Newspaper of Evening Star, July 15, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 15, 1857 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR it published every afternoo.i, (EXCEPT SUyDAY,) at THE STAR BIT!i,dings, Cerarr ????. ik* Hratt, Br W. D. WALLACH, ?ad ia served to subscribers by owners at SIX and A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to ha menu; papers served in paokaxea at s7x oents por month. To mail subscribers the'.onprioe'e THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS a year is advanct, TWO DOLLARS for six months, and one DOLLAR for three months; for tees than three month* at the rate of 18X cents a we**. [ZT SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. ?rmi VOL. X. WASHINGTON, ., WEDNESDAY, JULY 15, 1857. NO. 1,400, THE WEEKLY STAR. This exeat ect Family tad Neva ftrarasl one tauun< * (raster variety of in t tree to* readi^ um oat be fouud ui any oilier?is paUished on 8atar4ar ??*11111 tw. ?**<? oof y, per annua .<1 Five w^iee 7>n cop.aa Twenty oopiee. - to clras. janty oopif,.. ity Ca?h. !5v?iuh t is ipvinri. ?iu If uvea. ii mvirial ? orwuuns the " V injrtoo News" that has mad* the daii.y ?nii ste so generally throughout the oouutry. ^ctsintle oopiee <m wrapper*) oaa be uroaarad at y>e oounter. immediately alter the issue of thePaaar. 'r oi? tu u > ? P*?t?a prioe?truss Cms. Postksstes* wi.o act ss ufente will be a*iowad a ooir.mission of twerfv aer oent. MODERN VOYAGE*?LT. HABERSHAM. Blackwood has the following very capital re flections upon modern books of voyages, which, to some extent, will apply likewise to narratives of travel. Who will not heartily sympathize ' with -'Old Maga" in his impatience with the " dreary calculations about tne dip of the nee dle, magnetic poles, barometrical pressures," ?tc.? e know not how it is, but few modern books of voyages appear to us to possess that richness, raciness and variety which were so characteris tic in the narratives of the early navigators. We cannot admit that this decay of interest is mainly to be attributed to the increase of our years, which are many, or to a vitiated taste endangered by long indulgence in spited lite rary viands. *\ e do not. of course, mean to as sert that we can now devour a book with the terrible avidity of a youngster, dream of it all night, and awake on the morrow with undimin ished appetite for the banquet. That stage has long gone by. and we are glad of it; for, u#our I idiosyncrasy inclines us to the reperusal of es- | pecial favorites, we could not bv thil time have ' got beyond " Jack the Giant-killer," " Sanford and Merton." the " Fool of Quality," the ' Arabian Nights" and the "Pilgrim's Pro gress ?books wh ch for a long period were our prime and almost exclusive favorites. But even ! now such works as the " Voyages of Cook." or the "History of the Buccanocrs," have to us an inexpressible ?hartu. We never weary of the description of the Eden isle of Otaheitc, with its bread-fruit und its palms?of New Holland, w-tii its fauna, first disclosed to the European f.Te wr of the wild adventures of the reckless b^nd who plundered tho Spanish galleons and overawed the garrisons of Panama. But when I we turn to inoderu books of voyage, we find ' them for the most part dull, frigid, and over loaded with circumstantial detail. They want picture*quene.->*. they want poetry, and they are intolerably scientific In them we are constant ?j aggravated by dreary calculations about the dip ot the needle, magnetic poles, barometrical pressure, and other topics of the sort, which possibly might interest a small minority of the members of a Royal Society, but which, on men in general, have merely the effect of forcing the jaws to expand for the utterance of a protractcd yawn. Lot the very grandest volcano in the world be belching forth its antartic fires at an un known elevation, the accomplished navigator does not try to give a picturc of that sublime spectacle by word-painting, but bestows all his energy upon a description of the strata and the scorse. until the reader feel* as if he h ad eaten for dessert half-a-dozen pippin) grown on the shores of the Dead Sea. Beast*, birds, fishes, molluscs, trees, shrubs, flowers, and lichens. ' are not sketched as they appear to the outward eye. but are catalogued in preposterous Latin, whiah conveys as vivid an idea of their aspect, as if the narrator had taken the pains to tran scribe a few pages of " Ainsworth's Dictiona ry." In short, the curse of the age?pedan try. and an affectation of superior knowledge? has lighted even on our navigators, a class of 1 men whom we might reasonably have expected > to be free from such a baneful influence. Yes?were it our last word?we should pro test against the egregious foppery of science, which tends so strongly toward- symbolism, and eold unidea'd nomenclature! Botany and chemistry, and geology, und mineralogy, and ' zoology, and icthyology, with twenty, fifty, nay : an hundred other ologies at their back, are rap idly corrupting our language, barbarising us in i expression, and annihilating descriptive power, j Those who in reality know nothing of these ' sciences, or. at best, only possess a smattering ?.f them, think it their duty to accommodate themselves to the prevalent jargon ; hencothey write like dissectors, and. instead of giving us t>ooks of vivid travel, put forth polyglot man which can profit none. Even the more sensible, who despiso the affectation of appear ing more versed in science than they actually are, feel a kind of awo for the learned bodies who infallibly will pronounce judgment on their researches, ar.d retrain studiously from an ex pression of feeling or enthusiasm which they rightly consider to be a style extremely dis tasteful to the ologists. So they con tine them ? Selves to the meteorological observations, jot Lings of soundings, meuiorauda of the quantity of ooal consumed by their engines, rt cetera. which results in their narratives possess, in the eyes of the general public, little more interest than would be felt in the recorded voyages of the captain of n steamer, plying regularly twice in the week between the ports of Rotter dam and Loudon. We do not expect, and we do not wish, to re ceive from our explorers or navigators fine writing, as the term is generally understood. W# do not want them to moralise, or wax maud lin. or intersperse their narrative with pathetic and philanthropic reflections. We waut them to tell us what they saw and what they heard, not with pre-Raphaelite minuteness, but even a* these things are impressed on their memo ries?for the memory of man is, for all pur poses of reproduction, a thousand times supe rior to note-books and journals, which invaria bly contain superfluities of no actual interest, and terribly wearisome when repeated. We want them to write freshly, freely and