Newspaper of Evening Star, June 16, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 16, 1857 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: TUESDAY ^ Jane l6, 133T. SPIRIT OF THE MORNING PRESS. The Intelligencer says : ?? A statement Is circulating In the papers, on the authority of a letter from Lima to a Panama furnal, of the transfer of the Chine ha islands, of eiu, to the protectorate of England and France. If any such protectorate has l>een negotiated by the represenfativ?s of France and England in Pe ru, we have reason to believe that it has been done without any authority from the Government of either The rumor referred to in this brief extrac* from the Intelligcncer finds no credence that we can discover, in foreign diplomatic circles of this Metropolis; conclusive evidence to us that it has no foundation in truth. No circum stances of the present condition of Peruvian po litical affairs arc known which might render it probable that she would, under the government of any of her factions, thus take the initiative in laying the foundation for the ultimate alle niation of the most important means for her government's future support. The Union devotes three columns to-day to an interesting article upon the necessity for military protection to the overland mail enter prise to California. and the industrial advant ages to the country nt large that are to grow cut of according it, thoroughly NOTES BY THE WAY. [Flttori'il Corr* ipondinr e of The Star ]. STEAMING ON THE ROAD?PKNSED BV STEAM. [No. 15.] June ?. 1857. The ride to the F>>ir (? rounds was very tedious, for we were two hours in making the fivo miles through the streets and over the road we were carried The omnibus on which I was perched bore thirty-six iuside and on the top. So the reader will comprehend how we must have suf fered. the sun's rays being quite oppressive. The roup d'<ril in the Fair Grounds was un equalled by aught in the way of a popular dis play I had previously witnessed anywhere. There were at least ten thousand persons of both sexes and all ages on the ground; the wealtl > taste, fashion and enterprise of the city being represented to a much greater extent than on such occasions among populations east of the Alleganies Perhaps seven thousand persons congregated within the vast Arapitheatre. (to hold ten thousand,) built strictly after the model of those of Rome, in tim^s past, with succes sively raised tier* of seat* surrounding perhaps two acres of ground and with a highly orna mented judges* stand in the centre, around which jets d'eoux sent up their refreshing show ers in spiral columns. Ample roofing protected all on the seats from the glare of the sun. and before the legitimate ceremonies of the day commenced there came off a review of the six or eight handsomely uniformed volunteer compa nies and the fire companies that had formed por tions of the procession. This occupied an hour The Mayor of St. Louis next introduced the Hon. Edward Bates (ex-United States Senator trum- Missouri.) to the assembled multitude, which listened most attentively for two hours to his address of welcome and explanation. lie is intellectually a very great man, and there fore handle? his themes with rare eloquence and ability. Though finding myself unable to coincide in some of the conclusions to which his reasoning tended. I enjoyed his effort beyond measure, and wouid advise all who desire at once to achieve a mental realization of St. Louis and the immense valley of which it (the city) is the capital, as they were. are. and are yet to be, by all means to read it. Though born in Richmond. Ya.. his half century of more im mediate contact with the trading men of New England has changed his very nature ; so that he is but tbe representative of their views and sentiments. Replete as his address was with deep thought and extensive and interesting in formation. it was so imbued with a tone ol Northern sectionalism as to be distasteful U me. lie is evidently a centralizationist in all things, and while knowing almost everything about St. Louis worth knowing, is ho under the influence of his prejudices as to be unable to comprehend that tisere can possibly exist in Missouri other rights and interests than those of the objects of his own idFection. At the termination of the address, an ample dinner was discussed by at leaH two thousand of those present, served 011 tables under the roofing and above the tier of seats; the tables being also ranged in ticis, and thus adding greatly to th? effect of the bird's-eye view (f the magninoent nsene before us It was every thing the hungriest as well as the most fasti dious could wish, while the only beverages ac corded were water and an ample supply of native Catawba (of the vicinage.) wh?ch was quite as palatable as that set before us at Vineennes. As a matter of course tho dinner was followed *? in the usnal way"?bv glorification speeches, such as are inu:?pen*ible to all such occasions. By 6 p m , all had returned to the city, where we separate!: the grand excursion being over except so far as tho privilege which all in vited to participate enjoyed, of making the journey home ovor any of the northern and western railroads free of cost: of which, all if oourse. availed themselves, so a> to see as much of the country as possible Tho magnificence of the -^sale on which St. Louis got up this unequalled festival and the eompletenec-> of all its arrangements, cannot be described so is to enable the reader to compre hend them as they should be appreciated. Only those who were fortunate enough to be eye wit nesses of the brilliancy of the sccne and parti cipator* in the liberality of the occasion can realize them Those who were the city's guests, however, can never forget them While the liberality, display and substantial manifes tation of interest in the affr?ir, of St. Louis, were as I describe them, those of Cincinnati appeared altogether in the columns of her daily press; which, in its '-blowing'' over what was seen, said and done there on Wednesday night and Thursday last, might lead the distant unini tiated to fancy that she took a substantial part as a city in it. That, all the strangers along bnderstand well. was not the case. Whenever shoe goes upon another such " bust,"'she should by all mear.s lake lessons from Chillicothe ere dreaming of rivaling St Louis in such matters St. Louis