Newspaper of Evening Star, July 15, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 15, 1857 Page 3
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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. At*>rr Do<j? ?It Is estimated that there are ii?>w in the city of Washington not less than three thousand Jive hundred dogs , au increase since 1350 of at least fifteen hundred No other city in the country of it* size can, it is believed, show anything like such imposing canine statistics, and their accuracy might readily be questioned were It not a matter of notoriety that in hundreds of households in the northern portion of the citv, First Ward, Island, Nan Vara, and Capitol Hfll the dogs outnumber the family two to one. It is no uncommon thing to see six, eight, or ten, and sometimes as high as fifteen dogs attached to the premises of some poverty-stricken white or col ored man. who can scarce find his family in bread, and where quite apparently 44 things are going to the dogs." It is doubtless within the recollection of the municipal officers how a pauper lately, on being sent to the poor-house, was fol lowed thither by his stren faithful dogs. A gentleman, whose name, were we at liberty to give it. would tie a guarantee that he would rather understate than overstate a fact, assures us that on a fine moonlight night latelv he counted no less than ninety-turee dogs trotting past his door, in single file, apparently on some forav. This was on the Island, where the dogs not only abound, hot where they are formidable from their close affiliation, training in packs and congrega ting nightly in vast assemblages, where, seating themselves in a circle, on their haunches, and elevating their noses perpendicularly, they howl to i oncert for many hours together. The howling of <o many does affects the stran ger unpleasantly, even disturbing his slumbers, but Is not considered disagreeable by residents: and. indeed, we are told that Seventh Warders, moving into neighborhoods more sparsely popu lated with dogs, have so missed the familiar yelpings as to pass sleepless nights, and have been compelled either to return or to colonize large numbers of dogs on their premises?such is the force of habit: With such an army of " curs of all degree"' at large unmuzzled it is inevitable that more or less ?ersous will Ije bitten this season, and aceordin*' y we give the following 44 KKCIPE FOR TBI BtTK OP A MAD OOO. "Take oystersbells, burn to a lime, pulverize and sift through a pice of gauze; take two heaped tablespoons-full of the sifted lime and mix with eggs to the consistency of batter or cream; fry this in a pan with a piece of fresh butter or some sweet-oil. This cake to be eaten in the morning, and nothing of food or drink to be taken for six hours afterwards" We have, we must conies*. no particular faith in this or any other remedy for hydrophobia, but it may lie a consolation to the doomed ones to know that they are having the benefit of all the chance*. Should the City Councils by any chance put seasonable (temporary) restrictions upon the dogs, and the municipal officers enforce them, of course the necessity for the recipe will be done away with. The Rivkii.?The western draw of the Long Bridge was raised this morning to allow the sleepers to be laid for the iron rollers. The travel will be suspended until Saturday, when the work will lie so far advanced as to allow its resump tion. The steamer Maryland. Capt Mitchell, arrived fiom Norfolk yesterday, at 3 o'clock p. m. She was detained beyond time. lieing compelled to >topat almost every river landing to takeon board passengers. This fact auguis well for the success of the line. On her passage up. she passed in the mouth of the river the packet schooner Hamilton, t'roin New York for Georgetown; she has proba bly ere this reached Alexandria, where she will discharge part of her cargo. The steamer Powhatan left the wharf at nine o'clock, with the '? Still Club" excursionists to l?eonardtown. She had on board an excellent cotillon band and a large number of passengers, and some of the prettiest of our Washington girls. No doubt, from the appearance of certain boxes and baskets which weat on board the l*o?t just before she started, her passengers will be well cared for We learn, this morning, that the cause of the fight among the down-river excursionists yester day was, that at the White House some two or three men went into the river to bathe without putting themselves to the inconvenience of seek ing a retired place for their purpose. The ladies present were naturally very indignant, and were determined not to let such a breach of decorum go unpunished: they accordingly Instigated the fight, and that the punishment should be well ad ministered cheerfully lent their assistance,bring ing fists, feet, and their fair finger nails to l>ear?n the cause of decency and good morals, which was thus triumphantly sustained The steamer Page this morning took down more than a hundrul passengers en rose for the Springs The George Washington went this inorniii" to Georgetown to take the Dumbarton stieet Metho dist Episcopal Choiron an excursion to the White House and the Fort, where they will pass the day in the usual manner. Tit* Di*cove*t or Washisctox City ?At the Capitol we have the picture of DeSoto dis covering the Mississippi, but on the easel of Stanley, the artist, may be seen a painting of an historical subject nearer home. Wing the discov ery oT Washington?or rather its site?by Captain John Smith, who, it Is well known, was the first white voyager up the Potomac, and was the first white niau.tliat set foot on these shores. Smith is represented in this picture as in the net of making a landing with his party on the Potomac shore, at the foot of Kighth street a place which probability and tradition Indicates as reailv the point where he touched on his arri val at the intersection of the Potomac and Ana cost in. In conference with the redoubtable voyager is neen a party of native Indians, consisting of Counsellors. Priests and Chiefs, painted with inat truthfulness to nature which distinguishes this artist's representation of the aboriginal. We recoguize too the magnificent down-river view presented at this point, which is one of the finest on the river. Green leaf s Point is represented as covered with shrubbery, in accordance with a theorv enter tained by old citizens, well qualified to judge, that this point of laud took its name not from au Individual, but from the fact of its being covered with a luxuriant vegetation. In support of this theory Is brought fetward the fact that in the '-Washington Gazette," of 1796?the first paper iuiblished here?the place is spoken of as i-(freeH ?*/Puiut. ' It was at that time public propertv and consequently could not have been identified with the person who was afterwards the owner of much of the land in that vicinity, and whose name, according to popular belief thereby became attached to it. This picture is being executed to the order of nue of our eminent citizens, who has. In ad dition to his other good works, done much to en roitrage American artists to illustrate home seenery and subjects. i*ME Natiomai. abe.