Newspaper of Evening Star, June 23, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 23, 1857 Page 4
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EVENING STAR, A PARODY PARODIED. |?7* Some fair writer thus retaliates oil the parodist whoe* production we published some days since. Both sidea must be heard, and we give the lady a chance: Tall me, ye winged winds That round my pathway roar. Do yoa not know some spot Where bachelors come no more Some lone and pleasant dell Where no moustache is seen? Where long-eared dandies never coma Ourselves and fun between There comes a murmur from tha distant lee? A low, sad tone, which whispers " No, air-ea." Tell me. thou misty deep. Whose billows round me olay, Know'st thou some lavored spot. Some island faraway. Where weary jnrls may find A r?st from soft dough faces. And hear themselves called women. Nor likened to the graces> 9*v>n did the misty deep its answer five. By murmuring, " Aot while brandy smashes live." And thou, serenest moon. What langnagedost thou utter While gazing on the okntlkxax. Whose head is m the gutter ? fay. bast thou in thy round Gazad on some favored spot. Where kats know not the weight etf bricks. And whevn cigars are not ? Behind a cloud the inoon withdrew in woe. But ia italics answered. " Ao, no, no Tell me, my secret soul? Oh ! toll me, Hope and Faith, Is there no resting place From fops and beaux and death ? Is there no happy spot. Where woman kind are bleat Where man may never come. And where the girls may rest * Faiih. Truth and Hope?best noon to mortals given. Waved their bright wings and answered "Yes, in Heaven." fry? An improved method of bleaching straw bats is proposed, and is desciibed as far surpass ing, in efficiency and beauty of result, anv other known process. The soap is brushed off clean with a delicate brush. The hats, while yet wet, are immersed in a l?th, prepared of three-fourths of an ounce of snlpbite or hyd'osnlpbite of soda, and four to six pounds of water, and are freely handled and pressed to promote the soaking in of the lev through the interstices of the plats No barm is to be apprehended from this manipula tion, as the previous washing has renderca the straw pliable, and without danger of fracture. The hats are then removed from the lev, and three-fourths of an ounce of muriatic acid of commerce being added and well stirred into this ley, the hat* are quickly replunged in it. To se cure a uniform action of the acid upon the ley which is in the hats, particular care must be ta ken that the bats be submerged at orice. and kept in this situation. In order to prevent the escape of the liberated sulphurous acid gas, the vessel employed is, after the second immersion, kept closed, until the operation be completed; this takes place in about thirty minutes, more or less, according to the darkness of the straws. When sufficiently acted on bv the gas, the hats are re moved, washed clean in pure water, dried, and finished as usual. ?K * * N K W c A K T K R . -f*|*aki Ug Of the_Abi?gtoo \ irginian. savs it is one of profitable crops that can now be raised Southwestern \ irglnia. and those who under ?tojjd its culture, say that the soil out there. and Particularly the sides ofthe river hills, isadmira Bnt t$W i1 ^ ?n Wedl**day la**, Mr. R. wa. , , a,h'"^on co,,ntv. "hipped five hogs of anv amount ever r uf0"Jn!y;. He plan,*<l about seven ^ res, jh?y?eI<f of which was 7.UU) pounds, and it realii titn(KM) l*be Fredericksburg (Va.) Herald states .. 1 more tnh^cco will l>e planted in that viciuity this >**son than has been for the last fifty years Half acer?*,,rT tobacco was exported from Fredericksburg the thousand hogsheads, and from the present "indf'atlrtiw we have the promise of a return to those prosperous times. The Herald thinks that judicious crop ping will not impoverish the land to the ex ten.' that it d.d in former times, restoratives bein" fjund in guano and other fertilizers. Chromic Rukcxitism.?The London Lancet eontains the history of a .series of cases of chronic rhe-:isat ism treated successfully by Dr. O'Connor, one of the physicians of the Royal' Free Hospital. London, In a number of cases under care in tlfat institution, by th? of sulphur and flannel , naag.^. The fe-? anistHethc "ttjent, aiiiv v?eT?wla.ned bv the distillation of ftrsft.eH and , of zinc?has also been successfully fried | in* * Co lege Hospital, London, in produc- f ?ng insensibility during surgical operations?the Riming to have been entirely prevented ; the patients seemed in a state of setrii-conscious ness. and recovered very promptly without nau sea. This amylene has been known to chemists ?bout fifteen years, and is a light and volatile liquid; its vapor is much leas pungent than that of chloroform, alrhough the patient must inhale a larger quantity. Cy A noted villain in Hon. Bailie Peyton's district, was alwavs a hard worker against the Colonel, but was observed to be missing on one election day. '?What's'become of Bill Jone?'" asked the candidate, of Bill's cronies ??Well/' responded the latter. '?! b'lieve he's V?n shut up down in Georgia, for ro^gh gam "Rough gambling ? what's rough gambling down in Georgia ?" ?'Why, cutting trunks off from behind stagta, and such like." * ' Sorr jonk ?The following joke, going the rounds of the Western papers, is too good to be the superintendent ofthe Marietta and Cincin nati Railroad discharged a conductor l>elnnging to that road The conductor was asked why he was discharged. "Well," said he, "I was discharged forgiving a free pns#." n "Wnat made von such a fool as to give a free pass ?" "Well, you see.*' said the conductor, ??! got tired of riding alone, and gave a friend of mine a free pass to get hiiu to go along for company. *' L- 'f -Many years ago. in the city of Providence, there wa* a large audience collected within the walls of the old theatre (now Grace church.) The Serformance had reached the crisis wherein the readfiil villain of the play Wis to lie shot the fatal pistol was even pointed at its victim, the house was wrought up to the intensest excit. - ment. and all was still as death. At this brwitb lesa period a highly resotctabls citizen in the stage oox arose, and addressing the hero of the pistol, whit*- hi* wife sat by b!s side, her cheeks ashv pale and a thumb thrust into each ear. said : "Mr. Duffy, Mr. Duffy, Mr. Duf y don't shoot li Ju?l xrl' *or love's sake, delist* Mehltable * afraid of a a gun ! Wait till we re tire frum the theatre ! *' The gun didn't explode, but the audience did Duff waited, but they couldn't. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS WJLLARDS HOTEL ?J H Wilson, Eng; E SUS"!?"' 1 Butterfield.NY; J Stienberger, ? 1. H Dimmish, Pa; E Slocmn. Mass, Maj Ha?k;ns. PSA; Mr Barry. CSV J A Moore, do: Lietit Read, do; J Stone, Miss, R Waie. Va; ? T Vegne. Eng, E MtiHer, NY; P Fah ? Mo; J Fisnef. Tenn; H P New man. O; H C Cro*n. do;J Newman, do; W E Del; Miss N Gi\ V.f * ? ' R Miss C Gillias. do; Ml"* ?<*??-, i T B?*?rd, Va; J Coney, Me; Hon \N B .\iacluy. Hon E Ward, do; J J Wright, do; J R Baker, do; W Pearce, do; Maj :KSi l,"n * * McLane Md, J King. m V ^?blx>ns, LSA; ? Colt, Conn; Col Bake ; m J ? Ha*hin, NY; W F Russell! mon-' iM nvJ ?"