Newspaper of Evening Star, 22 Temmuz 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 22 Temmuz 1857 Page 3
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L<m:AL INTKLMOENCE. Thk IVniBtS Vi?ito?s ? After some hour* spcn* by our visitor. ye.stei day. in examining va rious t> of interest about town, and in the ^joynfllt of private hospitalities, the scattered party wa- re-mustered for the? TKir to M??r*r viwojt. At two oVI?ck, tho excursionists. ncc-impanied by numbers of WMbiiigtoiiiHiiH. assembled on board the lieor^e Washington. an<l weie soon oil on tbc broad bo>om of the Iwauliful Potomac. The trip down w?* characterised by ;?real good fieliiir; and friendship on th*1 part of all ton* ?' in d?the Mayor, together with the members of the City Councils* and the coinmittee.s, doing ? vervthing In their power to make the trip a pleasant one to tno *tranger visitors; and from the remark* of gratification and pleasure of those la dns and gentlemen comprising the party, we should judge the efforts were not unsuccess ful. Purine th* trip down, the excursionists were regaled with crackers, cheese. and ice water. ? here being neither time nor room on board the lioat for more extended hospitalities. The various t uids played, alternately, some beautiful popular airs, giving to the occasion a lively and agreeable ? irn. The du ks of the little steamer were crowd t d to an extent that was productive of some close n> king, there being upward* of 5UU persons on l oard l'hi.s fa< t. however, did not interfere with ?hi general harmony which prevailed, and all of the vi?if>rs seemed. by their jovial merriment, to I>e largely par?i? ip.itnig in the universal satisfac t ion. Arrived at the shore of the Washington estate, ? he party dwmliai k< il and made rapid strides up ? he winding paih to the lomh. The laugh and iwst now hushed, and with faces expressive of re spc< t amounting to the most profound veneration for the memory of the great Revolutionary Chief tain, the excursionists gathered around thespo* where all that is earthly of the out e great man now in the silence of death. The Mariut Band, led by l'rc>f. J. Ksputa, stood near by anil performed an appropriatedirge.arranged by (Lei: temporary leadei expressly for the occasion, from I he "*Jul Tollis" of Farmer's celebrated lirand Alass, in a style which added gieatly to the so lemnity of the scene. Nearly every visitot bioke a small twig from the overhanging woodbine, which clusters rouud ? he tomb, and the paity then prtx eedetl to the Vernon Mansion, which was. as usual, thrown open i'or their reception The visitors, after remaining here for some time, taking a stroll through ihe gardens and the M.rrounding grounds, and gathering from every bush a sprig, or from the pebbly ground a me to l?eever afterwards treasured up by ibem '.w a reminiscence of the occasion, left the house ?vi?h many expressions of regret at the shortness of 'he visit. At the tomb, in reluming to the ltoat the party nil stood for .?i>\\* moments grouped around the vault while a dagnerreoti pe of them was taken by Prof. \imnio, of W hitehurst"* bailey They thru proceeded to the boat ami in a few moments were oB again for Washington. I'or soiue miles up the liver the excursionists maintained a becoming silence, which gradually wore off as the iwvat receded fiom the scene so .'aught with holy iiiteresi to every American heart, j The several delegations from the Wtst held meetings 011 the de- k, and appointed committees to confer t??gcll?rr and report resolutions of special thanks to our ? iti/ens for the gratification aflo.dtd *o them b\ the visit to the gtaveof Washington Mr II II Robinson, one of the Cincinnati vis ? tors, introduced to the assembled visitors our worthy fcllow-ciMxeii, Mr. Jefferson. President j ? i-wforr ??f the c ity Common Council, who addressed the visitors, sitcaking iu warm terms of ihe a'ion ailordcdtoourcitizens bv having an ?pj*>rtuiiity to welcome to our holders and ex ?'uau^e courtesies with our brothers and sisters I'om the far olt prairies of the West, lie said ? ti >t occasions like these were the best means of ? eiuentiug the union of the States, by coming to. ?jether as friends and brotheis and feeling that all were allied in one great cau-,c?that of union and peaceful relations. j Mr Jefferson had no sooner coin luded his re- j marks, whit h weie listened to in silence and re- j -ponded to great manifestations of ciilliuM- j ? >?i bv tin* a-Miiibled company, than Judge !-'? nil ^ro-e and i ompliuientca him on his li.ipov and appropriate rcmaiks but ? "iitcndfd thai flit nit n had enjoyed a monopoly of the speech, and n a spirited and eloquent manner rebukid the ? -ov.ti for nor giving way for the lient fit of the ,.?li,'s .lying that he was. to some extent, and '.ally on this oc asion. an advo- ate of wo man* rights. he proposed that Mr Jeflvrson be introduced to the ladies personally. ^lr .1 , w:th his usual m<*desty. trlu-hingly re ? ponded t" this p:oposa!. saying tha* be Wastmly -orryth i' M. s .1 was not pre>en? ti> partake \Vith ?. in of the gratification vhict* siicn a ??ompli ni'.nt afi->rd?d. and st.pped gallantly forward, '?leiviug gracefully Hie honois bestowed upon bim. and the approving glaines of a battery of daneing eye- who h were levelled .'it him. Speei h-making now liecame the order of the day. and several of the toiporaie di^nit irie.- of ? :ai.innati addressed tiie assemblage. Among the speakers was Major Brown. Prosccutinv: At foiiiey of t'iiM innati. and Mr. Bishop, one of the Council place: also Mr. ti \V. Ciippeii of th^ Ciiinanaii Times The poetical Alf Bur nt t*. ex editor of the Cincinnati llonn- Journal and one of the most distinguished knights of the " ?'K k ami buckskin" in the West, the > ''iiipany with a recitation of Russell's great diauialit composition,"The Maniac." and aftcr war?ls Mrs Norton s "Dying r?,'' 1,1 a manner whii h eif h 'ined the attention of all who listened The enjoyment was universal, and when the l?oat arrived again at the whaif everybody was surprised, ami regretted the temporary breaking up which w;:s ue e<-ary in order to get the party f-om the Imwi landing lo the banquet hall Ilow ? vi". ?h^ ne?es?itv eiistvd and had ti> lie endured, a id th?- . .images in waiting were sj>ee?lily tilled to overflowing with the exciiisiouists who weie soon on their way city-ward C.iRUst's saloon. Th? e?t ursinir.sfs reat bed Carusi'sSalooii alrout H o'eloa k on their retarn f'om Mount Vernon, t red. dusty mil heated, but in capital spirit*, ;nd the large hall into winch they were ushered, niider ttie Saioon. speedily n sounded to a peifect ilalK*! of voices as the big-lungi-d Weslernersex ? hanged experiences of travel or compared their Mount \ criion souveuiis. Most of theui hail bun d'es of ?? Mount Vernon walking sticks." pnr ? hasitl of the venders down river, and m which In1 pu i liasrrs had an implicit faith, quite ie freshing to all stagers heieai^outs. who are iiwate how much Maty land hickoiyhas lieen -old under that head, by ihe cute down-river darkies. While "lie Ikiliquet was being |?rej*ired over J:-ad. gallons ot lemonade, with a tlash of whis key thrown in "lc- take oil thcchiil,'1 wasseived out to the thiisty souls, while in the yard a pic 'urcMjuc nl fit>c.i sccne was presented of txtur s uusis - a taking a goisl hearty wash with soap and water to clear away somewhat the ?lust accumulated In their ample whiskers ami inoustarhc*. i-f wh:ch facia apisiidaget almost ? very Tians-Aile/Lanian had a formidable di> play thl mxi cEr. shortly niter T o'clock the guests were sum moned, by the ?ound of music, to the* sup|<er res'in. wheie hvc rows of table.