Newspaper of Evening Star, June 15, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 15, 1857 Page 1
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VOL. IX. WASHINGTON, I). C., MONDAY, JUNE 15, iai7. NO. 1,375. THE EVENING STAR tl nVU^HEU EVERY AFTKRNOOS, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) , AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, m* nf Ptnniflvtnim mvtnut, and 11(4 K'til, B T W ? D ? W A L L A C H i uvl i? served to aubeoribers by earner* at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to th? Aceota; papers served m paoka?ee at JTX oents par u>>o:t?. To mail subeonbera the aabeenption pnoe is THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS a year m adrflae*, TWO DOLLARS for iu months, and ONE DOLLAR for three montha; for Ie4a than three moatae at the rata of UK oente a week. SINGLE CoriES ONE CENT. A PLEASANT PICTURE. In the London National Magazine we find a a very charming story called '? Friend* till Death We quote part of it : " Did any mischance in business Wall Gilli flower. would he go to hi* lawyer* Not he He would saj, ?? send for Bardsley." Did Bard sley fall ill. would he send for the doctor? By no means, ile sent for Giilidower. And so they lived from youth to manhood, and from manhood to old age. 2 had the honnor to be on pretty friendly term* with both of them (though much their junior.) ami I may say I icrew old in their company. But I was never to bardsley what Giilidower was, nor to Gillidow- i er what Bardsley. Far from it. I think I I spoilt my claim to their full oonfidenee by let- I ting out early in our acquaintance that 1 knew ?>in?thing of Greek 1 have wished from the Wtoin ot my heart that Greece and Greek had never existed, or, been known, rather than I should have been deprived of the honor of sitting in the upper and inner chamber of two such hearts. I would have given all history to ?m> Bardsley. nil the glory of antiquity to be Gilliflower. " Both men j remained bachelors to the end of their days. People often wondered why they did not mar ry. they beiug both ardent though respectful aimirersof the othef sex. and strongly attach ed to children Many a time have I seen Bar islev pitting at his own door, on a fine .-?nmiaer's evening, plaving with Pome curly headed bjy or rosy-cheeked girl. He would re peal all the stories and rhymes that they de lighted in: and Bardsley'* knee was the'eoek borse of mauy and many a journey to tliefaiuud crow t?f Banbury. Nor was that journey ever ma le in vain: for at the end of it there was al ways a halt penny or a penny forthcoming from B irdsley s capacious pocket to rewspl the ! yjotherful rider. And thei? Bardsley would ' -ay. " Now run away to Gilliflower's. my dear, and buy yourself some barley sugar.'* And *? illifl >wer was known to the rising generation I thereabout to give the largest half-penny worth j ot barley sugar of any grocer far or near And j *> loud were the children of the two old men? t I am speaking of their latter days now?that they called them by ihe name of" uncle.*' Many a child of that neighborhood grew up i to man's estate, still calling them Uncle Bard- j ."iev and Uncle Giilidower, never doubting but | that the two old men were a* much their uncles ; in relationship as they were in kindness and affection The reader may wonder, therefore, i as the neighbors did. why two men so well adapted for the holy ,-tate of matrimony had (?ever entered that state. I think I know why ibrr d-d not. When Bardsley and Gilliflower rirst beeatne acquainted (as the reader knows ' how.) the latter was beginning to have" serious thoughts about a certain Jessy Ward, the licco of a well to-do wax chandler in Toooum sf. ! He had ->eea Je?y at Church on several occa- ; *K>ns, and once he had walked home with her and her uncle Old Ward a>ked him to tea. ' and he went and fpa?red upon Je^y's good 1 looks and winning ways?having no appetite ! i<r the mudir.s?until, on coming away, he fe!t as if his heart was too big for his bosom. ' He could not sleep for several nights afterward, ! and what seemed to keep him wakeful was the , image of sweet Jessy Ward, and that strange bigness about the heart But shortly after thi*. Jespy went away to reside with an invalid aunt in the country, and j ilil not come back lor nearly u year. In the meantime. Bardsley had got acquainted, and heeome friendly with Giilidower. Whtu Jes^v returned, he thought of going to call at old ard s. and he mentioned his intentiou to Gilliflower What Gilliflower sail I don't know; but at any rate kedidn'fgo. I am sure ' that Gilliflower did not discourage him iu any way, but my opinion is. that Bardsley con ceived the i lea that Gilliflower was not an ad vocate for matrimony, so he he gave up all thoughts of Jessy Ward. Bardsley. however, was for once mistaken in hi? estimate of Gilli tl"W?r > views. I have reason to know that Gilliflower meditated matrimony at the time thai Bardsley did. but that he gave up the idaa. tearful lest, by taking a wife, be should lose his friend And so they remained bachelors I <r eaeh other s sake to the end. Alas, that the end should ever come to such friendship as j theirs. But it did come. The winter of life overtook thom together as thew wandered onward hand in hand. Its I snows fell upon tLein equally, yet geutly. No j longer able to walk to taoir nightly resort, they now passed the evenings at home. Bardsley ! going next door to Giilidower, or Gilliflower ; gjiag to Bardley; or of a summer's evening ; they sat side by side at their doors, faithful to the last to the pipe and flagon of ale. There, f." they smoked and chatted, as of old time, the children played round them, like flowerets twinkling about the roots of withered and de caying oaks. But an evening came when Gilii fi ?wer was no longer able to toddle out to meet his friend Bardaiey sat awaiting him. but he came not. Gilliflower's old housekeeper came to tell Bardsley that her master was very ill. and that she had helped him up to bed The 1 flagon of ale remained on the bench untasted, the pipe unused, the chairs empty. Giilidower had smoked his last pipe and drunk hi:> last pint. He grew feebler day by day, and at last his mind wandered. He raved about Bardsley: " Where is Bardsley * O. will some one send for Bardsley Bardsley was there by his side almost day and night, but his friend no longer t kc?w him. I went in by Bardsley's requeai to | what I could for his poor old friend, and I tried ; to make him understand that Bardsley wa* sit- ! ting by bim. that it was Bardsley who was ; holding his hand. '"Go away. ?0 away."'he *?id, " you are not Bardsley. \\ hat use are i you to me '?it is Bardsley I want. O, if you will only send for him. I know he will come!" ihen he raved about a bill that was coming ! <1u? to-morrow and for which he was not pre pared - I must go to Bardsley," he said, I Bardsley will help me out. I know ho will, i oive me my hat and stick.** " Hush, hush !" I eried. ?? Bardsley is here. Speak to him, Bardsley, let him hear your voice." The olu :uan called hi4 friend by nam". ''Gilliflower. ' 'j.lhflower. it's me. Gillifljwer; its Bardsley, i your old friend ** ?h ' are you Bardsley ' ' ? 