Newspaper of Evening Star, June 26, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 26, 1857 Page 3
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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE* Pcblic Scmool EEAittiiATtorss. ?Yesterday afternoon we bad the plenaure of being present at the examination of Primary school. Second district. Male department; Mr*. K M. Ogde* Irrsf metres^. The examination was conduet?i by MMtn. Magrnder and Polk, trustees, assisted by Mr J?hn B. Tbomptoa, principal of the Fourth district school. The school-room was crowded to excess with visiters; parents, teacher*, and a large number of strangers, amooz whem we no ticed Mr. Hyde, trustee of Public schools in Georgetown, as well as several lady tear hers from that town. This school rank* among the first of Its clasa in the city. At the examination of yea terday the popils were, we think, put through a harder drill of questioning than we hare pre viously witnessed. But the ooys were prompt and up to tne mark on every interrogation. Tbespell iug was good, the reading very good, as also the writing and mental arithmetic. In the latter they wre examined by Mr. J. K. Thompson, himself an adept in that branch, and he, after a severe re view. as far as they had gone in their lessons, ac knowledged that oe could not catch the pupils at fault; and he certainly did put a good many powers, which would have staggered older per sons After the examination. Mr. Magruder introdu ced Mr. Hyde of Georgetown, who addressed the hoys in a' very happy manner. expressing his threat giatification at the examination just passed by the school, and congratulated the pupils on having so exitllest a teacher. ? Male Primary School No. 4. Mr. A. Edson, teacher. This school was examined yesterday by Mr. Z Richards of the I'nion Academy, and Mr. Henshaw, teactter in the Third District. The school exhibited proficiency. good training and fc,o?d order, much to the credit of their teacher, who has evidently done his duty faithfully and ? nccessfully. This school has some sixty'l?o\s f ??m eight to fourteen years of age. A correspond ent expresses regret that more of the municipal authorities were present at this examination, and says : '? Let not o?r city fathers be astonish- d if, not only the teachers of siich schools become dis hentened and uninterested in their work, but even tt>* boys themselves lose their regard for both scbeol. and school officers." Tnx River?In the absence of any thing more profitable in the way of business at the Long Bridge, the boys are turning their attention to eel trapping. La?t night a trap was set at the wharf, made of an emptv barrel, so constructed that their eelshlm after entering the trap inquest of the bait find themselves unable to take the back track, and in this manner the barrel becomes sometimes filled with the slippery, snakish look ing varmints. The barrel this morning contained between two and three hundred of them, who were placed in a half hogshead, and sprinkled with salt, which has the same effect wn their ten der skins that fire would have, aud very soon kills them. The mud machine from Philadelphia, which t?e?n lately cleaning out the docks at George town. came down to the wharf of Messrs. Magru der ft Stone this morning, where she has been set to work to deepen the water thereabouts. This machine works much faster than anything of the kiud we have yet seen, carrying about three loads to one of the machine i?o\v working in the city canal. It is much longer, and has a more nowei fnl engine. ai:d the loads of mud are towed out to the fiats l>y the screw tug Conestoga, which fit cilitate* the dredging operations greatly. To-day the steamer George Washington goes to Mount Vernon on her regular trip. A large number of passenger* were awaiting the arrival of the boat when we left the wharf. No, Sir-xe ' No. Maam-ee'?The Auxiliary Guards are pothered now and then, by the funni est demands for the performance of acts outside the programme of the A. G.'s official duties. Thus, a husband wants the officer to hunt tip his wife. who "has left her bed and board;" or a wife who demands that he shall go and bring her hn>band from this or that house on ? street. She knows he is in there, "and he ain't got no right there, neither," and she wants him to come Lome. Mr. A. B. who goes on a little u bust" and spends the evening at No. ?, loses his watch and Cket-book: is "sure he lost them there." but i't know which of the young ladies got it, thinks got it, on the whole. " Well," says the Guard, 44 we'll go to the station and get a warrant." 44 Oh. no," cries Mr. A. B. in alarm. ??I don't want my name mentioned in connection with it. Yon go and get the money for me with out a warrant.? Such instances are of hourly occurrence, and the officers can only smile at the verdancy of in dividuals who suppose they will lay them?elves liable to a prosecution by acceding to such de mands ? Ova SciDit Schools .?The Rev. Mr. IIol mead. of Grace Church. Island, on last Sabbath ?poke of the hopeful condition of the Sunday School of that Church, which from small begin nings has grown up to number some 1*23 pupils. It ha*, in Tact, increased so rapidly a* to cause the library of the school to be quite inadequate to its needs, and it is proposed to give a pic-nic and excursion down river for the t>enefit of the said library on the"thof July We have heretofore expressed our opinion in regard to the superior chances of enjoyment upon Sunday School excur sions over all others, and in this case particularly is there the added pleasure of aiding in an excel lent work. The excursion boat will leave her wharf at 44 o'clock a in , and return about sun- | d.-wn. visiting Fort Washington and the White House on her tiip Yor*e Me5's Literary Association.?We take pleasure in noticing the organization of asso ciations of young men for the purpose of mutual improvement Such an association was formed last night, at Central Academy, under th? title of the "Edward Everett Debating Society " With some of its originators we are well ac quainted. and know them to be young men of in tegrity and One natural abilities. We shall watch the career of the new Society with much interest The following officers were elected for the en suing v***r Win H Fr>well, President. t'harles Lammond. Vice President. James O. Cl^phane. Secretary. John C. Cornell, Treasurer. I\ the Navt Yaid?The "Plymouth" was t.