Newspaper of Evening Star, July 21, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 21, 1857 Page 3
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* L 00 A LINT KLL1GKN C K. ThiAsiival and Pro? bedims? or thk Ex i rK?in?ll*T"? FROM THE We?I and Baltimore **hoitly aPer nine. this morning. the exp?-?-tfd extra train reached the Washington depot, in and a ouad which were congregated perhaps a thou sand of our population, headed by the Mayor and ? Sty Council-*, and Walter L'nox. E?q., and the tent of the com.oittee of citizen* who were to .-hare with th? Municipal authorities. the duty of < ,aparo*i*z Washington's five or six hundred guests of the day. \fter having alighted the visitor* marched into t'ue great entrance hall of the building, where \fayor Magruder delivered to them a brief ad of welcome, tendering to them the hiMpI. taldies of our city, of which we (of Washington) were but the custodians for and in behalf of the i>eople of the several State*, (a* he expressed t. m*? lf ) He trusted they would Hud it worthy to lx? our great country'* capital.and that on part ig front it they would earn- awav agreeable r?collections of it* citizens. associations, public men aodedillces. 4c.. Ac. Replies were made by two gentlemen?one 1'iom Chillicotln and the other from St. Louis? wherein the points mad? by Mayor M. were ap propriately responded to. I'nder tne auspices of the two committees of arraugeaient.s, the guests were next plac?-d in ? amazes and omnibuses, which, in procession, started for the President's House. via the Avenue, i overing almost its entire length from First to 1'onrteenth street. OX THE WAY TO THE WHITE HOUSE. Although passing quietly through the streets, our citizens were sufficiently on the ?/*i n>? to be aware of the approach of the procession, and everywhere along the line of progress the side walks. windows and balconies were crowded with Npectators, while at various points flags were dung out. and .handkerchiefs waved to welcome the visitors AT THE wniTE HOCSE. On the arrival of the cortege at the President's, the Mayor, the Councils (who appeared as a body) and the Committees received tne guests at the north portico, and ushered them into the build ing. The Kast Room l?eing under repairs, and oceiipled with scatt'oldida. it was found necessa ry to occupy the oval room, and th.s proving too -~mall the greater portion of the assemblage }>ass?d down the south steps, and so info the Minlb grounds, where the company quite speedily spread themselves over this picturesque area, while the music-loving were discoursed to by Meniter's tine brass band. (Cincinnati.) 11 pieces; .itul LeBinns St. Louis baial, of 15 pieces Here some time was pleasantly spent in listen ing to the music, in examining thv grounds, and in viewing the magnificent down-river prospert presented troin this point, while waiting the ar rival of President Buchanan. momentarily cx j ect'd fiom the Soldier's llome. ARR1VAI. or Tltr. PKEsinEXT. The President was not aware of the proposed visit of the excursiouists at so early an hour; but on the Information reaching him. at the Soldiers' Home, his Summer retreat, he set out for the city and on his arrival met the several members of the Cabinet, and then, accompanied by Mayor Ma groder. they proceeded to the South grounds, where the scattered grouj? immediately swarmed about the Chief Magistrate, and then commenced such a hat d-shaking as only Western men are capable of administering, and which wj? kept up until the large party had filed past the Presi dent and tendered their cordial digital courtesies. The President, who, by the way, looks vastly im proved by his stay at Ins pleasant rural retreat, appeared in excellent spirits and sustained his otdeal as if enuowed w ith muscle* of Iron. Fpon the conclusion of the Interview the party retraced their steps through the Executive Man sion and so to the carriages, and then the line of march was taken up to the Patent Office The visitois ami their chaperones manage to till twenty-seven conches a it twenty omnibuses, a fact not to be wondered at when we look at the following li-t of good sized men (and women) who came over the mountains on this trip: FROM C INCINX \ T I. fi'y ?Charles Rule. Daniel Collv. R. M Bishop. II Kierstead.S H Hirst. \V II ? il.tss, .1. H F. tiroeve. K Eggleston. J J. To-, jence, J. Wadsviorth. J. F. Ilolli-?icr. II. Bea therst. A. Stubb. Jas Kee.iau. I> llari i*on. Tlios II Weasncr. H in Perry. John S Ross. Thomas Marsh, G.^V Sbnat*, The* Gaines. Win Ham i 'tor.. Ci/j Officer' ?S. M Hurt. J. J Faran, ex. Mayor, S II. Ilulv. S. Sawyer, J M Beil, P. Hwntah, J M Hwrfril, J. II. Nictcr, .1 Brown. Win. Ward. Isaac Vootiiee*, J. Kiersted, Frank Meeker. CitiZ'H? ?Jndge Jacob Flinn. Jno R Morton. Win. II Kerr. Adam Geiss. A W. Churchill and lady. I.. J. Sclull, W. B La< e>. Geo Mathers. Frai'k Lyons. J A O'Conner and lady. Or II. >chuliz and lady. J.?dgc James Sotfin. Charles Thomas and lady. Jno Kinney. W. C. Pratt. P. J Moore. P. McCab?*. J B llolmc* and lad v. Jno B. Bell. Jno E. Bnll. Jas \ Lindsay. R B McCr.icken. J R llallam. M. J. King. Seth Evans. Alex Swift, Rev. Samuel J Brown, M A. Slough, Win Bromwell. Win. J icher, N. P Poor, J Harpel. Jno. ??. Jones. M. B Coomlie*, F. D BHl, ?? 11 Huster, S. C Geraid. Win. II. Gould, John Beatt.e. Charles B S hafer, G F. Koetiier. Col Frank Kim k, Henry Grotbnse, R. C. Hazlewood, Isaiah Roger*. James McCoy, M. Ch-ary, Oliver Brown. \V. M. Burgoyue, J. S. Deailver, E R(5ss, F.. A Ferguson, John Rid^t way. Cimriunatt Prus ?W. C Crii>pey. of the Cin cinnati Time*; II. II. Robinson. Cincinnati En- ! uirer; Washington Armstrong, do ; R. Smith, ! incinnati Gazette; Wm. P. Gee, Vincennes Ga zette; Joseph A Fitch. Dayton Knquirci; A Bur nett, CoiiMHercial; F. Linbutg, Volk*frennd. rkom ?t. i.orts. Board of Ahl'rtri'n.?C. R. Anderson and lady, Charles 11 Tillson, Amedec Valle. Dr K. M. Powers. J. Sexton, jr.. and lady. John 11. Fisse. ?*. L. Colinon. Cha*. W. Horn, Ilenry C Lynch, C C Simmons and family. Hoirit D'l'Z'it** ?J It Hobyns and familv. I A. McDonald. Davis Mooie. F. S. Nelson, F. B'isrhnian, Com id Dt?ll and family, S. J. Levi and family. f 'iiy Ojfi'tr ? ?James Waugh. auditor'- oflee; 1 .1 J Bak-' (cie. k of )>o.ird of delegates) and laiu- { ily, Dr. O C. Johnson, resident uhyiir ian of ' hospital; Jo* M. Maghau, Cha'les Rmlgers. W. B. ??rriek. Richard F. Barry. T. W. Gilmer. A. i V\". Lewis and lady. Bernard Cricher and lady. Win O'os'ieii. (St I. N C .) Lafayette W<l*ou. 11. H. Liudell, D C Tattle. J .W.Jenkins, J. I'rancisco. t?eorg?* A. Gcxsllelt. Wm C. Wilcox. Lieut. Walker. ISA; Charles A. Fly, Peter McQueen St. C4ir6'f 9f Cowmfree.?Joseph F i I'.lder, Thomas t?. Reyhum. Wm Wade, J B S. Lemirner. Charles Rogers. Peter McQueen. Si I.otti* Puis.?W. Geary, L Pollard, Walcbcdt, Lea<ler: Ch.G. Gonter, Price Current; H K Davis. Democrat; P. A. Ferguson. Herald I.'lr*?'.i St. 1.outj \ttivnal C?woe# Biiii't?J.? ntemlters. Cat terns.?Charles D Drake. II W. Williams and lady. Capt John N Pritchard (of St Louis National <iua:d) and family. S II liartlner. P. j F Burke and two ladies, Dr J T Temple and lady. James McDonough and lady. Oliver tJreeu and daughter, Dr W. II. Hansen, A Gallagher, ?? W. Teuilie ami family. Profes?or William I. Baird. Joseph F. Flder and daughter, Dr. C. W. Spalding and lad v. M W Warne, Ceose, F?iward Chase. L R Wilson. Wui. H Harks dale, Win. D W<hk1 and la<^. Win. A MeLure. R J Dowling, Jant'-s llincliclitf. John V. Page, Kev. Dr. Auderson and two ladies. FROM NEWPORT, k V . R B McCracken, M. J. King, J R llallar, all membeis of the city council. VRom CIIILLICOTHE, OHIO M. Armour. Mayor ; M. Scliilders, S. W. F.ley. J Sanford. F. A Adaius. A Bhtckner. A. I'ear s??n. M Lewij. F Gilmore. t? S Baker. W illiam Welch. A P. Miller. I ROM z4XESYII.LK, OHIO. Kev S J I ox; II. Bitll. es.1 . |>r A. Ball. S H Kautt'inau and lady, /anoviile Conner; A R. Cassidy. John llnyics. John H Lane. James 1*. Barton and lady. ITROM 1'Ol.rMBl'S. OHIO T Bas< oiue. Ohio >tate Journal : J tjfei- j ) rr. Columbus ??.iz?tte. W. |unison, , ! President C. A \ R R . R N? vius, tlhio >tate'?