Newspaper of Evening Star, June 24, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 24, 1857 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: WEDNESDAY M, 1947. SPIRIT OF THE MORNING PRESS. Tha Union, noticing the election of Colonel Cummin?, of Missouri, to fill the Governorship of Utah. explains another series of difficulties likely to arise in that Territory, which, unless the sabjeet be prudently handled by Congress, will give rise to unterminable trouble?saying : " Th? difficulties to be encountered In Utah are more numerous and complicated than 1* now gen erally supposed Among them may be Incident ally mentioned that Brlgham Voting claims a title to alt the lands in the Territory, and ha* never recognised the United State* surveys. None of his follower* have purchased lands in accordance with our laws. Hence, one of the delicate duties of the Federal court* of that Territory will be to establish and maintain the rights or those who may hereafter purchase in accordance with our laws Not an individual in all Utah now holds a foot of land the title of which 1* derived from the United States, and It follows, under this strange condition of things, that all parts of the Territory are at the present time open to pre-emp tion. In view of the fact that the Mormons have nettled on the soil in Utah, if they will behave hereafter in good faith to the Government, there can be no doubt that Congress will grant to them, individually, rights of pre-emption? each to the land on which he has settled??nch as. under our public lands system. have be*n secured to other settler? The ftict that. except through action of the Government hereafter to take place, none of them can acquire a good title to a foot of tho land of the Territory, strikes us as likely to operate favorably in the final settlement of all the diftculties in that quarter The influence of property is all pow erful, and. sooner tha i risk tho result of their labors of years?a*d noue others are more in dustrious and economical?they will bo very apt to abandon any idio*yucraciu.-<and positions which, if persisted in. threaten to end in such looses to theaa. The lutelligruefr is in a quandary concern ing " the Kansas Knot," which, it confesses, it has never been able to understand. In its ef fort of this morning to unravel it. we take the liberty of assuring its conductors, it merely suc ceeds in doing something toward? defeating its own object. Thus, instead of explaining eor reetly the position of the South upon pending questions there, the Intelli%mc*r adopts the abolition view of that position, which it enforces with its customary ability. Now. Thf South holds? 1st. That all who are legitimately entitled to a voice in the adoption of the State constitution in Kansas, are those who were; bonn fide inhab itants of the Territory when the members of the* convention were chosen?a day or two dince. 2d. That, under the law, the convention is empowered to present the constitution 'Uraetly I to Congress, or to refer it back to the bona fitle L Toters of the Territory, first. 3d That those entitled to vote Sctr Bcmbfft of tha convention who refused to do so. aro a? legally bound by its action as though they ha? \ availed themselves of that privilege. 4th That to refer the oonstitution to airv others than thoee entitled by law to vote upoai it. will be to insure that the abolition organiza tions m New England and elsewhejo that have assumed to regulate the in9titutigas of Kansas, will settle the question wheth>* slavery shall or shall not be legalized in ta? proposed State; as they can and will despatch thousands of their emisaarries into the Territory to vote upon the question which tVy will be practically invited to determine, as explained ab<jve. unless tho convention takes due precau tion to prevent persons not legally entitled so to do, from voting on it. 5th The South in Congress will, to a man. resist to the last any and every effort to legalise any illegal solution of the Kansas imbroglio; because, to permit such a solntion to triumph, will be to insure a speedy dissolution of the Union, that can only be maintained by check ing the encroa?hsaents of abolitionism, instead j of succumbing lo them We shall have some thing to *yon this subject to morrow. PERSONA L. .... Hon. Wilson Keilly, Pa . is at Kirkwood*'. .... Henry Squires, the American tenor, is very successful in Italy. .... Hon. Fayette McMullin. the newly ap pointed Governor of Washiggton Territory, has returned to this city from his jecent Western tour. .... Gov. Biqler. of Pennsylvania; lion. Geo N.Sanders, and Col Johuston, of New York, were in Loavcnworlh, Kansas, on the 'Uth lit ?taut. .... The Baltimore Sun says that William P. Preston, Bsq., who so severely injured last winter by being thrown from his carriage, has so fur recovered as to lie on his way through that city to the seaside. .... A Loudon correspondent, writing on June'i, says : 14 Jullien will come to you age in ; and Mr. Si'ms Reeves, with his charming little wife, Is likely to pay you a Itying visit Prepare yourselves for a voice such as you never heard before." .... Hon Jacob A Westervelt, F.. K Collins and C. K. Garrison. N Y , Commandtrs Priceand De Camp. Caut. J D Daniels and Purser Gibson, U.S V.Hoi. Sam'l Douglass, Micb , Hon Ali ?on White. Judge Flemnong and Hon. W. Car penter. Pa., are at Willard*'. A bit of scandal is afloat in the New York York papers, in which Mr Kdwln Forrest. Mr*. Lizzie Weston-Davenport and her husband, A. H Davenport, are mixed up. Davenport a:jd wifr have separated The Sunday Atlas *aya: "There is no truth in the rutnor that there is or ha* been anv improper intimacv between Mr. ! Forrest and t^e lady in question ; but that, on the contrary, he has ever been her and her husband's disinterested friend, professionally and other wise " .... The London Chronicle, of June 5, *ays: " We are happy to announce that Miss Louisa Pyne has arrived in F.ngland a^ain, after a stay of three years in the L'nit. d States During that period?which has wemed an age to her English admirers?Miss Pyne has sung in New York, (where she received the compliment of a mag nificent bracelet,) New Orleans and Boston, per forming in various English operas, including Mr. Wallace s favorite -Maritana.' which was con ducted by the composer himself Mi*s Pyne is accompanied by her sister. Miss Susan Pyne,and Mr W . Harrison, the popular tenor." .... The London Times says of the death of Douglas Jerrold: " The reading public, which knows celebrated men in black and white only, has lost a writer who for epiyrainriiatic brilliancy has never been excelled !n our language But far deeper has been the loss of the circle of friends who delighted to spend