputation was unworthy of an an swer. and stepped aside. '?Well, I never!" exclaimed one of theyoung ladies. ?? Who could have done it ?" added another. * Be silent?will you cried the irritable maiden ; ** or tell me wbere I can find it." "Why. it is in Deacon Gray's bat. pressed in tightly that we cannot remove it. "O. fie upon you. aunt' Such a hint, and . the deacon only a recent widower!" exclaimed the laughing nephew Aunt Sally seized her muff, but the hat al tered mont affectionately to it. By an angry wrench it was liberated, and the unoffending hat flew across the eulry. projected by the vig orous foot of the incensed maiden When it ar rived at the terminus of its short journey, it had atsuuie 1 a most questionable shape, and its condition might certainly have been termed " shocking bad. '* ?? I will pay rou for thu. young man " '? Don't trouble yourself, dear aunt. So far as I am concerned, you are entirely welcome "You will perhaps tell me that you have had no hand in thi? matter ?" "No. I will tell you no falsehood about it; but 1 intended it as a joke upon our stiff dea con. as mu<*h or more than upon yourself. " At best it is but an ill trick you have play ed upon me. and now mark my words; You shall have reason to remember this muff to the latest days of your existence " " As you please, aunt, since you take it so seriously ; but I didn't think a'illy joke would have thus offended you.'* Tim* thu? passed on. and young Strong pros pered famously in his busines? He bad amassed sufficient means to be enabled to repay his aunt the <am she bad loaned him. she declined re ceiving it. alleging that she preferred to have it remain on 4interest. In the meantime he had nI so persuaded the gentle Lucy to share his fortunes. As for Aunt Sally, a singular mania seemed to possess her In the matters of real estate, stocks. Ac., she had become a perfect aVhemist. turning all to gold The neighbors looked on and wondered, but none ventured to remonstrate with her. Sho was often seen to visit the office of Squire A?, and it was rumored that she was making the final arrangements for the bestowal of her property after ber decease The affair of the muff was not forgotten, and it was current with the good villagers that Fred would have to pay dearly for that joke. One morning the village waa all action. Dur ing the night the spirit of the redoubtable lady had quietly taken its flight. She wna fonnd dead in her arm chair, and had died aj she had lived,^ alone. She had alarmed no one during the ni^ht, nor had she suffered previous illness, i Curiosity, of course, was inteuse on the subject of her will, and it was produced as soon ae de cency would allow. All her connections were present, and their eager, hopeful, anxious countenanccs would have furnished a rare sub ject for the pencil of an artist. The reading of the will proceeded until it was finished, except a simple codicil. Each of her relatives, ex cepting her nephew, had been remembered? some to a greater extent than others, but none considerable. At all event?, not one-third of her fortune had been dispensed, and as the codicil only re mained. all eyes were turned to Frederick Strong as the lucky one after all. Hut what was their surprise, when they found it only made him recipient of her old sable muff and contents. The word 'contents' again excited their curiosity, and. to satisfy them, the article was produced, and found only to contain a simple paper sewed on to the lining. When detached and opened in the bold hand writing of Aunt Sally were found these words : 4* Dkar Nephrw.?You will doubtless ap preciate this, the last joke r shall ever be guilty of, as I appreciated yours on a certain time you remember. God ble^9 you and yours. Farewell." Frederick declared he w/is satisfied. The old lady had fairly retorted upon him. and he certainly deserved nothing better at her hands. But what had becoineof Aunt Sally 's money 7 ?that was the mystery, and it became more than a ; nino days' wonder' to the worthy vil lagers, who discussed it on evory occasion. She was known to have large sums of money at various banks, but all this the anxious rela tives ascertained was drawn out a few days be fore her death. Squire A was consulted, who had drifted the will, but he stoutly main tained that the will covered the whole of her proporty and he would have nothing further to do with it. One evening, about six month? after the old lady's death, while Frederick was conversing with his wife, the subject of the muff was intro duced. '?That was a costly joke of yours, dear Fred?'' said his wife gaily. " But I got the muff at all events. Lucy, and what is letter, no one. has come forward to claim the three throusand dollars which she loaned me. 1 feel confident that she intended to pre?ent it to me and therefore destroyed uiy note."' ?? Let us have a look at the old relic, Fred, if the moths have not eaten it wholly up. I will return with it in a moment.'' The muff was produced, and. as Lucy, pre dicted. the lining was wofully moth eaten. ' My dear wife, you must look to this, for I frixe it dearly on good Aunt Sally's account. think you had better rip out the lining, and renovate the whole with camphor." Lucy took her scissors and commenced at once upon the task. " What can the old lady have stuffed it with, I wonder ? Why, Fred, instead of cotton, she has wadded it with dirty brown paper." "Dirty brown paper, indeed! exclaimed her husband, springing from his chair and catching her hand, as she wa* about to throw a bunch into the grate. Why it is bank notes, or I am dreaming." The mystery of the word "contents" was now explained. Note after note was drawn out until more than thirty thousand dollars lay on the table before them. A letter was also found from the aunt -which stated that sho al ways intended him tor her heir His own note also came to light, from which his name had been torn off. This new revelation of course created an immense excitement among the vil lagers. But Frederick aud his wife kept on the even tenor of their wealth, simply, but for themselves. One evening, during each year, they opened their splendid