Newspaper of Evening Star, July 18, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 18, 1857 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR It PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, ^t'XCE^T SUXUAY.) AT THK WAR BUILDING*. Ctrnir a.f rtnm*ylrtnti arm**, ind IK* ttrttl, Br W D. WALLACH, and !? nerved to ??tmoriheri by carriers at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to he A cents; papers served in packages at 37H oenta per month. To nrwul subscribers the subscription price a three dollars and fifty cknts ? yev m ?<4e?*r?. TWO DOLLARS for ai* months, and ON K dollar for three months; for :*ss thin three months at tiie rate of 12>* cents a week. IDT SINGLE COPIES ONE CKNT. VOL. X. WASHINGTON, I). C., SATURDAY, JULY 18, 1857. NO. 1,401 THE WEEKLY STAR. This exoeient Faimty and Neve Jowal-mr t^ a rraaler variety of lntereetuw readies than ean t? found ;u any other?la pub.iahed on Saturday mormac. fllll. Nntie copy, per ,f I 2ft .. TO CIVM. h !?* nnpm S w Tea CoriM _ a m .l,?renl* ??Pi*a. 14 an ILTt *?H, i*r*?i/?iy ts At'VANC*. B? sut^cribinc in clebe ftniom *ifhbOra Without the intervention of * vn^ii went. m will he perceived, twent* per cent. of the Wmu ST*a wiil l>e ?*ved. It invariably eon'iiiM ti,e "Waafe inzton News thet m? made the Uail* STAaoircu iate so generally throughout the onuntry. fr7"Sin?ie copies<iu wrxrpers)otn he proovredat J tie counter, immediately alter the issueof the Paper. Prioe?Thrkk Ci\r?. Po?TM4?rKR* who act as **enta wiM l<e allowed a OOll<nilK*.oii III tweniv rer wnt THE OWL FI>DFR. [from the - Book ?( the Thame*." in the Art I Journal.) hiie crossing the Thames in the primitive ! horse-boat. ' at D.iMor Hithe. our attention ; w?s attracted by an unusually tall man, who was leaning, in an attitude at once careless and graceful, against the door (if the ferry-house ; his smock frock, of *>me grey material, was elaborately plaited and worked on the shoul ders, ami his heavy hut handsome Saxon fea tur-s were expressive of the most intense mel ancholy. On the ground beside him was what looked like the foundation <>f an arm-chair, crossed and recrossed by wicker-work, round which various long grasses in seed and flower were twisted. every pacing breeze bending their beads or rustling among their stems; the chair waa divided into three or four compartments, overarched by these grasses?bower fashion? and we imagined wc saw something moving within each rece-* We inquired who the > ?tranger was _ I nat! exclaimed the boatman, Oh, that j is Tom Hirsell. the owl-finder." ?? ? 'wl-finder' What do you mean1'*' Why. he travels the country from one end to the other, looking for owls and bats?owls especially, he catches or steal- from their nests, a n? I Barnes, and then sell* them to the gentry, or may be to gardener*. Many a one likes them in barns and granerie*. better than cats; and ? i '-n'i a n,an ^is w,,Id?if be promises an owl he 11 be sure to bring it. and tor the price he named, even it some one else offered bun twice ! the sum He don't matter a walk of thirtv , mile* to get the owlets, and he's as true as *a wn-disl" He asked Tom Hir-el if he had any owls for Kllr' J Xoue fit. he replied, " none that he could recommend. *' There was a sleepiness in the man's look; his eyes winked in the sun. as if light were disa greeable to him. he moved his head. too. slowly, in a tort ol halt circle, while hes oke; and wc !.*ncied he had imbibed some of the owl nature? "?< 'or nature is subdued to what it woik- in' ' >ne of our party laughingly observed that in ?* i -rmer state of existence he must have been * the bird of night Certainly there w?* much [ a'x>ut him unlike any other peasant we had ? ever noted ; he seemed hardly awake, and vet i' w.n evident he saw and observed us We inquired ii' there wa* an mw1 under -belter of* th?'<e long grasses ' ' \ ei. there iva-,; aline tame on- lie had ' a deal of trouble training that <nvi; if was such a sulky ; he had taken it ait Farnbam; but it was proiui ed to a lord s gardener near Marlow; h* couldn t sell it?it was promised. * He pulled the *?ir?l out: it fluttered, and winked, and twi.-tcd on his hand, and -ho..k its leather.-. and its eyes dilated and contracted ! while erccping up hir -leeve, gently, and hiding its great lull Iivh'I in the ueek <?l hi- sui?>ck trock . be drew out another?-a fierce, spiteful j little bird?who hissed like a >erpent. and chat tered. and elappod its beak, and tried to bite : though it evidently did not >cc what to bite at. ?? It will take another ui<>nih or two to tame thi - one," be said ? Had you ever one you could not taine '" i he owl-finder gave a griin. eoU-nnt smile, while a soft of pho-phonc light glittored in his eves. -One I could not fame'" be repeated; ? they're nil awhile* stubborn?it s their na ture: they take different training from other ? bird??n?>t at all the .vime: the younger tboy Ik* the better: but I'd lie sorrr to find one 1 couldn't ' taine.'" ?? I>o you find them at night ' " Night and day is all the same to me : day ! and night?all one. low-worms, owl*. bats. . night-hiwks. snake*, fish, flesh and fowl?all : the iime; 1 can eafeh anything 1 like; tame ?' anrthing I like; but the owl- are my favorite ?I know them best and they know ine " The j peculiar light that glittered in the eyes of the j ? owl-finder was anything but pleasant, and ! the uiore be talked (his talk was decidedly an ; underground, graveyard whisper,) the more he blinked his eyes and moTed his head. ? I re a youngone here," becontinued, 'Tope I ?-alXlr it came from the tower where the Poj?c livetftfiee; they call it Pope's Tower." He palled it out of its appropriate cage, and held It'up: the bird hooted and hissed, and the ntbera-took up the harmonious note*, and his-ed in eoOeert. flapped their wings " Here is a thing." said the man, ?? I don't understand, though I ve been among them, j man and boy th??*e many years, for my father ' was a grave-digger to an old church, and j*? I 1 may say 1 grew up among them. I u<ed to | climb the ivy when I was a little chap?so high? in twilight or B<K>iili"h, or dead darkness?ali : and I knew well the two great nests of the big buff owl, and the horned owl, at different f!de- of the old clo-k tower; and I used to lake u|> bits of meat or mice, and 1 >v em on the edge of the ne-t; anil the great bah owl. or the horned owl, wontd come and take up the j things, and leed the little muffy owlet*, and at la*t they came to know me. and would c >o like ; doves when they heard me coining: and I had. like many another lx>y. a mothcr-in-lav.?step- ! mother s?.iiie call it?who bad no feeling for the child ot the dead bones that were in the church yard: and she'd often when my father was; abed and asleep, turn me out in the shiny snow \ or the bitter rain, and I'd away and just climb i up and shelter under the nest ?.< the great buft" I owl in the angle of the tower, warm and dry ; ; nnd the old owl* would come and coo at me a they did to their young ones, but never -eek to ' hurt me ; and many '.