? EV.R Root' Conni S N Siilo L A F M>2lWc2! ,H?iTEL ?Dr P c Davis. Md: J v,n?i ' .Vr vv' t?'??' Va; Jno Pollard, do; C io * A L^ekri i B?" Md: J * Marmad ike, v&fTOBSlSK: Nv^a55ifD,lif. tr 1 v n bw.'NY^H ? Rond and family. \ a; O Poor an.l i?h.- \v L C Davie*. m/wW lumn: J J ft Lk ruont. O; B Oibion \m; J C Febi^r IJSN; M RhIIt Va Wmll Fen nail, do; C I! Bigelow, NY; li c More F G Caper. E Trench. Miss II B Gall, jr, wV Th^ Baggott. do; J W Rice. Md; T R Wrdea't KCH J P Dukehart, Md, J W Bruce. NV; Mr. Bruce MisaM E Brace, do; J W Easley. Va. WASHINGTON HOUSE?Col Cha? T Arthur ?nd lady, Va; Wm McHpier, Bait ; Rob't II Miss; L II Dixon, Mss?. Joseph Bell. Tenn; R i. Miller and ladv. Kv; II C Bobbins, Va; Francis Elliott, SC. L J Riley. G A Cranoreft. N Y; G R Bowman. Md; L A She, ut. J A Lothwood. S C; Dr K Dringell, Pa; S H Cooper and lady, Ohio; C C Hunter. Mom; (J p Harrison, N C; John I. Simpson. Alabama. T II Sayre. Texan; VV Sill inan. Bait; R L Herley, Me KIRKWOOD IIOl'SE ?S M M Magraw.Dt'. I) J Sniith, La; J W Evans. Md; UIIP atf.M s-; V X .J,ul fc"?lly. Va, M A Hollin?. NY. JW Millwood. O; ?4 J p|nkrnt( n and lady, G*; Mrs 1 Smith, La; Judge Stirling and ladv. do; Dr Lyle and lady, do: PF Voorho is. I SN; V M s ^.KSian'Md; M ? Wllkersbain.Pa; V. V u'?W11' Pi; Dr Md; S McElroy. Lowia, do; W May .VId 7 mofeme.XTS of oce as steamers. Erom tiii I ritrd Statrs. St*amtrt. ltar*. For. days. York..Liverpool ..June r.ulto" York..Havre June 87 ? m w ^ otk..Breu?en June ^ Fro* Efropr te2*z ' June 6 S?Xltar P1,00 2rw Vor*..June io Liverpool . New York. June 15 Fallnbarg Glasgow....New York..June 17 The California Mail Steamers lewre New York KiiogllmeoTia. pROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY. T*?A?r*f D?rA*T**KT. May ?. i*?t. i51Pf^ro?.ALS for furnishm* tha Stationery require* by this Department during the fiMkl ratr ending Jon? 30, 1R58, will be reoeived until IS o'clock, in., on the 30th day of June next. Those uuaooom rnVu "T satisfactory testimonials of ability to ful '' the oontract will not be considered, and contracts win only be awarded to established manufacturers ?? <* dealers in the article*. ?k f?e articles must be of the very beat quality of their kind, and wimples a* hereinafter specified,mast accompany each bid. The samples of the party to whom the contract may be awarded, will be paid for I or the Department; the others will be returned to the respective bidders. iVo bid will be considered unless Ike articles accompanying tt are of the very best ewalify, and suited to the wants of the Department. Each proposal moat be signed by the individual or it. and must specify a price, and but one schedule' ** * every article contained in the farniehed will be required to be fll^- 8 which will be retained nrrfar^1^ .l0"* ?r d*'>vered withont delay when for .Lh? of the head of the oftioe f?rwhK.h they are required. ? ?l>*,rt,nent reserves the right of ordering a r68s lujntitr of ??oh awl every article ?a'1,9 J*1? Pu?'? servioe may require. ,nl?rior article at an) tune will be trac? ,u?oient cause forthwith to annul the con w'5h *PProv*d security, to t>e given by the P?/*?*** contracting ; ami in case of a failure to sup Ik-n i? I?qu'red, the contraotor and sureties 'table for the forfeiture specified iu such bond as liquidated damages. I he subjoined list speoifies, as nearly as can now r rf^.' j amount, quality, and description of each of the kinds of articles required. Class No. 1.?Paper. Item 1. 100 reams folio post, satin finish, lfcint-lined, .and trimmed, of tlie very flrat quality *? reams white-cap paper, hand-made, satin hnish, faint-lined, and trimmed, of the very boat quality 3. 30 reams white-cap paper, hand-made, satin finished, of the very best quality 4. 30 roams white rap paper, machine made, faint-lined, and trnuined.of the beat qnal Ity 5. 10 reams white enn paper, plain, hand made, mint-lined, and trimmed, of the best qual ity 6. 10 reams plain cap paper, white, machine made, faint-lined, and trimmed,of the best quality 7. 2D rnms nap paper, blue laid, hand made, faint-lined, garden partem, commonly known as despatch or consular paper, of 'he very best quality 8. a) roams white law cap paper, satin finish, heavy hand made, faint-lined, and trim __mwL o* the very best quality 9. 5<w? reams quarto pest, nam! made, white, highly glazed, and hard calendered, fiunt lined on three sides, and of the vory best quality 10. 100 ream? quarto post, machine made, white. Rlain, fmnt-liued on three sides, of the est quality 11. 20 reams quarto post, hand-made, white, highly glazed, and hard calendered, fmnt lined four sides, and of the very best qual Ity 12. 20 rami quarto post, French, faint-lined three sides, of the very best quality IS. j0 reams white vellum noto paper, highly glazed, hard calenderod, faint-lined, gilt odzed on three sides, of the very best quality 14. 50 reams white-laid note paper, gilt-edged, highly glazed, and hard calendered, of the very best qu&litv LS. 30 renins heavy hand-made .white medium . ?? P?P?r. for books, of the very best quality 10. 20 reams heavy hand-made white royal paper, for books, of the very best quality 17. 20 roams heavy baud-inado whito super royal paper, for books, of the very best quality 18. 100 renms copying paper of tbo very be'fct quality, color, and style 19. 50 renins heavy highly glazed and hard-cal endered envelope paper. royaL, yellow, or l>un, of the very Iwst quality 2(\ 50 reems heavy envelope paper, super-royal, hard-calendered anu highly tlazed, yellow or buff, of the very best quality 21. 50 reams large Irrnwn envelope paper of the best quality, strong and well made 22. A) reams royal blotting paper of the very best quality, style, and color. Each item of the al<ore class must be accompanied with a sample of half a ream, or one package, when not packed in half renms, and the bids must state the price per ream delivered at the Department. Class 2.? Knvelopt*. liena I. 500 adhesive envelopes, white, yellow, or butt-colored, heavy, smoth, and thick, with full pockets, sizes, of the three following sizes: l>? by 9 by 4.and 10 by 4 inches ; pi loe to e named for each size of the best quality that is made. 2. It/7 hill-pocket adhesive enveloi>es. of the p?oper 8149 for quarto post, white, yel low, or hosvv, smooth, and truck, o| the rery best quality. 3. lull-prwlffj; adhesive envelopes, of the pioper *>*<? for the note papsr, white. yel low, or balf. heavy, brnooth^nd thick, of the v*ry !>e*r qualify. Each color of each iU*d of rhe above class must be iccompamed by a aample of one package, and the ?nce mutt be slated Tor each Mzeand color. Tl-ejr nustsll be made adhesive, and gummed a pr..peru's ance e*?h side of the centre lappels, wuh lull pock ?ts. and t.Ve lower lappels We.l and securely gummed ;o the pockct. Class 3.? Pens. Item 1. 10 dozen-gold pens uf the .^eat Kind and qual - ity manufactured. 2. 10 dozen geld pens in sifver -vae*. with ever-poin*ed periods of tlie bast kindjuid quality ir.anlftctiired. 8. T*) dozen cards Perry's best mofalio pens, price to be per dozen cards. 4. 500 dozen steel peas tue best makers ami quality. 5. 50 dozen piatina pens. 7. 50 dozes a is lata pens. 8. ? in quills of the very best quality. 