- i man. A f \Tlv R v1ion. Arrived at the l';>?e?t iifflrr a general biraking ?jp of the paily ttmk place, for the time being : *ome tarrying at the Patent Offi-e, others m ade 'heir way to the Capitol, and another |?ortiou to j ? he Hmi'.hsoi.ia.i Institution, and the remainder ' employed theiu*elves in circulating aliout town miscellaneously?all hand* t>eing most actively engaged in scring the utmost |H?s*ible of Wash ington and its Lous, prior to the departure of the Excursion lioat to Mount Vernon. As we go to press, the scatteied excursionists | are converging lrom all quarters towards the ste?ml>oat wharf, some of them looking "dead ??eat" with their round of sight-seeing. Inij with ; true western grit, pushing along as if determined to see the p.t'grau.uie carried through to its last j Item. On their return f an Mount Vernon they will He taken to t arusi'.s Saloon, where a handsome j < oil at ion will beserved up by Potent :ni. to which j 'hey will undoulMedly be hungr\ enough l>\ ?hat 1 t ? me to do ample justice. Tnr. HoasRit are having a grand bust of their : own to flay. In the couike of ttie morning, a [ couple of hacks weie considerably bruised by ' their ruitaway horse* ; and not long ago, the Bla densburg stage came smokiug dowu the street behind its runaway team. Four men were knocked down in attempting to stop them, and one. a col ored hackm&n named Charles Baltimore, was so seriously injured upon the head, that it was found necessary to take him to Dyson's drug stoie. where assistance is now being given to him The Pu Nic (for which such preparation has i?*en made,)of Trinity Church. Georgetown, takes : place in the College grounds to-morrow (See advertisement ) De\th of Mb Robert Farnham ?The sad intelligence re&rhed this city yesterday afternoon of llir shocking death of Mill. old an?l fWpeJi'rt citizen. Mr Farnham left Washington yesterday ui??ru? ing, in thc^,', o'clock train. with two daughters and a sou for a summer tour to Long Branch, I.ake George, Burlington, Montreal, and tbe White M ouu'.ain*. and seemed to anticipate the trip with great pleasure. Fii*nds who saw him at the car* remarked that he was in better than his usual spirits. It appears that 011 reaching the sideling at Staunton, a few miles this side of Wilmington, Del., the train was waiting for the express train to pass, and that Mr. Farnham got out and went into the station-house, where lie stood for a slum time converging with some ladies. As the ex press train, however, approached within about one hundred yards of the station-house lie sud denly walked out on the track towards the com ing train, appaiently in deep thought. Rev. Septimus Tustiu ami others observing the danger of his position, shouted to hiui to save himself, and he looked up, but the express train approaching at the rate of forty inil?n an hour, was close iijkiii him. and he received a blow upon the breast from the bumper of the engine which broke several of his ribs, and whirling him around threw him with such violence against the other train as to break his neck The engineer gave the usual warning by sounding the whistle, but it w.?s impossible to stop the train seasonably. Mr. Farnham was near-sighted, and it is sup j posed was not aware of the approach of the ex j press train. The accident happened at 2.^ p. til. ' The threechildren of the deceased, two daughters i of 14 and lt> years of age, and a son of 12, were , left in the greatest distress, and were taken iu charge by Rev Mr. Tustiu. Mr. Jordan Murray, of Wilmington. Delaware, (formerly of this city,) on lieing apprized of the sad affair. took charge of the remains until the arrival of Mr. Blancnard of this city, (connected with Mr. Farnham iu business,) when the bodv having been packed in ice. was placed in charge of a Wilmington undertaker, and returned to this | city, reaching here by the 0 o'clock train this I morning. Mr. Farnham was a man of remarkably me ! thodicnl business habits, and previous to starting i on this trip, had left his papers and business in Cerfect oider. His demise will make a wide lank in the business and other circles in which he has moved. Fatal Accident.?Another of those distie<* ing accident*, resulting from the careless hand ling of fire-arms, took place yesterday, by which an estimable young man was instantly huriicd to another world. About 6 o'clock yesterday evening, Win. Rich ardson, a printer?a nephew of Mr. Win. Carey Jones?went to the room of his friend. Albert Bargie, and in spoit picked up a revolver, knife, I and single-barreled pistol, and flourishing them ' in the air advanced upon Mr. Bargie, reciting some mock heroic verses from one of the poets, lie elevated the revolver in the direction of Mr. B. who attempted to get hold of it, and in so doing the pistol was accidently exploded, the >>;tl 1 tak i nig effect in Richardson's stomach, and in less than half an hour he was a corpse. i These facts were stated before Justice Donn by Mr. A C. Watkins, who was piesent at the time. The most perfect good feeling existed l?etweeu the two youug men. as was proven by the concur rent testimony of Mr. Watkins, Mess is Charles P. Di mi try and P B. Foster. The young men had made arrangement* to lodge at Mr. Fill's, in order that they might be frequently together, and Mr. Ricliaidson had that afternoon left his former residence to occupy a loom at Mr. Fill**. Mr. Bargie appeared toln- greatly disln-sscd by the calamity, and anxiously awaited an examina tion. lie was waited on by .Messrs Ward and Sessford, of the Auxiliary Guaid, and went with i them to the central guard house, where the ex amination wa> held by Justice Donn?W. Lenox. K>q . appearing for Mr. Bargie. The statements of the gentlemeu named. I wo of whom (Messrs .Watkins and Dimitry) were iu the room at the time, proved that the death was the result of ac cident ; mid the Justice released Mr. Hargie on iiis own leeogni/ance toap|?ear at any future c.\ amination. :foi?e should In- deemed necessary, i Ckvire M \ i. k k f ?This morning t tit stipj.h was quite sufficient for the demand. e?|ieciulU in ! the vegetable department The prices we,.- u erally as oil Saturday. Beef. |>er lb I2al-V Roll butter 2n,i2"? Pork rial.'*! Phil'a print H7 Mutton 12a 1* Honey, per lb.... i'S Lamb. prqr T.jaf.UU Cyiul nigs, per do/. In Sausage. pr It l",'^ l,ettuce.' pr head.. 2*1 I.K'il It> I'.gg plants lt?a!~ Veal I2al.'>. Onion?, bunch.. 2 Beef tongue* <oaSL Tomatoes. j?k .... :,| Calves head~,ea? h &> Snap Braus, pk .. 12 Bacon laalti Lemons, per doz . I2a2.5 Shoulders 12a11 Cabbage, pr head. :ia Hreast pieces.... Haiti Radishes, bunch 2?l Dried beef 17alw > Green peas, pr pk . 211 t*h'i< keus. pr pair. ."jOaTj. Green corn. p. ijoz 23*'L Turtles, each 12a"*! 25 tiooseberiles in Corned salmon... l.? Currants Ill Herring, pertloz*. 20a3l! Mulberries 1 Terrapins, each : Hlackt?errie?; Irish potatoes, pk 2>| Raspberries It? Com. pr bush.... flOa"?l i Whoitlelj^nies... in Corn, ear, pr bush. rtb!j Apples, pk 25a*.a Beans, pr onsh ... 