forcibly, conveying to us readers, as closelv as may be, the sensations they experienced; lor which pur pose. and as a guide, we earuestly recommend all future explorers to study the works of the late Thomas Cringle. An attentive perusal of these will at onco rvveal the enormous differ ence between scientific symbolism and masterly deliueation of nature?between diagram and landscape?between the catologue and the sub jects of exhibition. It is absurd to suppose that the charm of novelty is gone. bccause we arc better acquaint ed. through books, than we were fifty years ago, with the aspect of antipodean regions, and trie manners of their inhabitants Mature never palls. We, wbo?e destiny it is to tarry at home rather than wander over the face of the habita ble globe, feel and ackuowledgo the truth of that axiom. A visit, however protracted, to the beautiful lnkos of England, or to ticotland's m ,re romantic Highland scenery, so far from I satiating or fatiguiug. inspires us with a loug- 1 ing u> return. Mill it* our dreams we sec the placid sheet of Windermere, or hear the cata racts calling to one another as they thunder down the gorges Cruachan And what lies ut terly bey md our ken. belongs to the realm of fancy The polar seas, with their awful ice berg* and floe#, dimly descried amidst the dark ness. or lighted up by the shimmering of the crimsou aurora?the dense American forest closing its collotfa) growth over the ruins of an ancient city, founded, it may be, and peopled, when Britain was a thicket and a swamp?the wide, opeu prairie, dotted over with countless buffalo, herds of ihe >un. more noblo than those which tempted the famished Ithacans to their ruin?the Indian jungle wherein the tiger prowl*. and the sernent sleeps and swells?the graud peaks of tho Liimmalayas. which seem to pi/rce the azure, highest pinnacles of the visi ble creation of Clod?the isles of the Pacific, oases of the ocean desert, with their feathered tufts of palms, deep lagoons, and coral reefs, where the pelicans have their home, all these we must be and are eontent to see through the | ejes of others, provided they use their own nat ural vision, and dispense with tho abomination .(if scientific specUclos! Think of thi*,-?e ox- , plorers. navigators, travelers, pioneers, or by whatever other name yon may be called?think , of this' and. for tho future, iustead of crainp ing your intellects by compiling dreary papers, | more sickening than statistics, for the exclu- I stve gratification of fugydom. tell us what you , ?-?w and what you did, where you went and i how yon felt, in language which men can ap preciate,and children understand?and.whereas J at present you are but ranked as heavers of ' We j?uar,nt?? you quadrupled | sales for your work*, augmentc-d reputation. I * 'peody promotion besides the chance of {?ostbumous renown." 11 ,"l??ved f Black wood turns for relief tn,m the tedium of these modern narra tives to the r ages of an American book ! To U* bwory of the Expedition Liem. JUbcr sham, which tailed by order of government, in 1863, from the port of Norfolk, for the explora tion of the North Pacific. Blackwood bestows upon Lieut. H. his panegyric and benediction, for his faithful relation of things ax he *aio them. *o that his reader may enjoy them a* he did. That old magazine, so famous for it* de vout Anglican prejudices, quotes extensively from tho Lieutenant's books, devoting sixteen yaqts to it. " Being an American," says Black wood," '-we need hardly state that Mr. Haber sham is wide awake, lie possesses the enviable faculty of being always on the alert, with a keen eye and rapid judgment; and consequently he was able to pick Up more valuable informa tion in the course of a single day. than a stolid doiy fellow would have acquired after a month's listless contemplation. Above all. he is free from huuibug. The jargon of science is, to use a transatlantic phrase, ? a huckleberry above his persimmon and he sees no degradation in usin^i the term? whale and racoon in preference Lvtor.r' This is quite an honor to Lt. Haber sham. and not a little grateful to the national feeling, which is proud of the achievements of our gallant naval oSftcers. TRAVELING FOR PLEASURE VIEWED MEDICALLY. In the last number of the Boston Medical World we find some suggestive hinta on this subject, the pith of which we will endeavor to give in n few lines : The writer thinks that in our country there is much travel, ostensibly for health, where, in his opinion, the* injury far surpasses the gain. Inexorable Fashion says, we must go from our l.ome in dog days ; and in obedience to her mandate, there is a rush in all our cities and towns, from the metropolis down to the smallest village, to the place where this "goddess'' specially presides. This is the season when the quiet and comfort of borne are the most health ful and necessary. But, instead of this, we find people determined to exchange the large, airy, brick-wallcd room* of tho towns, and the cool mattrass and fine linen, for the heating cotton, greasy feathers and dirty sheets of a tavern, or pent-up village, or watering place, hotel or boarding-house. But who. asks the Doctor, could live through a hot summer without visiting Nahant, New port, Saratoga, or Niagara ? He does not deny them an occasional trip to such places, but pro tests against taking the hottest season to make these visit* with the expectation of thereby pro moting health. At the season usually taken, ho says, the organs of digestion are least able to discharge their function. They sympathize with all the other parts of tho body, and. like them, require rest, and. he asks, is this the time to leave the frugal, wholesome fare at home, and rush to the gathering places, where every board groans with its life-killing feasts, and where the luxuries provided and the exciting presence and example of hundreds of mouths, eager to reward the purse at the expense of the stomach, render it next to impossible to obey the lawsof heulMi? Where, besides, this poor pack horse, thij groau ing organ, is teased with mineral waters, wines, bitters, pills, tobacco juiec and tobacco fumes, to ease itfelf of it* cumbersome burdens. Dr. Smith maintains that there is nothing more delusive than the generally received im pression that people are growing better, be cause, as they suppose, they are gaining flesh. Under the spasmodic action of this parapher nalia of stimulants there is often an appearance of more flesh. But it is diseased, not sound, healthy flesh. For every pound of such nature , will be revenged i Hence it is, the Doctor argues, that most per- | sons, soon after a return from such fashionable j gather places, have an attack of dyspepsia. |p biliousness, sick head ache, pulmonary nd'ee- ' tion. or cutaneous eruption. These abuses, oe- j curring periodically, undermine the best