->wed out into the stream yesteiday, from her moorings at the Navy Yard, by the steam tug Guv. and started on her experimental trip. At the same time the ??Fulton" was towed out by the Wide Awake, and her pilot managed, when at the spot the Minnesota was run aground, to steer also wide of the mark, and the "Fulton" i Wds run plump on the mud. was hauled off finally without much delay or damage. She goes down to Aquia Creek to try her new trailers and machinery : and if found to be all right, she will, afler returning to Washington to take on l>oard her officers and crew, procecd to Norfolk to await orders from the department. She is to be in the command of Capt John J. Alma. Bishop Btrne asu uis Successor.?We learn that the bull confliming the late nomination of the estimable and revered Father Byrne, of this city, to be the Roman Catholic Bishop of Pitts- { burg, has reached Washington, and that Bishop B is consequently preparing soon to sever his connection with his attached congregation of St. Matthews. Father Charlm W bite, of Baltimore, now the editor of the Catholic Magazine, is to succeed Bishop B a* lhe pastor of St. Matthews lie is a clergyman of high character and literary at tainments, second to those of no other ill the country, ills selection will doubtless prove a ! ?r*.mate one for the interest of the Church, and h<9 congregation also. Exited States Police Reports. ? Etfte Jutttrt Donm ? A Jew. named Henry Meley, was arrtsted yesteiday, by Officers Kemble, king, Watson and I'iggott, for stealing fancy goods, the property of a brother Jew named J M Cohn. who sells by the wholesale. They both resided in a part of the Jewish Synagogue. Cohn having l oin time to time missed his good*, had search wariants i?st;e<i for several places, and upon searching the premises occupied by Meley. they tame to a truuk which was locked. With con ? iderable reluctance the kev Was produced, and good* wece found to the amount of ?51). which Cohn identified a* his pioperty Meley was com mitted to jail, and subsequently gave security for couit. Dead?Mr John Smith,formerly of Mary land, u third . lass clerk" (91,OURper annum) iu the Post Office Department, died this morning at his resi dence in this city He had been an employee of the Department for the last 23 years, and was uni versally esteemed aud respected by bis fellow cleiks His health had been very feeble for a long time Yesterday he was at Lis desk, and w<?? preparing to take a short trip for relaxation, with Uioie than cheerful spirits over his better health of late, than usual Such is life : Attempt at BorvvLabi .?On Mond iv night last an attempt wa*- made to enter Clark's G'o ?ery Store, at the corner of M and streets. Inland But it was frustrated by the wakeful ness of a colored woman on the premises, who heard the noise and gave the alarm. The burg lais had succeeded iu cutting a hole three inches >quare through a shutter, aud would doubtless ?oou have effected an entrance but for "Becky's" prompt action MpteorolooicaL I'keno**nox ?Among the f'luny capers practised by the weather clerk upon Mo her Earth lx?-t week, was that of delugiug the Arsenal Grounds one afternoon with a torrent of rain fiotn almost a cloudless sky The grounds were absolutely fiooded with wate* for a short time, while no rain fell either riverward or in the direction of the city Ckimisax Coobt?Judgt Cratp/ord.-?The Court mffthii morning pnmant to adjournment, and the regular business of the term was re sumed Tl?? rase of the da? was called tip, bfclli Itnti h? ? NuK*"t (ccHfored,) indicted for ??? ?i.L t".d ^tery oa William Htuart (also colored,) with intent to kill. Tbrre was no evidence pro duced to sustain the oharges set,forth In the in dictment and John Was acquitted and went on his way rejoicing. The Court then took up the case of Emily Bry ant, (colored,) charged with the larceny of two silver spoons and one silver cup, the property of Chas and John J. Abert. Verdict?gitilty. The next case was that of Rory CVMore, charged with assault and battery on Seth Hyatt, on the 17th instant. Devlin for'defence. The case bad gone to the jury when this report closed. Th? RETrn?rs of tbeofflcers who have made their reports to Capt. Jas. W. Baggott, Chief of Police?for the week ending 20th instant?show the entire number of cases reported to be from? ll-totaM3rd~UnU'd CorPoration C^?ionard~01* ??Cer reP?rtS 8 Third Ward?No report. Fourth Ward?L'nited States cases 1- Cnrnnra tion lit?total >?i. ' corP?ra 4-total 5Vard?Un,ted ^ates case I; Corporation 4-^otal na d~rnited State* CJU** ~i Corporation tio^SohtaMard~"1^^"itedState. case I; Corpora Rial Estate.?Yesterday. J. C. McGulre. auctioneer, -old part of lot 11, in square 454, on Seventh, between C and H streets, to T. G. Ford for f 3,2(10; and part of lot P, in square ?31. corner ZlJ. ^d,Fo."rth !?"*??. ?o A. J . Duval 1, for 51* T1. J^r f??t! and part of lot 15. in square 532, on 7';^ W^n.Dand EstIwfs, to Edw'd Swann, for 31 rents p*r foot. C. VV. Boteler, auctioneer, sold three stor\-brick house on Seventh street to A. Roth well, for *7 .UK) A. Green, auctioneer, sold lot 1 and pari of lot 3, in square west of square 14, on Pennsylvania avenue and 1 wenty-fourth street west, with im provements: Frame house and lot to James H;tr tinan, for 8350; north lot to Isabella Travers at 10 centsi per foot; the bousr and lot to K. F. Paee and J. S. Pcnnybacker. for 82,000. Improvekkxt*?On Missouri avenue, or rather Missouri street, the gutters have been repaved and curb stones reset from 4# street to Cth street. This improvement was not commenced a minute too soon. That ugly crossing at the junction of Pennsylvania avenue and 6th street, is, we are glad to see, in an advanced stage of repair The improvements on D street, in the way of pavine and sidewaik-widening, have iriven a wonder rally smarten<d-up air to that locality. The in creiMed travel upon this street has "made some rpPa,rs "pou this street imperatively neces Pickpockets About.?Last niyht. a gentleman Louisa county, Va., named S. J. Bagby. ar rived by the cars in this city, and while passing from the depot to the Exchange Hotel in a hack, discovered that his money belt, which he had in Lis pocket, had Wn stolen from hiin. It con tamed ftioO in gold, except a note of the Drovers Kanktif New \ork. of ten dollars value The police were immediate set to work, but have not yet obtained a clue to the thief or thieves. Ftwal Hearixo.?The final hearing of Corde lia A. Ilayzelland Cropsey and Williams will lie had at the central guard house at Ave o'clock this afternoon, before Justice Donn. It is the wish of the magistrate and officers that those persons who have lost articles of clothing from their dwell. In** or clothes lines will be present and examine the goods. Among the articles found on the premises was a silvar cream jug. - Disorderly Rots.?We need a House of Ref uge, a Reformatory School, or some kindred In stitution for the benefit of the Ishmaeliteish hordes of bovs who wander up and down our town committing hourly acts of semi-rascality and ripening every day for the penitentiary or the gallows A number of such followed in the line as the Masons were returning from Mount Ver non and showed bv their conduct and laaguave most alarming prollcieney in vice. Axother Rural Cemetery.?The Cat hoi !e clergy of this city have purchased in the neigh borhood of forty acres of land Mr. Fenwick for a cemetery for the use of the Catholic con gregatlons of Washington. The site is a beautiful one. being immediately opposite the Spring Tav flMreVl ?i?? Baltimo,r turmlke. It m a sweet, v^ew and commands a delightful rural " Slidixq.'"