92 Psm: Apples,each 12a l* Rye, pr bush ?1 Beets, per buueli. '?! Oats t?5a7ti Turnips, per b'ch. "J Meal Uja^i Cueiiiiibet*. doz.. 12al~ Shorts Sti'Rock fi-h. pr b'ch ">n Siiipstutfs Iflatti Perch, per hum h. 2-"?a:i7 F.'/gs, per doz.... JIWW Clams, |ier IMi ... .yi Poor Mart ?Those who read the romantic account published in this paper some weeks since of the lieautifui but unfortunate Irish lady, who. as the story went, followed a gentleman from Washington to his plantation in Louisiana, under the mistaken impression that he was unmarried, will be interested in the subjoined repo:t of her coralition It is written rnn nmore. " Mary.?Wc know our readers would like to keep up with the destiny of Mary, the lover of Peyton, we shall therefore keep them posted as far as decency and prudence will permit. We may state, then, for the present, that Peyton left houn a few days ago. to Ik; absent no one know how long. The scene of parting is said to have been somewhat affecting. Mary -took on' at a considerable rate; i:o wife, on the occasion of a last parting with her real husband, could have displayed signs of more sorrow During Peyton's absence she remains on his premises, iu a cabin to heiself?no other grown white person on the place, except the overseer, with whom, by the way. she is now on speaking terms. Poor Mary! ?he is said to lie in a most desponding condition, as she is certainly in a nio-t lovely one."?!'#/? tiof (I.a ) lit raid, A Great Kx(ursi*n.?We may. we suppose, without exaggeration, speak of the Central Lodge Excursion to the White House, vote da , ??* the laigest that ever left this city. The ??Washington"' made two tiips. crowded eacti time What is best of all to lie said the most perfect order was maintained, as indeed is apt to >>e thecase on Odd Fellows' excursions, and en tertainments. With so large a party, bent on cheerful enjoyment, there Was itecc>sarilv a vari ety of ente. t tinineuts kept up throughout the day to suit all tastes, and it may l>e truly said that not a moment, fiom morning till midnight, was suffered to pa?s without affording its quota of pleasure. ^ Among the company, we noticed a delegation of ladies and gentlemeu fiom Montgomery coun ty, Md. Kxcursion refreshments are not always first class, and therefore the dinner and supper given given on this occasion, are deserving of special meutiou as really excellent of their kind We presume the success of this (hid Fellows' excursion will occasion everybody to keep a sharp lcok-out for the one announced by the Columbia I?odge fo:the tth of \ugust next The River?Several wood and luiuW. cra.t j went up the Washington channel yesta day, to! the mouth of the i anal The lumlter trade seems jo lie on the increase among our merchants; there has never tieen a season heretofore when the aggregate lumber tiade was as heavy in ou? city as this season. There are no arrivals at the \* harves since yes terday. The 44 Collver" took a large party of ladies and gentlemen to Mount Vernon. The numlter of visitors to this interesting locality is constantly on the increase. The shin Zephyr, which has txen the talk among our river fiiends for several days past, has done just what we surmised ill out article of yes terday j she went ashore at Kitte Bottom Shoals, where she remains fast. This morning the Guy started from Alexandria with two small schoon ers in tow. to go down for the purpose of lighten ing her up. Her crew, which belong to Boston, came up the river yesterday tn ronh for home The ship is now iu c harge r?f her captain and pilot. The cause of her going ashoreis attributed to the ignorance or carelessness of her pilot, who belong* to Baltimore, and was engaged at Nor folk to pilot her up to Alexandria It is estimated that the ccst of getting her oil will lie from *1,2<?> o9l.u00 W asm I *g TOM a 31 Killkd ?We learn f oiii the Chicago Times, that on Saturday, the I It h inst , William Murray, a journeyman carpenter, em ployed on the new theatre iu that city, was terri bly injured by a fall of a large beam, from which he died on Suuday iiight. lie was from this city, and had been at Chicago less than a month. He was twenty-eight years of age. The Cajiine War was commenced last night by an onslaught upon dogs in the Second Ward, which resulted in the death of a great number of cur*. Whether the attack was made by the po lice officers, or by citizen* who desired to be rid of an annoyance we know not It Is certain the work was begun Mskttnu or Till Citt ComciL* ?Boord oj A'ft'THi'n?At the hour of four yesterday after iiooii, the usual time of meetiug, but three niein )>crs were present?Messrs. Bayly, Douobo. and Emery, |)i? temaiuder being off to Baltimore oil the western visiting splurge An adjournment was accordingly made to the mate hour thin aftornoon. when another adjouin aicnt will doubtless be made until to-morrow. Common Council?Yesterday, at 4 o'clock p. ni , the President, Charles Abert, Esq., called the Board to oider. There being 110 quorum present. the Chair announced that the only busi ness he could recognize would be a motion to adjourn. Ou motion of Mr Fisher, the Board adjourned until to-dav at 1 o'clock. Titf Grand Jury Retokt ?This is what the Alexandria Gazette says: '? The repo:t of the Washington Grand Jury (see another column.) iri relation to the election riot, iu the National .Metroiiilis. seems to be a dispassionate and is doubtless a correct account of theattair. Cannot .some of the Baltimore " Plug Allies" tie identified and brought to trial, along with their allies in Washington ? There were. ; it appears not a great many of them, but. sufficient i to lead on and assist in bringing about d isorder. j riot, and bloodshed " Fxcitemkm is thr Market.?This morula?, I some little excitement was created in the west end ! of the Centre Market between police officer Wat. j sou and Mr W. I) Bell, a butcher. Mr. Watson j served a United states warrant on Mr. Bell, who j refused to answer, and the officer seized him to 1 force itim to no before a magistrate. Bell resisted. ' and Watson struck him with a cane. Bell was , held to security for peace by Justice Donn. Several eases are likely to grow out of this. Sale of the Stalls ? On Thursday, the HOth inst , the sale of stalls in the new market bouse j just erected In the south of the old Centre Mar ket, will take place. The usual notice was given thismorning, and ''persons from the country and ; dealers in produce" are particularly invited to be . present it is presumed that after' the stalls are | rented the Avenue will be kept open on market ' days. as no stands will be allowed there To-morrow, be it remem'?ered, the National Guards take their great excursion to Blakistone's Island, starting at 7 a. m. and reaching their des tination about noon By the advertised pro gramme it will lie seen that ample provision has 1>een made for enjoyment, and the Guards are | ju-t the Im>\* to carry through handsomely what they undertake. The Eagerly Anticipated P:c Nic of the Lutheran Sabbath School takes place at Arling ton to-morrow. 4i Mercury *' In speaking of it last Thursday in the pa<t tense as a very pleasant affair, was fiaif right. It irill be a very pleasant affair. Ocr Excellent, good-looking, and particu larly well-behaved friends of the popular Good | Will Club, give their excursion to the White House ou Thursday next. Those who wish to have an especial good time, and no mistake, will l?e on haun Real Estate.?Yesterday, A. Green, auction eer, sold one of the large brick dwellings in Franklin Row on K street for *5.0(10. Purchaser, riaui'l Fowler. Watch Rktcrn* ?C. Conner, drnnk anil dis ord ily; line ai'd costs, Elizabeth Her bert, colored, drunk atid disordeily; fine and ro?.t. *=!!?