Newspaper of Evening Star, June 24, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 24, 1857 Page 1
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VQL. IX. WASHINGTON, D. C., WEDNESDAY, JUNE 24, 1857. NO. 1,383. THE EVENING STAB M PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERXOOHi {EXCEPT S USD AY,) AT TUB STAR BUILDINGS, Cinur 4/ PtmKSilramta avtmut, and Uli liflU, Br W. D. WALLACH, aiul is s?nr?J to sntwcribers b? owner* at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to ha Ainti; papers aarrad in paekaxee at STS oents par month. To nail subscribers thesubeonption pnoa <? THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENT* a 7ear m ?dvnet, TWO DOLLARS for aix months. and ONE DOLLAR lor three months; for leva than three month* at the rate of 12X oents a Week. fET SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. THE SHAD-OW OF A HAN D. [Froru the Baltimore Stftbefrop* J It is a question that has often been debate'1 whether inan or woman po^esses moot moral courage. I shall not preten?l to enter into a discussion of the matter hero, but simply fo late an incident which came to my knowledge Some years since, proving. I think, inconte-?ti bly. th at some of tne fairer portion of creation are endowed in an eminent degree with this virtue. In the autumn of 1946 circumstances called me to Dicppo To tell the truth. I was by no means sorry to visit this fashionable watering place. The change U a very agreeable one after a long sojourn in Paris. It waa late in the evoning of the 14th of August when I ar rived at the end of iuv journey, I proceeded at once to the Hotel dea bains, (which, by the bye. I can re<*<?ruinend to those of my readers who may happen to visit Dieppe.) and alter a light supper retired to rest. t have always been an early riser. It makes no difference what time I go to bed at night. 1 am sure to get up early in tho morning. I sup pose this is habit more than anything else. However that may be, the morning after my arrival at Dieppe I was up by Oock-crow I looked at my watch, and found it wanted a few minutes to four, I determined I would go and explore the town. When I arrived in the street I wad very much surprised to find it full of poople. I gave the inhabitant* of Dieppe credit for being very in dustrious. beating their Parisian brethren to nothing, in the exercise of the virtue of early rising, and expected to discover upon inquiry, I a practical illustration of the truth or the adage, by finding the citiiens of that prettv, but rather slow town, noted for their health, renowned for the woalth. and courted for their wisdom. I was disturbed froui these reflections by ob serving that the people were all filing in one direction, and they hurried forward as if stim ulated by some extraordinary curiositv. I ad dressed inquiries to some of them, "but they were too breathless, and in too great a hurry to make any reply to me. All they did was to poiut before them and nod their heads. Not being able to obtain any satisfaction from them. 1 determined to follow their foot steps, as I was now convinced there must bo something to be seen. We advanced at a verv quick pace down a handsome street, which f afterwards learned was the chief street in the street in the town, ealled the Grande Rue; the crowd becoming more dense, so as to render it very difficult to proceed >Ve might have gone a mile, perhaps, when the street suddenly opened into a large square ; this square was densely packed with a great mob. Ihe most distracting noise and eoufusion prevailed. Wut I saw something there, raised on a platform at the further end of the square, which engaged my whole attention, and made my blood feci a* if it were turned into ice. It was a guillotine ! Yes. thore was the hideons frame work painted black, which I h id socn once before at the Place du Trone in Paris. At the mouieut I turned my eyes on this instrument of death, a man was engaged oiling the groves, and to en able him to do it more conveniently, the knit'e lowered half way down between tho two posts, and the morning sun made th# blade glitter, rendering it quite distinct to the whole multi tude. Although I had before seen an execution, and w<%a well aware of the painful effect it had upon my mind for mouths afterwards, morbid curi osity impelled me to remain, and see the con clusion of the tragedy. I had not to wait loni. a neighboring bell b?g ui to toil and a cart made its appearance bearing tho criminal He ap peared to take matlters very easily, and when 1 first saw him. be was conversing gaily with the two gendarmes who accompanied him. He was smoking a cigar, and glanced around at the multituie with tho most perfect Jioncha- 1 luHt*. The populanee when they saw him raised a yell of execration; a palpable sneer was the only reply ho deigned to make. Ho ascended the steps leading to the scaffold with an easy gait, and turning sharply round to the mob. stood for a minute or two with his arms folded, and a foot advanced a* if defying them He glanced at them a look of unuttera ble scorn, and muttered between his teeth the word " Canaille-" ? It was during this minute or two that I had j time to make a note of his appearance. He seemed to be about thirty-five yean trf age He was tall and powerfully built, but his fea tures were the very epitome of villanv. His eyes were dark and large, surmounted by bushy eyebrow*. He wore a long moustache wWob extended far beyond his cheeks. Every bad passion seemed to be expressed in his face; in fact is countenance might be called perfectly devilish. An involuntary shudder ran through me as I gased upon it. He resTguod himself into the hand* of the ex ecutioner. aud in a few minutes all was over Whon the time came for tho knife t? descend. I had not the courage to look, but turned my , head away, and it was only by a shout from the mob that I knew the tragedy was finished. I inquired of a spectator near me, the name of the criminal and the crime for which he bad suffered The man started at mc with astonishment, saying. '? \\ hy, it's Jacques Roynauld The name struck me as being somewhat familiar, and I endeavored to remember where I had heard it before. I suddenly recollected the Paris newspapers some months back had l>een filled with the hi.