?1This is the term used by consta bles to denote that parties who have given bail for trial are running away. It is reported about tl'at sundT Persons who are under security i.i wi? r ?Ppwran?* ?t court, for off-nees connect w??h the recent riots, are " sliding." The re sponsibility of securities will probably be tested CoraT or Claim*?Present, Judges Blackford and Scarburgh. John S. Hollingshead, Esq , of Washington was appointed Commissioner to the Court & Adjourned till Tuesday next 10 o'clock, a. ni. Errata.?In our yesterday's notice of Primary School No. 3, First District, the name of the A!irP Thompson?was misprinted Miss A!ta Thompson. "Alia" is a prettyenoueh name for a lady, out not half so pretty as - Alice.1' Bkxevolext Movemext ?The Alexandria Gazette understands that the Odd Fellows of Po Lodge are making the necessary arrange ments *> establish a male and female school in that city, where the children of deceased mem bers are to be educated free of expense No clce to the robbery of Mr. Adams* Jewelry totetaiTr "" " * enue- _____ it Madame Moist has prepared hr special reoite.f a Salve for the cure of Careers, wluch never wV,' kw.jrn to fa.L Also, a fnr DyseuterV Dm" rbea. and Summer Complaint, which ac s aVu D^ feet charm to arrest allot then* ViP Salve for the Piiaa, ,an eatiaoTtroin ajJo^er *a sov* eraun remedy. Give them a trial I h'J, sumption Destroy?r, they may l.e relied on offers no article but what hw b*n ti.t^l h! ?tNam*:pilmSr'eeit;b,Jt^'M,n Alsik ar,'i PL?.Aav^.ua. ' DrUC St?r0' ?"raer ?h street ASanS;>,2!Ua,|PMrn cSl^^sTJ^ ia.-L r A'1,0> PiN? for the destruction of Rst? snH - wl .ch lint ueverClik^wt ffffl ken down and si.attereid Cim'i?U "ution,'*wifl?oea-'e *? P?st0^ee*ss NewKk je 6-lna MARRIED. ssvsjsijf-as ?v*r cn5M5,,nv;Kftol'r?j wm. M.? SARAH C AT HA R | NKK* K H died, ?y J AC H ink SEWING. All kind* of sewiaa executed at short notice MV?'4ps?S?)Y^Kr* DEWING ROOMS, Ao. 4J3 Serrnth, bttwtrn li an,I H streets. and l"\ I^k^a Vm L^'-sES' r<MU,T ma4,e NKN kept* ou hand.' ,n iViN?* A SfAiu??alri,hiiriH""'take this method bills due 1 at July. t,!Ullon Mr oustomera to their ? A F1TOL ?iA K DE.N_RE81A IRAN T." to the OAR THI R^DA V VvVviva _ nhov? place ?very ?r. w - V EVENING,atl..''clock; by thanew WashingtoD City Brass Rand lad l.v IV, r u J 23-eoih, ? Maryind "a!Vnfe^eli it. FOB SEHT AJfD SAUL Dronn^vfM FOR SALE.-The STOCK, -?i?Mj V,.LL.' !f< XTURES of a Dnu r??ore, eligiMy sit nated, doing an excellent prencrip tion business. Tlim is an opportunity seldom to be JJJ? Til ** Intend* leaving the business altogether. Address " Pwmaoflutut," City Post _L j< iW-wtiw ??" LOT No.t. in square 67a''rontingGi feet on Indiana avenue and olt? Btreet, in the roost improving part fi R,J9,n <or six bouses of 20 ft. each. Will MsoM a bargain, on easy terms. Title mcHsruta nJLST. no pnVequ,r*^.. ?. HOUSTON, Green s Row. Capitol Hilt." je*-3t* F?^R.ENTrT,,*t d?:ir*b!? residence on ,* ?rT" ?treet, between G and H, No. 417, having in l.n., .,raf*' iS ft,er *?"* '???.with every modern im provement. Toapefi^anent tenant rent moderate. *iren ll*rnediatelr. Apply to G. D. n'.\ ? . corner of loth and Penn. avenue, over Washington City Saving Bank. je26-eo"?t* POR RENT?A two story FRAME HOUSE. * ???.UlJ"nf I1.1 Rooms, and situated on 7th street Hote'* There is one acre of ground attached to the house, and a food pump of water at the floor. Apply on the premise*. je95*3t* RENT?'Three very desirable ROOMS, u ? ,,r Bln?'8 ?r the suite. Furnished or unfurn 111-i* J*i imi,'?diate application at 470 12th street, north of F. _ Also, wanted to hire a smart ao.jve Girl, je 25 3t* I?QR RENT.?A modern built HOUSE. contain * ing 12 rooms, comfortably furnished, in a d?*light rul and airy location, fronting one of the public res ervations, and commanding an extensive view of the cits, the river, and Georgetown. It has gas through out; wafer and bath-room. To a careful tenant the rent will be moderate. Inquire at 4f>4 I street, sec ond door from 12th street. je24-tf F2Jk&J5 N T~T7ro purnished belT ROOMS, in a small private family. No. 4 Wal ler s Row, onWh street, between F and G. je 23-St* Rooms for rent.?miss morley, having taken the house reoenily occupied !>y Mrs. Anderson.! wo doors from the Kirkwood House. t4>..renl PARLORS am! LODGING KOO*m&v together or separately, furnisher! ornnfur nished, and, if desired, will also furnish Board, or ureakfast,and Tea to such as wish to dine at hotels or uautier s. I he rooms are large and airy, and very pleasant for summer residences. Apply nt 276 Penn.avenue. je22-lm. (?Q? SALE. A FARM of about IW acres, in 1L Montgomery count v, Md., ten miles from Wash u?.Vi"VlMl ne rned, iiqjnoved with a k<hm1 ?f ITu f^r barn and stable, n fine orchard A, *"rtA"?oJ with clover, and the whole we!! fenced. A mrcam may be obtained if early applied lor, or would ex change (or citv proper rg. wT . :,* ? ""ANSDALE, Agent, ?'"troct? or through the City Post Office, je 4*"i m VERY' DESIRABLE COUNTRY-SEAT F()R SALE NEAR W ASHINliTON.?The sub scribers will seti the valuable farm on which he now resides, in the District of Columbia, containing about one huMlred and ten acres, one-half cleared find the remainder well wooded. The improvements consist ne dwelling, containing ei^ht rooms, witfcaM the necessary out-nouses, including an ice honse hlled with ice. If desired, he will divide it into lots of from fifteen to twenty acres. , Tl.ore ,are several sites for building commanding "eautinil Views of luland scenery, with several never-failing springs of the purest water. The property lie# about two miles from the Navv i ard In id*e,and. being proverbially healthy, presents peculiar advantages to thosp who intend to build and desire to possess a healthy retreat near the city. ^^.prr!iCUI,Hrs ,Sp?]v Mr" T. M- No. 512 Seventh street. Mr. James E. Tuomvso.v, No. ? Pennsylvania avenue, or to the stibscrilter on the Premiss*. ,r ANTHONY ADDISON, may 29?eotf |^'|R SALE.?n??at and convenient DWEL a 1,1 .> o HOI SK, containing five pleasant rooms, situated on Vermont avenue, near the corner of N street north. It will !>g for nnle iow if early npplica ti.on is made to the subscriber, on the premises, or at his plaoe of business, 325 E street, l>etween 12th and lain streets. je 15-eo6t (States) J. L. MARR. POR SALE.?A very desirable RESIDENCE. being a Lot fronting 3* feet 10 inches, by 116 feet deep, to an an alley 25 feet wide, situated on the west side of 6th street west, Iwtweeii L and M north, and -it"! i rT * C??r'Jr,U,'le Frame Dwelling. *ith wo?o ,,uli5,lnir' wood-house, a pump of excellent water and ornamented with a variety of flowers and Appl"t No POLLARD WEBB. TV OMORKDISA P POIN TM ENT?Having em l i p?oyed additional eaicij^rs, ] cnu now till ail or der. for SOFT CRABS, Helnered in an, art of the city a few hours out of w.*ter. SAM'L. T. DRl'RY, !?.<)-???? 