con- ; stitution. Taking children to such places the writer de nounces as the very consummation of folly. More than half the so-called diseases of the season, and the death of children which occur in August and September arise, he says, from this fa>hionable dissipation. Jons Phoenix upon the c.i.omors Forum. The immortal John Phoenix, in his celebrated Uration in Oregon, says: Every boy in tho United States knows the origin of this glorious day. Small sums of mo ney. varying from 12J cents to$l..r>0, according to the financial prosperity of their parents, have been annually given them to expend on this occasion, which indelibly impress the fact upon their memories, and leads them to look forward with pleasure to its return. One of my earliest and most cherished recollection is of of my exploits on the 4th of July, that I can re member, when, with patriotic fervor. I pur chased a leaden cannon, which, exploding pre maturely, burned off my hair and eyebrows, and put an end to the existence of a favorite cat of my old aunt's, that i>eacefully reclined watching my operations We elect our own rulers and, make our own laws, and if they don't turn oul well, it is very easy at the next election to make others in their place. Everybody has a chance for distinction in this country; nothing is wanting but natural ability to do it; and Mrs. Lavinia Pike's baby, now lying with a cotton flannel shirt on, in a champagne basket, in Portland. O. T.. has just as good a chance of being President of the Uni tcd States, as the imperial infant ot France, now sucking his royal thumbs in his silver cradle at Paris, has of being an emperor. I do not wish to flaiter this audience; I do not intend to be thought peculiarly complimentary; but I do assure you that there is not a man present who, if he had votes enough, might not not be elected President of the United States. And this ini|<nrtant fact tho result not so much of any peculiar merit or virtue on your part, as of the nature of our glorious, liberal, republican institutions. In this great and desirable country, any man may become rich, provided he will learn, and has money to pay for his board and schooling; and any man may bcoome grea aud of weight in the community, if he will tako good care of his health, and eat sufficiently of boiled salmon and potatoes. Moreover, I assert it unblushingly. any man in this country may marry any woman he pleases?the only difficulty being for him to find any woman that he does please. StCpesDors Hoax.?A certain Individnal of this city (no matter who) being of the opinion that the Fourth of July was likely to prove void of any excitement. or public interest, and wish ing to change ouch an aspect of affair*. circulated through the city a poster, stating thai Professor Culex would perform the wonderful feat of walk ing on the water: the performance to take place on tlie Potomac river, in front of the canal locks, at 10 o'clock a. ni. Sight free to all, Ac. Long before the appointed time, hundreds of people of all ages and of both sexes. could lie seen wending their way toward the river; and at the hour of in. it is estimate! that there were between two and three thousand persons present to witness the wonderful iterfuriiutice, besides which, every window and hill that commanded a view of the river, was occupied Prof. Culex was in every bjdy's mind, he seemed to be the sole subject of interest. As the time appointed passed, aud II o'clock drew near, and still no Prof. Cuiex was to l>e seen, the people became impatient; about thi? ttrne It was whispered that Cnlex was the Latin word for Moequifo, when the truth tlastied upon their minds, that they had all been "sold."' They Deemed to take it, however, in good humor, and although some faces wore an air of disap E ointment. still a majority enjoyed the joke, and eartily laughed over the circumstance.?Cum berland Cimtimm. A Pbiik ForsD.?The Delaware Reportersay* that a large quantity of S|?aiii.Hh silver rein has been found under and about the wreck of a vessel on Phenix lslaud. Md., just below the south* eastern part of Delaware. The wreck Is said to > be that of a Dutch galliot, which was lost about ! Iftv years since, having on boaid one million of doliars In specie. The excitement among the natives Is said to lie great. Crops are left unfill ed. shops and *tor?* are closed, and thousands ,.f persons are on the beach raking for silver. Some rake up a* much as a dav, others not more I than two or three tollam The silver ?? already I la circulation in 8??ki county. FOR RENT AND SALE. FOR SALE.?A comfortable new FRAME HOUSE. in the'Northern Lil?erties. A liargain can be had. and l>ut a small portion in cash will be required, and lone credits given for the deferred payments. Also, a BUILDING LOT in the First Ward (near the Circle) can be purchased without a cash pa> meut and on a long credit. Apply to H. N. LANSDALE, jy ?-lm 5ft4 Met., or through the Post Office. I^OK SALE.?A verr desirable RESIDENCE, being a Lot fronting 32 feet 10 inches, by 116 feet deep, to an an alley 25 feet wide, situated on the west side of 6th street west, between L and M north, and improved by a comfortable Frame Dwelling, with back building, wood-house, a pump of excellent water, and ornamented with a variety ol dowers and shrubbery. Terms accommodating. Apply at No. 512 (2d story )?th street. J?an POLLARD WEBB. 1 OFFER FOR SALE. MY FARM, "Roaen vick," \ miles distant from the town of Culpeper and a depot of the Orange and Alexandria R. R. This Farm contains 15ft acres of land equal to any in this section of Virginia. Forty aores are in timber, the fialance open laud in fine order. On it is a large and valuable young Orchard now just coming into bearing, comprising all the most desirable varieties of Apples. Pears, Plums, Peaches, Apricots, Necta rines, Grapes, Ac.. Ac., suited to our climate, a Spring of never failing pure wat<?r near the dwelling, Out-Louses, A.c. The Dwelling is plain, bet amply sufficient to acoomirodate a small family. The situation for health and l*enuty is second to none in this region. An extensive range of mountain scenery, the beautiful Village ??f Culpeper. with in a tew minutes waik. offer facilities for attend ing Church, and as fine School* as our State af fords, while the Orange and Alexandria R. Road putt it within a few hours ride ot eitlivr Washington, Alexandria, or Richmond It is seldom a farm,with as mail) advantages, is offered to the notice of the Fiublic. Persons desiring to purchase are r-spcotfui y invited to call and view the premises, ft is for sale privately, but if not sold before Sal urdav. the 1st August, on that day it will be offered at public auc tion, on the premises, without reserve. Terms made known at sale. For any information address R.O. BOW F.N. Culpeper Court House. Va. ie 4 VrALl'AHLE REAL ESTATE FOR SAI.E. The