Newspaper of Evening Star, July 21, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 21, 1857 Page 1
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THE E V ENINU STAR II rtBLISHED EVERY AFTEHISOO^I, itXCEPT SUNDAY.) ATTHKSTAR BUILDINGS, Cotnif /VM*'Wraw<? acnme, ?nd IIU n?iH, Br W D. WALLACH, arvl la aerred to suUscrit?er8 by earner* at SIX AM) A QUARTER CENTS, rayahie weekly to he Assets; papers served in pacla?et at 37H oeots p^r month. To mail stitacribers the subscription prior1* THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS a j?r ws adrtmrt, TWO DOLLARS for six months. an<i ONE DOLLAR for three months; for i?m than three ia?u'ha at the rata of oents a weak. SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. VOL. X WASHINGTON, I). C., TUESDAY, JULY 21, 1857. NO. 1,40.?. "Ml K GIRLS." BV A I.ICRRIOR. To my mind there is nothing in all tl??* world 1 half so beautiful, halt ;*? delightful, or lixlt ?o j loveable as a '? nice girl." I don't mean h 1 pretty girl, or a da-hing girl, or en elegant girl, j hut a '? nice girl"?one of tlioM Ivvelj. p*?d tempered. good-hearted. sweet-faced, amiable. neat, natty, domestic creatures. whom we ineot I in the sphere of " borne," diffusing around the ' domestic hearth the influence of ber goodness. : like the essence of sweet flowers. What we all kno.v by a "nieo girl'' is not the languishing beauty, who dawdler on a sofa and ; talks of the last new novel or the last new opera; or the great giraffe-looking girl who creates an effect by sweeping majestically through a draw ing-room The - nice girl" does not even dance well, or play well, and -he does not know a bit bow to use her eyes or coquette with a fan She never languishes; she is too active for that; she iii not given to novel reading, for she Is always too busy; nnd as to the opera, when she goes there she does not think it necesatfry to show her bare shoulders, but sits generally way back in the box, unheeded and unnoticed. It is not ! in such scenes that we discover the "nice girl.'* | Who is it that risci first in the morning and gets J the breakfast ready before the family coines : down? Who is it that makes papa's toast, and { carrier up mama s tea, and puts buttons on the boys' shirts, and waters the flowers, and feeds the chickens, and makes everything bright and comfortable in the parlor? if the sofa oeauty, 1 or the giraffe, or the elegant creature' By no means. It is the "nice girl."' Her unaided toilet has been performed in the shortest possi ble space of time; yet how charmingly her hair j is done! how simply elegant is her silk dress i and plain white collar' What hearty kisses she ! distributes, unasked, among the members of the family' .She does not present her cheek or her brow, like the "fine girl," but takes the initiative herself and kisses the boys one alter the other with an audible - smack," which says ! aloud. " I love you, ever so much."' If ever I ! r.-iveted anything in my life, it is one of those ( kisse* from that " nice girl.*' She is quite at home in all the domestic duties. She trouble-1 . no one to '? help the Settle;" she has fetched it trom the hob, and replenished t_he teapot, while some one has been thinking about offering his assistance. Breakfast over, she dives down into the kitch en to see about dinner, and all day long she i< ? running up and down stairs, always doing and lighthearte?l. And she never ceases to be ac tive and useful until the day is gone, when she mill polka with the boys, and ting old Songs. ' and play ?.M tunes to her father for h airs to gether. and never tire, fdie i? a perfect tren ure. is the *' nice girl." When illness comes, , if is she that attends with unwearied patience ' the sick chamber. There is no risk no amount of fatigue that she will not undergo; no sacri- j h-*e that .-he will not uiake. .*>he is nil love, all ' devotion. I have often thought it would l?e t happiness to be ill. to be watched by such l-?v- i iug eyes and tended by such titit hands. ? ?ne of the most strongly marked character istics of a " nice girl" is tidiness and simplicity ! of dre-s. She is invariably a-sociatod in my 1 mind with a high frock, a plain collar, and the ! neatest ot neck ribbons, bound with the most . modest little brooch in the world I never knew a ?? nice girl yet who displayed a profu ion of ! ring< ttnd bracelet". or who wore low dre?se-" or a splendid bonnet Nor can i imagine a '? nice ? girl" with curls ; but this may b?> a prejudice, i 1 am quite sure, however. th*t "coaxeis." j or " c-a s," those funny little curl? which it . has been the ftshion to gum upon the cheek with bandoline, are totally inconsistent with the character of a ? nice girl." And if anv i * I one whom I have been disposed to regard a* a ; ??nice girl"* were to appear with her bonnet ! stuck on the back of her head, 1 should cea-e ; to believe in her from that moment. 'J he only 1 degree of latitude which I feel at all disposed ( to allow to iny hr t? utrtf?or should il t?e in j this care l*tlr td?xi '?is kid boot* with brass 1 holes There is a nameless charm about tidy * teet. which I believe the whole world recog nizer' I maintain that a neatly booted foot,' and a well shaped ankle, in conjunction with a * clean white ]ietti<-oat and a tight stoAing. will . nearly make amends for a squint Young met-, | is it not so ' Yes. ynu confess it i? 1 say again, there is nothing in the world half so beautiful half so intrinsically good. as a " nice girl " She is the sweetest flower in ! the path of life. There are others far more s;ately. far more gorgeous; but these we mere- j ly admire as we go by. It is where the daisy 1 grows that we lie down to rest. Inder every Condition, every aspect. I ad- j mire?nay. that is too cold a word-~I love the "nice girl!"' I'uder every condition under j every aspect, save one?that one is the condi- ' tn.n of matrimony. When I bear that one of the - nice girls" of iny acquaintance is about to be married?about to be monopolized by ! isiuie joalous beast with whiskers, and an ugly j sister who is to be bridesmaid. I come over i faint and sick at heart. Where " nice girls"' dwell it "hould be written up, as ou gates of \ choice garden.-. ?? do not pick the dowers."" Oh. I it Is horrid, horrid, to see the spruce geutlernan ' come in an take ber away into a corner for the i rest of the evening. I may not waltz with her j now ; I may not catch her at blind man's butt ; I may not sit by her. and turn over the leaves j as she sings ?? Auld Robin tirav," even though : it were Christinas time; I may not any more kiss her under the mistletoe , 1 uiay not even look at her' There is that horrid spruce man with whi-kers glowering at me as it he would | eat me I sigh as the reeiembrance comes over ' me of the many " nice girls'" who have thus been ruthlessly torn from me by the .spruce, and. I am sure, stupid men iu whisker1 Why, why are there such thing-- as spruce men with whiskers ' 1 am sure we should gel on much better without them 1 cannot bear to think ot a " nice girl'" get ting married I cannot contemplate with pa tiencc what she i- ab>ut to become What is 1 pho about to become ' She is about to become the Mave of one man In lesj than a year her figure will be eternally apoiled. In less than n year she will wear sloppy drc^se- and wrap j?ers in the morning, ."she will leave off gaiters, and her stocking-, will hang loose. ,<be will loore the blo-'iu in her chcck and the merry twinkle m her eye. J'be will have a baby, and , -inell sour I .