> Mary Butler, disotd^rly; $?>?>. Eliza lieth Lee, colored, dmuk and disorderly; ?<i,disorderly; do. Patrick Radv. do: S'.'.lii I'has !,?>. rnlorcd, ilo ; sti Feu dal I tiray. do ; M/Jv Sarah .lane Norton, drnnk and disordeily: *| ?>' Henry Charles Dunn, lar ceny; jaii for fuithci hearing David Rawlings. do ; jail for court. Tin; Ni w Metropolitan C<?xi i ri Saloon, next door to the Star Building*. is night !> crowded with delighted auditor*. We notice that excellent ? >ritei ai:d cleanliness prevails. Tlie audience* are composed ol respectable citizen-. who manifest tlieir approval ol tlie enterprise i>? iheir presence ins tit 1 >. Dick Watkin*. ilia Coiinc Suigar, isa great lavoi ite,as is also, Miss I'islier, ihe Hansen.*. G<hk1 singing. good lancy and iig dancing is gi veil every night. Humphrey A .leuneniau's hest l.a^er B*-er, Wine*. Segais. etc. If M \i>\mk .Moot lias prepared by special request, a Salve lor tlie cure o| t'aneers, w inch nev er was known to fail. Also, a Cordial for Dysentery, Diar rhea, and Summer Complaint, which acts a* a per fect. charm to arrest all id these diseases. Also, a Salve for the Piles,<an extract Irom a sov ereign remedy. 4<ive tlieiua trial. I.ike her Con sumption Destroyer, they may lie relied on. She offers no article hut what has been t?*ted. To lie had at No. XM G street, lietween 11th and l?!th. Also at Nairti A. Palmer's Drug Store, corner 9th street and Penn. avenue, D. S. Dyson's Drug Store.corner of Penn. a vemiv and 12th street, and J. P. Mnhurn's Drug Store. Willards' iloiei. References can l>e made to Rev. John Rohh, Rev. Mr. Register, Rev. James Hanson, and Rev. Mr. j Maaahan. The Consuuiption Destroyer also can lie found in Alexandria, at Mr. t-astleuian's Store, on Kmc street, my sole agent for that place. Iu tieorgetowu at Mr. T. A. Newman's, on Bridge street. je 17 DIED, <?n tli? Jt'th instant. JOHN R. Mol.LOD. ased .7 i ears. Hi* lutierni will take p ace on Wednesday mnrn nig. at 1" o'clock. from the house of Mr. .1. Kirk wood. corner ol F and l?lh streets, to winch his fi tend* arid acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend. * On the 2<ifh mstant. at S1* o'clock p. in., alter a !on? and pamlul illness. ELIZA, relict of the late Richard M. Ileall. The friends and acquaintances of the family arc invited toattend her funeral from her late residence. No. 4W D. I>etween 2d and 3d streets, on Wednes day. at 4 o'clock p. in. * On tlie Wd instant, alter a short, hut pauilul ill ness. JOSF.PllINK K., only daughter of Thomas and Josephine Stone, aged a months and 14 clays. jyTKW JF.WF.I.RV AND WATCHES. II. O. HOOD has just returned from the North, 1 and has brought on a fine lot of Fashionable Cameo, Coral, Mosaic. lirilliants, and Plain GOLD J1". W KLR V. Also, a sood assortmei.K of line tiOLD and SiiLVKR WATCHES. some very superior time keepers for ladies and gentlemen* use. He has also on hand a great variety of STAND ARD SILVERWARE of his own make, warran ted t he best quality and will t?e sold verv low. Please call and examine goods and prices at No. 338 Penn. A v., sign of the Large Spread Eagle. j? ln PROGR ESS IN THF FINK ARTS. ' ~ P\IXTING AND PlIOTOGRArilV COMBINKD. PHOTO f. R A P n l C PORTRAIT S, In Oil Colors, on Cams*. Mixt\Tt'itl or Size of l.irr S. WA l.KKR'S PORTRAIT AS n P1C TV R E (?' A L I. F. R Y, Odeon llall,oorner4'? st.aml Pennijlvaniaaveiiue. S. WALKF.R has fitted up the alsive spacious apartments at a verv great outlay ol capital, thereby rendering his establishment one of the most com plete and handsome iu the whole country. He has a large liallcry fi?r fr?t exhibition of upward of tine Oil Paintings, by some <d' the best ancient and iiKNlern masters, to which he intends to add fresh importations. S. W alkkr lias also fitted up a com plete suit of rooms, with private robing apartments jor ladies, and purchased the finest possible instru ments, and engaged a first class operative artist to assist him in the department for taking all kinds of PHOTOGRAPHIC, AMBROTYPK AND DA ?iI KRRi;OTYPK PORTRAITS, from the >ii> n i"t ttr' to size of I if'. S. Walker, by combining the Photographic Pro cess with the art of Painting, of which lie has had lb years' experience, and whose specimens of life size portraits may lie seen in some of the lirst faim lies of the city, as well as thw*e exhibited in his liallery, lie will !>e able, by the combination of tlie two, to produce portraits that have never becii ex celled for their fidelity and life like expression. Can vas ami boards prepsied l y himself exprestly for the purpose. . Particular attention paid to the painting of Por- j traits. Miniature oi life-size, from small pictures of >/' rt a <? ft.fri'tuii. I'hotograplis taken from corpses, or sick persons taken at their own residences, on immediate no tice* l oinmittens and classes taken iu any number in groups, and any quanfiU of copies from the same sold at reasonable charges. Likenesses painted on Copper for Tomb Stones. Valuable Oil Paintings, and Old Family Portraits, ??arelully I nick lined and restored to tileir original freshness. I<adies and gentlemen are respectfully solicited to call at the Gallery, over Shillmgtou's book store? entrance4S street, two doors from Pennsylvania avenue. jy II -bin WF. HAVK JUST RF.CF.1VFD THK FOh io wing Goods which we are prepared to sell at a small advance of cost for cash : A very large variety of Turner Bros, celebrated Liquors,viz: Turner's Ginger Wine, an excellent remedy for Dispepsta Blackl>crry Brandy, a certain cure for Diarrhea and Dysentery Claret. Madeira, Sherry, and Sweet Malaga Wines, all of superior quality Raspberry, Strawberry, Ginger, and Cherry Bran dies, all of fine flavors, prepared from the pure juice of Hie fruit Rose, Cinnamon, Annis.and Pepperment Cordials Curacoa, Absinthe, Fssenee of Pepperment Fxtnict of Sarsaparilla, Stoughton Bitters Forest Wine Bitters. We liave also on hand, a supply of Dr. Wheeler's Celebrated Sherry Wine Bitieis. a spienrtid article. In addition to the above, we have at all tunes a large supply of the following uamed stock of Malt l.iqaors, lietng the only Liquorsof the kind iu the District,and which cannot fail in giving satisfaction to all who use theui: Philadelphia X \ , Burton and XXX Pale Ale,Philadelphia Brown Stout,XX Por ter, anu a fine article of Lager Beer. As usual,a supply of Mineral Water, Cider, Ac., on hand. ARNV&SHlNN, je 8 57 Green <treef. Georgetown. JLS'F rkckivkd 15 hhds. prime P. R. Sugar. 25 bbls. Crushed, Powdered, and Clarified Sugar. For sale by Jy 18-3t BAR BOFR A SF.MMKS. THK* LARGKST STOCK OF PIAN08 IN the city always on hand, at No.-Uti Penn. ave nue, between *th and l?th streets, )yl4 JOHN, F. ELLIS, AUCTION hami C ^ ALL A. BAR N ARD, Auctioneers. y TIII'bvsn\v\n, is'?C,V AUCTION.-On J Till RSD.U AI fERNOON, July Zk at ? ? *e will sell, <>u account of whom it msy concern, in front of our Auction Rooms 1 excellent square Family Cam*** n^ly new 2 new Buggies. med with enamelled leather and trimmed in l>est manner. Terms: One-third cash; hala/ice in thirty and sixty days. . * jr 21-ts WALL A BARNARD. Aucts. * By BONTZ A COOMBS, Auctioneers. RN1TURE a>D HOl'SKHOLD EFFECTS .AT Al7T,0>tSV' R^day morning, me23d inst.. we Khali sell, on 9th street. near Penn. avenue, at the Furniture Store No. >M. a general assortment of Household Furniture, via; Mahogany SiIhs. Ho Spring S**t Chairs Mahogany ami Walnut Dressing Bureaus Mahogany \\ ash?t*ud> Cane and \V?kk1 (."hairs \\ anlrol?es. Cotton and Shuck Mattres??s Tables, Looking-Glassea, Knives and Forks. Ao. '"ft her with a large lot of Crockery and bias* ware. Terms: All sum* under -%25. cash; over that amount, a credit of 30 ami fo days, for notes satis factorily endorsed. . BONTZ A COOMBS. (Intel) Auctioneers. R' WALL A BARNAR D. Auctioneers. VALFA RLL RITLDING LOT AT AFCTION * On FRIDAY AFTERNOON, the 24tli inst.. we shall sell, on the premises, at 6H o'clock, a desi rable Building Lot, l>eing part of Lot 4. in Square SCJi 3ti feet tront on I street, north, between 4th and >th streets, and running liack 142 feet 7 inches to a 3?i feet alley. Persons desirous of purchasing a valuable Build ing Lot. 111 a rapidly improving part of the city, are invited to this sale.

