Newspaper of Evening Star, July 3, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 3, 1857 Page 1
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Qfirmhtg ?to. VOL. X. WASHINGTON, D. C., FRIDAY, JULY 3, 1857. NO. 1,*M THE EVENING STAR M PUBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON, (EXCEPT SUXDAY,) AT THK STAR BUILDINGS, for*4T Ptmmsrlvmnim nvtmu*. nnd 11(4 llrnt, Br w. d. wallach, ?n<l is ?OTVsd to ? nhacriheri by camera at SIX AND A ARTKR CKNTS, payable weekly to he Aarr.ts; papera served in paoXa*e? at oenta pnr month. To ml aubarribera theauUonption prioe.g THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CRNTtf a ??r Hi adrance, TWO DOLLARS for atx month., and ONE DOLLAR fgr three months; for lew. than three months a; u>9 rate of 12# oenta a week. | I.-"?" SINGLE COPjEgi ONE CENT. NOT ASHAMED 0 f h | o 11 lT L E . A *,tory for the Young. I ''hall nc ,'pr forget a lesson which I received wi" n ?(in e ? young lad at an ncadcmv in B Aui?nr my scb??ol-fcllows whore Hartly and .on They were somewhat older than inv ' .1. and the latter I looked up to na sort of jP?der in matters of opinion and of sport. He not at heart malicious, hut he ha l a foolish ambition of being thought witty and sarcastic and he made himself feared by a besetting hab it of turning things into ridicule, so that he seemed continually on the look-out for mutters < t derision. liartly wns a now scholar, and waa little knu^n among the boys. One morning, as wo Here on our way to school, he was seen driving a cow along tho road toward a neighboring field A group of boys, among whom was Jem *>n. met him as ho was parsing. Tho opportu nity was not to be lost by Jemson. 44 Halloa ho exclaimed; "what's the prlco of milk.' I s*J? Jonathan, what do you ivd'ler on' AVhat will you take for all the gold on her horns' vs. if you want to seethe latest Paris style l>*'k at those boots"' J ' Hartly waving his hand at us with a pleasant smile. and driving the cow to tho field, took d-wn the bars of a rail fence, saw her safolv in the enclosure. and thpn putting up tho bnrs rinio.ind pntored the school with the rest of ?? After school in the afternoon, he let out ?n*cow, nnd dr?>ve her off. none of Us knew ?here And every day, for two or three weeks, wont through tho smuio tnsk. The boys ol Academy were no irlvnll tii- sons of wealthy parents, and some of them, ?"*" '"g whom was Jemson, wore dunces enon^h m look down with a sort of di?dain upon?a r h *lar who had to drive a oow. The sneers and } ort of Jemson wore accordingly often renewed He once, on a plea that he did not like the odor of the barn, relused to sit next to Hartly. Oc casionally he would inquire after the cow's health, pr-.nouncing the word - ke-ow." after ?he manner of some of tho country people. ?? ith admirable good nature did Hartly bear nb these silly attempts to wound and "annoy luui 1 do not remember that he was even one'e ?"'rayed into a look or word of angry retalia tion ? I suppose, Hartly." said Jemson one day. *41 your lady means to make n milkman of yoU." - Why not," asked Hartly ? nothing; only don't leave much water in tho cans after you rinse them?that's all!" Tho boys laughed, and Hartlv. not in the mortified, replied. "Never fear; if ever I sh mid rise to be a milkman, I'll give good measure and g*H>diuiIk." The day after this conversation, there was H public exhibition, at which a number vt lailies and gentlemen from other cities were present. Prizes were awarded by tho Principal of our Academy, and both Hartlv anl Jemson received a creditable number; for, | in respect to scholarship, those two were about oqual. After the ceremony of distribution, tho 1 nncipal remarked that thoro was one prize, c n-isung of a medal which was rarely awarded, r. t so much on account of its great cost, as be . tu*e the instances wore rare which rondere 1 i> bestowal proper. It waa the prize for hero i-iu The last boy who received one was young Manners, who three years ago rescued tho blind gui from drowning Thw Principal then said that with the per mission of the company, he would relate a short f-t-ry Not long since. Home scholars were nring a kite in the street, just as a poor boy ? ?n horseback rode by on his way to the mill. 1 Alio horse took fright and threw the boy, injur ing him so badly that he was carried home, and t >nanod *>me wueks to his bed. Of the schol ars who had unintentionally caused the dis aster, none followed to learn tho fate of the wounded boy. There was one scholar who had witnessed the accident from a distance, but stayed to render services. J his scholar soon learned that the wounded boy was the grandson of a poor widow, whose ? lo support consisted in selling the milk of a line cow. of which she wag the owner. Alas! what could "he now do' She was old and lamcj and her grandson, on whom she depended to the cow to pasture, was now on his back, helpless. ?? Never mind, good woman," said tho scholar, 4-1 can drive your cow'" "ith bles.-ings and thanks the old "woman ac cepted his otter, lint his kindness did not stop b-re Money was wanted to get articles from ?no apothecary. ?? I have money that niv in th.-r sent me to buy a pair of boots with; but I can do without them for a while." "Oh, no. said the old woman, "1 can't consent to that; but here is a pair of con-hide b?>ots that I taught for Henry, who can't wear tliem. It" v u woul l only buy these, giving us what thev - *t. we should get along finely. ' Tho nchola'r I- ?:.;hr the b->ots. oluin-y as they were, and has m* in them up to this time. ^ el|, when it was discovered by other boys of 'he Academy that our scholar was in the habit ? I ?!ri?ing a c ?w. he was assailed with laughter ???id ridicule His cowhide boou in particular were made matter of mirth Hut ho kept on cheerfully and bravely, day after day, ne\er shunning observation and driving tho widow * ?-w. and wearing his thi<-k boots. contented in lie thought that he was doing right, caring not f ?r all the jeers and sneers that could be uttered. H? r ever undertook to explain why he drove a p ?? for he was not inclined to mako a vaunt ? iiaritablo motives, an l. furthermore, in hi h? m t he had no sympathy with tho false pndo t/i it could l??ok with ridiculo on any useful em ployment It was by mere accident that his course of kindness and self denial was yester day discovered by his teacher. And now. ladies ?nd gentleman. I appeal to y>'i Was there not true heroism in this boy's conduct* Nay. Master Hartly, do not slink ? ut ot si^ht behind the blackboard ' You are not afraid of ridicule?you must not be afraid ? f [ raise C ,me forth, c >mo forth. Master Ed ward James Hartly. and let us soe your honest f A? Hax'ly with blushing chee^-k", made his appearance what a round of applause, in which the whole compHny >?ined. spoke the general a-probation f his conduct! The ladies st<N,d u|on beuches and waved their handkerchiefs; the .,ld men wiped the gathering moisture from the corners of their eyes and clapped their hands, 'lhoso cluui-'y b-a>ts on Hartlv's feet -?omod prouder ornaments than a crown would i.ave been on his head. The modal wao bestow ed on him amid general acclamation. ino toll a gi>.?d thing of Jemson before I ? include. He was heartily ashamed of his ill i. it-ired raillery, and after we were dismissed, he went Willi tears in his eyes anl tendered h ? hind to Hartly, making a handsome ajsilogy ?'