Newspaper of Evening Star, July 11, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 11, 1857 Page 3
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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Princ Schools ?The Fourth District School, male department, John E. Thompson principal, yesterday. Among the large num ber present we noticed several of the late Board of Trustees, as well as of the present Board. The niKh reputation attained by this school invariably induces a large attendance at its examinations. especially of teachers. Among those yesterday it was a gratification to her friends to number Miss Jane M. Thompson, one of our most promising feniale teachers, but who by severe illness has be-.n detained lately from her charge. The female department of the Fourth District school. Miss M Milburn principal. was present at the examination and occupied seats in the rear of tne punils. and during the exercises thev kind ly faforrd the audifnrf with tone tociI mu^ir. which was performed with great taste and ex J?ression. We he** to hear more of the same sort It'in those little giils before long The classes were examined in tne following or der viz: I. The first. second and third classes in reading and oral spelling; 1 Dictionary, by all the pupils except those who have entered school ?ince **eptember last; 3. Correction of false syn tax, ami punctuation; 4 Analysis and correction of sentences, their classification, elements, trans position and equivalents; 5. Mental Arithmetic tColburn's), second class: 6. Constitution of the I nited States, first class; 7. geography, second ? lass; H. Mental Arithmetic, first class; 9. Eng lish Grammar, second class; 10 Written Arith metic and geography, first class; ll. Written Arithmetic, second class; 12. Geography, first class. " The examination passed off according to gen eral expectation, with great, and we may sav. perfect success The classcs in English gram mar were examined bv Mr. Hardv. and the class on the Constitution of the United States, by Mr. At Lee; these pupils exhibited the most com mendable proficiency, and gave unquestionable evidence that they clearly comprehended the true intent and application of their studies as far as they had progressed. The reading classes, as also those in echography, dictation and punctua tion, were put to a searching test in which their acquirements were shown to be of the first order, and their promptness in replying to all questions propounded as remarkable as was the correctness of the answers given. In Urography the pupils were subjected foa rigid examination at the hands of Mr. '/. Rich ards, of the Union Academy, and in this branch the progress had been very great and the ground well and thoroughly gone over. In Mental Arithmetic the whole school was ir"od The pupils were examined in this branch by Mr Abbott, who made a searching and ex tended examination upon figures and quantities, which the pupils endured, and out of the search ing fire of which they caine without the loss of a sm^Ie arithmetical hair. We noticed among the vistors the venerable and esteemed friend of. the Public Schools, Mr. J<?hn Sessford. his snowy locks presenting a very strong centrist to his clear blue eye anu almost wiwrinkled face; also, Mr. Jefferson, of the City Councils, and Messrs. Donoho and Tree. Chair men of the Committees on Public Schools in the Uoard of Aldermen and Common Council. At the close of the examination, Mr. At Lee ex pressed. in a few remaiks. the high gratification felt by the Board of Trustees at the great success ef the examination just parsed through with, us far as given ; he said that it was impossible f,>r the Hoard to review the studies of an entire year in the short space of three hours, and averred that, in his opinion, the greatest progress of the pupils had not been shown for the reason above given; he remarked in complimentary terms upon the great results which had come from the persevering and devoted attention of the teacher t > his school, and gave notice that, in the coming examination of the five best pupils of each school in the city, the pupils of the Fourth District School might be expected to take and maintain a position which should lie second to nr?ne. Mr. Abbott, upon i>eing called upon to address the school, said that he felt sure that when he ex pressed his unqualified gratification at the suc cessful isjue of the examination of the school he expressed the feelings of every person present; the; large company gathered together at that place bad come there knowing the high reputation that the school sustained, and had come with great expectations; he had come with these feelings, and he h<id not been disappointed; the examina tion had exceeded the largest anticipations of not only himself, but, he felt confident, of all. He alluded to the excellent order which had been maintained throughout,and the neat and scholar like appearance of the pupils. He sjioke of the excellence of the classes in reading, and the per fect training which they had given evidence of in the proper inflection of the voice, and the dis tinct utterance, and observance of the marks of punctuation The grammar classes were, said the sp-aker. superior to any he had ever seen. I both in a correct knowledge anil proper anil ready utoplication of the principles governing its use. alluded to the several other branches In which the pupils had given decided signs of rapid ad vancement. and -slid that this was not only to l?e aifBbiited to the effort* of the teachers, but that fjBD?ethin^j was due to other influences; nuchas fcpr?ug a large and convenient ri>om in which to mtvdbr, and spacious play grounds, plenty of f.csh other concomitant conveniences. -Thai speaker then went on to give, in b"ief, a J of the public schools of Washington had been a resident of the city, staTing 'U he first came here he was struck with unt of money expended by the govern iii providing such excellent and comfortable Wbodations for the criminals, and their ne glect in respect to providing proper means to pre MaMhpir own children f. um becoming criminals. ? Miserable school accommodations which were furnished for the sons and daughters of our ofMcrns was put in strong contrast with the acts ofTne Councils in voting $3.j.(uu for a spacious airy workhouse, and at the same time per ing their sons and daughters to tie educated -Be.-son's stable, where the rats were so nu js that they frequently stole the dinner of ripils while they went up to the teacher's h< recite their lessons. J^he sp aker expressed the hope that in future would be a great deal mo;e attention paid eomfort of the se hoe>l children, in order to them educated properly; as, for example, 4fef??omy, comfortable, airy, clean house they Jgm and the excellent teacher before them; TIBU let the criminals lieca'ed for according to deserts. He spoke of the ii:tie. badly-ven d suuare rooms and church basements, damp and d.nfc, where the most of our ladv teachers "*t?pardize their lives almost daily, as well as of leir pupil*, and the frequent interruptions thus oicasioned in the different schools from sickness uf the tea- her; and suggested to the Secretary of Boaid of Trustees the propriety of keeping a .pp-ord of the number of days that each teacher is ?feent from the school from sickness thus caused. d*d the amount of school time thus lost to the This course would perhaps awaken in ti.e minds of those whose business it was to rem ?Ir the evil, the impo. taiwe of appropriating money for new and comfortable school-houses for the accommodation of their