Newspaper of Evening Star, July 20, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 20, 1857 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAB IB ri&LI?HED EVERY ArTERJIOOH, (EXCEPT SVyDAY.> ATTHLhTAR BUILDINGS. ("#??' of Frn* snlrmni* are mm*. ind lit* ? trttt, Bt W. D. WALLACH, and is s#r*ed to suhe<ril>ers by carriers at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable *?kly to he A cents; papers served in packarea at 37)4 cents p*r mnnth. To mat. subscribers thesulwcnptionprioe'i THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENT* ft year ik advamtt. TWO DOLLARS f<>^ a.x mouths. and ONE DOLLAR for three mouttia; for l*aa titaa three inouUta at the rate of oenta a VMt. fE^ SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. VOL. X. WASHINGTON # ?? ^m.1 Star. MONDAY, JULY 2^1857. NO. 1,404. THE WEEKLY ST 13r Thie ?ac^.aut Faiai r Md ?*i JMral-wi taimikft ? croata* variety of lateraatiaa readme thaa oar he fouud M auy otiier?is putiu*Aed on Saturday aoraiag. ire oopiea >il C?f>t?ft TO CUM. ..fl U , !? . ? ?n .b <r I J. OUflftS H-TXasu. i*vaaiA*eLT ia ADTAWca.' Hy aul*or:Uu? in c.ut* nus?<! *?,onf aoifbhocw WitiK>ui me utrrvei.'ion of a mmi %**?,? %? vtli he f^poived. twentv p?r eon*. ol ii? Whui ?x*a will l# It n.variab.y oou'ajns tit* " Wash ia?tou New**' That !,*? made tho Ha lt lim ???.. late w> rtnarally itiroutnoiii ike oonuiry. irr^inn# *>npie? (m wmppara) oan ha rroeamd at Mio ooHiit?r.iinMie(iift:a:>afler Ue iasmsoI tkePaaer. Pnee?Imrkb Cikti. Po?iM4?TKa? %'tioartaa ftcenta Wili bealKweda oomiiosaiouof twenty per <*n?. A DkiVB??Ar!ri:L,'KU FROM ( HI R(H rOR \ OTI >G KOR BUCHANAN. The Wrand Rapids (Mich.) Inquirer contain? a lull report of the trial, conviction and expul- 1 sioni from the church of Dcacon G. P. Stebbinj. ??t the town of Alpine, in that county. II? was the first demo n of the church to which he be longed?the Freewill Baptists It appears that *VVn ,bc Presidential election, two elders addressed Deacon Stebbins a letter in which he was informed that he wa< charged with crime, and they admonished him that he must clear himscli of the accusation. They . ^I' ?n established fact that there are two principles in active and open opposition? vix : slavery and liberty : and it is deemed that y??u. in opposition to your covenant obligations and professed love of liberty, have, so far as action is concerned, supported the system, prin ciples and power of slavery. Second It is an established fact that the office of deacon is second to but one in that kingdom that thrift set up in the world, and that gov ernors of states, kings of nations, and presi ??. of ,th? 1 niteJ States, and the offices thev nil are of less note than the dcacon in Christ's church and the office he fills. Soon after he was furnished with a list of the charges against him ; and after a long and follow/ ,avmi8#ti?D> the council reported us Tk _ . Sparta, Feb. 4,1S57. The council appointed by the Grand ltapids V M. Conference to meet with Alpine and . parta church, having examined the testimony presented, relating to the case of Deacon G P btebbms. present the following decision : t narge I. Deception. That, in our opinion, is not sustained. ?? I nchristian conduct. .Sustained, but removed by confession, except the last specification, viz., the accusation against the church at the public meeting; which de mands a more full retraction and confession, slavery dec,arinS that he would support 43 fa/.M hi* statement is con cerned. but so far as his act in voting for Bu chanan, he has thrown his influence in favor of nBT r ? Chairman. ?? K Evarts. Clerk The Freewill Baptist Church of Alpine and c I*"?- ?fter the Couucils of Ministers from the quarterly meeting had examined the above t barges preferred against Deacon G. P. Stol. bins, and exhoncrated him from them all on his SY'm011 111 VC8tigation, not satisfied, caded Mr. Stebbins before a singlo church meeting, voted him clear on all charges pre 1 erred against him. save voting for Mr Bu chanan for President of the United States, ex ooe ?I1C a majority of . J1? "hi,:h ,k*ch"^'arc In the fill of l.<v>6, previous to the Prcsid-n tial election, d. ,;iti facti -u took placo in the church about ;?tebbinr- voting ; h? ha* for nin?> ^earj been knowu as a democrat iu the town of Sparta a man that decidedly supports the con mU V" .,a ir vtf,J Al t,lis period. i t?* ?* , ^orton asked him if he voted the liberty ticket He *ai,i he did. Simeon K ousc asked him if he was going to vote for the resident, stebbins ?lid not immediately an swer House says. "You are not going t<> vote tor slavery, arc you Stebbim, replied ?y0 " and traveled on. as he had met IloUso in the road. *or these an-wen- he was charged with deception " Stebbiiu admitted that he had inado the an swers, but detended himself as folbj^i Iirst That the democratic ticketTwbich ho did vote. supp>rted the most liberty principles of any ticket now in vogue That it gives to all new r-tatcs. when annexation, tho liberty to frame their own con titution best suited to them only it should be in keeping with the constitution of the United States?it mi 'ht be in favor of slavery or not He beloved" it to be tho duty of every American eituen to sup Crt the constitution of the United States, lie lievcd tho dem?>cratic principle* an.I influ ?nee to be anti-slavery. To this he sa< ? that all the states that ever abolished slavery bad abolished it under a democratic adminis tration. which is undeniably so. He also main tained that .-lavery now covered less territorv in proportion to that embraced in the I'nited ?Mates, than it did at the time the Colonies en tered into a Compact t??r the purpose of protec t. i.i against !?> reign fjes; that at the time there i ?a- but one fourteenth part free?Ma?sachu sert* being the only free State at that time Aud now. out of thirty oue. there are sixteen Iree .States. Ho was also chirg.'l with saying publicly tu.It he would support slavery w7ii.-h they could not and did uot prove Flection came on. and be. feeling it his duly. voted f.,r .Mr Lu. hanaii by theehief priests and elders ihe Saviour was brought before 1 Hate s l?ar, s., by the chief prie-ts and Kdwin. was lie brought l*dore the judgment seat of Sparta and Alpine Free Will Baptist Church He pleaded guilty to voting for .Mr Buchanan and upon that charge wa? expelled the church Tooth W.