Newspaper of Evening Star, July 21, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 21, 1857 Page 4
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EVENING STAR Thon Art r.rowiuz Ol"1' ** .Mother. It L\Lf IK A. Th?v ?rt growing ??H. mi incllur, And tlay brow is marked witb cnrc, All furrowed ta tiuu<* aged cheek. Ouee t^.mful and fair. The a"ft brown locks are sadiy changed. Chill fnwts have settled there. And touched with many a freezing kns Thy gently flowing liair. Thou art crowing old, my mother, , Aal oatch the half drawn sigh, I know that years of sorrow Have bednnmed thy melting eye; But with gentle light it heaineth, Baanietn on me even yet. " ?th a love that never changerii Till the sun of life is set. Thou art growing old. mv mother: Man* ot our household I stud Have before thee journeted onward. To the far off " better land.'' But thy voice in tender accents, 5*till is falling on iny ear, Sweetly tongbtenu* my palliwav, \? inch without thee were so drear. Thon art growing old, my mother; And around thy youngest born, Shadows gather?darkly gather? fcven in life's early morn. But the blessed Saviour sparetli Thee to still protect thy child. While the storms oi sorrow hover, Hover e'er me dark and wild ! Thou art growing old, my mother, Soon I feel that thou wilt rest In the " land of the hereafter," In the regions of the blest. Who will love ine then, my mother. When the last life cord is riven ' Let us pray that both together (iod will rake hs safe to heaven. Interesting >tatistics ?The United States are composed of thirty-one States and nine Terri tories. They contain a population of->7.n00.000.ofwhoin 23.WJU.UUi are white The extent of sea eo^t is 12,350 miles. rhe length of the ten principal rivers is 20,000 miles w The surface of the five great lakes is 90.000 ?uiare miles. ? number of miles of railroad in operation is 20.1100, which cost $7sl,OOO.OUO. The length of the canals is 5,0U> miles. It contains the longest railroad on the globe? tbe Illinois Central?which is 784 miles. annual of its agricultural productions Is 9<()0,()(l0,0u0. Its most valuable prcdurtion is Indian corn, which yields annually 40.000,000 bushels. The amount of registered and enrolled tonnage is 4.407,010. ^ '?m*iafI10Uk 1 ?^caP'fa^ invested in manufactures ^QUU?U0U>llU0. annual amount of its internal trade is ?600,. 000,800. The annual value of its products of labor, other than agricultural, Is SlJjOlUNio. The annual value of the income of the inhabi tants is ?1,300.000. V*iue ot farn19 an<t !,ve stock is *300,000. Its mines of gold, copper, lead, and iron are among the richest in the world. The value of geld produced is ?100.000.000. The surface of its coal Held* is IS-.131 xMiare miles. 1 Within her borders are -O.MlM schools, S.tsOn academies, gji colleges. and churches H7" ^ hat's the difference between a fisher man and a truant school boy * The one baits his hook and the other hates his book. ti~/" II" any of our readers desire a country res idence the farm of ? . BlTFFELJAOT* FOXTEIX, lifaut s river, district tiudtshooru. is advertised for sale in a South African paper, together with lOOgoats * leaguers" of, brandy Mills, household furniture, and t vervthiiig that %is com fortable, and, what is better, i liberal cr(.j,t will '?e given! fiI7~A shopkeeper of Vienna lately nut up in his svindowa noti-e. declaring that -the proprietor f the establishment wished to enter into the marriage state with a well-conducted youn" wo man or widow." ''Since then." some of th.-Wa I journals state, "it i* quite inconceivable what a number of women of everv age enter the shop to *??>*<* week* since. sa\?the Noilolk Ar?iis, ad\ lost a breast-pin weich she prized ver\ high i v, and ktenig?iesiroiis to recover It. if stie advert isini lor it in our mner. Il?*r adver- ' fisement appeared but a few tiiui?> when, on to her bureau drawer. she ?1|. .- -aw rh- mi-h," ureast-pm, looking as natmal as eve \\e?u Eft .'Lo"J:'ht there was efficacy in adveitising. out tuis instance js conclusive. The Fertile W?t ?Driesloch <v*. magene having incauLou-ly ventured out on the P1"'?" ?f ?Wl ,he annuals nearly ? aped starving to death there. The Iowa City Reoorter of the -th. savs: '? Mr. Wheeler aren't "hat oMlHCh ^ *in " <r*,ilWisbm??nt. informs us hsVii a't onnt ?f the scarcity of L ed the.r stork f^rrf,lu?,d ,,i;" ilwin impossible to exhibit the animals between thi? plate and Du buque. excepting the giraffe " VO^Tr hopefu 1 youth, who was the owner of a youui, bull terrier, was one day train in" the ani mal in the art of being ferocious, and wantin some animated object to set the dog upon, his A,a^r cons,d*rllb,e persuasion, consented Mr bIiT vP?n i ,OUrH a,,<1 Inake H *?ht w'th , V: " * *>ung America be^an to urije on the dog. " Sis-ter-)?oy?seize him,'' Ac. At last the d<y " made a dip ' and got a good hold upon the nol 1 P;obo5Ci8i a?^ ?ft the dog off he could ?.v\h*r7 n*" P.? tf.Cry olit w,lh ,b" pain caused /yJX fa"k'" tof.'^ d?iT ' ? (i"n and l>ear it. old mair shouted the young scapegrace! " Grin and bear it- r>c,7/ Or the making thr> yup ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS BROWNS' HOTEL -P Berber Kansas- J 1; n-,%; ^ r- o u SC; 11 K Crawford. I.a; K Jndice do, E P Hespion. Ala; J K Ansel, \ ,t; R H Mc ^ Butler and lady. MV; llrliH J ifu"1?^ Uo: '? B?att?,iher P'r, Pa, J B Houston. 1 sv I) l?r??-?? \ i i ??? ,N,V J?r F'rraM j % I1*;0'.' Ai,l: J C L:i,un> T. '.n, J.wW ' l?' 1 Smith. I.;,; V D Walsh do I NV?Jas HidS drJ0^nM,",, , a; N t: Trnwbriig,' K HSmurs v"'"' Ky: Ur" " Wir LARDS'HOTEL. W Norris J David ^dv vl- A i>\ranf\\yOTV; " 11 Wallace and Jaay.>a, A P .Miller,Ohio; Mrs^helliv Km,* ? Biar-kbnr.i a:,d W^rthingio Ji^k B i is u Johnson. J |? ?? i P >helbv. W |( Worthin-'ton |T I ilk i . ' ? >. J N Jv-h'-iliii^p. % York- J W HV^Oun j /\v Iloadley. L Hill, J ?r u . .. ? d?-n "Work; J Danii-I 1?44 I) E M '''"'"P- M-*ho A H Jordan! 'o I >iass 10 DM?riar,>-Vd Jl' Baker, KIBRWOOD HOI SE -W C Haven \V W Ky /oDu^b M< ln' T">; (i Mas'^d. u?t An A DeClomet, i.a. p IVCIo " " ?? SB .'l| A A .Murdock, Mass V isher, \a; J 11 Shook, Richmond. iJR?SVAUOj15fe<,i" r,,IJ,T W?*ro*T, Vs., I 0 Kduarijs vr Vl .. '" Kf"nt county, M.I {j * Mrr'A^sirr, ???xX; >v? Krtwj,,.',. J '.-V: v^-, W m P Porter and lady. S H Marks lltVrs burg; Jno Dickson. Jno T I)i< kson \orfo!L- \rr p two children .umI nurse, 11 M Parker, do; \V t Sau.nlers, B I Jon^ T B U.r "!?- A J Va; Or I. Fk-Tjlii^Jlu, i?~ King and t^neen; B F llndgins, Va; Ino W H.wV Z U7J,,JOlr- Rr,JtT ",S U ^?h"* ?ml daugh n 111 J ^ I' D'Ws, I, a Myers ami >->u R H Mead.-. Mtss Meade. |{ i. hmond; Dr I .Ulss M Archer. .Mis.s; B C Peters. Miss Peters tiloocester p 'i'. B Talialerro. John TSeawell' Massenl.ur'v s ",1,r**V- IN",!