?r hispas. ill-manners. "Think n?> more of If old follow," sai I Hartly. with delighted cor diality, let us all go and havo a ramble in the wo.,J* before we break up f.,r vacation." The l"?ys one and all. followed Jemson's example; an I then we set torth with huzzas into the woods. What a hapjiy day it w?? ! Tmi Flickering or thk Ga? lismt ?One of '???? irij*t u?eful inventions positively wanted l-v the i<a? light U?ingeoiuiiiiinit)r laHouiemethod "i positively prev. ntin^ the kju jeta from rli? k ? (ia* resfiilafors have invented to t;r?il iate tli? q'latnitv pairing through the tnt?e? " "',*r varying presnurr* of tb?-but none thnt ?Ar have ?. ru provide* for a steady flow to the 1 "*'?* ' b?Mr wlio read and write much by ham luht won n.juie tl.rir ne, ,\|auy iN-r^ona have ??l-.ken to lis oa Ihilt aubjoct, :m.| th/rr tentiinoiiy ? uniform in reff.-..n, e to the rvil eff-ctof Hi. kor nig yaH light a The vib ations of the K?v light p o.l I-P .u,i,!ar Vit r ?tion? In the retina ol the eye, fhereby unduly ejicin; it. According to tLe l Olilltiltatloun of fl' Vmiri'/ |i * 'V- 11 r. ,1, V . . n-J- are at an manv und-ilati ma in yellow light?''he ray whic h prev j.U in gas j^tv-produ. ed in a ? ' i " J . M *erV-vident, therefore, that tb. d .st.i,b-d vibations l?v flickering gas ii -ht \ , fr'rl lhe eye injurjouily it has been found tuat a peraon ean ?t.i?ly and write a great deal longer,and with greater ,ase. t,v the light of a sj>- III eandU ??r an oil la,,,., n4.,? wifv. Jl. ,n1"* ,'v^1 "f A" 11#-.^. a Held f..r u imd ll t r ^'e P^'tiye that a remedy can \m ' ? ii . ,l a"d 11 Mrin ^ ?f no '"'po/Uac*and U-neiit.?A>n r,. A WE\E OF RETRIBITION. A picture. representing the nnle of a quantity of old furniture seized for rent, was exhibited some years bark in the window of a dealer in the Place de la Madeleine. Pari?, and attracted considerable attention. In the foreground was placed a poor woman holding in her arm? a child, and watching with a sorrowful eye the progress of the salo. The sweet face of the child stood out in strong contrast to the distressed countenance of the poor mother. Further back were tho personages connected with the sale, represented with groat vigor. The following is stated by a Lyons journal to be tho history of the scene depicted: A few years sinco tho painter of tho picture in question, an eminent artist at Lyons, while passing through the Rue des Terreaux. ap proached a number of persons, who were gath ered together witnessing the sale of the furni turo of a poor woman. A womnn was seated on the pavement, with a child in her arms. Tho painter spoke to her, and was told that the fur niture which was being sold belonged to her; that her husband had lately died, leaving her with the child she had in her arms; that sho had struggled bard to maintain herself by working day and night, submitting to every privation; but that her landlord had at length seized her furniture for some months' rent which was duo him. The artist was much affected by this simple recital, and inquired who was her landlord. " There ho is,'' replied the poor woman, point ing to a man who was watching the progress of the sale: and he was recognized by tiie painter as a person who was suspected of having made a considerable fortune by unury; so that to make any appeal to his feelings on behalf of the jxx>r widow would be useless. The artist was considering within himself what other plan he could adopt to benefit her, when tho crier an nounced a picture for sale. It was a miserable daub, which in the manner the poor woman had used to hide the hole in the wall through which tho pipe of tho stove passed during the winter It was put up at one franc. The artist at once conceived a plan for taking revenge on the landlord He went over, examining tho picture with great attention, and then called out, with a loud voiw, ?? One hundred francs !"' The landlord was astonished at the bid, but conceiving that a picture for which so eminent an artist could offer that sum was worth more than double, boldly offered 200f. "Five hundred!" said the painter, and the contest between the two bidders becam? so ani mated that tho prize wa3 at length knocked down to the landlord at 2200f.' Tho purchaser, then addrofsing the pninter. said : ?? In seeing an artist of your merit bid so eagerly f?>r the picture, I supposed that it must be valuable Now, tell me, sir, at what do yi u estimate its value ?" " About threo francs and a half," said tho painter ; " but I would not give that for it." *? You are surely jesting." said the landlord. '? for jou bid n< high as 2IO(?f. for it." ??That is true,' replied the artist, "and I will tell you why I did so. You are in posses sion of an income of 2>,0ftfjf. a year, have seized on the furniture of a poor woman for a debt of 2iM?f. I wished to give you a lesson, and you fell into my trap Instead of the jmjot woman being your debtor, sho is now your cred itor. and I Hitter myself you will not compel her to seize on your furniture for her debt." The artist then politely saluted the aston ished landlord, and liaving announced her good fortune to the poor woman, walked away. A Romantic Rk?.iov?The editor of tho Abingdon V ir^inian recently spent a few days in tho \\ hite Top Mountains, and other peaks in that range, and in " all the region round about." In giving his experience ho tays: Tho White Top is the highest peak in the whole Apalachian rang'", and from its summit the most extensive and magnificent view is ob tained. it hac ever been our fortune to witness. '1 he trees upon its summit are just beginning to bud. and the whole face of the mountains is c irpcted with wild flowers, rich in fragrance and gorgeous in colors. W hile we were upon tho summit, and looking out westward with a {jlafs, at Abingdon and the farms many miles >eyond it. a cloud caiue rolling up the moun tain, which soon swept across the top careering like a snow storm, the wind whistling mourn tully and winter-like through tho naked limbs, and the vapor hiding our company from each other. From Southeastern slope, portions of North Carolina, Tennessee and V irginia all fell within the scopc of nntural vision, and from the Northwestern dope the boldoutlinoof old Ken tucky marked the hoiison. 