sons and daughters, where they might be instituted without danger fo the lives of their te.wrhers as well as them selves. CtiXlSAl Cocit.?Yesterday, after our report closed, the case of Patrick Cahill, charged with assault and lottery on Bridget Higgius, was closed, and the jury, after a few moments absence, returned a vcrdict of guilty. Sentence of the Court was that of imprisonment in the county jail for the term of two weeks, and to pay a fine of #10. ^ The Court then took op the Co'dHIa Ann Hay rell cases, commencing with No. 1*1. on which the defendant had heretofore been found guilty of grand larceny, and which verdict had, on re consideration. been changed to petit larceny, and fioin which verdict Mr Ratclifle. for defence, again appealed, on the ground of improper flnd lug in the Indictment. The property in this iu stance was a breastpin found in Delia's posse sion, which she purchased for a trifle of a boy. Mr. Ratclifle defended his client with much earaaataeas, and after considerable sharp shooting ix-fween counsel for prosecution and defence, the case was given to the jury, who found Delia not guilty on this count at least. The jury in the Gerhardt case having been out some t went v-five hours, sent word again to the Court that they could not agree and asked to be d'seharmed, which request was conceded by the t'ou-t, tuere appeariug no prospect of their coming to an agreement. I be jury from the first stood eight for acquittal and four for conviction, the questiou being with the differing jurors ,t? to the sufficiency of the faets fo show justifiable homicide. By agreement of counsel, the new trial in this east was assigned to be entered upon this morn ing To-day the Gerhardt homicide case Is up fo. again The following jury is sworn : Ja* Fulalove. Thos J Williams, John L. Maddox. John E Neale. John E. Kendall, Daniel t*tott, Aaion Divine, M Taylor. It. II Harrison. Daniel Light foot, R H. Wat kins and Francis B Lo-d. Mr Key stated the case to the jury, ami was followrd bv Mr Hofer for the defence. Mr. Hofrr ? om*c1. and Ihe examinaiiwn of the evidence on the oart of the I nited Stiles was commenced by ? ailing Jas Lewis. There is no new evidence to t?e given for the preset ution. The names ?>f the I nited States witnesses ari', In sides Ja*. 11 Lewis. Mess * Jos. Cross, Sam l .Norment. J B Lokev, John L Turner, John Hobinson. and Wm Walk ins. For the defence the witness. * to ?*? examined are, Messrs Arthur West, Samuel V Noyes. Mary Heisler, Su?un Evans. Harriet Smith, and W M. Bush. The < a*e is yet in progress. A Ntiir Time may lie expected at the White Ho?" Pavilion on the *Kh inst., the Riemliers of Central Lwd.e, I u p., having made ar lansrr " to spend the day there, pic-nicking with their friends. Reader, make one of the party: Another Eacrasioxand pie-nlc isannounred In our c olumns to-day.?that of Columbia l^odge, I o O. F., to the White House PaviUon on the 5th of August. u u' It F. Nicholls Ciooch.?From an interesting memoir (published by WiUlg, of Baltimore,) of Mr Crouch. who, as is well known to our read ers, a* the couduetor of 81. Mathews Church Choir and of the newly-organized Academy of Music In this rlty, we gather the following par ticulars : F Mr Crouch was born in England, 31st July, and descended from a line of ancestors of musical celebrity. At the early age of nine years young Crouch played the bam at the Royaf Co boarg Theatre, erected In honor of the marriage of the Princess Charlotte, only daughter of George IV. From the Minor Theatre, mail are designa ted on the Surrey side of tbe river, he worked him self into His Majesty's Theatre, and played a solo on the violoncello before Rossini. Bochsa, then In the zenith of his glory was conductor of the Opera, and was so pleased with the boy's devo tion to his profession he made him his pupil At the age of twenty, strong indications of vocal ex cellence manifested themselves; then it was that Bochsa transferred his pupil to William Hawes, master of St. Paul's Cathedral, W eliminated Abbey, and the Chapel Royal boys. Here young Crouch studied the Episcopal High Church ser vice, and the mighty works of Handel. In IttM, ? body of English nobleman, with King George IV as high patron, established (he Royal Acade my of Music, in Hanover Square, London. To iKTorne a royal student was tbe next aiin of our ambitious balladist: but the princely fees de manded, to most minds, woula have precluded all hope of success. Not so with young Crouch : he wrote a plain statement of his' position, and the love he held for his profession, demanded of the board of managers and the piofessors of the institution a patient hearing and an examination. That examination terminated in his being en rt lied a royal student the week following. While at this academy he, with the students of the College were in frequent attendance at the Royal palaces, after which he was appointed to Queen Adelaide's private band. This continued until the introduction of the fa mous English Reform Bill; when the Court ex penses were reduced, and with them, the leduc tion of the household band Then it was our Balladist l>ecame principal Violoncellist at Drury l.aue Theatre, under old Sit/'htH Price's management, of American re nown; and here he wrote his first Ballads? ' Zephyrs of Love," for Miss Anne Tree; and ??the Swiss Song of Meeting," for Madame Mal ibran. After a servitude of years at the Patent I heatres, he embarked in mercantile pursuits, was ruin d bv liis comn.ercial par.m rs, and again turned Lis attention to iiiumc, and com posed his "Kathleen Mavournecn," and his Irish work, "Echoes ^?f the Lakes." At the death of William IV., he was com manded to attend the co.onation of Queen Vic toria. This he did; and while in London, the tirm of D'Almaine .V Co., Soho Square, ollWcd hun the snpervisorship of the establishment at a yearly salary, and to contract for all his compo sitions for the following seven years. This was agreed to. and he left Devonshire once more for the metropolis. At this particular period of time Captain Maryatt was editing The Metropolitan Magazine; Howard, sub-editing ; Mrs. Crawford writing her autobiogiaphy. The popularity of Kathleen Mavournecu created a password anion-' the above named writers: an introduction was sought aiul the warmest friendship made between all paities. Our Balladist became the musical reviewer on the magazine, and through its me dium became known t > all the reigning poets and lyrists of the time, and from the pleasant unions of these kindred spirits at our Balladist\s soirees we date the crcation of his list of English works. In 1310 he left England for the continent of A me. ica, in quest of matter and material where on to build a national work, to he entitled 11 Life in the West," as understood by the English peo ple; which means the whole continent and not a section. This labor of love has considerably ad vanced toward completion; and during his so journ with us he has published very many beau tiful specimens of vocal writing, besides a woik entitled ?? Select Drawing Room Ballads." Mr. Crouch is a married man, devoted to his family and the education of his children. His eldest daughters are perfecting their studies in France, and report peaks highly of theii attain ments. Bible Society.?The monthly meetinj of the Board of Managers of the Bible Society was held last Wednesday evening. Among other proceed - ings, under the resolution " that the pastors of the several churches of this city be requested to present the Bible cause to their respective con giegations, and have contributions made duriu" the present year, at such time and in such form as may be most agreeable to themselves," the Sec retary was requested to ascertain at what particu lar time each presentation cau conveniently l>e made in each chuich, and report at the next meeting. The report (for the Third Ward) of the explor ing and distributing agent was presented, read, and. on motion, accepted as satisfactory, and or dered to be filed. From this report it appears that 1.300 families were visited in that Ward, of which r,7 were found destitute of any portion of the Sat red Scriptures; of these 3f? nave been supplied, II by sale and '22 by donation, for which earnest ex pressions of giatitude were returned, and 31 re fused to receive, generally avowing as the cause that they had their prayer books, and these they considered sufficient. Number of Bibles sold :v\, Testaments, 33; amount of sales. jf.J7.15; amount of contributions received, Sly To; total of cash re ceipts. S7tt.00; number of Bible* distributed gratuitously, 13; Testaments, 0: cost of Bibles and Testaments thus distiibuted, SI 72. Of the ?