Newspaper of Evening Star, July 1, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 1, 1857 Page 1
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(finning VOL. IX. WASHINGTON, D. C., WEDNESDAY, JULY I, 1857. ? NO. 1,380. the evening star 1* PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, < EXCEPT SUNDAY.) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Comtt cf Ptnnsylvania mvtmu*, and. 1K4 ttrut, Br w. D. WALLACH, ?nd la aerved to au baer ibera by oarnera at 81X AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to he Asents; papers aerved in packagea at J7J* oenti p.?r month. To mail sul>acribera theaubaoription prioe'a THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS ? year i? mdramre, TWO DOI.LAR8 for aix ?<>nth?. and ONE DOLLAR for three raontha;fur leas than three moutiia at the rate of 12* oenta a week. fUrSINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. THE GREAT HANDEL FESTIVAL AT THE CRYSTAL PALACE. [From the London Times, June 1> ] The ro?<I from Dulwich to the Palace yester day ha>l an appearance which we can only ex pect to see again to-morrow. It soemed a kind of Harmonic Derby day. but in every respect more orderly than the mixed riotous concourse which always marks that great equestrian sa turnalia. An immense crowd of people were collected outside the building, and remained there throughout the entire performances. They were certainly not unrewarded, for during the cho ruses the peal of voices seemed to swell from the building and fill the air, as though the Pnl nce itself wan a vast organ. The Hallelujah chorus could be distinctly heard nearly half a mile from Norwood, and its effect, as the sound floated on the wind, now high, now low. was impressive beyond description, and sounded as if a nation was at prayers. The change determined on at the rehearsal in the position of the choristers, by means ot which tha female singers were all brought together in front of the organ, and were conspicuous from every point, not only afforded an agreeable re lief to the eye. but added materially to the ef fect of the music. Tho different choral parts being now well balanced, the thunder of the ineu s voices no longer overpowered the more mellifluous tones of their fair companions and tellow-laborers. Another desirable improve ment was achieved by the establishment of screens at the back and sides of the orchestra, through which contrivance the sound, instead ?'f esc aping into the empty galleries and corri dors in the immediate neighborhood of that enormous amphitheatre of timber, was thrown directly upon tho area devoted to tho audience Among other objects in the orchestra that at tracted general interest were a portrait, a bust, and a full-length statue (in marble) of the great musician in wliose honor this festival was insti tuted. The Messiah, as every one who cares for mu sic is aware, was composed in 1741?planned, fketched and completed in the miraculously brief period of twenty-two days, having been commenced on the 22d of August and finished on the 12th of September ! A fortnight alter this the first part nf Samson was on paper Such prodigious rapidity, the very elaborate character o? the music considered, would be incredible haJ we not the authority of Handel s ?wn dates for the fact. This imperishable uias erpiece was first performed in Dublin on the "?th of April, 1712. with the utmost success. How this decision of tho sister isle bus been i tamped by the approving verdictoof the civil zed world?bow nearly a century and a quar er has elapsed since the composition ot the Messiah, without robbing it of one atom of its attraction?how to this day, when music has nade such strides and gone through so many phases. when Haydn. Mozart, Beethoven, and Mendelssohn have lived, and written, and died, musicians and cultivated amateurs, strength ened by the unanimous popular opinion, still fc*jk up to it as the greatest piece of sacrod rusic which the art can boast, we need hardly *sist. The solemn and impressive effect of its performance at the unprecedented celebration ;esterday. the devout attention, edification, ind delight of the multitude assembled to hear t. sufficiently attested that the Messiah was lot a work for yesterday, to-day. or to-morrow. *>ut for all time?one of those inspirations of ;enius for which we enn only account by at -ributing them to a higher source than that of imple human agency. The performance, as we have suggested, was vonderfully successful. The greatest effects, it nay readily be imagined, the extent and pecu larities of the arena being taken into consider ation, were produced by the choruses, of which the Messiah affords so astonishing a variety. AH of these "went'' more or less well, while ?ome surpassed in grandeur of tone, precision iad unanimity, anything we can call to mind. The most irreproachable were naturally those n which the occurrence of florid passages is .east frequent, and broad and massive harmony Is the j r >minent characteristic. The viry first :horus, '* And the glory of the Lord/" at once iisclosed the signal advantage gained by the aew disposition of the female voices. The trebles more particularly, which at times were scarcely audible during rehearsal, now came >ut with penetrating clearness. " And He ?"hall purify the son^ of Levi' is one of those :horal pieews abounding in florid divisions, and lere there was a good deal of occasional un steadiness, especially (strange enough, their lepth and solidity of tone considered.) among he basses, which, swing to and fro, were only revented from going astray by tho marvellous lecision of Mr. Costa's beat. " For unto us a :hild is born'' was perfect. ^ Th)t ra iJ burst?" Wonderful, Counsellor,'' ?lost nothing by this, but rather gained, since ? moment's reflection muat convince any one of lie absurdity of uttering the preceding words His name shall lie called''?in a tone ?:arofly audible, while the close of the annun lation??' Wonderful. Counsellor*'?the name tself?is shouted with the utmost possible loud tess. The audience, moved to enthusiasm by ?> fine a j>erformance, redemanded it obstrepcr usly; and their applause continued until the ?astoral symphony had been played half way hrough ; but the conductor was inexorable, nd resolutely declined to interrupt the course ?f the oratorio, for which he is entitled to the Qanks of all discreet persons. # The " Hallelujah'' (during which, according *? traditional custom the whole assembly re lained standing) was grand beyond desorip i >n. To be brief, no less can be said of the .-tounding chorus, '? Worthy is the Lamb. *ith which the oratorio terminates. The Ainen" o^ual in all resj>ects to tho llal ilajah," and constituted a fitting climax to I ne of the iuo?t impressive and exciting per irmances ever heard of the FUNERAL OF DOUGLAS JERROLD. [Fioni the London Daily News, June Hi. J Yesterday the mortal remains of Dou^lns errold were committed to the earth in Ncr /??od Cemetery, in presence of a large con ?urse of gentlemen known to literature and ? rt, who had come togeftier to indulge a gener ?