* the star we ve Ken shin- j ing and falling through that darukess, and many a blink ot the m >on I've got that never j reached earth, and seen and heard much through i the broad leave* of the ivy that nobody would ' believe it 1 was to tell it. There - more roams iue skies anights than we think of. I shall never, on this earth, have the happv time again 1 had the under the buff owl nest. He raised his dreamy eyes. I?ul their bright- ! ne-w was gone; they !<?okcd <li:n and heavy,and the boor fellow sighed We reminded him lie had -aid there was some thing lie did uot ondeistatid a'xmt th** pariicu lar owl b'j called I*oi<e.'* *? ? Hi. yes ; day or night. night or d ?y when ever l'o|?- hi'*e* all the re<t hi.-.-: and if he hoot- 1 they all hoot; h#' seein* like a master among them?they h ive their ma-twr* ' /" ueveruiiuds '*<?#? boating Is l'o|?e be-p<?kc ' \ es I \e only thrrt with in?* ? th^y re all J l>e*|">kc ' *? Have y?m any mi h<>iae ' At h"iue ' he rc|H-ated then moved b?- ' ii'-ad in that >trangc halt ciicling way. ami i ifMtsl. " Home i have no homo , but 1 ha\e ' two or three set* to take ft>>m different part- "f the country lou're from the town I think 1 shall be on Waterloo bri*lg<- on thel2tbof< November, and if you want an owl then. I ll , ke??p oue for you . I rcrt there for a couple of , hours between two and lour ' We lw*]? mii owl. Tom Hir-ell replaced bis bird*, tying all fo their perebc* except the ???riior. who seemed to have an affection for his m ister and a dcairs.- to nestle abmt hi- per-on. rather than return into the shadows of the long gra-N? There was something strange and mys terious ab>ut the -*ow| linoer." lie did not re?-k e>en to dispose"! bi^ game What all uu? ? hiMish childiioo'l must his have been ' ip- ! ing >r<'m the brutality ot a cruel stepmother to ; shelu-r uutier an oal's nest in the tower of an i old church?finding a forl?earance in those sav- | birds which was denied him in his father's j h ?u???hangiug like a bat froiu the ivyed tower .?nova the mouldering grave?watching the (?tars, and peering through the ivy at the moon >-earns?wondering if the sb<?oting stars were angels?woudering and feeling, rather than t linking?alone ' alone ' in the mysterious uni verse ot night, when the animate and inani mate assumes shape*, and sounds, and shadow* all unlike themselves. If theyoun^and brave? the strong hearted and strong minded, knowing as much of causes and effutu it is given us to know?become superstitious in the darkn is. and often uaail and quake with undefined sen* ration* which they ?hatp? to coufew, it ia do ?^J'Pfra",rbi'1 "ml ">'l?ncholj, Cw a SwniOT&"Sre.;n'1 "citfm''-'?t "he ' ?101) liip of the unearthly birth with It wi?? .<,Uring tho8c lonely hours. e :7 # nn<l evi1 thing of one ot'our friends, after we hail lost the ?? owl finder.'' to tive^i. I*1 '^C 8ta!*art fellow was a ?? Detec h?,l f l^UMe The ln"nt^ passed *>n; Wc i?r,?otten ?w. try" on Waterloo bridge. Z >uWI?Wg \l on thp ,2th of .fanuarv mouths after the appointed day?with no memory of Tom Hirsell in our mind*, when a <?ai!|_ *r V0lee" 3n?'<l the din of traffic, . ^ Jon plea?e to have vour owl And we did ha\e it. and'brought it home. i?(.,nh W3^ P'k \n ? I);lrr,,t " : but it seemed so unhappy, both day and night. that r.c sent it to the country, where it has already crablixhed ? good mousing reputation. THE LAM61A6E OF DRESS. I nder this head (says Life Illustrated) we are impressed to say a few words to the ladles, the marriageable girls especially. We do this privately and confidentially.'* and request ail young gentlemen to have the politeness not to '< read this article. I, fur ,/? -?/, fJCfn. j vcf If. Well. then. ?irls, you expect to get married, do you not ' ?, vou do not. you should. Yon ! also wish to marry, don't you ' If vou do not, you are either more or less than woman Pre suming that you arc all right in this matter, wc cull your attention to the following extract the words of a popular author : ' A wife looks prettier, if she did but know it. in her neat morning frock of caliet.. than in the incongruous pile of finery which she digni fies with the title of full dress Many aU un married female first wins the heart of her future husband in some simple, unpretending attire which, it consulted about, she would pronounce too cheap except tor ordinary wear, but which I by its accidental suitability to her figure, face. ' and carriage, idealize her youth wonderfully 11 the sex would study taste in dress more, ami care lc<- for costliness, they would have no reason to regret it. ' Now we a-ure one and all?the unmarried ' oi the fair sex that wc have known many fc- ' mules who really wished to man v. to live in ! single blessedness and die hulandless, for no other reason, m all human probability, than ' that o| .Irc-smg too gaudily. We have heard the sentiment* of the male sex expressed a thousand times on this point, and in e\i-rv in stance. whether the observer was voiiii" <?r old young nun. bachelor, o, widower, ti-hor i?.or. ugly or hand-Mine, wis.- man, fop. or dandv. in : every nisianco an overdressed or expensively '.'.ST.?'*. "ul \l*??ale has bet in his estimation ! ? l ',,s1,<.l','r,w"y natural and proper. A I'ool i.-ti and silly man i- not worth luarrjin" and a seusible mau will surely judge yon advmta geously in exact ratio to the plainiies- and Mm- i plicity oj vour dress. A imn.| man. ?-r man in modcratceir -um ian ces. however worthy ami deserving, dare not many a female who is sujicrfliio'isly done up in I ribbon- and flounces, however lovely and t?l- ' entc I .-he may be. beeau-e he has -en's.: en-u d, ' osusjKrct she will expensive trea un- ' lie may love her. and still feel that lie -anno! Httupl t.i marry lier I And ihc rich man. though lie like- bcr i*?r soiially. and admires bcr other accomplish ments, dare not take her for bettei or wor<e beeau-e the da-lung -tyle of her hibihimenl- ? indie,te t.?, great a jM-ion for the admiration j ot the world, lie fears, justly t ?? that Imt ! pa-i-ion for general admiration will be a <erioiH I ' tac'c in the nay of the manifestation of ;,t- I lection for him individually. And a- ill m, ,, : are selfish, whether women areor not. i.otli rich and poor. in selecting a wife, act on the priuci- 1 pie. that? 1 J Beamy, when unadorned, is adorned the most l!''lislflii? Items. < AanixvL U ~F. w v> o\ tiik S.\ nn , r ii ? Car AM,,,san .-n 0'"' o1 his "e.-inous? that the l?o:inn Catholic Church lias ever held 'hat. religions duties duly peifonn-.l, the Chris tian Sunday is to be regarded and used brail ami especially by the great i>ulk or the people, as a day of innocent amusement and recreation, and that such snoiiht be afforded lo them by the ^tare by every ri ans in its power. This he thon-'ht ir V~.? f" 'ieel.-trf. publicly, wan. and is the mind of the Church oi Christ (Kotinu Catholie) on the I he Cuearn asti the Wort o. Parfcel I'Us mr> , the Apollv-on of the (tarrisonian pil''rinis, relateil a i anecdote the oth.-r day at the ,M?|.H|e. on. which told pretty well upon 1,U audience. It was in this v/ise: Some time a^o one ot di? churches in >alcm had a niislx*havin^ brother up r.?. diseiplin<*. and w. re about to exeonimuuicate, wh -i-eupoa the world s peoph- h.