9. J? dozen bronze imitation nauii pen*. For all the iWrii of class 3. except item 3, in the ibove class, the bidder is not restricted to a particu ar inarufacture. but samples of different makers, nth the price of each, may be submitted, anal the de lartiueut wn! sciect which it deems tfce bmst, the trice, quality, and fitness for the servM* being all KMssidered. Class No. 4.? Pencils. item 1. 300 doz?n Fair's best black lead pencils, N os. 1,2. and 3 2. 30 d<>zen of the !>est quality of blark lead pencils, withouf reference to the makers name S. $> di>zen red and blue lead pencils of the best quality _ 4. 28 dozes ivory propelling pencils, of .Moan, or others of like quality, with box of lead for each. One dozen of each kind of class 4 must be submit ,ed as samples. Class 5.?Jnlc, Jnlc Stands, and Wafers. Item 1. 12dozen Fry's improved patent American inkstands 2. 12 dozen cast-iron inkstaads 3. 12 dozen red inkstands with ground glass stoppers 4. 20 gallons best ink. the department to have the choice of the m? key 5. 300 quart bottles of the be^t copying ink. sample bottle to be submitted, of the best quality made K. 3no quart bottles of the beet Haek ink 7. 5 gallons best red ink, th? department to have the choice of the irnrkot 8. 100 bottles best blue ink, temple to be sub mitted 9. TV bottles carmine ink, Krerwh smell size, in *la?s bottles, with groujid-glass stop pers 10. l,oft. iar?e red wsfers for department seel 11. Ihi'pt uodswaiers. ?ommon size, l<*>stquality, .od 12. !'?> pounds heist extra *?ir?^fino scvlet seal - ing wax. For all the articles in class 5 suitable and conven ient samples must be submitted, with price attached to f sac a. Class f^-Cvtlery and Misrtllaneous Arficles. [torn 1. 20dozen Hod^ers's h. Sons, -r equal- genu ine spring<eraaers with ivory handws 2. 50 d'>zen Hodi;ers's A Sons, or equal, fcrir bladed knives, with star and pearl lauifilee 3. 12dozou ivory-han<led wsfer stnmps 4. 6 do large office shears of the very best quality 5. 6 d'?zou office scissors of the very best qual ity 6. ion spools of the best quality of red linen tape 7. 1C0 dozen of the beat quality of red linen tape 8. 50 dozen silk tape of assorted colors, in hanks 9. 6 dozen ivory ponnoe boxes 10. t> dozen lignuinvitae pounce boxes 11. 6 dozen cocoa or tiux and saud boxes of the best shape and quality 12. 6 dozen cocoa or box and wafer boxes of the liest Shape and quality 13. y> pounds prepared India rubier, of snitable sizes 14. 2*> quarts black sand 15. SO ounces pounce 16. pound* strong linen twine 17. 12 dozen round rulers, assorted It. 12 dozen flat rulers, assorted 19. 2?> dozen 9-inch ivory folders 20. 50 dozen rosewood pen-holders 21. &')dozen elastic pen-holders 22. 50dozen barrel pen-holders 23. 50 dozen pen-holders, assorted 24. 5" I Mixes sinai I et lets, French 25. 25 boxes large eylets, Fronch 2C. lo dozen steel-lipped pen handles may fi-lawt3>th June NITED STATES MAIL. VIRGINIA. U Post Officii Dkpahtmk.xt, Jnne 8.1857. Proposals fo* carrying the mails of I ho (Tinted States from 1st Septeml>er. IH77, lo tHk June, IHfiM. on the following route in tn? Stato of Virginia, and in the times herein specified, will l>e received at the Contract Office of thu department until 3, p. in., of th?> 2tth day of Jul) next, to l>e decide<l on the fol lowing ds>: .No. From Harruonburg. bv Dnjton, Bridge ws?er. Mossy t:re*-k. Mount Solon. J'ar ne>??m,, Augusta Springs, l.elionon \\ lute Sulphur Springs, Dcerhfld, Cloverdnle, ami Oreen Valle>, to Bath Alum,62 miles ami I sick, three times a week in two- horse conches Leave llnrrisonburg Monday, \Vednes?lay, and Friday at 4 a iii Arrive at Bath Alum by 9 p in bgw AJ.iin Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 4 a in Arrive at Harrisonburg by 9 p m. For lorms of proposal, guarantee, %n<l certib?ate. also instructions, and requirements to embrnce?1 , k- ? - - - ]\TtyTICE?NOTICE.?I haveafswof thf>se 1^1 TOILET SETS on hand, which I wish to qlose out, and will sell at east. Also, tsOuLETS andotiier GLASS WAR li, must t* sold preparatory to a change in irty business. All that want to b?y cheap. p!eas< No. Shr. hatweeotth and loth streets. Penn. a\*anu? ? ?,. .'enn. avenu f'Ml-fcn IflUN MeDKVlTT Refrigerators.?8on>? of ti>* beet in th* ?ty, sod at the lowest prioee. 9. FRANCIB,4?7Wjptm{. Miiotl]ftn?m? JL% C1 l i M A Li 1 HUL 5r<? corner Of W0it i ftlll avenue and Block atreet, Baltimore, Md. ?T*-lT __ Rectifying establishment.?Theun dersigned takes this method of informing Liquor Dealers that he hu fitted up a RECTIFVINU ES TABLISHMENT in this city, and is now prepared to supply all those who mar Tavor him with their custwin. Ha has on hand a large stock of Brandies. Gin, Wines, and Old Whiskeys, which he oan sail at as low a figure as they can be purchased for ei ther in Baltimore or Philadelphia. N. B. The subeoriber has also on hand a large lot of Foreign unl D?UoCjgp^^ pA (an 14-6m* No. 98 l-ouisiana av.e. near loth at. ^TAMPED ENVELOPES. Post Ofvics Dbpabtmkxt, May 90,1857. Sealed proposals will be received until 3, p. m., of the 6th day of July next for furnishing all the stamp ed envelopes this Department may require for a pe riod of four years, viz : No. 1, or note size, Vi by 4X inches, of white pa per. No. 2, or letter size, SK by 5K inches, of buff or white paper, or in such proportions of bull and white as may l?e ordered. No. 3, or official size, SJf by 8\ inches, buff or white, or in suoh proportions of either as may be re quired. Proposals are also invited for furnishing straw board noxes for packing parcels of envelopes of MO to each, and for wooden oases for packing parcels of 10 to 25,000. The envelopes to be made in the best manner, of paper of approved quality, manufactured specially for the purpose, and such water marks as the Post master General may direct. Thar must be gummed for sealing, at least 2J? inches on tne point, banded in paroels of 25, packed without charge for packingjtnd furnished complete and ready for use. in such quan tities as may be required to fill the orders of post mARtori* An agent of the Department will furnish the ad dress (or eaoli parcel, whieh is to be parted on the box by the manufacturer without cliarge. The dies for embossing the postage stamps on the envelopes are to be executed in the best style, ami ther aro to be provided, ronewed, and kept in order at the expense of the contractor. Bidders are requested to furnish samples of paper, with their bids, of the quality they intend to uso in the manufacture of the envelopes thay propose to fhrnish. Bond and security will be reqmred for the faithful performance of the contract, and payments under it will l>e made quarterly. Price, quality of samples, and the sufficiency of the bidder will be considered together in awarding the contract; and the Postmas ter General reserve* to lumeelf the right to annul it whenever he shall disoover that the same, or any part of it is off ered for sale in the market for the purpose of speculation ; and he will in no ense sanc tion a transfer of the contract to any party who shall bo. in his opiaion, less able and qualified than the original bidder or contractor. The right is also re served to annul the contract for a'lailure to perform faithful.y any of its stipulations. Tho number of envelope* issued to postmasters m the quarter ending March 31 lft.77, is stated below : ?Tl#S/) No. I, stamped 3cents. 