Newspaper of Evening Star, July 20, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 20, 1857 Page 3
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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Fio!( Tir (Mit?c4 by Rev G.W. Sanison. of E-street Baptist chntth, upon the death of Win L Marcj. we make this extract: " The practical powerof Christianity, traced iu all Its history, obsei ved by himself when a child in hi* own parent"*, and in h^ niaubood seen f?t and wide anion;; the people oi hi* owu land, aud among ewv people wh? ie the Christian prejeher had cone, in this ' ftur?r ?f tied' in Christianity b? did believe from his very s??nl. Hence he Wat always a sincere well-wither to the *ncm>t of every Christian efl??rt. When, for Instance, h sen*on of imperial religious iatere-t was manifest in the church, and youth were embraciug and publicly professing the hope of the Gosp?|, he would go out of his way to take the pastor bv (he hand, and to ask, in his familiar way, 4 Well, bow :s the good wo*k progressing?" Sometimes in playfulness he would remark thai 4 it seemed that religion was. a* in the first ages of Christian ity, for women, and children, and servants?not for old. strong head*;' bnt then almost lmmedi ly he would relapse into ?erk>ns thoug hf fulness, and admit that this was theerror and weakness of men in promiuent public station, that they could not be hone?t even in their religious convictions for fear of the charge of bvpocrisy. lie clearly ?aw the true evidence of the d>vine power and excellence of the religion of Christ, and he hon estly avowed his conviction. ('Agatn. as to the Mt*n of the religion of Chris!, practically regarded, no man was more firm in his convictions and open in his avowals than Mr. Marry, lie believed the Old Testament aud the New Testament to be the Book of God. and that its teachings, not any man's reasoning, were to be man's guide; and he avowed himself, therefore, to be allied with those who hold this view spe cially even to the outward, aud in one sense un essential. ordinajfcesof Christ's chiuch: because he regarded their view the only one consistent with ?trict adherence to the principle stated. Oo j these two fundamental ideas of spiritual Chris tianity. also?that man needs a new spirit im planted hv God's spirit, and that this work is consistently wiought by the sovereign of all spir itual beings (man being forgiven for the past and redeemed for the future) only I pec****" ?f Christ V mission and sacrifice on earth?or? these sw<? Smt da mental Ideas lie spoke clearly ;DmI distinctly. E*peeially was this tlie case when, at the dentli of his son, in wlinui so many of his in*n and of a mother's hones were hound up. he addressed l?otli by word and by letter the one he chose t?> speak of as his pastor. ?? Here is suggested another peculiarity of the deceased, and ?>f minds like his. His heart was in his family, and there his greatness and his ss cial virtues shone. In him was seen that peculiar homage paid to Christian worth by so many who' seem constrained to screen their own religious views from the trial of the public eye. Religious worth he prized more than anything earthly. H?* would not himself publicly profess a religion of which he feared that he might be unworthy, and in nrofessing which he knew that he would he called hypocritical; but he chose, as many like him, a companion tor life of devoted and ardent Pietjr; and. like many others with such a spirit, be caose to have his closest earthly communion. He would alisent himself often from the sanctua ry ; not liecause he did not d?sire to lie there, but because overcome often by the reaction of cessa tion from business, he knew he should be mark ed, and, perhaps, deemed too little deferential in the solemn services in the House of God. But in bis library were the rich old English divines ; and as. on the week-day, Shakspeare and Bacon, which latter was found lying open on his breast in death, were his chosen companions, no on the Sabbath he communed with Mich spirVtsas South and Barrow, and Roliert Hall ami the sublime Milton, and the fervent llervey. Among others, the works of the rich Sciipttne student Jeremy Taylor were bis favorites; and his parting gifts sent to his pa?tor were line ol.l English editions of T.r.lor's 4 Holy Living' aud 'Holy Dying.' '?The Inst words addressed to him as (shortly before leaving Washington) he met him in his late office, wee characteristic. Coming to take him by the hand?alas, for the last time'?iu a tone slightly playful, but deeply sad. he ex claimed, "Well, 1 am nnthiug now; not even a pastor of a church."1 The earnest uiging. the practical living of a life of love to Gotland love to man. beginning with remittance towards tjod and faith in Jesus Christ, whether heard from the pulpit or seen In the spirit of those iu his own family, or among bis acquaintance who professed the religion of Christ, he never reaped to express his mind's ami his heart'* deep reverence for. May it not be hoped that in the days of seclusion preceding hi* death his life-long convictions ri pened into a personal embracing of this the Gas pel's only hope Most 1sce*diaki?X- ? Yesterday morning, alxuit 3 o'clock, some villain or villains set fire to the ice hou?e in the First Ward belonging to Mr Fuller, which in a few moments was eutiielv destroyed, leaving exposed about three hundred ?'? Iar? worthof ice belouging to Mr. Simp*on. 1 uat the burning was the woikof an incendiary tbere can be no doubt. A bottle, which had con tained varnish or spirits of turpeutiiie. was found within a few feet of the spot where the lire was first setn Three men employed by Mr. Middle ton. who were passing at the time, saw the lire wheu, as tufcy expressed themselves, ?4 it was no bigger than a hat, but they would not approach it for fear of bein^r shot .'' Their prudence maybe commendable, ^or. is not an Incendiary a mur derer* Or. is he nor worse than a muideier who. under cover of darkness, applies the torch to bum hi* neighlM?r'? property, at the same tune putting iu jeopady the lives of .mioceut persons? W itbiu thirty feet of the burning building was Mr. Ful ler's dwelling, where fourteen persons were wrapt in sleep. The extreme stillness of the morning? for not a breath of air was stirring?was p oliablv the *afet) of the dwelling house and iU liiina'c"-. The only persons on the ground to extinguish the ti.e,ex- ep< two oi three neighbors, were six oi s-ven members of the Western Hose?lad> from IT to "jn yea s ofa^e?With a cari iage. wbosav they were aioiiscd from sleep (in thf hose house) by s'mie (lersons who came theie in a hack ami told them that Mr. Fuller's ice house was on ti'e. A boy was seen by Mr. Middictou's men (iiuuing from the place. Excrnsios Kxtkaord:nvry.?This morning a party of four men and as many women left the river sLore. near the long bridge iu an open boat, fur a week's tup down the river, and all along shore The females lielotig to that classic locali ty of our c;ry known as the 4* Five Gun liattei y." I while the men are. of course, b.rds of a like fea tlie>. II jppeuiug to puss along the shore Just as the vovagers were about to embark, we took a hasty Inventory ot their baggage as follows : Items No I. A lar^e ji.g ; i. Do ; J Do , I. One ham; a Five tin d.p|**rsj i?. Two baskets of tr-K key; i One sack flout; One sack salt; 9. One large jug; It*. Four brown |M|ier parcels; 11. Two targe jugs; 15. One frying pan; 13. Another jug; 11 One coarse sack containing half dozen live chickens; li A ju^ ; lt?. One >et of bed clothing complete While we stop|*d to note down the aliove in ventory we were very much distressed to witness a serious accident which happened to one of the jugs. One of the female excursionists took it up with a view t<> having it safely deposited within the boat, crying out. '? Here, Bill, catch this wli-s-k-v.