-tory of several awful murders committed in Dieppe, and this inan s name was in some way connected with them, but in what manner I could not remember. However my curiosity was uow thoroughly ex cited. I immediately made the rnewt miuute en quiries into the matter, and before I left Dieppe had learned the following particular In the Hue des Artnes, about four months previous to the time I write, lived a worthy haberdasher of the name of Maurice. His fam ily consisted of himself, his wife, one child, and a servant. They were quiet, respectable peo Ele and very much respected by all their neigh* )ri. U Maurice did^a good business and frequent ly had a considerable sum of money in his house He had an extraordinary run of custom one Saturday, and when the labors of the d*y were over he felt v?*ry much fatigued. He shut up bis shop and proceeded toe small room, where his wife and servant were laying the cloth for supper. " My dear," said his wife, as s??>n as he en teral tho room. '? I should v?ry much like some oysters for supper to-night '* " 1 am afraid it is too late," replied the hus band biokiug at his wat h. It was a quarter past eleven " Uh no. J ustinn says there is a shop open round the corner.' " If that bo the ca3e let Justine get some at once for I am as hungry use hunter." Thereupon Justine put on her bonnet and ?hjwl. and went for the oysters; lejvutg the d,ur ajar, that she might not disturb her mas ter or mistress when *he returned Now a so happened that the place where eho expected to be ablo to obtain the oysters was cl<*ed but not wishing to disappoint her em ployers sht? determined she would go and seek them elsewhere In pursuanoe of this object, she entered tho liraaie Rue, but had to walk a considerable distauce before she could obtaiu what she sought She hurried home aglin, aud noticed when she arrived at the door 01 her ma?ter s bouse that the chimes of a neighbor ing church struck a quarter to twelve She had, therefore, beon absent just three quarters of au hour She was surprised to find the door shut, but supposing that the wind had blown it to, she raised the latch. The door was fastentl on the inside. She thought this rather strange, but thm again she reflected that it was doubtless only a necessary precaution on the part of her muter She rang the bell, and was very much V teemed when, after waiting a few minutes. no reply w? made. <? They have gone to bed " she .aid to herself, and feft rathefanVry with her out. Sb7again ?rtfll no^iw violently ^an before and ranr 1 mo. j now became alarmed, fears w?n t?g ~n<> answer ! Iler thiM tfaoroughJy ftr?u8e?l- and she related the ? ^ta" TK0** to801,10 P?r8on* passing aloni r"trcot' Th? presenco of two or three ren it tnT T V?"?*?* they proceeded at ???? to broak in the door. Jrfff inLto wh^h the door opened was P* y dark, but one of the gendarmes stum LSIev-ion,??".n?' ftnd PQtting ??t his hand thill - ^ camo id contact with some thing wet on the ground. A light was iinmc ed^iuJt ' Snd * borrib,? 8i?ht presont nf\Kf"g aCr^? tl?? PaMaS? WftS the dead body eL tnTrUrTlflU?0e' With hU thr,,Rt from In X^ft.i r WJlJ" ?n blood in the httle room was the dead body of hi 7hiei:f.^-*?V?,?thVam?^hA3t,Jr wou,,J- Even ' #L ?k ?, in ,he cr&3le had not escaped, ror the merciless awasiin had taken its life by the same horrible intom The house was ran sacked from top to bottom, and everything of value stolen. a I shall not attempt todepict the horror of the persons who witnessed this shocking sight; it ??"? ? Vn I ea*i,y imafc'ino'l ?linn described, and to tell the truth I dont like dealing in the Horn Me; it is pandering to a morbid taste. and u I have transgressed iny usual mode of narra tion in this sketch, my only excuse is?it is The most strenuous efforts were made to de Vm* u10 ulun'eror? but without any success. All that could bo learned was. that a man had beon seen to look intently in the shop windows about the time M. Maurice was counting out his day's receipts. The whole town of Dieppe waj horrified, and when night came many a heart trembled. After a few da\s tho foiling of fear began to decrease, when they were again awakened in a ten-fold manner by another shocking murder. About ton days after the catastrophe in the Hue des Arm69, poqib belated pedestrian!* were making the best of their way homo about 2 o clock in the morning They were walkin" vory rapidly down tho Rue Grenard, when they were astonished by seeing a man on the roof of the house. with nothing on but his shirt, crying out with all his strength ' murder"' "?T?r.def;" "murder:" He held a young child in his arms. They immediately called to him. but all thev could gather irom him was that murder was being committed in the hou.?o. They directly made for the door, and found it fastenM on the tKstae. Thev burst the door open with a few rigorous kicks and penetrated into the house. They rushed up stairs, and on the first landing they tound the body of a man with his throat cut. He was dead. They entered a bed-room? hanging half out of bed was tho body of a wo man. mutilated in the same horrible manner, and stone dead. But they had not vet discov ered all the horrors of that house of blood. In ! the kitchen was discovered the inanimate form of the servant girl, who had been killed by the I same means. The assassin was evidently the same who committed the murder in tho Hue dos Amies. The wounds inflicted were exactly of the same character, and it wus evident the same instrument had been used. The young man seen on the roof of the house was named 1'ierre Dulon; ho deposed before the rrocurcur du Roi. the next morning, as fol low* : ? My name is Pierre Dulon ; I am twenty-two years of age. and a watch-maker by trade' For the last two years I have been living as assist ant with the late Mousiuer Mouton. He re sided in Rue Grenard. His family consisted of himself, wife, child and servant girl. On the night of the 21st of April. 