-ay I cannot contemplate this j jubjc.'t with patience ( once visited one who I bad bes'n a ?? ni'-e girl," a year or two after her marriage Th?" figure which she presented shocked me. 1 could have cried with vexation . and I am sure it her hu-band had come in I ->hould have ki-kel hiiu. 1 have resolved never to go through such an ordeal again When a ?? nice girl? uiarrie* now, I have done *ith her | lorever You niny wonder why. since I am such an ad mirerof "nice girls," 1 have never made ?>uc < uiy own?why. in fact. 1 ha\e never married j une. 1 htve loved, admired and adored theui too much for that I could no more tuarry a "nice girl than 1 would wilfully trample down a bed of flowers I have all iny life considered it. and , -till do consider it. a ciiuie little short of ,-acri- ? lege to marry a "ui.-e girl. W ho but a rav age j would deface a beautiful piece of sculpture ' ! Who but a wretch would .stand wiih hi* back to the tire and inono|?di/e all the heat ' l*o < the man who attempts to marry a "nice girl,* I *ay, as l'iogene* saul to Alexiuder, "get out of my sun Marry a nice girl Never' I know what i it would be No man is a he pi to his ru/rt <1t , rktttthrt. and no husband. I am sure is a fine fellow in bis wife's eyes after she has mended tiis socks and put )>an-bes in his drawers. On j the other hand I am certain there must be a horrid disenchantment about a skimp flannel ? pettieoil and a cotton night-cap with frills. No; let the "nice girl" alone Let her be j the life and sunshine of "Home ' forever. Let as many hearts pine away and die for her as will; I am ready to pine and die with the rest, i But oh ! change not Miss into Mistrets ! rob her not of her ginishness and simplicity; pollute not the gushing fountain of her love, which flows f?.r all. and falls like dew upon the world. L?t bar W a "bk'egirl forever; for such as never grow old or lo?e tbe ]?mfr to charm, j If you must marry, marry the beauty? the flirt ! ? Ibe clever girl?(bedashing girl?any kind of girl. I>ut leave, oh leave me the ? nkc girl." i For bcr sake 1 will live a bachelor to the end of ? my days; and when I die I de*ire nothing bet- j ter than to have inch a one to watch over mo j and to close my eve3. MRAKLV A IIOH.% TOO >11 til. Mr. .T. Stanley Smith, editor of the Auburn | American, gives the following amusing account of his chase by and es?:aj>e from a savage bull, during a recent visit to a farm in the neighbor hood of Auburn, to witness a trial of mowers: That bull was one of them. "He wasmonarch" of all he could eat. chase or gore. Being deeply interested in the apple crop, we wandered out of the field in which the mowing was going on. into friend Shotwell's orchard. Fat and hand some blood cows were lying about, chewing their cuds, and utterly indifferent as to what was go ing on. We wandered on from tree to tree, in the large orchard; and while critically ex amining some very tine looking fruit, were sud denly and rather unpleasantly startled from our train of thought by tne bellowing of Mr. Taurus, whose majesty had been reclining, and of whose august presence we were unaware. He elevated j his tail, made the earth fly with his "awful ! paws," and having thus manifested his hostility, j and given tone, if not color, to his idea that we J were an interloper, made a plunge towards us A moment's view of our antagonist was ju.-t about enough. His eyes flashed fire. He roared like a '?Bull of Bashan." We did not at all fancy tbe style of h?s horns. They were as straight as needles, and about ns sharp. He exhibited unmistakable desire-1 to employ tlieui | *j?t?n u*. Knowing that it was expected of us to report | the test trial going on in another field, we re- | member the prior and pressing interests of our ? friend-, and set upasniart ran. So did Mr.Bull! i We scampered. He scampered. He "madebet-! ter time" than wo could ki bottom out." He 1 glined un us rapidly. Wo could almost feel his i hot breath on the ba?*k of our nek. 11 was neek i or nothing. Kail fence twenty rods oft'. Bull j within five rod* ! Tight race ! No bet.- ! Bull . in high spirits ! tiive up lor a "goucr!" No: .-uch thing! Friendly apple tree, with low branches ! Clutched two of them and lifted our precious body into tbe tree! Taurus arrived , ju.-t as we cleared tbe ground ! ?^ur enemy pawed around the tree, bellowed 1 after the manner of "Boanerges, the Son of Thunder." glared at us, and finally turnc I and wandered oft about the di-tance of three tree-. Thinking ail was right, we slid down vertically, j and "put" l >r the crazy old rail fence. The distance from tree to l ull, and from tree to ; fence, was ju.-t al>"ut an even thing But our a*>ailjiit s;iw the. movement, and at once again the eha-e was a hot one. But. this time wedis t a need the "horned critter." and -caling the , fence, landed in a field of rye atahout tbe same i moment that our pui-uev's born- struck tbe ; top rails ?>t the fence, mid -ent them living Separated by the fence, we read the scoundrel a lecture thut we hoi?e b?* will remember to his : l.i-i nruuenti. I* tiik M.h.n Ixr a bit f n '?fit nut ? "V t'H thx A -hnnoinn li/nryrf.? It ha" long > been known that tin* moon revolves on it- axis i in tbe same time in which il revolve- round tbe [ earth, and that it consequently alway- present" | nearly the -ame side toward* the eartlu while th'* opi<o.?ite -ide i- never seen troui our globe. ' Noliodie-of water nor cloud-can lw - ecu on the , ui<>??n by tiie aid of the most jmweii'ul tclc-eo|>e. j nor is apparent direction of *tat>? Jose t iu- edge ! changed by refraction, as would be theea.-e ifan atmo-pbere enVeloj-ed the nn?oh Hence it has ' l?een inferred by Whewell. tbe reputed author \ of a late woikentitlod "Of Plurality of Worlds,*' that the moon has no atmosphere oj water, ain', consequently, no inhabitants This inference is shown to be inconclusive bv , a recent discovery of tbe astronomer Hansel, j whose study of the moon's motion, continued { for many years, has established the fact that ! the centre of gravity of the moon, instead of | l?eing like that of the earth, at the centre ? 