Newspaper of Evening Star, July 13, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 13, 1857 Page 3
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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. CiiMintL CoriT.-When otir report closed on Saturday the Court*was engaged in the second trial of Joseph Gerhardt for the homicide of II. Schoulte; the witnesses for the prosecution were being examined with a view to elicit, if possible, any further facts in relation to the cause* which led to the death of the unfortunate Schoulte. Nothing material, however, wm brought out, in addition to the fact* given before the court in the former trial. The evidence for the prosecution being closed the defence commenced tbeirexamination,which wan pretty nearly the same as given before. Mr Morgan called several witnesses for the de fence who bad been on the Iury in the other trial, with a view to discredit the evidence of several of the witnesses for the prosecution in confound ing their statements witn those made in the pre vious trial No material contradictions were, however, shown. The evidence for the defence was the same as that given before, with the exception of some new testimony which was otfered. Lieut. Smoir, new witness, sworn.?Belongs to the coast survey; was comiug home from his of fice about three o'clock on the day of the affray: was passing by the house of the defendant, ana saw three or four men. who were very drunk, standing on the side walk in front of Gerbardt's house; another man. apparently belonging to the i>arty, was standing in the bar-room door, and reckoning to the party outside to come in and pay for their drinks; they were swearing that ttiey had paid; witness thought they were In a ripe state for a spree and avoided them in pass ing. going ont near the edge of the pavement, to ?pass as far from them as it was possible; got s.-Hie ninety feet by this house, and saw acolored man, who was calling to some companion beyond the party; he was naturally looking towards the drunken party, as the man he was railing to was beyond them; witness thought to stop the negro, thinking that if he went by the party, who were ready to pitch into any one, they would attack him; the negro did not hear witness tell him to stop, but witness looked to see the attack, which he was sure would be made; he was not mista ken; the party caught the negro as he was pass ing by and tieat him shamefully, striking aiul kx king him in a brutal and shameful manner. Witness then passed on, and when he got over the canal bridge, going from the place, he heard the report of a pistol; uid not go bark to see what was done; thought it was natural, from the state the parties were in, that pistols would be tired. Tnis was all the ncwevidence presented by the defence, and the case was closed Mr. Key, for the prosecution, addressed the jury at some length and with great ability, en deavoring to impress upon the ntiuds of the jury the alleged fact tnat the tiriug 011 the part of the defendant wan not in self-defence; that the evi dence of the defence, going to snow justliable shooting 011 his part, was not sufficiently clear in his mind, and was not, he felt sure, in the tuind of the jury to justify an acquittal. Mr. Key wus followed by Mr. Morgan for the defence, who made a warm appeal to the jury in behalf of the defendant, and or the position in which he found himself, for having vindicated his honor and the sacred rights of his household against a mob of riotous aud frenzied men. wlio bad att: ?korf'with brutal and murderous malice the wife of his bosoin. and by so doing had caus. ed the untimely death of the defendant's friend and companion. Mr. M. contended that there could never be a clearer case of justiliable homi cide than this, and asked at the hands of the jury the verdict which should send his client back to his family. Mr. M closed, and Mr. Key stated that he had said all that he Intended to say upon the matter, and stated to the jury that it was their duty to bring in a veidict of some kind, that the court expected them todo so, and urged upon them the necessity of trying to come loan agreement in the case. The case was then given to the jury, who re tired to consider upon their verdict. The court transacted some unimportant busi ness, and finally adjourned, nothing in the mean time having been.heard fiom the absent jury. This morning the Court met at the usual hour. The iury in the case Jos. Gerhardt brought in a sealed verdict of not guilty. The Court then took up the case of John Kelly, charged with assault and battery on Thos. Thorn on the 7th day of July, 1337. Verdict, not guilty. The Court then took up the case of Thomas Harper, indicted for larceny, in two cases, of di vers articles cf goods, the property of I.ewis Paine and Thomas T. Sparrow. 011 the'1st day of July, 1*57 Verdict, not guilty. The next case which came up was that of Eliz abeth Fddin^ton, alias Edinburg. (free colored.) charged with ? assault and battery on Adeline Smith (also colored) on theitth day of June last. Adeline Smith testified that on the day in ques tion she sent her son Abraham Smith to the ta kers. and soon afterwards she heard Abraham scream; she ran out and saw the defendant beat ing him; she then ran up aud caught the defend ant. and asked her why she did not come to her (witness) and not beat the child; the defendant leplied that she had a right to beat the child for it had struck her'child; witness replied that had it not l>een that the Lord had changed her soul ^ ?he would seraph the defendant under her feet; that the defendant then struck and bit witness 011 the wrist and beat her in the face Rebecca Thome was sworn for the defense, and teat J if-d to the effect that the attack was com r SMSlleM by Adeline Smith; that she pushed the <t?Cetodaiit off, and then the defendant struck Ade t * ?#;" she heard Adeliue say if the Lord had not T< eknnged her soul she would *rhru\rt the defend ant under her feet; this was about all she knew about it. The esse was given to the jury, who found a verdict of not guilty. The NoIthiix Market ?This fine little mar ket place, established for the benefit of the rcd dentsof the northern portion of thecity, basgrown considerably In importance in a short time, und*r the proper management and the energetic opera tions of the dealers who occupy stands there in . It has also become a source of revenue to the Corporation, as the Clerk's account of the annual renting of stalls on the 1st inst., will show In this market there are r.?> vegetable stalls, be * aide* accommodation* for country dealers, and 42 ~ iRItchers stalls.and these at the last renting yieldf d *? ove-J3.UW; the year previous the yield was a little over 97MJ. showing au increase in value of about S2.UUJ. Theentire annual expense to be deducted from this is Srbifi, including the Clerk's pay and the expense of cleaning the market This market is lighted with gas inside at the expense of the dealers. The sales days are Mondays. Wednesdays and Fridays, and a short market Saturday nights. The attendance is always very good, and we are assured by Mr G. D. Spencer, the excellent Clerk of the market, that the preser vation of order is so carefully attended to by all the dealers aud citizens who attend there," and who seem to delight in making it a quiet aud or derly market, that he was obliged to solicit the interference of the police in only a single instance in the past twelve months. Tut Tvrxeksaxd the Maxsxschor.?Dear reader, did you hear a play pc-formed all iu Ger man ? We did on Friday night, and were vastly entertained. not that we understood a word of what was said, but the acting was sufficiently good to give us a clue to the plot as it was evolved The "Singer Society"' opened with a beautiful chorus. 