subscriber offers for sale all that valuable Real Estate known as "Largo," situated in the Forest of Prince George's county, Md.. containing ACRES OP LAN D. This is one of the most valuable estates in this county. It is easy of cultivation, and has all the advantages of Water, and is also heavily Timbered. It adjoins the estates of Dr. David Craufurd. Geo. T. Cratffurd. Zaciisriah Berry, Sr., Dr. Benjamin Lee and others, and lavs on the road lending from Bladensburg to Upper Marlborough,about five miles from Upper Marlborough and twelve from Wash ington City. There is also a fine Meadow, contain ing between (Viand HO eighty acres of verr prime Land. This land produces luxuriantly all tne crops usually grown hi this region of count,r>, such as wheat, com, rye, oats, tobacco. Ac. There is about one hundred acres of prime white oak Timber Land in the tract. Persons wishing to purchase Will please call on the undersigned, living near the premises, who will take great pleasure in showing if to all such. This land is susecptible of division, and will !>e divided into two lots to suit purchasers, if desired. if this land is not sold at private sale on or before THURSDAY, the 3>>th day of July next, it will he offered on that dav at public sale, at the subscriber's home place, to the highest bidder. There will l>e a plat exhibited on the day of sale. Terms of sale: One third of the pnrchnse money will be required in cash on the day of sale ; and the lialance in one and two years, with approved securi ty, bearing interest from the day of sale; ora mort gage on the land, if preferred by the purchaser. je 13-eotf %. B. BEALL. I7*ARM FOR SALE.?A piece of fine LANDon Rock Creek, in Montgomery county, Md., six miles from the heights of Georgetown, adjoining the lands of Messrs. Perry. Wood, Bestor, Nowles, Bohrer, and Hawkins. 112H*cres. A beautiful loca tion : partially unproved; new house; 13acres rich creek bottom, and some fine yellow-pine timber. It can be divided, if desired. Call and see the premi ses thine whodesireto purchase. je4-tf |7<OR SALE.?My R KSI DEXCE onthe corner of 1 New Jerse) averue and C street south. Capitol Hill, fronting on the avenue 162 feet 9 inches, anil ou C street south S**ifaet II niches,aud containing nearly ; square feet. raayu-tf W.F.PHILLIPS. I/OR SALE CIIE A P?And .ei bn-'ral terms. tl>e following FRAME DWELLINGS, via : One just finished, and situated on I lie northwest corner of 22.1 and H streets, in the First Ward ; one just 'finished, and on I he w?st side of 1st s? reet West. be tween K and I., and in a rapidly improving part of the oily; ?imon the east side ot -!Htti street Iween E and F,aud near Easby's Ship Yard;'' and two, Nos. 11C and 113, on north side East Capitol street. Also, five more, situated in different parts of tie* city. Apply at .\u.51J <2d ston > 7t?? ?tre?>f. je 19 POLLARD WEBB. Vr A LIVABLE PROPERTY FOR SALE <)\ EASY TERMS.?The elinblv situated New three story BRICK HOUSE,with BACK BUILD IN G, on the corner of loth street nnd Virginia Ave Mie, and immediately south of the Smithsonian In stitute, constructed of material and bv mechanics of the first class. Of the quiet and healthfulness of the neighborhood it is unnecessary to say a word. If the above property is not sold on or before the 2f?th lust., it will be rented to a careful and punctual For further particulars inquire of WILLIAM WARDER, corner of 12. |i and C sts. jy 6-eotit (Intelligencer.) R OOMS FOR RENT.?MISS MORLEY. having taken the house recently occupied by Mrs. Andersou^wo doors from the Kirlrwood House, is prepared to rent PARLORS and LODGING ROOMS, together or separately, furnished or unfur nished, and, if desired, will also furnish Board.or Breakfast, and Tea to such as wish to dine at hotels or Gautier's. The rooms are large and airy, and very pleasant for summer residences. Apply at 276 Peiin. avenue. ie 22-1111 A VERY DESIRABLE COUNTRY R ESI DEN'CE fob Sam-..? I oiler for sale my HOI SE and LOT in the upper part of the village of Bladens burg, situated opposite the residence of C. C. Hvatt, Esq. The lot contains an acre and a half of land ad mirably suited to gardening purposes. The improve ments consist of anew and convenient dwelling, built of the liest materials and In the very best man ner; it has in it five good-size rooms at?ov-e the Inse Mient and a kitohenand twoother rooms in the base ment., whmli is made of stoiie two feet thick and perfectly dry. Also, a large office, with two rooms; stable, carr.age-house, wood house, and other ne cessary out-houses. There is a never-failing pump of pure water within a few feet of the kitchen door. This property presents rare advantages to one d"> siring a quiet country home, or to a physician wish ing a country location. It is convenient to a good school and dmrches of different denominations. A few minutes' walk will take you to the celebrated spa spring, whose medicinal properties are too well known to need mentioning here. The sImitu property will b? at private sale until the 23d of the present month ; if not sold by that time it w ill, ou that day. lie offered at public sale on the premises. Terms made known on tic day of sale. For further particulars address the subscri ber <U Blsdensburr Immediate possession riven. Jy 8-eotd BENJAMIN BERR . . M. 1). VERY DESIRABLE COUNTRY-SEAT FOR SALE NEAR W \SHINGTON.?The sub scribers will sell the valuable farm on which he now resides, in the District of Columbia, containing almnt one hundred and tea aores. one-hall cleared and the remainder well wooded. The improvements consist of a new frame dwel': *, containing eight rooms, with all the necessary c -houses, including an ice house filled with ice. . , . ^ If desired, he will divide it into lots of from fifteen to twenty acres. ..... .. Thare are several siteB for building commanding beautiful views ef n'and soenery, with several never-failing springs ot the purest water. The property lies about two miles from the Navy Yard bridge,and,being proverbially healthy, presents Seculiar advantages to those who intend to build and esire to possess a healthy retreat near the city. For particulars apply to Mr. T. M. Hanson, No. 512 Seventh street, Mr. Jambs E. TitovrsoN, No. ? Penns) [vania avenue, or to the subscriber on the premises. ANTHONY ADDISON, may eotf DESI R ABLE PROPERTY FOR SALE.