whole evenings in catching the stream of wit as it flow?d unimpeded f.orn Jerrold's lips, and acquired for themselves a reflected glory by repeating "Jerrold's last." The "wits" of London have lost their acknowledged chief ?'Mr. Douglas Jerrold died at Kilburn Priory In the arms of his eldest son, and retained his In tellect tlU within a few minute* of his death." .... A correspondent of the St. Louis Democrat writing from Springfleld, 111 , where the Hon. Stephen A Douglas delivered his late speech on the political questions of the dav. say*: "Mrs. Douglas, the new wife of the Senator, ha* been with him during his stay here, and has excited quite a sensation among the society of our quiet city. She attended the meeting last night, ar.d, as I learn, for the flrst time heard her liege lord make a speech. Mrs. Douglas is quite hand some. but I do not think her beautiful. She I* tall and stately, has ttne. regular features, with a sweet amiable smile, which render* her quite at tractive. and se^ms to be very easy In her manners and address." \rr The Butchers of Baltimore are to hold an adjourned meeting this afternoon to take into fur ther consideration matters in reference to the ex orbitant prices demanded for cattle, and to open correspondence with their brethren of other cltie* upon the subject. 0?- A hogshead of tot>acco sold in Richmond, Va , on Saturday last at fWUper bundled pounds. This is considered possibly the highest price yet obtained in Virginia for tobacco in the leaf. It was grown by fir. A G. Read, of Koanoke, im mediately upon the line of the Virginia and Ten nessee Koad. [XT' Among the regions that have suffered ?e ve ely by flood and rain storms recently, in the vicinity of Shepherdstown, Jefferson county. Va. An immense amount of damage Is said to have been done there on W?dne*day last Farmers had their fences, gates, and bridges swept away and fields of corn and wheat laid on the ground In all |le surrounding country. WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. OTER-Doisn THE TaiNo?We need hardly repeat here that we are no advocate for the n moval of Democrats from offioe, unless upon substantial grounds for malfeasaooe, iocompe tency, or infidelity of boom sort or other ; and that nothing so disgusts as as effort* to discredit or rum individual gentlemen, oojy because, holding office which others desire, they are in their way. More or leas cases, embracing proof of the want of integrity of the genus small-poli tician in the matter of getting office, have of late come to our knowledge, which, in truth, turn us sick at the stomach, and make us long for the privilege of strapping the backs of the whole race. A case in point came to our knowl edge to-day, sufficient to make one's blood boil the case of a quiet, inoffensive gentleman, ineupablo, ^ n*ture, habit and association, of entertaining a sinister thought or being guilty '^proper action, who, because he stands o cially in the way of the schemes of specimens of the genus mentioned above, has been most atrociously slandered by them, to the fool-hardy point of putting on paper " charges'' against his official and political integrity, whereby, fortunately lor him, an opportunity was afford ed tor proving that malice, arising wholly from a desire to oust him for the benefit of another and much less worthy man, was alone at the bottom of the formidable string of allegations essayed to be imposed on the appointing power. That their conspiracy failed, most signally, is a matter of course. Nevertheless, such a failure, though choking off the particular worthies en gaged in it. can have little or no effect in saving the officers ot the Government from the nuisance of similar efforts on the part of similar persons in otbe? cases, which are constantly being essayed. W e long since came to the conclusion that no man is thoroughly versed concerning the most disgusting features of frail human na ture, until circumstances have revealed to him all the mysteries and miseries of office-seeking. Illi strathV).?The story published below wo republish from the New York Evening Po\t. as embracing a capital illustration of the utier humVjuggory of ''Spiritualism." The application of any such nonsense to tho practi cal affair of life is, after all, the real touch stone by which to try it. Tho story is a capital one: lioo d Backers?Ax Incident or Spiritual -A long-bearded customer recently entered a spiritual bookstore in this city, and applied for an Agency. He proposed to take a large quantity of books to bis part of the country, "away uut * /est," where he lepiesented that be could soon jell them, as he was assured by the "invisibles." The enterprising bookseller was of course de lighted with this prospect of a sale; bnt his en thusiasm was somewhat dampened when the long beaided gentleman rcuiaiktd that he had no money and wanted the books entirely upon credit. r '?Are you responsible !" was the natural inqui ry of the merchant. "Perfectly." "W hat evidence of your reliability can vou fur nish ?" '?I have the best of backers?men whose names you know well." The merchant's countenance brightened. 4 ? V crv well,- said he, "let us see your papers." Thereupon the customer presented the follow ing document: ' To teuom it may concern: We, the under signed, having been acquainted spiritually with 4"r- > of , Wisconsin, for many years, recommend him as perfectly reliable, and would not be afraid to trust hint to any amount. "George Washington, Thomas Jeffer?o2*, Henry Clat, Thomas I'aise, John Milton, aud others. ' Through Jane E , medium." The bookseller remarked tLat the backers were good if the medium was reliable; but he thought on the whole, be Would prefer to keep the books The customer hereupon denounced the booksel ler as an impostor, telling him that he did not believe in his own doc trines, and that the spirits would expose his duplicity to the world Of this he felt assured by the spirit of prophecy Within him. Tue bookseller was not convinced Tenoerep.?Our impression (derived from data on which we place confidence) is that Mr. ilaliday, the recently elected Collector of the Corporation of Washington, has tendered to Mr. Win. Cooper, of the Seventh Ward, one of the two clerkships of his bureau or office. Mr. Cooper, who being thoroughly acquainted with the city's affairs, will mttke a capital officer, by the by. was the master printer with whom Mr Ilaliday served his apprenticeship. We men tion tho fact because, undersuch circumstances, his selection by Mr. H. shows that Mr. Cooper was a kind and faithful master and guardian, and that the new Collector is properly impressed with gratitude and respect for his old employ er's kindness and good qualities. V.'o may add that, but for the tact that the pay of Mr. J no. D. Brandt, of the Sixth Ward, ha* been recently increased by the Government, in his present position iu the Washington Navy Yard, we think it highly piobable that he would have filled the other clerkship under the new Col lector, which ho is understood to have de clined. Mr. Cooper is an Old Line Whig, and Mr. Bniudt a Democrat. 