3c said at length. " Give me your hand. Ah. it is Bardsley, my old friend, mv good Iriend !" He sunk for a short time into a slumber, but ?i?tn he awoke be still called for Bardsley. He ? as with him again, in thought, at the Dragon, j * The pot is empty, Bardsley,'' be said; '* shall : we have another, or shall we go home? I'll uke a light if you please?no. no, I won't trou- | trouble you. my pi]* is out; we'll go home. night, Bardsley. good night; I shall see 1 again to-morrow.' As these words were 1 uttered the bands of the two friends were clasp ed upon the bed It was the clasp of death! 1 Lat uwuorrow ?oou came. Poor Bardsley went on his earthly ptlprimage for a little while, "'??king op and down for his friend Giilidower. ' And ote winter s night he made a long journey ; and found bitn?where there wa? no more part- | ITT" At Richmond. Va.,on Thursday night, an Alt>-:npt was made to inaugurate ''Judge l.yuch' ! - i that city. It iippt-ar* a man named Thomas J. j lia-dy ie in prison there charged with attempting a f-w days ago to violate th?* pt-rton of l^ura A. i agin only nine yars of age The ??ut r <?-fated great indignation, and on Thursday ?>1 ?Lt a ruob. with rop^? and ladders surrounded ti?? jail, and dem.tnd?^l th?? prisoner, so that the/ might hang him forthwith Tbe Mayor ha?ten-^?l t ? the jail, and after a short *p?-*vh induced the m?h to dispTs?* Subsequently bovr?vrr, hearing ' another attempt to ttriir the prisoner was ' ?.??' ii|>lated during the night, he ordered out 1 military eoni(>anies to guard the jail, and thus prevented any violence. 1 rr A tr*.id attended oueof the New York up '"Wn fashionable churches last Hunday. 1v? have since learned from him that the teit w?s, " he that hath ears to bear let him bear," which 1 the preacher rendered, 44 he that hath ??-^hs to | ??an let him e?ah." 117" There was a jolly light la the flsh market I in Philadelphia, Wednesday morning. In which , all the flsh wjovb participated freely. I CHARLEY'S MISFORTIMS. Or, lUw Hi# Hat Troubled Him. BT HAZBL OBCK5, ESQ. '? When I was a young lad, just beginning to think about the girls,"said Charley. "I was monstrous pious *nd went to meeting every Sunday; but I hare since come to the conclu sion that it was not as much for the ooncern I felt for the -'good of my soul," as it was for the sake of gazing about the room, and thinking to myself which girl was the prettiest, and which one I would rather marry. ??Well, one day I singled out a girl who I thought eclipsed all croation for beauty; in fact, I was soon head-over-hoels in love with her. But a few minutes sufficed for me to form a resolution to see her home, pop the question, and, if possible, to strike a bargain iunuedi- ; ately. I was all in a tremble. The sermon seemed a week long, and very uninteresting. Many, no doubt, were praying for their neigh bors. and their neighbors' enildren, but with me it was quite different?I was praying for the meeting to break. At length tho meeting did break, and I broke with it?for mv hat; but, to my surprise and mortification, { could not find it until after the object ot my affections had gotten so far tho start of me. that it Would have required quite an ef fort to have overtaken her. Beside.-. there wns another consideration?my hat had been under foot, and was so badly soiied. that I was rather ashamed to be seen with it on. Taking all these things into consideration, I resolvod to wait for the uext opportunity. From that time I wim a changed chap. I could think of nothing but the girl I had seen at meeting, except it was that of persuading tho ?'governor'* to buy me a new suit of Sunday clothes. The old lady sided with me in this last ]tarticular. and between us both, we succeeded in carrying our points. I was rigged out in j style?cloth coat, satin vest, cassimere pants, j and. to crown all. a beaver that cost five dollarj. '?This will fix things," thought I; "could I but see her now. I might set her down as mine." In a few evenings, there was praver-mecting at "I'nion meeting-house," and I. with my new fixings, wended my way thither; not. however, until my mother had given mc much good ad vice concerning the management of my new rig- j ging?more particularly trie head, as I bad but a short time before, got my old one crushed up at meeting. I had not been in the meeting-house long, be fore her whom I most anxiously expected, came in; and from thence until the services were con cluded. I was in a sea of trouble, lest soxnc fel low should cut mc out. or something of the kind. As soon as the congregation was dismissed. I "yoked her," and off we started. When we reached her home the sun was jnst setting, and t 40, to be mannerly, her old dad asked me to ?'stay all night." 1 had no objections, and af- j ter supper was over. I told Betty (for that was j the girl's name.) that I'd like to chat with her ! a little more. She had no objection?, but said I we must go to the kitchen, as the old folk9 didn't I like to be disturbed by a light in the " big ' room," when they were to be<i. To all this I i consented of course, and so we were soon on the ; very best of terms. I should have been ex- j treincly happy, but for one cause?the stamp of - plenty, in the form of grease, was abundantly impressed upon everything in the room, ex cepting the cliairs upon which we sat, and con sequently I was much troubled about my new hat. What should I do with it' I did not want to have grease upon it?no, that would never do! Finally, I resolved to keep it on my head, judging that to be the safest place. Be ing thus relieved of my greatest embarrass ment, 1 went about the work of courting in real earnest. After many fine things had been said, and a marriage contract bad been partially entered into. I proposed a kias. You may be sure she refused, but I insisted?a scuffle ensued, which lasted until she was completely exhausted. Being unable to hold out longer, she turned up her pretty lips and said: "If you must kiss mc?here, but don't you ever undertake such a thing again?you brute." I stooped over to perform the operation, when, all of a sudden. I felt an unusual lightness about mv head. Before I had time to think whether 1 was going to faint or not, I heard a kiud ot splashing about my feet, and casting my eyes downward, I saw?great Heavens! what did I ace ? There lay my five-dollar bea ver. completely iminersod in a filthy compound of dish-water, cucumber peals, " tatcr" skins, and the Lord kuows what besides, that had been accumulated in a tub. under the fascinating cognomen of " swill." This was a predicament for you?what should I do ? If Betty had observed it the matter would not have been so bad ; but she had not; could I tell her ? No! Heaven forbid! At first I thought of lifting it out, but imagining the spectacle it would present, lay courage failed me. "But then," reasoned I, "she will be sure to sec it ere long, and then how she will blu3h. Already she is looking at me. as if ahe is wondering why I don't kiis her?perhaps I had better not stay any longer ;" and suiting the action to the word, I made a leap for the door, and was off like a comet. From thence all was darkness, all was confusion, until I found myself at home?bareheaded?receiving a raking fire from the old man and the old wo man at the same time. This is enough to thiuk of, but it is not the worst. There is one thing that now ring-1 in my cars, and will con tinue to do so as long as I live?it is the last words of Betty. Poor thing, rupj?