Newspaper of Evening Star, July 2, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 2, 1857 Page 3
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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. PrsLir School Examinations?Theexami hation of the Male Department of District school No I. took place ve*terday morning at 10 o'cl'k nt the school-house corner of 14th and II street*, J* J Thompson, principal M*r AI Lee proceed H to examine the pupils on the Constitution of ?he I'nited States. There were two classes ; the first consisting of eight, and the second of twelve boys. .More than three hours were occupied in this agreeable duty, and nnt a single question was unanswered. The several articles of that Important instrument and the various clauses were recited word for word, with strict accuracy, although not called for in successive order. The first class merely excelled the second class in his torical information. At the conclusion of the examination, Mr. At Lee made a few remarks commending the bovs for their unflagging inter est in this hi anch of their studies, and assured them that they were already much better versed in that instrument than thousands of busy poli ticians who were so vociferous about a **rrtd rhnrtrr, not a sentence of which they had ever read He incul< ated the important e of virtue as well as of intelligent, so that they might be come good as well a? intelligent citizens. At 3 o'clock in the afternoon, the general exam ination of the school took place. It was con ducted by Dr. S. A H. McKim, assisted by ,1|r. Jefierson of the Common Council. Messrs. Pear son. Magruder. Polk. Abbott, and Pendleton. There were present a large number of teachers, male and female? nd many parents and friends of the pupils. The classes were reviewed in reading, spelling, arithmetic, grammar, history, hook-keeping, mathematics, praetical arithme tic. Ac. The school numbers forty-live pupils forty-one of whom were present at the examina tion In most of the branches the pupils showed good progress, more especially in reading, spell i,i^r. geography and grammar?the answers lieing given, in almost every instance, with promptness and accuracy ; and the pupils were able to att'ord a satisfactory " reason why" for their answers. In mental arithmetic they showed much profi ciency. I*pon the conclusion of the examination. Dr. McKim, after expressing the gratification of the Trustees at the manner in which the school had passed its ordeal, introduced Mr. Jefferson of the City Councils, who proceeded to make some in teresting practical remarks, concluding by re minding the pupils that, without correct moral training, all other knowledge would be power less to them, except for the accomplishment of wicked ends; .md that bv laying a foundation of goed principles, they would not only become good and useful men. but they would be happy Lere and hereafter. Criminal Cocht.?Yesterday, after our report rlosed, the case of the United Slates r.?. Zepha liiah Offutt, for assault and battery on Michael Corcoran, was submitted to the Court. The wit nesses proved the assault to have been committed, and Offutt was lined ?."> and costs of Court. Sev eral other cases wtre called, and in the absence of material witnesses were laid over. This uiorning the Court took up the case of the 1 nitnl Slates r?. Richard P.. alias Wrangy Jones, charged with assault and battery, with in tent to kill, on Rose Bell, at the County Juil, on the 17th day of April last. Mr Wharton, acting for Mr Key, the Distrirt Attorney stated to the jury that oa the day in question the said Rose Bell called on Jones at the jail, where he was confined, on a visit of friend ship and kindness; that the said Jones, on her parting from him. expressed a desire to kiss her, >he. absenting. I?ent forward to eceive the salute when Jones took a razor out c.f his pocket, and drew the edue a< rocs her throat, inflicting a wound which would have been mortal had it not >?een that her breastpin intercepted the weapon in its course. Mr. Ratcliffe, for defence, announced himself prepared to show a diseased state of mind amount- i ing to temporary insanity on the part of the pns- ' oner at the time of the committal of thedeed. The examination of witnesses lieing en ercd upon? Mr. Ward, the jailor, testified that on the day of the occurrence two girls came to the jail. Rose Bell and Elizabeth Staples, and asked for Jones; brought him down to them and turned away; a few moments afterward heard a scream; turned round and saw Rose Bell on her knees; ran up; the blood was running down; took hold of Jones and asked him why he had done that; Jones said he loved the girl and asked her to marry him, and she had refused, she had been there many times before. A ra7or was produced in Court, which Mr. W. identified as tin-one taken from Jones after the commission of the act. Rose Bell aha? Relieeca Martin was put upon the stand, and testified to the effect that Jones hnd frequently appeared as though his mind was affected; that she liad never refused to marry him; and that he was jealous of her. The case is yet in progress. A Street Sweeper.?The street sweeping ex periment, announced in yesterday's Star, as to take place at 6 o'clock yesterday evening, came off at that hour under the superintendence of the patentees. Messrs. King A Ilyneman, of Phila delphia. The locality of the experiment was Seventh street, between K and F streets north. The side walks speedily tilled with spectator* the novel looking machine made its api*?arance on the ground, and in a matter-of-fact way com menced moving up and down the streets, per forming, in its travels, the work of some dozens of ordinary brooms. Two horses drew the ma chine. to which a mammoth brush was attached which revolved as the machine moved and '? win rowed"' the dirt in the centre of the street in con venient shape to lie removed by c rts. The brushes for this sweeping machine are construct ed of a species of South American wood, the Paysavo wood The machine did its work faithfully and rapid ly at the point where it was tested, but we sup pose would not answer on macadamized streets, we presume that such a machine might find am ple employment on the Avenue. Seventh, and D streets, which are paved This mode of putting down the dust would, however, necessitate a coming "down of the dust' on the part of the Corporation to pay the contrac tors The Weather.?Range of the thermometer from Thursday noon, June 25, to this morning: Morning. Noon. Night Thursday ? >? ,|* Friday tie* r8 72 Saturday.... 70 85 76 Sunday 7*2 Hfi 7t? Monday. 72 7*5 71 Tuesday fifi 71 fe Wednesday K| 70 01 Thursday SI ? ? Ave rag i height of t lie thermometer in the morn ings, from June 2b to July 2, inclusive, 67* 00 . Last quarter moon Tuesday, July 11, between 7 and H a. m R mark.