*' 4* Bill"' did his best to ol>ey the command, but. alas* she. weak woman that she was. d.d not take proper care, aud the -Jug slipping f ont her hami stru? k the edge of the boat w th a him, and the precious liquid was instantly mixed with the mmldy wa ters of the I'oiomac. Such a loss must have been severely felt by ihe pa:tv. for as we turned awa\ to hide our emotions from the gaze of the unto: lunate group, we heard sundry express ons of d< ep fueling on the jsi*1 of fne ?aid ?? rfill." as weil as from various others of the excursionists. The mi fortunate author cf the mishap was so attested bv the accident that she $at down ou a convenient R'one aud w< j?? Tmk Ai.mi U'osji im WAsutsrTOX.?A sin gular spectacle is jus' now presented In the large oat field between t be Smithsonian Institution and the M.nHnished) Washington Monument. Thou sands of army worms are matching through the field in a westerly direction, cubing down in their progress the few stalksof oats whit hwere spared i?y the late hail storni The people iu the neigh borhood are w ?ti bing the progress of these voia i i?u ? destrovers with considerable interest, and It seem., to lie the prevailing impression there jlNxr.* that it is the purpose of the ?? varmints "to hold a Rational womi couv?s ation at the l>ase of O.e Washington Mouuuteut, as they <ue h< aded in that direction Wherher they have been cum implied by the Monument B<>ard, or < auie at their own prompting to rttfili de with the management .ii- < ompletmg the moiiumilit," remains a pro found se? ret. as ?? re|>orters are not admitted'* to 'heir mode'n ' Pi?t ( f Worms. ' Copld Airoan to ?*ell Cheat ?Mr. C. M Keys. w<s<d merchant, while engaged lately in filling a contract to supply the Capitol with bu k uy wotd. has had occasion to note the mys terious dis.tppearam e of qnanfit;e? of the w?xxl Ohtaining the anl of Officer Faiiuin", s search was made in suspected quarters of the Seventh Ward, aud on various premises quantities of the inls?iug wood was discovered. It appears that Anthony Bva?, one of the colored drivers tin ploy?d liv .\Ir. Keys, after loading his cart at the y I'd was m th? habit of selling the wood on his own account about the streets, and did a remark ably brisk t>usiness. ?s he was able to sell a good ?le?l lower than other dealers and vet make a handsome profit?the wood cost jig him nothing. His ordinary rates though were only about 37)^ cents per card less than the yard prices. The "?< er pn iu si^ht of Byas, but after a smart race tu o .qL ni id and water he ts<a ped StKJoti Accidem ?On Saturday afternoon, some boys were climbing about on the frame work of an unfinished three-story house In the irst Ward, when one of them, a little fellow named Nowell Williams, some five years old, lost Lis foci hold and fell to the ground, causing an oblique f atlu'eol the leg al>ove the knee He was immediately conveyed to bis home, and sur gical assistance summoned, and bis broken limb reduced and set The little fellow Is a son of .Mr W. P. Williams teller In the banking house of Me*?rf. Chubb Brother*. The River ?If w? generally ?uppo**-d that he Long Rridge repair* would have been com peted on Friday last, but on dotting the dr.iw n that day it wa* discovered that some further light rcpaiiiug was nereasary. ^nd the work wan Abidingly contfnned and will be completed Inaliv to-day. am.', by to-morrow the draw will wve Wcn mil in regular operation. At the Waahiiigton, draw business is quite ively, a large miiamcr of river craft* pawing up o the mouth of the canal, amour; which we notit e wo lar<re and heavily laden sthonneis. wi'h uinbcr for our merchant* along the line of the .anal. Arrived at Riley> wharf. schr. Gen. Worth rom Port Walthall. With 115 ton* of coal for (he ?m Company ; schr Mana Ann, Capt. IJether dge. from Waxtalngton. N. C , with 70.UK) feet ?f building lumber lor Fitihugh Coyie. At Alexandria arrived on Saturday, hermaph odite brig Leoni, from Barbados, m ballast The large ship, reported in Hampton Roads .a* not ye I made he r appearance at Alexandria! rbe steam-tug Girj- ha.s gone down to tow her 'Pt *he tous Inirden. and draws '>2 feet of valer, and has on boarvt l.!KNi ton* of guano, for *1'* towle oX Alexandi L:. W hethei' she w;{l be ible to reach the usual anchorage at Alexandria emains to be seen, as ?ihe has one foot more lraught than any ve?el than has ever, thus tar. i*tu np the Potouuic. Al>out one year ago. ti arge clipper-built ship, dfaw'ng*2l feet of water :ame up to Alexandria, but had some difficulty to make her anchorage in the stream. The George Fage took, tiu* morning, a lar^e number of passengers on her downward trip, all ?n route for the various Virginia watering places. The Central Lod^e Odd Fellows" Excursion came off to-day. per Ohe steamer Washington.and Withers' City Band accompanies the party; the White House'Pavilion is to be the scene of their merry-makings to-day, and the jovial dance, and hearty good cheer is to be the order of proceed ing. We never saw a larger or more brilliant turn out than that on board the steamer thift inorn ng. Wewishihem all thee.ijovment wh icli they anticipate. We not ire that ti?*- river steainboart.s are doin^ "itextensive freight business this Summer; Car fc?rger than that of any previous seasou. The Page on Saturday brought up a large load of f.-ed tor our city merchants. The crops in Lower Virginia are better tlian they have ever been before; the wheat crop will he more than an average y ield. and fruit abounds beyond the most .sanguine expectations of the farmers. The same is true all over the State, ajid m Maryland. In conversation this morning with a country friend who knows, we have the above statement more than corroborated. STARTLING OCCURRENCE AT WESLEY CllAP EL. Not a little consternation was created at Wesley Chapel yesterday morning by an occurrence of an mw*ual character. Mrs. Ann Clarke, wife of Dr. Samuel Clarke, of Georgetown, who was jpist entering the church from her carriage, fell down itthe<4oor m convulsions, which rendered her insens;Me some twenty minutes. She was. im mediately taken into the vestry room, and .her family physic iaui Dr. Bohrer. of Georgetown. <+->nt for. The f#s recurred twice yesterday, and left her insensiWe through the day and last nia ht Her phymcuui considered her case too serious to admit of bet removal from the church, and she remains thereat present and somewhat better though Dr. Bohrer is in momentary expectation of a rfcurrpnce* oi" her distemper. The afternoorr. service was suspended yesterday in consequence of the above events. Mrs. Clarke i< attended by many friends lYom Georgetown, and has received great sympathy and attent.on from the people livinir in the neighborhood of the chapel. The Trans-Allkghany Visitors.?The pro gramme for to-iuorrow's reception ceremonies are to l>e. it is understood, as follows, open of eourse to sucli modification as may terin advisable: The excursionists will leave Baltimore bv a ?jpecial train about 7 o'clock, and arriving'at Washington by or 9, will be met and wel comed, .uid then conveyed to the President's House, w.Here they will be received in the oreaf ea-t room t?v the president of the 1'nited States mid Fii*. Cabinet. After leaving the Presidential mansion the company will be taken to the Patent Office, SmithsPBian Institution, and the Capitol to view those structures. Thence, by one or two o clock, they \\\ill lie put on board thetine steamer Oeoige Washington tor a visit to Mount Vernon Returning, they w;ll haiiipicttcd ?t Canisi's Saloon. The visiters will then return to B.iltj. more, to conclude iheir visit to the Moaiumntai t-Hj ? ???? OvtRBoAiiD.?