>sing that I bad taken offence at her resisteuce. slie called after me as I shot out the door : ??Oh, Charley, comeback ! I was only in fun, come back. do. Oh ! Charley !" Sioss or a Good Horsema*.?I know of few more manual arts that, though they certainly call for no great excercise of mental attributes, are more difficult of attainment than the art of driving well. In fact, I can hold out bnt little encouragement to those who begin late in life ; for I moat honestly tell them the utmost they can arrive at is. to drive with safety under or dinary circuinstance*. This is found exempli fied particularly with medical men, many of whom have driven their gigs for years, and look quite a9 much astray in them as they did the first day they started one. A man may be made a very fair, nay, a good horseman, who begins late in life, if properly instructed. It is true he probably may never show as a man likely to cross a country with hounds ; still he may pass muster among the generality of horsemen. But there is a mannerism in the way of doing the most trivial thing as respects driving, that shows at once the man who knows what he is about and he who does not. You never see a coach man. whether gentleman or otherwise, get on to j his box. or into his phu?ton, without glancing his eye over his horses ; the man who is not oue step* into his vehicle as if that was his only e.?re. and, after seating himself in it about as i handily as a clown would seat himself in a drawing room chair, takes, or is given his reins. aa<l. with his hand or hands about a fx?tnear< r the plash-board than one accustomed to driving would hold them, be gets, a9 Jack would say, "under weigh.A man intending to mount his horse need not confine himself to the regular riding master's manner of doing the same thing; 1 it would pass unnoticed : but the taking his rains in driving is quite a different affair. Ail i men?that is, all diiviug men?do th^se things I alike; the failing in which shows, on the oon- I trary, a man knows nothing at all about the ? matter.?Ijorit/on " Field What is as Assivkrsary ??The Congrega- : tion.tlist lets In the ligbt of newsboy sagacity upon thU question, by reporting the following street colloquy in Boston : ??There?that's an Anniversary, going around that corner: don't you see hlin?that gr?at tall fellow yonder, with a white ueck and a black bodv ?" 44 What, that one with an umbrella in one band and a valise tn the tother. and that walks kind 'ers though be didn't know the way 44 Yea, that's hiui You'll alw:ays see 'em round, about the time the grass gets real green on the Common, as thick as soldlera to a training. Don't you know they call this time o' year Anal vtrsarlea! T&ats why." FOR RENT AND SALE. 1 OFFER FOR BALK. MY FARM, "R???n I viek," \ miles distant from the town of Culpeper and n depot of the Orange and Alexandria R. R. Thia Firm oontain* 1SH acres of laud equal tt- -?o? m this section of Virginia. Forty acres arc in timocr, the balance open land in fine order. On it is a large and valuable young Orchard now just coming into bearing, comprising all the most desirable varieties of Apples. Pears, Plums, Peaches, Apricots, Necta rines, Grapes, Ac.. A a., suited to our climate, a Spring of nev?r failing pure water near the dwelling, Out-hf>uses, Ac. The Dwelling is plain, but atnply sufficient to accommodate a small family. The situation for health and beauty is second to none in this region. An extensive range of mountain scnerv. the beautiful Village of Culpeper. with in a few minutes walk, offer facilities for attend ing Church, and as hne Schools as oar Slate af fords, while the Orangea?d AlexandriaR. Road puts it within a fww hours ride of either Washington, Alexandria, or Richmond. It is seldom a farm .with as manv advantages, is offered to the aoticeol the Fiublic. Persons desiring to purchase are respegt ful y invited to call and view the premises. It is for sale privately, but if not sold before Saturday, the 1st August, on that day it will be offered at public auc tion, on the preuusos. without reserve. Terms made known at sil?. For anv information address R. G. BOWEN. Culpeper. Va, je 4 FOR BALE?A FARM of 115 aorea, nine miles from Washington, near the Seventh-street road. The improvements are a small Dwelling House, a good Stable, a well of good wn?er with new wood pump in same. There are J*) choice fruit trees. A part of the farm is well fenced. It will be sold a l>ar gam, if immediate application hntn.vie. or it may he traded for oitv property. Apply to II. *\T. LANS DALE, No. 564 M street, or through the Post Office. je 4-1 m FARM FOR SALE.-A piece of fine LAM D on Rock t'reek. in .Montgomery county, Md.. six miles from the heights of Georgetown, adjoining the lauds of Messrs. Perry, Wood, Bestor, Nowles, Bohrer, and Hawkins. il2j%acres. A beautiful loca tion ; partially unproved: new house ; la acres rich creek bottom, and some fine yellow-pine timber. It can be divided, if desired. Call and see the premi ses those whodesireto purchase. je 4-'f_ IT'OR SALE.?My RESIDENCE on the oorner of r New Jersey avenue and C street south, Capitol Hill, fronting on the avenue 1*52 feet 9 inches, and on C street south 3*1 feet 11 inches, and containing nearly S4,ooi square feet. inay 8-tf W.F.PIHLLIPS. AVALUALE FARM FOR SALE?512V .;orei of good FARMING LAND, situated in the County of Fauquier, Virginia, on the Alexnndria j and Orange Railroad, a few yards from Warrenton j Junction; within nine miles by Railroad from the I County Sent, and only two hours travel from the cities of Washington and Alexandria. The Farm is > in a high state of cultivation, and is abundantly sup- . plied with water and timber. and has much excellent 1 meadow land. Churches, Mills, and pool neighbors I within a short distance. For further information apply to J A M ES MORROW, Esq., on Oie place, I or to the subscrilwr at his Broker's Otuoe, near | Brown's Hotel, Washington Ci't. KRT y mar24 ROBERT MORROW. up 121 I."* A R M FOR SALE?A 1A RM, containing 160 acres, ,>f land, more or situated immediately on the Washington and Brookville Turnpike.r.bout miles from Washington, to^et her with stock, con sisting of 20 head of Hogs. CoW3, Heifers. Horses, Wagon, Hav, Carriago. Harness, Plows, Harrows, and Farming I'tensils generally, the Crop in the ground, Straw. Hav, Ac. It i* well watered, having a spring in every field. An unfailing stream of water runs through the premises. There is a good frame dwelling-house and out-houses necessary to farm ing purposes. There is alno an Orchard on the p ace, about one third of the land is iu timber, oak, hickory, Ac. , For further information inquire of BENJAMIN BOHR ER. corner of BerUl and Montgomery s?s.; GEO. W. BOHR ER, cor. of High and Gay stress, Georgetown, D. C.,or of Mr. IlARP, on the prem ises. ?P 28-tr !?