-, ? xtendtd liom north to south, the entire length of the hall, were spr?-d with s.u h app* tisin<: sulNitantiala and tlel ? i' .icie as I'oVut ini knows s,i well how to provide. ;iri*l itiso to *e:Te uji with a taste g;atif)ing to tht ? vi- as well as to the palate. At ilie northern end o| the vimiiu, a tal/le on a rais^if platform was pre '?arr^l fur th?* Mavor of the city and for disiiu J'ul^hid gil? -ts S its were prssvaled ;?? the d rt> lent tallies for .-.I 1? ast lour hiticiicd ami fitly ih-Isoiis. and all of ? hi ii. were aliuti'taiiMv <s ? up:i u The lon^ cen tie l^l?le arian^ed ? -p?-i ;ailv tor lady guests, was ' '"rafiu load* d wi'h IrMKjuets. and the <eutie p\ rain'dial ? unlet ii<>11 bore the iuscriptioa . ' I Kt.e? of the Wi .1, welt'omr to the I-ity (if Washington.'* Ni a. by \? i an alienor,cnl pyramid, illustra ?ive of tlii* pro*peiity of ihe I'uiled States r? s:ilt lirj f on. ' heir t ohiiih n tal and iiniusti ia! enter pru? s This was *el <uj by i orimcopias, a steaui bnat. railway liam. Ac AnoMier pfi r t .? pi?-se:iUil ?h? a'liisof the I'nion t n a ns k shadidln a stately Palmetto tret: and n not he* the great Tnuote of hilieity, with an altar, the rhryi*i^u ? ap. \ i. I'vijinais of fioweis flints, and t onfeetions ,-idoiM.d -he vsr.ou talili.s. making a di spUyal fo^itlier I rid liable, to the ? alerer, Cj|w'ial(y in . oiisid* rati"n of tin fact tl?at it n id lieeu gotten up it bareiy iwi !vc hours' n<Hice lu liie side loom to tl? uo.tbiast the mindful i vei ? oiilil note r|o/eiis of champagne boltli * t k a I oolmg bath in n e water preparatory lo b?"i.g uncorki'd I?n t|?e pla'fo m wi iiottl,fi Mayor M.cruder. Ifttn Howell ?'obb. s. , re'diy of the Treasury. ? W LVnvt i. i ommi's omrnf ln?iiui \lTii.-, 1'id^e Bowli.i, ?f M*? . Hon John \ppbton As- j ? s'a-it S?-? ???*) "f Stale Mavor t 'awfoul, i r?i .?r ^etown, the V|?\or of Chill'Ot lie. Mrs ||. | W Williams and Mr.. Spaulding of St l/mi., | Aide i in.ill I" i. I son of St l.oi; is, 1) |Iggie?ion rep. i ??s? uiii'g the ? lai ianati delegation. Kob't Ould, I of (,t?vti?w?, U ii! Cilpjieii, fisq .("Invisible j 'Tieea '.of 'in ?'iiH:innati Times, and. last but ' not least, N'f'i'l ll'irnelt. Ksq , si*' tal torre -pondt nl t?f the Wi -tei n press and 1 iii' e of go?id f? ilow? THS ATTACK. The gn? ?t> havin-' i?^? n mj>i d? M y.?r M igruder -ave the si^jiui for atlack. bv sayiaj; 'hat ?? if iheir appetites were as good as I ? th-v wo-,lil not wa?: for an invitaiioii to fall of v* ha! was before them." aud they didn't; ?>u* inmed'atrly washenrdsii h a clash of knives *":,,l ks. such a popping of ? h.iinpague . o k-. . ad such a iMuiiiig of drmaiids for this or that favor iu viand, as nid.-jaied Miat ail other i onsid e a-.ions wrrt merged in tue present one of minis. I ti-ring to the iavenon? appe ite induced by a lony j ?MMunr, sdavu(<en air sciamble, in town ami out"! sPtrtMfcs A Mi TUA?Tl. The tables having l?**e!i cleared? Mayor Magi ude: ojienetl the liall of ?|>ee>-h> ' n.ak ng and a neat, playful I and'e??. in his happiest style. We may say heie that the Mayor, by his frank. I oil-hand manner?With a dash of bumor. loo? j ? on'he entire hearts of our vinitois; aud the ex* ' I ' tarnation* in our hearing?:t h<- i* a trump V* " a , hos* ?" ?- a whole team "?were uttered rrn phasi< The Mayor contrasted the marked change sioce Jbr time when it wa* a day's journey to Balti more. and the Washington tnercbant,' going to New York, insured hi* life and made his will. (Laughter.) And to go as far wf<l as Zanesviiie, j Ohio, was counted as reaching the very jumping off pla? e. Thin was not a great while agp. being within his own recollection?and he v^as but a little over a quarter of a century old himself* I Tremendous laughter 1 This mightvchange had been wrought in this short time t?v American genius and American enterprise. through the em ployment of steam as a motive power. Com* meriting further upon the marvellous results achieved i>y steam and electricity, he announced as the first regular toast: "Our Country." (Drank standing] Music? Hail Columbia. bJ Alluding, then, to their visit that dav to the tomb of the Father of the liberties of his country be nave as the next regular toast : ' George Washington." (Drank standing and in silence.J ? The following letters we;e read bv the Mayor: _ , lWashi.\gtos, July'-'l, lfe57. Gentlemen: I have had the honor to receive your invitation " to meet the guests of the city from the \\ est at Carusi \s Saloon, this evening," and I sincerely regret that pressing engagements will deprive me cf this privilege I was most happy to give them a cordial welcome this morn ing. Railroads are truly said to bind the different Bortions of the Union together in bonds of iron, lut neither iron or adamant is so effectual for this purpose as kind and patriotic hearts from dilig ent and distant states united together in bonds of mutual respccl and affection, and in a common love for our whole great and glorious country. These l>onds are always strengthened by sucli visits as we have received from our Western friends, and I most heartily wish them a safe and prosperous return to their homes. Yours, very, respectfully, .. .. James Bdchanax. \Y illiam H. Magriuler. Ksq., Mayor, and Walter l.enox. Esq , Chairman, Ac Ac. Washington, July-21, lcj?. Gentlemen: I regret extremely that some mat ters of a pressing public- nature will prevent me from accepting your noii'e invitation to "meet i the guests of the city' Ibis evening at 7 o'clock I With the highest regard and respect, I am very , truly yours. Joun u. Floyd. ' lion. \\ U. Mag ruder and Mr. Walter Lenox. Washington. July 21, 5 o'clock. Sir It will be Impossible for me to beat the en tertainment to which you hive ticen kind enough to invite me. Nothing could have prevented me except I consider a paramount duty. If my absence should happen to noticed I hope you ; will make my apology. Most truly yours, ?"fce., J. S. Black. : Dr Magruder. Washington, July -it, 1,-57. Gentlemen I regret that it is out of my power to accept the invitation with which you have fa vored me. to meet the guests of the city from the Wt st, at C'arusi's Saloon, this evening. I am gentlemen, respectfully yoursT Lewis Cass. W B Magruder and Walter Lenox, Usqs com mittee, Ac. '1 he Mayor prefaced the next regular loasi by expressing the regret felt by all there, that the person to whom i! reference, and who was distinguished by his patriotism, firmness, and the purity of bis < haiacter was not present as had been htqied II" gave them? ? I'lie 1'iesideiil of the United States."' Drunk standing, and with three cheers; fol lowed up by three more, nffer which another ! hree weie thrown in by way of full meatnre, after the hearty manner of these Western boys, and whobad come away bum their morning inter view with the President ? Huchauanites to ;? man.'' as one of thfm expressed it " The Cabinet" wa? next toasted and? Mr Secretary Cobb, received a "loud call' to rt - -pond Having express* d his great regret that his associate in the Cabinet. Mr. Cass, was absent, whocotild -^appropriately speak to the West, ht proceeded to give his warm thanks for the cor iiiiiiiim r in which they h id been pleased to meive the sentiment whit h he was . ailed upon to reply to (n glowing language Air C. went on to remark upon the advantages of inter-com munication by railroad facilities whereby those separated by the wide.t distances were brought together and made fa-? friends, [cheers J Our visitors were about to turn their steps homewards but were they to continue ?h- ir journey eastwaid or southward, they would everywhere reee:v? the most<? ordial greetings, [cheers j Warmly he ? xpressed h.