Newspaper of Evening Star, June 16, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 16, 1857 Page 1
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VOL. IX. WASHINGTON, D. C., TUESDAY, JUNE l<>, 18.57. NO. 1,376. ? THE EVENING STAR u PI BLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (EXCEPT SVIfDAY.) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Cormr 9/ Ptmmtglramta acenut, *nd 1U4 strut, Br W. D. WALLACH, ?ad is served to subscribers by sarriers at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the Agents; papers served in packages at J7K cents per month. To mail subscribers the subscription prioe is THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS a year ts adrcmct, TWO DOLLARS foe six months, and ONE DOLLAR for three months; for less than three months at the rate of 12){ oents a week. CETSINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. NATIONAL HOTEL DISEASE. (From the New York Herald ] Having been strongly and repeatedly urged by a 1*1 y sufferer at the National Hotel about , the middle of March, and who came under my care during a relapse in New York about the first of May. to publish my views of the malady. I have thought it might be of some service pos sibly to do so. as I have been in a position to obtain information not only froui facts coming under my own observation, but from scientific men on the snot, who were personally familiar with the whole history of things from the begin ning up to the present time. Having lived in the midst of the most mala rial districts of the South tor a great portion of my life, opportunities have been afforded for becoming familiar with diseases of that nature and their various symptoms. My opinion is. i that bad air malaria will account for all the phenomena observed, and that no other suppo sition can Some five or six years since diarrhoea whs very prevalent at that hotel. One gentleman was seized at the National last October. An eminent physician of Washington says. '? The first ease of the diarrhoea I met with at the National was in the latter part of Janu arv " It cannot be denied that several persons who never ate anything at that house were attacked by the disease Ihere were many who took all their meals there through the whole season and remained well. It is not in proof that there were any case? in the neighborhood A wide street bounds the house on three sides. Ladies who spent all their time in the build ing suffered less than men who were absent a good part of the time, thus eating at the house less often than the women. There was every grade of intensity in the symptoms in different persons. The symptoms themselves were much varied. The attacks usually came on early in the morn ing and suddenly, with a copious and repeated discharge from the bowels of n light colored, frothy, sourish fluid, of custard consistency, without pain, griping, straining, tenderness, chillness. or fever. In most cases the stomach was not affected nt all in the beginning, and theappetito would re main good. If the disease went on for a few days the stomach l>ecame irritated and the food only was thrown up. especially if the bowels had been cheeked by opiates and astringents. Sometimes very violent pains would be felt in the bowels, seemingly due to spasm and flat ulence. At a later period, inflammation, soreness, tenderness, and fever would manifest them selves. with loss of appetite, great thirst and in a very few cases cramps A copious rash appeared in a gouty patient. There were few. if any, cased of bloody or mucous stools. The best results generally followed tho use of absorbents and antiacids. such as charcoal and magnesia. The best diet seemod to be rice, farina starch and the like. Quiet and confinement were less bcneficial than courageously keeping out and about. Relapses most frequently occurred from im prudence in eating. e'pecUlly meat. The stomach was only secondarily affected and sometimes not at all. One man would eat a single meal in the house, leave it. be taken sick aud remain so for weeks; another would eat and live in the house for days and weeks and escape altogether. Several persons who remained in the house and procured their uwq food and water did not cscape an attack. Many parts of the house were filled with a most offensive odor, some parts were compara tively exempt No practical chemist has Critically examined a body dead from the National Hotel disease and declared under his own name that there was any trace of a mineral poison. Examina tions of the dead body have been critically made without the discovery of arsenic or of any other mineral poison, a* in the case of Mr. Petriken. of Harrisburg. Pa. In epidemics from bad air. this bad air including miasma, that is decaying vegetation, as well as malaria in geueral. such as chill and fever, fever aud ague, diarrhoea, dysentery, cholera, yellow fever and the like, half the people escape alto gether. If mineral poison is in the food on the table in sufficient quantities to aflect a single persou decidedly, such effects will be observed within a very tew hours, and not one in ten can possibly escape altogether. In large doses arsenic kills in five or six hours, beiore inflammation take? place In moderate doses there is inflammation and irritation of the bowels, and death occurs in three or four days. In a third class of cases there is a nervous irritation causing a kind of palsv or lockjaw, hysterics, mania and the like. If death does not take place in a few hours from arsenic, there is inflammation of the stomach, as well when it is applied to a fresh wound as when in the stomach. For a hundred persons to sit down to a table and partake of food poisoned with arsenic, oauting death in some instances or severo sick ness wubin a few hours, and yet the greater number to escape, is a chemical aud physiolo^i eal impossibility. Heat destroys the effects of malaria as to the human body by rarifying it, and carrying it above the breathing |?int. Cold brings it near er the floor or earth, and in a more condensed and virulent form Hence women sitting in in warmer rooms with the larger supplies of air from without through window crevices, suffered less than men who were in colder rooms with a supply of new air from frequently opening doors trom the passages in the hotel, the outer doors bein? kept closed Mineral poisons affect the stomach almost in stautly if in large do-?es, causing fearful vomit ing" or excessive burning or pains in throat, stomach or bowels. A person entering a house in a tired and wearied Condition, and breathing a concentrated malaria while eating a single meal and then leaving the hou-e. may very eisily imbibe a fatal disease in that short time lrom the oj?era tion of two causes?bis debilitated state and the empty stomach drinking in the poison from every swallow of saliva, until he eats, and then the vigor of the svstein being expended on th?? digestion of the food in the st >tna h. leave* other parts of the system projiurtionably weak against disease engendering agencies. Anomalous secondary