* ?J line 28, thunder gust, afternoon hail fell, followed by heavy rain, thunder all the af ternoon with lightning to southward and west ward; 29th, thund-r gust early morning with a heavy shower of rain, rain throughout the day, wind noit beast; ')Oth. between 12 and 1 a. in li? avy rain, with wind; day, sun and showers, afternoon slight gust, finished with rain; July I. sunshine and showers, rain all afternoon, thunder j^ust between 7 and e night, with cirious light ning fancies, 2d. cloudy, with rain. Potonvu lngL, very muddy Independence day, sun will rise about a quarter before 5 and set about *20 min utes after 7; moon-light night, setting between I and 2 a m April. May. June?91 days?13 days out of which rain has lallen. B Georgetown, July 2 4-57. A* I.itiriitih? Exhibition took place at the St. Via* ejit's Female Orphan Asylum, at 10 o'clock this morning. There was a distribution of handsome premium* to the most deserving of the pupils, performed by Father (or Bishop) Byrnes of St. Mat hew"* Church. Among the e premiums, which are the gifts of benevolent f.iendsof the institution, W no iced a beauti'u gold cross and pencil, china vases, glass shade*, globes, books, china gilt cups ami saucers, scis sors, silver thimbles, flowers, Ac., Ac. A very charming address, delivered to Father Byrnes by a young lady ?quite unexpectedly to hi m. evidently?drew from that gentleman one of the fluest impromptu replies we ever remember to have heard This school which appeals so powerfully to the sympathies of the benevolent, numbers some 125 orphans (who are fed. clothed and educated), and receives, moreover, some 212 day schola s, who receivecaiefu! instruction semi-gratuitously. Fir* ?Between one and two o'clock this morn ing. fire was discovered in thp building at the corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Sixth street, ? ?wned by Middleton A Beall, and occupied by I Reese, Plumber and Gas Fitter Mr D'l'nger. Printer; C. II Munck, Gunsmith, and Mrs King, Milliner The fire is supposed to have been the woik of an incendiary, ami commenced in the fancy store. In a short time it communicated to Munck's gunshop, and the constant exploding of guns ami pistols deterred persons from entering the store to save the goods. Much<f the stock iu Reese's store was saved in a damaged condi tion, as also his tools in the workshop. D'I'nger's printing establishment is a total loss Messrs. Middleton A Beall are fully insured for the building. It is said that Munck is in sured for *l.o4?i Capt. Reese was insured for *l,5Ui. but he l? not sure that his policy has not expired The loss of Mrs. King we axe unable to ascertain. Much sympathy is felt for the lwsers by Ibis catastrophe, particularly for DL'nger, whose loss is lar e. and no insu ance. M??rk Stolen Goons.?Thomas Cassidy was arresud this morning by oflleer Stewart, at the house ..f a colored imn named Fielder Bo wen, on a charge of Mealing a variety of clothing and kiteheu furniture. Ac He was taken to the of fice of I'tsfice Peck, :tnd in his absence, was com mitted to jail for a further hearing, by Justice T. J Williams. Thk River?The Long-Bridge repairs weie interrupted daring yesterday, on accoaat of the rain. The people about that neighborhood are somewhat apprehensive of a dangerous rise in the current, which will, if realized to any great ex tent, hare the eflect of delaying the repairs for some days. At Riley's wharf, arrived schooners Mary Wil lis. Naiad, and Venus, from Port Walthall, with coal for the Gas Company. At Magruder A stone's wharf, arrived packet schooner G. W Baldwin. Capt. Cropper, 10 days from New York. The following is her list of consignments for Washington: Murray A Semmps 25 doz pails. 1 esse mdze 20 boxes yeast powder: George A Thomas Parker A Co. 25 boxes clay pipes; Capt. K. G. Tilton I l>ag coffee; K. M Garlnndette 1 bbl.; Washing ton Navy Yard 5 bbls., 1 box, 1 case and 1 keg; J. W. Thompson 4 furnaces, lt? pieces each, 32 pieces in all, 2 sheet iron doors, 11xlle. rods; Gardiner Ac Place 1 box md7e ; John P. Stone 1 case mdze , 1 carboy acid, 3 kegs, 7 boxes, I box mdze. 1 box Sands, *! do. wine, 1 do. sundries, I do. catsup, 1 bid porter; Daniel Major various packages household furniture; Campltell A Coyle HO liars iron, 1 case, 1 box, 1 pk<'e ; Hamilton A l.eitsch 29 cases wine; Miller A Coates 5 casks tiles; Tay lor A Maury 3 cases; Blair A Rives 1 keg printer's 'ink; Hon. Chas ?Mason 3 pkgs, No*. 88, 89 and 90; Harvey A Adams 9 Nils, rims, I do shafts, I do. bows; Capt. M. C.Meigs 9r> bbls. cement: Nairn A Palmer tt lioxes Congress water; Howell A Morsell 7 cases pain*,.5 bbls spirits turpentine; 11. W. Hinder 1 bag coflee; J. M. May 1 box mar ble. Ckxtrk Market.?The supply was excellent this morning, notwithstanding the unfavorable weather. The prices, it will lie seen have not altered materially : Roll butter 25a31 Phil'a print 37 Honey, per It*.... 25 Cymlings, per doz 25 Lettuce, pr head.. 2al Spimiach, pr |?eek 25 Asparagus, bunch 6 Onions, bunch.... 2 Tomatoes, do*.... 25a.'}T Bermuda Potatoes ?1 Snap Beans, pk .. I2K Lemons, per do*.. 12a25 Cabbage, prhead. 10a20 Radishes, bunch. 2a4 Beef, per lb 12alSc Pork 12a 15 Mutton 12ais Lamb, prqr 75a 1.25 Sausage, pr lb.... 12)% Lard 10 Veal 12a IB Beef tongues 75a*l Calves heads,each 25 Bacon 15al0 Shoulders 12a 11 Breast pieces .... lialG Dried l>eef 17al8 Chickens, pr pair. 75 ?. Turtles, each.. .12a?1.25 Green peas, prpk. 12 Corned salmon... 15.Cherries, per qt.. 6al2 II x ? * *?* I - Herring, per doz.. 20a31 Terrapins, each... 37a8* Irish potatoes. pk. 50 New Potatoes, pk 50a75 Corn, pr bush lX)a?l Corn, ear, pr bush. (Ml Beans, pr bush ... Rve.prbush Jul I>ats.............. #0a15 Meal 05aSl Shorts 35 Shipstutls lOaOO Eggs, per doz.... 21 Gooseberries 10 Currants 10 Mulberries 10 Pine Apples,each 12alS Beets, per bunch. 5aS Turnips, per b'ch. 10 Cucumbers, doz.. 25a37 Shad, per pair.... 50 sturgeon, cuts ... I2n."?0 Rock, each 5<la?5 Rock, per bunch.. 25a37 Perch, per bunch. 25a37 Clams, per 1(0 50 Satui'day being the 4tl? of July, there will l?e no market, and instead the market will be opened to-morrow afternoon at live o'clock. Thosk Canal Boats ?In the Alexandria Ga zette of yesterday we find the following in rela tion to the Canal boats lately purchased in New York for use on the Chesapeake and Ohio Ca nal :? "Alexandria, June30.?At the request of the party in charge of twenty Canal Boats, being part of forty-seven lately brought from New York, I certify that, having measured the width of the only cnnal I'oat in port, and which belongs to the Cumberland Coal and Iron Company, ami one whi? h was rebuilt late last fall, and has made one trin to Cuml>erland since. I tind the following re sult : Ten of the New York lioats are of a less width ; three correspond in width ; four are one fourth of an inch wider; and the remaining three selected without regard to width, have proceeded up the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, as rar as nav igation will permit The statement that they are three inches too wide is, therefore, erroneous?but not more so than that respecting their owner ship. as T understand the Cumberland Coal Com pany have no interest in them. "J. C. Hkitsok." U.iited States Pomcb Retorts ? Effort Juftut Dch*.?A certificate having been pro duced, signed by Dr. II Lindsev, that Mrs. Ilig gius (who was yesterday mentioned in the police reports) was seriously if not fatally injured inter nally. Patrick Cahill was re-arrested this morning by Officer King, and sent to jail by Justice Donn. Frederick Briel was arrested by Officer King on suspicion of beiii" concerned in the robbery of the premises of Alex. Reilly, Seventh Want, from whom the trunk which was described in yesterday's Star was stolen. The officer pro ceeded to search six houses and adjacent premises, but found no clue to the stolen good4. Brlel was released, but requested a further search in order to prove his entire innocence. Lodgers ?The monthly report of the Captain of the Auxiliary Guard shows that, during the month of June, fifty-seven lodgers were accom modated in the Central Guard-house, viz : Born in Ireland. 