/- If not sold by the 22d mst. will be offered at piitvic auction to the highest bidder. je 4 rv>X A VAN HOOK. Rkai. Agents. I 4Hi'J? Seventh street, Iwlov li street, have for sale a number of Building Lois 24 feet front by 1 feet deep, at the veiy low price of from $75 to ,fl^5 each?payable in small monthly instalments of per month. .. . ? These Lots are situated at Union Town, on the south side of the Anaoostiariver, adjoining the Na- J vy-ynrd Bridge, and are hi every desirable for I persons wishing a cheap, pleasant, a.'id healthy loea- j tiaji l'wr a dwelling. Lot-holdera in arrears are requested to complete j their purciiase, and get their deed*; the title to these Lots is guaranteed free and clear from every poasible inetimbranee. triav "5-3m f"ToR SALeT)R RENT.-THE DESIRABLE ! RESIDENCE on the corner of F and 2lststs., : together with the Grounds surrounding it. The House contains sixteen rooms, has gas throughout, I and furnace. Tha stable will be sold or rented with | ?he house if desired. The lot the house stands on is V by 100 leet, but the purchaser can have more land if desired. Also, for Salo-The LOT OF GROUN D on the corner of F and 19th streets, end LOTS on l<Hh,near F street. Apply to CHI' BB BROTHERS. apB-tf Highly valuable property for SALE IN GEORGETOWN. D. C.-'fhe very des.ruble BRICK DWELLING, situated on the south aide of Gay. bet wtpn Green and Montgom ery streets, and well known aw the residence of the late Col. Samuel Humphrey is now ottered for c ne. The House is built in the most substaiitinl maimer; is large and commodious, containing fine parlors, dining room, and library, in all 12 or 13rooms, togeth er with basement, pantries, closets, and other con veniences. and has a commanding \ iaw over the Po tomac. There i* nlno ?n the premises a good stable. The Lot frouts t'*? leet oa Gay street, and runs tiwck about 210 feet to Olive street, and is ornamented with trees, evergreeus. and arlior*. This House, taken altogether, is certainly on<? of the most desirable residences in town; and there is now a fine opportunity offored to gentlemen to se cure a pleasant home. Apply to M. ADLER. je 3-eo2w nOR SALE.?That beautiful. comfortable Cot Jr tage built DWELLING HOUSE situated on the corner of 22d street west and E street north. The Lot fronts 30 feet by ti?i deep. The Furniture will be sold with the House if wanted. The location is delightful either for a summer or winter residence. Apply to POLLARD WEBB, Agent, No. 512(2d story)7th street. may 2R fOH S \ LE?On liberal terms, a new and desim r ble BRICK DWELLING, ou south sido of north L street. Iwtween 4tli and 5th west, and a com fortable F R AM E DWELLING. No. M. on north side of north K street, between 6tli_and 7th west. Also, the square of GROUND No. 1H8, containing 84.471 feet, at Sets, per feot. Appl> at No. 512 7th street. tsv ifMf POLLARD WEBB. Agent. CmTR SALE?At a bargain, and oa very easy I terms, a TRACT Ofc LAND, suitable for a dairy farm, or other purposes, and within S miles of Washington city. For particulars applyat No. 512 (Al story )7th stiect. may tfi tf POLLARD WEBB. D. EICIILER, iVo. Sirr SEVENTH STREET, W between D and E streets, w?st Bide, PRAC- Jt TICAL WATCHMAKER, k-eps constantly ?7 on hand a tine assortment of WATCHES andfSjQ J F.W KLK V. anio.fcm" fllANOS.?'The largest stork of PIANOS in the District alwaj s oa hand at the extensive wa ?onins of JOHN F. ELLIS, J*j Pa. ave. District alwaj s oa hantl at the extensive ware ins of JOHN F. ELLIS, Pa. ave, ma & near oorner of loth st. INTERESTING TO FAMILIES. Th" following extract from a New York paper cannot fail to l>e interesting. Iu referring to the receipts of Teas in this country for one?ix>iaB y iwr up to 30tli ultimo, it say s tlie\ will lie 12,-1~ Mr i*<o,issi pounds short of the imports ?f the year und i ig June #?, IK56, and that Tiie advance in Wack teas. Oolongs, since last Deonibgl, haa been fifteen cents per pound; and Young Hyson Teas, of low and medium grades, have wxperienced hii advance of one hundred per oent. over la^t toasou's closing prices. "It will thus be seen that the strong and rapid advance in the tea market has been the result of n short supply and active demand ; but when it iscon sidered that we may hear at any moment of the en tire suspension of shipments at Shanghai, and. in tac>, that, as soon a* a sulhcienl force from England arrive* ?t the stat of war, all live ports of entry m China, will probably t?e placed under xtrici blockade, it would not l>e surprising to see Teas at a much higher figure than they haveyet attained." In view of these fscts, we hold out very great in dnoementM for families to lav in their supplies of Tea now. KING A BURCHELL, iell-tf Corner Vermont ave.and 15!h street. EW GROCERY, WINE, AND LIQUOR STORK. N The subscriber begs to inform his friends and the public, that he has opened a NEW STORE, corner of I2th street" and Louisiana avenue, where he in tends to keep constantly on hand a large and varied assortment of Foreign and Dome*tic WINES. LI QUORS, CIGARS, and FINK GROCERIES, consisting of Fine Teas. Sngnr,Coffee, Flour. Soap, Oliros. Ka.sins, Figs. Sardines, Anchovies, Otard, Marrett A C*?,, Pinet A Co., ami Col. Chaliard's Brandies m oases, demijohns, and casks. Old Ja maica Ruin, Sherries, Madeira, Port of various de scriptions, St. Jnlicn Claret, Chateaux Margaux in cas??. Champagne Cider. Brandy Fruits, Reynold's Edinburgh Ale, Anmsette, Maraschino, Citiacoa. Absyntfie, Champagne, and a large and varied de bOriptiori of Havana Cigars. Also, Stoughtou Bitters, and Fever and Ague Bitters. Porter, Ale.and Cider. Families are particularly invited to eall and exam ine the stock before purchasing elsewhere. Mem bers of Congress are also informed that their orders will be prompfy attended to. and delivered at their residenoos at the shortest notice. A general assortment of line Havana Cigars, mi orted direct by the subscriber, at wholesale aud re al. Cnnal Boats srpplied on reasonable terms, and produce taken in exchange. Levy's Old Whiskey, constantIv on hand, of 1B40. Country orders punctually attended to, aud coun try product) ol all descriptions received on consign ment. r JONAS P. LEVY, je 8-tf No. 554 Twelfth streer. c?tfa"? "mr&mr r. AUCTION SALES. _ . By C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer. CALF. OF ONE ?K THE MOST VALI ABLE ^7 BflLD!X(. LOTS OS PFS??TLV>MA AVrSl'K AT ?Auctu'M.?On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, J iline 17th, at o'clock, 1 shall sell, on tfie premises, the whole of Lot No. 11. in square No. 256, fronting 48 feet 4 inches ob Pennsylvania avenue, between 13th aud 13/? streets, and also having a front of 'At feet 3 inches on 13th street, generally known as the Apollo Hall lot. As there are hut few unimproved lota remaining on the avenue, a rare opportunity is now presented to capitalist and those desirous of making a sale nnd profitable investment to obtain deoidedlv the most de airable vacant lot on this benutifiul pufiiic thorough fare. Its close proximity to the various Departments and its oentral position render it pecuiiaily valnabie as a site on wiwcii to erect a theatre or puh'ic I .all. It is also deemed an admirable location for offices or stores. Terms : One-third cash ; l?alance on a credit of 1, 2, and 3 years, notes bearing interest, satisfactorily secured. Alt conveyancing at purchaser's cost. J*# d C.W. BOTELER, Auct. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. PI BLIC SALE.? B> virtue of a deed of trust executed to inc. and recorded in Liber J. S. No. UV. folios 436, 437. 438. and 4S9, one of the l^and Kecord* of Washington oountv. in the District of < olumtxa, I shall on THURSDAY. the 3>nh of a' six o'clock p. m.. in front of *|??? premises, oiler fi-i uale at public auction to the highest bidder therefor, tho following prooerty, to wit: " All the following piece or parcel or property, to wit, part of Lot No. 5in Square No. .34.", ot said citi. (???ginning for *ame at the southwest corner <>f said jot ami running thence north along the line of Kiev oil I it street west 23 feet, fh^nce east 21 feet, thence north two feet, thence east 71 feet 9 inches to th<; rear of said lot, theucA south along the rear line of th- said lot 25 foet to the southeast corner of the said lot, thence west along the south line of said lot LO feet 9 inches to the point of beginning." Terms, cash. Property to be resold at the risk