-!<t a meet inu outside, and determined no! to receive him un.. ss he should i* returned in trood eondiu >a 1 its wheii deline.ed to the church : l?illsbury . an ' treat his cumpswy lo any iiuuil^r of ,?ort(aUr Mich as this when he engages lust |v in a tiarri. s >ri jkiw-wow Tiik Jkvvish Ckted?The most remarkable d.e n,a in Ihe J?-wi^h creed is undoubtedly the ?ri - v..?i ,u* ^?"?''i-r and n deeming Messiah I nn belief, whether derived fiom the early pro I'btcy of Moseri. any other source, is most ti'iiily hxed iu the Jewish mind, and has be?-n inflexibly adhered to through rd! the fortunes of the rate. It still makes Ihe hop.- and the conso lation of the descendints of Abiaham. and it is remarkable that a similar lielief was entertained by ihe | ersians. The Jewishthw trine ?.f therre ai ton ami of the fall .>t man, by the iiistrumental ity of an evil spirit, hI?o ? ories|?inds to the |V-. siau itorlriue A l*KE4f:iEK I.x TIIK Timp. ?As an ev uleitce ot lh? industry ot the earlv Protestant re lo.m.Ts it is staled that Jolm t'.dvin enter, d the pulpit a> a preacher every day ot Ihe week. On . imday he preached twice, and lie ilelivercd three lectures a wt? k as Professor of Th-olo -y lie wrote iiiiiiiiii. rable letters and Ihc public "ii br;tiy at (>ciieva eontains from I.2U.1 to I..VXIof his .naniiM iipt seriii<>n<. lie found time. also, lo ! < <anpo-e eight or ten folio volume-mi the most i elaiiorale subjects in divinity. The UiBi.E AND tiik mxtan.?The British and I oie?gn Hible Sccn-tv sometime sincccaused rttopy of She Bible to lie officially presented to ?he >ul\tn It would ai?p?-ar that the ?m|i ha< I proved acceptable, it b~i!ig stated that pott ions ! ol it are. hv* his desire, read to him every day. ?ni?t thr.t he manifests mm h i,it:c^i iun>.oii Icnts. I MrvCIA.Msy CAtlF.IRMIA ?Ti;Cre is but one NucHrly of I mUriaus in I'altiornia. and that IS III >an l-T.i.icisro They own a ve y n at brick ? hur. h. . tpal.le .eating one fhousa at person 1 Ijcy i, ivc K < ii ?|:i11?? deeply in debt, hut are now only s|igh11 v eiii>?ara?-e?l rheii audieuee aver age limn Wi to iwi*i llow in Mut. \ If \ i 11 | , N fj i;ow \ ' |Ml>" si,V> l?. Newsoio of | ' Hint!., has a big ra'ib-snake in a |ar. which he lias attempted to starve to death Th- -nake | has had nothing lo eat sin, e l ist August, but 1 w ighs two ounces more now then when put in. IIy The Uarrenton flag savs: Five valuable cows belong lug to Caleb Burnley, r.?o.. near Jcf lersoiitou. Culpejier roiuitv. Were killed byli^hi iiing. during the storm ou I'riday la-t They wen: -landing together among some buslico on lb- sol. of a hill, ami as the hushes were not at alt matk-d. it is supfnised the ll-i,d must have come up tioin the earth C * Br. XV J llolt, of August a. lia., has just U'civeil. Ihrotigh tlie Ku-siau Milliliter to this ? otintry, the ?? decoiatioii of Coniiuander of the Imperial Order of St Stanislas, in consideration of his services during the eaui|?.tigii in theCiimea I he cf??ss is ,?f massive gold, and beautifully wrought. Br l|olt was ap|N>inted a member of the Order ol M Aline while still in the service of Kussia; ami tlus second compliment, now that ho has left that service, testifies to the Czar s plati tude ami high appieeiation of the ability with . which the surgeon's duties were discharged. Two IIioiily Colored I'm ti kk-.?Mrs. Nes- ' bit. in AllKtuy, owns a hou-e which Mrs. S<?tt ! rents. Ou Friday Mrs. X. sent a painter lo fix I up the house ; painter rei>orted progress to Mrs. .V; Mrs. N. put on her ltonnet and ol! "to see about it." While seeing al?out It she got hold of a paiut brush and daubed Mrs Scott; Mrs. Seott got the other paint brush and daubed her back again; painter rushes to the rescue; Mrs. Scott up with the paint pot and deluged the painter with the contents; painter rushed off to the police office, but before he got back the two women had painted each other ao that tb*y couldn't tell " which w*? which. FOE RENT AND SALE. P. OR SA liK.-A comfortable new FRAME II(>USK, in the Northern Liberties. A bargain can l>e had, and buta small portion in cash will lie required, and long credits Riven for the deferred payment*. Also, a m i I.PING LOT in the First Ward ! (near the Circle? can he purchased without a cash payment and on along credit. Apply to II. N. LANSDALE. jy ?-lm .V>t M st? or through the Post <>ffice. I7?OR SALE.? A very destraMe RESIDENCE, being a Lot front ing 32 feet 1?? inches, i>y 116 feet deep. to an an alley ih feet wide, situated on the west side of bth street west, between L and JVI north, and mipnived l?y a comfortable Frame Dwelling, with liack building, wood-house, a pump of excellent water, and ornamented with a variety ol flowers and shrubbery. Terms accommodating. Apply at No. 512 (2d story ) 1th street. >e2n POLLARD WEBB. I OFFER FOR SALE. MY FARM. "Rosen vick," Yx miles distant from the town ofCulpeper and a depot of the Orange and Alexandria R. R. This Farm contains 156 acres of land equal to anv in this section of Virginia. Forty acres nre in timlier, the balance open land in fine order. On it is a large and valuable young Orchard now just coming into Inuring, comprising all the most desirable varieties of Apples. I'ears, Plums, Peaches, Apricots, Nocta rines, Grapes. Ac., Ac., suited to our climate, a Spring of never failing pure water near the dwelling, Out-houscs, Ac. The Dwelling is plain, but amply sufficient to accommodate a smail family. The situation for health and l?eauty is second to none in this region. An extensive range of mountain scenery, the beautiful Village of Culpejper, with in a few minutes walk. offer facilities foraTtend i?g Church, and as hue Schools as our State af ds, while the Orange and Alexandria R. Road puts it within n few hours ride of either Washington, J Alexandria,or Richmond It is seldom a farm,with as many advantages, is offered to the notice of the 1 rmblic. Persons desiring to purchase are respect fnl y invited to call and view the premises. It is for sale privately. but if not sold before Saturday, the 1st August, on that day it will be offered at public mic tion, on the premises, without reserve. Terms made known at sale. For any information address R.(?. ROWEN.CulpepcTCourt House. Vt?. ie4 VALUABLE REAL ESTATE FOR SALE.? The subscriber offers for sal* all that valuable Real Estate known as " Largo,** situated in the Forest of Prince George's county, .Md.. containing Hi ACRES OK LAND. This is one of the most valuable estates in this county. It is easy of cultivation, and has all the advantages of W ater, and is also heavily Timbered. It joins tho estates of Dr. David Craufurd. Geo. T. Craufurd. Zaehartali Retry, Sr.. Dr. Heiijauiin L*r nntl oilier?, and lavs on tiie road leading from Bladcnsburg to Upper Marll?oroiiRh,al>out five miles from Upper Marllioroiich and twelve from Wash ington ('it*. TIitc is also a. line Meadow, contain ing between iVfiand HU ci-htv aere* of very prime I^tnd. This land produces luxuriantly all the crops usually gr<?wn in tins region of country, such as wheat, corn, rye, oats, tohacco. A e. There is aliout one hundred acres of prime white oak Timl?er Land in t he tract. Persons wishing to purchase will please call on the undersigned, living near the premises, who will take great pleasure hi showing it to all such. Tin* latin is Mirei pt ilile of division, and will l?c divided into two lots to suit purchasers, i| desired. 