*m??..lh; EN c uee^ JmfC^a,;{V.'''; Acres. Kmg and II \ Holbr.w,J u I.A H Mevenson. .Work; Hardy, j?o S M J'I'^ook Boston; W T Walke. jr.. Dr ^???;>' Cowderv, Norfolk F | iw"!' *'rva"t- Miss I A Mrs E M liuodwvm a>dL >"""thaiiip snd Pattie Goodwyu* Jno^Brnk'SL' Vl'^u Miss N Boy kin, S.Whauii,im?VM1i^Hovk.'"' W tiasklus. J M Walters ? p'n " Ki"K- J" V r,tW A Taylor. J y Lei M, ,, lolk; K \ Bovkin. ES llumi-r M ?'' Portsino itl, ' Ur J M Lm MO rKMKSlS OF OCEAN STKAMtTtiS I RoX IH* t'JttTEDS'TATKS. Sfamm. L*nr,. yor n 2?r,hJlfa' New York..Bremen .. jX,l Niagara |{?stou Liverpool Ju\l i2S?lliOB,,,-?:ew 1v^..AntwC?,::;jSj i i olumU. v"W V0r?"l*lTWP?ol-"Jll,y Hi A?bS J.orJf- - Liverpool...July ? ?rju.? ^ew J ork.. Liverpool... July-jo ^ \ork..Havre Julyii . , Fkom Euko^k. Vanderlillt* il 7^' *"" l:?*ton July 1 Atlantic Mv. ^',wn^>w Vork..July f. r I E2? * Vork..July 8 lasgow York-? July ? wt"V"?????Liverpool...New York Julv II \\ ashington....Southa'pton New Yorkl^Julv 15 The 1 allfbrnia Mail Steamers leave New Vnrk CO the ^ih and 20th oXeach iwonth, Miscellaneous, CJ YV'M. " HEVL. iT >. H,nrf!SE PAISTER A\n lil.AZIEH. nl thankfully reccive and promptly and neatly ex ecute any orders in Ins line with which his friends ? iid the public may favor bun. Orders can be left at No. 4Rt, corner tith and C sts..or at Ridenour'a Con fectionery Store, No. ?M Pennsylvania a venue (north side)between9th and 10th streets. Ttioa# who may intrust work to him may rely on its being executed with neatness and dispatch, and at the lowest rates. je 2S-2111 HtMPH RIKS A J UNNIMAN\ On r ourth street east, l>etween E and F, Capitol Hilt., have up their place, which will fie open daily to visitors, and every Monday afternoon for those who wish to engage in the English Quadrilles or German W altaes. will find an opportunity to do so there. \\ atwr s Baud lias been engaged for the sea son, and will be in attendance. They have on hand and constantly making the purest Larger to he obtained in the city, je lrSm NOT1CE.-C. R. L. crown k CO. are re ceiving daily some of the finest FIRNI-fil 1 ?in this market, wluoh we \>L invite the atteution of those in want as we Vfll N?amely?,U lheT mn ***? at leMl lu P?r oent. 1^1 ?l7ed ">?rWe-top Bureaus and Tables ""1^'nut Tete a Tetes, Sofas ardrobes. Chairs of all kinds. Cherry and Poplar Tables. Hisnk!??V^ir;?"?-toF and hnsk; Comfort*. Hlankets, Bedsteads, high and low-post. Hocking Chairs, cane and wood-seats. Cushions for Chairs. Settees, Clocks of all kind*. Extension Tables. Sideboards, What-not. 11lasses of all kinds, some extra fine Carpets. Cottage Sets, Rugs, Waiters. ? .lass A\ are. Crockery are of all kinds. Feather and Fancy Goods of all kinds. And other Goods too numerous to mention to which we invite the attention of housekeepers and others, cu?toiner? ^or cas" or *? p|lnntPAl C. R. L. CROWN 4 CO., oor. of 6th street and Penn. ave. P- J*-?We shall still oontinue our regular sales on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday,both morningand evening, in front of our store. Consignments soli- I cited, and in all cases advances made when required. ? oc .r . , C. R. L. C. & CO., ap25-tf^ (Intel) Auctioneers. JNTEREST1NG TO FAMILIES. The following extract from a New York pa cannot fail to l>e interesting. In referring to^S the receipts o| Teas in this country for oneHrJ to3;ll> ultimo, it says the* will he 12.-1? ? z-7s:y?XT^ikT ?",ne?- mj \ oung Hyson Teas, of low and medium grades, have experienced an advance of one hundred per cent, over last season s closing prices. "It will thus be seen that the strong and rapid advance in the tea market has been the result of t? ^"PP'y aml active demand ; but when it is con sidered that we may hear at any moment of the en ff'r? 8iilaments at Shanghai, and. in lact, that, as soon as a sufficient force from England arrives at the seat of war. all five ports of entry in Jr pr?d?bly ^ placed under strict blockade, r would not be surprising to see Teas at a much higher figure than they have yet attained." In \ lew of these frets, we hold out very great in j du cements for families to lay in their supplies of T2n?.7' n v K,NG & BURCHELL, ifli-tt Corner \ erinont ave. and 15th street. Proposals for scrkw-propeller SLOOP OF WAR. p , ? Navy Departmej^, / of ConUrurttoM, fir., J une ^7,1R57.\ The Bureau will receive Sealed Proposals. Speci fications and Plans until the .'4th day of August next, endorsed "/or the C nnstrurtiomof a Steam Propeller Si oor-of - IT'tr." authorized by the act of 11'UKress. approved 3d March, IHS7. Hie proposals must be for I lie hull, spars and spare spars, rigging and blocks, sails and spare sails; aw nings. A. e., boats, anchors and cal.lcti. tanks, casks, furniture and cooking utensils, the steam inichin *l,K'"P'*"? work, witliall the equipments and out ol a *Jnp-of-war ; !o l>e c?>inp>t?> htt?l %- m all 'Hii' JnSin* l!" wSa'iTRJsstisar' *?>"?? * #?? 1 lie specifications must full* dcscril?> the inate ?r!.a? f Vn T ,|,r ,Vrlh,", "i7"" "I fa-trnmgs, ?hed^fiilol sues and arrraiu-. fi i' .'! x".r",,,K fixtures of i |iiii>iii<>nt and outfit, the fa."in lor captain, wardroom for I.' officers *.L,err}?^, 11 ,,ft<,'rs.apHiliii^i,ls for t forward offi ' V . , .r ?!"re' sa,i* '"caJ-.^'tliiiu, 16-uing room*, I 'iU bK, ? "iagaiine?. hin-;i niuiiii, >[>y it -room i. Ofl.e sn^rl' "Ihrr1 Xmenaions hi MiSpm o?al a tlieothcrolijects incln?le<| l pon application f?i the commandant of anr nav* 5aril. the bi.fd^r can see the li?t of etores and nrovi Ii # w'".c',1,he Koverimiciit will fiirnish the ship, and for winch, also, the contractor in his plans must provide capacity and convenient stowage. ii If plH"* ?ni!!?t |?e work id g drawings, fioiu which the si"p can he budt, showing the inboard arrangc rr ovL *p:,re i,,r ???>?uiiotiafioiis or store rooms.>.r the stowage of the various ol. jeefs of equipment, oi.t|,t?, prov,sions. a,?l stores hearrangrn.ento ihc ma.tuner, and tl.c disposi I I of t,ie coal. Iheielmi>l w|^,( 1,^ ?t ,a)| ss^iitaxr^i,,p ?i;J:Muarter of an inch to a foot. e ' I iie ship t?, pierced f .r chase, stern, aud brovf sl(|e ports r,ie latter not less than twelve m numlier ?'n e.tcfi side, an'! to be 14 fee' inches from centre to centre, the port s.ll to be S? inches .Un e the in dept h.'6 P?rTS M luu,,cs forc ai"' alr?a"^ ? inches The weight ofarmnmcnt to 1^ provided for in Um displacement will |* ?f ' complement of officers and men will l?e 2ho person.-, ami the ship must stow provisions for *a?*r for ^days. a ciKienser for f..n il? wMf>r. F u?^| t?? k carried f??r l.'idayK full steaming, and the ve.-scl to make under steam alone at her deep l<?ad draught id water fen knots m a smooth ^ea. 1 he deep load draught of water when arm. dand fully equipped with men provisions and stores .fall kind, and ready foV sea, not to ex * at?ve u/e biad'l'me. l0WC8t ,,orl 6,11 8 erf t,". fLvTi!eLr." ** to ho,?l "K ?he bml m?w , i i? telescope chimney, i?<, that the ship ChW.h.^iKi'S.""u'"lcr ?''