44 The Morning Greeting," by Marshuer; then came an amusing farce, 44 Humorous Stu dies," well performed by Messrs. Keinken. Wal decker, Lahayire, Ackmann. Rndenlx.-rg, Hubner and Gretchen, of the Dramatic branch of the Tur ner corps.?*0 well performed, in foet, that we could readily have supposed them to be profes sional adepts. Between the piece* the Manner chor sang "The Fatherland." after which was performed '-Our Cousin from Bremen," with the richest comic effect. Afterwards, the quar tette 4* The sun is rising' was sung so well as to demand a repetition ; and the succeeding chorus 44 My Native Mountain*," by Christian, was warmly applaud**!. The performance* concluded with the lively waltz andquadrille upon the part of the andience at large Really *0 successful ww the evening's entertainment, that we cannot well gee bow the performers can avoid favoring their friends with more of the same sort. This atf.iir. we omitted to say, took place at the Assembly Booms. The River ?With the exception of the repairs at the west end of the Long Bridge, there is nothing doing on the river. At the eastern draw things are dull enough; the draw-keepers and other people employed thereabouts are having plenty of leisure. At Gait 4 \ uunj s wharf, arrived schooner Hoxaiina, Capt Mr*?re. from. Havre-de-Grace with 1^0 tons of coal for S H. Young At same whaif. schooner Merchant, Capt Geo. Philips, Lanrell, Del with lumbei. not consigned' At Riley's wbail. schooner Wm 5 Rviand Capt l'ollejr. from Port Walthall, with^-4 (ons cf cjai for the Gas Company. The steamer Columbia landed at Riley's wharf this morning a large cargoof merchandise for the city dealers, consisting of pig iron, molasses, whisky, bacon, sugar, coffee, etc The steamer George Washington went up to Georgetown this morning to take on boaid the members of the Western Hose Company for an excursiou to the White House. Attempt to Bvr* the Cmtii Ma?e*t ? Saturday night, between 1*2 and 1 o'clock, an a - tempt was made to set fire to some stands In the t entre Market fcy placing cotton cloths l>etween the boaids and setting tire to them. The guard on duty at the Central Station, going the round of the market, saw the Hre before it had burned eoough to do damage It was extinguished With out difficulty ? Gas Light Compart ?We are requested to Mate for the benefit of our readers who own stock fn this Company, that the semi-annual dividend of five per ceut. will be paid on Jind after the 15tb inst , jut usnal. at the offit e of the Gas Light Company, No 514 Eleventh street Ox Wib!tt<Mt next, remember, the Still Cub start on their excursion to Lconurdtown. Pwieptng Machine.?At lOo'clock this morn* Ing a trial of King & Hyneman's street sweeping machine was made on the avenue, opposite the Centre Market. Quite a number of property owners, merchants and others were present to witness the trial, which clearly proved the rattle of the invention and its adaptation to the pur poses proposed. The proprietors expected that the street would hare been sprinkled In the morning in order that there should be as liule dust as possible. They engaged horses and dri vers, and expected that the harness would have been sufficient for the purpose ; but the trial was interrupted by the breaking of the harness, it being old and unfit for the work; and the street was dry and consequently the brushes stirred up considerable dust. It was evident that the ma chine can dc the work, and do it well. The work of street sweeping is done at night, after the merchants have closed their stores. In connection with the sweeping machine another is used for sprinkling ; that has not been brought here, but should a contract be made with the pro prietors, that will be put into operation also. The trial, notwithstanding the unfavorable circum stances. seemed to satisfy those who witnessed it that machines of that kind could be employed ad vantageously upon the paved streets in Washing ton. As we write the proprietors are awaiting the arrival of a better set of narness. It was expected that Mr. Hyneman, one of the patentees, would lie in Washington to superin tend the trial, but he did not arrive. Robbkrt and Arrest.?About 2 o'clock Sun day morning, information was given to Captain Mills of the suspicious movements of an indi vidual seen lurking in the passage under the Dexter House, leading from Seventh to Eighth street. Capt. Mills and Officer Wollard started in pursuit of this person, and traced him to an upper room of an unoccupied house in the rear of the 44 Arcade," on D street, between Eighth and Ninth, whvre the suspected party was arrested, and with him was found JPvilO worth of goods, cassiineres, silks. &c., stolen from the store of R. W. Carter. In the thief was recognized an old offender; a colored man named John Butler alia% John Wil liams. He was taken before Justice Wanyh, who committed him for a further hearing before Justice Smith. Butler has been in the hands of Captain Mills on two previous occasions, once for breaking into the Dexter House, and recently for assaulting and beating a boy. Mr. Carter is unable to ascertain the exact amount of his loss, but supposes it to have been to the value ot double what lias been recovered. Among the goods yet missing are tine silk handkerchiefs, silk gloves, cashmere shawls, silk half hose and other valuable articles. Attempt at Suicide.?Much excitement was created al?out 11 o'clock last night, In the neigh borhood of Eighth and 1 streets, north, by the shrieks of females, and on inquiry as to the cause it was ascertained that a young man, 22 years of age, named Asbury Ueardon, a bricklayer by tiade, had attempted to end his life by taking laudanum. l)r. Uuhamcl was summoned and tin proper remedies were promptly enough applied to save the life of the youii" man. The motive for the rash deed is not known, but it is said he had previously announced his deter mination to kill himself within two weeks. Yesterday Mormxu, Rev. G. W. Sampson, of the E street Baptist Church, delivered a very impressive discourse upon the sudden decease of ex-Secretary Marcv, taking for his text Eccles. 9th chapter and 3d verse. 