1 he recently elected Corj?onition officers take their places in the conduct of the Corporation's affairs on W ednesday next. Toe Governorship ok Utaii ?We mention ed a day or two since that Col. Cummins of Mis souri, had probably been called to this position, and subsequently have learned nothing to shako our confidence in that impression, though there were doubtless other gentlemen pressed on the Executive for that office. By the by, we may not inappropriately add that Col. C. has not been an applicant for it. Or, in other words, that the office sought him?not he. the office; which fact tells no more forcibly for his high character and qualifications for it, than for the determination of President Buchanan to disre gard the solicitations and "claims" of every and any politician, when the necessities of the public service make that course his duty to his trust; which not unfrequently occurs in those times of indiscriminate struggling for Federal office. "Srrrraa."?The New York Times occa sionally roasts the Herald most unmercifully, and never more effectually than when showing up the baldness of its charlatanism,?as in its issue of Monday last, in quoting, in parallel half columns. Emerson's English Traits, chap ter x v., with the Herald's London corrcfcpon dcnce of the 6th of June, made up entirely of thefts from that work, thus palmed on the American public as original. It strikes us that if the correspondential department of the Her ald costs half the fabulous sums its proprietor is in the habit of boasting that it costs, he is fairly entitled to receive better treatment at the hands of his employees. Sensible.?"Ion," of the Baltimore Sun, we perceive, comprehends clearly the points of the I tah imbroglio so far as the rights and duties of the General Government in connection with it are concerned. In his letter to- lay, he ex presses upon the subject views identical with those not unfrequently enforced editorially in the Star?as follows: ? The idea that they ran be exterminated or ex pelled from the country, or that their fanaticism will lie repressed by force, is wholly absurd Treason against the constitution and laws of the United states maybe punished,and this istheex tent of the power of the Frdeial Government over this matter. " There is nothing in the constitution that jtts tifl?*s a cru<adea'ain*t polygamies any inore titan against abolitionists, or Romanists,or Calvinists, or seventh day prophets The anti-slavery jour nals are the fiercest of all In opposition to the Mormons. If they can find constitutional power for one crusade they ran for another. But the administration docs not share in the extravagant views whirh arc put forth on this *ubjert, and the lnstrueflons to Governor Cum mtn^s will be to take care that the laws of the United States be obeyed In tfce Territory, and lo exert every constitutional power to secure the due administration of justice. * HLiQBTirV Di9GRr.fTi.ED ?A friend in the country, evidently not " up to snuff, ' advocates a display of American national indignationyb account <Jf the infection of the Dallu-Clarerfdon treaty, as follows: Editor of fl? Star:?When the English Am - biwaador plays with two ar?j In his game ol "high, low, jack," and lose* his game. e. g., when before the St. George's Society he leada out to capture, to caDtivate, and blind our national vanity, and in a few days presents the rejection of the amendments to the Central American treaty, should not the whole American people, from the highest officer of the Government to the lowest "subterranean," treat him with nil the contempt from which he is not shielded by virtue of his office ? People of the United States stand by the rules you have chosen for yourselves. Outis 1 Mr. " Outis" will please take notice that at the St. George Society 's entertainment, Lord Nupier played simply the role of Lord Napier; whereas, in presenting the rejection of the treaty, he acted the British Ambassador. The rejec tion was the work of his Government, not ol himself; for he is well known to have been an earnest advocate for its acceptance as amended Our country friend, however, evidently does not know that nobody but himself cares the snap of a finger for the rejection, which has dis turbed no nerves on this side of the herring pond but his own. All the Fowls not tkt Dead?The New York Evening Fast republishes the following card as the result of the success of the Free Soilers in carrying the city of St. Loui9 about two and a half months ago, (and thus inducing the more rapid settlement up of the vacant lands in the State :) " Land Office, Waijaw, Mo., June 13, '57. " On account of the large amount of lands sold at this office during the last (wo ami a halt months, which has been over 5tX),Uj() acres, being for the month of May alone 247,-'l3'2, this office has been closed. Due notice will be given when it will be opened again. ,4 G. N. B. Dodsox, Register." We need hardly add that the Warsaw land district of Missouri is in a section of the State, wherein an abolitionist would be in about as bad a fix, if his sentiments were known, as in a certain unmentionable place, ' without claws." Tho idea that the triumph of the Free-Soil ers in St. Louis could instantly produce the result the Pott attributes to it. in such a locality es pecially, is worthy of the charlatanism of the propensity of its presses to impose on the igno rant among their readers. The Naval Courts of Inquiry.?To-day, Court No. 1 took up the case of ex-Lieut. Har rell. Tho following gentlemen have so far been examined in it. Viz: Lieut. J. M. Frailey, Commodore J. II. Aulick, and Lieuts. J. N. Maffit, T. C. Harris, and J. C. Carter on the appellant's behalf; and Capt. W. W. McKean, for the Government. Mr. Iiarrcll is defended by Messrs. Phillips and Blount, the latter of whom has the case in charge. Before Court No. 2, the case of Lt. Walk be ing still on trial, Commander DeCainp was ex amined on the Government's behalf. Thatcase was then postponed until to-morrow at 10 a.m., to await the testimony of Commander Godon, also called for the Government. The case of Lt. R. Lowe was being taken up by that Court as the Star went to press. Court No. 3 was not in open sessiou to-day; being engaged in making up their decision in the case of Captain Latimer. The Sloop-op-War Plymouth.?This ship, destined on an ordnance-practice