22; England. 3; Scotland. 3; Germany, 6; Newfoundland, 1; New York, 3; Ohio, 2; Maryland. 8: Pennsylvania,4; New Jer sey. 1; Maine* 1; District of Columbia, I; and Vir ginia, 2. Ages?I0a20. 6; 20a30, 11; 30a40, 17; 40a 50, II; 50a60, 5; G0a70, I; ?0as0, 3. Males, 55; fe males, 2. Lost fSOO!?Fifty Dollars Reward!?In another column will be noticed au advertisement of the loss, by Mr. T. C. Magruder, on yesterday, of *500 in gold dollars, somewhere between the Treasury and the Capitol. This heavy loss fall? upon Mr. Magruder. and not upon the Govern ment. as some seem to suppose. The above reward will be paid at this office on the delivery of the money. The Fine Alarm Hell of the Franklin Fire Company was raised to the bellfry on their new engine house yesterday afternoon, and a trial of its qualities made of a satisfactory nature. The company's building is not yet finished, but is far enough advanced to make it a decidedly orna mental feature in that neigldiorhood. The Frank lin l>oys have adopted strict rules, we learn, tie signed to cut oft all rowdy characters from their rankj. Good ! ? That Mysterious Truxk, mentioned in yes terday's Star, turns out to lie the property of Mr. Alexander Riley, who resides on south G street, Island, near Page's wind (or rather steam) mill. Mr. Riley was about to move West, and had the family wearing apparel and other articles packed up for that pur|>ose. The thieves took somewhere aoout *100 from the trunk, but appear to have been frightened away, leaving some articles of value untouched. Chesapeake and Ohio Canal.?TheCumber land Civilian reportsa minor that the Cumberland Coal and Iron Company propose to loan the Canal Company *20.000 for the erection of masonry dams at the two defective spots, No#. 4 and 5. A simi lar measure, but to only half the amount, is under advisement by the Frosthurg Coal Company. These loan*, if made, are to In; repaid in tolls. Dead.?Young Bell, who was shot in the knee at the election riot, and whose leg was lately am putated, died about three o'clock this morning, at his residence in the Seventh Ward, mortifica tion having taken place. The funeral will take place to-morrow afternoon. Cold Weather seems to lie coming on early this yea*, and we commend to our readers' con sideration the advertisements in the Star's col umns of the various stove, coal aud clothing dealers. Watch R eturns. ? James Peray, drunk ; dis missed. Isaac Collins, vagrant; workhouse tfo days. Ashury Mitchell, drunk in the market; do 30 days. Joseph J. 11. Hill, drunk and dis orderly ; 'do. 30 days. George Butler, colored, dot, do. Iti.mramt Glaziers.?For several days, in fact all last week and tins, our city has been swarming with I tin'rant (Hazier*, who have no interest in tins community, hi common with our own mechan ics, who thus by the employment of these men, are deprived of much work that of right should be given to those settled among us. Why are these interlopers employed.'' What claim linvc they upon our citizens.' None whatever. Surely our resident mecltanics, citizens who have all their interests of identity in common with the prosperity of Washington, are fully competent for the discharge of what work shall he given to them. Then why bestow patronage upon persons who make their exit frwm the city as soon as the occasion of the had storm shall not avail them further work? taking with them their earnings to spend in other localities than Washington. Itissanl that some of our leiuling citizens have employed these interlo pers to the detriment of their own settled mechan ics. If so, the more shame for it; and we hope that a sense of shame for so doing wiil cause them not to do so again, hi depriving thus their own fellow citizens from a share of their support. Again: em ploying these ttiiirrnmt glaziers is hut lessening i the standard of mechanical excellence, for in truth most of them nre hut " tr kippers is'' in the trade, having served no tune to learn their trade to qualify theiu to Income master workmen. We therefore hope that those citizens of Washington who wore " pelted l?y the storm of hail" during the past week, will have compassion upon their own neighbors in giving out their work, and not l>e so ungenerous as to prefer strolling workmen to do their work in preference to a regular meoluuuc, settled in their midst, who have been and are ever thankful for all orders in the line of their profession. Think of this citizens, and look at home for workmen in dispens ing your improvements throughout this wwiutuul metropolis. Mkoiiamc. It Ltoji*? Magnetic Powde*. for the extermination of Bedbugs. Cockrtiaclies, Moths, Ants, and Mom uiutoen. Also, Pills for the destruction ?>l Rats and Mice, for sale, wholesale and retail, at Shillington s, Odeon Building, corner of ih street, and Pennsrl VMM avenue. H i MARRIED. On Wednesday, the Ut Mat., by Rnr. Mr. Bmwic ADOLPHUSBARKER to ALICE THOMPSON, all of this city. In Georgetown. D. C., on theSMh ultimo. l?v the Rev. Dr. Norwood. iOHN B. DAVIDSON to Si AR DIE, eldest daughter of Dr. C. H. Lauli, Sir geon United States Army. ? * On the 30th ultimo, hr the Rev. Charles F. King. THOMAS H. MADDOX and MARION E..daugh ter of the late Noah Fletcher, all of this city. DIED. On the 3?>th June, after a f>w days' illness, ROSE. ag??d 18 months and 21 dsvs, lielovcd child of \V in. C. and Harriet A. Zantzinger. On the morning of tlie Cd instant, at half past 2 ?'clock, BENJAMIN F. BELL. aged 22 j ears. Hi* funeral will take place lrom the resilience of Jno. 1 jiroomlm. Sr., at No. 612 south 7th street. To morrow ( Friday ) Afternoon, at -1 o'clock, where his relatives and friends are respectfully invited to nt tend o' FOR RENT AKD SALE. ^ K&triSSOT.'.VPrv P'^asant and hand J somely M RMSIIED ROOMS, in alnuisesn iiated on one of the most pleasant streets of the citv. ?"?' WPljjtw'tk I wtli, fas, Ac. App!) ?t r.r. ft st.. Office 8t*" ""e 8(<uare "om tl,e Patent RENT .?The TH R F.E-STOR V IIOI'SE a adjoining the 7 building*, containing a store room* t^i '"0 ?"ri r?? thre* bed-chambers, d.mng t r? ?irH 'rK' aild cr lar-, Ther0 M nlso * Cistern in the yard. This would make a most eli-ible stand for a Millinery store. 1 he property will he rented very low to a good tenant. Apply at the liowae. j> i 3t* FniTTlup COTTAGE FOR RENT-The * yor I"AOK on the east side of Tenth street, ' "or lr<iul l',e corner of II,(between II and I.) is still lor rent. Apply on the premises. jo if ? 2w FWgiWgfWM? bent BY the lint lii- .1 i o |,'AR~A two story BRICK J,, i w".h,!lr> Basement and eonvenient Back vVid* ?*t"res throughout, and a m.-e yard tilled with choice Fruit Trees, within a few minutes walk of either of the Departments. If de sired the House will I* for rent and the Furniture sold. rerins moderate. Address Box No. 21 Star Office, jeyi-St * pp? RENT.?A modern built HOUSE. contain rT,i i rop""?. comfortably furnished, in a delight lul and airy location, fronting one of the public res ervations, and commanding an extensive view of tho citv, the river, and Georgetown. It has gas through ron/w n T/ a tmih-foom. To a careful tenant the rent will he moderate. Inquire at 404 1 street, sec ond door from 12th street. j*, 24-tf FOR RENT.-'? XV A REHOUSES on 6th 1 street, between Pennsylvania and Missouri ave SJ f?