-The SUMMER RESIDENCE of Geo. M Bibb, about two hours' ride from the District of Columbia. This Farm oontains about 4u(> acres, and lies beau tifully for division. The owucr will sell the wholeor a part, with or without the stock. On the place there is a fine ne*r house nearly fin ished, besides the faintly resul. itee, a great deal of excellent fruit, and some fine horses and cattle. The place is proverbial fur its health!illness and de lightful water. For further particulars inuuireat his residence, corner of Fayette and Seoond streets, Georgetown, D. C.. or through the post office of the aame place, je 24-w3m GEO. M. BIBB. hH)X A VAN HOOK, Rkai. Estatb Agbmts, 49I14* Seventh street, Ittlow F. stroe,, have lor sale a uumher of Building Lots 24 feot front by !?? feet deep, at the very low puce of from ?7ri to $125 eneh -pay able in small monthly instalments of ?3 per month. ... TIimI I*ots are situated at Union Town, on the south side of the Auacobtwriver.adjoining the Na vy-yard Bridget, and are in every wav desirable for persons wishing a cheap, pleasant,and healthy looa tion for a dwelling. Lot-holders in arrears are requested to complete their purohase, and get their deeds; the title to these Lots is guaranteed frwe and clear from every possible incumbrance. may 25-3m For sale or rent.-the desirable RES1DENCE on the corner of F and 21st sts., together with the Grounds surrounding it. The House contains sixteen rooms, has gas throughout, and furnace. The stable will be sola ?w rented with the house if desired. The lot the house stands on is 5nb) 1TR feet, but the purohaser can have more land if desired., for Sale-The LOT OF GROUNDonthe outlier of F and 19th street s,and LOTS on l<Hh.near F street. Apply to CHUBB BROTHERS. ap H-tf __ ]\JEW AND FRESH PERFUMERY, just re IN oeived At No. *?. between ?h and Wh streets. J?2* ' ii.J.MoLAUGHLIN ACO, Summer Retreats, &c. P1NEY POINT PAVIl.ION Is now open for the accommodation of the pub lie. In oonseqnence of the loss of 73 room* by. tire last winter, the proprietor cannot acooiitino-j date more than Go or 70 persons. ' He has a FURNISHED COTTAGE for rent sit uated about five hundred yards from the Pavilion suitable for a family who wish to enjoy during the season the advantages of the Sea breeze and aquatic sports, having all the conveniences for oookuig, etc. Terms : ?50 for the season of 3 months. The steamers Columbia aud Mar*land touch at

the Point every trip. \\. W. DlX, Proprietor. jy 8-eo4w (Alex.Gax.lntelAStates) The waddle house AT CAPON SPRINGS. Ya. Having rented my interest lu the " Mountain House" and taken the above property, am now prepared to entertain my friends, and visitors.jf::a with oomfortablc accommodations. TERMS: First week $!2.on Second do ln.iv Thinl do h.ou One month of28 days Si.'O Children and colored servants half price. fy 7-eolm T. S. BLAKE MORE. Proprietor. gLAKiSl'ONE'S PAVILION. This favorite place of resort will be opened on the 1st of July for the accommodation of visitors. The proprietor Iims engaged a line Cotillon Rand for the seascn, and with his splendid Hall Room oilers great inducements to tne lovers of the d.uice, while those of more quiet humor may fend different amusements at the Iiowluig Alley or in Fishing. Ac. The Luxuries of the Potomac and good Liquors trill t>e constantly on hand. This is known to lie one of the healthiost places on the river, near Blakistone's Island. There will be a celebration on the Fourth of JuIt, and Hall at nieht. Cotillon on the 23d of July, 13th ai d 27th of August. The steamers Columbia and Maryland leaves pas sengers on every Wednesday and Saturday's, atid returning on every Sunday, Tuesday, aud Fridays. The cteaiiier Kent leaves Baltimore at a o'clock every Monday evenings, and returns on Wednesday mornings. Post Office?Milestown, St. Mary's county, Md. Board??1.23 per dar for a week or longerfor shorter time. GEO. W. BLAKISTONE. i?* 24-2m* Proprietor. YY'AKREN WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS," One mile fmm Buckton Station, on the Manassas Gap Railroad, and in the direct route to* . ? A Capon and Burner's Springs, is now open' for the reception of visitors. ?^ Comfortable Coaches will run daily between ton and the Springs, upon the ari ival and departure of the cars. Passengers leaving Baltimore, Washington, and Alexandria by the morning trams, will r. aeh the Springs about noon of the sair.e day, and returning will arrive at Alexandria and Washington in lime to d i no. Post Oflico, Duckton. Warren county, Va. board: Sift. 1st week. 9.. ? 2d do. 8 3d do. 32 1 mon'h. J. S. DAVIDSON. President. S. J. SAl'NDERS, je23-?olm Superintendent. Hygeia hotel. OLD POINT COMFORT. Va. This most delightful Summer report?the " bright particular locality of all the sunny South"?f is now tlie sole property o( the under-' signed, and will l>e opened on the 1st ofil' June next, and each successive June following. . engage to make it to the seekers for health, recrea tion, gaiety and good living, supremely attraetive. For health, no mountain retreat can l?e safer o< amy season of the year. It is as exempt from disease in August and Septeml?er and October as m April. May or June. Indeed the first three are infinitely the most pleasant of the season. The weather is milder, the sea breeze lialmier, and the luxuries of th<? salt water are to be had of finer quality hih1 in greater profusion. There is no more invitinz spot o.i the whole Atlantic seal?>ard. It is strictly true of it what the p?et hath said: " Oh ! if there bean Elysium on earth, it is this, it is this !*' 3uck lc now n a rase of billions or a* a* and ft vrr to ori ginal' th'ie, and that a: all season* it is the healthiest spot on the fare of the firth." (See their certificates in Do Bow's Review, Southern Planter, and American Farmer. I mav 22-dfiwA law2m JOS. SEGA R, Proprietor. riMtE MOUNTAIN HOUSE, 1 ? CAPOS SPR1KHS, V1RGTSIA, Will tie opened f??r the reception ol' Visitors., on MON DA V, 22d June. Through tickets can be obtained at Baltimore,1 Washington, Richmond and Alexandria. Passengers leaving Baltimore in the mrlv morn ing train, via Alexand'iaaud Manassas Oap Railroad to Strasl.urg, reach the Spriags from b to?o'clock same evening: and those from Baltimore and the West via Harper's Ferry and Winchester from 8 to 9 p. m. J. N. BUCK, je2-6w Proprietor. I HAVE J l*ST RECEI\ED another lot of Hart well's Patent Portable Elastic C A N O P Y FRAME and NF.TS. lor the protection against inosquites. flies, Ac., which for tieauty, durability, anil convenience are unsurpassed by any tiling of the kind now in exigence. The frames are made portable by moans of joints, so that they nui) tie taken down or put up in the spacc of five minutes. In case of travelling or stor age in the winter they are readily packed in boxes or trunks, oecuprmg little more space than an um brella when closed. When put up they form a large, airy, and beautiful canopy for the bedstead, and, in stead of detractiug from its appearance, they really form an elegant and graceful ornament. In winter the frames msy lie covered with heavy brocade or any other heavy drapery if desired. To hotel keepers they are especially recommended for their durability and convenience, and aiso fami lies who want the most elerant canopies at the least cost. JOHN ALEXANDER, No. 240 Peun. avenue, between 12th and 13th sts. jy 9-2aw3w _ SUPERIOR LINENS AND COTTONS. We have now in store? 