mansion to all. It is u famous affair for the villagers, and is known as the anniversary of " Aunt Sally's Muff." Tomatoes?Theik Valuk. Sokts, Mode of Cpltcke?We will mention here oniv the varie ties for the table. Tbe I .urge Red is the most common. It is good, as every one knows, and is quite sure to vield well, if only moderate care is bestowed. The Large Smooth Red is just like the first, oulv it is free from indentations, and is more easily freed from the skin. The PearShaped has a reddish pink hue. is very fleshy, has fewer seeds than those mentioned, is as good for stew ing, and is hitter for picking, being more Arm, and of liner form. If you have a hot-bed, you have, doubtless, sown some tomato seed in one of its cornc-K Give them plenty of air and sun, and Ije sure to keep them from chills and frosts. If you have no hot-bed, buv some plants of a neigh bor or gardeuer who hasbrought them forward in a hot-bed Do this, we say, when the weather b Tomes *? tt ed, and p 9 it them in a warm bed sloping souin, protected irom north winds and all cold. Cover them in some way, all cold nights. Or you mav get plants (n this way : Fill a shal low, broad box with tine mould, and plant the seeds in it, covering them very slightly. Water the plants generously as they come up! and give them plenty of sun and air, as above. Take them in when there is danger of cold rains, or cold wind?, or frost. When the time comes for plant ing out, prepare a bed as above suggested, and transplant the plants without removing the earth around each plant. This can be easily done. If the seed* are sown very thinly in the box, and if i a sharp knife or trowel is used in removing them from it. I'laiit them about three feet apart. Hoe them well, and when they set for fruit, pinch off the extreiueties of the branches. This makes the j fruit earlier and larger.?Ohio Farmer May 16 J Mad Dogs *ot i* the Tropics ?It I was with some surprise we learned that on Satur day the Board of Alderman was called together, by a communication from the Mayor, to take some actioii lor protecting the good citizens of Mobile from the dangers of hydrophobia, ami that the Hoard of Aldermen did actually pa.s? an ordinance for that purpose, imposing upon our people tbe most annoying inconveniences It is, or ought to be, well known that hydrophobia does not exist iu the tropics, and our vicinage has heretofore protected us from any instances of the kind. The oldest inhabitants, so far as we have ; learned, have never known a single case. The symptoms of other disea.-*-s sometimes re semble it so closely as to be mistaken for it, aud I l>efore putting everybody to the trouble and ex | penseof procuring a muzzle for his d<ig. or con j lining him to his yard, or losing him. would it not be well to have some assurance from those who are capable of determining the matter?a committee of physicians?that this cry of " dog" i? not all gammon, originating in a mistake | which may co<t many valuable canine lives'' A little delay ran d.? no* harm, and we respectfully | suggest to the Common Council l?efore concur | ring in the action of the Hoard of Aldermen by which great inconvenience may be occasioned? | the propriety of submitting the matter to medical t inquiry.?Mobil* H'%. {ry" Andrew J Comstock was once the sole owner of tue tract of upon which the city of i Adiian, Michigan, is now situated For a long i time he was considered the wealthiest man of the city, and his property was estimated at upwa-ds ! of a million of dollars. We notice in the late number of the Adrian Kxpositor an advertisement of a sheriffs sale, two columns and a half in length, stating that all the r**al estate Ixlon^ing ' to Andrew J. Comstock will be sold at a public ; auction. Some seven years since, the Wisconsin j Free Democrat says. Mr C. sued a |*K>r man for tresjiass, and recovered a sixpense damages, be cause he carted off some naif-decayed wood strewed along the common belonging to bim. When he himself has become (toor, we trust he will receive better treatment fro.n his neighbors. ft"?" Francis MeCann, the condemned murder er of his wife at Albany, N Y .on Friday last performed the legerdemain trick of exchanging a p .ir of black pants for a paid ones, while heavily I.-ttered, to the great puzzlement of his keepers II!s fette-s were examined and found to be secure, but how the change was made no one can tell, and he will not divulaji the secret. It appears utterly impossible for unn to have dra-.*n them ofi under the clasp around his ankle, and yet be may have done it Some are of tbe opinion that he ripped open the seam, and after putting them i on sewed It up. FOB RENT AND SALE. I OFFER FOR SALE. MV FARM, "Roaen _ vick," mile* distant from the town of Culi>eper nnd a depot of the Orange and Alexandria R. R. Tins Farm contains 156 acres of land equal to anr in this section of Virginia. Forty acres are in timber, the balance open land in fine order. On it is a large and valuable young Orchard now just coming into bearing, comprising all the moat desirable varieties of Apples. Pears, Plums, Peaches, Aprioots. Necta rines, Grapes, Ac., Ao., suited to our climate, a Spring of never failing pure water near the dwelling. Out-houses, Ac. Tho Dwelling is plain, but RlS?Jy sufficient to acoom? odate a small fami.y. I he situation for health and benuty is second to none in this region. An extensive rango of mountain scenery, the beautiful Village Of Culpejper, with in a few minutes walk, offer facilities for attend ing Church, and as fine Schools as our State af fords, while the Orange and Alexandria R. Road puts it within a few hours ride of eithur Washington, Alexandria, or Riohmond. It is seldom a farm.with as many advantages, is offered to the notice of the publio. Persons dosiring to purchase are respectful ly invited to call and view the premises. It is for sale privately, but if not sold before Saturday, the 1st August, on that day it will be offered at public auc tion, on the premises, without reserve. Terms made known at sale. For any information address R. G. BOWEN.Culpeper, Va, je 4 F^OR SALE?A FARM of 115 acres, nine miles from