Newspaper of Evening Star, June 12, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 12, 1857 Page 3
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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Tut Pr?tic Miitixo Yuteiday on th* f ticiwil Rioti^-The nwctiugof eilixnuit tlM City lTa!T yesterday evening. was well attended, and pawed off without disturbance. At half-past flveo'clock the meeting wu called to order br Judge Young. and Dr. Wm. Jones was called to the chair, who In so doing stated briefly bis acknowledgment* for the honor con ferred upon him on an occasion so interesting. He would not, be said, enter upon a recital of the objects of the meeting, they being understood perfectly bj all present Mr. T. C Connolly was then appointed secre tary; and. on motion of Daniel Ratcliffe. Esq a committee of five wm appointed to draft resolu tion* for the consideration of the meeting: and *?15?nedp?>r lb*i committee m'mwm You Semmea, and Judge After a brief aWnre the committee, through } chairman, Mr. Ratcliffe. reported thi follow ing preamble and resolutions: ?""ow The people of this country aeknowN-dge, in every form, the neceas.ty and authority of Liw to t?v vrS,' "Ub'*v Snd K"*1 government Uw IhJv ?,i!^i|Up?n ^ *uthorl?y *nd force of law they must rely for the protection of all their rights They know that the efficacy of law de ET" ?P?? enforcement; and that it is niade tbe duty of those in authority to see that the law ? hf " to the "tent ?f their preroea '? "J"*??* ??ly 'he legal but the moral obli gation of all good citizens To sustain the suprem acy of law, and aid In suppressing every abuse of Its sacred authority. In rlew of all these high obligations, and the consequence to which they lend, it was with feelings of deep regret and indignation that we saw, on the day of our municipal elections, our city Invaded by a notorious band of lawless ruf fians from the city of Baltimore, who thniat thern selves into the midst of our election proceedings brntallv assailed our peaceful citizen*. assaulted the officers of elections, drove from the polls a large number of leeal voters, closed the poll, i? some prer.ncts and with deadly weapons carried rai?ks that environed ^ vA ? and quiet pursuit of their rights of suffrage. They baTie defiance to .11 S rr/ ir: ?"Sj , >*g1t'ly*tg a"thoritv, and had for a time forcible possession of the polls, and had control over th* elections over the municipal offi cers, and over the rightful operation of law At 'his stage of their violent proceedings, the Mavor InhSr/n/hi ^ powerless within the sphere of his municipal resources, reported to the President the condltfon of tbeeityand his inabil I y ,0 a?ofd Protection; whereupon the P;e<ident CaU^ to ?- ordered J . ??f Mayora part of the military force on duty at the Marine Barracks in thiscity: There RtsalmeJ. That the thanks of our citizens are doe to the Chief Magistrate for hi? ready response to the exigencies of the. moment, to the Mayor of the city for hi. activity and zeal, and to the of fleers and soldiers of tV military corps for the effective and forbearing executions their o-ders R'iolrrd, That the beneficial results of this opportune step of Executive authority commend it to our praise, as evincing obedience to consti tutioaMl obligations, which make it bis duty to see that the laws are faithfully executed, and can 0?,Kr?^ the dnd admiration of the friends of o^der everywhere ?dehZid'? .1^*/ f^r ritiw,h" of Wwhington are indebted to the instrumentalities that were thus legally, properly, and efficiently employed by the p oper authorities on the dav of election for the ?;?";P dispersion of the n.ob, for the restoration of order, and for the quiet that distinguished the closing scenes of the polls That the gratitudeof our community isdne tothe press of this citr and throughout the country for the prompt and ready rebuke tbey admin:*tered to the lawless disturbers of our peace on the day of election, as well as for the just praise awarded to the President, and those acting under his authority, for the timely mili Mavor ex,endMl to our city at the calf of the I "aiJ thM w hf> had *ornethinjj to do drawing up (he resolution* he would t>e **p^cten to say ?omr-tbing in support l5m?k!.k =* "*s-l^i?ol???ly occasion which brought them together; one deeply to bedeplo.ed Tbey could not bring the dead to life. but had their condemnation of the t>a?d of foreign desperadoes who invaded Wash ington on Monday last. and to deter those who may be disposed to similar misdeeds. The meeting had encountered some opposition in, il wouId have Ijeeii more largely attended. The motives which prompted this opposition he believed to be pure WRS} founded on mistaken views of the state of p.blic fSiy ? T of the Mayor to his fner.d* to stay away from the meeting, was char 'i'Jdii ^ ! !,.^.:ik''r a? ?>osl unfortunate and I rlLirr!' view of the large and i /T*" nature of the assemblage present - but he expressed the belief that very many friends *"ing ",io"""" -w" 'Pb~5 ,n T'cw of the coming ses -ton of the Urand Jury this was tbe most appro p iate time for it The sympathizers of the riot rrrT?,'l'n? forJh'* ^ty of their friends we.enot likely to interfere with the meeting and thus call down further odium upon them But when these prosecutions are commenced, the ac r'TvlT!1*1 their friends and partizans, will all ?je laboring under excitement and a meeting held at mcb an inauspicious time might result jn the re-enactment of the bloody scenes of the 1st of June. Now w;.s the time to put tbe seal of con demnation on the ruffians, who were brought 01 here from Baltimore, that Sodom and Gomor rah of this generation : which cily, however, he trusted would not be required to furnish ten righteous men, under penalty ?f meeting the fate or Sodom [laughter and applaus?l Mr R deprecated the idea that the American l-a ty ,u which he counted some of his dearest r ie?ds on earth, would interfere to disturb anv respectably . oiiducted meeting. Alluding to the rumor that the President was opponed to the meeting, be said that the Pre?i d<ut may perhaps have said that he wanted no endorsement; in the spirit of Aristides and An d ew Jackson, he doubtless reposed on the cou ?c)..usi?e?s of having done his duty, and a?ked no pn?i?e. But they met there, not to praise the rre^tdent or the Mayor, but to vindicate them "'ives and express tLejr gratitude to the authori t e?a,,d military who had afforded the city effi cient relief wheu unier mob law They deplored ti.? consequences that ensued, but such conse Sueaces must always follow the perpetration of sucb acts. They had not come there to make long speeches, ?r to say aught, harsh or Irritating, but simplv to pass resolutions, which should go down to their posterity as a record of the verdict of the citizens of Washington upon these transactions It h*d been said that the papers had spoken out unanimously in denunciation of the rioters This was 'rue. and they felt grateful to the press for so uo:ng; but this did not ailoid the permanent record that was needed for their sons and grand sons to refer to in case their memory was ma ugaed in connection with the-u> transactions. I pou the conclusion of Mr. Ratcliffe's remarks, the resolutions were adopted, and the meeting adjourned ?? 