%sni:? ?On this subject the Ameri can[Agriculturalist gives the following chapter ol history : * Several years since, while at work at the chemical laboratory, a man brought us a little vial holding a half ounce, and bearing the fol lowing or a similar label : '? Tooth Wash?warranted to remove all dark color. Ac.. Ac., from the teeth immediately and ? give theui a pearly whitem-s. It preserves the i teeth from decay, renders the breath sweet. t?rc\ento tartar .rom forming ui?>u them, and being earned into tho Moiuaeh. tfau< improves the gencral health of the .-ysteui A single vial will last for years. Price only 2 * cents We examined thi, valuable aflair. and found it to consist only of w ater, with a little common muriatic acid, (hydro chloric acid ) Its only action upon the teeth was to dissolve oft a por tion of their surface, which of course removed t.iedark coating. J he continued use o| this wa^h would s.Hjn entirely eat away the teeth and destroy them We estimated the co t ot a barrel full ot this wash to be altout 73 cents, and that this would fill about 7,oil0 of the cent vials, at a c<^t < f als?ut cent for one hundred via!? full The cost of the vials iuelu^l ding the labels and tilling, was about one and a quarter cents each This tooth wash tiddler offered us a shiniug g.,ld eagle to tell him how to rn^ke " (which ot cairse we declined do ing.) for. said he. ?I jN?ySl.>a hundred for these vials, and I sell th .u ands of them, and am now g.?ng to the New York State Fair and cau sell them like hot cakes to the green country .hip* La-t year I made over *|nrt scllin^ this same wa.h at "m** fair, and I want to make it myself We told him how injurious it wa> to tho teoth. and ho left us We heard no more "f hiui till a few days siuce we inet him at one of our Southern State Fairs driving a brisk bu siness He ha l a boy on a stool l>ef>rc him. and w;w frrtormiiig his dental operations, (anti dental. rather) upon a dark colored set of teeth and showing U> a wondering crowd " this black t *oth by the tide ol that white one. made so by this incomparable tn*>th wa*h." A doien or lij'i.e of the ambitious crowd immediately walk ed up and paid their quarter au<l carried home tliepriK We stepped up to the peddler and reminder him <>f yur former remonstrances; but he replied, "it rays too well to give up the business; 1 make $1 .*M) a year clear, and pay a year to the State for the privilege of fil ing. A hundred others are selling it ail over the country. I got it for $10 a hundred after telling the manufacturer how cheaply you said it could bo made '' ? Over the drop cortain of the Lexington, Ky Theatre a'e the?e word* : "TheTheatre ha* in every age exhi ?ited the w ce ind folly of >oi ie tv. rather than erected theiii.'"? Rev. Or. Btl* Ice?. KiL'*c-te?? Tvumd Mix*t??l? ?Several of the Nicaragua fUilm^t^rB had f?rai^d a negro ininttiel i oni(Miiy at San Jo*e. and had received P?rmi?*ioii fiom ihe I'rendent to u?e the National Tueatre for three performance. rkarix; no VS. j We submit the following- in four chapters. as it has such a capital application just now. and may l>e read with profit by many : chatter i. "What' stay at home for that squalling young one ' Catch me to."' And the young mother threw on a bonnet and shawl, and hain I ming a gay air. sauntered out on the promeuade. ! One and another bowed and smiled as she moved along, flushed, triumphant and beauti ful. A young man met her just as she was pars ing the shop of a well known firm. " Ah ' out again, Dcliah,'' he said earne?tly. " Where is Charley ?" " With Hannah, of courso. You don't cxpcct i me to tie myself to him." she returned. The young man's face grew cloudy. " No.*' he returned with a half sigh ; ?? but I can't bear to have him left with servants." '?Oh ! well. I can." she said, and with a ra diant smile left her husband hard nt work, and flitted on. CHAPTER II. ??Answer all his questions? make myself a slave, a?* I should be obliged to ' Oh. no.can't think of it. If I give him his breakfast und plenty of playthings. I consider uly duty done. I don't believe in fussing over children?let them find out things as they grow up."' "There's the danger," replied the dear old lady, casting a pitying look ui*>n the richly embroidered cloak her son's wife had bent over all day. " they find out things that ruin them, unless the mother be constantly imparting the right kind of knowledge." "Oh, you want to make him a piece of per fection like his father; well, I can't say I do. I don't like these faultless men. See?now isn't the contrast beautiful? Como here. Charley, lovely, lie shall have the handsomest cloak in the whole city." CHATTER III. "A cigar! bless mc. what a l*>y. and only twelve ! Are you sure you saw him smoke it ' Well. I dare say it made him sick enough; boy3 tci'f be boys, you know." "Yes, but to think you should allow him to go the theatre without my knowledge ^and the husband groaned. ?'Dear me ! why what a fret you are in ; do let the child see something of the world ' CHAPTER IV. '?In jail! my (iod ! husband?not our boy!" "Yes. in jail, for *tr<itinz "Not our boy' not our Charley ! no it can not be ! Let medic?kill me?but don't tell mc our Charley is a thief. ' The boy was sentenced to the State's prison, and the mother may yet be carried to the luna tic asylum. The Salt Lakj; C<?i >Tiir.?Salt Lake is sit uated between the 4t?th and 42d degrees of u ?rth latitude and i< not less than 50 miles in length from north to M>uth varying in width troiu .'? to ;>0 miles. Its elevation above the Gulf of Mexico is 2, Kin ieet. and it forms the bottom of a vast basin, surrounded by moun tains d.iWH) to high. Part of the bank and bottom of the lako are couijiosed of rocks and salt springs, and the waters are entirely impregnated with a salinn substance, co that evaporation show- parts in Km ol salt, while the water of the sea shows only 4 parts in 100 The waters of Salt Lake, therefore, are of an extraordinary density. No ti-b can live tbere. and the borders ol the lake arc sterile. Hap pily, in this accursed lake there is a passage t ? another lake, called Utah, (the name of an In dian tribe.) tho level of which is 100 foet above the surface of tho first. The water in Utah Lake is drinkable, fre^h and limpid. Tho rich ness of tho country in the neighborhood of these lakes caused Ilrighaui Young to resolve ujxm settling the Mormons at this spot, lie thought, with wisdom, that it was better for him to be come exelu-ive