is. in all respects, one of the best built cities of the country; though in its busi ness portion a very dirty one. This evidently arises from the fact that her manufacturing es tablit-bmcnu have outgrown her own calcula tion*. being, at this moment, perhaps, five times as extensive as the most sanguine among her citizens ten years ago conceived possible in this period of time In behalf of those who came all the way from the far East. I must thank Captain Rawlings of the Baltimore und Ohio Railroad, and his ef ficient Corps of assistants, to whose attentions throughout the trip ail were indebted for an entire avoidance of the usual annoyances and troubles of tiding I.IWO miles by rail. Not an article of baggage was lost by any one between the Relay House and St. Louis, nor was a sin gle pocket picked ou the ears. Thi? morning the trains in all directions were loaded to their utmost capacity with departirg thousands and I make one of the exodus via Chicago, leaving behind me the young frieud from the Union office, who had been especially jny traveling companion His indisposition on the trip has probably interfered greatly to pre vent him frojn enlightening the Union's read rn>. regularly, by the way. J'he view of St Louis and its shipping, from the railroad depots on the east side of the river, is by far the finest I hare yet seen; affording, at a single glance, a good idea of the city's ex tent and tho vastness of her growing trade. W. D. W?h. WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. Departed.?-General Wm Walker, of Niea raguan fame, left Washington yesterday after noon. for New York, apparently as quietly as he entered our city on Friday forenoon lust. If he was accompanied to the depot by others that the friends traveling with him, he was es corted thither so quietly and unobtrusively, as that none but themselves were nwnre of his presence there. No better evidenoe of the sound conservativism of this community is necessary than the manner in which it so unanimously refrained from giving tho slightest aid andoom fort to the principle of fillibusterism, such as would have been involved in stepping forward to shower compliments of any sort upon him We have every reason to believe that his recep tion by the Federal authorities here was not a whit more enthusiastic or sympathetic. Ac cording to the New York press, his entrance into that city is to be celebrated by a sort of " three-tailors-of-Tooley-strcet" explosion of the popular sentiment tbero in admiration of his career iu Central America. We apprehend, however, that with tho news of the result of the Crabbe expedition to Sonora ringing iu their ears, and with the sight of Gen Walker?accompanied by tho dozen individuals only who have so far escaped with him alive from Nicaragua, out of tho six or seven thousand who went there to his assistances-will, together, prove sufficient to render it certain that further efforts to obtain either money from tho New York capitalists or men from among the un employed of that city to further another such raid upon a nation with which we are at peace, under his auspices at least, must prove abor tive. Capitalists do not often throw then money away with their eyes opon ; nor do men, even when desperately hungering for a crust of br?ad, seek such a life as all now know from published letters from Nicaragua, was the lot of perhaps ninety in every hundred sent out to his assistance, with death at the end on 'it as their only possible means of release from the trap into which they had unwittingly entered. The Better Society.?A friend atourelbow mentioned a moment since that seven murdets were committed in New York city in the course of the week ending on Saturday last Heaven knows how many unsuccessful attempts at as sassi nation took place there in that time. * Yet the New Y'ork Tribune, and all the journals sympathizing with it. can find no more popular theme than lecturing the South upon its blood thirstiness, as well as its God-forsaken practices in all things. While wo have no disposition to occupy the Siar't columns with statements and arguments to disprove the buggaboo fabrica tions of fact? in some ca?es and of circumstances bearing on these facts in others, on which such newspapers rely in their work of inducing the pious old ladies at the North to continue to roll up their eyes in horror at the state of Southern society, we are tempted now and then to hold up to them the mirror in which the little pecu liarities of their '? better society" are reflected so faithfully. To that end we quote this after noon the New York Tribune itself, upon the actual condition of men and things?of society ?in the Empire City, as follows: '?Shire the first of April/" (we are told) "there have l>een at least twice sixteen attempts at mur der, liesides violent assaults and rum-hole tights without precedent. Ten thousand hardened and hopeless f-inale outcast* swarm the streets at night; two thousand children, under the guise of peddlers, from the age of ten to sixteen, penetiate every public building, store and oflireiii the city, to beg, steal, spy for burglars, and on their own account piactice those vices which cannot l?e named in respectable lauguage; tive thousand 1 great and small gamblers prev upon the credu lous and the infatuated, standing ail day at the r doors of their dens in Broadway, as well known in person an<l profession as the Mayor himself; ten thousand laiy, drunken, thieving short-joys, swill-boys, killer*, roughs, and rowdies of ottier names, louuge on the rum-cursed corners of the streets, making day disglisting, hideous, and travel dangerous to all who ran be suspected of having respe ctability or monvv; thou and- of ?