<is sentiment at the grave of an honored friend, wnong others who were present we observed, !r. Serle. Mr. Frank Stone. Mr. (ioorge Cruik ?hank. Mr. Biylc Bernard, Mr. Buckstone, lr. West land Marston, Mr. Tom Taylor, Mr. I vraud, Mr. Augustus Egg, Mr. Bradbury, ?lr Evans. Mr John LecclT. Mr Tenniel, Mr. 'eter Cunningham. Mr H. A. Sala, Mr. J nines Unnay. Mr. B. Webster, Mr. Augustus May* :?w. Mr Albert Smith, Mr Kenny Meadows, lr Shirley Brooks, Mr. Robert Bell, and Mr. i forge Hodder. The pall-bearers were Mr Charles I>ickeB?. fr Hepworth Dixon, Mr Thackeray. Mr. Hor ?e Mayhew. Mr. Charles Knight. Mr Mark ??mon, Mr. Monckton Milnes, M. P., and Mr. radbury ; whilst the gentlemen wlto occupied le mourning coaches were Mr. Douglas Jer .Id's eldest and youngest sons?W. Blanchard ?rrold and Thomas Jerrold?Mr. Henry May fw. Mr. Copeland (brother-in-law of Mr Jer- j ?Id.) and the three medical men, Dr. Wright, ?r Quain and Mr. Cleveland, wIh> attended i ?e deceased in his last illness. To many per- i us it will be interesting to know that tho rave of Douglas Jerrold is immediately oppo te to that of hid very dear friend Laman ianchard. We regret to learn that the constant and va- j '?us demands upon the Ute Mr. Jerrold pre dated him from making proper provision fwr iose he has left behindniui. A number of his j ?i"??t intimate friends have accordingly formed hemselves into a committee for the pnrpoae of rganixing a series of theatrical performances, e., the proceeds of which to be aevoted to the t eneflt of the family. Everybody hitherto ap lie 1 to has resjionded most readily to the call, ? ri 1 the following programme has been deter- j amei U|*>n. Saturday. June 27, a musical festival will ^ke plaue, at which Madame Novello. Mr and , dra. T. Herman Reed, Mr. F. Kobson, Muni >olby, Mr. Albert Siftith, Mary Keclej, * < TiM S ani ?,h" di?'i?p.i?hed JnnJ"r?*J: n,Une *' Mr Ch"r,c8 Dickens tin 8 Hall Chr,9tu?* Carol," in St. Mar On Tuesday. Juij 7, Mr. W. II. Russell wjii deliver hi* " Personal Narrative of the late Crimean ttar," in St. Martin's Hall. th??^.VUrdV'M,U,y M: wi" 1,0 ^Prownted at \vfiw; P rir ' on:*' R*?cnt street, Mr a* 1 *?>,,,p 3 BewTTomantic rtfua in three acts, "The Frozen Deep," performed by the company of ladies and gentlemen who "origi nally represented it in private. With the <>ri lelb."STS by S,rnfie,d- R A ' Mr. ielbin, and the original music, under the di France8co larger. The whole under the management of Mr. Charles Dickens To conclude with a farce wi" bo "presented at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket, the late Mr. Ijouglas Jerrold s comedy, in three acts, " The Housekeeper." To conclude with the late Douglas Jerrold s drama. - The Prisoner of War. Represented by the company of the theatre, in conjunction with Mr. and Mrs. Kcc ley, Mr Benjamin Webster and Mr. Phelps On Wednesday, July 22, Mr. W. M Thacke ray will deliver a lecture on " Week day Preach era, ' in St. Martin's Hall. On Wednesday July 29, will be represented at the Theatre Royal, Adelphi. the late Mr. Douglas Jerrold s drama," Black Eyed Susan;" represented by the company of the theatre, in conjunction with Mr. T. P. Cooko and Mr lJuckstone. Among the names in the committee aro to be found those of Messrs. Dickens. Thackiray. Al bert Smith, W. H. RusseJI. Macready, Sir E. Bulwer Lytton, Sir Joseph Paxton, Ac , Ac. A WIKTEK SKETCH IK HYDE PARK. [ r?ni CLamkru' Journal.J (treat streams of people arc always setting from or towards Hyclo Park; they thong the paths and loom across the fog like funeral pro cessions The sheep that were white last week are now turned black, the trees arc black. and the uiarblc arch is ^oaly by contrast with the *now. At the eastern end of the Serpentine the poor frozen-out water-fowl are huddled to fim of attacking curs. Little children who have come to store, and not wf&h? ar? *ttackcd h* j??"y indignant swans, which insist upon getting satisfaction out of their mottled arms; and the military, which is a life guardsman attached to the nurse, is obliged S!LiaHed ln t?rthoir he,P- A 5rc,lt trwp of theM horse-soldiers is passing in the distance; and their red plumes and cuirass, and black chargers, make a fine pageant uj>on the snow and a pleasant music in the clear frosty air! rhis is at nine o clock; but between seven and eight in the morning, the ice is broken on the south side tor the bathers, of whom to-day there are no less than five-two of them gray headed 1 olar bears from the Arctic Ocean, and three younger persons, probably religious fana skaters are skimming, swallow like, in their vicinity, and a Humane Society's man is standing by with a savage expression" of countenance, and a harpoon, as though they were whales. 0 J As the crowd increases, the professional gen tlemen who had invested their capital in skates aud a chair increase likewise, and aro prepared to let the former out at sixpence per pair per hour-a deposit of five shillings being ^eouired as a guarantee for their return. T'nder the chair is sometimes a bottle of brandy, to be used medicinally in keeping up the courage of the patient; and even after that restorative, he will often insist upou the proprietor's accom panying him a little way upon the ice until he teels his legs, which he accomplishes, to all appearance, by stretching out his arms like a baby, and catching at the air. A skate-lender, with whom I s]Hike upon the smallness of the deposit, assured me that he had never lust but two pair in a long ex|>erionce. aud those under very peculiar circumstances. "A gentleman came to me," says he " some few years ago, to have a couplo of hours of it who said he had nothing about him underafive pmnd note He was so i?erfect a gentleman, so slap-up, *<, kiddy, that I said: Well, I'll trust y ?u. Ho was a liable and pleasant as could be while I was putting on the irons, but he kept his eye about him all the time, as though he was expecting somebody ho didn't want to'see '? { "ish 11 "as Sun,la7 man." says ho. - >\ hy so, sir/' says I. ' Why, because Hero, let ine go." says he; ?? hang the strap " and in a moment he'd pulled me down the bank, and broke away from me like a harrow from a bow. A great big chap with hook nose caught hold of me as I let go but just mi>sed nabbing the 'tothcr one " I'm 14 bailiff," says he, "aud I want that man." - Are you'" says I, '? and do you'" says I. lor I ain't fond of that sort nohow." ?? Yes," says the gentleman, who had fastened his Htrap by tliid time, and came ^kimmini^ up quite close to us under the banks: " he's a bailiff, he is, and a very nice bailiff too?ain't y iu, Solomons' I'm sorry to be obliged to go so much faster than you with these here skates on. and so to be deprived of