\a.?Rladensburg is fast losing its bloody honors and Washington is as suming them. \ eslerday two belligerent Alex andrians came to this Hty to settle their differen re-. and, selecting a spot in the Smithsonian grounds, hammered each other to their hearts' content. The Auxiliary Guards started in that direction to arrest them'; but ere they reached the spot, the flsticuflWs had settled their affair of honor, and were walking amicably away arm in arm. They were perfectly sober; and. previous to the fight, genteelly dressed ; but, as might l?e supposed, emerged from the conflict with their costume* considerably disarranged. After all a fight with nature's weapons is not so utterly in defensible as one wiilt the murderous pistol or bowie, but, pray gentlemen, have you no vacant ground in the vicinity of Alexandria appropriate to such affairs * Please don't desecrate our beau tiful Smithsonian grouuds. FtcHTiSii Crowd ?Yesterday, Francis Davis, Virglnia Topping and Margaret Johnson, colored ladies, 14 peeled "and went into a regular fight. They were arrested by Officer Cooper, and sent to the workhouse for 90 days each. On their way down they undert.x.k to thrash the otficers. Suit and Cooper, who had them in custody. This was a gauie n which allcouid take part, and they found the oflhers w.-re most expert at it. After a few lessons, pugilistic, they were induced to go quietly along ? Heal F*tate Sales ?Yesterday, a Green, auctioneer, sold a frame house and lot on Four sfHt-a-half street near D south, to J. || Hahleir foe J C MrG.iire sold a part of the land owned oy 'he late \X m Hot mend, consist iug of 5 acres. 3 rood* and II p? relies, to \Ir. Wiu Murphy, for e >45 per a.-re. This land is situated within this ? ount). Also, part of tat 8 in square 44V, with the improvements, on Seventh street between L irid M. to 11 A Santer for Sl.uTO I jpbov i\y ?Pol ire officer Thos. E. Robinson, who was shot while arresting Robert Cross, was yesterday Improving, though still confined to his t.ed The wounds in his ftice are healed The >iidex aud ring Angers of the left hand are both Injured, and the latter may be shortened In con sequence. but it will not 1m* necessary for the am putation of either, it is hoped. 1'he Natiohl Hotel Kidehic.?We shall to-morrow give the rej?ort of the New York A' udeiuy of Medicine uii the National Hotel en demic This rrport is very emphatic in tracing the source of the disorder to malarial influences. The opinion of the members seemed to be Very generally in favor of the report, and it was adopted by a large majority. Piopert v Sale ?We learn that PhHIp Ottcr . fcnrk, F.sq , of Washington, has purchased the site of the Morocco Dressing establishment of Daniel >?br\er. near the depot of the Alexandria, Loudoun and Hampshire Railroad, and that he Contemplates negotiating With the city for the old "Beverly Property.*?Altxa*4n* bfntind. Criminal Co vmt .?Yesterday the riot caw at Gerbardl'n was np before the Court, and the fol lowing jnry w?a empanelled upon It: Thomas D. Laruer, James B. Ho] mead, N. Boyd Brook*, <i. D Spencer, William B Sothoron, John B. Da vidson. Horatio Nater, Samuel Hansen, Patrick G. Murray, Tbodore Meade, Nathan Hammond and James Espy * Messrs RatcliflV and Martin appeared for de fence. The evidence elicited wa? much the same as that brought out upon the trial of Gerhardt for the homicide of Shoult. The case was submitted without argument, and the jury, after a short ab sence returned a verdict of guilty on the second count in the indictment?that of an aflrav. The Court called the accused parties, WilliamYaylor, John Hall and Frank Elliot up, and. sentenced them to imprisonment in the county jail for a term of three months and to pay a fine of *>10 each. The Court then adjourned. This morning, the case of Robert Cross, in dicted for assault and battery with intent to kill Officer Thomas H Robinson, of the Sixth Police District, on the 30th day of June, 1957, was taken up. Chilton and Martin for defence. In consequence of the illness of Judge Craw ford. the Court did not yet to business before 11 o'clock The following are the names of the jurors who sit in the case, viz : Messrs. Abraham Butler. A. Lewis Newton, Oeo. M. Sothoron.Thos. J. Wil liams, \Vm Van Riswick, James Fulalove, ?< raphiin Masi, Thos. D. l.arner, B E. Getting*. James M. Taylor. James Barnes, Ed. II. Edelin. The witnesses for the United States called are Messrs Wm. Harper, Bernhard Donellv, J as. H Suit. Franklin Bl khard, Dr. Dnhatro 1. Charles Frankenburj;er and Cant. Baggot. l-'or the de fence thev are Messrs. Bemegious Burch, Chas. Painter, John H Wise, Frederick Plaster. Sonny Stewart, Jesse Jenkins, and Franklin Birkheaa. Mr. Key opened for the United States, giving in briel' a history of the case, stating that the ac cused had drawn a pistol and shot dangerously the officer who was in the execution of his duty in arresting the defendant, then a fugitive from justice. He was followed on the part of the defence by Mr. Chilton, who said that he admitted that, iu a cursory view of the case as stated by the coun sel for the United States, it would soem that the defendant had a poor ca?e; lieexpectcd, however, from the knowledge of some facts of which he had been apprized, and which he expected to prove, to make out a case for his client. The charge against the prisoner was that of shooting an officer in the discbarge of his duty; he said the shooting was nothing, but the intention to kill was the main point; that unless the jury could tind facts in tne evidence to show the intention to kill, they could not bring in a verdict against the defendant on the charge; that the prisoner, when the officers attempted to arrest him, asked them to show their authority for making the ar rest; that they refused to do so; and that, under these circumstances, the defendent resisted them they not showing any authority, the warrant call ing* for his arrest then being a mile oti' in the hands of another officer, and who was the only proper officer to make the arrest. Mr. C. is now speaking us this report closes. The Excvrsion Row Yesterday.?There are various reports in circulation as to the occasion of the atfray at the steamboat wharf Monday, of which one is given in our river report, and another is that it originated all al>ont a pitcher of milk which one person snatched from another, and which discourtesy was resented by a blow at the time, and afterwards caused the great row. Of the following facts we are assured by an e\e witness. The aff ay took place, not upon the boat, but at the Washington wharf upon the ar rival of the first return boat at (i o'clock. p m. But four members of the Western Hose coinpany we;e present, (the remainder of the company be ing at the White House.) and they, though they exerted themselves to the utmost, were unable to stop the tight. Not one of the parties with whom the difficulty originated belonged to the Western Hose company. We learn that this company (Western Hose) have resolved to enter upon a full investigation rf the matter, and to bring the parties criminated, whoever they may be. to justice. Beware ! Mad Doss Aboct '?Two mad dogs were killed in this city to-day?one in the vicin ity of the Northern Market, and the other in the rear of Mr. Wm. Tucker's Tailoring establish ment. on Pennsylvania avenue, between Four and-a-half and Sixth streets The latter was a pet dog but showed such unmistakable symptoms of hydrophobia, that its owner was compelled to have it killed It is feared that these dogs may have bitten a number of others. Carelessness.?Property owners who leave their doors and shutters insecurely fastened can only blame themselves if they sufl'er loss. Last night, the attention of persons passing was at tracted to a store where the shutters of the win dow had l?een so carelessly ple.oed that one had fallen out upon the sidewalk, and the rest were leaning out so that a touch would have thrown them down. Police Retort.?The*reports of the police officers to J. W. Baggott, Esq , chief of police, for the week ending the nth instant, shows the nunil?er of cases returned as fi9, and of these 6 are I nited States cases. This statement covers the reports of nine officers. Election.?At an election of the Liberty Club, on the 7th iiist., the following officers were elected for the ensuing six mouths : John Willis, Presi dent: Alex M. Procter, Vice President; Samuel Stinchcomb, Secretary : Walter B. Sewell, Trea surer. Sale of Pugars to-pat.?At the sugarsaleby E. S Wright, to-day. upon the wharf of F.