\cfcterday, two young men, of this city, thought they would do the genteel thing and go buggy riding, with n fast horse, Hue clothes, and "other things accordinV' ?s0 thev did, and enjoyed themselves rjcerdiii"ly "til their horse got annua na-cable, and makin?*a bee-lyie for the Canal at its intersection with Third "treet. jumped in with the vehicle and one of its occupants, This young man, by dint of some tall wallowing, managed to get himself and team ii|ioii dry laud, but had constant emolov mcut for the remainder of the day in removiu" the canal gas tar from his raiment. His con" paiiion saved his good dottier bv promptly leap ing from the buggy as it descended. Stealing from the Markets ?Several In stances of lo>s by the carelessness of persons at tending the city markets have occurred recently, and it is only a matter of congratulation that they do not lose more. The 1< av;ng a/ i artels of fruit vegetables, 4c., exposed in the markets after marker hours, ail.uds direct temptation to petty thieves, who arf alwavs prowling about those places, seeking opportunities !o iob the stands. Editor Star :?'The old colored man. known as "Old Prihaps, ' would return thanks to thwe persons who were so kind to him during his sickness, and particulatly the ladies andgenfle tlemeu of the Second Ward, and is also glad to know thai he was >o much thought of as even the little children called to see huw their old friend was getting along. I have the honor of he in" tour humble and oltedient servant, John B. Jones. Alarm- ?Dnring Saturday night, there w#r.e two alarms or tire. One about II o'clock was caus ed by the appearance of a brilliant light in the direction of the Sixth Ward The companies w re out promptly, but. discovering the to be beyond the city limits, they returned Co their uoti?e? The other was caused by the burning of in ice house in the lirst Ward, at a later hour. A?saclt OS A Sabbath School?Yesterday, Thomas Connor was arrested by Officer Watson for an assault and battery on children at a Sab bath school in the northern part of the city. He struck owe of the children wi'h a sti< k, and threw a stone ia the crowd. .Justice Doiiii com mitted him for court. Cr'misal CortT ?The Court has adjourned over until to-morrow week, July 2-th, when the riot cases will be taken up. The District Attorney, Mr. Key. who has been worn d .wn by the arduous Ial,ors of the term will avail himself of the jutciim to rtrcuiterate at the CajK>ii Springs * Wfe are requested to state that the Win Fergu son named in Saturday's Star, as one of the per sons indicted for rioting on 1st June last is not Win Ferguson, of the Com pi roller's Office T.ea sur> Department. Police Reports ?The police officers on duty during the week ending Saturday, the 1Kb ins'., reported 13 I nitcd States cases and W Corpora tion cases, making a total of cases. \ kt A MOTHER Victim On Saf>nday night Justice Donn was so severely bitten by a fle'ree dog as to render medical aid requisite. Whose turn comes next? We call attention to Mr Simpson's advcr tiseiiieiit in another column of "Ite for sale cheap."' Watch Returns?Geo. Hawkins, (cnloied.l vagrant; workhouse ???? days. B Irving, profan! ty. dismissed John Charles Norton, (colored,) our after hour-., do T J. Franer, disorderly; security for further hearing. W H Not, drunk dismissed William Thomas, do; do Reiin K!n;i-.<''0,0r' <*.) drunk and disorderly; do. Thos Washington, (do.,) assault and battery; jail for court, in two cases M iry Coombs, viigraut ? woikhouse io da^-s ' The James O'Neale whose name appeared id vour report of last Saturday, is not Jamei O'Neaie tliat tliecoiiiniuiuty would think it was. u. . . . . James O'Neale. W ashinxton, July 2", 1857-lt* a ')J?lT>;T ,m? Prepared hy special request, kmmi. inl.,1 o|^a'!oe,r?' ?fhicli never wan rhetsnd L. Cordial for Dysentery. Diar wlucli actsasHper Saiv? fnr lV.? i?urIefc a 1 tl,eKe '''**'**??? Also, a c1 ,lef-<nn e*tr?ct Iroui * Mower,>a suv sumVtioit Villi ^*,v ? ,tl,ein * trial. 1-ike her Con ?J,er'tl,e? ,nay 1)6 reiied on. Sue ki?a .? v.V^?- bilt wl1?' I'" **en tested. To lie s.hI Pen,,, avenue, 1?. 8 .&t2SR'fiE%t?S, cornel oi I tnn. av eiiu^ hti?1 l*t h Kireet arid j f3 MiiKnmV Drug Store. Willards' MoteL Milhurn ? Jol,n R"hh> nev. "\lsJdMU! J*"ie* Hanson, and Rev. Mr, The Consumption Destroyer aiso can t* Alexandria, at .Mr. Caslleuwn's Store on K,?L street, my sole asent for that plaoe. |? (.eoriatowr at Mr. I. A. Newman a.on Bridge street. j<? 17 J I ST RKCEIVFD 15 hbdi. prime P. R. Sugar. 25 t*hls. Crushed, Powdered, and Clarified Suxar For sale by if 18 3t BARBOI K it SEMMES. APCTIOir SALES. y" Mclil'IRK, Auctioneer. srw. I k hi' i ?#?!] i ? n'* " t,UCI* 0,1 1 ne prsini rtfeetI' .121 No. 250, front mg and n<?i th v?t'r??n h WC8'- l>etweeii Can* T "ru, . Vi^Tk- r:inninc ?*< * ?*? feet 1" inches. months., for ^Ttiloirfr^" ; 'esi^ue *" ???' ?2 terest. r "ai">*?ctorjly secured notes. bearing 111 Jy * J. C. McGUlRE. Auct. ..?ty '* *"* * McGUlRE, Auctioneer. P iln5mLTO,RV t,ALE OF VAI.I ABLE TFKVfwIv' y:^.-On WEDNESDAY AK Ro^.7X!aJ.iSifj6"'" 6o dock-at 1)16 Auction Lot No.'j0, ia Square 3fi {><? tf. do 41 Do 3A4, do H3f? l>o 13, ? do I,i04 Do 3, do Terms: Owt-third eish; the residue in fi and 12 the oraHiiMa *ecure'1 of trust on purchaJer^ conveyancing at the cost of the iy a"~tl J- C. McGUlRE. Auct. vipnpp.l'?'A R N A RI >. Auotioaeers. P^p'VJ^ 1s2sb ;!1,thNerhov^k ^ttaShSa throe-stnrv Fmlo improvements, consisting of n Iwetc builtim-. H?use, containing six rooms and -? SK^S^S01* " MU'ed <? 'he above, Titje .ndispntaW. Terms cash. J w all a harxard. Auct. T?OS,TT| H < xC,' ?H:Vi K K' Auctioneer. P BuTiJit? i'Vt's' ?K HI0"LV VALUABLE ? THEFT AX? ltTK kT T,!E COEXEROF XCRTH I. AFTERNmV A..1I*?" W?T:-Pn FKI D.\ V the corner ?>f 11.1 . . eacn on lV,rt" '' street, at feet each t.Vv ic V V T,ef we?|- ?"<! running buck 124 fee e A f6Jrerf* ,nl&' ^containing 3^sqtta? ill. meet WMt'lwtwIota fronting21 feet G incl.es00 ninjc lack t?. Tn^n'JJ ^" s^uare lo*t e;iih. ail,J containing 2,iW bit tiding u'?!a^>ry ll,?.m08t .f'wble and lieantiful the c ty Th f (?r f}0 1 ? tltfrt desirable pan of servitio'n #v L "treet lots front 011 a beautiful re wttsave, u!"LT\\y ,hrt. ,ntw??ction of Massachn shade tre es. improved t?y handsome ?ale.P^t of 'he ?"'?division will !.e exhibited at the i? t,ne-fourth cosh ; the residue in f>. 12. and on H 1 e premises 'ntere*1 ? secured by deed of trust -LV-'J"-<I IAS. C. MoGUIRK. Auct. r?D?Tl3?..'ly A* gREKN, Auctioneer. rS,?