1S46, we all of us re tired to bed early. I was accustomed to sleep in one of the attics. In the room next to mine the servant girl and child slept. About half past 1 o clock in the morning I awoke. I felt thirsty and rose to got some water?my pitcher was empty. I went down stairs to fill it. I hatl nearly reached the first landing, when I saw a man stealthily ascending the stairs. 1 am a very nervous man. and tho recent murder had preyed very much on my mind. I had been liv ing in continual dread ever since. The sight of this man completely paralysed me; and I stood looking, not able to move hand or foot. He had nearly reached master's d<?or, when M. Mouton opened the door and came out on the landing. The assassin immediately rushwd upon him, and putting his hand over my mas ter s mouth, prevented him from from calling out. I noticed but one thing, that the mur I derer had only three fingers on his left hand. I could see more, but rau up stairs again, and hurried into the servant s room : the child was lying on the bod asleep, but the sorvant girl was not in the room. I took up tho child in my arms and got out on the roof. This is all I know about the matter." The excitement in Dieppe was now raised to the highest pitch No trace of tho assassin could bo discovered. It was evident that these murders were the work of one man?and that he must have been concealed in the houses be fore they wore closed for the night. Govern ment offered a large reward for the discovery of the murderer, and the vigilancc of the police was thoroughly aroused. There lived on the outskirts of Dioppo a widow lady ot the name of Reaumaurice. She had no family ; but, with one servant girl, lived in a very retired manner. Tho cottage in which she resided was situated about half a mile from the city?a little off from the public road. 1 Madame Reaumaurice had been tho wife of an old officer of the Guards. Jibe was an extraor dinary woman in every particular; but espe cially so in respect to a certain coolnoss of character she possessed, in the midst of danger, ?which, together with a large amount of moral courage made her a very notable person. The receut murders bad, perhaps, made less im pression on hor mind than upon anyone else in Dieppe ?although it was naturally supposed the retired situation in which she lived would have caused her to be more fearful. About ten o'clock on the night of the 30th or Apfll, just ten days alter the murders in tho Rue Grenard. Mad.tine Reaumaurice went up to her bed-room. .She was sutiering from a nervous headache. Sho felt very sleepy, und seated herself in a large arm-chair previous to undressing herself, 'ihe lamp was placed on a ch?at of drawers behind her. Opposite to hi r was a toilet-table, with a cloth on it roachinc tw we ground. She had already commenc* d taking ?fl her oluthes. when hapj>ening to look around her. ahe saw something which for a in. - ment chillcd her blood It was the shadow of a man s hand on tho floor. The hand had ihi/u thru finger*y She divined the truth in a momont?tho ?MMNa wa* there, in her house?under that toilet-table. She made not tho least motion or sign, but reflected two or throe minutes as to the best Muurse to be pursued. She made up hor mind what to do, and ad vancing to tho door, called her servant maid " Oh Mary ! exclaimed she. when the girl entered the room " Do you know where Mon sieur Bernard lives ?" " \ei. Madame. " I have U> puy 5.000 francs away very early in the morning. The fact slipped my memory till just now. lou will have to run to bis house aud get the uionej for me." " Very well, Madame ' ' I will write vuu a note which you will dc liver to him. and ho will give ,ou bank bllIa to the amouut" She wroto as follows : " My ZW Monsieur Bernard: The assas sin of the Rue des Armcs and the Rue Grenard l.? now in my hou9e. Come imuiedlately with some geudarms and take him before ho escapes '? Hklk.ik Bealmacrh k/' And without eutering iuto any explanation with her sen ant, she dispatched her on the errand. She then quietly re-seated herself aud waited. Yes, she eat in the room with that man under the table for a whole hour. She eat there calm, cool, and collected. She saw tho shadow of the hand shift about several times; but the mur derer did not attempt to oscape from his place of ooncealment. In due time tho gendarmes arrived, and Jacques ReynauUl was arrested?not. however, without a violent struggle. I need scarcely add that the most convincjn^ Eroof as to his guilt was found, and in due tife> o was guillotined as 1 have shown in tho foria^ part of this sketch. ?' 1 FOE RENT AITS SALE. 1 OFFER viclr," \ i anil a depot This Farm r tins section 1 . M? _ .... the lialanoe open land in fine oidcr. On it in n large and valuable young Orchard now just coming into bearing, comprising all the most desirable varieties of Applet*. Pears, Plums, Peaches, Apricots, iNeeta rities. Grapes, Ac., fte., suited to our climate, a Spring of never failing pare wwt??r near the dwelling, Out-houses, ftc. The Dwelling is plain, hut amply sufficient to accommodate a small family. The situation for health and beauty is second to none in this region. An extensive range of mountain scenery, the lx>autiful Village of Cuipeper, with in a low minutes walk; "flier facilities for attend ing Church, and as fine S<ih?Hdi? as our State af fords, while the Orange and Alexandria R. 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INGRAM, jejhii-lm ALKX ANDER IIAKK.R. RUPP'S HOTEI.. The undersigned would respectfully inform the public that he has made various improvements