&. A. H. Dodge, Georgetown, 22-1 hhds., cargo of the brig Fideiia, was sold at prices ranging from ?10.05 to ?10 'JO. ?? A False Fire Alarm was raised in the Fourth Ward about 11 o'clock last night, created, quite apparently, for mischievous purposes. One com pany was brought out by it. The Rainy Season.?Who wants a watering pot, cheap? Our Reuben has one which he will sell at a hargaiu, having no earthly occasion to use it. Watch RKifRNs.?The only case for trial at the central guard-house this morning was Ann Cahoe, an old patron, drunk and disorderly; workhouse 'JO days. Madame Mount has prepared by special request, a Salve for the cure of Cancers, which never was known to fail. Also, a Cordial for Dysentery, Diar rhea, and Summer Complaint, which actsas a per fect charm to arrest allot these diseases. Also, a Salve for the Plies, tan extract Iroui aflower,)a sov ereign remedy. Give them a trial. Like her Con sumption Destroyer, tliey may he relied on. She otters no article hut what has heen tented. To he had at No. 339 G street, l>etween 11th mid 18th. Also at .Nairn &. Palmer's Drug Store, corner 9th street and Penn. avenue, D. S. D> son's Drug Store, corner of Penn. avenue and l*th street, and J. P. Miiburu's Drun Store. Willards' Hotel. References can he made to Rev. John Rohb, Rev. Mr. Register, Rev. James Hanson, and Rev. Mr. Manahan. The Consumption Destroyer also aan be found'in Alexandria, at Mr. Ca?tleinan's Store, on King street, my sole agent for that plaoe. In Georgetown at Mr. T. A. Newman's, on Bridge street. je 17 DIED. On the 13th m?tan?, Mrs. ELIZABETH TAL BOT, aged eighty yer rs. On the 15th instant, C 1.1FTOV, only child of Wm. A. and Maria Shanr.on, ared four and a half month*. The friends of the family are requested to attend the funeral from their residence, 22) 12th st. north, at ^o'clock,Thursday Morning, i PROGRESS IN THE FINE ARTS. Painting and Photography Combined. PHOTO ff RAP hTC PORTRAITS, In Oil Colors, on Canvas, Mlmature or Size of Life. S. WALKER'S PORTRAIT AM) PICTURE GALLERY, Odeon Hall, oorner C? st.and Pennsvlvaniaavenue. S.WALKER has fitted up the above spacious apartments at a verv great outlay of capital, thereby rendering his establishineut one of the most com plete and handsome in the whole couutry. He has a large Gallery t?r fret t rkibtnun of upward of aim hue Oil Paintings, hy some of the best ancient and moderu masters, to which he intend* to add fresh importations. S. Walker has also fitted up a com plete suit of rooms, with private robing apartments for ladies, and purchased the finest possible instru iiients, and engaged a lirst class openyfive artist to assist hiui ui tne department for inking all kinds of PHOTOGRAPHIC. AMHROTVPE AND DA GFERREOtYPK FOR TR A I TS, from the smallest uiiumlurr to size oj lijr. S. combining the Photograpluo Pro cess with the art of Painting. of winch he has lwt<f ZS years' experience, and whose specimens of life size portraits may lie seen in some of the farst farm lies of the city, as well as those exhibited in his tiallery, he will lie able, by the curstunutioii of the two, to produce portraits that have uever been ex celled for then Udelit) and life-like expression. Can- i vas and lioards prepared Its himself expressly for the purpose. Particular attention paid to the painting of Por traits. Miniature or life sue, from small pictures of Je ctastd friends. Photographs taken from corpses, or sick persons taken at their own residences, on immediate no 11 Committees and classes taken in an* number in groups, and any quantity of copies from the same sold atreaaosA hie charges. Likenesses painted on Copper for Tomb Stones. Valuable Oil Paintings, and Old Family Portraits, carefully back lined and restored to thtir original T>Ladies*and gentlemen are respectfully solicited to cull at the Gallery, over Shi Huycton's book store? entr&neevS etreet, two doors Troni Pennsylvania avenue. jyll-6ni FOR SUMMER I SF.^-We have fresh stock of Bar Rum, Cologne. Tiolet \Vater, all kinfls of Soap. Shaving Apparatus. Brushes. Comlw,1 ow ders. Sewing. Birds. Fans. Ac., atourgreat Fancy gu,,.. * 60. FOR BJBHT AITD SALE. F A Forjrtktf'For Rent a td Salt" notirrS sn 1st part. T? ?/&T-A large front OFFICE arvl A 1'ART * M EN TS at H4 F street, between UthiodlMh atrects. jy 15 if FOR RENT.?Two or throe desirable ROOMS, either furnished or unfurnished, at 47<> 12th ?t., between F and G streets. jy 13-Jf READ THIS.?Who wtnti a bargain in a neat HOLSK and LOT.' The undersigned has sev eral small Houses for sale in a pleasant locality, on terms which will y teId the purchaser a <arge inter est on the investment. A lot would be received in part payment. E. I.AZENBY, No. 296 Kth street nor?n. Northern Lil>erties. jy 14-St* FOR SALE.?1 Will sell nil four-story BRICK HOUSE on Market street, or Market Space, for $3.0(10 cash, aud if uot sold iu ten day s it will be put and sold to the highest bidder. jy 13-3t* THOMAS HUNTER. j^OR RENT?A large and convenient COTTAGE containing 9 rooms aud airy passages, situated on 7th street, near the Park. It has attached a garden and stable far one horse. The premises hnve re ceived some injury from former tenant*, and. will therefore be rented chcap to a permanent and punc tual tenant. Apply at CHARLES STOTT'S Apothecary, Penn. avenue., near 7th street, jy 13-3t* VALUABLE FARM FOR SALE.-For sale A FARM of 543 acres, in Culpeper Coun tv. Virginia, one mile from Mitchell's Station on the Alexandria and Orange Railroad. The soil is natu rally excellent, and mat economically and easily lie unproved, so that it Will produce as fine crops as are grown anywhere in the United States ; 115 acres in heavy timber, much of it suitable for ship timber, for which there are markets to be reached by means of the railroad ; also a large quantity of cord wood that may be sold to the Railroad Company at remu nerative prices. The buildings are nil on a hill, and, with small repairs, may l>e made oomfortable for the residence ol a family The place is well watered, and embraces every desirable convenience. As one of the joint owners" of this Farm now resides in the West, and is determined to sell will be sold a great bargain,on very accommodating terms. Persons disposed to purchase inav inquire for fur ther particulars to W. D. \VA LLACH, editor of the Star, Washington City, who knows the prem ises. jiy 8-11 FARM FOR SALE.