4' For all this I con sidered in my heart even to declare all this ; that the righteous and the wise and their woilcs are iu the bands of God; no man knowcth either love or hatred by all that is before liiin." This dis couise we believe is to be published, a general desire having been expressed to that effect. At the Distribution of Premiums at the Academy of the Visitation. Mount I)e Sales, in Baltimore, on Wednesday last, Miss Elizabeth King of this city received the second award for honsekeeping; she also received first academic honors. Awards were also made to Miss Mary Harrington, Miss Agnes Cleary, Miss Anna Mohuu, Miss Georgianna Siinms. Miss Mary Roach and Miss Julia Colt, all ot this city. Visiting Firemen.?On the :20th instant, the United Fire Company, No. 5. Captain Easley, of Richmond, accompanied by Smith's celebrated band, will visit this eity, and it is possible may extend their visit to Baltimore. They will re main in this city during Tuesday and Wednes day. John II. Shook, Esq., a young memt?er of the bar. of Richmond, has consented to accom pany them as spokesman. Warm.?This morning, a pair of young colored individuals, by way of settling an account which had been standing between them, had a fight in the northern part of the Fourth Ward Hard knocks, a roll iu the dust, and profuse perspira tion ended the matter for the present, both of them admitting that the weather was most too warm to permit a filial settlement. The R ev>. Henry Stanley, who has lately resigned the rectorship of Ascension Church, (Episcopal.) delivered his farewell sermon yes terday morning. Baptism.?Rev. Gustavus Brown, of the Sec ond Colored Baptist Church, baptized four per sons yesterday in the waters of the Potomac. Watck Returns.?Saturday night, James Phillips, Gecrge Gaines and Mary Jane Foster, colored, were arrested and taken to the Guard House for conduct, and eu? h was fined 95 with $1.16 costs. This morning, no cases for trial. GEORGETOWN AFFAIRS. CorrtSfOHdmct of The Star. Georgetown, July 13, 1S57. The latest news from Mr. Stone, the superin tendent of the work of repair upon canal dain No. 5, is that the work will be sufficiently advanced for the letting on the water and the passage of boats, about the'Aith inst. Not so, however, with some other portions, the culvert near Berlin has. we learn, again been carried away or seriously damaged. which will tend to prevent the re sumption of navigation for some leu days to two weeks. The steamer George Washington left here this morning with the Western Hose Company and a large number of excursionists, en route to the White House Pavilion to spend the day. To morrow afternoon the exhibition of the se nior department of the male department of the Georgetown 'school, under the airection of Mr. W H. Craig, comes olf at Forrest Hall. The temperance meeting under the auspices of Heber Tent, Order of Rechabites, at the Dunhar ton street Methodist Church this evening, at 8 o'clock, is looked forward to with considerable pleasure. All appear anxious to hear the Rev. Dr Bocock upon that subject. Hot hotter, hottest! This morning it is scorch ing. The first exclamation from nearly every one we meet is, 4' Very warm morning." Thomas Hunter has purchased of D. Edition stonthebrickhouse and lot situated on Bridge street, near the Market, for &>,5(JU. This property was purchased at public sale some two years since for 92,INK). The following gentlemen have been installed officers of Covenant Lodge I. O. O. F. for the ensuing term of six months: N. G., A. D. Baker; V. G., Thomas Woody; Treasurer, Henry l^ewlsj Rec. Sec'y, E L. Lundv; Permanent Sec'y, J no. T. Bangs. The following Brothers have bean installed officers of Potomac Division Sons of Temper ance: J^eury Birch, W. P.; R. Birch, W. A ; A. D. Barker, R.S ; Columbus Thomas, Assist ant do; John Garrett, F. S; Joseph Llbbey. senior, Treasurer; T. Faulkner, Conductor; Tbos. Haw kins, Assistant do; Robert Simmous, I. S.; Henry Wagoner, O. C. Arrivals since our last?packet schr Ring Dove, Donoho, Philadelphia, to Hyde dc Davidson; schr Widow's Son, Owens, do., coal, to C. Myers A Son; schr Joseph Ramsey, Ludford, Maggay's ferry, N C., shingles to master. The sales of Hour continue light, and is con fined chiefiy to the home trade. Held at $7.37 a S7.50 for good standard brands. No grain arriv ing. S {[7* The United States Commissioner at Cin cinnati on Friday held lebabodCorwia, indicted for assisting in the rescue of prisoners charged with abetting slave escape*, to bail in the ?um of S1.500 to answer in th?* United States Court. In giviug his decision the Commissioner remarked that had defendant acted simply in tbecajiacity of attorney for the prisoners in custody of the United States officers, his decision would be dif ferent; but he appear* to have acted in the double capacity of attorney and of participant In the res cue of the prisoners and arrest of the United ( State* Marshals. He, therefore, was constrained to hold the defendant. l?7*TneSt Louis Hepnblican, or tbeHh Inst , has received information from Leavenworth, wbh'h Is very late, and discredits the silly stories set alliwt up the river of the defeat of Col. Sum uci's command, with the loss of one l/findred and fifty men, by the Cbeyennes and Arraphahoes. On Sunday last no such information had been re ceived at Fort Leavenworth by General Harney, and he gives no credence to the story. jp- Oil Friday two of the persons injured in the New York Fourth of July riots died in that eity?one a special policeman, Thoma* Sparks, the other a tinsmith named Job! Myers, or PKOMBTT.-WelwMTi that Thomas Hfin ter sold. on last Friday, a number of !ot? in thia city tJh.?i??kI*eto.!rn "noonting to S4,733nn, and for .WM reoeivod- He also disposed of them rooeiTing 5333 ?>o for each one^of o!tDAS?K ^OC!,T ha* Prepared by special request, of Cancer,> Which never w*i rhe? a Aleo, a Cordial for Dysentery, Diar f#^V^ti;H,nroer Complaint, which acts as a per ?U^-.rv?/Tw. allot these diseases. Also.a ? ^ '*5:<an ?*tnlc! from a dower.)a sov "lva them a trial. Like herCon HSK Destroyer, they may be relied on. She h,?r* "g ^rtids but what has been tested. To be had at No. TO G street. between 11th and 12th. Also -Li o Palmer s Drus Store, oorner JKh street and Penn. avenue, D. 8. Dyson's Drue Store, corner nrn?n?;avex2*nnd,1?tfei,tr^t'and p- Milbarn's Orug Store. Wills rds Hotel. References can be made to Rev. John Robb, Rev. Manahan r* ' ?*a,ne' Hanson, and Rev. Mr. * IVpl'r?n P.e8froyer al? o can be found'in Alexandria, at Mr. Cattleman's Store, on King IIrw.,T?yf>1Sra*entf<?rthatIn Georgetown at^MrJT^A^Newman s. on Bridge street. je 17 died, ?P\vSa'r,KrdBy*,be 1,th ,n8t*nf. MARY ANN.wife News rhompson' Proprietor of the Washington llIh.^.'iu8JknaiT oounfyit ?? his residence near vMr .V morning, of scarlet fever, in the 43d faw ?ff\v?i .R*e'-riVIL'',AM BIIRFORD, son-in !hTxVa\hlngf?nNewr0n' 01 th'8 C'ty'Kd,tor l'f frlm'hS ??dSii!ake pIace T?-morrow Afternoon Pll7?0"Frid,|3r.the1flth instant. CONWAY i- o-i. youngest sonof James S. and Margaret 1^* ^ year 3 months and 24 day*. FOR REST AND SALE. /?or other " For Rent and Salr" notices see 1st pate. 1^??. 'rw? or t'?reo desirable ROOMS, * either furnished or unfurnished, at 470 12th st.. between F and G streets. ' jy l3-2t * W'll.*eil mv four story HR1CK * HV} on Market street, or Market Spnc-. for Va^isin cash, and il not sold in ten days it will be nut and sold to the highest bidder. jyJ33t* THOMAS HUNTER. frt?,fcIJ,':T;r',-"te 'ip.?er P?rtiou of a HOUSE on qh, ?.wi iml ?of ! enn'vrvriia avenue, Iietwoen 9th ami 10th streets. It ha* iM*e? occupied a* a fancy store f..r years by J. ||. OtblJ, Rsq. Apply \ M',at his coal yard, on 9th street, between D and E streets. jy 13-3Uod. l^OR RENT?A large and convenient COTTAGE A containing 9 rooms and airy passages, situated on l h-tree , near tlio Park. It his at taehed a garden and stable for one horse. 