your valuable com pany. Ry bye. Solly:" and off ho went again, backwards, for ho was a real good skater. ?? Let me have a pair." says the bailiff pres ently. who was getting awfully riled. ' Certainly," says fj but I should like to see the five shillings first, for your friend has not lett a farthing with me." ;? He hasn't got a farthing," says the bailiff, grim enough. -Now, Mr. Halphonso Caven dish Oward. let us see who is the fastest;" and on wont the Jew after his game at a pace that was a caution to engines. '? Look out!" hollers I; Look out!" hcchoes the people; and the next moment, there they was, hare and greyhound, twistingand turning, and overshooting one another in a manner pretty to behold. Moses was the better man on the irons, out and out; and the other, finding him selt beat, stood out for the part marked l)an srtmi/s, with the Humane Societies a-hollerin" at him from both *ides, and him not caring one icicle. It was sink or swim with the gent, you sec all-ways; aud the bailiff?that I will say struck to him like a man. The ice quivered and cracked whenever they came together; and three times the Jew's hand was upon his collar, and three times he got away; when all of a sud den Mr. Oward start* off as hard as*he can go for the bridge, trust ng to his speed to take him over the rotten ice belore it had time to give ?ntul he did it too. He came right on to the place in front of the Skating Club yonder, and they do say he was as pale as ashes with the fright: but he got safe away anyhow?with my I a r of skates." ?? Ah, then," said I. after this long narration, " I supjMwe the Jews thought twice about fol lowing him under the bridge'" "No; he put the steam up. and tried it on too; but there he went in?he did." " Rless me said I, "it mu"t h?Tj been very hard to have rcscued him from such a po sition!" " It wai hard, I believe you, sir; and the inan was drowned?and that's how 1 lost uiy second pa r of skates." Leg-krokmaix.?A writer in the Boston Journal gives the following solution of the man ner in which the prisoner at Albany, N. Y., jail managed to change his pints when chained to the tl??or, a ring around Ins ancle: Draw your pants off the leg which is not chained, then put the bottom of the other leg of the | a its inside of the ring, between it and the flesh. Now draw down the pants, inside of the ring, till the whole leg and a p irt of the seat have gone through the ring. The impris oned foot may now be removed from the pants by passing it across their open top. Draw the pants up again, taking care that the foot does not slip in, nnd they may thu? be removed wholly from the body. The way to put on another pair, is to reverse the process. |L7* It is said that the lands in the paperoitle* of Minoexota and Iowa seii at greater prices than those of Columbus, Ohio. FOB RENT AKD SALE. _ IOFFKR FOR SAl,K. MY FARM. "Ro?mi vick," \ miles distant from the town ofCulpeper ?inl a depot of the Orange and Alexandria R. R. This Farm contains 156 acres of land equal to any in this section of Virginia. Forty acres are in timber, the l>alnnce open land in fine order. On it in a large and valuable young Orchard now just coming into bearing, comprising all the most desirable varieties of Apples. Pears, Plums, Tenches, Apricots, Necta rines, Grapes, icr., Ac., suited to our climate, a Spring of never failing pure water near the dwelling, Oiit-houses,&c. The Dwelling is plain, hut amply sufficient to accoinrrodate a small family. The situation for health and beauty is second to none in this region. An extensive range of mountain scenery, the lienutiful Village of Culpener. with in a lew minutes walk, offer facilities for attend ing Church. and as tine Schools as our State af ?>rds, whilethe Orangeand Alexandria R. R?ad put* it within a f?w hours ride of either \V ashing toil, Alexandria, or Richmond- It is seldom a farm.with as many advantages, is ofTered to the notice of the riuhlic. Persons desiring to pnrchaso ar? respectful y invited to call and viow the premises. It is fin sale privately, but if not sold before Saturday, the 1st August, on tliat day it will be ottered at public auc tion, on the premises, without reserve. Terms made known at sale. For any information address R.G. BOWEN.CulpeperCotirt House. Va. re4 I^OR SALE?A FARM of 115 acres, nine miles I from Washington, near the Seventh-street road. The improvements are a small Dwelling House, a good Stable, a well of good water with new wood pump in same. There are 3r*> choice fruit trees. A part of the farm is well fenced. It will be sold a bar gain, if immediate application be made, or it mav be traded for citv property. Apply to H. N. LANS DALE. No. 304 M street, or through the Post Office, je 4-lm l^ARM FOR SA LE.?A piece of fine LANDon r Rock Creek, in Montgomery countv, Md., six miles from the heights of Georgetown, adjoining the lands of Messrs. Perry, Wood, Bestor, Nowles, Bohrer, and llnwkins, I t'2/3 acres. A beautiful loca tion : partially improved; new houa?; 13acresrich creek bottom, and some fine \ellow pine tunlier. It can lie divided, if desired. Call and see the premi ses those who desire to purchase. |a 4-tf I^OR SA LE. -My R ESIDENCE on the corner of New Jersey avenue anil C street south, Capitol Hill, fronting oh the avenue 162 lect 9 inches, and on C street south 2tifeot 11 inches, and containing nearly 34.on?? square feet. may fi-tf W. F. PHILLIPS. FT'OR SALE?On liberal terms, that valuable SOU ARE OF GROUND No. 113. situated lie tween IRth anil 19th streets and R and S. containing loo,(*<> feet. Apply at No. 512 (2d story ) 7th street, je 15 POLLARD WEBB. Agent. Ir?OR RENT.?Two WAREHOUSES on fith street, |>etween Pennsylvania and Missouri ave nues. For terms, Ac., apply to J. U. WILSON. No. 327 Penn. avenue. je IMm E*OR SALE CHEAP? And on liberal terms, the r following FRAME DWELLINGS, viz : One just finished, and situated on the northwest corner of22dandH streets, in the First Ward; one just finished, and on the west side of 1st street west. Iie tween K and L. and in a rwpidlv improving part of the nty ; one on the east side of 2*ith street west, l?e tween E and F.and near Easby's Ship Yard;" and two. Nos. 116 and 11R, on north side East Capitol street. Also, five more, situated in different parts of the cify. Applv at No, 512 (2d sti?ry )7th street, je 19 POLLARD WEBB. fJHIR RENT.?A two story BRICK DWEL LING, with back building and a fine yard at tached, situated on E street, between 13th ami 14th streets. The house could l?e made one of the best business stands in Washington, being within a few steps of Wtllards', nnd adjoining Flint's Hotel. Pos session given the 1st of July. Apply to FRANCIS MILLER, Family Grocer, corner of F and litli sts. je Ifl-tf J7nte!2 \r ALU ABLE REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. The subscriber oflers for sale all that valuaitie Real Estate known as " I.argo," situated hi ?he Forest of Prince George's county, Md., containing ?V) ACRES OF LAND. This is one of the most valuable estates in this county. It is easy of cullivation. and has all the advantages of Water, and is also heavilv Timliered. It adjoins the estates of Dr. David Craufurd. Geo. i T. Craufurd. Zacliariali Berry, Sr., Dr. Benjamin and others, and lata on tlie load leading from Hlailensburg to Up,.i r Marlliorough,al?out five miles from Upper Marlborough and twelve from Wash ington City. There is also a fine Meadow, contain ing between fittand w> eiclitv acres of verv prune Land. This land produces luxuriantly all the crops usually grown hi tins region of oouutry, such as wheat, corn, rye, oats, loliacco, A c. There is alHiiit one hundred acres of prime white oak Timber Land in the tra< t. Persons wishing to purchase will please call on the undersigned, living near the premises, who will take great pleasure in showing it to all such. This land is susecptible of division, nnd will be divided into I wo lots to suit purchasers, il desired. If this land is not sold nt private sale on or l*ef<>re THURSDAY, the 3'th day of July next, it will lie offered on that day at public sale, at the subscriber's home place, to the highest bidder. There will be a plat exhibited on tlie day of sale. Terms of sale; One third of the purchase money will be required in cash on the day of sale; and tho | fialance in one and two years, with approved securi ty, (tearing interest from the day of sale ; ora inort gage on the land, if preferred by the purchaser, je 18-eotf II. HE ALL. I^OR SArLE.?A valuable tract of LAND, oon I taming aliout 63 acres, and within 3 miles of Washington citv. Terms: One-fourth cash; l?al ance in 1,2,3, and 4 years ; or half in cash, and l?al ance in city property, improved. Apply at No. 512 (2d storv)7th street. je 12-tf POLLARD WEBB. I7K>R R ENT.?One of my HOUSES on C street, between 1st. and 2d, witnall the modern improve ments and conveniences. The house is four-stories high, with dry ccllar. Pure water in the kitchenand through the house. Rent reduced to per month. Inqure of J. 13. WARD, 12th street aud Canal. je llKJw [JlOX A VAN HOOK. Rkal EftTATK Akknts. Seventh street, below E street, have for sale a nil miter of Building Lots 24 feet front by 13" feet deep, at the very low price of from $75 to $125 eaoii?pa>able in small monthly instalments of $3 per month. These Lots arc situated at I nion town, on the south side of the Anacostia river, adjoining the Na vy-yard Bridge, and are in every way desirable for persons wishing a cheap, pleasant,and healthy loca tion for a dwelling. Lot-holders in arrears are requested to complete their purchase, and get their deeds; tho title to these Lots is guaranteed free and clcar from every possible incumbrance. may 25-3m For saleor rent7.-the desTrable R ESI PENCE on tke corner of F and 21st sts., together with the Grounds surrounding it. The House contains sixteen rooms, has gas throughout, and furnace. The stable will be sold or rented with the house if desired. The lot the house stands on is 5? \>j 136 feet, but the purchaser can have more land if desired. Also, for Sale-The LOT OF GROUNDonthe corner of F and I9lh streets, anil LOTS on 19th,near F street^Apply to CHUBB BROTHERS. ap 8-tf H' IUMPHRIESA JIJNNIMAN, On Fourth street east. I>etween E and F, Capitol Hill, have fitted up their place, which will be open daily to visitors, and every Monday afternoon lor those who wish to engage in the English ()u"drilleg or will find an opportunity to do so there. Welier's Band has lieen engaged for the sea son. and will be in attendance. They have on hand and constantly making tho purest Larcor to be obtained in tho citv. jo l*i-3in [FRENCH BOOKS.?Rousseau : Lcs Confes sions, 2 vols., illustrated, 75 cents. Rousseau; La Nouvelle Hcloise, 2 vols., illustrated; 75 cents. Voltaire; Le Steele de Loum XV, I vol., illustra ted ; 37 cents. Voltaire : Dictionnaire Philosophiquo, 5 vols., illus trated ; ?1.75. Voltaire: La Henriade. 1 vol., illustrated, 77 cents. Mineib- Sevigne : Lettre*. 1 vol.; 75 cents. Louis Reyland; Jerome Pnturot; 9*1 cents. Scrilx*; Comedies-Vaudevilles ; 3d oeuts. Dumas Fils: Antomne; cents. Balzac; Le Cousin-Pons ; cents, jo i3 F RAN'CK TAYLOR. BUILDING HARDWARE.?The attention Builders if called to our stock of BUILD- J IN'G HARDWARE, comprising the hrgest and best selected of any in the city: Locks, Knobs, Ac., from the celobrated factor* of Da venprot. Mallory St Co.,and RussellJt Erwin's Manufacturing Company: Hinges of all kinds; Screws, Brails, Nails, Saah, Weights and Cord,Sash Pulleys; Window Sbriugsand Sash Fastenings,Wall Stars, Holts and Shutter Fastenings. In fact, every thing wanted in the Hardware line for a house, and ?old cheap, cheaper, cheapest for cash. HARVEY &. ADAMS, je 6-1 m 325 Pa. ave.. bet. fith and 7te sts. HOME MADE CARRIAGES. We have on hand, of our own manufacture, a fine assortment of all kinds ofCARRI AlTHtg, AGES of the very l>est, latest", ami mostttycSgS^ approved st) les, and warrmted in point offfiC^Zti workmanship nnd material, to bo equal to any made in the city of Washiugton or any other city ill the United States. We respectfully solicit a call from the citizens and strangers to examine our work ; as we are determined to let none surpass us either in quality of work or in low prices. We also do every kind ofR EPA IRING 111 a work manlt ke maimer, and at reasonable puces. Old Carriages taken in part payment for new and at a fair price. SIMON FLYNN A CO. may 12-6m 'f*HE AUTHOR OF "JOHN HALIFAX, Geu 1 tlem?n."?Nothing New, Tales. By this distin guished author; 5? cents. Boat Life la Egypt and Nubia. By William C. Prune; 51.2S. The Students' Gibbon. By William Smith, LL. D. Illustrated with one hundred engravings; (fl. Just published and for sale at TAYLOR h MAURY'S Bookstore, near IHh street. |e 4-d l Union 3t > HOWARD'S SUPREME COURT REPORTS Volume 19th, session of 1856 '57. This day published. je 16 FRANCK TAYLOR. Summer Retreats, &c. DLAKISTOXE'S PAVILION. This favorite place of resort will be opened on fh? 'V? -v ^>r seeommodation of visitors , ? The proprietor lias engaged a fane Cotillon*** Hand lor the season. and with his splendid Bailee* Room <?lirh great inducements lo the lovers ..f th? clance, while those ol more oniet huimu mav find different amusements at the Bowling Alley or in r isning, ?c. wmhit. xl!xof 't1? Potomac and good Liquor* will l?e constantly on hand. This is known to be one of the healthiest places on the river, near Blak is tone's Island. n There Will ie a celebration on the Fourth of Jul* and 77th of Aufn"st.C?llll0n ? "?????"&. ??h The steamers Columbia and Maryland leaves nas ?enzers on every Wednesday and Saturday's, and Th?"^0neVk?rT,8:,n(1ay' ,Tue<',a>. "><d Fridays. The strainer Kent leaves Baltimore at H o'clock moraines1" ev?nings, and returns on Wednesday Tost Otbco?Milestown, St. Mary's county, Md. B<?rd?