-A FARM of7<>acres, with crop in ground, situated aliout 10 miles from Washington, near the7th st. Plank Road, aliout 30 acrog of which is cleared and under cultivation. Terms of sale : One-hall cash ; balance in 4 years. If not sold at private sale before Wednesday, the 29th of this month. (July) will be sold at public sale, on thepretnises.on that day. For further information enquire of A. F. HINES, on the premises, or of C. M. MINES, Druggist, 120 Penn. avenue, Washington, D. C. jy 9-eot29th I70R RENT?One of those FRAME HOUSES .T on D street, between 14th and 15th streets, No. 229. To a good and punctual tenant the rent will be made reasonable. The House is now undergoing a thorough repair. Enquire of C. M. KEYS, comer of Nth and C streets. No.548. j* 13 eo3t rf1() LET.?The upper portion of a HOUSE on the north side ol Pennsylvania avenue, lietween PM)R SALE.?A valuable three story BRICK DWELLING, situated on 13th street west, be tween C and D streets. The house has recently un dergone thorough repairs, and together with the ad joining Back Building. contains twelve tine sized rooms with all the necessary improvements. The location is alike, central and healthy. For further particulars enquire at No. 4"8 13th street. jy l?-eolm F|M)R RENT ?A modern built HOUSE, centum lug 12 rooms, comfortably furnished, in a delight ful and airy location, fronting one of the public res ervations. and commanding an extensive view of the citv, the river, and Georgetown. It has gas through out ; water and bath-room. To a careful tenant the rent will lie moderate. Inquire at 4 H1 street, sec ond door from 12th street. je 24-tl IIM)R SALE.?A FARM of about I'M acres, in Montgomery county, Md., ten miles from Wash ington. on the C'olesville road, improved With a good Brick Dwelling, a log barn and stable, a tine orchard of choice fruit. A part is set with clover, and the whole well fenced. A barzain may be obtained if early applied lor, or would exchange for citv proper ty. H. X. LANSDALK. Agent, No. 564 M street, or through the City Post Office, je 22-lm WAffTS. \17ANTED IMMEDIATELY?A YOUNG " G| R L as Nurse to a Child 16 months old. None n?*ed apply unless well recommended. Enquire at 4-tl tot ft street, a few doors above Penn. avenue. jy 15-2t? WrANTED?In a small family. TWO WOMEN. one to do the Cooking, Washing, and Ironing, the other, Chauiberwork. Sewing ,Ac. None neeo apply wi'tiout evidence of good character. Apply at No. 420 14th street, lietween II and I st". j> 15-tt VITA NT ED?In the family of a gentleman residing " two miles from the city. a good plain COOK. One who can bring recommendations for skill, hon esty, and cleanliness will find a good situation and regular wages. Apply to J. P. CR UTCIIETT, cor ner of 6th and D streets. jy 15-tf \\*ANTED.?A Woman to wash and do honse v ? iwork : also a Man to attend to a horse and take care of a small place two miles from'own. Inquire of Mrs. DA VIS. .J7I Pennsylvania avenu". and Mr. HASTE, Seventh-street road, this side of the toll sate. It* MASONS ARB WANTED A r THE LIT I'l.E i"l Falls Bridge,.r?'t miles above Ijeorgetown. Ap ply on ttie work to M ICHAL JOYCE, Superinten dent. R AN DOLPH COYLE, Engineer iu Charge jy*f4-3t A GOOD PLAIN COOK' WANTED-One who can bring recommendations for honesty, indus try .and cleanliness, will find a good situation and rerular wages by quickly applying at No. 3JP 2!st st., between II and I. Colored person preferred. jy 14-3t* A WOMAN WITH A FRESH BREAST OF Milk wants a situation as WET NURSE in a respectable family. Apply at No. 29e3d t ween G and H. jy 14-2t* DRFG STORE FOR SALE?In an excellent location, doing a good business. Satisfactory reasons given for selling. Terms moderate. Ad dress DR UG GIST atthis office. jy 14 2awtf BOARDING- WANTED.-Tw3~~Young Men wish a SINGLE ROOM with BOARD in a respectable private family where few or no Ixt&rders are kept. A house in the neighborhood of Dand 15th streets preferred. A pply by note to "D. S.," Jat Sa romy A Co.'s. Union Buildings. jy lt-'*t* WWANTED?A GIRL, about 14 or 15 years of age to Xurse Children. Colored Girl pre ferred. Apply to F. DENIS, Xo. 23a F street, be tweeii 13th and 14th streets. jy U-2t* W'ANTED?A situation as HOUSEKEEPER bv a lady who has lutd long experience. She understands pastry, and also the management of a dairy. Is a good dressmaker, and has no objection , to connect any of them with the alaive charge, if re quired. She speaks the English anil French lan- [ gunge*. Entirely satisfactory references given, if] required. Address "G. H." at this office, or call at No. 4!*i 14th street. Correspondence received for one week. jy 13-41* \\J ANTED? Botween 15th and 7th strce's, north tt of K street, a small neatly furnished COT TAGE or HOUSE, with yard and shade trees, or part of a House with use of Kitchen. Reference given. Address Box 134 City Post Office statH.g terms and location. ie 2'-tf VITANTED?In the family of a gentleman residing two miles from the city, a good plain COOK. One who can bring recommendations for skill, honesty, and cleanliness will lind a good situation an<l regular wanes. Apply to J. P. CnUTCIIETT, corner of 6th and D streets. je 1-tf WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED THE FOL lowing Goods which we are prepared to sell at a small advance of cost for cash : A very large variety of Turner Bros, celebrated Liquors,viz: Turner's Ginger Wine, an excellent remedy for Dispepsia Blackberry Brandy, & certain cure for Diarrhea and Dysentery Claret. Madeira. Sherry, and Sweet Malaga Wines, all of superior quality Raspberry, Strawberry, Ginger, and Cherry Bran dies, all of fine flavors, prepared from the pure juice of the fruit Rose, Cinnamon, Annts,and Pepperment Cordials Curaoivi, Absinthe, Essence of Pepperment Extract of Stirsaparilla, Stoughton Hitters Forest Wine Bitters. We have also on hand, a supply of Dr. Wheeler's Celebrated Sherry Wine Bitters, a spienuid article. In addition to the atsive, we have at all times a large supply of the following named atock of Malt Liquors, being the only Liquors of the kind in the District,and whinli cannot fail in giviii' satisfaction to all who use them : Philadelphia XX, Burton and XXX Pale Ale,Philadelphia Brown Stout,XX Por ter, and a fine article of Lager Beer. As usual, a supply of Mineral Water, Cider, Ac., on hand. ARNY4 SH1NN, je 8 57 Green street. Georgetown. (COLUMBIA MARKET, ' Corner !3fh street and Penn. avenue. Just arrived arid for sale another invoice of that PI RE CIDER VINEGAR. The proprietors of this Market take this oppor tunity to return thanks for-the blieral patronage be stowed hy the citizens of Washing ton, ami hope by strict personal attention, with moderate charges, to merit its continuance. je'JU?*w4w MALLARD Sr DUVAL. d 'ARRIAGES -CAR HIAGES-CARRIAGES. The undersigned has now on hand a. very good as?-o;tm?nt of S I M M E Ri CARRlAG ES, BUGGI ES.& (-? w Incli ne very respectiully invites the public generally Prices moderate. JNO. P. DF.NNIS, ap 24 eoSm 6th st.. bet. Iji. ave. and C st. Academy of mi sic, Cot. of IDA si. amI Pa. nrr., oi*tr Furnkunt'* Bookstore. Mr. F. Nichoi.l* Crouch, composer of upward of *.?*)?? songs, author of '* Kathleen Mavourueen," and musical editor of Godey's I July's Book Continues giving Vocal Lessons to his Pupil* and Classes, every Monday. Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, at the alsive Institution. Members *n rot If it rrrry '/ay, n s no vacations oo cur during the Summer months?THIS SFA^oN, lieing the proper time, for Vocalists to study. Apply to Mr. Crouch, at the Academy ?d Music, every morning from 8 to 10 o'clock. Musical Lectures delivered every Thursday even in/c- illustrated by the Pupils of the Institution. je l-e?>3m TWO BILLIARD TABLF.SFORSALE.?By virtue of a d>ed of trust, executed bj Henry Fl dred to rue. as trustee, dated the 7th Fel>ruary, 1857, and recorded in the County Court of Alexandria. I will sell, at public auction, to the highest bidder, for cash, on M O \ DA Y. the ?*h July. IdW, TWO BILl.A R D TA BLES. With all their hxtures er?iit plete. The sale to take place .in fnwit of the Mar shall House, in the city of Alexandria, where the taoles can be seen by any person desiriug to pur cnase. JJ, H, BERKY, Tmstee, it AUCTIOH 8ALES. By BONTZ A COOMBS, Anrtionwi. fcJALKOF HOUSEHOLD FIRNITl RE AND Hoi** Fi G?h?m>.?t?n Till R>DA\ MORMN'i.'h* Ifith irot.,*t5o'fliw!k,*? shall sell, lit the housc-furtnshiu; atoteou Pennsylvania ;tve mie, No. 5)f . next t'oor to Adams Express Olhoe. the following Household Furniture, viz: Mahogany and walnut Bureau*, marble-top Tal4es Bedstead* and Washstands Mah?it&fiT Sofas and Chair*. Divan*. Lounge* Clocks, Carpeting, cane and wood s?at Chairs Pillows. Bolsters, Mattress** China, Glass and Crockery Ware. Ac. Together with inany other articles. too numerous to mention. jy 15-lt BONTZ A COOMBS. Aucts.