>7 destitute families visited, 41 were white and ?1 colored, embracing 23!) persons; twenty-three of these destitute families habitually neglected the house of divine worship, the avowed cause of neglect in most cases being family cares and troubles. Some of these acknowledge their fault lu this respect with shame, and promised to ex ert themselves in future toovercoine the obstacles in their way and attend the reading of the Word of Ood. 1 it reference to Sabbath schools, the agent re marks??? It is gratifying to state that owing to the facilities afforded by Mission Schools in lo calities remote from churches, nearly all children in destitute families visited, were in attendance upon this impoitant auxiliary of the Church ;" twenty-seven children only were found not so attending. and some of them promised to com mence attendance. The third is one of the central Wards of the city, in which Church fa cilities are numerous, and the people are gener ally Church-goers. The reception of tbe Agent was cordial, and the friends of the cause rejoiced in the work prosecuted by the Society. There wa? fir less of open infidelity, and a great de crease. as ( oinpared with other localities, of mere wilful and ignorant rejection of God's word: while a vast field still lies open to the labors of the Christian ; yet all the agencies employed are prosperous, and doing much to remove hin drances and impediments in the way of the Gos pel " 3 The A?ent. Mr. Win. J. RerlstraKe, was In structed ?o continue the exploration and supply of the First Ward, the only one now remaining to the completion of the work. The Chairman and Secretary were appointed a committee to supervise the publication of the an nual report, which will shortly be ready. Donations of Bibles and Testaments were, on application,made to the Washington City Orphan Asylum, to the Sabbath School attached to the Thirteenth street Baptist Church, and the Chair man was requested to visit the present temporary alms house, and provide such supply of Bibles and Testaments for the inmates as might be found neeessary under existing circumstances. Centre Market ?Supplies abundant this morning; but somehow prices don't come down. Any combination on foot, Messieuis dealers? This is the way the money went to-day : Beef, per lb 12alScjRoll butter 20a25 Pork 12a 151I'hil'a print 37 Mutton 12a IS Lamh.prqr 75ol IMi Sausage, pr lb.... 12)$ Lard 10 Honey, per lb.... 25 Cymfings, per doz l^a'.ll Lettuce, pr head.. 2a4 Fgg plants 18 Veal 12a 15 Asparagus, bunch 6 Beef tongues 75u$l Onions, bunch.... 2 Calves heads,each 25 Tomatoes.doz.... 2?a37 Bacon 15al<i I Snap Beans, pk... 20 Shoulder* I2al 1 Lemons, per doz . I2*a25 Breast pieces.... 1 la 1(>| Cabbage, pr head. 6al2 Dried beef 17alb| Radishes, bunch. 2a4 Chickens, pr pair. 5Ua75 Green peas, pr pk. 25 Turtles.each... !2aSl-25.Cherries, per qt.. f>ak Corned salmon... 15 Herring per doz.. *20*31 Terrapins, each... 37aS7 Irish potatoes, pk. 50aG2 Gooseberries 10 Currants HI Mullierries lf? Blackberries 10 New Potatoes, pk. 50a02. Apples, pk.. SI Corn, pr bush.... U0a$l Corn, ear, pr bush. 60 Beans, pr bush.... S2 Rye, pr bush *1 Oats.............. 70a75 Tine Apples,each I2at8 Beets, per bunch. 4af> Turnips, per b'ch. 4at Cucumbers, doz.. 25a37 had, per pair.... 50 Meal OSaS I (Sturgeon, cuts ... I2a50 Shorts ..... 35 Shipstutfs IOhWO Eggs, per doz.... 22a25 Perch, per bunch. 25a37 Clams, per 100.... 50 Attempted Suicide.?A woman, residing In the northern part of the city, attempted to com mit suicide on Wednesday last, by taking about two ounces of laudanum, but before it c>uhl ac complish the design for which it was taken, a stomach nump was used by Dr. C. W. Chancel lor. and the poison removed from her stomach, a ltd consciousness, of which she was deprived for several hours, wa* restored and her life thereby saved.?Altxundria (iaxette. Western Hose Comtaxt, No. 1, gives its grand down-river excursion on Monday next, and as will be seen by their advertisement, have made extra exertions to accommodate the publie. Boats will leave morning and afternoon, and am m buses at various points have lieen engaged to take persons to the ltoats Scott's fine band will be present, and iu other respects the enjoyiricnt of the guests will be provided for. Be sure and I K? The Attention of the reader Is called to the advertisement lu another column of the e# ursioti to Leonard town, noticed in yesterday's paper. A Friend ha* submitted to our Inspection ong-necked bottle of a graceful shape, labelled "Lyon * Pure Catawba Brandy."' and which be ing opened and inverted, disclosed a rosy fluid of a peculiar aroma aua1liifr?i?iipre81,cd' we tasttfd thl" "tract?it? '*1 ng represented to us a* highly raedi ?? having tested it by a duplicate taste. . **surance doubly wire, we are prepared ??in,ri0| U M pefh*ps the purest brandy ob !?f thi>nJ.n ,** coun,IT? being the direct product Kral*S put up in Cincinnati It can be obtained by those who wish to make sure of the genuine article, of Win. II. Gilman. cor neror I cnnsylvania avenue and Four-and-a-half ??rtreet. Such as do not require *o powerful a tonic as the brandy will find something to their taste in the delicious soda water sold by Gilman. Thk Rivir.?The steamer Maryland, Capt. Mitchell, went down the river this morning on her regular trip to Blacklstone'a Island, PJney Point, Old Point, Norfolk, and Intermediate landings. She had on board upwards of forty Sh" fin"d "Pin stvle. and has t 77 1 ?,,1v*'l'I",ncecalculated to conduce to the comfort and pleasure of passengers who atbJui ' 6,11 co,lle* UP or? Monday M^rv'VAH. rl Gf'?i & I?UnS'H wharf- "ohooner .Mary Adeline. Capt. Traverse, from Philadel phia, with 119 tons of coal for T Drury; at Riley * PnMr&r?il\?0.lfer K,'lin.a Jan"> CaPl Philips from Port \V althall, with 155 tons of coal for the Gas Company; schooner Baltimore, Capt Phil ins from same port with III) tons coal, consigned to for ,h'2'z^"" ?' ?? A Temperajcce Meeting will be held by the Independent Order of Rechabite* on Monday evening, at the Dunbarton street M E. Church Georgetown, as will be se?'ii by reference to our advertising columns. Good speaking and sinn ing is promised friend of humanity, attend the Delightful PicNic in anticipation. Ex tensive arrangements are being made by the Young Catholics' Friend Society of this city for a ?