8,741.250 " 2, " " 61.7M) " 2, " 10 " 7rMliO '? 3, " 6 ?' The bids should be marked "Proposals for Stamp ed Envelopes," and addressed " Third Assistant Postmaster General, Post Office Department.'? AARON V. BROWN, je 1-dtjyS Postmaster General. pROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY. Department or the Interior. May 23,1857. Sealed proposals lor furnishing such stationery as may he required by this department during the fiscal V*ar ending June 30, 1B5K, will be reocived until 12 o'clock m., on the30thday of June next. Those unaccompanied by satisfactory testimonials of abili ty to fulfil Ihe contract will not be considered, and contracts will only be awarded to established nianu facturers of or dealers in the articles. All the articles required must be of the very best quality of their kinn. and in no case inferior to the MinipiPS which will l?e exhibited at the department. Each proposal must be signed by the individual or firm making it. and must specify but one price for each and every article oontained in the schedule. All the articles furnished must be oqnal in all re spects to the samples, and must be delivered without delay when ordered to the satisfaction of the head of the office for which they are required, a ml a failure to do sw will be deemt-d cause for the abrogation of the oontract. The department reserves the right of ordering a greater or less quantity ol ca<-h article contracted for, as tho public service may require. Articles not named in the contract to l>e furnished at the option of the departiiunt at the lowest market prices. Bonds with approved seounty must be given by the person or persons contiacting; and in the event of the refusal or neglect of the contractor to furiiish any article or articles named in the contract, upon the order of the department or any of its bureaux, the same may l>? purchased m opouYnarket; and the dif ference between the price paid therefor and the con tract price shall be charged to the contractor and de ducted in the settlement of his account for tho quar ter during which suoh refusal or neglect may occur. The subjoined list specifies as nearly as can now be done the amount, quality, snd description of each of the kinds of articles required : Item. Class I.? Taper. 1. 30reams folio post, heavy, satin or plain-fin ished, ruled and trimmed, per ream 2. 10 reams folio post, light, plain, unruled, for of ficial seal, per ream 3. 3VH reams cap, white or blue, ruled wide, me dium or close, and trimmed, per ream 4. 4n roams consular cap, whito or blue, trimmed and ruled, per renm 5. 10 reams legal cap, white or blue, trimmed and ruled, per ream 6. SX) roam* quarto post, white or blue, ruled va rious widths, per ream 7. 80 reams quarto post, extra superfine, thick cream-laid, ruled, per ream 8. 25 reams white vellum note paper, highly glased, hard calendered, lined and gilt, per ream 9. 15 roams Alhambra laid note paper, gilt edged, lined, per ream 10. 10 reams buff note papor. lined, per ream 11. 15 reams fiat cap, white or blue, unruled, per reein It. 75 reama envelope, yellow or buff , royal, per roam 13. 17? reams large brown envelope, per ream 14. 35 reams pink blotting. p*r roam 15. 4<>dozen sheets patent blotting, per dozen sheets 16. 12 sheets drawing papur, antiquarian, per sheet 17. 12 sheets drawing paper, double elephant, per sheet 18. 25 sheets drawing paper, elephant, per sheet 19. 75 sheets drawing paper, royal,per sheet 20. sou sheets tracing paper, Fronon, large size, per sheet ? 21. 300 yards tracing cambric, per yard 22. 5,100 landers' l>oards, by 1'** inches, per C. Item. Class No. 2.?Envelopes. 1. 430.000 adhesive envelopes, white, yellow, or Imff. heavy, 8?* by S'i inches, per M 2. 6,000 adhesive envelopes, white, heavy, 10J^ by 5 inches,per M 3. 3S.OOO adhesive envelopes, white or yellow, hea vv, letter, 6 by 3>?, per M 4. 5.000 adhenvo envelopes, card, per M 5. 8,000 adhesive envelopes, note, per M. Item. Class No. 3.?Pens. 1. 100 dozen cards Perry's pens, and of other man ufheturers, assorted, per dozen cards 2. l.ono cross Perry's, Gillott's, or other good me tallic pens, per gross 3. f>,000 quills, No. 89, per M 4. 33 dozen gold pens, silver cases, and poncils, l>est quality, per dozen 5. 30 dozen gold pens, without eases, best quality, per dozen. Item. Class No. i.? Pcneils. 1. 14 dozen ivory ever pointed pencils, large or small, with leads, per dozon 2. 42>do7.*n FalxM-'s. or other good No. 1 to 4, or graduated, per doz<?n 3. iS cas.-s Faber's, Ac., polvgradee, graduated, per oasc A. C dozen Fabei's, k c? red and blue pencils, per dozen 5. 44 gross leads, best qualify, assortod, per gross. Clans No.$.? lnk, Inkstands, Wafers,and Wax. Item. 1. 13 dozen Draper's large or small inkstands, per dozen 2. 8 dozen oast -iron double or single inkstands, per dozon 3. 200 dozen Maynard A Noyes ink, quarts, per dozen 4. 06 dozen Maynard A Noyes ink, pints, per dozen 5. 25 dozen oopying ink, quarts, per dozen 6. 5dozen best blue ink, quarts, per dozen 7. 30 dozen best French carmine ink.oz., per dozen 8. 105 M seal wafers, best quality, red, No. 3, for office seal, per M 9. loo pounds best red wafers, common size, per pound 10. 20o pounds best extra super scarlet scaling wax, per pound. Class No.6.?Cutlery and Miscellaneous Articles. Item. 1. 40 dozen Rodgers's or other knives, four blades, buck or pearl handle, per dozen 2. 15 dozen Rodgers's ivory handle erasers, per dozen 3. 10 dozen Rodgers's spring erasers, ivory han dles, per dozen 4. 6 dnzm ivory wafer stamps, per dozen 5. 4 dozen office shears, extra, per dozen 6. 4 dozen olhc* scissors.per dozen 7. loo dozen silk taste, in nanks, per dozen 8. 900 dozen red tape, assorted, per dozen 9. 5 doa?n paper weights, assorted, per dozen 10. ?> pounds unprepared India rublwr. per pound 11. 5pounds prepared India rubber, per pound 12. KOquyts l*?st black sand, per quart 13. 20 pounds pounce, per pound 14. 1 dozen best Chinese India ink, per dozen 15. 2dozen camels' hair pencils, assorted, per dozen 16. 2 dozen sable pencils, assorted, per dozen 17. 4 dozen Osborne's or Newman's best water col ors, per dozen 18. 300pounds linen twine, per pound 19. 12dozea mahogany rulers, round or flat, 3" in ches long, per dozon ? 20. 6 dozen Ugr.umvitv rulers, rouod or Hat, JU in ches Ion;,per dozen 21. 20 pon-ids best quality sponge, per pound 22. 40 pounds gum arable, per pound > 23. In dozen mucilage, large-size glass jars, with brush and metallic tops, per dozen 24. 10 doz-n mucilage in earthen or glass jars, with out brush or tops, per dozen 25. 120 dozen pen-holders, assorted per doz?n 2t>. 6 dozen wafer stands or boxes, cocoa, pur dozen 27. 6 dozen sand boxes, per dozen 28. 12dozen strong 9-incu ivory folders, per dozen. inay 29-dtJune30 OEUVRES DE KEGNARD, illustrees de 62 vignettes; 62 oents. Oeuvres de Racinc, illustrees de 85 vignettes; 75 oents. Oeuvres de Corneille, illustrees de 85 vignettes; 75 cents. Oeuvres de Boileau. illustrees par Bertall;25 cts. Oeuvres de Moliere, illustrees do 140 vignettes;