^For terms, Ac., apply to J. B. WILSON. No. 327 I enn. avenue. je g^-im .hand8Orm0 'hree-story BRICK . .I.''" brown front and marble mantels, situated on L street. between 4th and 3f h. The Lot is 2i? feet front and 92 deep to a 15feet alley. It will L??,?!i ?n motJerat? terms. Apply at 410 Sth street, nftar "? je 3n-2tfw>* O O O M S FOR RENT.?MISS MOR LEY, iti,. Ihc house recently occupied by Mrs. Anderson.two doors from I he Kirk wood House, R(infw0'. tn,lent PARLORS* and LODGING mHhV.l ?mV*f i y,furnished orunfur and, if desired, will also furnish Board, or Break fast,and IVa t*? such as wish to dine at hotels or Gaufier s. The rooms are large and airy, nnd f,emiP?t'i^i summer residences. Applvat276 renn. a\ ejme. ie22-lm PQfl SALE.?A FAR M of a?HHit M aeres, in mciiM 1 li'"^ cou"fT? M d., tenmiles from Wash 'iw'nii Coio,8V, le roml' ""Proved with a .rood of r,i f' \g ,Wir" at"t Rfablc. a hue orchard whlja mM r A, P'Yf.,s ?et with clover, and the whole well fenced. A l?rgain may l>e obtained if early applied for, or would exchange forcitv proper 'l: .. , . H.N. LANSDALE, Agent, je 2Min 8 ec ' or through the City Post Office. P<)R SALE-The valuable PROPERTY at tt.e , .corner of 8th and L streets, adjoining Col. Sea fon a, fronting .>t feet on E and lUj feet on 8th street an?Hri-er,I||' ?7 ?lh ?'reet J^etween E BOoNL, Executrix of Edw. D\er, deceased. je 2!l eo2w' POR SALE.?A valuable tract of LA N D, con ah,,?f 63 acres, and within 3 miles of \\ ashington citv. Terms: One-fourth cash; l?l ance in 1,2, o, and 4> ears; or half in cash, and }>al ffitoryl^hStTc^t?'' ,,"Pr,,Ve,,? App'y at No. .512 j0,2 ,f POLI,.fR|) WI'HB, pOR SA LE?A FARM of 115 acres, nine miles ? ?r??m ashington, near the Seventh-street road. I he iinproveuienf s are a small Dwelling House, a good Stabie. a well ol good water with new wihmI pump in same. There arc jnn choice fruit trees A part of the farm is well fenced. It will be sold a l>ar <ain, if immediate application be made, or it mat be r?? .l- *tC1^. PI'.,p! rt> ? Applj to H. N. LANS U.AVV' "v-5<>1 street, or throURh the Pout Office, je 4-lm F'\j^ SALE.? A piece of line LA N D ori Rock ( reek, in Montgomery eountv, Md., six mi'es lrom tlie heights of (?eoreot<'wn, adjoininc the lands of Messrs. Perrv. Wood, Bestor, Nowles, Bohrer, and Hawkins. 112^aeres. A beautiful loca tion ; nartially improved; new house; 13acres rich creek bottom, and some fine ye||ow-pine timber. It can Ije divided, if d<?8ire<!. Cull and see the premi ?ps I hoRp who desire to purchase. j* 4-t j* P^B SALE.?My RESIDENCE on the corner of I * n 'Vw Jersey avenue and (' street south, Capitol Hill, fronting.on the avenue 162 feet 9 inches, and on ? 8out'l feet 11 inches, and containing nearly square feet. ...... W. F. PHILLIPS. Fi1 *^1.n'l'wT/w. .1'r81 'prms, that valuable ' ion t.r i GROUND No. 133, situated l>e r "n^ , J!h "treet? B ?nd S. containing 1 (*?,<**) feet. Apply at .No. 512 (2d story > 7th street. J?15 POLLARD WEBB. Agent. fT (' B SALE-A B RICK HO USE and LOiTno. I 3K2 hth street, tier ween (j and II streets. z"> fi?et Iront by &5 feet deep to a Ifi ft. allej. containing nine Kooms. I here are two fine ovens on the premises, "tn"10 f(,r tWM horses, and a cistern of Water. I he Bouse is a good one, and would suit a l?aker or a private family. For terms apply on the premises, je ?>> f ti. I ha M I^OB SALE CHEAP?And on lilieral terms, tho following F RAME DWELLINGS, viz . One jufit finihiied. and situated on tlie northwest corner of 22d and H streets, :n the First Ward; one just nnished, and on tli?? west side of 1st at ret t west. |>?? iween K and L, and in a rapidly improving part of the city; one on the east sid<* of 2?5th street west l>e tween Kand P, and n.*ar Easby's Ship Yard;-' and f wo, N os. 116 a nil 11;:, on north side East Capitoj rr*\ * '8?' five more, >ituat^d in different partsi of the cit>. Apply at No..>12 (2d stor* 17th street. POLLARD WEBB. po* A two-story BRICK DWRL ? with I Kick building and a fine %ard at tached, situated on E street, between 13th and 14th streets, rhe house could bo made one of tho best business stands in Washington, being within a few steps of \V illards',and adjoining Flint's Hotel. Pos ,hp,I"f "f July- Applv to FRANCIS i .'J family Grticer. corner ofF and 12th sts. j? 18-tf (InteU TO OWNERS OF CITY PROPERTY A \ D C A PIT AI. I STS.?The su I -seriber ?Sers to pu r c.iflseand sell Heal K^tato on counui8?ii?ne Having occasion to visite all parts of the city, and critically to examine every class of property .unusual opportu "ities ??f buying and selling to ad vantage are present ed. Office corner of Penn. avenuu and loth street, over Savings Bank. je6-eolm* GRAFTON D. HANSON. fl^OR RENT?That de-imble RESIDKNCE^ui 13th street. I??tw^en (i and II. No. 417, having in it a I* urnace, Water find Gas,^with ever* modern im proveinent. To a permanent tenant rent moderate. Possession given imuiediatelv. Apply to G. D. HA ,SCJN, corner of Kith anil Penn. avenue, over W ashington City Saving Bank. je2H-eo8t* DB I'G STORE F()R SALE.-The ST()CK. GOOD WILL, and FIXTURES of a Drug J^fore, eligibly situated, doing an exoHlenf prescrip tion business. This is an opportunity seldom to be met with, ns I he owner intends leaving the business altogether. Address " Pharmaceutist," City Post O/fice. je 26 eo2w pOR OLD POINT AND NORFOLK. The Steamer MARYLAND will, on the 8th of J uly, commence running regularly to ii ? . the aliove places, leaving Wimhmgtnn ffc (Elovniith-st. wharf) everv WKD-*-*'**^ a NESDAY and SATURDAY at 9 o'clock a m. Rc ^Uni,n.flY.'L"vlr\v? >VrfVlk ovor> MONDAY and iff I KSDA i at 4 o clock p. in. KVi"< JY'*1 returninc. at OLD BINI-^ POINT, BLACKISTONE'S IS!,AN 1), and the usual landings on the Potomatf. r "? wV'.1 '.nem1 J'r?1 s? to Old Point and Nor folk, 1- 1\ L DOLLARS. WM. MITCHELL. 11ST R E C E I V E D.JANOTHER LOT OF y those ?"P?rior Sugar-cured Mar>land and Ken tiicky lf.\.\r^,of the well known and choice l.rards of LewisStagg, (late stagps A Sha\,) and of Hull, IIiintA Co.,A?. A few pieces of thin MIDDLING Maryland cured. Also. 25 cases CLARET, a fine lot of pure old rye WHISKEY. FRENCH BRANDIES. old PORT. SHERRY4MADE1 R A and other \\ ines, in glass and wood. For sale by FRANCIS MILLER, lw 3U1 F st..cor. of Ittli st. ]VTEW AND FRESH PERFUMERY, just re 1 ^ ceived at No. 3>, In'tween Rfh and !?th streets. H. j. Mclaughlin a cq. PUBLISHED THIS DAY COMPLETE. LITTLE DORRIT, complete, by Charles Dickens, price 5" cents, for sale at SHILLINGTON'S Bookstore, je 17 Odeon Building, corner 4j* st. and Pa. av. Digest of the Maryland reports, by Messrs. Stookett, Merrick, and Miller, Attor neys at Law ; comprising Gill's Reports, nine vols.; Mary land Reports, eight vols.; nnd Mary land Chan c**ry Decision?, four vols.; complete in one volume ; ten dollars l?eing a continuation of the Digest ?d Messrs. Norris, Brown, and Kriiue. i*'G FRANCK TAYLOR. J NOTICE. ust RECEIVED AND OPENED, a great as sortment of GOLD and SILVER WATCH- JfcS ES, of all the l?est makers in Europe?such as ? Johnson, Tobias, Blundell, Dixon, NK-^>ud,Q^2 and other celebrated makers : Gold Fob, Vest, Onard, and Chatelain CHAINS, in great variety; SEALS, LOCKETS, PENCILS, Ac.: JEWEL RY in full sets and single pieces; BRACELETS; PI NGER RINGS; larg? and small GO LD CROSS ES; Jet Good*; Coral NECKLACE, ARMLETS; Cornelian RINGS nnd CROHSKS; Silver and Pla ted WAKK; FANCY ARTICLES, sueh as Ex trsots. Pomatums, Ox-Marrows, Colognes, Hair Oils; Tooth, Hair, and Cloth Brushes, Combs, Ra zors and Razor Straps, Shaving Cream, Ac.* Call and examine my large stock of Goods. I am determined to sell for small profits. Terms casn. N. 11. CLOCKS und CLOCK MATERIALS for sale at J. ROBINSON S, 340 Penn. Avenue, opposite Browns' Hotel, sigu Large Watch. ie 25-d?w (Intel. eo2w) t?OOD MOLASSES AT 66 CENTS PER I gallou. MORGAN A BRO.. 494 7th street, bet. 0 awl H streets. Jo A'.july 1,3,640 AUCTIOH SALES. Br JAMES C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. VALUABLE UNIMPROVED PROPERTY at Pcblic Armo* to close as Estatk.? On THURSDAY AFTERNOON. July 9th. iu So'ol'k. at the Auction Room*, I Khali sell. without reserve, to close an estate, the following valuable city prop erty, viz: Lot* 1 and 3 in square No. 5 " 10 " No. 14