Washington, near the Seventh-street road. The improvements aro a small Dwelling House, a good Stable, a well of good water with new wood pump in same. There are 3.w> choice fruit trees. A part of the farm is well fenced. It will be sold a l*r gain, if immediate application be made, or it mar be traded for oitv property. Applv to H. N. I.ANS DALE. No. 564 M street, or through the Post Office, je 4-1 m IT* A R M FOR SALE.?A piece of fine LAN Don r Rock Creek, in Montgomery county, Md., six miles from the heights of Georgetown, adjoining the lands of Messrs. Perry. Wood, Bestor. Nowles, liohrer, ai d Hawkins. Il2>4acres. A l>eeutifu| loca tion: prrtially unproved; new house; 13acres rich ereek bottom, f ml some fine yellow-pinn timber. It can be divided, if desired. Call and see the premi ses those who desire to je 4-tf lT'OK SALE.?My RESIDENCE on the corner of I New Jersey avenue and C street south, Capitol Hill, fronting on the avenue 162 feet S? inches, and on C street south ??feetll inches, and containing nearly 34,fl0h square feet. . ? inay3-tf W. F. PHILLIPS. AVALUALE FARM FOR SAl.E-V2*4 (.ores of good FARMING LAND, situated in the Countr of Fauquier, Virginia, on the Alexandria and Orange Railroad, a P*w yards from Warrenton Junction; within nine miles by Railroad from the County Seat, and" only two hours travel from the cities of Washington and Alexandria. The Farm is in a high state of culmation, and is abundantly sup plied with water and timlter.and has much excellent meadow land. Churches, Mills, and guod neighbors within a short distance. For further informatioH apply to JAMES MORROW, Esq.. on the place, or to the subscriber at his Rroker s Office, near Brown's Hotel, Washington City, mar 24 ROBERT MORROW. 17ARM FOR SALE ?A FARM, containing 160 acres, of land, more or less, situated immediately upon the Washington and Brookville Turnpike .about 12 miles from Washington, toeether with stock, con sisting of 2n head of Hogs, Cow s, Heifers, Horses. Wagon, Hay, Carnage. Harness, Plows, Harrows, and Farming I'tensils generally, the Crop in the ground. Straw. Hav. Ac. It is well watered, having a spring in every (Md. An unf tiling stream of water runs through the premises. Them is a good frame dwelling-house and out-honse* necessary to farm ing purposes. There is also an Orchard on th? place, about one third of the land is in timber, oak, hickory, Ao. For further information inquire of BENJAMIN BOH RER, corner of Beall and Montgomery sts.; GEO. W. BOH RER, cor. of Huh and Gay streets, Georgetown, D. C., or of Mr. HARP, on the prem ises. &P 28-tf rn- If not sold by the 22d inst. will be offered at punfic auction to the highest bidder. je4 |?OX A VAN HOOK, Real E?r*TK A<;kxt?, 1 4'J">? Seventh street, below E street, have for sale a numlter of Building Lots 24 feet front by 15 > foet deep, at the very low price of from to .^liS each?payable in small monthly instalments of ?*3 por month. These Lots are situated at I'nion Town, on the soutfi side of the Anacostia river, adjoining the Na vy-yard Bridge, and are 111 every way desirable for persons wishing a cheap, pleasant, and healthy loca tion for a dwelling. Lot-holders in arrears are requested to complete their purchase, and get their ueeds ; the title to these Lots is guaranteed free and clear from every possible incumbrance. may 25-3m [^OR SALE OK RENT.?THE DESIRABLE RESIDENCE on the corner of F a-.d S'.st sts., together with the Grounds surrounding it. The House contains sixteen rooms, has gas throughout, and furnaco. The stable will U? sold or rented with the house if desired. The lot the house ftands on is 5" by 136 feet, but the purchaser can have more land if desired. Also, for Sale?The LOT OF OROUNDonthe corner of F and 19th streets, and LOTS on 19th,near F street. Apply to CHl'BB BROTHERS. ap 8-tf __ __ OR SALE.?That beautiful, comfortable Cot tage built DWELLING IIOl'SE situated on the corner of 52d street west and E street north. The Lot fronts 5? feet by 13> deep. The Furniture wili be sold with the House if wanted. The location is delightful either for a summer or winter residence. Apply to POLLARD WEBB, Agent, No. 512(2d story)7th street. may 23 F^OK SALE?On liberal terms, a new and desira ble BRICK DWELLING, on south side of north L street, l>etween 4tii and 3th wejt.and a com fortable FRAME DWELLING, No, 4^4,on north side of north K street, between fit hand 7th west. Also, the square of GROUND No. Ia8, containing 84,471 feet, at U els. per fvoi. Apply at No. 5127th street. may 19-tf POLLARD WEBB. Agent. t^UK SALE?At a bargain, and on very easy terms, a. TRACT OF LAND, suitable for a dairy farm, or other purposes, and within 3 miles of Washington city. For particulars apply at No. 512 (2d story)7th street. may 16 tf POLLARD WEBB. Mc'LAI'GHLIN'S No. 20. Iietween flth and 9th, for SIMMER GOODS. TOILET ARTI CLES, BASKETS. NOTIONS,Ac. ja 10 /A RETIRED PHYSICIAN whose sands of / life have nearly run out, discovered while in the /East Indies, a certain euro for Consumption. / Asthma, Bronchitis, Cougtis, Colds, and General f Debility. Tho remedy was discovered by him I when his only child, a daughter, was given up to " die. He had heard much of the wonderful restor allv) and^healing qualities of preparations made fr.Mii the East India H^mp,and the thought occurred to him that he might make a remedy for his child.? He studied hard and succeeded in realizing his wish es. His child was cured, and is now alive and well. He has since administered the wondertul remedy to thousands of sufferers in all parts of the world, and lie lias never failed in making them completely heal th* and Imppy. Wishing to do as much good as pos sible, he will send to such of his alHicted fellow lie ings as request it. this recipe, with full and explicit directions for making it up, and successfully using it. He requires each applicant to enclose him one shilling?three cents to lie returned as postage on the recipe, and the remainder to be applied to the pay ment of this advertisement. Address Dr. II. JAMES, No. 19 Grand street, \ Jersey City. N. J. | N. B. Dr. II. James has neither office nor agent j in New York as some have pretended ami adver- J tised. The recipe is sent from no place hut N / 19 Grand street, Jersey City, New Jersey. / may 26-3in ?