Terms: One-fourth cash; halance in 9.1R. 24. ami Si months,with notes bearing interest. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. Title indisputable. j> 21-ta WALLA BARNARD. Aucts. By JAMES C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. VERY VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPER TY AT THE CORXfcR OF NoRTH G AND 22NI strskts WKST.-On TUESDAY AFTERNOON. Ju.y attli, at o clock, on the premises. I shall sell Lot No. 1, in square No. 56. fronting 53 feet 2* inch es on North G street, at the corner of 22d street, running Imck K2 feet on 22d street, with the improve ments, consisting of a two story frame dwelling house, with brick hack building, stables, Ac. The grounds are beautifully laid out with choice fruit '?"^"jtare flowers, shrubbery, Ac., forming a very delightful private residence. Terms very I literal, and made known at sale. JV. 21 ? J AS. C. McGFIRE, Auctioneer. By JAMES C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. SMALL AND DESIRABLL MARKET FA RM fr. ^EA.THEdTV. AT PUBLIC SALK.-On THURS DAY , July 23d. at 2 o clock. 011 the premises, 1 shall sel! a small and desirable Farm 0111lie Marlliorough road, distant about three miles from this citv. It contains St acres of good land, part in wood and part cleared, and under an excellent crop of vegetables. I he improvements consist of a small dwelling house, a variety of young fruit trees, and an abund ance of water on the place. It also possesses soiue beautiful building sites which overlook the city. Persons desirous of examining the farm can lie di rected by inquiring of Mr. Brown, at the Anaoostii Bridge. Terms : One-half cash, the residue in one and two j cars with interest secured by a deed of trust on the premises. .IAS. C. McGUIRE, jv 21?2t Auctioneer. TBv A. GREEN. Auctioneer. RI ST EES SALE OF VALUABLE REAL Estatk.?By virtue of a decree of the Orphans' Court of the District of Columbia approved hv the Circuit Court of said District, sitting in Chancery. I will on WEDNESDAY, the ?thK>f August, 6 o'clock p. m? in front of the premises, proceed to sell Lots o| Ground numbered seventeen 1171 and eighteen (IS) in Square numbered live hundred and three ? yiG) situate in the City of Washington. The above-described property is located on Sixth street west, between N and O streets south, and within a few \ards of the new {fit h street) steamboat wharf. Terms of sale: One-third, cash: and the residue 111 two equal payments, at fi and 12 mouths, with in terest, the deferred payments to l>e secured by the notes of the purchaser or purchasers, satisfactorily endorsed. I pon the full payment of the purchase money and interest, and the tat ilicationof the sale by the Court, the trustee will convey snid !o?s of ground t<> ihe purchaser or purchasers thereof,at ins or their |the pnri liaser| costsaud expense. If the terms are not complied with witliin five da> s from the day of sale, the trustee reserves the rignt to resell said lots or cither <>r any portion of them, upon len day s' previous notice,at the ri*k ard costs of the defaulting purchaser. R II. I.ASKF.Y.Trustee iv ?t ?'<>& i|s- A. itREEN, Auctioneer. Hv WALLA BAR NAR l?. Auctioneers. | ARCF. SALE OF WORSES. COWS, WAG I i o\-. IIav, Farming Utvnsh-. Fl*rmti"Rk, Ac., at PrBf.ic Auction.?On WEDNESDAY, I he ^'th instant, at 1?? o'clock a. m.,at the farm of the late Andrew Hoover, Esq.. deceased, in Alexandria county, Va., near the Aquduct. we will sell the en tire personal estate thereon. We name 111 par*? I pwards o| lio tons p>mie'tew Hay Five Farm Wagons. Carts. Drays Three good work Horses, tluee prune Colts, tw-> M ules < '01 n and Cob Crusher, Corn Sliel'er,Cutting Boxes Ploughs. Harrows Cultivators, Hows, Spades. Ac. Ten Milch Cows, one Bui!, one Heifer Pimi'try. Corn Ice in the ice house. Harness, with a!! sneli tinple iueiit? Vehicles and MmiIn found on a hr*t rate (arm not herein mentioned. AL?o? T'ie entire Household Furniture, suehas Mahogany a'id Marble-top. Centre, Side, and Dunns Tallies Sof,a?. Lounge*. Parlor and other Chair* Sidel?oard. Refrigerator. Safe Parlor, Hall, and Chamber Carpets Matting. Curtain*. Mats and R >ig? M ahoianv Dressing and other Bureau W aidiol?es, Bedsteads, Wa?hstands Feather Beds Mattresses. Bedding I.ooking-Glassps, Toilet Sets Crockery and Glassware. Knives and Fork*. Wri ters Cooking and other Stoves, Kitchen Ware, Ac. ? At t welve o'clock lit., w? will seil a servant woman, with her five children, ulaves for life. They will he sold as a family,without separation. Terms, 'except (or the slaves, who will lie sold for cash:) All sums of and under cash: over that amount a credit of 60 and 911 days, for notes satisfac torily endorsed, and Isviruig interest. _iy 21-d WALL & BARNARD. Aucts. By J. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. 'ALFABLE LOT ON I4TH STREET, NEAR thk ('anal Bridge.?Oii THURSDAY AF TERNOON. July 23d, at 6J-* o'clock, on the premi ses, I shall sell Lot No. 4,ui square No.2.%),fronting t? feet 2,S inches on 14th street west, !>etween Canal and north C street, running hack 12t) fe<?t in inches. Terms: One-third cash: the residue in tiandlC months, for satisfactorily secured notes, bearing in terest. jy 2" J. C. McGFIRE, Auct. V r U R NIT F R E V A R NIS H1N G A N D R E P AIR I1 INtf. T!ie undersigned, having competent hands m Ins employ, and every facility for conducting the 1 lint ' * L~ " P Kl riie nnnersigne<i, Having eoinpeieni nanus m ms mpioy, and every facility for conducting theje% iiisiuess, is prepared t?? undertake the RE-Vil ?AIRING and VARNISHING OF ALL>^| ilNDS OF CABINET FFR NITFRK.and /Tl guaranties it to Iw welLslone in every respect, 1 cit her at the residences of persons having such work or at his warerooins. He lias ample space at his warcrooms for tiie stor age of furniture tor any reasonable length ol time, and at moderate rai?-s. A genera! assortment of Furniture always on hand, w Inch wili be so!<| on the most accommodating terms. ROBERT ISRAEL, 4919th st..alsi\e Pa. a v., and one door from D si. j 18 2w I V> THE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. I have this day received from the manufactory, a lew more of the very celebrated ARCTIC RK-| ) FR1GER ATORS, the only arti I cle that can now be called A Refri gerator, ail others tieing nothing more than hot Uixes that must l>e kept in cellars or some other dark place to keep them cool; not so with the Arctic. 1 can give references to all that wishes them ol their superiority over all others. Also,?I have in store, and daily receiving, the ^ largest and handsomest as sortmeut of CI1ILDRENS' CARRIAGES that can l>e found in Ihe District of Columbia. Also, all kinds of HOI SEKEEPING ARTI CLES at my store. No. 313. between mthaud llth s'reels, Penn. avenue. Balcony 111 front full of theabove Goods. C. WOODWARD. N. B. I have a few oft he |)k. K A N E REFRIGE RATORS left mi hand, which I will sell, to close out t>elow cost,as I am sure that this season will be tneir last appearance m this or any other market.