symptoms and pheno mena would attend the disease, from the fact of the extraordinary combination of simple mias ma with the more general malaria, and the ex traordinary concentration of the gases from sewers, ces-pu^ls kitchen offal, noisome cellar', and the heat of cooking, washing and ironing in the vicinity of the lower rooms of the build ing. not very accessible to the out-d<?r air. It is believed that not a single statement ha been made in the preceding article that cannot be literally substantiate I in a court of justice by the tejtimony of personal observers of the tacts of the case?the testimony of scientific men favorably known to fame. The aim h:.s been to write a reliable paper hoping that com petent minds abroad, as weii as at home, may vj able to deduce therefrom conclusions that will shield the National from an unwarrantable suspicion that there could exist, in the whole extent, a sinzle heart so base as to attempt tho death of the President elect, all regardless. to? , of the certain fatal consequences to hundred of helpless women aud innocent children und unattending fellow citizens. KbiroR Hall's Jvirjal or Health. Postpone?ext or tiik Comet * Visit?Mr. Beiwick, th- alitor of the Kevel:?tor a Swedeu bor/ian,or "New Church," p--iodlc:il in New \ o:k. republishes a Communication on "Thi* Bt Dected Great Comet,"' which he wrote to tin* Manchester (England) Guardian In I"S50, pre dicting from mathematical computation that the return of the oreat cotuet of l'Ail and 155t> will not be until altoot the year IsOl. Wc have, therefore, ? respite four yearg. A ??LV>TH TRIAL" OX A STEAMBOAT. Fun and Jn?tice Combined. We find in the St. Louis Democrat, the fol lowing amusing account of a little " Lynch law affair that occurred on the steamer Minne haha on her trip up the Missouri, in which the public will he apt to recognize rather more ius tice than in most case? thut have been tried by that formidable judiciary. Among our respectable passengers, was found a verdant-looking youth running away with another man's wire. The melancholy fact having leaked out. it was forthwith resolved that Judge Lynch should call a special session of his august and sum mary court. Arrangements were soon made, sheriff and judges hastily put on authority and dignity, and the following writ was immediately issued : In the name of the ) People, > Court of Judge Lynch. Special. s*. ) Steamer Minnehaha?To any sheriff or officer of the steamer Minnehaha, greeting : We command you. in the name of our supe rior court, now holding a special session on board the steamer aforesaid, that you arrest and bring forthwith into our august presence. Don Juan C , if found in your Dailwick. charged with grand larceny and the further crime of adultery upon the high sens, against the peace and dignity of the giant Republic, and within the immediato cognizance of this high court. And in this fail not upon your peril. Given under our hand and seal of the Court, this 29ih of Flora, and in the year of our court the fifty-seventh. Judge Lv.xch, Chief Justice. Judge Chastity, ) Associates Judge Purity, I Associates. As usual, the sheriff of Judge Lynch's court acted with astonishing promptitude and vigor, and in twenty minutes from the issuin' of the warrant, the guiltv Mr. C 1 stood in the august presence of Ihc supreme terrestrial jus tice. Having been regularly indicted, a petit j jury was empannclled. and the public prose cutor appearing against him. the Chief Justice appointed counsel for the defense, and the trial at once began. The Court room?gent's cabin?was crowded, and all eyes were fixed Opon the physiognomy of the accused, while the aforesaid countenance grew white and red by turns, as either fear or shame took possession of its possessor. Witnesses for the prosecution were examined one after another, and all testimony went straight to show that the lady was put on board the Minnehaha at Council Bluffs, by her own leige lord, and that the prisoner came on board at the next landing and took possession of her as his own wedded wife, and that as rucu, they had roomed together since. Parties fr?.m the Bluffs, who knew the injured husband, testified ! to his marriage with the frail lady passenger, , which transpired only some two months since. The case looked dark. There was no testi mony in contradiction to the above. The prose I cuting attorney looked triumphant. The jury j grew solemnly dignified. The chief justice and hi* associates waxed still sterner and looked more morosely grave. The counsel for the de fence took the prisoner to one side?a few mo ment's conversation ensued, and again they appeared in court. The counsel and nis unfor tunate client seemed like men in desperate circumstances. Hope and fear alternated on their expressive but diabolically sedate coun tenances. At length, however, the counsel rose ! and put in the following document ns ooaclu ' sive and sufficient evidence of the innocence and purity of his client. Amidst mingled hisses and murmurings of wrath, it was admitted as evidence in court: SI PH KM E BENCH? SHOEMAKER** COCRT. Council Bluffs Citv, Iowa, } May 2. 1S57. \ To all to whom tfiete presents may come : greeting. Be itTinown that I. Simeon Shoemaker, jus tice of the peacc of said city and State. reusing special confidence in the statement that an un Jleasant row has existed for some time between ob Q and his wife Betsey, do hereby dis solve the bonds of matrimony heretofore exist ing between them, very much to their mutual di.?gust. And furthermore bo it known that I, having been duly elected to this position by the Mormon vote. do. in harmony with the sublime (?olygamic doctrines of Saint Brigham Young, lereoy seal and deliver over the said Betsey to C , Esq., to have, to use, and to hold in any manner that to him may seem good. Witness my hand, and this great seal of the Court here unto appended, on this. the2rtth day of May. A. D. 1 Sji. Simeon Shoemaker. J. P., andex-officio marriage breaker and maker. This record, from the authenticated docket of Esquire Shoemaker, was introduced with ap parent confidence on the part of the defence; and the prisoner being put on the stand, testi fied in substance the same thing, assuring the jury that he was the husband of Mrs. Q?ley. The court, however, ruled that Shoemaker had no authority in law. and did not amouut to much as a man. and that the prisoner was an unmitigated liar. The Chief Justice then launch ed out into a moral dissertation, distinguished alike for its purity and beauty of thought, and its elegance and chastity of expression. The jury retired, and in just one hour and twenty-live minutes, returned with the following verdict : We. the jurors, of this august court, after solemn and deliberate deliberation, and reflec tive consideration in the momentous case sub mitted to us, do find? ]. That Esquire Shoemaker s commission ex pired on the first of April. 1857. 