1 he most remarkable tiling we saw upon White Top i* its crowds of trees called horn. These trees are <f all heights, from mere shrub* up to 50 feet, and tho tops are almost invariably Hat. s> much so, and tiio branches closely interwoven, that persons can stand or walk ujHdi thein Our company, consisting of nine persons, had tho curiosity to ascend to I he top ot one of these trees, where wo all sat down together upou the level platform of foliage, s tine 2a feet in diameter, and two or three of company actually laid down and rolled across the top. This tree is a species of fir, ami is. we believe, peculiar to that peak The timber n?ar the summit is smill and gnarled, but at the base tho trees are giants We saw and measured one white oak l*i feet In circumfer ence, with 70 foot trunk without a limb The streams in tho neighborhood all abound with trout, ('he best table fish in the South west.) and their capture, though laborious, is full of sport The accommodations in Taylor's Valley, six miles from White T<?p, are as good and as comfortable as can bo found in any Country, and the (teople kind, hospitable and obliging. "Fiftt Ykakh IIkx-k."?Right Kov Bish op Clarke (says the Baltimore American) is sta ted to have delivered recently a lecture on tho above subject, in which occurs the following passage ; whether intended for prophecy or sa tire. however, we are not exactly able to deter mine : ?'Fifty years hence, the newly married pair will step into an emporium for tho salo of houses, look over thn book of patterns, select one to suit their taste and means, order it, and it will bo sent home in the morning, put to gether and o- upied at night "In traveling, as great changes will take place instead of the dusty road and crowded car, there will bo a splendid locomotive hote l, Hying over a road earpoted with turt and bordered with shade trees, and heralding its approach with sweet music, insead of the demoniac shriek of the steam whistle, nnd labeled through from Boston to San Francisco in four days. "Instead of the unsightly* telegraph poles, there will be, fifty yoirs hence, a net work under ground, and under the IxiSom of the deep, and it will click off thoughts instead of words. Then the electric battery will light all the street lamps at once, enablw all the clocks in tho city to keep exact time, and kindle the beacons on the dangerous rocks, where now men hazard their lives and wear out their lone ly days. "Then the author will not write by our slow PIvwmss. losing his rarest fancies, but ho will pit down to the newest invented chirographica! instruments, and putting his fingers on tho keys, write as fast as he can think. Tiie Powkr or Sympathy?'Jr. Ilodce?. one of the editor* ?>f the New \ ork Musical World, narrate* the following striking incident: " s'oine few yearn ?iiice, l>eing In a concert room, we do not exactly remember where, wc perceived Mr H. C Tiniin. of this city. about to performa piece upon tbe niano forte lie sat clown to the instrument, aim appeared to play with hisaccus tomed taste and skill; when, up<-n more closely scrutinizing his motion*?there is a pleasure in watching the Jliiycm of an expert?we were s?tr pris?-?l to nolico that he never touched the Instru ment al all. frtill the music went on. We looked attentively, ami then observed that hi* hands w.-r?- in motion at some distance at>ove the kev?. and that as his lingers pointed toward them, the key* designated by the volition of the performer j/ave out their proper note* and with the kind and degree of exprenaion he sought to produce ! The eff-jct was inexpressibly eharming ? " FOR RENT ABO SALE. F'nn SAI.K.?A very rtMirable RESIOKNOB. being a Lot fronting 32 feet lw inches, by 116 feet rl*?np. to an dm alley 25 foot wide, situated on the wwi ?mIa of filh Dlrpot west, between I. and M north,tnd | unproved by a comfortable Frame Dwelling, with tiack building, wood house, a pump of excellent water, and ornamented with a variety ol flowers and shrubbery. Terms accommodating. Apply at No. 512 i2d story )*th street. jg2i* __ POLLARD WEBB. IOFFKR FOR SALE. MY FARM, "Rosen vick," 'i miles distant from tlie town of Culpeper and a depot of the Orange and Alexandria R. R. This Farm contains 15rt acres of land equal to any in this section of Virginia. Forty acres are in timber, the balance open land in fino order. On it is a large and valuaMe young Orchard now just coming into bearing, comprising all the most desirable varieties of Apples. Pears, Plums, Peaches, Apricots, Necta rines, Grapes, Sec., Ac., suited to our climate, a Spring of never failing pure water near the dwelling. Out-nouses, A c. The Dwelling is plain, but amply sufficient to accommodate a small family. The situation for health and beauty is second to none in this region. An extensive range of mountain scenery, the beautiful Village of Culpeper, with in a few minutes walk, offer facilities for attend ing Church, and as fine Schools as our State nl fjrds, while th? Orange and Alexandria R. Road putt it within a fow hours ride ol either Washington. Alexandria, or Richmond- It is seldom a farm.with as many advantage*, is offered to the notice of the riublio. Persons desiring to purchase are respectful y invited to call and view the premises, ^t is for anle privately, but if not sold before Saturday. t he 1st August, on that day it will be offered at public nuc tton, on the premises, without reserve. Terms made known at sale. For any information address R. G. I JO\V K\. Culpeper Court House. Vs. fe 4_ V~~ALUABLE REAL ESTATE FOR SALE.? Tlie subsorilter offers for sale all that valuawe Real Estate known as 44 Mrgo." situated in the Forest of Prince Georce'e county, Md., containing 3*? ACRESOK LAX I). This is one of the most valuable estates in this county. It is easy of cultivation, and has all the advantages of Water, and is also heavily Timliered. It adjoins the estates of Dr. David Cranfurd. Geo. T. Cranfurd. Zachariah Berry, Sr., Dr. Benjamin Lee anil others, and lavs tin the road leading from Bladenshurg to Upper Marlborough,al?ont five miles from I'pper Marlborough and twelve from Wash ington City. There is also a fine Meadow, contain ing between fioand 8<i eighty acres of verv prime Land. This land produces luxuriantly all the crops usually grown in this resrion of countrv, such as wheat, corn, rvo, oats, toliacco, Ac. There is about one hundred acres of prime white oak Timber I.and in the tract. Persons wishing to purchase will please call on the undersigned, living near the premises, who will take great pleasure in showing it to ali such. This land is susceptible of division, and will he divided into two lots to suit purchasers, if desired. If this land is not sold at private sale on or before THURSDAY, the 3"th day of July next, it will be offered on that dav at public sale, at the subscriber's home plac, tojhe Inchest bidder. There will be a plat exhibited on tne day of sale. Terms of sale: One third of the purchase money will be required in cash on the day of sale; and the !>alanee in one and two years, with approved securi ty. bearine interest from the day of sale ; ora mort gage on the land, if preferred by the purchaser, je IR-eotf Z. B. BEALL. VrF.RY DKSIR ABLE COIN TRY SEAT FOR SALI". XF.AR W \SIIINGTON.