master of thi3 great basin, where the distance and nature offered an impregnable furtrc". than to go to California and encounter the hostility of a crowd of gold seekers Tho resemblance oi Salt Lake to the Dead Sea could be presented a Providential design, and an indication of the place where the New Jerusa lem should be founded. The colony chose a position extremely advantageous, upon a strait between the two lakes, and founded there the Heseret. a term which signifies ??beehive" in tho pretended "Reformed Kgyptian" language ? The as|>eet presented by this young city is very picturesque. It is divided into twenty quarters, each forming a separate inclosure The houses arc built of adobes, or bricks dried ill the sun, are only a -tory high and are surrounded by garlen--. The only springs whieh descend tho mountains flow it. little rivulets into the gar dens and streets. The stores are numerous and elegant. The St;ite house i- 2? by 40 feet. The to*\ n i> protected by a fortified inelosure. aud the numWr of inhabitants is about .'JH.lMjil. The neighboring country is highly cultivated, and returns with usury the products which are con fided to it. The waterfall between the lakes is utilized for turning numerous mill-'. In fact, this colony is a new aud striking example of the creative and directive genius which seems t.>bo the privilege of the Auglo-Saxou race Thk Hair Snakk.?This singular specie? of animated nature, so readily explained bv every eountry child as the simple metamorphosis ?it a horse hair that chanced to fall into water. Is an unsolvable enigma with naturalists Science has not satisfactorily determined eithecr the origin or the modes ol existence of those animals. In reply to inquiries by a correspondent of the Michigan l'ariuer, who found a hair snake in a pan of milk. Mr. Justus Gage, of that Static, fur ni-hes a very interesting account of his experi ment-' and observations. He is satisfied of the fact that both the largo and the small crickets dcj?OMt those snake in water during tho month of August; but whether the crickets resorts to the water to rid itself of a parasite or to deposit a natural product of its body, he is unable to determine. Mr <J. says that one morning after he had experimented in his room by throwing cricket* into water to obtain snakes, and suc ceeded iu procuring two, of about four inches in length, he noticed a black cricketerawling up tho side of his water-pail. " It jumpod into the water, lay quiet for a moment, produced a snake nearly seven inchcs in length ami then nimbly male its escape over the edgo of the pail.'' He also found a live hair snake, nearly seven inchcs in length, coiled up in the abdomen of a dead cricket, that lay on its back under a flat stone The hair snake, he says, will live a long time in moist earth, where he nv found them of a greyish or whito color, sometimes of great length and much recembliug tbo fibrous root of some vege table. When seen through a magnifying glas?, the hair snake presents an almost exact re.-cm bl iuce to tho lamprey eel. A lady of our acquaintance found a hair snake io her teakettle, oue morning, a few years since It h id been standing where a cricket might have got in by the spout, but she is hardly willing to give up the theory of her girlhood, that it wad a vivified horse-hair. I.NDkr km r Publications ?A bill bas been in troduced into the British House of Lords for the suppression of the importation and sale of inde cent publication*. Iii moving for a second read iug Loid Camptiel) explained how he proposed to put a ?top to the sale of obscene publication*, namely, by the issue of warrants for seizure,upon the <*ame principle ns in the case of ?niu^"led yood*. All that would t?e necessary toenaide a magistrate to issue such a warrant, would l?e a simple affidavit that bad book- and prints would lie found. Lord Brougham painted out the ^icat difficulty that would arise in the w.iy of defining what a corrupt publication was; and Lord Camp bell said he had no intention of including imhiks of classic merit which mi^ht open to the ob jections of the moralists. Tothisthe I.ordChan cellor replied that the law could not easily make such exception-., and Lord Lyndhur*t made some pertinent remarks in the same direction. The bill a-as, however, read a second time, in order to give the Mouse an opportunity, in committee, of .-?.?tempting the work of definition. ITT* Three men were sua struck in Cincinnati on Monday. FOE RENT AND SALE. IfOR SALE.?A vert desirable RESIDENCE, being a I#or fronting 32 feet Hi inches, by 116 feet deep, to au an alley 25 feet wide, mtuated on the *?sl mde of fith ?treet. west, Iwtween I, and M north, and improve'! by a comfortable Frame Dwelling, with t>ack t>uil?litie. viKxI-liouiie, a pump of excellent water, and ornamented with a variety ol flowers and shrubl>cry. Terms accommodating. App!yat No. 512 (2d story > 7th street. je 20 POLLARD WF.BB. 1 OFFER FUR SALE. MV FARM. "Rosen vick," \ nulos distant from the town orCnlpeper and a depot of the Orange and Alexandria R. R. This Farm contains 1V5 acres of (and equal to an* in I this section of Virginia. Forty acres are in timi>er, ! the balance open land in hue order. On it is a large . and valuable young Orchard now just coining into bearing, comprising all the most desirable i of Apples. Peart*. Plums, Peaches, Apricots, Necta rines, Grapes, Ac., Sic.. suited to otir climate, a I Spring of never failing pure water near the dwelling. Out-houses, JLc. Tiie Dwelling is plain, but amply | sufficient to aveaunwodate a small family. The 1 situation for health and beauty is second to none in ( this region. An extensive range of mountain ! scenery, the beautiful Village of Culpeper, with in a lew inii.utes walk. offer facilities for attend ing Church, and as line Schools a* our Stale af fo-ds, while the Orange and Alexandria K. Road pitta it witiiiu a few hours rule ?>f eitn?*r Washington, A lexandna, or R ichmond. 