294 8Ve" ^ door east of 14th St. _je2a-3t* <S-atas> A CA RD.?Special attention is catied totheTrus ^Th n,V S" e V" 1 "1I)AY AFTERNOON. June t? o clock, on the premises, of fourteen Dweli nig-HousesL and several Lots situated on Third street wes*between h and L streets south, (Island.) This properl) will be divided to suit purchasers, atlordiiig an excellent opportunitj for investment. ? , JAS. C. McGL'IRE, je -g-3-u Auctioneer. t'ISH?FISH?FISH. 22< l?rrels Ury Salted ROUND HERRING. H" <j? Pickletl do dov^ipgrv i.'.4 /ll'j .do ? do#C2S? fr,?, Pu , daily to arrive per schooner Const Pilot, i vf" Boston. 1 or sale low on or l>efore arrival Merchants wanting prime oastem fish would do well to give us a wll: we will warrant them prime. HARTLEY Je BKOTHER. je 25-4t Water st? Georgetown. WlM. H. HEYL, " " wTll fh.i(rr.ViSA' ^ai*TER axd glazier. w I i thankfully receive and promptly and neatly ex ?i'l n,.1' orders ui his line with which his friends and the public may favor linn. Orders can 1*? left on the slate (second story lover Cochran's Sogar Store. >o. 514 Seventh street, or at Ridenour's Confec iill!!';kLfl'HT'*?, Pe,,n?ylv*nui avenue (north side) between 9th and H?th streets. Those who may intrust work to him inay rel> on its being executed with neatness and dispatch, and at the lowest rates. | je 25-2m piRK, WATER. WET GOODS. J?.' received from A rrtiov, five cases of (topils that wrre si it h tly ifamageri nt th' late tire in AtM' i crt. C0QCiit>iiz of Hlearlipd nn#i l*?. W^ch^ COTTON. CAI OIlJmifAM LUi 'ER. IRISH LIN EN. HOSE. GLOVF^* lA N KN,H A \ DK ER CH f E FS. "' Tliese Goods were l^ught at Anotion at an Im mmi* barrihrr, an<l mtst b* ?olt> immkdiatflv therefore EAT BARGAINS may l>e expected. Call early and see them,?at ? R BRICE HALL'S, je 25 3t No.373 Seventh St.. 4th house aliove 1. K< )OKS F R OM LON DON .-How ittV fT^i and ffaun??ofthe Kn?li?h PcM?t?,illustrated; #2. Itumphrey Clinker, by Smollett, illustrated: 75c. Peregrine Pickle, by Smollett, illustrated; ??]. History of Amelia, by Fielding, illustrated: 75c. Schinderhannes, the Robber of the Rhine, by Leitch Ritchie; 30c. Guy Fa?-kes,hy Ainsworth; 3??e, 'he Collegians, by Gerald Griffin:3rtc. i\f?rthanger Abl?ej and Persuasion, by Miss Aus ten, 3c*o? llie Tithe Proctor, bv William Carleton; 3Bc. The Emigrants, by William Carleton;3ftc. Hie Munster Festival, by Gerald Griffin; inc. The Rivals, by Gera'd Gritfin; We. ? orous'w> the Miser, by William Carleton, 38c. _ _ FRANCK TAYLOR. TO OUR FRIENDS AND THE PUBLIC.? Having ellected a renewal of our lease upon ti e premises occupied by us, we have determined to erect tnereen a larger and more convenient store, ami, to lessen the trouble of moving, we shall benin irorn tiim date to veil ofl our present utock of rich and seasonable foods for cost, or less for cash. \\ e shallI remain in the present sttire until thefith July ; after which time (nntil the new store is completed) at "Coombs'* Hall,"(up stairs.) nearly opposite our present location. HARPER ic MITCHELL, ? 0. _ No. 312 Pennsylvania avenue, )e .4-eofit bi'tween 9th and loth streets. CMSH-F1KH-FISH. . ? . 1 **rrels prime No. 1 Eastern HERRINGS in store and for ss le by > , -- _ GETTY * WILLIAMS, . northwest comer of High and Water je l2-ei>2w street. Georgetown. QREAT BARGAINS. V ^ , DRY GOODS. ? ? cost to close business. Our whole stock is going at cost. Call early. vi p. J. NOXON & SON. may 2n-T^ThA sjf" ,OUth "'de',,eAr 7th 8treet CARPETINGS AND COWQl'A .. i.. ni atti \t^^ n?iU?,|t received, and on sale, 10 Imles superior fmpe ?t?'l#!? F?nriPiy "iI'r lnnrain Carpetiugs all new ?iKl 1pllnrl^ toTf*eyar(t? WRrra"ted to weigh 2 re"1 ",!!,wrta" white.ind red checked wdl l^ thel?V*r t"'irei f i 8t ma,t,l,K? known, and Ivh!.i.n 'rK-i '?r years, and will l?e sold cheap. J hese. with the other makes we now have in thU market'r',e8 most comP'eto stock Also, dail7 expected sixteen sheets superior and low-prjc^d Floor Oilcloths, which will i>e cut up lor any mzed rrK>m, hall, or part?a*e hh per diagram at prices as lew as in any city in the Union. Always on hand a full supply of all kinds of House furnishing Dry Goods, the (test and newest of their respective classes. jeB eo3w CLAGETT. DODSON & CO. ^JORE CHEAP GOODS FROM AUCTION. redTiced^n^-'" "t,,re* "nd &re 8ell,"? ''"'''odors'48 plaUl Gin*ham" atK.'sCtf, all good 1500 yards^white and colored Brilliants at 12),' and anou Bareges and De'Lamsat 12>i 15"? ^5#an?*??i*'it!?'ir'?'tj1 Mfcss Silks at 37.S', ? ah cr which are decided Uirrams "scarf's. *' Uc? Maatillas, Sliawls.aud u !'? >ol| our entire stock of liK,ch,^'lk Robes, an,| Fancy Dress Silks at prune cost, for cash only. JSm1; Tant of ch#"P Dress Goods GiSls this scasou. C'?"e ?Ut ?Ur 8tock uf Fa?^ je?-?weo 523 7th S? 3 d.'^s ifirthftfave. PEA FOWL AND OSTRICH KKathV'h Fly Brushes. Wire Dish Covers. D?mbl" Ye" rapidl/'kt f,1Vell'nK B?*ket? >? '? ^ FRANCIS,49>7th street. kJELF SEALING CANS.?Sell Sealinr Cansand ^ Jars of I in. Glass, and fare and aoid proof 8tno? )>*re. in pints, quarts, and two quart*: Excellent for Strawberries, green Peas, or any other fruitor ?eteiabJes. No troalile. and perfectly reliable G. FRANCIS, 49U 7th street. AUCTION SALES. By WALL A BARNARD, Anetwiiwri. Furniture and effects of a fami ly lbavixo Tilk city.? On 8ATI RDA\ MORNING. June S7lh, we will sell in fr?ntof our Auetion Room*. a large a?kortmen! of Furniture, Ac. tl?* efleota of a family leaving (lie oity,suoh at? Mahogany Sofa? and Chairs Bureaus, Beds, Bedsteads, and Mattresses Chair*, Lounges, Carpets, Stoves 3 second-hind Pianos and Stools Washstands, Curtains, Window Shades. With many other article* in the ftirnishing lint, all of which will he sold without reserve. Jo?-d WALL A BARNARD. A net*. By A. OR KEN. Auctioneer. VALUABLE LOTS IN THE FIRST WARD at Acctio*.?On THURSDAY, theSd of July, at 6 o'olook, ir. front of the promisee, I?ot No. 18, in Square No. 79, fronting 50 feet 3*4 inches on II St.. nearest street, depth 183. This property is in a lteftutiful sitnation, and is deserving of attention fr ... persons wishing to purchaae. It will be equally divided into two lots if desired. Also. Lot No. 3. in Square 51. fronting on L street 54 feet 8 inclms, running Iwck 1?0 feet to a publio alley, being finely situated, in the immediate vicin ity of the Circle. The lot will be divided if desired. Titles to the above lots indisputable. Terms: One-tbird cash; the reaidue in 6 and 12 months, with iuterest, secured by a deed of trust on the property. _i"2i-d A. GREEN. Auctioneer. ByC.A. L. CROWN k CO. Auctioneers. Desirable property on 4* street at Auction.?On MONDAY AFTERNOON, at 6 o'clock, we shall sell in front of the premises, Island? I*ot No. 27 in Square 497, lying on the west and paved side of 4,l?. Also, a part of Lot No. 1, subdivision of Sfiuare No. 560, l>eginning at the northeast corner of said Lot at the intersection of First street with the alley running in the rear of said Lot, then west with the line of said alley 56 feet, thence with and paral lel with said First street west 34 feet, thence east to said Kirst street west 54 feet, with two Houses on said lot?frame. Terms of sale: One-fourth, cash ; the balance in (i, 12, and la months, for notes lieariug interest from dar of sale. A de?d given and a deed of trust taken. je25-d C. R. L. CROWN A CO.. Aucts. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Household a kitchen furniture at Auction.?On WEDNESDAY,the let day of July, at?- o'clock a. m., I shall sell at the resi dence of A. Moise, Esq., .No. 340 Ninth st., liou?h ty's Row, next to the corner of L atreet north, a good assortment of nearly new furniture, via:

Mahogany French Sola, spring-seat Chairs, and Rockers Mahogany sofa Table, cherry dining and side Tables Oval gilt-frame Mirror. Mantel Vases Parlor and eh*ml>er Window Curtains Feather Pillows and Bolsters Ilair and shuck Mattresses, Cottare Bedsteads Bedding and Wardrobes. Washstands Cane seat and other Chairs China, glass, and crockery Ware, Table Cutlery Three-ply ingrain and passage Carpets Cooking, air-tight. ar.d other Stoves, with a good lot of Kitchen Utensils. Terms: All sums under .f'Z.'i, cash: over "1825 a credit of fill ami days, for notes satisfactorily en dorsed Itearing interest. j?2S-d A. GREEN, Auctioneer. The house is for rent, inquire on the prem ises. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. PUBLIC SALE.?By virtue of a deed of trust executed to ine.aml recorded in Lib?rJ. A. S. No. liS, folios 436,437,438, and 43!), one of the Land Records of Washington county, in the District of Columbia, I shall on TUEaDAY, the 3'?h of June, at six o'clock p. m.. in front or the premises, oiler for sale at public auction to the highest bidder therefor, the following property, to wit : " All the follow me piece or parcel of property, to wit, part of Lot No. 5in Square No. 343, or said city, beriouiug for the same at tho southwest corner of said lot and running thence north along the line of Eleventh street west 23 feet, thence east 28 feet, thenoe north two feet, thence east 71 feet 9 inches to the rear of said lot, thence south along the rear line of the said lot 25 feet to the southeast corner of the said lot, thence west along the south line of said lot 1)9 feat 9 inches to the point of beginning." Terms, cash. Property to l>e resold at the risk ami expense of the purchaser unless term* are com plied with in three days from day of sale. EDWARD C. cARRINGTON. Trustee. jel0-2awAd A. GREEN, Auctioneer. j\I ARSH A L'S SA LE.?In virtue of a writ of fieri 1*1 facias on scifa lien law issued from the Ce.k's office of the Circuit Court of the District of Colnm bia for the County of W ashington, and to ine di rected. I shall expose to public sale for cash, in front of the Court house door of said count), on FRI DAY, the 17th day of July, 1857, at 12 t/olock, the following property, to wit: All defendant right, tide, claim,and interest in and to the three two-story and attic Frame Dwelling Houses and Back Buildings, situated on Lot No. 2S, in square No. 107 in the City of Washington, D. C.. fronting 4<> feet on north L street, seized and levied upon as the property of John S. James, and wtll be sold to satisfy Judicial* No. to March term 15H7; Francis Wheat ley ri. John S.James. J. 1). HOOVER, jo 24-d Marshal for the Dist. of Col. in SECON D HANI) PIANOS. RANGING IN IU price from ?IR to S125. just received^g^jaa from Baltimore. They are very tood. rnr r"Vf Also, 15 beautiful new PI A NOS in store* * * ? ? recently received from Boston. Highest price given for old Pianos in exchange for new. Remember our nnml>cr is 3W. near loth street. I?e tween 9th ar.d loth. JOHN. F. ELLIS. je 22 _ WINDOW GLASS.?3U; boxes lo by 15 French Window Glass, will t?e sold at one d.tll.'tr and seventy-live per hox for cash, in lots of 14 foxes. Also, a full supply of large size Frencli Glass, 1st, 2d, and 3d qualities. 4 by 8 G lata for hot-houses, 8 by 10, 8 by 12, 9 by 12, and 10 by 12 cheap. R. H. MILLER. SON k CO. Alexandria. Va. ie 22 N1 EW ICE CREAM SALOON, ? UP STAIRS. The subscrilier has just fitted up an ICE CREAM SALOON over his store, which is airy and ple.ts-#p} ant, where you can get the veiv best ICEVl/ CREAM and CONFECTIONERY on reason-? able terms. ^ Please call at U. II. RIDENOUR'S, je20-lw 3>4 Penn. avenue. t\totice7-to builders asd owxehs i> OF pkoi'FRTY. C. SCHNEIDER wishes to informthe public that he is now prepared to manufacture and hnug all kinds of BELLS in the neatest and most substantial man ner. with or without Tultes. Pnrtielar attention paid to arrangement of SPEAK ING TUBES, Ac. Establishment 271 Penn. avenue, between KHn and 11th streets, 2d story. jeSi-lm* UNDER BROWNS' HOTEL. ?J I U Just opening a splendid assortment of Spring and Summer READY - M A l)E CLOTH 1NG and Gent's FURNISHING GOODS of tho finest style ami make, at the Emporium of Fashion, No. 37ii Browns' Hotel, next to private entrance, mny 30 (Intel A States) _ Jelling off at cost n A large selection of MANTILLAS,(l^iceand Silk.) LACE SHAWLS, IJLACK FIGURED LACE FOR BASQUES, together with a large stock of the best English Hosiery and Gloves, Ac. R ichardson's and other makes of Irish Linens Lawns, Bareges. Silk Robes, Basque Robes Wlute Good*. Linen Cambrick Handkerchiefs. Ac. All of which the subscnlier is willing 16 cioso out at a very low price for cash. Call and satisly yourselves, at FRANK A. McGEE'S. je 12 eo2w 244 Penn ave.. I>et. 12th and 12th s>s. Academy of music. Cor. of 111A st. ami Pa. nrr., orer Fnrnhnm''s IionL *tnrr. Mr. F. Nicholls CroCcii, composer of upward of 2,ooo songs, author of " Kathleen Mavourneen," aud musical editor of Godey's l^uly's Book? Continues giving Vocal Lessons to his Pupils and Classes, every Monday. Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, at the almve Institution. . Meiiiiters t nrolleil rr?ry day, as no vacations oc cur during the Summer months?THIS SEASON, being the proper time, for V<>cnlists to study. Apply to Mr. Crouch,at tho Academy of Music, every morning from K to in o'clock. Musical Lectures delivered every Thursday even in*?illustrated by the Pupils of the Institution. l-eo3rn WATCHES, JEWELRY, AND SILVER WARE. I have just received a new supply of FINE WATCHES, GOLI) CHAINS, and a lareeassort ment of RICH JEWELRY of every description, which makes iny stock at the present time one of the mogt complete in the city. 1 have just finished (ou the premises) a very large assortment of PURE SILVER WARE. among which may be found a SOLID SILVER TEA KET TLE superior to anything liefore exhibited iu this city,?the ht of which is 125 ounces, capacity 9 quarts. , But h citizens and strangers are invited to call and examine. H. O. HOOD, je23- ^ 3B Pa.ave., near9th street. HUMPHRIES A JUNNIMAN. On Fourth street east. l*tween E and F, Capitol Hill, have fitted up their place, which will be open daily to visitors, ami every Monday afternoon for those who wish to engage in the English Quadrilles or Cerninn Waltzes, will find an opportunity to do so there. Welter's Rand has been engaged for the sea son. and wiH he in attendance. They have on hand and constantly making the purest Larger to be obtained in the city, ie 17 3in MY STOCK OF BOOTS AND SHOES being about the largest in this city at this^ib-* tin it#, ami having been purchased before the] rise m Leather, can be sold at alsiut 15 to | per cent, less than goods purchased at this time. Call and examine fur yourselves, at 4. P. HOOVER'S, je 11 Iron Hall, Pa. ave. IwU. 9th and Mth s?a. JCE CREAM, ICE CtlEAM, ICE CREAM. The very best of ICE~CREAM and WATER ICES at % 1.50 per gallon, at JOSEPH SCIIEF FALD'S uew Confectionery. No. 336 6th street,\jr between G and 11 streets, from Butcher's Con f ffectionery of Baltimore, late foreman at Weav- ^ er's, opposite Browns' Hotel. Parties, Weddings, Excursions, Ac., furnished with Confectiouery at the shortest notice. je 24-4t* FMtENCH BOOKS.?Rousseau ; Les Coufes sions, 2 vols., illustrated, 75 cents. Rou?s.