2. Thut Esquire Shoemaker had no authority to grant a divorce in the case of Q. r?. Q. 3. That the defendant C. is guilty in manner and form, as he stands charged in the indict ment. We recommend that C. be put upon a log and sent down the river rolling. That Mrs. Q. be locked up in the state room and kept securely until she arrives at her place of destination, and when she shall be delivered over to her friends; and that sentence be executed forthwith. Peter J ox kh, Foreman. While the judge was preparing to pass sen tence upon the convicted and truly wretched man. the steamer stopped at a wood yard?pris oner's oounsel obtained private interview, and advised eulprit to agitate his pedal extremities and disappear in the thick hazel brush and un derwood that skirted the shore. Prisoner sweat , ed in hi* great agony, and trembling with much | f.*ar. was secretly assisted up the gangway plank ! by his counsel?fourteen deck hands firing pis J tjls and yelling like devils incarnate, were soon howling ou his track. But darkness covered his person and his shame with a robe of common charity, and he escaped, never to return. Next morning the sentence was comp'ete.J. and the disgraced female was delivered over to her friends, who awaited her arrival at K . Alliance of Central American St\tes.? A dispatch from New York Mates (hat Senor A? i taburnaga, who will l>e remembered as former ' Secretary of the Chilian Legation iu this city, lias l?*ii appointed Minister to Costa Ki<-a. whither he has gone in a nat onal vessel. The supposed object of his mission is the arrange ment of an alliance among the Spanish- American republic* for mutual protection against lilibuster isui. Indian Ueorge Wore and suite have arrived at Louis, from a year's hunt in/ e* p -d>tion at the head waters of the ,\| ismouri. They report that the country was never in a worse cou ? d.tioii respecting the Indians. The Santws and ; Sioux were committing atrocities against th& whites, and since the removal of the tritops from l-'orts Kandail and Lookout the Indians in the nei?{hborh?K>d have assumed a hostile attitude. A party of troops had marched against the Santee*. |?~7* A house iielongiug to M r. Rosltorough, in Stamford. Ct , was struck by lightning last Sun day, and some strange feats pei formed by the electricity. One room was locked up by the lightning, the key being left in the door, and it was necessary to break the door open to extrii ate a voung lade who was buried iu plaster thrown Torn the celling. No one was very materially lu. ijurtd. FOR RENT AND SALE. IQFFER FOR SALE. MV FARM. "Rosen vick," miles distant from the town of Culpeper and a depot of the Orange and Alexandria R. R. This Fann contain* 156 acres of land equal to an? in this section of Virginia. Forty acres are in timber, the Imlance open land in fine order. 0n it is a large and valuable young Orchard now just coming into bearing, comprising all the most desirable varieties of Apples. Pears, Plums, Poaches, Apricots. Necta rine*, (trapes, Ac., Ac., suited to our climate, a Spring of never faihng pure water near the dwellme. Out-houses. Ac. The Dwelling is plain, but amply sufficient to accommodate a small family. The situation for health and beauty is second to none in this region. An extensive' range of mountain scenery, the beautiful Village of Culpeper, with in a few minutes walk, otter facilities for attend ing Church, and as fine Schools as our State af ford*, wlule the Orange and Alexandria R. Road putt it within a few hours ride of either Washington, Alexandria, or R iehinond It is seldom a farm.with as many advantage!, is ottered to the notice of tne pub&c. Persons desiring to purchase ar? respectful ly invited to mil and view the premises. It is for sale privately, but if not sold before Saturday, the 1st August, on that day it will be ottered at public auc tion, on the premises, without reserve. Terms made known af sale. For any information address R. G. B<>WEN. Culpeper. Va, je 4 FOR SALE?A FARM of 115 acres, nine tulles from Washington, near the Seventh-street road. The improvements are a small Dwelling llouse. a good Stable, a well of good water with new wood punip hi same. There are 31"' choice fruit trees. A part of the farm is well fenced. It will be sold a bar gain, if immediate application be made, or it mav be trailed for citv property. Apply to H. N. LaXS DALE. No. 5i>4 M street, or through tlie Post Office, je 4-lm FARM FOR SALE.?A piece of fine LAN Do* Rock Creek, in Montgomery county, Md., six miles from the heights of Georgetown, adjoining the lands of Messrs. Perry, Wood, iiestor, Nowles, Dohrer, and Hawkins. 112^ acres. A beautiful loca tion ; partially improved; new house: 13acres rich creek nottom. and some fine yellow-pine timber. It can lie divided, if desired. Call and see the premi ses those who desire to purchase. je 4-tf 1^H)R SALE.-My RESIDENCE on the cornered >New Jersey avenue and C street south, Capitol Hill, fronting on the avenue 162 feet:?inches, and on C street south defect 11 uiches.atidcoutaiiiing nearly St,<?u square feet. May 8-tf W. F. PHILLIPS. AVALUALK FARM FOR SALE-MM aeree of good FARMING LAND, situated in the County ??f Fauquier, Virginia, on the Alexandria and Orange Railroad, a few yards from Warrenton Junction: within nine miles by Railroad from the County Seat, and only two hours travel frmn the oitiesof Washington and Alexandria. The Farm is in a high state of cultivation, and is abundantly sup plied with water and timber, and has lunch excellent meadow land. Churches, Mills, and good neighliors within a short distance. For further information apply to JA.MES.MOR ROW. Esq., on the place, or to the subscril>er at his Broker's Office, near Browu's Hotel, Washington City, mar24 ROBERT MORROW. F^ARM FOR SALE.?A I ARM,containing hvi acres, of land, more or less, situated immediately upon the Washington and Brookville Turnpike.about U miles from Washington, together with stock, con sisting of 2" head of Hogs. Cows, Heifers, Horse a. Wagon, Hay, Carriage/Harness, plows. Harrows, and Farming Utensils generally, the Crop in the ground, Straw, Hay. Ace. It is well watered, having a spring in every field. An unfailing stream of water runs through the premises. There is a good frame dwelling-house and out-houses necessary to farm ing purposes. There is also an Orchard on the place, about one third of the laud is in timber, oak, hickory, &c. For further information inquire of BEXJAMIN BOHR KR. corner of Beall a'id Montgomery sts.; GEO. W. BOHHER, cor. of Iligh and Ga\ streets, Georgetown, D. C., or of Mr. HARP, on the prem ises. ap 23-tf fTT" If not sold by the 22d inst. will be offered at public anction to the highest bidder. je 4 I^OX A VAN HOOK, Rkai. Estatk Agents, 49i>^ Seventh street, below E street, have for sale a number ?.f Building 1^ 's 24 feet front by 1;H feet deep,at the very low price of from j&75 to each?payable in small mouthly instalments of >J per month. These I?ots are situated at Union Town, on the south side of the Anacostia river, adjoining the Na vy-yard Bridge, and are in every wav desirable for persons wishing a cheap, pleasant, and healthy loca tion fV>r a d Wetting. l,ot-holders