11 is seldom a farm.w li h as many advantages, is offered to the notice of the fiublic. Persons desiring to purchase are reaped fill - y invited to call and view the premises. It is for sale privately, Imt if not sold before Saturday.the 1st August, on that day it will be offered at public auc tion, on the premises, without reserve. TermsJ made known at sale. For any information address R.G. UOWEN. Culpeper Court House. Va. ic 4 \r ALU ABLE REA I. ESTATE FORSALE. The subscriber offers for sale all that valuable Real Estate known as "Largo," situated in the Forest of Prince George's county, Md.. containing 3G0 ACRES OF LAND. This is one of the most valuable estates in this county. It is easy of cultivation, and has all the advantages of Water, and is also heavily Timliered. ft adjoins the estates of Dr. David Craufurd. Geo. T. Craufurd. Zachariali Berry, Sr., Dr. Henjarfnn Lee and others, and lavs on the road leading from Bladensbnrg to Upper Marlborough,about five iniles from Upper Marll*>rougb and twelve from Wash ington City. There is also a fine Meadow. contain ing between 60 and 8? eighty acre# of very prime Land. This land produces luxuriantly all the crops usually grown in this region of country, such as wheat, corn, rye, oats, tobacco. Jcc. There is nlmiit ?one hundred acres of prime white oak Timber Land in the tract. Persons wishing to purchase will please rail on the undersigned, living near the premises, who will tak?? great pleasure in show.iig it to ai! such. Tins land is si.secptiblc of division, and will lie divided into two lots to suit purchasers, if deseed. If this land is not sold at private sale on or l>efore Til URSDAY, the &">th da? of July rext, it will tie offered on thatdav at putilic sale, at 'he subscri!<er's 1 home place, to the highest bidder. There will be a plat exhibited on tne dav of sale. Terms of sale: One third of the purchase money will be required in cash oil the day <>f sale ; and the balanc? in one and two years, with approved securi ty. bearing interest from the day of sale ; ora inert gage on the land, if preferred by the purchaser. jc lB-eotf /. B. BE ALL. t^ARM FOR SALE.?A pieoeof fine LANDou R"<;k fieek. in Montgomery county, Md., six iiiiI^s from tne heights et Georgetown, adjoining the lands of Messrs. Pcrr>, Wood, Bestor. Nowles. B'dircr, and Hawkins. I l?J%acres. A beautiful loca tion; partially unproved; new house: 13acres rich cre?'k fM?'t??in. and some fine yellow pine timber. It can l?e divided, if desired. Cail and see the premi ses those who desire !o purchase. je 4-tf h^oR SALI"..-My RESIDENCEynthc corner of Ni>w Jersey aveiino and I' street south. Capitol Iliil, fronting on the avenue IK2 feet 9 inches, and on C street south feet 11 inches, and containing nearly M."" square feet. may 3-tf W. F. PHILLIPS l^OR SALE <*II I". A P?And on li'wra! terma. the I following I RAME DWELLINGS.viz: One iiist finished,and situated on the northwest corner of ^d and II streets, in tlie First Ward ; oi:o just finished,and on th? west side of 1st street west. be tween K and L. ami in a rapidly improving part of the city : one on tne east side oi 2t>th street w->, tm fweei: E and F,lad near Easi>>'* Ship Yardand two, Nos. 116 and IIS. on nortit snlc Fas' Capitol street. Also, hve more. situated in d'fferent parts of the city. Apply at No. 512 <2d story >7tli street." jel'j POLLARD WEBB. Rooms for rent.-miss morlev. Having taken tiie house recentl". occupied by Mrs. Anderson.lwodoors from the Kirgwood House, is prepared to rent PARLORS and LODGING* ROOMS, together or separately, furnished <>r unfur nished, and, if desired. will also furnish Hoard, or Breakfast, and Tea to such as wisii to <f me at hotels or Gantier's. The rooms are larse and airv, and very pleasant for summer residences. Apply at 27?> Peim. avenue. ie22-lm \VERY DESIRABLE COI'NTRY RESI iikvck for Sai.k.?I offer for sale mr HOFSK and LOT >n t tie upper par? of t he village of f?.a<lens burg, situateil opposite !iie residence ofC. C. H v a i', Esij. I'he lot contains an acre and a lia'f nt land ad mirably suited to gardening purposes. The improve ments consist of anew and convenient dwelling, budt of the best materials and in the very best man ner: it has in ;t live good-size rooms a.lmve the Imse inent and a Kitchen and two other rooms in the base ment, which is maile o| stone two tret tinck and perfeetiy ilry. A 'so. a !ar?e office, wi' h two rooms : stable, carrisre house, wood house, and ol her ne cessary out houses. There is a never-failing pump of pure water within a lew feet of the kit dun: door. This propert> presents rare advantages to one de siring a quiet country home, or to a physician wish ing a country location. If is convenient to a good school and churches of different denominations. A lew minutes* wa'k W'il take von to the celebrated spa spring, whose medicinal properties are too Weil known to need mentioning here. TiienUive property will be at ptivate sale until I he .Md o| the pie.s.-nl month: if not sold by 'hat time it will,on that da),l?e offered at public ssie on die preiuisn*. Terms ma<le known on tie day of sale. Kor further partie?iIsrs address the snlisi-ri ((?"?at l!'ait?'ilsliiirg. Imolediate possession giv? i? iy 8-eot< 1 BENJAMIN BERR . . M. D \r ER V DESIR A BI.E CO! vrR Y SEATFOR SALE NEAR W\SH I T i .TO V-The sub scribers will sell the valuable farm on which he now resides, hi t tie District of Columbia, containing alion? one hundred and ten acres, one-hall cleared and the remainder well wooded. The improvements consi-.t of a new frame dwelling, containing eight rooms, with all the necessary out-houses, including an ice hoise filled ? ith ice. If desired, he will divide :t into lots of from fifteen to tweutv seres. There are several sites for building commanding beautiful views of inland scenery, with several never-failing springs of the purest water. The property lies aUmt two miles from the Navy Yard bridge,and,being proverbially healthy, presents peculiar advantages to those who intend to build and desire to posse.s a healthy retreat near the city. For particulars apply to Mr.T.M. Haxso.n, No. 5l2Seventh street. Mr. James E. Thompson, No. ? Pennsylvania avenue, or to ihe subscriber on the premises. ANTHONY ADDISON. ma\ 29?eotf DESIRA BI.E PROPERTY FOR SALE.?The SI MMER RESIDENCE of Geo. M Bii?l?, alsmt two hours' rule from the District of Columbia. This Far in contains about P<t acres, and lies beau tifully fordivision. The owner will sell the wlioieur a part, with or without the stock. On the place there is a line new house nearly fin ished, besides the family residence, a great deal of excellent fruit, and some line horses and cattle. Ttie niace is proverbial for Us liealtiifulne^s and de lightful water. For further particulars inquire at his residence, corner of Fayette and Second streets, Georgetown, D. C., or through the post office of the same place, je 24 wOm GEO. M. BIBB. tfOX A VAN HOOK, RtvL Estate Agents, 4*'>? Seventh street, lielow E street, have for sale a uumlier of Iluildiuz Lots 2t feet front by I St feet deep, at the very low price of from .