*au; La Nouvclle Heloise,2 vols.,illustrated; 75 cents. Voltaire; Lo Si cole da Lonit XV, lvol., illustra ted ; si cent*. Voltaire: Dietiunnaire Philosophiquc, 5 vols., illus trated ; $1.75. Voltaire; La Henriade. 1 vol., illustrated, 37 cents. Mined* Sevigne: Lett res 1 vol.; 75 cents. LouisRejliuid; Jerome Psturot; 9)csnt?. Serilie; Comedies-Vandoviiles; 30 con IS. Duinas Fils: Antouine; 30 cents. Balzac ; Le Cousin-Pons ; 3> oenta. je 23 _ FRANCK TAYLOR.__ FAi2uTc'""" "cu m AUCTION BALM. TO-nftflr TO-MOKKO^ morttixx* By \VAl?f? A HARVARD, AuetiooMri. I^RAMK HOIAC A\l) LOT AT PUBLIC * Sale.?OnF RI pA Y, 2fiUi intt.,11 Go'ttuck t. m., we will sell. in fto?t of premises, |*4 No. 3-). (subdivision) mSanare No. afe, fronting 12 feet on N ilrwt iL and 1 Sth itrNla west, ?*iti running back ? feet, improved with a two story Frame Dwelling. Title perfect. Sale positive. Terms: One-third cash; the residue in three equal payments at 6, IS and 13 months, from day of sale fearing interest, and satisfactorily secured. jea du WALL A BARNARD, Ancta. By A.GREEN. Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF CITY LOTH.?By wlT. tueofadeed of trust (waring date the Sst day of October, 1854, and recorded in Liber J. A, S., No. 8,9 (olio 436. et. seq., the sul-senber will sell at puWie sale, on FRIDAY, theifitk day of June, Its?, at 6 o'clock p. in., on the premi*es. the following described Lots in Washington city, D. C.; via : Lot* Xo*. 18.14, and 15, in ?quare .No. I?n5. This property fronts on Penn. avenue, between 13th and 14th streets east. Also, i<ota No*. 1 and 4 in square aouth of square No. 1019. This property fronts on Penn. aveuue, be tween 12th street east and public space. The aliove lots are in the immediate neighborhood of the Navy Yard,and otTer special inducements for investment. Terms of sale: One-third <ri*h : balance in fi, 12, and 18 months, for notes imi interest, secured by dead of trust on the premises ao purchased. The trustee reserves the right to reae'l. if the terms are not complied with, in five da) s. at the oost of the defaulting purchaser. J. T. STEVENS. Trustee. june 15-dta A. GREEN. Auctioneer. By JAMES C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE UNDER DECREE.-By direction of a decree of the Circuit Court of this District, passed in a cause, No. 1179 on the equity docket, wherein Pairo Ac. Nourse are complainants, and R S Chew aud others are defendants, 1 wiU sell, without reserve, to the highest btdier at auJtion,->n FRIDAY, the 2&th day of June instant, at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, at the auction store of JAs. C. Me Guire, Lot* No. in, 11,12,13.14,15, ami 16, in Square No. 144, in the city of Washington. Terms: One-third of the purchase money cash, and the residue in three equal payments of 6.12, and 18 mouths, secured by the purchaser's bonds, lur ing interest from the day oTsale. If the terms are not complied with within three day k from file Jay of sale, the property will be resold on five fays' ,?nl lie notice, at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser. WSREDI N. Trustee. juue 4-3tawAds J. C. McGUIRK. A net. JD? IMMEDIATELY AFTER SELLING the alxivt w-> w.ll ? Hi??r ail the adjoining Square. No. 145, subdivided into 32 Lots of 25 feet Iront by lui feet deep, each lot cxteamiu to a ten feet alley, as per plat, which inay be ,'iad at our store. Tonus: One-fourth culi( and the balance in one, two, and three years. Deeds and perfect title given, aid notes, with deed of tru^t on the premise*.taken, at the cost of purchasers, or 6 percent. oil for cash, and no charge for oouve)ane?ig. je 24-d J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRE Anotioater. VERY VALUABLE BUILDING I.OT o* I t* STREET, BETWEEN G ASH H STREETS.?On FRIDAY AFTERNOON, Jaue 2Ktl>,at o'cl'k, on the premises, I shall sell fart of Lot No. u in square 34o, having a Iront on'he west Md? of l??Ui street west of 2?> feet, ftetween G and If streets north. running l<ack I"*' feet, aud containing 2.'?<> ft. This is a very beautiful Lot aim finely .ocated for building purposes. Terms: One-third, oa< 1.; the rcsnue in 6 and 12 months, with interest, secured by a deed ol trust on the premises. juno25-d JAS. C. McGUIRE, A ie*ior.?er, By JAS. C. MoGUIRL, Auctioneer. /"?LOSING OUT SALE OK FI RNfTI RE. *./ Mirrors. Carpets. Oas Fixtibes, A< ., at the National Hotel.?O11SATURDAY MORN ING, J tine 27th, at l? o'clock, in the rotunda of the National Hotel, i shall s??ll at the risk and cost of former purchasers, a large amount of Valuable Furn<tuie, Gilt Frame Mirrors. Carpetat Mattress es. Blankets, China. Glass, aud Plated W are. Amongst which tie several elegant Rosewood Parlor Suits, a numbvr of? Mahogany Wardrobes. French Bedsteads Marble-top Dressing Bureaus. Washsiaads 3 dozen \\ alnut American P!u?h Covered Dining Cmt'irs Rosewood Marble-top Sideboards Very large French-plate Mirrors. Ac., Ac. A Iso, a large Steam Boiler, Force Pump. Ac.. Ac. Terms: S1W nnd under, cash; over that sum a credit of30.fii',and 9n dsya, foraatisfactonly endorsed notes, bearing interest. iHT" Purchasers at this sale are notified in ad vance, that their goods must be settled for and re moved oil the following Monday. je .V-d J. C. McGUIRE. Anot. By JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. PAIR OF CARRIAGE HORSES, FAMILY Carriac.k, H*r\es?. Robes, Ac.-Oii SAT I'RDAY MoRNIN<?, June 27th. at !t o'clock, in front of the Auction Rooms. I shall sell? A spin of gray Carriage Horses, sue and seven years old. tine travellers, kind and gentle in harrieas. A Coupee Carriage, with seats for four; can he used for one or t^ro horses. Also, single and double Ilnrnaaa. Carriage Robes. Whips, Ao., the property of a gentleman going to Europe. The horses will be sold separate or together. Terms cash. je24 d J. C. McGUIRE. Auct. By J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. FMRNITIRK AND HOUSEHOLD F.F ncrTii at ?ai.e.?On TUESDAY MORNING, June ?ith. at 10 o'clock, at the resi dence of a gentleman declining housekeeping, on F street, between 11th and 12th streets. 