1 tie premises have re oeive.l a nne injury from former tenants, and, wil I therefore be rented cheap to a permanent and punc tual tenant. Apply at CIIARRRS STOTTS ApJtnecary, Penn.avenue., near 7th street, jy 13-H* I^OR RR NT?One of those FRAME HOl.SKS ""'root.beiween 14th mid 1Mb streets. So. ?*?. loa good and puiiolual tenant the rent will be made reasonable. f|ie House is now undergo r a thorough rep.ur. Rnuune of C. M. KEYS. corner of and (, streets, Ain.spi. j? u 14* O R SARR.?A ROT fronting on New York avenue 22 feet by 113 in depth to an alley, is for sale. It is lietween 4th ami 5tli streets. Price &4-0 dollars, part < ash. Apply on 14th street,3d door south of Henri, avenue. jy )n_3t FARM MJR SARI-..?A FARM ol 7nacres, with ,v,) ground, Situated about in miles from W ashington. near the 7tii st. Plruik Road,als>ut 30 acres of which is cleared and under cultivation. Terms of *ale : One-hall cash ; imlance in 4 years. If not sold at private sale before Wednesday, the 29th of this month. (July) will lie sold at public sale, on the premises, on that day. r or lurtber information enquire of A. F. HIKES on the premises, or of C. M. IIINRS, Druggist. 120 1 enn. avenue, \\ ashingtoiu I). C. jv 9-eot29th p()R RRNT-A three-story BRICK HOUSE on I II. between 2"th and21st streets, witha good bick >ara and alley. A permanent good tenant can have theHme lor $Zi\ per year. Apply t<? HOBRIIT ?i-^,';V< V^ar the Promises, or at JOHNSON i _ jy ft-eo3t * $ 'J y?rFr\" M I kT?~For r? MlwA I-ARM of 543 acres, in Culpeper Coim Y: V"K'n,a- one inile from Mitchell's Station on the Alexandria and Orange Rai!road. The soil is natu rally excellent, and mav economically and easily be improved, so that it will produce as fine crop* as are grown anywhere in the United States : 11.5 acres in heavy timber, mueh of it suitable for ship timber, lor which there are markets to be reached ?y means R !Ar*e Muantity of cord wood that may lie sold to the Railroad Company at remu nerative prices. The buildings areall on a hill, and, with small repairs, may be made comfortable for the residence ol a family The place is well watered, and embraces every desirable convenience. As ore of the joint owners of this Farm now resides in the W est. aud is determined to sell it, it will be sold a great bargain,on very accommodating terms. Persons disposed to purchase mav inquire for fur uT/, u'1?? t(\ NN V,D- WARRACH, editor of the Star. U ashinston City, who knows the prem '_*?!? jy 8-tf FOR RENT.?a modern built HOL'SR. conrain ing 12 rooms, comfortably furnished, in a del,?ht IUI and airy location, fronting one of the public res ervations, and commanding an extensive view of the citv, the river, and Georgetown. It has uas through rai?;Tra i l"roo.,n* a careful tenant the rent will be moderate. Inquire at 4<M I street, sec ond door from 12th str?et. je 24-tf ? ,FOK RRNT.?.MISS MORLRY. lift*. iii< taken the house recently occupied by i?irs. Anderson, two door, from the Kirkwood House. to rent PARLORS and LODGRN'G 1 , ? V^'her or separately, furnished or nnfiir nishrd. and, if desired, will also furnish Hoard, or Breakf&sRand Tea to such as wish to dine at hotels oMjaufier s. The rooms are large and airy, and very pleasant lor suiuiner resuleuces. Apply at 276 Penn.avenue. _iei> lm v?'"able three story RRICK /, situated on l4jth street west, he twwn C and L) streets. The house has recently un aer^one thorough repairs, and together with the ad joining Hack Building, contains twelve fine sized rooms with all the necessary improvements. The location is alike, central and h^nlthv. For further particulars enquire at No. 4H7 13th street. jy in-eolm P4? SALE.?A FARM ol atsiut inn acres, in ? Montgomery county, Md., ten miles from Wash u* ne ('?'^8V,!'e r,,a<l? iniproved with a so<id orick Dwell in*, a log liarn and stable, a line orcliard of choice fruit. A part is set with clover, and the whole well fenced. A liarxain may be obtained if early applied for, or would exchange for city proner \j uiu H. N. LANSDALR.Agent, .No.5o4 M street, or through the City Post Office. jBajm LOST AUD FOUND. REWARD.?Strayed from the subscriber on Thursday, 9th instant, a small blacky y tan English Terrier DOG. .The atwveZx^y reward wiil be given by returning him to^ .No. 4(i0 Pennsylvania avenue. JrU ar W. MARQUIS. NOTICR is 11RRRBY GIVRN, THAT AF* ter six weeks publication of this notice, applica tion will Ik) made to the Commissioner of P. nsions b>r the issue of aduplicateof I.AND WARRANT No. I.S.2ffi for 12!) acres, act 3d March, laio. istued to Benjamin t.nmes, private Capt. J<uies Company. Georgia Vols., Creek War; the same having been ^ C.W.BENNETT. je 13-law^w Attorney. SOABDim BOARDING.?Mrs. BATES, at the corner of Pennsylvania avenue and !)th street, having had her house entirely renovated and its accommoda tions greatly increased, is now prepared to accom modate a larger number of permanent and transient lioarders. Her location is the most central lu the city,and, a? rearranged and improved, her house is uow second to no other U?anliu*-hou.-.e in WashniK ton. Hoarders by the mouth, we??k, or day, may rel* on reoeivins every attentiou. Terms moderate. I al?le boarders als<> taken. je 23-tf A SPECIAL, NOTICE.?'To those of our cus tomers having unsettled accounts with us.tiiey are all made off and will be rendered. If there are any who do not wish their bills sent in. they will please call for them at our desk during the present week ; and we must insist on an early settlement, as it is our uniform custom to close all accounts to 1st J"1?- . CORRRY A SEARS, je 25 Bteo 523 7th st. 3 doors north Pa. avenue. MSSl-'J11!KvK'tiili,lo,|L FOK yorng la Dl RS.?No. ??l H street, lietween 13th and 14th streets west, will re-open on MONDAY, Septem l>er 21st, jy* Hosiery, gloves, i.acr mitts. PALM LEAF FANS, Ac.,Ac., now ottered for sale at reduced prices,at F. A. MeGEE'S. 244 Pa. av., jy ? eo2w between 12th and 13th sts. I ACE anl) SILK MANTILLAS, . ^ R A R R AIH' D S\V ISS, (for Basoues ) RACR SHAWRS and SKIRTS, &c , Ac. at F. A. McGRR'S, 244 Pa. av., jv 8-eo2w lietween 12th and 13th sts. HOOP SKIRTS!?IKK?P SKIRTS!! of Steel, Crinoline, and \Vhalelione, at F. A. .Mc(? KR'S, 244 Pa. av., jy 8 e?Cw between 12th mid 13th sts. (Jt)IN(j OFF A'l't't 1ST.?As Ilie season has ad ? vai eed we will sHl our reiiianiiUK slock U?l ol RRFRIGRR A'l'ORSat cost. l?t-3l Our st? ek ol ITU N 1TLRR and HOI SRi KEEPING i;t)(i|JS is very large, and! prices lower than ever. ' McGREGOR A CO., IT 9 eoSw No.'>?)7ih street. WD. E1CULER, * M SEVKXTH STHEET, between Dand R streets, west side, PR AC- " TICAL WATCHMA u ^R. k^prt consiantl) i1 h'ir a?*?,rtin .* of WATCHES a. !ui JKWKRR V. anJln firrP _ JP- HAM.MACK, Ribkhtv Ham., under Wil . lards Hotel.?My larder is supplied with all the delicacies ol the season, which I am prepared to serve ue at the shortest uoUoe-such as.Soft Crabs, Hard Craha. 4ire?n Turtle, Clains, Nortolk Oysters. Ae. Snacks ready at all hours of the day and in-lit. rurtle and Clain Soups daily. M> Bar Will compare with the best 111 the United States. j, n^. A uovit r-ill KUK "ARUAINSIN /X HONNR1S.?We have just reeeivwl ^ large lot of elegant BONNETS loo late JorfKJ the season, which we will positively sellfor half value, M. WILLlAlC je 3i>-2w Centre Market Spa. e Parasols-parasols?parasols; ^ Selling oil at 21 per cent, less than cost, at F. A. McliEE'S, 244 l'a. av., jy 8 e<?2w between 12th and 13th sts. * UAREGE ROBES-BARRGE ROBF.S, ? 