cruise, is t j leave the Washington Navy Yard to-morrow, for Norfolk. Ya., where she will complete her outfit for her visit to some of the principal East ern ports. The following are her officers. Viz: Commander, Jno. A. Dahlgreen ; Lts. Cates by Ap. R. Jones-. (Executive Officer.) George P. Batch. (Ordinance Officer and Master,) Wm. A. Webb, Oscar C. Badger, and Wm. T. Truxtos; Surgeon. J. D. Miller; Purser, Wm. B. Boggs; Assistant Surgeon. Alexander M. Vedder; Car penter, Thomas C. Ferrall; Sailmaker, Wm. S. L. Braxton. ? Declined.?Mr. John C. Rives has declined the tender of an Inspectorship of the District of Columbia Penitentiary, which we mentioned a few days since as hnving been made to him We regret the fuct because there is no more capable business man in this community, and of such should the Board of Inspectors of that institution bo exclusively composed. Appointed.?Tho President has appointed Wm. Patterson, Postmaster at Keokuk, Iowa. vine A. T. Walling, and Geo. P. Pel ton, Post master at Poughkevpsie, N. Y., vice A. II. Pease. List op Patents.?The following is the list of Patents issued from tho United States Patent Office, for tho week ending Juno 23, 1867?each bearing that date: Napoleon Aubin, of Albany, N. Y.?For Im provement in gas generators. Franklin I., Bailey, of Boston, Mass.?For im provement in printing presses. Thos. Batty, of Brooklyn, N. Y.?For improve ment in means for reducing topsails. Eugene Blattner, of Philadelphia, Pa?For Improvement in machines for polishing raw-hide whips Willard W. Chipman, of Lowell, Mass.?For Improved method of holding and adjusting plane Irons in their stocks. Ezra Coleman, of Philadelphia, Pa.?For Im provement in grinding mill. Jacob Erdle, of West Bloomfield, N- Y.?For improved saw-set. Anthony Faas, of Philadelphia, Pa.?For Im provement in fastening handles to baskets. Horatio Fairbanks, of South Brookfleld, Mass. For improvement in vapor burners. Francis Gustine, of Medford, Mass.?For im provement in vane governor for steam engines, Edward Hamilton, of Chicago, 111.?For im proved valvular arrangement for"faucets, Ac. Wm. Henry Harrison, of Philadelphia, Pa.? For improvement in pumps. John Haw, of Old Church, Va.?For improve ment in picker sawing machines. Wm. L. Johnson, of Peytonsville, Tenn.?For improved mode of constructing stores. William Kelly, of Lyon county. Ky.?For im provement in the manufacture of iron. James G. Kennedy, of Cincinnati, Ohio.?For improved sawing mill. Levi B. Lloyd, of Warwick Township, Pa ? For improved'device for feeding and limiting the d^pth of hole in boring machines. Thomas Mitchell, of Lansingburgh, N. Y.? For improved machine for finishing "brush han dles. George P. Perrinl and James E. Boyle, of Rich mond, va ?For improved hydrant. Joseph Peevv and Abraham Sanborn, of Ban gor, Ale.?For improvement In ships windlasses. Hiram Pierce, of Claremont, N. H.?For im proved machine for straightening knife blades Edward Pierce, of Philadelphia, Pa.?For im provement in enameling irou pipes and hollow ware. Wm. G. Pike and Isaac R. Scott, of Waltham, Mass.?For improvement in safety apparatus for regulating steam tKiiler furnaces. John Re#se and Charles N. Tyler, of Washing ton, 1). C.?For improved lantern for lighting street gas. Luther Otway Rice, of Caistorville, Canada West.?For improved centra! draft-joint of car riages. James N. Rockwell, of Napanork, N. Y.?For improvement in haidening axes. Sec. Timothy Rose, of Cortlandville, N.Y.?For im provement in candlesticks. Wm. Sellers, of Philadelphia, Penn.?For Im provement In boring mills. John P. Schenkf, of Boston, Mass ?For Im proved breech-loading lire arm. James H. Simmons, of Erwin, N. Y.?For Im provement in cylindrical throttle valves for steam engines. OlltHTt Smith, of Buttermilk Falls, N.Y.?For improved breech loading Are arm. YViliiam Stoddard, of Lowell, Mass.?For im f roved mode of securing and adjusting plane rous in their stocks. John F. Taylor, of Charleston, S.C.?For im provement in machines for cleaning rice. Harry Whltaker, of Buffalo, N. Y.?For im provement in steam boilers Charles Thurber, of Worcester, Mass.?For Im provement lu caligraphs. Chas. Winslow, of Lynn, Mass.?For Improve ment in preparing elastic India rubber cloth. Chas. Wilson, of Springlield, Mass.?For im proved machine for excavating tunnels. Chntles N. I*wls, of Seneca Falls, N. Y-, ?? prowl method of attaching air chambcra to '"j. iff. Wykn, of Wheeling, Va.?For back ground for photograph* on glass. Peter H. Nlles, of Boston, Maim , assignor to himself and Alfred Douglass, jr., of Boston, aforesaid.-?For imp'ovod water meU%. , Ira A. Richard*. of Ea*t Brooklleld, Maae., as signor to Silas Stevens, of same place ?Per Un proved tap* aad dies for cutting screws. Sylveater W. Warrea, of Brooklyn, (E. D.l N. Y.,'assignor t? Dextsr N. Force and 9. W. War ren. aforesaid.?For Improvement in steam whis tles V Thomas D. Worral!, of Lowell, Mass., assign or to Thomas F. Caldicott, of Charlestown, Mass. For improved bench plane. Additional Improvements.?Owen Redmond, of Rochester, N \ ?For improved spoke and axe helve machine. Patented Oct. 30. 1855. Win. P. Wood, of Washington, D C ?For im Kroved sawing machine. Patented Feb. 96,1856. .eissu^d March 25. tH56. Designs.?Conrad Harris and Paul W. Zoiner, of Cincinnati, Ohio.?For design for coal cooking atoves. Conrad Harris and Paul W. Zoiner, of Cincin nati, O.?For design for wood parlor stoves. Conrad Harris and Paul W. Zoiner, of Cincin nati. O ?For design for dining loom stoves. 8. W. Gibbs, of Albany, X. Y., assignor to North Chase & North, of Philadelphia, Pa.?For design for cooking stoves. N. 8 Vetlder, of Troy, N. Y., assignor to North, Chase 3c North,of Philadelphia, Pa.?For design for stoves. Jacob Beesly and Edward J. Delany, of Phila delphia. Pa., assignorsto Cresson. Stiiart and Pe tersou, of same place ?For design for stoves. Thr Weather.?The following report of the weather for this morning is made from the Morse Telegraph line to the Smithsonian Institution, The time of observation is abott 7 o'clock a. m.: Junk 24, 1657. New York, N. Y clear, cold Philadelphia, Pa clear, pleasant. Washington, D. C clear, cool. Richmond,Va clear, pleasant. Petersburg, Va clear, pleasant. Wilmington, N. C cool, clear. Columbia, S. C., clear, pleasant. Charleston. S. C... clear, pleasant. Augusta. Ga clear, pleasant. Savannah, Ga cloudy Macon. Ga raining. Columbus. Ga clear, warm. Montgomery, Ala cloudy, waim. Mobile, Ala raining. Gainesville, Miss raining. Fro* the West. The following reports have been furnished by the National Telegraph line: Frederick, Md clear, warm. Cumberland, Md clear, warm. Haters!own. Md clear, warm. Wheeling. Va clear, warm. Grafton, Va clear, warm. At Washington, yesterday at 9 p. in., the barom eter was 30,144; tkermometer 63'. This morning at 7 o'clock, barometer 30.222; theimometer 6!4. FURTHER FOREIGN INTEELlGENtE. By the Persia at New York. In England, the weather continoe^ very favor