? The bidder will state the tune considered neces sary to complete the shin for sea. together wiiliTbe pme, fully equippeil as before named l? '? .? ! h8,",1bJec'of the department in inviting proposals ? to obtain the very best slnp-of-war that the mer cantile manne can priMluce, and proposals will he 'rom ship Guilders only. Ihe proposals, specifications, a/id drawings which conform (he conditions now prescriljf, and com bine the greatest mimber of advantages, will l>e se lected.aiid the P^e must receive the approval of ri'mlf*f'.o.w fV ? ft a contract will t?e tna?le. The have due weight.' ^TI le*s p e n h c? t m rTs','d r a wings" anil IJNITED STATES PATENT OK PICK, ^ .. . nv asiii*?tom, July 4th, 185T. On the petitmn of Henry Burden, of Troy, New \ ork, praving for tlit-extension of a patent granted to him on the 14th of Septemlier, 1843. for an im provement in "machinery for making horse shoes" Jor seven, years frem the expiration of sanf parent which takes piace on the l4th da> of seemlier lnw' nV fll"f "'e said petition be heard atthe iMr/cW-r,nn-^,'7,a,V M,e 7th "r^VteSl^rnext! !p'r .,!i I " r ' Per#or'8 nre notified to ap pear and show cause, if any they have, whv sAid oe tit ion ought not to t.e granted. P I-.' "PPosingthe extension are required to ^ riV'i a,ent Office their objections,specially set /'r k!o Vi,r least twenty days before the day j' h(f?[,fn??'1 Jestimony hied f.y eft her party to bS used at tlie said hearing must Ik* taken and trJnsmit ted in accordance w ith the rules of the office, which jjii fur"ished on appluration. The testimony in the case will be closed on the 27th >f August; depositions and other papers relieil upon a? testimony must 1^ filed in thcoAceonrlieTre ShSW,aS! the arguments, if any* rliiont'i^en'ige'ncer1, ^ "AVe^i^ ^^"^^1^ ton, V. v : Republican. Bait,more, Md.;' Unnm and I atriot, ilarrisburgh. J a.; Daily News, New York, * Boy ton, Mfug.; once n week fur three successive weeks previous to the 7th of S?d tember next, the day of hearing. CHARLES MASON. i? ? r i ? r.L Commissioner of Patents. P. S. Editors of the above papers will nlease enn* """"?'?j", amay 6-fy ?ck ,lreet? ^timore, Md. I f .1.1 N'GTON HAS RECEIVKn I?i"r nam's Magazine for Jnlr. , U 1 1 F' Gnthain's Magazine for July. J.aifies National Magazine for Julv Halloa's IJollar Motif Id r for July ' New \ ork Journal for July. ti.#??ii?i^ -^'ea'spapers. Magazines,and everything hi sale at '"ie j\7s.^TriLl!fVGT?)^sn<J ? , Bookstore, Odeon Buildin*. - 17 _ _ corner jjy streei and Penn. avenue. \V\V.HJU J'.EASS.?CWOboxes 7o b> 15 Erem h ?event* 'fcjHeV M"vWlJI one^lollar and Alexandria, Va. R "* **>X A. C<K f)t; PONT* GI/NPOWDER ^ of Dl^pONT'TfJl^1'n\v !ill u1 ??? various kind, on the most favorable terms. parties wanting, Agent for the Distnci of^ohm.V.Ia, mar 12 tf (Intel.A State,, U^iel^T^C. W I KIiKK'S BRITISH ^(if hipo One Hundred tild Glees, Rounds, and t^itohes.with ? J'voU L.ndon.m^,^:fortCacw'"Pa"".,ents, llardvicke's Peerage for IR'.7.1 vol.; 57c. Bsroneta*e forfa?, I vol.; 37c. s ILiuse of Commons for IRV7.1 vol.: 77c. IRV7. * ?f l ,lu'eraai "istory, 1 voi.;Londlm, CT'lop?dia of the Physical Sciences, by J. P. Njcli lniver^i n.!!ir>,"?r'1 London, 1867. ian^ and r?J*c' English, Frc.ich, ItaJ an. and German Languages. 1 vol4 London, =r, - J~ FRANCKTAVLOR. P teentfi Centu^'c^\lCK ?uF ,TH^ N,NK" of the most eminent bvinr'\l'm/?* I*"' ?'"courses America, with :"'.nl,ters in Europe and ry C. Fish. ComWeP,h?'^te,lcbe?. (* He v. Hen wah^rtra.tof if-A utagne - pr?^ octav'\ ?? Eranck TAVI or 1 j\EW AND FRESH 1' KK I' l'\i|^i( je r e at No, Insurance, Ac. PROTECTION AND INDEMNITY FROM LOSS AND DAMAGE BY FIRE. THE PERILS OFTHF. SEA.ANU INLAND TRANSPORTATION. FARMER* ANDMECIIANILS* INSURANCE COMPANY, OF PHlLADELriilA. Fikk, Marine, and Inland Intrarci. Authorized Capital. ?? $ "! OFFICR, NoRtnWR?T CORNER OF PlSNN?TLVANlA Avijiu* and 17th Street, Washington. DIRECTORS. Hon. Thos. It. Florence. Charles Dmgee, George H. Armstrong, Thomas Maudertield. Charles A. RulHoaiit, Edwafcd R. ilelmlsild, George Ilelmbold, P. Carroll Brewster, James E. Neall, Isaac Leech. Jr. THOMAS B. FLORENCE, President. EDWARD R. HELM BOLD, Secretary. LOCAL SURVEYORS. Charles Walter, No. SOT D alreet, opposite City Hail. Jolm M. Thornton, corner 1st street and Virginia avenue, Island. James Wiiliama, No. 22 4>? street. John Riggles, No. 5??1 13th btreet, below l'ennsyl vamaaveuue. MARINE SURVEYOR, Captain J. P. Lev*, No. Jb7 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite National Hotel. GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT. John Thomason. Authorized Capital and Asset! $1,473,097 07 Assets #525,<67 07 Invented in Bonds, Mortgages, and Good Securities. The following statement exhibits the business and oondition of the Company to November 1, 1856: Premium received on marine and inland risks to No veml>er 1, 1856 : $2u.ec4 en Fire premium 176.7% bl Interest on loan ? ?.?_ 8.7i4 47 Total receipts $4<*U85 68 Paid marine losses 964,427 at Paid fire losses. 39,737 Expenses, salaries,and commis sions ? 45,489 00 Reinsurance, return premiums, and agency charge*...? 27,474 68 $177,128 61 Balanoe remaining with the Company..$223,aS7 "7 The Assets of the Company are as folloies: Philadelphia city and county bonds $16,i>t8 18 Railroad tionds ....... 11 .???*> on First, real estate 143,500 00 Stocks, collaterals, on call 32.4<?? 00 Girard and consolidation bank stock 5,125 00 Deposited with Duncan, Sherman A Co., New York.... Sn.oon QQ Deterred payment on stock not yet due.... 97,7i*t 00 Notes lor marine premiums l<8,i?o 58 Due from agents, secured by bonds 35,376 18 Premiums on policies recently issued, and debts due the company 26,470 38 Balanoe in bank ..... ........? 16,456 74 #523,"67 07 The business of this Company will oompare favor ably with the most successful similar institutions in the United States. From the 1st day of August, 1856, in fifteen months, up to the 1st day of Noveml>er, 185H, the premiums and interest received amounted to the large suin of four hundred thousand one hundred and eighty-five dollars and sixty-eight cents, with the pajmentof losses and expenses of one hundred and seventy seven thousand one hundred and tweuty-eight dol lars and sixty-one cents. With these evidences of sucoess and good man agement, the Directors feel justified in soliciting a snare of public patronage, beiieving that the security otfered is ample, and that nil fair claims will be a<f justed mure according to equity than legal technical ities. Tii* Company is prepared to issue policies against loss or damage l?y fire ??u DWELLINGS, FURNITURE, MILLS, MAN V FA C TO RIRS. WA R E HO US ES, All descriptions of HUlLDI XGSand their contents; or all kimtsof MERCHANDISE, transported by Vks?ku?,Steamboats, Canai. Boat*. Railroad?. and the u*ual conveyances to or from ?ti?