- convalion of the desirableness of a better acquaintance among the citizcus of the dif ferent States. He would only say. as far as the i ad ICS were concerned, that if we knew each other better, we should love each other more. [Great laughter and cheering ( (Toing oil to express hi. unbounded pride in his own native State, where the bones of his ancestors rested, and where he expected to lay his own at death he thanked God this inght that he bad ? heart to love every inch of soil m our broad country [Tremendous ap plause j He would detain them no longer [Cries of ?? Go on!" ?? Go on ] Mr. Cobb, however, beat his retreat with the humorous remark that ?? those who would have him'go on* were not those who were prepared to * go on themselves." Mayor Magrmler now proposed a toast: ?? To the Umpire Stale of the West?Ohio." Calling up? Mr. J. Brown of Cincinnati, who replied ap propriately for his State, the land of the grape and the wine. and. in concluding, expressed the warm interest felt by the people hi his part of tiie countiy mi the National Metropolis as lielong inn to them as well as to us. The next toast given, was t?? Missouri, the young giant .-state of the W> ->t " 1'his was responded to by Henry \V. Williams of St Louis, in one ot the most telling speeches of tht evening, he had an old document in his huncl, in which the writer tells of being lorty-flve days in -hat year (IrJI) in travtliir.' from St L"uis to Washington. Now tin trip could tie made in less than forty-live iiours. In 1->?. an eminent Unglish novelist, in his descrip tion of his visit to this country, said that it was m ? on'empiation to build a railroad from Boston to Albany; but be adds, that the pioject was one of those visionary s|iecult;tions foi which Americans .?re prone. [Laughier ] Now. the speaker had just taken a. ride over !his very visionary road lie said that, on the occu-ioii of 'nc lale trip to the had the curiosity to examine the free tickets issued to ste how large a railroad interest was concerned, and he found that tl.tHKi miles ot railroad was there represented. It was the railroads, he said, which, despite all efforts of politician-. Would bind the different sections together; it was {he railroads which preserved as the national centre, this city of Wash ington. which was now lar away from the geo graphical centre; when fanaticism reigns, it was the railroads which brought them, in a few short h>>urs to the grave of the father of his country, lie cared not how high a wall of sectionalism might l>e built up todivide the people of different States, let them but meet at the grave of Wash ington, and they would strike hands as friends and brothers, [Great cheering, j Having product! three cheers Tor Baltimore and three more [or Washington, all of which were given with a will, the speaker concluded by expressing ?hc hope that at no distant day they should meet tlie ir Washington friends in a little private excursion th" western folks were going to t;:vc to the I'at iie coa-t on the Pacific railroad ' [Laughter and cheers.j The Mayor announced the next toast to be one to a 'Mate which has many hallowed recollections to the citizens of Washington?the '? r?iate of Kentnt ky ' Major Hallam, of Newport. Ky , responded in a speech brimful ot humor, in which, in allusion to tlie tall laiboad bragging elicited on this otca s.oa, he thought Ki ntut ky could not make mii< h -how in this line?her most noted achievement lieing the old Fiankloit road, famou<. for spitting its passengers ou ?' snake-heads '' They had hitherto thought their ??tale rather too hilly for railroad put posts; but since seeing the Baltimore ami Ohio Railroad across the Alleghaniey, be had come to the conclusion that taiiioads might be had in Kentuek v. and meant ou his return to w.ik*' np his home folks on the subject. He t:on cluded by tendering the people here a hearty in vitation, ronehedin b;n Wvvood- phrase as he said. II visit them in the West, bring their knitting, and spend a week with th^m (Laughter and ebeers J Ma v'oi Magruder now announced a special toast in be half of th? < iti/'lis ?.f Washington, 'o ' Th? Ladies To who h 'he ladies present answered bv a >t ntiment : 14 The Washingion Ladiet, we will ever re meiniier them heart felt seutiinents of jjrat |iu?le " Mr .lefti rson. of the Washington Councils, be ing called on bv 'h# Mayor, af'er a few introduc lo'y lemaikv orffifd the following toast : '?The Pre-s The sptaking-truiupet of a free people, when its voice is stifl-'d, they are no longer free, when its voice is hea;d, error can nq longer exist " W m Crippen. K-q , of the Western Press, re spontied appropriately, and ottered the following sentiment: ' AVash u^ton and its inhabitants: Washington worthy so be the Metropolis and its liihabitdnts woithy to be Metropolitans Mayor Magruder here read .1 toast offered by Judge Hvnii. of Cincinnati, prefa nig it by the remark lhat he i*1 it vetl Judge Plyun wasa bach elo : ? The Ladies generally; the Ladies present es pecially; and the Black-eyed Lady here to-ni"ht particularly.'' I Cheers and mirth, and all eye?. of i nurse, were directed to the " bla< k eyed la dy.'J I'he Mayor here, ill behalf of the citizens of Washington, expressed their thanks for the kind manner :ii whit tr the visitors had received our irnperfevl hospitalities, and then with repea'ed ent ers all around, the assemblage broke up. it be ing now near the hour for the return to Baltimore THl UEPAKTV'KE On? c more the long line of taniages came Into requisition, and accompanied by their friends and chajitronts, the Western visitors set out for the railroad station, and after hurried adieus and Interchangesof vi-iting invitation* the impatient iron-horse- ?umtnonrd the excursionists to take '.? ' S.Ca? V* sPeciaI train provided to convey tbciii to Baltimore. ,~'Y\ ? rlock P m ? 'kr 'rain left the depof. and I Ua j'n.^ 'ia"fls- hut* and handkerchiefs, hur rahs. and last parting salutations our visitors were whisked out of sight. We recommit them to the care of the Baltimo rcans who will doubtless t.ike solicitous care of them. The F pxkral or the latk Robert Faux HAM will lake place this afternoon at I o'clock, j from his late residence, corner of >1 and l(?lh *treeis. ! In the follow letter, received from the Rev.Sep J timus 1 ustin, will l>c found some further partlcu ; iars in regard to the sho:king death ol Mr Farn ham: Wilmington. Delaware. July 21, 1-37. Editor of the Star:?Having recovered in a measure front the shock, though not the sadness, occasioned by the sudden death of our worthy fellow-citizen, Mr. Robert Farnham, I hasten, as an eye-witness, to give you the details of that melancholy event. A more striking illustration of the deceptive character of human hope- and e*|?eetations can scarcely be imagined. Mr. Farn ham left W ashington on Monday morning last in company with his two daughters and his son, a lad of perhaps twelve years of age, with a view of spending a portion of the summer in traveling for recreation and amusement. Aliout 2 o'clock on Monday the train going .