-SI-25 per day for a week or longer: ft| Wfor shorter time. GEO. W. BLAKISTdNE. J* " _____ _ _ Proprietor. UYOELV hotel. OLD POINT COMFORT. VA. Tins most delightful Summer resort?the "bright particular locality of all the sunny South"? A ? . A is now the so e property of th? under signed, and will l>e opened on the 1st ?f T I-i1.0 l^xt'nn1J ?*ch successive June following? I engage to make it to the seekers for health, recrea tion, jta'ety and gixid living, supremely attractive. F or health, no mountain retreat can 'c safer at any sea*on of th> v*nr. |t is as exempt from disease s August and September and Octolieras in April Mav or June. indee^ ,,1C far!(t thrfm most pleasant of the season. The weather is milder wilPr\r?W?f,?i^ ir"7'r"/,d tlie 1"*?*"'? of the MU S "iv, H""' "fWB ?h is'this rr,? 8,1 Klys"nn OM earth, it is this, it D'S. Archer. Jarvis, and oth*r srmr surgeons at the no.-t. Hon. l)r. F rancis Mallorv, Drs. Semple Sunk ins. Shc-ild Hope, and Van than.and indeed the whole medical Faculty resident in the vicinity of

Fort .Monroe, all certify that thoy " *???* n,r.r n.[nfe of billion* or nguf anrf ftrtr to ori 2tttote there* and thit nt fill s*fi$on* it i% the k?Mltkn>,St spot on the far, 0f ike earthy (See Pi-nr,C''r,ihHC'V"8 ln D?,Bow's Review. Southern I lanter, and American Furmer.) may 22-dr,wA-lnw?>in JOS. SFGAR, Proprietor. PALQUIER WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS. rp? ? . , IKOIIVIA. Ti-Dtv,1- ?. improved and well established WA ' ' , " JL, "V- 18 n?W' open for th<^ publie^fc*. *2TlP" Tl.'e ,.rn,MB1ni' 'I"* Ornnte R.nd.fromtf!* Alexandria ^ost? and from QopKinsvillo P4ist ?nut eoniieet at Wnrrenton with lines of Stages for i? ^ distant six miles br a cnuled r<?ad. I a.^'-ni^ers from Baltimore and \Vnphinzt??n oity, n.TiL ?iheJT?[In?" "'clock a. ni., and from Richmond find the South to dinner. All inquiries promptly responded to by letter and circulars giving particulars. forwarded upon appli cation. THOMAS K. P. INGRAM, J" l01m ALEXANDER BAKER. rrilK MOUNTAINHOUSK^ win i rifr),y ?r*rxks, vikcixia, o? MONDTv.'iJ'J.'n"?. "f Vui.?rI ffs ?Th'"",,Kh tirketK ran Ik-obtained ?t Baltimore ?2ia >> ashmgton, Richmonil and Alexandria. Iwyn lea vins.Bait imore in the carlv mori/ ing?'rain, via Alexandria and MmiassasGap f{.nlr<?d to Strasburg, reach the Springs Irom 5 to fi o'clock same evening; and those from Baltimore and the ,, cr- Vla Harper >: F erry and \Vniohester from 8 to 9iaP;. J. N. BL*<"K. .J 'w Proprietor. jVKW GOODS.?H. J. MeLArt.HLIN A CO., J.1 have this week received a large lot of FAN'S ol every stvlc, fresh Perfumery. Baskets, Porte-' Monnaes, ic.,at No. 2", bet ween 8th and 9th streets, je if? pI'LPIT ELOtfl'ENCE OF TIIE nTnE ? te?nth Ceniiiry, e:?ntainiiig the U>st disoouises '?I the most eniMient In ing Ministers in Kurope and A merles, with Biographical Sketches, bv Rev. Hen 2.?hn ono volume, large octavo, with portrait of D Aubigne: price ?1.511. Je 1!l FRANCK TAYLOR. S J'-.HOOVKH S fRON HALL. HOOT I iviriVe \>'rA?I} Tl<r*r XSTAB-f-'*?' I. / .S HM h. A T.?Just received tins day a^ ar^e assortment ot the folloyving articles ? . . . FOR LADIES. J.adies bronze, black and colored Gaiters, with and without heels Ladies colored, bronze, and black French Kid ami .Morocco Slippeis Ladies colored, bronze, and black Gaiters at .?!. regular price, filjri l.adies colored, bronze, and Congress Gai ters, new style, at mlSZ and *1.75 .Misses and Chiidreu s (iaiters, Morocco Boot?, and Slippers, all styles. FOR GENTLEMEN. r r^nch imported Molia Ville Shoes rreneh Patent Leather br??a<l strap waikmc Shoes F rencli Kid and Patent Loather Congress Gait ,ers, to .?4. French Call and Patent Leather Pumps, and (taiters, .?!.%? to Boys and Souths French Patent Leather and Call Gaitors.aud Shoes of all kinds very cheap. , , ? ALSO Leather Bonnet Boxes and Valines AH sole leather and irou-frame Trunks Ladies Dress and Folio Trunks, new sf> le. Carpet bags and Hand-trunks. Call at ? S. P. HOOVER'S ? ,, , heap Cash Store, Penuavenue, jell-eolm f>et.9thand l"th st. Iron Hall. W PR ING AND SUMMER GOODS.?JOHN H ? > moot, no, 119 Bridgo street, (?eorgetown, D. C., has received from New York and PhiUdelphia, anu now ottering at very low prices, to cash and prompt customers, a large and general assortment of . tai?i,k .inn F axcy (iooD.??coinprittj/iz in part as loilows. viz: r New styie *ilk Rol^s and laney Silks Best make black Silks, high Instred !>i?u*k Ciiaiiies, Luufr^.s am! Moiin i)elaiii69 Pr,,l'e<l laJI wool) Mous Delaines I hal,ics and Barege Delaines, in grent variety Kieh Organdie, Barege, and J/iconet RoIm>s Wright colors and mode Bareges and De lames Plain French Brilliants and Percales I lain ooiors Cravellasand Spring-style Poplins Ducals, a light seasimable fabrio Rf,*' Krencn printed Jaconets and Brilliants lute Brilliants, from l?Ji to 31 *4 cents Best m ikes new styles Ginghams Deluges, Chambraysand plain Lustres fcnglish Prints of new styles, in great variety, at I2H centi R'eh Chintz colors beet French Organdiea ? hite Goons, in great variety. Plain Swiss, Nansook and Jaoonet Muslins I laid and striped Muslins Small-figured and rich Brocade Swiss Muslins Fin id and striped Jaoonet, Nansook and Swiss Muslins White Tarletons. Illusions, and Wash Nets Irish Linens (of the best makes! very cheap Linen Cambric, Linen and Bishop I,awns Super English Ixmg Cloths, suitable for Ladies' use New York, Bates, Atwood.and other good makes Shirtings White Cambrics (of Jonas's celebrated mnko) U Into Brilliants and striped India Dimity Marseilles lor Basques and Bonnet Card Shirt Besoms and Shirt Collars. Kmbroidkriks. French worked Musliu Collars and Seta Swiss Cambric Collars and Sets Swiss and Lace Sleeves and Sets Honiton and Maltese Lace Collars Swiss Cambric and Dimity Bands Embroidered Linen Cambr,ic Hdkfs. Also, now stales Laoeand Silk Mantillas Stella and White Crape Snawls Plain and rioh t^ure<l Bonnet and Sash Riht>ons Steel-spnng, Neapolitan, and other Skeleton cKirti Spring assortment of Bejon's Kid Gloves Istteta Silk, black lace and Lisle thread do. Cotton Hosiery of evory kind for ladies snd children Gents best English Half hose, ribbed and plain do Lisle thread and fancy cotton do. A good .assortment of Silk Cravats and Tie? Suspenders, Silk and Linen Cambric Hdkfs Gossamer snd Lisle-thread Shirts and Drawers New style Parasols. Also, Gentlemen and Boys' wear of every descrio G?hmJsW 6Very vanety of House-furnishing Dry Domestic Goods for servants wear of the heaviest Purchasers may rely npon getting dssirable goods si low prioes. *f?-tr f(iHN H- 8MOOT. ITNITED STATES MAIL. VIRGINIA. Post Offick Dsr ARTMEXT, June 8, IBS7. Proposals for earning the mails o^the United States from 1st September. 