Ii By A- GREEN. Auctioneer. orSKIKH.PA.xi) KITCHEN FURNITURE, xkak mt N.%vv Yard, at Acctioi.?On MONDAY, the 2tth instant, I shall set) at !2 o'el'k m.,at the residence of Mrs. Bradley. No. 4i? south G street, between 6th and 7th street* east, 3 doors past of Rev. S. Marks, a good lot of Furniture, viz: Mahoganv Dining. Breakfast.and other Talde* Feather Beds, Bedding, Bedsteads, and Stands Clock, Lookiiijg Glass. Rush-seat and other Chairs China, Glass, Crockery, and Stone Ware Lounge, Venitian Blind*,Carpets. Rugs, Ac. Cooking, Air-tight, and other Stove*. With a g?*od lot of Kitchen Requisites, anil many other article* winch we deem unnecessary to enu merate. Terms cash. A. GRKEN, jy U-d Auctioneer. By E. S. WRIGHT; Georgetown. ON FRIDAY, THE 24TI1 DAY OF JULY, on the premises, at 5 o'clock p. in.. I will sell to the highest bidder, that verv desirable Dwelling and Bus.ness Stand situated on High street, one door north of Prospect street, Georgetown, D. C.. !>eing the same property for many years occupied by James Hicks. This Lot fronts 22 feet on High street.running back If** feet to a ten feet alley; attached, and fronting <>n Prospect street, w n lot 44 feet front. ruuninglack 21) feet and binding on the west a 10 fact alley. The un provem-nt* consist of a substantial and commodious Dweiluu House and Stow Rmrni, fronting on Hull street the width of the lot, and conceded to be one of the best business grinds on the street. Fronting on Prospect streets feet, is a substantial and well built 3-story Dwelling, slate root'. The attention of persons wishing to make a good investment is culled to this property, as it will l>e so!d without reserve. The property is now under an annual rout of Terms very easy and made known at the sale. 1 will also offer at the same time, thoadjoiiing Lot fronting on Prospect street, and running liaeii US' !t? lyogwsstof and binding on the sain? alley. ,r By order the Trusiee. Jy iS-dts E.S. WRIGHT. Anct. By C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer. House and lot on f street at arr tiox.?By virtue of a deed of trust from Mrs. Mary E. Barney and others, dated on the ?Mh day "f November, 1856.and recorded in the Land Records of Washington county. District of Coiumbin, in Liber J. A. S., No. Ui. folio A to 19, arid for the pur poses of said trust, will be sold at public auction <>n the premises, on E street north, on TUESDA S .the 4th day of August, UV, at 5 o'clock p. in., all that part of ttie Lot ot Ground numliere?i t>. in Square 45fi, in Washington city , beginning for the same at a point on the north side ol F. street north one bun dred and forty feet and nine inches from the south west corner of said running thence north seventy-one feet and six inches witn the western line ofa portion of said lot numlier six which w is convex e?t by David Saunders and wife to Roger C. Weigh'man. to the use of Sarah Scott; f hence er..>l 2 feet 6 incne* : thence north ill feet 7>i inches; thence west 22 leer In and one-third inches; thence south !? feet I inch and a half; thence east 2!) feet 4 inches and one third of an inch to the place of be Die improvements consist of a good three-story brick dwelling and Ivasement, with a larse two-story hack building, and the whole well arraiucd for a res idence and office. Terms of sale : ?2.0nn in cash, and the residue for notes in eciual snw>s payab'e in six. twelve, aud eigh teen months, with interest. A dr>ed will Ih given and a deed of trust taken to secure the deferred payments. The expenses of the deeds to be at the cost of the purchaser. The Trustee reserves the right to himself, at his option, to re sell the property, at the risk and cost of the purchaser, by giving five days' notice of the time and terms of such sale, or to vacate the sale, if the terms thereof are not complied with by the pur chaser within live days after the sale. The premises are now under lease for .*<? n per annum, the lease to expire on the 1st dav of October, I8tt. HENRY M. MORFIT. Trustee. C. W. BOTELER. Auctioneer. 117* THE CREDITORS OF MRS. MARY E. Barney provided for in said deed are requested to leave their accounts and vouchers at the office of the Trustee, on 4street. july 1 l-Pod&?1s By A.GREEN, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE IM I'RovEti Property ox thk Island.?By virtue of a deed of trust liearing date on the 13th dav of Decmlier. H5si, nnd recorded in Liber J, A. S., No. 125, folio 159 et seq. among Ihe Land Records of Washington county, m the District of Columbia, tlie undersigned trustee wi't sell at puh'ie auction to the highest bidder on THURSDAN . the 13th day of August, lx.17, at ? o'clock p. rn., on the premises, a certain Lot of Ground, in the City of Washington, known as Lot No. 16 in Square No. 2K7. which lot is now divided in two parts, and improved by two frame dwellings. Terms, cash. Unless th?terms are complied with in live days from the sale, the trustee reserve* the right to resell at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser or purchasers. All conveyances at the cost of the piirchast-r or purchasers. RICHARD II. CLARKE, Trustee. A. GREEN, Auctioneer. jy 13-law4w&d* nPIJE I'm ITICAI. TEXT B( OK OR EN 1 cyclopedia, containing everything necessary for the r-f.-rence ol the Politicians und Statesmen of the I'mted States, edited by M. W.CIu?key, 1 vol. 8 vo; | | in in FFANCK TAN LOR. O A L ! C O A L !! COAL!!! White Ash, Gbay Ash, Red Ash, Lehigh,and ALL OTHEH KTXUS OF COAL. Anv amount of fuel delivered at the shortest notice. Pine, Oak and Hickory WOOD a full supply. Coal kept under cover,?2.24H lbs. to the ton. T.J. A W. M. (.ALT, N. W. comer 12th and C street. Xo. 517, jy 14 Ot One square south of Pa. avenue. 