6 Till Rive..?The current is pretty swift and 'he water thick with mud. The people along the river shores are busily hooking in drift wood; ? jrneof them obtain quite easily during the-p. ing a:id fall rains a sufficiency of fuel for their entire year's consumption. The coal and wood operations about tbe wharves *r?r.?c.rlTrl'r Prc*cc?t?^ i and he arrival of vessels *ith lumber for city dealers are frequent. Yes terday 'hree large schooners arrived at the month the Tiber, with har^e cargoes of lumber con -igned to tbe .-anal merchants At Riley s wharf rnved schooner Equal Rights, fiom the lower river shores, with consignment of wood for I hoinas VV. Ruey. Tlie schooner Win L. bay ion cieartd from Gait i Young's wharf this utorning on her homeward trip, ana she was towed down th.* channel by the steam tug Guy. 1 he Potomac Steam boat Company are com pell - ? d to u:?e pine wood on boa.d the boats, in cJnse ?pteuceof tbe.e Ijeiug no coal at thewbarves The want of Cumberland coal is severely felt by con sumers generally. The steamer Geor?e Washington, Cat t Corson, took ironi two to three hundrtd persons dowu to tbe Kort, members of the Methodist r.pi-copal Cbu:ch. Capitol Hill. While oppo site Mount Vernon, the sail-boat -'Will-Watch " which had gone down the rive, on a pleasure trip. Was raps,zed Six persons were on board her, ?nd t-apt Corson very promptly went to tbe res ? ue with his steamlA>at Some row-boat, how ever. had seen the a. cideut, and, from the other shore, had come and saved the capsized persons i*fore the steamer reached the scene of the acci dent ?-'apt 1'iice, of the steamer tieorge Page, who ?^ame up ?h^ river yesterday icports not less than nrry dead h.^s floating in the wafer aloug the o?i:se uf his route. They came from tbe di^til ') above Georgetown. The Pltmocth ?Thesloop-of-war Plymouth *i? put inroiiimts*i?D yesterday at one o'clock p m At that hour a guard of I nited States Marines were inircLed on board ; the Captain (iXibig(eeu) and the other officers being on board and the men received orders to haul out into the rerun She was got out slsint three o'clock and came to anchor iu the channel opposite the Mia "e-cXj ship house. The "Water Witch" brought the Plymouth's trtw from New York, numbering one' hundred 'ltd ttiiity odd men. Tbey will goon board to d?v 1*>>e Plymouth Is In complete repair; having newly painted and her yards set she looks to , what she was in reality?one of the finest ves- j *eU in the Navy. The officers are justly proud of her Xhf entire complement of her crew, office:, inea, will be one hundred and elghly-flve. Ox Moxdat, June Id, the excursion of the Bnurishing Sabbath school of tbe becond Baptist C4urch tales place down river. Ho*,CI?*-Abo?t 3 o'clock yesterday the community vu startled by the an noaaoepMat that another homicide had ovu-red ? n.ld*. Deputy PUtHp.ZS s^sS^'ssis.ts Mr vH#re offlcer arrested diLihkSTS ?2 cbar*? ot having caused the ?hL,M? hJf ^L* Pf' Henry Sfeulte, by tolban through the right lung with a pis An Investigation was entered npon by Justice uonn (In an outhouse attached to the premises where deceased was lying upon a bed) into the that led to the death of Shulte. The following witnesses were sworn and ex amined : Mrs. Dorothea Gerhardt. Wm W Turk, er. Gen Arthur P. West Marv Heisler, Virginia Bureh Mary Jane Taylor. / B. Lokey, Tvm A* atkins, Arthur J. WmL Jaj H Lewii Josrnh Cross, Sophia Wolf Jos. C. Foertsch, jobT?, Turner, Jno. H. Sessford, Wm Garner Noraeat and Joseph Caswell? ' awnuel 7^/TAd"nrf; ,hoWed ,hat fast young men entered the saloon, and, after obtainla? srtat liquor they called for, refused to pay ? "f when an altercation took place between them and the landlady ; and they, or some of them, committed and uP?n her, and im^diatelv left the house; and. while on the pavement thev Shulte, wi h clubs She strnok one of the row l&xsjsr. ^a<d' aind ^returnfd tLp wow house ' c*u,la* her to retreat towards the Mr Gerhardt, who was lying down in his witiKW\)rtrin>{ the ,crMm" of hi* w ire, and seeing his barkeeper engaged in a scuf ,h;2T.tS.,be I2CU* wil&a P&?. and fired, the ball taking efiect on the head of one of the ShlnF.??,1!; .^Ulrt ??Gerhardt flrvd a second time, shulte turned towards him and unhappily lecelv ed be contents of the pistol in the region of bis ran a few 9,eP* towards the door, and Wl a corpse After hearing the evidence and the remarks of counsel , #R s \\ harton. Esq , appearing for the tl? I Co1 8 P s"?ithfor defence,) If mi"?i\eZhelt Mr 0erhardt 'o hail in the sum or S3.0U0, for his appearance at the June term of the Criininal Court, on charge of homicide. The bail wis entered upon jointly by Col Smith, the proprietor of rtie premises, and by Mr Gerhardt. JustireDotin issued warrants for the arrest of the parties who were the primary cause of the kill thre* persons from Alexandria, named Rudd, Hall, and Kllet alias Sinltb, and two per sons from the Navy Yard Subsequently Officer Harper arrested one of the ? i^yv d 5art!ri- ??iiied John Robinson, and f .d H!?v.Vnd" S:MJ baiI for examination at five o clock this evening. The Board of Managers or tui Wash ington ClTT PROTRSTANT ORPHANS' AsTLUJI gratefully acknowledge the receipt of the follow ing donations and collections taken In churches since their annnal meeting in January last: Prom Mrs Susan Ireland, S500; Col Lamed. *100; Miss Coleman, S50; Mr*. Wm. T. Carroll, 925, Mrs V, Mrs Ann w s"?th. wf" ?; V- R^ad, *10; Wis* Virginia Tayloe, $10; \Jr ?ailr ?"<?..*i'-: ?. Frlend- *5; Mrs Holt, S5; S whV I n '.5^ Thornton, S5: A Friend, f*5' \^lt? 4 Co., So; A Gentleman. S3; A Lady from Richmond, \a.. S5; A Gentleman, S5, Mr and Mrs. .from New York, S5; Mrs >? Children, S3; Mrs Bridge, S3; Mrs. Weir, Sti.50; w Ti ' The Proce^ds oia Fair in the First 7 some little girls. SI 61; Mrs Anderson, SI, Mrs Dr. Saunders, SI; A Lady, SI; Mrs! -Mc I la ugh. si; Rev. m7. Cuminins,' of Trinity church, Rev. Mr. Hall, church of the Lpiphany, SIJ7; Rev. Mr. Sunderland, of First Presbyterian church, S150; St. John's church, Rev pr. Pyn?