-migrant swindlers, n:o< k auctioneers, lottery dealers, policy-backers, pickpockets, hail thieves, burglars, wharf-rats, a ea-sneaks, pimps anil vampyres. practice their knaveiies as openly,and with as little fear of punishment, as though they were engaged in the inont virtuous and legitimate of human pursuits." A charming picture, truly, of their " better , society"' than that of the South. , The Post Office Department.?AVf Post Offirts Established.?Woodstock Valley, Wind ham county. Conn., Thomas P. Leonard. Post master; Suffolk Station, Suffolk county. N. Y., Ira I/Hoininedieu. Postmaster ; Globe Village. Worcester county. Mass.. (re-established.) Al bert J. Partridge. Postmaster; Fallston. Beaver county. Pa.. Kob't D. Cooper, Postmaster; Mil ler's Eddy, Armstrong county, Pa.. Rob't Cris well, Postmaster; Bethlehem, Forsyth county. Ga.. Peter Bennett, Postmaster ; Kobinson. Ot tawa county. Mich., Jno. W. Burnard. Postmas ter; Morgan Valley, Wyoming county, Va., Henry McCarty. Postmaster; Flat Fork, Roane county. Va., Robert Reins, Postmaster ; Elk Fork, Jack sou county, V a., John Welch. Post mister; Gibbs's Cross Roads. Cumberland county, N. C., Nathan L. Phillips, Postmaster; Cain Creek. Pickens district, S. C., Henry Ilin kle. Postmaster ; Maxwell's Mills, Pickens dis trict. S. C., R. Maxwell, Postmaster; Oakland, Hull county, Ga., E. P. Ueaden, Postmaster; Seminole. Nanatie county, Fla., D. 11. Tucker, Postmaster; Paper Mills. Baltimore county, ,Md , (re-established.) Wm. H. Hoffman. Post master; Williams's Mill, Covington county. Ala., Jno. B. Williams, Postmaster ; Mapleton, Bourbon county, Kansas Territory, S. 0. Hirnoe, Postmaster; Hampden, Coffee county. Kansas Terr tory, W. A. Ela. Postmaster; Peoria, Franklin county, Kansas Territory, Alfred Johnson. Postmaster. Name of Post Office Changed?Mud, Cabel county, Va., changed to Griffithsville ; Eli F. Harmon Postmaster. Post Office Discontinued.?Raining Spring. Titus county. Texa? Clerical Changes in the General Land Office.?We heard, on the avenue this morn ing, of the following clcrical.changes occurring yesterday in the General Land Office. Viz: Thos. Snowden ($1,400 ]>er annum) resigned. T. Allen. W. M. Fitzhugh, J. W. Irwin, and N. B. Smith, all $1,400 per annum clerks, pro moted to $l.t>00 per annum. Wm. Hall, B. F. Siocum. T. T. Odell, John McDuell. A M. Clark, and J. H. Clarke, all $1,200 per annum clerks, promoted to $1,400 per annum. L M Taylor, Geo. C. Hanson, Joel Penny backer, C K. Shaw, and J. F. Y'ouug, tempo rary clerks, made permanent clerks. Grafton Powell. Chief Messenger, promoted to a $1,200 per annum permanent clerkship. G. Rowzee, Second Messenger, to be Chief Messenger, and J. C. Howard, Third Messen ger. to be Second do. Bosanquet W. Gillis, of Pennsylvania, and R.J. Davis, of Indiana, appointed to a $1,200 per annum temporary clerkships. J. F. Adams. George W. Kiinberly, J. S. Williams, George II. Gurley and J. B. Dun glison, $1,200 per annum clerks, removed. The Federal Offices of the District of Coli'Kbia.?As there exists in this community, very naturally, a deep interest in the question of the proposed change of incumbent* of these positions, we may not refraiu from saying, in reply t j numerous inquiries upon the subject, thai among those whom we rogard as possessing the best opportunities for knowing the conclu sions to which the Executive has arrived with reference to them, it is now understood that no removals are to be made. That is. that no changes are to tako place during the existence of the commissions of the present incumbents. As this is a matter in which we have taken no part, personally, we know nothing whatever relative to it of our own knowledge. Yet we plnceconfidence in the statements and opinions of those from whom we gather the impression explained above. Commander Davis's Instructions.?The telegraphers from this city to the distant press are entirely in error in their representations with reference to tho instructions from the late Secretary of the Navy to Commodore Alervine, and through him to Commander Davis, under which, they allege, the latter acted in saving Gen. \\ alker and the few of his followers who got off with him, from the tender mercics of the Costa Ricans. No instructions whatever were given to Com modore Mervine by Secretary Dobbin that will bear twisting into an intimation that a vessel of the9quadron might be employed in interfering in the Nicaraguan war. even if an opportunity occurred to save the lives of the filibusters, by getting them clear of the country. Ho whs simply ordered to sond a vessel to San Juan del Sur. and in that order no mention of Walker's name or of his affairs was made. Thus, not only the story nlludod to above falls to the ground, but the story that tho President has declared " his approval of the act of Com mander D. under his instructions, but not of those instructions of Secretary Dobbin," falls with it, as a matter of course. The Naval Courts of Inquiry.?To-day, the Government's witnesses in tho ease of Kx Iiieut. Keed. on trial before Court No. 1, not being present, the caso wuf temporarily jx?st poned, and that of Master Brady (retired on leave-of-absenco pay) was taken up, and dis popod of wholly on record testimony. In Court No. 2. the case of Lt. Alexander (lib son was eloscd yesterday, and that of Lt. Rob ert Handy (retired on furlough pay) was taken up and Captain liullus, Commodore Wilkinson, Captain William Inman, Commodore Newton, Captain Page, Captain Tatnall, Captain Van Brunt, Captain Pope, and Surgeon Delaney. all of the Navy, were called by his counsel and have been examined this morning. Before Court No. 3. the case of Capt. Lati mer still pending. Mr. Costar, formerly clerk to Capt. L. on*the Grampus, has been under ex amination all the morning. lie was called for Capt L. Awarded.?The Secretary of the Treasury has awarded to John Walker, of Petersburg. \a., the contract for the construction of the Marine Hospital at Wilmington, N. C., bis bid?$28,968 25?hav ng been the lowest ot fered. The following weie the other bids for that work. Viz : F. T. Wilson it. Co. t3l.200; T. A. Gibbons, jr. *32,U4-.9I; BlaixJell J. Emerson 835.NHU; Job v\'. Angus ?35.91)3; T. A. Mclaughlin & Co ?3li Kobeit B. Wood, &37.UJ1.3I; H S Davis. S39, 125.42: Cbailes Hoiner. *4I,52G.20; Henry Rxall, *51-2.759 55; Rose it IIarl>augb. S45.G35 43: J J Geiger, *47,732. ' Declined.?This morning Ex-Governor P. F. Thomas, of Maryland, formally declined the President's tender to him of the Governorship of I tah, made some time since as the public are informed. His private affairs made it ni cessary for him to do so. wc learn. Appointed.?Meredith Sullivan has been ap pointed l?y the Secretary of the Treasury. Stew ard of the Marine Hospital at San Francisci , California?salary $1,200 per annum. Return bo ? The Seoretary of War, the Hon. John B. Floyd, returned to Washington this morning from West Point, and is again at his post in the Department, looking in tine health. The Weather.?The following report of the weather for this morning is made from the Morse Telegraph line to the Smithsonian Institution, and will be continued daily when the line is in working order. The time of observation is about 7 o'clock a. m.: June 16, 1(357. (The telegraph not being in working order to day. we have no reports except from the west.