to his well-known establishment, nnd that he |>W?! prepared to receive and entertain hid custoiners*-^* in the most superb manner. His House is conducted on tho European s'yle; the reoms airy, and the striafest attention pail to the want* of hid guests. K '?rnisl'<*d with the beat or LIQUORS CUtAKS, Ac. The great desideratum, quietness, coolness, I in the rarden attached.) insures for all a pleasant re sort. Obliging assistants are always at hand, and all demands will be promptly attended ?o. je W-2w No. 431 Pa. av.. bet. 3d aid^ sis. 'lMIE MOUNTAIN HOl.SE, vv ii i CAf?'X SPX'Xbs, VTRGISTA, "J U?.?Wd 'or tl,a reception of Visitors.. 011.M O N D A \ , Sd J ii no. i Through tickets can l>eobtained at Baltimore,' \\ aahiiiKtou, Kiehmond and Alexandria. Passengersleaving Baltimore in the mrly morn ing tram, via Alexandria and Manassas Gap Railroad to Strasburg, reach the Spring* from 5 to C o'clock same evening; and those from Baltimore nnd the \\ est via Harper's Ferry and Winchester from 8 to 9?'n- J. N. Bt'i'K. ^ Proprietor. ]VAVV BEEF AND PORK FOR 18&i. Navy Ditpat.tmfnt, Bureau of Provisions uh<1 Clothing. ? June 2, 1K57. Sealed proposals, e?.<lorsed " Proposals for Beef," ana " 1 ropos&j* lor Pork," as the case may be, will fio received at this oiliue until nine o'clock, a. m? en W edncsuuy, the IStli day?of July next, for furnishitig and delivering, fiee ol all cost and risk to the Tinted Elates, ai tho loilowiug Navy Yards : ,. , . ? Barrels l?eef. Barrels pork. At Charlcstown, Mass 2..><i 2 Km At Brooklyn, N. V 43*) 3,u*i At Oosport, \a 2,<mn 9,'xiO C^?) Ono half of Rnid Beef and Pork must be delivered at each o| the above-named Yards, respectively, bv It of April, 1U64: and tlie remaining half !>v tholsf day of June. unless earlier deliveries should l>e required by the Chief ol this Bureau. ? ?y?oeiit to bo made within thirty da) s after dchv cry ? Bidders must specify their prices separately and nistiootly in separate olfers for the Beef (.nd for the ? ork, and lor wich ot the of linlivery. cover '"'r,. expenses and all charges. The Beef must Imj from well-fattened cattle, aughtered between the 1st day of November, I<r<7. nd the 1st da* of January. 18.V1. nnd weithing rot ess than six hundred pounds, net weight, each. The leu* and leg rands ol tlie hind quarters,and iiic sinus and shoulder-clods, the shoulders of mutton and ends ol sticking pieces, and at least eight pounds "A. H'J nf,c? e"d ol each fore quarter, or the parts marked j\os. I. 2,3. 4, and *>, on the drawing or delin eation of the fore and hind quarters of an ox. which u iii l>n attached to and lorm a part of the contract, must t.e wholly excluded from each l?rrel, and the remainder of the rarrnss, ins:, ad of b'ing cut itith a eleaver, must be rut through ?r>ith a saw and lni/r,ltu give the vu at a square, sir at, und smooth appearance, in oi,res of not less than eiKht pounds, nor more than twelve pounds, each. 1 lie pork must l>e packed from corn-led, well lat taueu hos.s, slaughtered between the first day of.No vember, 1X57, and the first day of January. lS5M. niid weighing not less than two hundred pounds each ex cluding the heads.joles. necks, shoulders, hamsJegs, loet. butts, rumps, lard, a>id all refuse pieces ; and must be cut with a saw and knife, m pieces weigh ing not less than six pounds, nor more than twelve pounds, each. Both the beef and pork must bo salted with at least on? statute bushel of Turk's Island. Isle of May. Kev \\ est solar, Onondaga solar, or St. I be's salt ; and the beef must have five ounces of line pulver ized saltpetre to each liarrel. exclusive of a l.e made from fresh water as strong as salt will make it, and must be perfectly bright and clear. Each barrel must contain full2ui pom ds net weight ol beef or pork, and no excess of weight lu either article will be paid for. The Karrels must t?e entirely new, and bo made of the best seasoned heart of white oak staves and headings ; the staves to l>e not le?s than five-eighths of an inch thick, and the headings not less than three fourthsol an inch thick: they must be three-fourths hooped over, including the iron hoops, with the beet white-oak or hickory hoops, and each !>arrei must have on it four iron hoops, viz: one of one and a hall inch in width on paoh ?ilce, and ovkm)( onu m.d ;iii eif hth inch in width on each chirnc, and each to lie of <?!io-sixtiH'iitli an inch thick. Kuch Itfirrel must be of tl.e internal capacity of thirty-two gallons, and th-;'rot. hoops lnll9t woll pllInte,j Wlti, retj it;ad. ?iv?0 ?rfel rnual behraiulof! by hnrninic on itn ?Navv Beef." or "Navy Pork/'as the ease may !?, with the contractor s name and the year when pack ed, and weight: and shall also be branded on the buiig stave with the letter K or P.. as the case may be. 1 he b?el and pork will, unless otherwise directed t?y the chicf ol this bureau, be inspected by the in specting officers at the respective t:avy-)arus afore said,ami by some "sworn inspector of salted provis ions ' who'Will bc*se!cctcd by the respective com manding olhcers : Uut then ehai?esfor such inspec tions must be paid by the respective contractors,who must likewise have the barrels put lti good shipping order, to the satisfaction of the commandants of the respective navy-yards aforesaid, after inspection, and at their own expense. Two or more approved sureties in a sum equal to one-ha.f the estimated amount of the contract wiil >e required, and twenty per centum in addition will l?e withheld