\orth turned aside at Ihe Man ton station, six or eight miles from Wil mi.igton, to make way for tli** Kxnress train "oln"' lo (lie South. As is usual in socu tase-s of tem porary delay, a number of gpiitleme-n, Mr F among the number, got out of the cars ai.,1 I0ii e-red about, wailing for the signal to resume their places. But a few moment elapsed, and the shrill whistle of the Express, followed by the stern mandate of the conductor, " All aboard " soon brought the stragglers back to their s ts. I occupiod a seat in the last ear. and happening to ook out of the window, saw Mr. F. walkiii" de liberately ,?n the track, and in the direct ion of the I.xpress tra;n, but apparently not conscious of his proximity to the rapidly advancing engine. I called to him at the top of my voice ?* to escape lor his iife, wlivreupon he made a sprin" to ward^ the car in which I sat. but it was too Tate riie cow-catcher tripped up his feet, and hurled ii.iii with teuitic violence against the other train I lie Express train pursued its course unconscious ot what happened, and our train began to niu^e The sad intelligence soon readied the engineer. the motion ol the tr?iin was i>roi!t(>tly irrcsteil. All. 1*. s body Wa< found on the spa< e lietween the two track*, with tiie face uppermost, and the hands somewhat elevated and elene lied. One of the msscngers tenderly raised the head and bathed the fai e in cold water, but the tide of life had ceased to flow. His children, whom lie had left but a few moments before full of hope and joy. gathered around I be lift-less remains of their lather, and presented such a picture of an"ulsli as |i h,,,*. never to witness again. We pro, eeded to Wilmington wilh the corpse, wheie it was properly cared for, and much .sympathy was shown by thecitizensof that beautiful city forthe bereaved and siititicn children. At lio clock last night, the corpse was placed in the car under the i art' of Mr. Ulanchaicl, who. in obcdiruct to & telegraphic despatch, had started from W ashiii" ton to Wilmington. W ith the sequel of this rad story you aie already but too familiar. As the children had no protector on Imard the cars after "ieir lather had been thus snatched from (heir side I felt it my duty to pause in my journey uorlhwaid and lake charge of them and the corpse uuul I >aw the ca? in which Ihey retuined to Washington, in coiii|miiv with Mr. Bianohaid. underway. Jo -ay that I .yinpalhize with the articled and orrowing family of the deceased, would be merely to acknowledge luv-elf nn?. sessed of the oidinary feelings of humanity 'ihe scene was calculated to b:cak up the fountain - of sensibility mi the hardest heart, and securcacon tdbutiou ot tca*s from eyes unused to weeping May the hand that has smitten mercifully sustain Very truly yours. Septimus Tpsrix. An I.Mrosr,?R?Look out for Him!?On the 10th of June last a person named Win II Evans made h.- appearance in this city, and won verv largely upon the svmpalhb - of his listener., by a plausible tale of distress. He stated that in was an Odd Fellow, to a lodgp in H wes vilie, Hiimoi k county, Kentucky: that he had been unfortunate in business in Ifawe sville, hail lost two interesting children in less than two week- by -cadet fever, whi? h had so ope.ated upon the mind of hi- wife, who was in a delicate situation, that she resolved to go to Philadel phia where her mother resided; that they left ilawesville for that purpose, but were detained on the road through Ihe failure of the cars to make the connection: that on their rtachiii" this city their fund- gave out: tuat a lady fellow"-pas senger. who was going North. seeing the condi tion of his wife and the neces-ity that she. should reach her destination Without delay, a-'reeel to I take charge of her to her mothers m J'lnladel | pbia. the husband to remain in this c.iy ene-r night, rest himself, and next day to walk >n to wards Philadelphia , that he walkwd the streets ill night, in a starving and distracted condition, not know inn what to do,and that ui the moruin-' it occurred to him that as he was an Odd Fellow he would seek some member of the fraternity and make known his condition At a store on Seventh street, where he made in ! quiries, hf was directed to 'he Star office t<? liud the X. O. of one of the c.?v lodges. Thereupon lie paid the Star printing office a visit , and making application to an officer of a city lodge. told so touching a lale ot distress that! he person appeale'd ' >? having;first sat i-fled himself that *ue applicant had really passed through the orders of Odd Fel lowship. gave something for his immediate ne cessities, and raised a sufficient -um in ihe office and elsewhere to enable ihe disties-ed husband to reach his wife in Philadelphia. His explana j tion for not bavin" a traveling caidfioni his lenlje. was that tlie N 1> and Secretarvof his lod 'e wete absent fiom Hawesvillt at -he lime he look his hurried leave Ac.. Ac On receiving the above-imiilio,ttd lelief this linn burst into a tie.od of tea1s, and ould only | -oil his thanks?.ippau-utly. 11 ?? managed, how | ever, to subdue hisfeeliugs suffioeully to promise j to return the money a- soon as he should reach Philadelphia ; then grasping Ihe haunt of his l ei - * factor lie inquired if he weie a parent, and lie-in ' answered affirmatively he tightened hi. grasK shed some more teats, ami. remarking with feel ing that as a married man and a father he could appreciate his -ituation, lie went bis way and was seen no more. The money was not returned, and an aiticle having appeare d in a Philadelphia paper respect ing the im|>ositions practised u|hj|! the Older in that city by a person who represented himself as from Virginia, a letter wis despatched to Ilawes ville to make inquirers, and a reply was received from ?? Hawcsville Lodge. \o 91,stating that in, such i>ersoil as William 11. Evans belonged to that Lodge, which was the only Loel^e* Hi the dace; also, that a letter had l?eeu received by that ^odije fiom the .\orlh State Lodge, Salisbuiy.N. C ,detailing siinilar impositions practistel in that quarter by this same individual, and who had obtained relief by much the same story as that so successfully usee! here This felle.w is doubtless on his travels, and it will be well for Odd Fellows and olh rs to t>e on their guard, as he is a scamp of no oidinary ad ?l:ess and plausibility. A New Rack ? ock-k.?The spotting men of o lr city have f<>iiii??l them .elves into a club for the purpose of ?- 'abltshing a ia> e ,?,ejr.->- at Ja< k s Ml C'ilv. Wl.e-ie III ? uuniiul ii is I,een - irv? v d by Mi l'e,rs\th .City Surveyor Ti.e tia. k i- i>. one- ruile in exte nt, running along the' rive, shore auil tiie- giound is .sai.l to b.