<IGARS! CIGARS!! Selected expressly for retail, and ?.?w in store,the following celebrated brands of FINE HAVANA CIGARS, which are guaranteed to lie genuine: Figaro Britanic.i, Flor da Fuaro, Partagns' Flor de T?l<?co?, Sevellano, El Paseo. El Acierto, La Intelligencia, Fermeza, Ambrosia, l'acifico. Which, together aith other fine brands not men tioned, makes a sei.ction worthy the attention of connoisseurs. GEO. w. COCHRAN, jo9 3t 3!W Penn. avenue, l?et. andfith sts. REWARD.?Ranawnv from the sabscri I?er, living near l.'pper Marlborough, Prince George's county, Md., on the 29th of April, NEGRO MAN. DAVY GREEN. about 27 years of age, 5 feet, 6 inches high?a dark mulatto?has a large luishy head, with.^li^, whiskers iound his f:?ce, medium size and down look. Ho may hire himself in the District, where he has relatives, or make his wa> to some free State, as he left without any provocation. I will give Two Hundred Dollars, if taken out of the State? $ list if taken in the District, or any other p*rt of Maryland, and if taken in this county. In either case lie must he secured so that I get him. Je9-tf WILLIAM J. BERRY. BOYN TON'S PATENT PENDING GAS COOK STOVE,or HEATER, for fcim lv and other uses, it will heat his Patent . Siii!?olhlUK Iron, Cook a Steak, M.?w Oytters,^ |{o.I \\ atcr. Tea, Coffee, etc. in 5 minutes/ Bake a Pan of Hiscuit in 12 to 15 niuntes. It requires the Gas from the evmnton burner only for eomUustiuii. For the Nursery and Sick Room it is invaluable. The Smoothing Iron for Futilities, Boarders, Milliners, Ac., is almost indispensable in warm weather. The Stove or Heater is practicable in all places where heat is required. For sale, wholesale and retail, l>v SIBLEY A GUY. je 9-Gt 320 Pa. ave., bet. loth and 11th streets. C?Onn REWARD.?Ran away from the subscri - OOU"I ber on Thursday, April stli, NEG Ro MAN ISAAC WOOD. He is thirl* years of age. black oomplexioti, aU?ut five feet and a half lush, and has very large lips. Tho aluve reward will be paid for his appre-< (tension and delivery to me if taken in a free State, or ftliki if takeu in the Slate of Maryland or District of Golauibta. ODEN BOWIE, Buena Vista Post Office, tf Prjno# Georges oounty, Md, AUCTION SALES. B? C. W. BOTELER, ^uctiore?r. CJALE OF ONK OF THE MOST VALUABLE llVILDIKU I.OTS OX I'CNMtLVAMi AVI.VCX AT Auction.?On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, Juno 17th. at 8S o'clock, 1 a hail sell. on tne premises, the whole of Lot No. 11. in square No. 25t>, fronting 48 feet 4 inches on Pennsylvania avenue, lietween 13th and 13,S streets, and also having a front of 2? feet 3 inches on 13th street, generally known a& the Apollo Hall lot. As there are hat few unimproved lots remaining on the avenue, a rare opportunity is now presented to capitalist and those desirous of making a safe and

profitable investment to obtain decidedly tne most de sirable vacant Jot on this beautifiul public thorough fare. Its close proximity to the various Departments and ifs central position render it pecuhaily valuable as a &ite on which to erect a theatre or public hall. It is also deemed an admirable location lor otlices or stores. Term J : One-third cash : balance on a credit of J, 2, and 3 years, notes beariiif interest, satisfactorily secured. All conveyancing at purohasei's cost. je8-d_ _ C. W. BOTELER, Auot. By J AS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. SMALL BRICK HOUSE AND LOT ON VIR UINU IVKNl'K, NEA R 4j-? STREET. AT AUCTION. On MONDAY AFTERNOON, June i5th, at 5 o'clock, in front of the premises, I shall sell Lot No. 22, subdi vision oforigiiial Lots 6 and 7, in Square577, with the improvement*, hem* a handsome cottage style two story Brick House, containing four rooms, with kitchen. The house is weU finished, painted outside, has a handsome side entrance and porch,and a picket fence in front. The house fronts alout fif teen fovt and has a side lot fronting alsiuf tin1 same. Tim is a desirable chanoc to secure a pleasant res uleiice or to make a pay ing investment. Terms: One-half cash; balance in I and 2year*, with interest, to be secured by deed of trust on th property. Title perfect. jelod J AS. C. MeGIIRE, Auct. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer \ VALUABLE LOTS ON SEVENTH STREET at Auction.?On WEDNESDAY, the 17th in stant, I shall sell, in front of the premises, at G o'cl'k p. in., fen benntifhl Building Lots. < f 21 bv 95 feet each, situate on the west side of Seventh lit. west, between M and N streeth north, being a sulslivision of Lots numbered !2,13. and 14, and part of Lot II. in Sauare 424, on the plat of the city of Washington. These Lots run hack to an alley, are in a most un pioving pnrt of the street, and afford an opportunity for investment not exceeded by any in the city. Terms: One-fourth, cash ; Italanea in six, twelve, eighteen and twenty-four month?, for notes bearing interest, payable seim-annuaily. (roinday of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. Title indisputable. All conveyancing at the cost of the puichaser. jp 9-d A. GREEN. Auctioneer. By J AS. C. McGI'IRE. Auctioneer. VALUABLE BUILDING LOTo* 17th street, on 17th street west, lietween I. am! M streets north, running l?ack 1!* foet 1 inch to a ?? feet alley, with a 15 feet alley running l?ck the full depth on the south sine. Terms: One-fourth cash; the residua in 6, l?,and 18 months, with interest, sccured k) a deed of trust on the premises. je9-d J AS. C. MeGIIRE, Auct. By C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer. CALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE ON * Capitol IIill at Auction.?On TUESDAY, June lt>th. at o'clock a. ni? I sJihil veil, at the rem deuce of C. Laurie, Esq., No. 314 Delaware avenue, north of the north Capitol Gate, a collection of Household Furniture, consisting in part of? Superior rosewood Piauoforte I'arlor and chamber Carpeting Arm. reception, and rucker Chairs, Sideboard Dining and other TaMes China, Glass, and Crockery Wardrobes,Spring Mattress and Bedstead Wash-stands, Toilet Sets, cane-seat Chairs Dressing Bureaus, hair and shuck Maitreases Bedsteads, coal and wood Stoves Kitch?n Furniture, Conking Utensils, Arc. Terms: ?25 and under, cash; over JfiiS, thirtv and sixty days credit, for approved endorsed notes. War in? interest. j??