^TKK8 S^LE UF IMPROVED PRO 1)\V H.??9taTflHE lsr;A,vn AT Auction.?On 1 Rl 1 miction in ? .'i A,,*ust' 1)i57? I ?el! at 1 aucrion, in rrnnt of the premises, at 6 o'clock d m 1 ? ,Vrt,,eK?f R,,,"e?l of front VvilUamS. "rV Inlv1^ kV er'i :,i;ine <,ftfp th" seventeenth dav ed n iCr ?s""vre ""ll fifty-five,and rewrd one of ?h? 1 ? ro" No; fol,?? 71 to 7b inclusive, inrton 1 ifH, ,!'i? eoords for the County of Wasli '"'V'1!' '"the District of Coluinlna, tiie following < M iTk.o?^" y" U.' Wlt. V Pr,rt ol ,'of numbered two en /rnTlv?^ nuinliered four hundred and thirty -sev i?.... Jy,?-n?'ln',.,)e,a< i'1 'lie City of Washington t hereon "wh^i * to^e,U,efr W1,h ti,e "nprovementj llmisS' T ... n?,nil1l ?/ two fw??"tory Frame ? Z ;,tk JVr Lpt?I CrontK 29 feet on south <t and :4?tri?^ wwr. 2 ,,lci,e', bc,weeu7th nionHiw^f 1^^n^-tl'ird,cash; bnlanee 111 six and twelve Iv.%mon'f ? Purchaser to cive notes f<.r the deferred hearing interest from dav of sals. A deed fhP co*?t iVi of trust taken. All conveyance at fill purchaser. If the purchaser should lee rM.'!nP ),)kW ",e ,ern,:< m five days, the trus if?L- t p.rvC!' the riKht to resell the property at the sn?h^ 11 *?xPfn,!e r,( 'he delinquent, by advertising such resale three tunes m the Star. ivlfl 1 M THOMPSON. Trustee. _MMH^2awAds A. GREEN. Auct. ( ) V,N''?ON SEVENTH ST.?The under fr is *yirtrd a,? omnibus to run grnssp fro m, tue Park llotcl, along 7ih street toS^a: ii ,fw,:l le?ve the Hotel WTfr? m clock 111 the morning, and frooToT^n? 1 the afternoon until nislit. Returning at aj, ami in the morning, and every hour in the afternoon. I ?-?rties wihIiiiik to co to the Park can make ar ruiigcment* with the driver. ? A Coach will stait fr<nn flic corner of Se\'enth?t rnr" ,tJ H* every Monday, Wedneoil.n ami Asylum. ",,0nh' 'lt 1 " c,"ck' |,,r 11,0 Military jvj M w * CIIA R LES SCH f SSI,ER. JWEYV JEWELKY AND WATRHKs *i.?V iI100.R La*jtj*1 rei*jrnc<l from the North, aiHt lia-t brousht 011 a hue lot of Fashionable ihv ho'riiVlV-v?i! i u v 1C;,and Plain , l . KLR\ . A :m?, n nssortin^iit^'^i "I hue GOLD and SILVER WATCIIKS very superior tunc keepors for ladies and c?iit!em?iiN l!1 " 5rrHt variety of ST A N D >lij\ r<Kn An K o( Ins own make, warran fe?f Uic t?c8t quality and wili l*? sold vert iow. ca.L .iinl examine goods and prices at No. 333 Peim A< .. sun of 1 lie Larje Spread Ea^Ie. jy |?. Home made carriages. ?> e have on hand, of our own manufacture a nna assortment ol all kinds of CARRI-" isoki, A?^E> of the very l-est. latest, and n^isf ap proved stvies.and warranred p..i.o wt TkmaiishiD and material, to be caua! to an* ina.l? in Snec.ty of Washington or au, Viher Jtt/lnUS t .Jited Mates. \\ e respectfu lly solicit a call from U>g! citizens and straiiiiers to examine our work : as w*Redetermined to let none surpass us either m ?.ua Ity Of work or m low prices. useimer in U ealsodo every kind of R EPA IR I \ G in a work nwuli ke manner, and at reasonable prices. in Carnages taken 111 part payment for new and %'SSr' flJIONFLVXN *c?r inAS fixtures". \s V\Vn VVi!-l' rec^'ve<I a good assortment of P^di'o.LKr1'18 Chandeliers, Brackets. T1 o'M' '"troduced 111 Stores. Dwellings r^?? U ?'?lc B!"lrtl,l?s *?> competent workmen, at iow rates. Please give usaeall. v , ?0 V1RtCI NMNGH AM, iv il ; J tn a" I3,tl st8" 80ur" s'de. |TO It CAPE MAY. U a 'Hi xgton Branch RR.?PiiiLADHtptiiA, WtL m 1 .*<*? To.\ a mi Baltimore Railroad. ?A'iV,.?.e"i;ers f*,r tl'"? celebrated SUMMER KE ? , ire J l|,,r,,lle<1' ,hrll a,':i,|y '*ne will lie run (? KCt*pf Mindav i lenvmif \\ ashiiiKton at ii:>. m., and coiiiiKCtiug at N?w i-riKtle with the splen.t,d "teain ?? i'k-iW' McDon alii on Tuesdays. Thursdays, ! o \" ?vs" r n%-011 a'*! day* With the teW.'r-i'ST^ ^ Voik stetmi'Ts rum.inis be ?P. L . ^ p ,arY New Y ork via Newcastle. I.JMW WASHINGTON A\l> ALKXANDIIIA, *, AND MOUNT VERNON. \v'wm?-v/'T-/KvdRs,"~The Steamers GEORGt ASII|\|? KIN or THOM \S fr?** COLLVER will depart at the foilow-t^^w* ^ nw hours, on and after 2"th July inst 11 ?? U j.V^'^ e. Jii, ami II a. m., 12'4', 4'i, ami t)*? p. m, +9 <nH^WashiU'?toD, fttax- H '4'.and Iij^a. in s;' 5>g.and 7 p. 111. ' fhe pulilic may confidently rely on the Boat start ing at the time advertised. vldV/iw0 M',n,s W'H make a trip to MOUN'I VLRNONon Ii-j-siiay and Friday of each week leaving \\ ashinst.n at 9o'clm k a. 111. JOB CORSON, I ? SAM I EL BARER, \ Captains. Either Boat mav I* chartered f.,r Excursions at any tone, 011 application to JOSEPH BR VAN I resident of the Company, at Ins oihee, 3>> I'eiln' avenue, or to tlie Captains 011 imard. jy J7-tf O A L ! COU!! COAL!!! White Ash. Gray Ash, ALL OTHkuUKIXUS OV(:oTl".'ant[ Any amount of fuel delivered at the shortest notice. Pine, Oak and Hickory WOOD a supply. Coal kept under cover,?2.-_?4u |l>g. i0 the ton V w T.J. A W. M.GALT, .. c. * W* Cf\rncr 121'? Knd c street, Xo. St7. JY 11 ht One square south of Pa. avenue. 0OAL! COAL!! COAL!!! a,Htvw ?r df,iver nl1 k,u,,? ?f w',ite anil Keu Ai?h Coals. A deduction in price will l>a made when delivered from tne vessel. Now laiidinc a very superior article of Lehigh Coal. We have, I also, a large and well-selected stock ..f W(M..|-al of which we promise to sell at the market price. 1 p- "'erefore, solicit a call I10111 all who buy for cash and par prouiptly. ' Offices corner of I ami 21st street, Washington : Green street. Georgetown. 1 " ? jy^K d^w BARRON A STOVER. T,n1 ,S. TO <?! V E NOTICE?That the sub R scrilier haih obtained from the Orphans'Court ashuigtoii county, 111 the District o| Columbia, letters testamentary on the personal estate of Charles Brice late of the United States Marine Corps,deceased. All persons having claims against saul deceased are hereby warned to exhibit thc*ame. with the vouchers thcrroi to the subscriber on or before tli? 13th day of .Inly next: tliev mav o?her wise by law lie excluded from ail lienefit of the said tiaf H16 ? Given uuder my hand this 13th dav of July, Igi7. jy ll-law3w LA SICE Y, Executor. CADE.MY OF MUSIC, A Cor. of IDA 'st. and Pa. ave., \i. c V. .. . ,?vtr t'niHhnm's Bookstore. M"i5 r?cif* composer of upward of 2.iw Honas, author <d '? Kathleen Mavourueen," and musical editor of Oodey's lady's Bimk i'i?.!,iiuui^."mif Vi,uii Lessops to his Pupils and Cladiieh, every Alonday. I iieMiay, Thursday, and t riday. at the al?>ve Institution. ?nu -?7 Io",1!rV,Hr2'/e'' tvery d1*'Hs no vacations i?e cur during the Summer months?THIS SEASON, being the proper time, for Vocalists to studv. Apply to Mr. Crouch,at the Academy of Music, every morning from 8 to Id o'clock. Musical lectures delivered every Thursday even in^ illustrated by the Pupils of the Institution. je l -eo3m 1 \T K > G, M1L IT A R Y BOOKS^ 1 Aldershot ami a!! alwut it, 75 cents. Experience of a Civilian in Eastern Military Hos pitaU, with observations on the English, Urer.cii.Aiid other incdicai dej?artmeni?. and the orcarnxation o| military medical schools and hospitals; by Peter PincoHs. M. D. Lugd. $IJ*K y The'ianianat Home and Abroad; being the History of a Militia Regiment, from its hut train ing to its disembodiment t with Sketohes ol the IlKSS.'WlijS Utmetuu.. J"*1 ''nP<)rted bT Taylor a maurv, J? 17'Bl Bookstore, near ?tfa at, AUCTION SALES. TO DAY fr TO MORROW MORNING M? WALL t BARNARD, Aucli"n?r!. Penn. avenve, oppos.* Brows' Houir. Km &S Fine Gold and Silver Watches Sels o| Jcwelrv in Cameo. Gold Sfone. and ?>n?.a Br?ceicts, Clt?in*, Rings. Studs, Sleeve Buttons rottmoxuie* ? i i>v?;?c.ArcF"<!' e"ods-F*""|? _jy 17 3t WALL A BARNARD. Ancts. By WALL A BARNARD. Auctioneers. AT AUCTION.?On MONDAY . AF'TbR N OON. S'Xh irtat., at 4 o'riock. we will fceli,at No.7<n on 7th street, between G and H.ion the Island.) the entire Household Furniture, as? Chairs. Tables. Bedstead'* Bureaus, Wardrobes, Carpet, Stoves Stands, Kockers,Glasses, Ac. \\ ith Glassware, Kitchen Aartieles.Ac. Terms cash. jy 17 ts WALLA BARNARD. Auctioneers. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. vegetable stands in the new iTa vI;Vr*^VH"C5K Auction.?On THl'RS DAY. the J9d instant, I shall sell. commencing at 12 o clock in., all the Stands in the new Market-house, Cent remarket atiilin*ton' ?r?ct?d ioath of the Old Persons from the country ?u?d dealers in produce *** respect fully invited to the sale.