1JARTIES WISHING TO VISIT ARLInTF X ton Spring can 1st accommodated with a Boat from 14th street Bridge, which has awning to pio tect them from the sun. Please call at No. au Jefferson street, or address E. D. Reid, Georgetown, D. C. The Boat with awning can be had at any time. jy 14-2t* j^TEW JEWELRY AND WATCHES. II. O. HOOD has just returned from the North, and has brought on a fine lot of Fashionable jtv Cameo, Coral, Mosaic, Brilliants, and Plain SJKj GOLD J EWKLRY. Also, a good assortmentA*J? of due GOLD and S1LVKR WATCHES, some very superior time keepers for ladies and gentlemen* use. He has also on hand a great variety of STAN' D AKD SILVER WAR FI of his own make, warran ted the liest quality am! will be sold verv low. Please call and examine goods and prices at No. 333 Petui. A v., sign of the Large Spread Eagle. jy 10 / ? AS F1X TURKS. vX We have just received a good assortment of <*AS FIXTURES, such as Chandeliers, Brackets, Pendants, Globes, Ac. GAS TUBING introduced ui Stores, Dwellings and Public Buildings by competent workmen, at low rates. Please give us a call. MILLER & CUNNINGHAM. No. 243 Pa, &v., bet. 12th and 13th sts? south side, jy U-2w in SECOND HAND PIANOS. RANt.INu IN IU price from Sf 1 ^ to 51^5. just received from Baltimore. They are very good. Also, 15b?autiful new PI ANOSin store* ' ? ' * recently rtccoived from Boston. Highest price given for old Pianos in exchange for aew. Remember our number is 30G. near 10th street, be tween Vtli and lUtlu JOHN. F. ELLIS. je 22 THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE?That the sub scriber hath obtained from the Orphans'Court of Washington county, in the District of Columbia, letters testamentary on the personal estate of Charles Brice, late of the United States Marine Corps, deceased. All persons having claims against said deceased are herenv warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscrdier on or before the 13th day of July next: they may other wise by law be excluded from all benefit of the said estate.' Given under my hand this 13th dav of July, 1*57. RICHARD H. LASKF.Y, Executor, jy 13-lawtw BOOKS from LONDON.?Finden's Beauties of Moore, i vol., folio, richly tMiund in Turkey inorocco, and illustrated with 49 steel engravings; ?314 Su. Flowers of Loveliness, 1 vol., folio, bound in Tur key morocco, and illustrated with 4<> groups of Fe male Figures, huely executed 111 steel; $13. The Pictorial Sunday Book.I vob.folio, half-bound in Turkey morocoo. illustrated with numerous eu gravings on wood aud steel, and with maps; $111. History and Description ol the Worlds l'air in 185', illustrated by beautiiul steel engravings, 3voi.,4to, finely bound 111 Turkey morocco; js'22. Hogarth's Works 111 a series of 150 steel engrn vings. by the tirst artists,2 vols., 4to, Turkey moroc co : $ 16. Shaksp^are, 3 vols., royal 8vo, Turkey morocoo, illustrated from daguerreotypes of the greatest arid most intellectual actors of the age ; $?;. je cm *R ank taylor. RECTI K V1NG EST A B LISH M EXT.-The un dersigned 'akes this method of informing l.iunor Dealer* that he ha* fitted up a R ECTIFS ITSii F.S rABLlSHMENT in this city, and is now prepared to supply all those who nmv favor him with their custom. He has on hand a large stock of Brandies. Gin, Wines, aud Old Whiskeys, which lie uan sell at as low a hgure as they can be purchased for ei ther in Baltimore or Philadelphia. N. B. Tlie subscriber has also on hand a large lot of F'oreign and Domestic Cigars. PETER FAGAN, ian 14-<8rn* No.? Louisiana ?v.?. rwwr toth at. BOOKS FROM LONDON.?Ho wit rs Homes and Haunts of the English Poetn.illustrated: .*2. Humphrey Clinker, by Smollett, illustrated:75c. Peregriue Pickle, by Smollett, illustrated; ifl. Hietoryof Amelia, by Fielding, illustrated;75e. Schindcrhaune*. the RoM?er of the Rhine, by Leitch Ritchie; 38c. liuy Fawkea. by Amsworth; fSc, The Collegian*, by Gerald Griffin;3Bc. North&nger Ablie) and Pertuasiou, by Miss Ans ten; 98c. The Tithe Proctor, by "William Carleton; 38c. The Emigrants, by William Carleton;3Bc. The Muimter Festival, by Gerald Grithn; 38c. The Rivals, by Gerald (iriiiin; 98c. Fardorougha, the Miser, b? William Carleton^sao. iey FRANCK TAYLOR. liWkll COPO^ OF ROSALIE, THE PR A I\IIMI ne Flower, the most lieautiful song ever published. Als?t, Darliiiv Xe.W <>ray, Music in the Air.and ail the new music of the day just reocived at our Piano and Mu?ic Store. Stt.betwe^ ^th ai.d loth street*, JOHN Fi LLLIsV Jv 10 AUCTIOW SALES, TO DAY 9r TO-MORROW MORNING By J. C. MoGFlRE. Auctioneer. Highly valfa nr.f.bitlding lots at THK (?>?>? ?'? North L STREET A!?t> llTM ? TKkkiT wk-t.-Od FRIDAY AFTERNOON. Jul* lot!i. at six o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell eight rery desirable Building lots. being Hon. C. Cushtng's inMirinon of original Lot* 2, 3, and 4. in Square N'o. 541. as follows: Fonr lot? having a front or25 feet each on north I. street. at the corner of 11th street west, and running heck 1J4 fret each to* If. feet wh to a 16 feet alley, and containing S.?> square feet each. . Alan, fcmr lots fronting 21 n*t 6 inches on 11th street w?*?t, between I. and M street* north, and rnnninr beek 9h feet to an alley. and containing 2,<?4 square feet each. ... These are prolmh't the most engiWeand beaotiful !>m!dii>jc locations 6>r sale in tha> destraUe part of the city. The L street lots front on a beautiful res ervation formed Inr die intersection of .Massachu setts avenue, and have been improved ?nr handsome shaae trees. A plat of the subdivision will be exhibited at the sale. Terms: One-fourth cash; the residue in six. twelve, and eighteen months, with interest. secured liy deed of trust on the premises. jy6-d J A**. C. McGFI RE. Auctioneer. 117" THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED, in consequence of the rain, until WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, July 15th, same hour and place. jy M-d J AS. C. McGl'I R E. Auot. By WALL A BARNA R D, Auctioneers. ITN REDEEM ED GOLD WATCH FS <T Arc ) tion.?On THFRSDAY MORNING. July 16th. at 9 o'clock, at our Auotiou Rooms, we shall sell several tine Gold Watches, kept as collaterals and not redeemed according to arrangement: Oue heavy IS-karat Gold Case French Watch, No. 76H1 One 18-k't Hunting Case. No. 6772. made by Cooper One la karat Case and Cap-lever. No. 17&ii, Tobias maker: cost ftS One English Patent Lever, full jeweled, made by Johnson, No. 5o4 One extra tine, high cost, same maker, with escaped ratchet, lit jewels, A c. The above will be sold, so owners will please take notice. Terms : 3' and days; over .*5\ j> 13-d WALLA BARNARD, Auctioneer*^ By WALL k BAR N AR D. Auctioneers. f 1 ROCF.RIES, LIUt oRS. CIGARS. WHITE "l I.KAII. Ac.. AT At CTION.?Oil THI RS|)A\ MORNING. July 16, we will sell in front of our Arc'ion rooms a largeassortment ot GrtMvrie*, Li quors, White Lead, Ac , the ?'flVct* ?l a Gr?*vr de clini'i>r business. among which la (j'lfefn, Teas, Starch. Candles 5' t>oxes Family and Toilet Soaps 10 lioxes Jennv Lind Twist Tobacco 100 packages Allspice, Cloves, Mustard,and Cin namon H> l?a?kets Sweet Oil 16 turrets Old Magnolia Whiskey l<) ca-ks Otartl Brandy 21 cases Olard Brandy, prime article |n,nii Sernrs, d'flerent brands 75ke?s Pure Wtiite Lead 31 heavy Tumbler* With many other articles in the Grocery tine, all of which wu! he sola without reserve. Terms: and under cash, over that a credit of ai d tin day ?, notes satisfactorily enjorsed U an rig in'eiest. it 13-dts WALLA BARNARD, Ancts. \* A 1.1." A BLF. TOWN LOTS AT CUI.PEPER Coirt Hots k, for S a L k.?I shall eel', at public auction, on SATFR DA Y. the 18th dav o| July, 1857, a number oj VAl.l'AHLE TOWN LOTS, adiacent to to the Depot of this place. The Lots have iM;eti laid oil" into a convenient size for building purposes, and afford e|e\ated and tieautiful situation* for private residence,,. commanding a hne Northern, Eastern and Western view. The sale will commence punctually at II o'clock. A. M. Terms: One third in cash; the balanca in two equal annual instalments, with interest front the day . f -lie. ROW IRD B. HILL. Attorney m fact for heirs of Thomas 111 i 1, deceased, iv It-m* By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Handsome b i i l d i n g lot east OF TIIE CaTMTOI. AT AVCTION.?Om THIRS DAY, the 16!h instant, I shall sell in front of the premi.