?? 5 and 9 ?* No. 17 " 3 and 4 " No. 29 M 3 " No. 3) Suuare No. SI. all fronting ou the Circle, north K street, New Hampshire itveuue, and 22d street went. Terms: One fourth cash; the residue in C,, 12, and 18 mouths, with interest, secured by deed of trust on the pteiniscs. All conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. j? 2-d J. C. Mcfif lRK. A net. By J.C. McUCIRE, Auctioneer. El. EGA NT PARIS MADE CABINET FIR \ITIRE, FRE?CH-PLATR MlRRORS, SUPERIOR Effects, pair ok C\rria<;r Horses, BCUGV. Ac., AT Auc Tlos.?On WED NESDAY MORNING, July I5tli,at in o'clock, at the residence of Air. de Cramer, Secretin of Rus sian Legation, on 15tli street. Iwtween New York avenue and H sireet north, I shall sell ail his Furni ture and Effects, which are of the most superior kind, having been imported direct from Pans. We name in part? Suite of solid rosewood carved parlor furniture, finished in rich violet-oolored velvet plush, com prising French Sofa, Lounge, two Arm Chairs, two Eisy Chairs, aud six stuffed-hack Side Chairs. Suite of four French Curtains, to match with rich 1 .ace Curtains. Cornice, Guilt Shades, Ac. Pair of elegant French plate Mantel Mirrors Beautiful gill Mantel Set, consisting of French Clock ami Candelabra* to match Elegant rosewood Centre Table, Ltogere, and Wri ting table style l.ouis XV. Rosewood Fire screens, rosewood Easels Gilt Picture Frames, Engravings. Ac. Alliums of sketches in Russia and France Lirge quantity of rich aud lieautiful Etegere and Table Ornaments Suite of elegant Dining-room Furniture, consisting of richly carved Beaufot Etegeres, oval Exten sion Dining Table. twelve morocco-covered Chairs of a lieautiful French wood called rose wood oak Cage of Brazil!inn Birds, French Vases Beautifully-decorated French China Dinner and Coffee Service Rich crystal cut and engraved Glasswaro French Coffee-maker, Table Cutlery Silver-plated Ice Pitcher*. Waiters. Ac. Suite of walnut Par or Furniture, finished in green and gold brocatelle Walnut Secretary and Book-case, Writing Tables Handsome Folding Screen Green velvet Easy Chair Elegant suite of Chamber Furniture, consisting of Siesta Sofa, Easy Chairs, and four side Chairs, finished in rich figured cashmere, with Curtains and Fire-screen to match Mahogany mirror-front and plain Wardrobes Dressing Cabinets, Washstands. and Commodes Superior single French Bedsteads, with fine curicd h*ir and spring Mattresses Handsome Toilet Sets. Bedding Cottage Bedsteads, Walnut W ardrobes Bureaus and Washstands Curled hair and other Mattresses Holsters and Pillows Brussels, three-pi*. and Vemtian Carpets India Matting, Oil Cloth. Rugs Portico and Window Awnings, Bam I too Chairs Bronze Iron Hat Tree. Hall F urniture Together with ? general assortineut of excellent Household Effccts. . Also, at 3o'clock, in front oftlie premises? A span of beautiful Black Carriage Horses. 5 end 3 years old. <?f Morgan breed, admiralty matched, sound, kind, and Mntilbl travellers One four-seated Buggy Waggon, with shaft and pole, made bv l^awrence. New York Double Silver plated Harness Fur Robes, Woollen and Linen Covers, Whip, Sta hie and Gardening Utensils, Ac. The Furni'ure, Ac . is in excellent condition and of the most superior quality, having l>ecn selected in Paris with great care and without resard to cost. The House will lie open lor inspectiou on Tuesday, the li?h instant, from I" to 3 o'clock. Terms: $50 and under cash; over that sum a credit of firt and 9" days, for satisfactorily-endorsed notes, l?earing interest. J. C. McGUlRE, jy 2-d Auctioneer. ACA R D-? For the first lime, we take this met hod . of calling the attention of our customers to their lulls due 1st July. All our bills are now ready for delivery,and those not called for by the 28th instant will then (>edistri buted. HARPER .V MITCHELL. je 24-eoCt BOOKS from LONDON.?Finden's Beauties of Moore. I vol., folio, richlv bound in Turkey morocco, and illustrated with 4'J steel engravings; .*'4 50. Flowers of Loveliness, 1 vol., folio, liound in Tur key morocco, and illustrated with 4:? group* of Fe male Figures, finely executed in steel; ?13. The Pictorial Sunday Book, I vo!;io, lialf-Wiund in Turkey morocco, illustrated with numerous en gravings on wood and steel,ai d with maps: 5 History and Description of tho Worlds Fair in 1851, illustrated by lieautiful steel engravings, 3vol.,4to, finelv Isoind iu Turkey morocco; S'22. Hogaith's Works in a series of IjO steel engra vings. by the first artists, 2 vols., 4to, Turkey moroc co ; $16. Shakspeare, 3 vols., royal 8vo, Turkey morocco, illustrated from daguerreotypes of the greatestand most intellectual actors of the age: ?21. je3i FRANK TAYLOR. WINDOW G LASS.?:#*? Ih>xcs 1" by 15 French vv Window Glass, will be sold at one dollar and seventy-five per box for cash, in lots of 14 boxes. Also, a full supply of large size French Glass, 1st, 2d, and 3d qualities. 4 by K G lass for hut-houses, 8 by 1?,8 by 12, H by 12, and io by 12 cheap. It. H. MILLER, SON A CO. Alexandria. Va. ie 22 OELF SEALING CANS.?Sell Sealing Cans and Jars of Tin, Glass, and tire and acid proof stone Ware, in pints, quarts, and two ijuarts. Excellent for Strawberries, green Peas, or any other fruit or vegetables. No trouble, and perfectly reliable. G. FRANCIS. 7th street. jtfY STOCK OF BOOTS AND SHOES l^ng 1*1 altout the largest in this city at tun#, and having been purchased before theB>H I rise 111 Leather, can Iw sold at alxmt 15 to J'w per cent, less than goods purchased at this time. Call an?l examine for S. P. HOOVER'S, je 11 Iron Hall, Pa. ave. bet. 9th and l?tli sts. THE PROFESSOR, a tale by the author of "Jane Ey re;" 75 cts. The Romany Rye, a sequel to 44 Lavengro," Ly George Barrow : 5? cts. Lavengro,by George Barrow; 5^ cts. Ross on Slavery ; .*!. American Anglers Guide, illustrated : $ 1 -50. Illustrated Hand Book of American Travel; .?2. Demosthenes on the Crown, translated ; 75 cts. Demosthenes' Olynthiacs. Philippics. Ac.:75 cts. je 2*< FltANCK TAYLOR. I^lKE !-hll< K!!?FIRE!!! A general assortment of Fl R E WORKS from a Gra.sshoppi 1 t<> a ?me pound Rocket. These works have been selected with great care from the cele brated manufactory of G. A J. Edge, Jersey City. The supply is limited. Call early and secure h portion for tne glorious4th of July. For nale by E. M. EV E R ETT. je 24-?t No. 281 Penn. ave.. near 10th st. ?T^O THE LADIES. I would most respectfully inform the ladies of the District of Columbia, that 1 have this day received, direct from the maniifac tory, Boston, the richest and finest and most beautiful assortment of Children's Fonr Wheel CARRIAGES that has everlieen offered for sale in this market. Please call and look at them. " " Also, a few more of the celebrated ARC TIC REFRIGERATORS, the Dr. Kane and cithers, all sizes of Mtisser's patent five minute Ice Cream and Water Ice FREE ZERS; Dr. Authur's Patent Air-tight Self Sealing CANS and JARS for preserving fresh fruits, Ac., Ac. All the above will Im sold very cheap. C. WOODWARD. PcnH. Rve., bet. 10th and 11th sts.. No. 318. jo27-6t Balcony 111 front. SUMMER WINES. 