1|ORGriANDIIwS:uid RAWNS, Ac., ? Selling oil at low figures, at AUCTI05 SALES. By WALL & BARNARD. Auctioncera. FURNITURE, Ac., at Auction.?On TUES DAY MOR NING, July 14. wc will sell, in front of our Auction Rooms. a lance assortment of Fur niture and Household Effects. such as: Kureaus. Sofas, Chairs. L<ungeg. Tables Wardrobes, Hair and Shuck Mattresses. Beds Washstands, Carpets, Matting, Safes, 4c. With many other articles in the housekeeping line, all of wnich will he sold without reserve. jy IS-lt WALL A BARNARD. Auets._ By WALLA BARNARD, Auctioneers. UNREDEEMED GOLD WATCHES at Auc tion.-Oh THURSDAY MORNING, JuIt 9 o'clock, at our Auction Rooms, we shaft sell several tine Gold Watches, kept as collaterals and not redeemed according to Arrangement : One heavy 18-karat Gold Case French Watch. No. 7681 One lu-k't Hunting Case. No. 6772. made by Cooper One 18 karat Case and Cap-lever, No. 17u5i, Tobias maker; cost .$85 One English Patent I.cver, full jeweled, made by Johnson, No. 504 One extra fine, high coat, same maker, with escaped ratchet. 19iewels. Ac. The above will be sold, so owners will please take notice. Terms : 3f> and fift days ; over $91. jy 13-d WALLA BARNARD, Auctioneers. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE Im proved Property on the Island.?Br virtue of a deed of trust l>earing date on the 13th day ot

December, 1856, and recorded in Liber J, A. S.. No. 125, folio 159 et seq. among the l*and Records of Washington county, in the District of Columbia, the undersigned trustee will sell at public auction to the highest bidder on T111"RSDa\ . the 13th day of August, ia57, at 6 o'clock p. in., on the premises, a certain Lot of Ground, in the City of Washington, known as Lot No. 16 in Square No. XI, which lot is now divided in two parts, and improved by two frame dwellings. Terms, cash. Unless the terms are complied with in five days from the sale, tiie trustee reserves the right to resell at the risk and cost of the defAultii g purchaser or purchasers. All conveyances at the cost of the purchaser or purchasers. RICHARD H. CLARKE, Trustee. A. G REEN, Auctioneer, jy 13 lawtwAds By WALLA BA KNARD. Auctioneers. CGROCERIES, LIOUORS, CIGARS. WHITE 1 Lead Ac., at Auction.?On THl'RSDA\ MORNING, July IS, we will sell in front of our Auction rooms a large assortment ol Groceries, Ll v|ii<?rs. White Lend, Ac., the effects ol a Grocer de clining business, among which is Coffees, Teas, Starch,Candles Si boxes Family and Toilet Soaps Ifl Ih?.x<*k Jenny Lind Twist Tobacco luopackages Allspice, Cloves, Mustard,and Cin namon in Itaskets Sweet Oil lti barrels Old Magnolia Whiskey In casks Otard Brandy 25 cases Otard Brandy, prime article 1i?.i*ki Segars, dillerent brands 75 kecs Pure White Luad heavy Tumblers With many other articles in the Grocery line, all of which will be sold without reserve. Terms: $jDauil under cash, over that a credit of Si> mid ??o days, notes satisfactorily endorsed bearing interest. jy 13-dts WALL A BARNARIVAucta._ By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Handsome building lot east of tiie Capitol at Auction.?On TI1URS D A V, the lGth instant, I shall sell in front of the premises, at 7 o'eliK-k p. m.. LOT No. 18, in square No. 7d5 having a front of 5?> feet 2}l inches on 4th street east, running l>aek 97 feet toa At feet alley, between north A and B streets. Terms: One-third cash; balance m six, twelve, and eighteen months, for notes bearing interest. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. Title indis putable. jy 11-d A. GREEN. Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. PE R E MPTORV S A L EOF T W O two-story Frame Houses and Lots at Auction.?On THURSDAY, the Itilh instant, 1 shall sell in front of the premises, at 6 o'clock, p. n:., two two-story FRAME HOUSES and the LOTS on which they stand, being part of Lot 2 all of Lot No. 2!, in square Na. 4>*7. Tins property is handsomely situated on the Island, fronting on tLe west side of 4>? xt. 45 feet, running imcl, b*' feet to a public alloy. I>el ween south G ai.d II streets. Terms: One-fourth cash; the balance in 6, 12. 18. and 24 months, for notes bearing interest. A deed gi\ en and a deed of trust taken. Title indisputable, jy 11-d A. GREEN, Auctioneer. H By J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer, IGHLY VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS AT THE CORNER OF NORTH L STREET AND tlTIf street west.?On FRIDAY AFTERNOON. Julv l'tli, at six o'clock, on the premises. I shall sell eight very desirable Building Lots. I>eing Hon. C. Cushing's bul>division of original Lots 2,3. and 4. in Syunre No. 341, as follows: Four lots having a front of 25 feet each on north L street, at the corner of 11th street west, and running back 124 feet each to a 16 feet each to a 16 feet alley, and containing 3.i'i square feet each. Also, four lots fronting 21 feet G inches onl'th street west, between L and M streets north, and running tack H?i feet to an alley, and containing 2,<64 square feet each. Phese are probably the most eligible and beautiful building locations for sale in that desirable part of the city. The L street lots front on a beautiful res ervation formed by the intersection of Massachu setts avenue, and have been improved by handsome fchaae trees. A plat of the subdivision will be exhibited at the sale. Terms: One-fourth cash; the residue 111 six. twelve, and eighteen month*, with interest, secuted by deed of trust on the premises. jy C-d JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. ID" THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED, in consequence <>f the rain, until WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, Julv 15th, same hour and place. j\ 11 <1 JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auct. I)HOGRESS IN THE FINE ART*. Painting and Photography Combinfd. PHOTOGRAPHIC PORTRAITS, In Oil Colors, on Canvas, Miniature or Size of Life. S.,WALKER'S PORTRAIT AXD PICTURE GALI.ERY. Odeou Hall, corner4,*? st.and Pennsy Ivanua avenue. S. WALKER has fitted up the alsive spacioi.s apartments at a very great outlay of capital,thereby rendering his establishment on* of the most com plete ami handsome in the whole country. He has a large (iallery lor frte exhibition of upward of 2K> fine O.I Paintings, by some of the !<esf ancient and moderi. masters, to which he intends to add fresh importations. S. WaI.ker has also titled up a cm rilete suit of rooms, with private robing apartments or ladies, and purchase.) the finest possible instru ments, and engaged a first class operative artist to assist him in the department tor taking all kinds of PHOTOGRAPHIC. A.MBROTYPE AND DA GUERREOTYPE PO R T R A I TS, from the smillest miniature to size of life. S. Walker, by combining the Photographic Pro cess with the art of Paintine. of which he lias had 25 yeais' experience, and whose specimens of life size portraits may be seen in some of the first faun li<?s of the city, as well as tlio?e exhibited in his Gallery, he will l>e able, by the combination ?