\fl5?.fe; Rev Mr Sampson, Bar^ list church, #->4; Rev. Mr. Carothers, Presbyte rian church *ftl 30; Rev. Mr. Finkle. German Reformed church, S40; Rev. Mr. Morsell. Christ church. S32-37. Donations?From Mr. Gideon, pciiiting J50 sports, also rebinding and adding to theltook of Minutes; Major Bacon and his K eminent. a barrel of bread, a basket of meat 20 yards cotton; Messrs. and Clubb 4 k dozen books and 6 atlases. By orderof the Board. u, . R. Coxk, Secretaiy. W ashinotom. June 11, 1567. Turxkd cp Again.?The meeting at the City Hall yesterday brought to light an historical char acter who has been lost sight of for the last twen ty years or more, and who would appear to have been enjoying a comfortable Rip Van Winxle snooxe during that period, as our old citizens, who recognized him are willing to depose that ?fie does not look a day older than when Ia?t seen a quarter of a century ago. At that time he in,-' nio.talized himself at the commandfr-iu-ch e it a parade of "Fantastical*," vot up to ridicule and put down the militia system of that day, which it did most eifectually, killing it as dead as Julius a*sar. But the I antxsticals did not conqner without some loss of life ou their side. The horse of the Coiuiuaiider-iu-chief, selected probably neither for beauty ?r strenjrth, require<l coiisiderahle propping up on parade, nnd finally dropped dead n his tracks; what was fun to the men being in this instance, as in many others, death to the animal* This commander of credit and renown was an eccentric individual, who had an impedi ment in his voice, and other qualifleationH of dress, manner and physiognomy to qualify him for his duties. II19 presence, yesterday, at the meeting Was noted by the decided ? no" which, solitary and alone, he *ent up in response toeverv question put by the Chair. fi\s name, we believe is Ldmonson. ' The Excursion of the Capitol Hill Method ist Kpiscojvil Church Sabbath School which took place yestei day appears to have been a joyous af fair to the participants. i A.,a;K?conipany of little folks crowded the deck of the George Washington, and their merry voices chimed as sweetly L "marriage bell,7 1 he old Fort even, whose grim visage keeps up a ceaseless watch upon the broad* Potom^ seemed to relax somewhat of its habitual stern ness, and appeared to welcome the delightful tones winding through it. I^ving couples were seen wandering through the pleasant groves plucking wild flowers, while, no doubt, many a soft whisper.was spoken which caused the cheek ,o "ke It was indeed a day to he remembered by the scholar* of that growing and prosperous school and by all other participants. ' Real Estate J. C. McGuire,auctioneer, sold lot 69 and improvement in subdivision of square 515, to Columbus Alexander for S500; also, lots 70 and 90 in same square, to Thomas T Barnes at 6 cents per foot. i .B?-A Gr**n' auctioneer, handsome buildin* lot '<? square 7S5; on Fourth street, between A anTw?Sr?^ ',t0 t"' Bva<"y' forUrfc?^ foot. Two two story frame houses and lots on Eighth street, between R and S north, to Messrs. Otis r?fker and George Schenck. for SlOOeach. n^rL?f lot*I)joW*Dd 11 in square 419, to Jacob B fowder, at 8 per foot. ' A Serenade.?I^st night several gentlemen, newly elected officer* of the Corporation and others, were complimented by a serenade from their friends Withers' line band officiated, and the grenade was comlucted underthe supervision of Capt. John Reese and H B Scheibler Esa r..?^IiC2?rTe of'heir r??ad"'the President of tbfe ?Vr \J Mayor Magruder. Capt Tyler, of the Marine corps. Commissioner Blake and ' H.Ikiv, II. For,,lh, G?t. w f1?*' W e' A Krnn*?lv, J. F. Brown and C. W. Dunuington were visited. ' Dead -Major George McNeir, who was at tacked on the sth of January last with the Na tional Hotel disease, died this morning without a struggle His parting with his family and old Mends was particularly atfectln^. By his re W^??i;rrd by R#fV Mr Krebbs, and a favorite hymn of his was sung; and immedi ately after he entered upon his eVemal rest. His d?,^ w''l ? *?t * deep gloom upon his old asst . i in war of who must soon follow bun in the course of nature. He was 64 years of A!<T> AOA,!'" we have been asked by httle folk "when Is to be the excursion of the Foundry Sabbath School ?" so popular are the excursions of this School. So Ve shall make them happy now by the notification that the (i " Washington will leave for Fort Washington and be W bite House at tf o'clock to-morrow ir.orn Ing convey,?K ,he >abbath School of Foundry Church on a pic nlc and excursion. ' Washinoton Branch Railroad?By thead- I verti*emeats 'n another column it will l>e seen that some clianges have been made In the time schedule upon this road. A Sunday train be tween here and Baltimore, leaving \\ ashlii"ton at < a. m . and Baltimore at 5 15 p. in., is to l?c run, commencing on Sunday next. Thn will l>e yood news to laboring men An Entertainvext. ? Joseph F. Brown, Esq . one Of the newly-elected Councilmen from the Ibird Ward, entertained some two hundred of l.i? constituents last evening, at bis residue on II street. \\ e Lear that the .upper spread b fore them was a verv recherche atfaVr Indeed, and t .at ali present en/oyed themselves amazingly Mr. B and others, made capital speeches in the course of the meeting, which weie enthusiasti cally responded to. Firr?^ estcrday aftemooii, about 5 o'clock, u fire broke out in the dwelling of Mis* Wilson, on B street, betweeu Second and Third. The com panies of the fire department were on the spot and rendered prompt assistance in extinguishing the lire. No considerable amount of damage was done. . ? Trr Delightpcl. Union Frstival, at Odd Fellows' Hall, will positively close to-night, he ll rememucrcd. ? Covmr or Claims.?All tbo cmn on tbo l*w and trial dockets of this Court have been called during the preaciit term. The Court trill contin ue in session till the enci of tlifn month, and In the mean time hear any taaea on either docket vrbioh the parties may desire to aulmiit. To-day, Mr. Blair replied In behalf of the gov ernment in the case of Oliver Dubois, and the case was submitted. when the Court adjourned till Monday next, 11 oclock. Watch Returns.?Wm. Brown,colored, dit orderly and fighting ; workhouse 30 day*. Henry Pumphrey. U. 8. warrant; jail. Wtn. Livings ton. vagrant; workhouse 30 days. Wm. McCor mick, do.; do. John Fitzaimona, do.; do. Attention, EricuRiASs.?Simpaon haa this day served up Green Turtle Son p. Stop in oorner loth street and Penn. avenue, and try it. It Fashions and Follies Of Washington Life. A Drama af Thrilling Interest, Illustrativ* of Metropolitan Life and Soriety. Bt H. Clat Pheuss. PERSONS OF THE DRAMA. Col. Delaney.agovernment clerk,colonel by courtesy Emma Uelaney, daughter of Col. Delaney, a true woman. . Capt. Jack Smith, ex-oaptaia and retired politician, an "old f<?f?." , Tom. Scott, Capt. Smith's body servant, a gentle man from Africa. Tonawaha,alive Indian chief. Hon. Col. Cecille, genuine honorable, hut bogus qiIbmI. Sharpsteel, friend of Cecille, a wit. Noall.a gentleman who " knows nil aliout it. John Sharker,an unmitigated compound of rascality. Bill Sly. tool of Sharker's, and always "agreeable. Hon. lien. Blane, genuine honorat>le, but bogus general. Hon. Col. De Courcey, genuine honorable,but bogus colonel. . . Mrs. Singleton, a dashing widow, "fair," but neither ?* fat" nor "forty. Hon. Mrs. Bangs and Daughter, verdant flowers from the liackwoods. Critical Notices. "The literary merits of your play ns a picture of society?a satire with its dialogue? are ail Urst-rate; built of spice and wit and genuine fun. Some of your points are as keen as Sheridan's."?Park Benjamin. " I am vory much 'pleased with vour play indeed, and think it will act rapitally."