-Tlie sub scribers will sell the valuable farm on which he now resides, hi the District of Columbia, wntamintg al?out one hundred and t*'ii acres, one-half cleared and the remainder well wooded. The improvements consist of a new frame dwelling, containing eight rooms, with all the necessary out-houses, including an ice house filled with ice. If d?sired. he will divide it into lots of from fifteen to twenty acres. There are sever?1! site? f<>r building commanding l>eautiful views of m'and scenery, with several nevi>r failing springs of Iii? purest water. The property lies afsnit two miles from the Navy Yard bridge,and. Iieing proverlr.ali* healthy, presents peculiar advantages to those who intend to build and desire to possess a healthy retreat near the eity. For particulars app!v to Mr. T. M. H vnsom, No. 5!2S?venth street, Mr. Jamr* K. Thompson, No. ? Pennsylvania avenue, or to the subscriber on the premises. ANTHONY ADDISON, may 2!>?eotf _ I7OR SALIVA VERY DESIRABLE LIT * TLF. FARM. STOCK. FARMING I TEN SI LS, Ac.?The owner, desiring to move to the West, offers for sale a FARM of sixty-six serin, more or less, situated in Alexandria county. Vir ginia, within two inilca of the Georgetown Ferry, with the stock, implements. A n., upon it. For a Market-garden Farm it is unsurpassed in its b?en tion, soil, buildings, and other advantage*!. The terms will l>? made satisfactory. For further m I formation the owner of the above property is a lit lior i ized to refer riiv one desiring to obtain such a place ! to W. D. the Star office, who knows the 1 property well. je 22-2nw.lw nESIRABLE PROPERTY FOR SALE.?The SI MMER RESIDENCE ?f Oeu. .M Bibb, | nIfout two hours' ride from the District of Colum" a This Farm contains about ???? acres, and lies bean ; tifully fordivision. Tin- owner will sell the whulc? r i a part, with or without the stock. tint lie plane there is a fine new house nearly hn I ished. besides the family residence, a great deal of excellent Irnit. and some fine horses and cattle. I The p'ace is proverbial lor its health fulness and dc 1 ig lit mi I water. I For further particulars ui'iuiroat Ins residence, corner of Fayette and Second streets, Georgetown, 1 D. C.. or through the post oflioe of the same piace. je 24-wSUt OKO. M. BIBB. I.1UX A VAN HOOK, K :-:*l EsTATK Alrms. Seventh street, below E street, have for sale a number of Building Lots .'4 feet front by I V f?et deep, at the vrv low price of from .?7'>t<- jU"> each payable in small monthly instalments of > j per month. , . .. Al These Lots are situated at I nion I own. on the south side < f the Auncos!la river, adjoining the Na vy >ard Bridge, and are in every way de-irable for persons wishing a cheap, pleasant,aud Inalihy loca tion for a dwelling. Lot holders in arrears are requested to complete their purchase, and pet their d'-eds; the title to tiiese Lots is guaranteed free ami clear Ir-on every possible incumbrance. may 25 Jiii i;i?H SALE OR RENT.?'I'llI* DESIRABLE I R ESI DEN' E on lite comer of F and 21st stK., together with the Grounds surrounding it. The House contains sixteen rooms has ens throughout, and furnace. The stable will l<? sold or rented with the house if desired. The lot the house stands on is 51) hi ! * feet, but the purchaser can have more 'a i so? fo/saie-The LOT Ol' GROUND on the corner of F and 19th streets, and I.OTPon mth.near F street. Apply to CHUBB BROTHERS. ap H-tf B OOKS FROM LONDON.?Finden's Beauties of Moore. I vol., folio, richlv Isiund in Tuikey morocco, and illustrated with 19 steel engravings; ?$ U VI. Flowers of Loveliness, I vol., folio, bound tn Tur key morocco, and illustrated with 4a groups of Fe male Figures, finely executed ill Steel ; ,?fs. The Pictorial Sunday Book, I vol.,folio, half-bound in Turkey morocco, illustrated with numerous en gravings on wood and stoel, ar.d with maps : $1(1. History and Description of the Worlds Fair in 1851, illustrated by beautiful steel engravings, 3vol.,4to, finely IkiiiixI in Turkey morocco; .?22. Hogarth's Works in a series of ISO steel engra vings. by the first artists, 2 vols., 4to, Turkey moroc co ; ft 16. Sliakspeare,3vols., royal 8vo, Turkey morocco, illustrated from daguerreotypes of the greatest and most intellectual actors of the age : .??1. je 31 FRA^K TAYLOR. WINDOW GLASS.?300 Iwxes In by 15 French " Window Glass, will be sold at one dollar and seventy-live per box for cash, in lots of 14 boxes. Also, a full supply of large size French Glass, 1st, 2d, and 3d qualities. 4 by R Glass for hot housus, 8 by 10, U b> 12, U by 12, and In hv 12 cheap. ? R. H. MILLER, SON A CO. Alexandria, Va. le 22 SELF SEALING CANS.?Sell Sealing Cansaud Jarsof Tin, Glass,and fireand acid proof Stone Warn, in pints, quarts, and two quarts. Excellent for Strawfieriies, green Pees,or any other fruit or vegetables. No trouble, and perfectly reliable. li. I* R ANC1S. 4!m 7th street. My stock of boots and shoes u>7^ nliottl the largest hi this citv at this^.UU* tnii", and having l?een purchased before the jEM I rise in Lent her, can !>e sold at aUnit 15 to 2i'y alV per cent, lens than goods purchased a' this time. Call and examine for yourselves, at S. P. HOOVFR'S. je II Iron Hall, Pa. ave. bet. 9th and inth sts. f|MIE PROFESSOR, a tale by the author of 1 4' .lane Ey re 75 cts. The Romany Rye, a sequel to 44 I^ivcngro," by George Barrow ;#?cts. Laverigro, by George Harrow; 5" cts. Ross on Slavery ; $1. American Anglers Guide, illustrated : i?l-S". Illustrated Hand B<s?k of American Travel; ?2. )emosthenes on the Crown, translated ; 75 cts. Demosthenes' Olyntliiacs. Philippics. \ c.:75 cts. je FR W'l K TAYLOR. WATCHES, JEWELRY, AND SILVER WARE. I have just reoeived a new supply of FINE WATCHF.S. GOLD CHAINS, and a large assort ment ol RICH JEWELRY of every description, which makes my stock at the preuent time one of the most complete in the citv. I have just finished (on the premisesja very large assortment of PI R E SILVER WARE, among which may l?efound aSOLIDSILVER TEA KI-'T 'l'LE superior to anything before exhibited in this city,?the weight of which is 125 ounccs, capacity 9 quarts. Both citizens and strangers are invited toealland examine. H. O. HOOD, j?23 TW Pa.ave., near 9th street. 1 a BONNETS.?We have in** reoeived a ^ large lot of elegant RON'N'ETS too late forQ^) r,-2w Centre Market Sp W ALL A STEPHENS, ' * Wholesale Dealers and Jobbers in CLOTHS, CASS1XERBS, AND VE8TINQS aaj 13-3m B Summer Retreats, &c. LAKISTONE'S PAVILION. Tins favorite place of resort will f?e opened on the 1st of July for the accommodation of visitors, Tlio proprietor h*s engaged a line Cotillon i-jhi Band for the season. and with his splendid Bs^4-4-* Room otters great inducements to the lovers of the dance, while those of more uniet humoi mar find different amusements at the Bowline Alley or in Fiphing. Ac. The Luxuries of the rotomac and pood Liquors will l>e constantly on hand. This is knowu to be one of t he healthiest places on the river, near Blakistone's Island. There will be a oelsbration on tlio Fourth of July, and Hall at night. Cotillon on the 23d of July, 13th and 27th of August. The stearners Columbia and Maryland leaves pas sengers on every Wednesday and Saturday's, and returning on every Sunday, Tuesday, and Fridays. The steamer Kent leaves Baltimore at uo'clock every Monday evenings, and returns on Wednesday mwnmgs. Post Orfice?Milestown. St. Mary's county, Md. B<?rd?81.29 per day for a week or longer; ?IJo for shorter tune. UEO. W. BLAKISTON'E. je 24-2m* Proprietor. yy'ARREN WHITE SULPHUR S~PR1NGS, One mile from Buekton Station, on the Manassas Gap Railroad, and in the direct route toj Capon and Burner's Springs, is now open' for the reception <>f visitors. . Comfortable Coaches will rundaily Itetween ltuck ton and the Springs, upon the arrival and departure of the cars. Passengers leaving Baltimore, Washington, and Alexandria by the morning trains, will reach the Springs about noon of the same day, and returning v til arrive at Alexandria and Washington in time to dine. Post Offico, Buekton, Warren county, Va. BOARn: ?in 1st week. 9 2d do.