>f the two, to produce portraits that have never been ex celled for their fidelity and life-like expression. Can vas and Itoards prepared by himself expressly lor the purpose. Particular attention paid to the painting of Por traits. Miniature or life-size, from small p.ctures of drr- nseil frirnil*. Photographs taken from corpses, or sick persons taken at their own residences, oil immediate no t?oe. Committees and classes taken in any number in groups, and any quantity of copies from the same sold at reasonable charges. Likenesses painted on Copper for Tomb Stones. Valuable Oil Paintings, and Old Fmniiy Portraits, carefully tiack lined and restored to their original freshness. Indies and gentlemon are respectluiiy solicited to call at the Gallery, over Shiiiington's l*>ok store entrance 4% street, two doors from Pennsylvania avenue. jy II-Cm C?OA L!?COA.L S-COAL !S? ' Now unloadiiigtwocarg(?csofCOAL,egg8izc, WHITE AND RED ASH : Constantly on hand, aud will l>e receiving during the season. Stove. Egg, and Furnace size. Is>th White and Red Ash, which will be sold at the lowest possible rates. Alsoa well selected stock of HICKORY, OAK, and PINE WOOD, at lowest rates. Persons in want of fuel will do well to give us a call immedi ately, as we are determined tosellat the very lowest prices that fuel can bo obtained hi the district. All orders left at either of our yards corner of I and K sts., and Vermont avenue, Washington, and cor ner of Water and Green streets, Georgetown, will meet with prompt attention. DICKSON GORDON A CO., jyC-eotf (States) Georgetown. CColumbia m ark et, / Corner 13th street and Penn. avenue. Just arrived and for sale another invoice of that PURE CIDER VINEGAR. The proprietors of this Market take this oppor tunity to return thanks for the liberal patronage be stowed by the citizens of Washington, and hope by strict personal attention, with moderate charges, to merit its continuance. je2i>-2taw4w MALLARD A DUVAL. IV* OR SALE.?A \ oimg HORSE not over six years old and in good condition. Also a SPR I N?i XVAGON, and a new set of HARNESS. Enquire at G. A. Sprmgman's Restaurant, No. 512. Penn. avenue, between ?d and jd streets. jv7lw' (GEORGETOWN CLASSICAL AND MATH ? EMATICAL ACADEMY. The duties of this Institution will l>e resumed September 1st, jy 7-2awtf P. A. BOW EN, Principal. (^A R rTaGES-CAR RIAGES?CA R R I AG ES. j The undersigned lias now on hand a. very rood assortment of SUMM KR CARRIAGES, BUGGIES, Ac.,towhiohJ he very respectfully mvites the public generally Prices moderate. JNO. P. DENNIS, ap 24-eo3m 6th at., bet. La. ave. and C st. ? IGHTNING ROD IMPOSITION. In a Circular of mine, published a short time ago. I state<l that 1 would convince any man who would apply to ma for the tacts, that a most vilianous im position has been carried on lu tbis citv and other tlaoes, where certain Liglitning-n?d Points hare een out up. That the Points referred to were coin posiHi of some soft alloy, resembling pewter, aud which melts at the temperature of lead. Mr. J. B. Olcott takes it upon himself t<> answer to the above facts, and says he does Hot pnt up Pewter Points. It is a truthful say iug, that "murder will out," and, unfortunately, for this Mr. O. has told on himself. And, like Jill in the old ditty, when Jack fell down and broke hi* head, he in a fright made a misstep ami came tumbling after. He certainly cannot blame me for ins tiad luck, for I had not said one word aUiut hiin ; and if he never puts up another rod, it will In) iiecuuse he has defined his position, and not on account of any exposure from me. My Circular refers to no one in particular; but if the coat ahoald fat any one let turn put it on. j} 10-3t ,N, H. RHOAIW, 4591> Itreet, I AUCTION SALE8. TO-DAY fr TO-MORROW MORNING. By V ALL A BARNARD, Anetiontm. PAMILY NORSK. CARRIAGK. AM) If \R - l xe?* at Auction?On TUESDAY MORN ING, July 14. at 10 o'clock, we will sell in front of the Auction room*, I Sorrel Hor?e, Carnage and Har ness. The establishment will be so.d without reeerre. jy II- ^ ALL ft BRAN'ARD. Aic'iowni. B> JAMES C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. FURNITURH AND HOUSEHOLD F.F TBCT# at Avctiox.?On TUESDAY MORN ING, July 14th. at 10 o'clock^ at the residence of J. W.Nairn, Esq., ?orner of New York avenue and 15th streets, I snail sell ail his Furniture and Lifects, comprising? P&ir of Walnut French Di vans Six \\ alnut Carved Parlor Chair* Rosewood marble-tup Centre Table Caue-scat Chairs, Lounge. Rocker Carpets, Oilcloth, Curtains. Shade" Solid walnut huh and low post Bedstead* , Bureaus. \Vardr??lies Washstand Iron Bedstead*. Trundle Bedsteads tguoenor Curled-hair and If n?k Mattresses Bolsters and Pillows To,let Sets Cherry *nd pan.ted Dining Tables. Chsirs. Sideltoard China, Glass, and Crocker* Ware Cooking and other Stoves. Ac., 4c. Terms: (25 and under, cash : over that sum a credit of sixty and ninety days. Tor satisfactorily en dorsed note*, bearing interest. P. S. The house is for rent. Inquire on the prem ises. jy 9- JAS. C. McGUIRR. Anctioneer. By AN ALL 4 BA RNARD, Auctioneers. PEREMPTORY SALE OF FRAME HOUSE axd Utat Auction ox Tth street, eetxvfen LandM, east >iDK.~On TUESDAY AFTER NOON . July 14, at li^ o'clock, we wiU sell in front of the premises. Lot No. 12, in square 449. ?routing 2S ft. on 7th street, lietweeu L and M.running lack !1C feet to a wide alley. The improvementB are a two Story Frame I loose, containing tive rooms. This property is in a daKirabie location, and in a rapid!* improving part of the city, and is worthy the atten tion of purchasers. Terms: One-third cash : the balance in two equal pa? men's o( 12 hikI iKmonths. the deterred payments to l>e secured by a deed ol trust on the propertv. All conveyancing at the expense of the purchaser. _i* H-dts WALL* BARNARD. Aucts. B> ? - TTTfTIIT PORTO RICO SUGAR AT AI'CTION.?On NN EDNESDA^ next, the 15:n inst., at twelve o'clock,on F. A A. II. Dodge's wliarf. the cargo of the brig Fidelia, from Ma*agucz, cousisting oi 224 hhds. prune and choice Sugar. jf.M-d ED. S. WRIGHT, Auctioneer. (1 nion. Intelligencer. Stat)-s. and Alex. Gazette.) By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. VEGETABLE STANDS IN THE NEW Market-House at Auctio* ?On SATI'R DA \ .llie lath instant, I shall sell, commencing at 12 o'clock in., all the Stands in the new Market-house, in the cit* of Washington, erected south of the old Centre Market. Persons from the country and dealers in produce are respect luliy invited to the sale. Terms cash. By order of the Mayor. A. GREEN, H o Auctioneer. B> J.C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. Elegant paris made cabinet ffr NITURE, FrKX< lt-fLATE MlRRORS, SUPERIOR Hou<khoi.u Effects, fair ok Carri age Horses, Bt'oov. Harness, 4r., at Aittiox.?On WKD NESDAY MORNING, July 15th, at 10o'clock, at the residence of Mr. de Cramer, Secretanr of Rus sian Legation, on 15th street, between New York avenue and H street north, 1 shall sell ail his Furr.i ture and Ktlects. which are of the most superior kind, having t>ecu imported direct from Paris. We name in Part? Sui'e of solid rose wood curved parlor furniture, finished in rich violet-colored velvet prmin.' French Sofa, Lounge, two Arm Cl.airs. two Ktsy Chairs, and six stuffed-lack Side Chairs. Suite of lour French Curtain*, to match with rich I^ace Curtains. Cornice, Guilt Shades, Ac. Pair of elegant Frcnch plate Mantel Mirrors Beautiful gilt M?ntel Set, consisting of I-'rcnch Clock and Candelabra* to match Elegant rosewood Centre Table, Ltegerc, and Wri ting table stylo Louis XV. Rosewood Fire screens, rosewood Easels Gilt