able for the season, and the accounts of the grow ing crops, especially those from Ireland, are more than usually encouraging. The reports of the condition of trade in the manufacturing districts are generally more en couraging than for some weeks past, but the dis position seeins to prevail in many quarters that the production must 1?e lessened in some degree, in order to avert a further fall in prices. The British public has lost a shining light, a ready wit, a powerful writer, and a thoroughly honest man in the death of Mr. Douglas Jerrold. He died on the 9th instant, of rheumatic gout, after an illness of ten days Mr. John Lawler, one of the Young Ireland party, has got a government situation In Aus tralia. A - Vigilance Committee/* on the system some time since adopted in San Francisco, California, has b"en established in the ancient town of Gal way to prevent the exportation of potatoes. B. Burch, mate of the American ship Frank Pierce, from New Orleans, has been held to bail in Liverpool to answer the charge of shooting and slightly wounding John Ward, the second officer. No movement of importance had taken place with the English force in China. Great discon contcnt prevailed at Canton, and Yeh'a inactivity had made him unpopular. Hong Kong trade was quiet. The silk crop threatens to be short in consequence of long droughts. " The London Shipping Gazette publishes a note from General Cass to Lord Napier, replying to the represental ions the latter had made to "the United States government touching oppressive treatment received l?y seamen on hoard American vessels. Mr. Cass believes that the law now in force are sufficient to check the evil complained of, and that where the ottWider* escape punish inent the fault must be chiefly in defective proof. The ejection movements 'are the prevailing topics in French |>olltics. The accounts are con tradictory. One says that the white and red re publican pnr.'ies have fused and completed their list of candidates, including General Cavaignac Another, that finding such fusion impossible the whites have fused with the old constitutional par ties, nominating a common list of candidates, headed by Cavaignae. The ultra moutanists have declared in favor of an active interest in the elec tions. There have been general rains throughout Ire land, which largely benefitted the growing crops, and giving promise of great abundance. The crops present so promising an appearance that it is hoped the next harvest will nearly suffice for the entile consumption of France. The Spanish and Mexican difficulty Is still un settled. Distmbancee still occur anions the humbler classes in Spain, iu consequence of the high price of food. A serious disaster had occurred at Florence The ?cenerv in the theatre took tire, causing a panic, which resulted in the death of 43 |<ersons. and the wounding of l.*H others. The Sacred College at Rome has contracted a loan of 20,000,000 francs with M. Rothschild, for the purpose of calling in the present wrctched corner coinage. At Bologna, on the 5th instant, Pius the Ninth crowned the image of the Virgin, much venera ted by the Bolognese His Holiness add-essed a speech to the people. Fifty thousand inhabitants from tLe north of Italy have arrived at Bologna. The prosjiects of the Italian silk groweis are rep-csented to be unfavorable, and the price of silk is enormously high throughout the whole of the Austro-Itaiian districts. The Emperor of Austria has signed an ordi nance which prescril?es that two-thirds, at least of the public functions of Hungary are to be con fided to natives. The Empress of Austria Is said to be extremely dejected at the recent loss of her daughter. Her Majesty weeps, it is said, Incessantly, and only leaves her own apartments to go to the church attached to the palace. The Federal Assembly of Switzerland met on the Sth inst The ine*?age of the Federal Coun cil recommends the ratification of the treaty rela tive to the affairs of Neufchatel. A dispatch from Constantinople announces that the Poite had demanded of the Belgian Govern ment the recall of its ministers. The Belgian Government has refused to comply with the de mand. Shanghai dates to the 20th of April report that the town of Hokow in the Keangasee province, had been taken possession of by the rebels. The exports or tea from Hong Kong up to April amount to 50,000,000 pounds, against 80,txm,000 pounds last year. GEORGE TOWN A FFA IKS. Corrtij'ondcnct of The Star. Gkoruktowm. June24, 1S57. There is a perfect dearth of news of every kind and character in our city just now. There is not even a passing breeze of any kind?religious, po litical, mercantile, or of any other nature?etirring this morning, sufficient to cause even a ripple upon the face of the waters. All is quiet as a Mav morn, smooth as the bosom of an undisturbed lake. Our merchants and others have ceased to grumble about the suspension of navigation upon the canal, and the consequent prostration of the heavier descriptions of trade, and are beginning to submit patiently to the calamity, In the hope that a brighter future awaits them. I'p to the present time we hear of no prepara tion for a public celebration of the approaching national anniversary. But a few years ago it was celebrated by our citizens generally in a manner in every respect appropriate and Interesting, viz by a union celebration of all the Sabbath sAiools At an early hour in the day the schoels were all assembled at one point, in some one of the churches, where the blessing of Heaven was sup plicated upon them and our common country Alter which the line of march was token up for some shady grove where the dav was spent in a ii a iner well calculated to elevate the mind and gladden the heart, and where all was good order good feeling, and good cheer. Who does not sigh for a return to this good old system of cele biating the Fourth of July. After the 1st of July all dogs running at large will catch fits, get shot or something else. We learn that some hopefuls have anticipated the officers in this work, and have already commenced poisoning them. We have heard or several val uable ones that have been killed on the premises or their owners by the administration of strych nine or some other poison. The object in all such cases, we presume, has been to pave the way for pilfering or some other depredation. Owing to the very light stock of each there Is but Uttle doing in tne Flour or Grain market; no material change in prices has occurred since our lant. The following vessels have arrived since our report of Monday: OUr Packet schr Aictlc, Warren, New York to P A A H. Dodge; schr Twj Brothers, McAIUter, fm MK roil.loOwjtrtown Collect; achr Adromf, Good, fm Philadelphia, with 91 tons coal, to oatne place; arhrs Cleopatia, Field; John Henry, Smith; Wevniark, Hammond; Chesapeake Tl?4er, Kiggln, and Frank. Pierre, Warner> wttb limkr, Wood, and tlmlwr, to the followhtg person: Dickwo Gordon A Co.; Bar> rea A Stover; E. PIckreM 4 Co.; C.MyeraA Son, and Morgan 4 Rhinehart ^ 8. K I ? Tm*McDo!