100 pieces superior Shirting Linens, from 31c. to per yard 3W pieces tine Shirting Cottonswf the best brands of House-wife. Laiisdale. Wainsuttee, New York Mills, ami several superior brands made expressly for on r sales Linen aud Cotton Sheetings iu all widths and uualities Table iJiapers. Napkins, and Towelmga 2udogeu Dimity and other Counterpanes, some with colored liorders. very handsome 20 pieces gauze and other fine Summer Flannels inn jo dotted aud figured Swiss Mns'nis 2.'**! yards more of those hne-robed and other _ Lawns at 12)?e. fast washing colors. JfT" Remember we are selling off our entire stoek of Fancy Dress Si ks, Robes, and liareges, and all other Fancy Goods to close out this season at cost for cash. COLLEV A SEARS, jy 11-eo2w 623 Seventh street. ^EW GIIOCERY, WINE, AND 1^1 LIQUOR STORE. The subscriber liegs to inform his friends and the public, that hehaaopened a NEW STORE, corner of 12th street and Louisiana avenue, where he in tends to keep constantly on hand a large ami varied assortment of Foreign and Domestic WINES. LI QUORS, CIGARS, and FINE GROCERIES, consisting of Fine Teas, Sugar, Coffee, Flour, Soap, Olives, Raisins, Figs. Sardines, Anchovies, Otard, Marrett A Co., Pinet A Co., and Col. Cliahard's Brandies in oases, demijohns, aud casks. Old Ja maica Ruin. Sherries. Madeira. Fort of various de scriptions, St. Julien Claret, Chateaux Margaux in cases, Champagne Cider, Brandy Fruits, Reynold's Edinburgh Ale, Annisette, Maraschino, Curaooa. Absynthe, Champagne, ana a large and varied de scription of Havana Cigars. Also, Stoughton Bitters, and Fever and Ague Bitters. Porter, Ale, and Cider. Families are particularly invited to call an I exam ine the stock before purchasing elsewhere. Mem bers of Congress are also informed that their orders will be promptly attended to, and delivered at their residences at the shortest notice. A general assortment of fine Havana Ci^ara, im ported direct by the subscriber,at Wholesale and re tai. Canal Boats supplied on reasonable term*, and produce taken in exchange. Levy's Old Whiskey, constantly on hand, ofl(t40. Country orders punctually attended to, ami coun try produce of all descriptions received on consign ment. JONAS P. LEVY, je8 tf No.blA Twelfth street. I A DIES TRAVELLING (CLOAKS) Dl j TERS. Checked Ducal Cloth Dusters. Checked Lowell Cloth Dusters. Fine Brown Linen Dusters. Lyoneseand Heavy Cloth Dusters. S7of the above seasonable garments just received at MAXWELL A BRO.'S jy H Steo^Cloak and Mantilla Store. Fa sv. T\JOTICE.-rO R UIL D ERSAXD 0 WXE H i> OF PROPERTY. C. SCrtNEI DEK wishes to inform the public that he is now prepared to manufacture and hang all kinds of BELLS iu the neatest and most substantia! man ner, with or without Tubes. Part tela r at tention paid to arrangement of S PEA K ING Tt BK9| ftCt Establishment 271 Penn. avenue, between 10th and 11th streets,2d story. je20-lm* Pulpit eloquence of the ninf r teenth Century, ooutaimng the best discourses )? FRANCK TAYLOR. Balloons made of tissue paper and India R ubt>er, with Sponge for Spirit Gas for tUy and tug lit ascension. Just received at J?.% li, J. AlcLAl'UHLlN 4 CO'8, Bentiitry, &c. DR. VILLARD, DENTIST. LATE UK CHI CAGO, would respectfully inform the cit liens of the District and viciuity, that h&v-j lr.g located himself in Wsshington. he i? dow prepared to perform all operations in his profes sion, in the moat approved atjrle. Ofr.oe, No. 2&o, Peun. avenue, adjoining Gaut ler's. jan a* it yHE IMPROVED SETS OF TEETH. DR. I.OOMI9, the inventor and patentee of 'LmmiV Mineral Plate Tet having, successful)!uced hia improvement in? various cities, has now permanently estab lished himself in Washington. Thia improvement for Seta ofTe?t p ooraiata ohief 1) in making a act of but one piece of material, and that indestructible mineral. No metal ia used in theur couatruction, and they are therefore free from galvanic action and u.etalio taste. There are no joints to become filled with moisture or particles of food, hence they are vurt and clean. They are lighter, stronger, less clumsy, far moie durable, and natural in their appearance. I will rive a reward of One Thousand Dollars to any one who * ill produce a similar work of art to equal mine in put:'*, beauty, durability, artiatio exoelienoe or any other requisite quality. A!! work responsible warranted. 27r, Onus, avenue, betwoen 11th and 12th street*. _ap iJ-Jt DR. C. S. GOODMAN, SUKGEOX DF .VTJST, and Mantfactirer or Artificial Terth.?4 H;a complete arrap-cments enabling him t? . present the follow me reasonable rricea: ^'IILI Entire Upper Sett Teeth, on Gold ?to SO Do do do on Silver ... 12toi8 One or more, or. Gold...?. ... 2 to 5 Do on Silver 1 to S Filling, Extracting, Removing Tarter; also. Re pairing at tne same reasonable ratea. All opera; ions executed in auch a manner as to give every satisfao tion. Oifice comer 8th street and avenue. ap 3 I \ENTjSTR V. I J DR. STEPHEN BAILY, Office No. 198 Pennsylvania A venpk, Tkrte doors Jrom 14tk Street. Dr. BAlLYbegs leave to inform the puWietha* he can be seen at all hours, at his ?*diee. located asatsive. He feels assured that an experience of fifrecn tears' practice, with the large numiterof patient^ and creat viriety of difficult cases that fce iias treated success fully. will enable him to surmount anv difteeltjr, scientific or otherwise, relaf in*4 to the Teeth. H.s own experience confirming the opinion of many men eminent in the profession, ami especially Drs. Harris and J. and E. Parmly, h?s icd him. iong since, todis ca^d all mercurial preparations for filling Teeth,a so ail I.iiamels, Outt.-i Percha, lnd;a Hui'ber, and Ce mmls for the construction ol Continuous Gum Teeth, and that l'orcelian. mounted on Goid Plate, ts the only reliable <*u!>st.