\ portion of EUROPE AM* AMERICA. and on the hulls o( STEAMBOATS navigating the Western Waters. The rates of premium will be an low as other com panivs. aini in iixing them everv improvement, in construction and ariaii|;emcnt will be taken into con siderntiou. All losses speedily adjusted mid promptly p*id. Office, iH?rthwc*t corner Petms>lvania av enue and 17th street, Washington City, I'. C. In suranre may "l*o A* '.f'r'ed at the Havre nar(hir> ft earner IVnfmut and Second streets, Philadelphia, And mother principal cities of the 1 inted States by authorized officers of tiie Company. ap 3 w WASHINGTON INSI R ANCE COM PAN V. CHARTERED R V CONGRESS. Catitai #2w,i*si!!! Tliis Company is now prersred to receive applic* 11' *n k lor INSI R A NC EON Bt I I.DINGS. M EH CIIANDISE, Ac., at the usual Ot\ rates, without any charge for Polny, at their Office, corner o( Tenth Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, over tiie Washington Citj Savings Bank. Directors. Win. F. Bayly. Samuel Bacon, Rol>erf Farniiain, James F. I lain lay. Win. <Irina, Hudson Ta> lor, Francis Mohuti, M. W. Gait. Beiy. Beall, JAMES C. McGUIRE, President. Grafton D. Hanson. Secretary. ?P ll-lf Banking house of . CHUBB BROTHERS. Deposit*. ? Deposit* received ami Checks pan! Without charge. Drafts on the northern seacard oitios received on Deposit at par, and Exchange on said Cities furnished to depositors without charge. Interest on Dkpositj.?Interest will l>e allowed on Deposits at i;uch rates as may be agreed upon. Deposits in Virginia and I nctr rkmt Monet. Deposits in Virginia and other Unuurreut Money re ceived to be chccked for, payable in same funds, or in specie, we cliar*ing the regular Exchange. Di^cocsTif.-Notei, Dralts,and Bills of Exchange will >>edisoounted,and Loans made oil Stocks, Bonds, and Securities, at the market rate. Letters of Credit.?Letters of Credit will be furnished, negotiable in the different Cities of the United States, on Deposit of Money or Collaterals, and interest allowed if Money is deposited, and charged if Collaterals, on such t6rnu a* may be agreed upon. Traveling Bills of Exchange.?TravelerswiU be furnished with drafts in such sums as may be de sired negotiable in the different Cities of the Union. Bills and Letters of Okedit on England, Ire land and EraoPE.?BiIIb of Exchange anil Letters of Credit on England, Ireland and Europe, furnished at the market rate for Exchange, in sums to suit. Bonds, SToegs, Ac.?Bonds, Mocks, and Seouri tics pay ing from 6 to 12 pr. cent., alway a for sale, or bought in the different Cities at a commatsion of pr. cent. Where Stocks are bought upon orders, we reserve the right to call for a deposit of in pr. cent on the oost. Bonds or Stocks will be ordered by tele graph. Railroad, Citt, and State Bonds.?Railroad, City, and State Bonds oan be plaoed in our hands for negotiation, either m this oountry or Europe. Rail road Iron purchased for cash or with Bonds. Land Warrants.?Land Warrants bought at the market rate*. All Warrants sold by U3 are guaran teed in every respect. Land Warrants located on onmmiasion. Land XVarrant quotations regularly furnished if re quested. Warrants will be forwarded to Western Houses on orders, or sent for sa:e on commission to responsible parties. Rial Estate and Insurances.? Real Estate bought and sold, and Insurances etfeoted. Claims on United States, Court of Claims, Congrkss.?Claims on the United States, beforethe Court of Claims or Conuress,intrusted to us, will be prosecuted by prompt nnd able attorneys. CHUBB BROTHERS, Jan 27 Opposite the Treasury. JNTER EST ALLOWEDON DEPOSITED. MONEY to LOAN on~STOCK SECURITIES CHUBB BROTHERS, BANKERS, Opposite the 2'reasury, THE HOUSE OF CHUBB BROTHERS, Washington, if composed of CHAS.St. J. CHUBB. JOHN D. BAR ROW, HENRY HOLMES. THE HOUSE OF CHUBB BROTHER, BARROW A CO., Davenport, Iowa, is oomposed of CtlAS. St. J. CHUBB. ALEX'R II. BARROW, jan 27?tf WM. II. DOUGAL. OMR-MADE CARRIAGES. We have on hand, of our own manufacture, a liue assortment of all kinds ofCARHI-, 236 AGES of the very bent, latest, and n:.??t\ approved st>les.aud warranted in point of! workmanship and material, to be equal to any made in the city of Washington or any other city In the United States. We respectfully solicit a call from the citixens and strangers to examine our work ; as we arc determined to let none surpass us either ui quality of work or hi low prices. We also do every kind of REPAIRING inawork manli ke manner, ami at reagonaMe pnoes. Old Carriages taken in part pa>meut tor new and at a fair price. SIMON FLYNN A CO. may 12 6in _ I^ANCY BASKETS.?A large quantity of Fancy Baskets, which were sent to our address from Paris by mistake, will lie sold al half-price to cover the duty advances, for two weeks only,at the Music Depot, corner ot fPenns)IvaiiiA avenue, lltli and D streets. _ W. G. METZF-RtlTT^ je2 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. near corner o/\3th Street. B. II. STINEMFVr/ having made arrangements with a Company of Hatters to be fur nished with the most popular style* of MOLESKIN ANi) BEAVER HATS, will hereafter make a dis oount of 12H p?r oent upon the actual market prioe, making tnellat sold for #4 (and not unfreqnently for #5)for( the low prioo of $3^u. a slight varia tion in qvality $3. and for $2J0a su perior quality for the money. To make this system efleotual, he will keep no books,but sell exclusive ly for Ca*u on Delivery, which cannot rail being advantageous to the purchaser, thereby enabling him to buy for cash and sell at a small profit, meeting with no losses by liad debts. New Styles FELT HATS, CAP*,and STRAW GOODS, for Men, Boys, Misses and Infants' wear. Persons are invited to aail and examine our stock. Call at 336 Pennsylvania Avenue, near corner of 13th Street. ap ll-tf UNDER BROWNS' HOTEL. Just opening a splendid assortment of Spring and Snmmer READY-MADE CLOTHING and Gent's FURNISHING GOODS of the finest .trtyle and make, at the Emporium of Fashion, No. 37" Browns' Hotel, next to private entranoe. ma> au i Intel A States j 370 Medicines. 'IMIE GREATEST ,'1r KuNMifT. Rt>iNi),lMiliiioiiv?r?d no*** ol our common pasture wenb a reined? that cure* KV*RY IIMI or UVN<*R| fp?in TS' rror't Sfr^fmln Hwh to i rpfttmm Ptmf!*. lie has tried it hi over eleven hundred u*.?e?,and never fKited except in two oRK?e. both Thunder Hy mor He has now in his possession over one hundred certificates of its value,all within twenty miles of Boxton. , ? Two l>ottle? are warranted to cure a nnrsing Sore ' V>ne to tliree Ndtles will cure the worst kind of Pimples on the Face. Two or three bottles will clear the system of Biles. Two bottle* are warranted lo rure the worst Canker in the Mouth and Stomach. Three to hve Uutles are warranted to cure the worst kind of Erysipelas. One or tmoUittles are warranted to cure all Hu