-eod C. W. BOTELER. Auct. TBy A. GREEN, Auctioneer. IIREE STORY BRICK HOUSE, WITH Basement. anu Lot on Penn. avf.nue, near the Capitol, at Auction.?Oh THURSDAY, the 4thof June. I shall sell, in front of the premises, at 5 o'clock p. m., part of Lot No. 3, in square No. With the improvements, which are a good threo-story Bnck House, with Ittisement and a new brick stable. This property is handsomely situated on Penn. ave nue. of 25 feet, running lack to A street, between 1st and 2d streets east, and near t.'ie Capitol. Terms : One-third cash ; balance in six and twelve months, for notes bearing interest from day of sale. A d?#?d given and n deed of trust taken. TiHe indisputable. Mi) 29-d A. GREEN, Auct. . ITT" THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED inconsequence of the rain uutil MONDAY, the 8tn instant, same hour. jff 5_d A. GREEN. Auctioneer. |[7"TIIE ABOVE SALE IS STILL FUR ther postponed until MONDAY, the 15th instant, same hour. JlM1 A. GREEN, Auctioneer. By J AS. C. McGUlRE. Auctioneer. PUBLIC SALE OF VALUABLE BUILDING Lot on Pens. avenue, between 6th andTth streets east.?Tne subscriber will sell at public salcon FRIDAY, the 12th day of June, 1857,at o'clock p. m., on the premises, part of Lot No. 14, in square No. l>74, fronting 40 feet 3 inches on Penn. avenue, betweentitli and 7th streets east, by aliout WO feet deep, beui* in a desirable uciglibornooJ for a residence. Terms: One-half cash; and balance in 6 and 12 months, for notes I>earing interest, secured by deed ill trust upon the property. CHAS. S. WALLACH. Attorney. je5 eo&ds JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auct. 117" THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED, inconsequence of the rain, until TUESDAY AF TERNOON, June 16th, same hour and place. CHAS. S. WALLACH. Attorney. J'- 10-d JAS. C. McGUIRK. Ane>. T_? _ By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. RLSTEE'S SALE OF CITY LOTS.-By vir tue of a deed of trust bearing date ontheS st day of Oetober, 1854. and recorded in Liber J. A. S., No. H'', folio 436, et. seq.. the subscriber will seil at public salo, oil SATURDAY, the 13th day of June. 1H57, at 6 o'clock b. m., at the Auction Room of \. Green, corner of 7th and I) streets, the following described Lots in Washington city. D. C.: viz : Lots Nos. 13, 14, and 15, in square No. H?45. This property fionts on Penn. avenue, between 13th and I4tli streets east. Also. Lots No#. 1 and 4 in square south of square No. 1019. '] his property fronts ou Penn. avenue, be tween 12th street east and pubic space. Terms of sale will lie one-third cash ; the balance in 6 and i2 months, for notes bearing inter--*' from the day sale, secured by deed of trust on the premi ses so sold. J. T. STEVENS Trustee. A. GREEN. AnL By BARNARD it Bl'CKEY; Georgetown. \VALUABLE FARM IN MONTGOMERY County, at Auction.-Oii WEDNESDAY, i7th inst. at 2 o clock p. m., we will sell on the prem ises, that small and highly improved property be longing to Mr. Kdward Shoemaker, aiw>ut one and a-ha.f mile from Tenaly Town, adjoining the farms oi Svimuuland Charles Shoemaker, containing 22 acres, m a high state of cultivation, and improved with a good two-story Frame Dwelling. Stables, Sheds, A c. There is first-rate wator and fine fruit trees on the place. For a Market Farm, a more de sirable one cannot l?e obtained. Terms liberal, and made known at sale. Jf9-d BARNARD A Bl'CKEY, A nets. /"MI IN A, GLASS AND Ol EENSWARE. ^ . . . r R. H. Nil LLER. SON A CO.. Importers direct from Liverpool to Ale?an dria, beg .eavetocall theattention of dealers, hotel-keepers, and others of Washington and Georgetown, to their stocks of GOOD!*, . .. winch, for extent and variety .will compare favorably with any establishment in the Eastern cities. rite connexion of their senior partner with the manufacturers of Europe and the United States for upwards of thirty years, has given him advantages in the purchase of goods equal, if not superior, to any house hi t no trade* An inspection of k?nhIm and prices will satisfy a.l parties tliat purchases can be mode of them upon the moet favorable terms. French Chin-* Dinner Sets, gilt and decorated French China Dinner Sets, gold land and plain white French China Vases. Pitchers. Toilet Sets. Ac. r reiich China Tea Sets, Cupi rial Saucers,and other articles of Teaware And Dinner Ware, separate from sets India Cnma Dinner Sets, and separate articles alwav? on hand White Granite Ware in every variety, in sets, and , separate from sets, as may '>e desired B.uo Printed or Liverpool Ware, the same Common Rd^ed, \\ hite and Rockingham Ware, in lull supply. Cat, Pressed. Plain.and Moulded Glass Warefrom the liest establishinents in the P.astern and Western we w w,tl ,HJ *?ld ,h? package or other Experienced packers employed. Goods put up l?* us can be transportetl by any mode without breakage. Fare by the steainUnts from Wftshington to Alex andria, a-most iMiurly, 12>? cents eacn w.iy. A quar terof a dollar tflus spent may save mauy dollars O0O 1 A SECOND HAND PIANO FOR RENT AT $1 p?