?1.25. Fables de la Fontaine, illustrees par Bertall; 29 rant*. * Fables de Fionas, edition illustree par Cham; 18 ?ents. .... ? .. Les Fabulistes Populaires. illustrees par Bertall; 30 eeats. FRA.NCK TAYLOR, je H l^ANOV BASKETH.-A large quantity of Fancy JT Baskets, which were sent to our address from Pari* by mistake, will be sqK1 at half-prioe to cover duty advances, for two weeks only,at the Musie te."?' "'icwaaw. *i?2? Insuranoe, Ac. pl NN "ZMfo-wflusanitHu. Capital $700,000? Charter Perpetual. All the prof ta divided wnonnit the Policy Holders ^Description Pamphlet*. Blank Fonni of Applica tions, Cod every " formation on the subject of Mu tant Lift Imanutee fumuLed on application, with out charge, personally or by mail. A|MI%r Wuklocto.. JOHKRIQOLE# North vest oorner of Penn. avenue je loatwSw* and 17th street. wA?H,NmsimmsmiBt. Capital. $300,000 CHANDISK, Ac., at the uaual Cityratee, without any charge for Policy, at their Offioe, corner ol Tenth Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, over the Washington City Savings Bank. DtKICTOXS. Wm. F. Bayly, Samnel Baoon, Robert Farnham, James F. Haliday, Wm. Orme, Hudson Taylor, Francis Mohan* M. W. Gait. Jliaj, Beail, James C. McGUIRE, President. Grafton D. Hanson, Secretary. * apll-ly PROTECTION AND INDEMNITY FROM LOSS AND DAMAGE BY FIRE. THE PERILS OFTHE SEA. AND INLAND TR A N SPORT A TlO N. FARMERS AND MECHANICS' INSURANCE COMPANY, OF PHILADELPHIA. Fixe, Makinx, and Inland Insdxancx. Authorized Capital.... flJU^N!!! Orrics. Noxtxwxst corner or Pknnstlvania Avknux and 17th Street, Washington. DIRECTORS. Hon. Thos. B. Florence, ?harles George H. Armstrong, Charles A. Rubioam, _ George Helmbold, P. Carroll Brewster, James E. Neall, Isaac Loeoh, Jr. THOMAS B. FLORENCE, President. EDWARD R. HELMBOLD, Secretary. LOCAL SURVEYORS. Charles Walter, No. 397 D street, oppomft* City Hall. John M. Thornton, oorner 1st street and Virginia avenue. Island. James \V ilhama, No. 22 4)f street. John Riggles, No. 301 13th street, below Pennsyl vauia avenue. MARINE SURVEYOR. Captain J. P. Levy, No. 367 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite National Hotel. GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT. John Tiioruason. UTUKS. Charles Dingee, Thomas jNaoderfield. Edwa6d R. Helmbold, Authorized Capital and 4 Juts.......#1,473/197 07 Assets ? If 523,067 07 Invested in Bonds, Mortgages, and Good Securities. The following statement exhibits the business and oondition of the Company to November 1, 1856: Premium received on marine and inland risks to No vember 1. 1856 $214,684 60 Fire premium . 176,796 61 Interest on loan.. 8,704 47 Total reoeipts $400,1C5 6B Paid marine losses.... ..964.427 04 Paid hre losses - SB,737 39 Expenses, salaries,and commis sions 45,489 00 Reinsurance, return premiums, and agency charges.. 27,474 68 #177,128 61 Balanoe remaining with the Company..f2&,<67 (ft The Assets of the Company are as follows: Philadelphia city and county bonds 816,848 18 Railroad bonds 11.000 (10 First mortgages, real estate 143.500 no Stocks, collaterals, on oall 32,400 no Girard and consolidation bank stock........ 6,U5 00 Deposited with Dunoan, Sherman A Co., New York 00 Deterred pn> rnent on stock not yet due 97,700 00 Notes for marine premiums Kw.ono 58 Due from agents, secured by bonds..., 35,376 18 Premiums on policies recently issued, and debts due the company 36,470 38 B&lance in bank ............... 16,456 74 S533,n?7 07 The business of this Company will oompare favor ably with the most successful similar institutions in the United States. F rom the Is! day of August. 1855, in fifteen months, up to the 1st day of November, 1856, the premiums and interest received amounted to the large sum of four hundred thousand one hundred and eighty-five dollars and sixty-eight cents, with the payment of losses and expense* of one hundred and seventy - seven thousand one hundred and twenty-eight dol lars and sixty-one centa. With these evidences of suocess and good man agement, the Directors feel justified 111 soliciting a share of pubiio patronage, Itelieving that the security offered is ample, and that all fair dawns will l>e ad justed more according to equity than legal technical ities. The Company is prepared to issue policies against loss or damage by fire on D WELLINGS, FURNITURE. MILLS, MAN UFACTORIES, WAREHOUSES, All descriptions of Bl'l LDI N'iSond their contents; or all kinds of MERCHANDISE, transported by Vk*?ei.<?.Steamboats, Canal Boats. Railroads. and the usual conveyances to or from any portion of EUROPE AND AMERICA, and on the hulls of STEAMBOATS navigating the Western Waters. The rates of premium will be as low as other com panies, and in fixing them every improvement in construction and arrangement will be taken into con sideration. All losses speedily adjusted and promptly paid. Office, northwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and 17th street, Washington City, D. C. Insurance may also be effected at the Home Office, northwest corner Walnut and Second streets, Philadelphia, And in other principal cities of the United States br authorized officers of the Company. ap 3 |? AN KING HOUSE OF CHUBB BROTHERS. Deposits.?Deposits received and Checks paid wifhout charee. Drafts on the uorthorn seaboard cities received on Deposit at par,and Excliange on said Cities furnished to depositors without charge. Interest on Deposits.?Interest will be allowed on Deposits at suoh rates as may be agreed upon. Deposits in Virginia and Ihcttrrent Monet. Deposits in Virginia and other Uncurrent Money re ceived to be checked for, payable in same funds, or in specio, we charging the regular Exchange. Discounts.?Notes, Drafts, and Bills of Exchange will be discounted, and I .oans made on Stocks, Bonds, and Securities, at the market rate. Letters of Credit.?Letters of Credit will be fyrmshed, negotiable in the different Cities of the United States, on Deposit of Money or Collaterals, and interest allowed if Monev is deposited, and chargcd if Collaterals.onsuoh terms as may be agreed upon. Traveling Bills or Exchange.?Travelers will be furnished with drafts in such sums as may be de sired negotiable in the different Cities of the Union. Bills and Letters or Chrdit on England, Ire land ano ErxnpR.?Bills of EXohange and Letters of Credit 011 England, Ireland ami Europo,furnished at the iTiarkot rate for Exchange, in bums to suit. IJontw, Stocks. An.?Bonds, Stocks, and Securi ties paving fr?>m 6 to 12 pr. cent., always for sale, or bougnt in the different Cities at a oommfesion of a V pr. cent. Where Stocks are bought upon orders, we reserve the rinht to call for a deposit of 10 pr. cent on the oost. Bonds or Stocks will be ordered by tele graph. Railroad, Citt, and Statk Bonds.?Railroad, City, and State Bonds can be placed ijj onr hands for negotiation, either in this country or Europe. Rail rotul Iron purchased for cash or with Bonds. Land Warr ants.?! Jind Warrants fought at the market rates. All Warrants sold by ns are guaran tied in evory respect. Ijand Warrants located on oommiasion. .and Warrant quotations regularly furnished if re quested . Warrants will lie forwarded to Western Houses on orders, or sent lor sale on oomraission to responsible parties. Real E*tatx and Inscxancxs.? Real Estate bought and sold, and Insurances effected. Claims on !