*ti>ce that can l?e worn in the mou'h. as was ir.ost conclusively shown by the last Amer ican Until CflSTSStMS, Alli. :izii he flitters himself from his Ionic resi dence and practice in Washington, he is favorably known to lus numerous friends Mid patrons, he begs leave to refer them to the following TESTIMONIALS: From the late Rector of the Church of Epiphany of this City Dr. StkfHHN BaILY: DerSir?I deslretoexpress .n> esteem for you personal*-, and my couhdence m \f>u a* a superior dentist. The operations executed for me have l>een highly satisfactory. | hope that you may receive the patronage from m> friends aud the public tnat your skill so well deserves. Yours verj truly, Washington, Aug. 26,165G. J. \\. FRENCH. From one of the oldest firms in Baltimore, Messrs. Hoggs, Cotman & Co. Having empioyed Dr. Stephen Baiiy, Surgeon Den tist, of W ellington city, to execute for me an nu portant and difficult piece of wr?rk, which he did to in> entire wa'is faction, and in view of the fact that one of the most distinguish-^ members of the Dentsl College of Baltimore, liiileo. af?er repeated trials, to perforin the nme work satisfactorily, it gives me great p ensure to expre*s m> entire confidence and men estimation of his professional skill. Baltimore, Jan. 12,1857. HARMANN BOGUS. Extract from a note received from the late IIon. John M. Clayton. U. S. Sknatr, Aug. 19,18S6. The teeth vou made for me work adnurobl) ; uotta ,? cvuld UWU,. ^CLAYTON. To those that Reek relief from the maladies of the teeth, 1 can cheerfully recommend Dr. S. Ii\il> as a superior Dentist: he m~?de a set of porcelian teeth for one of mT fiimilv.and plugged several teetfi for lit\ self, and the woik has a<! sic \I well for more than ten years. ROBE1IT T. NIXON, of the Va. Conf. of tlie M. E. Church South. April 19, l&SC. We, the undersigned, having had occasion to anil ourselves of the professional Ssill ol in. S. Baily, Surgeon Dentist of this cit>, or (Diving I een cogmz aut of ins operations on our fami.ies or friends, take pleasure in ex pressiu^ our admiration of his artistic skill, as well a.- of the uniformly sati?f:tct<?ry manner in which he perforins the most delicate and difficult operations in Dental Snr^erx ,and we respectfully re sumswsd bin to tlMoonfideaee and p-itr-'nage of the pubuc, ol which wC consider him eminentl) Worthy. Thomas I". Waltkk, Architect L . S. Caiilol. Thom.v* Mit.lrr, M. D.,of Washington. D. C. B. S. Bohkeb. M. D. of Georgetown. D. C. N.S. Lincoln*, M. D~ of Warrim^toii. D. C. Jos. H. Br aim. of Washing ton, D. C. George Waltos, tlx-Governor of Florida. Walter Lenox. Ex-Mavorof Washia?ktoc? Henry Baldwin, L". S. Patent oflioe, O. C. Wiuut, Pilucipai Rittenhouse Aoademy. feb ZO tf It ALT1MORE CITY MALT HOUSE. MALT FOR SALE.?The undersigned hsvsng recently purchased the CITY MALT HOUSE, corner of West Fa"s avenue and B!< ek >rrect. would aiiuouiice to his friends and the pubac. that he has it now in full operat iou. with a large supply of MA LT for saie on lil^rel terms. my 6-3iii_ FRANCIS DENMEAD. REWARD.?Ranawsv from the subscr: l>er. living r.ear Upper Marllsirongbj Prince George s county. Md.. on the ?Nth April, NEGRO MAN, DAVY GREEN 82(H) if th.vX. als>nt 27 > e?rs of arc. 5 feet. 6 i?*!i?s t.ish?? dark mulatto?hhs a tar;;e bushy head, with.5 whiskers round 1ms face, medium nz'i and down look. He niav hire himself in the District, where he has relatives, or make his w:t\ to some free State, as he left without any provocation. I will give Two Huvdred Dollars, if taken out of the Slate?J'isi if taken in the District, or any other i?art of Maryland, and ?5i? if taken in this county. Id either case he must be secured so tliat I get lum. je 9-tf WILLI AM J. BERRY fA RETIRED PHYSICIAN ?h?ie snr.ds of life have nenrly run out, discovereil while n the i^Ka^t Indies, a oertain cure lor Consumption. Asthma, Krouchitis, Cov.gtis, Colds, and lien -ral Delrtlit). Tue remedy wa.i discovered by linn when h:s only child, a daughter, ?as givru up to die. lie hail heard much of tl.e wonderful restor ative and healing uu..!mes of preparations m.ulc J otn the East India lisinp,and the thought oe?urr*d to him that he might mal>e a remedy for his child.? , He sliidici hard and sucoeede<l in realizing his ?ish es. His child was cured, and is now alive and well. He has smoe administered the wonderful remedy to thousands of sufferers iaa l parts ot the woiUl. ard he has never failed in making them completely heal tiiv and liapps. Wi.-Uia* to do as much eoo<l as pos sible, he will send to such of his afflicted fellow-V ings as request it. this recipe, with full and explicit directions for making it up, and successfully u <ing it. He reuuires each nop.leant to enclose htm ce shilling?tfiree oents to t.e returned as pos'age on the recipe, and the remainder to be applied to tne pay ment of this advertisement. AddreRS Dr. H. JAMES, No. 19 Grand street. Jersey City, N.J. N. B. Dr. H. James has neither office nor agen in New York as some have p Used. The recipe js sent fr< 19 Grand street, Jersey City, may 26-3in CHINA, GLASS AND QUEENSWARE. R. H. .MILLER, SON A CO.. Importers direct from Liverpool to Aie*sn- tnT) dria. Iieg .eave tocall theattention of dealer*. hotel-keepers, and others of Washiugtoaaud Georgetown, to their stocks of O O DS, vJf whicn. for extent and varietT, will oompare :%voruoiy with any estat>lishment in the Kastern cities. The connexion of their senior partner with the nvuinfttoturers ot Europe and the l uitod States for upwards of thirty years, has given him advantages id | tne purchase of goods equal, if not superior, to any house in the trade. An inspections!go.>dsand prices will satisfy ^!l parties that purchases can be made ol' then upoti the most lavoranle terms. Frei ch China Dinner Sets, gi!? and deoorated French China Dinner Sets. go;d hard and plain white French China Vases, Pitchers, Toilet Sets, Ao. French China Tea Sets, Cupsand Saucers,and other articles of Tea ware And Dinner Ware, secirata from sets India Cnir a Dinner Sets, and separate always on hai.d White Granite Ware in every variety, in sets,and separate from sets, as may be desired Blue Printed or Liverpool Ware, the seme Common Edged, White and Rockuigham Ware, in full supply. Cut, Presaed, Plai n. and Moolded Glass Ware from ! the t>eei establishments in the Eastern and Western ^ States, which will be sold hj the iecka<eor other *1^xperienced packers empU?yed. Goods enf "Pby us can l?e transported by any iu<?de witiioiit breakage. Fare by the tteainlioats from Washington to Alex andria, a'mi?st hourly. I2S cents eaen way. A quar ter of a dollar thus spent may save many dollars ATCHU*. JKWKI.R V.S|I VKR warf I have ^ust reoeived^a^new supply of FINK VV I nnre iusi ""t'e'J ui ri.^r. WATCH PS. GOl.D CHAINS, and a large akaort meijt of KICU JKWKLHi of every d?se? piion. which makes ui) stock ?t the present time one of the most oomslete in the eity. 1 have just Fiaiimed (on the premises > a very large assortment of PI RE SILVER WARK, nquoi which may bs found a SOLI DSILVER JT.A KF.T FI.K seperinr fo anything before exhtbi'eil m this oity,?-tlie weight of wtueh is lifl onncee, caj<act?Tf 9 MMtl Both citiXens aod stranners are invited to call and examine, H. O. HOOD, jefi- 3Jb I'a.ave.,uwf Wh ?tr<et, Piano?, 4fcc. IN CON'SEQl'EN< I. op THE I'ATRoVAiir the public ha. || ,, V - Vt!Mr* ?J??l?i?d loM(arn <>?ir at" >S5 JC1 of .Music and Musical Merchant >?? n. 1 7 a Fl? arrangements with Mr. *choe?el.erger is Pint And SchotsA tons in Mayei.oe, we will sell Kur'*i>>. a'i??'i?*1< " ai'd pr"fr*?0^? ?? the moat mm ?ur ?"?**!???? over five tbousar-1 original worts, is now completed. and to behadai trie Music Depot. v Strings, best quality, very cheap m bnndlee. \ lolins. Guitars. htsenhnindt*s ViolinreUos, Hr*s* Instruments, eto. Ourstock of Ba?..ii A Raven's and William 1ft ? . ler a celebrated Pianos will he c< np'.eted again in a few days, which *e will aril on tiie moat reason*!