ana expense of th"> purchaser unless terms arc com plied with M throe days from day of sale. EDWARD C. CARRINGTON, , , _ Tiustee. je M-gaw&d A^GREENL Auctioneer^ Bi J. C. McGUIRE. Auetion^r. RI S TEE'S SALE OF A NEAT FRAME HOtSE AM) LOT OX 8TU STFEKT WKST.LETU KFt M AM. N streets \oRTH.?On THURSDAY AF rERNOON, July 9?h,at 6J? o'clock, on the premi ses, by virtue of a deed of trust, dated July 21st, 1H33, and duly reoorded in Liber J. A. S.. No. ijti. fo lios'?4,95. and 96, one of the land records for Wash ington county, D. C.. I shall sell Lot N. in Coyle's subdivision in Square No. 424. fronting IK feet in in ches on Kth street west, ltetwecn M and \ street a north, running l?ack fO feet to a ten-feet alloy, ? i'h the 'improvements, consisting of * neat sr.d xvcll bwlt frame dwelling House. Terms cash. .IAS. M. WILSON, Tru stee. ie 4-aiwA-ds J.C. Mc'?l IRE, Auctioneer. __ By A. GR KEN, Auctioneer l^ALI ABLE LOTSONSEVENTH STREET ? AT Arrtio\.?(In WEDNESDAY, the 17th m stanf, I shall seli. hi front of (he premises, .-it S o'cl'k p. in., ten lK>auti^il Building Lot*. of 21 by foet ta.-h, situate on the west side of Seventh *r. we?f. between M and N streeth north, being a subdivision of l.ots nuinhered 2, 13. a .d 14, and part of Lot 11, m Square 421. on the of the cifv of Washington. 1 hese Lots run hack to an adev, are ma iuo-t ini proving part of tlie street, and anon! nn opportunity for investment not exceeded by any in liic city. Terms: Onefoiirf li, casii; balance in six, twelve, eighteen and 1 wenly four mouths. for notes l^arin interest. payable seuu-anniially, from day of sai<?. V deed given and a deed of trust taken. Title indisputable. All convey ancing at the cot: of th?? puiruaser. j" <l"1^ A. GREEN. Auctioneer. Tir/P^.w^; V* McGUI RE, Auctioneer. WO SMALL BRICK HOUSKS NEAR ' I K I \ TI NO Orr>< K Sqi- AKR'' AT \lTT'll\ ?On WEDNESDAY A FTF. RN OON, June 17th" n I " o clock. 0.1 the premises. I shall sell part-of No. V in square 71?, boiiting23feet on 1st street tween north I and K struts, running liark im feet, with the improvements. consist in/ o| m o nearly lien two story Brick Dwelling Houses, We!l !,n. and neatl* finished. Terms: One-third cash; the residue m 6 and 12 months, with interest, secured by a deed of tiu?t on the premises. Sale peremptory. J?1N J AS. c. MefirfRE. \wfi. H By J A S. c. MeQVIRE, Auctioneer. ARNL^S, SADDLES. BRIDLES. HALT J.HS, W IIII'S, I RI NKS. CAl5PKT-i;\!iS. A Srolvh MXTI iu> \ r PrBi.icAtrTtoN.-Bv virtue of a d??d or trust < rassignment from Josian F. Bn to the subst riber, bearing date on t lie Oth dru of June l!ti7 and recordwl on tlie saiuedav, | will s*,| fo'r t!ie ni^li'ioiied, at public auction, . ! R'"*DAi next, Juue Iflih. ??omnieiieing at ten 0 c.ooic a in., a: his late place of business. No. 373 1 ennsj Kama avenue, south side, between 4', nnd bth streets, a!l bis st'?ck in trade, consisting in part of Harness. Sedd!??, Bridles. Halters, Whips, I ruiiss. Larpet-!?gs, Hardware, I.cather.and Store h ixtures, Ac. Terms: A'l sums of and under, cash ; all over that amount bv notes at 3tand 6<J davs, tieannz inter eat, and satisfactorily endorsed. tDU ARD SW ANN.^Trmtee. _*JH JAS. C. MotiFIRE. Auct. 0 Bv A. GREEN. Auctioneer. NEOI THE.MOST BEALTIFLI. BUILD 1 ng Lots now for sale in Washi.v TO", kro.ntixh on CoNNEt Ticrr av ence, between ."i.'j'.'J-U. .'. A-ND E STREETS, At AUt'TiO V . ? Ol ri! RSDAY, the lKtli ins-ant, I shall sell in front of" the premises, at o'clock, p. 1.1., Lot, in Nrjijare 1^.6, h.*i\ iuz h front of 75 fuct dii C^ujiocticut ?vonur9 at f li#* intersection of 17th Ktroel with *ai(! avenue, which forma a large open space* runtilm: tack torkwideallev cotifaiiunr nlnnit 11M/iimrp f^et, and will be sutNlividcd and sold in separato lota if desired at sale. W c deem it unneo?-ss;<r\ to *n\ anything further relative to the beautiful location of tiie above-described proportj, a* it i* well kno? ? ?'* .ono of the most dosiralile now for sale in \\ ashingtoii, U-ing but one square north and in view or the northwest corner of Lafayette j>qtiare. i erms : One-fourth, cash; luiance in H. 12, in, and M months, for notes bearing mtorost from the day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. All conveyance at the cost of tho purchaser. Title in disputable. ie l'-d A. HREEN. Auctioneer. _ _ Bj BAR_N A K D 6c BUCK BY: Georgetown. VALUABLE FARM IN MONTGOMERY Auction.?On WEDNESDAY, i7tb inst. at 2 o clock p. in., wo will sell on the prem ises, that small and highly improved property bo W V Jr' Shoemaker, at?>ut one and a-nalfinile from Tenaly Town, adjoining the farms ot Saniuel and Cnarles Sh?>emaker, containing 22 ^r^s, i" a high state of cultivation, and unproved with a g<K)d two-story Frame Dwelling. Stables, S.let's, Ac. Fhere is first-rate w tter and fine frn.t trees on the place, l-srs Market Farm, a more d? sifHine one cannot Ik* obtained. J erms libera!, and inide known at nal??. jeu-d Barnard a buckey.aui-u. QTA UNDER BROWNS' HOTEL. ? > i II Ju?t opening n splendid ass-ortment of Sp. ing and Summer R F. \ DY M A DE CI .OTH IN <? and Lent's FURNISH I NO GOODS of the hnest style and make, at the Emporium ol Fa-hion, No. 37e Browns' Hotel, next to private entrance. limy 3" fIntcl&Statwsl OM E MADE CA R RIA G KS. We have on hand, of our own manufacture, a fine assortment of all kinds of CARRI /-.'*] AGF.S <d' the very best, intes*. ami niostWjt^l^>>p^T approve<l styles,and warrsnfetl in point of w ? W-. workinanshir. and material, t?> be equal to any made in the city of Washington or any other city in the I lilted States. We respectfully solicit a call from the citizens and s'rang^ra to examine our work ; as we are determined to l?t none surpass us either in quality of work or in low prices. We also do every kind of R EPA (RING in a work manlike manner, nnd at reasonable puces. Old Carriages taken in part payment for new and at a fair pncc. SIMON FLYNN A CO. may 12-iiin MUILDING HAR DWAKE.?The attention l? Kui!d?r* is called to our stock of BUILD ING HARDWARE, comprising the larnest and best selected of any in the city : Locks,, Knobs, An., from the celobrat^d factory of Da-| venprot, Mallory A Co.,and Riiss<?UA I'.rwin's Msniifacturing Company: Hinges of all kiwi?, Serews, Brads, Nails. Sash, Weights and Cord.Sash Pulley s; Window Sbringsand Sash Fastenings, Wall Stars. Bolts and Shutter Fastenings. In f::ot, every thing wanted in the Hardware line for a house, and sold cheap, eheapcr, cheapest for cash. HARVEY A AD VMS, je f!