1 figure, is beyond that centre, and farther from the side next to the earth than it is from the I other side by seventy-four mile?. The nearer ; -ido of tbe moon, therefore, is a va-t. expanded 1 protuberance or mountain, seventy-four miles . high ; and any fluid, whether nir or water, would flow downwards from the nearer to the farther side of the moon, where, for aught we know, intelligent living beings may exist. The nearer side of tbe moon cannot be inhabited, at I lea-t by being-' to whose existence air and water ! are essential, a? i* ?he case with all terrestrial animals The late celebrated mathematician, Gouss, , proposed aJ a means of settling the question, whether the moon is inhabited, that a huge monument should he erected on tbe steppc.s of j Liberia, as u signal to tbe inhabitants of tbe , moon, in the hoj>e that they might be induced ; to erect a similar signal to apprise us of their J existence The discovery of Hansel shows that i such an experiment could be attended with no SUCCC.S*. inasmuch as the inhabitants of the moon, il there are any. being on the farther fide, vjuld never see a monument on the earth. If may not be uninteresting to add. that it j has been discovered, within a few years, by j mean- ot long continued, hourly observations with the barometer, that the moon exerts an appreciable influence on the pressure of the at mosphere , and also by mean-of long continued magnetic observation?, that it exerts an influ- | once on tbe declination of the magnetic needle. llu\lou (Jvi'i'iri, ?Jt'h/ I I Fro* Texas.? A correspondent of a Texas pa per calling himself ?'l.eur.opoyoii," says a prom inent politician wlio li.?<1 toi a long time attend* d with a particular rrligious congregation. Innainf offended at a sermon on official corruption, and front thai t iii?c avoided all worshipping crowds, liecaiii ' lonely ami, very meditative withal, and the?e :ire those vvbo assci t solemnly that Ills fre quent e**iediti??u* into the forretl his r.rtc in hi* hand were uot for the chase of the de? r, but lor the enjoyment of solitude, ami that from the ! depths of Oie solemn woods he scut up ??toe still prayer of devotion." in a most t-dd?\ iitg manner It'll this looks too much like ;?n ano|#*?;v "to th. mini-ter,*'to satisfy me, and is therefore likeiv riinii^h it '' . ?-Be that as it may W\ his sudden appearance in church a^aiu, on the Sunday after his nominatuM. created -mile surprise, and the clergvnian, i ??<;?< n e?>c th* h'lfi'u #'<"*?????,gave out the hymn Ik: ginning with? The ppxhxai wit#, Ktre inuiu ever-, from foil* in"! awake, _ lleviews Ins wandcrni|(* with -ui"i>e. Hi* heart I>e*iii8 to break. The leader of l|?ech<?ir was so put out by the l?heiio;i?enon, that he iuadver?en?lystru<-k up with the tune of ? ??Where <lnl >oii conie lr?jiu." ?Some say. however, that he ft at ihlsa purj?i?-e. and I siisj??i t as much who knows ' To Svvf.kthx Kauid Bitikk - Am agricul turalist, nesr Brusaels, having suc? eedcd in re moving the bad smell and disagreeable ta-te ol soineJjutfer, t?y lieating or uiixliig it with chlo ride of lime, he was encouraged by this happy resul to continue hi- e*j*;r.ineuts by trying them u;mmi hutter so ram id as to l>e past use: and he hi> restored to hutter the odor a:al taste of which was iu-itpporlahle, all the?weetne?s of f.e-h but ter. This ?<iteration is extremely simple and pmctieiibU: for all It consists in Ideating the butter in a sutli jeut quantity of water, in which had l?eeii mixed to 1*1 drops of chloride ol liine to iw.i pounds of hutter After haviug brought all Its parts In contact with water, It may tie left for an hour or two; afterward withdrawn and washed anew In tresh water. The chloride of liine used having nothing Injurious in it. can tie increased, but after having verified thee\jn?ri uient it was found that 'il to 30 drop* to two and it half pounds of butter Were sufflcient. inr The Morning Post's Paris ? orrespoudt nt write*: ??It is well known that if the Kin^ of Sweden (still very 111) were to die. the heir to the throne would favor the union of the Scandinavian*, a policy Which might lie supported by England and Prance. "According to late despatches from St. Peters burg. the Russian Government is very anxious at>oiit the indlspo-ition of the king, and Is in trigmni; already tu Denmark- ill order to counter a t the view* of Sweden " FOE RENT AND SALE. 1<M?R SAI.K.?A very desirable RKSIDKNCK, being a l.ot fronting 3* feet in inches, by llt> feet deep, to mi mii alley feet wide, Filuated on the west sideorwii street vest, between Land M nnrtb,iinil unproved by a comfortable Frame Dwelling. with Iwck building, a pump <>f excellent water. and ornamented well a variety ?>( flower* and shrubbery. Terms accommodating. Apply at No. 312C-M (tnry )"th street. j**' POI.URD WKBB. IOFFKR FOR SAI.K. MY FARM. "Rosen vick," \ mile* distant from the townofCulpeper and a depot of the Orange ami Alexandria R. R. This Farm contains ISA wrMnf land equal tonnv in tlua section ol Virginia. 1 <?rt\ a^rcs are in timi<er, tlie iKiinnce open land in fine orrter. Hn it is a large and valuable young Orchard now just coining into bearing, compriisiug alt th* most desirable varieties of Apples. Pears. Plums, Peaches. Apnoo;*, Necta rines, Grape.*, Ac., Ac., suited to our climate, a Spring cf never failing pure water near the dwelling. Out-houses. Ac. The Dwelling is plain, hut airipiy sufficient to accommodate a small family. Tiie situation for health and Iteauty is second to none in tlu3 region. An extensive range of mountain scenery, tho beautiful Village of Culpener, with in a few minutes walk, offer facilities for attend ing Church, and as fine Schools as our Slate af fo d?, while the Orange and Alexandria R. Road put* it within a few hours ride of either Washington, Alexandria.or Richmond. It is seldom a farm.wifh as many advantages, is offered to the notice of the public. Persons desiring to purchase are respectful ly invited to call and view the premises. It is for sale privately, hut if not Hold t>efore Saturday. I he 1st August, on that day if will he offered at public auc tion, oil the premises, w.thont reserve. Terms made known at sale. For any information address R. <i. BOWKN". Culpeper Court House. Vs. ie4 \J A 1.1 A BLK R I:A I. I'.STATI". FOR SAI.K.? Tbe subscriber offers f ir sal* all that valuable Real Ksiate known as " l,ario." situated in Mi? Forest of Prince tieorce's couuit.Md.. containing ACRKSOF l.A\r). This is one of the most valuable estates in tins county. It is easy of cull ivatiou. and has all the advantage* of Water, and is also heavily Tuuliered. It adjoins the estates of Dr. I>a\id Craufnrd, Geo. T. Craufnrd. Zachariah IWrv. Sr.. Or. Benjamin Lee and others, and lays on the mil iea?fi??jj from Bladensburgto Fpper Marllmrongli,about five miles front Fpper Marilfroiuli anrl twelve from Wash uigloii City. There is also a fine Meadow, oontaiu in,: betwei-ii fi'aud &? eighty acre* of very prune I .and. Tins lard produces luxuriantly all tlie crops usually grown in this legiou of country, such as wheat, corn, ne, oats, tobacco, Ac. Th*re is a Is. tit on" hundred acr** of prime white ?>ak Tnnl>er Land iu the tract. Persons wishing to purchase will p'*a?e call on t lie under signed, living near t he premises, w ho wol take gre/it pleasure hi showing it to all such. This !nnd is snsec|.|ible of division, and will be divided into i wo lots to suit purchasers, if desired. I f tiiis lai d is not sob! at pi ivale sale on or liefore TIIFRSDA Y, the 5nth day ol July next, it will be offered mi that day at public sale, al the Hibscnber's home place, to the highest bidder. There will l?c a pint exhibited on tii" <lay o|" sale. Terms of sale: (hte third of th? purchase money will f>c required m ???i.?h on 'he day o| sale: and ll>e lialauce luoneand t wo years, with approved securi ty , I tearing int e rest from the da* of *a1e ; or a liiort gage on lli* land, if preferred by the purchaser. jei.t-eoll /' B. Jil.A I.I.. I/ARM FOR SAI.K.?A piece of hn* I.A Ml on Rock t'reek, ill Montgomery coimlv. Mil., six miles I root t lie iieicht - ??