^ jy |u-eoKt ^V OR C A P E M A Y . Washington Branch RR.-Puii.ADBLnuA.WiL mingtonasd Baltimore Railroad. I'assengws for this celebrate*! SUMMER RE SORT are lulorined, that adaily line will l?e run (except Sundav ) leaving Washington at 6 a. 111., and connecting at New Castle with the splendid steam er Gknkral McDonald on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, and 011 all alternate days with the elegant and swift New York steamers running be tween Philadelphia aud New York via Newcastle. Tickets including carriage hireonth* Island. Children (tinder 12years)and Servants #4.5i'. TIL H. PARSONS, jy 17-tw (IntelAStates) Agent. WASHINGTON AND ALEXANDRIA. AND MOUNT VERNON. Changr of IIorRs.?The Steamers GEORGE WASHINGTON or THOMAS COLL YER will depart at the follow ing hours, on and after 20th July iu?t.:? Leave Alexandria, ai 8,9>4, and 11 a- in., 12>?, 4>?, and 63| p. in. Leave Washington, at 8?<, 10*4,and IP* a. in., S'i, 5>?, and 7 p. m. The putilic may confidently rely on the Boat start ing at the time advertised. One of the Ifciats will make a trip to MOUNT VERNON on Toksday ami Friday of each week, leaving Washington at 9o'olock a. m, JOB CORSON. i r.-t-i-. SAMFEL BARER. < LapttiM. Either B?>at may be oliartered for Excursions at any time, ou application to JOSEPH BRYAN, President of the Company, at hia office, SI) Penn. avenue, or to the Captains on board. jy n-1 f NOTICE?NOTICE.?1 have a few of those oheas TOILET SETS on hand, which 1 wish^MBO to close out, and will >etl at oost. Also,#k^^ GOB LETS and other G LASS W A R E, thatCV must be sold preparatory to a change in ny business. All that want to buy cheap, please mlTT at No. 91?. between 9th and 10th streets, Penn. avenue, feb 17?6m JOHN McDEVITT. PARASOLS?PARASOLS?PARASOLS! Selling ol!'at 3l> per cent, less than oost, at flB F. A. MoGEE'S. 244 Pa. av., ' between ifch and i?h AUCTIOJ SALIS, Bt I. C. McbFIRE, Auctioneer. Peremptory sale of valuable HriLW.vrt Id'T".?On \\ KUN'ESDAV AK TERNOON, Jul* i2d, at 6 o'clock, at the Auc'inn Room#. I shall sell? Lot No. 2". in Square Ofi Do IS. do 44 p.. 3*4, do Do 15. do '.<*4 |>o S. do l,?7b Terms: tl?e third cash; the ret.due in ft and 12 months. with interest, secured by deed ol trust ns the premises. All conveyancing at the cost of the '"in"' I.C.IWCTML A?cr H\ WALL A BARNARD. Auctioneer*. Peremptory sai.eof frame house and i.ot at Aiurto*.?On WKPNKM'A^ . the23d instant. weshal sell, on the premises, at SS o'clock p. in.. pait of |,ot No. IS, in square No. 4M, fronting on New York avenue, between 6th and *th street?, with the improvement*. consisting of a thr?e-story Frame House, containing six rooms and hack building. The attention of speculators is called to the al?ove, as the sale is moot positive. Tit'e indisputable. Terms cash. IT 2? W.M.I. A BARN A R D. A uct. P By J AS. C. MeGUIRE. Auct.o.,eer. OS1TIVE SALE OF HIGHLY VALUABLE _ BrtLDiso Lots at the corner or north I. STRKKT JNT> tlTH 'TRKKT WE?T.-Oll F R I D V V AITERNOON, July 24th at * o'clock, on u!Vprem ises, I shall sell eight very desirable Building l.ots. being Hon.C.Cuslune s subdivision of original Lots 2,3. and 4. in Square No. 341. as follows: Four lot* having a front of 25 feet each on north L street, at the corner of 11th street west, and running ><iok 124 feet each to a 16 feet alley .and containing 3jnn square reeteach. Also, four lots fronting 21 feet 6 inches on lltli street west, between I. and M mng luck % feet to an alley, and containing 2,<?t square feet each. . T,h?seare probably the most eligible and t*cautiful Iwildmg locations lor sale in that desirable part ol the city. The L street lots front on a beautiful re servation formed by the intersection of Massachu setts avenue, and have been improved t-y handsome shade trees. A plat of the subdivision will be exhibited at the sale. Terms : One-fourth cash; the residue in 6.12. and 18 months, with interest, secured by deed of trust on the premises. JT gj J AS. C. McGllRF,. Auct. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. VEGETABLE STANDS IN THE NEW Market-Hoi-sk at Acctios.?On THI RS L{A\ . the 3>?th instant. I shall sell, commencing at 12 o olock m., all the Stands in the new Market-house, i" the city o| Washington, erected south of the old Centre Market. Persons from the country and dealers in produce are respectfully invited to the sale. Terms cash. Br order of the Mayor. A. GREEN, jy '*'d Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUiRE Auctioneer. Bill.DING LOTS NEAR THE ARSENAL r^\?.?TFAJl.B0A'OVHAEF AT Auction.?On >> F.DNLSPAN AFTERNOON. July 23d, at 6*. 0 clock,at the Auction Rooms, 1 shall sell Lots Nos. 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 5fl, ami 59, in square No. 508, fro.iting each 25 feet on south M street. I?etween 45, and 6th streets west, running back 133 leet to a 20 feet alley. These Lots are situated in the immediate vicinitv ot the new Arsenal improvements and Mattingly's new Steamboat Wharf,and in a very rapidly improv ing part ol the city. Also, at the same time. Lot S. in square 499, on K street south, between i'i and 6th streets west. Also. Lot No. 19, in square No.724, fronting 50 feet on north pstreet, between 1st ami 2d streets east, running hawk 168 feet inches to a?> feet alley. Terms litieral aud made known at sale. Jy l? d J.C. McGFIRE. Auct. By JAMES C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. Highly valuable improved prop erty on Seventh street at Plrlic Alt - tion.-Oii MONDAY AFTERNOON. July 27th. at K o clock, on the premises, I shall sell, wifh the consent o| all parties interested, parts of Lots Nos. 7 and 8, in Square No. 454. fronting 21 feet on 7th street, near G street, running luck 1<2 feet to am si lev running out to G street, with the improve ment. constating of a two storv and attic Brick Pweliing-hoiise. containing nine rooms, with two j;o?m1 cellar* aud kitchcu. This property i? situated m a cock! business part 01 thecit). nearly opposite the Pateut Office, and als>ut equidistant between the two m*ik?ts. Terms: One fourth cash : the residue in 6,12. IS. and 24 months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. jy m-eo&ua JAS. C. McGI IRE. Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. HA N P"NOM E Kill. PING LOTS ON 3n -TRKK1 WEST. BET WEI: \ -OITB M AMt.N -1-. On Till RSPAV, tli?? '- Hi instant, I shall sell mi front *?f Ihe premises, at 6 o'clock p. m..elevei. hand some building Lot* hi square 5**>. having a front each cu Od street ofthirtv feet. riiuniug through ! lie so; is re at an average depth of 14" leet.and fronting ou l)e!s ware avenue, lietweca south M ai??r\ streets. Also. I.ot No. Ih. in Jones' subdivision of square ?45, hav 'us a front of 25 feet on 3d *!reet. U-lween south M and N streets: having a wide ?>ide a'lej .aud running '?a/'k l,!7 fe?>r ten inches toanailey in the rear. Terms: One-third cash; Iwlance in six, twelve, and eighteen months, (or note* lieatiug interest from the dav of sale. A deed given aud a deed of trii*' Taken. Al! conveyance at the cost of the purchaser. iv 17-d ^ A. G R EEN, Auctioneer. It* E.S. WRIGHT; Georgetown. ON FRIDAY.THE 24TII DAY OF JI'LY.on the jtremi.-es, at 5oVlock p. m., I mill sel! to i!i?? highest bidder, that verv desirable Pwel hug and Business Stand situated ou High street, one door north of Prospect street. Georgetown. P. 4'.. I<emg * lie saine property for man* *ear? occupied by James ilieka. This I.ot Ironts 22 f??er on High street.runmne liaek l?i f.