?John E. Owens. " It is a very ably written production,"? Wm. E. Burton. Prioe 25 cents; hound copies W cents. For sale at Taylor A Maury's, Joe Shillington's, and book sellers generally. Trade supplied at the usual dis count o? one-third by addressing the Author, caraor Richard Roberts. Northern Liberties' Bookatoro, 327 Seventh streot, Washington. je 11 -St Drs. Hunter Ac Williams, Physicians for Diseases of Throat and Lvnts, 52 North Charles street, Baltimore. Dr. Hunter or Dr. Williams will visit Washing ton on the 12th and 99th of each month. The next visit will he on Friday, the 12th instant. Office 26" Pennsylvania avenue, over Mrs. > oss s Jewelry Store. jel0-3t Lyon's Maonetic Powdkr, for the extermination of Bedbugs. Cockroaches, Moths, Ants, and Mos uuitoes. Also, Pills for the destruction of Rats and Mice, for sale, wholesale and retail, at Shillington's, Odeon Building, oorner of 4>i street, and Pennsyl vauea avenue. tf Fits and Fkvf.r and Ague.?To Those iclio love their Fellow Beings.?I have a remedy (purely veg etablelfor Fever and Aeue.Fitsand Falling Sickness, which has never t>een known to fail. It is as pleasant, and as cheap,a* it is efficacious. Any person who will send me the names, and direotions to the residences, of ten mdividnals sick of ^Consumption, or any dis ease of the Chest or Lungs, or suffering from a bro ken down and shattered Constitution, will receive as n reward this Kecipe. It emliodies full instructions for making and administering this wonderful Medi cine. Address, Dr. Tracy Delorme, New^ork Post Office je 6 Fxhtrisnc* is the best evidence of Madame Mount's Consumption Destroyer. Mrs. Mount?Madam: I am happy to inform you the terrible cough and cold under which 1 labored, has been entirely cured and eradicated by the use of one bottle of your modicine. And 1 can with confi dence recommend it to every l*?dy suffering with ooughs or consumption. P. Mahan, No. 186 Chesnut street, Plulad. I have used in my family Mrs. Mount's Consump tion Destroyer, and can testily to its etftcacy in case of severe Oolds. It is equal, if not superior, to any remodies of the kind 1 have ever used for such a purpose. Hev. Jame* Robb. This is to oertify that I was well acquainted with Mrs. Mount while she was suffering with the con sumption, and know this Syrup to lie the remedy that effeoted her cure. Rev. Jamki Hanson. Residence, G street, belweeu lltli ami I2th, No. SW. For sale in Georgetown at F. A. Newman's shoe store, No. IIU Bridge street, south side, l?etwoen Congriiss aud High streets. Also,at ('.Stott's, cor ner > if Seventh street and Pennsj Ivnnia avenue. In Alexandria, at Mr. C. M. Castlemnn's, King street, sole agent of tlust place. Also, at Patterson 5l Nairn's, corner of??th st. and Pa. av. may 15 I in DIED, On the 12th instant, (iEORGE McNF.IR, Eeq., in the 64th y ear of his age. His friends and acquaintances are invited to attei d his funeral from Wesley Chapel, on Sunday,tat a o'clock, without further invitation, * On the Tuesday, the!?th instant, Mrs. PATRICK FOLEY. Her funeral will takfl place on Sunday, at o'ol'k, from the Vault at l?th street, to St. Patrick'niHurial Ground. Her friends and acquaintances aie respect fully invitod to attend. 2t* In Georgetown, on the 12th instant. RICH ARD NORR1S, the beloved son of Robert A. and Mar garet A. Griffin, a?ed 1 year and 9 months. \ CARD?Mrs. C. A. PF.DDICORD would most respectfully inform her friends and cus tomers that she is now prepared to (ill art orders and to execute all branches of DRI'SS WAKING; and all styles of Bask and Cleak Dresses mad* in a short time. It is necessary that laities ?hould know where they can have their dressos made in u superior man ner and at low prioes. Particular attention paid to Children's Dresses. Ladies would do well to call and see her dresses. Dresses made a> a few hours notice. Residence aouth H street between lOthaud lltli streets. Island. The latest Paris fashions re ceived. je 11 4t* FOR BOSTON?FIRST VESSEL.-The su perior clipper schooner Marietta Burr./ Capt. Ira Nickersou, has arrived, and W1U4 I I- J ? ? * *?- - .. av.vs iiu- Ml II* out auu have quick despatch for the above port. For-**"-* Ireightapply to HARTLEY Jt HRU., No. 101 Wi ter street, Georgetown. D. C. je 11-lw F^OR SALE.?A luht, fashionable, and stylish medium sized BAROL'CH. Has been little used and was made to order by one of the best ma kers in New York. Can be seen at Mr. J. M. YOUNG'S, Carriage Maker,(near the oorner 4>? street and Penn. avenue. je 11 -3t MY STOCK OF BOOTS AND SHOES being ahont the largent in this city at this^.^*. time, and having been purchased before the 111 rise in Leather, can bo sold at about 15 to 2"T nM per cent, less than goods purchased at this 15^^ time. Call and examine for yourselves, at S. P. HOOVER'S, je 11 Iron Hall, Pa. ave. bet. i?th and f?tli sts. C1HAR1.ES LEVER.-The Fortunes of Glen / core, by Charles Lever,author of tho DaltoiuA Co.: price 5 < cents. Tent-life in the Holy Land, by W. C. Prime, au thor of Boat-life in Egypt, Acc.: ?1.25. Just received and for sale hy jell 3t TAYLOR & MAURY. (Intelligencer, and Union 3t) SCHOOL DAYS AT RUGBY, BY AN OLD boy, ?1. The Diary of an Ennuyee. bv Mrs Jameson, author of the Characteristics of Women, 4cc.,75 cents. Sermon* Preached at Trinity Chapel, Brighton, by the late Rev. F. W. Robertson, M. A., the incum I:jnt, first series, from the third l<ondon edition, $1. Si?ters of Charity, Catholic and Protestant- and the Communion of labor, by Mrs. Jameson, 75 cents. Waverly Novels, household edition, Rob Roy, 2 vols. 81 5\ J ust published, and for sale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S jell -St Bookstore, near 9th street. ITNION HALL RESTAURANT. W. F. BENTER would announce to his friends and the public, that the celebrated GREEN TURTLE, so much praised and spoken ofas"Tippo Suitan." ImH^MjgW? this day been slaughtered, and that he Bp*? will be aerved up in Steaks, Soup, a-la mode, and Fricassee,?n a style unsurpassed. In connexion with the many delicacies of tho season which he has made arrancements to receive, may lie imd the purest of WlNES, BltANDY, ALES. ClOARS. ke., and in tact all that the epicure should desire. His establishment is between Cth and 7th streets, 011 C, in the rear of Browne' Hotel. jell-* W. F. BENTER, Proprietor. CKMXRY & SEARS, No.5?t7th street, three doors north Pa.avenue, are now selliiiii great Istrgaius in all Fancy Silk and Harege Roboe , Rich and lieautiful dress Silks and 1 jiwiis Sim wis. Scarfs, and Mantillas. In fact all Fancy G<?<h1s will l>e sold very cheap, majiyat cost iohI less, for cash, to close out. Jtj The Indies are invited to call early. je 5 eoat Refrigerators.?We have receive<L an other lot of thwse superior R EF RIG E KATORS which we luive l?een selling for the last live y ears ; and the high reputation they have, wherever used, warrants us in reooiiiineiidiug them as the IteMt and most economical article of the kind uow in use?the style and ImiKhisalso very handsome. For sale, cluap, at our House Furnishing Warerooiua, No. 7th st reet. may ll-eo6w McGREGOR Sc CO. Magic ice cream freezers from 2 to?quarts. f- 1 Best WATER COOLERS, all sizes. Kedtie's Patent Rain or River Water FILTERS. Also, another of lot of those uneuqslled REFKIGEH ATORS.just received atourHouae r.ntuhiu War, R.?ra.. ?c0RE0OB 4 CQ 6-eogw 58>. 3t?. aixl 5.'t 7th at. Fine family carriage for sale Has had very little use ; can l?e seen at Mr. hook'S Coach Shop. It will be ?old at a great bargain, aa the owuer lias no uae for it. je 6 Also,a line Saddl* Horse to be sold a bargain?fit for a lady ; a splendid ahowy animal. , May l<e seen at Nay lur's Stahiea, Pa. avenue, jo 10* ' AUCTIOV BALES. Bf A. GREEN, A actio H BETM ?UTaJtS LOT 05 *0?Tlt tion -oY, Twri?7?Vv?If",!?..WI8T- ** Apc .Tlnfmn. f,l DAY" th* ,Wh ?"?tJinf. I ShMl