| i ioorjret ow m, adjoint tig the lands o| Messrs. Pert*. Wood, J.e.tor, Nowle*, ftohier, and llaa kin:<. D?J?a<-ie A l>eantilu| io?-a lion: partially improved; new house; I.> acres rich creek fx't !oin. and some fine v 'low pine Iiiu!>cr. I t can l>e div ided. if desired, fall and see the premi ses tho>e win* desire to purchase. i* t tl I .a < ill s A I.K.? My R KM DKNCK on | he corner ol .New Jersey a veil lie and C -1 reel south, 4Jap;tol If 11!. front hi" on theaveuti" !KJ feel !) inches, and ou 4' si reel south feet 11 niches.and containing nearly s<iuarp feet. may j;-tl W. F. Pill!.I.I I'S^ 1a<?R > \ |,K t'llKAP?And on tibTsl terms, the 1 following FRAMK l?W Kl.l.lNttS. vi* : One just finished. au<l situated out he northwest corner o|' ?Vii ami II siieels. in the First Ward ; oil* just finished. an?f on I he west siile ot J^t str*et west.'?* t w em K aud K. and ill a rapidly impToving part of tlie ??it? ; oncon tlie cast side of ?*th street wost,l?e i ween K and I", and near Knsby's S'l'p Vard:" anil two. \os. ' i*> aud UH, ou north side iv^t Capitol street. Ai o. h'.e mote. siMiate-l in different part:* Ol ilie i*iiv. AppH al .No. "?U *M ?tor\ ?7ih ~ir.?ei. IMM.I.AltD WF.KB. Rooms for rk\T.?Miss MoRI.KV, having taken the |ton<? recet'tb occupied by .Mr-. Ander-oii.two doors from t he Kiikwocsl House, is prepare.! to rent PARKORS and l.4>|MJINii R4 >41 \|S, together or separately , furnished or imfitr liished. and. if desired, will al.-o furnish Hoard, or Break fait, aud Te?i to audi as wi*ii to dine at hotels or 4iauti?r's. The room* ar* Isrge and airy, and verv pleasant for animuier residences. App1* at ilti Penn.avenue. ie23-lm \VKR\ DKSIRABI.K 4 4H NTIIV RKSI t>r\i y roit Ssi.k.?I otler lor sale mv II4?I SI-. and l.t II' in 11'* epp*r part of the villas* of Hla.lens bnrs. sitnat*d opposite t li* residence ol C. 4'. II \at t, Ksq. I'll* lot contains an acre and a half of land ad ? mirablv suited to gardeiiiiig purposes. The improve inents consist of a new and convenient dwelling. ] hunt of the i?e?f niaierials and in the very best man ner; it has in it live good-sixe rooms al>ovetheImse men' and a kitchen and two other rooms in the t-ase^ ment, which is maile id stone two fctit thick and perfectly dry. Also, a large office, with two rooms ; stable, carnage-house, wood house, and other ne cessary out houses. There is a iiever-Uiliug pump of pure water within a few feet of the kitcheudoor. This property presents rare a.fvautai;es to one de siring a unlet country home, or to a physician wish | iiik. a countn location. It is convenient to a good school aud churches of different denomination*. A few minutes* waik will take you to the c*lebrate?l spa spring, whose medicinal properties are too well ' known to need ment toning liere. Tbealiov* property Will piirftt* sale until the ofthe present mouth: if not soldbv that tune it will,ou lliat day. I?e offered at public sffle on th* premises. Terms made known on tie day of sale. For further particulars address the subscri ber at Riaden-burjr. Immediate possession eivcn. a eotd BK.N.I A MI \ BKRR . . M. I?. Vri'RN' PKSIR ABI.K COINTRV SEAT FUR SAI.K .NKAIl W \SHINi?TON.?The sul> scnb*rs will sell the valuable farm on which lie now resides, iu the District of Columbia, containing alsmt one hiuidred and ten acres, one half cl*itrod and the reinaiiidcr well wooded. The improveineuts consist of a ii*w frame dwelling, coiitaniing eight rooms, with all I lie necessary out Houses, including an ice house filled with ice. ... rn If desired, lie \\ ill divide it info lots of from fifteen |o t wenty r.cret. There arc sever;' sites fur building commanding liesutiful \ iews of inland scenery, with several n*ver tailing springs of the purest water. I'lie proper!* lies alsmt two miles from the Navy Yanlbridge.and,being proverbially healthy,presents peculiar ad\ a lit ages i<> those w ho inteinl to build and desire to possess a healthy retreat near Hi* city. For particulars appW to Mr. T. M. Hanson, No. .il-.' Seventh street. Mr. .l\Hts K. Tuo.mpsoX, No. ? Pennsy Kama avenue, or to J'1" S?bsenb?r on the pr^iiiiHO.s. AN i llUaS i AUUIM/.i. may 2!^?C"tf UKSIR \ HI.K PROPKR I V F(?R SAI.K.-The SI MMKR RI>ll>KNCK . f i.e.. M Itibb, als.ill. two horns' ride from the Hi -frict ort.olumtiia. This l*arm contains atsuit t"" acres, and lie* l??:iu t.fully foi division. Th* owner will sell the w lioleor a pari, with or without tlie stock. 4)ii the place there is a fine new fiour-e jiearlv lin islied. besides the family residence, a great deal ol excellent iriut, and some fin* horses and cattle. The place is proverbial lor its hcalt lifulncos and de light fill water. . . . , For further particulars mature nf his resilience, p.>i ner of I'jivett* ami Second streets, ticorgclown, p. C . or through the |?ost officc of the place. >.. j| \f.^tii 111'.41. Al. BIBB. I~/4?N~A v an HOOK. Rk\l Agkjits, SevenUi street. I?el..w I", street, hav e for sale a number of Bnildins Koti ^'t feet front by l>? lect deep, at I lie very low price of from $75 to If lii each?payable in small monthly iiistnluieuts of *3 per month. , . .i? Thexe l.ols are situated at I nioii Town, on the south side of the Auaroslia river, adjoining the Na vy-yurd Mridg*. and are, in *ver> way desirable for persons wishing a cheap, pleasant, and healthy lw* tion lor a dwelling. . , Kot holders in arrears are reanesfed to complete their purt liase, and g*' their deeds: the title to tliese iA?ts is guaranteed free and cl?ar from every possible incumbrance. may IAOR SAKK 4>H RKNT.-TIIK DKSIRABI.K RKSI DF.NCK on the corner ol Fnud ilst sis., together with the 4;rounds surrounding it. 'I he House coiiiains sixteen rooms, has ras throughout, and furnace. The stable will !?? sold or rented with Ihe house if desired. The lot the lionse stands on is 5?!?t l? feet, but the purchase! cau have more |!Ua'i.'-o!^fo/Si'le-The l.OT OF HROFND on the corner of F and l!?th streetK.and l.OTSon I'Jth.tiear F street. Apply to CHUB6 BROTHLRS. ap 8-tf N K \V AND ATTRAC.TIVK F. N H 1.1 S II i s BOOKS. Louis Napoleon Honaparte/iud his Life and Works, vols., with steel Portraits : Q2. Russell'ii Mislern Kurope, irom the Rise of the Modern Kingdoms to the Peace of Paris in l<tV>; new edition, w ith a compendious index ; 4 vols., half-bound; >'n 4)cenn tiardens: The History of the Marine Aqua nuin. and tlie best meth'wls now adopted for its esfab'ighinent and preservation, by II. Noal Humphreys, beautifully illustrated by adored engravings; 9-1.2?. The Art of Travel.hy Francis Gallon.F.R.G.S.; A Life of Napoleou Iioruiparte. illustrated ; Vets. The Household Manager, by Cliarles Pierce : 88 cts. A Manual of Domestic J. H. vValsh, assisted in various departments by a oommiife* of ladies, illustrated with mor? tlmii 2nd wood engravings; half-bound; price $2. Frank Wildman's Adventures ou i.and and Water, by Uerstaecker. with tintetl illustrations by Har rison Weir; 9:. Just imported by TAYLOR & MAFRY. jv n BiMikstore near 6th street. 