R 3d do. 32 1 month. J. S. DAVIDSON, President. S. J. SAl'N PKRS, je?3 eolm Superintendent. Hygkia hotel, OLD POINT COMFORT. VA. This mo?t delightful Summer resort?the " bright particular locality of all the sunny South"?j is now the sole property of th5 under " signed, and will be opened on the 1st June next, and each successive June following, ensage to make it to the seekers for health, recrea tion, gaiety and good living, supreme!? attractive. For health, no mountain ret reat can We safer ?t any season of the year. It is as exempt from disease in August anil September and October as in April. May or.lune. Indeed the first three are infinitely the most pleasant of the season. The weather is milder, the sea breeze Ualmier, and the luxuries of the salt water are to bo ha I of finer quality and in greater profusion. There is no more inviting spot on the whole Atlantic sealioard. It is strictly true of it what the poet hath said : " Oh ! if thore be an Elysium on earth, it is this, it is this!" Drs. Archer. Jar vis, and other ariny sureeons at the post. Hon. Dr. Francis Mallory, Drs. Semple, Simkins, Sheild. Hope, and Vaughaiijmd indeed the whole medical Faculty resident in the vicinity of Fort Monro?. all certify that they "hare never Icnoirna ease of billions or atw. and fever to ori ginal* th*re, and that at all season* it is thf h ea!thi'st spot on Ike fare of the earth." (See their certificates in Do How's Review, Southern Planter, and American Farmer.) niav ?2-dfiw\ 1aw2in JOS. SKOAR. Proprietor. ? A. SPR1NGMA.VS IJESTAI KANT, *? Pennsylvania a venue, bet w? -en 2d and 3d sta., next door west of Adams' Express Office, re-^fch spectfully informs his friondsaud the public geii-fjSJ eraily. tlint lie has laid in a large stock of the |a inous Pmladolphm and Heck's Baltimore LAGER BEER. w? ?*e|? brated for its purity and health in spiring qnal it ie?,toget her with the finest LIQUORS, WINES, ALES. iU. His I,aider is at nil turns supplied with the best of eatables that the market ran afford, of whieh he would particular!* mention his stoek of genuine Swiss and LimhurgerCH EESE, HOLLAN url ER KING, Ac., all of which will b" served up at the shortest notice, and in the Nest stvle. ||? respectfully invites the public to give him a call. _ fesw iw I FAUQUIER WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, * VIRGINIA. This highly improved and well established \\ \ TERING PLACE, is now open for thepublie^a, reception. The trams on the Orange Road,from.'?f:j: Alexandria west, and from Gordonsville east.*** connect at Warrenton with lines of Stages for the Springs, distant six miles by a traded road. Passengers from Baltimore and Washington ci'y, arrive at the Springs nt HM o'clock a. in., and from Richmond and the South to dinner. All inquiries prompt!* responded to by letter and circulars giving paiticulars. forwarded upon appli cation. THOMAS ?. P. INI;RAM, te lo-iw ALEXANDER BAKER. THE MOUNTAIN HOUSE, cai'cx srniMis, viruixia. Will he opened fir the reception of Visitors. on MONDAY,22d June. J.,s| Through tickets can hoohtained at Baltimore,*-" Washington. Richmond and Alexandria. Passenger# leaving Baltimore in the eariv morn ing train, via Alexandriaand Manassas Gap Railroad to Strasbure, reach the Springs Irom 5 to ti o'clock same evening; and those from Baltimore and the \Vest via Harper's Ferry and Winchester from 8 to 9 n. in. J. N. Bl < K, je 2 6w Proprietor. ( 0If.EST OF Tin: M \RYI.\ND REPORTS, by Me>sra. Stoekeit, Merrick. and Miller. Ait? r nevs af I 'iw : comprising f ?ill's K <>| ? >i ts. nine vols.; Maryland Reports, eight vols.: and Maryland Ch.'wi ry Deei -joim, four vols.; complete hi one volun o ; price ten dollars be;i!it a continuation of tlio Digest of Messrs. .Norris, liiowu.aud ISriiiie. je tf, _ 'ill x vrK TAVI.OR. J noticeT 1ST REf'EIVEli A Ml uPENKD. a r'catas kortment of liOLD and SI LVER WATCH P F.S. of all the best makers in Europe?such ?? Johnson, Tobias. Blunde'i, Dixon. Nicoud. and othfir celebrateil makers: Gold hob. \ est, G uard. and Ch?telaiu CHAINS, in great variety ; SEALS. LOCKETS. PENCILS, &<.; JEWEL R V in full s?ts and single pieces ; BRACELETS; FINGER R I N < iS; large and small f;oi .1) CR f ISS ES; Jel fioods; Coral N ECKLACE. AKMLETS; Cornelian RINGS and CROSSES; Silver and Pla ted WARE: FANCY ARTICLES, such as Ex tracts. Pomatums, Ox-Marrows, Co|<igucs, Hair Oils; Tooth. Hair, and Cloth Brushes, Combs, Ra zors and Razor Straps, Shaving Cream, Ac. Call and examine my large stock of Goods. I am determined to sell for small profits. Terms cash. N. H. CLOCKS and CLOCK MATERIALS for sale at J. ROBINSON'S. 3f> Penn. Avenue, opposite Browns' Hotel, sign Large Watch. je 25 d?w i Intel. c<CwI 1VEW AND FRESH PERFUMERY, just re la ceived at No. 3lt. Itetween 8th and !?tli streets. jo22 h.j. Mclaughlin a co. UBLISHED THIS DAY COMPLETE. , _ LITTLE DORR IT. complete, by Charles Dickens, pric? Vi cents, for sale at SHll.LINGTON'S B.H?k Store, je 17 Odeon Building, corner 4S st. and Pa. a\\ npo THE LADIES. I would most respectfully inform the ladies of the District of Columbia, that I have this day received,direct from the manufnc tory, Boston, the richest ami finest and most lieantiful assortment of Children's Four W lit el CARRIAf.ES that has ever been ottered for sale in this market. Please call and look at them, il Also, a few more of the celebrated ARC "TIC REFRIGERATORS, the Dr Kane and others, all sizes of Masser's patent tive minute Ice Cream and Water Ice F R EE ZERS: Dr. Authur's Patent Air-ti^ht Self Sealing CANS and JARS lor preserving fresh fruits. Ac., Ac. All the aliove will be sold very cheap. C. WOODWARD. Penn. ave., !>et. 10th and lltfi *ts.. No. "18. (?> 71 tit Balcony in Irout. QWA UNDER BROWNS' HOTRL. OlU Just oceiiiug a splendid assortment of Spring and Summer R E A I)S M A DE CIA ''I'll 1N f I and (ieut's FLRNISHING GOODS ol the hnetit style and make, at the Emporium of Fashion, No. 37?'