iSt"Hn it ? n .iu?^r2y'?**?.** o'clock p. m., Itlufi' *v "*uar? h*v,.n? * oil north G f^*ino2.%?n,,,nf bRCk to an alley 17 befw!ILE">?.1t,i " hand??"??Iy situated on north G, twSIL 22* Jersey avenue and 2d street west. Ti^h- ?n#-ft",rthl ; balanoe in 6.1J, it, and ^inootha. for notea bearing interest from day of >r,Vi-A_j "v?.n ?"d * of trust taken, of ?k ?l>,,ta ? conveyancing at the coat ^il5Urchl"or- A. GRRFA jeia^ Auctioneer. By A. GRJiEN, Auctioneer. Handsome building lot on north j Mrwirt Id and 3d stxext* wkii at tlfVn?il~?nr JfeKSDAV. the ?l mstant, I shall ?ell, in front of the premises, at 6 o'ciock p. m.. Lot 5?' f:?.ntln1? ? Teei northE street, north aide, next to the corner of 2d street west, running back 1?> feet to a 25 feet alley. ,J1 il "nnecMwry for me to aay any thin* relative to thei beaut'fal location of the above-described prop L,iT~. 11 that P^'oni wishing to purchase J &? ?""''?'??* ^r themselves, and I am satisfied that they will oe convinced that it is one of the most Iwaytiful and commanding sites lor a pri vate residence in that section of the city, and the surrounding neighborhood in a rapid state of improve moot* One-third cash: the balance in six and oTsalc ?r * o?*?ng interest from day A .feed riven and a deed of trust taken. Title indisputable. Je,2 d A. GREEN, Auct. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. UANDSOME AND NEARLY NEW THREE ?A story Brick House and Lot at th* corskr viT*?.Ut' streets. AT Auction. ?On MON UA\ . the 22d instant, I shail sell, at ? o'clock p. in., iu front of tho premises.a handsome ami near ly new Brick House, situated at the corner of 12th street west, and L street north, on Massachusetts avenue. The house is well built, and contains ele ven conveniently arranged room* and wide passage. I he corner room is now occupiedasa grocery store: also, the Lot on which it stands, being No. 13 in Da vidson s rulidivision of square SIC. It also has on it a good carriage house and stable. The nhove-descrihed property is handsomely lo cnteu in an elevated anJ commanding position, ex ceilent wat.'r, and a rapidly improving neighborhood. I ernis: One third, cash; lialanc* in 6, 12, and !8 months, lor notes bearing interest from day of wile. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. Title indis putable. j0'2 d A. GREEN. Auctioneer. By WALL A BARNARD, Auctioi ?eers. ? ARGE STOCK OF FANCY GOODS. PER hi 5?LiiIiE-DXli? C'oak?, Jkc., at Auction. |n. THI RSDaS MORNING, 11th 10 i1.1 the 8tor? of Messrs. SamtagJL Brother. No. a*? Penn. avenue, south side, between 6th and 7th streets, we will sell their entire stock of Fancy Goods, Perfumery, Jewelry, Ac.. viz : White and colored Hosier/, women's and children's White and colored Half Hose, men's and boy's \\ ool and cotton Undershirts and Drawers Buttons, Tapos, Cords, Needles, Pins EBraids, Ribands, Tapes, Hooks and Eves ocket. Dressing, Tuck, and fitio Combs air-cloth, Tooth and Nail Brushes Kans. Perfumery, and Fane* Soaps Sewing Cottons, Silk, and Thread Toys, v ases, China Cups and Saucers Large stock of Gold and Silver Watches, Jewel 1? j L K?ads, Purses. Portemoniiaies, Cigar Cases \V ork Boxes, Satchels, Cabas. & o. Looking Glasses, Ink, Pens. Stationery, Cigars, Ac. ?f ?"ier Goods in the fancy hue. Shelving, 4c. La3e", Meas,ur?8' Fixtures, The trado is invited to the above sale, as the whole stock will t>e soli! without reserve. /.rJr.V'rAT'i unt'fcr, caah ; over that amount a h ^ Lii"^ ^ y8' ^or '?otc8 satisfactorily en dorsed, l>earing luterest. 1 " WALL A BARNARD. Auct. #i.E?rf^rwM?i.VK.^L,'K BK CON tinu^ TO NIMI r and TO MORROW MORN 0,1 clock, and will continue until the whole stock is disposed of. jel2-lt WALL 9c BARNARD, Anct'rt. By C. W. BOTELER. Auctioneer. SJAI'E OF A LOT ON THE CORNER OF * K AVEM'F and 23d stkket at Acctiox ?S.Jar.W,Vi, APIKRNOO.\, June 13th, at G 0 c.ock, I shall sell, on the premises, part of Lot No. 4. in Square No. Sft. fronting H4 feet fi inches on the *,,d ^ Sale positive. Terms cash. Jen- C. W. BOTELER, Auct. Br JAS. C. McGl I RE, Auctioneer. rERY VALUABLE BUILDING LOT os lftrn, AF'rVnvnnv**? H STRIKTS.-On TUESDAY AI rKRNOON, June 16th, at 6 o'clock* on the premises, 1 shall sell part of Lot No. 14, in squarl ^45, having_a fronton the west side of loth street west of ? feet, between G and H streets north, run nine hack Htt feet, and containing leet. 1 .,i i ,s * vory ,K>aut'f?l Lot and finely located for building purposes. Terms: One-third cash ; the residue in C and 12 the premises ?"t' 8ccurcJ 4 deed of trust on je ", cl JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct. By J. C. Met;I IRE, Auctioner. 'PRUSTEH'S SALE OF A NEAT FRAME * IJoUSK A Nil LOTONHTH STRKKT \VKST,BKT\VKK\ N streht< north.?On THURSDAY \F I ERNOON, July GL o'clock, on thopremi i?vi ?y ri,r. r R1d^H' of trust, dated Juh 21 -;t, 1 wl, and duly reoorded in Liber J. A. S., No On fo lios iM, 3nd !K, ?.ne of the land records for Wasli '"V?" ?"unty, 1). C., I shall sell Lot N. in Coylrt's siilKlivision in Square No. 424, fronting 1G f.-et in i?. clies?u8th street west. Iietween M and N streets north, running l?ck 95 feet to a ten-feet alley. with the improvements, consisting of a neat and wdl bu;ll frame dwelling House. Terms cash. JAS. M. WII.SON, Trustee. j^C^McGUIRE. Auctioneer. <ft.200 ?KW'ARD.?Ran awa* from the>ubscri -0 Ui 'u .? w [ K? S^turilny. the6th instant, my Af N EGRO MAN,named JACOB SHORTER. (u? Said Negr?? is from hve feet lour to six inches Tft nun, 21 years of a<e, >penk-? qmckiv uiieu^#A questioned. Has relatives in Prince George and Anne Anmdrlcounties, where he mav l>e lurk c'ty. I*0'!?** he is trying to get to Washington 1 will give ?Si? if taken in the county. 8100 if taken out ol the o..unty and in tho State, and ,f lake" out or the State and conhned so that I can get hi in agH'"- .. , WM.C, FOWLER. j. iou7i''S,.c*lv,r' MJ rey.w;.f? vii.ion. * Phis delightful SIMMER RESORT will be oHtuelt" 201,1 "istai,t 'or a limited number^ I he proprietor regrets toannounce that, in consequence of the destruction of seventy-three rooms by lire last winter, he will be unable to accom m date excursions bringing the masses for the pre? eT? m-wat w. \v. Dfx. shortest notice, latest style, and best manner, i !'y m<-a*ureiiient warranttsJ to fit. l.atest 1* ashions constantly received. je9-5t* ]\I1' 1 ' K Y-.M IL LIN E R Y - - M1L I.I N EITY FRF VTH hTtS8 n},V:ldle" and Childrens ^ we intend closing'it our at colt ,,s t,,e" ason < is advancing. Ladies will do well to give us - a call. Now is the tune for bargains, at G. H. CASSIDV fc CO.'S, ie Q i w ? "* ,??? f' e/. ?wt. loth aLd 11th sts. jc H-i w (Staies&Int) IlSliVi^.r''^ DWARE.?The attention of ING H A H nto "ur ?fock ?r BI I LO- ? ai?l li. i P \ i co?iprising the largest Krwil f i he,''cte?l of any in the city : Lock*,, v, ? ?i' n?m 'hecclolirated factory or I)a \ri p r ' .MBllorjr^ Co..and Russell A Erwin's1 MnnuCicturing Conipany: Hinges of all kinds; '. ?' Na'!?