Picture Frames, Engravings, Ac. Albums of sketches in Russia and France Large quantity of rich a?d beautiful Etegere and Table Ornaments Suite of elegant Dining-room Furniture, consisting of richly carved Reaufet Etegeres, oval Exten sion Dunne Table, twelve morocco-covered Chairs ofa beautiful French wood called rose wood oak Cage of Brazilian Birds, French Vases Beautifully-decorated French China Dinner and Coflee Service Rich crystal cut and enzraved Giassware French Coffee-maker. Table Cutlery Silver-plated Ice Pitchers. Waiters. Ac. Suite of walnut Par,or Furniture, finished in groen _ and gold brocatelle Walnut Secretary and Book-case, Writing TaLles Handsome Folding Screen Green velvet Easy Chair Elegant suite of Chamber Furniture. consisting of Siesta Sofa. Easy Chairs, and four side Chairs, finished in rich figured cashmere. wi*h Curtains ana Fire-screen to match Mahogany mirror-front and pla:n Wardrobes Dressing Cabinets, WaKfi&tamls. and Cow i node* Superior single Frenc:i Bedsteads, with fine cuned hair and sprmg Mattresses Handsome Toilet Sets. Bedding Cottage Bedsteads, Walnut Wardrobe* Bureaus and Washstands Curled hair n:ul other Mattresses Bolsters and Pillows Brussels, three ply. an 1 Venitian Carpets India Matting, Oil Cioth. Rugs Porticonnd \\ mdow Awninrs. Bamlsto Chairs Bronze Iron llat Tree. Hail Furniture Together with a general assortineut of excellent Household FfTects. A Iso, at .1 o'clock, in front of the premises? A span of beautiful Black Carriage Horses, 5 and 8 years old, of Morgan breed, admirably matched, sound, kind, and licautifu! travclierN One four seat-d Buggy Waggon, with shaft and pole, made bv Lawrence, New York Double Silver-plated Harness Fur Robes, Woollen and Linen Covers, Whip,Sta ble and Gardening Utensils, Ac. The Furniture, Ac., is in excellent condition and of the most superior quality, having been selected in Paris with great c*re and without regard to cost. The Housewdl be open for inspection on Tuesday, the Nth instant, from !'? to J o'clock. Terms: ,**i and under cash; over that suin a credit ol 6'1 and 90 da>s, for satisfacturiU -endorsed notes, bearing interest. J. C. McGUIRE, jv 2-<1 Auctioneer. |\I A RSIIA L'S SALE.?In virtue ol a writ ol ben i?I fae<as on scila lien law issued from the Clerk's office of the Circuit Court of the District of Colum bia for the County of Washington, and to me di rected, I shall ex pose to public sale for cash, in front of t no Court house door of said count), on FRI DAY, the 17th day of July, lu57, at 12 o'clock, the following pi< pert), to wit: All defendant right, title, claim, and interest in and to the three two-story and attio Frame Dwelling Houses and Back Buildings, situated on Lot No. 2*. in square No. H-7 in the City of Washington, D. C.. fronting 40 feet ou north L street, seized and levied upon as the properly of John S. Jom?s. and will l>e soid t?> sa'isfy Judicials No. 24a to March term 1S>7; Francis Wheatley vs. John S.James. . ? . ? 1- D. HOOVER, je 24-d Marshal for the Dist. of Col. A CADEMY OF Ml'SIC. Cor. of lit* st. a*'l Pa. ?r?., #r<r Fnrnkarn's Bookstore. Mr. F. Nicholls Crouch, omiposer of upward of 2.i?si songs, author of "Kathleen Mavourneen,"' aud muMcai editor of Gode> '? Lady's Book? Continues giving Vocal l.essons to his Pupils and Classes, every Monday. Tuesday, Thursday, and Frida). at tiie above Institution. Members enrolled every riny, as no vacations oc cur during tiie Summer months?THIS SEASON* being the proper time, for Voaabsts to studv. Apply to Mr. Crouch,at the Academy of Muuc, every mormnc from a to In o'clock. Musical Lectures delivered every Thursday even ing?illustrated by the Pupils of the Institution. je l-eo&n TWO BILLIARD TABLES FOR SALE.-By virtue of a d?>ed of trust, executed by Henry Fl dred to me, as trustee, dated tiie 7th February, IK57, and recorded in the County Court of Alexandria. I will sell, at public auction, to the huhest bidder, for cash, on M O N HA Y, the 2>th July. 18.i7, TWO 151 LLAK D TABLES, with ail their fixtures com plete. The sale to take place .in front ot the Mar shall House, in the city of Alexandria, where the tables can be seen by an> person desiring to pur chase. B. 11. BERRY. Trustee. jy 9-3teo ?<OAL! COAL!! COAL!!! Wf*are now prepared to deliver all kinds of White and Red Ash Coals. A deduction in will l? made when delivered IVom the vessel. IS'ow landing a very superior article of Lehigh Coal. We have, also, a large and well-selected stock of Wood??all of which we promise to sell at the market price. We, therefore, solicit a call from all who buy for cash and pay promptly. Ofhcta corner of I and 21st street, Washington ; Green street, Georgetown. jy B-d2w BARRON A STOVER. gAGLE PLUMBING AND GAS WORKS. The undersigned most respectfully announces to his former patrons and the public ;n general, that he is again prepared to furnish and execute all work in his line (he lowest prices, inthe build ing adjoining his old establishmeut destroyed by tire on the morning of the 3d instant. By prompt attention, he hopes to eivo general satisfaction. JOHN REESE, jyJMw^ next to eor, wh st. and Pa. ave. rFAKK NOTICE. I REMOVAL. Gl BBS'S WIG, HALF WIG, BRAID AND CI RL MANUFACTORY removed to 242 Penn sylvania avenue, between 12th and 13th streets, near ? ?autier's. Hair Work Repaired, or taken in ex change. Fine Toilet Articles, Combs, Brushes, Ac. jy 3-lm TRAVELLER'S GUIDE BOOK.-Appleton's new Illustrated Hand-Book of American Trav el, with careful maps of all parts of the country .and pictures of lainoui places and scenes, from original drawings by the author a no other artists: price ?2. Mailed free ou receipt of ?2-25 in stamps or other Cotton's Traveller's and Tourist's Guide-Boy>k through the United States, containing a brief de scription of each, with the routes and distances on the great line of travel, oompiled lijr K*S. Fisher. M. I)., accompaniod by a map accurately drawn from official survey ? : price & l~\. For Mle by TAYLOR A MAI RN , Booksellers, jy ll-4t Penn. ave., near 9th st. HAVE JUST RECEIVED,direct from Pant, _ 3 cases of Vel\ et and Go.d -nd White and Gol i PAPER HANGINGS, of the latest and richest de signs. i in me persons in want of Paper-luingings would do well to cull and examine my sUtck f?efore pur chasiuc elsewhere,as I am confident that 1 ""n please theni tioth in qualitv and in price. Paper put up m the best manner, and in all cases guaranteed. JOHN ALEXANDER. jy aVt" **tweea ^10,113111 ,t#? I TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM THE ASSOCIATED PRESS T*? Weeks Later from California. New York . July 19 ?The Star of the West bu arrived from A*plnw*ll on the 4th of July, with California mail* of the Mhof June, and about ? l.3(Mi.(iuoin specie. -The Grenada mlled the mn?e dav for Havana. The 1' 8. steam frigate Roanoke ind the sloop of-war Crane were off A?pinwall. The latter w*? hound to Boston with fifty of Walker's soldiers. The former had on board ?ti of Walker'# men, two-third* of whdm were sick. There is nothing important from California. The crops in the southern pnrt of the State were suffering seriously from the drouth. Moaey wa? inactive. The ralniug operations were artlve, and increasing largely. In Oregon Cirn. !.ane ha* been re-elected dele gate to Congress. but by a greatly decre%oed ma jority. Advices from Peru state that tien Viva two stilt held Areq.iipa. but wa? still surrounded by the Government troops, and would be soon compelled to yield. Affairs in Nicaragua were unsettled. Rivasre. fu*?