I erm* cash. Bv orjlerof the Mayor. A. GREEN, Jy n'u Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRE Auctioneer. BI'll.DING LOTS NEAR THE ARSENAL B.tAf,\S?A*Bo*T ^ HARP at Acctiox.?On ^ EDNhSDA* AFTERNOON, Jul* 23d, ot 63* 0 clock, at the Auction Rooms, I shall sell Lots Nos. 53, 54, 53, 5fi, 57, 58, and V), in square No.SKti, 1 routing each 25 leet on south M street, between 4*4 ami 6t h streets west, running lack 133 feet to a 20 leet alley. These Lots are situated in the immediate vicinity oi the new Arsenal improvements and Mattingly's new Steamboat \\ nnrf.and in a very rapidly improv ing part oi the city. r Also, at the same tune, I.of S. iu square 4?W, on K street south, lietween and 6th streets we?t. Also, Lot No. 19, in square No. 724, fronting 50 feet on north D street, between 1st and 2d streets east, running back I6J feet sii inches toaSn feet alley. rerms liberal and made known at tale. J> 1:t tJ J.C. McGUIRE. Anct. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. RUSTEE'S SALE OF IMPROVED PROP ,7, v?Kyv UN the Island at AccTiox.-On FRI u **?? 2l?t <1*t ol August, 1Jo7, I bhall sell at Publici Auction, in front of the premises.at6>6o'cIk, p. m., by virtue of a deed of trust front William S. hort to the subscriber, bearm* date the 16th day of August, 185a. and recorded in Liber J. A. S. No. 1*4, folios HC fo lt>5. one of the land records for Wash ington county in the District of Columbia, the fol lowing i.ained property lying and being in the City of W ashir.Tton, District aforesaid, to wit: The north parlor Lot numbered twelve, <12,t in Square num bered four hundred and ninety six, together with the improvements thereon. This property fronts on 6th street west, lietween south F and G streets, and runs hack to a 3"t feet alley. Ierms: One-third cash; balance m6aiid l2months, the purchaser to give notes for the deferred pay ments. bearing interest from the day of sale. A deed givon and a deed of trust taken. All con veyance at the cost of the purchaser. If the purchaser should fail to comply with the terms in hvedays, the property will lie resold at the risk and expense of the first purchaser, by adver tising such re-a'e three time* m the Star. 10^_ M. THOMPSON, Trustee. jy 18 -Saw A da A. GREEN, Anct. By JAMES C. .McGUIRE, Auctioneer. Highly valuable improved prop erty ox Skvknth strkkt at Public Auc Tiox.-On MONDAY AFTERNOON. July 27th. at 6 o ciock. mi the premises, I shall sell, with the consent of all parties interested, parts of Lots Nos. 7 and 8, in Square No. 454. fronting 21 feet on 7th street, near G street, running back H'2 feet to an alley running out to G street, with the improve ment, consisting of a two-story and attic Bnek house, containing nine rooms, with two good cellars and kitchen. I his property is situated in a go?>d business part of tne city . neatly opposite the Patent Oflicc. and about equidistant l>etween the two markets. Perms: One-fourth cash ; the residue in 6,12. la. and *4 months, with interest, secured by a deed ol trust on the premises. 1S-foAn? .IAS. C. McGUIRE. A net ionrrr. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Handsome building lots on 3d .r.TRKET Wt?T, BtrWELX .-Ol' TH M AND.\ -T-. I in RSD.W, the 3d instant, I shall sell in "out the. premises.a; ? o'clock p. m., eleven hand some building Lots iu square y*. having a front each en ad street of I liirty feet, running I liroueli tne square at an average depth of lift leet.and fronting on Dela ware avenue, between south M an?f.\ streets Also. Lot No. -!?>, in Jones' sulwlivision of square 54.5, hav mp a front of 25 feet on Jd street, l^t ween south M and N streets: having a wuie side alley .and running lack .'?7 feet ten inches to an alley m the rear. rerms: One-third cash: l?lauoe in six, twelve, and eighteen months, for notes bearing interest from the dav of sale. A deed gtven and a deed of trust lakeu. All conveyance at the cost of the Purchaser. |v A. GREEN. Auctioneer. B\ E. S. WRIGHT: Georgetown. ON FRIDAY. THE 2?Tll DAY OF JULY.nn the premises, at 5 o'clock p. in., I will sell to the highest bidder, that ver\ desirab:e Dwelling and Business stand-situated on Jlig.'i street, one door north of Prospect street. Georgetown, D. C.. I>emg the same property for many vears occupied b> James Hicks. Tins Lot fronts 22 feet on High street.ninnin: back i'"' 'eet to a ten feet alley; attached, and fronting on I rospect street, is a lot 44 leet Iron*, running back *o leet and binding on the west a 10 feet alle*. The im provein.nts consist of a substantia! and commodious Dwelling House and Store Room, fronting on High street ?he width of the lot,and conceded 'otieone of the best business stands on the street. Fronting on Prospect s'reet 2>> feet. is;i sulistantial and well built 3 story Dwelling, slate roof. The Attention of persons wishing to make a good investment is called to this property, as it will !>e sold without reserve. The property is now under an annual rent ol .53V. Terms very e;tsv nnrt made known at the sale. I will also offer at the same time, the adjoining Lot fronting on Prospect street.and running l>aek l"<?ft., lyoigwest o| Htid binding on the same aliev. By order tiie Trustee. jy 'j-dts E.S. WRIGHT. Aucf. H PUBLIC SALE.?By virtue of an authority vest ed in the undersigned, we will expose at public sri:e,oii me premises, on MON DAV . the Sd da* of August ilex', at 12 o'clock m., if fair, if not. on the next fair day thereafter, at Hie same hour and p'ace. all the runt, title, interest, and est?'?of Kobert W. Kr?M>ke in right of |?is deceased wife, Mary A. E. IfriKike. 111 and to tne real estate of her deceased fruhcr. Elislia llnrry. iti'l wlimlt said right and title was duly purchased at Sheriff's Sale on the'.Mth day of March, 1843, bv a certain litis Spear, ami after wards duly convey oil to liitu by the then Slttiitn John K. linden.) The Properly now offered is a fenanev t<v the courtesy of the said Hol>ert W. Brooke in Id No. 3of said real estate. The oaid lot contains bit acres, it is well wooded, and tne soil is of excellent quality?is situated alsmt live mile* from \\ ashing ton, and is now in a good stat* of cultivation. Terms of saie ; One-third oash on the day of sale, and the residue in equal instalments of six and twelve months, on bonds of the purchaser, with se curities to lie approved bv the undersigned,and liear ing interest liosn the day of sale. I pon the pay ment of the purchase mone\, the undersigned will convey to the purchaser the interest of the said Brooke and Spear 111 and to ihe said premises DIGGES, S. H. BERRY. _jyjt-?aw _ Agent for the Owner. By C. W. BOTELER. Auctioneer. (U SE AND LOT ON E STREET at Auc tion.?By virtue of a deed of trust frotn Mrs. Marv E. Barney and others.dated on the 29th day of Novemlier, !