- Sash, Weights and Cord,Sash I ulley s; \\ indow Sbrings and Sasli Fastenings \\'all .tars, Holts and Shutter Kasteriinps. In fact evurv thing wanted ,n the Hardware liWor a house and sold cheap,cheaper, cheapest for cash ' ie 6 1 m ?y>- p " A R VuKY K A DA jee-lm ^ Pa. ave., bet. 6th nml 7te sts. ]VEW GROCERY, WINE, AND public Ftte',fr hp?S t0 ,,nfor?^w Vnemls a,labile tends to keep constantly on hand a larire and varied OUOR?fnCMfi a?B?R" a"id HVv'i?,ic XV,N Kst I'1" Wi OKS, CIGARS, and HNE GROCF.Rir?i consisting of Fine Teas, Sugar, Coffee, Flour Stian' MarrVtt A <"?*' ^?vSJrd.i,n??' Anchovies. Otar5.' .\larrett A Co,, Pinet A Co., and Col. Chabard's Brandies in ?ues, demijohns, and casks. Old Ja maica Rum. Sherries, Madeira, Port of various de scriptions, St. Julien Claret, Chateaux Margaux in i' Ch{irn?|1*11? Cider, Brandy Fruits, Reynold's Edinburgh Ale, Annisette. Maraschino, Curacoa! ?on H.ISS Cl?l? ' ,"d Var'cJ 1 Fever "d a?? ...rr.m,hf" y?. P^'cularly invited to call and exani !nr? Ar ?? l^fore purchasing elsewhere. Mom W. u."11''?1' are also informed that their orders will lie promptly attended to, and delivered at their residences at the shortest notice. A general assortment of tine Havana Ci?ar* im ported direct by the subscriber, at wholesale and r^? J1?" 8UPP'lcd on reasonable terms, and prisluce taken in exchange. * 0,l,1,mtant|y on hand, of 1840. Country orders punctually attended to, and ooun try produce of all descriptions received on oonsign ua'tr JONAS P. LEVY, Je8 tf No..*?S4 Twelfth street. Wk'.,AV,,: RECEIVED THE FOL - ? i "K ?'? prepared to aell at a small advance of c*?st for cash : A very largo variety of Turner Bros, celebrated l.iquors.viz: Turner^h^Gm^er Wine, an excellent remedy for Blackberry Brandy, a certain cure for Diarrhea and Dysentery Claret, Madeira, Sherry, and Sweet Malaga Winea, all of aiipertor quality ' Raspberry, Strawberry, Ginger, and Cherry Bran al] of fine flavors, prepared from the pure juioh of the fruit Rose, Cinnamon, Annis.and Pepperment Cordials Currnooa, Absinthe, Essence of I eppennent Extract of Sarsaparilla, Stoughlon Bitters F orest W ine Bitters. r-%iVf ^I?5L"00,,,,l*nd' VuppI'f ?f Dr- Wheeler's Celebrated Sherry Wine Bitters, a splendid article. In addition to the above, we have at all times a larse supply of the following named stock of Malt Liquors, Item* the only Liquors of the kind in the District, and which cannot fail in giving satisfaction ytypS "'aV'pEV ^.HMfJpbiaXX, Burton jind XXX Pale Ale.Philadelohia Brown Stout.XX Por ter. and a fine article of Lager Beer. As usual, a supply of Mineral Water, Cider Ac 0,'J'and- ?r ARNY ASHINN* ' " Orwii itr#et% Uoor^otowo^ ATJCTIO* 8ALBS. THIS AFTERNOON k TO-MORROW Br Jli- C- McGl' IRK, A iisUumm. irALf'ABLK AND ul'ARRY I.AND ? for Sai3.?Ow F R1 ??? , Jiiu 12. at ?? n'd'k p. m., witfle sold Mat portjou of Riot Poml Farm north of Prunmatt's K uu, ooutaimng MO mtm, mora ?rTbw'propertr ?? most eligibly situated on th? Lees burp turnpike rotd, four nun* from WiiiliH* ton otir.well wooded in oak ana cneennt. Pimmett s Ran (the southern boundary) is a never-fiuWm at ream of water. The oleared juio ia easy of eulti vatioe. The quarnee on the Potomac are highly vnlufib.*, having the feneat curb and Hag atone on the nm. , .. ..., . If desirable. the property oan be divided into two portion* to auit purchaser*, the oli?act of the pro prietor b<>inc to incrt-aae the neighborhood, Rs be ia about to baud on the adjoining portion for hia own reaidenoe. Term*: One-third caah; the halance in 6 and 12 montha' notes, bearing interest from day of sale. Deed of truat taken to aeeure the payments. Sale positive. JAS. C. MoGLTRE. je a?J Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, Auctionear. TWO STORY FRAME HOUSE AND I.OT OS 13th, BETWSEX H AXD I STREET*, AT AUC TION.?On FRIDAY, the 12th 1 us taut, 1 ahall sell, in front of the premises, at 5 o'clock p. m., pert of Lot No. 36, in ?|U!\r?No. 25ft. with the improvements, which are a good two-atory and basement Frame House, containing 9 oonventently arranged roomsaud necessary out-houses. This property is handsomely situated on the west aide of 13th, between north H and I streets. Terms liberal aud made known at sale, je6-d A. GREEN, Auot. By JA8. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. VALUABLE LOT ON NORTH G STREET, BETWEEN 2UTH A WD 21 ST STREETS WEST.?On FRIDAY AFTERNOON, June 12th. at 5 o'clock, 011 the promises. I shall sell the whole of Lot No. 5, in Square No. Itfi, fronting 51 feet I inch on north G street, Itetweoa anth and 21st streets west, and run ning back It*' feet. This lot is beautifully located in n fashioimlile and desirable part of G street, and will lie divided into two lots of 25 feet f".1, inches each. Terms: Ono-fourth, cash ; the halanej inC. 12,and 13 months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. je fi d J AS. C. MeQUI R E, Auet. By WALL A BARNARD, Auctioneers. Horse, carriage, and harness at Auction.?On SATURDAY MORNING, .1 iitic lit, nt In o'clock, we shall aell in front of our Auction Rooms? 1 Chestnut sorrc! Horse 1 family Carriage and Harness. The horse works well in harness, and sold !>e?iuse the owner is about leaving the cit*. je II dta WALLA BARNARD. Aucts. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer, CCONFECTIONERY, COUNTER, SHELV ' ING, AND FURNITURE AT AUCTION.?Oa SAT URDAV, the lath msiai.t, 1 shall sell at U o'c.ock in., at the Confectioner) Store, No. 516 Seventh St., near Odd Fellows' llall, a large lot of Candies. Rai sins, Firs, Ac., Ac., Candy Jars, Scales, Yascs. Counter, and Shelving. Also, a good lot of nearly new Furniture, Carpet, and Oilcloth. Terms caafi. je l?-3t A. GREEN. Auotloneer. Jl/JARSIIAL'S SALE.?In virtue of a writ of 1"! fieri facias, issued from the Clerk's office of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, for the Couuty of \VArlington, and to me directed. I sl.aH expose to public sale, for cask, in front of the Ware room of Stanislaus Murray A Co., on I Louisiana ave nue, between 6th and 7th streeta, on FRIDAY, the l?th of J une instant, commencing at 10 o'cloek a. in., the following gnods and chatties, in part, to wit: English, Brussels. and Ingrain Carpets Franch aud German gilt-frame Mirrora, Pier Tablet Mah-'gauv Bureaus. Wardrobes, Beds'eads Stoves, Mattresses, Feather Beds and Bedding>ip>-, Girandoles. Washstauds, marble-top Tallies Mahogany Plush Chair. Arm ditto Mahogany Hair and Plush Sofas Spy Glasses, Thermometers Saddle, Sideboards And a large collection of Rooks: seised and levied upon as the property of Gilbert L.