-1m 32S Pa. ave.. bet. 6th and 7te sts. \VE HAVE JUST RECEIVED THE FOI. v v low ing Goods which we are prepared to sell at a small advance of cost for ?~ish : A very large variety of Turner Bros, celebrated Liquors,vii: Turner's Ginger Wine, an exoeilent remedy for Dispepsia Blackberry Brandy, a certain curc for Diarrhea and Dysentery Clar??t. Madeira, Shernr, and Sweet Malaga Wines, allcf superior quality Raspberry, Strawl>erry. Linger, and Cherrv Bran dies, all of tin . flavors, prepared from the pure jiuee of the fruit. Rose, Cinnamon, Annis.and Pepperment Cordials Cnracoa. Absinthe, Essence of repperment Extract of Sarsapanlla, Stonzhton flitters Forest. Wine Uitters. We have also on hand, a supply of Dr. Wheeler'i Celebrated Sherry Wine Bitters, a splendid article. In addition to the nl>ove, we hare at all times a large supply of the following named stock of Malt Liquors, InMng the only I.iquors of the kind in the District,and which cannot fail in giving satisfaction to all who us** them : Philadelphia X X. Hurton arid XXX Pale Ale.Philadelphia Brown Stout,X\ Por ter. and a fine article of Imager Bcnr. As usual, a supply of Mineral Water, Cider, A c.. on hand. ARNYfc SHINlfc. je8 _ 57 Green street. Georgetown. SUPERIOR READING LAGER BEER The subscriber takes this method to inform thfe citizens of Washington and vicimta, that he con stantly keeps on hand Lauer's superior R EA DlNrt LAGER BEER, PORTER.and ALE. which be is ready to serve at any time, in Bottles or Casks, to Hotel Keepers or private families. Also, ICE at all hours, in quantities to suit. ? , , B. 8CHAD. inaj 2^-3w Scutbwwt oor. 3d and Pa. ?ve. Dentistry, 4c. DKNT'gIRi+KrHKN BAII.Y, Orrirx No. '.96 Piimtlv*sia Avwce, Three doors from Hi& Street. Dr. BAILY begs leave to inform the public that he can be seen at a!! noura,at hisoffioe, located as above. He feels assured that an experience of fifteen years practice, with the lame nuinberof patients.and great variety of difficult oases that he has treated success fully. will enable him to surmount aiiy difficulty, scientifio or otherwise, relating to the Teeth. His own experience cot.firming the opinion of many men eminent in theprclsssion, and especially Dr*. Harris and J. and E. Parmlr, has led him. Ion* since, todis carJ all mercurial preparations lor filling 1 eeth.also all Enamels, Gutta Percha, India Rublwr, and Ce ments for the construction ol Continuous Gum Teeth, and that Porcelian, mounted on Gold Plate, 19 the only reliable substance that can t>e worn in the mouth, as was most conclusively shown by the last American Dental Convention. Although he flatters himself from his long resi dence and practice in Washington, he is favoraMy known to ins numerous friends and patrons, be begs leave to refer thein to the following TESTIMONIALS: From the late Rector of the Church of Epiphany of this city. Dr. Stkphkn Bait.t: DearSir?I desire to express my esteem for you personally, and my confidence in you as a superior dentist. The operations executed tor me have been highly satisfactory. I hope that you may receive the patronage from my friends and the puhlii) that your skill so well deserv es. Yours very truly, Washington, Aug. 26,18K. J. W. FRENCH. From one of the oldest firms in Ba'tiniore, Messrs. Dozes, Cotman A Co. Having employed I>r. Stephen Baity, Surgeon Den tist, of Washington city, to execute for uie an im portant and difficult piece of work, w hich he did to my entire satisfaction, and in view of the tact that one of the most distinguish"! nieintersof the Dental College of Baltimore, failed. after repeated trials, to perform the name work satisfactorily, it gives me great pleasure to express my entire confidence and high estimation of his prof essional skill. Baltimore,Jan. 12,1437. HAR.VIANN BOGUS. Extraot from a note received from the late Hon. John M. CiavtoQ. F. S.'SenaTK. An?. 1*, 1856. The teeth vou made for me work admirably , noth ing could be "better. Very gratefully. JOHN M. CLAYTON. To those that s<?ek relief from the ladies of 'he teeth. I can cheerfully recommend Dr. S. Baily as a superior Dentist: he m*de a set of porcelian teeth for one of myfamilv.and plugged several teeth for myself, and the work ha* all stood well for more than ten years. ROBERT T. NIXON. of the Va. Conf. of the M. E. Churcli South. April 19,13.56. We.?be undersiznBd. having had occasion to avail ourselves of the professional skill of Dr. S. B.'uly. Surgeon Dentist of this city, or navmz !x>en cogniz anl of his operations on our families or friends, take pleasure in expressing our a<lmirat ion of ins artistic .-kill, a* well as of tiic uniformly satisfactory manner in winch he p?i forms the most delicate anil difficult operations in Dental Surgery.and we respectfully re commend hiin to the confidence a:id pstronage of the public, of whiph we consider him eminently worthy. Thomas ! . Waltsf, Architect F. S. Capitol. Thomas Miller, M. l)..of Washington, D. C. B. S. Kohkf.r, M. D.of Georgetown, D. C. N.S Lincoln, M. 1).. of Washington. D. C. Jos. H. Bradley, of Washington, D. C. George Waltos. Ex-Governor of Florida. Walter Lenox. Ex-Mavorof Washington. Henry Baldwin, F. S. Patent Office, O. C. W'ght, Principal Ritteuhouse Academy. feb20 tf K. VILLARI), DENTIST, I.ATE OF CHI c*oo. would respcctfull* mlormthecit izens oi" tiie District an 1 vicinity, that hav-J iug located himself in Washington, he is now prepared to perform all operatious ui ms profes sion. ni t|:e most approved style. Office, No. iai?, Penn. avenue, adjoining Gautier'a. jati 2" Iv r|Mlh IMPROVEDSETS OF TEETH. DR. I.OOMIS, the inventor and patentee of "Loohii\ Mintrcl P.'nte Tr'tk," having, suot'i'snfiill-. introduced ins improvement inf various cities, has now permaiiculiy eslab- | lihlied himself in Washington. Tins improvement for Sets of Teefh consists chief ly in making a set of but one pice of material, and that I0deStructitrfe minera'. No metal is used in tl.eir construction, and they are therel??re free from galvanic action ami metaliu taste. There a<e no joints to f>ecime filled with moisture or particles of food, hence Iti *y are j>ure ami cltan. Tiiey are lighter. stron.'er. less clumsy, lar more dunttle, MM natural in their appearance, twill give a reward ol One Thousand Douar* to auy one who will produo* a similar work of art toe<iual mine in purity. !>eatity. durability, artistic excellence or any other requisite quality. All work responsibly warranted. 77S Peuaa. avenue, between lith and 12th streets, ap IWr D|I1. C. S. GOODMAN. SURUEOS D ESTIST. and Mamfacivrkr of Artificial Tsktii.?. His complete arrangements enabling film tcj,,-, present the followuig reasonable prices: Eutire Fpper Selt Teeth, on Gold $3^ to Si Do do do on Stiver 12 to 25 One or more, on Gold..... 2 to 5 Do on Silver. 