11 i lu? land is not sold at pi iv;?te sale > u or I e|ore THFRSDA V. Ill- >'"th day of July next, it Will lie o||ered on t||,it d;t\ at public sale, at Hie sulweribei's home place, to the highest bolder. There will l?e a j plat exhibited oil tlie day of .-ale. Teni.-so( sale: One of the purchase money will i>e required in cash oil the day of sale: and the lialane" in one and : wo years. with appioved seeuri ty, bearing interest from the da> of sale; oi a inort ease on the land, if preferred the pnictia*er. j? I : eoif Z. R. RE\LI.. Is A R M FOR HALE. \ pira??l fine l<ANI)m | Rock t'reek, hi Montgomery coiitily, Aid., six j miles f rom t ne heights ol (;enrg"?ow:i, adjoining t lie j lands of Messrs. Peiry. Wimd, Restor, N'owles, j Rolirer. and Hawkins. 1 '2' ? acre<. \ tieaotifnl Iocs lion ; partially improved: new house; I.;acres rich creek bottom, and s?iine fine yeliow-psne tnnb.T. It can be divided, if desired. Call and see the premi ses t hose ? ho desire to purchase. jc 4 I f I.MIU SALE.?My R ESI DEN<' E on the corner of I New Jersey avenue and 1' si rect sonl li, Capitol Hill, fronting oil the avenue In.' feet 1 inches, and on ? <* street south J"* feet II inches,and containing nearly j JM.'**i squire feet. may H-tf W. F. PHILLIPS. Is OR SALE I'll I'. A P?A ltd on it twral terms, the 1 following I'll \ME IH\F.I.LINGS, viz : One > just finished, and situated on the northwest corner I of ?vd :il II the fir-' Ward : one just ; finished,and on the west side of 1st s'ree? went. I?e tween K and L, and m a rapidly improving part of the Clt". : IH.C oil I tie e;i. t side nl ,?ilh vtr<rt \ve>.|,lM' twen Land I .and near Easby's Snip N inland two, \n<. llrtand HH. on north Side F.ast Capitol street. Also, five more, situated it! different paits of III" city. Applxnt No. *>\i i.'d stor\ I7lh street, jell POLLARI) WEBR. \' A 1.1 A RI I; PROPERTY FOR SAM. ON ? t; \>Y TERMS.?The eiigibtv sitn ited Ni'W three story HIIlClv IHM SE.with HACK i?l ILD I.NG, on t tie corner of fit li street and Virginia Ave niie,r.nd immediate'} south of <he Smithsonian Iu- i stitute. constructed'of material and by mechanics i of Ilie first ela?-.s. Of the quiet and heafthfiilness of the ueigh!>orl:oo.i it is unnecessary to say a word. iftheabove property is not sold on or before the 2ntn mst., it will be rented ton careful and punctual tenant. For further particulars inquire of WILLIAM \VA R I>ER. corner of ljth and C st*. jy 6-e??!>f (Intelligencer.) Rooms FOR RKXT.-.MISS MORI.EV. having taken the house recently occupied by Mrs. Anderson.!wo doors from the K nkwood House, is prepared to rent PARI.ORS and LODGING R< H).MS, together or separately, furnished or unfur nished, and, if desired. yvill also furnish Hoard, or Breakfast. and Tea to such as wish to dine at hotels or Cautier's. The rooms are large and airy. ai.<l very pleasant for summer residences. Apply at/7?i I'enn. avenue. ieZ2-lm \VERV DESIR A RLE COI'NTRV RESI; dim f. for Sai.k.?I offer 1 >r sale iiiv HOI SE and LOT in the uppei part of the village of Rladcns burg, sitiiateit opposite l!ie residence ofC. C. Hyatt. Esq. Tiie lot contains nu acre and a half of land ad mirably suited to gardening purposes. The improve ments consist of a new and convenient dwelling, built of the l>est materials and in the very best man n< r; it lrts m it live good-size room* above the Isise merit and a kitchen and two other r<?oms hi the l?nse uient. which is made of stone two feet thick and perfectly dry. Also, a large office, with two rooms : stable, carnage-house, wood house, and other ne eessriry out houses. There is a ncver-fniliiig pump of pure wafer within a few feet o| the kitchen door. This property presents rare advantages to one de siring n quiet country home, or to a physician wish ing a country location. It is convenient to a good school and church** of different denominations. A few minutes' walk will take yon to the celehiatcd spa sprite*, whoi" medicinal propeiucsarc too yvcil known to need mentioning here. The al?ove property will b"? at private sale until the .Sid of the present mont li: ll not sold by t hat t line it will, on that offered at public sale on the premises. Terms made known on tLc day of sale. For further particulars address the subscri ber at Rladeir burg. Immediate possession given, n it-cotd REN JAM IN RERR . . M. J>. \r ER N I > I -SI R A RI, E COC NTR V SE AT FOR V SALE NEAR \\ \Slll Mi'l'oN.-The sub scribers will sell the valuable farm on which lie now resides, hi the District of Columbia, containing alH>nt one hundred and ten acres, one-half cleared and Ihc remainder well wooded. The improvements consist of a new frame dwelling, containing eight rooms, with all the necessary out houses, including an ice hou?e tilled with ice. ... rr ,? ^ I f desired, he will divide it into lots of from fifteen to twenty acres. . There are several rites for building commanding beautiful Views of inland scenerv, with several never-lailing springs of the purest water. The propcjtt lies alMiut two miles from the Navy Yard bridge, luid.lieiiig proverbially health*, presents peculiar advantages to t hose w ho intend to build and desire to possess a healfliv retreat near the city. l-'or pari iciiiars apply to Mr. T. M. II\n-'on, No. M.'Seveutli street. Air. J.\mi ~ E. Tiio\ir<o.\, No. ? Petnis\ ivaaia y venue, or lo the subsci ib?r on the premises. ANTIIO.W ADDISON, may 2i-?itf _ |\ESIR \ RI.F. PROPERTY FOR SA I.E.?The IF SIMMER RESIDENCE of M Itibb, about two iiours' ii'b* from the District of t'olumhia. This Farm contains about tit* acres, and liesbeau tifiiiU for division. The owner will sell the whole or a part, with or without the stock. tin the place there is a fine new house nearly fin ished. Ite.-odes the family residence, a grent deal of excellent fruit, and some fine horses and cattle. Thejilace i* piov erlnal for its health fulness ami de l ne p lightfiil water. For further particulars inquire at his residence, corner of F?*etle and Secoiid streets, Georgetown, D. or through the post office of the same place, je .'i v ,ni 11F.O. M. H1HR. I/tl\ A VAN IIOOK, Rkai. I>tuk Ac.knts, Seventh streel, l>elow E street, have for mle a uuuil<er of Ruilding Lots feet front by 13^ feet deep, st the very low price of from :?7S to pa>alile ui small monthly iiislalmeuts of % i per mouth. These Lots are situated at I'nion Town, on the south side of the Anaoostmriver, adjoining the Na vy -yard Bridge, and nre iu every way desirable for persons wishing a cheap, pleasant,and healthy loca tion for a dwelling. Lot-holder* in arrears are requested to complete their purchase, and set fheir deeds; the title to these Lots is guaranteed free and clear from every possible incumbrance. may ^5-3m l^OR saleTTiT rent.