1857, to 3th June. lico 011 the billowing route in the State of Virginia. ar<f in tho times herein specified, will Ih? receiviil at the Contract Othce of this department until 3, p. in., of the 24th day of July next, to bo decided on the fol lowing uay: N0.W68 From Harrisonburg, by Dayton. Bridge water, Mossy Creek, Mount Solon, Par nassus, Augusta Springs Lelanon White Su phur Springs, Deerfield, Cloverdale, I J're'fn \ alley, to Bath Alum, ?2 miles kimI lack, three times a week in two-horse coaches Leave Harrisonburg Monday, Wednesday. and F ridav at 4 a m Arrive at Bath Alum by 9pm fCnh!?uirlTu,,"hr' Thursday,and Arrive at Harrisonburg f?y 9 p m. For forms of proposal, guarantee, aiul certificate, fi .?J I? requirements to lie embrscej &7K.VT "i J,s:*,?r " """ Ai'is'sr v.iiRofvN;"*1 je ?-iawiw Poatmaster General. Denti?try, Ac. 1 \R. VILLARD. DENTIST. I.ATI-. OK CHI I " caco. would respect lull* inlrmthecit M izcnn of the District and vicinity. that liav *if>T n.r located himself in Washington, he i*^-*-' T1J n<>w prepared to perforin all operation* m his profes sion, in the most approved style. offiee, No. 25<\ Penn. avenue, adjoininx Gantier's. inn an It 'J>HE 1M PROVED SETS OF TEETH. DR. I.OOMIS, the inventor and patentee of "Loomiy Minimi Plat* Ted^." n i' mi j jm j successfully introduced his improvement 11] various cities. has now permanently estab lished himself in Washington. This improvement for Seta of Tee! h oon*iat? chief ly in making n aft ol hut one piece of inatctial, ami ttiat indestructible mineral. No metal 1a uaed in their oonatruction, and tliey are therefore free from jCaivamc action and metalic taste. Tnere are no joints to become filled with moisture or particles of f<mm). henoe they are pure and titan. They are lighter, stronger. leas clumsy. Jar more durable, and natural in their appearance, twill give a reward of One Thousand Dollars to any one who will produce a similar work of art to equal mine iu purity, lieauty, durability, artistic excellence or any other requisite quality. All work responsibly warra ted. * 776 I'enna. avenue, between ilth and 12th streets. ap 13-ly DR. C. S. GOODMAN, SUKUEOX DENT/ST.and M AllPArTfRFB OF A KT1FIUAI. TlKTH.-^Wg) His complete arrangements enabling liuu present the following reasonable prices: '?' T Ta Entire Lpp?r Sett Teeth, on Gold -^-#S'tofl?? Do do do on Stiver......... 12to^S One or more, on Gold......................? 2 to 6 Do on Silver 1 to 3 Filling, Extracting. Removing Tartar: also, Re pairing at the same reasonable rates. All operations executed in such a manner a* in z ive every sat isfao tion. tMice corner 81 h street and avenue. ap 3 UENTISTR V. DK. STEPHEN BAILY, OrrirK No. i:? Pknnsvi vasia Avenoe. Tkrte floors from 14tk Striet. Dr. BAlLYbers leave to inform the public that he can l>e Keen at all hours,at his office, looted asals-ve. He fr-e!* assured that an exp- nonce of bf?e?n ?earV practice, with the larce numlxsrof patients.ana great vririety o| difficult cases that he lias trentod success - fully. will enaHc hun to surmount an% difficulty. MMMttt?retlMlwiHi rbating to the Teeth. His own experience confirming the opinion of man< men eminent in the profession, and especially Drs. Harris and J.and E. Family, has led him. long since, to dis card all mercurial preparations for filling Toeth, also all Enamels, Gutta Percha, India Rubber, and Ce ments for the construction of Continuous tium Teeth, and that Poreelian, mounted on Gold Plr.te, is the only reliable substance that can be worn in the mouth, as was Ml conclusively shown by the laat American Dental Convention. Although he flatters himself from his long resi dence ami practice in Washington, he is favorably known to his numerous friends and patrons, he begs leave to refer them to the following TESTIMONIALS: From the late Rector of the Church of Epiphany of tills City. Dr. STErHKX Raily: Dear Sir? I desiretoexpres* my esteem for you personally, and mv confidence in m as a superior dentist. opera!hmb execute1 or me have been highly satisfactory. I hope that you may receive the patroita^e from my friends and the public that your skill so well deserves. Yours very truly, Washington, Aug. 26.1836. J. W . FRENCH. From one of the oldest firms in Baltimore, Messrs. Hoggs. Cotman A t??. Havinr employed Dr. Stephen Baily. Surgeon Den tist, of Washington city , to execute lor me en im portant and difficult piece of work, which he did to my entire satisfaction,and in view of the fact that one of tiie most distinguished meinl?ers?iftho Dental Coll-geof Baltimore, failed. ^Ocr repeated trials, to perform tiie same work satisfactorily, it gives me great pleasure to express my entire .-onhdeucc a:id nigh estimation of hi^ professional skill. Baltimore,Jan. 12,18j7. HARMANN BOGGS. Extract from a note received from the late Hon. John M. Ciay ton. I". S. Sr.NATK. Aug. 1f?. 1RV.. The teeth yon made lor me uork iduiirabiy ; noth mg could be better. Very ziatefulhr, JOHN M. CLAYTON. To those that ?c>k relief from the maladies of the teeth, I can cheerfully recommend Dr. S. Baily as a superior Dentist: he made a set of porcUian teeth for one of my fiinilv. and plugged several teeth lor myself, and the work has all stood well for more than ten years. ROMERT T. NIXON, of the Va. Conf. of the M. E. Cliurch South. April 19, ItJort. We, the undersigned, having had occasion to avail ourselves of the professional skill of Dr. S. Baily, Surgeon Deotist of this city, or jiaving lw?en cogniz ant of his operations on our famili"* or friends, take p:ensure hi expressing our admiration of his artistio sk;!!. as well as of the uniformly satisfactory manner iu which he performs the most delicate and difficult operations in Dental Surgery,and werexpectfulh re commend him to the confidence and patronage ol the public, of n*t:tch wo consider hun eminently worthy. Thomas 1. Waltkr. Architect I". S. Capitol. Thomas Mii.lkk, M. D.,of Washington. D. C. IS. S. lloHRKR, M. D. of Georgetown, D. C. N. S. Lincoln, M. D.. of Washington. D. C. Jos. H. Brat?Lrv, of Washington. I). C. Georok Walton. Ex-Governorof Florida. Waltkr Lenox, Ex-Mayor of Washington. Hfnrt Baldwin, I". S. Patent Office, O.C. Wight, Principal Rittenhouse Academy. fel> 2" tf b IJALT1MORKCITY MALT IIOFSE. MALT FOR SAI E.?The undersigned having rec^i.tly purchased tiie CITY MALT HOFSE, oorm r of West Falls avenue and Block street, would .'?nnoutu e to his friend> an<l the pulilic, lliat he iiix it now hi full operation, with a iar>*e bupply of M V LT for sale 011 liboial terms, my 6-3m FRANCIS DEN MEAD. D.inn R EW ARD.?Ranaway from the >ubscri li r. living i.e:.r Upper Marll>oronghl Prince tieorge's county, Md.. ?m the !?' April, NEGRO MA\. DAVY (.1 r. l?out years of age, 5 feet. H inches ?? dark innlatio?has a larce bushy head. . . . _ whiskers iouihI his face, medium size and down look. lie iisi) lure himself in the District, wh?re he has relatives, or make his wa\ to some free State, ms lie left without any provocation. I will give Two Hundred Dol'ar*. if taken out of the State?.5list if taken in the District, or any other nsrt of Maryland, and $?