&'*>. and recorded in the l?and Records of WashniKtoii county. District of Columbia, in Ld>er J. A. S., No. 13th folio 5 to 19, and for tne pur poses of said trust, will t>e sold at public auction on the premises, ?iii E street north.on TUESDAY.the Ith day of August, U57. at 5 o'clock p. in., all that part of the Lot ol Ground numbered 6, in Square 4>i, 111 Washington city, Iteginning for the same at a point on the north sale of E street north one hun dred and forty feet and nine inches from the south west corner of said square,and running thence north seventy-one feet and six inches with the western hue of a portion of said lot numlter six winch was cotiveveo by David Saunders and wife to Roger C. Weightman, to the use of Alary S. Scott: thence east 2 feet 6 inches; thence north !h feet7H inches; thence west J2 feet in and one-third inches: thence south feet I inch and a half: thence east 20 feet 4 inches and one third ol an inch to tho place of be ginning. The improvement? consist of a good three story brick dwelling and liasemeut. with a large two-story l>ack building, and the whole well arranged for a res idence and office. Terms of sale: 9^.000 in cash, and the residue for notes 111 eoual suwis payable in six, t welve.aiid eigh teen months, with interest. A deed will l?e riven and a deed of trust taken to secure the deferred payments. The expenses of the deeds to tie at the cost of the purchaser. The Trustee reserves the right to himself, at his option, to re sell the property , at the risk and cost of the purchaser, by giving five days' notice of the time and terms ol such sale, or to vacate the sale, if the terms thereof are not complied with l?y the pur chaser within live days after the sale. The premises are now under lease for AtV0 per annum, the lease to expire on the 1st dav of Octolier. 1R51. HENRY M. M OR FIT. Trustee. C. W. BOTELER. Auctioneer. JD-THE CREDITORS OF MRS. MARY E. Barney provided for in said deed are requested to leave their accounts and vouchers at the olhce of the Trustee, on tit street. inly 1l-e<v1Art? By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE 1M rttovEK Pr.orcRTV ox the Islaxd.?By virtue of adecdof trust bearing date on the 13tn dav of December, t?3H, and recorded in Liber .1, A. S.. No. 125. folio 159 et seq. among Ihe l^tml Records of Washington county. 111 the District of Columbia, the undersigned trustee will sell at public auction to the highest bidder on TH URSDA\ . the 13th day of August. IR37, at 6 o'clock p. m.. on the premises, a certain Lot of Ground, m the City of Washington, known as Lot No. i?4111 Square No. M7, which Tot is now divided in two parts, and improved by two frima dwellings. Terms, cash. Unless the terms are complied with in hve days from the sale, the trustee reserves the right to resell at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser or purchasers. Ait conveyances at the cost of the purchaser or purchaser*. RICHARD H. CLARKE, Trustee. A. GREEN, Auctioneer. jy 13-Iawfw Ads P 1ARASOLS-PAR ASOLS?PA R ASOLS! Selling of at i ? per cent, less than cost, at F. A. McG EE'S, 244 Pa. a v., _jy 8 eo2w between i2t 11 and !3th stsj Hosiery, gloves, lace mitts. _ PALM LEAF FANS, Ac., Ac., Dow offered for saie at reduced prices,at - _ F. A. MoGEE'S. 244 Pa.av.. jy 8-eo*w between 12th and 13th st?. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM THE ASSOC!ATRn mess TOtn DAYS LATER FROM EI'ROPc] Arrival ?f tk* VninWtM AilaaUc. New \ orif Julv 1!> ?The slaamer* Vanderbilt and Atlantic, witn Liverpool dates to ibf ~th instant, have arr>vr<l The Canada arrived out on the 6th The revolutionary attempt on Spain has been suppressed. The attempted insurrection in Itaiv was dwoct rd against the King of Naples *>d tbe Pope, not with a view to any part icular form of guv*>rnmrtd out merely toga rid of the Bourbon* and foeinei the Austrian* from Italy ^^T^fevolutioaary movement at Naples has been - J[aeie were tokens of discontent In the south of 1 p*?i n ? ?io'r P?rIi??ent. Mr. Roebuck* mo de'earotf^ ? tbe ,ri*b k0?* Lieutenancy was deeated by a large majority. sunk JiVJ?ni',tcanTr-und" lbfl English flag, had Ifior ?????%}!! ,n the Circassian seaport, ancrlakin* out their merchandise DrS^?hSSl??K.beJ^w, Chamber wa* ?rb!L uT! *"?*J market was flat havclK-cn g,?? fluctuations ia Ameitaa ?eclurU Breadstuff* were declining in the French ma-, ?rk- M e h?rvest" in Stance are most product ve wJrJflSl*0 Ci0lL* ma'ket W" Vann' whS^S??-LU. In the English Hon** of Commons the Govern dcf'*,M on ? "?"???>??'?<? The three hundred Sepoy* who wot awav from SST n<,ar'y ^ k'Ued^> the Punja The province of Juen. in Spain. in a state vi rfr,,,*n,id'on. The mail between Seville and ?Madrid ra? stopped by a large body of anne,i men and the official correspondence .seized and burned. The insurgent* were subsequently ront? ?,y a slron? detachment of the civil guard. More friendly relations between Russia and Austria *eem piobaole. A<?,vices froln Teheran Mate that Wm. Murrav. tbe British nun inter, had demanded that a regi ment of the Indian army should accompany b?m in the entry of Teheran, but the Persian govern ment refused No later advice* have been received from India, I aittter Published in the Time* says that the forty-five regiments of native i ifantry bavin* re fused to lay down their arms were cut to pieces ! MARKETS. onmni'f00^'.'1'? ''?Cot,on?Sales of the week JO 000 bales, including 2,500 bale* to speculators and .,500 bale* for export. Market generally un changed but buoyant. Breadstuflsare quiet. Red wheat had declined I . u;tecorn barely maintain* rormer quota t'on.. rhe weather ha* l?een showery Flour Is dull. \\ heat dull. Corn closed with an advanr inir tendency except white. The corn association pub lishes the stock estimate* of wheat and flour which are larger than anticipated Richardson. Spence A Co quote Western Canal ?i?"w Philadelphia and Baltimore a 0da;?3s tid White wheat !* i?l.( 1*"* 6d M taed and yellow co. n Jt>* t?d; white 37a:iys P-ovision* are quiet and all qual.tie* liave slightly declined. Beel is stead* Po kixduli and heavy. Lard G7? Ul. Tallow is unchanged 1 roduce?RoMti is heavy Prices tiim Pol allies quiet. London Markets?Sugar is dull Rice is quiet Money Market?Consols for money !*>? and ?"'4 per account. (SKCOXI) DISPATCH ) w. *n?*erbilt Steamship Vanderbilt, Cain U ilcox. trom Havre and Southampton at S p in of thesin inst.. with l-jo passengers, fcauo.i*.,, In specie, and 1,000 tons merchandise, arrived at quarantine at 11 o'clock this forenoon The Vanderbilt wu off the lightship at day break, but was afte: wards detained by Toff She has been without observation forth.- last sfx davs ?>eing in a dense fog the whole time. A moil n her |iasseiij?ers is J. || Austin, bearer V,>* "Oiwrtaiit di-patciics from our Minister at 1 ar i5 flic Atlantic l**ft Liverpool ;md (hf wi'Tvw steamer Indiana it ft Southampton on the -?h for New > ork. There is very little news by this arrival. I ? ^ he three Republican ? andidatcs weie elected in Iari?on the 3th and ttth. uv'withstand in" all | the ?tturts of the Government. The follow in** is i the deflnitive result: Third Electoral di-triA Cavaignac .lti.t*5ti. Thibaut !I,?5J . Fourth Elei'to ral dwtnet?Ollevier Il.i?i5. Voien 10,??