- aifmirably ad.,pl,?t t? the purpose. Mr Cleavei lias i? engaged lo make- the- track, which is e xr- ? t- ,i to | be rridy for u-e in about two weeks. Tiiibu HisTr.tcT Police ? Vesteiday Justice Smith disposed of Ihe following eases : Mary Jones and Ann Maria Thomas, colored, were guilty of using profane language publicly in Ihe street, they ea- h were- Mned *J anil < osts Mary Ann Hrinkuaid was drunk and di-orelerly sent lo the workhouse for 3ii days. ||. C Dunn! a boy, was , lurged with larceny. bu? after a'i ex amination wa- discharged. Petriboxe'?. Fekht.?Our friends in the ad joining counties of Virginia and Maryland will j Ik* glad to learn that Mr John I'ettiboiie has made ' a considerable- improvement to the ferry from Aualoston ls!an<l, to (ieorgetown, and it is in "ood ? ondi'ion No doubt many residents of Vir?inia anel Maryland w ill make this tlieir usual way of e rossin^ the Potomac, as the river e in he i. tsseel i in live- minutes by the ferry A\ Ujsfortcxate ?A v??"g nian named J. Maloy was taken to the Fourth district police offi< c. as a vagrant yesterday, he having been loit ering al, nit the po.s! offi. e and annoying persons j having business there. He- wascommitted tothe ' workhouse by Justice tioddard It is said he is I a fugitive from the Baltimore Lunatic Asylum Convexriox of uil New Si hool Presbyte rian Chvrcii Socril.?Chanst in the rince of Matting.?The Christian Observer, of the lfith inst . contains a card, signed by Dr?. Ross, Boyd and others, giving notice that for local reasons of a satisfactory nature, this Convention will not meet in Washington, but in Richmond, on the ?27th of August, at Ihe United Piesbyterian church, at 5 p. m. City Improvements ?Commissioner Owens, of the Third and Fourth Wards, has received orders to proteed with the improvement of [ ?tree t. by grading and graveling, from Third to No'th t'apitol stieeis; also, Second slieet from Massachusetts avenue to New Jersey avenue. St.ipreii.?Eiieier Hand was taken before Jus tii e >niith yesterday for being disorderly in the street. W hile awaiting the arrival of an office charge of him. Hand slipped out of the office and took leave of his capture. <,T?.r R,v? ?A fr? negro. ndiriH Emanuel f-mnh, was drowned at the wharf of Messrs drinkinc fret lv t VCM'n~ ' h< ^ad l>ecn Ml he rolled oWMMothv"nd mediately sunk to the bottom and wLfaVLj fore he could be fishtd up There were ti^Mhrr men on the boat at the time ,.f the accident al no efTort was made fo save the nnfortun?>???? until too fo afford anv assistance ' Arrived if HileyV wharf?schr William Snea' .':rd:rA,u"-wi"'""" ,f I he steamer Maryland arrived up veMerdavaf s? ziftssxr -u<*k- ?"*>??

&P^;, WX, -as?; X'^/7, In h Water ) esterday, and has sustained no dam age by the accident; she will have to be lighten Ztd*?Zri?:r?r'she""comc "i"? "?*'?? Business at Norfolk was dull; fish very scarce, but plenty of oysters. ?,.r-'r <,;^r'|,a-'e took down this momlnjr un ^ . ?!uM P**scuue'? for the Virginia SpriniA. I Ins is the largest crowd of pa*>eii::er!i (hat hive s?tk a r-a?frt}'" ',h'" cityaf anyont ,imp , i/he,Coluni,)!a left on her regular trip to Balti ?" 'ward a large number of passen gers for Pinev Point. The I'owhdtan - o'clock this morning, down to Ulakistone's Island, on the National excursion T,1C par,V numbered upwards [ or .n*rpersons, and was ac. ompanied by Withers* t'i a.n ' I# likely to be a glorious tiip. jiJ*v r^'?rn sometime to-morrow morning. I he barque Indiana went lo Georgetown ye? eraay. to discharge her cargo of lumber She hails from Savannah. I At Armstrong's ship yard, yesterday two col ored men employed in repairing the schooner tillve were standing on the bowsprit f..ot rone * ,u ,br?k -, preclpitaticg them down on the ways below One of the men was severely in jured having several ril.s broken.and sustaining other injuries. . s Dor. INiisiiMx,, ?\\*e notice, in vaiious (quar ters. that the woik of destruction has commenced tipon the canine race. This iiiorniiig^wo iarge and valuable dogs were found dead on South^C stieet. Island apparently |ioi soned with strych nine. \\ e can sympathize with the owners of tine alliums lilt,, these, in such loss; but it quite r<-M!r'" is the public alarm inconvenience *?} . number of cuscn of Lvdropholiia cxhibithl this season, that the army of dogs with which the , y ls '"fested will not be permitted to run at large unrestricted. :is hetetofore. We advise oar readers who have valuable dogslu nntzile them or lie Iheni up at once. Another Victim.?A youth named Jas Simp son, residing at the corner of Seventh street .snd Pennsylvania avenue, was severely bitten in the thighs yesterday by a dog This dog seems to )>e a particularly vicious animal, as this is the thi:d instance of his biting children within a few days Wedding *r Br.owns"?Yesterday evening. Mr. J. E. Riity and Miss Trances Inguriuaii were united in the bonds of holy wedlock at Browns Hotel The service was perfomifd by the Rev. Byron Sumleiland. of ih- Presbyterian (uiirrij. __ J i! f. Stationers ok \\ashix<-To> will, we learn, dose their places of business at t n clock this afternoon, as a mark of respert to the late Robert Farnham. ^ Rfirt"K.\?.?This morning there was but one case in the central guard-house for trial Oeor?.- W. tiiaves. dtunk and disorderly, fine and costs, si jf,. OutAr Success of Vi'ltee A D'IngerV Me tropolitan Concert Saloon E\terpri?k.?We are without anything in the amusement line, save and eX'-ep'uiT the hInivc establishment. A varietv of>iitertainmen?s?singing. uaiicuu. etc.. will come oil to niKht. and ever* nemiu durinr ?ho we??k. 4 H>h Aiiie iH r i>li?r. Hip f.'tvorite danseusc, will ai> !?v Dick Watkins. the cornic v.?ral.Lta^d coineiliB". Al-r\..,jc of the finest uz <1ar-cers inthn \i- ",'n,I>l"'rv ^ A .Ijieneiiian's l.asei 8e"r.pure W in^s. Liquors, Ac..always on hand. \?? fetusiev i>7i|MTced m ' "r '?nd deeorum are s'rictlv Office Wa.-hincton iN^rKANi k Company. I Jul* ?ri. i3j?.s At a spec.a! iiieetine of the I>oarl of Directors. Iieid 'ins day. the following resolutions were i;nan pimoiol. adopted: VN hcresi th" Ahnichtv has pe?n ht remove from ear.h, hv a sudden and unlooked for act of Hio providpiioe. Roblrt I arnh ?m. K?q . late an hon ? >reil memi-er o| tins Board, and an o!<rf aud nuhiv esfeoined resident of >>ur cit>. A'*.*<>/?;?'/, I'iiat we have fearnw! tne ?a>1 intelli gence with 'infeianed aorrow, and have cause to la rneiii his departure a# -i henv\ ios* to ourseivefc. to his lainiiv. an?t thecominnnily. flcsnlvti/, r.'iat whilst we would bs unwiilmc to intrude upon the sacred sorrow of his xrievin* fam i.t. we would ask the privilege of tenderir.z them our nearifelt condolence m the fcore atflietiou which lias oeerr taid upon them. K fofct,/. That the Hoard will attend the funeral of tne deceased from tus late residence. . , J-C. Mc Ucike, Prctident. ??. D. Hanson. Secretary. It MimMt Moc.\r lias prepared hv .special requett, a. alve for the cure o| Cancers, wlucn never was knou n to fai,. A so. s Cordial for I)v senterr. Diar rhea. and Minimer Complaint, which aetsiwaper lect charm to arrest all of these diseases. Also, a fMlve for the I ne?.ian extract Irom a flower,>a sov ereign remedy. <i,ve them a trial. Like her Con sumption Destroyer, thev mav |- re!ic<l on. She ?'tiers no article but wliat has i?een tes'ed. To lie had at No jn ?, street, l^tween lllli and Ullt. \iso , n r" ^ I altner-s Drue Store, comer ith street and Penn.avenue. I). S. Dyson's l)rueStore.corner of I enn. avenue and U'tli street, and J. P. Milburu's Dnis Store. Willards' Hotel. .Mi.ourn s References cm,, be made to Kov. John Rohh. Rev. Mr. Register. Rev. Jatnts Hanson, and Rev. Mr. .Manalian. The Coiibumptioii Destroyer alio can l>e found in Alexandria at Mr. Castleman's Store, on Kmc jrtr~t,iny ?oleaxent for that Place. In (iewrcetown .Air, r. A. Newrman s. on Hricige ?freet. jp i7 DIED, RICHMOND, mfaut son of A. \\ .and K. M. Johnson. ? > t?fuuercl will take place Iroiu the resufence ol t r. K. Johnson, 175 Penn. avenue, between 17th a.