*7A to i?l^ eich? payable in small monthly instalments of ?3per month. These Lots are situated at Union Town, on the southsideof the Anacoatiariver. adiomiug the Na vy-yard Bridge, and are in every way desirable for persons wuhin - achc.ip, pleasant,and healthy loca tion for a dwelling. Lot-holders m arrears are reoueMed lo complete llieir purchase, and get their needs; ? tie tit'e to thes* Lots is guaranteed free and claar from every possible incumbrance. may 2S-3m ? .s<ir sale or rent.-tTie desir able 1 R ESiDENCE on tUe c??rner of F and 21st sts., together with the (irounds surroundin; it. The House contains sixteen rooms, has gas throughout, and furnace. The stable will be sold or rented with the house if desired. The lot the house stands on is by feet, but the purchaser can have more land if desired. Also, for Sale-The LOT OF GROUND on the corner of F and 19th streets, and LOTS on 13th,near F street. Apply to CHUBB BROTHLRS. ap 3-t.f Ne w and attractive e n G L I S II BOOKS. Louis Napoleon BonHp.iriejiiid his Life and Works, ?! vols., with steel Portraits : $?'. Russell's Modem Europe, from the Rise of the Modern Kingdoms to the Peace of Pans in 185S; new edition, with a compendious index ; 4 vols., half-'iound : Ocean Gardens: I'he History of the Marine Aqua rium, and the be?: methiHfs now adopted for its establishment and preservation, by H. N??al Humphreys, beautifully illustrated by colored engravings; 1)3.25. The Art of Travel,by Francis Gallon.F.R.G.S.; A Life of Napoleon Bonaparte, iltual rated ; 75cts. The Household Manager, by Charles P.eree: 83 cts. A Manual of Domestic Economy. In J. II. Walsh, assisted in various departments i>y a committee of ladies, illustrated with mnr? than 200 wood engravings; half bound ; price S2. Frank Wildinan'a Adventure? on i-uid awl Water, by Gerstaecker. with tinted illustrations by Har rison Weir: .$?. JUfct importeil by TAYLOR A MAURY, . >v 17 3t Bookstore neftr bth street. E W M USIC AT ELLIS'S PIANO AND Music Store? jeSi IN Summer Retreats, Ac. i# " bright ?lail .owing.I Hvceia hotei.. OLD POINT COMfcORT.Va. This most delightful Summer resort?the "bright particular locality of a'! the sunny South"?f is now the *o!e rroperty of the under-' signed, and will lie opened on the 1st ofj June next, and each MOMMY* June i.> - . engage to make it to tlie seekers f??r health, recrea tion, gaietv and good trying1. supremely attractive. For health, no mountain retreat can l?e safer ai any of th* year. It is as exempt Irom disease in August and September and Octolier as in April. Mav or June. Indeed the first three are infinitely the most pleasant of the season. The weather ia milder, the sea breeze balmier, and the luxuries of the salt water are to be had of finer quality and in greater profusion. There is no more inviting spot, ou the whole Atlantic seaboard. It is strictly true of it what the poet hath said: 44 Oh ! if there be an Elysium ou earth, it is this, it is this !'* Dra. Archer. Jams, and othe' army surgeons at the post, lion. Or. Francis Mallory, Drs. temple, Sunkins, Sheild. Mope,and Vaughan.and indeed the whole medical Faculty resident 111 the vicinity of Fort Monroe, all certify that they *? *at'? nmrtr known a ease of hilliou* or mew vn-t fever to ort Kinm? there, anil that at all *ras?t?* it is the

h'althi'St spot thf fare of the >arthy (See their certificate* in De bow's Review, Southern Planter, and American Farmer.) may 22-dGwAlawZm JDS. SEGA R. Proprietor. r|MlE MOFNTAIN HOI SK, 1 fAfttM SMtlMiS, VIHUIMA. Will t?e opened for the reception of Visitors.^ ?on Monday, 22d June. i Through ticket* can beobtained at Baltimore,' Washington, Richmond and Alexandria. Passengers leaving Baltimore in the earir morn ins train.via Alexandnaand Manassas Gap Railroad to Strasbnrg. reach the Springs fromS to6o'clock same evening; and those Irom Baltimore and tlie West via Harper's Ferry aud Winchester from a to 9 p. in. J. N. BUCK, je2-6w Proprietor. PINKY POINT PAVILION ? la now open lor the accommodation of the pub lic. In consequence of the loss of 73 rooms by fire last winter, the proprietor cannot accommo SIT: date more than fin or 7" persons. Me has a FURNISHED COTTAGE for rent sit uated alsiut five hundred yards from the Pavilion suitable for a family who wish to enjoy during the season t he advantages of the Sea breeze andaquatic ?sports, having all the conveniences for cooking, etc. Terms : $50 for the season of a months. The steamers Columbia and Manrlnnd toneh at the Point every trip. W. XV. |?IX, Proprietor, jv R-eolw (Alex.Ga7..ln>el&Sta'esi Tiiii waddle iiorsiT i AT CAPON SPRINGS. V*. Having rented m\ interest in tne " Mountain House" and taken the aUtve no*^, prepared to entertain int friends, and visitors.!,~ with comfortable accommodations. ?" TERMS: First week ?l2.nn Second do I".'" Third d< One month ofdays SV' Children and colored servants half price. jy 7-eclm T. S. BLAKEMORE. Proprietor. ? JLAKISlONES PAVI LION. This favorite place of resort wi:! be opened on the 1st ol Julv for the accommodation of visitor^, The proprietor has encased a fir* C??t|ilontr?I? Band for the season, and with his splendid Ball^41* Room off era great inducements to the lovers of the dane<?, while tlioso of m??re oniet humor ma* hud diflnreut amusements at the Bowling Alley or in F'i?hiua. A c. The Luxur?es of the Potomac and good Liquors will t?e constantly on hand. Tins is known to tie one of the healthiest places ou tlie river, nrnr Blnkstone's Island. There will be a celebration on :ne Fourth of July, and Ball at night. Cotillon on the 25d o{ July, 13th and /7th of August. Tiie steamers Columbia and Maryland leaves pas sengers on every Wednesday and Sa'u#dt\*s, nud returning on every Sundaj, Tuesday. and Fridats. The steamer Kent leaves Baltimore at h o'clock ever* Monday evenings, and returns on Wednesday moriiinss. Post Office?Milestown. St. Mary's county. .Md. .. B'ftrt) ? .?}I.^i> per ?l*y for a week or longer;.V/sijor shorter tunc. GEO. W. BLAKISTON E. je ^?