1\ ?.W xi L AT KLLIS'? PIANO AND ll Music store, jeao e "bright toxnng^l Summer Retreat*, Ao. Hvgf.ia iiotkl, old POINT COM I (IRT, V*. Tin* most delightful Summer resort?the "brirfct particnlarl??celity of all thesnruiy Sonth"?f in now tii* sola property oi the under-' signed, and will l>e opened on the 1st of^ Juue next,and each successive June folio _ engage to make it to the seekers for health, recrea tion, gaiety and good living, supremely attractive. For health, no mountain retreat oan U> ?alerK un* season of the .war. It is as exempt lrom disease in AueHst and September and Octolwras in April. May or June. Indeed the first three are infinitely the most pleasant of the season. The weather is milder, the sea breeze l? Inner, and the luxuries of the salt wafei are to l*e had of liner quality and in greater profnsion. There is no more inviting spot on the whole Atlantic sealioard. It is strictly true of it what the poet hath said: " Oh ! if there bean Elysium on earth, it is this, it is this !*' Drs. Archer. Jarvis, and other army surgeons at the Post, lion. Dr. Francis Mallory, Drs. Semple, Stiiikina, Siieild Hope, a ad Vaiuhanjind indeed the whole medical Faculty resident in the vicinity of Fort Monroe, all certify that they "hare never known a rase o.f billions or at He ami fer*r to ori ginate there, and that at all f/ason* it ?? the healthiest spot on tk* fare of the earth." <See their certificates in De Bow's Review, Southern Planter, and American Farmer.) mav 22-d<>wA Iaw2in JOS. SKGAR. Proprietor. fPIIK MOUNTAIN HOUSK, 1 capox stkinvs, virgima. \\ ill !>e opened for the reception of Visitors,

on MONDAY,?d June. 3^: Through tickets can l?eoblained at Baltimore,** WUliington, Richmond and Alexandria. Passengers leaving Baltimore 111 the early morn ins train, via Alexandria and Manassas??ap Rai'road Strasburg, reaeh the Springs from5 toBo'clock same evening; and those from Baltimore and the West via Harper's Ferry and Winchester from 8 to Pp. in. J. N. BUCK. je2-*>w Proprietor. PINKY POINT PAVILION Is now open for the accommodation <"-f the pub lic. lit ooi;?e<|iieiice of'lie loss ofW rooms by^ lire last winter, the propi ictor cannot accouinio ?late more than fin or persona. IIe has a FVRttISHKD Ct>TTAr,K f??r rent sit uated alstut five hundred yards from the Pavilion suitable for a family who wish to enjoy during the sea soil the ad vantages of the Sea breeze and aquatic | sport*. having ail the conveniences for cooking, etc. Terms : .?v> for the sea?onof rj months. The steamers Columbia and Mar*land touch at. the Point every trip. W. \V. 1)1 X, Proprietor. i? r e#>tw (Alex.Gax.l nteiA States? IIiTwa!)DLF. IKH SK 1 AT CAPON SPRINGS, V*. Having rented my interest in the " Mountain House*' and taken tlie al?ove nowytt prepared to entertain m\ friends, ami \ isitors.fljja with uoiulortable accommodations. Hat T F. RMS: First week $12.?o See md do.. )".'*? Third do ? <*> Owe nkhHIi of 31 dsn 5">'*' Children and colored servants half prn'e. ? jv '( eolm T. S. BLAKFMORK. Proprietor. B I. XKISIO.NL'S PAVI I.ION. Tins favorite place <if if sort will l e opened on th? I't of July |or the accommodation ??!' visitors. Tlie pr'-rrietor lias engaged a In:'* i'<?tiii'?i wr.ji Bund fi?r tii? season. and with his splendid Bull**1? Boom offers gieat inducements to the lovers or the ?lance, while those of ni'>re nuiet htinioi ins* find dub-mil amusements ?l tlie Howling Alley or in hskinf, A e. The I.iixii>ies of the Potomac ami good Liquors wiji |?e content ly ?>n burnt. This is known to he one of the healthiest places on the river, near Blakistone's Island. 'I'll "re uiI!Is>h c*4ebr?t uni oti i lie Fourth of J u'.y, and Rail at night. Cotillon oil the !fld of Ju:v, 13th iikI .Till of August. The steamers Columbia and Maryland leave* pa? senRers on every Wednesday pud Saturda*'*, and returning on e- ery Sunday, Tuesday, and Fridays. Tli? stea:n? r Kent lesve* HiIIimore a? 3 o'clock every Monday evenings,and return" ou Wednesday mor times. Post < ifl;<-e? M i !est<o?-:i. St. Mary'* countr, Mil. l??<ir'l ? .f i.?. p* i da\ <<>r m vre.-K or longer: ."<? for shot!er time. fJF.O. \\ . BI.AKlSTON F. je.'i.'m* Proprietor. rAURLN WIIITK SFLPUI K SPRINUST vv One mile from Buckton Station, on liie .^Ialla^sa_s '?;ip Railioad, ami in the direct route loi" <'apoii an<l Bitrnei's Spring*', i-? i:ow open" |or the reception of visitors. Comfortable l!oaclies will run daily Iftwen Buck ? oii ami the Springs, upon Die airiva! and departnie i?| t lie ears. Passengers leaving Baltimore, Wasinnsfon. and Alexandria nv the morning tram*, will res<-h Hie Springs about noon of I he *aiiie day, and returmng will arrive at Alexandria and Washington in tune to ?tine. Post Office, Buckton. Warren county, Va. aovRU: $1? 1st week. 9 2d do. 8 3d do. SJ 1 mouth. J. S. DAVI DSON. President. S. J. SAI'NDKRS, in2) <n!in ^UPerintendeNt. III A V F II ST RF.CF.IVKD another lot of Hart we||*s Patent Portable Klastic C A NO P V FRAMF. and NF.TS, lor the protection a^suist mo." suites, flies, Ac., whicb hx beauty, durability, and '*onvei)ience are unsurpassed by any I lung of the kind now in existence. The frames are made portable by means of joints, ?o I hat the) may l>e taken down ??r put up in the space of five imuutes. lu case of travelling or ktor ase in the winter thev are readily packed iit l?oxe? or trunks, occupy ins little inure space than an uin breila when closed. When put up they form a large, airy, and lieantiful canopy for th?f<ed?tea?l. and. in stead ol detracting from its appearance, they really form an elegant and graceful ornament, lu winter the frames may lie covered with heavy brocade or any other heavy drapery il desired. f . To hotel keepers tliey are especialty rcoommemleil f??r their dural'ility and couvenienoe, and also lami lics who want the mo*t elecaiit canojiies at the least cost. JOHN AI.KXANDKR, No. * Pwiiii.avenue, between liflh and I Jth st?. jy 9 .'awciw <1 PERIOR LINENS AND COTTON#. .? We have now in store? |i?i piree>? superior Shirting Linen1., from Sir. to ,*I.<*> per %ard .*pw? piei-es hue >lur!ing Coltou* wf the br*t brands of ||oiise-wif?. Lansdale. Wamsuttee, New N ork Mills,and several superior brands made e.\pre.sslv for our *ale* and Cotton Sheetings in all widths and qualities Table Diapers. Napkin*, and Toweling* .'.?dozen Oimitvaud other ijoiiuterpanes, some Willi colored Inirders. very handsome^ ju pieces gauze and other fnie Summer Flannels |im do dotted snd figured Swiss Muslins 2.i**i >arils more of those fine-rotted and other Lawns at I2>ic. fast washing colors. |n- Reiiieiulier we are selling ofl our entire stock of Fancy l>p'ss Silks, Rolies.aud Bare.-es, ami all other Fancy Goods ?o clime out this season at oust for cadi. COLLF.V A SF.ARS. jy ll-eoiw .'?J3Seventh street. The Kiiliscriber begs to inform Ins friend* and the [oibiie. that he hasopenwl a NF.W STORK,corner r?!i'ves.''Raisins, Fig*. Sarduies. Auchoyics. Otard. Msrrett A Co., Pinet A Co.. and Col. < hsjnrd s Bramlies in oases, denniohns, and casks. Old .11" maica Rum, Sherries. M ideira, Port of various de script ions. Sr. Julien Claief, Chateaux Margaux in ivi?e.