? Browns' Hotel, next to private entrance, may 30 ( IntelAMates) WOOD AND COAL. * ? The subscriber takes this method of informing his friends and the public generally, that fie fins tak en the stands opposite the Georgetown Coit-ui Fac tory .and on tho corner of First and Frederick sts.. where he intends keeping constantly on hand a full supply of all descriptions of fuel, WOOD and COALS, wluch will be sold on as pleasing terms as a tcood article can l>e had in the market. All orders left at either of tue above places will meet with prompt attention. je3"-eo2w D. O'NEILL. WM. H. HEN L. Yf HOVSK PAIXTER A\l> GLAZIER. Will thankfully receive and promptly anil neatly ex eouteany orders in his line with which tits friends ami the public may favor hun. Orders can b?< left on the slate (aeeond stor*) over Cochran's Se^ar Store, No. 5U Seventh street, or at Rnlenour's Confec tionery Store, No. .Tvt Pennsylvania avenuefnorth side) l?et ween 9th and 10th streets. Those who may intrust work to him may rely on its l?eiug executed with neatness and dispatch, and at the lowest rates, je 2h 2m rinilS IS TO Gl VE NOTICE, that the suliscri 1 l>er hath obtained from the Orphan's Court of Washington County, <n the District of Columbia, Letters Testamentary on the Personal Estate of \ViLt.iAM Bury, late of Washington oessed. All persons having claims against the said deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the snbsoriher, on or before the 23d day of June next: the* may other wise by law l>e excluded from all benefit of the said estate. Gives under my hand this2<Uh day of June. tH57: ELIZA BURY, je 24 law3w* Executrix. C^o to Mclaughlin a co.'s. n.r fourth I OF JULY NOTIONS, No. 21, between tub and 9th streets, je 90 Dentistry, Ac. ?R. VILI.ARI>, DENT1S 1*. LATE OF CH1 r*r.o, would respectlully inform the cit izens of the District and vicinity, that hav-j iiiK Iwntfd himself >it NVashmcton. he i* now prepared to perform all operations in Ins profes sion. in ti e most approved st> le. OfLoe, No. 25", Penn. avenue, adjoining Gautier's. isn y It 'JMIE IMPROVED SETSOF TEETH. DR. I.OOMIS, the inventor and patentee of "Loown' Mineral I'iate Teeth." having, successfully introduced his improvement n various cities. lis* no*- permanently estab Iisherj himself in Washington. This improvement for SetsofTeeth oonmntiichief ly in making a set of but one piece of material, and that indestructible mineral. No metal is u?<?l in their construction, and they are therefore free froin galvanic action and metalio taste. There arc no joints to become hiied with moisture or particles of food, hence they are rurt and elf an. They are lighter, stronger," less clumsy, far more durable, and natural in their appearance. I will give a reward of One Thousand Dollars to any one wlio will produce a snniiar work of art to cuual inino m purity, beauty, durability, artistic excellence or any other requisite quality. Ail work responsibly warranted. Ti?> reima. avenue, Itetween Uth an?! 12th streets. ap 13-ir DR. C. 9. GOODMAN, SURGEOX DENTIST, and MANfFACTrRKR OF A RTi FlO At. TkkTH.- . fiis complete arrangements enabling twin to] present the following reasonable prices: Entire I'pper Sett Teeth, on <?o|d J31 to5f> Do do do on Silver....-... U'toZ*> dn? i>r more, nn GnM 2 to 5 Do on Silver 1 to 3 Filling, Extracting. Removing Tarter; also, Re pairing at the wine reasonable rateH. All operations executed in such a manner as to civ e every batisivo tion. < iffice corner ftfh reel End avenue. an 3 ENTISTRV. DR. STEPHEN BAILY. Office No. Pknn?\i.vaxi* Avenue, Tkret doors .from 14(4 Street. Dr. BAII.YIw leave to mforir. the public that he can l>c seen at all h;s, located asal-ove. He feels assured thai an ex nerienceof fifteen years' practice, with the large number of pat icrts.and great variety of ditheuit cases that he has treated success fully, will enable him to surmount any difficu'ty, scientific or otherwise, relating to the Teeth. His own experience confirming the opinion of many men eminent in the profession, and espeemlly Drs. Harris and J. and E. Parinlv, has led him. lone since, todis card all mercurial preparations for fillins Teeth.a'so all Enamels, Gutta Percha. India Rubber, ana Ce ments for the construction of Continuous Guin Teeth, and that I'orcelian, mounted on Gold Plate, is the only reliable substance that can lie worn in the month, a* was most conclusively shown by the last American Dental Convention. Although he flatters himself from his lone resi dent lad practice in Washington, he is favorably known to Ins numerous friends and patrons, he l>egs leave to refer them to tho following TESTIMONIALS: From the late Rector of the Church of Epiphany of this citv. Dr. Strphen Ra!Ly: DearSir?I d?siretoexpress mv esteem for you personal It. and my confidence in you as a superior d Mitist. The operations executed f>r me have been highly satisfactory. I hope that yon may receive the patronage from m\ friends and tne public that your skill so weil deserves. Yours ver* trnlr. Washington, Aug. 2B, UK. J. \V. FRENCH. From one of the oldest firms in Baltimore, Messrs. B<?>rgs, Cotman A Co. Having employed Dr.Stephen Hai'.y. Surgeon Den tist, of W'aMimgton cit*. t?? execute for me an iin pi>rtant and difficult piece of work, winch he did to my entire satisfaction, and in view of tne fact th*' on? of the most distinguished mviiibr u* of the Dent il College of iIllliWHI fai'. d. after repe.-i*? d trials, to perform th? same work satisfactorily. it gives me great pleasure to express my entire '-ouhdeuce and high est mint ion of his professional ski'!. Baltimore, Jan. 12,18$7. HARM ANN BOGGS. Extract from a note received from the late Hon. John M. Clayton. r.S.S -^Tr. Aug. 19,1M?. 'I'he tc?th row made for me work -dmirabiy ; noth ing could be (tetter. Very grateful*. JOHN .M.CLAYTON. To those that seek relief from the ms'adies of the teeth. I nan cheerfully recommend Dr. S. Baily as a superior Dentist; ne made a set of porcelian teeth for one of my familT. snd plugged several teeth for myself, nml the work ha* all stood well for more than ten years. ROBERT T. NIXON. of the Va. Conf. of the M. E. Church South. April 19,1836. We, the undersigned, having had occasion to avail ourselves of the professional skill of Dr. S. Baily. Surgeon Dentist of this city, or itaving U-en cogniz ant of Ins operations on our families or friends, take pie-Tsure in expressing our admiration of his artistio skill, as well as of the uniformly *-a' tsfactory manner in winch lie perforins the most delicate and difficult operations in Dental Surgery,and we respectfully re commend him to ttie confidence and patronize of the p :b!ie, of winch we consider him eminentU worthy. Thomas 1*. Walter, Architect I'. X Capital. hom \ s Miller, M. D..of Washington. D. C. PS. Koiikkr, M. D.of Georgetown. D. C. N . S. Lincoln, M. D.. of Washington, D. C. Jos. H. BraPLKY.of N\a?lungton. D. Gk.orgk Walton. Ex-Governor of Floiida, Waltef Lknox, Ex Mivorof Washington. Henry Baldwin, E.s Patent ofliee, Wight, Principal R.ue;ihou-t> Academy. febjt tf > ALTi.MORE CITV MALT Hot SE. I MALT F<?R ?^ALE.?The nndersicne?l haei-.g recei<'\ purchased the ?'1T\ MALI' IIOI'SE, corner of We.