12t? cases Clarets, all grades, viz : 35 cases St. Julien Table Claret '25 do St. Esteppe do do 20 do St. Jtilien (Michaelson A Co's.) Table Claret 20 do Chateau I Arose (Michaelson A Co's.) Wine-glass Claret. 10 do Chateau Leoville (Michaelson A Co's.) Wine-glass Claret. 10 do Chateau Margaux (Michaelson A Co's.) Wine-glass Claret. 30 do Hock, Still and Sparkling, in pints and quarts, viz: Heirstciner, D?idesheimer, Maroobrunner, Geisenhcmier. Brauner lierger, Mozellewein, and llockhciiner, in liooksbeutelle. For sale by JAS. H. SHEKELL, je26-lw 279 F street, corner 13th. 07A UNDER BROWNS' HOTEL. Oft; Just opening a splendid assortment of Spring and Summer R EA DN - MA DE CLOTHING and Gent's FURNISHING GOODS of the finest style and make, at tho Emporium of Fashion, No. 37" Br?wns' Hotel, next to private entrance, may 30 (Intel A States) ATCHES, JEWELRY, AN D SI LYE R W A R E. W 1 have just received a new supply of FINE WATCH ES. GOLD CHAINS, and a large assort ment of RICH JEWELRY* of every description, which makes my stock at the present time one of the most complete 111 the city. I have just finished (on the premises) a very large assortment of PURE SILVER WARE, among which inay be found a SOLIDSILVER TEA KET TLE superior to anything lie fore exhibited 111 this city,?the weight of which is 126 ounces, capacity 9 quarts. Both citizens and strangers are invited to call and examine. II. O. HOOD, je23- 338 Pa.ave., near 9th street. j^OURTH OF JULY CELEBRATIONS. Don't go 011 any excursion this Fourth^S^. /r"N without a supply ol DRl'RY'fs(rj4f?J SPICED OYyfERS; acknowledged to bo the best ever put up. NSSflfir Live SOF F CR A BS by tho dozen. SAM'L. T. DRURY, 294 Penn. ave., 2d door east of 14th st. je 30-3t * (States) A RARE CHANCE FOR BARGAINS IN BONNETS.?We have just reoeived a^gN large lot of elegant BONN LI'S too late for ?9^7 the season, which we will positively soil for halL^^ their value. M. WILLIAnT je 3?-2w Centre Market Space (ioto Mclaughlin a co.'s. for fourth 1 OF JULY NOTIONS, No. 21, bctweeu 8thand 3th streets. je ?? New music at ELLirs piano and Miisic Store. je30 BT\LLOONS MADE 4>F TISSUE PAPfcR and India Rubber, with Sponge for Spirit Gas for day and night asoeusion. Just received at joo h. j. Mclaughlin a co's. AUCTION SALES, TO DAY k TO MORROW MORNING AUCTION SAl.F. OF M16AR ANDSYRI P Will be sold at auction on FRIDAY. July id Mt U o'clock a. m.,on the wharf, the cargo of Schoon er Dr. Rogers, consisting of? Ml barrels A Sugar 100 do A A do 5? do Yellow do 461 do Portland S>rtip. FOWI.K A CO.. jyl-2t ___ Alexandria. Vs. BjrC.K. L. CROWN A ('(?. Auctioneers. DESIRABLE PRdl'KRTYd.N ?S STREET AT Aittio*.?On MONDAY AFTKKNOdN, at 6 o'clock, we shall sell in front of the premises. Island? I,ot No.T! in Square 4*7. lying on the west and paved side of 4f(. Also, a pari ot Lot No. 1. snMivisio* of Square No. 5Hn, lK?emmnt at the northeast corner "f said I/?>t nt the intersection of First street with the alley runtime in the rear of said Ixit, then west with the line of amd alley Y> feet, thence with and paral lel with said First street west S? feet, thence east to said First street west VS feet, with two Houses on said lot?frame. Terms of sale: On*-Jonrtti,'cash : the l<alanee in fi. 12. and 18 months, lor notes liearing interest from day of sale. A deed eiven an<l a deed of trust taken. je 2S-d C. R. I.. CROWN A CO.. Ancts. (ITTHK ABOVE SAI.K IS POST PON F.I) tii.Tlll RSDA\ AFTERNOON same hour and place. june^-d C. R. L. CROWN A CO.. Aucts. B? HAKN ARD* B(?CUV.AmIm?M. \rAl.l"ABLE FAR M ANT) OI'ARR Y I.AND for Sale.?On TiU'RSDAY, Jul* 2, at three o'clock p. in., will tie sold at the Little Falls Bridec, on the Virnnta side, that portion of Rich Point Farm, north of Primmett's Run, containing one Jiundred acres, more or less. This pr?j>erty is most eligibly situated on the Leesbure Turnpike Road, lour miles from Wash ington City, well wooded in oak and chestnut. Primmett's Run,(the southern l?uiiihry,)ia a never failing stream of water. The cleared land is ea-y of cultivation. The Quarries on the Potomac are lustily valuable, having the finest curb ami Hag stone on the river. If desirable, the property can lie divided into two portions to suit purchasers, the object of the pro prietor Iteinc to increase the neighl>orhond, as he is aliout to build on the adjoint tic portion for his own resilience. Terms: One-third, cash: the balance in six and twelve months' notes : bearing interest from day of sale. Deed of trust taken to secure the payments. The plat of the propertv can Ih? seenat the auction rooms of Barnard A Buckey, Bridge street. George town. Sale positive. . je 27-d BARNARD A Bl'CKEV, A acts. \ By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. VALUABLE LOTS IN THE FIRST WARD at Acctiox.?On THF RSI) A Y, the 2d i>f J ?i I *, at 6 o'clock, in front of the premise*, l.ot No. 18. in Square No.79, fronting 5" feet 3'4 inches on H ?t., nearest street, <lepfh IJU. This property is in a lieautiful situation, and is deserviuz of attention from persons wishing to purchase. It will l>e equally divided into two lots if desired. Also. I?ot No. 3. in Square ?l, fronting on L street St feet B inches, running l*ck t??" f^t i?? h pnlsic ?vlley, Ih'hic hnely situated. in the immediate \ icm ? tv of th" Circle. The lot will l~? divided if desired. Titles to the uliove iots indisputable. Terms: One-third cash; the residue m 6 ami 12 months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the property. fa jrt-a A. GREEN. Auctweec. By BONTZ A COOMBS. Auctioneers. EX T EN S I V.E SALE OF WELL-KEPT i llorstHOLD FrRMTrRr.?On WE1)NESDA\ MORNING. 1st So'clock a. in., we shall sell, m front of our Auction Rooms, a large and gen eral assortment of excellent Furniture, lieing th? ? fleets of a gentleman about to leave the city, such as? Mahogany Sofas. Chairs, Lounges. Tables Bureaus, Rocking Chairs. Washttands Brussells. Three plv.and Ingram Carpeting Oilcloth, Mattinz, Bedsteads Mattresses. Looking Glasses. Clocks. Safe A lot of Cigars. 7 octave Piatio China, G lass, and Crockerv Ware. Ac. Terms at sale. BONTZ A COOMBS, je <3-t? Auctioneers fCT-THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until FRIDAN , 3<1 instant, same hour r.nd place, jy 1 .1 BONTZ ?V COOMBS, Auctioneers. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. PWO BRICK HOUSES AND LOTS ON 1 PKXNS\ LV * MA AVENCK. IX THE FiR-nT W *R:>. at Aictiov?On MO.NDA S". the htli day of July, I shall sell in front of the premises, at ?? o'clock P. M.. that handsome new and targe brick House, situated at the corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 2uth street p.nd the lot on which it stands, being lot No. 25. in square 101. which fronts 4o feet 9 inches by 43 feet 9 inches, and the house rovers all lh? lot. And immediately after thrt sale of the a1>ove I shall sell a larze three story brick House <m the north side of Pennsylvania avenue, between 19tli and J?'th streets, and the lot on which it stands. Also, a lot immediately in the rear ofthe House, froutiag on I street. Tiie house Ins a lack building, and contains 16con veniently arranged rooms and wide passnce. Terms: One-fourth cash; t?!ancein ?