-the desirable 1 R ESIDENl'E on the eorner of F and 21st sts., together with the Grounds surrounding it. The House contains sixteen rooms, has ^as throughout, and luritace. The stable will lie sold or rented with the house if desired. The lot the house stands on is 1% feet, but the purchaser can have more land if desired. Also, for Sale-The LOT OF GROUNDonthe corner of F and 19th streets, and LOTS on 19th,near F street. Apply to CHUBB BROTHERS. aps-tf 1\JKW AND FRESH PERFUMERY, just re. o?iv?d at No. 9>, between uth and ?th street*. if. j. Mclaughlin k co, Summer Retreats, &c. H YGE1A HOT FX. OLD POINT COM*OUT. Va. 'llnwrng^l This must delightlul Summer resort?the " bright particular locality of all tlie sunny South"?T is now tlw sole property of the under-' signed, and wjU lie opened ?>n liie 1st of, Juno next,and each successive June following, engage to make it to the seekers for health, recrea tion, gaiety and good living, supremely attractive. For health, no mountain retreat ran We safernfiRy season of the ytar. It is a* exempt from disease in August ami September am! October as iu April. May or June. Indeed the fcrst three are infinitely the most pleasant of the season. The weather is milder, the sea breeze Iwlmier, and the luxuries of the salt

water are to be liad of finer quality and in greater profusion. There is no more inviting spot on the whole Atlantic seaUianl. It is strictly true of it what the poet hath said: " Oh ! if there be an Elysium on earth, it is this, it is this!" Drs. Archer. Jarvis, and other armr surgeons at the post, Hon. Dr. Francis Mallory, Drs. Semple, Slink ins, Sheild Hope.and Vaughan.and indeed the whole medical Faculty resident in the vicinity of Fort Monroe, all certify that they "havt nerer knout* (i raft of b'llioui or agu? and fever to on ttnate th'.re, anil that at all season* it is the heal thirst spot oh tht fart of the earth." (See their certificates in De Bow's Review, Southern Planter, and American Farmer.) ntav 82-?M?wA law2m JOS. SKGAR, Proprietor. THK MOUNTAIN IlOt SE, I CAPON SPRINGS, VIRGINIA, Will be opened for the reception of Visitors,, on MONDAY,23d June. ! Through tickets can b? obtained at Baltimore,1 Waslnngtoii, Richmond mid Alexandria. Passengers leaving Baltimore in the earl* morn ing train, via Alexandria and Manassas Gap Railroad to Strasburg, roach the Springs from5 to6o*clock same evening; and those from Baltimore and the West via Harper's Ferry and Winchestcr from 8 to 9 p.m. J. N. BUCK. je2 6w Proprietor. PINKY POINT PAVILION Is now open for the accommodation of the pub lic. In consequence of the loss of 71 rooms b>^*? hre last winter, the proprietor eat.not accouimo-msF date more than 60 or 70 persons. -ag*. lie has a FI R NISHED COTTAGE for rent sit uated about five hundred yards from the Pavilion suitable for a family who wish to enjoy during the season Hi? advantages of the Sea breeze and aquatic sports, having all the conveniences for cooking, etc. 'I erms : .*?> for the season o| .1 months. The steamers Coluiiilwa and Maryland toneh at the Point every trip. \N . W. DIX, Proprietor, iy ft-eo4w lAlex.Gaz.IntelA States) rI1 IIE WADDLE HOUSE 1 AT CAPON SPRINGS. V*. Having rented m> interest in the " Mountain House" and taken the above now prepared to entertain iiij friends, anil visitors.y with comfortable accommodations. T F. RMS: First week !$I2.?n Second do. . . . . |PjH Third do KjiM One month of2R days Children and col ore* I servants half price. j\ 7 eolm T. S. BLAKEMORE. Proprietor. J?L AKISTONE'S PA VI I.ION. This favorite place of report will be opened on the 1st o| July b<r the accommodation of visitors. /py. The proprietor lias engaged a tine CotillonKja Rand for the season, and with ins splendid Ball4^11 R onin oil its ureat inducements to the lovers of t he dance, while those of more quiet humor may bud different amuseincuts at Ihe Bowling Alley "or in Fishing, A e. The Luxuries of tiie Potomac and good Liquors wil' lie constantly on baud. This is known to l>e one of the henlt iuest p'aces on the river, near Blakislone's Island. There u ill be a celebration on tne Fourth of July, and Bali at night. Cotillon ou the ol July, nth and -7th of August. The steamers Columbia and Mary land leaves pas sengers on every Wednesd?\ ami Saturday's, and returning o'i every Sunday. Tuesday. ami Frulays. TIi*j steamer Kent leaves Baltimore at H o'clock every Monday evening?, and returns on Wednesday mornings. post Oflice?M ilestown. St. Mary's county, Md. Hoard?per day for a week or longer: Al.Vt fur shorter time. (>EO. \\ . BI.AKISToS I".. ie Jl Jin* . Proprietor. lyARRK.N WIIITF. SI l.l'IMIJ SPRINGS. One mile from Bunktou Station, on the Mamss?n <ii?p Railroad. p.ihI hi the direct route toi C:;|'or, and Burner'- Springs, i* now open" lor tli * re. <>ptinn of visitor*. . Com fort able C< aclics yy i ! run dail* l>et worn |>u<-k ton and the Springs, upon the arrival and departure ol ihe cars. Passengers leaving Baltimore, Washington, and Alexandria by the morning trains, mill reach ihe Springs alsuit noon oI (he same day, and returning \vi I arrive at Alexandria and Washington in time to dine. post Office. Buekton. Warren count v. Va. r.o k I! n: ,?iu .. 1st werlc, i ....2d do. a.. yd do. 32 I month. J. S. DAVIDSON. President. S. J. S\UN DF.KS, jrt 2^ cotin Superintendent. I HAVE Jl ST R ECF.IV ED mother lot ol Haii I well's Patent Portable Elastic C A NO P\ FRAME and NETS, lor t'ie protection against inosquites. flies, Ac., which for J?cauty, durability, r.nd convenience are unsurpassed bv any thin? of ihe kind now in sxitlnrs. The frames are made portable by means of joints, so that they may fie taken down or put up in the spac-? of hve minutes. In ease of travelling or stor age m the winter tliev arc readily packed in 1-oxcs or trunks, occupy litis little more space than an um brella when closed. When put up they form a large, airy,and beautiful canopy for the bedstead, and, in stead ol detracting from its appearance, they really form an elegant and cmccfu! ornament. In winter Ihe frames may l?c covered with heavy brocade or any other heavy drapery if desired. 'to hotel koepers they are especially recommended foi their durability and convenience, anil also fami lies yy ho want I he most elegant canopies at the lea*t cost. JOHN ALEXANDER, No. 2v? Putin.avenue, between 12th ami 131 h sts. jy 9-2aw3w s :i PERIOR LINENS AND COTTONS. We have now hi store? inn pieces superior Shirting Linens, from 31c. to ?* | .tfi per v ard jm pieces line Shirting Cotlosjv -( | he liest brands o| House wife. Lansdale, Wauisiittee, New \ ork M ills,and several superior brands made expressly for onr sales Linen and Cotton Sheetings ill all w dMis and qua I it les Table Diaper*, Napkins, and Towciitigs ^t dozen Dimity snd other Counterpanes, sonie yy ilh colored borders, veiy handsom^ Ju picces gauze and other Itn?