>: Sev enth Electoral district?Darenion 1J.0T-. Lam:ue. till ll,tUs. j Heavy rains at Athens have done some iuiurv to the corn and viues. The elections for the new Belgian Chamber were progressing favorably for the l.t^rai luc sh.pmeuto of Njwarie to tbe Ea?tfrum Fiame I amounted to ? 1.637for the present year; from England the shipments avera^?rd al>out a million and a half per month. The How of gold into the Bank of England continues active. ?fhe ?u^i,h ,non?>' market was rather flat Mr. Roebuck's motion for the abolition of the Eoid Lieutenancy of Ireland was rejected in the House of Commons on the Tth inst , bv -"?? vo!e> against 151. The T;mes of the subsequent day, in a leadiu" editorial, denounces the court at Dublin as a spiH r;ous thing, a bad inn it at. on. and a downright lmitostur*. "* 'I'he shipment of telegraphic, cable on board the N.Sgata. was proceeding satisfactorily. She - ex[?ect? d to Ije ready for sea 1>V the Jltth inst The Susquehanna was expected in the- Mei?ev on the lith. The Paris correspondent of the Times says that 'be insurrection in Naples is put down at all points. Two engagements between the in?u - !4ents atid royal troops are stated to have taken place on the frontiers of Calabria, and in the fl sr -t is alleged the insurgents lost iot?. and the-econd 30 men. Trade was quiet in Paris Accurate information as to the ?ilk crop states the result at half a ctop in the south of France Some localities will even T5 |?er cent. A decline in the puces of corn and wine is be coming apftaretit. The harvests in France and Italy are most pro uuctive. 1 At Paris flour had declined la;if per sac < of I a kilogrammes for superior quality, and :JuU for inferior. Consols had declined, and were quoted at the cln?e on Tuesday at . Money was in demand on the London Stock Ex change at six per cent ; the circumstance that ail the advances made by the Bank durni'' the abut ting must lie repaid by Satuiday next, tendiuv to absorb all the available supply. The amount of hese advances, however, is believed not to have been such as will lead to any p:essu,e in their be in<; met. Fti the discount market some exceptional trans actions took place at 5^ per cent , and at the llank there appeared to be but very few apoli. cations. rt The reduction of the rate of discount by the Bank was regaided as certain on last Thursd.jy week. The forthcoming re-turn of the Bank of Frame will ptobably t,howan increase of bullion ofttw - 000 or DOO.UlOf. over last month. The Liverpool cotton market on Tuesday evinced a tutu in favor of buyers. The demand was moderate, and the sales?.otm bales, includiir' 2,000 for speculation and expoit. Ttie sales o7 Monday were 7.000 >?ales. at tiriu prices Great fluctuations had taken place ui American shares. At Manchester, the cloth market w.u flat and nominally the same, while yarns were firm and .','d. per lb. higher on the welt. The yarn market closed very dim. wjtfa a haidentug teudeiicy Sonie stoppages are reporte.l in the trade, In cluding eight at Blackburn Only three are flnal suspensions, however,ami the liabilities not lai"e The London suyar market was flat and loweT? several public sales took place on Tuesday; 6,917 bags of various kinds we e nearly all taken in. Coffee was steady. Rice was flat. Salt petre closed at lis per cwt. Tallow. 5-n? on the spot. _____ Troubles in N>?r York. New York. July If ?There has been -reat ex citemcnt to-day along the shore, owln2 to a thrfdlenwl riot aivion^ the growing out of the no advance'' tiioveinent Ail attenTpt was made bv the sailor landlords to prevent the crew ?',be p Strin?ee from ?oing on ?w.,rd that ship, i he mate was badly beaten, and the aid of the police was invoked. Trouble is also threatened in the street commis sioner s ofllce .1 udye Davis has va -ated the writ ctrtiort, and the Governor's appoh.tee (Conover> is in possession^ a iarge force has ?^cn detailed to guard the premises. Later front Havana. New York. July 19 ?The steamship Bla, k I >\ arrior arrived to-day, bringing Havana dates to toe 13th. A Spanish nailor w*% i^porft*! to navt: been killed in a row with the crew of the American barque Albertinn. The police took possession of the A me: Scan vessel and no one was allowed to go on board except the American con sul and deputy. Sugars were'uuchanged; stoik ffu.MNl t>arrel?; molasses 75.0U0 hogsheads Exchange improved freight dull. The city was fiee from fever Later from Port-au-Princ*. Boston, July lb.?Toe b'ig R \v Packer. Capt Mayo, has arrived fiom Port-au-Pnn e bringing advice* to the 1st inst. Cai^. Mayo re-' ports that the sickness was increasing and bus . nes* was very dull. Coflee and logwood we e very scarce. The R_ U Tucker lefl two-tbirds of acargo afte. Waiting for twentv-flve days. l\ bile there the first otB er of the brijr and one seaman died, and on the passage to this port fever* ? " *011' sixteen years, died of the Tkf Itpital al St PaTI.. July 17 ?The applicel'aii for a man damus for the removal of the < anital f om?' r*ul to SI Prtera. l>?? brea irfayd bv Jo4;? Wii-or, who di-< ;dr<i fh-t ?f'fr (hf'>owufl| arid Lr^.d*. tive y-aatnil,! m i ill-' * UU4.Hjr*r> aeat of l^wriwtrirt si S< Paul FWTf power win exhaust ? ?*, ? ># ?*v 1?V? ito a??b?nty M l?Mt M at au othar f>Ucf r M The >aiitiial Rrtfer ?4 M?*?r Trial. ST*acr??. July p ?The reaper* mart*1 a tmt day'* wo-k i? <Ut s.x*een nx-La?a were in the Arid ?t oaue. cmI Ib'lr trial .*mi*?hI .ma* a inteiest. At about itw rtKi of the trial tbe moar-v were nut to a * ?? ir*t with drniM<Wtrta ?< tarhed To-morrow all the reapers w.U atari in a fKtf-fwe acre Arid. The Ifrmpftrtri Rallraad. WBtiLisr.. July 1? ? The aieeung of theater k* holders of the Hempfteid Railroad held at Waah ? nyton. Pa . to accept the provision* of the hill paisrd Apr-I ^h. author:* na the < nmpany to issue ?#*i.flOn iu preferred stock. to complete t'ue road to \\ ashin?toa, accepud 'be law bvan over whelming majority Strath ky L.t(ktala(. Boston. Julv 20.?A dispatch from Fraacenin states that the Flume Houw vra> struckb? light ning ?" Saturday, and Win. H Smith, a Boaton men bant, and Mr. Brandon, clerk of tbe ho'? 1. were instantly killed >i*al latellifeace. Nkw Yo**, July 20 ?Advice* have been re. reived announcing that the aloop-of-war Fal mouth left Bueuos Ayre* on the S*tb of May lor Montev.deo ? MtM'Arrlval of a Steamer. St Jomxs. N F , July 30 -The e are yet no ? 2n* of the steaiuer Circassian now due from LnequM ??? Balnmere Marketa. BALTtMoas, Julv?*th ?Flour has advanced; Howard atieet *T.S?*7.;4. Wheat la Meadv?a large ftiipply ta aaarkef, mostly new ? r^d ?| Titxai mt; *ood to prime white *t.T5af< torn ia dull; wbtte >-a?>, yel low -ta?^ Wbi-ky Ik quiet ut for City and 3I.WC. tor Ohio New York Market*. Nkw Villi, July -.v?Flour i*deprewd. ealea of S.iaaibbl*: Mare*. Jbako li, Ohio ?G b?df T.45, Southern #;.uiia*7 *?t. Wheat i? quiet; ante*, uninporian' and pricea nominal. Corn i? buoyant; aaile* ?.',<*? bushel*; ?nixed Sic.. :i n ad /a noe of lc Pork Is buoyant; sales !.**<? bbl* ; nviu #23 *-5 tVil. Be**f js steady. Lard i? dull at lie. WbUky Is unchanged; Ohio c. rtaaacial. N?w Von, Julv -0?Sto?k? are higher gen erally. <'h caao and Kock l?land !?l^; CuaiVwr landCoal I? lllinoia Central aharei Ut3; III* noia Central Bonds M>cui;?n Southern l-Hi New York Central I'cnna. Coal Coin "??; Reading Kaiiroad 77*; Mi?