-.'in * Proprietor. ^yARREN WHITE SULPHURS PR IN t> sT One mile from Bucklon S'ation. on :he Manassas (lap Railroad, and in the direct route t"i ? . A Capon and Burner's Springs, is now open yvSA w for tlie reerptioriof visitors. I Comfortable Coaches wili run daily betweenBucfc ton and the Spun;*, upon "he ai ri\al and departure ol the cars. Passengers leaving Baltimore. Washington, aud Alexandria bv the morning trains, will reach the Springs al?>ul noon of the same da*, and returning wi:. amve at Alexandria and Washington in tune to dine. Post Oflice, Buckton. Warren oouuty, Va. BoaR U: 31" 1st week. 'J.. ? At do. H. . ? Jtl do. 32..? 1 mouth. J. S. DAVIDSOX. President. S. J. SAUNDERS, je 28-eolm Superintendent. 1I1AVE JUST RECEIVED another lot o| Hart well's Patent Portable Elastic C A N O P \" FRAME and NETS, lor the protection against uiosquites. tLes, Ac., winch lor besuty, durability, and conventenets are unsurpassed by any thing of the kmd now in existence. The frames are made portable I.> mean* of joints, so that the\ may i?e taken down or put up in the space ol five minutes. lu case of Iravetlin* or stor age hi the winter they are readily* pa eked in l*>xes or trunks, occupying !itile more space than an um brella wiien cioseil. When pnt up they form a large, airy, and ttejiurifiil eanopv for the oedstea<l. ami, in stead o| detracting from its appearance, thev r?-a:l> form an elegant and gnict'fi.i oriKonent. In winter the frames may U- covere?l with heavy itrocadc or any other heavj drapery if desired. 'I'o hotel keepers they are especially reoommended for their durability and convenience, and also laiiu ln-s who want the most elevaui canopies a' the least cost. JOHN ALEXANDER. No.24u P?un.avenue, between 12th and iJtn sts. jy 9 2aw3w LjlPERIOR LINENS AND COTTONS. ? We have now in store? ltyi pieces snperioi Shirting Linens, from 31c. to .?*1.1*1 per yard a?i pieces fine Slorting Cottonsuf the lies! brands of Hon?e-wife. Lansdale. Wainsuttce. New \'ork Mills.and several superior brands made expressly for our saies Linen and Cotton Sheetings in all widths and uuaiities Table Diaper*. Napkins, and Tnwebtigs 21 dozen Dimity and other Counterpanes, some with colored iHirders, ver? handsome pieces gaure nnd other tine Summer Flannels UN) do dotted and fmured Swiss Muslins 2.W yaids more of those line-robed and other Lawns at i2^c. fast washing colors, in- Remember we are selling oh our entire stock or Fancy Dress Si'k*. Robes, mid Bareges, and all other Fancy Goods to close out tins season at cost for cash. COLLEV A SKARS. jy 11 eo2w 523Seventh street. EW GROCERY, WINE, AN I) LIQtOR STORE. The subscriber begs to inform his friends and the public, that he has opened a NEW STOR F<, corner of 12th street and Louisiana avenue, where he in tends to keep constantly on hand a large and varied assortment of Foreign and Domestic W|\F'.S. Ll 01 ORS, CIGARS and FINE GROCERIES, consisting of F'ine Teas.Sugar,Coffee. Flour,Soap, Olives. Raisins, F'igs. Sardines, Anchovies. Otard. Marrett A Co., Pinet A Co., and Col. Clialiard's Brandies in cases, demnohns, and casks. Old Ja maica Ruin. Sherries. Madeira, Port of various de scriptions, St. Julien Claret. Chateaux Marsaux in cases. Champagne Cider. Brandy F'ruits, Reynold's Edinburgh Ale, Annisettc, Marascliiuo, Curacoa. Absynthe,Champagne, aud a large and varied de scription of Havana Cigars. Also, Stoughton Bitters, and Fever and Ague Bitters. Porter, Ale,and Cider. F amilies are particularly invited to call and exam ine the stock before purchasing elsewhere. Mein liers of Congress are also informed that their orders will l>e promptly attended to. and delivered at their residences at the shortest notice. A general assortment of hue Havana Cigars, irn norted direct bv the subscriber, at wholesale and re tai, canal Boats supplied on reasonable terms, and produce taken in exchange. Levy's Old Whiskey, constantly on hand, of 1MM. Country orders punctually attended to, aud coun try produce ol al] descriptions received on consign ment. JONAS P. LEVY, jwH-tf No.564 Twelfth street. F'RENCH books. Callet Tables de Logarit limes. 1 vol., flvo. DeBrett's (Euvres Militaires de Napoieou III, I vol., Rvo. Sorilie? Comedies Vaudevilles. 1 vol., lini. Bossue'?Diseours sur L'Mistoire I'mvarselie, 1 vol.. 12mo. Theatre de I'. ?v T. Corneille. 2 vols.,!2nio. Mas lines ile la Rochefoucauld,' vol.. t2mo. L'Art de lever les p'.ans, 1 vt.l , folio colored plates, jy lb F R A NCK TAYLOR. IT'ANS 1?FANS!?Selling offour FA NS very low I1 II. J. MoLACHGLIN * CM)., jy 14 Pa. av.. bet. 3th audj.ltli sis. GOOD SECOND-HAND P I A N OS IN Im store, for sale or rent upon reasonable terms, at our great Piano Warerooms. 3W, between 9th and loth streets. jy 14 JOHN F. EI.L1S. 1MIE largf:st ST(?CK of pianos, me lodeons. Music. Musical Instruments.and Mu sioal Merchandise in general in Washington City, ia at JOHN F. FXLIS'S. ie tfi No. Kift Pa. avenue Imf. Wh and inth sts. SEDGEWICK ON STATUTORY AND CON STITUTIONAL LAW, I voI.,?v<k. just< pub lished. ?jy II) FRANCK TAYLOR. IP AN s?Cheaper than any Ma<* m the city, at je 16 McLaughlin a. co# ENTISTRY. Dentiitry, 4fcc. D DR~ STEPHEN BAILY. OrnrE No. 198 Psxwtlt*si? Avi?i, Thru door* from Hi* Strut. Dr. BAILY hecs leave to inform the publio that he out l?e seen at all noun,at his office, ocated at above. Hp feels assured that an experience ?f fifteen >ears' practice. * ith the large numlwr ot pat leuts.anu great variety of difficult cases that lie has treated stteee?s Folly, will enaMe him to surmount an* d thcu.r*. scient i be or otherwise, relating to tha Teeth. Hi* own experience confirming the opinum of manr mer, eminent in the profession, and especially Urs. flams and J. and E. Parmly, has led him. long since. todis card all mercurial preparations for tilling Teeth.also alt Enamels, Gutta Perclui. India Rubber, find Ce ments for the construction ol Continnons Gum Teeth, ami that Poroeliau, mounted on Gold Piate, is the omy re,ial?ie substance that can l-e worn in the mouth, as was most conclusively aliown by the last American Dental Convention. Although he flatter* himself from his long resi dence and practice in Washington, he is favorably known to his numerous friends and patrous, he begs leave to refer them to the following TESTIMONIALS: From the lata Rector of the Church of Epiphany of this city Dr. Stephen Baii.v: Dear Sir?I desire to express my esteem for you personally. and my confidence in *011 as a superior dentist. The operarnm* executed for me have been highly satisfactory. I hope that you may receive the patronage Irom my friends and the public that your skill so well deserves. Your* \ ery truly. Washiutton, Aug.36,16V>. J. W. FRENCH. From one of the oldest farm* in Ita'timore, Messrs. Hoggs, Cot man A Co. Having employed Dr.Stopnea Bai'y.Surgeon Der. tist.ol Washington city, to execute lor n;e an im portant, and difficult piece ol work, whieh he did to tny entire satisfaction, aud in view of the lact that one of the most distinguished meint?ersnf t tie Dental College of Baltimore, laned, alter repeated trials, to perform the same woik satisfactorily, it gives me great pleasure to express m* entire cor.iidenoe and tnrh estimation of his profession.