1 to 3 Filing, Extracting, Removing Tarter; also. Re pairing at the same reasonable rates. Ail operations executed in such a manner as to give every satisfac tion. Office corner Hth street and avenue. ap 3 /A RETIRED PHYSICIAN whose sands cf / life have nearly run out, discovered while in the /East Indies, a certain cure for Consumption, / Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, and Genera! f Debility. The remedy was discovered by knn ( when his only child, a daughter, was giveu up to ? die. He had heard much of the wonderful restor ative and healing aualitiu* of preparations made from the East India Hemp, and the thought occurred to him that tie might a remedy for his child.? lie studied hard and succeeded in realizing his wish es. His child was cured, ami is now alive and well. He has since administered the wonderful remedy to thousands of sufferers in all parts of the world, and h" has never failed m making them completely heal thv ruid happy. Wishing to do as much good as pos sible, he Will send to such of his afflicted fellow-be ings as request it. this recipe, with lull and explioit directions for making it up. and successfully using it. He requires each applicant to enclose him one shilling?three cents to ba returned as postage on the recipe, and the remainder to be applied to the pay ment of this advertisement. Address Dr. II. JAMES, No. 19Grand street, Jersey City, N N. B. Dr. II. James has neither office nor i in New York as some have pretended and tised. The recipe is sent from no p lace I 19 Grand street, Jersey City, New Jersey, may 2?>-3m street, f r. N.J. I lorag.-nt I J adv?T M B but N -/ CMIINA, GLASS AND OFEENSWARE. j R. II. MILLER. SON * C(L, Importers direct from Liverpool to Aleaan dna, beg .eave to call the attention of dealers. ( hotel-keepers, and others of Washington and Georgetown, to t heir stocks of GOODS, dna, beg .eave to call the attent ion of dealers^ ACl' which, for extent and variety, will compare favorably with any establislunent in the Eastern cities. The connexion of their senior partner with the manufacturers of Europe and the 1 nited States for upwards of thirty years, has given him advantages in the purchase of goods equal, if not superior, to any house oi the trade. An inspection of grxnisand prices will satisfy all parties that purchases can lie made of them upon the most favorable terms. French China Dinner Sets, gilt and decorated French China Dinner Sets, gold hand and plain white French China Vases, Pitchers, Toilet Sets, Ac. French China Tea Sets, Cup&and Saucers, and other articles of T?aware And Dinner Ware, sepaiate from sets lndiaCiima Dinner Sets,and separate articles always on hand White Granite Ware in every variety, in sets, and separate from sets. n? may be desired Blue Printed or Liverpool Ware. *he same Common Edged. White and Rockingham Ware, in full supply. Cut, Pressed. Plain, and Moulded Glass Ware from the best establishments in the Eastern and Western States, winch will l>e sold by the package or other wise. Experienced packers employed. Goods put up by us can be transported by any mode without breakage. Fare hy the steamboats from Washing*on to Alex andria, almost hourly, 12>i cents eacn w^v. A quar ter of a dollar thus spent may save mauy dollars dec! annn REWARD.?Kanawny from the subscri b?r. living near Upper Marlborough, Prince George's county. Md., on the 2<th ol April, NEGRO MAN. DAVY GREEN. about 27 years ol age,.S feet, ? inches high?a ^ dark mulatto?has a large bushy head, with T whiskers round his face, medium size and down look. He may hire himself in the District, where he has relatives, or make his way to some free State, as he left without any provocation. I will give Two Hundred Dollars, if taken out of the State? gioo if taken in th* District, or any other psrt of Maryland, and $.%?if taken in this county. In either case he must be secured so that I ger him. je 9-tf WILLIAM J. BER R V. BO YN TON'S PATENT PENDING GAS COOK STOVE,or HEATER, for faou ^ Iv and other us?s. It will heat his Patent Smoothing Iron. Cook a Steak, Slew Oyster.j Boil Water, Tea, Coffee, etc. in > minutes. Bake a Pan ol Biscuit in 12 to !.> minutes. It requires the Gjis from the romvion burner only for combustion. For the Nursery and Sick Room it is invaluable. The Sinoothnir Iron for Families, Boarders. Milliuem, Ac., u almost ludispeu^able in warm weather. The Stove or Heater is practicable ill all places where heat is required. For ??lo, Wholesale and rctsil^bv ^ ^ ^ je 9-6t Pa. sv?.. bet. 10th and Hth streets. JOLT'S NEW MODEL. WARNER S AND V Allen's R? vol vers. Self Cocking Pistols. A1 en's Single and Double Barrel Pistols, Powde Ftasks Shot Pouches,Gan Nippers. Ramrod Heads, Gun Worms. Elei's, Walkei s, Co*'*, and G. D. Perco^ion Caps, Kiejr ? and Haldwtn s Gun \N ad ding, Wad Cutter, and a good assortment of Guu Trimmings, for sale by F K UJpjpY, ia?! > (Nv, 0rid<? ?U??L Oeorjelev*, THE WEEKLY STAR. This exoeil?ct Famuy and Nm Jowl aot taming a rwt?r variety of interesting reading than can i?e f?und tn any other?is puNisfceii on Saturday morning. TIIM. . 8104.e oupy, per annum? ?' " _ TO CLtTM. Fira oopiea Ten Cofin .. Twenty oopiea HT^CasH, IKVABIABLT IN ADVANCE. By subscribing in olubs raised among neighbora withoat the intervention of a mil agent, m will be twenty per oeiit. of the Wbbxly StaE will l?e Mverf. It invariat?iy contains the "Waik met on New*" that ha* made the DstLT Stab oireu i? !!' go"rnt'1> throughout lite country. .lH^Smgle oopies (iu wrappers) can he procured at lately after the issue of the Papar. rrioe-TBitt Clxn. ?? w 1,0 ,ct "* *????*? will be allowad a commission of twenty per cent. Summer Retrc&U, 4fcc. j^AlQllER strings, Tfn?vrbi?i *'*" '?'?Wished WA ThRlNb Pl.ACr., n now open for th? n.,u.?. reception. The trains on the Alexandria west, and lroin connect at Warranto* wit.. ... the Springs, distant six iniies by a graded rued. Passengets from Baltimore and Washington eity, arrive at the Springs at 1< H o'clock a. m., waI froni Riciimond and the South to dinner. All inquiries promptly responded to by letter and circulars giving particulars, forwarded upon appli cation. THOMAS It. F. INGRAM, JeJO-im ALEXANDER BAKER. RUPP*S HOTEL. The undersigned would respectfully inform the public that he ban inade various improvement* to his weil-known establishment, end that ha islE prepared to reoeive aud entertain his customers** in the most superb manner. His House is conducted on the European stwle; the rooms airv, and the atnetest attention petd to the wants of his guests. The Bar is furnished wit ii the beat of LIQUORS ClGAltS.&c. Th" great desidrrntnm, quietness, ooo'neaa, (in th? garden attached,) insures for all a pleasant re sort. Obliging assistants are always at hand, and all demands will l>e promptly attended to. \VM. RUPP. je 10-?w No. ?iw Pa. ar.. be*. 3d and sta. yyHiTE house pavilion. The undersigned respectfully informs his friends and the public generally. that tie baa leased the^e?> WHITE HOUSE PAVILION for tksMwn.ff!! where lie will always be able to furnish them** with the best LIQUORS. EDIBLES, CIGARS, \c.cthat the maiket affords, at Washington prie?s. (Sunning and Fishing Partiea will be provided for ?Jay or night. N. B ?Fishing Taokle aud Boats to be procured at the Pavilion. may 2b-3w B. SCHAD. THE MOUNTAIN HOUSE. I CAPOS SPRISG3, VJRGIMA. Will (>e opened for tf.e reoeption of Visitors., on MONJiAY, 22d June. Through rickets can beobtained at Ba'timore,1 Washington, Richmond and Alexandria. Pat>seugers Baltimore in the ear'y morn me train, via Alexandria and Mantssa* Gap Raima.t to Strasburg. reach the Springs from 5 totoo'oJock same evening; and those from Baltimore and the West via Harper's Ferry and Winchester from I to 9l?. m. J. V BUCK, je 2-*>vr Proprietor. Hygeia HOTEL, OLD POINT COMFORT. VA. This most delightful Summer resort? the Slight rar'icu!ari<?cn;i?