from the amount of each payment to be made,as collateral security for the due and taiihfnl performance of the respective contracts, which will on no account be paid until the contracts are com plied with m all respects, and is to be forfeited to the I uited States in the event of failnre to complete the deliveries withui the presented period, fu case of failure ort the part of the contractor to deliver all i>r any of the beef or poik above mentioned,of the qual it> and at the tune and place* above provided, the contractor will forfeit and pay to the united States, as liquidated damages, a sum of money equal to twice the amount of tfie contract price to be paid in case of the actual delivery threof: which liquidated damages may l>e recovered from time to time as they accrue. Payment will tie made by the United States at the periods above spccifie<Uexceptitig the twenty per ooiitiim to f?e withheld until the completion of the contract, as before stated,) after the said l>e.if and pork shall have l>een inspected and received, and lulls for the same shall have l?een presented to the navy agents risp^c lve v, duly approved by the com mandants ol ihe respective navy-yards, according to the terms of the ooniract. The parts of Brt^f to be excluded will be partic ularly detinnahd in the engraving to be attarhed to the rontrart. Persons interested can obtain them on application at this ojfire. Bidders whose proposals are accepted ?and none others) will Ik? lortiiwith notified, and as early hs practicable a contract will be transmitted to them for execution, which contract must be returned to the Bureau within ten days, exclusive of the time icuuircd tor the regular transmission of the mail. A record, or duplicate of the letter informing a bidder of the acceptance of his proposal, will l?e deemed a notification thereof, within the meaning of the act of lH4i, find his bid will be made and accepted in conformity with tins understanding. Every offer made must l?e accompauied (as direct ed in t he fit h section of the act of Congress making appropriations for the Naval service for l84f.-'47.ap proved U th ol August, IU4I.) by a written guarantee, signed by one or more responsible persons, to theel fect that he or they undertake that the bidderor bid ders will, it his or their bid lie accepted, enter into ail obligation within ten days, with good and sulli cient sureties, to furnish the article proposed. rliis guarantee must be accompanied t>y the certi ficate ol the United Stales District Judge, United Slates District Attorney, or Navy Agent, that the guarantors are able to maka food their guarantee. No proposal will be considered unless accoiiipa-iicd by such guarantee. The bidder's name and rcsidenoc, and the name of each momlxir of the firm, where a ooufpany offers with the Christian names written in full, must lie diMiuotly stated. Under the joint resolution of Congress, approved 27th March, isM, " all bids f*?r supplies of provisions clothing and siimll stores for the use of the Navv may Le rejected at the option of the Department, ifr made by one not known asa manufacturer of. or reg ular dea'enn, the article proposed to be furnished, whioh fact, or the reverse, must be distinctly stated in the bid* otlorod." Je s-law<w Dentistry, Ac. Dr. villard, dentist, late of phi caoo, would respectfully inform the cit izens of tho District mid vicinity, that hav ing located himself in Washington, he is now prep*red to perlorm ah operations in hit pro lies sion.iti the most iy>prdved sty le. . ? . . Office, No. 00, Penn. avenue, adjoining Gautier s. jan 2n It rj*HE IMPROVED SETS OF TEKTH. DR. LOOMIS, the inventor and patentee of "Loomi.?' Mineral Plait Ttetk," having. successfully introduced hi* improvement in" various cities, has now permanently estab lished himself iu Washington. This improvement Tor Sets of Teeth oonsists oh ier I* in makii< a set of hut one pieoo of material, and that indestructible mineral. No metal is used in their construction, and tliey are therefore free from galvanic aolion ami metalic taste. There nre no joints to l* tilled with moisture or partiries of food, betioe they are pur* un<l rltnn. They are luhter, stronger, less clumsy, lar more durable, and natural in their appearance. 1 will rive a reward of One Thousand Dollars toany one who will produce a similar work of art to equal mine m purity, l>eauty, tin nihility, artistic exoeljeuoe or any other requisite quality. All work responsibly warranted. 5J76 I'enna. avenue, between 11th and 12th street*. aplVly D" K. C. S. (iOUDMAN, . _ SURGEON DR\TIST, and MAXCFACTCB ER OF ARTlFlelAt. TbKTI!.?t His eomptetn arrangements enabling lum t? [ present the following reesoaabb* prices: Entire Upper Sett Teeth, on Gold . ... to 5?i Do do do on Silver 12 to 2$ One or more, on Gold....- 2 to 5 Do on Silver 1 to 3 Fiiliug, Extracting, Removing Tarter; also. Re pairing at the mine reasonable ratiw. All operations executed in such a manner as to g ive every saiisfac tion. Office corner 8th Htreot and a Tonue. ap 3 J^ENTJSTRV DR. STEPHEN BAILY, Office No. 19s Pennsylvania Avkyue. Three doors from Ur.i Strtct. Da. BAILY begs leave to inform the puhliethat he can l?e seen at all hours,at his office, locate,? a* above. He feels assured that an expertenoeol fifteen veers' practice, with the large iiuinl?er of patient s.aud great variety o| difficult oases that he has treated s,?cce?s fully. will enable lum to suriiiouiit any difficulty, sciontiho or otherwise, relating t<? the 'I'eeth. His own experience confirming tlie opinion of manv men enniient in the profession, and especially Drs. Harris and J. and E. Parody, hns led him. long todis oard all mercurial preparations for tilling Teeth.also all Enamels, Gutta Perciia, India Rubber, and Ce ments for the construction of Continuous Gum Teeth, and