-r month; two for .92^" per monlh. ami hue new Pnuos for rent r,t various prices. Five vm good second hand l'ianoi for sale low upon reasona ble terms. New Musie received semi-weekly. Pianos excltanged, tuned, packed, carefully moved, Ac.. Ac. Sole agent in District and State of Maryland fo* Hallct Davis & Co.'s world renowned Pianos, and Mason A Hamlin's Mclodeor.s. All kinds of Musical Merchandise at No. 306 Penn. avenue, near corner of loth street, may ? JOHN F. ELLIS. QTH UNDER BROWNS' HOTEL. OIU Just opening a splendid assortment of Spring and Summer R EA DY-MA DE CLOTHING and Gent's FURNISHING GOODS of the finest style and make, at the Emporium of Fashion, No. 3M Browns' Hotel, next to private entranoe. may 3u <Intel*mates) Dentistry, &c. rfcENTISTRV. U DR. STEPHEN BAILY, Office No. i?h Pennsylvania A v sun. TKrtt liocTj Jrotn Utk Street. Dm. BAILY bees leave to inform the public that he eftu l>e neeii at nil hours,at his office, located aaaftove. He feels assured that an experience of fifteen veers' practice, with the large number of patients.and great variety of difficult oases rhat he has treated success full;. will enable him to surmount any difficulty, scientific or otherwise, relating to the Teeth. Ilis own experience confirming the opinion of imn? men eminent in the profession, and especially Drs. Harris and J. and E. l armly, has led him, long since, todis card all mcrcarial prepr.rations for tilling Teeth.also all Enamels, Gutta Fercha, India Rubber, and Ce ments for the construction of Cnutinuous Gum Teeth, and that Porcelian, mounted oa Hold Plate, is the only reliable substance that can l>e worn in the was moat conclusively shown by the last American Dental Convention. Although he flatters himself from his long resi dence and practice in Washington, he is favorably known to his numerous friends and patrons, he begs leave to refer them to the following TESTIMONIALS: From the late Rector of the Church of Epiphany of this citv. Dr. Stephen Baily: Dear Sir?I desire to express mv esteem for you personally, and my confidence in vuu as n superior dentist. The operations executed for me have l?eeii highly satisfactory, I hope that you mar receive the patronage from my friends and the public that your skiil so well deserves. Yours very truly, Washington, Aug.ft, 1MB. J. \V. FRENCU. From one of the oldest firms in Baltimore, Messrs. Boggs, Cotman A Co. Having employed Dr.Stephen Baily, Surgeon Den tist, of Washington city, to execute for rne an im portant and difficult picce of work, which he <Wd to my entire satisfaction, and in view of the fact that one of the most distinguished me miters of the Dental College of Baltimore, failed, after repeated trails, to perform the same work satisfactorily, it gives nie great pleasure to express my entire confidencc aud huh estiaiat nm of hi* professional skill. Baltimore, Jan. 12,1*57. H A K M A NN BOGUS. Extract from a note received from the late Hon. John Al. Clayton. I". S. Senate, Aug. 19,13.VI. The teeth you made for me work adimrab!) ; noth ,nI 0OU'J * Ver7oHNi'f.CI.AVTON. To those that seek relief from the ma'adies of the teeth, I can cheerfully recommend Dr. S. Baily a* a superior Demist: he a set of poicelian teeth for one of my family, and plugged several teeth for myself, and the work has all stood well f*>rmore than ten years. ROBERT T. NIXON. of the Ya. Conf. of the M. E. Church South. April 1ft, 1856. \Ye. the undersigned, having had occasion to avail ourselves of the professional skill of Dr. S. Baily, Surgeon Dentist of this city, or having twen cogniz ant of his operations on our families or friends, take pleasure in expressing our admiration of his artistic skill, as well as of the uniformly satisfactory manner in winch he perforins the most delicate and difficult operations in Dental Surgery,and we respectfully re commend hun to the confidence and jw.tronage of the publio, of which we consider him eminently worthy. Thomas I". Walter, Architect L". P. Capitol. Thomas Miller. M. D.,of Washingtoa, D. C. B. S. Honker, M. D. of Georgetown, D. C. N. S. Lincoln. M. D.j of Washington, D. C, Jos. H. BnAt>LKY,of Washington, D. C. Georce Walton, Ex-Governor of Florida. Walter Lfnox, Ex-Mayor of Washington. Henry Baldwin, U. S. Patent Office, O.C. Wight, Principal Rittenhouse Academy. fehy tf DK. VILLARD, DENTIST. LATE OF CHI CAGO, would respectfully inform the cit izens of the District and v:cin:'y, that hav ing located himself iu Washington, he it' now prepared to perform al\ op- rations in his profes sion. in the most approved style. Offica, No. 250, penn. avenue, adjoining Gautier's, Ian 1 v 1 MIL IMPROVED SETS OF TEETH. DR. LOOMIS, the inventor and patentee of "Loomi*? Mineral Plate Tfth," having. successfully introduced fits improvement mj various cities, has now permanently estab lished himself in Washington. Tins improvement for SetsofTeeth consists chief ly in making a set of but one pi?ce of materia!, and that indestructible mineral. No metal is used in tl e.r construction, and they are therefore free from gmvamc action and me'n'ic t iste. There are no joints to become failed Willi ih<nature or particles of food, hence they are pure and rlean. They are lighter, stronger. less clumsy, far more duraMe, and natural in their appearance. I will give a reward of One Thousand Dollars to ar.y one wao will produce a similar work of art to equal mine in punt), beauty, durability, artistic excellence or any other requisite ideality. All work responsibly warranted. Z7K Penna. avenue, between 11th and 12th streets, ap 13rl y DR. C. S. GOODMAN, Hl'RGEO y D F. NT IS T. and MANrFACTtTRER OF ARTIFICIAL TEETH.?a His complete Hrrangements enabling turn t< present tiie followuig reasonable prices: Entire Upper Sett Teeth, on Gold $3ito5rt Do do do on Silver 12 to 25 One or more, on Gold....................... 2 to 5 Do on Silver. 1 to S Filling, Extracting, Removing Tarier; also. Re pairing at the same reasonable rates. All operations executed in such a manner as to give every satisfac tion. Office corner 8th street and avenue. ap 3 ?yo ALL THATVALUB TVUK SIGHT." JOHN TOBIAS. PRACTICAL OPTIC IA .V, wishes to call the attention of all that*: ^ sutlVr with defective sight, caused by age. sick ness, and particularly from rluiri injudiciously se lected, to liissuperior SPECTACLESanil GLASS ES carefully ground by himself to a true spherical accuracy, and brilliant tran> parency, suited precise ly and l>enetioially to the wearer, according to tne QOBCHVlty or convexity of the "ye. Very numerous are the ill cdects caused to the precious organ of sight from the commencement of using glasses in not l>eing precisely suited, by the use of an Optome ter; and tlie practice of many years enables him to measure the focal disease of the eyes, and such glasses that are absolutely required will be furnish ed witli precision and *aiisLiction. JOHN TOBIAS acknowledges the very lil>eral encouragement already obtained, and further solicits the patronage of thoao who li^ve not yet availed themselves of his aid. Peisons that cannot conveniently call, by sending the glass, s ia use, and state how many inches tl.ey can road I Ins print with their spectacles, can he sup plied with such as will unpro\e their sight. Innumerable testimonials to be seen; and referen ces given to many who have derived the greatest ease and comfort from his glassos. Circulars to be had gratis, at his office. No. 512 Seventh street, three doors from Odd Fellows' Hall, upstairs. ? Norfolk, September7, 1854. Sir: The Spectacles you made for me suit very well, and seein to have improved my Bight more than any other I have lately tried. L1TT. W.TAZEWELL. I have tried a pair of Spectacles obtained from Mr, Tobias, and find them of great assistance to my sight, and corresponding with his description of the focus. 