*o?H Estate.?Brantx Mayer, Esq., one of |he agents of the NcDonogh estate, has tarnished the City Council with authenticated teBietof the reports of the experts appointed to make ? partition of the?etate of John mcDonogh between the citle*.?f New Orleans and Baltimore. Each city has been assigned an equal share, ac. cording to a careful valuation, ft is thought, however, that the counsel for the Destitute Or phan Boys' Society will take an appeal, unless the District Court shall decide that said institu tion is entitled to the full sum of S400.UUU. In that event the counsel for BaltimoN^vill also take an appeal. Bv a late decision or the Hu Ereme Court of Louisiana against the claim of S, rown's heirs, the sum or ?UW.UiO has been saved to the estate.?Sum. ry-5=?TI!E MKMBKR8GF THE DEBATING Ikj Society now forming, are requested to me* t at Central A cadetiiv, corner of loth and E streets, on THURSDAY YiX EN I NO. at 8 o'clock A tall and punctual attendance is requested. >e at 21 (Y D. WALLACH, Esq.?Sir: Plea?e an Lkjf nounce this, my withdrawal from the Ameri can part jr. DAVID P. Gl.ASCOU. V\ a*hmjton, June 21, IM7.?11 * ry-sp?NOTICE TO TAX PAYERS.?The Tax ' 1?5? Lists for the present year <IR57)are now in my hands for collection. Those who shall pay their taxes prior to first day of July next, will be allowed a disoount of aix per cent. C. F. SHEKEL!., Collector Georgetown. D. C. je S-ln.# 1A POUNDS BROWN SUGAR FOR (I ; l% 1" pounds *ood Sugar $1: superior Rio Coffee KS eta; liest Java 16: rood Flour 4. and Gr^enand Black Teas of superior flavor and quality,at the nsuai low prices for cash. JOS. \V. DAVIS, It* cor. of 9th and E streets. I.ACKSMITHS* COAL. Just received, a lot of Run-mine CUMBER LAND COAL, suitable for Strain Engines, Ac. F. S. MOoRfe. No. 4<5 je 24-3t 9th street, west side. l?t. D and E. AC A R D?For the first time, we take this i?etb? d of calling the atteution of onr customers to th? ?r bills due 1st July. . ... ,,, All our lulls are now ready for delivery .and those not called for by the 2Mli instant will then tie distri buted. HARPER A MITCHELL. je 24-eo6t piKE!-FIRE!!-FIRE!!! A general assortment of FIRE WORKS from a Grasshopper to a one pound Rocket. Tneae works have been selected with great care from the cele brated manufactory of G. A J. Edge. Jersey City. The supply is limited. Call early and secure a portion for the glonous4th of July. For ?nle by E. M ? EN E R ETT, je24 ftf No. 9B1 Penn. nv.. p<?ar 10th ?t._ JCE CREAM, ICE CREAM. ICE CREAM. The very UstoflCE CREAM and WATER ICES at per gailtm, at JOSEPH SC H KF-f^ FALD'S new Confectionery, No. 3?fith street,\V l?etveen G and II streets, from Butcher's Con f fectioncry of Baltimore, late foreman at Wetv-? or's, opposite Browns'Hotel. Parties Weddings, Excursions. Ac., furnished with Conf *ctionery at the shortest notioe. je 24-41* TO OUR FRIENDS AND THE PUBLIC. Having efl'eoted a renewal of our lease upon tl.e premises occupied bv us, we have determined U> erect thereen a larger and more convei.ient ator?, and, to lessen the trouble of moving, we shall beg in from this date to sell off oar present stock of rich and seasonable goods for cost, or less for cash. We shall remain ia the present store until the Cth of July; after which time (until the new store is completed) at "Coombs's Hall," (up stairs.) nearly opposite our present location. V HARPER * MITCHELL. No. 312 Pennsylvania avenue, je 24-eo6t between 9th and loth streets. THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE,that the subscri ber hath obtained from the Orphan's Court of Washington County, in the District of Columbia. I.ettors Testamentary on the Estate of William Burt, late of Washiugton ceased. All persons having claims against the said deceased, are hereby warned to exhitHt the same, with the vouchers thereof, to ttie subscriber, oa or before the 2Sd day of June next: the* may other wise try law l>e excluded from all benefit of the said estate. Given under my hand this 2lth da* of June. 1&S7 : KL1XA BL Hi ? je 24 1aw3w* Executrix. gLAKlSTONE'S PAVILION. This favorite p'ace of resort will be opened on the 1st of July for the accommodation of visitors. The proprietor has engaged a fine CotiiloiiljS Band for tne season, and with his splendid Ball*1* Room offers great inducements to tne lovers of the rianc*. while those of more quiet humor inay find different amusements at the Bowling Alley or in Fishing, Ac. Tho Luxuries of the Potomae and good I iquora will l>e constantly on hand. This is known to he one of the healthiest plaoes on the river, near Blakistone's Is.ami. There will be a celebration on the Fourth of July, anil Ball at night. Cotillon on the 23d of J uly, 13th and -Tin of August. The steamers Columbia and Maryland leaves pas sengers on every Wednesday anil Saturday's, and returning on every Sunday, Tuesday, and Fridays. The steamer Kent leaves Baltimore at is o'clock every Monday evenings, aud returus on Wednesday mornings. Post Oifico?Milestown, St. Mary'a county, Md. Boar<?? $ 1.25 per da* for a week or lonrer; ftljtlfor shorter time. GEO. W. BLAKIST6nE, jo 24-2m* Proprietor. Rockets Roman, trian GLES. PIN WHEELS.SERPENTS, BLUE LIGHTS, TORPEDOES, Ac ,at je J3-3t LAMMOND'S. ANORTHKRN HORSE.?Just arrived from western New York, a SOK HELLrv HORSE, five years old, perfectly sound, and well broke. Will lie sold cheap. Also, a *o<mI family carriage HOliSE. with BUG GY. a DOUBLE HARNESS and CARRIAGE TONGUE. Inquire at C. II. PHELPS A CO.'S, Family Groccrs, northwest corner 10th and Lsts. je 23-1 w * I^RENCII BOOKS.?Rousseau; Les Conies sions. 2 vols., illustrated. 75 cents. Koutai-au ; La Nouvelle Heloiae.2 vole.,illustrated ; 75 cents'. Voltaire; Le Siccle dc Lonis XV, lvol., illustra ted ; J7 cents. Voltaire: Diotionnaire Philosophique, 5 vols., illus trated ; * 1.75. Voltaire: La llenriade. 