*,,! ? mil .streets, on Hiursdar tnornine. at??a. ni. The iricii'la ol tiie |:uiin> are invited to attend. * | AUCTION SALES. Hy J. C. McULIRE, Auctioneer. FA,:,^N'r KOSEWOOII CHICKKRINbr 3 ORU, Sui'KKiOR Ca Ml net F URN1TUUE, Silver \\ ahk, ( aiiriaue IIukiks. Har.vsss <>'? M ON OAV MOR N INCi, Jufy /7th! at 10 ? ?clock, at the residence of the late Andrew Hoover, hsu., on Penn. avenue, between IWh and ^tth sU.. I shall sell all his f uriuture and Household Ltfects coinprisiiiK? ' Elegant rosewood Chickeruu eevt ii-octavc 1'iajio l orte. purchased direct from Chiekeriini about three mouths since Suite of handsome i arved Parlor Furnituie. hii ished iii rich crimson lirocateile, and consisting ol medallion-lmck Sola, pair of Arm Choirs, three l ancy Chairs, and six Parlor Chairs suae ol Lrimsoii brocatellc Window Curtains, cor nice and fixtures I air of handsome eilt-fi<une I'ler (.'av^es Mipenor carved marble-lop Centre Table I wo Egyptian marble-top Sofa Tallies U alnut htagerc. Elecaut China Vases Kxcelleni BruKKfls. ritreo-l'lv find oditr CarptU Brussels and Venetian Man Carpet ings. Oilcloth, Hugs. ,M:its. Ac. Superior so'id mahogany hich-fost Dedstead -ml spring Mattieas Handsome walnut Jenny laud Dedstcads Handsome wainnt and inaliogarv marble top Dres sing Bureaus Mahogany and walnut marble-lot, Washstands >' i'erior walnut and mahoganv \vardrol>es r me Feather Beds. Bolsters, and Pillows < hmfz Citamhcr Curtains. Window Shades I onet Sets. Looking <?lasses. Stoves Walnut carved Extension Dintnz Table Mipenor wainut maibie-top Sideboard Curled inapie cane-seat Arm Diuina Chairs AfaiM.uanv Sccr.'lary and Bookcase. Writine Tablei English flail Clock, Mahoeanv Hat Tree .Mahoganv Itair spring seat Lounge. S.ftf- Divan-. and Chains * Han't some Or Paintuiga rind Engra^ nigs, in silt frames Silver Tea Set, Table, Dessert, and I>a Spoons, \r orks. Ladles. A<-. French China Dinner, Tea. and Dessert Servtco Missware TaMe Cutiery, Kirc Irons Cooking, Radtato,-, and other S??ve< Togethr with a large quantity ol Household Arti C16f>? 0 Also, at i o'clock, in front of the promises? A span of superior (>ray Carriage Horses, which will lie sold separate y \n excellent. Family Carriace. double and siturle Harness, Carryall. Robes. Covers, and Stable r uriuture. ALSO? (hie servant Woiiuii. twenty two >?rars old. slave for life. One Boy, sixteen years old. who has twovearsto servo. Terms: ??'? and under, rnsli; ..ver that sum a credit of < anu l months, for satislactorilv endorsed notes, bearing interest. . A. P. HOOVER, Administrator. 'V ^ ?' J. C. McGI IRE. Anct. V, McULIRE. Auctioneer. ALL ABLE LOT O.N UTH STREET, NEAR tiik ?,asal bminiE.?On THURSDAY AK rf,KNO<? N. July at tdi o'clock, on the premi ses, I shall sell Lot No. t.iu square Nu.^9. front nit r>!<feef iS inches on Utn street west, liet ween Canal and north Cstreet, runmne hack 1^"> feet 1? inches. terms: One third <-ash;-the residue in band 12 tert ? ??lt?l?ctorily secured notes, bearing in n *?' J. C. Mcut'I RE. Anct. j pOR CAPE MAY. ~ j Washington Branch HIL-Piiiladel: hja. Wil mi.ngton anl- Baltimork Railroad. ?iA?TCns2rs *i"r th? ?f'^ratert SUMMER RE SORT arc informed, that a daily Irae will lie run (except Sundav t leaving \\ ashington at b a. m.. and oonnectini at JJew castie with tne splendid steam McDonaLD ou Tuesdajs, Thursdays, and Saturdays, and on all alternate days with the el egant^yid swift New \ ork steamer* runnins be t}^?e1 Philadelphia and New \ ork via Newoastle. '^4 /" j'* carriage hire on ths Island. Children (under 12years)and Servants J4JP. . ? . _ TH. It. PARSON#, if 17-4w (InteliStateaj Aceat, AUCTIOM 8ALE8 TO-DA Y ? TO-MORROW MORNIXG Br J. C. MeGUIRE. AcetMiiMt. PEREMPTORY S4LE OF VALUABLE ft BriLP;%? Lot*.?Oil WEDNESDAY AF TERN'OON. July 22d. ?' ?io'clock, at Hie Auction Rooirs. I shall sel.? Lot No. in Square |>o I J. <1o 41 Do iA?. H<> <*? !>.. 13. Ho !.>?? lh> 3. do Terms: One-third ?>*eh; the residue in ?? and 12 ir.ontlis. with interest, sreured deed of trun <>n 'he prem:?e?. All convevancing at the cost of the purchaser. )? 2" 0 J. C. McGl'IRE. Auct. Bv WALLA. BARNAR D. Auctioneers. PEREMPTORY SALE OK ERA ME HOUSE and Lot at Acctio*.?On WEDNESDAY, t'.K'. . instant. we shall sell, on the premises, at o'clock p. m.. part of Lot Xo. 13. in square No. IM. fronting oil New % ork avauue, l?etween tdhandTth streets, with the improvements, consistinc "f a three-Etory f ram? House, containing six ro<ini? arrl tw-k bundin;. The attention or speculators is called to the above, as th" sa.e is most porinve. Tit e uiUisputabe. Terms cash. i? WALL k BARNARD. Auct. By J AS. C. McGl IRK Auctioneer. HUH.DING LOTS near THE ARSENAL *Nn Steamboat Whakf at Aur ?\.-On WEDNESDAY AFTER NOON. Jul* ??\. si?,!, o' the Auction Rooms. I shaii se i Lois Noa. 38. >4. Vi. itj. 37, Xi, and 3!?. in square \?. yy, fronting each 23 feet on tenth M street. Iietweeu 4S? and rith streets west, running l?iek i li leet to a feet a.Icy. These Lots are situated in the immediate vicinity of th*1 new Arsenal improvements and MattinsU's new Steam! i>at tn a ver\ rapidly improv ing part ol the city. Also, at i he same tune, Lot S. in *qunre t'.W, on K street south. I>etween 4H nod Mh -treets we?t. Also. Lot No. U?. in ?i|iiare No. 724, frouiinc ii fc*t on north D street. I?e;ween 1st and 2d street* east, rii'imne l>nck I6h leet a>.', it ches to a feet aile>. Teiiiis ubeial md made known at s.a ?? IV lit it J. C. SlcGI IRE. Auct. By JAMES C. MeGUIRE. Auctioneer. CMAId. anddesirable market farm io neak the cjtv . at rt ELie *al?.?On Till DA\ , Julv 23d. at 2o'clock, on the premies. I shall sell a Minai! and desirable Farm on tue Marihorourh road.distant aluut three miles from this ct?v. It contains 27 acres of ?ood land. part in wood ami pvi cleared, and under an excellent crop of vegetal* cs. The iiiipr?>veniciits con list of a small dweilmt hoiise. a varietv of y?uti? fruit trees, and an abund ance of water on the place It aiso possesses some U-autiful building site* which oveilook the city. Persons desirous of examining the farm nan Ik* di rected by inquiring ol Mr. Brown,at the Auacostii Bridge. Terms One-lwlf ca-li. the residue in -Mie and two wars with interest secure ! t.y a deed of trust on tlie premises. J AS. C. M? GUI R E. is i|-jt A 'ictioneei. Bv BONTZ A COOMBS. Auctioneers. 17URNITURE am. HOI SEHOI.D EFFEC 4 at ActtiO\.?On THURSDAY MORNING. the^Sd inst.. we shv! sell, on 9Tb street. near Peini avenue, at the Furniture Stoie No. s>4. a genera assortment of Household Furniture, viz: Mnhnganv Sobs, do Spring Sea' Chun Mahogany and Walnut Dressing Bureaus Mahogany Wasbstand* fane and Wood Chairs \Vardrol?es. Cotton and Shuck Mattresses TaWe*. Lookius-i?iasse?. Knives aird Fork-. Ac. Together withalarse lot of Crockery and (?ia?>i ware. Terms: All siiniv under Srii. eash; mv?i tnat amount, a credit ol and Mi days, for notes satis factorilT endorseif. BONTZ A COOMBS. i) (fntelt Auctioneers. P B? WALL A BARN AR D. Auctioneers. ^ARKI\<iF. AND BI liGV AtCTION?On THI RSDAY AFTERNOON. July ?i. at h o'clock, w^ wilt ?eli. on account of whom it ma* concern, in front o| our Auction Rooms? 1 excellent square Family Camue. nearlv new 2 new Bh;si?>s. lined with enamelled leather and trimmed in beat manrer. Terms: One third cash; (<a:anci in thir's and Fixtt days. iv 21-ts WALL A BARNARD. Auct... Bt WALL A BARNARD. Auctioneers. Vr.YLL'ABLE BLIf.DINl, LOT VTA! CTION On FRIDAY AFTERN<K?N. the 24th mst.. wo ?nali sell. ?>n the premises, at 6.S o'clock.a desi rable Building Lot. beinc part of Lot 4. m Squa'e ^ feet front on I atre?