>nited Statks, Court or Claims, Congress.?Claims on the United States, before the Court of Claims or Congress, intrusted to us, will be prosecuted by prompt and nhle attorneys. CHUBB BROTHERS, jan 77 Opposite the Treasury. PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, near corner of 13th Street. B. H. 8T1NEMETZ having made arrangements with a Company of Hatters to be fur nished with the most popular sty les of MOLESKIN AMD BEAVER HATS, will hereafter make a dis oount of 12X per cent upon the actual market price, making thellat sold for SI (and not unfrequently for $5>for< e low prioe of fS.50. a slieht varia tion in quality $5. and for $2.50 a su perior quality for the monev. To make this system effeotnal, he will keep no hooks, but sell exclusive ly for Cash on Drlivrrt, whioh cannot fail being advantageons to the purchaser, thereby enabling him to buy for cash and sell at a small profit, meeting with no losses by bad debts. New Styles FELT llAT?, CAPS, and STRAW GOODS, for Men, Boys, Misses and Infants' wear. Persona are invited to call and examine our stock. Call at ?36 Pennsylvania Avenue, near corner of 1 Sth Street. apll-tf 1YTOTICE.?-C. R. L. CROWN k CO. are re H oeiving daily some of the finest FURNI-#7\ % Tl RE ever offered in this market, which we invite the attention of those in want, as we M?nrc them they can save at least 10 per cent. Handsome carved marble-top Bureaus and Tables Rosewood and walnut Tete-a-Tetes, Sofas Wardrobes, Chairs of all kinds. Cherry and poplar Tables., hair, oorn-top. and hnak; Comforts. Blankets, Bedsteads, high and low-post. nocking Chairs, oane and wood-seats. Cushions for Chain,Settees. Clooks of all kinds. Extension Tables, Sideboards, What-not. Glasasa of all kinds, some extra fine Carpets. Cottage Sets, Rues, Waiters. Glassw are. Crockery Ware of all kinds. Fancy Goods of all kinds. And other Goods too numerous to mention to which we invite the attention of housekeepers and others, as we are determined to sell for eash or to punctual customers. C. R. L. CROWN A CO., do ... . oor. of 6th street and Penn. are. S-~e shall still oontinue our regular sales on , Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday,both morningand evening, in front of our store. Consignments soli cited, and lu all cases advances made when required. _ m C. R. L. C. A CtJ.. V. _ (Intel) Auctioneers. WALL A STEPHENS, Wholesale Dealers and Jobbers jn cj^T??jCA8SIMERE8,AND VESTING8 PRIVATE medical treatise PUJSIOLOelCAL^lEW Of MARRIAGE, By M. B. La CROIX. M. D., Albaar. N. Y. am pages and 139 ioe TMtua Md Colored Lithographs ICTPR ICE ^nC?5m3ENT8.V3| f?T Sint/rtt *f route la rn.ll p+rtt %f the Unto*, Dr. If. B. La Croui*? Phjaiolofiaal Viaw of Mar ace. A new and rented edition of 2? pafcs and Jala one*?their obvintiuo and ramoval nuty, its causae anil oure, by a prooaaa ai onoe so annple, aafo, ?nd effeotual, that failure u imixmiWe ?rales ror daily management?an eeeay on Sperma torrhea, withi practical obeeivationa oa a aerar and more aaoeeaaftil mode of treatment?preeaatioaarj hints on theeril reeuita from empiric*, praotice: to whioh la added oonnnantariee oa the dieeaeea of fe ?alea?from infimcy to oid age?each oaaa graphioaJ ly illustrated by beautiful plates. It'points out tha remedies for those seif-innioted miseries and disap pointed hopes so unfortunately prevalent la tha young. ft is a truthful adriser to the married, and those contemplating marriage. Ita perusal la jputio ularly reoomm ended to persona entertaining secret doubts of their ph) eioal oondition. and who are con scious of having haaarded the health, happiness and privileges to whioh every human baing is entitled to. Prioe ?5 oeots per copy, or five copies for ?I. mail New York, enclosing 25 oents. X. B. Those who prefer may CROIX.upon any of the dieei may consult Doctor (LA _ ^ diseases upon which hia book treats, either peraoaally or by mail. Hia medi cines often our* in the short spaoe of six days, and Sipletely and entirely eradicate all traoae of thoaa orders whioh oopaiva and ewbabe have ao U>ng n thought an antidote, to the rua of the health or the patient. His "French Seoret" is tha great con tiaental remedy for that olass of disorders whioh aa iortunatelv, physicians treat with mercury, to th? irretrievable aestniotion to thf patient's eonstita tion. and whioh all tha sarsapanlla in the world eaa oa No. 31 Maiden Lane, Albany, N. Y. THE GREATEST ~ MEDICAL piSCOTBRY OP THE AGE. Mr. Krxksdy. of Roxbury, baa disoorered in one of our common pastnre woods a remedy that euraa ?vsai gisn or BtMot, from ?Mri( Rero/uln dotrn to a remwM Pimple. He has tried it in over eleven hnndred oaaes. and never failed except in two oases, both Thunder Hu mor, He has now in his possession over one hundred certificates of its value, all within twenty milea of Boston. .Two bottles are warranted to core a nursing Sore Mouth. One to three bottles will cure the worst kind of Pimples on the Face. * Twoor three bottles will eloar the system of fli1*e. Two bottles are warranted to cure tt>e worst Canker in the Month and Stomaoh. Three to five bottles are warranted to cmrs tha Worst kind of Erysipelas. One or two bottles are warranted to cure all Ha moj- in the Eyes. ..Two Ixittlcs are warranted to oure Running of tha Ears and Blotches among the Hair. Four to six bottles are warranted to oar* oorrupt and running Ulcers. One bottle will cure Scaly Eruptions of tha Skin. Twoor three bottles ara warranted to cure the worst kind of Ringworm. Twoor three bottles are warranted to oure tha most most desperate case of Rheumatism. Thres to four bottles ara warranted to cure Salt rheum. Five to eight bottles will oure the worat oaaa of Sorofu 1ft, A benefit is always experienced from the first bot tle, and a perfect cure is warranted when the above quantity is taken. Nothing looks so improbable to thoee who have in vain tried all the wonderful medicines of tha day. aa that a common weed growing on the pastures, and along old stone walls, should cure ever* humorinthe system ; yet it is a fixed fact. If you nave a humor, it has to start. There are no IFS nor AN'DS, hums nor ha's about it suiting some cases, butlnot jou/-a. I peddled over a thousand bottles of it in tbe vicinity of Boston. I know the effects of it in every oaaa. It has already done some of the greatest cures ever done in .Massachusetts. I gave it to children a year oid,jo cud people of sixty. I have seen poor, puny, wormy-looking children, whose tlesh wns sort ami flabby, restored to a perfect state of health by one l ottle. To those who are suhieot to a sick headache, one bottle will always oure it. It gives great relief in oatarrh and dianness. Some who have taken it had !