>! will l>e sold to satisfv indictals No. ISA, to Oe'ober term, 1KS7. Corcoran A Kiggs, uae of Win. A. Brad ley rs. Gilbert L. Thompson. jr. D. HOOVER, Marshal. ALSO, ON SATl'RDAY, the 13th of Juxe instant, at 10 o'clock a. m.t I shall sell, at the late residenco of Gilliert L. Thompson, " Meridian Hill," for cash. being the lialauce of the goods and chattel* levied on to satiofy the above-named judi cials No. 13;), to October term, 1R57, in favor of Cor ooran A Kings, use of Win. A. Bradley, the follow ing, in part, to wit: Oilcloths, large Cherry Wardrobes Large Pine Tables, \\ agons, Planes. Grindstones Bellows, Anvil, lot of old Iron, lot of Machinery One Steam Gnst-Mill, with Machinery thereto belonging Hakes, one lot of turning-lathes and fixtures. J. D. HOOVER, je3-dAds > Marshal for D. C. By WALL A BARNARD, Auctioneers. PEREMPTORY SALE OF BRICK HOUSE a \n Lot in the Fik?t Ward at Auction.?On MONDAY AFTERNOON, the 15th instant, at fi o'clock, we will sell, in front of the premises, eart part of Lot No. 4. in square 14ft, fronting 27 feet on I, street north, lietween lath and 19th streets, running !>aek lln feet to a loot alley. The improvements are a two-story Brick House. This property is on a newly improved street, with the'pavement laid. 11 r he terms of sale are not complied with within In days alter the sale; the property to Ik; resold at the risk of the first purchaser. ??? to lie be paid on the day of sale. Terms liberal,and made known at sale. Sale positive. Br order of heirs. jelo-ts WALL A BARNARD. Auct. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. TWO SMALL BRICK HOUSES NEAR "Printing Offu k Sqcakr*' at Auction.?On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, June 17th. at 6 o'clock, on the premises. I shall sell part of No. 5, iaaqaare 714, froutin< 25 feet on 1st street east, be tween north I and K streets, running hack 100 feet, W>th the improvement*, consisting of tuo noaily n-'W two story Brick Dwelling Houses, well built au.l neatly finished. Terms: One third cash; the residue in 6 and 12 months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Sale peremptory. jell d JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. Harness, saddles, bridles, halt khs. Whips, Trunks. Carpet-bags, A Stoke Fixtures at Public Auction.?Bv virtue ofadeed of trust or assignment from Josian F. Bailey to the nibscnber, bearing date on the inh day of Juuo, 1857. and recorded on the sainedny, I will tell for the purposes therein mentioned, at public auction, on thursday next, June luth, commencing at ten o'clock a in., at his late place of business, N'o. 373 Pennsylvania avenue, south side, between 4& and fith streets, all his st"ck in trade, consisting in part of Harness, Saddles, Bridles, Halters, Whips, Trunks, Carpet-hags, Hardware, Loather,and Store Fixtures, Ac. Terms: All sums of ?20 and under, cash ; all over that amouut bv notes at 3>and 60 days, bearing intei est, and satisfactorily endorsed. EDWARD SWANN. Trustee, e 11-d JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. ONE OF THE MOST beautiful BUILD ino Lots now for sale in Wisimvoi, FRONTING ON CONNECTICUT AVENUE, BETWEEN NORTH I AND K STREET*, AT AUCTION. ?Oil THURSDAY, the 18th instant, I stall sell in front of the premises, at five o'clock, p. in.. Lot No.SI, in Square 126. having a front of 75 feet on Connecticut avenue, at the intersection of 17th street with said avenue, which- torms a large open space, running Ifick to a wide alley, containing nliout II," o square feet.and will be sulxlivnl.xl and sold in separate lots if desired at sale. We deem it unneoMsarv tossy anything further relative to the beautiful Ideation of the above-descril<ed property, as it is well known to be one of the most desirable now for sale in Washington, being but one square north and in view of the northwest oorner of I.afavette square. Terms: One-fourth, cash; balance 1116, 12. lR.and 24 mouths, for notes liearuig interest fromtli-J day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust tak*n. All conveyance at the cost of the purchaser. Title iu disputablo. je li-d A. GREEN, Auctioneer. P' By A. GRKEN, Auctioneer. L'BI.IC SALE.?By virtue of a deed of tni^t executed to me. and recorded in Liber J. A. S. No. 122, folios 4-Hi. 4J7,438, and 439, one of the fjind Records of Washington county, in the District of Columbia, I shall on thursday, the Sfth of June, at six o'clock p. m., in front of the premises, otfer for sale at public auction to the highest bidder therefor, the following property, to wit: "All the following piece or parcel of property, to wit, part of Lot No. 5in Square No. 343, oi said city, besinuiug for the same at the southwest corner of said lot and running thence north along the line of Eleventh street west 23 feet, thence east 28 feet, thence north two feet, thence oast 71 feet 9 niches to the rear of said lot, thence south along the rear line of the said lot 25 feet to the southeast corner of the said lot. thence west along the south line of said lot feet 9 inches to the point of beginning." Terms, cash. Property to be resold at the risk and expense of thy pui chaser unless terms are com plied with in throe days from day of sale. EDWARD C. carrington. Trustee. je 10-Jaw Ad A. GREEN, Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. COMMISSIONERS'SALE OF VALUABLE Rial Estate.?By virtue of the order and de cree of the Circuit Court of the District of Colum bia for the county of Washington, in the matter of the heirs of Frederick Mohler, deceased, made on the 13th day of April, 1K57, the undersigned Com missioners will offer for sale at pulilic auction, to the highest bidder therefor, on the premises, at six o'clock p. in.,on THURSDAY, the 13th instant,all of Squire of ground No. 231. with the improve ments, consisting of a small frame house; and all of Square of ground No. 271, of the plan of the city of \\ iishington; for descriptions of which they re fer to the proceedings in the said cause. The conditions of sale are: One fourth of the pur chase money to be paid at the tinle of sale, or waiuu three days thereafter; the residue to be paid in one, two,aud three years, with interest from the day of sale, to ho secured to the satisfaction of the Commis sioners, or a majority of them. If the terms are not couipli>*d with, the property, at the ex pi. at ion ol three days from lha<Wpf*"f, will lie resold, at the risk and expanse of the pur chaser or purchasers. , . ou e^c!caS'r?nutom. THOS. L L LO* D, frjfon. Anon*.** A c No. 507 SEVENTH STKEET, between Dfciid F? itr60ti? west nd?? f'KAO TlCAL WATCHMAKER, k^eoougantiy Refrigerators.?Some of the best in tk? city, and at the lowest prices. _ jo G. FRANCIS, 490 7th street. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. | ASSOCIATED PRESS. | | \dH itlonn I Fere iga R??? bf Um flUl New Yoke. laMlt ?TVn If m lr?(h li Ikf repel that new conditions bare been received In England from Washington relative to tbe Dallas treaty. Lord Palmertton i u reply to Mr. D'laraaii respecting the non-ratification of thetreatvMld i**pccunp tbe non-ratificatioa of Ibi tualy aaid that, last Somnaer. two treafte* were co?elad?d by her Majesty's government, the oae with Hoa dura*, and the other with tbe United State* object of tbe treaty with Honduras waa. amoag other thlnz*. the reasion to her of tbe Bay Islanda. namely. Rustm u~?? ---* n amei v o ?' ?L T"lon "> her of tbe Bav laiaada 25lZf ,Woor o^er' provisions of the ur?r ,b# ??,in ^ItllL *5tr?f MaSf"'? *** meat deemed n#^_. ? , Majeaty'* govern ty and T t? Impo^-, for the aeernl property wlthi?