> of all the sunny South"? f t* now the soie proper'y of the under-l signed, find w:!i !-e opened on 'he 1st June next,and each successive June followius^n engage to make it to tiie seekers for hea th, reerea tion, gaiety au<i good I'ving. supremely attractive. For health, no mnnrain retreat oan be aaferer amy v?io* of rkf yar. it la as exempt from disease in August and Sepiomlier and Oclolier as in April. May or June. Indeed the first three are infinitely the most pieasant of the season. The weather is milder, the s.-a breexe balmier, and the luxuries of the sait water are to t>e had of finer> and in greater profusion. Tnere i^ no more inviting spot on the whole Atlantic sea'ioard. It is strictly tiue ol it what the poet l.afh an id: " < ;u ! if there be an Elysium on earth, it is this, it is this!M Prs. Aiciier. Jar vis, and other army surgeons at the post, Hon. Or. Francis Mallory, Drs. Semp!e, Sunk.ns. Sheild Hope, and Vauelian^nd indeed the whole m.-dica! Faculty residant in the vicinity of fort Monroe, all oertifjr that they "Aare ?<eer knoir* a case of b'llious or ofnt and fever to on r<,in!> tkrr*. and thot at all traron< it it rkt heal thirst spot on the fare of the earth." (See their certificates in De Bow's Review, Southern Plaster,and American Farmer.! m*v Iaw2tn JOS. SFGAR. Proprietor. SEA BATHING. CHESAPEAKE HALL. IUxptox. Va. Tl;.s "M M M FU R ETR FAT,"only S miles from Old Point, will be re-opened ??n the first ofS . . X June, when the proprietor will tie happy towvfl^S sec any of Lis friends who may a ish to en-^^|BJw jo\ SALT WATER B\TH ING, at:d the uxunee of th? ScalH>r.rd. The Hall Ias been much improv ed and l>?autitiej. and ample preparations made f??r the comfort and pleasure of ail who may visit tua delightful ret-ort. Boats. Fishing Tackle. Pleasure Carriages. Ac.. e .ngiit, rt^ s1 alwav? m nadiuess to o'jutribate Uj rhe enjoy meat of guests. R. G. BANKS. iiwy 19-1 m Pianos, &c. piANO FORTE INSTRUCTION. Mr. W. II. PALMER continues to add new mem licrs to Lis c asses. Appjyr to .Mr. PAL MFIt, at h:s Rooiiu ..ver Fari.ham'sf B<?okstor<?, Tuesdnv. Wednesday, Fri-* dav, and Saturday, Iietween2aiid6 p. rn. Terms $5 per quarter. no g-tf VTOCAL M LSIC.-Mr7.~VR ANK LIN. Teacher ? of Music, having vacant hours for a few more Scholars, requests those Laihes a no are desirous of b^tng perfected in Ballau Sinring,or Oi'?ra Music, to fa\or her with an early appinaiiou. Terms made known at her residence. E street, be*ween 91 h and loth, and at the Music Stores of Mr. Da\ is. and M etgerott. ar? ti-3m 1 Ml REE BEAUTIFUL PIANOS received tlu ?la> fr.,in Boston. Also.three ven fine__j^y>.^ seoond-iiand Pianos, but tittle used, i^evei octaves,rosewood cases, will be sold at great'* ' *? ? Imrgnins. at our Piano K orte. Melorleon. and Mnsio \\'arerooUiS, between 9th and Kth streets. No. je 4 JOHN F. ELLlsT rpwo PIANOS FOR ?iao- onE FOR i ? I two for S-'JU are now for sale at tt _? Music Depot ef W PmH W. G. METZEROTT.nTlTI Corner of Penu. avenue and 11th strj>et. Tenns ea?>\. may IS Three new and beautiful pianos AT GREAT BARGAIN?.-Tbesew%-Tj^ Pianos have been used but a short tune tu i?r careful persous, a*e will wsrraat them,' ' ? ' " take old Pianos in exch.ingc, Ac. Two of them are full seven octaves, finely finished rosewood cn*e?, and of exquisite tone and touch,one is oniv ? si x octave. These Pianos, purchasers may ?p.fely rely upon %a being truly groat bargains, and they will do well to call and see them, at our extensive Piano Ware rooms, No. between 9th an>l loth. jelft __ JOHN F. ELLIS. / 'OLD MEDAL PREMIUM VI PIASO FORTES. WILLIAM KNABE, (Senior partner in 'he late firm of Kmbe, Gakhle A Co., Continues tlio nianufncture and sale of ^rand and square PIANO FORTES, under the Miti'^-jj^ oi William Knat>? A Co., at the old stand. ECS^Sa Nos. 1, 3, S and 7 North Eutaw street op- 'If 1 poMte tne Eutaw House. Baltimore. They have also just opened a new Sales Room at No 2"? Baltimore street, between Charlea and Lutit streets, on the premises partly occupied by Mr Henry McCnflery as a music store, where they wjl keep constantly on hand a large assortment of plain and hiehly-finished grand aad square Piano Fortes - also, Me!??deons. froin the best makers, from 4 to 5 ocrave. some with double ke*-hoards, double reeds, und stops to suit small churches. Being exferiMvc'y engaged in the mamifa'tnre o f Pianos, we will sell wholesale and retail, on the most liberal terms. Our Pianos were awarded the highest premium [gold medal) it the Fans of the Maryland Institute two successive years?Octolier. lfcSo. and la5fi?m op position to fourteen and eighteen pianos from vn.e of rhe best makers from New York, Boston and Bal timore. We were also awarded the first prerr ;um at tUe Industrial Exhibition heid in Richmond. Vir ginia. ISiS and 18.S6. T hey have also l>een awarded the higbeat premium (silver inedaDat the Metro politan Mechanics' Fair for 18.S7. In atldition to thia we are in possesion of testimn mala froin the most distinguished profe*sors and amateurs in the country, which can I* seen at our warerooms. spenking for themselves and others of the high appreciation in which our instruments are even- where held. All instruments are guaranteed for five wears, and a privilege of exchange is gnu ted within the hr?t six months from the day of aale if rhe instruments do not give entire satisfaction. . , _ Wholesale dealers will find it to their advantage to give us a call liefore purchasing. ^vm'VIaBF A CO. ICE. J. MIDDLETON, JCF DEALFR Office and Depot?Southwest oorner of F and 12t?t Streets. Washington. aptl-tf ICE! ICE!! ICE!!!?The undersigned respectlu - 1 ly inform his friends and the public generally, that he is now prepared to furnish .amines and others> through the reason i with the best nuality of ICE, delivered in any part of Washington and George town. and guarantees to gire entire satisfaction. Orders to l?e left with Kidvvkll A Laikknck, ?*rner l-Wh street and Perms*Ivania avenue; Gao. K. KifWKi t. A Co., 14tn street; J. B. Moork. Drug {ist, Pcrina. avenue, between lVth and ?nh streets ; GkokueS:CTZ. New Vorkavenue, Itetween iuh and llth streets; KoBT. A. Pat.nk. Dniggift. oorner Itli and Mass. avenue; and with the su!>scrib<>r. No. 3 Fust street, Georgetown, where Icc oan he had it all times. apT-tf T. N.KIDWFLI^ fcE-lCF-lCE.?For sale 2to to .s of I PURE ICE at the Hockey Mi!!, near tne Reir.r H ?.e, on the \\ ashinetou Railr oad. It oau ?'?' t n ears either to Baltimore or Washington. Apply :o ROBT. C. WRIGHT, PattersonsU ap3-2m Baltimore. rABLE CUTLERY AND PITTED WARE Ivory Handle Table and Dessert Knifes Kravem md Forks, and Carvers of the finest quality. Ai ?ta Forks awl Spoons. Cups. Oeblets, t astors Te* *ers,Cake BasketVTWaiters. Butter Coolers. D^nb ? loe Pitehers. extra plated. Prices low. nieMrs.exnap Q fHANCI8.?07t|tt,