>een costive for years, and have been regulated by it. Where the body 1a aound it worse quite easy, but whore there is an) derangement of the funotiona of will oanae very singular fee.ings, but veu must not be alarmed; they always disappear in from four days to a week. There is never a Lad re sult from it; on the contrary, when that feeling is gone, yon will feel yourself like a new person. I heard somo of the most extravagant encomiums of it that ever man listened to. In inv owu practice I always kept it striotly for hu mors?but sinoe its introduction as a general family m??diciiief great and wonderful virtuea have been found in it that I never suspected. Several casesof epileptic fits?a disease which waa always considered incurable, have been cured by a few bottles. O, what a meroy if it will prove effec tual in all cases of that awful malady?there ara but few who have aeon rnoca of it than I have. 1 know of several cases of Dropsy, all of them aged | people oured by it. For the various diseases of the Liver, Sick Ifeadacho. Dyspasia, Asttuna. Fever and Ague, Pi,in in the Side, Diseases of the Spine, and particularly in Diseases of the Kidnevs, Ac., tha diMoovery has done more good than any medicine ev^r known. No change of diet ever necessary?eat tha baat you oau get and enough of it. Directions for Use.?Adulta one table-spoonful Pfr,d*y?children ovar ten years dessert-spoonfuJ? children from five to eight years, tea-spoonful. As re directions aan be applioabla to all constitutions, take sufficient to operate on the bowels twice o day. _ MASr/ACTCKKD BY ? DONALD KENNEDY. No. 130 Warren Street. Roxbury, Mattaekuttttt. Agents for Washington.?Chas. Stott A Co., Z. Oilman, KidwelI & Lawrence. J. B. Gardner, Barry A Co., b. Walsh A Co., F. S. Walsh, J. P. Stone. Martin King. Nairn A Palmer, Schwartz A Co.. O Boswell, Daniel B. Clark, J. P. Miiburn. Dunlar Dyson, Ford A Bro. Agents for Georgetown.?R. 8. C;*sell, O M Leotham, J. L. KidwelJ. jnjrS-ly 'po ALL THAT VALUE THEIR SIGHT. ' JOHN TOBIAS. P RACTICAL O P TIC FA V- n wishes to oall nhe attention of all that*^M sufler with defective sight, caused bv age, sick ness. and particularly from glasses inidtlicioaslv se lected, to his superior SPECTACLE.!* and GLASS ES carefully ground by himseif to a true sphenoil accuracy, and brilliant transparency, suited precise ly and beneficially to the wearer, according to the concavity or convexity of the eye. Vary numerous are the ill efleots caused to the preoious organ of sight from the commencement or using glaasea in not being precisely suited, by the use of an Optome ter; and the practioe of many years enables him to measure the focal disease or the eyes, and such glasses are absolutely required will be furnish ed with precision and satidlaction. JOHN TOBIAS acknowledges tha very liberal encouragement alrcadj obtainod, and further solioita the patronage of those who have not yet availed themselves of his aid. Persons that oannot oonveniently call, by sending the glasses in use. and state how many inches they oan read this print with their tpecfruMcs. oan be aup plied with such aa will improve their aight. Innumerable testimonials to be seen; and refcreo oes given to many who have donvea tha greatest ea*? and comfort frosi his glaaees. Circulars to he had gratis, at his office. No. via Seventh street, three doors from Odd Fellows' Hall, up stairs. ?? a Norfolk. September7,16M. ? * : i Spectacles yon made for me suit very well, and seem to have improved my sight more than any other I have lately tried. LITT. W.TAZEWELL. 1 have tried a pair of Sp^tacles obtained from Mr. To?>ias, and hnd them of groet assistance to my sight, and corresponding with his description of tha foeva. I reoommend him aa a skilful optician. HENRY a. WISE. Having been induoed by a friend to visit the eatab Ifsnni^nt of Mr. Tobtfui for f h? purpose of trTinc his tineaes, I wm furnuhM by him with a Mir ?iishtly oolor?v1 hlu?,whicli have afforded me rr.or? relief ant! gratification than any I have ever tried. My ?iKht. original It very e<kk1, waa injured by writ ing and reading at night, frequently to a very late hour; but with the aid of these glasaes I oan study almost as late as erer. and that too without the pain I have previously suffered. JOHN WILSON, _ Lata Commtaaioner Gea'l Land Onoa. Dec. II. 1856. I have used Mr. Tobias's Spectacles for three or four months, and take great pleasure in saving that I am much pleased with them. I have !>?on much benefited I>v them. GEO. P. SCARBt'RGH. May 5th. l&W. I was recommended to Mr. John Totuas aa a ekil ful optician ; and as I have eves of remarkable pecu liarity, 1 was gratified to find that Mr. Tobiaa Beam ed to oomprebend them by inapuctionand aome alight measurement, and he has made rne a pair of Sp^cti July *1 "1&56 *d'"'nlt>'y- A< ^BUTLER. .. . T . . WimmoTos, N.Cm Jan. 17, ia54. .. ?? ?? ToUaa. Dear Sirs I am iiappjr to aay that the Spectacles which I obtained froin you last week are entirely satisfnctory. From an inequality in tha visual range of my eyes, I have heretofore found great difficulty in getting glasaaa of the proper focal distance. It affords me pleasure to stste tha aid of your optometer, this difficulty haa been happi J : t'Mit y1? Classes you furnished me ara deoidediy the beat adapted to my eyaa of any ^hava ?ver yet used. Very raepeotfully, voura, R. B. DRANE. Rector of St. Jamea'a Pariah. Dbfa;tT**?rT or I jtraaioa. May ?, IBM. r rom naturai defect? and the unequal ruge of my ayea, 1 have been oornpell*! to uae glaaaaalor seve ral years. 1 hava tried different opticians without obtaining glasses Mrfaotly fitted to my eyaa. Four months since Mr. Tobias made two pairs especially for me. which I have found to aerve ma perfootly. By the uae of hia optometer ha ia anabledto adapt recommend Mr. Tobi&a to all having ocoaaion to nee glasaes. and bear mj testimony as to his skill as ao optician. "KXRV E. BALDEN *" Aaa t Soo y to atga Land Warran^a. pAI.-jTSA^OILS. l^maeea '/ij| II ? B rv.'s * White Laad. t rench Ziao, Jaraar Zinc, Ochres, Chromea, mshea. caah Variushaa, hajr m^'aabia B -y , , IA N Oft.?Th* IJtg" *. TimTtUrt' Directory JjNITED STATES MAIL LINK." ONLY REGULAR LINE ASP WITHOCT FAtLtRI r?* SVUIT TUM, ?o? CALIFORNIA AND OREGON VIA PANAMA RAILROAD. R*tulat Sailing Days.Stk t 9*ih of *mrk wear*. Caption. Wo many frtwli and impoat tiona of v?r out kinda han hacg l?tc! nuni 01 vsr.oua iiiw? nave hmkwij< ??rH>XidMiU*r*lKn bound loCALI 1 FORMA, that the Bubecnber. the only authnm^j Agent lor ftuift to tk* I . Mail Line. r? P?rn. ?a. in the city of New >ortt, f*?ia it his Cat* u> caution all persona aeeking paaaage to California, that, to aw# iwroainoR. they muat i>e careful to Jnd the trueotfiee of the Steamships of the L. v. I ail Line, via Panama Railroad. ea no other oAm in New Vurk la authorised to engage paaaage. The Caapanies have only one office in New York, which 1a at 177 West atreet, corner of Warren street, fronting on the North River, at the head of the Coap pan?'a Wharf inr Obeerve my aign over the door. 1W I. W. RAYMOND. Agent. Je \%- NewYwtfc. %yAS?HINtiTON BRANCH RAILROAD. TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS From WASHINGTON at ? a. m., connecting At RelAy with tnune for the Wat. and at Baltimore with thoee for Philadelphia aad New Yark;at LD a. m.. for Annapolia, Baltimore. Philadelphia. and New York ; at 3 s. m. for Baltimore aad Norfolk, and at Relar with Frederick train. fcX PRESS at 0> p.m. at Rejaj for the Watt, and for Annapolis. Baltimore. Philadelphia. aad New Yort. P ronTTrtVLTI M( '"ft l! *f< * A^i 11N O TO N at 4.15 and 9.15 a. ra.. 3 and 5.15 P. m. ?