1 vol., illustrated, 37 cents. Mmede Sevigne: Lettre?, 1 vol.; 75 cents. Louis Rei land ; Jerome Paturot; 30 cents. Scribe; Comedies-Vaudevilles; 30cents. Dumas Fila: Antnume; 3d cents. B?lzac; Le Cousin-Pous ; V cents. je23 FRANCK TAYM1R. 11/ATCHKS, JEWELRY, T* A N D SI LVER WAR E. I have jnst received a new supply of FINE WATCH FS, GOLD CHAINS, and a'large assort - ment of IllCtl JEWELRY of ever* desonption. winch makes my stock at the present time one of the most complete in the city. I havo juxt finished (on the premisesla very large assortment of PURE SILVKR WAHK. emong which inay l>e found a SOLIDSILVER TE A KKT" TI.E superior to anything l?fore exhibited in this city,?the weight of which is 125 ounces, capacity 9 quarts. Both citizens and strangers are invited to nail and examuio. II. O. HOOD, je23- _ _ iW Pa.ave., near 9th street. II G II T NINO RODS AND WEATHER J VANES, bt N. II. RHOADS. The superiority of these rods over all others is acknowledged b* al 1 scientific men, and they com bine economy with perfect safety from the electrio fluid. Mr. Rhoada lias erected n?ds on several hundred Dwellings in this city and vicinitv within the last five yoars. and having hern engaged for the last ten vears in mauuiacturinr and putting up LIGHT NING RODS, now deolare, that he has arrived at the approvedprincip e sought afterJind continues to serve the public, at short notioe,witnsure protection from Lightning. I manufacture my own Rods and erect them my self. and have no acent to lie responsible for. 1 use no I.lghnting Point k but what are tipped with Platina, and no other kind should he used. Orders left at W. H. and O. II. Morrison's Book store, 44" Penn. avenue, near 4>f street; F. I.abarre, oomerof luth and C streets,and F. A A. Schnieder's Foundry. First Ward. jelfc 3t* (2REAT BARGAINS. T DRY GOODS. Selling off at cost to close business. Our whole stock is coiug at cost. Call early. J. NOXON A SON, 321 Pa. ave., south side, near 7th street mav Jit-TnThA A CADEMY OF MUSIC. /a. Cor. of 11(A st. an J Pa. are., over Fhrmkam's Bookstore. Mr. F. Nicrolls Ciocci, composer of npward of 2,00n soucs, author of " Kathleen Mavourueen," and musical editor of Godey's IjuJy'a Book Continues giving Vocal Lessons to his Pupils and Classes, every Monday. Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, at the altove Institution. Memliers enrolled no vacations oc cur during the Summer months?1THIS SEASON, being the proper time, for Vocalists to stud*. Apply to Mr. the Aoademy of Music, every morning from 8 to 10 o'clock. I h Musical Lectures delivered every Thursday even ing?illustrated by the Pufuls of the Institution. i?l-<Hflm "^JETALLIC ROOF1M1 AND SPOUTING. I ? 1 The undersigned having made all necessary ar- I _ ranieinents, are prepared to put on METALLIC ROOFS in the best possible manner. They warrant the work done to be m workmanlike iinuner. other wise no ctiarge willlie nude. HODGSON A VANNATTAR, je ft-eo?W No. 4<j2 Seventh srre?t. PKA FOWL AND OSTRICH FEATHER i Fly Brushes. Wire Dish Covers. Double loe V Pitchers. Refrigerators, Travelling Baskets selling S ow, and going rapidly, at e> j?,a _ G. FR ANCIS,4917th street. HELP SKA UNO CANS?Self Sealing Cansatid } Jars of Tin, (ilass.aud ftreand acid proof Stone d< A'are, in uinia, quarts, and two quarts. Excellent dt or Strawlwrries. green Peas, or an* other fruit or a* regulable*. No trouble, and perfectly reliable. G. FRANCIS. 4?J 7th street. yjACHINE SEWING. All kinds of sewing executed at short notioe th MRS. TYSSOWSKI^ SEWING ROOMS, w< No. 433 b'twem O and H streets. A fine assortment of Ladiee' ready-made L1NF.N nd UN DKR GARMENTS, in the taunt sty Is, ept c^ristuutl) oa hand, way S-lui* ua J CURSIOHS. Ac. /-?R AND Pit ':Mi' T(? A I* I !M; |n\ <lfKlN() U nf WMHllfciTnN Tm, II I? KBTHAKiTE?,oa FR4DAY, ?bti, Tbe Bo"t Will I?ave44tli atreet wharf at 7o'e!.?k. Prices of Tttketa; Adults ? Ceats, Childrea ?a der 15 T*r? leCenta; to be hart of any m?n,t?r of tha Teat. )*n ? r'RAND EXCURSION " vJI 4?r t*i Liberty Club, TO THE WHITE HOUSE fAVILION, Ob MONDAY, Jnae JPth. !WT. Tbe membtn of the Liberty CI*lakegraat pleaaere Wfaaoun?wto their fri owl a and the _JI 1? . R" t in central, that the* have ch>r g.?^a the aafeandeommediouaeleem-^***^*"^ ar Gioaug W a\ and will give their MOON LIGHT EXCURSION to the WHITE HOTSV. PAVII ION. ou MONDAY. June 3Mb. W?. Soott ? I arivaDea Br?s? and Stria; Bam) baa beta engaged Tor tha occasion. The Refreehiaeat Departr. e?t will ba fermahed of tbe members or at tha b?*u. Tha Bmt will leave tieorgetowr wharf at l>y;Cit? at 2; Navy Yard *H.ard A!"xai>dr>aat So'ci K-k p.m. Coaches will leave thaOorncr of 7tband M streets and 7tli and New York avenue at IX o'elock p.m. ja 22-Iw* pOURTH 0> JULY^EXCl'RSlON P?NEY POINT,OLD?POINT. NORPOl.K. AND CAPE HHNRY. Tha ?afeand commodious steamer MARYLAND. I will. <m Sd Jalv, Iaava W'aehmgton ? ? (Sixth-street wharf < at 7 o clock, and ^>'ai? ^ Alavan^na ?? ? ? ? ?<m ? / ai ? v wiwt.nnn Alexandria at 7* o'clock, p. m., upon^" au Excursion to tha above placcs, t> at Piney Point and Old Point, aial arrive at Norfolk n?it lore doom. She will Wave Norfolk again at 3 o'clock p. ?>., lor Cape Henry, aft ordinal he company an opportunity to view tha Atlantic Ooeau ami enjoy the aeaair at*f return to Old Point in time to view the n.araifinent Fortification at that place, to fish. lathe, 4c.. tea\ in| again for Noifok aftci the grand display of Fire Worka from the Fort. Neat morning there will be am ale tune to viait the many objects of mtereet id aaa about Norfolk ind Portsmouth. Returning, the Mary land will leave Norfolk at 12 n'eloek m. <>n Sunday, passing up the Chesapeake Bay hy dm light, and arrive at Washington early M<>D<laj tnornins. The table will I* we'1 supplied with hah. oyster*, eralw. kc.. and ail the delicacies of the Washington and Norfolk mark eta Passage. meal a included for the round trip, k?r a Gent and Lady, #l?. Gaud inaaic will be in attendance. WM. MITCHELL, Captain. 117* After the above trip, the Maryland will ply regularly between Washington, Old P?nnt and N?>r foTk. )? *-"1 ^ABBATIl S?CIIOOL EXCURSION. The SeUsith Scb?a?l in connexion aiththe r?rst Baptiat Church will make an F.X- .IT*" CURSION TO ARLINGTON onRa^:> THURSDAY, June 25th. Thefnenua IJ'iU'MTiiVa of the Sctiooi. aud parents of the children are in vited to join wi*h them on the oecaaion. Tickota?Adult a 25 cent a. Children IScenta; may be had of the teachers and acholara. The oianibuvea will leave theCbuicli at 1a.m. and the boat will leave Arln.ftou at G o'clock p. in , precisely. The Confectionery will be aupplied h> Ridenonr A Co.. at city pneea. ja IM TWO LARUE COACH KH OR M ALL COACH LS can lie h?d lor l>|C Nit' MM or EXCURSION PARTIKS In apply int to the umler?icne<l or Mr. John it ? - k,,.. A- 1V-1 ' . ? - ? _ ^ v(mviniKnrtl ??I JIT. j'Tir it - JLJ brtKik. <6nders can be left at <?. A T. Parker h (>. a S ore or at D. S. D> kOB'a lJrui Store. I?h streej and Avenue. \N ILLIAM h UALLi. may ffl-wlin* WA1TT8. YATANTKD.?A GIRL, from 13 to 15year* of ace, ?? to tako charge o| a small ctuUI. Good relerer cea required. Apply at No. 13th atreet, between EandP. IP WANTED?By a YOUNG MAN 19yeara of a*e. *1 who is competent of keepin; aocoiinta. a ^itn ation in soma reapectalne place where he will aiake hiniaelf uaeful. Good refen noea Kiven. Addreaa I v G., No 433 13th street, corner of D atreet. je24 2; W ANTED TO RKNT-Iu the witskirta of tu? City, or north of K atreet, a COTTAGE or email HOUSE, neatly furntal?