*. Champagne Cider, Brandy I- ruits, Reynold s l.dinburgh Ale. Aunisetle, Maraschino, Curacoa. Ab*ynthe. Champagne, and a large and varied de soriptiouof Havana Cigars. Also, stouglitoii Bitteis, and V ever and Ague Bitters. Porter. Ale,and Cider. Families are particularly invited to call and exain me the stock before purchasing elsewhere. Mem j iters of Congress are also informed that I heir orders will t?e promptly attended to, and delivered a! their residences at the shortest notice. A general assortment ol hue Havana Cigars, nn t>"'!cd diroctby tlie sul?se,rit>er, at wholesale and re tai ? canal Boats supplied on reasonable terms, and ? produce taken in exchange. I Levy's Old Whiskey, constantly on Uand.ol 181". Couutrv orders punctually attended to, and conn fry produce of all descriptions received on consigu , nieut. JONAS P. I.KVy, je?-tf No.V>4 Twelfth street. I/RKNCII BOOKS. . ? , I Callet Tables de I.ogantl|gfr*. 1 vol.,?\*o. * DeBrett's tKuvrea Mditaires de Napoleon ill. I vol., 8vo. Scritie?Conie?liei Vaudeville*. 1 vol., 12m. Bossuet?Diseoura sur L'llistoirc Inivcr>clle. l vol., l.'mo. Theatre de P. Ac T. Corneille. 2 vols., 12mo. Maximcs de la Rociiefouoauld, l vol., Iftno. L'Art de lever les plans. I vol., folio colored plates, jy in i'KAXCK TAYLOR. IRAN'S!?FANS!?Sellingofl'our FANSverr low < II. J.McLALHGLlN * CO., jy M Pa. av.. l>et. 8th and 9th sts. |Q GOOD SECOND-HAND PIANOS IN 1 m store, for aale or rent upon reasonalile terms, at our great Piano Warerooins, 3>*i, between 9thand "gg-"" MMN F. Kl.US. Tuk'i.arokht stock of pianoh. mk hvleons, Musio, Musical Instruments, and Mu sical Mercliaudiae in geueral in \Yashingtou City, n at JOHN F. KLI.IS'H. in \d Nw. Pa. a^onne het. 9th ami lnth sts. SlKDGKWICK ON STATUTORY AND CON >hariTtTlONAI.LAWfeVfe.v^.Ay.^ pAN^Mww .W. Denti?try, Ac. ?ENT1ST?Y, UR. STEPHEN BAU.Y, Orrtr* No. i"w Pkxxsylvawu Avkndi, Tkrtt <toors frvm 14/4 Street. 1)R. HA 11. V l>er? leave t<? inform t ha pnbiio that be can I* ween mail hours,at his vllue,located asal>ove. He feels assured that an expen?noe<?f fifteen imi' practice, with the large numberol pat ieiits.sndgre*t variety o| difficult unsestliat he ha* treated iiicomh AitVr. will etr?ble#mn to surmouut any difficulty, scientific or otherwise, relating to the Teeth. His own experience confirming tlie opinion of imnr men eminent in the pn>let*H>u, and Mpeca!') D?s. Harris aiul J. and I-'., family, has led turn. Ion* niMttnac card all mercurial preparations for tilling Teeth.also ?II Enamels, Gutta i'erchn, India RuMier, and Ce aients for the construction of ContinaoiM Gum Teeth, tuid that Porcelnui. moiu.'ed oil Gold Plate, is the only reliable subsumce that can t>e worn .n the mouth, as was most conclusively shown l?y the last American Dental Convention. Although he flatten himself from hi* lone resi dence and practice in Washington, he is fhvornMy known to hta uumerons friends and pa:roue. be t?ci leave to refer them to the following TESTIMONIALS: From the late Recterof the Church of Epiphany of thi* city Dr. Stkphxn Baili: Dear Sir? I desire to express my esteem for you personally, and my confidence in iou as a superior dentist. The operations executed for me have been highly satisfactory. 1 hope that you inay receive the patronage from niy friends and the publio that your skill so well deserves. \ our# very I rul*. Washington, Aug. 3". 1W. J. W. FRENCH, From one of the oldest firms in HsUirnore, Messrs. Hoggs. I'otinin A t'n. Having employed I>r.Stephen Haily,Surgeon Den tist. of Washington city, to esemte for me an im portant and dthiint piece of work, which tie did to iny entire satisfaction,and in view of the fhet that one of ttie most distinguished member* of the Deutal Coilece of Baltimore. failed, after repeated trials, to perforin the same woik satisfactorily, i? gives me great pleasure to express my entire contidci.ce and high estimation of his professional skill. Baltimore, Jan. 12,18V7. II ARM ANN BOGGS. Ex'ract from a note received from the late Hon. John M. Clayton. I*. S. SsstTI, Aug. 19. 1866. The teeth you made for me work admirably ; noth ing could lie better. Very gratefully, _ JOHN M. CLAYTON. To those that seek relief from the irh!?I of the teeth, I can cheeifu'ly rccomtnend Or. S. Haily as a superior Dentist: he made a set of porcelian teeth fur one of my fctmilv.nnd piugged several tech for in> self, and the work ha*- ell *to.?d well for more than teii years. ROBKKT T. NIXON, of the Va. Conf. of liie M. E. Church South. April 19, 1836. We, the undersigned, having find occasion to avail ourselves of the professional skill of Dr. J*. Bai!y, Surgeon Dentist of this cMt, or pa vine l-ceu corwi aut of his operations on our lauulics or friends. take P'e:i.?ure in expressing our admiration of his artistic skill, as well a* of the naifrTinlv satisfactory manner hi which he performs the mofct delicate and difLcu.'t operations in Dental Surgery .and we rcspectfull* re CMimiei.i! hiiii to tii? conlideuce and patronage of the pub:!<?, of * 11 i"h we consider Itiin eminent!* worthy. Tiiovj r * t\V a t.Ti K. Architect I . S. Capitol. Th?vjj*? M. D..o| Washington. 1>. C. II. S. HoIIKKR, .M. D. of l.eorcetow ti, l>. C. N'.S. I.!>?oln..M. !>.. of Washington. D. (', Jo-. II. |5k?OLi v. of Wn'hins'oii, D..<". lifoRnK Wai.tov Es tnivnns?r ?>! Fiorina. \\ ?i.iK? l.f.oi, j'.t Majori'f \N itshingUm. II c \ r v l? m tiwtN, l'>. l'*te?it I ?(li-*e, *?.?'. WisuT, Principal R itteniiouse Academy. fel> tf ?r7Yi7Xa r7>, DENTIST. I,ATE OF flit CAi-o, would rcupeet |iil'\ inlormthecit izens of the District and vicinity, 'hat hav-mf* ins located hnnsclf hi WashiOfion, he now prepared to perform operations in hit profes sion. in the most approved style. Oflioe. No. iVi, 1'eun. avenue, adjointru tjautier's. hn y> iv rpiIK IMl'ROVF.D SKTS OF TF.ETH, DR. I.OHM1S, the inventor and r"'entee of >' Mut'rn' l'ln>? liUVint. siicoessfiilik introduced iirs iNipnivemcnt n>{ various cities, ha ? i;<ior perrrmently e^tatl ll?iicd himself iii X1. ^lun^ou. This improvement I? >i >et>>ol Teeth o^'iifc<*f?cliief lr in lurking a set of l.ut one pie?* of material, ainl lliat mdeMriietiitle uiinerr.'. No metal is u?ed iii their cinirlrtieti'iii, and they are tiierelore free Ironi galvanic action nod meialic taste. 'there are no joints to Itccoine filled Willi iu"i?tar? or particles o| fiK?d, hence thev are psr? /??.< rUn*. They are lichicr. stronger, lesx clumsy, far uior'e durafJe, :mhI natural in their appearance. I will cive aiewardol One n.ousa.Hl Dollars toany kihi wiio wil! pr'Hfnce a similar ?'?n k of art to etiiUll mine in pio it?, l>eant> . durability, artistic excellence or Gny of her requisite qualii?. Ail work responsiWr warranted. ?*7?> I'euna. avenue, l*cta eeu 11th ami Utli streets. ap 13-1 y OR. C. S. GOODMAN. SUKUEoy l>E\TIST.*v<\ MiRWKTtUB of Artifu im Tr.rrii.?* His complete arrangements en.