mor ui the Eyes. r.? Two Uittles are warranted to cure Running ol the Ear* and Blotches among the Ha:r. Four to six l<ottles are warranted to cure corrupt and running I'loers. nL One liottle will cure Scaly Ernption* of the Skin. Two or three U>ttles are warranted to cure the worst kind of R ingworm. Two or three l?>ttlen are warranted to cure the most most desperate case ??f Klieiimhtisiu. Three to four Kittles aie ? arrautad to cure Sa'.t riFive to eight bottles will cure the worst case of ^<A lieiielit i* alwavs experienced from the first liot tle, and a perfect cure is warranted when the above quantity is taken. ...... . Nothing looks so improlable to those who have in vain tried all the wonderful medicines of the day, a* that a common weed growing on the pasture*, and along old stonewalls, should cure ever* humor in the a> stem ; yet it is a fixed fact. If you have a humor, it has to start. There are no II S nor AN US, hums nor ha's about it suiting some casws, butlnot yours. I peddled over a thousand liottle* of it in tne vicinity of Boston. I know the ellecls of it in every case. It has already done some of the greatest cures ever done in Massachusetts*. I gave it to children a > ear oid, to old peopie of sixty. I ha\'6 seen poor, puny, worltiy-looking children, whose flesh was soft and flabby, restored to a perfect state of health by one l ottle. . . . . To those who are subject to a sick headache, ore liottle will alwnys cure it. It gives great relief in catarrh and dtxzincM. Some wno have taken it nau lieen costive for years, and have f>een regulated by it. Where the body is sound it works quite easy, but where there is any derangement ol the (unctions of will cause ver> singular leelmus, but you must not be alarmed; they always disappear in from four davs to a week. There is never a find re sult from it; on the contrary, when that feeling is gone, you vrill feel vourself like a new person. 1 heard some of the. most extravagant encomiums ol it that ever man listened to. ... In my own practice I always kept it strictly for hu mors?but since its introduction as a fcneral family medicine, jireat and wonderful virtues have been found in it that 1 never suspected. Several casesof epileptic fits?a disease which wr.a always considered incurable, have been cured by a few liottles. O, what a mere) if it will prove effec tual ir: all cases ol that awful malad>? there are but few who have seen more of it than I nave. 1 know of several oases of Dropsy, all of them aged feople cured by it. For the various diseases ?>f the .iver, Sick Headache, Dyspepsia, Asthma, I'ever {ind Ague, Pain in the Side, D.sease* of the Spine, and particularly in Diseases of the Kidneys. Ac., the discovery has done more good than any medicine evor known. . , No chance of diet ever necessary? cat the best you can get ano enough of it. Dirfrtion* for Us*.?Adulta one table spoonful pCr day? chiidien over ten > ears dessert-spoonful? children from live to enrht years. tea-bpoct,fnl. As no directions can be applicable to all comtitntjous. take sufficient to operate on the l*iwe!fc t* ice o day. MANl'FACTl RKII BV DONALD K K NN KD V . A'o. iyt IVarna Street. Koxburg, M'tsinrKmittr. Agents for Washington.?Chas. Stott A Co., Z. Giiinau. Kidwell A Lawrence, J. B. ? ?ardner, Lurry A Co., 1). Walsh A Co.. F. S. Walsh, J. I'. Stone. .Martin King, Nairn A rainier, Schwartz A to., f) floswell, Daniel ft. Clark, .f. I*. Milburn, Dunfer K HOKIf Ford A Bro. Agents |or l?eori;ctowu.--R. S. Cornell, O M Lciitliaiu, J. 1<. Kidwell. ihv 5-ljr p?l VATE MKDfCA I. TR EATISE PWSIOLOaiCM r/Y ir 0>" MARI%1 AUK. Bv M. B. La CROIX. M. !>.. A'bauy, N. V pages and 13" line Plain aisf Colored ljth"|f?phl and Plates. ICrrRICF. ONLY Z.CKNTS.^ni . //" o.t r"-'"*' to r"'1' 'if 'at I nion. Dr. M. It. La<'roix's I'hysiologi?-*l View o| Mar nage. A ii?*w and revised ediMon of pane* and l?.i pistes. I'rice V"? eeid* a cop*. A popular and eomprehensi \ e t real ise on (he duties and ualt ie? o| single and married life?happ) and fruitful sllian re*, mode of seeuring them? infelieitoiis *i,i| infer tile oue.j?their ob\ iat|oii and removal?nervous de bility. its ?ait*r? and cure, bv a process at once simple. kji|??. and ellectual. tliat lailure is mipo- sif>!e ?rule* for daily manancmeiii?an os?a% on >perini torrhtra. with |?raeinnl observaiions ou a safer and more suueessful i?i??fe of trcalmeiit- r>re?-*i.ii<>ii;iry hints on the evil results from eiiipirie,il pno tice; to which is adde?l oomitieniancs on th? di.?ease.> o| |e iiuiiea?front inlauc* t?i "Id ace?crvli ?v?se sraphical lv illustrated bv besntilnl pl;ites. It'points out the remedies for seif inflicted nii*eii? ?nd di-ap pointed h?'pes so unlortniiately prevalent hi ihe young. It is a tinthful adviser lo the mniried. and (hose contemplating mniriaice. lis peru -vl is prirtic nlarl) recoiiiiuended to persona entertaining secret doubts of their physical condition, and who ?re con scious of having hazarded Ihe health, happiness and privileges to which every human being is entitled to. I'ric.e i'? cents per copy, or live copies for SI. mail - ed free ol poxta?;eto any part of the 1'iuten States, by aiidrcsmg Dr. LA CKOlX, (poni pa.d.i All^iny. New \'oii., enclosing '?t cents. N. B. Those who preler may consult Doctor |LA CROIX.upon ai-v of the ?'ire?ses upon winch his book treats, either personally or t?y mail. I!:s medi cines often cure in tha short space ol six days, and completely ami entirely eradicate all traces of those disorders winch copaiva and cul*-bs have so lone been thought ansntidote. to the rum of the he.'tlth of the patient. His " French Secret'' in the great con tinental remedy for that class of disorders which un foitunatel*, pfiysicians troat with mercury, to the irretrievable destruction to the patient's constitu tion. and which all the ?araapiirill& in the world cnu U,(rirroffic? No. 31 Maiden Laiie, Aif*ny, N. V. Iel> 14?ly _ ALL THAT VALUE T11KIR SlOHT, JOHN TOBIAS, PRACTICAL OPTICIAN, wishes to call "the attention of all that suffer witb defective sight, caused by age. sick ness. and particularly from glasse* injudiciously se lected, to nis superior >rF.CTAC LKr* and LaSS KS carefully ground bv himself to a true spherical accuracy, and brilliant transparency, suited precise ly and beneficially to the wearer, according to the ooncavity or convexity of tne eye. Very numerous are the ill effects caused to the precious organ of sight from the cominmcement of using glasses in not being precisely suited, by trie use of an Opiomt jer; and tne practice of many years enable* him to measure the focal disease or the eyes, and such glasses that are absolutely requited will lie furnish ed wit n precision and satisfaction. JOHN TOBIAS acknowledges the vory lil.eral encouragement already obtained, and further solicits the patronage of those who have not yet availed themselves of his aid. Persons that cannot conveniently oall,by sending the glasses in use, and state how many inches ti.ey can read this print with their spectacles, can be sup plied with such as will improve their sight. Innumerable testimonials to t>e seen ; and referen ces given to many who have derived the greatest ease and ooinfort from his glasses. Cirejlars to lie had gratis, at his offioe. No. 512 Seventh street, three doors from Odd Fellows' Hall, up stairs. Nor folk, Scpff mber 7.1?W. Sir: The Spcetaolea you made for me suit very well, and seem to have improved my sight more than any other 1 have lately tried. LITT. W. TAZEWELL. I I have tried a pair of Spectaoles obtained from Mr. Tobias, and And them of great assistance tomy sight, and corresponding with his description of tho focus. I reoomntend hnn aa a skilful optician. HENRY A. WI8E. Having been induoed by a friend to visit the estab lishment of Mr. Tobias for the purpose of trying tus glasses, I was furnished hy hnn with a pair slightly colored blue, wmch have afforded me more relief and gratification than any I have ever tried. My sight, orisinnllT very g<?od, was injured by writ ins and reading mt night, frequently to a