^d. with ?ard and ahado trees. For au'-h a auitabte rent will he pa>d. Addresa Ho* 1>4. City Poat Qgice. _ je 24 tf _ WANTkL-A middle a?ed WOMAN (?>?! 11 oretl preferred) for a Nu-ae for a yount Chid. Must come well recommended. Appl> at No. 4K> F atreet. between fith awl ?th ata. je23-^2?* _ \ITANTED?In the fiunilyof agenVentan reaidin/ ?? two milea from the city, a joo.1 plain COOK. One who oan bnnx recommeudatioua ?<>r aki , honesty, and cleanliness will bn>i a rood aitunfion ani' regular wajtea. Apply to J. P. CRUTCHETT, corner of 6th and D atreet a. je 1-tf *- ' ?' WANTED TO PURCHASE ? A BRICK DWELLING, containing 8 or 9 r.wnna, ai <i worth from ft2.5m to about 944a"1. ?>> brat paying $5(?< in coah, and the habuioe id arnuai Alao, For Sale?tJn eaay tenna, two desirable BRICK DWELLINGS, each loi*ted a-ithin two sqitarvs of the Patent Otfioe. One of them oan t-e bought liv paying Sl.iam in oaah, and the lailanca in 12 half yearly icstaluienta. POLLARD WEBB, may 14 tf No. 512<ad story >7*h atre?-'. VtTANTF^D?At Si7 Penn. avenue south side. Tl corner of 9th street, a CllAM BF.RM AI D and WAITER. Tbe waiter a Uiy of from lb to la yeara of rMta. Both must 1? able to bring aatisfacton roc omtnend.itions. inay lt-tf LOST ATOFOUTO. OWNER WANTED.?FOUNT.?Under pecu liar circumstances, a GOLl> W AT* H and nn UMBRELLA, auppoaed to be'oiu too?? ?.il*or. Th* ow ner of the atiove proper*? cjia ot t?-in them h? applying to the anbaeril>er. prov in,' propert j juid pa> - ... ?""""""raVs CIM.. J. P.. je 24-.1t* Navy Yard IOST OR STOLEN-A little white POODLE. a with a collar and lock attached. The?-s huder will confer a great favor on tbe im IpT- n. deraigued by informing him where he can bohnu.aiiJii reMiiir^il a lean'iiJiMe reward vi..^ G. A. SCHWAR7MAN a e? HEWAR l>.?LOST.?On Sunday afteraooa, b?'tween 15th aitd II atreeta, a??d ad and F st*.. a POCKET B<?OK, containing a ta>ao!<l piece ai d some Mna 1 change. TI#1bnoar will receive tl.e atiove reward by returning it to4G3 F atreet. Iietw^n id and ad. je23-2t KF.WARD.?Strayed away on Saturday. May ? ) 3th. a large BULL ala?ut 4 ?eara oid;^^y^ short horna turaod around to hia hea?J:p*-<^ spotted daik yellow and white. The aliovr^kaaw* rewanl will r* paid on hit return to FI.IAS K. BKOWN,3R<18rb atreat. je 23 -l frin REWARD.?The al?ove reward will l?e IU given f??rthe return of a double-ease GOLD WATCH, lost ou Wednesday laat. To lie left at the office of the Star. No questiona a ill Ite asded. It la known who has it. This s to avoid takin: dis agreaOlc steps to get it, is it la valued ver? mocb by the owner. ie 22-3t * AlflA REWARD!?Kan away from the ml? C9 IV/if acriber, on Tueaday, 9tli June, If- 7, NEGRO MAN LUKE, commonly called Luke Williams, very al??ut 25*ears old, O five feet high, prorri'nent projecting forehea-l: has a slight soar over one of hia c* eg ; speaks quickly when a^okea to; haa a thin suit of ? whiskers and mustache; clothing rot remen,l>ereJ. aa he haa various kinds. Ilis father live* in Phi ?? dolphia, and he laaa aister l>eionging to Mr. Willir.m S. Gittings, f?>rinerly of Anne Arundel count*, who now resides in Baltimore c:ty. He hnsa!a? reia'.vea at Mr. Clement Hilleanr's, nbar Bla<lens!>tirr. I pur chaaed him of Richard C. Bowie, esq., formerly ol this oounty. I will sive firty dot lira reward if taken in the State of Maryland or District of Columbia, ai d one hun dred dollars if taken in any free State. He must be brought home to ine, or secured m jul a > I can ?et him again. ZACHARIAH BERRY,(ofW.? Near the Brick Church. Foreat of jaU-2tawtf Prince Ueorge's county, Md._ \OTICE-?Warrant No. for lfr) acres, was 1^ issued under act of Februatv 111b, 1*47. to my brother, Robert Hnii,.!toi:. deceased, on the i'AJ De oemlier, 1849. and as said Warrant is *uppoM>d t<- l^ve been lost, or improperly held, the public is caution* <1 against buying the K?me, as I haw tiled a caveat <i the General Land Office to arrest the issunnce ol a Patent, and, after the expiration of six weeks, a-, . apply to the Penaiou Office for a duplicate warrai '. ? nar 2ii-law6w JOHN HAMILTON. TVOT1CE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT A? 1^ ter aix weeks pui.uca: i n ot thia uoiicc. p.pp!o.a tion will Lv made to ?he !'???? m s: >iw*r ?? t P. n?'' ?< ' for the iBsu*r ot a duplicate of I.A \ I) \N A KII A \ I No. 15.2X2 lor 1?? acres, act id March, lxrp5. isiueJ t?? Berjaiiiin lirunes, private t'apt. Jtuiea C<>inpauy, lieor^.a Vols., Creek W ar; the uune havnu '?e ? <??. C. W. BEN \ ETT, jo 13 lawfw Attorney. fOST ?On Saturday last at-out noon, Ictw.-n * \\ att'a Branch on the fond from Anmpolis i ? Itenniug'a Bridge to the War Depaitment. aio:!* II itreet .a BUNDLE OF PAPERS relating to the Sheriff Estate. 'I h ? fn.?ler ? le? I ?^>ia. ? rewn 1 ;d by aending them to Mr. LOUR IE. oathe prem aea, or to \V. FORSYTH, l?i Penwi. areniie. I< ween 17th and liftb atrecta, west of War Oepart n-?nt. je 224:* boahdimo. Bt?AKDINU.?Mra. BATES, at the corner ot Penna> lvama avenue and sHh ?tre? t, fiaving t<i*d ier houae entirely renovate I and its acoouiiu<?li lonsgreatiy increased, is now prepared to accoin iii?tate a larger numlier of permanent and transient ? ?ardera. lier location la tbe moat eentra! in the ity, and. aa rearranged and improved, her houae is ow aeoond to Doothur U?rdiiig-hoiise n Wa<bim - on. Boarders by the month, werk, (>r day. n ? e!y on receiving every atteutH*n. J erma mtxlers f. 'able boarders nlso taken. je 23 tf 300MS WITH Bt)ARD may lie A 13th street, l>etweeu G and H. Alao. gentiemeu ecommodnted with meals. jel8 eo5t" LIISS BOWIE'S B.?ardmr Hous^ltxited in M a *1 well known nnd healthy village of Brookxilie, lontgiunery oount*. Md? will tte ready to receive uuiriier KOAH L)ERS lor a lew inontbs. aommei c* i< from tbe 1st ol July. je 15 2w*_ | ?R^i. E. BAGBV'Stlata Miaa Kekcm > B?*rdmg II 'Use, No. 325, south aide Penn. avenue, b-ur tors east of 7th street, Washington, will aocoiunio ite families and single persons with BOAR D ob looKiiuodating tenna. j?3 eolm SEMI ANNUAL NOTICE.-Weareh?; > ? gaged making off All openaeoountsonour id a hail as aaual make an ii&ini^t1 i?J' s same up to tbe 27th of this morth. ; I who are aware of having an aocount witki usa n outd as aoon antioipate it, will tJit^fnt iM'satxss.'ssjsstf ^ * eg,