in arrears are re?ue?ted to complete their purchase,-And get their deeds: the title to these Lots is guaranteed free and clear from every possible incumbrance. may i5 3m rOR SAl.K OR RENT.?THE DESIRABLE * R ESI DEN CE on the corner of 1" and 21st sts., together witli the Grounds surrounding it. The Home contains sixteen rooms, has ?as throughout, and furnace. The stable will be sold or rented with the limine if desired. The lot the house stands on is Vi by 136 feet, hut the purchaser can have more land if desired. Also, for Sale--The LOT OF GROUND on the oornerof F and 19th strerts. and LOTSoii 19th,near F street. Apply to CH U BB BROTHERS. ap 8 tf FM)R SALE.?That beautiful. comfortable Cot tage built DWELLING HOUSE situated on the corner of 22d street west and E street north. The Lot fronts >? feet by lai deep. The Furniture will be sold with the House if wanted. The locaiioa is deliehtful either for a summer or winter residence. Apph to POLLARD V? EBB, Agent. No. 5!2(.M story)7th street. may 28 |?UR SALE?At a tiargaiii, ami on very easy I terms, a TRACT OF LAND, suitable for a dairy farm, or other pui pos ts, ami within 3miles of Washington city, l or particulars apply at No.512 ud story > 7th street. may 16 tf POLLARD WEBB. | X T E It EST IN irfoTAM1LIE& The following extract fr<nn a New Vork paper oannot fail to f>e interesting. In referring to the receipts of Tea* in this country for oneirr^Hi year up to 3tth ultimo, it says they will be 12.-1^ .W i*iii,nn'i pounds short of the imports ?f tiie year wild ing June HP, 1H5?5, and that The advance in blaek teas. Oolongs, since last December, has beeu fitteen cents per pound: and Young Hysou Teas, of low and medium grades, have experienced an advance of one liuudred per cent, over last Benson's closing prices. "It will thus lw? seen that the strong and rapid advance in the tea market has been the result of * short supply and active demand ; but when it is ?<ni si dared thai we limy h?arat any moment of the en tire suspension of shipments at Shanghai, and. in fact, that, as soon as a s.uificient force from England five por's ofci.(r\ in China, will probably fie placed under strict blockade, it would not lie surprising to see Teas at a much higher fieure than they have yet attained." In view of these frets, we hold out veTv grant w ? duecments for families to lav in their snnp'ies of I Tea itoir. ? KING A BURCIIELL, 1 iell-tf Corner Vermont ave.and 15th street. IV EW BOOKS FOR SALE AT SHILLING* TON'S BOOKSTORE.? The Fortunes of Glenco, a novel. by Charles Le ver, author of '"Charles O* Mai lev:" price 50 cents. The Dead Secret, complete, by Wilkie Collins ; price 50 cents. Nothing New, by the author of "John Halifax, Gent.; price V) cents. D> never Terrace, by the author of the "Heir of Redclifre;' price .?i.V>. Tent Life in the Holy Land : price #1.25. Boat Life in Egypt and Nubia; pricc $1.25. Discard;*] Queen, by Reynolds, author of the Court of London; price vi cents. Fashion ind Follies of Washington Life, a play in h ve sets, by Henry Clay Prcuss; price Z'j cents, clo. a" cents. Burton's Cyclopedia of Wit and Humor, part 6. This book is a library in itself for the lovers of mirth. A I the uuml<crs from the commencement on hand ; price 25 cents < sch part. Harper's Weekly for this week. Bulwei's new novel," 11 hat II Hi 11? Do With It."' is commenced in this number : price 5 emit* a copy. All the New Books published received immediate ly afterwards, and every thing 111 the Stationery liue for sale at JOS. SHI ISLINGTON'S Bookstore, je 12-ot Odeou Building, cor. 4'2 st. and Pa. nv. fflABLE CUTLERY AND PLATED WARE I Ivory Handle Tahleand Dessert Knives Knives and Forks,and Carver* of the finest quality. A1 I,ii.t Forks and Spoons, Cups, Goblets, 1'.'tutors,Tea Sets.Cake Baskets. Waiteis, Butter Coolers, Doub le Ice Pitchers, extra plated. Prices low. Je 1 G. I'll \ NflS. 4'k?7th st. WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED THE FoL y ? lowing <j?hk1s which we aie prepared to sell at a small advance of cost for c ish : A very large variety of Turner Bros, celebrated Liquors.viz: Turner's Ginger Wine, an excellent remedy for Dispepsia Blackhcriy Brandy,a certain cure lor Diarrhea and Dyseuter* Claret. Madeira, Sherry, and Sweet Malaga Wines, all of superior quality Raspberry, Strawberry, Ginger, and Cherry Bran dies. all of line flavors, prepaied from the imre jmce of the f ruit Rose, Cinnamon, Anuis.and Pepperment Cordials Curaooa, Absinthe, Essence of Pepperment Extract of Sarsaparilla, Stoughton Bitters Forest Wine Bi'ters. We have also on hand, a supply of Dr. Wheeler's Celebrated Sherry Wine Bitters, a spiendid article. In addition to the alsive, we have at all tunes a lar^e supply of ttie following named stock of Malt Liquors, being the only Liquors of the km I in the liistnct, and which cannot tini in givjng satisfaetiou to all who use them : Philadelphia X X , Burton and XXX Pale Ale,Philadelphia Brown Stout,XX Por ter, and a fine article of Lager Beer. As usual, a supply of Mineral Water. Cider, Ac., on hand. ARN'Y A SHINN. je tt r'7 Green street. Georgetown. mr D. El OH LER, >\ . A'o. S<r7 S V.VF. NTH 5> TliKF T, between Hand E streets, west side, PRAC TIOAL WATCH MAKER, keeps ftonstantly on hand a line assortment of W ATCH I'.S and^t! JF.WKI.RV. TjIANOS.?The largest s'ock of PIANOS in the ? District always on hand at the extensive ware rooms of John F- ELLIS, 3.W Pa. ave, ma M ntaroomerofiothat, AUCTION SALES. s By C. W. BOTELER. Auctioneer. ?<ALE OF ON"K OF THK MOST VAI.l'ABL Buldim- Lots ox Pennsylvania avenue A Auction.?On WKDNKSUAV A FTKKNOON June 17th, at o'clock, I shall sell, on the premises the whole of l.ot No. II. in square No.iiSS, fronti 4tf feot 4 inches on Ponnsy Ivaiiia avenue, betwe-j 13th and 13>* street*, ami also having a front of 2" feet 3 inches on 13th street, generally known as Apollo Hall lot. A* there are but few unimproved lots remaining the avenue, a rare opportunity is now presented t< capitalist and those desirous of making a safe profitable investment to obtain decidedly the most ile curable vacant lot on this beautifiul public thorough fare. Its close proximity to the various Department and its central position render it peculiaily valuabl as a site on which to erect a theatre or public hall It is also deemed an admirable location tor offices ?tores. Terms : One-third cash ; halanc^on a credit of 1 2, and 3 years, notes bearing interest, satisfactorily secured. All conveyancing at purchaser's cost, je 8-d CTW. BOTELER, Awet. By A. ORKEN, Auctioneer. Pl'RLir SALE.?By virtue of a deed of trust executed to me. and recorded in Liber J. A. S No. 122, folios 436, 4IJ7, 438, and 439, one of the I, and Records of Washington countv. in the District of Columbia. I shall on THrKSDAY. the Jiith o June, at six w'elock p. in., in front of tli-"* premises oiler for sale at public nhction to the highest bidder therefor, the following pioperly, to wit : "All the following piece or parcel of property, to wit, part ol l.ot No. 5ui Square No. 343. or said city. lie.inning for the same at the southwest corner of said lot arid running thence north along tin* line of Eleventh street west 23 feet, lh?nce eest feet, thence north two lent, thence east 71 feet 9 inches to the rear of said lot, thence south along the rear line of the said lot 25 feet to the southeast corner of the said lot, thence west along the south line of said lot HU feet