| Washington, D. C clear. warm. Tb* following report# have been furnished bv the National Telegraph line: From thi West. Frederick, Md clear, warm. Cumberland, Md clear. warm Hagerstown. Md clear, warm Wheeling, Va clear, warm. Harper's Ferry clear, warm Winchester warm. Martinsburg clear, warm. At Washington, yvsterdavat 9 p. m.. the barom eter was 30.074; thermometer 6'J*. This morning at 7 o'clock, barometer 30.031; thermometer 73s. Amount of rain during the thunder storm yes terday 0.24 inches. New Publications.?From J. Shillington we have the powerfully written ktory " The Dead Secret," by Wilkie Collins, and which has been eagerly sought for while publishing In number*. It is now issued complete by Miller 6c Curtis, of New York, at 50 cents. Shillington hxs it for sale. From Shillington also, and from Richard Rob erts, Northern Liberties Bookstore, we have 44 I'a*bions and Follies of Washington Life," a play in live acts, by Henry Clay Preuss, a gentle man of tine literv abilities as the readers of the Star have reason to know. This play, which has received high approbation from such judges as Park Benjamin, Win. E. Burton and John Owens, may fairly claim to be a Washington production, having been written, printed, and bound here. From S. De Camp it. Co. we have Graham's Magazine for July, finely illustrated ; the July number of the popular New York Journal, and the Fourth of July Pictorial ?' Brother Jonathan." Tue Great Eastern.?This mammoth steam ship seems likely after all to pay her first visit on our coast to the port of New York instead of either Portland, Maine, or Norfolk, Virginia, as on ex amination it has been ascertained that though the Sandy Hook passage doe* not afiord sul&i ient water for the passage of this monster vessel, the Island Sound has an ample depth. The Sound pilots assert that there is no risk in calcu lating on 35 feet at high-water in the shallowest place. If the Great Eastern were brought In by way of the Sound, the natural stopping place would l*e at Morris's wharf, the other side of Hell Gate." John F. Ellis has presented us with the fol lowing piece* of new music: " Spring Flower Schottiscb," by Professor C. II. Kerr. "Grati tude Polka." inscribed to C. C. Cox, Esq., by Prof. C. II. Kerr. " Weyer's Cave Mazouika," beautifully embellished, and dedicated to Col. Jacob Mohler, by Leepold Goepel. " Dearest do yon think of me," a very pretty song by Kngene Raymond. '? Our Fathers at the Helm," a l>eau tifii 1 sacred song composed by E. Falk. The Great German Musical Festival in Philaukl#hia.?This seems to have been car ried out on a more extensive scale this year than heretofore Last evening the Grand Jubilee Con cert took place at the Academy of Music. To day there was to be a grand pic-nlc at Lemon Hill. On to-morrow the grand banquet and Liedertafel will take place at headquarter*, which will then terminate the jubilee or Saeugerfest of 1857. Tux Boston Celebration.?The program for the Bunker Hill celebration at Boston to-day has been arranged and gives promise of a grand and imposing demonstration, in which the military will be a prominent feature, while the civic pro cession will embrace ninety-five Masonic lodges, an imposing array of firemen, and a large turn ont of associate bodtaa of citizens. The occasion will be a general holiday there and at Charle* towu. PERSONAL. .... Lieut. E. J. De Jlaven, U. 9. Nary, Is ?t Kirkwood's. .... Mifcs Cora Hatch, the Spiritualist, Is lec turing in Baltimore. Botts ha* been elected president?of a crick et club in Richmond. .... W. ft. Semplc, a well known editor and a Jolished writer, has taken editorial charge of the .ynchburg Virginian. Rev. Dr. Tyar has arrived in England in safety. It was his intention to leave for Jerusa lem after the 17th of May. ....The American party of Louisiana have nominated F. Hardesty for auditor, andJ.H. Walker for treasurer. .... Professor Ross, who attempted to commit suicide in Petersburg, Virginia, last week, is thought to be recovering. ... .Major Thomas F. Purceli.late assistant ed itor of the Louisville Jourual, died at Edwards ville. III., last Sunday. In the absence to Europe of Mr. Raymond of the New York Times. Charles F. Brigs, (Tom Pepper,) one of the best paragraphists in the United States is the acting editor of that paper. Wm. H. Ross and family of Havana. Hon. S. B. Cushing. ineml>er elect from New York. Judge Peachcy of California, Gov. Barstow of Wisconsin, and Judge Brown of do., are at Wil lards'. Rev. Mr. Spurgeon, of London, it is said concludes not to visit this country at present. His American publishers have forwarded SI,00.1 as the result of three months' sale of his sermons hete. .... The venerable and much-respected artist, Rembrandt Peale, of Philadelphia, although in his eightieth year, still pursues his profession, and is about taking a trip up the Hudson river to make a few sketches. .... Mr. William Morton, the faithfubAttache of the late Dr Kane, on his Arctic expedition, reached Baltimore yesterday evening, with the Esquimaux boat and the favoritedo,? of Dr Kane They will form a portion of the exhibition at the Maryland Institute. Baron Von Topneu married to a ward of Col. Colt, the -'revolver" man .afew mornings since, at St George's, Ilanover Square, London. Gen. Campbell, Purser Eldridge and Lieutenant Boyd, of the Niagara, were among the invited. The latter gave the bride away. .... John W. Syme. Esq.. editor of the Ra leigh (N. C.) Register, having taken oflVnce at an article in the Fayettev'lle Olwrver. recently* challenged E. J. llnle, E<q., its senior editor, to fight a duel. Mr. Hale excused himself on the ground that he was a professor of religion. .... The Baltimore Sun of this morning savs : " Gene:al William Walker passed through this ci'v yesterday m route for New York, accompa nied by the gentlemen already noticed as attached to liis suite. He went on in the evening train. There was no demonstration here, and but few persons knew he was on the cars." The New York Times announced some days since the death of Anthony Dugro, Governor of the City Alms Hou.