* Siiinnier FlaiiucU inn do dotted arid figured Swiss Muslins yards more of those hue-robed and other Lawns at 12>jC. fast washing colors. Remember we are selling off our cnti ftr Fancy Dress Silks. Rolies.and Itaregcs, and ail other Fancy <iood? to close out this seasonal cost for cash. COLLEV A SEARS, jy II coJyv S23Seventh street. IVEW GROCERY, WINE, AND i> LIQUOR STORE. The subscriber begs to inform his frientls and Iho public, that he has opened a N EW STOR E.corncr of 12th street and Louisiana avenue, where he in tends to keep constantly on hand a large and^varied assort incut of Ftneign and Domestic \\ INES, Ll Ol <?RS, CHI \R?, ami FINE GROCERIES, consisting o| I'lue Teas,Sugar.Coffee, Flour.Soap, Olives. Raisins, Figs. Sardines. Anchovies, Otard, Marrett A Co,, Pniet A Co., and Col. Cltabard's Brandies in crises, deuijiolin*. and casks. Old Ja maica Rum. Sherries. Madeira, I'oit of various de sui iptions, St. J nt ten Claret, Chateaux Margaux in cases. Champagne Cider. Brandy Fruits. Reynold's Edinburgh Ale. Aniiiselle, Maraschino, Curacoa. Absyulhe,Champagne, and a large and varied dc scnpl mil of Havana Cigars. Also, Stouchtoii Bitters, and Fever and Ague Bitters, Porter, Ale,and Cider. Families are particularly invited to call and exam me tlie slock before purchasing elsewhere. Mmii l?crs of Congress are also informed I hat their orders will lie promptly attended to, and delivered at their residences at the shortest notice. A general assortment of fine Havana Cigars, im ported dircct by tuo subscriber, at wholesale and re Canal Boats supplied on reasonable terms, aud produce taken in exchange. Lev>'s i Hd Whiskey, constantly on hand, of 1R1A. Country tir?l?rs punctually altendc.1 to, and coun try produce of all descriptions received on consign ment. JONAS P. LEVY, jeStf No.S*>4 Twelfth street. I A DIES TRAVELLING (CLOAKS) Dl S j TERS. Checked Ducal Cloth Dosiers. Checked Lowell Clotii Dusters. Fine Brown Linen Dusters. Lyoneseand Heavy Cloth Dusters. T7of the above seasonable garments just received at MAX WELL A BRO.'S jy 11 Steo Cloak and Mantilla Store, 328 Pa. av. Notice.-to ruilders and owxer OF PROPERTY. C. SCH N El DER wishes to inform the public that lie is now prepared to manufacture and hang all kinds of BELLS iu the neatestand most substantial man ner, with or without Tubes. Pari iclar attention paid to arrangement ol SPEAK IN (i TUBES, Ac. Establishment 271 Penn. avenue, lietween loth and llth streets,2d story. jeSn-lm* PULPIT ELOQUENCE of THE NINE teenth Century, containing the l>est discourses id the most eminent living Ministers in Europe and America, with Biographical Sketches, by Rev. Hen ry C. Fish. Complete in one volume, large octavo, with portrait of iPAubtgne: price ?Sjn. jel? FRANCK TAYLOR. gALLOONS MADE OP TISSUE PAPER and India Rubber, with Sponge fur Spirit Gas for ?s?d"rrk^vmm JDentiitry, &c. Dentistry. 1)R. STEPHEN BAILY, Off >rit So. 198 I'knskuvam* Avk.ici, Tkrtt doors from Mtfc Strut. DR. BAILY bets leave to inform the public that he can l>e seen at all hours, at his othce. located as above. He feel* assured that an experience o| fifteen years' practice, with the large numlierof patienis.andKi**: variety ol difficult cases that he has treated success fully. will enaHe him to surmount any difficulty, scientific or otherwise, relating to the Teeth. Ilia own experience confirming the opinion o( many men eminent hi the profession, and especially Drs. Flams and J. and K. Parmly. has led h m. Ion* since, todis card all mercurial preparation* for ti lint I eeth,..l*o nil Enamels. Gutta Pereha, India Rubber, and Ce ments for the construction ??! Continuous Gum Teeth, and tli&t Porceliau, mounted on Gold Plate, is the only reliable substance that can be worn in the mouth, a* was most conclusively shown by the last Amcrioan Dental Convention. Although he Hatters himself from his lone resi dence ana practice in Washington, he is favorably known to his numerous friends and patrons, he begs leave to refer them to the following TEST1MONIALS: From the late Rector of the Church of Epiphany of this city . , . Dr. Stkphkn Bailt: DearSir^I desire toexpress idt esteem for yon personally, aid my confidence in jou as a superior dentist. The operations executed for me havel?een highly satisfactory. I hone that you inav receive the patronage from my frienus and the public that your skill so well deserves. Yours very truly, Washington, Aug. 26,1B56. J. XV. FRENCH. . From one of the oldest firms in Baltimore, Messri. Hoggs. Cotman A: Co. Having employed l>r.Stephen Baily, Surgeon Den tist, of Washington city, to cxecute for me an im portant aiKl difficult piece of work, which he did to inv entire satisfaction, and in view of the fact that one of the most distinguished members of the Dental College of Baltimore, Tailed. aft.?r repeated trials, to perform the same work satisfactorily, it sives me great pleasuro to express my entire confidence and high estimation of ins skill. Baltimore, Jan. 12,!8o7. HARMANN BOGG9. Eitraot from a note received from the late Hon. John M. Clayton. U. S. Skx.vtr, Aug. 19,1856. The teeth you made for me wo-k admirably ; noth ,n? could v"75,l'l^;CLAYTO.N. To those that seek relief from the maladies of the teeth, I can cheerfully recommend Dr. S. Baily a* a superior Dentist; he made a set of porcetian teeth for one of my fami'v. and plugged several teeth for myself, and the work has all s'/* dj""*;1 ?*1 ten y ears. ROB ERT T. MXON. of the Va. Conf. of the M. E. Church South. April 19, laiS. XX'e. the undersigned, having had occasion to avail ourselves of the pn?frMionftl nkiil of l?r. BUT* Surgeon Dentist of this city, or jiavnig l*een coginx ant of his operations on our families or friends, take pleasure in expressing our admiration of Ins artistio skill. a? wcil a? of the umlnriiilr satnifrictory manner in winch lie performs the most delicate and difficult operations in Dental Surgery, and we respectful. \ re coininend lum to I ne confidence and patroi.age o| t tie public,of which we consider him enntient .* wort (it. Tiiomak 1 . XVaI TKR. Architect I . J*. Capitol. Tiiom as Mil i kk. M. D .ol \X ashmgtou. 1?. C. B. s. BotlRKR, M. D.ol IJeorretoWII. D. I' N. s. I.IM OI.N. Al. D.. of XX axh'iigtoii. I), c. Jos. II. Bram.kv.of XX'awlnngton. P.'-. Gi:or<,k XX'A I.TOM. Ex Governor ??l r !??rnta. XX altkr I.f.vix, Ex Xla\or of XX asinugton. IIknrv Bai.Iiwix, I . S. Patent t Mice, O.C. XVifitiT. Principal R ittenhouse Academy, feb 2?t If OR. VII.LARD. DENTIST, I.ATE OF CHI i Mio. would respectfully tnlonti thect ixeus of the Ibstrict and vicinity, that hav mg located linnself in XVaslimgton. lie is"^-4-" now prepaied to perform al\ opera t ions in hi* profes sion, in the ino*t approved sty ie. , Office, No. Penn. avenue, adjoining '.autier s. lan 2f? Iv FJMIF BR. LOO MIS, the inventor and patentee of 7"' l.a\ ilig. sin-cessfi;. v introduced i?iv iiiip'oveiuei.' n f various cities, ha1" ih?w permanently estab lished him?c:r in XX'aslungton. Tins improvement f<>r Se's of Teeth cnrsistschief lv in m*ki?g a set n| hut one piece of material, avid tliat indestructible mineral. .No metal is used in their const riii'l ion. ai.d the* are i here lore free from gairauic action atid metalic taste. Tiiere are n<? joints to liet'ouic Jiiicd with iiiotstiir* ?>r particles of food, hence they are/'irr* omt rltn*. They are lithter. stronger, less clumsv. tar mot e durahle, and natural in their appearance. 