> if t?*kcii 111 this county. In either case he must be secured so that I get turn. je? tf WILLIAM J. BERRY. ? ?orongii, xm - ??th of tfgy ? R EEN. W ; high?a J| id. with.fX. >AL STOCK IN THE OLD DOMINION CO COMPANY. KANAWA COUNTY. VA. Subscriptions will I* received at the Ranking House of Chubb Brothers, for the remaining stock of 1 hp tib ve company, !>eing three hundred shares. The capital stock is ^tlim.onn (dollars.) of which $70,nnii has l?een subscribed. The mines are now prepared fur aetivo operations, and H per cent, in ferest will l?o guaranteed upon the stock now offered for sale, by the original stockholders, for the period of ?wo years. Particulars in regard tothe stock,and its prospects, will lw? made known nron application to Clfl'BB BROTHERS. ian 27 P. P. DANPRIDGE. A gen . 'A RETIRED PHYSICIAN whose sands of life have nearly run out, discovcie<l while 111 the 'F.ast Indies, a certain cure f>r Consumption. Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, and General Debility. The remedy was discovered by him wheil his only child, a daughter, was given up to die. He had heard much of the wonderful restor ntive nnd healing qualities of pr- parations made from the East India ll' inp,ai?l the thoueht occurred to hint that he might make a remedy for uis child.? He studied hard and succeeded in realizing his wish es. His child was cunii.and is now alive and well. He has since administered the wonderful remedy to thousands of sufferers in all parts of the wcyid. and lie Ins never failed in makuu them completely heal thy and happy. Wishing toioM much go-wl as pos sible, he will send to such of hisatHioted fellow-ly ings as request it. this recipe, with full and explicit directions for making it up. and successfully using it. He reuuires each applicant to enclose hun one shilling?three cents to be returned as postage on the recipe, and the remainder 10 be applied to the pay ment of this advertisement. Address Dr. II. JAMES, No. 19Grand street, mav 2P-.1in A CO., V ivoraMy /^HINAr-GLASS AND QFEENSWARE. R. II. MILLER.SON A CO., Importers direct from Liverpool to Ale?an-' dria. beg .eavetocall the attention of dealers, hot el-keepers, and others of Washington and Georgetown, to their stocks of GOODS. __ which, for extent and variety, will compare favorably with any establishment m the Eastern cities. The connexion of their senior partner with the manufacturers of Europe and the I iute<l States for upwards of thirty years, has given hun advantages in tho purchase of goods equal, if not superior, to any house 111 the trade. An inspection of goinlsand prices will satisfy all parties that purchases can l>e made of them upon the most favorable terms. French China Dinner Sets, gilt snd decorated French China Dinuer Sets, gold lond and plain whits French China Vases, Pitchers. Toilet Sets, A c. French China Tea Sets, Cups and Ssuoers, and other articles of Tea ware And Dinner Ware, separate from sets India C tuna Dinner Sets, and separate articles always on hand White Granite Ware in every variety, in sets, and separate from sets, as may l?e desired Blue Printed or Liverpool Ware, the same Common Edged, White and Rockingham Ware, in lull supply. Cut, Bussed. Plain,and Moulded Glass Ware from the liestwstaMishinents in the Eastern and Western States, which will be sold by the package or other wise. Experienced packers employed. Goods pat up by us can be transported by any inode without oreakace Fnre by the steamboats from Washington to Alex andria, almost hourly, 12S cents eacn way. A quar ter of a dollar tAos spent may save many dollar a doc 1 THE WEEKLY STAR. Thia exoellent Family and Nm JoaraaJ? os Uiainc a greater variety of int fatmg raading the? can be found to uf other?la om Saturday Mormuu. Singis oopy, per an rum ?! ? , TO Ctl . _ Five oopi? l? Ten Copies ? ? Tweet* oopisa..... IS 0* IIT'Casii, ihvauiablt in apvajk-e. Ht suhacnNng in cluha raised smong net*hhnra without tl,s intervention of a mm, Ment. m will I* KWirfd. twcun per oent. of the n IIILT Sta* will lw mvwI. It invariably contains the "Wwh mctun Neva" that has made tbs Daily Wta* circu late ao generally throughout the country. (17Simla copies < in wrappers I can ha procured at the oouuter. immediately after the issue ol Ik a l'sper. Pfioa-Tiiiii Ckxts. who act a* agents Will be allowed a OD-nimssion of twrul) per oant. Pianos, Ac. liae. B?' ' ? ? ' ? | N CONMMtl'KNCR.liP THK PATRON AGK Which the puMic liaa t?'?t<>w?d we have l?*en en*l4ed to eu large our I <?1 Mumckntl Mikh?I Mrrclmwli mi ran* e ment* wnii Mr. Schi?e?)cl> in Fane, *..?! ts ,\ Sons in Mayeree. *? will ?? II For M 11*10 to dealt ra a*?d professors on the iiioat reason ? able term*. Our fatal??gee, comprising orar five thousand original works, is now completed, and to he bed at the Music Depot. Straws. lM>at quality, very cheap in bundles. Vtoltns, Guitars. Kisenhcsndt'e Flutea. Violinoelios. Bras* Inat rumeuta. etc. Our stock of .'Inen A Raven's and William Mil ler'* celebrated Pn?nos will he completed again in a lew days. which we m ill Hell on the most reasonable Urma and rive the l?e?t cit) rcferenoe. M iino Depot, corner of 11th and I'enn. avenue. jel? W.G.METZEROTT. plANO FORTH INSTRUCTION. Mr. \V. H. PALMER continuea to add i f1"""*** Apply to Mr. PAL MI.K, at his R < h 'iiik < >v er I nri.lmm V Bookstore. Tuesday, Wednesday, Fn-* dnv. and Saturday, lietweci. 2aud b p. m. Terma ff 5 per quarter. an ?-tf of being perfected m Bal!a<i Singing, or Opera Mi to favor her with an early application. Terine m kyiwn at her residence. *6 E ilrf-rt, between VOCAL MFSIC.-Mra. FRANKLIN. Tether ol Music, having vacant hours for a few mora Sclioisra. request a tlioee I*adies ?uo are desirous uaic. made .. ?? ??? nv. I ?-?.?? uw, tl ? t .11' n . w' W C"Oll II and l"th. and at the Muatc Storea of Mr. Davia. ai.d Metzerott. ai?-3a THREE NEW AND BEAI'TIFI'L I'lANo* I AT GREAT BARGAI\>-Tlieav^SatoW Piano* ha\e l?*en used hut a 6b?>rt time ex ret u I persons. we will warrant theui.' ' 8 " * takf old Piano* in exctisnse, A c. Twoof litem are ful' aeven octavea. finely briahed rosewo?*| case*., and of exqaMUe time and touch.ou* ik oniv a si* ortavc. These Pinnoa. purclmaer* may aafely rely upon aa l?einc truly rrcat l*rj;ains^ and they will do well to call ami aVo them, at our rstnnaive Piano Ware No. >?', l>etween ?ih an<l t'th. iel? JOJN W. BI.L4S poLD MEDAL PREMIUM ll PIANO POKTES, WILLIAM KNAUK. (Senior partner in the late farm of Kmabe. Girm i A Co., Contitniea the manufacture and ante of (trend and aqu'tre PIANO FORTKS. undertfae name, im cf William Knale A Co., at the ol3 ataod.l Noa. I, 3, 5 and 7 North F.utaw atreet op-' poaite the Kutaw llouae, Baltimore. They have also iuat opened a new Salea Room at No ?<7 Baltimore street, l<etw?en Charles iujd Lit lit Hreets. on the premises partly occupied hy Mr Henry McCaJfery as a music atore. where the* will ke?