9 inches to the point of lieg inning." Terms, cash. Property to Iks resold at the risk and expense of the purchaser unless terms are com plied with in three da\s from day ??f sale. EDWARD C. CARRLNGTON, Trustee. joM-fcwtd A. GREEN, AmKionr. Bv J. C. MctiL'IH E. Auetioner. rf^RFSTEE'S SALE OF A NEAT FRAME I House a\'> Lot on Stii stkkkt west.betwkkn M axd N street* north.?On TIIl'RSDA V AF TERNOON, July OS o'clock, on tiie premi ses, by virtue of a deed of trust, dated .1 ufv 2i*t, 1353,and duly recorded in Liber J. A. S., No. ij?. fo lios 94,15. and 00, one of the land records for Wa?ii ingtou county, D. C., I shall sell l.ot N. in Coyie's subdivision in Square No. 424, fronting 10 feet It) in ches on Htli street west. In-tween M and N streets north, running Ixick 95 feet to a ten-feet alley, w iMi the 'improvements, consisting of a mat iiul well built fninedwelliiig House. Terms ca^li. .IAS. M. WI f .SON, Trustee, je 4-2aw.Vds J. McGl'IRE, Auctioneer. Br A. GREEN, Auctioneer VALUABLE I.OTSON SEVENTH STREET at Auction.?On WEDNESDAY, the 17th in stant, I shall sell. m front of the premises, at G o'ol'k p. 111., ten beautiful Building l.ots. of 21 b> 9j feet each, situate on the west side of Seventh s t. west, between M and N streeth north. being a mi I kIi vision of Lots numbered 12. 13. and 14, and part of l.ot 11. in Square 424. on the plat of the city of Washington. These Lots run Itfick to an nliev. are in a most nil pioving part of the street, and an-trd an opportunity for investment not exceeded by any in the city. Terms: One-fourth. cash ; lialance in six, twelve, eighteen and twenty -four months, for notes bearing interest, pajable semi-annually, from day of sale. A d.;ed given and a deed ol ti ust taken. Title indisputable. Ail convey ancing al the cost of the purchaser. je 9 d A. (; R EF.N. Auctioneer. By J AS. C. McGL'I K E, Auctioneer. TWO SMALL BRICK HOUSES NEAR 1 "Printing Office Sui akk'' at Auction.?On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, June 17th. at 6 o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell part of No. 5, in square 715. fronting Z5 feet on 1st stri ct cast, be tween north I and K streets, running hack inn feet, with the improvements, consisting of two nearly new two-story Brick Dwelling Houses, well built an I neatly finished. Terms: One-third c-ash; the residue in 6 and 12 rnou'hs. with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Sale peremptory. Je lid J AS. C. McGt'IR E, Auet. Bv J AS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. Harness, saddles, bridles, iialt kks, W Hit's, Trunks. Carpet-bags, & Store Fixtures at Public Auction-.? By virtue ofa deed of trust or assignment from Josian F. Bailey to the subscriber, bearing date on tn.> 9th dsv of June. l:t.V7. and recorded on the same day, I w,!l sell for tne purposes therein mentioned, at public auction, on I'll L'RSDA Y next, June 18th. commencing at ten o'clock a in., at his late plaee of business. No. 'J76 Pennsylvania avenue, south side, between 4>j and CI h ??*reels, all his st>?ck in trade, consisting in part of Harness, Saddled. Bridles, Halters, Whips. Trunks. Carpet-bags, Hardware, Leather.nnd Store Fixtures, iVe. Terms: All sums of ?2?and under, cash ; all over that amount I>t notes at 3>and fin days, lK-aring inter est, nud satisfactorily endorsed. EDWARD SWANN. Trustee. _ e 11-d JAS. C. McGl'IRE. Auct. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Handsome and nearly ni:w three story Brick House and Lot at the < or.nek 12th _am> north L streets, at Auction. ?On MO.N DAY, the 22d instant, I shall sell, a' i? o'clock p. ill., in front of the handsome n,id near ly new Brick House, situated at th? corner of 12th street west, and L street north, on Massachusetts avenue. The house is well built, and contains e.le veu conveniently arranged rooms and wide passage. The corner room is now occupied as a grocer* store; also, the Lot on which it Mauds, iM-ing No. ISin Da vidson's sulslivision of square 3!i>. It also has ou it a good carriage-houou ai d stable. The above-described property is handsomely lo cated in an elevated and commanding poMtiou. ex oellent water, and a rapidly improving neighliorhood. Terms : One third, cash: lialnnc* in K, 12, and 18 months, for notes bearing interest from dav of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. Title indis putable. J" 12 d A. G R F.F.N, Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Handsome bi ilding lot ox xohth g, BETWEEN 1st ANt>2t> STREETS WEST, AT AUC TION.?Oil Till RSDAY, 'he iKth instant. I shall sell, in front of the premises, at o'clock p. m.. Lot No. 12, in square.1*>7, having a front on north ti street ol ?? fret, running l ack 12<> feet to an alley 17 leet 5 inches wide. Tills property is handsomely situated on north G, betwMen New Jersey aveiiueand 2d streel west. Terms: One-fourth cash : Urmce in K. 12. I?. and 24 mouths, for notes bearing interest from day of sale. A deed given and a deed of tiust taken Title indisputable. All ci>iiv< yaucing at th^cost of the pureiiaser. . A.GREEN, jc 12-d Aaetioueer. B> A. (jREEN, Auctioneer. ONE OF THE MOST BE AI III IL IHTI.D inc; Lots sow for s\le in Wasiiixutov, fronting on Connecticut avenue, between ^Oa.TH I AND IV STKKETS. AT AUCTION. ?Oil 1 11! RSDAN , the 13th instant, I shall sell in front ol the premises, at live o'clock, p. in.. Lot No.31, in Square 12G, having a Iront of 73 leet on Connecticut avenue, at the intersection of 17th street with said avenue, which forms a large open space, running Kick to a wide alley, containing al*?ut ll,'**t square feet, and will lie sulxlivided and sold hi separate lots il desired at snle. We deem it unnecessary to sa> anj thing further relative to the beautiful location of t he above-described property, as it is well known to^ he one of the most desirable now for sale it; Washington, being but one square north ami m view of the northwest corner of l<afavette square. Terms: One-fourth, cash; Itfilauce in ?i, 12. IK.and 24 months, f? ?r notes bearing interest from the day of sale. A deed given find a deed of trust taken. A I! conveyance at the cost of the purchaser. Title in disputable. jell-d A. GREEN. Auctioneer. PKNN Ml TI Al, LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY ? . . ? OF PHILADELPHIA. Cnpital #7iin.eoo?Ch'irtf-r Perp* runl. All the prohts dividod amongst the Policy Hrlders every year. Description Pamphlets. Blank Forms of Applica tions, and every n formation on the subject of .Mu tual Lite Insurance lurnistud on application, with out charge, personally or by mail. Agent for W ashington, JOHN HIGGLES, Northwest corner of IVnn, avenue J* 1" 2awr.w* a mi 171 h street. I'NDER BROWNS' HOTEL. . ? " Just opening a Kplenilid assortment ?