<, 12, IT, and months, "for notes l>earins interest from da\ of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. Title mdisputal le# je >MJ * A. GREEN. Auctioneer. By WALLA BARNARD, Auctioneers. \?A LFABLE FARM AND BEAFTIFFL Coi >'try Rntmct at Pohjc Salk.-oii TUESDAY, Stth So'dock P. nt.,nat he premises, we will sell that le^tutiful and highly cul tivated Farm, late the country residence of A. Hoover. Esq., deceased, lying in Alexandria county, Virginia, one inilo from Goorgetown, <uid ou the heights just al-ovethe Aqueduct. This I'm hi contains als.ut one hundred and sixty acres, in a high state of cultivation, well leaped.and enriched with the lilteral use ??f fertilizers. There is a large Orchard of the choicest Iruits now in full bearing. The dwelling, which is near!* new, is 42 feet square, surrounded with a ten feet wide portico, contains large parlors, roomy hall, hve large chain l?*rs, kitchen. I At h-room, water-closet, and every modern convenience: also, a reservoir on the top of the house. In fact, no expense was spared to make the dwelling eouifortabie and elegant. The situation is l*eautiful, commanding an exten sive country, citv. and wa'er view, and is within a lew minutes' walk o| Georgetown. The other improvements consist of new Imrns. sheds, stalJes, styes. Ac. There is a liberal supply of pure water close to the house, and the farm is well watered with several un failing streams. The teiins. which are liberal, will be made known at tune of sa e. A. P. HOOVER. je22t? WALL A BARNARD. Auct. fO" THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED ill oonseqiieiice of the ram until WEDNESDAY A FT 1.15 N OON, J uiv H?n. same hour aiel place. jy 1 dts WALL A BARN A RD. A nets. Bv JAS. C. McGFIRE. Auctioneer. TRI'S T E E ' S SALE OF X EWI.Y NEW FtRMTl HK AND HofsKK EKPI \C, EfEE*'T?.?Oil TUESDAY .MORNING. July 7th. at m o'clock, bv virtue ol two deads of trust, duly n-corded. Ac., the sulwcnber will sell tksartin Farattaiaaad F.l feets of the"Burnett House," situatedat tiie corner of 45a street and Penns* Ivania avenue, which has l>een recently refurnished with exi-el ent Furniture, Carpeting, Bedding, Ac. We name in part? Mi hop any Ilair SpringSofas, Ann and Parlor Chairs Mahogany and Walnut Centre and Rout TaWcs Maho-'auy Secretary and Bookcase Excellent Cane and Rush-seat Chairs. Rockers Spring-seat Lounges, Curtains awl Shades l.ooking Gl isscs. Girandoles. Vases Aub 'ssan, Three-ply .ami Ingram Carpets Oilcloth. Hair Carpets. Rods and Eyes Bronx** Iron Hat Tree, Oak Arm Chairs Mahogany, French, and Cottage Bedsteads Mahogany and Walnut Dressing Bureaus Wnnlrolies, Washstands, and Toilet Sets Chamber Tables, Whatnot, Window Shales Curie 1 Hair Mattresses, Bolsters and Pillow* Blanketst Comforts, and Spr?*ads Two Walnut Extension I inmg Tables Maple Cane-seat Dining Chairs Gr.mite Dinner and Coffee Ware Glassware an 1 Table Cutlery. Block Tin Ware Cooking Radiator and other Stoves Bar, Counter, and Bar Room Furniture Together with a large and excellent assortment of Household Etleets, not necessary to enume rate. Thealiove Furniture, Ac., was all purchased new within the Inst six months, and is in excellent order. Terms: and under, cash; over that sum a credit of, 3, and 4 mouths, for satisfactorily en dorsed notes, bearing interest. . B. MILBFRN, Trustee. JAS. C. McGL'IRE, jy l-d Auctloneer. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. FOR SALE AT AUCTION ONE OF THE Most 1IKS1RABLE KKH ?>K PRol'ERTY IS TIIE city.?In pursuance of a power of sale contained in tiie last M ill and testament of the late Gottlieb C. Grammer, duly proved and recorded in the Orphans' Court for the county id' Washington. D. C., the sub scriber will sell on the premises, on TFESDAY, the 7th instant, at o'clock P. M., Lot No. 15, in square No. 2wi. in this city. This very valuable property is situated hi one of the most attractive and rspidly improving parts of the city. It fronts feet on the wn.'t side of Vermont aveuue. Iietween 11 and I streets north, and runs lack 121 feet, containing 6,n50 feet. There is on it a convenient two-story bri?k dwelling, occupied by Mr. A. E. Le Merle. Terms: Oue-third cash; letlanoe in 6.12. and 18 months, for notes bearing interest Iroin day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. Title uidis putablc CHRISTOPHER GRAMMER. J. E. GRAMMER. Trustees for heirs of the late Gottlieb C. G rammer. je3n-d A. GREEN, Au t| -n^er. ]\ f A RSH AL'S SA LE.?In virtue of a writ of beri 1?I facias on scifa lien law issued from the Clerk's office of the Circuit Court of the District of Colum bia for the County of Washington, ami to me di rected, I shall expose to public sale for cash, in front of the Court house d<??r of said county, on FRI DAY, the 17tli day of July, 1837, at 12 t,'clock, the following property, to wit: All defendant right, tide, claim,ami interest in and to the three two-story and attic Frame Dwrllnj: Houses and Back Building*, situated >n Lot No. 2S, in square No. iir7 in the City of Washington. D. C.. fronting 4"Ieet on north L street, seized anil levied upon as the property of John S. James, and will In sold to satisfy Judioials No. 243 to March terra li. 7; F rancis Wheat ley t?.?. John S. James. J. D. HOOVER, je 24-d Marshal for the Dist. of Col. By J. C. McGFIRE, Auctioneer. IN PURSUANCE OF THE PROVISIONSor a Dee 1 of Trust from William H. Faulkner to the undersigned trustee, dated 2bth day of May. l&VS, recorded in Liber J. A. S., No. 56, fi>lio 298, Ae.. I shall,on MONDAY, thettth day of Julycext. be tween the hours of 5 and Ho'clock p. in., proceed t<? sell Lot No. 25. Reservation A. situated on the south side of Pennsylvania avenue, between 3d and 4th streets, fronting on the aveuua 25 leet.and running lack 1275-12 feet to an allev, and on which there is erected a new and fir?.t class brick buikdinc, now oc cupied by said Faulkner. Title indisputable. Terms: One third oash on the day of sale, and the liaituice hi equal payments at 6 and 12 months, with interest, scoured by deed of trust on the property. Conveyancing the expenae of the purchaser. ANDREW WYLIE. Trustea. je?9>i JAS, C. MoGLIKE. Auctioneer. TELEGRAPHIC NBW8. PKOM THE ASSOCIATED PMBSS iMthrr Trffrtm Halt l fKiPHirinrM.Jtly! ?VMtordirtftfninon between lhr? and four o'clock, wr were tIiiIH 7 ? 'feiUfBdow bail storm. acromntoH h? thunder and lightning. Hailstones frll the at bp of bens' *ggs. ?ma*hing ail the windward pan** in Ihf rit? All the magnets in the telegraph ofliee. with one exception. were melted by tW I lightning It |* frarrd that Irreparable Injury hasbeendone to the standing crop*, tree* and fruit in the range of the storm Railroad Deteallaa. Richmond. Jul* 2?I-n*? night, at l?k o'clock, the northern train fron. this rite, when near I-rt-derick*bnrr. ran into a culvert which luid been undermined by the storm David Crowder, ? he engineer. I.ilward South*id. Iiaggave niMtrr, and a negro tinman were Inu1!v hurt. The na* seujfera wen- uninjured. The train from Waahingtnn to Richmond was Mopped at Brook*- Mat.on. fly. miles from Aquia creek, hy the washing away of tlie road. Aaotker Railway Diuulfr. Cixcixxati. Julv i ?In the train of car* tween this city aad Marietta, while eroding trestle work, twelve mile* we*t of Marietta v< v. terday morning. one ear wa* thrown from thw track and fell a distance of 53 feet, smashing it to piece*. Thirty person* were in the car*, four of whom were killed and twenty wounded Amon the dead i* Win. G. Richard?on of Boston Preliminaries for Laying the Atlaatlc Tele graph. ^r. Jottxi, N. F., July 2?Her Majesty's war steamer Cyclop*. dispaU hed hy the English Gov eminent to make sounding* along the telegraph plateau Irtwirn Ireland and Newfoundland, ar rived here yesterday, and in*ke* a favorable re |?ort. confirming the report of Lleuteuant Berry man, of the U. S. Navy. Derision in the New l ark Police Case. Albany, July 2.?The Court of Appeals for the Mate yesterday decided that the Metropolitan lo iee Bill wa? constitutional Tbore wan a fjl. iKvtrd of Judges; four of whom couatituted the majority; the other* dissenting. fialtimare Market*. Baltimore, July 2 ?Flour is dull, kale* of Howard street at ?7.37 Wheat i* quiet? red #1 H2. white *1 <Q Corn I* dull; white t^a-'tV'.. yellow rvSa^ic nuxrd va ???ic. Whisky 1* lower; City and Ohio 3?r. New York Market*. New \ ork. July 2?Flour I* heavy; *ale? of bbls ; State ?C> 25a?6 M, Ohiof* 7Ua?7 jn. Southern ?7 25a? 7 ?tl Wheat i* flrm, *ale* of I7.UW bushel*; fin* qualities haw slightly declined. new white #2 flS tlornl* Ann; sale* of 't.iou bushels; mixed Mt. white Turk 1* unsettled: sales of l.