*' north. l?etweeii 4th and Sth streets, md runnini t?ck 112 leet 7 inches to a V' leet allev. Persons I purrh%siue a valuable Build ing Lo?. in a rapidly linprovins part of th? city, are invited *<? this sale. Terms: Ore fourth em..h : balance in la. 24. "nd J' months, with notes bearin: interest. A deed siven and a deed of trust taken. Title indisputable. j? 21-ts WALLA BARNARD. Aucta. Bv JAMES C. Mi Ol IRL. Auctioneer. \*LRY VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPER ? TV AT THK roFNHK -IF N'oRTH A\T> 22>l? "TKtEr- winT.-Oh TUESDAY AFTERNOON. July 2Rth, at o'clock, on the premises. I shail sell Lot N'o. t. m square No. 3b. fronting 33 fc?r 2)? n?-ti ea on North ' the corner mt 22d >tree' running l?ck *2 leet oa 22d street, wit h'he improve men's, consisting of a two story frame dwelling house, wit!i br:ck l?ck Inu'ding. stabies. Ac. The grounds are l-eautiluUy 1 out w??h choice fru-.t 'rees. rare flowers, shrulihery. A c.. lornun; 1 very delightful pnvaic residence. Terms verw l:'?era!.and made known at s^i^. j\ 2i?d J AS. C. Mi til IR E. Auctioneer. By JAS. C. MeGUIRE. Auctioneer. (?SITI VE SALE OF HIGHLY VALUABLE _ Bt'iLbiNG Lois at the coknekof north L -TfFKT <NU llTH ?rBKfcT WE'T.-Oll FRIDAV AFTERNOON, July 24t h.at4>o'clock,on the prem ises, I sfiall sell eight very desirable Building Lots, being Hon. C. Cuslung's aulaliviaion of original Lois 2,3, and 4. ;n Square No. 341. as follows: Four lots having a front of 25 feet each on north L street, at the corner ol lliii street west, and running lAck 124 feet each to a 16 feet a'ley. and containing square feet each. Also, four lot6 fronting 21 faet s inches011 llth street west.I?etween Land M street* ning lock % feet to au alley, and coiitainiu. 2.?M square leet each. These are prolutlily the m<?st eligible and iieaulilu! buildin; loi<ations for saie in that desirable part of the city. The 1. s'reat lots front on a l?eautiful re servation formed l?v the intersection of Massachu setts avenue, and have l?eeu improved bv handsome shade trees. A plat?d llie sutaiivision will be ezhilnled at the sale. Term-, tine-fourth cash; the residue in ?i. 12. and 18 months, with interest, secured by deed of trust on 1 he premises. it /i-U JAS.C. MeGUIRE. Auct. By WALL A BARNARD. Auctioneers. Large sale of horses, cows, wag ons. Hav. Farming iTtNst:-1. Fcrmti-bk. Ac., at Pt'BLic AccTto.x.?On WEDNESDAY, tbe 2*1111 instant, at K' o'clock a. 111.. at the farm of 'he late Andrew Hoover, Esq.. deceased, in Alexandria county. Vn.. inwr the A juduct. w? will se'i the en tire personal estate thereon. We name 111 part? I'pwards of buitoiis prime new llav Five Farm Wagons, Carts. Drays Three good work llor?et>. three prime Colts, two Mules Cornaud Cob Crusher. Corn Sheller.Cutting Boxes Ploughs. Harrows Cultivators. Hoes. Spades, Ac. Ten Milch Cows,one Bull, one Heifer Pouitry. Corn Icc in the icc hoube, Harness, all such imple ments Vehicles and tools lound on a first rate farm not herein mentioned. AL^o? The entire Household Furniture. ?uch as Maiioganv and Marble-top. Centre. Side, and D.tniu Tables Sofas. Lounges. Parlor and other Chai^ Sidelioard. Relrigerator. Sale Parlor. Hall, and Ch?inl?er Cafpcts Matting. Curtains. Mats anil Ru;'i> Maliognuv Dressing and other Bureaus Wardfolies. Bedsteads. Washstands Feather Beds. Matfre^>es. Beddinc Lookiug-Glasses. Toilet Sets Crockerv and Glassware. Knives lud Forks- Wai terx C?K>km; and other Stoves. Kitchen Ware. Ac. ALSO? At twelve o'clock m.. We will ?e|i a servant woman, with her live children, tlaves for life. The* will be sold a l?iiu!v . witnout sens rat ion. Terms, lexcep' for *li? slaves, who will l>e sold for oa*h:> All sums of and under $3*. cash: over-hat amount a credit of **?? an?l tlavs. for n*?te.- ?atisfft'* lorily eudorsed. ind liearin; interest, iy 21-d WALLA BARNARD. Anots Bv A. GREEN. Auctioneer. \VEGETABLE S f A N |> s | N THE NEW Market Horsk at At crn>?.?On THI RS DA Y. the ?Hh HislHiit. I sha1' sell, cnuneiicirig at 12 o'olocli in., an the Stands in 1 he new .Market house, m the city ol Washington, erected south of the old Centre Market. Persons from the country a is I dealers. 111 produce are respectfully invited to the ?a.', Terms oash. Bv order of the Mayor. A. GREEN, jyll-d Auctioneer. Bv A. GREEN. Auctioncei. Handsome building lots on ;t. sTRKET WE'T. BETWEEN ?OTTH M A N It N -T'. On THI RSDAY. the -3d instant. I snail sell 111 front ??f rhe premises, at b o'clock p. in..eleven hand some building Lots 111 square W having a front each cn 3d streetoithirty feel, running tnrough thes?iiare at an average depth of I P< fronting 011 |)e.a v?-are avenue, l?etweea south M an<fN streets A so, 1 Lot No. 46, in Jones' su>M|ivision of square >45. liav tug a front of 23 leet on 3d street, between south M ! and N streets: having t wide side allev. and runn.n; luck l?C feet ten nehea to an ?Me\ in the rear. Terms: One-third rami; i>aiance in six. tw^re. and eighteen months, lor notes bearing interest from t lie dav of sale. A deed given and a deed ol trust taken. All conveyauce at the cost of the putchaser. jy 17 d A. GREEN, Auctioneer. By E. S. WRIGHT: Georgetown. ON FRIDAY. THE 2?TH DAY Ot Jl LV.-hi I the premises, at $ o'clock p. in.. 1 will ?eil I ?? the j highest bidder, that very desirable Dwelling fed Business Stand, situated <>? High stieet. one ?joor | north o| Prospect >treel. Georgetown. D C.. t>eint I lie same property for niaiiv rears occupied by James Hicks. This Lot fronts 2^ feet on Huh street.running l?ck Hsi Teet to a ten feet allej; at'arhed. and fronting on Prospect street, is a lot 44 leet front. riiiiiiingl?ck leet and bindins on the west a 10 leet allev. The im frovement * consist of a sut>?tant ia. and coinmodious iwelling House and Store Ro??m. fronting on High street the width of the lot,and conceded to Its one of ihe hast bustne** stands on the street. Fronting on Prospect street ?< feet, is a substantial and well built 3-story Dwelling, s ate roof. Tne attention of persons wibliing to make n g<?>d investment is oalled lo this property, as it will l?e sold without reserve. 1 ue propert* is now under an annual rent of #3*\ Terms very essv and made known at the sale. I will also offer at the same time, theadtoininz Lot fronting on Prospect street, and ruuning back lfa ft., lying west of and binding on the same alter. Pr ordet the Trustee. ij 15-dti E. S. WRIOHT, Auet. tele<;kai'hic .vkws. f-MDM Tim A S$OC I AT ED rKLSS v , Lilff (rem Meiico. .*w ;"**? iwlrfi ?f>?t*-s from L'i;?n? y?f. an. o. reoc;red Tt?? I x-Lv* 0,11 ,b? had m.ide tfa t?fT .? '? Cr,,? ?r"1 *? There 7*J** l M ??P? ?? ? revolution at ?kT\1^T ?* *"? '.OIL or J une. ifas ob nrov n ^ v ,'if Pr',s,x' 'ioverno; of 'he Rwuena' N'','?l*s, ,>Aran"?' in f.?or of redo Kequcna The captain .d the mm tb*-, oil* to> and several other prr?on? we:r tmnl i< ,tr,i Th? v \.wv?5j7ilr*lra" T*'N nf <*-'??>,?it .n > o.k a ft* years a so, halt brent ondemnert iMlare *o I* wold j( au'ljiw. Tlir Kama, Ttprkn < aaveatiou. S? Lot i*. July *?The Topeka Convratioa adjourn) (l or. tl,?- |#,?h It wan the lar-miM most eaineM ever held A Mron* position *m akcntn favor of the constitution. it Ite.tut deter mined by the cnnwatint that Conjjre-* *ii?ll ad mi' K.til .IX under it The <fnMi< return* c*r> l*tw?en twenty tnd thirty tbou*ar;d vote? *,on l.atie wa? autLor.ied by the convent .ou to ox-an i?? the people thoroughly to pr, parr item todc fend the ballot.bcie? in the October Territory! elect <on. ?? Murder oi a Vw York Policeman. N?ar Vail, July .1 ?Bmi Anderson.