>I Spring ,.nd Summer R EA l)Y M A l)E CI < I'l'll I N<. and Iicut's FFRNISHINO UOODS of the styleautl make, at the Emporium of Fashion, No. 3.'" Browns Hotel, next to private entrance. Iiiay_:>i 11ntelA-States! Home made carriaijes. \V e have on iiand. of our own manufacture, a hue assortment of all kinds of CARR1 At.ESof the very l?est. latest, anil mostV^S?;**^ approved st> les, and warranted in point of workinansiiio and material, to Ite equal to any made in the city ol Washington or any ?>ther citv iii the I nited States. We r< spectfu ily solicit a t-i!l from th" citizens and strangers to ex hid (tie our work ; as we are determined to let none surpass us either in quality of work or in low prices. W> also do every kind of R E PAIRING in a work manlike manner, ami al reasonable pnoes. Old Carriages taken in pari pa\inent for new and at a fair price. SIMON FLYNN Ac CO. inay 12-6m J IX * o.,!iini n nsseii \ Krwiu's" Alauufacturing lUunpany : Hinges ol al! kinds; Screws, Brads, Nails, Sash, Weights and Cord.Sarh Pulleys; Window Sbrings and Sash Fastenings.Wall Stars. Bolts and Sliutter Fastenings. In fact, every thing wanted in the Hardware line for a house, ana sold cheap, cheaper, cheapest for cash. HARVEY At ADAMS, jeC-lm 325 Pa. ave., bet. t>th and 7te sts. GO TOMoUAUOIiLlN'tt FOR NOTIONS, may 2s Dentistry, &c. Dentistry. DR. STEPHEN BAILY, Office No. 1?3 Pennsylvania Avuivi, Threr doors from Mr* Strtet. Dr. BAILV bees leave to inform the public that he can he seen atall hours,at Ins office. located asabove. He feels assured that an experienceof fifteen \ ears' practice. with the large number of patients.andgreat variety ol difficult cases that he has treated success fully. will entitle luui to surmount any difficulty, scientific or otherwise, relating to the Teeth. His own experience confirming tlie opinion of many men einitietit in the pretension, and especially I^rs. Hams and J. and K. Parmly, has led him. lone si ace, todis oh id all mercurial preparations for filling Teeth, a so all Enamels, <>uttn l'ercha, India Rul>ber, and Ce ments for the construction o( Continuous Gum Teeth, and that Porceiian. mounted on Gold Plate, is th? only reliable that can Ite worn in the mouth, as was most conclusively shown by the last American Dental Convention. Althouch he flatters himself from his lone resi dence and practice in Washington, he is favorably known to Ins numerous friends r.nd patrons, he twits leave to refer tli-in to the following TF.STIMONI \I.S: From the late Rector of the Church of Epiphany of this city. Dr. Stephen Bailv: Dear Sir?I desire to express my esteem for you personall*. and my confidence in > ou as a superior dentist. The operations executed for me have Iteen highly satisfactory. I hope that you mav receive the patronage from my friends and the public that your skill so well deserves. Yours very truly. Washington, Aug. y., law. J. W. FRENCH. From one of the oldest bring in Baltimore, Messrs. Hoggs. Cot man & Co. Having emplo* ed l)r.Stephen Baily. Surgeon Den tist, of Washington city, to execute for me an im portant arid difficult piece of work, which h?* d'd to my entire satisfaction, and in view of the fact that one of the most distinguished members of the Dental College of Baltimore, failed. af>er repented trials, to perform the same work satisfactorily, it eives me great pleasure to express my entire confidence and high estimation of his professional skill. Baltimore,Jan. 12,1857. IIAR.MAXN BOGGS. Extract iroma note received from the late Hon. John M. Clayton. I'. S. Senate, Aug. 19,18.%. The teeth you made for me work admirably ; noth ing could be Letter. Very grateful!*, JOHN .M.CLAYTON. T<> those that seek relief from the maladies of the teeth, I can cheerfully recommend Dr. S. Baily as a superior Dentist: l.e made a set of porceiian teeth for one of my familv. and p!uz<ed several teeth for my self, and the work has all st<M?d we.i for more than ten years. ROBERT T. NIXON, of the Va. Conf. of the M. E. Church South. April 19,1836. We. the undersigned, having hail occasion to avail ourselves of the professional skill of Dr. S. Baily, Surgeon Dentist ol tiiis city, or naviug boeu cogniz ant of his operations oil our families or friends. t,ike pleasure iu expressing our admiration of lus artistic skill, as well as of the uniformly satisfactory manner in whieii he perform* the most ileliejite and difficult operations in De?itai Surgery,and we respvctfiiln re commend hiin to the confidence and patronage of the pui?!ie, of which we consider him eminently worthy. Fiioma* I . Walter, Architect L". S. Capitol. Hom? Miller, M. D..oi Washington. D. C. B. S. BoIikkk, M. D. of Georgetown. D. C. .N. S. Lincoln, M. D., of Washington, D. C. Jo?. II. IiRATH.Rv.of Washington. I). C. Guikgk Waltox. Ex-(*overi?or of Florida. Walter Lenox, Ex-Major of Washington. Hf.xry Baldwin, 1*. S. Patent Office, O. C. Wight, Principal Ritteuhouse Academy, febantr DR. VII.LARD, DENTIST, LATE OF CHI I'ifio, would respectfully inform thecit- ^ izens of the District and vicinity, thru i>av-?aBS5s? ing located himself in Washington, lie is? *-* now prepared to perform all operations in h;s profes sion. in t he most a pproved st> Ic. < >tfie??, No. Zi?\, Penn. avenue, adjoining Gantier's. jan 2?> ly 'jMI E 1MPROVED SETS OF TEETH. DR. LOO MIS, the inventor and patentee of Loom?< Mutual Pint* Tath," havm successfully introduced his improvement i"Sk^ various cities, lias now permanently estab-^*"^*^ lished himself in Washington. This improvement for Sets of Teeth consists chief ly in making a set of but one piece of mnterial, and that indestructible mineral. No metai is used in their construction,ai.d they are therefore free from (Calvanic action and metaiic taste. There are no joints to become filled with moisture or particles of food, hence they are pur* nn>1 rltan. They are lighter, stronger, less clumsy, far more durable, and natural in their appearance. I will give a reward of One Thousand liohars toaay one who will produo^a similar work <>f ari to euual mine in purity, beauty, durability, artistic excellence or any other requisite quality. All work responsibly warranted. 276 Penna. avenue, between 11th and 12th streets. ap 13-1 v OR. C. S. GOODMAN. SUHCROX D EXT I ST. ard MANTFACTrRER OF ABTIFlriAT. TEETH.? His complete arrangements enabling him toj present the following reasonable prices: Entire tpp. r Sett Teeth,oa (Jold $3nto5" Do do do on Silver- 12 to 25 One or more,on Gold... 2 to 5 Do ^ on Silver 1 to 3 Filling, Extrncting. Removing Tarter; also. Re pairing at the tame reasonable rates. All operations executed m such a manner as to give every satisfac tion. Office corner R!h street nnd avenue. ap 3 j A RETIRED PHYSICIAN sands ..f / life have nearly run out, discovered whilo in the /East Indies, a certain cure fV?r Consumption. / Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, and General I Debility. The remedy was discovered by him I when his only child, a daughter, was given lip to die. lie had heard much ?.f the wonderful restor ative and^healinz uitalitics of preparations made from the East India Hemp,an<l the 'nought occurred to him that he iiu.lit make a remedy lor his ctuid.