[tt P1C "ic' to conie off dur?ng the first \?eck in August next, within the iimiu of Georgetown College grounds, one of the loveliest spots in this region of country. Watch Returns.?Wm. Williams, mania-a potu; dismissed. Ann Kelligan, drunk; do. J at-binBurgee, drunkenness and suspicious con <luct, do. * Important Appointment.?J. 1). Ilammaek hav ing been appointed maker and inspector of Mint Ju lips during the warm season, we advise our friends jy U lt'"151 kl'ftp ,uoL Xu- ** IW?v. Madame Mount has prepared by special request, a Salve for the cure of Cancers, which never was known to fail. Also, a Cordial f?r Dysentery, Diar rhea. anu Summer Complaint, which acts as a ner feet charm to arrest all o| these diseases. A linf a Salve for the Piles,(an extract fmni a flower >a sov ereign remedy. Give them a trial. I.ike her jon: sumption Destroyer, they may l*> relied on. She iSSCt \ tr?S r .,l ^hat ?,as been tested. To I* *? V*,? a ^ I between Ilth and 12th. Also i u tinier s Drue Store, corner f*th street and Penn. avenue, 1). S. Dyson's Drug Store. corner "1 Penn. avenn*nnd 12th street, and J. P Mi!burn's Dni? Store. Willards' Hotel. -"viiiourn s Mr pir.T8 T,n Ke mart?to Rev. John Rohb, Rev. Ma'nahan. ' J;i,,,cs Hanson, and Rev. Mr. A ,?! 9(,"bU".,p'?,"n Dest rover also can Ite found'in A.examiria, at Mr. Castleman's Store, ?.n King a M '?i'!rrlvWn' fVr ^t Place. In Georgetown . A. Newman h, on RritUe street. je 17 DIED, t. pa vS5,2Ioni1in* of llth instant. THOMAS aMd 9m;nti,sSd9da>fs.J,,h" and G?"nley. Death has claimed our little Thomas. >?"t his seal upon his brow. And his cheeks that were like roses Are as pale as marble now. Peaceful lie thv silent slumber. Peaceful in the crave so low; llii}1 "" ,,lore will join our number, Ihou no more our son** shall know. h,TIir^"rral *'? place from the residence of i ?u s.'.porner of Maryland avenue ami 4,^ st., at tliren o clock, on To morrow (Sunday ) Afternoon. J he fneml* arcl AcquAintance* of r| ?? family aro requested to attew! without further no nce. ^ FI.OWER VASES. GIFT (TPS amSS^BeSt lishetl. (jy id FkAXCK TAYLOR. LOST AND FOUND. ? > ti ' ,A R Strayed from the subscriber on lUursdav, !?th instant, a .small Mack ?> tan English Terrier DOG. The a!.overJ^^ l)e,-lv''" hy returmin him to-^-?^ .\o. Pennsy Ivama avenue. Jv " ?"" W. MA Rons. \\' hS/u.,\Kr'>' ri' nv THK morning of ? ? the K'th Inst'int, a lar^e BAY lloHSIv. rv aliout 16 hands high. The owner will please come torward, prove property, pay eharees. and take hiin away. Enquire at this office. it* A R D.?St ray e?I or stolen on Saturday, the4th of July, tmm the four mile run, /Tv .Urt v?u/<w]'L^r"Jr" a"(i Alexandria, a ?lark BAY HOKSE, aUiut 14 or 15 hands^*^-* I'lRli. with a while stripe on his nose, hollow t>nck white hind legs, srnall mane and hare tail. The above reward will be paid fcr his delivery, or for any nif.>r TrUnT?l V0i'4VvO,^i0^1" fecm erv. if left st rl MO I H \ CONNER S. .i| street, l>et ween F ai d G streets, English Hill, Washington. ,t* C^ame to the premises of thestb yi sen her, a.Red COW, with white face an<l wtnte tail; one of her horns broken. The owner will please ca.l at the R,.ek Creek*2Z2L S?>ap I aotory,ncai (ieuri;elowii Bridge,prove prop erty. pay charges, and take Iter away. JV5?L JOHN McRRIDF. !\JOTICK ISHKRRBY GIVEN, THAT AF l n fer six weeks publication of this notice, applica tion will be made to the Co mm ssioner of !>? nsions f ?r the issue ot a duplicate of I.A \ I) WARRA \ T No. 15,-5<2 for 121*acres, act ai March, 1^55. ismVd to Benjamin Grimes, private Capt. J.uies Company, Georgia Vols., Creek War: the sam? havimjbeen je 13 lawTw C. W. BENNETT, je ,3-la^-fiw Attorney. FOR RENT AND SALE. tor oth'r ''For Hrnt ami ?<alr " notiret net I st pac. (GROCERY STilllK FOR 8ALK.-1 hue .Ml nTltv^Tiiur1^ s,,,,'k- 1,xl'Uf"?- of a 'oy'tr.Ki S I ORE, doing aigfw>d business, sit uated on the north-wesr corner of Mar* land avenue and 7th streets west. Ever* convenience ncces?ary for a small family over the store. Persons desirous of changing their business will find it to their advan tage to call. i ho reason lor selling out is that the proprietor intends roing west. ^tVr..fI,.rothwr P"/''culars please call upon R. T. iv.n I'jII I, cor. iYarjland av,, and 7th sts. N. B.?Goods selling olf LOW for CASH, jy le-gt* l^1 R S A I. K.?A EOT fronting on New York 1 avenue ?> feet by 113 in depth to an alley, is for sale. It is between 4th mid 5th streets. Price Sl'O dollars, part ? ash. Apply on 14th street,3d do??r s<nith ol Penn. avenue. P<>R RENT?A desirablo RESIDENCE on the ?i .Georgetown. Enquire of C. F. v lihKhLL at tlies Town House,or 151 lli^lt street. Jl -3t * TV(Ot' R N1SHK0 pAR I'<>RSand BED i n ROOMS for rent in a pleasantly located house, at the northeast corner of F and Utli sts. jv 9 3t* C*AKM FOR SAI.E.?A FARM of 7i? acres, with 1 crop 111 ground, situated alsuit Id mile* from W ashiiKU.ii, near the 7t!i st. Piank Road, about 3n acres of which is cleared and under cultivation. Terms of sale: One hall cash ; balance in 4 years. If n?Jt aold at private sale before Wednesday, the ?th of this month. (July) will be sold at public sale, on the premises, on that day. For further information enqnire of A. F. HINES on the premise.*, or of C. M. HINES, Druggist, I2ti Penn. avenue, Washinjton, D. C. jy 9-eot29th [flJR. RENT-A thn-e story BRICK HOFSEoi. H. lietween ??th and^lst streets, wi?ha goodlnck >ar?l and alley. A permanent good tenant e?in have the same lor per year. Apply to ROBERT ? rft.i r.V<'ar the premises, or at JOHNSON A SUTTON'S. jy 8 eo3t*_ AV ALUAB1.K h Alt M FOB S A I. E . ? Pot sale A FARM of .>13 acres, in Culpnper Coun ty. Virginia, one mile from Mitchell's Station on the Alexandria and Orange Railroad. The soil is natu rally cxcelleut, and ma> economically and easily be improved, so that it will produce as fine crops as are grown any where in the 1'nited State* ; 115 acres in heavy timber, much of it suitable lor ship timber, for w Inch there ar? markets to lie reached by means ol the railroad ;al?o a large quantity of cord wihkJ that may l>? sold to tiie RaiironcJ Company at renin nerative prices. The buildings are all on a hill and with small repairs, may lie made comfortable for the residence ol a family The place is well watered, and embraces every desirable convenience. As one of the joint owners of this Farm now resides in the West, and is determined to sell it, it will be sold a great bargain,on very accommodating terms. Persons deposed to purchase may inquire for fur ther particulars to W, D. WALEACH, editor of the Star. Washington City, who knows the prem ises. jy B-tf I^OR RENT.?One three-story BRICK HOI SE, I situated on F street, between &1 and 3d, con taining six rooms. For terms apply to J. ROVER, on 1st street, between I and K. jy 7-.'u* ?/?OR RENT.?A modern built HOI'SE, contain I nnr 12 rooms, comfortably furnished, in a delight ful and airy location, fronting one of the public res ervations, and commanding an extensive view of the city, the river, and Georgetown. It has gas through out; water aiid Uath-room. To a careful tenant the rent will l>e moderate. Inquire at 404 I street, seo ond door-from I.'tli street. je24-tf fMIR RENT.?A two story BRICK DWEE EING, with l>ack building and a fine yard at tached, situated on E street, lietween 13th aud Uth streets. The house could !>e made one of the beet business stands in Washington, being within a few s;eps o| Willards',and a<tjoiuiii| Flint's Hotel. Po? session liven the 1st of July. Apply to FRANCIS MI1.I.KR, Family Grooer, corner of F aud i^th sts. je 19-tf (Intel) Atrcnoar sales. An^linorfn. V- Batches, jewfi pv fa vpv EVENING VnlvY, SSST-+>*SATFRDAY J"'.*- lYMMteig;': . " _ ?y E. S. WRIGHT; Georgetown. P WKDNkIuJIv1 GAH >AT AUCTION.?On o>l.*k on F A A h"Vl i ?' twelve tli#' lirwr V-1 ill 7 Ar' H* ? whan, the car*o ..f hlid sTprirnfiliKl' cho'ce sIEE""' ** iMV? i , ii K1>t<-WRIfiHT. Auctioneer. <1 mon. Intelligencer .^States. am) Alex. f;n.^.-11*>. > F ^J )\ALL A BARNARD, Auctioneers. AMILV HORSE, CARRIAGE. AND HAR ? t i *! Auction ?On TUESDAY MORN V?i f' lOo'clock. we will sell in front of the Auction rooms, I sorrel Horse. Carnage and Har ?*tab!i*hment will be a??ld without reserve. ^ A L I * A BR A N A R D. A iict|on?ers.