1 recommend him as a skilful optician. HENRY A. WISE. Having been induced by a friend to visit the estab lishment of Mr. Tobias for the purpose oftr>ir?g his glasses. 1 was furnished by him with a pair slightly colored blue, wnioh have afforded me more relief and gratification than any I have ever tried. My sight, originally verv good, was injured bv writ ing and reading at nunt. frequently to a very late hour; but with the aid of these glasses 1 can study almost as late as ever, and that too without the pain I nave previously suflered. JOHN WILSON, l?nte Commissioner Gen'l Land office. Dec. 11. 1855. 1 have used Mr. Tobias's Spectacles for three or four months, and fake great pleasure in saying that 1 am much pleased with them. I have been much benefited by them. GEO. P. SCARBI RGU. May 5th. 1S56. 1 was recommended to Mr. John Tobias as a skil ful optician ; and as I have eyes of remarkable pecu liarity, I was gratified to bud that Mr. Tobias Mint ed to comprehend them by inspectioa and some slight measurement, and he has made me a pair of Specta oles that suits me admirably. A. P. BUTLER. July 11, 185J. - Wilmington, X. C., Jan. 17,1R54. Mr. J. Tobias. Dear Sir: I am happy to say that the Spectacles which 1 obtained from you last week are entirely satisfactory. From an inequality in the visual rang? of my eyes, I have heretofore found great difficulty iu getting glasses of ihe proper focal distance. It affords in? pleasure to slate the aid of your optometer, this difficulty has been happi lv obviated, so that the glasses you furnished me aro decidedly the best adapted to my eyes of any I have ever yet used* Very respectfully, vours, R. B. DRANE, Rector of St. James's Parish. Department of Interior, May 8, From natural defects and the uueqiial ranee of hi eyes, I have lieen compelled to use glasses for sev? ral years. I have tri-?d different opticians without obtaining glasses perfectly fitted to my eyes. Four mouths since Mr.Tobias made two pairs especially I forme, which I have found to serve me perfectly By the use of his optometer he is enabled toadap glasses most minutely to the eye. I most cheerfully recommend Mr. Tobias to all having occasion to use glasses, and bear uij testimony as to his ?k'b as optician. HENRY E. BALP^LN, Ass't Sec'y to sign Land W arrants. P-S. OPERA GLASSES of ESCOPESand MICROSCOPES. W ATCII-MA KER GLASSES, and many other articles in this fine at very low prioea constantly on nanu. Jj 18?W pOLT'S NEW MODEL, WAKXI.R'S AND V Allen's R*^^^^L?^p?*,0,2,t^Powder JS-ia Cntfer. and a good assortment of Gun TniMunc* *>r E K HJNDY. rnu t ;No, ia Bridge itrMt, Gecrfatowa, Summer Retreati, &c. ^yiliTK HOI SK PAVILION The undersigned respectfaU* in forma hia tr mmdt KfXZi&m :jyih?w Ac., that the market W a?h?*toa ariose. Guuuiug and Flatting Partioa will be provided for day or night. . , _ S. H ? Fishing Tackle and Boats to be procured at the Pavilion. _ _ imtJ8-S* _ B. SCHAD. THK MOUNTAIN HOI'SF., 1 CAPON SPRINGS, VIRGINIA, Will he opened for the reception of \ laitora,^^ on June. Through ticket a ca.ii be obtained at Baltimore,** Washington, Richmond and Alexandria. Passe*t;ers leaving Baltimore in fha early mom nig train, via Alexandria mid Manassas Gap Rai road to Straaburg. reach the Springs from 5 toCo'cloofc xatiieeveiuug; and those iroui Baltimore and the West via Haiper'a Ferry and Winchester from I to *p. m. * J.N. BUCK. > - ? Proprietor. H~YGE1A HOTEL. OLD Vol NT COMFORT. VA. Thia moat dHightful Summer reeort?ths M bright particular locality of all ths sunny South"?A . . A la now the sole property of the under VtwAV signed, and will l?e opened on the lat of^j^JOLL June next, and each successive June folio* iu*. 1 encase to make it to the aeekera for health. recr?* - tion, caief) and good liviug, suprsaiolv attractive. For health, no mountain retreat canTwaafei a tony of th' year. It la aa exempt Irom diaeaae in August and Septeinlier and October aa in A{hi1. May or June. Imletd the first three are infinitely th* moat pleasant of the season. The weather ia milder, the sea Lrejze Istlmier, and the luxuries of the aalt water are to he hud of liner quality and tr> greater profusion. There ia no more inviiins spot on ttie whole Atlantic aeaNmrd. It ia strictly true of it what the poet hath aatd : " Oh ! if there lie an Elysium on earth, it is this, it is thia !*' Dra. Archer. Jnrvia, nrd other nrmv snrreins at the poat. Hon. lit. Frai.cia Mallory, bra. Sews pie. Simkina, Sheild Hope, and Yaughau.and u.deed the whole medical Faculty resident in the ricinity of Fort Monroe, ail oertif) that they "hare merer knoten a ra*e of billinni or arte and feter to or? gimate th'Tt, und that et all .wa*oa< it is tht hen!thirst spot oh the fare of the earth." (Sea their certificates in De Bow's Review, Southern Piantor, and American Farmer. I may 22-dfiwA law*?m JOS. SFGAR, Proprietor. ^LA BATHING. CHF.SAPKAKE HALL, Hamptok. Va. Thia"SUMMF,R R ETRFAT "only * milaa .rom Oid Point, wiUbe re-opened on the lirat ofA . ? A June, when th? proprietor will be happy towfjl^V aee any of hia friends who may wish to en-1.- I joy SALT WATER BATHING,and the luxuries of tiie Seaboard. The Hal! haa been much improv ed arid t"?sutihed, r.ud ample preparation made for the oomiort and pleasure of all who may visit this delight lu! rsi-nrt. Boats. Fishing Tackle. Pleasure Carnages. A?