-.' !ins hau !t>J piesent ?hc following reasonable prices: ^ Vlntire I'pper Sett Teeth, on <io)d J3' In lVi do do on Silver l2to2"i One or more, on Gold..... 2to s |>o on Silver. I to 3 Filling, F.xtracting. Removing Tarter; also. Re pairing at the hKiue reasonable i.ites. All opeiatione executed iii such n manner as to give every satisNc tion. Oflit-e corner 8th street and avenue. ap 3 IgALTIMORKClTY MALT 1IOL8K. MALT FOR SAI.K.?The undhrsi-ned having recently purchased the CITY MALT HOFSK, comer ol West Falls avenue and Hiock street, would announce to his fi iend? and t he public, that lie has it now in full operation, with a large supply >>i MALT for bAiG on lil?eral terms, my 6-3m FRANCIS DKNMKAP. RKVV ARD- Raiwwat from the snbscri $200 I w? licr. living near I pper MariU>rough, Prince Ueoree's ?oiuii?, M<1., mi the .*>ih of April, NKORO MAN, DAVY I.RF.KN. alsiu'> ears o( ase, ?> feet. ?> incites tiiKh?a Hark iiiulallo?has a large bu>liy head, witlijf^. whiskers round his face, medium size and down look, lie nia > hire himself in Hie District, ? here l.e lias relatives, or make his w;?> to some free Slate, as lie lefl without anJ provocation. I will cive Two Hundred Dollars, if taken out of the Stale?.? inn if taken in the Distuct.orany other part of Mar?land. and if taken in ih's county, 1 u cither case lie must !>e sccurcd so that I get lum. je9-tf WILLIAM J. BF.RRY. t\ RLTIRKD rilYSICIAN win me sands of life |nve nesr'v run ??ut. dlaoovored while id the rtiitft Indie.-, n certain cure for Asthma. Bronchitis, Cougiis, folds, a-id Genera. Debility. Tho remedy was discovered liy him when lna only child, a daughter, wm given up to _ die. He had heard much of the Msaicrfcl rotor alive and healing Dualities of prenaratiorm Hade from the I'.ast I ndia Hemp, and the tliought ?Kv.|irre?f to lum that he might, make a remcdv for hi:: child.? He studied hard and succeeded in realizing ins wish es. His child was cured, and la now alive and well. He han since administered the wonderluJ remedy to thousand" of sufferers iii all parts of the world, and lie has never failed in iiiHkiiti: them completely heal iliv and happy. Wishing to do a* much good as po*. sible. lie will send to such of hifc aflln*.lcd fellow l?e lugs as request it. this recipe, with full and explicit directions for making it up. and successfiill\ using it. He requires each app!ic:iiit to euolose him one shilling?three cents to i?e returned as postage on the recipe, and the remainder to l>e applied to thep?v tuent ?'f this advertifccment. Address CIIINA. ULA? AN J> ^rrKN^WAR,:, ?V i voribly v/ i%. ii. i?i 111111*. R. SO N A CI Importers direct from Liverpool to Aletan-' dria. beg .care to call ?heattentmind dealers., hotel keepers, andolhersol Waahiugtonat.a ' Georgetown, to their s'oohs of it DO D S, which, for sxtent and vanelr. will compare fa^ with anv establishment iu I lie Kastem cities. The connexion of their aenior p-iriner with the maiinfscturers ?d Knrope and the 1 nitcd Slates for upwards ?d thirty year:*, has given lum advantages in the purchase of gotals equal, if not superior, to any house in the trade. An inspect ion of goods a ltd prices will satisfy all parties that purchases can be u.ade of them upon the most favorable t?rins. t rench China Dinner Seta, gilt and dec??raied 'reucli riinia Dinner Sets, gold l?nd and plain white French China Vasea, Filohera, Toilet Sets. A c. French China Tea Sets. Cupsand Saucers.and other article- of Teawate And Dinner Ware, separate from seta India Cnma Dinner Sets, and gepxrateartiolea aiwava on hand Wrhite Granite Ware in every variety, in seta, and aeparate from sets, as may I* desired Blue Printed or Liverpool Ware, tho same Common Ldgcd, White and Rocking ham are. in full aupply. ... ... ? Cut, Pressed. Plain, and Moulded (?law\V ar0 from the l?egt establish men! s in the F-astern and v\ e*teru States, which will l?e aold l?y the package or other W F.x peri euced packers employed. Goods fut up by us can l?e transpr?rted by any ??JlJe wiihont breakage. Fare by the steamlioats from W astjingtou to Alex andria, almost hourly, l2Si cents eacn A quar ter ol a dollar thua spent may save many dollars dec I W\TCHF.S, JEWELRY, A,U AND SILVER WARE. I have just reoeivetl ? new supply of FINE WATCHES. GOI.D CHAINS, and a large assort ment of RICH JEW KLKA ol every description, whicli makes my stock at the pieient time one of the most complete in the cjty. I have just finished (on the premises) a very large assortment of Pl'RE SILVER WARE, among which may befonndaSOI.IDSILVER TEA KET TLE superior to any thing before exhibited in this city,?the weight of which is 125 oa icea, capacity 9 quarts. Both citixetu and strangers are invited ro call and examine, H. O. HOOD. je?- 338 PajiveoWM 9th street, THE WEEKLY STAR. This mhiM Ftnulr ?n4 N?wi JotfMl- oot a irttter variety of interesting readme thai can ??e found id any other?1? paNished oa Setante' ?unii. a Till!. Jm?.e?npy, peranum ,?l 1ft .. to clvh. TenL..,,e? oi^im lT7"C*fH. I>VA*I4?iT 1* ADTAkV*.' Bt subscribing in club* raised among imghbnt w.thout t*e uttrrm'.iiin ol a m?t. acsvl,aawulta perceived. twenty per cent. of the WxaaLy StaI wi!. I* nred. If invariaNy w*m?th* "Wiuii. incton News that iiw made the Dailt sua otrok late so generally throughout the country. ^ fT7"Sm*le copies {in wrappersI can He fmmagi at tiie oosuter. i mined ia:e.y slier the issue ol the Purr Price?THiFa C?*t?. Pn?T*??Tr*<. who act M *g?QtS Will N> a..oWe4 ? ooiuiuis> ion of twenty per oent. Pianos, Ac. 4 M>LD MK.DAL PREMIUM *? PIANO FJKTES WILLIAM KNARK. (Senior partner in the hyte hrm nf '?*nii t & t'o.. Co?jj times t lie maunfa<t lire nml as e ??f grand uki ?aimif PIANO FORTK.S, under the name of N\ nun Knabe A t'o., at Mir ?? ?i ? mi4. | No*. 1, .? ai.d 7 \" I. I utaw y I ct of positethe Kulaw lions*. Baltimore. I'hey ii ive ?imi just opened a new Si h Kotm si No tMtinmrr street. between Charles anl Lisi.t streets, <>n the premise* partly occupied by Mr Henry Mci'sdcry as a music store, wlierettiey wilt keep constant!* on liainl a larc# ass??rtmeut of plma and inchN tinohed grand end himm PiUmi Fortes ? t?<s Melodeon*. Iiom tiie l??st u-.akeis. from 4 to 5 octnve. some ? ith <! ute k< y is-arda, double reeds, and Bt??ps to KNit small chuiches. Being extensively en_ ygcd luthe manufacture o| Pianos. we wit; Hell wholesale and retail, on the ami liberal terms. Our Pianos were awarded the Inchest premium (told medial?at the Fairs ol tiie MviHo'* Institute two successive > ears- Outolier. Ih?, ami iKii? ui op position to fourteen n:id eighteen piano* from some ol the liest makers Irom New \ <?rk, B<>stou and Bai I in.ore. Wc were alk<>awar?le<t the hr?t premium at tae Industrial l*xhibition heitl hi Kiclunoml. Yir ItVj and Ik.-*-.. Tliejr n?v? aUo l<een awrirded the huhent prtMicuin (silver ineda:) at the Metro - poli'nt! Mechanics' Fair fr?r IVU. In addition to this we are iu p. sse??iou of teatimo mats from the most di?riiion?hcd professors and nmticurs in the country, which uati t? s??a at uur wirenmiim, ?pe^kmc (<>r fhetnne!