** sT1* " *lve' best city reference. Music Depot, corner of l'lth and Perm. avenue i? w w. (Tmetzerott plANO FORTE HVmOClMM. I l*r; W; H.PALMKR coatin uaa to add new &KR h.7 Z*taZ'- Apply to Mr. PAL w l . -if over Faruham'^ Bookstore. ruesday, Wednesday. Fri-? dav. an?l Saturday, bet ween 2 and 6 p. m. Terms f 5 per quarter. ap ? tt TTr':&fo? VSMk 1^' ?f55 srvs uisy'sslfrW Z? ",d / <n '?Xcnange.Ac. Two of them are full ?even octaret, finel? fivnshed rosewood cases, and of exquisite tuna and touch ot ? ia only a fix octave. These Pun.*. purchasers mar ssfely rely uaoe aa XT" ??fthey W.IlioTe'E ca,l and see them, at our extensive Piano War* rooms. No. S?b, between 9th and l?*h. ->** JOHN F^FLLIS. rjOLD MEDAL PREMIIM ^ PIANO FORTES. WILLIAM KN'ABE. (Senior partner in the late fira of Kkabk. Garble * Co.. Continues the manufacture and axle of trand and squarePIANO FORTES, undent ?-_W: of \\ illi.Mii A Co., at the old stand fcxHLj Nos. i. S, 5 aiid 7 North Eutsw street op 111 IT V posife the Eutaw Houae, Baltimore. v i1*!*" a'"? ?Pf ned n l,Mr Room ax B*ltl,Vri* hetwe-? Charles and Light streets, on the premises partly occupied b* Mi Henry McLafTerr aa a m:isio store, where they wul ? .*'iV"?'"?1Hy on hand a large assoitment of plain and highly-finished giund and square Piano Fortes Me.odeons, from the l?eat makers. from 4 to S - octave, aome with double ke* tvards. double reeds H;<! atopa to suit small churches. * Be;n* cxtenaivt-iy engaged in the manufacture of rZZ?;ZL?ih " ' wko'MaJeao<l retail, on the m-?t t?ur Piar:o<i were awarded the -- (coM mealil1 at the Fair. 0| tl,e Maryland TUtn two successive yeara-Octo^r. HAS. an l IHV-.n ob poMtK.n to tourteei: aud eikhteen pmnoa f,om aome ol the lieat^makers from New York, Boston an.) Ral V ' jrere alaoawarded the hrat premium at the Iudustr.aI Exhibition held in Richmond Vir fh^'h' 'k /"' ,8"V:" h"v* "J?? >*en awarded the huhest premium isilver modal) at the Meti.i p<>'it*n Mechanics Fair for 1S57. In addition to this wc are in session of teatimo nia.s from the most distinguished professors and ainateura in the oountry. which oan he aeer at our warerooma, ap?akir^ f<.r theinselvf-a and otberartf ?reM* wliere h*e'!?<Hm 18 whic^ our ium,rumenta ar? A f itmtriiments are manrnteed for live yeera and a puvilejre o( ex-hance ia a'anted within the firat aix months fioui tlie day of aaleif ibeins.rumentsdonot Kive entire aatisfnctKin. wwt Who.eaaie dt-alera will find it to their advantage to five us a oail before purchasirg. Pianos exchanged, hired, arid tune 1. marlB-lj _ ^ \VM. KN^BK ft CO. T"W- BKA! T,Fr,l PIANOS received ta! 1 day from Boston. * '' _ ?ecoi.d-LatMl 1'ianoa, but .ittle used. ?ever fcCM oct a \ e < ,ros?' w< k ?i cases, will t^ areatMTVtT I creams, at our I iano Forte, Me!o?le<in. and Mm g >\ art-room*, between 9th auu l?an strata. No ?C >"* _ JOHN F. ELLIS." TV'0 J*'AN OS FMR ?ise-o'NK FOR f :m~ \i il . ar? ?>?'?? for aale at fht?_j? Music Depot of fV ?->, -a W. G. MKTZKROTT.ilI til **>rner of Peun. avenue and lltn street Tem-.s^sv, ia ICE. FJ. MIDDLETON, J? ICE DKAl.KR Office ard l>epot-Sonthweat corner of P and mn streeta. \? aahinaton. t. j| ? t.E. ICE!! IC K!!!?The nnderaignad resr-?ofrii. ? (> inform in* friends and the pubi:citei.eralj?, that ''if ''"*/* /'r^pit-iod to furnish .ami!i>'s and <>tb?'*f through the sanaon) with the f>eat quality of ICE. ? i,n 94,9 ^art ?f ^a?hiiiKt<Nl mkI 4>eorge iirw'-V K "" < eeti to give entire aatisfactiou. Or.fera tot* left wi?h Kimnru A L*r*s:NCK o??riier 1-Uh street ard I'euns) Ivamt avenue: Gko. . ,',VVELL A* 1 n- ?iti? "treei; J. B. MooRK.\>ru^ eixt. Penna. avenue. I^iween l!>th and 2"th streets i GEoKttKStKTz.New \ orkavenue. Irivsfn mm anJ * "??T- A. Patnb. Druggist, corner t.h and Mass. a\-enue; and with the subscril^r. No ?'n ?l "!reott Ge?>rgetowu, where loe oai. ^e had Hi ni! times. a?>7-tl T. N. KIDWELL. <I'R! ^ Smo ,-JNG AND SI MMER GOODS.?JOHN H. vM<K?Tt No. !19 I'ndjte street, Georgetown. [i% C., has reoeived from Now York and Philndelphia, aud now utferiux at very low pnoes, to uash and prompt customers, a large and genera] assort ment of foilo *r ? A>iCT ^?oow,"-<x>"'prisinf tu part as New style Silk Robes and fancy ?i!k? Best nake )>lack Silks, high lustred Challiei. LoMtreeaud Mods Dniifnci Mushi printed W(k>1) Mous De;aiuee Cfwi lies aixl Harege Dolajneg, m greet ranet? Kidi UrgaiKiie, Hirere.end Jac-?net Robee brig lit Oolora end mode plain Bareges and U# lames Plain French Brilliants and Percales Plain oolors Craveiiasand Spring-sty Is Popliu Ducals, a light seasonable funnc printed Jaconets and Brilliants J\ bite Brilliants, from to Si % coats Best inakt s i-ew styles Gingiiams Petaaftea, Chain brays and o'ain Luctree \rint> of utw ?'?yes. in great variety, at 1*7% oeots R ch Chin?x oolors best French Organdtes \\ MITK Gocoa. in great variety. Plain Swiss, Nansook and Jaoonet Mus.ins Piaid and striped Muslins SmaJl-hKtired and rich Broca<le Swiss Musline l'laid and str.ped Jaoonet, Nansook aad Swua M uslms White Tr.rletona. Illusions, and Wash NeU Irun Linens (of the l*est ir>akes)very cheap Linen Cambric, Linen and Bishop Lawns super English Long Cloths, suitable for Ladies' use New York. Bates. Atwood,and other good makes Snirtiiigs White C:.mbnos (of Jonas's oelebrated make >\ hito Brilliants and stnped India Dimity Mars'-ille? for Basques and Bonnet Card Shirt Bosoms and Slurt Coliare. _ E*BBoi?xaixs. French worked Muslin Collars and Seta Swiss Cambric Collars and Sets Swiss and I -ace Sleeves and Sets Honitonand Maltese Laoe Collars Swiss ramlf io and Dimity Bands Embroidered Linen C&mbpc HdJtfa. A?so. new styles Laoe and Siik MauUIlae Stel'a and White Crape Shawls Plain and rich fi/ured Bonnet and Sash Kibbooa SlnrtarXB*' Naap,, ,tao' *** Sie.etusi gprinu assortmert of Bajou's Kid Glovea Taffeta Suk, b.ack laoe and I.iale thread do Cotton Hosiery of every kind for ladies a*l children Gents best English Half-hose, ribbed and plain do Lis.e thread and fancy cotton do. A food assortment i f Silk Cravats and Tiee Suspenders. Silk and Linen Cambric Hdkfs Gossamer and Lisle-thread Shirts and Drawers New style Parasols. 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Qualitative and Onan titative. 1 vol., London Nor.nandy's Introduction to Ri>se'e Chemical Ana lysis. 1 vo]., London Galloway's Manual of Qualitative Anaiyais, l vol.. Lmm Gmham's Chemistry in its Applications to the Arts. I vol., London Chemistry isiU Applications to Arts and Mansfhn i'onf m R'ohardson, and Knapp ; ? v.. J^erherdt's Chimie, Orraniqae, 1 vol.. Piris Intro;1 net ion to Practical Organic Chemist ry.l vol.. Reid s R udiments of Chemistry. 1 vol., London JfV FRANCK tAVLok. WALL k STEPHENS, Whoioeale I >ealer? aad Jobbers in c^THS>CJiSSIMEilES%Atlli fE&TIAU2\