*!' skill. Baltimore, Jan. 12, 1857. HARM ANN BOGGS. Extract froinanote received from the late Hon. John M. Clayton. II. S. Sbnate. Aug. 19, ltlifi. The teeth you made for me work admirably ; noth ing oould be t?etter. Very grateludy. John M.CLAYTON. To those that seek relief from the ninad es ol the teeth. I can cheerfully reoommecd Dr. S. Rady as a superior Dentist: be made a set of porce .au teeth for one of my lamilv.and plugged several teetU for myself, and the work lias all stood wt'l fi>r more that teuyears. RORKKT T NIXON. of (lie Va. Couf. ol the .M. E. Churcn South. April 19, I. '. We. tlie I'ndertigned. having bad oe'jasion to avail ourselves of the professional ski . of Dr. S. Baity, Surgeon Demist of this citv, or Jtaving t>eeii eognis nnt of his operat ions on our fann ies or frieuds, take pleasure in expressing oui admiration of his art it. tic skill, as well as of the uniform'* satisfactor* meaner in which he performs tlie most dei;on?e and difficult operations in Dental Surgerv.and we respectful j re commend him to the oonfidence and pationage of the public, of which we consider bun ein.nerti% worthy. Th<'m*? I . Walter. Architect I*. S. Capitol. Th??.o M;LLfr,M. D..??f Washington, D. C. B. S. Boiirer. M. D. of ?ieorge:o* n, D. C. N.S. Lincoln. M. D.. of Washington, D. C. Jo4. If. BnADl.KV.ol Washington. D. C. lirnKGK Walton. Ex-Goverror of Florida. Wai ter Lenox. Ex-Mayor of Washington, llfcNRV Baldwin, I . S. Patent offc,e, o. C. Wifiar. Principal Rittenhouse Academy, febjo tf ?R. VILLARD. DENTIST. LA 1 < Alio,.would respectfully inform the E Of CHI he Clt izen* of tlie District and vicinity, that tiav | I tne located liniioclf in Washington, he i? now prepared to perlortu alt operations in hia profes sion, in tlie most approved stvle. Office, \o. Ji, peitii. a teuue, adjoining Gautier's, ia?i 2n 1? f J^HE IMPROVED SETS OF TEETH. DR. LOOMIS. the inventor anl ratentee of 'lLoom>*' Mmrrnl Pint*. Tr-:K," bavin;, successfully introduced his impioveiueut ? i-J various cittes. his no* permanently estab lished himself in Washington. This improvement for Setsof Teeth c<>tifci?f a chief Iv in making a v?t of hut one piece ol material, ard tiiat indestructible ininera:. No metal is used in their construction, and they are therefore free from galvan'eaction aod metalio taste. There are no join's to txscomc failed with moisture or particles of food, hence they are ??v?< ?*</ c!'on. They aie lichter. stronger, less clumsy. tar more durable. and natural in their appcaiance. I will give arewardof Ono Thousand Dollar* toan> one who will produce a sum ar work of art to equal" mine iu purity, beauty, durability, artistic excellence or any other requisite quality. All work responsibly warranted. 276 Peuiia. avenue, between llth and 12th atreeta. ap 13-1? DR. C. S. GOODMAN SVR<i EOS l> ESTTST. and M AXrFACTlKER oEARTlFiftM TEETH.?^ His C'unplete arrauaeHients enabling luin t?i ubscri & ... lu.,?,oiaiuiiui cuntMUiS I11III present the following reasonable prices: 1 Tl rlntire I'pper Sett Teeth, on ?jo>d Do do do on Silver lJio^j One or more, on <?o!d J to 5 Do on Silver. 1 to 3 I'll.nig. Extracting. Removing Tarte>-; also. Re pairiug at the same le ra'es. Ail operations executed in sucli a manner as to give every satisfac tion. Office corner 8th street aim avenue. ap S IJALTI.MORECITV MALT HOI SE. MALT F<?R <\!.K.?TW# nndereigiied harotg recently Diirchased tlie CITV" MALT IIOl'Sl!, coiner or West Falls avenue aril It'ock street, wou'd announce to h>? fri^ndsaml tne |tubii?. that he has it now iu full opeiatiui. with a mrge supply o| M ALT lor sale <>u ;if>era lerins. my ?>-3m FR ANCIS DEN.MEAD. R E W A R D.?Ranaway Irom the subscn ?' * twr. Iiv nig near I'pper Mar:ls?rough. ? I'riiH^i <ieorge's ouiitv, Md.. ?'ii the 2!?th of April, NHiiKIt MAN. DAVV (iREEN. aliout 27 years??f age,?? feet, i? inches hteh ?a dark mulatto? has a largo busby head, w:tn whiskers round his lace, medium sire nud down 'ook. He may hire hunse I in the District, where lie has relatives, or make lus whv to some free Stat*, as tie left wit hour any provocation. I will give Two Hundred Uo'lars, if taker out of the State?,? |iw il taken hi tne District, or au> other part of Marviaud, and 5 t?i if taken in thiscoun'v. In either case he must l>e secured so that I get mm. je!Mf V/II.LIAM J. BERRY. ,'A RETIRED HH\5lCI.\\ wh??se s;?nd- ml life have nearly rum ut, <l.&coverad wh-;e hi tl.e [Rait Indies, a certain cure tor Coma^tMNi. Asthma. Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, ai d <teiiera Debility, The remedy was discovered by turn when hi* only child,a ?laugliter, was given up to die. lie nad heard inn ;n ol Ifcf wonderful raator ative and kealiM SBllitiM of preparation* uwide from tlie East IndiaHemp,and the tfuoight occurred to him that l>e nngkit make a remedy for ui* cloid.? He studied liard and succeeded in realising h> wim es. His child was cured, mid is now a.ive and we.!. He has since adiiunisfered the wonderful rein<MJ> t'? thousands of suflerer* in all parts ol tlie wor'd. end he has nevei fa.ied in makini: them comp e'e!\ heal thv and happy. Wishing to doss much good a.? p<>? sible. he will send to sucn ol lusalfliotad fellow t?e ings as request it. tins recipe, w fh Iu!' and explicit directions for making it up. and successfully using it. He reauires eacb applicant to enclose lum one shilling?three cents to be returned as pos'age on tl-e recipe, ami tne remainder to l>e applied to the pa> uieut of tuts ad v-ertiseme?'t. Address Dr. H. J AM ES, No. I?