\ es and others of tiie Inch appreciation in winch our in*trvinrkU axs ever) a iiere held. All instrument* are ctwranteed for fi\*e years, and a privilcte of rxch.inze is cranted withiu the hrst six mouths from the <la\ of sale if the instrument* do not riv e entire satisfnction. \Vh<tlcsale dealers will find it Ui their advantage to gi\e uk a cnll before purch.vinic. Pisnos exchanced. hired, sod tened. mar 16-ly \VM. KNARK 4. CO. pi A NO FORTH INSTKICI 'ON. Mr. W. II. PALMER c??ntiDiies to add new mew. Iters toli ^ < SHf-e*. Apply to Mr. PAL-^ MKR, ?' R'xmn over FsrnhamV Hook?tore, TueMlay. Wednesday, Fn-*' d.iv. itisal !Sttiir?ls\, l?e:w?eu 2aud6 p. in. Term* U5 per enarfer. ?? S tf which the puitlio h*ix t?e?toaTd on tti (? w-1 we have lice,| eiial>le<t toe.ilsrtreoi.r TIIRKK NKW AND RKAlTIFCL PIANOS 1 AT U R F.AT R V R <; AI N S.-Ttiesew? Piaitoti have iMa n?ed but a short time b? carelnl persons, we will wariant them,*" ? s ?? ta^eoid Pianos in exenanc*.Ac,. Two of them are lull seven octaves, hue y finished rosewood rnse*.and of exquisite tone and tonrh.ooei ia onU a six octave. These IVn...?. pur?!i.i*ere ma* vafely re!> upon a* l>einir truly creat !<arcaine, ar.d they will do well to call and ?c? them, at our externa Piano Ware r<Miiu-, No. 3"*i. Ivctween 9th and l?th. je N JOHN F. BUM. | N CdSsKyl KNCKOFTHK I'AlRONAOF. we fi _ . o| Mumi-ao<t Miisioal Meictisislise. By' si ranccincn's with Mr. S* l??ciielierser in Paria.fUid Scltots A >'o?i? in Mn\enoe. we si ill m 11 Foreitu Mum? Jo dean i* ai.ii proletsora <>u the miNi'. reason able terms. Our fatalosne. cor?ipri?iiii: oxer five tiionsard I original woiks.i~ now cvmplcteti, sisU to tieliadst j the Mur.e |Vpo*. StnacK, ??<>-1 <iun'itv, very clo*sp in liiit dles. ) Vi??liiii?, i.tntsri-. |-.i*?-?l-rsi:?!:*? I'lstfr. i Viiiiiinvlit?>, Rrass Insi rwnieiits, ete. Ourst?H*k of R-.ooii A Kav?'i(\ aad \V|! tam Mil 1 5er*s cnlebrated Pianos will tie completed acaii hi j |eyy <!?>?-. ? hicli ? e s ill so!: on the loost reae->uat> e tei ins and ctve tite l*?st cit\ rcfeieni*. >l?'?tc IW?j?ot, eorner ?i| tl?h an?t I'ei n. sveutie. jc in W Ml 17.1 K??l i rpilRKK III .M Tfl I I. PI \ WOJ* reC. ived Ui 1 ?ls> from Ko.slott. Also,three verj' I"1 second-hand P.??"?*. Imt lo'ie n*e<|, *evet RiljU ??,rtavotroseyi?hm1 cascs^yrili l?e soida' ktee.*' * * ? * l?r.sins,at ?Hir Piats* 1" orte. Mcioleon, mkI Mu-iC \\ ereuMi|u?, licT*een !*th and l"th streets. No. a*?. iet _ John r. KiXie. 'l'WO PIANOS* 1 WK 4'W: ONr. I OR 9i<*> I ? I r are a?w l??f a?> at the. Music Depot o| \v. n. Mi.T/i.Rnr r.' Corner o( I'rim. svenae and tirh?treeV TfriniMM. may IP ICE. I J. MIDDLFTON. I j. 1CF.liF.Al.KK, tttficeand Depot?5*onthwcat corner of F and t^tfc Street.*. Waslnu&ion. spll-tf IC>;r TcV::! lt:F.!'!-The undern*neil7e?i?ectlu'. I) inloMii Ins IneiMls Mid the puincseneraiijr. that tie is i.oiv pieparcil to fiitmsb "smtlics and others I through itie season I with the best <iualit* <4 ICK, deli\ ered in any part of WasliinxUHi iuiI l,e<?rtr town, sud jnsraiitees to rive rntire sMisi.tetion. Orders to t>e lei' wtlli Ku whl A I.Ai'KEx(K c-inierUth street ai.d Pennsyl\si ia ?? venue: iieo, F. K'hwh.L A Co.. 14?It siieet: J. R. M<?o*e. l)ru? cist, Peana. avet:u?', t>etwee:i IHth and .oth streets i f?KOBi;KS.t T7. New \ orkavenue. I?ctwecn bnh and llth streets: Roar. A. P*>\*. Dmcsist. corner 4th atsl Mass.avenue:ai:d with the sul?scriiier. No, 3 First str?et, Oeorseti-tfi!. where loe can be had at all times. _ ap 7-tl T. N.KI DWELL. ^PRINi; AND SI M MKR liOOl*.?JOHM II. Smuut, No. II? lindse nireet, Oe<>r?etown. 1). C.. has received lr'??u New Vork and Philadelphia, and r.ow ollerinc at very low prices, to cash and prtimpf cufttnners. a Isrjeand ueiiera! assortinent of Sr^PtF and Fancy U<?orts?comprium in part s? follows. VII: New sity le S,;k R?'be* snd faner Silks Best m*ke tuack Sitks. Inch lustred H'ttofc Chaiiies. ((UstisssiMl Moui Delainet Rich printed (a!i wo??l > Mow* lV?laines Cbauies and Baiece Delaines, m creat variety R.Ji Organdie, Bare^e.and Jaoonet Roltes Bright ooiors and iinsle plain Barecec and De laiuca Plain French Brilliant*end Percales Plain ool?irs C ravel las Mid Ssrow-atyto Pop^M Duuais. a uk.'it seasonaiile fabric Best French printed Jaconets and Bril ianti White Brilliants, from '?.'?? to 31 ?% ce:iis Best makes new s:yi?*t <? mchains l??l?i;es. Chwlstiy s and Lustres Knclixh Prints o| ncu styles, in ?reat variety, at l->* cents R Chintz a?iors l?est Frepe^ Organdies Whitk Oooi", in great variety. Piatti >>wts?, Nansook and Jaoonct Marline 1'iaid ami striped Muslins Siiiall-tif ured Slid rich Br??oa/e Swiss Muslim p.sid r.nd striped Jauonet, Nansook aud Swuia M uslitis White Tarletons. |!!nsn?n?. and Wash Nets Irish Linena(of the beet makes) vers cheap Linen t.'ambnc. Linen and Bishop Lawns Super Kn^lish Lou* Cloths. euit?b!e for Ladles' || New York, Batee,Atwo>d,and other cood makes Slnrtmcs . , \\ lute Cani'>ric?(of Jonas's oelebrateil make) White Brilliants and striped India Dimity Marseilles for Basques end Bonnet Card Shirt Bosoms and Shirt Co srs. KmbroiI'KH ; a-. Krsneh worked Muslin Collars ami Sets Swiss t'Ainbrio Collars and Sets Swiss and I*> e Sleeves an?l S?ts lloiiitou and Maltese l^i* Collars j Swiss Oambrieand Bimtty Banes KmbroMleretl Linen CMnl>ye lldkfs. Ami. new styles I^ioeand Silk MsntiUas Stella aist Whitet'rap- Shawls Plain ami rich figured HoniMtaad Ribts?ae Steel spring, Neapolitan, aud other Skeleton Spring sssortme-,? of Bajou's Kid Gloves "I'sHeta Silk. Ms>.-k lace and Lisle thread do. Cotton llo&icry of every kind for ladies hl>d children Gents (test Knglisk Ha If-Hose, riMie>l and plain i|,i Lisle tliread aiel liner cottou do. A c"?'l assortmeiiT i f Silk Cravats bihI Tiee xispeitders. Silk snd < .-uutsic lldkls tiosssiner nisi l.'sie-thiead Shirts snd Drswers New style Paras?i!s. A'so,(ieutieiueuand Boys' wear < f every descrip tion. with every variety of llonse furiushinc Dry ^IVMnestte G?.K>ds for servants wear of the heaviest " purchasers may reiy upon getting desirable goods ^apTtPrr,?" JOHN H. SMOOT. Tak,t>""" uwul Imhs's wiii. nxi.r wi?. hraiii ami CI RL MANI FACTOR* removed to Peni sy Ixaiui svfiiii*. I?etween Lth snd lSth streets, near lisntier's. Ilair Work Repaired, or taken in ex efcur*- Fine T<?ilet Articles. Conilw. Brashes, Ac. jy Mm Jl N T S M\NT AL OF PIIOTOORAPMV. I vol., London. IRY7 Hunt's Practice of Pimtozryphy. I vol- Lne4on. 1W Hart's Photogmphy Simpiihed. I vol.. L?4m. IW? Straus's Art of lMiotograph? . translated Ironi tiie <>ernnii, I vol., London Snellmc's llistuiy and Practi<? of Photography, vol., Napier** Kleetro Metallurgy. 1 vol., London, lte7 Bakewell's Mannel of Klectricity, Practical awl Theoretical.I vol.,!Kj7 Csiiipl>ell*s Text B<s-k of Inorranie Chenustry, I V?l? I ^ it.doll . j Outlines of Inorganic Chemistry, I vol., l.onaon Paniell's Chemical Analysis, Qualitativexnd Qu?r. titative, I vol., I<ondon Normandy's Introduction to Rose a L lifnra. Ana? lyms, 1 vol., London Galloway's Manual of Qualitative Analysis, 1 rcl., Uraloin's Chemistry tn ua Application* to the Arts, i vol.. London , ? . Chemistry in its Applications to Art* and Manufac tures: by Ronalds, Richardson,and buy,p, 3 i?ouaon _ <J?rhsrdt's Chimie, Onraniqne, 1 vol.. Pans introduction to Practiaal Organic Chemistry. I vol,. Reid'a Rudiments of Chemistry. J V''ULmido?i jy 7* FRANCE TAYLOR., iLLV 8TEPHKN8, VV'kinasaU lUn nn l*vi JfilthffTfl STIIfVSI II WALL A STKPHKNS, ^ VT Wholesale Dealers and Joiners in CLOTHS.CAS9IMERBS,AND rt Si may 1A-3I&