* Hit t'n|H?!itaii |H>I iccuta n. w.t* shot d? ad early thi* n<o;nias near Franklin Mwrt, by an Italia* buijjlar. wh?? ha* lieen arretted Aiidrrvm ?-j? formerly a butcher, and when I he niu'd*** wa* known amoa- the butchris a terrible e*< itemen* ensued Tlicy sttrNipW to ^fl po^noiioa of th? pri*<>n?-r. intending to hin^ him to a l.imp po^*, i?ut the anally %ucceeded in izcttinj; him to prison hausa* Trouble*. >r I.?<li? lulx ->Uo?trimr Walker was cu? camped out*itlt* of Lawjenre. w tb ei^ht eampa liies j.f d a-?on-,oa tUr I7tli The citifen* bad decided not to negotiate with him He will no: re?or' to the support ??f the tiooi>* uiiittt ttrrd upon: when . ivil war w.ll ??? de, Ured lioe Walker ha? warrant* to arre%t thr cl'y ,'fflcerv an J otbrr citizen* of Lawrence. A * haptpr af llarrar*. CtNc..\NAit. July il ?A man uaimd Roller. a.(>oratau. Mrannled hi* wile thi* morning, a tut kllUd a M llorton. of the firm of Ho"on A Ma cev. then *et are to the hou?e. and Unshed bv . ottin^ hi* own throat llo-ton ua?l teprunaitdcd K-tliler for abuaini; hi* wife lie a* not expe,.i<-4 to livt ? Aureal on featiMvian. I'ru N V .July ? William ?*p-.r- h?* t?? eii .?rre?ied on a *?t*picion of hi* *ett:n-.' lire to tue State Lunatic A*v lnm in thi* citv He waa ?etit to the .<*vliim. in t^ jtt from New \ ork where he had Ureti several build:a^* Hinee la?t f^j hash^en employed at the a?ylum U'eatker at M. Laaii. >i July il ?Friday wa* r*^atd?*d a*' the wa'tiie*t day for three y'ear> Thn?e*ntn que?t* were held b* the coroner uto*t of which wa* caused from s'lti-stroiie The ? henooweler during the day indicated fiom one h'indred to ona h'indr?d and ?ix direct, in the shade ^iHritte Di%a?t?rtaa(ir?f4. Co-ton, July ?Th*- lo?? of the Frem-l frij ate on thecoa^tof .Newfoundland i? couflrmed 5*he wa? a lar^c iron steam Irisate, named Hh? Newton Sa^ot d< \ ariuout wa>- eomnaander. and she wa* wrecked ott Tort au Coin The > rrv* were saved ? Mreet Kencaunttr. l.oii>vtLLK, July-I?A street rencounter be tween Mr Prentice, of the Journal, and Mr Dui ? rett.of the Courier. N?ok place here to-day. in consequence of an artiile reflecting on Mr Preit ticc. I'iatols were used and Prentice wa* *lijh' ly wounded. Mutiny. New liki?ror.M July 2???The bark Hantrci?, Capt Alit'U tcturned to p??rt yesterday. af*et an absence of ofily eleven month* in < oiiM-^ueuceof the refusal of the crew to do dijty t??cau*f of a! Icged ill treatment. Disaster on Lake Muliigan Dr.TRoiT .1 <?!v 21 ?^The br!^ r?iddinj capsj/ed in lake Michigan on Frid.iv. and be. came a total loss Tliecrew. ten in ii'imt?ef. aen reecwd. ind arrived herefo-d?) destitute The I ontest af Rra|>in; Mackiao. MKAft ?i, luly Ct?.?The ^rand contest of ?b? reaping machine* i? ??rer. The result* will '?* announced at the F S Society * Tal*. to l?e held at Louisville, in SejKemlR'r nevt. Body Found. Boston. JuU -ji ?The b<?d\ of ficajam;t Chandler, of \Vliniington. Dei . who ha? been m,?* ni: *inte ia*t niituniH. has be* n found in 'h? ^VbiteMountaiu. aea: the Green H'?u*e. Death af an Editor. Bo*rox. July 2t??Richard Boytstoa one of ill* ??lde?t new?|?ap^r ? d;for? in New Hampshire. die<l at hi* re*jd? rice In Amherst. ?ii Sunday, axed "i years. ? Baltimore Markets. Halt : Mofck July 22.?Fiour is stead.. How ard street f T .jti Wheat ;* improving. Red *t '.?%*! white ?l 7Ja?l fj. Coru ii? better, Wlii'c -Ta-1. yel low -Id" k WbSky i? dull, at ?> ^ for City and for Ohio. New York Market*. New Yo?k, Julv ?The flour market ?- d' resscd with a dec li'it of oain. . s*le? .?f i^UD hi*.: State l.'>af' Ul. tlhio^'i .>tta?T y Sou'b crn lt?a*r.:ii. Wheat i? un?ettl?d; sale- of ??.?<tm tiu^hc!*. vvtiite fia^l t*l a decline of -V t'orn i? b'loyTi'it, sales ?if Xi.QtlO t?u*hel?, m.xed . an ad va n< e of 2c. To-k is quiet, nies* #21 2a. beef and Laid a-* 'iii'-hao^ed. W bl?ky ts dull a' J2c. f??r (tliic. t Fiaaacial. Nkw Vokl. July 22?S'o- kk an trme Cbtl "..ijjo and Kock Island !V; 111 Central nallroaiT 121; IllinoioCemral Boadstr*. MichigaaSouthern IIX; Ntw York Central r-l\. Keidin^ Railroad T5W; Virginia ft# 'Jl% Lkchanite firmer at it*9\ . 1). L1CHLLK. A'a. *1 St rt.XTH S Tl. t h T. lietareeii D nnd K street*. we?i, I'K At*- tfv TICAL WATCllMAKLK. kecu* constant v t/U on h^ai'l a tine assortment of WATCHES andcLedt JF.WKLK V. ap t?? lm* \\lATCHLS. CI.<?CKS. JLWKLRY. AN1? " FANCY AR riFLLS ,1?\ I ii ive ??!. Hind a ;?"n1 ^t??ch ??! 'jI?LD fNhnd SILVER W ATCHI> ..f the i<-? OoBmaker* in Knroae. CHAIN> in zreat\anet?; J K\\ Ll.K s . ir s?-*? and ? n sle piece*. FANCY AKTICLI-S. I'l.R Fl MKKY. K\TRACTS.4< CI.<m KS.?nm isliai"- and price: a!?o. CLtH'K M \TFRlALS. Hands. Ke*?. C??t?l?, ire*. tiiV. Ac. Call ami cxaauine nt 'ne S:;s of Giil Watch. J. RoHINS<?N. ^4'*. opposite Browns' no el. N. B. ? Ilavui; ttaMi tlie aaciion kMaamMaeu last winter, hit GoikI* are *e!ected expre*s'\ (??r tho l>est retail tia-Je. and 'he price* *liail suit th" '.me*. jy IC-tin JR. ? HAVI n > f RBCbl VCD. direct IVom ftna* I ??-a?ehof Ve?vet and tio d and WIr? ?? and O'drt I'Al'KH H A.Nt?INOS. ??| ih? a'es'and uclie?t d* ?U? "fUo.e pcrsMMs in want lVf*r-ha?jiu?* would dn well to call and examine 'n\ stock t?elore pur cha?ins elsea here, a* I am iv>t,||.tm' tha' I can p!e*!-a *h-ia ia?th in *naiit% ami in price. Paper put tip u. the !?e>t maniif*. .??nd mat: ? ase* suarante??d. J<?HN ALIAANIH.R. N??. ?I*' I'a. ive.. l?otweeii l.tu and I'Jtli st:. it *?-JtawJw C^A It RlA'tKS?C \ K KI \t. I>-CA R F I AtJFS. j Tlie unde'sisned'ia* n?iw <?n mi ' j. \or* ei""l aa?ortaiee* <>f t*l"M M i Hi CA R R1 A'i l.S, l> I iji?lL"v\ '?itrii n tie very retpecttuliv invites ceneraJv Price* moderate. JNt?. P OLNMS. ap i.'4-eo.Hm Mh st.. het. I .a ave. *nd C ?t, VIII.Mi UFF A I t:<f.?A* 'lie ?ea*'ui was ad \ a> c-ed we ? i.l *? ! our rein ?.i?iii? ?lock RKFRItiF.R ^TtiR-^a' Our ?'oc* ?ii I I R N I I . RFa.i.i HOT "Ft KI'F.riNtt t.tHtllS .k ier? n nd j prices tower tnac ever. . ... McoRI-t'i'K <k CO.. jj 'Scuts' N^?. iJaTtk sit root. I/FRNITI RL VARNISHING AND RKPAIR I* I Nt?. The underpinned, tiavia: ? ??mp?, cnt tia'.da m ui> empl 'T. and ever> la. i'i'* for c*?nduefir.s ''kea^a lui?lf!e?*. IS prepared tliHler' ,ke t he R I Vjl P\iniN'?. aad VARNI??IINI, OF A LI. Ml KINDSOFt ABIM I'Ft It MTl Rl .and/Tl guaranties it tot- we l?toae in ev?n re-p*c. * either it the re?-idence???f pers'-m haviu; ?'je!i w...k or "t his warerimm*. H?* h** amp e ic?a?-? at hi* warp|.Hiir? lor ?>?e stor a;e of furuit nre for hit reasonal-.e leu^tii id tini' and at moderate ratca. A cenerai a?*oiitu?nt <d Fnrm'tire i!tm on haiHi. wiiiiit ait! lieMMi on 'tie rnu) ?i"<ji'miiiiittlii ; teim*. RoHFRT l>RALL 4'?l "?th St.. al?v e Pa. at.. auU one door from i> ?t. a IR-^w WASHINGTON AN|> M b V \NIIM \. AND Mot NT VI RNON. Cnsnhc. tir Hols-.-Tne S:e?a(era oK"R<iL WASHINt. I'ON or TIIOM \? COLLYLR will depart at the folioa tOf tiours. >n. aiel after J?nh Ini* in*t T.eave \lexandr.a. at ?. t>?. aad II a- in.. U"?. 4 V, and ^>| p. n Leave \v**tun;toii. st I'''4 ?nd ll?a. as.. ^1 j.V- ind 7 p. m. The public mat contidenll) re ? o? the Bi?t star ing at the tine adx arliaed. One o| the R'?ats will in*k? a trip tn MOFNT VHRNON ?it Ti*'t>** and Famat of aacn week. ieavmi Wathiuiten at ??'olock a. m. jT>B CORSON. t SAMLKL BAR LR ( Either Boat mat t<e chartered for F.ju*ir*?tna si ant time. ??n applioation to JCtSFPH BRS'AN, President of the Company, at his ?f??. W Penr. avenue, or to tha Captain* on twsrd j> t*-rf OPTION ?r. ,.^gJ'? 4)?