-t Falls avenue and Block street, would announce to his rrier.d-.and the public, that he has it now in fiill operation, with a i.u^e si.pply of M \ IiT lor i>a!e on lilara' terms. m> 0 am FRANCIS DEN MEAD. REWARD.?Ranawav from the snlwcri O ?" '*" l-er. living near I'pp r .MnrlU>roug2<. Plllieo George's coiil'tT. Md.. oil the ? {' April, NEMJn MAN. DAW tiREEN. al-ont 27 y ears ? d' a?e,.? feet. H inches l;i,.li- a daik mulatto?lias a large bushy head, m :tl<,^ whisker* round his face, medium si/.e and down look, lie may hire himsclfin the District, where fie has relatives, or make Ins wa* to some free S^ate. as he left without any provocation. I ? : 11 give Two Hundred Dollars, if taken out of the Srit.?inn if taken in the District,or an\ otfier part ?*! Mscland, and J?V?if taken in this county. In either case he must be Kecured so that I get mm. je9 tf WILLIAM J. BF.RRY. A RETIRED PHYSICIAN whose sands of life have nearly run out. discovered while in the rEnst Indies, a certa.n cure for Consumption. Asthma, Bronchitis, Coucns, Coids, and (>cnera. Debility. The remedy was discovered by hun wiien his onl\ ohild. a 'daughter, was given up to die. Ho had heard much ol'the wonderful restor ativo and healing qualities of preparations made from the East India Hemp,and thethought occurred to him that he might make a remedy f>r his child.? Ho studied hard and suceeeded in realizing his wish es. His cluid was cured, and is now alive and well. He has sinoe administered the wonderful remedy to thousands of sufferers in all parts of the wijrld. and lie has never failed in making iliem completely heal thy and happy. Wiping to do as much good as pos sible, he will send to such of his attlicted fellow lie lugs as request it. this recipe, with full awl explicit directions for making it up. and succeasfully using it. |lenaiinsMMsfc ?mmh! to mkIom Im one shilliiiK?t [iree cents to tie returned hs postage on t he recipe, and the remainder to !?e applied to the pay ment of this r.dvertiaement. Address Dr. II. JA MES, No. 19 lirand s're-T, W Keep it before the people? n\> have in store the largest stock of Fine < loMni g an.I Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods to he found in this city, to which we are receiving dai'y ad iitions ill ect from our own manufactory. NVe mention? Black and Fancy Colored Cloth Frocks, Pants, and Veata Drnp d'I'.te Coats, Pants, and Vests Alapaea t'assimere " " White Diilling Coats" Figured Marseilles " " " I'lanf ers'Linen Coats** ** Boys' Linen Jackets, Pants, and Vests Bo>s' ?* Coats ** *? Bovs'Alpaca ** ** ** The above will l?o ao'dat uniisu'llr low prices lor cash. NOAH WALKER A CO., ie3<>-eo2w Ni?.S6H. Brown*' Building. ^ p. hoovers fffojr HU.r.. BOOT. ? SHOE. AX It TRVXC ESTAB-. I. FSHME.\T.? lust received this d^i\ arge assortment ?<f the following articles: FOR LADIES. Lfdiea t:ronze, black and oolored Gaite s. * ith and without lieels Lidies co!or<sl. bronze, and black Frcn h Kid and Morocco Slippers L'tdics colored, bronze, and black Gaiters at ?1, regular price. Ladies colored, bronze, and black Congress Gai ters. new stvie. at >*1.25and ?!."? Misses and CniMren's Gaiters. Morocco Boots, and Slippers, all stTles. FOR GENTLEMEN. french imported Molia Ville Shoes rench Patent Leather broad strap walking Shoe* French Kid and Patent l eather Congress Gait ers, $2 to French Calf and Patent Leather Pumps, and Gaiters, .JIA0 to ?3 Bovs and Youths French Patent Leather and CalfGaiters. and Shoes of&ll kinds very cheap. ALSO Leather Bonnet Boxes and Valiees All sole leather and iron-frame Trunks Ladies Dress and Folio Trunks, new stvle. Carpet-bags and Hand-trunks. Call at S P. HOOVER'S Cheep Ca^h Store, Penn avenue, jell-oolin p?t,9tiiiu)d i"tli st. Irou llasil. THE WEEKLY STAB. Thia 6xo*(lent Funi'r News Journal ooi taining * greater variety of i nte reel tag reading thea ou be found in in; other? ?? pubiiafced oa Sttirdtf ?or mac. ? i TM*?. Sing.e oopy, per ucum ?? a' ? _ to cxrw. , _ Fire oopi? .... 4* Ten Copies _ .. - , ? ee Twenty copies - H ? fl^CssM, IXVAaiABLT IN ADTASCB. Bt su'?scribing in clubs rained among neighbor* without the intervention of a maii agent, a* will be perceived. twent* per cent, of the Wkkklt Star will be saved. It invariably contains the " Wa*h initon News" that ha* made the Daily 5*tae otroa iate ?o generally throughout the country. ID^ Single copies iin wrapper ?> can fie procured at ti;e >itur.ter. immediately aAer the issue o| the Paper. Price?Thkkk Ckms. r<'nTM*?TKR? a lio act as agents will be allowed a commission of twenty peroent. Pianos, Ac. rhn-.h th" pnUliclias bestow <?! on ti? we liave lieen enabled tnmjiarge our stuck IN fONSKw I KNCK OF THE PATRONAGE of Music and' Musical Merchandise. H\' arrangements with Mr. Sob?iriieb rger in Pans. arid MaUA Sons in .Mjvi-i we a,11 mil Foreign Music to dealt ra ai.d professors on tlie moat ree^o;. able teruia. Our Catalogue. comprising over five thousand original work*,i? now completed, and to l>eliadat tiie Mukic Depot. Strings. b >st <tualitv. very cli?*p in bundles. Violin*, tiuitars, F.iseribrandt's Flutes. Violmcelios, Brass Instruments, etc. Our stock of K'ic?>n A Raven's and Wil'iim Mil ier'a celebrated Pianos will tie completed again u< a few days, winch we will ??*il on the moat reaa<>ual e term* and Rive the best city referenee. Mnmc Depot, corner of llth and Penn. avenue, je 10 \V. G. METZEROTT. niANU FORTE INSTRUCTION. Mr. \V. H. PALMER oontinnes to add new mem Iters lo Iiii classes. Apply to Mr. PAI. M KK, at Ina Kooiiis over Farnhain's^ Bookstore, Tuesday, Wednesday, Fit"* da?. and Saturday, lietween 2and 6 p. m. Term* Japer quarter. uft-tf \rOCAI, MUSIC.-Mra. FRANKLIN, Teacher of Music. harm* vacant houra for a few more Scholars, requests those ladies wno are des.rous of I ?emu perfected in Italian Singing, or Opera Music, to favor her ? ith an early application. T? rma made kn >wn nt her residence. iv> E sSreet. lietween 9tn and l"Th. ami at the Muaic Store* of Mr. i>a\is. and Mi-; zen tt. an * 1m 'PUREE NEW AMI III'.AI TIFI I. PIANO* I AT liRCAT BARGAINS.-Tbese^^SM Piano* have V>en used but a abort tune I careful pcmim, we will warrant th.'iu.' ? ? ? ? tak"?>.d Pianos in exchange. A c. Two of them are full seven octal fine',* fini-hM ro*ewo-<d cases, and <if exquisite loi.e and touch,on* laonl-. a six octave. These Piano*. purchasers may safely rely upon aa truly *r*>at l?rc:<ina, and tho\ will -I" w?- . t-? call and tli-in. at <.,ir e*'en*iva 1'iano \\ are room*. No. 3><i. lu twccii 3th a; d Ifltk. W J^t ?H \ F. F.I.UK. /M?LU MEDAL PREMIUM lj PIASO FORTES. WILLIAM KN AKF., (Senior partner in the late firm of Knabk. (iaeili A Co., Continn^a the rn*rnfncttire a>-d aa'e of erand and a qua re I' I A \ O |HKTK> n ? -l-r ? *<e r ? r> . , of William Knalie A t'o.. at the old atand | N<>*. 1. j. '?> J>!.d 7 N-?itli K. lit aw *trett op po*itethe Kutaw Ilouae. Itaitimore. They haveilas juM apeaed a new Salea R ?im at No2?i7 Baltimore atreet. between Chariea and Licht ftreet?. on the premisea partly occupied by Mr llenry MeCaffery as a munc atore, a-herethe* wt'l keep constantly on hand a lnr*e aaaortment of plain and liichly-finmhed crand and square 1'iano F<>rtea also, Melodcona. from the best makers, from 4 to.