*ll bbls ; mess **>50 Beef i* dull , at *lf. 5<ia*l7 for Western pa? ked Lard is quiet at Mall ^e. Whisky is heavy ; Ohio32c. Financial. New \nm, July a?Slotk? are generally un 1 hatigrd; Illinois Central bund* 97k; Michigan Southern lUjj; New York Central 7:?; Va 6 s 9", Mo. 6's 7{?. GEORGETOWN A EE A IKS Corrt>yond<?ct of Tkt Star. CioiftiTown, July a, 1&57 The exhibition of Mr. p A Bowen ? Claasical and Mathematical Academy, at Forreat Hall yes terday afternoon, attracted an immense concourse of ladies and gentlemen from Washington and our own city, the spacious hall being crowded to overflowing. The participants In the various exercise* acqnitted themselves in fine style, to ? he entire satisfaction of the large auditory, who were abundant in their applause as one after an other of the juvenile orators and perforator* played his part upon the stage of action The exhibition yesterday was universally admitted by ail present to surpass by far any ever heretofore held in Korrest Mali At the clone of the ex*r ciw** an unusually large number of premium* wa? distributed amorii: the most meritorious of the pupils by Lieut. Maury, of the National Obser vatory. Washington. ? I'he distribution of premium* at the Ladie^ Atadeuiy. Convent of the Visitation, will take place on Wednesday, July Mh. flie examination of the male department of the Georgetown School, taught by Mr. W H Ciaig principal, and Miss Jewell, assistant, will com mence ou Monday next. The female school of Mis* Hester Berry, one among the very best In our city,closed the schol astir year on NVfdmlif. Our voiing friends of !he Methodist Protestant Sabbath School are anticipating an uuusually large amount of enjoyment on the approaching r ourth, during their celebration at Valley View The Declaration of Independence wi!l be read by George W Beall, Jr.and addresses delivered bv the Rev*. .Mr. Nicholls, of your city, and Dr Murray, of ours. An address i* also expected r.oin William Laird. Sr . Esq There will also l?e a series of exercises by the pupils C hrist ( Kpisronal) Church was the scene of a gav throtig. mostly ladies, on Tuesday evening, at ? o'c lock, to witness the uniting of a loving, and we might say truly a handsome, young couple in the tK>nd? of matrimony. The groom was Mr. John Davidson, of the firm of Hyde A Davidaoa. and the bride Miss Laub. daughter of Surgeon l.aub, U. S. A. We would advis* those who may desire the services of Amy* Shinn for the 4 th. to s**nd in their orders either this eveuing or early in the morning, otherwise they may be disappointed in the general rush. It would hardly be ainiss. this morning, to change the name of Fish wharf to Dog wharf Judging from the number piled on it about nine o'clock, we should think that the police played sid havoc among the canines last ni^ht. Served them riyht?they ought to have Wn kept up We hope, however, that the turbid (at this time) waters of the Potomac will not ??e made the grave in which to bury the carcases. Arrived?Packet schooner Coast Pilot. Brown, from Boston, with bbls herring to Hartley A. Bro . J7I do. to G. Lowi y, Km do to Geo A Tb Parker, 5t? do. to Jackson. Itro A Co.. ait do to E. K. White A Co., machinery to Tho* McGill d.Hirs and sash to Rntwisle A Barron: schooner J ?\ Bacon, Norris. from Philadelphia, with coal to Botf ue A Donnelly; schooner Aiverda. Hoop. , Salisbury, 50,<JUII feet of lumber to Jo* Libbey A Son: schooner Congress. Crouch. Salisbury, with jU.OIM f^et of lumber to F. Wheatl*>y; *chr Law rence. Overton, from hkleiitou. N . C, Ii5 nun shingles to l.ibhejrA Son and F Wheatlev; whr. Julia Ann. Staples. Savannah, 75.UJU feet lumber to LiboeyASon. <{uite a number of l*ay and river craft are discharging cargoes of wood, Ac to Dickson. Gordon A Co , Barron A Stover, andi O'Neal. W e have nothing of moment to report from the market*, very little grain arriving. Flour I* held at S7.37.Jf. SrscTATOR m SECOND HAND PIANOS. RANGING IV pnc? from .?ik to Sl2S.ju?t re<^ive<l> Iroin Baltimore. The? are v?erv aood. Also, 15b#autihil new I'l ANOSuistort recently received from Boston. Highest price c;ven for old Pianoa m exchange f,.r H 'V, Reinemfxr our namt>er in 9*. near twecjiiWhaiKl loth. JOHN. F. ELLIS. JC M ^IlA ForN T.-TI,;^. Of . " eRt "n'1 th" PmWio Renerally can lie sup plied with pure and cold SODA WATER, with the hnest Sirups, in every variety. I?y eallinx at M OUK K'S je S-6t Drue Store, No. lis Penn. ave. ^,OU'L ANU OSTRICH FEATHER 1 ly Brushes. \\ ue Dish Covers. Double ice Pitchers, Kefrncemtors. Travellin* Baskets selliruc low, ami Rome rapidly, at G. FRANCIS.7th street. Books from London.?Howitt's h<?im a i l llauntsofthe Poct>.iuiistrate?l: Humphrey Ciinker, by Smollett, illustrated: 7ac. 1 ereicrine Pickle, by Smollett, illustrated: 51. History of Amelia, by Fielding, illustrated;TV. Schindortiannes, the Roblwr of the Rhine, l?v L^itch Ritclue: 33c. Jj>uy Fawkes.liy Ainsworth: 3Re. The Colleeians. by Gerald (irithn; 3Rc. N?>rt(inntjer At>liev and Persuasion, l>y Miss Aus * 38c 1 he Tithe Proctor, bv William Carleton; 3R<*. Tho KiuiEraiitH. bt William Carleton :3Be. The Munster Festival, hy Gerald Oriftin. 3Kc. The Rivals, l?y Gerald Gnlhn; 3Hc. Fanlorousha, the Miser, lo William Carleton,38c. je? BRANCH TAYLofc OLL'MBIA MARKET. Corner 13th street and Penn. avenue. Just arrived and for sale another invoice of that PI RE CIDER VINEGAR. The proprietors of this Market take this oppor tunity to return thanks for the liberal patrouace 1* stowed hy the citizens of Waahinston. and hope t y strict pe->oiutl attention, with moderate charges, to uerii its continuance. v '5!9' 2law'lw MALLARD t PI N AL. \,J^'^ K!,'SXi.,\V,ATCHE8. Ac.-M W. ^ GALT A BROTHER open this morning Ll'<'.r\*rT assortment of new and elecant Jeweirj, A ntches, Ac. A Iso, new silver Tea Sets, Pitchers, Gohleta. Cups, r orks, Spoous, and every variety of fane* silver rare. M. W. GALT A BRO jy 1 St 324 Pa. av., between 9th and loth streets. PBKAT BARiiMSS^lN PIANOS.-ie exoel O leut second-baud PIANOS, rea. I* creat bargains. U?r sale on very reasonable terms ai our great Pis0" A'are Rooms, No.anb I'enn.avenue, I.etween Mb and loth streets. (je3?> JOHN F. ELLIS. WD. E1CHLER. So.Sfn SEVENTH STREET, ?etween D and E streets, west side, PR AC riCAL WATCHMAKER, keeps oonstantly |9Q rtn hand a hue assortment of W ATCH F.S amiJUb IEW KLKV. ae ?<> UIRD CAGES, DOOR MATS. CARRIAGES. *f. sr* t *>. c