~p coni-taiitly en hand a larce a>aottment of plaia and h'chly-faniahod erand and sqi.are Piano Fortes also, Melodcons. from the heat maker*, from 4 to 5 ootave. some with double key hoards, double reeda, an I stopc to suit amall churches. Koine extensively enlaced in the manufacture of Piano*, we will sell wholesale and retail, on the mot t l.beral terms. Our Pianos were awarded the highest premium (cold ine<lsl)at the Faira of the Marvlaud Inatituta two Mieoesmve yeare?Octolier, ISM, and 1Mb?in op position to fourteen and eighteen piano* from S'li.a of the iieat makers from New York, Boston and Bal timore. We were also awarded the first premium at the Industrial Exhibition held in Richmond, Vir ginia, lRj6 snd l?jfi. They have also l<*-n awnrded the huhemt premium (silver medal) at the Metro politan Mechanics' Fair for 18S7. In addition to tin* we are in possession of teetimo mils from the mn?t distinguished profe?sora a;,4 amiteura in the eountrv, which can be seen at our warciooms. a pen king for themselves and others of the high appreciation in whica our inairumr i ta are every where held. All instrument* are guaranteed for five years, arid a pri\ ilcce of exclir.nce m granted within the fare! ? x m ?nt ha from the day of sale if the iua* rumentado not give entire satisfaction. Wholesale dealers will find it to their advart&g* to cive us a cn I liefore purchasinr. Pin no* exciiaiu;ed, hired, and tuned. mar 16-1 y W.M. KNABE k CO. rpiIREK BEAl'TIFI'L PIANOS received tsi I day from Boston. Also.three verv knr^4^ second-hand Pianos, but linle used, aever>K35^1 octavcs.rosearood cases, will l?eaoldat great?!* \ ? " l-arcnms.nt our Piano I orte, Melodr oo. and Muaie Warerooina, between 9th and H'th ?trects. No. $?<. jet JOHN I BLUi 'PWO PIANOS FUR ^15?: ONK I- OR ?:??? I two for .?Jin are now lor sale at the. Muaie Dopul of { W. G. METZEROTT." Corner of Peirn. avenue and Uth street. Terma easy. ma> If ICE. I J. MI DDL ETON, l-J* ICE DEALER, Office r.nd Depot?Southwest oorner of F and l?th Street*. Washington. ap ll-tf ICE! ICE!! ICE!!!?The utxleraigned respectful ly inform liia frieuda and the psltlic genera: t, that he ta now prepared to furnish .amiliea and otti-ra) through the aeaaon ? with the l>?et qualitT of ICE* delivered in any part of Washington and Oeorge town, and guarantees to give eutire aatiafaction. Orders to l?e left with KmwRi.L A LarsgxrB corner ltlh street and Pennsylvania avenue; liao. F. Kihu'ILL A Co., Uth atreet; J. B. Moork. Drug gist, Penna. avenuo. l-etween 19th and 9*th streets : OkokgiSiktz, New York avenue, between IWh and 11th streets; Roer. A. Psvnk. Druggist, corner ttliand Mass. avenue; and with the aubscritier. No, 3 First street, Oeorgetown, where loe oar. be had at all times. ap 7 At T. N. KI DWELL. IVEW GROCER V, WINE, AND LIWI'OR STORE. I'he snbscrilier liegi to inform tna frierula and the public, that he haaopened a N EW STORE, corner of l^th atreet and Louisiana avenue, where he in fends to keep constantly ?>n hand s large and varied assortment of Foreign aixl Domeatic WINES. LI - I|l OIIS, CltiARS, ami FINE GROCERIES, consistms of Fin? Teas. Surar.Coffee. Fionr.Soap. ? Mivca, H H'sins. Fits. Sardines. Anchovies, otard. Mitrrett A Co., Pi net A C??., and Col. C'halnnl's SSrandiea in crises, deinnohns, and casks. Old Ja maica Bum. Sherries, Madeira, Port of vwrmua de scriptions, St. Julien Claret, Cha'eaux Marsaux in c-?aes. Champagne Cider. Brandy Fcuita, Reynold's Edinburgh Ale. Anniaelte. Maraschino, Curacoa. AIwsynthe. Champagne, and a large snd varied de scription of Havana Cirara. Also, S tough I on Btttera, and Fever and Agua Bitter*. Porter. Ale.and Cider. Families are particularly invited to call and exam ine the stock Ik fore purchasing elsewhere. M?m liera of Concreas are also informed that their orders w;!l tn> prompt:* attendc?l to, snd delivered at their r^sidem'es at the shortest notice. A general assort meni of fane Havana Cicara. im r "led direct by the wholesale and re tail. < anal Boats supplied on raaaonable termr, and prstuoe taken in exchan|:e. Levy's O'd Whiskey, rs.nstantlv on hand, of fa*". Country orders punctually attended to, and coun tr* produce of all descriptions received??n omsisE nient. JONAS P. LEVY, je8-tf No.bbi Twelfth stroe*. |NTERESTING T(? FAMILIES. The following extract from a New York paper cannot fail to I** interesting. In referring to the receipts of Teas in this country for one year up to Jnh ultimo, it says they will lie II 11 J !?*</*?? pounds *lK?rt of the imports of the >ear eud ing June 18.W,and that "The advance in black teas. Oolongs, since last Decemla>r, has l?eeu hlteen oents per pound; and Young Hyson Teas, uf low and medium grades, have experienced au advance of one hundred per cent, over last season's closing prioea. "It will thus be seen that the at r,?ng and rapid advance in the tea market has l?een the result of ? short supplv and active demand ; but when it laoon sulered that we may hear st any moment of the en tire suspension of shipmeiita at Shanghai, ami. in fact. that, a* soon as a sufficient foree from England arrives at the seat of war. all five porta of entry lu China, will protehly lie placed under strict Moc-kade, it would not be surprising to si-e Tess st s muoli higher figure than they have yet attained." In view of these facts, we hold out very Itreat in ducements for families to lay in their supplies of Tea KING A Bl RCHELL. ie ll-tf Corner Vermont sve. and 15th street. f? I. L I OTT'S HISTORY OF NEW ENG. A land, 2 vols., 8vo; At. Irvine's Sketch Book, 1 vol., Ifi mo; 80 cts. Irvmg's Tales of a Traveller. I voL, 16 no, W ct?. Salmagundi, I voi? 16 ot". R< usse.iu's Confessions Translated, second period, I vol.; ^ri.25. K uskiu's Modern Pa inters. 4 vol.; ?1^5. Marriage As It Is and Should Be, try Rev. John Bn lev. I vol.; 75 cts. |bid?l a Modern Horse Doctor, I vol.: fl. Dadd'rAnalomy and Physiology of the Horae, 1 large voluiue with plates; #2. ie J" F RANCH TAYLOR. >EE HLES.-H. Mil ward A Son's exhibition NEEDLES, aliarpsaod l*tweens,all Bumtiers; the liest in the market. Warren's Telerraphic NEEDLES, put up iu caskets of one hundred. Mattreaa, Sail, Harness. Darning. Chenille, Net ting, and Knitting NEEDLES, for aale t>y E. R. LI NDY. je 16 No. 138 Bridge atreet, Georgetown. B OOKSFROM LONDON. Chapinan'a Homer's Iliad, 2 vol-* fS. Francis Ouarle's Enchiridion, 1 vol.: S7 cts. Selden's Table Talk. 1 vol.; #1,%. Wither'* Htmns and Soncs, 1 vol.; %\J3S. Aubrey'a Miseiel lames. 1 vol.; ftl. Mather'a Providences in New England ; 01 JtS. Southwell's Poetieid Works; #1. Tales of the Geneu.l vol., illustrated ; 91.25. Batielai's W rks, J vols.; 92. The lleptaineron ol Margasst of Navarre, 1 voL; #I. je 18 h R \ Nt'K TA VLfilt. IVTOTHING NEW.?By setbof of John Ht lu, ? ^ Gentleman, k e. Call and get all the new Boofca t r 1-ERGl-BONIS.? n?