1 will give x reward o| iIne Thousand l>?>iiar? toamnue who u ill pr?s!in*e a similar w ? k of art to eiitixl nt'.tie ill purity, lieauty. dmalniuy .artikIic ex<??!leuce <>r any oi her requisite qiialit*. All work responsibly warranfeif. ??:? Peima. avenue, between 111it and 12th streets, ap 13-1 t nR. C. S. OOOPMAN. SV Mi FOy ItFSTIST. and MtacMfiBMi nr AKTiriciAi. Trm.-. His C"inr;ete MitugflMaU fwMlK klM '? present thn following reasonable niicea: rintire I'pper Sett Teeth.on liold....??..$J'toSii J?u d?? do on Silver litniiS One or more, on Gold...^................ ?'to s Do on Silver 1 to 3 Filling, Extracting, Removing Tarter; al?o. |{e pairing at the saine reasonable rates. Al! operations executed in such a manner ss to give every satisfac tion. Office corner ftth street and avenue. an S DALTIMOKECITY MALT HOI >K. MALT FOR ^AI.E.?The nndersigned having recent Iv oyrcliane'l tiio C1T\ .XI Al. I' !!<?' SK, corner ol XX'ent Falls avenue .and Block street, would announce to his f; icnds and t lie public, that he has it now hi full operation, witii a iaige supply M ALT lor *ale on iiKval terms. nn ii-3iii F R ANclS DEN MEAD. R E XX' A R D.? R ami way from the sullen licr, living near I rrf" Mailliorough, Prince tieorge's county, Md., ?**i the i^th of April, NEGRO MAN, DAVY fiREEV ats>ut?7 years??l age,5fccf. ?? inclics high?n dark mulatto -has a large bushy head, with whiskers louud his lace, medium *ize and down look, lie may hire himself ui the Di*tiid, where he lias relatives, or make his way to some free State, as* lie left without any provocation. 1 will give Two Hundred Dol'ars. i| taken out of t lie S'ate?,*!i?i if taken in the District, or any other part of Maryland, and if taken in this county. In either case lie must be scoured so that I fet him. j?3-tr XX ILl.lAM J. BERRY. f\ RETIRED PriVSIi lAN whose s;iri.!- ol r life have ncai !> run out. discovere?l w liile in t lie FEast linlies, a certain cure lor O nMimption. Astluna, Brmidutw,CMKlH,Ohb, and i.cih'ih. Delslity. The remedy was discovered t?y lum w hen his only child, a daughter, was given up to _ ?!ie. ||e had lizard utu<;h of i he wondei In, reKtor ative and healing ui'aliti?s o| prcrarati"us made from the East Indiallemp.and the thought occurred to inm that he might make a remedy for Ins child.? Be studied hard and succeeded m realizing liiswisk es. Ills child was cured, and is now alive and welI. lie has since administered the wonderlul remedy t?> thousands of sufferers in all parts oj the w^rld. and he has never failed iu making them completely heal thy and happy. XX'ishing todoas much ginxl as p<-s siule, he will send to such of Ins afflicted fellow l-e ings as request it, this recipe, with full and explicit directions for making it up, and successfully using it. lie re<iuires each applioant to enclose hmi one shilling?three oentsto l?e returne?l as postage on the recipe, and the remainder to l?e applied to the pay ment of this advertisement. Address Dr. H. JAMES. No. 19 Grand street, Jersey City, N.J. N. B. Dr. II. Jatnes has neither office m?rage?i in New X ork as some have | tiscd. The recipe is sent fr l!i iirand street. Jersey City, may ">i oin IM PROVED SETS OF TF.ETIL .vorsbly (^11 IN \, G LASS AND '-JI'EENSXX ARI-.. / R. II. MlLI.ER.SON A CO Importers direct from Liverpool to Ale*an ' dria, lieg ,eave tocall t heattentionol dealers,, hotel keepers,audothersol XX'ashiiisi?'iiaii?l lieorgetown, to their stocks of t?OOI>!S , which, lor extent and variety, will t-mpare fav? with any establishment hi the r.astern cities. The connexion of their senior partner with the manufacturers of Kurop# and tin* I State# for upwards of thirty years, has civen htm advantage* in the purchase of goods equal, if not superior, to any house m the trade. An inspect ion of g(?odsand prices wiil satisfy all parties that purchases can l<e made of them upon tlie most favorable terms. French China Dinner Sets, gilt and decorated French China Dinner Sets, gold lowland plain white French China X'ases, Pitchers, Toilet Sets, A e. French China Tea Sets, Cups and Saucers, and other articles of Teaware And Dinner XX'are, separate from sets India China Dinner Sets, and separate articles always on band XVhite Granite XVare in every variety, in seta,and separate from sets, as may l?e desired Blue Printed or Liverpool XX'sre. the same (jouunon Edged, XX'hite and Rockingham XX'are, in lull supply. . Cut, Pressed, Plain, and Moulded Glass \X are from the I test establishments in the Eastern and XVestern j States, which will be sold by the package or other WExperienoed packers employed. Goods rut us can l?e trartsp<?rted by any mode wit hont hreaxage I Fare by the steaml?osts from XX ashington to Alex andria, almost Imurly, 12>6 cents eacn WRy. A fluar 1 ter of a dollar thus spent may aave many dolors dec I _____ ^yATCHES, JBWELR^mlVBR XX'ARE. I have iust receive*! a new supply ol FINE WATCHES. GOLD CHAINS, and a luge assort ment of Rick JEXVELRY of every description, which makes my stock at the present tune one of the most complete in the city ? . I have iust finished (on the premises i a t ery isrfe assortment of PI RE SILVER XVARE. among Vtl^h may be found a SO LID SI LVER TEA KET Tl F superior to anything before exhibited ut this city,?the weight of which is 125 ouuees, capacity 9 14 Both citixe&i and itranjers are invaed to mll and examine. 9* KsOOlJt jt?- 3WP?.?v?uWar^:i?trf?l, Pianos, &c. f'OLD MEDAL PREMIUM .. riASO FOKTFS. WILLIAM KNAIIK. (Senior partner iu the late tirm of _ . iJl Ci'., CoutinweetHe niantilaetnreand K?l?> of trnrul im1 *?"?/?? IMA NO FORTES. .intern,* -*n <?1 William A Co.. at "?-Tmrt.lHfflF] No*. I. li. S and 7 North Eutaw street up-lfTmM po?itethe Eutaw Hons*. Baltimore. The* have also jiikI .>p?ne<l ? nfv Sales Room at No i"T Baltimore street, l*twecn Charles and Lisht streets, on the premises p?rt ? occupied l? ,V|r Hcnn Al. Carter* as a music More, where they will ? e??p constant I)- on baud a Jxxte a?s<>i tmeut of p,ain and highly -brushed grand aitd square Piauo Fortes *!??>. Melodeons. from the l>e*t makers, from 4 to ?? ??ctave. some with double ke> l?>ards, double ree< Is an<l kt.?j>? to suit ?mall churches. p..!!'"* e*le,?'velj encaged in the manufacture of litwmUeTmT "e wholesale and retail, on the most /?Vlirm?1ilVV,.T^r?'E.R1rar<,K' hirhe??t premium Fair* of the Maryland Institute tro inootHir* y ears?(tetotier, IttVi, and lali.?hi on - Tt the lleJt m?k?,P rr "r<jc'?hteen piano* from ?oni? r mill ^ ?*. Boston ami Hal - tK^TItnctrf.rtTil!'V"**"*** the i?rat premiuH. at cinia.a?.d 1MB*1 hu,<1 ?1Hichn?.?l. Vir Kina, itwA) aiia Huh. I hfy have aiiNi lieen nvarilftl the higbonl pienaiam iii'tm niedaita*. Um Metro politan Mechamoa' Fair for irst. Iu addition to tins we are in possession of testimo niala from the most distinguished profesa?rs and amateurs in the country, a Inch can tw teen at our warerooms. speaking for themselves and others of the high appreciation in whicn our instruments ara every where held. All instruments are guaranteed for five rears, and a privilege of fichmre is granted within the brat six months from the day of sale if the instruments do not Rive entire satisfaction. Wholesale dealers will find it to their ad van t ate to give un a ca I l?ef??re purchasing. Pianos exchanged, hired. and tuned. mar 16-1 y WM. KNARE A CO. piA.XO FORTE INSTRUCTION'. Mr. AY. H. PALMER onntioues to addnew mem kTL??oh'.