* (irand street, Jersey City, N. B. Dr. H. James hya neiiner < fhce ri< in New York as some h*ve pretended and Used. The recipe is sent from no placet 19 <irand street, Jer?ey City, New Jersey. may >v3ni J pa? - !: I tu I 7 C^HINA, OLASS AND QI EENSWARE. y R. H. NlI LLER. SON A CO., Importers direct from Liverpool to Aleaan- WO dria. bes .eavetocali theattention of dealers. fBU botel-keepers, and otheraof Washington and iieorgetowri. to their b'.ocks of <i O O D S, X* which.for extent aud variet?,wl , compare favoral iy with any estabhsliment in the Eastern cities. The connexion of their senior partner witli Itie manufacturers of Europe and the I nited Sta'es for upwards of thirty years, has given linn advantages in the purehsseof goods equal, if not superior, to any house in the trade. An inspect ion of g<n >dsand prices will satisfy ail partes that purchases can lie intde of them upon tne uin?t lavorab.e terms. f'rencii China Dinner Sets, gilt and decu'ed 'rench China Dinner S?ts. gold l>and and p:am white French China Vases. Pitchers. Toilet sera. A c. French China Tea Sets.Cupsand Saucers.andothar articles of Tea ware And Dinner Ware, separate from oeta India Cnina Dinner Sets, and separate articles &.wa?i on hand White Uranite Ware in every variety, in aeta. and separate Irom sets, as may 1* desired Blue Printed or Liverp??ol Ware, the same Common Edged. White and Rockinghaui Ware, in lull aupplr. Cut, Pressed, and Moulded lilass Ware from tlie l>est establishments m the Eastern and U e?'em States, which will l>e sold by tne package or otner Expenenced packers employed. Goods put up by us can l?e transported by any mode without breakage. Fate bv tlie steaml??a's from " ashingtryi to A ex andria, almost hourly. I2fc cents earn war. A quar ter of a dollar thus spent may save manv do.lara dee' a I WATCHED, JEWELRY. AND SILVER WAHE. I have just received a new aupplv of FINE WATCHER. GOLD CHAINS, and a larKe assort ment ol RICH JEWEl.RN of every description, which makes my stock at the present time one of the most complete m the city. I have just finished* on the premises i a verv large assortment of PI R |', SILVER WARE, among w Inch inav be found a SO LI D SI L VE R TEA KET TLE superior to anything hefore exhibited in thia city,?the weight of which ia 125 ounces, capacity 9 quarts. Both citizeaa and atranaera are invited to call and examine. II. O. HOOD, ie 23- 3? Pa Jive., near 9th street. _ Pianos, 4te. f^OLl) MEDAL PREMIUM . PIANO foktes. _ WILLIAM K.N A HK, f senior partner in tua tale fcrai of Knair. (uiiilk a Co.. Ontmwra the manufacture and sae of irand and sauare 1*1 ANO FORTES*, under the nun?_gak. of \\ illiam Krt.tlx? A Co., at the old stand. E|h No*. 1. 3, 5 sud 7 North Entaw str?*-t up- III |Tl po*ite the Entaw House, Bsii.more. Tbei tove also just opened n. new *ales Rnom at ->o jo? Ms < i it Hire street, lietweer Charles and Luht ?ire?u. wi the premiss par'ly occupied lifRr ntiuy Mr( ahery as a mo*ic store. where the* wid wpoiiwrwiii, on hand a lar*e rs*ortinent of plain and niihl* finished crand and square Piano Fortes &l*o. Meiodeons. from fhe l?*st maker*. from 4 t? j "?"?? *?th do-tbie ke> lmerd?, UuuUe reeds, and atopa to kuii .mali ohurche#. ii VT'"" **'en*ivel? enlaced in fhe manufantnre o f uSuTi*wi* *tU ?^oiesaleand retail, ob the uk>? t premium rw .. wr" l,,e Mar>la?al Institute lnr*~*IKS.I. mid Uttb-m <>p V- , 1 ",r,,T,; "'"I ?'?KJiteru piantr* from aoma ol Hie best makers I rout New \ ..rk. Boston arid Ha? timore. \\ e were a I so a warded (he first prf nurvst the Industrial Fxhtiaf ton held m N ii,liinnn<l V^r iciun. IMS and litis;. They |i%r? altii i?*? awarded tl?e lnrl?e*t premium (silver atutia, i ai ii,? Mmr., Me, names' Fan j?r law. Matr.. In addition t.? tin* we are in possession of testimo Uialk fimu tlio moot distinguished professors n r<d aiiu%r?Mif a in the country. which van l? keen at our waierooiRx. lor tneniat-lvea and others of the butti apprtviaiiou in winch*'? aver* where he!J. All msti umeut* are tuarai.feed for live years, and a privilege of exchange is granted wit hin the brat a,a ni"iit lis ir? t he day of aale if fhe instruments do nut give entire satisfaction. Wholesale ?le?;erawill lind it to thMT advaathc* to sive ii* a oai! Iiefore purchas'nc. Piano* exchanged. hired. and tnnod. mar 16-1 y WM. UN ABE A CO. plANO FORTE INSTRUCTION. Mr. W. H. PALMFRrimtmiiM to add N> mem ? c "****? Apply t.. Mr. PAL MI.K, at lik Rooms over I' ' ., ? 'nr> Uookkiore. Tneiid&t, Wednewlay. Fri-* day. and Saftirda*. I^tween iand6 p. in. Terms per guarter. at 2S-tf THA*ft.Wy i^A' KKAl TfFf l. IMANOS A T ItRI.A I HAKtiAINS.?Tlwiw^Mna^ I lanof nave t.een used I tut a ahort tune IwRnPyW careftii perkuns. we wtll warrnnt them.** ? f ?" '*?;? o'd l'ianos in exoliaiin*. A c. P*" ol ttiem ?ie full fceveii <irravea, inety bniahed ro&e^ood caaea. and or t-x<<uiaite t<me and toadi.oM ia ???>* am* ?ic'ave. I li?*se 1'ianok. pnicbaaera iua* aafe.y reiv ntnin aa '?ejiia truly *re?- iiarin.iis. and Hit y will do we., lu oa, ami <-e<i them, at ?.'it ex cumvo Fiano Ware ro..m?. .N<>. ?*>. Iictweei: i?u and l?th. JeI"_ . JOHN F. Kl.l.IS. IN CONSEgi I NCI.OF IIIK PA IRON'AOK ? * hiCii Mio riMjj W'fcfowed ? ?n n> mm we fnve iieen enalded t.>eiiiar<eour atockti ol Music and Masiaa. Mirciiaudioe. !?>''? ? ?iraiict-meoi? with Mr. Sch?ieiiel>errer in Parte, ani tenuis A S. iis m Meyenee. we wnl aril Foreica Music to dea.crk and profe?aora on tue n oat rea?oL ante terms. <?i:r Oralotu#. compriaint over tiva thousand ?ntiiia.! works.i? now completed, and to benadat tue M ueic Depot. S'rintk. Iiect <iua!i*\, verr cheap in tmndiea. \ lolina, ttuitarn. f.i~,enltrainlt'n Flatc*. * iouioe!ms. Hia is Insfrumetit^. etf. 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Straus s Art of Photography, trans Hied Iron the 1 ? erman. I vol., London Sne! nx's Hiatoiy and Practice of Puotocraphv, vol. Napier'* Electro-Metallurgy. I vol.. London. !?5t B-<sewe Manuri of Electricity, Practiuai sad I h^ort icn , I v? ? 1W Camptie1 '? Text B?? k of Ir<>rcaiuc Chewustry. 1 vol., London t>utiines of Inorganic Chemistry, t vul.. London Parne'l's Chemical Ana ? sis, < e and q u&n I vol., London Normandy's In'roduct.oti to Rose a Chemical Ana |\ sis, 1 vol.. London Ga;lowa>'s Manual ol Qualitative Ana >aia. I v?L London Graham's Chemistry m ita Applications to the Art*. I vol.. London ChemiatM in its Application* to ArtsarH ManufiM* turea: by Ronalds. Richardaon.and Kr.a,p; S v4 London (ierhardt'a Chimie, Organique, 1 vol., Paris Introduction to Praetioai Organic Chemistry. I vol., Reid'a Rudimanta of Chemistry. I vol., London jy 7- FRANCK TAYLOR WALL * STEPHENS. " Who.aaaie Daaier? and Jobhara in cloths.cassimeres,and westings* may 1^-tai