-et ton I en feet alley: attached. and Ironting on Prospect street, is a lot 44 leet front. riini.inzhack leet and ?'Hiding on the west a 10 feet a:te\. The irn movements consist ofaMilmtHntial and coituiHMliotis pwellmg lluiifce and Store Room, fronting on High street the w idth of tlie lot.and conceded to be one of the liest business stand* on the street. Fronting on Prosp??ct street 2t"> feet, is a substantia! and well built 3-story Pwellmg. s'ate roof. Tlie attention of peisons wishing to make a good investment is called t<i this property, as it will l?e 8t?ld without refers e. The propert\ is no?-niKler an annual rent of $&'. Terms very ea>j and made known at the sale. I will aiso offer at the same time, t he adjoining I .ot fronting ou Pio~pect street, and miming twick ?'?I't.. lying west of and binding on the same alley. By order the Trustee. _jy 15 dis E.S. WRpiHT. Auct. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. rpRFSTEfc'S SALE <?F IMPROVED PROP I EKT\ ON the 1*1.\\n *T AfCTIOX.?fill WI^D N ESP A V, the 12th day of A ugust. 1857. I *ha!l sed at auction, in front of the premises, at hall-past six o'clock n. in., by virtue ol a dea^of trust from Ed win E. True to the sul*scril>er, taring date the 12th da> of July. 1*55, and recorded in l.iher J. A.S.,No. US', folios to 223, one of the land records lor the County of Washington in the Pistrict of Columbia, the following named property lying and !>eiug in tli?* city of Washington, Pistrict aforesaid, to wit: Lot numbered fourteen. (14) hi Square numbered liv e hundred and eighty-four,<5?4 > together with the improvements thereon. This property is at the cor ner of 2d street west aud E street south. Terms cash. All conveyance at cost of purchaser. If the tirrms are not complied with in live days the property will he resold at tlie risk and expense of the delinquent, bj advertising such resale 3 times in the Star. M. THOMPSON, Trustee, jy IS-eodAds A. G H EEN . A uct longer. By J.C. McGFIRK. Auctioneer. 'fRFSTEE'S SALE OF THREE FRAME I llofsKS aso Lot* on the Island, ou G street south lietween 7th and 8th streets west. By virtue ol two deeds of trust duly executed ami recorded, the subscrilier will sell on MONDAY,the loth day of August, IH.37, at 6 o'clock p. iu.. on the preims'-s, parts of Lots Nos. 2,3, ami i, in Square No.4/7, the whole fronting SO f?et 4 inches on G street south, l?etweeii 7th and 8th streets west by feet 2 inches deep, with the improvements, which consist of three well and substantially built two story Frame Dwelliug-housps. The alsivo property is cligiMy situateil and rapidly eiilianciug in value. The several houses with the ground appertaining to each will be sold separately, aud offer ?? rare opportunity to persons desiring a re-idence, or to invest. Terms: One-third, cash : and the balance in six and twelve months for notes !?earing interest secured upon the property; and if not complied with in six day s after the sale the trustee reserves the right to resell at the risk and expense of the purchaser, upon one week's notice. CI1AS. S. W A LL ACIL Trustee, ^jy 18 3tawAds J. C. McGI'l R E. Auct. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. I1 R EST EE'S SA LE OF IMPROVED PROP ERTV ON THE Isl.ANH AT AUCTION. On FRIDAY, the 21st day of August, IR57. I shall sell, in front of the premises, at 7 o'clock p. ni., at public auction, by virtue of a deed of trust from William S. Fort to the sul?scril>er, I-earn is dat* the 16th day of August, 1K.35, and recorded irt Lil?er J. A. S , No. l<?4, folios 113 to 117, one of the land records lor the County of Washington in the District of Columbia, the following named property lying and liemg in the city of Washington. District aforesaid, to wit: Lot nninl?ered sixteen < 16> m Square numl>cred five hundred and eighty four, together withthennprove meiits tliereou. This property fronts 3>?f?et 2 lu etics ou Virginia avenue, !>eiween 1st and 2d streets west,running back toanaverage depth of alsjut ?7 leet. Terms: One-third cash; the lalance in six and twelvemonths, the purchaser to give note* for tlie deferred payments, bearing interest froin the dav of ?ale. , , A deed given and a deed of trust taken. All con veyance at the cost of the purchaser. Should the terms not he oomphed with in five days the property will l>e resold at the risk and cost oftne first purchaser, by advertising such resale 3 times in the Star. M. THOMPSON, Trustee. jy 18 2awAds A. GREEN. Auct. Bjr A.GREEN, Auctioneer. TRFS TEE'S SALE OF VALT ABLE IM provkd Property on the Island.?By virtue of a deed of trust bearing date on the 13th day of December. 1856. and recorded in Lil?er J, A. S.. No. 125, folio 159 et seq. among the Land Reoords ol Washington countv. in the Pistrict of Columbia, the undersigned trustee will sell at public auction to tlie highest bidder oil THURSDAY . the 13th day of August, 18-57, at 6 o'clock p. in., on the premises, a certain Lot of Ground, in the City of Washington, known as Lot No. 1H in Square No. 2K7. which lot is now divided in two parts, ami improved t>y two frame dwellings. Terms, cash. Unless the terms areooniplied with in five days from the sale, the trustee reserves the right to resell at the risk and cost of the defaulting pureuaser or purchasers. All conveyances at the cost of the pureliaser or purchasers. RICHARD H. CLARKE, Trustee. A. GREEN, Auctioneer, jy 1S-law4w&ds NOTICE 19 HEREBY GIVEN, THAT AF ter six weeks publication of thia notiee.appliaa tion will be made to the Commissioner of Pt nsions for the issue of aduplioateof LAND WARRANT No. 15.2X2 for 120 acres, act 3d March, 1855, issued to Ben>amin Grimes, private Capt. Jones Company, Georgia Volan Creek War; the same haviMjieen loet. _ C. W. BENNETT, je lMfwCw Attorney. TfcLfcCiRAPHlC \t\VS. FROM THE ASSOC FA TED THESX hM??? Tr?Mf?. St Loli?, JmH 'J*' ?It is reported thata lHibitc meeting wu held at UwfrMt. K T.on Thurs rt.iv last, at which it wa? determined to rental the V I* troop* if any attempt w*? mad'' to collect the taxe? {vntlemM ju*t arrived here met Gov Walker ten mile* from Lawrence with KWn companiesof infantry lie said he would arrange inatteiv |?ea. -eably if possible, but if forte wi< Bf cessarv would n?e it The free State uien were ITatheitag at Lawrence. Col*- hid been sen* for . Bcantlfnl Presentation. Nf.w York. JulvSI ?Th? Irnrji of Mad an .e l.a^raayr. ?t the Academy of Mmic last alithf, a brilliant affair The boo?e contained At theclote of the tii?tart of Norma. Col. Fuller, editor of the Mirror. pie?ented the Iwiietclary Wilh a splendid Lyric crown of solid gold Non-arrital of the Circassian. St Johns.N F . Jalv fl. 14 mThere are ua sign* of the Circassian. now in her eleventh day out of Liverpool. ?? Balttmerr Market*. B*tTi*oan. Jdlvil ?Flour i? lini (Toward street ?T j<?. Xrw t'lty ? 75 Wheal inactive wit It a declining tendency Red Kl Tt?; white ?l H5a*l !<? Corn 1* dull; white yellow Nla-^c. Whisky is quiet at :Klr. for City and 30^e. for Ohio Hew Vark MtrkeU. N?;w Vol*, July*!.?'The Bour Market i? de prewd and price* have declined Sallic per bhl ; aalea of 5..Vm bbla; State 20a**> 40; Ohio 50.t *7 V>; Southern *7 .Vinf 7 80. Whe^tt la buoyant; sales of 10,000 buahela, clo sing at about :1c advance: Southern red *8 C orn I* buoyant at an advance of 4c ; mixed c*v Pork hat advanced -25c ; mess #24 <15 B**f It unchanged: Chicago repacked *IG 50al7. Lard jk bnovant at 15c. Whisky is fl-m; Ohio Fkaaacial. Ntw Yoa*. July 21?S?ock? are firmer Chi cago and Rock Inland 92; Cumbetland Cocrt Co. I7fc; IllinoisCentral Bond* : Mk Llijan South' ern 14; New York Central Penna Coal Com pany 95; Reading Railroad >; Virginia 6'? 