^e, " aged forty years and leaving a' family." Mr. Dugro writes contra dicting the report, and asserts that he is not only alive but in excellent health. The Times, in re ply. insisfs that Dugro u dead. As Dugro lias not been heard from again, it is supposed that he yields the point. M. Strakoscli should feel grea'ly flattered by the "satisfactory" certificate of character he received lately in Detroit. While on a musical tour, the distinguished artist found a license ne cessary, and got it, thus : " I do here Grant M . Strecash A License and as all things is satisfactory. P. Galhohfr. / Cha'u Com. Lice.*' Detroit, JuneG. IS57. .... In a quarrel between John Clay, a son of the departed statesman, and a horse-trainer named Kdgar. in Lexington, Ky., the former shot the latter twice with a pistol. One ball entered his mouth and passed out behind the ear; another ball lodged in his back. Edgar is reported mor tally wounded. Clay immediately left Lexing ton. and has not been heard from since. The parties have not l>een on amiable terms for some time.?Cincinnati Commercial, June 13. The k'*eper of a lager-bier saloon up in Toledo has hit upon a llrst-rate plan to put an end to bad debts. He posts up over his'oar in conspicuous letters something like the following: Gobbs owes this house 75 cents for beer. Nobbs had better come and settle for them beer

and sausages. Total 45c. Huhbs. why don't vou l?e an honest man and pay up for the beer ? Total, U(>c. Bobbs owes this house two dollars. Gone away. Tain s.oundrel. Total, Si. .... As Hon, C. M. lngcisoll, of this city, was returning from trout fishing, in Green county, New York, with his father-in-law, Col. Zadoc Pratt thoy were overtaken by a span of runaway horses, and had not time to get out of the way be fore the horses were upon them. Col. Pratt's | wagon was smashed up. its horses were set loose, i and the gentlemen were hurled to the ground in I the midst of the wreck. Yet, strangely enough, ; neither of them were injured.?.V<tc Haven Pal j la ft turn, June 13. From Tb'xas ?Late accounts from Texas via New Orleans, give the most flattering accounts from the planting regions of Eastern, Northern and Middle Texas. The prospects for splendid crops of corn, cotton and sugar cane were never better, if as good as now. In all parts of the State, indeed, except some of the western coun ties. there have been line rains, and even in the west crops are not suffering, but will be good if they have rains a week or two hcnce. The coun try was healthy. IfT" Mrs Rnfus Townsend. of Reading, Ct , was burned to death last week. 0^7" In August the people of Iowa are to vote on the question of allowing negroes to vote in the elections on the same terms as white men. Coronor Counery's till of expenses in the Burdell investigation amounting to S<i30. has l?een allowed by the Board of Supervisors in New York city. ?137"Two of the sons of the postmaster at Mil lersburg, in Ohio, have iteen arrested on the charge of robbing the mails, by special agent Shalcross. A petition for the abolition of teachers' institutes has been presented in the New Hamp shire Legislature. Ther are conside-ed institu tions for "courting" at the State's expense. }[7*One day last week, a break in the Erie canal occurred, and before it could be repaired, over 1200 canal boats. 50Wi men, and 30W? norses and mules were gathered within ten or fifteen miles of Montezuma. According to the I.ondon correspondent of the New York Times, it is said that Sir Robert Peel, rashly and wildly barking his own horse, Antoq* at the Derby, lost ?70,(k)0, and is in a state that might be expected, in consequence. 07* A split stick was fo^d in the woods near Philadelphia, bearing a slip of paper on which was written??? I have committed suicide I have consumption on the lungs?John Lathain,of New York." The corpse was found adjacent, and a post mortem examinntion showed great disease of the lungs. {jg- IIorse->hoe nails are made by machinery in Providence, and the manufacturers have just made a contract to supply the General Govern ment. The Post says one man and a boy with three machines will do the work of fifty men in the ordinary way. The first cargo of new potatoes ever brought from Antigua, arrived at New York a few days since. A j>ait of the cargo was sweet Rot a toes, and they were the largest ever seen in lew Yoik, some' of them weighing 15 and *2U pounds each, and all perfectly sound . fH/*" A few days since, Mr. James Trainer, of Vicksburg, Miss., was quietly sitting in the of tice of a friend, when a camphene lamp overhead exploded, and tlie burning fluid enveloped his head face and a portion of his body. He lived a couple of days aud died in great agony. l?7~ New York city has now two rival police organizations. That under the State law num bers *250 Inen, and that under Mayor Wood's rev olutionary dominion altout 1.0U) men. Defections from the latter to the former are constantly taking place, and the new board has established sepa rate police stations of its own, with all the ar rangements for a complete system. While this fight is going, roguery has free scope. Since the beginning of it, seventeen murders have taken place in that city. IET Dickens' new novel of Little Dorritt is at J last completed. The correspondent of the New York Times furnishes a few business statistics about it. None of his series ever fluctuated so much in sale. Starting with a circulation of 45. U.ttl?the highest ever reached, excepting Uleak House, and equal to that?it has l>een as low as :*i,OUO, l>eing a fall of 15.I<00, or equal to that of Blackwood, Frazer, Bentley, the New Monthly, and half a dozen others put together. It several times rallied neaily up to the original number, and the average has been such as to justify his assertion in the preface that he never had more readers for any one of his serials. lO"The Washington correspondent of the Bal timore American says: '? General Walker left the city this afternoon for New York, having, as his friends think, been quite slighted by thePresident and his Cabinet. Fearing a rebuff he did not attempt to seek an interview with the President, ana left without any intercourse whatever with any official of the administration. The private dinner which he attended on Saturday evening was given by Ten nesseans chiefly; among them Senator Jones, Major Heiss, Major