?T A. GREEN. Auctiuneer. V M??T??itK stands IN THE NEW II i V .1 ,oTu Io,i*E Auction.?On SATUR o'cVVk m ail ,,wl1'*<*"? eommencing nt 12 in ? i- iv (he new Market house. Centre Sfcrket) aa "nf t011' crected 8,'ut1' of the old Persons from the Oouulry and dealers in produce 5,rc,'lpc'fu''> invited to the sale. 1 erms cash. irTirHder ?f tLe Mft>or? A. GR EEN, Auctioneer. HBy A. GREEN, Auctioneer. AJVusJ?M''' B' 1 I'DINg lot east n a v ?? C*p,1ToL at At'CTioM.?On TIII RS ln8f*"L I shall sell m fr,,nt suua?ePv',l"TO-'hat 7? C,2>ck p-rm-' 1'OTNo.lH, hi ifl^ h*v,,?g * front ofjn feet 2,'? inches on 4th street east, running Imek ??7 feet toaU>feet allev between north A and B streets. "' ?uinllDkt < a*h; l?lanoe in six, twelve, i in<>"tlm, for notei benrinit interest. A deed g.ven and a deed oftrusr take,,. Title iwlii. putaMe. Jy n-d a. t?R EEN. Auctioneer P., D **y A* GREEN. Auctioneer. LR KMPTORV SALE O F T W O TWO-STORY Fha.MK HoiSKS AN'. I.oTS AT UhaU ie<lM.".7?n?Toi! fiSI)AV* ,he 16,h '"slant, i snail sell in trout of the premise*, at ?i o'clock r> ni two two-story FRAME HOUSES and the Lo i s Y o^o 8tnnd' ,ICI"K f"?rt i and all of i. j Vf 1,1 8H'Jtre Nw. 4H7. This property ik w^,3(ir ,rf^lir^ yay>o Ifiand. frontier on the west auto or4,t st. 4.5 feet, running back l<? feet to a ^Vrmi worn soutIt G and II streets! ,fc WUr,^ ; the 1?, in fi, 1?. |?. a ven nn 1 ? l !'rr'!? e* b??r,,,K '"'?rest. A deed iv 11-d deoUoftru?ttaken. Title in.lisputable. A? QREENt A uctione?T. HBy J. I, McGl IRK, Auctioneer. IGHLY VAL1AHLE BUILDING LOTS AT THK filRMKH OF NoRTH L STKKF.T AND llTll FRIDAY AFTERNOON. ei Mil V. rV i?JX,'m ? V? 'he premise*. I shall k.-II right very desirable Building Lots, tieinc lion I' Cuslniig s sultdi vision of onginnl Lots 2. 3, and 4* in ' r,l.-n,re t41* "? follows: Four lots having a front I u,f ffet ?nch on "nr,h I' "f?'- ?' ?he?,rr,eVof ill fL?i ee i west, and rnnniiie l?ck 124 f^et oacli to a "id '"a" "lle>' 2.'M I n'lilr'nf.6 ?re Prn,lwU/ U"1 most elicible ami beautiful J.iuldmR liicatn.ns for sale in that desirable part < f ervTt', ^" r '? street lots front on a l^anti-ul re, forme.l l,, the intersection of Alnxaachn shaoe f re""?' a" haVe '**" ,mPr?ve?l by hand-oine safe.P'at ?f 'h? eu,K,ivisl?n w?H be exhibited at the tweTvTVn/lr'hf0111^ cn?ih ' ,h<! residue in six. iThL^i' r, p,f.h,,"en1 months, with interest, secured by deed of trust on the premises. Jr4- -ruL- . ?AS'( ' y<,G' IRK' Auctioneer. fD^THL ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED. A FT !?* rV! t ?Wv'' i l!'e.r,,n- "?111 WEDNESDAY ?v iii * 15tlif haine hour Mud pl*cp. Jy lld J AS. C. Mctil'IRK. Auet. HBy C. \\ . BOTELER, AsotiosNr. x SK rNI> ,'OTfON K STREET at Arr Marv V- iT? % v,rt,,.*"\f a deed of trust from Mrs. varv *'y Barney and others,Hated on the 3tfli ds? "f ..r'lva'of^ . 'ani1 ''?corled in the Land ReR,,rdi V ,i\\"^'"?t'on connty District of I'olumbia. in Liber J. A. >.. No. I3ti. folio 5 to lf?,R?d for th"pur ?iinnr? ^ trufLwill be sold at public auction on t io premises, oM | . s'reet north, on 'l'i.'ESDA N , the 4th day of AuKUS*, Ilj*, nt 5 o'clock n. ir., all thai fv 1! H if 1 t Ground numbered rt, n, Square in \\ aslunston city, l?e<mninj f?ir the sam<' at ;v point 011 the north side <d E str. et north one him dryland forty feet and mno inch<s from the sontli west corner ol said square,ami riinmnc thence north j-ovcut> one feet and six inchc-t wiih th" western line of? ooi tion of said lot number six whi< h was conv.-vcdb, David Saunders and wife to |J,,.-,.r . VV eiKlitman, to the use of Snrnh Scott; thence east <7 b et I. inciies: thence north lt? |e,-t iiiuIk-.. thence west z{ feet 1" and one third inches; Iheuer* south U, feet I inch and a half; tli :?ce cast _ii ft>"t t inch-s and one third of an inch to theplnceof Ik> Rimunij. * The improvements consist of a pood three ?torv brick dwellinK and iKisenient. with a larjre two-stor> l?ck building, and tiie whole well arranged for a res idenoq and oifice. Terms of sale: *2/mn m cash. nn<l the residue for notes in e?nal su?r.s pnvable in six, twelve, andeieh teen months with interest. A deeu will 1^ ?,Vc!. and a deed of trust taken to secure th^ deferred payment*. I lie expense* of the deeds to be at the cost ol t he purchaser. The Trustee reserve* the rijjht to himself, at his option, to re sell the property, at the risk and est of the purchaser, by Rivme five davs' notice of the time and terms ol such sale, or to vacate th-" sale if the forms thereof are not complied with by the pur chaser withm five day* after the sale. The premises are now under lets'! lor .?iVtl per annum, tho lease to ex-fire on the t?t dn of October 18*1. IIKNIlV M, MORFIT. Trust,4. C. \\ . BO I KLER, Auctioneer. C7* THE CREDITORS OF MRS. MARY E. Barney provided for in said deed are requested to leave their accounts and vouchers at the office of the Trustee, on 4.'a street. ju!y ll-eod&Us ( IVOR SALE.?A \ nuiiit HORSE not over six years old and in good condifioti. Also a SPRING WAGON, and a new set of HARNESS. Enquire at <i. A. Spoilsman's Restaurant. No. 512, Peun. avenue, between .'d ft:.d 3<l streets. " J* 7 Iff* (GEORGETOWN t'LASSICAI. AND MATH , EMATICAL ACADEMY. I he duties ol tins liaStitutiou v ill be resumed September 1st. jy 7 2awtf P. A. BOWEN. Prineipal. ^ KI a J; ES?c A R R1 AG ES?C A R RIA fi ES. -> J he undersigned ha* now on hand a. verv ifood ns<">rtnieut of S I" M M i;K^ C AT{ R1 AG ES, Bl GG1KS, Ac.,to wlneii-? *-? he very respect fully invites the puMic cenerallv Prices moderate. JN'O. P. DENNIS ap 24 coUm 6th st.. I?et. fj?. ave. and C st. f IGHTNING ROD IMPOSITION. In a Circular of mine, published a short tune aro. I stated that I would convince any man who would apply to me lor the facts, that a ni"st villanous im position lias been carried on in this city and other p aces, where certain l.i^htnin- rod Points have been Put up. That t/ie Points referred to were coin po?. d ?<r some soft alloy, resembling pewter, ami which melts ct the temperature of lead. .Mr. J. B. Olcott takes it upon himself to answer to the alxtve fact*, and says lie does not put up Pewter Points It is a truthful saying, that '-murder will out," and! u"fortunatelv, lor this Mr. O. ha* told on himself. And. like .lill ln the old ditty, when J.iek fell down and broke ins head, ho in a fright made a misstep and eiine tumblniK after. He certainly cannot blame me for his l>ad luck, for I had not said one word a I k hi t linn ; and if ho never puts up another rod it will be because he has defined his position,and not on account of any exposure from nie. Mv Circular refers to no one m particular; but if the coat should fit any one let linn put it on. j> 10-3t N. H. H Ho ADS, 4t5 D street. I\IQTICE?-N < )TI (' E.? I have.a few of those cheat TOILET SETS on hand, which I wish' to close out. and will sell at cost. Also.