1 shall sell his Furniture and Effects: comprising? Mahogany and walnut Preach and Lounging Sofas Mshoen^v arm and parlorChatrs Marble-top Centre-tables, Whatnot. Cane seat Chairs. Rockers, Shades Silk and winter Window Curtains and Cornice Carpets, Rug*, Matting Oilcloth Bronze Iron Hat-tree. Stair Carpets Mahogany marble and wood-top Dressing Bureaus Jenny Lind and cottaze Bed*t>>?ds Wardrobe*. WaMistands. Toilet Seta Hair nnd husk Mattresses Bolsters and Pillows Blankets, Comforts. Spreads Mahogany Sidenoard. walnut Kxtrnaion Tahla Fast India China Dinner Ware, Glassware Chitting Dishes, Table Cutlery Siiv.-r-plated Tea Set, Castors Refrigerator. Chaml>er Stoves Cooking Stove, t ire Irons. Together with an excellent assortment of Kitchen requiaites. T"rms: S3" and under, each over that sum a credit of thirty and sixty dats, for satisfactorily eu dorsed notes,Learmg interest. JAS. C. McGUIRE, je 25-d Auctioneer. By A. GREKN, Auctioneer. HorSKHOLD A\n KITCHEN FURNITURE at Auctiox.?On MONDAY the 29th instant, I shall sell, at the residence nl' H. Pardon, Esq., on 4th street east. No. 5i3. at 12 o'clock m., a good as sortment of Furniture, viz : Mahogany Bureau and Tables W nil ut Kxtension Tables Painted Cottage Chamber Sets Pottage Bedsteads, Window Cnrta;r.s Hair and Shuck Mattresses Dining-room and Passage Oilcloth anil Carpets Chtua, lilass, and Crockery Ware Clock. Lounge, Ac. l.ot of excellent Feather Bolsters and Pillows Walnut cane-seat Chairs, Rockers, and Washsiauda Cocking. Airtight, and other StovesJ With a ^ood assortment of Kitchen Requisites, Terms cash. je 24-d A. G I! KEN. Auct. By WALL A BARNARD, Auctioneers. BAY MARK AT AUCTION.-On MONDAY AFTERNOON. Juno 2?. at 5o'clock, we wnl sell, in front of our Auction Rooms? ^ Bay Mare, about 7 years old. Sold to pay livery and charges. ? Tenm, cash. BARNARD. Auk. TBy J. C. McGUIRE. Anctioner. RUSTEE'S SALE OF A NEAT FRAME Il0t ?E AXU LoToxRtII ?TRE1T WEST,BETWEEX M andJN STREETS NORTH.-On THURSDAY AF TERNOON, July 9th. at 6>i o'clock, on tiie premi ses, by virtne of a deed of trust, dated July 21st, l;i53, and dul> recorded in Liber J. A. S., No. 6", fo lios 94,95, and 9(5, one of the land record* for Wash ington count), D. C? 1 shall aell Lot N. in Coyle'a subdivision in Square No. 424, fronting Hi feet 10 in ches on Hth street wrst, between M an?! N stn-f!? north, runnin? back 95 feet toaten-feet alley, mith the iiuprovements, consisting of a neat and well built frame dwelling House. Terms cash. JAS. M. WIl.SON, Trustee. je 4-2awAds J.C. McGlTf R F.. Auetmneer. By J.C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. IN PURSUANCK OF THE PRO VISIONS*? a Deed of Trust from William H. Faulkner to the undersigned trustee, dated 2?itli da* ol May, 185a, recorded in l.tbor J. A. S., No. 56, lolio i93. Ac.. I shall, on MONDA Y, the 6th day of July i.ext, Ims tween the hours of 5 and tl o'clock p. in., proceed to sell Lot N<>.25, Reservation A, situated on the son'h side of Pennsylvania avenue, between *1 and 4th streets, fronting on the avenu# 2.5 feet, and running l?ack 127 5-12 feet to an Alley, and on wh?ch there is erected a new and first-class brick buildiug, now oc cupied by said Faulkner. Title indisputable. Terms: One third cash on the day of ss!e. and the balance in equal payments at6and!2 months, with interest, secured by deed of trust on the property. Conveyancing at the expense cf the purchaser. ANDREW WYLIE. Trustee. je23-d JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. Bv WALLA BARNAR D. Auctioneers. VALUABLE FARM AND BKAUTIKT'L Cot XTRY Rksiwkm e at Pcblic SaLK.?On TUESDAY, 3?th instant, at 5o'clock p. m..outf,e premises, we will aell that Ixviut iful and highly cul tivated Farm, late the country residence of A. Hoover, Esq., deceased, lying in Alexandria count), Virginia, one mile fn*n Georgetown, and on the heights just aUivt> the Aqueduct. This Fat m contains alsuit one hundred rod sixty aores, in a high state o| cultivation, well foneed.and enrtobed with the lils-ral use fertilizers. There is a large Orchard ol the choicest fruits now in full bearing. The dwelling, which is nearly new, is 42 feet square, surrounded with a U?ii-f?et wide portico, contains larifc parlors, riM)iu> hall, five large cham liers, kitchen, Kith-rixnn, water-closet, and every modern oonveuionoe: also,? reservoir on the top oi the hon?e. L: fact, no expense was t-pared to make the dwotlinr coinfortalile and elegant. The aitoation is l?eautifMl, commanding an exten sive country, city, and water view, aud is within a few minutes' walk of Georgetown. The otiiet improvements consist of uew barns, aiosds, staLle*. styes. Ac. There is a liberal supply of pure water close to the house, and the farm u well watered with aeveral an faiimg streams. The terms, which are liberal, will lie made kno?*n at time of sale. A. P. HOOVKR. je 22 ts WALL A BARNARD. Auct. The largkst stock of pianos, me lodeons. Music. Musical Instruments,and Mu aical Merchandise in " [. Jt 19 No, 906 Pi, aveauc bet, 9thaiid i?U ata. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. prom tjte associated press Personal Rtaro?irt at the ( tftnl *f Cm> ?fcllrvt. llABTroau, June V4 ? At noon, to day. James E. Dunham, of Btldgenorl. oae of the bank com. mlsslnners of Connecticut. and Wm. E ?C?A>le# also of Bridgeport, attacked J udge Brook*. chair man of the bank committee, in the vestibule of the iMate House. and a fight ensued. but no on* was injured. The matter wm Immediately brought before a committee of the l^falature, which reported that Mr. Dunham ought to a polo - vise to Mr. Brooka. and also to the House Thi? Si r Dunham is willing to do ; hot Mr Brooka, It is understood, refuses to accept an apology Fire*. Bostox, June *21 ?The building No. 114, on Bln k?to?M- street, occupied by W E f Brook*, furniture dealer, John Morgan, liquor dealer, and. other*, was nearly d est toyed d> fire last night The lo*a ia about MSjMM. B*t*tol. R. I., June 24 ?'The BrMol Oakum Works owned by Messrs Deroe, Dimon ft Co , were totally destroved by fire thia morning It was insured for #10,000. Sale of the Pennsylvania Maia Liar. Philadet phi a. June 25 The Pennsylvania main line of public works waa sold thia evening, at the Exchange. la the presence of the Governor of the State. There was a large attendance TUe purchase was made by J Edgar Ttiomaon. Pre* .dent, in behalf of the Pennsylvania Railroad, for fat one bid Cheer* were given for the Governor and for the ro*d. ??I' a# a Gallery *f Arta. New Yoaa. June20 ?The Dnstteldorf Gallery of Paintings has been purchased by the Ca*nto politan Art Association for 81*0,000 The whole collection Including Powers' Greek slave wili iw distributed among th*subscribers to the Associ at ion in Jannnry next. The C *tt?n Trade. Ch a blustox. June 45,?The sales of Cofton for ti e week ending to-dav amounted to 3,080 bale*. and the market clos>d at \a%c. advance. Mid dling fair closed at 14*al4 \ Decreased receipt, *Ll "^'"hern (>f, ia?t ynr 55f .ooo fcnlca. Decrease of Foreign exports 6SKM0 hales. Democratic Mate < onveattea. Ar<J5*TA? (Ga..) June 25.? The Democratic "tateConvention