-d to act in concert with the allied General* A collision was shortly expected between the Sconese. who favor Gen. Walker, and the Ciio moristas. f?*cosn m*patcn ] The Star of tlie West connected with the Gold en Age. which biought down nearly two million of trea*ure. She pa??ed on the '.iitb of June, the Sonora. with the mail* front New York, on the 5th. and on the 3d of July, the John L. Steven* with the mails of the -iOth. The California markets were dull. Breadstuff* we re depressed. The crops, on an average, were promising. A passenger by the steamer Thames, from Greytown. reports two vevaels from California, cmi*ing off Funta Arena*, with 6H) men, arm*, and provisions for Gen. Walker. An Kx-Member ?( ('??great Skat Dead. Cisciwxati, July 11 ?The Fnanlrer learn* that a quart* ! recently took place in Morgan coun ty. Kentucky, lietw?-en Mr. Mason, Dem , and Mr. Co*. Amer candidate for Congress, in which Mr Cox was shot by Mr Ma*on and killed Mr Cox was the late member of Congre** from this (Ninth) district.and maintained a highcharact?r in his party and in Congres*. General Mason in a Democrat of gieat popularity,who has al*o rep Nented the same district in Congress. Both g* ti tle men were native Kmi'.uckians, and usually l>ore tbem>clve* with moderation and con< iiialorv tempers. A slight diflitulty occurred, however, some week* ago. when stroug language was used by both parties, Mr. Cox. declaring that. If it was intended to charge hi in with abolition tendem ies for voting a* be did for Speaker of the House of Representatives.the imputation was a l?a*e false, hood General Mason replied with great severity; so much so as to make some of Cox's friend* dis satisfied with his failure to proceed further in the matter. The feeling thus engendered has, doubt* less, been inttanted by subsequent discussions into the violent conduct which has resulted so tragically. Great Railroad Excursion from the Went. St. I.oris. July II?Our mayor and councils have fully accepted the Invitation to visit Baltl more and have fixed the 15th a* the day of depar ture to unite with the Cincinnati authorities who leave that place on the 16th. Some of our most distinguished citizens will accompany the coun cils in their great Kastern visit. Cisets*ati, July II.?Arrangements are com pleted for the visit of the mayor and councils, the editors, railioad otftcer* and other prominent gen tlemen of this place, to Baltimore and Washing ton. They will leave on Thursday evening, so as to pass over the mountains and view the seenery on the Baltimore road by daylight on Friday. They will stop at Cumberland and reach Bal timore on Saturday morninjj by eight or niue o'clock. ? ? Dartmouth Student Drowned. Bostos, July Uth.?II. E B Stowe, son of Prof. Stowe. was drowned In the Connecticut river on Thorsday. while bathing He was a student at Dartmouth College, and had just re turned from Europe, where he had spent th?- la*t year traveling with his mother. Mrs. Harriet B. Stowe. They arrived in the Persia on Tuesday evening, and the young man reached home on Wednesday, his mother going to Flshkill. to pay a short visit to the family of her brotber. Rev H . Ward Beecher. He was 19 years of age. Later freiu Mexico. New Om.KAX*. July 11 ?The steamer Teia?, from Vera Crux on the'Tth. lias arrived with date* from the city of Mexico of the 3d. The local elections were generally favorable to the Government. The papers were filled with discussions against Santa Anna. The steamers Mefa and Comet arrived at Vera Cruz on the Gth,and left on tbeTtu tor Minatitlan. Men Lynched in ( edar t entity. Iowa. Cntcsco, Jultr 11.?On the night of the Jd in stant a mob broke into the jail of Cedar county, Iowa, and notwithstanding the desperate resist ance made by the sheriff and guard, took there from two men named Gh-ason aud Soper, confined on a charge of horse stealing, and hnng them A great excitement prevails in the neighborhood Niv York. July 13 ?On Saturday ni^ht, the niob from Seguine's Point attacktd the Metropol itan force while guarding the new (Quarantine buildings. The engagement lasted half an hour; tire arms were used on both sides. The mob Was defeated. One polieeman was wounded Gubernatorial Nomination. Acr.r?T*, July II.?The American Convention of this State met at Miliedt;eville on the *uh an.l nominated Benjamin H llill for Governor, aft-r which they re-aitiniied the prineiplesof the con vention of M? Hiot In New York. N'ew Yoii, July 13?A riot occurred in tho Seventeenth ward Itetweeii Irish and German* One German was killed. It is feared that one of the policemen Is fatally injured. Baltimore Markets. Baltimore, July 13?Flour is heavy; Howard street t!5. Wheat is active and higher: sale* of 2,0?IU bush, els. red Si 90al 85. new and old white Stf. Corn is variable; yellow 8Gar7, white tibaMUc. Whisky is firm; City 3D, Ohio 31c. New York Markets. New York, July 13th?Flour is depressed; sales of 6.0U? bbls ; Slate -it*?*"- 35, ,-outhern ?7.*>5a#7 40. Wheat is heavy ; sales of rMKKI bu?be|*; quota* tions are nominal Corn is heavy: sales of Hmmsi bushel*; mixed M cent*. Pork is buoyant; Mess 1U.0J. Beef Is un changed. Lard is firm at I4)fal4fc<;. Whuky Udro'tpui^; Ohio Financial. Nsw York, July 13 ?Stocksare dull Chicago and Rock Island 90\: Cumberland Coal Com panv 17; Illinois Central Railroad l/V Michigan ? nithern 17^: New York Central 79\; Rvadlng Railroad 77: Missouri 6's So.V Sterling exchange dull. j^EW JEWELRY AND WATCHES. H. O. HOOD has just returned from tho North, ant! has brourht on a kite C?t of Fashionable - Caineo, Coral, Mosaic. Britiian's. and Plain (?OLD JEWELRY. Also, a koo<1 as** rtmei * of line GOLD and SILVER WATCHES. TS7!e very superior tiino keepers for ladies and rentlemens use. He has also on hand a rreat variety uf STAND ARD SILVEHWAKK of his own make, warran ted the best quality and will be told ver? low. Pleas* call and examine rood*, aud pnees at No. SJS Poop. A v., men of tfte Large Spread hade. jy !?> I7?OR SALE AT PRIVATE SALE.-A span of handsome GRAY HORSES. 6 ami 7 years old; aloo, a COl"PE CAK Rl AGE, 4 seats, and a set of SINGLE IIAR Nl SS, COVER1N?. ROBE. BLANK F.TS.&; to will sold together orsepa-" rate if desired. They are t? property of a gentle inen who is going to Europe. Tliey can bo seen at Putnam*s Stables, on E street, near 1st h. II not ?old by Tuesday, the i4th instant, the* will oa that da\ I*.- sold for cash to the highest t uidcr at public auction, at*o'clock a. m.. on the pnUic space oppo site the Bank of Washington. jy |Q-d A. GR KEN. Auctioneer. VtO riCE?NOTICE.?I have a few of those cheat is TOILETS! TS on hand, n .'iieii I wishl to o' out. ami wi I s.'n at r-?!. Al?<>.| GOBLETS and other <; I. WA R E. that* must I* sold preparatory to a cnange in my bnwine**. All that want to buy cheap, nieaoe No. I^t ween 3lh and Uth streets, I'm b avenue. leh 17?4hh JOHN MeDEVITT 1^ SECOND HAND HAN OS, RANGING IN 11* price (roin ^lot*) *lir?, just recen from Baltimore. Tiioy are x-ery rood. Hr itJl?Vf Also, IS heautifnl new PI AN OS in store* * ? ? ? 1 recently received from H<?t?n. 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