that porcelian, mounted on Gold Plate, is the only reliable substance that can lie worn in the was most oonvlnsively shown by the last American Dental Convention. Although lie flatters himself from his long resi dence and practice in Washington, he is favorably known to his numerous friends aud patrons, he begs leave to refer th^m to the following TESTIMONIALS? From the iatc Rector of the Church of Epiphany of this citv. Dr. Stephen Daily: DearSir? I dewiretoexpress my esteem for you personally, and my confidence in yon as a superior dentist. The operation* executed for lite have been hi* lily satisfactory. I hope that v<iu may receive the patronage froin my friends and the public thai your skill so well deseive*. ^ ours very trnlv, Washington, Aug. 2ti, HiM. J. W. FRENCH. From one of the oldest firms in Baltimore, Messrs. Boers, Cot man A Co. Having employed Dr.Stephen Baily. Surgeon Den tist, of Washington city, to execute for me an im portant and difficult piece of work, which he did to my entire satisfaction, and in view of the fact that one of the most distinguished members of the Dental College of Baltimore, failed, after repeated trials, to perform the same work satisfactorily, it gives me great pleasure to express my entire confidence and huh estimation of his professional skill. Baltimore. Jan. 12,1S57. II ARM ANN BOGUS. Extract from a note received from the late Hon. John AL Clayton. U. S. Senate, Aug. 19,1856. The teeth vou made for ine work admirably ; not ft ^W"er- V"7o?xtf.'CLAYTON. To those that seek relief from the maladies of the teeth. 1 can cheerfully reborn mend Dr. S. Rally as a superior Dentist; he' made a set of poroeiian teeth for one of my fimilv. and plugged several teeth for myself. and the work has all stood well for more than ten years. ROBERT T. NIXON, of the Va. Conf. of the M. E. Church South. April 19,1856. We. the undersigned, having had occasion to avaii ourselves of the professional skill of Dr. S. Baily, Surgeon Dentist of this city, or having b?eu cogniz ant of his operations on our families or friends, take pleasure in expressing our admiration of ins artistic skill, as well as of the uniformly satisfactory manner in winch he performs the most delicate and difficult operations in Dental Surgery,and we respectfully re oommend lum to the confidence aud patronage ol the public, ol which we consider hnn eminently worthy. Thomas I". Waltkr. Architect U.S. Capitol. Thomas,M. l>.,of Washington, D.C. B. S. BoHukk, M. D. of Georgetown, D. C. N. S. Lincoln, M. D.. of Vv ashington, D. C. Jo?. if. Bkahlkt. of Washington, D. C. Grokgk Walton. Ex-Governor of Florida. Waltkr Lenox, Ex-Mavorof Washington. Hknry Baldwin, U. S. Patent Office, O. C. Wight, Principal Uittenhouse Academy. feb20 tf J I / i A RETIRED PHYSICIAN whose sands of life have nearly run out, discovered while in the /Enst Indies, a certain cure for Consumption. / Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, and General / De'iility. The remedy was discovered by him I when his only child, a daughter, was given up to ? die. lie had heard much of the wonderiul rest<<r ative and healing iiiialitit>s of preparations made from the East India lieinp,and the thought occurred to him that he might make a remedy for his child.? He studied hard and succeeded hi realizing Ins wish - es. His child was cured, and is now alive and well, lie has since administered the wonderful remedy to thousands of sufferers in all parts of the w<> Id. and he has never failed in making them completely heal th* and happy. Wishing to do as much ^o?mI as j->s sible, he will send to such cd his atllicted fellow-l?e ings as request it. this recipe, with lull and explicit directions for making it up, r.nd successfully using it. lie requires eaoli applicant to enclose him one shilling?three cents to lie returned as postage on the recipe, and the remainder to be applied to the pay ment ol this advertisement. Address Dr. II. JAMES, No. 19 Grand street, Jersey City, N. J. I N. B. Dr. H. James has neither office nor ageig ' in New York as some have pretended and adver / tis'>d. The recipe is sent from no place but N J l'J Grand street, Jersey City, New Jersey. . 1 inav 2fi-3m (Ml IN A, GLASS AND O TEEN SWA RE. j R. H. MILLER. SON >V C(K, Importers direct from Liverpool to Ale?aii- '??n dria. beg ,oave to call the attention of dealers. hotel-keepers, and others of Washington and Georgetown, to their stocks of GOODS*, which, for extent and variety, will compare favoraMy with any establishment 111 the l-?astern cities. The connexion of their senior partner with the manufacturers of Europe and the I nited States for upwards of thirty > ears. i?is given loin advantages in the purchase of goods equal, if not superior, to any house in the trade. An inspection of goods and prices wdl satisfy all parties that purchases can be made of them upon the most favorable terms. French Ciuua Dinner Sets, gilt and deoorated French China Dinner Sets, gold handnnd plain white Freuoh China Vases. Pitchers. Toilet Sets. Ac. French China Tea Sets.Cupsand Saucers, and other articles of Tea ware Anil Dinner Ware, separate from sets [ndiaCliina Dinner Sets,aud separatearticles alwr.yi on hand White Granite Ware in every variety, in sets, and separate from sets, as may be desired Blue Printed or Liverpool Ware, the same Common Edged. White and Rockingham Ware, in lull supplv. Cut, Pressed, Plain,and Moulded Glass Wnrefrom the best establishments in the Eastern a::d Western States, which will be sold by the package or other rise. Experienced packers employed. Goods put np by us can be transported by any iiiodo without breakage. Faro hv the steainl?o;its from Washington to Alex andria, almost hourly, 12^ cents eacn way. A quar ter ol a dollar thus spent may save many dollars deol llEWAll D.? Ranawav from the subscri r?faUl" bcr. living near Upper Marll-orongh, Prince George's oiunty, Aid., on the 29th of April, NEliRO MAN. DAVY GREEN. about 27 years of age, 5 feet, ti inches high?a dark mulatto?has a largo bushy head, withj whiskers round his face, medium size and down look. He may hire h'lnself hi the District, where he has relatives, or make his wa> to some free State, as lie left without any provocation. I will give Two Hundred Dollars, if taken out of tha State? $n?i if tnken in the District, or any other psrt of Maryland, and $Vi if taken in this county. In either case he must U? secured so that I geitnin. je?