* ?'*"??? APPlM? Mr. PAL ?>li.K. at his Rooms over Futtihim'* Bookstore, Tuesday. Wednesday, Fri day, .nut Sit unlay, between2and6 p. ni. Terms $5 per quarter. M? IMf Three new and beaftiffl pianos AT?RKAT HAHfiAINS.-Tfcese/ Pianos have :?-en used l.ut a short t|me '.J oarelu! persons, we will warrant them* take old Pianos in exchange. A c. Two of them are full seven ?.ctavea. finely finished rosewood crises. and of exquisite t->ne and is only a six octave. These Pianos. purchasers may safely relr upon an l?eing truly great barratns, and they will do well to can and sea them. at our extensive Piano Ware rooms. No. l>etwcen 9th and luth. I*1,1 __ JOHN F. ELLIS. IKV K/'F THE PATRONAGE ? wluch the public has liestowcd on us r? - we h.v e l>oen ensl.le.1 toenlarce our stfK'kTSw^^'v of and Miikicai Merchandise. ? ? IP ariaiiaeu.en'a with Mr. S.-ll,.HiPlM.ri;er Pans, and at" . . enee, we will sell Foreign Miivic in(leaitrsainl pmlc-b'Ts on ine most reason able icriu*. thir Olaiocue. coirpnur; over five thou Rand :\r'Sk. works, i? now completed, and to liebadat the MIIMC |>epiif. St runts. tw?Rf 'inalitt. very < lirap m lt?ndles A loll,,*, (itnlvrs. l.iM iil.randiV ^!ufe^. \ lo'mcelUt*. |tra?s Instrnntewts, rte. <?i.| M<N-k o< A. Raven's aiel Wiliiam M. , r s cel? brated Piatto* wili t?? "..rr.pleled .iKa'ri in s tew <la\>.m-hich we wi sell ?hi the mo?l reaaorMl>i* iPrifih h iid jiv?> fit*1 ?*if\ r^ffrefHf. Mtimc IX-po'. "?rtier of nth and IVnn. nventie ,H W. (i. MET%ER<?TT. r|1IIREE ?? I. VI I II I I. PI \Nt?S received thi I na\.'rooi Koston. ..,-1 1 K^rotni luiil I'miiiiR, tut !#u?* vovfi Bt.tB J fH:U\ C5,r??^iori(| will It# ^oldal zrpni* 11 1 f * Itfir^niK.nt ?*ttr |?nfH? I wt.l \lut> c W, l.otupf r h ^ v*H !???S \o : JOHX T. ELLIS.' TV ? !,,\Nns hwK OXK l OR tl?n ? *o for * J"1 Te now for at irr m M u*iie Ik'po' o| fc gj < W. H. METZF.ROTT.Ml IT* i oriieroj | ei.n. avenue Xijj 11 * <? ktreet l<,r"Htr''K' may IK ICE. I J. MIDIH.ETON. /f* f? ii v \ i y f\ Orfireand IVpot-Soutltwes-'corner . f V a'nd !??h ^ r^tlRs \\ aftftiiiigtov). ||.ff I V '* ' l' I.'" TkCM4trai(asdnssegtiaU ? !> iiiiorui tn? Irieuitkaiut the put ;iccenerafl?, that lie is mow pre pa re<| r.. fnrinMi >ifiil?rs and others! Nironch keavtwi with the t*>at qinlit* of ICE. n . \ rrnl n. hi j.H'i ??i \\ a%liiii|ton aim Ofne /?:!l " ifiitirp FM:?lactiAi?. Orders to t^e ielt will, klt>WCtL A l.ttRtWt K rk^nivlM'.^xrr^' 1V*< '*?"?* ; ' ? F'l. I-. K nu r i. A t 0 .14th Street: J. B. Nookl I?rur Cist. I em. i avci ue. tietween l!?li and JS'th streets ; \]:rV if TirL w ^ orkavenue, r??tween inth amf II h ktieetx. Host. A. Pavst. Urusrist, corner Itii amt Am-k. avenue: and wi-ti the suUcnlter. No at ali Vitaes0^* *here Ice can be had **>7 tf T. N. K!DWELL. WP.KINt; AND SI \IMER <iOOI>S.?JOHN H. ? SjtooT. N<I. 119 llridxe Street. Ueorcetown, p. C., tias received from New A ork and Phnade'plua. an<t now ? tt.-rin?c at very low prices, to catii and prompt customers, a Irrceaod ireueial assnnuient of Apt h and F*S( t i,<?,>!???c? tnrrisii!- in p-rt an fo lows, v:*: r N^w kti 'e Silk Ri fies and fan? Siik? Iteat make !.!aek Silks. Inch lustred ?j'ack i baliies, l,iisii?n and Mons l>elainea R ich print el i ah ?im!i AI our lletainea rn?!lies ;iud l>are;e l^elaines. in treat variety Kich Orcaudie. Itnreze.and Jaeonet R< !>es Kriffht colors and mode put Pareceg and t)f lamea Plain French Brilbatits pnd Perca'.ea Plain colors t'raveila* an?i Sprint style Poaiinn iMicttis. a tisht srakoua'ile faltitc BeRt PreiMii printed JaoonetRarid Bri!!auita W kite Brilliants, troiu l.'S toSI.V cents Best makes new kt)lea fiinshaiiiR {>cl?tes. Cltaoilxays and plain Lustre* Mi?li*h Prints ofuew kt>ie?, iu pr<?t \>ar:ety, at l.\ cents Rich fhintz colors l?eat I'rench Orcnodiea V\ hitk t.iN?;w. in treat \arietj. Plain Swiss, NawHil Jaconet Muthn Punt and striped MmrIiiis Small-licure<t and r;?-li Brocade Swiss Muslin Plntdand striped Jac?ine?, N'nanook arxl Swiaa .?? uslitm AA Inie Tarlctons, Illusions, and AA'asb Neta Irish Linens tof the l?ekt makes) very cheep Luieu Oaintwie, Linen and Bishop I .awns Super Ln,:ii>h Lons Clothe, suitable for Ladies' use New York. Bates. Atwood.and other itood makea Sliir'ines A\ itiie C'amhriea (of Jonas's oelebrated make) AA lute Mi iiiiatits and striped India Dnnitv Marseilles for llas'iiies and Rnr:uet Card Shirt Bosoms and shirt Collars. Kmbfoickbikr. Frene!i worked Al nslin Collars and Seta Swiss Cainl>ric < '??ibr*and Seta and Lac* Sleeves and Sets llonitonand Maltese IjiceCnliara Swiss i>nil>ric and lbinitt Bauds Fnibr?Hdered Linen Cambric lldkfa. A'R". new stiles Lace and Silk Aiantillu S'ella nnd W'luteCnpe Sliawis Plain and rich Inured Bonnet and Sash R ibhona ^ Skirt'sriUZ' Xc,,'H,|ltau? inher Skeleton Serine a :aortiTient of Bajou's Kid G oves 'I nlic'a Silk, bl.ick la.-e and l.ttile thread do. Cotton Hosiery of every kmd for ladies and children (jents tiest Ensli?h Half hose, nblwd and p.a o do l.iRle thread ami fancy cotton do. A r???d ;uoM?rliiieul ? l Snk Crai-atsand Ti?a Suspe Hlers, Si k aiwl Liimi Cambric Hdkfs tiossamer and Lisle thread Siurtsand Drawer* New st> le Parasols. Also, (ieutleiuen and Boys* wear of every descrip tion, with every> ol ilouse-furmshinc Dry OoimIh. Domestic Goods f >r aen anta wear of the heaTieat makes. Purchasers ma? rely upon gettirt desirable good* at low prices. epR-tr_ JOHN H. SMOOT. 'PAKE NOTICE. 1 REMOVAL. til BBS'S AA'IfJ, HALF AVHi, BRAID AND CI Rl. M AN! F ACTORY' removed to M2 Penn sylvania avenue. I>etween t^th and ISth streets, near ? ?autier's. Hair Work Repaired, or taken in ex change. Fine Toilet Articles, Combs, Brushes. Ac. ji 3-lm HI NTS MANUAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY. . I vol., Loudon, |,{57 Hunt's Practice of Photography, | rol. tendon. 14i7 Hart's Photofraphj Simplified, I vol.. London. HUB Straus's Art of 1 hotorrapky, translated Irom the Oerman, I vi?l.f I?ondon SneUiUK's History and Practice of Photography, NapieVs Electro-MetaUur^. i voL, I?ndon, HK7 rhrTfrt."r.j .*1"1?1 it Electricity. Practiaai and I neoretical, l vol., HK7 CampL^il'a Text-Book ??f li organic Chemistry. I vol., London Outlines of Inorganic Chemistry, I volM London I arnell s Cheinicai Analisis, Cjuaiitativeand uuan, titative, I vol., London Normandy's Introduction to Rose's Chemiaal Ana !>sis. 1 vol., London Galloway's Manual of(Ju"li^sti\-e Analysis, 1 vot^ I<ondon Graham's Chemistry in its Applications to the Arts. I vol., London Chemistry in its Applications to Arts and Manufac tures: by Ronalds. Richardson, and Kna*p; 3 v? London Gerhardt's Chimie, Organique, 1 vol.. Pans Introduction to Practical Organic Chemistry, I rol? Kent's Kudiuowtk of Chemistry, 1 vol.. I^owiow _Jy t- fraSck JLaylor^ wALL * STEPHENS, ' ' W holesale Dee ers and Jobbers tn Cj^TjfS^CASSJUEhES^yj) FjSSTIM9]