m?t in Miliedge\ ille yesterday and adopted resolutions in favor of the Cincinnati platform, and condemning Got Walker's policy In Kansas The Convention la uow balloting for Governor. ? McTrnrnU of G*v. Marcy. Ballstoii Sea. N Y., June 24 ?Hoa Wm L Marcy arrived heie last evening, and la atocuinv at the Hans Soncl Hotel, where be will fJmalu until the tune of hi* departure for Europe. Masonic Olehratl*n. PRoviDEXca. R I . June 25?The Masonic eel. eh rat ion in this city yesterday. was a moot impos ing affair. The oration was delivered by the Rev Dr. Randolph. Ohio River?Western Crept. PiTTsBCae, June-21.?Nine feet water. Steam ers loading for all point# at low rates. Accounts [rom the West give the moat flattering hopes of heavy crops in all quaiters. Geaeral tau. Detroit, June 25?Gen. Cass leaves here for \\ ashing ton this evening to resume his official duties. _____ Baltimore Marketa. BiLTmnit, June 26th.?Flour ia steadv at an advance of L2>?c. per bbi. Howard street '97.3 There was no \\ heat in the oiarket, and prices are nominal. Corn is steady; white A3a*c.. vellow \N hlsky Is firmer; City, 30c , Ohio 31c. few York Market*. Niw \ on, June 26 ?Flour it buoyant: n!^ of t.500 bbls.; State, 86 50af6 65 : Ohio. ?; iuj *7 75: Southern 87 iai; 75 ' Wheat is firm; sales of 12.000bushels' Southern white 81 90a*I 94. Corn Is firm; sales of 2V.00O bushels; mixed at 91c?an advance of 2c. Pork is lower and depressed , mess f2w 25a 820 60 Beef is quiet at 816 50a817 for western repacked. Lard is dull at 14^c Whisky is steady at 33c for Ohio. Financial. New Yoai, June ?Stocks are doll Chi cago and Rock Island Cumberland Coal Company 1G^; Illinois Central Railroad 126 tf Michigan Southern 41; New York Central wia Reading Railroad 7V\: Canton Co 18 W; Ylr glnia tt's 9J Missouri ?**?](. Sterling Exchange is dull at 10)$. GEORGETOWN AFFAIRS. Correspondence of The Stmt Gboboetow*, June 26, 18?7 The trial of the Cathcart, yesterday, wa> alto gether satisfactory, coming fUlly up to the raoM sanguine expectations of the Inventor and his fr:euds, a large number of whom were on board She steamed up the canal as far as the first lock (a distance of some four miles) and back Tl.* trial yesterday was also made under some di ft culties. so far as testing her speed was concerned inferior wood having to be used for raising steam her furnaces Wing constructed for coal. Xevrr ' theless, on returning, she succeeded in ruunini. three miles in twenty-eight minutes, with only about twenty-eight pounds of steam on?4?ot one. third what her boiler is intended to bear. The trial thoroughly satisfied the inventor that his plan will effectually do away with one great ob jection to steamboats upon canaU. v?: the crea tion of a swell sufficient to injure the banks Her engines,and every portion of her machinery, not withstanding they were just out of the machine shop, worked to a charm, in a manner reflecting great ciedit upon the builders?Duvall A Kirk land. The boit is now receiving a fresh coat of paint, preparatory to a trial on tha river, which will doubtless be made to-morrow or Monday. Messrs. II. B. Walker and Simmes are engaged In building a number of very large scows for the use of the Washington Aqueduct, two of them of enormous size, and no ordinary specimens of workmanship, will be ready for launching next week. We have rarely known the money market wirh us tighter than it is at the present time The corn plaints among our merchants generallr of ?i.e scarcity of money, and the great difficulty <n making collections is verv general. There is to l>e a Methodist Camp meeting this summer upon the lands of Mr. Gibson, in Fairfax county, Virginia, to commence abont the last week in August. The Tenth street Baptist Sabbath School spent the day. yesterdav. at Custis' Spring, where they had a most delightful time. They were brought over to our city in the Union Line of omnibuses, and tlien taken down to the Spring by wav of th? Alexandria Canal, on board of Captain Moore * boat. r The weather, at the time of this writing, is scorching hot in the sun. The only available comforts at hand Is a cool shade and a few bottUs of Arny ft bhtun's unequalled refreshing drink* PracTAToa A Seditk* Taics tookt Rid or his Pa*a Mors ? Hard Strettrimg on both Si4??.?Eight or ten days a^o we noticed a case of " tali swear lug,"' which occurred in the Police Court 1?efi?re Justice PafVuis. A man named James Bovte swore out a warrant for the arre?t of a woman whose name he gave v Julia Mack, who had. he said. robl<ed him of Boyle swore that la*t summer he, in company with the woman, left Greenpo't. Long Island, went to New Yo?k. came on to Albany, went to Troy, and then went to some town in oue of the northern counties; re cently, they returned to T.ov. and thea to th;? city; that they are not married, although livin* together as man and wife; that he has tw ichi,' dreu in Ireland; aud. finally, that while they were coming up from New York ia the cn< someeigh; months ago, he was robbed of 81-j, and that he never got any clue as to who took the lost money until about tea days ago. when h< found the pocket book, whieh was stolen with the money, in this woman's possession. On the'other side, the womau testified?^That last summer they were married in Grrenport, Long Island, where they were employed, ?ne as a domestic hi the family of Mr Moran, that shortly after they came to Albany; that they were married by Father McCarthy, the parish priest ot Greenport. and that John aud Margaret Burns were the witnesses; that she never knew the complainant to have so much money; and that he stole from her and destroyed the marriage certificate which the Rev. Mr. McCarthy gave to her. At this stage of the proceedings the examina tion wa? postponed until information might lie obtained from Greenport. Officer Clinton wrote to Mr. Moran, of that place, and Justice Parsons to the priest who the womuu swore had married thein Replies were received. The upshot of all this, says the Argus. Is. that Boyle got tired of his mistress, and thought to rid himself of her by charging her M'ith grand lar ceny. He swore positively to It. although, in all grohability, he never possessed the amount which e charged her with stealing. Although gailt j le-ss. fhe thought that the qaiete^t way to clear I he'self of the toils of the law won?d be to assert that she was Boyle's wife So she swore to the: marriage, and so clearly and positively as to de ceive everybody who listened to her. Thu* they both committed perjury. The case was dismissed ?/t/basy Atlas, 23d. Tiie FoarT-FootTii .Vstekoid ?A circular from Camb-tdge. Tuesday, contains a letter from Hermann Goldschmidt. dated Paris, June 3, an nouncing the discovery, on the night of May 27th, of a forty-fourth planet, between Mars aud Jupi ter. This Is tbesixth which has been discovered by Mr. Goldsehaaidt It rrwnbie a itir of th 10.11 magnitude The fortv-thirdanteiiod. dis covered at the Ratcllffe okaitiviro'y by Mr Pov. i, has recaired the aum of A rfedne. ?on /