<f s. at 7 o'clock p. tn.. LOT No. 18. in s'liiare No. 7H5 having a tiou? ofjnTeet 2'? inches on 4th street east, running Iwck H7 feet toa feet alley, between north A and B streets. Terms: One-third cash; Imiance in six, twelve, and eighteen months, for notes lieannx interest. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. Title indis putable. jy 11-d A. GREEN. Auctioneer. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. Peremptory sale of two TWO-STORY I'lAMK llol'SES A>D LOT* AT An Tins.-On THL'KSDAV, the 16th instant, I shall sell iii front of the p-finises. at 6o'cb>ck. p. in., two two-story FRAME HOI SES and the Lt ?TS on which they stand, beinjc part of Lot 2 and all ot Lot No. 2a, in square N?. 4S7. This property is handsomely situated on the Island, fronting on the west side of4% st. 4.> feet, rnnninr fnr-k 1'*' feet to a public al ey , l>et ween south <? and 11 streets. Terms: One-fourth ea*h; the lrfiian<-e iii 6, 12. !R. and 24 months, tor notes (.earing inteiest. A deed given ar.d a deed ol trust taken. Title nulisputable. jy ll-d A. GREEN, A net ion err. Bv A. GREEN. Auctione* r. \VEGETABLE STANDS IN THI' NEW Mahkkt llol<K AT Aittioji.?Oil SVTI'K DAV. the I>ctL instant. I shall sell, commencing at 12 o'clock m., all the Stands in the new Market-house, intliecit* ot Washington, elected south of the old Centre Market. Pertons from the country ^n ! dealer* in pnnluce are respectfully invited to the sale. Terms cash. H> onlerof the Mayor. A. GREEN, i\ ! 1 ;l Auctioneer. MARSHAL'S SALE.?In virtue of a writ ot fieri facias on scifa lien !:.w issued from til- Clerk's otbof of the t'ircuit t'ourt of the District ol'Ct.liioi lua for the C??iinty ??f W ashington, and to me ?'i rocte<t, I shall expose to public sale for cash, in front of the Court-house door of said count), on FRI DAY, the 17th day of July, 1857, at 12 o'clock, the following property. to wit: A11 defendant right, title, claim,and interest in and to the three two-storv and attic Frame Dwelling Houses and Back Building*. aituat??d on Lot No. 23, in square No. !<?? in the City of Washington. D. t\. fronting t.'leei on north L street, seized and levied upon as the property of John S. Jain^a, and will l?e sold to satisfy Judicial* No. 24.1 tw March term lStfT; Frouci* Whaatlny c?. John S. James. J. I). HOOVER, je 2l d Marslial for the lost.of Col. I HAVE JFST RECEIVED, direct from Part*. _ 3 cases of Velvet anU tiold and \\ loie and tjo'd PAPER HANGINGS, of the latent and richest de sign*. Those persons ;n want of Pap?r-nangings would do well to call and exainiue mv stock U lore pur onasmg elsewhere, as I am confident that I cam please them lioth lu qualtiv and m price. Pi.per put up in the Itest manner, and in ai cases guamiiteed. JOHN ALEXANDER. No.240 Pa.ave., between 12th aud 13th sts. jy f*-3tsw.'iw NOTICE-N'OTICE.-I have a few of those cheap TOILET SETS on hand, which Iw ish^pjT'S to close out. and will sell at c<?*t. Also.^w/ GOBLETS and other G LASS W AR E, that must be sold preparatory to a change in mv wW business. All that want to buy cheap, p ease call at No. 3W. Iteiweeu ?th and 10th streets, pern avenue. fell 17?firn I OH N MeHKVITT rpO THE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. 1 have this da> received from tie (j manufactory. a' few wan of the very celebrated ARCTIC RE FRIGERATORS, the only arti cle that can now lie called A Refri gerator, a'l ot tiers lieing nothing more than hot boxes that must l?e kept in cellar* or some orher dark place to keep them cooi; not so with the Arctic. I can give references to all that wishes them ot tneir superiority overall others. Al^o,?I have in store, and daily receiving, the ?v sas- l*reest and hmdsomest a<: NUj sortment of CHILDREN'S' CARRIAGES that can be found in the District of Columbia. Also, t.11 kind* of HOUSEKEEPING ARTI CLES at my store. No. 318. between luth and Uth s'reels. Pean. avenue. Ba.couy in front full of thetUv?Goods. C. WOODWARD. V B. 1 have afew ofthe L1*. KANE REFRIGE R A TORS left on hand, which I will sell, to close out below cost, as 1 am sure that this season will be tneir last appearance m this or any other market. Jy IQ-eofit C. W. VIKS. BI KR'S SCHOOL FttR YOUNG LA 1?I DIES.?No. 391 H Street, between ISth and 14th streets west, will re-open on MONDAY, Sept?-m ber 21st. jy >t-law.low* nOPTKRY, GLOVES, LACE MITTS. PALM LEAF FANS, A c.. Ac., Bow offered for s.-fle at reduced puces,at F. A. MoGEE'S. m Pa.av.. jy 3 eo2w 12th and 13th sts. IACK AND SILK MANTILLAS. j R EA I. EMB'D S\Vl^s. i for Basques.) LACE SHAW LS and SKIRTS. Ac.. Ac.,at F. A. Met; EE'S, 2+4 Pa. av., jy g->o8w betwwen lah ai sts. jpAGLK PLUMMNO AND ?.A> WORKS. The undersigned most respectfully announces to his lormer patrons and the putiliu m general, tnat tie is at am prepared to furnish and execute all work in his tine of business, at the lowest pi ices, in the MuUi ing adjoining las old establish mem destroyed by hie on the morning ot the 3d instant. By prompt atten'ion, lie liojiea to give general satisfaction. JOHN RREsF. jy 9-lwJ next_to oor.ttth st.and Pa.av*. HOOP SKIRTS:?HOOP SKIRTS" of Steel, Crinoline, and Whaicltone, at F. A. McGEE'S. 244 Pa. av.. jy ? eo2w between 12th and IJih sts. A SPECIAL NOTICE.?To those of oar cu? toiners liaviug unsettled accounts with us.they aie all u.ade off and wiil be tendered. If there are any who do not wibIi their tulls sent in. they will please call for them at our desk duriu< the present week ; and we inuyt insist on an early settlement,as it is our uniform custom to close ail account* to 1?t July. COI.l.EY A SEARS, je 25-8teo 523 7th st. 3 doors north Pa. aveuue. (^OlNti OFF AT COST.?A" the season has W varce?l te will sell our remaoiin? stock |i of REFRIGERATORSat oost. J < >nr stock of FIRNITCREand llOt SEf" KEEPING t.OODS is very large. ?iid| prices lower than ever. . ? ? McGREGOR A COM jy q poCw N o. Vin 7t h st reet. P" AKASOI S-PARASOI.S-PAR AXH.S! Selling oil at .*? i^r oent.^ess than cist, at F. A. Mc4*EE'S,2? Pa. av., jy 8-eo2w between ISth and 13th sts. k Barege robes? barege robes. ORliA.N Dl ES and LAWNS. Ac.. Sellius ofl at l?.w tigures. at jy 8-eo2w F. A. Me*iEE'S.C44 Pa.av. EORGETOW'N CLASSICAL AND M iTH If F.MATICAL ACADEMY. The duties ul tins Institution yaill l?e resumed September lit, jy 1 kwlT P. A. BOWE.N, Principal, TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Tbe JffW Yark Rla?. ~~ Nxw Ypu. July II ?Tbe rioters ot the Sc? "nteeath Ward have lwen making ntfmive prrp .trations for a renewal of the conflict to-night. An incendiary handbill ban been circulating, call ing a mass meeting to putdowa the Metropolitan police A meeting ha? alao been beid at tbe Get theatre, on Tenth street. to make arrange ments for an attack It ia reported thai the riot ershavea field piece and plenty of mosk?ua -d ammunition The Police Commlwlanen bare also been nreparing for tbe riaiars at all points A force of nearly thee hundred police are sta tioned in the Ward. Three raiment. b?ve been o ?l-rrd to report themselves for duty Miumcht ?All i? quiet ia the Seventeenth Ward so far. A laiy? l?odv of police are sta tioned there and the military are kept la reserve at their armories. An indignation meeting, at tended by some four or five thousand German*. was held to-night, but the speakers, while