-v He studied haril r.nd succeeded iu realizing his wish es. IliS child was cured, and is now alive and well. He has sine.' administered the wondertul remedy to thousands of sufferers in all parts of the world, and lie has never failed in making them completely heal thy and Imppy. Wishing to do as much good as po? silde, he will send to such of hisatfiicted fellow-l>? incs as request it. this recipe, with full ai.-.l explicit directions for making it up. and successful!*- using it. Hcie.iuiroseaeh replicant to ci,eiose luin one shilling?three cent* to lie returned as postage on the recipe,and the remainder to be applied to the pay ment of tills advertisement. Address Dr. H. J A M ES, ."No. t;i Grand street, J Jersey City, N. J. I N. B. Dr. 11. Jmnes lias neitlicr office nor aeen I ill New \ ork as some have pretended and adve. f I tisrd. The recipe is sent from no place but N / 19 Grand street. Jersey City, New Jersey. \ CO., 9 C^HLNA, GLASS AND O TEENS W A RE. > , R. 11. .Mll.LEK. SON A CO., Importers dircct from Liverpool to Ale?an dna, l>ez .eavetooall the at tent ioii of dealers, hotel-keepers, and others of Washington and Georgetown, to their KtocWs of <? O () D S , which, for oxteu! ami variety, will compare favorably with any establishment hi the Eastern cities. The connexion of their senior partner with the manufacturers of Europe and the 1 lilted States for upwards of thirty years, hasgiveiiliunadvantages in the purchase of goods equal, if not^ superior, to any house in t he trade. An inspect ion of goods and prices will satisfy all parties that purchases can Ik? made of them upon the most favorable terms. French China Dinner Sets, gilt and decorated French China Dinner Sets, gold band and plain white Fiencii China Vases, Pitchers, Toilet Sets. Ac. Frencii China Tea Sets, Cupsand Saucers, and other articles of Tea ware And Dinner \Vare. separate from sets India China Dinner Sots, and separate articles always on hand White Granite Waro in every variety, in sets, and separate from sets, as niay l?e desire-1 Blue Printed or Liverpool Ware, the same Common Edged, White aud Rockingham Ware, in full supply. Cut, Pressed, Plain,and Moulded Glass Ware from the best establishments in the Eastern and Western States, which wiil be sold by the package or oiher wise. Experienced packers employed. Goods put up by us can f>e transported iiv any mode without nreakace. Fare by the steainlmats from Washington to Alex andria, almost hourly. I2>* cents eacn w*v. A quar ter of a dollar thus spent may save many dollai* dec 1 CjOlUk REWARD.?Rar.awa> from the suhscri l?er. living near Cpper Marlltoroiiyh. v? Pnnee lieorge's eoiiiiti, Md.. on the ti of Apiil. \E<>RO MAN. DAW GREEN. aimwt ~'t years of age, 5 feet. t? inches lush- :i da11. mulatto?has a large f?ush\ head, with , j whiskers rorinl fns face, iiiediiim si/.e and ""down look. He may hire himself in the District, where fie has relatives, or make his wav to some free State as he if ft without any provocation. I will ere Two Hundred Dollars, if taken out of the Stat -??li?? if taken in t he District.or any other pr.rt of MirV.-oi.f. anil?5i?il taken m thisconnty. |? e ther wise l.e must he secured so that I gel him. J?*9-?f WILLIAM J. BERRY. I A DIES' LINEN Dl STERS OR TRAVEL ,, J-ING CLOAKS. La.lies Lipen TRAVELLING CLOAKS. t nildren's White M ARSEILLES CAPES. Ijulies' Lim n TRAVELLING CLOAKS. Children's White MARSEILLES CAPES. A complete assortment nf tfie nlr?re seasonab e (iooiIs this day received at th" .MAN 11 LI.A I'M PORI I'M of MAXWELL & BRO., jel2-e?at 328 Penn.avenue. IV ? <> N II A N D.? . . II While Ash BROKEN COAL. Do do Kli(! Ct^AL. tlrev AshSTON COAL. Drillv expect"'I? 250 tons White A-h FTRNACE COAL. I5ntons U'hite Ash EGG COAL. leotons Gray Ash COAL, egg size. Orders will l>e received for ten days for White Ash Coal (to lie delivered from the vessel) at Sr;i per ton, aud for Grnj Ash Egg at &G 25. bv F. L. MOORE. West ?ide9th street, No. *33. je 12 oust baiwutm i)aud L ?ts, THE WEEK.LY STAR. This exoellent Family and Newa Joernai??on tatniuf a greater variety of interesting readiag then oan be found in any other?la puMished <?? Setardav morn in*. Tltll. Siug.e oopy, per annum ? .?1 S TO CLVn. >? iva onpi? - ? - , . . I eo Ten Copies . _. . g ??> Twenty copies 15 (*? IL^CasM, 1XVAB1A1LT IK ADVANCE. Ht subscribing in einbe raised among neighbor* without the intervention of a maii uut.u will be perceived. twenty per oent. of the Weekly Stae wiu be ?ave<l. It invarialdir oontains the "WmIi in;tou News" that hw made the Daily Stab circu late so generally throughout the country. t Jp7"Sin?le copies (m wrappers) oan be procured at p' ?2"!l,er",nnned lately after the issue of the Paper. Prioe-THKKK who ?ct a# agents will be allowed a oomnuxsinn of twenty per oent. Summer Retreat*, Ac. pAlQt"IKR WHITE, SILPIHR SPRINGS. tTo? Jv1']/. ,rW?T*d and w*l> established WA I r.MAu PL At E,is now open for the public reception. The traina on the Ortnn Roid fromll^I Aicxanuria west, ami Irom GorUonsvid? oast connect at Wsrrenfon with Unas of Stages' for the Springs. distant six miles by a gradad road. Passengers from Haltimore and Washington city, arrive r.X the Springs at KH o'clock a. m., and from K iclnnoiid anil the South to dinner. All inquiries promptly responded to by letter ar.d circulars giving particulars, forwarded upon npsli cation. THOMAS B. P. INGRAM, jeW-lm ALEXANDER BAKF.R. KUI'P'S HOTEL. The undersigned would respectfully inform the public that he has made various improvement s^m, to his well-known establishment, and that he isrf prepared to receive and entertain his customers"?2* in the m.-st superb manner. His House is conducted on the European at*le: th? rooms airv. ami the strictest atteution paid to the wants of his guests. The Bar is furnished wi'h the beat of LIQUORS CIGARS. Ac. The great i1t?i<l(rf>tum, quietness, ooolness, iin the garden attache*!,) insures forall a pleasant re sort. Obliging assistants are always at hand, and all demands will tie promptly attended to. WM.RUPP. je 10-2w No. 41U Pa. av.. I>et. 3d and 4>? sta. T*HB mountain HOUSE, 1 CAPOS SPKISliS, VIRGINIA. Will he opened for the reoeptum of Visitors.. on MONDAY, .ad June. . Through tickets can l?eobtained a' Baltimore,' Washington. Richmond and Alexandria. Pa?sengers leaving Haltimore in the f*ri* morn ing train, via Alexandria and Manassas (Jap Railroad to Strashurg. reach the Sprints Irom 5 to ('? o'clock saute evening; and those from Baltimore nnd Ilia West via Harper's Ferry and Winchester from 8 to 3 p.m. J. N. BUCK, j c 2-<">w Proprietor. H" YG KIA HOTKL, OLD POINT COMFORT. VA. Tina most d Kiitlul Summer resort?the " bright par:icu!ar!oca!ity of all theaunny South"? f is now the s??'e property o| th? under-" numil, and Wili lie opened on the 1st "fJ June next, and each successive June following engage to