very late hour; but with the aid of tho*e glasses I can study almost as late as ever, and tliat too without the pain 1 have previously suffered. JOHN WILSON, I Ate Coiniiit.'sioner Oeu'l Land Omoe. ree.11.1RVi. have used Mr. Tobias's Spectacle* for three or four montlis.and fake treat pleasure mi saying that j I am much pleased wi'ii them. | nave beei, uoi^h benefited bv them. (.MO. P. SCARBI'Klill. May 5th, ia>;. I wa* recommended to Mr. John Tobtae an a skil ful optician ; nnd an | have c\c<? of remarkable pecu liarity, I \*as gratified to find that Mr. Tobias seem ed to comprehend theinb) inspect ion and home slight measurement, and he has made me a pair of Specta cles Hint suits ine admirably. A. 1*. BL'TLKR. July II, IK*. Wilminuton. N. C., Jan. 17. lRM. . Mr. J. Tobia*. Dear Sir: I am happy lo sar that the Spectacles which I obtained from >ou last'week ! are entirely satisfactory. From an inequality m the I visual range of my e>c?, I liave heretofore found Sreat difficulty in getting glasses of ihe proper focal 1 istance. It affords me pica-lire to state that, b> I lie ' aid of your optometer, tin* ditlicuity has lieen happi- ' lv obviated, so that the glasses you furnished me are decidedly the besladapled to my eyes of any 1 have i ever yet us?d. Very respectfully,yours. R. B. DRANE, Rector of St. James's Parish. I)WA8TMIXT or IXTFRtOR, Mar *, 1RA5. From ualural delects and the unequal range of my ' eyes, I have lieen compelled to uae glasse-- for sev# ral years. I have tried different opticians without obtaining glasses perfectly fitted to my eye*. Four months since Mr.Tobias made two pairs especially for me, which I have found to serve me perfectly, i By the use of his optometer he is enabled to adapt ; glasses most minutely to the eye. 1 most cheerf ully ? reoommeud Mr. Tobias to all having occasion to use glasses, acd boar iny testimony as to his skill as an < optician, HENRY E. BALDWIN, Ais't Sec'y to sigu Land Warrant*. P.f*. OPERA GLASSES of great vanety.TEL- I ESC OPES and MICROSCOPES, watch MA KER GLASSES, and many other articles in'this line at very low prices constantly ou haud. Jy la?W (?UBA HQNET. ~ ! ' The 8ub*cril>er has jimt received, and for Kale, ' ten tierces of chilled CFBA , HON EY, at his Gro cery and Provision Store, No. Jol Lth street ami Louisiana avenue. je 18 tf JONAS P. LEVY. TVf Y 9TOCKOF BOOTS AND SHOES !*ing 1*1 about the largest in this city at this^" time, and having been purchased before theS rise in Leather, can lie sold at about 15 to 2Dy feroent. less than goods purchased at thia" ime. Call and examine for yourselves, at A. P. HOOVCR'* je U Iron Hail. Pa. av'e! bet. ytb and l'otbVti. \v TrtTClCT*' Directory. AfcHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. TRAINS RUX AS FOLLOWS: From AV A^HINUTON at b a. m.. (HiiimIiiii M H flay villi Irkiiwfurllir AA'cst. and at Baltimore Willi those l??r Philadelphia and New A'ork; at R.Jn a. ui . for Annapolis, Baltimore, Philadelphia. and New A ork : at 3 p. hi. for Baltimoie ami Norfolk, I at Relay with Frederick Iran:. KXPBEsH al 4.2? Relay for (l?* Went, and for Annapolis, Baltimore. Philadelphia, and New A ork. j!? Sunday at 7 a m.. ami 4.3? p. m. From K.M.TIMoK I". lor WASHINGTON at 4.1S a nd 9.1 i a. m., J and *..15 p. hi. On Sunday at 4.1.5 a. in. andS.15 p. m. T. II. PARSONS,Agent. ()RA.NGLAND ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD GREAT SOUTHERN MAIL LINE. Twice Daily. (Sundav nights excepted,* t>?tweer. WASHINGTON CI IV ami f lie MlLTII, * ia AI.KX ANDRIA.GORDONSAII.LE im.RH II MOM) Leaves W ashingt'in at I'V'orl a. ?n. " AA'a?-hingt<i|i al 7 o'clock p in. Fare froia Washington to Kicjjmntid, 9?.V?. For LYNCHBURG and the SOI TIIWKST. I.i'uvc \An* In iik foil at ti o'clock a. 'm.. arrive hi LYN'CIIKI RO next morning at 4 a. in., connecting w;th tlie trains on tlie Virginia Teune*see Kail Road for MKMI'illS. Mai: Stages from Char lottesville to Ly uchbuig a distance ??l ?*? nnies. Fare from AN aslmiKtou 11? |,y nrtit*erg, ?7.7*. *? " ?? Aleuiphis, The moet expeditions route to the Virginia Springs? only six hours'stage travel to the Green brier White Sulphur. Leave Washington at *n. m., arrive at AA'HITE SULPHUR the same night. Fare from Alexandria to White Sulphur, .*I2/iO. The steamer GEORGE PAGE. foot of Seventh street, being owned In the Railroad Company, runs in connection with the trains. Tickets for Richmond and Lynchburg procured on the Boat. ICT^Oinnibusesand Hastate AA'agons will beat the Depot of the Washington Railroad, to convey pas sengers and Itaggage to the Steamtioat, for A iexan dria. a distance of six mile?, allowing ample tune for ineals. J AMES A.FVANS. Agent. Alexandria. July, 1Kt7. jy 8-tf |7<OR OLD POINT AND NORFOLK. The Steamer MARA LAND trill, on the 8th of -Inly. commence running regularly to thealiove placet, leaving Washington ? Eleventh-*!. wharf t ever* AVRI) N ESDA Y and SATI R l>AY al 9 o'clock a in. Re tiirning. will leave Norfolk everj MONDAY and Till KSDAA at 4o'clock p. m. She will touch, going and returning, at OLD POINT. PIN FA POINT, BLAC K1STON E'S ISI,ANI>,ami the usual landings on the Potomac. Passage, including meals, to Old Point and Nor folk. FIVE DOLLARS. je9>tf AVM. MITCHELL. I TNITKD STATES .AIAII. LINK. 0\L V KEdVl.AH LINE AXP WITHOUT FMLIRE K??S KI'.tIT 1K*W?. FOR CALIFORNIA AND OREGON V 1 A P A NAMA RAILROAD. H-tulnr Sailing Z>?y?, .V<k k J"'? of tack moatK. C mtion.-S" many frauds and niip-^i fi:> '? of various kinds have been tf?*I> ppri"''i rst?*d on travellers U>m>i<1 t,?< * A LI ?* F? >U \ LA. that the subserils-r. the only ant horized Agent for pisvne^ i,v the I . S. Alnil Line, via Pana ma. in iiie city of New A ork. leels it his duty to caution all persons seeking passage to California, that, to At om i-iro?iTio.\. they must tie carelul lo find the true office of the Steamships of the F. S. Mail Line, via Pa anna Railroad, as u?? other office in New A ork is authorised to engage passage. _ The Companies' have ??nl* one office hi Ar*' A'oik, which is at 177 West ?t reel, corner of A\ arren street, fronting on the N'UfJi River, at thchead of the C<>hi pany's AV liarf. K*/" Observe my sign over tl.e door. 1. AV. R.\A MONO. A sent. is P New A ork. I^HK NKVA A ORK AND I.IVF.H I'OOI. 1 V SITED i>TATE.\ MAIL STEA M E KS Tht '4m L??tr nrt. : The ATLANTIC Cnpt. Oliver Kldridg*. TlieHALTIC . Capt. Joseph Comst?H-k The ADRlA I'lC.?....? .... Capi. James AA est. These slop* havinglieen i-uill hv eontraet ?xprensiy for Mie <?overmueiit s??r\ tee.ever* rare has iK'en taken in tiieir constmctMti. as nlso hi their engines, to in suie strength and speed, their nccmmiiodatioiif for pas>eu?ers aie unequalled lor elegance and com fort. Prieeof pa. sage from New A"ork to Liverpool, u. Iir-t uilnu.^l is; in ?econ?t do., &Tt: exclusive useo| extra si^e ^l;lle rooms, (tli. From Liverp<Mil to New A oik, '>* and ruineas. Au expeneneetl Sur geonaitacherl toesdi uliip. No lierths mn lie >-ecuied ?ii?t11 prtid lor. The ships o| this line ha\ e luiprnvtd watet tight I'ulk iieads. PROPOSFD DATESOF SAILING. V?o*l \K\VVORX. ! Fto'il IIVV RP?M(t.. Saturday, June ?" iR."