* GOBLETS and other GLASS WARE, that' must be sold preparatory to a change in my *$? business. All that want to buy cheap, please call at No. 30. between 9th and 10th streets. Pern, avenue. fob 17?6m JOHN McDEVITT A RARECIIANCE FOR B ARG AI NS I N a*. BONNETS.?We have iust received a largo lot of elegant BONNETS too late for^Bj) season, which we will positively sell for haif^T l',e,r value. M. WILLIAnT _jejn-2w Centre Marker Space PARASOI.S?PARASOLS?PA I? ASOf.S' a. Selling oil at 2 > per cent. Ie>s than cost, at F. A. NlcGEE'S, 2!t Pa. *v., jy H-eo2w between !2th and 13th sts. Barege robes-rarkge robes, ORGANDIES and LAWNS, Ac., Selling ofl at low hgures. at jy n e,.?w F. A. MoGEE'S, 241 Pa. av. SCHOOL FOR YOFNG LA l'I DIES.?No. 391 11 street, between I3tli and 11th streets west, will re-open on MONDAY, Scptem bwr21 jy v,'w * Hosiery, gloves, lace mitts. a PALM LEAF FANS, Ae..&c., ntiw ollercd lor sale at reduced prices, at ? ? F. A. McGEE'S. 244 Pa. hv., jy ? eo2w lietween 12th ard 13th st*. I ACE AND SILK MANTILLAS^ REAL I*.^IB 1) S W ISS, ( for Basques,) LACE SHAWLS and SKIRTS, Ac , Ac., at F. A. .McGEE'S. 244 Pa. av.. Jy B-eo2w between 12th ami 13th sts. HOOP SKIRTS'?HOOP SKIRTS!! of Sleel, Crinoline, and Whalclione, at . ^ F. A. McGEE'S,244 Pa. av., jy ?-eo2w between I2th and 13th st*. CEMETERY RAILING.?The advertiser wish es to sell three different patternsof l.'EM ETE R^ RAILING, with stones complete, for p anting in the ground. They are at ihe Congressional Burial Grounds, and any information can be difamed of the S^ xton on the Grounds. jy g-v / Mil NG OFF AT COST.?A* the season ha* Md XI varced we wnl sell our remaining stock of REFRIGERATORS at cost. o( ,F' *R NITL RE and HO USE 1 KLL! IN(i GOODS is very lar^e, andl prices lower than ever. < McGREGOR A CO.. jy 9 eofiw No. M? 7th slreet. WD. E1CHLER, ? ? . .. A'o.OT SEVENTH STREET, between D and E streets, west side. PR AC- ~ TICA L \VATCH MAKliR, keeps constantly ?n hnnd aSneaaaortmeutof WATCHES t <5 J r. W r.l.KV. an te fiin* |'REAT BARGAINS IN PlANt?S.?Hi cxe? L \M ? it second-hand PI A NOS, really great l*irg\in.. lor safe on very reasonable terms at our great Piano ,ijr. IIS?1'NO,^me.hsiwmnWh*nd lotiistreets, (jew JOHN F. ELLIS. H AUCTION SALE8. TO-DA Y b TO-MORRQ W MORNTNG. By JAMES C. MeOUIRE, Auctioneer. Fl'RNITrRH AND HOUSEHOLD Ef fects AT AiCTIOX.-On TUESDAY MORN ING. July l?h. at 10 o'clock, at the rAideV.oe of J. . Nairn. r.?n.. corner of New York avenue and 15th streets, I shall 1 his Furniture and Effect* comprising? Pair of Walnut French Dunns Six Walnut Carved Parlor Chairs Rosewood marlile-top Centre Table Cane-Heat Chairs, l/oungc. Roafcer C arpets. Oilcloth, Curtains, Shade* Sjjiid a-ainut high and low-post Bedstead* *\ alniit Bureaus. Wardrobes Washstaiul Iron Kedstends. Trundle Hedsteads HtiMrior Curled hair and Musk Mattresses Bolsters and Pillows. Toilet Sets 91 rr' "mJ painted \Vnrdri)les Dining Table*, Chairs, Stdelmard Chins. <?!as?,and Crockerv Ware t ooking and other Sto\ e?, a c., Ac. .rlftTri *s.a5d UD4''r? cash: over that sum a nmetj da>s, for satisfactorily en t? ' n??tei. tearing interest. ^ 'louse 18 fur rent. Inquire on the preui 11 *^~ JAS. C. McGI IRK, Auctioneer, By W ALL A BARNARD. Auctioneers. PEREMPTORY SALE OF FRAME HOI'SE A N t? I.OT A T A UCTION ON 7TI! street. BET W :?'? I- and M. kasi side.?On TUESDAV AFTER NOON. July 14, at t.1? o'clock. we wrl sell Ul fr'?Ilt <>f lh< premises. I.ot No. 12, III square 44?,'rotiMiig 2H It.oil 7th street. between I.and M.running l?ck lift feet to a a ide alley. The improvements are a t? o srory I rame House, containing live rooms. This property is in a desirable location, ami iuh rapid % improving part of the city, and is worth) the atten tion of purchasers. Terms: One-third cash; the pat meiits of I2nad l'tmonths. the deferred payments to t?e secured l>v a deed of trust on the property. All conveyancing at the expense of the purchaser. Jr 8 dts W ALL A BARN AR D. Aueta. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. ANDSOME THREE STORY AND BASE M KS T BhICK Hol*E AND Lot ON 11 Til STREKT W EST, IIKTWKEV M AND N STRKKTs NORTH AT A LO tion.?On WEDNESDAY, the I5fh instant. I shall sell in front of the the premises, at half past six o'clock p. m., parts of Lots Nos. 9 and in, in David son s ?iiImIivtsioii of Square 34?'. with the improve ments, which are a fine and nearly new three story and Usement Brick House with a well ol excellent water in the yard. This property fronts on the east side of 111 h street west, between M and N streets north, and runs l>ack to a a ide alley. The House contains o conveniently arranged rooms and cellar. This property is Nxuitifully situated in a rapidly improving neighliorhood. Terms: Si,t*0 cish; Iwlanco in 6, 12, and IS months, tor note* liearing interest from dav of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. Title indisputable. jy ' d A. GREEN. Auctioneer. By J. C. McGI 'IRE, Auctionoer. EELEGANT PARIS MADE CABINET FUR J N.TIRK, FEhNCM-rLATE MtRRoRS, St.'t'KRIOR HOCSKHOI.D I'll KITS. r A I R OF CaKNIA'.K HoRSK*, Bijijot. Harness, Ac., at Ar? r ion.?On WED NI.SD W MoR N1NG. July Ijtli. at I"o'clock, at the residence of Mr. de Cramer, Secretaiy of Rus sian Legation, on Ijth street, between New York avenue and II street north, I shall sell all Ins furni ture and Ltlects. which are of the most superior kind, having l>een imported direct from i'aris. We name in part ? Suite of s?-lid rosewood csrved parlor furniture, finished in rich violet -colored velvet plush, com prising French Sols. Lounge, two Arm Chairs, two Easy Chairs, and nx stutied l?ack Side Chnirs. Suite ol lour French Curtain*, to match with rich I?ace Curtain*. Cornice, limit Shades. Ac. Pair of elegant French piste Mantel Mirrors Beautiful silt Mantel Set. oonsistmg of French Clock and Candelabra? lo match Elegant rosewood Centre Taltle, Ltegere. and Wri ting table style Louis \ V. Rosew-wwJ Fire screens, ro?ewn?>d Easels '?ill Picture Frames. Engravings, Ac. Albums of sketches in Russia and Franc Large quantity of rich aud beautiful Etegere and Table Ornaments Suite of elegant Dining-room Furniture, oonsiatmg of richly csrved Reatifet Etegeres, oval Exten si on Dunne Table, twelve morocco-covered Chairs of a netfu t lfn i French w??od called rose wood oak Cage of Brazilian Birds, French Vases Beautifully decorated French China Dinner and Coffee Service Rich crystal cu< and engraved Glassware Fr< nch C"tb e-mniier, Table Cutlery Silver-plated Ice Pitchers, Waiters. Ac. Suite of walnut Par or Furniture, finished in green _ and gold brocatelle Walnut Secretary and Book case, Writing Tablec Handsome Folding Screen Green velvet Easy Chair Elegant suiteofChamber Furniture, consisting of Siesta Sofa, Ivi!-} Chairs. and four side Chairs, finished in rich figured cashmere, with Curtains and Fire-screen to r.ateh Mahogany mirror-front and plain Wardrnl?es Dressing Cain nets, Washstands. awl Commodes Superior S'ngle French l!e<lsie:tds, with tine curled hair and -.pring .Mattresses Handsome Toilet S?-ts, Rt'd<liug t'otf.-t^e Bedstwtds. Walnut Wardrol^l Bureaus and Washstands Curled hair and other Mattresses Bolsters and Pillows Brussels, three p'>,:md Venit inn Carpets India Matting, i >i: Cloth. Buss ? Portico and \\ nid?w Awnings, B.imlwHi Chans Bronze Iron Hat Tree. Hall Furniture Together with a ;e:ieral assortment of cxcelleut Household Eilccts. Also, at 5 o'clock, in fr.>nt of the premises? A span of U'lutiful Hlack Cnrria?.?- Horses. 5 and ft > ears old. of Morgan breed, admirably matched, sound, kind, and l>"autiful travellers One lour s.'.ite.i W.