make it to the seekers for Health, recrea tion, <c?ief\ and good living, supremely attractive. For health, no mountain tetreat can lie safernr mu *?asoa of th- y- nr. It is as exempt Irom disease tu August nnd September at.d October as in /ipril. May or June. Indeed the hrst throe are infinitely the mobt pleasant of rf? season. The weather is milder, the s.n breer.e Istlnner. and the luxuries of tha salt writer are to lie bail ol huer quality a:td ingidater profusion. There is no tuore inviting apot on t! a whole Atlantic ncaUwtrd. It is strictly true ol it wiiat the poet hath said : " (Mi ! if tliere lie an Fl>siuin on earth, it is this, it is this!" L)rs. Archer. Jarvis. and other anuv aurg<toa& at the po?t, Hon. Hr. Francis Mallory, Drs. Setnp'e, SimVins. Sheiid Hope, and Vaughanjmd indeed the whole medical Faculty resident in the vicinity <*f Fort Monroe. n!l certify that they "hare mrr*r knonn a msr of btlliow.? or at** nnd ftrtr to on tinat* tk'T?, riH't thnt at all trasom* it is tke h'tlthi' *t spot oh th* ftirr of thf rnrtk." (Sea their certihoatrs in L>e Bow's Ue\iew, Southern PI".riter. and American Farmer.) in?\ 22-dGwJtIaw2m JOS. SKG A R, Proprietor. s SEA BATHING. CHKSAPEAKE HALL, HAMrTon. V*. This "SUMMER R KTRKAT,"only 2 iruleslro.n Old !'? n't.wi I be re-opened on the first off J uue. when the proprietor will lie happy toi .> i I ins friends who may wish to en-J SALT WATER BATHING,and the luxuries ol the SealssTrd. The Hail has l>een much imrrov ed and beautified, and ample preparations nia?i,> for the comfort ami pleasure ol all who may visit this delightful resort. Boats. Fishing Tackle, Pleasure Carriages. Ac., always in readiness to contribute to the eniojnier.t of guests. R. BaNKs. may 19-lm Pianos. &C. P' ANO FORTE INSTKUCT.'ON, Mr. W. H. PALMER continue to add new mem bers to Ins classes. Apply to Mi. PAL MER, at his Rooms over Faridiaiu'tf Bookstore, Tnesdav, Wednesilay, Fri-* dav, and Sat unlay, between 2 and ti p. in. Terms S?per quarter^ a?25 if V>OCAL MI Sic.?Mrs. FRANKLIN, Teacher of Music, having vacant hours for a few mora Scholars, reuue-sts those L.'<dies who are desirous of lieing perfecte<l in Ballad Singing. or ()pera M usic? to favor her with ail early application. 'iVrms made known at her residence, K street, between i?!h and b?th. aud at the Music Stores of Mr. Davis, and Mwtxerott. ap b-.'?in rpilREE BEAUTIFUL PIANOS received thi 1 day from Boston. Also, three ver> tiiM'---sis-v second-hand Pianos, but littla uaed. sevet n ^ octavcs.rosewiK.^l casest will be soid at great'" * ' our Piano Forte. Meiodeon. and Musio Warerooms, lietween fth and loth streets. No. je 4 JOHN F. ELLIS. rr\ro PIANOS FUR ?150-ONE FOR 1 iwo f ?r arc now f?ir sale at tin Music Depot of mrfjpl \V. C?. ill of Peun. avenue aud 11th street. Tarmseasv. may 1' THREE NEW AND BEAUTIFUL PIANO"* 1 AT GREAT BARGAINS.-ThescW'+mm Pian??s liave been use?1 but a short time 'IVJ5 U "ftl crirelui persons, we will warrant them,* ? * ? ? take old Pianos in exchange, A c. Two of them are full seven ?>ctaves. finely finished rosewood cases, uud of exquisite tone and touch,ona is onlv n six octave. These Pianos, purchasers may safely r*-ly upon as l>ein? truly gre;?t Iwrnmns, and they will do * ell to call ami see them, at our extensive Piano Waro rooms. No. S?i, beta-ecu Ltli and b'th. jeio JOHN F. EUJU. r'OLD MEDAL PREMIUM PIAXO FORTES. WILLIAM KNABE. (Senior partner in the late firm of Knabe. Gaehle & Co., Continues the manufacture and 6aie of crand and suunre PIANO FOR rES, under the mine, ot Wiiliain KmW At Co.. at the old stand.I Nos. !, 3, ^ and 7 North F.utxw street op-' posite the Entaw House. Baltimore. They have also just opened a new Salea Room at No af Baltimore street, between Charles and Light streets, on the premises partly occupied by Mr Henry McCalfery as a music store, where they will keep constantly or: hand a large assortment of plain and lush!) -finished grand and square Piano Fortes ? also. Melodet>us. from the l?est makers, from 4 to 5 octave. some with douhla ke\ -boards, doutKe reeus, a;>d stops to suit small churches. Being extensively engacad in the manufacture o f Pianos, we will sell wholesale and retail,on the most liberal terms. Our Pianos were awarded the hirhest premium (gold medal) at tae Fairs of the Mary'.and Institute two successive years?October, 1855, and 1856?in op position to fourteen and eighteen pianoa from soma of the liest makers from New York, Boston and Bal timore. We wre alsoaa-nrded the first premium at ti*e Industrial Exhibition held in Richmond. Vir ginia. 1855 and 1?56. They have also been awarded the high"st premium (silver medal) at the Metro politan Mechanics' Fair for 1857. In addition to this we are in possession of testimo n;als from the most distinguished professors and amateurs in the country, which can lie seen at our warerooins. speaking for themselves and others of the high appreciation in which our instruments ara ever* where held. All instruments are gna-anteed for five years, snd a privilege of exchange is granted within the hrst six mouths from t he day of sale if the instruments do not give entire satisfaction. Wholesale dealers w ill find ii to their advantage to rive us a call !>efor? purchasing. Pianos exonauged, hired, and tuned. inar 16-lv WM. KNABE & CO. ICE. 1 J. M1DDLETON, . Ii. ICE DEALER. Otfioeand Depot?Soiihvekt ouroorrf and l?th ?troet*e W&shincTon. 11-tf i CK! ICE!! ICE!!!?The u- lcrsign.*d resnectln . 1 Ij infiirrn his friends and Ihe public generally, that he is now prepared to furnish Vamilies ami nth^ril through the season i with the lh-st qua <1* ol l( I., deliveretl in any part of X\ ashmgton and <>eorKe tow a. and guarantee* lo cive entire satislaction. Orders to fie left with Kmwu.t. A Lairim k, oornerltlh stre?*t and Pennsylvania avenue: liKo. F Kiuh ki I. A Co., 14th street; J. B. Mookk. Dru< gist Penna. avenue, between I'th an.'. .i>tli streets : GFoaorSiKTZ.New Vork avenue, between loth a-^t llth streets; KoET. A. Pa^nk, Druggist, ooru. r 4th ami M-iss. avenue; and with the subscriber. No. .1 First street, Georgetown, where Ice can be hid *m?T- T. N. KlDWELL. I'OE?ICE?ICE.?For sale 2,%?i to J,<Wi tons of PURE ICEattho Hockiey Mill, near the Kelav House, on the Washington Railrond. It oan be sent in cars either to Baltimore or Washmston. App.y to ROBT. C. WRIGHT, Patterson at. sp 23 2m Baltimore. L AW BOOKS.?Digest of Maryland Reports, comprising Gill's Reports. * vols., Mririlan l Report a, 8 vols..ami Mary land Ch-mocr\ Decis ions, 4 vols., b> Stockett, Merrick, and Miller* 1 vol.. Bvo. Clutty on the I?aw of Carriera.with American Notes. 1 vol. Hill on Trustees, with American Notes; new edi tion; t vol. Olcott's Admiralty Reports, for the Southern D.s tnct of N?w York r 1 vol. Greenleafs Overruled Cases; revised edition;! Vol. Direst of English Law and Eqn'ty Report* ; I vol. A l.bott'a Prac icd Reports: 2 v<4*. HiltarJ on Real Property : 2 vosls., new edition. Addison on Contracts, with American Notes 11 Vol.; new edition. . _ . _ . . I?d? ,o C<??fK*A5^rTA!vL'i?,