*t?uri 6"a Si. Sterling exchange dull. I ?K??OHI.SS IN THK KINK AKTS. Pai>t!N? ami riioT???*ArMT Coxk:>Et>. P H O TO ti k A P hTc P II K T li A I T s. In Oil Culurt, on Caiixap. MiMaTCRK oK SizK OF Lirt. S. \V AI.KI'.K'S ro K TK A IT A yU PICTVHE <i ALLKKY. Odeoii llall,corner i,'t at. an<l |Vnn?>l\aaiaavenue. S.WAT.KKR lAi htied up the al?o\e apac?>ua ,\parruM?it? ai a ver> vroat outlay of aapital.tbeielt> rr-nderiiia hi* e?:at>it^hrr!?n? ??ne of tNe nH??* oon, pletfnii'l Ii.t ml boh n-in r r??? whole oimatrj". Me lia ? a tar^e ?.alter* l??r ft'* * .r IttOn ioh of upaanl ??l />*< tine Oil l*ainiiiik*. U aome of tlie l?eat ancient and m<Mi?*rn inai>teia. i<> wn>eh lie intend* to add fr?**i? Kiiportatioim. S. U'amer haaaU<< Mted upa coin plete "Hit of ntoins. with private r??^in? ?partmeuts for ladie*. ami pure ia?e<l the hne?<. ?<>aMt>.e inatru iHfs? and eiuaced a hrst <?laa? ??{? artist to a?>iM* !? iin iu the dfpartui'-nt lor takinc all kiiid?o| PHOTOGRAPHIC. AMBROTVPK AND D\ til'KR RF.OTN PK PORTRAITS, from ttoa ii'inlh ?f mi?infn ? ra .??-_? nf lit'. S. \\ iLiu. 1?? coml'iuiiU the Pii?:'?*raphir Pr<< oesh with the art o| of arliiUi lie h<<? had years' experieu'^. and arnoae fpertmrrn of life ?ize portrait* may lie aeon in aotne ??f 'lie lir^t fami !ie?ol the at*, ao wel! a< tiaiae exlulnted in Ins <?aiierv. he will he ah!e. I>i the oomliiuation of tbo 'ao. :o produce portraita iliar have never ;?een ex oe'ied lor their hdelit) and .ile-!ikeex?rekCiori. !>? - via and li"aru? piepaied f? h<ni?e.f expre?>l> (? ~t the purpose. Partu'uta* atteotioo paid to the painfin: of l*or triiti. .Miniature or iifc-xze. from ?uta.I p.cturca of Ptaotosraplit lak'*?: from corp?rs. or aick pernoun ? ak<*n at their own reai<teMoe?. on iiuiuediate u*i tjee1 *Hmmittee* and oiaa?ev taken in any number r? gruupa.andiuiv n-ianut* o| oopic - Ironi t'ne ma*t",il at reaviiMbleelwrees. l.ikene*^e? pa i ? i on Copper ro' Total - [ vaniah e t>. Pan'i-isa. aud Old I'inii > P.>r-'.<ita_ careful!r Nick ..ned ;and realtued to tiieir oricuwil (re*hnei?s. and ceufienien nr? re*p?ottn'ly ?o'ic.*ed to ca'l at the l?al,er*. over Shillincaoii'a taiok v'o^e? entraneetS street. :?o door# fiom I'fano Ivania avenue. _ jy 4l-hin_ J I S T RKCKIVKD? Ijii l?ii> W nite and Oreen R l<ICOTKKK. Foraaeb) MIRRA V 1 StMMI.S i) 13 euii \V?: HAVK Jl <1 RKCKIVKD TMK I ??I " lowinc Ooods which w- are prepared to ae': af. i .ina ad\untie rd SMt for caau : A very larce variety of Turner Bros. celel>r?Te<l Liquor*.V'l: Tumer'a Ginaer Wiue. an excellent remedy 1>>t Dispepsia B ackiM*rr? liraudy.a oertam cure lor Diarrhea and l)t aer.ltry Claret, Ma^leirii. Snerr>. and Sweet Malasa ine?. ai! of aupenor quality Raip-^rry. Sti>wtierr\, <>in:cr. and Cherr* Bran dies. all of fene flavor*, prepared lrom 'lie pure juto? of the fruit R<>?e, Cinnamon, Annie.and Pt ;>pemi?'Ut Cord,a.a Curacoa. Ahainifce. I'aaetice of Peppermeut Kx'rac? of Saraapartlla. Stimcliton Kit'era or eat Wine Bitten*. We haveaiaoou liand.n ?npi y of I>r. heeler'a Celetirated ^uerr* Wine Hitter*, a *p ewiid article. In add11luu 'o the almve, we have at an t-ineaa larse "iippij of :lie toiloa'ine named ?.iuck of Ma * l.ii|uor?. Iteiiue the oniy l.iquoraof the kind m id? District, and which cannot far it: Kivin. aal.afactio I t<* al! who ?ae them : Ph.fade'phta X \. Kurt on and \XX Pate llrown Stout.XX Por ter. an?l a tine articie of (jurer Heer. As uouai.a supply of Miners: Water. Ci.ler, JLc.? unhand. A R N V A. Ml I N N. jeC HI tJreen atreer. tieoraetowr. I lie umteraisned. havin* eompetent uanda m lua inploy. ath! e*'ei% facility for conducting the msineab, ta prepared to uiHlertake t lie R K-\ll ?AiRiNt, au.i Varnish in c, <?k ma ymt ilNHS OF CABINET Fl RNITl RK.aad iT% uarautie^ it to ta> wc! *dorie in every reap-<-t. 1 | KONORA U t)RCO, l.y P. R. James . I J fl oen? a. Dead Secret, l?* Wi kiefi. ni?; |ir>oe&i c -iit>. Nothuu New. ti> MiaaMuioch; do j^i do. The Fortune of Oie.noore.liv Chaa. Lever; price SO ccnta. War i rail. h> Capr. M:??ne Rrid : p^.^e New N'ork Ledger for Jim iStn ; pnee 5oent*. Harper"* Weekly Ibr Jul* Ik?u i pure 5oenta. A.llne Maiazmea and Weekly Paper* received aa aoon as putt tailed. Any Boo?* or Paper* wi!.l>e sent l?) Mail. Iiee of p<i<ta?e. <>n receipt of price. A Rood assortment of Thermometer* on hand. K. K. LI N BY. jy II- No. 12R Brid^-a at.. <>eort;eto? ii. tHJRNITI Hi: V ARNlSHINi. AND RIPAIR l.NG. The iiniler*i*neit. having eoinpetent uaade in iua employ. and e<'ei? lac. ity for conduct inr i he| luis PJ ki: Kiiarauti w either at tlie remdenoea of person* havin; aueh work or at Ins waremoma. He ha* ample spaoe at Iua warerooin* P?r tne ator ate ol furniture for any reaaouah.e .eni'h of tune, and at moderate rail a A ceneial aavmuent of Furuii?:re a'wa*a on lianit, a Inch * il. (>ea?>:d on ?'ie m.iai arnmiMidi:iua tcrinn. ROBI.RT ISR Al.l.. <*?t 9th at., above Pa. a v., and one door from D *t. > 18-^W rpO THK LADIES AND OLNTLF.MKN. I have tin* da\ received from t e I ,a<??.. ?, a few more id ..e [nlvrri ce'ehrated ARCTIC RI.-^^^H I*? FRI'.KR M ORS, tlie .??,;? a". I ? r ^?^^cie that can now l>e oal.ed A Refn-^^^^^ cerator.ali otuem liein? aot liiac More than ho' la.xea tiiat muAf l?e kepi in cellarii or kom? other da-k place to keep them cm. ; not ao wi'h the Arctic. I uaucive referoa.-ca to at: that vial*ea tkcm of their superiority over a., other*. Ala i,?l ha.'e in alore. and ?iiu * rece.vinc. ihe -^lartest .-u-i a* ? aortment of CHILDRLNS' CARRIAGES that can I* f mnd in the Diatriot of OdnmHia. Alao. all kind^ of HOl'SKKKKPINt* AR'I I CLKSat m> More. Nc )ia. Iietween i"'n and l!?h a-reeta. P?>tin. aveuue. Baiomv in front fu o| ihealu va Ooods. C. iVOUUWAR I*. N.B. I hare a few of ihe Tt. K\ NK. RFFRM.K R AT< IRS ieft on hand, arinch I wilt ?eii.toc use ....t tMiiow I am aura tin* season wi I* tn?u last appeaiance ;u tin* or any otuer market. jy li'-eoSt C. W. W ATCH KS. CI.<>l K> J K KLI. \ . AND >Y FA\C> AR I I* LI S jjAk | inv * ..i, iiand stuck <1111. (' , i*|i,\I.R\\.VIll!l^ A.jCn,?k?r- in Ku>ope. ?.t?LI? CHAIN \ ? .PT ' I KN\ ,,I.RN . ir ; s, >! ,, I a . c e piece*; A R 'I'lCLKS. I'K R Fl Mi:R\. KXTR ACTS.Ac C? o? H* >, riM ? liapi- and price : *!m., c L< m K MVIKRIVLS. Iiaa<i?, Bai.a. Key*. C??rd^, Wire*. I )il*. \ e. Call and examine at tne Sun of t;:e Ijcietiut Watch. I RoHI \ -i i \ J4f?. op|H?*itr Bn>a r*' ho'ei. N. B.? II. n. stopped i lie a?i ? ?' ........ . ? a*' winter, in* hssdi*>e selected expie*- ? l -r tl?a tie*' irtail trade, and the pner* sbsil suit ihe i.mfi. )\ IU I iu J. R. MOTtCR is HKRKB1 '.:n X. 1 ?i \ r M ter six week* publication of this ..otic*, app ica tion wiil he madf lo ihe Cow im ssioiier o| P.ji* ot.? for the ia*ue o| * duplioateof I.A Nl) W Af> R \N T No. is^ic for 1 Ji*acre*, act >1 March. l*"?i. i??ued ??? Henjaniin liniee*. private fapt. J<*ne* Conipai.x. ??eorcia Vois., Creek W art_*b? Mne tovm^lhaea lu*t. C. W. BKN \ K fT. je 13 law^w Attorney._ BARKOK RtHH.S-BARKt.F RORFS. ORO AN DIF.Sand J.AV> NS. 4c . Selling olt at low haure*. at jy l-tu2w F_. A. McliKF'S. .'*4 P< av THK LAR^K?T~8TOCK OF PIANOS IN the city alwaya oti hand, at No. 94 Pean. ave nue, bet weea 9th and 10th stroeu. Jy 14 JOHN. F. KLLlf,