-tf WILLIAM J. BERRV BALTIMORE CITY MALT HOUSE. MALT FOR 5ALe3?The umlcrsirneij h*rin? recently jiurcluiscrl the CITY MALT H<?t ? r-. ooiner of West Falls avenue and Block street, would announce to his friends and the pubuc, that > has it now in full operation, with a i irge supp Miny 6T3inf "n UU'PFK A M'lS PEWMBAP. ^T()CK IN THK OIA?SjB|vUyN v"AL COMPANY, KANAVV A COL NT i? A. a i . __ _,ii M reoeived at the Banking Subscriptions wr tli(<rij f(>r tllfl rBHMunin? stock Houha of Chub* l?in^ thre? huudroi! vhnrei. Tn. if*1?stock is $li?^0 (dollars.) of which aulMcrihed. The mines are now ' f?r active operations, and 6 per cent, in prepared, r anin,p^ tf,e stock now offered furVa-e. by the original stockholders, for the period ofpTrt.cS??i> regard to the stock, and it.proj^e^s^ will be made known upon application to CHUBB B??5HER8, P. P- DANDR1D0K. Af?n . THE WEEKLY STAR. Thi? azMllMt Fuu% tmd N?*i Jowt-oon ? granf r rtnt() of interwtetreeiue be loud in in) other? la pabiiahed oa 8atarday W* .. - OOfT. Mr MMB tl * ro CLVM. < Fit# eo?m-? ? 5? T? c.fiM t on Trim oopie*.._. .. 15 00 IL^Ca?H. TRTA?l*mtT IW ADVAftC*. a*ut?ar.bia? in c. *ba wsd among Mt| Mm i oat the intervention of a imi, %|*at, a* vtll ba peroeived. twenty per oent. of the Wiult ?t*? will he aaved. It invariably on*' una the - Wuti m<Um News " that Imu mad* the Dsilt >r*k eiroii 1*U ti> lenfnll) throughout th* ?>uniry. ID" Single oopiesun vnuptri ou be proenredat Im counter, immediately after the i****a4 the Paper. Prioe?Thbke Cent*. Post*aste?? who *ot as agent* vtll be flowed a pom mm um ,?f twenty per cent. Piano*, Ac. IN CONSEQUENCE OF THE FATR(?NA?K whiou th? puNio has l?e*tew?d ?m in W J we have been enabled torn.arge our fT! <U Music and Musical Merchandise. B>1 * * ' * arrangements with Mr. Schoenaberger in Pans, and SehotsA Sons in Mayerce, we will ??>11 Foreign M usie to deali rs and profeseors on the moet rraaon able terms. . . Our Catalogue, oomprisin* over hre thousand oriental works, is now competed, and to he Had at tli* Mu?ic IVpoC . Strings. best quality, very cheap in hundlea. Violins, <>uitars. Eieenbraadt's Flute*. Viohneello*. Brass Instruments, etc. Our stock of Rnoon A Karen's and \\ illiam Mil ler's c-dehrated Puino* wiil t# completed acun in a few ?lay s, which wo will sell on the moet reaa<xtaMe terms mid give the beat city referenoe. Music Depot, corner of 111h and Peno.avenue. je 16 TV. G. MF.TZEROTT piAN no forth instruction. Mr. W. U. PALMER continues toad! new man ? Mr. Vj w _ __ r Kariiiui Bookstore, Tuesday, Wednesday, Fri day. and Saturday, I>etweeu2and6 p. m. Terms 85 per quarter. ap 85 tf bers to his classes. Apply to .Mr, 1'aT MKR, at his Room* orer .Mr. PA I. , i to | Faruttajn'4 ? W f adai. Fn-J ? T I ? >MHJA I, Ml Ml .-Mis. FRANKLIN, Teaaher o( M usic. ha vine vacant hours for a few iuoi ? Scholars, request* those Indies who are desirous of being perfected in Italian Singing, or Opera Mus< to favor iier with an early applicaiiou. Terms ma?!?? known at her residence. 4<vs E street. lietween f?h and IKh, and at the Music Stores of Mr. I'mis, and Metzerott. ao6-Siu 'IMIREE BEAUTIFI I. IM A NO* received thi 1 day from Boston. Also, three verv fine-?^ second-baud Piano*. but little used. seTerlte^S?, i octaves.rostfwood oases, will be sold at great'?I *' ? ? our Piano Porta, Mtts.c Wareiooius, beta eeu 0th and !<nh streets. No. J*?. je 4 Ji>HN F. Fl.MS. 1MVO IM.WOS FOR tliT; ONE FOR IN* two for are now for sale at tb'rjati Music Depot of nTTT^ 1 W. G. MKTZEROTT.MTVn Corner of Fenn. avenue and lltk street. Terms easy. mmg 11 THRKK NEW AND HKAI'TIFI'L PIANOS 1 AT CRRAT BABfiAlNS.-Thes. 1'ianoii have l?*eii u?ed but a short time byK^y^Yf carelul persons, we mill wirrant theni,' ? ? ? ? take old Puuios in cxchanr^.&c. Two of them are full aeven octaves, hneiy ftmshed rosewood caM>H, and of exquisite tone and touch,one is only a six oefave. These Piauus. purchasers mar safely rely upon as Ixmii? truly creat her^aius, aiMl they will do well t<? (vUl and see them, at our extensive Piano Ware roouis. No. 3U>, between tfth and loth. je io JOHNJF._ELL.ff*. C'OLD MEDAL PREMIUM I PIAKO FORTES. WILLI AM KNABK, (Senior partner in the late tirm of KMaEK, (iAKHLB k. f?., Continues the manufacture and aal* of prand and square PIANO FORTKS. und?r!he name^_? ?>i William ki.alie Ac Co., at the old stand.kKiy { Nos. I, a, 5 and 7 North Eutaw Street op- ?T? ? ' * positethe Kutaw House, Raltnnore. Tney have aito just opened a new SaJea Room at No -rC Baltimore street, ta-twoen Cliarlea and I.i/ht streets, on the premises part y occupied by Mr Henry NlcCalfery as a music store, where they wi.l ke. p ooiieta:itly on hand a large assortment or plain and hulil) -finished |;rand and square Piano Fortes aUo, Melorfeons. fioui the l>est makers, from 4 to S octave. some with doufil* ke? -bnards, doabie reeds, and stops to *iut small churches. Ben:? extensively encaged in the manufacture of Pisnos. we a.11 aeii wholesale and retail, oath* most liberal terma. Our Piano* w?re awarded the highaat rreminm (Koid ntedaD at the Fairs of the Mary land lost :t?iio two successive years?Oct ober. 1*5&, and 18S&? in op - position to fourteen and eighteen pianos from *otn* id the lest makers from New York, Boston hiul Bal timore. We wi?re also awarded th* first premium at the Industrial Exhibition held in Richmond. \^r sitiia. !?.V5 and 1R5T>. They have also l>?en awarJed the huhest premium (silver medal i at the Metro politan Mechanics' Fair for 1857. In addition to this a e are in poasession of teatimo nials from the most distinguished prof*g*ors aief amateurs in the cuntry, which can be *e*n at our waior.