Arnold Harris, and others. Senator Jones presided, assisted by Col. Burnett, of New York. Eighteen or twenty gentlemen were present. General Walker's remarks, in re ply to a friendly greeting by Senator Jones in be half of the company, were substantially that he * preferred the approbation of the people to that of the Government, and that he was confident he bad the mass of the people in favor of his move ment." A Bad StoH.?One fict connected with tb? Washington riot is fall of alarm for the future? ? majority of the mob Is said to have been boy* under eighteen year* of lyr The mob which hang the negroes in Louisville a few wwk? ago W*s partly composed of th? same material, and whevararlot occurs we bare the same report. And thev are to l?e the men who in a short time will have control of the country ! When* are the father* and mother* of the land that theirchild en thus ran wild ? Parental authority must be called Into exercise or there will be little hope for the Republic, and 1ms for the miserable youths them selves.?Staunton Sprrtator. I?at* from Tehcaxtepec?The New Orleans presses notice the arrival at that port of the schooner Chipola from Minatitlan. The inhabi tants on the Isthmus were in the highest spirits at the prospect of the early opening of the loute for travel and traffic. Vessels had already commenced arriving at Ventosa from California, and three more are re ported under way, rull of passenger*. The finishing of the road, under the energetic direction of Col. Summers, will now be proceed ed with rapidly, so that by the 1st Ortolif a reg ular line of stages will cross the Isthmus semi monthly, and perhaps weekly.connecting at l?oib sides with tine pessenger steamers. I.abor and Kdccatiox.?A school has been opened at Whitneyville. Conn., to give young men a practical education. Connected with the school is a large factory, tilled with machinery, for the mar.ufactiiie of toys. This branch has been selected as It rompiIsn the largest variety of trades. Kach pupil will be required to devote five hours ench day'otheeducatioiialdepaifmciit, and five hours each day to the mechanical dej?art ment, and to keep a day book and ledger of his work and its results?X. V. Tribune. Y NOTICE.?There will t>e a stated meeting of the members ol the Horticultural Society *t their rooms, on II street, between 13th and Hth *ts.. on WF.L>NKSDAY K\ KMNii, ttie 17th infant. at 7e'clook. \V. HUGHES. je I5-St _ Se.'retsr*. 7^- WASHINGTON gBMINAlV. hwi indebted to this Institution are requested to make payment to tho Treasurer Ufnm the l*i Jul>. At that time all unsettled 1m!!s will be placed in the hands of a collector. je 15-31* HENRY 1IOBAN, Tress. -y^ WK.THK UNDERSIGNED, DRY GOOD \ I < Merchants of Georgetown, D. C., do airree to close our stores at 7},'o'clock, tSatiirda nights ex cepted,) from the 15th of June to the 15th of Stp teml?>r: Jolts H.SMOOT, W. R. Ilvanv.e, Maw'ikmiA Brows, A. K.Orri'rrlt Co., II. E. Bkkry, S. Kohlekiu. je lU-Jt ;Y-^?NOTICE TO TAX PAVERS.?The Tax I_3 Lists for the prea-nt year : l?57)are now in my hands for collection. Those who shall pay their taxes prior to first day of July next, will be allowed a discount of six per cent. C. F. SHEKEL!,, Collector. Georgetown. D. C. je 3-1 m * T-^?orR NAME IS Ol'R MOTTO.?Third Grand MOON LIGHT EXCURSION' ol tho Good Will Cm b, at the White House Pavil lion, on THl'RSDAY, July 23d, IK57. B\ order of je l(>-13.1H-at* COMMITTEE. FANS?Cheaper than any place m the city, at jeiG McLaughlin a co. The largest stock of pianos, me lodeons, Music. Musical Instrnments. and Mu sical Merchandise in genera! in Washington City, is at JOHN F. ELLIS'S, je 1G N0.0A6 Pa. avenue l?ct. ftth and l-'th sts. ivtew goods.?h. J. Mclaughlin a co? lsl have this week received a larj:e lot of FANS, of every style, fresh Perfumery. Baskets, porte Monnaes, Ac.,at No. 20, between at 1: and 9th streets. je 16 Bird cages, door mats, carriages. Combs, Brushes, Ac., just opening at jeJ0_ McLAUGHLIN S, No. *?. betJR HOWARD'SSUPREME court reports. Volume lstth, session of 1856-'j7. This day published. jejti FRANCK TAYLOR. PICKLED-PICK LED-PiCK LED OYSTERS SOLD AT WHOLKSALE By CHARLES WKRNER 11* CLINTON'S ALCOHOL COOK should be in every lamiiy. For sale at je If-st LAMMOND'S._ BENJAMIN ItEISS, Teacher of the Piano, Guitar, and Singing, has removed residenoe for a few months, to 29th street. between H and I streets. je lfi-eo3t* Hi * ? I N'E E D L E S.?IL Mi!ward A S>n's exhibition NEEDLES, sharps and betweens.all numbers; the best in the market. Warren's Telegraphic NEEDLES, put op in caskets of one hundred. Mattress, Sail, Harness. Darning. Chenille, Net ting, and Knitting NEEDLES, lor sale br E. K. LUNDY, je 1C No. 12B Bridge street. lieOf|?Uwra DIG EST OF TILE M AIIY.AN 1J R EPOR TS, by Messrs. Stockett, Mernck, and Miller, Attor neys at Law ; comprising Gill's Reports, nine vols.; Maryland Reports, eight vols.: and M.irylaitd Chan cer* Decisions, four vols.; oomplete in one volume; frico ten dollars lieiug a continuation of tho Digest ol Messrs. Norris, Brown, arid Hrune. je 16 FRANCK TAYLOR. ^PECIAL NOTICE.?Attention is called to the r* Auction Sale of l^ots fi, 8, II,and 12, in Square D street, tietween 22d and 231 stieets west. Lot 8 has an Ice house on it. which rents for &5n per yea*. Lot 6 a Tenement at and Lots II and 12 two small Tenainents. which, when in repair, ren" for >jlJ and ?5 per month. Sale on Friday next, at 0 w'c.ock p. in. Terms: One-tourth cash ; buianee m 6, 12. and 13 months. je 16-St* \T()KF. NECK SHIRTS MADE TO Or7)ER! STEVENS is .prepared to receive orders for Shirts, and to make iheiu ht. Also, a full assortment of Shoulder Scam Shirts always on hand. Bin nig exclusively for cash, we are always pre pared to offer goods of the best class at the lowest prices, at STEVENS'S jo 16-3t Sales-room. Browne' Hotel. A CARD.?Special attention is respectfully in vited of those wishing to makean investment in beautiful property on 7tli street, between M and N streets, and the public in ceneral. to the sale often handsome building lots, fronting eaeh twenty-one foet on the west side of 7th street, between M and N streets north, running hack nincty-hve feet to an a'ley, which will t.iko place in front of the premises at 6 o'clock p. 111., on WEDNESDAY, the 17th in stant. For further particulars see advertisement, je l?-d A. GREEN, Auctioneer. ?