-it^on, with shad ami pole, made l?v Lawrence, New York Dout !e Silver pla?ef| Harness Fur R<.Im-s. W<K>llen an?l Linen Covers, Whip,Sta ble mid Gardening Utensils. A e. The Furniture. Ac., is in excellent condition and of the most superior quality, having !?een selected in Paris wilh great care and without regard to cost. The House will beopen lor iuspi>ctionon Tuesday, the |4th instant, from It) to 3o'clock. Terms: .*.5n and under cash; over that sum a credit of60and da>s, for sntisfaetorilv-endorsed notes, hearing interest. J. C. MctJl'IR E, jv 2-d Auctioneer. M ARSHAL'S SALE.?In virtue of a writ <>! lien fne:as on scifa lien law issue<l from the Clerk's olb oe of the Circuit Court of the District of Colum bia for the County of Washington, and to me di ree'ed, I shall expose to public sale for cash, in front of the Court house door of sinl county, on FRI DAY, the 17th day of Julv, 1S57, at 12 ?'clock, the following property, to wit: Alldefendaut right, tule. claim,and interest in and I to the three two-story and attic Frame Dwelling Houses and Back Buildings, situated on Lot No. zt. in square No. 1*7 in the City of Washington. D. C.. fronting 4'? feet ??u north L s- reel, seized and levied npon as the property of John S. James, and will Iw sold to satisfy Judicial* No. 2(3 to March term 1587; ' Francis Wheatley vs. John S.James. J. D. HOOVER, je 24-d Marshal for the Dist. of Col. A" CADI.MY OF MUSIC, Cor. of llth ft. an-l Pn. are., ortr Fnrnkam's Bookstore. Mr. F. NICHOI.I.* Ckoi c h. composer of upward of 2.<"i0 s<?ngs. author of ?? Kathleen Mavourueen," ami musical editor ??fG?nlej *s Lull's Hook? Continues giving Vocal Lessons to his Pupils and ? 'lasses, evry Monday. Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday , at the ab-ive Institu'ion. Menifmrs ? nrolleil trrry no vacations oc cur dur in : t! S:iminer ?TH IS SI \ ?N , being the proper time, for Vocalists to studv. Apply to Mr. the Academy of Music, evert morning from i to in o'clock. Musical Lectures delivered every Thursday even ing- illustrated l>) the Pupiis<d the institution, jc l-e<K>in TWO BILLIARD TABLES FOB SALE.?By virtue of a deed of trust, executed Iw Henry Kl dr-*d t?? me, as trustee, dated the 7th February. IRj7, and recorded in the County Court of Alexandria. I willse' public auction, to the Inchest bidder, for cash, on M O N 1) A V. the S'th July. 1K-S7, TWO BlLLARD TABLES, with all their fixtures com plete. The sale to take place in front of the Mar shall House, in the citv of Alexandria, where the tables can l?e seen by any person desiring to pur cnase. B. 11. BERRY, Trustee, jy !?-3teo in SECOND H AND PIANOS, RANGING IN l"l price from .SI" to .*'125. just reccivcd^-^^'agpi from Baltimore. The* are very good. r*!-tr* Also, 15b?autiful new PI ANOSiu store' ' " ' ' recently received from Boston. Highest price given for old Pianos in exchange for aew. Remember our numlter is 30fi. near loth sireet. be tween 9th and Kith. JOHN. F. ELLIS. je 22 CHEESE.?Just receive !, a consignment of 25 Ih?xi-s PRIME CHEESE, direct from North Western Ohio, which I otl'er to the trade at Balti more prices. Lots rcgularl) expected. B. F. MoRSELL. jy f^-lt No. 69 Li. av., opp Bank Washington. ^OAL! COAL!! COaLITT W?iare now prepared todeliver all kinds o| White and Red Ai-li C??au. A deduction in price will I e made when delivered fr? m ti. Wild. Now laudn.u a very superior article ol Lehigh Coal. W e have, ilso, a large mid well .selected stock of Wood?all of which we promise to sell at the market price. We. thorelum, solicit a call from all who bu> for cash and pa> promptl\. Offices ontner of 1 and 21st street, Washington ; Green street. Georgetown. jy 8-d2w BARRON A STOVER. pAGLE PLUMBING AND OAS WORKS. The undersigned most respectfully announces to his former patrons and the publicin general, that he is a?ain prepared to furnish and execute all work in his line the lowest prices, in the build ing adjoining Ins old establishment destroyed by fire on t he morning ol the -Id instant. By prompt attention, he hones to give general satisfaction. JOHN REESE, j\'J-lw* next to eor.6th st. and Pa. ave. IVTEW AND FRESH PERFUMER Y, just re 1* eetved at No. a>, lietween 8th and 9th streets. je2j h. j. Mclaughlin a cq. PUBLISHED THIS DAY COMPLETE. LITTLE DORRIT, complete, by Charles Dickens, price cents, for sale at SHILLISgTON'S Book Store, je 17 Odeon Building, oorner at. and Pa. av. I^AKENOTICE. RE MO VAL. GIBBS'S WIG, HALF WIG, HRAlU AND CI RL MAN'UFACTOR\ removed lo M2 Penn sylvania avenue, bet wean 12th and 13th streets, n?ir ? ?autier's. Hair Work Repaired, or taken in ex change. Fine Toilet Articles, Combs. Brushes, Ac. jy 3-lm THE LARGEST STOCK OF PIANOS A1K jtsletins. Music, Musical lustruinente. and Mu sical Merchandise in general m Washington City, is at JOHN F. ELLIS'S. Je 16 No, 306 Pa. avenue bet, 9th aud R*th sti. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM THE ASSOCIATED PKESS. FOt R DATS LATER FROM fct fU?PL. Arrival ?( tkf A?|l? Smxmn. ^ricaac. July II ?The Anglo Saxon (propellen arrived last night. with Liverpool date* of '*?' Tbf Anifricj arrived out o| the 3*th . the \ anderbilt on the Mth, and the Atlantic on the 1st Jul*. The China mail confirm* tVe accounts of the mutiny of the native troop* m India. Reinforce, incuts were lu I* sent thither ftua Kugland mi* mrdialrltr, France sends fourteen transport* of troop* to China, at tbe reouest of LngUud in prevent the withdrawal of Brtti?h troop* from India The Nicaragua had commenced taking on ?xwfd the submarine cable. Two vlmi? railroad accident* had occurred in England. killing twelve person* and tnjurim: one hundred. THK MARKET** Liverpool.?Cotton cl??sed firm and quiet, without anir Quotable change in prices; Malm ft?r three day* IP.nMt Imle*?speculator* taking ijMN, and exporter* Breadstuff* were dull. Flour closed quiet; Weatern Canal ilhWilUM: Southern 3la3isfid; Ohio 31s tid \V heat rlonol oniet and unchanged red W tWiaiK 6d; white ttdalbs Corn cioaed very dull, and quotations' were nominal; yellow and mixed mixed :S?a3l>s 6d. white 3!<aln? The weather had been favorable for the crops. Provision* wen-quiet and geneially unchanged Laid wax buoyant, and nil qualities had slightly advanced. Sugar was quiet Rice clotted buovant. and all qualities had slightly advanced Ko* n wj< lie* /y. l?oxt>o\ ?Baring quotea Sugar dull at a de. cline of fid al* ; Tea in a large speculative in quiry. lou?ol? were lower at on account. The money market wax active at previous rate* SKlOM) DISPATCH The Spanish Mexican question i? no nearer an ad.tnstment than ac laxi advice* Forty conspirator* hal I wen arrested at tjenoa There was nothing in.portant from China A' Singapore, tlie difficulty between the American and English aut aorltie* respecting the Dutch ship Henrietta Mari; was still unsettled The Angle-Saxon ieft Liverpool at ha1f-|**?? one, on July 1st. The City of Washington lef' Southampton at the same hour, and the Orago left Havre on the same day ?The V anderbilt* passage out was understood to have Ix-en made In 9\ days. In Parliament l*o'd Granville stated that the Indian inunity would be met with deceive iiwas lire*, and although there were go? d ieasons to be lieve that the mutineers would sjx-edily *?iccomb. vet II.000 trvop* would leave tngland immedt a'ely for India as a precautionary measure for Tutu e secuiity. He aomittud that tlie published accounts of tlie re\-olt were substantially cow*, and that the principal motive for it wa* the ini pression among the natives that there was to be an attempt at a general conversion to thechriati. a religion. 