strongly denouncing the police, advised tbe people to go quietly to their home* The funeral of tbe German who was killed on Sunday was attended by three thousand men, who booted and shouted at the police all along the route, but attempted nothing further. Fire at the New York Insane Aaylnm. I'tica. July 14 ?A fre occurred at tbe State Lunatic Asylum at this place to-dar. consuming tbe central portion down to the cellars, and par tially burning the east and west wing* ; the rear win.;* were uninjnred. The inmates were alt safely removed and placed in a grove near the building and guarded by military companies All will probably by to-morrow V accom mo tbtteu iu that portion of the building remaining uninjured ? The building originally cost *5tlU.tM'i the los* is estimated at ViUU.OOO. Dr. L K Rose, a prominent citizen. it ia feared has been fatally iujured by the fall of one of tbe burning timber* Rioting nt Montreal. Arc. MoxtrkaL, July 13 ?On Sunday some rioting occurred here In consequence of an Orange flag l?elng hunij out Crowd* of people assembled and several shots were fired at the fiag and two or three Orangemen beaten severely. Montskai . July 14?The Douglass Mills, ot this city were destroyed by fire last night, involv ing a loss of SJli.Ulli At the fire a quariel oc curred l>etween the Roman Catholics and Orange men. Several persons were severely injured Safety of Cel. Sumner's < (mmaad. Ft. Lori*. July 14 ?Capt Wharton from Fort Kearney, leports that advices have been receiv?-d from the fort that Col S lmner'* command W m within *<i mile*of l.aramte. all W-ll There |s i a truth in the report that a portion of Col Sumner * command had been cut ofl by tbe Indians Departure of tbe Troops for I'tab. St l.octs. July 15 ?Advices from Fct Leav enworth say that the Tenth Regiment of Infantry will leave for Utah on the ISth, and tbe Fifth Regiment and the First Dragoon* on the 1st of August tieneral Harney goes out with the latter Gov. Cummin* goes to Washington in a day or two. to receive his final instructions Tbe Hope Insurance I ompany. Boston. July It?The llope Insurance Com pany, of this city, have ceased taking new risks. and a meeting of the atockholders is called to con sider the expediency cf closing up theaflairs of the concern The company has met heavy marine Iosms during the past year. The Burning of the Montreal. Montbbal. July 14 ?Captain Rudolph, of tbe steamer Montreal, was arrested here to-dar. and imprisoned on a siunmoii* to await the finding of the jury in ihe case of the burning of tbe steamer Non-Arrival oi the America. New York. July 15.?I'pto half-past twelve we have received no tidings of tbe America, now overdue at Halifax. Baltimore Markets. Baltimore. July 15.?Flour is firmer; sales of bbls.; City and Howard street *7 liiatT 37 There wa* no wheat iu the market Corn "s droop 9 at ^>a?. W k/ if lower; City to; Ohio 31c, New York Markets. Nkw York. July 15th?Fb-ur is firm: aaln of y nUtl.bis ; >tate 15aOhio IMS 45u$? 44', Southern 9?.5Ma97.?5. \\ heat l* dep..-**ed : ?ale* of li.fliiU bushel*. whitei.?6, Milwaukee Club I.S&. Tennessee red '? 4hi. Corn is firm: sale* of .ftMsm bushels; mixed l'o.k is higher; sales of 3.*?*J bbls.: mess - OmJH *25 Beef is unchanged l..?rd Is also uu c!ianv*d. Whisky is dull; Oh;o33*c. Financial. Ntw York. July !?:.?Stocka are firmer, Cht ; cago A Itork Inla id i'l 4: Illinois Central itoml?, in, Michigan Southern 50^; New York Central Beading U-ilroad'Jf, Ya ti's, Itt; .Missouri Gs f l?,. Sterling exchange firm GEORGETOWN Abb'A MS. Comspu*Jtnet of Tkt Simr CaoasiTowi, July 15, 1?5T The exhibition of the male public srhaal at Forrest Hall yesterday evening, was very numer ously attended by 011: citizens. The spacious liali was crowded to a jam. Mayor Crawford. Recorder Ould. and many members of the City Councils and Board of Guardians were in attend ance. The exhibition passed off very creditablv to both the teacher and his pupils; the boyrs one and all, who participated in the exerefnes, ar quitted themselves to the entire satisfaction of the entire audience, who frequently gave evideuce ot their appreciation of the efforts of the you ng ora t ?rs by loud and low; applause At the clo>e of the exercises a large number ot handsome premiums (books' were bestowed upon the most proficient among the boys, as well as those whose course during the year had been characterized by good conduct. There was also asilver inedalawarded, which had been presented by Mr A. Hvde, whtch was awarded to Harrison W. Wilson for proficiency in ail the studies con nected with the school, and general good couduct throughout the scholastic year. The first premium was awarded to John H. Darne. for proficiency in history, geography and grammar; the second to H Wilson, for same, third to John K H borer, for arithmetic and writ ing; fourth to H. Clay Craig, for historv, gram mar. geography and arithmetic ; fifth to Emanuel Mast in. for history, grammar and arithmetic ; sixth to John T Neill, for good conduct and gen eral pioflciency in his studies: seventh to A. Wlckcs Burne*. for same ; eighth to Cha* Wil liams. for writing and good conduct; ninth to Walter Sebastian, for grammar and history; and the tenth to Howard Payne, for good conduct aud general proficiency. Tbere were also two silver pencils, with gold pens, awarded to the two boys who had excelltd in good conduct, and made the greates* proficieucv in their studies; they see awarded to W. H. Wilson and John 21 Darne. There was also aW?rd**d to John H Rhorera handsome bound copy of tbe Bible, for pro^eieney in arithmetic. The prec ium* and awa'ds of merit were dis t'ibuted by Mayor Crawford, assisted by Robert Ould. Esq , after which tbe School was enter tained by Mayor Crawtord in a abort but pleasing ad.tress, and they were dismissed until the fi-st Monday in September. Probably it is proper to inform our citizens that 011 Friday the 3d Inst, a message was transmitted by Mayor Crawtord to tbe City Councils, asking an appropriation to <-l<aa*e and lime tbe streets, and to d>*stroy the thistles. Ac . on the vacent lots and elsewhere, but owing to the press of busi ness aud other causes the Councils have uot acted upon the subject. The Mayor ha* wisely condemned the canal bridge immediately on the west side of the mar ket. and oidered it to lie cloned This is tbe bridge to the rotten aud unsafe condition of which the attention of the canal company ha* been so often called through the columns of tbe Istar. We hope the cannf company will take immediate ?tejis to rebuild it, as the absence ot a safe passa ble bridge at this point subject* the public to tuucb inconvenience. For Ihe last two day* our lower wharves have present.-d quite a lively appearance with rivet and bay craft discharging cargoes of coal, wood lumtier. Ac . to W H. Godey A Co . IMckson. Go.dan A Co., Barrou A Mover. Cbas Myers A Son. Boque a Donnelly, and others If you want wood or coal of the n*o?t euperl... uuality, on leasonable tena* and promptly deliv ered, just go to the extensive \aru?ot Barron A Stov?-r. or, i.ordon A Co . or at either ot the points de*iguated in their advertisement w tie re those articles can be found in great abun dance We advise the readers of the Star to give them ? cali. j ou will be certain to meet with W- - gains. Tbe health of our city continues excellent? never better at this season of the year 5. I HONOR A t'OKCO.s new Novel, by G. P. K. 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