<OAL!?COAL!!?COAL!!! We have just received a cargo of superior RED ASH COA L, egg and stove size. Wealso sria.ll receive this week, a cargo of supe rior WHITE and RED ASH COAL suitable for summer or winter use. Persons wanting Coal will save from 85 to 50 cents per ton by leaving their orders, go that it ma> be de livered direct fl-om the vessel. Wrthaveonhmd PINE, OAK. and HICKORY WOOD, of the liest quality, which we wiilsel1 cheap for cash, or to punctual oustomers. H. MORGAN A CO.. F street, bet. 13th ? nd Uth sts. R. A. HYDE A CO.. je]6-3t* corner of Hth and I sts. IN CONSElJt'ENCE OF THE PATRONAGE winch the publio has bestowed on us... y?? 1 P .. ...... ...v I'ui'iiu W"B I" our w I'M s * 11 U O we have been enabled toenargeour slocki of Music and Musical Mcrchamluc. By - - - - arrangements with Mr. Schoeneherrer in Paris, and Schots A Sons in Mayence, we will sell Foreign Music to dealers and professors on the inost reason able terms. Our Catalogue, comprising over five thousand original works, is now completed, end to be had at the Music l>epot. Strings, best quaiity, very cheap in bundles. Violins, Guitars, Eisenhnndt's Flutes. Violincebos, Brass Instruments, etc. Our stock of Bno >n A Raven's and William Mil ler's celebrated Pianos wi<l In* completed again in a fow days, which we will sell on tho most reasonable terms and give the l>est city reference. M usic Depot, corner of J Ith and l'enn. avenue, je IG W. G.METZEROTT. ROPOSALS FOR REMOVAL OF GAR 4) AGE. ^ Mayor s Office, / Washington. June !6. Proposals will be reoeiyod at this othoe until Wed nesday, the 23d instant, at 12 o'c.uck in., lor the re moval of Garbage, in carts properly constructed for that purpose, for one jear. enoirg on the 9 tndaj of J uciS.iaSJ.under such regulations as rna\ be ?stnt>iiah ed by the Commissioner of Health, the garljag* to be deposited 111 such place as the Commissioner inii designate, and to be collected daily from the 1st of 1 April to tne 1st of December, and three times a week during the remainder of the term. First District. Bosining at the intersectiom of 17th street and Pennslvania aveuue, runnins down 17th street to New York avenue, a Ion? said avenue to E street, along that street to 23d. with the oourse of 22d street to I street, down I street to 25th,alou? 25th to Penn sylvania avenue, thence to If street, through K street to*2nth,down 2nthto L, along L to 17th, thenc? to the beginning. Sttcoxn District. That portion of the First Ward east ofl7th street, and the Socoud Ward beiwoen (J and N streets. Third District. That portion of tho Second WardtouthffG street. Fourth District. The Third Ward south of New York avenue. Fifth District. Commencing at the corner of Tenth street and New S'orlf avenue, along Tonth street toOntrtrt, along O to New Jersey avenue, alone New Jersey avonue to H street.along II street to Seventh street, along Seventh street to New ^ork avenue, down New York avenue to Tenth street. Sixth District. That portion of the Fourth V\ ard south of H street and ws?t of New Jersey avenue, and tne Fith Ward west of New Jersey aveuue aud north ol Pennsyl vania avenue. _ Srventh District, That portion of the Fifth Ward hounded by C street north. Fourth street east, and New Jersey avenue, including both sides of the streets and avenue. Eighth District, The Sixth Ward. _ Ninth Distict. The Seventh Ward. Proposals will he received for each district sepa rately, and will state the price, and but one price, for the year; and no more than one district will be awarded to auy individual or firm. je 16-31 W. B. MAGHUDER, Mayor. TVOT1CE.?Purohasersnt the National Hotel sale Is are requested to oall and set their roods. The sale having closed, there will be no delay iu getting their goods. je U 3t J AS. C. McGl'lRK, Auct. EXCURSIONS, 4bc, Excursion and pic-nic or t?i Ebencier Sunday School. The Annaal KXCCMKlJI and PIC-MC ?t Ebeneaer Sunday Navy Yard 11 ??? . trill ukf p)Mcuti Till RSDM , tlii It'll instant. The kale and ootumodious iiMmor llio. \Va?p iioto^ ha* been chartered for the occasion. an*' will leave her wharf at > o'oiork a m.: O terbacfc's wharf near the Navy Yard bridge at 9. and Blasden's wharl at o'clock a. m.j tonehing at Alexandria i?tr>? and retuminc from the trip down the river. Ref eahtnents on board. Withers' Band hat been enga*ed . The Pic-Nie to be held at Fort Washington on the return of the boat from a pleasure trip down the rirer. Tiokets lor Adult* V cents; Children not mamhers of the School 25 cents. ie 15-fc* wawnT IV*ANTED.?A BOY from 16 to3u years of a*>, If as Clerk in a Wood Yard. Also, two 1>RI VERS. Apply to R. A. HYDE* CO., comer 1 llthand 1 streets. No- ? j? je IC R* 11/ANTED-A WOMAN. toCook. Wash, ai.d tt Iron for a email family. Apply at No. ??4 C street, corner ot north Capitol street. JelS 2t* % VAN TED?A trst rate COOK. WASHER and IT |RONER for a large lami'y. One whocai lYime well reooinmended can find a good plaoe.and liberal waxes. None need appiy unless the above qualifications are complied with. Call at No. I' street. between 6th and 7'h. i* 15 1w* IV'OTICE ?Wanted a No. | HH EAD BAKER. i^l and wHo is ali>o a food Kisctut Moulder. App.> to J AS. FRASIER. corner of F and i*h au. je 15-? VVANTED.?A CHAMBERM AID and SE.\M rr STRESS. One who thorousbty under-tat.N her t*isin ?si> aud it well recommended oan apply at IV G atr.?t. je 15 >1 ? VV ANTED.?A WOMAN f??r the Kitchen o< a H e?'a iran*, and a CHAMBER MAlDtoaaaiat :n Washing ami Ironing. Alao.aCOI.0RED M A \ a. Waiter. G?*h1 references required. Applyatthe Star Oftoe. je lS-2t * tyANTh'll.-A good COOK. WASHER, art ?l |RON ER. with good leferencet, ?anted for * small family, at No. 1V> F etiee*. opposite the Hi Mathew's Church. ANTED.?Both LA DIE* and GENTLE MEN. to learn aevcrai of the most beautify Ormmental Arta now in the world for adorning pa lors and sal<?>n*. AKo, every style of l^rtenac. in ? ilver and gold, taught to pelection in two hour* It can can be done in the b?-st pai lor, at a amal. eg pem>o, and certainly pa?s from #10 to $4" per woek Plea*e oa l and examine specimens at No. Sfe 7th street west, one doorat*?v?* II street. |,EVI BROWN. jeia-lw* Dlt.J.W. PKRKINSOV ANTED?In the family of a gentleman reaidiM two miles from the city, a g<w.d plain COOK. One alio can bring recommendations fnr ?k !? honesty, and cleanlinesi will tiid a good situation and regular wage*. Apply to J. P. CnUTCHE I'T, norner of 6th awl D streets. )e l-tt WANTED TO PURCHASE ?A BRICK rv DWELLING, containing 8 or 9 rooms, and worth from to aliout ? 