92, NliVwuri Sterling exchange flrmer. EDUCATIONAL. c ~>K?RGhTO\VN CI.AI?SICAI. A\D MATH ? KMATICAI. At'AUbMV. The duties of tIns Institution will lie resumed Scptemlier 1st. i* 7-atwtf P. A. BOWKN. Principal. 1IKS. HI KK'S SCHOOL FOR YOt'NG L.X 1*1 DlKS.?No. 3!?1 H street, tietween tSth and l?rh streets went, will re-open on MONDAY, Septem Iter 21st. n n-law.liiw* CI'LPKPKR Ml UTAH "i I \STITl'TK, Nr.** Ct'i.PKrFa Cotar Va. The second session of this school will commence on the 1st daj of Septcml?er. la57. A graduate of the Cniversity of Virginia, adopting the mode of in struction pursued in that institution. will have charge of the departments of Anient and Modern Languages ; while a graduate of the V. M. Institute, who ha* had considerable expeuenoe in teaching, will give instruction in Mathematics. Natural Phi losophy. Chemistrv. and lower Knglish branches. The course of studies will lie a* follows: I'RKPAB^ToaV CL???. Spelling, It easing. Writing. Arithmetic. *ieofra phy. iiraminar, History, Algebra, l.stin Grammar, tireek tin miliar. Tniap Cla??. Mathematics, Knglis* Onuitiisr. Arithmetic. His tory. Latiu, tireek. French. SmoNIiCH*'. Mathematics. Natural Philosophy. Chemistry, llistor*. Latin. Greefc, French, Spanish. Fikst Ci. *?<? Mathematics. Natmsl and Moral Phil'taoaiiy. Chemistry. <?col<?c) , Lugltsli Literature. Kngiisli lirammar. Rtietonc. Logic, Infutr) and Artuler) Tactics. 0eoj;r8rh>. ILctoi), Lntm. tireek, Frencii. Spanish. F.ver* Student on entering will I* sut^ected to a carelui examination, and will then lie assigned to that c!a*? to wnich tu< prohcienct entitle* him : and no otie will l>e allowed to pass to a lustier class un le?"* he gives evidence of a tbomcli knowledge of the subjects contained in the preceding. Tnediscipline will he ne^.'svarilj rigid, hut tne comfort and convenience of each meinher of the school will l?e dul* respecte?l There will he dail> military exercise.-. Sut care will l?e taken that the* do Hot interfere w.Jti t!ie Aoadcuuc duties. Tkrm?: Hoard. Tstioi;. Washing. Fuel, Lights, for ten months, ??!???. Patinciits senii ai.ruall* tna.Kai.ce Foi reooftitiieitdatioti? and further part;culsts,see circttiais. ?:il \RI.KS K. LI'.HTFOOT. V. M. I.. Siiperinteiidsot and Instructor in Matiiema:ic?" and Natuial Sciences. J. W. OILLF.SIMK. I*t:ty ersits of Ya., Instructor in Ancient and M'Meru ljmguake?. We have the privilege of referring t > the follow me. Facult* o| Virginia Military Institute. ? ?en. William II. Richaid?on. Richmond City. P.of. Maupin. Fnivern'* o| Virgin*. Prof. Harrison. do Prol. tiihlersleeve. do Proi. Scheie le Vere. d.? Prof. Mct?utfv. do I'rof. Luciau Minor. Wil .am and Msr\ Coi efe. Rev. John Beradus. Charh>ttesvil>. VIr. J-'liii Itad. A M . do John Hunter, has.. I.ostisa oour.*?. !'?>!. John Woollo,k. t Iraiue n> inn . Rev. Win. S. White, l?. I) . I.exuiitot Rev. Win. N. Peud'etoi.. do .lame* Hatl>oiir, K-?j . CnIpeper. <"??!. V\'in. R. Taliaferro, '?lonoes'er. W . I) Wal acti. K>n? Waahiaaton Cr?. ? ?en. Geo.Cooke. H? A. Bel I. Ls?|.. do Mai. Henry llill. I . S. ^.. \c* York. R . S. Vot?, Kaq.. I* appk. count * . Cup*. James Stark. do The CiHaeiMiot Cwlpeper. j* 1 >-eo:f I KONOItA D'ORCO.hjr ill I*. R. James : priee 1 j vt eeuts. I>ea?l Secret. In Wiikie foliuis: p'ice ee?.t?. Nothing \?w,'v Mis* Mulocii; do 5u do. The Fortuneo| iilencore,h> Cfias. Lever; price SB cents. War Trail, by Capt. Mayne Renl : price fli'i. New \ ork Ledgei lor Jn\% 25th : prioe 5 cent*. Harper's Weekly l?*r Jul* IHth; price 5 cents. A!i the .Magazines ainl W'eekly Papers received as soon as published. Any Books or Paper* scut to mail, tiee of on receipt of prioe. A ;?nk1 assortment of Thermometers ??n haad. K. h. LUNDY, jy H- No. 12S Bridse st.. t^eorgetown. WD. LICHLF.R, So.&l SFVESTH STREET, l?etw-.>en l>an?l K streets, west side, PRAC TICAL WATCHMAKF.R. keeps c.?m.twitly AM on tiaiHl a fine asseortmei.l ot V\ A FCHKS audctflK JKWKLRV. aptnCT1^ V si liar WATCHES. CLOCKS, JKWKLRV. AND " FANCY ARTICLKS. .f i.OLD ?/ t'ie liest CHAINS ,t: I'.I.R V . iv sets and siu le pieces; F.\N?'V ARTICLKS. I'KR ? I'M11K Y. K\TR ACTS.4c. CLtiCKS in e*ers liape an.I price; also. CLOCK MATKRIALS, lands. Ralis, Kej s, Cords, Wires, Oils. Ac. Call and exat.iinc at the Sign of the l.arreGi't Watch. J. ROBINSON, 340. opposite Brown*' hotel. N. B.?Having stopped the auction liisnics* since last a inter, im fjomla are selected expressly for tho l>est retail trade, and the price* shall suit the tune*. jy 18-ltu J. R. BARF.tii: RORRS-BARKGK RORKS. t?R?i %NDlKSaud LAWNS. Ac., Selling ofl at low figures, at jy R en?w F. A. Mr?;KK'S. ?4? Pa.av. ITNITKD STATE# PATENT OFKICK. J Wasmixotoji. July 9", IS37. On the petition of James Mi II hot laud, of Read ing. Pctinsy I vama. pray ins for the extension of a patent granted to him on ine fld of Septeml>er, 184o. lor an improvement in "raitroad car springs, for seven years fioiu ttie expiration of said patent, which takes place on tlie Sid day of Septeiul>er. 1X57 It is ordered, tliat the said petitmnlie heard at the Patent Office ?>n Monday, the 21?t ??f Septcmliei next, at 12 o'clock in.:aud all persons are notified to appear and siiow cause, if any they have, why said petitionou^hl not to lie granted. Persons opposing the extension are required to hla - - HEoMfe te<l in acconliuice with the rules of the office, mhich will lie furnished on application. The testimony m tlie case wit! lie closed on tho 8th of Septeinlier; depositions and other papers relied upon a* testimony must be filed m the < itfioe on or la-fore the morning of that day; the arguments, if aur, within ten davs thereafter. flrdcrod, aJs<i, tiiat this initice l>e puUishod in the I'nton, Intelligencer, aad Keening Star, Washing ton. D. C.; Republican, Baltimore: PenMylvantaa, Philadelphia; Daily News. ^ ork; sod Post. Boston. Mass.; once a week for three successive weeks previous tothe?lst day of September oext, CHARLES MASON. Coin't of l*atenta. P. S. Kditnra of the als>ve papers will please oops, and send their Nils to the Patent Office, with s paper coutaiiunc this notics. jy jn lawSw ACADKM V C?F MI SIC. Cor. 11(4 *t. and Pa. ar*., m t"*!' faraiam't Bookstore. Mr. F. Nicholl* C&orcn9 coropnter <?f upvtrJ of 2,"nu songs, author of " Kathleen Mavourneen." and initsical editor of Godey's I^wly's Book Continues giving Vooal l.ess<iiis to hia Pupils and Classes, every Monday. Tuesday. Thursday, and ?i 11 *l?'ve Institution. Meinliers rmroUfi ntr y Hay. as no vacations oc cur duriug the Suuuncr mouths?THIS SKASON, l?eing the proper tune, for Vocalists ro study. Apply to Mr. Caoi-c the Academy of Musicv every morning from 8 to la o'clock. Musical Lectures delivered every Thursday even mji? illustrated by the Pupils of the Institution. Js 1 eo-lm THIS IS TO tilVK NOTICK?That the sati scrilier hath obtained lrotn the Orphans'Court ot Washuiftou county, in the District of Columbia, letters testamentary on the personal estate of Charles Brice, late of the Lotted States Manna Corps, deceased. Alt persons having claims against said deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the aame. with the vouchers thereof, to the sutwcriber on or before the 13th da* ot July naxt: the* may other wise by law be excluded from all benefit of the ss.d estate. Given under my hand this 13th day of Julv, IMC RICHARD H. LASKLY. Kxecutot, jy 1S-1aw3w