$?? ,nrl ' ^ aettler* as bad that the lMand*^a'L-M bewtrr^> *1*? provide to fall Into tbe po*2T2&? ^hould ** *>e allowed power: that no fortifl,'?? *?* f1*** mar1Mm'' ttpon them, and that ** erected which they hitherto that non-militarystations ,?<>?naiv? aad The treaty which we concluded ,...k .w m . ted states divided itself into tw? TiVfLbU The flr?t part contain, J^Su Sr Kl CUT which Greit Britain and tboTftSVafiLfcl to to propose to Nicaragua and CoaU lTrn for the purpose of settling tbe differ.^ "v.Tk have arUn in Ceatral America, andtoT,Xk* ture regulation* of the Mosquito Indian. ** *'* Another part of the treaty contained condition* of engagement between England and the United ThlT^-K ?W ?f thMe *r,lclM *"*? to thK eltwt " fon7"n"?* ha, been conchy ?reat Britain and Hondur^ h-.? 7^! ^'"o" the Bay Island* ft# uXd**?. '? H"ndc.urM bJ' Gn*t Britain. I nitfd States and Lenceforwa'tt agree to acknowledge tho^Tslands *0^ IrjV ,?ry ?\ Ht,nd"r" This tnS5y wT..?^J and Wa^lHnn?ai and ?o Honduia* Il" VhT "? ?-"*i '"'"'"""Ion ?? WM referred .i ,*1 ?,y wltl? "* Laiud state* P^d Sl .i Senate, and the Senate pro i ^tera,lol>'S *ouie of considerable ri^ tlcatv' !A ?neH?i.>*ry grrat '"Poruaee. ncatj, so amended, was sent luu-k ta tku S"fylrS: w,t'* rat,a. aiio,uTSe ^verJuSil of the United State., and we ww alkKS Now. Of (Oiirnr. the Senate of iw!rif State* have an andoutitcd rivht to iiKKt'tj any treaty with which they are not aatis cusaiou niay become the eubjact of di* The Ohio Slave < ate. Ctxcix.VATt, June 10?The slave case w>. called up In the 1" ?. District Court this mornU^ virs r iST'' thP defeni*- ,e?i aeveral a?da V'*;'? P'trport that, In tbe conflict, tbe flr?l fir ? ? '" e nuiabal'a po?i?e, thatChurrh ]!Pfrt>' wav vrry Violent in nunuer. treating the prisoners very harshly. The deposition. ^ M*:;ral'adi'" with the foregoing ? hetitt L.t)ton * family physie^n denoaed him lyl"K ^ 111, p,o(Xv iiwr^nSl, 2 shal and his men were generally a-incd .,P'?C",*4TI' Junp f- * ?The court met tins fo eiHKMi and adjotirued until to-morrow fa order to s,ve the I nucl States ..arsLalT^^e? time to procure affidavits. Geiaeral talker at Laaiavtlle. .i 'une9.?General Walker received the citizeu* of Louisville this morning at tbe lf!?% ?? brother-in-law, Mr. RicL?,daou ? j' .r "'J" present with the elite of tbecitv" .Hi the theatre this evening with his slaJ and leaves for Cincinnati to-morrow Obstinate Prtae Fight. IicrrALo, June io.? A priie light between ?rr ??*" ,a,!,d '?*">? Lazame touk nlaca afternoon at Point Albino, for ?<MJU a ?idc The fight lasted three hour, and tw^m^ and one hundred a?d two founds were fuugbt Lazarus was the winner. The Atlaatic Telegraph Cable. New York, June ll._Private advices from London state that the British Government h? resD^?t?fctoy n?Td lnotber V,w1' '9"*1 ,n IkI1^ H5 Agamemnon, to take tie plac? of !e^;ribleiagmrm^in? ^ Walker Meeting ia New Yark. ofNr,^ \v?M' Jun? -The meeting yesterday !sti? " frie"d" W" lar^ and enthnsi MlV pnrH^ r" nuidr bX Cul Fabens. Eli tion ap^iid" ' and ? COmn"ttP* of r^P ( ongreaaioaal Maaataatiaa. New 0*le*.xs, June lo -Hon. Milea Tarlof "ounnateU for Congress by tbe o?a? >econd Congrossional district. Baltimore Market*. FwTJnn*if,Jl,^f '?i-The markets are steadv Mil". ?j.smpJSJ: City whlti"! r*d*' '?"?t ??; nn wj roa?i yy. Corn is fl in *t *"aS<ie for t-ei low, and tv-a9Uc fur white. fOT ' W bisky is easier at 34*35 \fc. v New V#rk Marketa. .voutbern is higher,*7 7S*S7 w * *' ' white's! fl" ttrlV'rs*le"ofe iU',M,shrl"; Louis els ? mixed ??. Jit-avy; sales of^.waibush clV^M * ?' """" ?u"1 r*"?w .? W bisky Is quiet at 3l)ja35c. Fiaaacial. Nkw York, June 12 ?Storks are artlv* mn.i higher. Ch:ca^o and Kock Island fl^L* Illinois ern?4^' Newv' do*>??dsMlch.Kin South ^?,k Central fclL- P^nnsrlnBi. Coal_Company 03; Reading ; Ca,.,on* ACADEMY OF MUSIC, C or. of llrA $t. am] Pa. are., \t_ p (y fflrnAfltn $ lyooicifoTt ofjw. and musical editor of (Jodey's Lj*d? '* Boi>k? cSsrssft' -aor terHsji1* *i *i at the above Iiilututloru ThUr,J>y' and .vlornlters mroftrd ,r-try da9, as no vacation. ?? cur dunn* the Summer muoths-THIS >KASON Ih-'in^ the proper time, for Yoaalisc* to *tudy ' Apply to Mr. the Aoa<l?u?* oi Muhk every morniu* from b to 10 o'clock y M.U,'C' Musical Lectures delivered every Thuradav ev*n 'Tel'-lS y the Pup,U ofUl? l^titofiun. Wi:At.El> PROPOSALS WILL BE RucEivKn by the aad rsicned until tiie I St h day of tin- pre" ei.t month, at noon, for work and mat'eriais fortl ? f 'i. Kfn!?nti R!'J '"'Provement of the Edihse of tl'o Churc), o| ti.? Epiphany. on ti atraet. a?J!rt,w to plans and specifioati.His, winch will be exhibited to persona desinn? to propose, at Room III. Winder'* H"'1*11*- J AS. M. UILI.ISS. GEO C. AMES, , ti. G. RODMAN, . Je 4-o>o5t Committee. CELLING OF AT k, , REDUCED PRICES. In order to reduce our large stock of Fancy Goods we shall commenoe to-day aallinr '41 ail? R'ch Faaer Silk and Barere Robes All Fancy Dress Siks and Figured Bareces Frenc't Lawn*, Or*ur?dy Muslin* and I^twn Robe* Shawls ><*rfs. B ack Laoe arwl Silk Mantillas And all other Fancy, (ioods wiil be sold very cheat. many at prim* oost for cash. 2,<rt> yards more of thoae beautiful Ijvr*. at *ts.? fast eolora 4 S.fgO rich Robed Lawna, at 12>i et*.. ;*s( reeeivad. Purchasers are invited to call *a:ly, a* ** sliaii run otTour entire stock at reuuewd prices'. ,hr#e Joo" ^t *Pan'r?^nue. ap5M-eo3m tth *t.. b^li.*"^2nd C*t. TTrTianuSS*1 COACHES OB SMALL ?7vv^4Hhs w ,,"d <nr ,,,c N,c r K.XP.L *8ION PARTIES bf apply-Jg2 ing to the undersigned or Mr. John O *? brook. Order* can l>e left at t*. A T. P*rk?^^C?v* S'ore or at D. S. D) son's Drugstore. 12th street and Avenue. WILLIAM WIJALEY. may 2B-eol m * NB EW GOODS JIST RECEIVED AT F. A. MeGEE'S, 2U I'enn. avenue, between 12th and 13th streets, oonsistnnr in part of? Rich Freucii LAVVN's. l>e do ORGANDIES. SILK Cl'R VELLI.inew material fortravelinc dresses . Ijuiia* Traveling DUSTERS, (check) 4c.. kr. A cill from Ins friends and customers is rcspectful lr sol'wttwl. p V+s?i CaRPETINGS AND GOWQUA ~ ? mattings Just receive<l,and on sale, In hales superior Iiiim nal three-ply and double Ingrain Carpetings all n-w st>Jr,.'"h co,or*. warranted to weigh 2 and 2S pounds to tue yard. * Also, So rolls reai "Uowuua" white and red eheckod Mattings; these are tho U?t matin,es known ?rTrl will 1? thela-t to be ha<l lor years, a," w,U bT'JSd cheap. These, with the other makes we n.-w live in store, emprises the best and moat oomplete stock in this market. ' ? ?iocs. v?- " rw^n^Sy.r?n.^?; * (""? rupr'y of *" kinds of Hoo*e re*pectlve claaaaa w?t?ad neweet ol rbeir je8-?oSsr CLAGETT. POD SON k CO. TAuBLKuCLTLi:R.Y AND pi-ated ware* ? lo* Pitoher*, sxtra plated. Prtee* low. J?3 0. FRANCIS. 4?, 7th ?t%