<7 \A'e?1ne.>Ml!?y. J une .'I IR"i7 Snturdat, Jnly ? IHS7 AA'ednesdaj, Ju!y ? IS.">7 Saturday, July la .. lx.?7 Wednesday, July l?.r.7 Saturday, Au?. 1 ln."?7 AA>di;e.-da>, A ug. 5 IW7 Satnrdav,/Aug. )">. l;o< AA'eduesday, Aug. IS lKj< >ai urday. Sept. I?' .. 18571 \A'edne-day, Sept. 2 I8S7 Saturday, Sept. ^ tf-7 AA'eilnesday, Sept. tar>7 Saturday , Oct. K'.. . I Ho? AA'eduesday, Oct. 14 IK57 Saturday, Oct.2* . 1>IV7 AV?>duesdny, Oci. & 'k">7 Saturday, Nov. 7 . IKW AA'eduesday, Nov. II I8.S7 Saturday, Nov. 21... IW AA'eduesday, N?iv. iS Ih?7 Saturday, Dec.5..... I&i7" AA'eduesday, pee. o it.7 lAA'etlaesday, Dec. ^3 1857 For Ireicht or p??vge, apply *o KDAVARD K. COLLINS, No. =?, AVail etr*e4, New A ork. BRfiAVN. SHIPLEY A CO.. Liverpool. STEPHEN KENNARD A CO.. J7, Amtin F"riars, London. H. G. AVAIN AV RIGHT A CO., Parn. The owners of these ship* will not tie accountant for gold, bilver, huliiou, specic. jewelry, preciouc stones or metals, unless bills of lading ar? signed therefor and the value thereof expressed therein. je r, U'l'KAMKR GEORGE PAGE. HOURS OF DEPARTURE. Leave Alexandria at 4>?, 7'?, 9, in?*,1 12>L3. 4*>4.6V'. Leave AA nslnngton at 6,8, 11X. 1V, 4. 5K.7. ap 2"-d ELLIS L. PRH-E. Captsin. Daily line for edavards* fkrra AND LEESBl'RG, A'a., via Chesapeake and Ohio C anal.?The Packet Boats AR GOand AI.C. MEIGS, will coininence tnakuig daily trips to the alsive points. on Monday. March 23, leaving the wharf of AV. H. end II. G. Ritter, Georgetown, D. C. everv morn;ng at 7 o'clock, Sundays excepted; through in eight hours; leaving Georgetown at -seven o'clock in th? mor iing, the Boats will arrive at the Great Falls,oi AA'aslungton Aqueduct, al in a. m., Seneca al 12mM Edwards* Ferry at 3 p. in., w here a siage will be id tr.adiuess to convey passengers to L?e?liurg, Va. Returning, leave Edwards' ferry every day at rnue o'clock in the moruiug, and arriving m Georgetowr at sunset. . Through Tickets. $1.75. ^ Intermediate points ac follows: Great Falls or AA'ashiugton Aqueduct. 51' cents; Seneca, 7s oen's; Edwards' Ferry, %I.12; Loesburg, A'lrgima, including coacii, Sfl.75. Meals serveil on the floats at moderate prices. ?tnr^ AA". II. A H.G. RITTER. N IEAV ROUTE TO THE SOUTHWEST. MEMPHIS t CHARLESTON RAILROAD COMPT.KTFI>?CONNECTING Ch"fta*oot*, Tf?*.; Charlrxion, S. C.: Strin tiiih, tin.; nmi all tkt Aoriktatltrm cities, tcilk Mttfirkii, Tin*. The 'a#t eonnee* ir.c link of Railroad; etw?en NEAV YORK ANDTil E MISSISSIPPI RIVER. This road is n<iw comnleted and opened torthereg ular transportation of Passengers mid Freight, and will afford more Expedition ai d le?s Expense than any other route between the Northeast and South west. Passengers and Shipper* wiil take due notice thereof, and govern themselves accordingly. Passenger Trains leave Stevenson daily at o'clock,a. hi.,(after the arrival nf the tram* from Chattanooga and Nashville,land arrive at Alemphi* same dav at 7 p. hi., connecting with First Class Steam Packets to New Orleans. .tuU all other impor tant points upon the AA'esteni If ivers.* Uoo*(a coll signed to Kdilroait Ac?*Mts at *'harlcston or >>a>an nali. will t>e forwarded to Memphis and other pointa, b? Express Freight Trams. Freight hi charge of the Adetn? ExpresR Cow* pan\ is carne<i over Una route daily t?y the I'r sner. gertrams. F. C. ARM?f General Suj enuteudent, IlcKTsriLt.E, (Ala.) Ami i>:, ia:.7. ? Through Tickets to M<*mrhi?, Ae? sold at AA'iN mtngfon. N'. C.; < harlestou. <4. <*.; Augusta. Savan nah, Ma<-oii. Atlanta, and CoImiuIih* Ga : Alo?itgou, er?. Ala.; Chattanooga, and Nashville. Tenri. To connect with the Western Trains ou I his mad, passengers will take tlienxiiMraiiis iroui Wilming ton. N. C.; Augusta, Ga.;ChL'ltanoogn and Nashville. Teiiu.; and the r/n'j trains Iroiu Charleston and Kingsville. S. C.; and Atlanta, Ga. ap 7 tl |4\ SECOND IIANI) PIAN??S. RANGING IN IA? price Irom $ls to .SI2S, just n iri i r I ra from Baltimore. The* are \ ery g?MKl. Ky'JRJ Also. I5l>eautiful new PI A NOS in t'tore* ? ? i I' recently received from Boston Highest price given for wld Pianos in ?xchange for new, Reiiiemlier our tiuin'ier is [>*. near l?*th street 1^ twee.. 9th and |nth. JOHN. F. F.LLIS. J? innn CTOIMKH OF ROSALIE, THE PRA HRR/ne flower, the iiio?.t lieautiful song ever published. Also, Darling Nellyr Orav, Music in the Air. and all the new music of the day nist rec-ived at our Piano and Musio Store. .*??,Iietween '?th and Kith streets. JOHN F. ELLIS. JT I" , \riRGINlA ILLUSTRATED, containing a visit | to the A'lrgitna Canaan, and the ?utveiitu'es of Porte Cray ou and his oousuis, illustrated from draw - lugs by Porte Crnyon; price Leonora D'Orea, a novel by G. P. R- James; price 5? oents. Just published, and for sale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S IWkstore. jy 14 4t (I at A U'uio?> near 9th st. 1?OR SUMMER USE?AA'a h?v? Iresh stock of [ Bay Ruin, Cologne, Tiolet AA ater; all kiisis o| Soap. Shaving Apparatus, Brushes. Combs, Pow ders. Sewing. Birds, Fans, Ac., at our great Fancy b... Ml^ ^MoTAiinHI.IN * CO. he PiH-ITICAL TEXT BOOK OR KN cyelope<lia, containing everything neoesaary for the referenoeofthe Politicians and Statesmen or the United States, edited by M-W.Chwkey, I wl..? yo; (jy M) I RANCHTA\LOR. Traveler!' AND IMPORTANT IVn ALL rarts'01 Tlib WEST. hALTIMORh A Mi OHIO HAILKOAU riie recent extension and ?f?rtnnni ?n?e< ti?i linea at the \\>-t tire revision of the rnuuinc arm..*.- menu artkar^i l,,*WjjUDK'i1??t adi nutate. t<. ti.^rV.^ elerar# secured. thi arid alter MOMuv i " hi n7. Til R KK PA 1LY TRAIN* M hnth direction* Dw thronch M>??nn?er? f?* ACCOMMtHUtltlNYRMN tla, . fruw crumlrn Mtiwm, B>l*wwre.M 7 \ \i KAV.'.'Jr cJmTmmSVS}11' TR A,N (Hester e, js'kje 'cf Willi train* for rieveiand. Toledo lui,,, ,"'i pla-# ?JKSi.SSS -A' .c r\ PK K<S TR li v1^11^. *"* <*'NCI\*5I ATI '' > ' " . 'K A I N lenve. dailt at \ ns I* \| ?"?-t?'*aiI Jfcwml ai 9 a. exrnas* *i?,?. Ironi Bellai re to t Met mm It. <?r?r*?Wf ,^M. ,, r?r> ?f f rlmri^ry.) and machine ||,#re , , J i>mr? from Baltimore and * horns fr.?n WukiM ' ln"- It *!??> <*<I|IH?'<-|H |)| rroll), hi tmih direction* nt i.ralto,, with ears l>* I'iikrr>1 uro *,?! \Urietf% r.*.N ,..r,.Nike. Cmetnn. " He' TheSuSK . .-on.e.-t Vt \pfii* I?r |n4mMp*4i*. Cliicauo and St | I'*""- aodal t luriiiiMti with the (.rent Ohio mid \|i?>i>M|ipi l.x|>rfi<i |?>r l.oniftville Cairo and S? Hil'thS''*"".V" 42'"'"f from* iwiiiiin?rf. h* fhis tnnii the ttuv to all thr ??:""!Urr" r1*'*?? ,H? Wwt i* much X | he -ty tmmrr ? |nw ?? m#,^ ??' '"?*???? I he alx-ct^at o| other route*. From I h# West * iie?e rpiwKlliT m' -"*?"?>> ?' Vfi "sfrwtf&i&rai is ? Camden Station and at Waskimrton. 4). C ?>r WtakimtM ma. ??? tkt tmlirt re?<# tw Hnititht, by tuiin* n>or> >",t "vw 41 ^ umlieriaixl or < >*fc Mad, ami reMimiNft next ii>.>rniti* Wheelinr Ac oscsv.'sj.-"-cT-tijna i* Th,rJ7)fi "V PASSKKQERS. i ? tel..umberj?ml Aooommm^mmni Tnun at 7 A M \yh 'oiIm*liln!*'.'.1 IO'l!,Wut "'CumSerlarnt. and thi.' ! V ,<','*nd cotric Weat. f>a(wxr<) * th?? \t* ' v- f *<???