'I ue frigate Susquehanna leturned to Cowes on tlie >ih Capt _lludson and the afflcer* of tht Niagara were invited guests at the t-^ueen s vi?H to the exhibition at Manchester. They werewel ? otned with loud cheers. The quarterly trad*; return* show a great defi ciency. ?? Di*? harged from t astedy. Ci%ci?ikjiti. July 1" ?Judge Leavitt yesterday discharged the deputy marshS and hit assistants from the custody of the Sheriff of Clark emin*v. who held the parties for resisting him while in i he discharge of his duties Fire at Daveapart. lawa. Sr. Lot is, July 9 ?Thirty dwelliaf hoanes at Davenport. Iowa, were destroyed by lire on the fit 11 of June The loss amounted to aom*- an?,t*M, which is partialty Insured. Baltimore Market*. Baltixoas, July 11?Flour is flrhl< Howard street $7.??. There t * no Wheat c^rr<^ Corn u 4^ ^1. low and ?white96*H?c. Whi iky is quiet; City 30c., Ohio 3le. fcew \ ork Market*. ^ Vofk. July 11th.?Flour ha* declined, sa'.t* ? f tbbls ; Mate *fi iMatiti 40, Ohio 9* .SAa Soutnern IT.tUx*? M. Wheat is dro? p:iiv; sales of 6.000 bushels; CM r^go spring J?s| I- t orn is buoyant; sale* of Ml, *.W bushels; mixed "*? CtnU. I'o. k is heavy ; Mess $*?2.fc$. Beef i? dull at ?l!> .H?;i*17. I .ard cloacd buoyant at 14 fcc. Whisky is dull; Oliio&fc. 1 A CARD TO THK PIRLIC. , - * J ue undersigned. who Situ l?een for some three j vears engaged 111 this city and vicinity in the buai 1 ties* of lightning rods, with ?aitabie point* to the vatac, iiuits it uecssary to defend In* work j from tlie insinuations and misrepresentations cast 'ifvoii it, with liui^s upon himself ai.d the seeti<Hi of ("?nntry lie was rear."?d in. coutaiii'-d 111 a printed cir cJi'.nr ttoatini^ ^!??ut and throuich this comuiuniti. bicned b\ Mr. N. II. Khond*. Mr. BhoiuN is encatfed in the husinesa of ereetins liKhtnnif rods alao. It mnj l? tliat he expecta if dispamcin* an<l inisrepresenttnc me and my work to enhance his ou 11 sueee**. F<-r inrself 1 re*>irt to no such proe ms. M\ w..rk shall t-penk for itself. It all a otic has spoken, and at ill apeak*. I am proud to sav it wul srand, and it ciiaileii?;es the closest and *e verest aerutim. From Mr. Rlioads' circular, just now published and circulated. I make the subjoined literal extracts " I will convince any man who will appl% to me for the lacts that a most villainoua impoaition has tieen carried t?n in tins city and oilier planes where certain ljglitninx-ro-.l points have been put up. We have the inof.t positive cviileuce that men were never more thoroughly hnmbui?<?d or swindled than those who have pureliasrvl some of theae pewter lichtuinic-rod points. Wooden nutmegs and pewter light nin* points. Truly this is a crent oouutry .and we live in the iie?s! enliahtened a*e ol the world. The points ilnr? re f'-rred toarc a??o?t twelve inche* long, with mree sharp irtn.*, something resenildu g a shoemaker's ? twl at thelrft'e: the point itseif prove* to l>e noth 111* hut lead, or some other soft metal. Hundr<-1* of person* have been deceived b> travelling venders of three spurious point*.*' ? ? ? ? ? "The superiority of my method, as well as ita ekespness. has recommended it througliout the I'm on. I have erected a large nuint>er at the South, and likewise 111 this city and vicinity, where th?v have been highly approved." ? ? ? ** The rod* are furnished at a pnoe to plaoe them within the reach of every owner ot a dwelling, and :io oaie that has a house is t<?o poor to pay for one. Their oiler every known security against the e.eotric Hut?T." I'rom the greatness of windy words and latere J eilortsata scientific disquisition upon the subject of electricity which make up the inajor part of Mr. K1.. sads* circa la r I have called and quoted the fore going rxt.-acta 111 order that I might give then: s plain aisl con.prehcnsive contradiction. I manufaet ure and put up lightning-rods with points of various de scriptions. as they may Ik; demred or ordered by those w!k? engage me m the matter, but 11. no in stance have I ever put up ?ii?-h rrortk h ?.? or t" irtt r lightning rod point* as Mr. Rtioads d?seril?ed. Hi* ilu.K, in llu* connexion, anout "wooflen nutmecs" max have reference to the State from which I iin ? Connecticut; it certainly has legitimately noneother. I am not aaiuuned itlleiii; aCtmuneeucut-lairn nw.i. and a fu!!-blooded Yankee. I practice legitimate business, ami do m> work peaceably and faithfully. Where Mr. Ithoads hails from I know not a;.d care not. I have heard that he also is a Yankee. H *o, I consider him 110 Iteiter or w<<rse for the fac{. loxxl comluct,honest ),an<l fair dealing, and not one's birth plac.,*. make the man. The points I furnish to lightning r<sl? are of solid copper, plated with *<lver or gilt with goid, as inay t?rrfferred. I have never held out a good sample <d iny articles. a-<d then furnished and put up a less u >ri hv substitute. Can Mr. Rhoadsnay in truth as much. Mr. Rho-.ds may do Ins work for less *mns than I charge, and I should think he could afford to do so. My work isditferent from his, but I do it as low as tontf tcork and goo?# materials ean t>e done. Mr. Klioad* furnishe* statements from gentlemen that they have employed him to take down points from their lightmng-rud? and put up his am in the<r stead. So I have been engaged in several instances to take down his point* and put up in) own in plaon of thein. I have not gone to the trouble in thus promptly repljing to Mr. Rhoads's circular 'put forth to injure me 111 mv busine*?i to procure and p.iblish certihoateK from leading and men in this community of the superiority and eflioncy of im svstcm of light ning-rod* and points ; Init I can ?lo so at any time, and will, if I shall find it proper to again take notice of what Mr. Rho&ds is donuc to injure ine in in* business. J. B. OLcOTT, j> 7-eo-lt corner of 8th and D itcsts. MKW JBWKUtV and WATT? 11. <>. HOOD has just returneil from the North, and has Iwoucht on a bne lot of FashlonsHe Cam ???. Corai, Mosaic, Brilliants, and I'lsini titll.D JKW I .LR\ . A W>. a gcHHl ass??rtinei.i< of fine liOI.D and SILVF.R WATCHbS. wiine very superior time keepers for l*iliesainl rentlemeiis use. He lia? also on hand a great variety of ST AND ARD SILVKRWARF. of hi* own make, warran ted the I test quality and will be sold verv low. ?'!'?*? call and examiue goods ami price* at .No. S3? Penn. A v., sign <>f the Larcc Sprca<l Kagle. jy lft I.^tiR SAI.EAT PRIVATK SALF..?A span of I handamaeGRA\.HORSLS. J? and 7 years old: also, a PK CARRIj 4 seats, and a set of i*lNt?LL I NKSS, COVKBI Nit RoBK, BI..L F.TS.Ar all to wi I sold toRet ligj ?r 1 r rate if desired. The} are the property of a gentle men who is going to Kurope. They can he seen at Putnam's Stables, on K *tr*et. near 1 St b. If n?>' void by Tuesday, the Hth instant, the* will on that dav I"' sold for cash to the highest bidder at public auction, at 9o'clock a. in., ou the pultlic space oppo site the Bank of Washington. j? lu-d ? A. ti R KK N.A uct lonaer. I>AI.LtlONS MADK OF TISHFK PAPFR I ? aud India KuUier, with Spt.ngefor Spirit Gas for day and iiuhl asoriivu. J 11st received at je?> II. J Mel.Al iiWl.IN A CfV*. llUWk CO PI KS OF KOSVI.IK. THK PRA I IFlfU rie Flower, the most Itesutiful s??ng ever published. Also, Darling Nells <ir*>. Mmw in the Air. and all the new music of the da> just received at our Piano and Mu*.c ?*U?rtween?tk aid 1Mb streets. JOHTV I*. Ll.LIP. Jy H?_ ^111 NULLS, SB I N'il?l>, SIllNitl.LS. Just arnved ami iinlnadiug I(*>,??? superior MIIN GLKS: for sale dicap from the wliarf. The balance of the lumber not *?>ld at auction will lie cleared out at cost. To persons in waut ol lum tier this .. a .are chance^ Call -rjj^, co jy l*t *free>. near th" ? T COHl'ORAI10N t> ami 7 I AGE. ank: 2^ ?r s-pa ? ?