4,'?n. by fcrst paying $ 5"n in <-asIi, ar.-i the l?lance in annual instalments Also, Fur Sale?On easy terms, two des.raUe BRICK DWELLINGS, each litwted within two squares of the Patent Office. One of them can t* bought b? pay ing *!."?> in oasli. and the baianoe is 12 half yearly instalments. POI.EARD WEBB, mar 14 tf No. 51? (2d story >7th ?tree\_ WANTED?At 317 Penn. avenue, south side, it corner of 9th street, a CH AM BER M A ID and WAITER. The waiter a boy of from 16 to It years of age. Both must be able to Dring satisfactory rec ommendations. may 14-tf ~lostrordfotjb^ w REWARD.?St rayed or stolen from the eren - of the nubscriber.on the 4th insf.. a. browu COW. witb white l?elly and white spots near the hips, 6 t ears old^uid fia? ver? ? large horns. The abov# reward will he paid lor h. r return to No. C5 2Cth street, near Georgetown hraUe If PATRICK KANT.. LOST.?On Saturday last, between lJth atreet. New York avenue, and the Peusion O&ue. a pair of maaaive old faahioned GOI.D SPECTa CLES. without caae. The finder will receive a it. era! reward U left at room No. 97 Pension Offioc. je l V*t? LOST?On Sunda* afternoon, 14th met., on M str?t?>t. between Tenth and Fourteenth, an oval porcelain set BREASTPIN, large sue. fema. tifute. (head and bu*t.) rim p'am gold, with * reat < ot oak leaves and acorns. Trie hnder will tie liber ally rewarded by leaving it with the owner, at ti.e Cottage, corner of M and I3M? sts. je lV-Sf O| A/1 REWARD!?Ran away from the tut '31UU scribur, on Tuesday, 9th June, 1ST", NEGRO MAN I.I'KE, commonly called Luke Williams, verv black. al?>iir 2* tear* old, live feet high, proii:inent projecting forehead : has a alight scar over one of his cy es ; speaks quickly when smokes to; ha? a tMn suit of? whiskers and mustache; clothing not remembered, at he has various kinds. His father lives in Phila delptiia, and he ha?a si?ter Itelottging to Mr. William S. Gittmgs, formerly of Anne Arundel couatt, who now reside*! in Baltimore eity. He has also relati v> ? at Mr. Clemeut Hilleary'g. near BlMlensburg. I rur chased him of Richard C. Bowie, esq., lormeCy ot this county. I will give fiftv dollars reward if taken in the State of Mary land or District of Columbia, and one hun dred dollar if taken in any free State. He must be brought home to inc, or secured in jail so I can g?-i him again. ZACII Mil All BERRY,(of W.I Near the Brick Church. Forest of jell-2t*wtf Pnnce George's eounty. Mi ?? ^ Rh\\ AH D.?Stra\e<l or stolen, on the ?*t V*' May,a very line large white and red, COW, with horns: had on the neck aouilai with the name of |)r. Boyle, with the N ?-? ot hou>e and street on it. The sltove reward * It tie given for information that w ill leiul to disoov< r/ or retuni of the Cow jelVSf cornelius BOYLE. 4*i street. 1 BOARDING. MISS BOWIE'S Boarding-House, located ir. 'he well known and behlthy village ??l Biookv ii e, Montgomcrv county. Md., will bo ready to receive Summer BOA R DERS iorafew moniiis. oomnu i.c lug from the 1st of Jul*. jel5-2w* BOAI1HNU BOAR I I\?>?at reasot*|,!e rn' , can be had i?r some ten or twelve person* at \??. 2h6 on New S ort avenue, near7th street,a lew do?.is eaat of the Market Ifouae. jej?.-** MRS. E. BAUBV "Sclaie Miss Kkrchi Boer<: i.g House, No. 325, south side Peuu. svenae, t -ur doora eaat of 7th street, \N aahington. will aceoii. n? date lannlies and single persons with B(lARU?n acnomuiodating terms. je S-e?ilni* MBS. BATES, AT HER BOARDINU HOl'SE. on the southeast Corner of Petn -, Avenue and *th street, has made arrangementk U? anoomm<>datea large number of strangers with Me*.? at any time throughout the day, and Lodgingt. mar 3 THE FIRST EXHIBITION or THE washington HORTICULTURAL SO CI ETV will open for the admission of visitors on TUESDAY next, the 16th ins'aiit, at Mr. Corcoran's BuiUm.. on H, between 1:1th and 14th streets, at 1 p. m.. and will cloee on Thursday afternoon at 5 p. m. The foilovriiig Sciiedule of Premiums, will awarded, viz: For the best oo'.lcctiou of green house Plauts 45 41 Si* best Fusctnas 1 I'eiagomuRis?best aiz I Padaiea ** l 0 A<'hiinenas?bc?t collect ion I Gloximaa?best six I Calceotari** " I 0 Dwarf Azaiiae?twelve beat varieties. 2 Roses?best twelve in pots 2 S>' Second best s,x ! Verbenas?best six sorts I 1 ? Petunias " " 1 Car nat iou> 44 " 1 ???' Picotees " " I Phaloxes?beat collection. . Paeonios " I Liliums ** 1 ?*? For the best collection of Stove Plants 2 ^ Second " " I w For the beat collection of Cut Rosea I >' Second *? ?? -..I For the best twelve blooms I For the beat centrepiece. 2 Seoond " " IV' Best uatul-boquet I ?*? For the beat oollectionof Cut Flowers, arnuiged to taate 1 V Second beat oollection of Cut Flowers. arrangeJ to taate I <?' For the lieat collection of table vegetables r> " gsaond - ? " ; vi Cabbaaea? three beat heads 1 Radiahes ** bunohes.. t '? Lettuce " beads I Beeta *? bunches I nM Asparagus 44 ?* 1 Carrots 44 44 1 Onions 44 " I ?*? Rhubarb 44 stalks I Cucumber*?one brace 1 Peas?one peck 1 i*' Bunch Beans?one peck .1 Spiir\el??one peck 1 Grapes?beat buneh... - I *? Peaches?beat MX- I ? Apru otes 44 I ??? Strawberries?beat dish i. 8?and 44 1 Chemee 44 I w Second 44 I m For t'ie beat design for a Suburb Ret id-nee and Garden 5 w? Discretionary Premiums will tie awarded to aij> other articles not enumerated in the above sehcduie. All articles for competition must be deposited be fore 11 a. m. on Tuesday. Admission25oentt. JOHN WATT. ja 15-31 Chairman Coin, of Arrangements. r^REAT attractions FOR THE l.A VJ.DIES-EAIBROIDERIES AT COST. With a view of reducing my very large stock ol Embroidene*. I will offer at prime Oost the folio* tag desirable Goods: Swiss and Cambric Setta Swiss and Cambric Collars, from 31 e. to i b> Swiss and Cambric Sleevea Handsome Cambric Ruffling i l . Swim 44 Embroidered Hdkfs. Infants Bodices, A e. ALSO, a lot ofpiaiti English, Florence,andSwist BRAID BONNETS at e>?et. Call early, and get bargains, at ? MRS. R. G. ETCinSON*S, No. 12 Market SpaoO, JtjMt Between eth and 9th streets. Lime, lime, lime, AT >? CTS. PER BARREL. Pare Wood-bamt LIME, fresh A*w# frnmIM Kiln every three hours, for aale at the above pne* BURROWSi WILLETT, at the new Liine Kiln*on New Jersey avenue, it 16-3t bet. DauU E sts, soath, ucai the Capi'ot,