> octave. mme with double key lM?rda, douUe reeds, an-1 atops to auit small churchea. Hem* extensively en*a*e<l in the manufaetore < t Pian???. we will sell wholeaaleand retail, on the moat liN^ral terma. Our 1'iaiioa were a warded the hicheat premium (*old rned.t11at the Faira of the Maryland Institute twosucceamve years?October. laiS, and iRSS?in op positiMii to fourteen and eighteen piam>? from m?nie of the best makers from New York. Iloaton and Bal timore. We wre alao awarded t he first rremium at the Industrial I'xhibition held in Richmond. Vir ginia. 1 -?i and lav. I h?-y have alao loen awarded tii?? highest pieimtim (ailver meda.) at the Metro poliUiri M?*chai.ic*' Fair for 1*S7. In addition to tin* we ar.? in p-'sseaaion of teatimo nnla from the moet distinciiiFbcd profesaora and amiteura in the coiintrr. ahich can lie seen at our WHr??r<Hiin*, sp-akin* for themac.vea and oth-Taof the buch appri cntioo m wtuch our instruineiila are every ahwt li".d. All iii*truiuent* are ennranteed for five yearn, and a privilege of ox chance 19 *mnted wt hi 11 the firat sx m ?n?ha from the da? of sale if the inatrumentadc not eive i-Mtire satisfaction. Wholesale ?b-al?*ra will find it to their advantage to cive u* a call liefore purchasinc. I'mnoa exchanged, hired. ai>d tuned. marlft-ly It M. KNABK k CO. 'IMIRFF. BEAUTIFUL PIANOS reoeived thi 1 day from Boston. AI so. three very hnc__ second hand 1'ianoe. but littl? used, sever octav?s,rosew?Mid cas?-s, will lie sold at Rreat'll w ? " l?tr*atna, at our Piano Forte, MeWideon. and Musie Waierooms. betw een 9th aud l"th streets. No. J*'. jet JOHN F. ELLIS. riMYO PIANOS FOR ONE I OR JJlwt 1 two for ?Jin are now for sale at th?. Music Depot of I w. n. metzerott j ? Corner of Penn. avenue and llth atreet. Terma easy. mat 18 ICE. I J. MIDDLETON, J. ICR PKA1.FR, Offioeand Depot?Sou:hweat oorner of F and 1?th Streets. WaslniiKton. aa II-tf ICE! ICEI! ICE!?!?The underquoted reaeaotftil ly inform h<k frierida and the publioceuerally, that ne ih re'w prepared to furnish families aud other*) throiifla tlie season 1 with the beat quant* of ICE? delivered in nnv part of Washington ami (i?->T*e town. r.r.d xnamatnes to tive entire Katisfaetion. t?rder?; to \>c left with K'DMKIX A I.aiifvi ooraerlUh street arid Peiinayivania avenue: <ieo. F. K.pwki.l A Co., 14thatreet: J. B. Mookk. Dnie rist. Prtu'.'t. avenue, l^?tweeu !9tli and ^"th streets . fiKuKnrS KTZ. New \ orkaventie. Iietween l^rh and llth streets; A. I'avnk. Drueciat, corner 41 liarid Mass avcnii*; and with the suNaerit?er, N?. 3 F>- *t street, Oeurset. *u, where loe onn !?? ha<l at all times. ap7 tf T.N. KID WELL. VEW OROCEKY, WINE, AND A *. Lltjl <>R STORE. I ne snl?cr|!^?r l-e,.* to mfi-rru rus friemls and the p;:Mie. that lie i.-is opeaed a NEW STORE, corner <?! iJth street ai d Louisiana avenue, where he m tends to k<?n constantly on I tend a lareo and \-ane?l assortment of Forcigu ru.d Doineatic \V I N FS, LI - oli>, ? I<? ARS, aud FINE GROCERIES. (????iKistinc of Fine Tens. Sugar.Coffee. Flour.Soap. < MiVfh. It aisins. Fid. Sardines, Anchovies, t Itard. Marrett A Co.. Pmet A Co., and Col. Chaliard'e Bran-li"* ;n <r?se*. dernnolins, and casks. < Hd Ja ? 1 Rum. > es, Matleira. Port of various de soriptions, St. Jimei; Claret, Chateaux Marcsux 111 cases, Cbampafcue Cider. Brandy Fruits. Reynold's Edinburgh Ale. Anuisette. Marascluno, Curacoa. A bs> nthe. Champagne, and a large and varied de scripi 1011 of Havana Cigars. \lso. Sr,ii>ghton Bitters, and Fever and Ague BiUers, Porter, Ale.and Cider. Families are particularly invited tooal! and exam ? me the stock liefore purchasing elsewhere. Mem l?er? of Congress are also informed that their orders will Im' promptly attended to. and delivered at their resiliences at the snort est notice. A general assortment of fine Havana Cigars, im p. ?ed direct by the subscriber, at wholesale and re tail. canal Boats supplied on reasonable terms, and produce taken in exchange. Levy's Old Whiskey, constantly on hand^flM^. Country orders punctually attended to. and eoun try produce ol all descriptions received on consign ment. JONAS P. LEVY, je 8-tf No.5o4 Twelfth atreet. INTERESTING To FAMILIES. The following extract from a New York cam '-T fio to be interesting. In referring to. the receipts of Teas in this country for one? year up t.?:vth u ? m.-. it says the\ wi.. tie ,2. I (??i,i?ai pounds short ??f the imports of the vear end ing June 9i, l&Vi, and that " Ttie advanoc iu b:a<-k teas. Oojongs, sinoe last Itecenilier. has fieen tuteen oents per pound: and \ oiiug lit ion Teas, i.f low and medium grades, have experienced an advance of one hutidred per cent. ov?-r last iiemm'i closing prices. ?"It will thus U seen that t lie strong and rapid advance 111 the ten market has Iwea the result of ? short supply arid active demand ; but when it is con sidered that we may hear at am moment of the en tire suspension ol shipments at Shanghai, and. in lac', that. :t.* soon as a Milbcicnt force from England arrives at the seat of war. all tive porta of entry 111 China, will piolmlily lie placed under strict blockade, it a-ould not lie surprising to see Teas at a much higher figure than they have yet attained." In view of these fscts, we hold out very great in ducements for families to lay in their supplies ol Tea note. KING A BIRCH ELL, iell-tf Corner Vermont are.and l&th street. C^HINA, GLASS AND OFFENSWARe! J R. H. MILLER.SON A CO? Importers direet from Liverpool to Aleaan- WBf\ dria. tieg .eavetoaal. the attention of dealers. hotel-keepers, and others of Washington and Georgetown, to their stocks of GOODS, which, for extent and rarietv, will oompare favorably with any establishment in the Eastern cities. The connexion of their senior partner witli the manufacturers of Europe and the I nited States for upwards of thirty years, hasgivenhimadvantagesin the purohase of go?als equal, if not superior, to any house in the trade. An inspection of goodaand prices will satisfy all parties that purchases oan tie made of thern upon the moat favorable terma. French China Dinner Seta, gilt and decorated French China Dinner Sets, gold tmndand plain white French China Vases. Pitchers. Toilet Sets. Ac. French China Tea Sets, Cups and Sauoera, and other articles of Tea ware And Dinner Ware, separate from sets ludia Cnma Dinner Seta,and separate articles alwaya on hand White Granite Ware in every variety, in eeta, and separate Irom eeta. as may be deaired Blue Printed or Liverpool Ware, the same Common Edged, White and Rockingham Ware, in lull supply. Cut. Pressed. Plain.and Moulded Glaae Warafrom the l?est establishments in the Eastern and Western States, whieh will be sold by the package or other wise. Experienced paokers employed. Gooda pat up by us can be transported by any mode without Breakage. Fare by the steaintsiNts frem Washington to Alex andria. almost hourly, I2H oents eacn way. A quar ter of a dollar thua apent may save many dollar* dec 1 IVOTHING NEW.-By author of John Halifax. 1*1 (tentleman. Ac. Call and gat all the new B<?ifce la?tiik published, at . _ ie3 FERGUSON'S. ?enJl*l?0t*