^>ms. speaking for them?e!ve? and others of the huh appreciation in which our instruments ara every where held. All instruments are guaranteed for five year*, and a privilege of exchange is granted withiu the hrst aix mouths from the <j*t of sale if the mstruinantsdo n>< give entire satisfaction. Wholesale dealer* wd! find it to their advantage to give us a call before purchasing. Pianos exchanged, hired, and tuned. mar 16-1t WM. KNABK k CO. ICE. J. M1DDLETON, -i. ICE DEALER, Otfieeand Depot?Southwest orner of F and l?th Streets. Wa?liington. ap If tf ICF.! ICK!! ICE!!!?The undersimed rest??otftii iy inform his friends ami the public generally, that he is now prepared to furuuh :*miiies and ulnars) through the season I with the t>est qualiti of ICE, delivered in any part of Washington and George town, and guarantee* to give entire satisfaction. Orders to be left with Kidwklx k. Lirikvi: corner ltth street and Pennayivama avanue; Geo. F. KirwKLl. ic Co., 14th street; J. B. Moo*a. Drug gist, Pcuna. avenue. I>etw(?en 19th and a*th streets . GeorgeS'KTZ, New N'ork avenue, Itetween b'th and 11 tii streets; Ro*t. A. Patme, Druggist, comer 4th and Mans, avenue; and with tne *ni>scriber. No. 3 First street, Georgetown, where loe oan be had at all times. . ^p 7 tf * T. N. KIDWELL. I ]VEW GROCERY, WINE, AND LIQUOR STORE. The sut^crilter l?eg* to inform his friends and the public, that he has opened a N EW STORK, corner of IJrh street and Loiiisisua avenue, where he in tend* to keep constantly ou hand a large sik! varied assortment of Foreign and Domestic WINES. I.I yUORS, CIGARS, and FINK GROCF.RIF.S, consiatlng of Fine Teas,Sugar,Coffee. Flour. Soap, Olives. Raiaius, Figs. Sardines, Anchovies, Ou?rJ, Marrett A Co.. Pinet A C??., and Col. Cnatiard's Uraruli?s m enses, demijohns, and ca?Ks. Old Ja inaicii Rum. ShemM. Madeira. Port ol' various de MrtpUsM, S*. Juliei! (,'iaret, i hsieaux MargauX in oase.s. ChitinpH. ne Cider. Braiidy Fruita, Reyn??ld*s Kdiabarjh A. -. Amusette. Mnra*chiuo, Curao<>a. Absynthe,Champagne, and a large and varied de scription of llnvana Cigars. Also, StoughUM Bitters, and Fever and Ague Bitters. Porter. Ale.sud Tider. Families are particularly invited tooalland exam ine th*1 stock Itefore purchasing elsewhere. Mem bers of Congress are also mforin*J that their ordeis wilt l>e promptly attended to. and delivered at their residences at the shortest notice. A general assortment of hne Havana Cigars, im ported direct by the subscriber, at wholesale and re tail. i :inal Honrs supplied on roasonable terms, and pn*luce taken in exehanpe. Levy's OKI Whiskey, constantly on hand, of 184". Country orders punctually attended to. and coun try produce of ail descriptions received <?n oonswn ment. JONAS P. LEVY. je8-tf N?..S54 Taelfth street. INTERESTING TO FAMILIES. The following extract from a New York cannot fail to U- interesting. Iu relerriug ?. the receipts of Teas in this ountry f..r saH year u? to ?tii ultimo, it says they will be 12.-1 pounds short of the import* of the year end ing June 3h, ltfjtJ, and that ?' The advance in Uack teas. Oolong*, si nee last December, las lieen hlteen cent* per pound; and Young Hyson Teas, of low and medium grades, have experienced an of one bundled per rent, over last season's closing price*. "It will thus l*e seen that the strong and rapid advance in the tea market has lieen the result of * short suppK ai?d active demand ; but a hen it is cot. sidered that we may hear at any moment ol the en tire suspension of shipments at Sliauchai, and. in fact, that, a* soon as a suflicient force from England arrive* a? the seat of a-ar, all hve ports of entr> m China, will protiably lie pWcei! uisier stnet blockade. It Would not be surprising to see Teas at a much higher figure than lhe\ have yet attained. In viea- of these ficts, we hoM out very grmt in ducement* for families to by in th#irsup?i*#s of TpH NOtf KI.Ni* & W KLn hhlit jell-tf" Corner Vermont ave.and 15th street. E L L I O T T S HISTORY OF NEW ENU ? land, 2 vols.,3vo; f4. lrving's SketcJi Book, 1 vol., 16 mo; flfl eta. Irving'* Tales of a Traveller,! vol., 16 mo,fr)ct*. Salmagundi, I vol,, 16 mo: cfs. Koussenu's Confessions Translated, seoond perioif, 1 vol.; ?1.25. Kuskm'a Moifern Painter*.4 vol.; fil^5. Marriage As It Is aud Should Be, by Rev. John Bay ley, I vol.; 75 cts. fiadd 4,Modern Horse Doctor. 1 vol.; .*1. Dadd's'Anatomy and Physiology or the florae, I la ge volume with plates; ??. ie FRANCK TAYLOR. V EK H I. E S.? H. Mil ward A Son'* exhiUtion i y NEEDLES, sharps and bet weens,all numlwis; the l>eet in the market. Warren's Telegrsplno NEEDLES, put up in caskets of one hundred. Mattress, Sail. Harness, Darning, Chenille, Net ting, aud Knitting NEEDLES, lor sale !>v . K. K. LI NDY, je 16 No. 128 Bridge street, Georgetown. Hooks from London. Chapman's Homer's Iliad,2 vol.: $$. Prancis Ouarle's Enchiridion,! vol.: tf7ota. Selden's Table Talk. 1 vol.; %1.25. Wither'* Hvmns and Soncs, 1 \ol.; $1.25. Aubrey'* Nfisc?'lianies, I vol.: At. Mather's Providences in New England ; $ 1.25. Southwell'* Poetical Work*; 81. Talea of the Geneu.I vol., illustrated; $1^5. Habelai's Works, i vols.; fj/l. The Heptamerou of Margaret of Navarre. 1 vol j S I, jelK IRANTK TAVl.ofr. NOTHING new.-By author of John Haiilax, Gentleman. Ac. Call and get all the new Book* Sj, J. r,tl,M ^EROCSON,9t w ^ lUWi