-, always in readiness to ooutnbut? to the eniovrpent of guests. R. O. BANKS. mr.y !*-ltn Pianos, &c. piANO FORTE INSTRUCTION. Mr. W*. H. PALMER continue* to add new mem tiers to hia classes. Apply to Mr. PAI-y^Sia MLR, at hia Rooms over FarniiarnVh f Bookatore. Tuesday, Wednesday, Fn-* ? ? ? " day, and Saturday, between 2 and to p. m. Terms $5 per quarter. at 35-tf lTOCAL MUSIC.-Mrs. FRANKLIN. Teaehar v of Muaia. havinc vacant hours for a few mora Scholars, r?-uuests those Ladies wno are desirous of being perfected in Ballad Sinring, or Opera Music, to favor ner with an early application. Terms mads known at her residence, 4-'5 E street, between 9th and l?h. and at the Music Stores of Mr. Dans, and Metzerott. sob-am THRFE beautiful PIANOS received thi da> I rom Boston. Alao. three ver> h i?e_ ? sswnd-k>ad Pisaoa, but little used, seven|C9SV> ? .mi uiiio u?e?i. sevei 1 oct?vea,To?ewood caser, will be sold at great* >< *? * tan ?.hiiifc..-it our Piano Forte. Melodeou, and Muaio Warerooms, between 9th and l^h stre?ts. No. je 4 JOHN F. ELLIS. TMVO PIANOS FOR ?!?? ONE FOR two lor ?S-.v are now for sale at th*-. Music Depot of W. G. MF.TZVROTT ? Corner of Penn. avenue and Uth strnet. Terms easy. may 18 (""'OLD MEDAL PREMIUM I PIANO FOKTE.S. WILLIAM KNABI-m (Senior partner in the late firm of Kmk, Gaihli k. Co., Continues the manufacture and sr. e of grand and square PIANO FORTES, underthe nam? of Williaio Knabe A Co., at the old stand, Nos. 1, 3, 5 and 7 North Eutaw street op "T" *T I polite the Euiaw House, Baltimore. They have also ju^t opaned u nt>w Sales Room at No2t"f Baltimore street, between Cliarlfs and Lis lit streets, on the prenmea partly occupied by Air Henry Mccadery us a music store, where they wi.l keep constantly on hand a lar<e assortment vf plain and inehly-finished arai.d m l square Piano Fortes - also, Melodeona, fr<>m the tiest uiakeia, from 4 to S ociave, some with double i>ey-boards, double reeds, and stops to suit small churcnes. Being extensively enpaced in the manufacture o f Pianos, we will sell wholesaieand retail,ou the most litieral terms. Our Pianos were awarded the hirheat premium (gold medal >at the Fairs of the Mary .and Institute two succcaaive \cara?Octolier, 1RM, and IS56?in op position to fourteen and eichteen pianos from soma of the Lest makers from New York, Boston simI Bal timore. We were also a war d-d the first premium at the Industrial Exhibition held in Richmond, Vir ginia. 1855 and l&ifi. They have also been awarded the hichcat premium (silver medal) at the Metro pol.tan Medianics* Fair for I2S7. In addition to thia we are in posaeasion of testimo main from the moat diatinguiahed professors and amateurs in the country, which can tie seen at our wnrerooms. speaking for themselves and others of the higli appreciation in which our instruments are every where held. All instruments are guaranteed for five Tears, and a privilege of exchange is Kra.-iteil Wilhiu the first six months from the day of bale if the instrument a do not give entire aatisfaotion. Wholesale dealeia w:!l find it to their advantage to give ua a onll liefore purchasing. Pianos exoU&u&ed, hired, and tuned. mar IC-ly WM. KNABE t CO. ICE. I J. MIDDLETON, J? ICE DEALER. Office and Depot?Sonthwest ooruer of F and !?th Streets. Washington. ap l)-tf ICE! ICE!! ICE!!!?The undarsigned raapectfsl ly inform his friends and the public generally, that he is now prepared to Airmail .amiiiea and otnera) through the keason) with the lieat quality of ICE, delivered in any part of Waalungton and George town. aud gunranteea to give entire aMiataotion. Onlers to l>e left with Kipwell A Lavrrncb. corner I41h atreet and Pennsylvania avenue; liao. F. Kidwkll A Co., 14th street; J. B. Moo RE. Drua . . ?s<w ?a vu*f inn au evi , J . O. .'UM IR?, UfUk,* fiat, Penna. avenns, between 19th and J'th streeta t GcokgkSixtz, New York avenue, between |. ih and 11th atrfeta; Robt. A. Pivxi. Drucgiat, eorner 4'hand Mass.Hvenne: and with the su!>serfber, Nn. 3 First street, Georgetown, where Io* can be had at all times. % ap7-tf T. N. KI DWELL. ICE?ice?ICR.?For salo 2CS<?? to tons of PURE ICE at the Hockley Mill, near the Relay Houv>. on the \\ aslnnei. t? Railroad. It can be sent in oais either to Baltimore or Washinrton. App<* to ROBT. C. W RIGH T, I?atterson su a p 23 -Cm Baltimore. SUPERIOR READING LAGER BEFR The suliacr'.l?er takes this method to inform tha citizem- of Washington and vicuutv, that he con!U keeps mi hand liner's superior RKADIN1 I.AiiEK BF.ER. PORTER, and ALE. wt.ieh he is read) to serve at any tune, in Bottles or i'asks, to Hotel Keepers or private families. Also, ICE at all hours, m quantities to suit. a SC H A L)? may ft-3w Southwest cor. H st. and I?a. ave. Home made carriages. I We have on hand, of our own manufsc "re- a iiue Assortment of all kir?l* 01 t .\KK1 A(tF.S?>f the very l-est. lateat. and approved warrwted in p?Hat or*nt a 01 kmanshii* and material, to 1^ equal toaii) made in the city of Washington or any other city in tti* I ni'e?f ^Tales. We respectlullf solicit a oa.. the citizens and strangers to examine our work : a? we are determined to let none surpass us either ia ..??iov ol work or in low prices. M We al do even ki nd oF R E P AIRIN G in a work - inanli *e manner, and at reasonable puces. Old Carriages taken in part,l?y ment l?.r new and at a fair price. SIMO> r Li My 4 to. may 12 6111 OKI'VKES UK ItEUNAKD. illustraes de t* vignettes; 62 cents. Oeuvresde Baoine, illustrees de R"? vignettes; 74 cents. Oenrres de Corneiile, illustrees de 85 v.^uettes; 75 cents. _ ... . Oeuvres de godeau. illustrees par B?rtali;?3 et?. Oeuvresde Moliere, illustrees de 14h vignettes; |IA Fables de la Fontaine, illustrees par Bertall; 2i cents. Fables de Floriau, editian ll.ustrec parCiiam; !? cetita. Les Fabuiistes Popniaires. illustrees pa' Bertall; 2Q cents. l ft ANCK TAYLOK. J* " w. w. uacgxET. w. a. uatto* HACKNEY A l)A^*TON, Rkal Estate ahd Giihil L*"? AOB*rTi r?h 'i.TwFi'w y. t. ^ ALL A STEPHENS. W holenle Dmlen and JoH_ CLOTHS.C ASSIME KES, AND VISTI/HiF* may IA 3m