*? M * 1 ** rM,c'",,K Baltimore n'orth\vk?ti:r\ vikuima HK A NCH. Iw?tw?fr n\A P^rk^rntiurr % nrTi^.r:^^,te The riJHDKRM'K TRAIN atarta at 4 P. M ? <TP"* ?t * ay ?.iat ion*, l.eavea Frederick nt m I i ?pi "JiYi.'X V,**l>ft?nore IS n?M?n. A U "?l nl^ WII-l.TR M\ ieav^.nt J.4* 1 \i V?.!t - i'? V. ? Klliontt'a Mills at 7 a? M. .i l 4 | . M.? f xofpt Sundae. I-'? II U AS|J|\t?'!'()\ A\|) Till ^Ol'TH ^"r>p.M^iV:1- ?" ?* <??* a. m., \i' '?lo r*'r Baltimore at * and iva M.a,Kl3a,,d^i P. M. t ?n *?,*!*,. at 7 AM and Tl.efcrpt and ?>artlr1niina from Baltimore, awl the i Vu.r l,)* ,n'm ^Vaaliiiwtou, will t.* xpreiia mail tratna. atonpinc only at AVa?)uii*t(>n ?n<l AnaarK.ha /o?^,.' >U,l"*tf"> a?-d i"s? tri^VL4 f!"nr' *nd rhe l..n? r^iVf^m Ae^li^ "W?to* t With the KnVVTv'ii'a '"I*1"'11: fnrr- *r- "p*'* '?J. T. JJ 13-tf Mr><terof Tr7snsportattoti, Halfi:rK>re. TO u esti:r\ tranV.i.krk. * . ri>!\; AND>m4CK Arraxctlcc<tt*. NORTIIKRX CKXTRAf. R MI.WVV nro DAILY TRAIXS TO PITT^R VR<i A \ n THE I V x? Jt-l.y l*t. ISM, TWO DAI J ' , ' ?,'*v ' ' al\?*rt Station for Pitt !'iJie" * Uea,*TM ",l<1 ,,r North western THK MDRMM, M UI. TR \|\ ?Uil> tSnmUj exorpte.1) at a P. >.y Willi tliC Mail Train rnerT|,e V.'p Al 'f'ilo rH7.r.r'- "rr,\?'? m ?*?H-t.,..a11 ar ,TI1K U TI RNomv lAl'RKHS TR \ |\ M.Cr'llatmiJS!* ^ * ' Su,H,?,? ?***<*; ?' ?> ?* i TIIKNIWIIT lAI'ROS TR \|v l^?\?. BoltuiHirel'AI.KV M??HTat P VI V,h FNP.e/,". er .i,e iv ', ' at I'll? ? '? ^".n.-cf d.?e V * I iifwirr w?t,i frnm? ovff iUt Fi't + Kmrm Fo t ?"./*< um.trk.rngr and It- \Zihin ",4,i ?"?i??itiot,^. * ? Il I :i>ffnrori |i.rClnrojii, R.?|| l-un^l Hurt. Vi"!***1 -1"*" t?i'y, Mi'watik^e, lliilnique *4t pan " a,N"7 r,,,r- Ike N-.rti.wr^' rout". ili?ii*? o| car-. t?y hkim tk.i ...'J i. f"T 4 >ve:.iMl. Saiula^kf, T?l?h iuj'i" lotite. ?n<l tbe tin?- m Mne ?t'lihed. Umiu 4j|.|ii?-- -lio,., | than an\^, i.. I a.-/engpr? |.?r t?i. I?i>ai-, lndnitap<>lih, 7>r re 11 ? ill-. ? airo, ni'd all |w.i?i* .,tl the ..?rr nn.^ t PPT MiM-i??ippi n.akf le>? ? !.-?n*e? ,,t <vra ami arrive in advanre oTan) other route: aj?.l to Cinrir; !'n? i Dn>t?m. I.oim?\i |eai?1 other ?rofH ? Jf v?. <l,,l<*l? l?* any other route a.-.YlJ, #."!V'* ^"wkkii ihKon.ii ?r.u *nrftl>rii wtfk r0ff, T, olt4 ? for the south. ? oi IV . 8n<< ' ? v<* "aiu-wwaeoc y ?II* r.*pre*ic Irau^ over the Ihiupliin r.wul for w/ ai?"raVi'-i iL 7hrS" P?l^ ai??i t anvu. ihuv fonnn c the mo*t dire. f rnjfwa? vi'w x" V'rlii WPM0rn ?>""-*l?I .a a?'d \VeVterri ill find thiM the ahortevt atidV^aiiiSiT^ "" >l ejtredlol:!' Ui Nlajtara Kai ? Tlirough ticket* are msne-1 to Pl.iJid?!i?h?a via Coliiml?ni and Ijinca^ter. hr al! tram>, at tmu harinr sure ci'i nt-cfimi*. ^ere l>y thi? route avoid tre?tl?><t l>ridcMi and all the iiiemivenieutM ?>i lerrr across the Su-qtiehaiii.s l'a>-eu*prs |or llanovr. Manche?rer. Gett? -Nir? tnnSaitls'ASfllSrsp ?? b, the Patenter* for UKUKORD SPRINGS leave n. ii } "T ,0 P M..ormn?*<iM? with train* l- ri*",'1 Hailr.?d to llat.tuafdoai, ai.J ?o broad Top h"ilroa<t to Hop?w*ll^thence l?> ? r[ roarht* t?? Bedford, over a mad nn>?ir paa*ed by nny in the eouiitrV. t'are ft. Vi I .?l^?euKer!? for > CRK SPRINGS. I"PHR\TA CALKDONIA ?* Warm WM HI.IVi; GAP ?? and I'A PK R TOW V, leave liy trr.,i> at R.?5 A. M..P. M. or in P VI TK WRRTMINSTBR BRANCH. I ne I ar* on thin r?^id make f>ut ove trip per da? ewmectinj W'th the 3 P. M. tram. P ' or TlfROHill TIC*KTS and further ,nf .r niatioi, apply at Ike Ticket Olfice. Calvert Mat iiiori* c"ri,er Calvert arttl Fraiikliu -tret l-. Ba ti Bankable Fuada only received for Fare. jy H ?PHK organization AND MANLVRF.v <'L:te:r 'r1"; >,y ,i?ir,tun R,I,? ,n. ^%V> ? * Lundou, 1857. r"* ;!"rin? F.nrine. t;y Nain A Brown - 3d edition, etiiarcetl, 1 vol.. Loudon. 1KV?. Outt urn* on the Marine Steam KnxiM.and Kxami ? l?srl'n 1 Hpers< ',y N!un 4 Br"wn?1 v,?l- ? BiMirue s Cateciii.iaofSteaii Knc.nP. near editior. enlarged, London, 183T. Murmy on Marine' Steam Vessel*, and the screw. I vol., I.oi.don. Armatron* ou Steain Bioler*. I rol., London. >-well ?.ii >team ^id U?comotion. I vol., London. Bourne .mi theJv-rt-w Prop. ller. i vol.. I^ondun. foihlon"16*1"1* 1 R,,d Bourne,1 vo , TheSt^mKneinefor If&nn and itcner, I vol., (.ondon. I he Indicator and Uj namoineter. l y Nain A Brown. I vol., l<ondou. Tue Marine Steani Knsine, |.t Lieut. tiordon.Rora >?vy, 1 vol.. London. Kaw*ou on the Screw Proreller.l vol.. London. ??e Mecaincten a V apu^r. par K. Pans, Capitaiue <V \ aiKaeaii, I vol.. Pans. I He'.. Him .rede Mar:..# a Vapeur. par Boa.neioex e? Paria.l apitwriesde VaiMseau. I vol.. Paris. I. I Ma-nines a \apeMr.p-.r Mr is. Batan.e ei .le.ien.?' vola.and atlas, Paris. Ptirn a Stcam KnKiue. il!u?trated ; HoMyn'a Manna U.J x *"" Rusaell on Staam a.,.1 >"a?u Navication : Patnla ur'* The n of 11,0 Meatn LnRine: R. ,,| ,? the Sle^? Kusiii? . W iH-di-rofl ? I i.Ncr-sH ?.f Stea..- \?v i?ati.Mi : I ori on ll.? > I cant h. urme: stmn'a \i,er <l..:e-..| ike Sieaui Kbji.^,.' m.|h.; ?m| , j*'t 1 K A.NCK TA\ LOR I "NITLU STATUS PATF.NT <i|*FICK, v' * \U?uiv.roN.J?lriMiiT. ??n I he r^t i?i.?n <d James Sanfor.l. ?.J Re^dm:. ? onu.. p.?? me f..r the exlen?ioU ,,| a rra.iN ?! I''1" 0.1 the l.'ifc o| Oclol^r. U?J. |..r an i.iip!o.e i.H-r.1 in nliaw eniter*. lor *r\eM evpiratio,, .,( vaid pate?f, wkicli r^k-s- yfc+ 011 the LI 11 da\ of CK^ober, IS..7: l? im onlere.1, thai the p-|,i!...: U b.?ard at the latent Oil,oe ..,i Mooda*. the ?i?h Sepieml^r next. ?i .o <*I.N'k hi.: iisl ?ll peiMsin art itotilied to appearand alum cau%c, il any ihey k.\e, wh* Mi.d petition ou*ht not to l.e icranted. I ersous oppoMi.K the extension are reqmmlto ti> i-i llie pr.t?nt Otli-e their <dvec?nHi?. KPe<*:tilljr ?el lorth 111 wrilltiK, al lea <t twei.l? da>? l>e(??re tk?t day o| h?arinr; all testimony tile.1 l.y eittier part) to !?? iik*x| at the Maid iirxnnn' l>e taken and transmit ted in aeoordam-e with Ihe mini <d Uie < iltloe, which Willie luriii>hed on application. The leatiitHHiy iu the?a?e * nn<eo|?Hie?l -?n the IRu. of **epteml*r: depo>iti..ns tim! oilier papers upon f te*t!i.h?ii> inu-l I* lilfd 111 llirOIt.-e on or belore the nn.ri.iuc o| that da> ; Iheariuineiilsjlsi.) , within ten da> a thereafter. IIrderrtl, ?1mi tkat this notice f?e puli!uhe?1 ui the I ".lion. National lutelli|teii.<er, ami Star, \\'ashin* Uhi. DC-R-publican., Md.: Pennsylva man, Philadelphia; Ihii'y Nesc, New York; and Post. Bo?t?n; once a week lor ihr<-? sue. week*, previous to llie Mih ui Sepien.her next, the day of hearuic. CIIARLF.8 MASON. CoiuaiisMoner ?d l atent*. P. S.?L?iitor* of the above papers will please oop), an.) setnl tlietr bills to the Patent Olfcoe. with a paper coritamine this nolice. iy ll-iaw^s. C. SCHNKIDKR wishes to iuf."?nn ihepuWie taa? "? '?r?T prepared to manufaclnreand lianr all kinds ot BKLLS in the naarestand most suixrtantial man ner. with or without Tulws. . *?arUr.'ar attention paid to arrangement ol SPKA K - I.NG TI BKS, Ac. Kstabhshment J71 Penn. a%*enue, between loth and llth atmeta.3d story. jeS>-lni* Balloons madk ok tiss^k papt k and Imlia HuWier, with Sponxefrw Spirit <>aa h-r day and (Ufbt aaeeusion. Just receive.I at jaw H. J. MoLAlGMLIN A COS.