* ^ *? T "VWiXWAYjHffMKai RRS. 8 The 5kt?? comrfttmt thit .tut arc ne ATLANTIC Olivar F.ldndge. he BA I.TIC; Caft. Joeeph CometocV. he ADRIATIC Capt. J atom Waal. Tkeae a hi pa having been built by contract expreeai* for the Government aerviee.every en re ha a been t?k? a in their eonatraction. aa alao in their earinee, to m anre atrength and speed.and thetr acoo?nnto?lAti<>as fof| passengers are uneqnailed for eiecaace and ooa t'riee of pease?e from New Y?rk ta Liverpool, n? firat aabin,4l9); in eeooiid do., #75; exdo?venacof extra aiae atate rooma, #?5. From Liverpool to New York, 3h and jn guineas. Aa experienced Sur geon attached to each eh i p. No bertha can he a*oared until paid for. The ahipa of thia liae hava improved water tight bulk-heads. PROPOSED DATES OF SAILING. FROM XKW TORK. FRO* 1.ITFRPOOL. Saturdar, J line i"... .la*7 Wednceday, June m iiwt Saturday, July 4 1M7 Wedneaday, July ? 1*57 Saturday, July II la*? Wednesday, July 9? IIW7 Saturday, Aug. I.... XHSil Wednesday, Aug. 5 lk,?7 i^aiurda). Aug. 15 1*5?, Wcrineeda) , Aug. M.M.V7 taturday, }*ept. li... lfcV7 > Wednesday , Sept. S 18.^7 (Saturday, Sept. 36. . IW Wednesday, Sept.** t*S7 Saturday, Oct N ... I"J7 Wedneaday. Oet. 14 l*ff7 Saturday. Oct. 2*.... IW Wedneaday, C?et.? >M7 Saturdav, Nov. 7 1H57 Wedneailay. Nov. II 1*57 Saturday, Nov. 21 U:S7 Wednesd?y, Nov. 25 1BS7 Saturday, Dcc.5 185? Wedneaday . l>ea. 9 1*T7 i Wedaeaday, Dee. S3 1B9T &. ?. WftU strMt. New York. BROWN, SHIPLEY A CO.. Ijrarpool. STEPHEN KENNARD A CO., Tr. Aartin Fnara, London. B. G. WAINWRIGHT A CO., Pan*. The ownera of theae ahipa will not be aceoantah.a for gold, silver, bullion, apeoie, jewairy. precioaa atone* or matala. anleaa Ulia of tading art aigned therefor and the value thereof ezpretaed therein. je 15 WASHINGTON ^D A I^AN^R^A w w V# iw M e Ep ?% " " ?w ? Ohajtok or Hot??.-The S"amera GHORUB WASHINGTON or TH<>MA? ^ COLLY ER will depart at the fu!k>w-^^^2^w^ ins houra, on and after 3d MAy next: Leave Alexandria, at 7, 8)*, H'A?, IS, 2H, 4\, and 6*f o'olock. Leave Washington,at 7\.?H, 111*. 1. SH. 5H, and 7. The public may confidently rely on the Boat start ing at the tune advertiaed. One of the Boata will maire a trip to MOUNT VERNON on TrsaDAY and Fbipat of each week, leaving Washinctan at 9o'olock s. in. JOB CORSON, { GEO. T. HOWARD, < Either Boat maj be chartered for Excaruona at any time, on application to JOSEPH BRYAN, President o( the Company, at hia <>ftoe, 3S Penn. avenue, or to the Captaina on Imard. ap Suf STEAMER GEORGE PAGjE JT*Z HOURS OF bFPARTURF.^f* l<ea ve Alexandria at 4M, 7j<, S, I2H. s. Leavei Washington UK, 1JW. 4,5X.7. ap 20-d ELLIS L. PRICE. Captain. Daily line for edwards* ferry AND LELMBI RG, \a? via Chesapeake ai.d Ohio Caoal.?The Packet Boata AH g, .? a GO and M. C. MEIGS, willo?>mmenf making dail# tnpa to the above pointe.^^3^**" on Monday. .March 23, leaving the wWrf of W. H. and H. G. Hitter, Georgetown, p. C. every mornins at 7 o'oiock, Sundaya excepted; through in eight houra; ieavins Georgetown atiaeven o'olock in the morning, the Boata will arrive at the Great Uaahington Aqueduct, at 10 a. m., Seneca at 12m., Edwnrda' Ferry at S p. m., where a atage will be is readineaa to couvev paaaenrera to l^eeehurg, Va. Returning, leave Edwnrda' Ferry every daj at nine o clock in the morning, and arriving in Georgetown at anneet. Through Ticketa. #1.75. Intermediate point a as followa: GrestFsllaor Waahinxton Aqueduet, 9* centa: Seneca, 75 oenta; hidwnrda' Ferry, .il.iJ; Leeslwr;. Vircinia, includinc coach, f 1.75. Meals served on the Boata at moderate prices. mar 26 W. H. A H. G. RITTER. QRA.NGEAND ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD. GREAT SO U T H EJt N MAIL LINE waShi B? !A'| gge . uiiuu.>>VII,1,K AND RICH LE and G R EENSBOROl'OH. Leavea Waahinrron at 6 o'clock a. m. " Alexandria at 7H o'olock a. m. - Washington at 7 o'olock p. m. " Alexandrui at 8H o'oiock p. m. Fare from Washington and AiSxandria to Riah nond. $5 5?. tyomnibueeeand Baggase Wagona wiii l?eat the Depot of the Washington Railroad, to convey p?a aengera and liaggage to the Steamer GEO. PAiir.. for Alexandria, a distance of aix milee, allowing ample time for meala. mar 77-tf J AMES A. EVANS. Agent. J^KW ROUTE TO THE SOUTHWEST. MEMPHIS tr CHARLESTON RAILROAD COVPLSTKP?C'?*KBCTIJIO Chnttauoor*. Ten*.; CkorSesiom, S. C.i 5er?? ?aA, (i?.. and a11 tkt Nortktasum nliei, wi'A Mtmrkif, Temm. The last eonneetinc link of Railroad between NEW YORK ANDTIIE MISSISSIPPI RIVER. Thia r?wg is nowoompieted and opened for there? ular tranaportation of Passengers and Freight, and will aflord more Expedition and leaa Expense than any other route lietween the Northeast and South west. Passengers and Sluppera will take due notice thereof, and govern themselves socordin^:*. Paasenger Traina leave Stevenson daily at *S o'clock, a. m.,<after the arrival of the traioa frwm Chattanooga and Naahville,)and arrive at Memjphia aamedar at 7 p. m.. connecting with Firat Clasa Steam Packets to New Orleans, and all other imp"r tant pointa upon the Western Rivera.* Go<>da c?n aigned to Railrosd Aceata at Charleston or Savan nan, will be forwarded to Memphia aad other potuta, by Expresa Freight Traina. Freight in charge of the Adama Expreea C? m? pany is carried over thig route daily bv tjie pas?ec ger traina. F. C. ARMS General Superintendent. Hcktbvillb, (Ala.) April let, 1857. * Throach Tioketa to Memphis. Aa., sold %t Wil mington, N. C?: Charleston,?. C.; Augufta. Savan nah, Maoon. Atlanta, and Columbna. Gaj Montgom ery. Ala.; Chattanooga, and Nashville, Tena. To connect with the Weatern Traina on thia road, paaaergera will take the?icAr kraina from WilmtM ton. N. C.; Auguata. G a.; Chattanooga and Naahville. Ienn.; and the dap trains from Charleston and ingsville, S. C~ and Atlanta. Ga. ap7tf E HAVE JUST RECEIVED THE FOL lowing Goods which we are prepared to eel< at a small advanoe of coat for caah : A very large variety of Turner Broa. oelebrated Liquors,via: Turner'a Ginger Wine, an exoellant remedy for Diapepaia Blackl>erry Brandy, a oertain cure for Diarrhea at J Dysentery Claret, Madeira, Sherry, and Sweet Malaga Winea, all of aupenor quality Raaplierry, Strawberry, Ginger, and Cherrt Bran diea. all of fine flavors, prepared from the pare i juioe of the fruit Roae. Cinnamon. Aetna,and Peaperment Cordiaia Curaooa. Abaiuthe. Eaaenoe of Vepperment Extract of Sarsapanlla, Stoughton Bittera Forcat Wine Bittera. We have alao on hand, a aupply of Dr. Whaaler'a Celebrated Sherry Wine Bittera. a apieadid artiole. In addition to the above, we have at all times a large aupply of the following named^tock of Malt Lrjuora, l>eing the only Linuora of the kind in the District, and which aannot mil in giving aatialhotion to all who uae theni: Philadelphia X X. Barton aiel XXX Pale Ale.Philadelphia Brown Stout.XX Por ter. and a hne article of Lager Beer. Aa nanal, a aupply of M.u^ral Water, Cider, ta, on hand. Y ARNY A SHIN^. Je I 97 Green atreet. Georreto 1 vol., tvo. ... v.^. Chitt v on the Law of Carnars,witli Aaaenean N otea. 1 vol. t ?? - W,t41 Aro*rioaa No?ae;nawedl Oloott's AdBMaHv Raporta. for the Southern Dis n ._if10,?of York : I vol. Greenleafg Overruled Cases; revised edition; 1 _ vol. law and Reeity Reports ; 1 r?l. Abbott'. iWioeRaport.: *V(ia. ' Hdhud oa Real Property ; i roeia., new a4iUan. wV?d t?*^ *'h American Notes: I vol. C?{fJj?ATioN